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A Wish Come True [one-shot] (completed)

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A Wish Come True [one-shot] (completed)

Post by guiwang_4ever on 4/19/2010, 4:28 pm

Starring: Gui Gui & Wang Zi

Featuring: Bang Bang Tang/Lollipop & Hey Girl (original members)



She left me on my 8th birthday… Until now, I still wish to meet her again. It is a sad love life of mines. I admit, I should have forgotten her by now. But she is one of those people… those people that you can never forget, no matter how much you try, you just can’t. She is like my little sister or should I say first love? Yes, we were only 7/8 years old… What did we know about love? Nothing! I don’t even know if I actually love her right now, but she was my crush then, and now, weirdly, my first love… I know weird.. You must be thinking, ‘How is she your first love if she left you 13 years ago?!’ (Did I mention I’m 20 years old? Well, I am… Turning 21 soon.) Well, I know it’s weird but I love her since we were little and I love her still... Since that day, I never really like celebrating my birthday. Although my friends end up doing it anyways… And for the last 10 years, my wish has been the same…

“I wish to see her once again.” --WZ
A one-shot for Wang Zi's birthday.
April 14th.

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Chapter 1

Post by guiwang_4ever on 4/19/2010, 4:29 pm

Wang Zi's POV;

“How many times how I told you, I don‘t want one?!” I nearly shouted at my friends, Bang Bang Tang.

“Why not?” Xiao Jie asks.

“Your birthday only comes once a year,” Ah Wei says.

“And we did it for the last 10 years,” Wei Lian added.

“When I told you guys not too,” I say.

“Why not, Wang Zi?” Xiao Yu asks, “Why not?”

“No reason,” I lie, “I just don’t want one…”

“You said that last year,” Wei Lian pointed out.

“Yeah, I even recorded it!” Ao Quan says.

We all look at him with a ‘ARE-YOU-SERIOUS?’ // ‘FOR-REAL?!’ look, “I seriously did… just not with me…” Ao Quan says.

“Can this time we have more pasta?” Xiao jie asks.

“I already say, I don’t want one!” I say but they ignore me, “Yeah, more pasta…” Ah Wei agrees.

“Fine, more pasta… some drinks…” Wei Lian says, “What else?”

“Don’t forget chips,” Xiao Yu added.

“Chips…” Wei Lian wrote it down.

I stare back at them, planning it all out. ‘They didn’t listen the last 10 years, why would they listen now?’ I thought.

“Wang Zi, do you want chocolate or vanilla?” Ao Quan asks.

Ignoring him, I walk back to class.

Xiao Jie(G)’s POV;

“I’m so excited! I can’t wait!!” I say happily to Ya Tou and Xiao Xun as we walk up to the guys, “What’s up?”

“Planning Wang Zi’s unwanted birthday party?” Xiao Xun asks.

“Well… yeah…” Wei Lian answers, “You guys coming right?”

“Of course! Why wouldn’t we?” Ya Tou ask.

“Well, it’s this weekend and come early to help decorate,” Wei Lian orders.

“This weekend?” I repeat, “Well, I’ll come, but I might be late.”

“Why?” Xiao Jie(B) asks.

“I have to pick up my friend,” I answer.

“Is it a girl?!” Ao Quan asks. I nodded, “Bring her too!”

“No flirting with her though,” Ya Tou says.

“Why?” Xiao Yu asks. Xiao Xun gave Xiao Yu a glare, “I mean, why would we do that? Heheheh…”

We continue to talk and plan Wang Zi’s “unwanted” birthday party. Soon the bell ring and we went back to class.

“Ok, ok… class settle down,” teacher says as we all sat down.

Ao Quan raises his hand, “Teacher, can I make an announcement?” Ao Quan asks.

“Ok, but make it quick.”

Ao Quan stood up and went to the front of the room, “Anyway, class… As you all know Wang Zi’s birthday is this Saturday…” Ao Quan begins, “We’re going to do a party so come and have fun at Wang Zi’s house!!”

