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Bad Romance (One Shot) Completed

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Bad Romance (One Shot) Completed

Post by frenchsha on 4/10/2010, 7:28 am

Bad Romance
based on a True Story
written by FrenchSha

Starring: Penny Lin, Wallace Huo
Type: One-Shot
Status: To be posted
Genre: Romance, Drama

Note: Next chapter will be posted as soon as I pack everything up.
Comments are highly appreciated.

Credits: I would like to thank Yumi of for the poster.

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Re: Bad Romance (One Shot) Completed

Post by Kyn on 4/10/2010, 11:55 am

wow your poster is gorgeous


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Re: Bad Romance (One Shot) Completed

Post by frenchsha on 4/11/2010, 10:20 pm

Kyn wrote:wow your poster is gorgeous

Thanks. I requested it from a friend. But she shut her site down now and still don't know if she would build another site. I hope so, though.

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Re: Bad Romance (One Shot) Completed

Post by shawty_12 on 4/12/2010, 6:21 pm

This is like my FIRST time seeing a fanfic ft. them.
This sounds cool. Please, please, PLEASE PM me when you update.
I want to read it. I just love the guy.

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Re: Bad Romance (One Shot) Completed

Post by frenchsha on 4/13/2010, 6:54 am

@shawty, no problem. I'd be posting it as soon as I pack up everything. Same here. I have never saw a fanfic written ft. Wallace and Penny so I started it. I'll make sure I pm you when I get to post it. Thanks.

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Bad Romance (One-Shot)

Post by frenchsha on 4/30/2010, 9:39 am

Bad Romance (One-Shot)
by FrenchSha

April 30, 2010
11:21 p.m.

High school… it’s a wild world. Identity crisis, fitting in, rivalries, betrayals, a few of the things to justify its rowdiness but the most distinct of all, the special case that never fades in High School is the never-ending ‘love triangle’.

As you enter the school premises, who welcomes you are the jocks, playing the famous sports you may or may not love. At a corner, there stands the typical brainiacs discussing about things only them could understand. To their left are the sassies showing off their freshly-bought luxury made notable by famous brands. And follows behind them is this senior snob, surrounded by eight of her friends in a circle. Taking the lead, Penny led her friends towards the school quadrangle in the annual Flag Ceremony during first days of classes. She cares no one but herself and the people behind her, more likely deserving to be addressed as a highbrow, one that could be approached by no one but her friends – closest friends. But behind those dead, glaring eyes and firm, dull aura is a heart of a frail woman and a soul of a struggling child. I know it well for I am her friend, her best friend.

Penny refuses to say her inner feelings. She’s the type who keeps everything to herself, even from her most-loyal friends. And for the next few weeks of our senior life, I was interested in this person she waits to see everyday, someone she likes to call ‘Kiddo’.

“C’mon Penn. Tell me. Who’s this boy you keep staring at distance?” I nudged.

“I’ll tell you at the right time.”

Penny is actually fun to be with. Although people find her arrogant and snobbish, she never fails to plaster a smile on our faces.

“We thought there’s no keeping of secrets between us, Penny?” Alfred, the most sociable of us all questioned after finding out, finally, about this ‘Kiddo’ whom she secretly drools at.

“Fine. Here, he’s coming.”

“Where?!” All of us poked our head up to look for the boy she was about to show us.

“See that group of boys laughing at who knows what, at the covered walk? The guy approaching them, that’s him.” Our eyes widened, jaws dropped down broadly, hopes turned to disappointment.

“PENNY?!” we yelped, more of whining.


Okay, we know her type had never been ‘special’ but that sophomore who later we’ve known to be Wallace, Wallace Huo– a childish, ignorant and errant guy who falls to the delinquent class of the campus.

For me, there’s nothing much to like about him. He’s not tall, his eyes are not that attractive, his smile is, don’t get me started. Although, everybody’s saying that he has quite an appeal, even our own friends said so, except for Renz and me.

So when this new social networking craze approached our generation, it paved way for my close encounter with Penny’s first love.

One night, I saw his name on the chat box and said to myself, “Why don’t I give it a try?

So I typed the words I never wanted to say, “H-I W-A-L-L-A-C-E!”

You owe me big time, Penn.” I thought to myself.

After a minute or two, I didn’t realize he had replied until a new tab popped out in front of me.