Ao Quan went back to his seat.

[A/N: Classes aren’t big… It’s like in Brown Sugar Macchiato without Gui Gui]

“Wang Zi agree?” Da Ya asks.

“No,” Xiao Jie answers, “But we have to celebrate his birthday…”

“Why does he hate celebrating his birthday?” Tong Tong asks.

We all shook our head, no…

“Wang Zi, you don’t like celebrating your birthday?” teacher asks.

Wang Zi shook his head, “What?! Why not? I mean it the time when we celebrate the day of your birth,” Teacher says, “You know, birth-day?”

“Yeah, yeah… I know,” Wang Zi says, “I just don’t like celebrating it.”

“Why not?!”—Teacher

‘Ok, isn’t he the teacher? Why is he so curious of Wang Zi’s answer?’ I thought.

“Ya, ya, Teacher, Wang Zi don’t want to tell you… so hurry up with class,” Xiao Man pointed out.

“Fine fine…” Teacher went up to the board and start teaching.


For the last few days, those so-call friends of mines did nothing but get ready for the party. Each year they would do this… And each year I would tell them I don’t want one repeatedly… But they don’t listen… so each year around this time, they get ready while I just watch them… I admit, I hate this time of the year…

*Ding dong*

*ding dong ding dong ding dong*

“UGH!!!!!!!” I complain as I sat up on my bed.

I went downstairs towards the front door and open the door, “MORNING!!”

I rub my eyes for a clear view, right. BBT.

“Get up sleepy head!” Wei Lian says, “It’s your birthday!! So happy birthday!!”

“Go home,” I say as I swing the door close and went to the living room to continue on sleeping.

“But Wang Zi……….” Ah Wei whines as they follow behind.

“It’s 7 in the morning, why are you guys here?” I ask with my eyes close, lying on the couch.

“It’s your birthday,” Ah Wei says.

“Wang Zi, who’s here?” my mom asks as she enters the room, “Oh… good morning…”

“Morning aunty!” Ao Quan say.

“Well, I guess I should go make breakfast,” my mom say then went to the kitchen.

“You’re lucky we didn’t come at 5,” Xiao Jie pointed out.

True, true… Last year they came at 8AM… the year before, they came at 6AM! It’s just a birthday (party)… geez!!

After eating breakfast, they got started on decorating.

“We’re leaving,” my mom says.,

“We’ll be back soon,” my dad says.
“Alright then, uncle and aunty,” Xiao Yu says.

“We’ll watch Wang Zi for you,” Ao Quan says.

“Ahahaha, thanks… have fun!” my mom say then left follow by my dad.

“Well, you guys enjoy yourselves,” I say after my dad close the door behind them, “I’ll be in my room.”

“You’re not helping us decorate again?” Ah Wei asks.

“I don’t want one and I don’t need too,” I answer.

“The girls will be here soon anyways…” I added.

“That’s right!” Xiao Jie says, “They need to hurry and get to cooking!”

I look at them all as they decorate. I went up to my room instead of helping them.

I stare at the picture of her… ‘It has been 10 years since you left me… Are you still the girl I love? Are you still cute and funny? Childish and bubbly? Can you cheer me up when I’m down? Why can’t you be here by my side and cheer me up? Why did you leave without saying good-bye? Why do I still remember you?’

Xiao Jie’s POV;

“Today is the day girls!!!!!!!!!!” I say as I join them in the living room of Ya Tou’s house.

“I know, I am so excited… I can’t wait!” Tong Tong says.

“ME TOO!” the girls, Apple, Xiao Man, Da Ya, Ya Tou, Xiao Xun, and Mei Mei, except for Tong Tong and me say at the same time. We all stare at each other then start laughing.

“We really need to hang out together and hang out,” Da Ya says, “I bet there’s a lot of spilling that needs to be done.”

“Like Xiao Jie…” Apple says.

They all look at me, “What? Me?” I ask, “What about me?”