“H-E-L-L-O” with a smiley at the end. A few more exchanging of ideas, thoughts and sharing facts about one’s self. This went on for almost half a school year but not in a day-to-day basis. And I hate to admit it but I think Wallace is nice, really charming.

We really don’t know what happened but the secret was blown out and everybody, including Wallace found out about the crazy little crush.

“So you believe that my friend has a crush on you?” I asked, one night when we had a chance to chat.

“No.” Well, I don’t know if he’s an ignorant or he just don’t want us to think that he’s boasting.

Everything was getting along, especially when Penny’s classmate got in the scene. They were so supportive of her and so were we, her best friends.

Penny’s crush on Wallace had grown into an infatuation, and later on into love when he showed positive response to the teasing and mocking.

But every happiness must be replaced with tears, that’s what we thought when we found out about Frances, Wallace’s junior girlfriend.

The few remaining three months of our stay in High School was spent for a cold war and silent battles. It was between us and Wallace’s rumored girlfriend. Although it was partially our fault for assuming, will it hurt to say I'm not available?

“Be strong Penny. There are so many fish in the sea.” Jovel, the most optimistic among us tried to comfort the silent Penny sitting next to her at the canteen extension.

“I wasn’t hurt. Maybe a little but I’m gonna get over it. I promise.”

Silence overshadowed us until someone broke it with a silent fart.

“KATE!” We all bleated as we cover our nose with our hands.

Kate, the most unpredictable of us all, the newly recruit best friend and Jovel’s German cousin defended herself with an innocent smile, “It wasn’t me!”

Then an overjoyed laughter kept everybody so busy that it made us forgot about the slight pain about Wallace’s chat status, “I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you, Frances.”

After a whole college years of lost contact, I tried hard to look out for my friends’ number in hope of a small reunion but I ended up disappointed.

I passed my licensure exams as an accountant and a lawyer. I have a stable job as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in an international private company. I believe I’m all satisfied with my life, no, I’m more than happy but there’s a part in me that kept longing for my lost bond with my old friends. So I looked for them again and only reunited with Renz.

One night, as I was discussing something with my boss over dinner, a petite, beautiful and unfamiliar lady in a nurse uniform kept calling me.

“Krisha! Krisha!” I excused myself from our business conversation and walked towards her.

“I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

“Krisha, it’s me, Penny!” She held my hands.

“Penny? Penny Lin from High School?” I surprisingly asked as I was hoping to get the right answer.

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Oh my gosh!” I gasped.

“You, you have changed.” I was happy and stunned at the same time with what change, almost eleven years did to her.

“I know. And you, still dazzling.” She complimented.

“Oh, stop it.” And a pint of rosy red color spread all over my cheeks.

“Hey, how are you, and… who’s that man?” he pointed out to the guy at my table who was same age as with me.

“That’s my boss.” I answered directly.

“Really?” She was about to go towards him but I stopped her.

“Yes.” I pulled her near the ladies’ room, good thing my boss didn’t see the mischievous smile she flashed after asking me about him.

After a long exchanging of latest issues, happenings and achievements, we sealed the night with a mutual agreement of attending our Annual Alumni Homecoming, together.

During our High School, my friends and I had this promise to come back to our Alma Matter and boast out whoever has the most expensive car.

As expected, no one won when homecoming finally came. What’s funny about it is because we all wanted to triumph; we all ended up buying same car model with different colors.

But what surprised me the most are the unexpected confessions coming from our beloved best friends.

“I’m engaged.” Jovel acknowledged.

“Really? To whom?”

Without a word spoken, Alfred held their linked hands and smiled.

“We’re so happy for you!” I was gesturing for a group hug when Renz interrupted.

“I have good news too.”

I knew what it was so I just hushed and let him do the talking.

“Kate and I are getting married next month.” Renz, since we’re closest to each other told me that he will propose to her when we were in France for our vacation. So it wasn’t so surprising, but for my other friends, it is.

“Group hug!” Jovel insisted, locking us all in a tight embrace.

After we all settled at the table the waiter led us to, came the reminiscing that had thrilled everyone ever since graduation. But the story-telling was all exclusive for us, only us and the people around? They just minded their own business.

And as we were in the hit of our laughter, a sudden action disrupted our conversation. It was a man in his 20’s putting a glassful of wine on our table, in front of Penny to be exact.