“Spill it,” Xiao Man orders.

“What? What are you guys talking about?” I ask confuse.

“Who do you like?” Mei Mei says, “We know you like somebody.”

*nervous laughs*

“Heheheheh.. I do?” I ask, “Who?”
“You like Xiao Jie(B) don’t you?” Tong Tong asks.

“Maybe… Maybe not…” I say.

“Tell us!”

“No!” I say, “Secrets will be spill when we’re ALL here…”


Xiao Xun looks at the clock, “We have to leave anyways…” Xiao Xun says, “We should go and help them cook.” We nodded and heads out.

Instead of going to the Wang Zi’s house, I went to the airport, excited to see my best friend!!

Ah Wei’s POV;

“Hi Ya Tou,” I say as I help her with the bags she is holding.

“Hi Ah Wei!” Ya Tou says cheerfully, “Thank you!”

I went to the kitchen and sat the bags on the kitchen counter, “Where’s Xiao Jie(G)?”

“Remember that friend I told you about last week?” I nodded, “Well, she’s coming today and Xiao Jie went to pick her up.” Ya Tou explain.

“Oh… heheh.. another girl to the group huh?” I ask.

“Heheh, yeah… well, she’s not new to us… but to you guys she is.”

“We should hook her up with Wang Zi,” I suggested.

“Hey, that’s a great idea!” Ya Tou agrees, “We should! I mean Wang Zi is… is… something…”

“…” ‘She is so cute when she’s thinking…’

“Well… I’ll tell you when I think of it,” Ya Tou says, “Let’s go help the others…”

I nodded then follow her.


“I don’t want too!” I shout.

“Come on Wang Zi! We’re all here… just waiting for the birthday boy!” I heard Wei Lian shouts.

Yep, its time for “party”.

“I’m too old!” I shout.


After a while, I gave up… I know that eventually they would try to slam the door open… It happened 6 years ago.

Xiao Jie(G)’s POV;

“Are you sure?” I ask, “You just got off a long plane ride…”

“Ahahahs, it’s OK, I’m positive…” she says, “I can’t wait to see the others anyways…”

“Well, good… We’re here!” I say… I handed the driver the money and help grab her bags and walk to the front door, ring the bell.

Wang Zi’s POV;

“See, it wasn’t that hard…” Ao Quan says as they follow me downstairs to the living room.

“Whatever… let’s just get this over with…” I went to sand by the cake, ready to blow the candies.

“WAIT!” Xiao Jie exclaims, “Xiao Jie(G) isn’t here yet…”

“Too bad… now sing or I’m going to blow the candles…” I order.

Knowing that I will blow out the candles, they started singing, “Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to Wang Zi… Happy birthday to you!” they sing. They began to cheer, “Make a wish!” Xiao Xun says.

I lower down towards the cake, and close my eyes, “I wish to see her again.” I wished.

I blew out the candles and open my eyes…

“Darn! We missed the singing!” I heard Xiao Jie(G) complains…

I open my eyes and sees Xiao Jie(G) and a girl standing in front of me… ‘That girl… looks exactly like…’ I thought as I straighten myself.

“Gui Gui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The girls went over to hug her.

‘Gui Gui… that’s her name as well… she must be her…’

Afterwards, the guys went to introduce themselves, “Wang Zi, Wang Zi! Meet Gui Gui…” Xiao Jie(G) says.

I went up to her, “Hey, I’m Wang Zi…” I say.

“I know…” she says.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten me,” She added smiling happily.

I pull her into my arms, “You haven’t left my mind since,” I say.

’11 years… it took 11 years for my wish to come true…’

“I haven’t forgotten about you either,” Gui Gui says smiling.

I’m glad it came true… I don’t know if I can wait any longer… but it came true… after 11 years… I should make her pay for it!

“Happy birthday Wang Zi.”—Gui Gui

My wish came true, within that minute… <33!
Okk, I wrote this last week but wasn't able to post it up..
so here it go! (=


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