I kept thinking who it was. He was surely not a waiter since he was dressed well. Then, as I was searching his name at the back of my mind, Jovel rang the bell for me.

“Penny, wasn’t that Wallace, your High School crush?”

Alfred started the teasing. We all got along with his mocking but Penny’s showing of cold shoulders made us stop. Renz, the moment’s savior changed the topic – asking Jovel if she was pregnant.

Everybody laughed along when she covered her cheeks out of humiliation. But what is absorbing me is the gloomy silence present in Penny’s eyes. Could it be just because she’s all tired of the long night of endless talking or is it something she had been keeping from us in the many years of her absence?

We’ve decided to resume the party at Renz’s place. At the counter of their mini-bar there sat, me and Penny for a little girlfriend talk.

“C’mon Penn. I don’t have powers to guess what’s going on your head.”

“What do you mean?” She asked after taking a sip from her glass of red wine.

“You know what I mean. Stop fooling around Penn, I don’t have all night.”

She looked at me in the eyes. There was no sign of mocking, a sham, not even a hint of a joke. I was serious, ‘dead serious’. So after emptying her glass she begun telling me the story while our other friends kept themselves busy.

“I’ve been to America to practice nursing. I’ve stayed there for a long time to forget about everything.”

My mind created the story as she goes on with her relating.

After concluding the contentment she had for working in America for almost five years, Audrey went home and chose to work at a local hospital in the city. Everything worked fine until this new intern came to the scene and it was none other than…

“Wallace?” I almost fell off the chair. She giggled at my reaction and gave out a slight nod, sign of my precision.

“So what does he want now?”

They’ve been working together for almost a month now. Wallace always tried to make contact with her but it was Penny who kept on avoiding him. She will even hide herself behind the walls for him not to see her. She never gave herself a chance to have an encounter with him. Just this once, when she was all alone at the ward.

“Wallace tried to make a conversation.” She narrated. As she was going on with the next happening, we realized that our friends left what they were doing to join us.

Then she added, “But I really didn’t want to even get near him so I walked pass him without even a word.”

“So what did he do next?” asked Jovel, eagerly. With the voice of her tone, we can conclude that she’s still a fan of the WallacePenny love team. Just like before.

“He grabbed my wrist and twirled me round to face him. He told me he just wanted to be friends. He really doesn’t recognize me.” She laughed with full bitterness and sarcacism.


“I made him remember everything. From the time he knew I liked him and the day he posted his lame status, the day he broke my heart. After that, he never dared to talk to me.” And finally emptying her glass of wine.

“So now he’s trying to woo you, in dead silence?” We all thought it was a bad idea, non-sense at all.

“Did he tell you he loves you?”

Oh yes he did. But from the lessons she’d learned from her bitter experience, it’s gonna be hard to soften her stone-hard heart.

“I’ve been waiting for years for you to say those things. Too bad my heart is all wrapped-up with anger that it can feel nothing but the wrath I feel towards you.”

Penny is strong. We all know that but there is something in her eyes that convinces me of another story. Even clouded by the fury she had been keeping for years, I can still see a glimpse of love trying to make its way out of her toughened revulsion. All it needs is little perseverance with a taste of struggling. And whatever fate the future upholds for these two, it’s all gonna end up the way it should be but as of now, neither me nor Penny can decide about it. Truly, only time can tell.


Author's Note: It wasn't really that pretty since it seems like a narration or just a part of a long story. But I made this one for a friend so I hope you like it. Anyway, I'm gonna post another one-shot and this is the story our school paper published just recently.

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Bad Romance - The Bad Making

Post by frenchsha on 5/2/2010, 2:43 am

BAD Romance
(Now, it’s payback.)
By Krisha Mae Tolentino

May 02, 2010
04:19 p.m.

Story Background

I’ve spent months and days, even stayed late at night just to finish this story just to meet the deadline of our school paper. Sadly, this story wasn’t accepted and published due to the fact that it is quite long having five (5) pages in Microsoft Office. This was actually intended for the school’s magazine but they rejected and chose the other story which has a lighter mood, instead. If my two one-shot was supposed to be accepted, it’ll eat up two (2) full pages of the magazine, too much space for literature, more than the pages our Editor-in-Chief occupied. So that would really be unfair, knowing I’m a NEWS WRITER!

The inspiration for this story

Well, this is actually, partially based on a real story. I pity my best friend so much about this same sad thing that happened to her just recently. Having a crush on a boy who is not so ‘special’ at all and ended up heart-broken. The events in the story are actual ones that took place in real life but were added with a few twists and revisions. The happenings after few years were the author’s hopes and wishes that are far from reality yet.

Title of the Story

Bad Romance is Lady Gaga’s 2009 lead single for her album ‘The Fame Monster’. This was actually my favourite song until now. Actually, Bad Romance is about falling in love with your best friend or your best friend’s lover but I find it suitable for the story. Even though Bad Romance is an upbeat song, you cans sense the sadness, the longing in the chorus and besides, with “Ra-ra-ra-a-a”, you get easily hooked. I can’t remember the initial title I gave to this story during when I was writing it. But the tagline, ‘now it’s payback’, was actually a catchy phrase I made up when I was so mad to this guy who broke my best friend’s heart. Bad Romance was the hit music that time so I borrowed it and made it the release title of this story.

Story Paraphernalia

Before the final release of this fanfic, I thought of making picture-teaser (where you can find in facebook) and a trailer (on youtube). The Premier date wasn’t actually planned but thinking that I will have more time on finishing the trailer if it is about to be released on the 30th of April, I could pull everything off. I was nervous that I couldn’t finish the trailer on time and eventually released it less than two days before the premier date. But before that, two trailers were presented, a short and a long version. I wouldn’t take credit of the song since it is owned by a respective individual.



Official Trailer:

(available in HD)

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Bad Romance - Words from the Bad Author

Post by frenchsha on 5/2/2010, 2:47 am

BAD Romance
(Now, it’s payback.)
By Krisha Mae Tolentino

May 02,2010

Dear Readers,


Hello active and silent readers. Before anything else, I would like to wish you a blessed Sunday. I would share some facts with you about me. I’ve always said about how 16 years young I am and that I am finally venturing to the next chapter of my life – being an incoming College Freshman. I am taking up BS Accountancy which I do not really know if I like. But I could care less since I’m aiming for Law School but Political Science isn’t that ‘in-demand’ today so I’m going for Accountancy. I live in Roxas City, Philippines. If you want to spend a very unforgettable vacation, aim for the Philippines. We have beautiful beaches, high mountains, colourful culture and heritage and more to offer. I’m proud to say I’m a full-blooded Filipino. But actually, our family rooted from a pure Spanish father. You would love to know our family-tree but I know you don’t have all day so... All you need to know is that, among those who invaded and slaved our country, I’m most proud of the Spaniards. No offense to the Americans and the Japanese but it’s because they brought to us the most wonderful and unequalled influence among all, Christianity. So yes, I am a full-blooded Filipino Catholic.

'lil honey

These are the people I would like to thank for sharing their thoughts, ideas, and encouraging words for this fanfic. For those who experienced, are experiencing and are about to experience same circumstances, I hope you may find a few hidden messages and advices in this story that may help you overcome the pain you are experiencing. Always think that tomorrow is gonna be a new day.

The sites I want to acknowledge and thank for the time and efforts they have put into making the trailers presented beforehand. For the intent of making the story understandable with, visualization easier taking it to the next level. Thank you.


A friend I would like to extend my gratitude for saving up some time to finish and design the poster and background used in this fanfic. Wherever you are now and whatever you plan to do in the future, best wishes for you.


To my friends who pushed me and inspired me to write about this and for allowing me to borrow their characters, thank you. Even if we are about to part ways and live lives far from each other, I just want you all to know that I am blessed to have you as my friends. And I’d always be by your side whenever you need a friend to share those happy and low moments with you.

Justine Mae

The woman who is the heart of this story, my dearest friend, I wish you luck. For your plans in the future, your unforgettable encounters, your tears to shed, your smile to share, your laughter to inspire, whatever the future may uphold for us, I hope and pray to keep this bond between us. We, your friends, will always be by your side whatever happens. We love you Mae.

Advice from the Writer

Although we do not ask, if ever these unfortunate (not really bad but heart-wreaking) experience happen to you, share it to someone you can trust. It won’t take away all the pain but at some sort, it will ease the unbearable ache that you carry with you, everyday. We should look back but not for long. Let go of the pain, gradually get over it and you’ll never notice, you’ll smile that one big happy sweet and genuine smile you never thought would be plastered on your face again. I wish you all the best and I love you.


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Re: Bad Romance (One Shot) Completed

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