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The Seducing Policewoman [One-shot] COMPLETED

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The Seducing Policewoman [One-shot] COMPLETED

Post by Guest on 4/12/2010, 6:50 pm

A thick white towel was wrapped around your body, your hair drenched, small droplets of clear water dropped onto your skin, you sighed “Ahh! Nothing’s better than a hot bath after a hard day at work. That damn Yunho kicked me in the butt though *rubs it* It hurt, aish! I’m so going to get back at him!” you frowned.
You opened the door and a gust of cold air greeted you. You shivered and walked to your closet when you heard a muffling. Your eyebrows scrunched together and you turned around and saw your phone, vibrating “Oh!” you ran over towards it.
“Hello?” you answered “This is Kim ___________.” You said.
“Hey ___________ ah I’ve got great news!” an excited voice nearly shouted through the phone.
“Hrrmm? What is it?” you asked.
“We got him.”
Your eyes lit up and you smiled “No way really? You caught that devil Jung Yunho?” you gasped.
“Oh yeah, and even though you’re-”
“I’ll be right over!” you said and hung up.
You smiled and unraveled the towel from your body and rest it on top your shoulders “Jung Yunho, *smirks* I’m going to make you want me.”


You walked in the office and you threw your hair back with your hand. Heads turned “Oh! Miss Kim I thought your shift ended.” The men stuttered.
You smiled “Yeah I know *chuckle*, but I heard my partner caught a little bitch and I wanted to pay him a visit.” you tilted your head, still smiling.
The men chuckled and shook theirs heads while you walked past them “Aish she’s always like that when it comes tot that Yunho guy, but damn he’s lucky to get the attention of Miss Kim.” One of tem said.
The rest nodded in agreement.


You opened the doors and you saw Taecyeon sitting across Yunho who happened to be handcuffed. His arms behind the chair he sat in. You grinned “Good job Taecyeon shhi.”
Yunho looked up and he smirked, he raised an eyebrow “Oh, it’s you?” he casually said.
You smiled and bent over. You held his chin and looked at him, “Oh you remember me.” You said, trying to act surprised.
You sat next to Taecyeon and crossed your legs “Where’d you get him?” you asked, your voice suddenly serious.
“This guy *softly laughs* he was looking for trouble. He walked up to me and asked ‘Hey are you that girls partner?’ and I said yeah, then POW he hit me.”
You raised an eyebrow and looked into Yunho’s eyes “You hit an officer?” you said.
Yunho shrugged “I was bored.”
Taecyeon laughed “And this guy tried to get away, but there’s something that a carry called a tazor.” Taecyeon smiled.
You giggled “Ouch, that must’ve hurt isn’t that right Yunho?” you smiled.
Yunho scoffed “You bet, that bitch got my sides.”
Taecyeon smiled “So was punching me in the face all worth it?”
Yunho nodded “Yeeeaaahhhh…pretty much. I mean I got a pretty good sight of your partner’s chest area right now. “ Yunho dragged on his ‘yeah’.
Taecyeon looked at you and rolled his eyes “You’re a real horn ball you know that Yunho shhi?” Taecyeon said as he handed you his jacket.
You smiled and thanked him then covered yourself in his thick ebony jacket. Yunho’s eyes turned into slits as you smiled for Taecyeon as he gave you his jacket and as you willingly accepted it “Hey buddy hands off her.” Yunho blurted out.
“I’m not your friend, and ____________ shhi’s not yours in any way.” Taecyeon back fired.
“You don’t know that for sure.” Yunho smirked.
Taecyeon looked back at you and you shrugged “You should check if he’s been doing drugs.” You suggested.
Yunho scoffed “____________ ah, you and I both know that I don’t do drugs.”
“Who said you could call her so informally? Huh?” Taecyeon gripped Yunho’s collar.
Yunho glanced past Taecyeon and your eyes met “I can because we were high school friends weren’t we ____________ ah?” Yunho smiled.
You scoffed “Were.” You bluntly said.


You had told everyone that you will take the late shift and so when everyone left and the building was empty except for you and Yunho. You stood up and then walked over to him “Jung Yunho…” you licked your bottom lip.
Yunho inched closer to your lips he was aching for your lips at the moment “What?” he said, trying not to sound needy, wanting, desperate.
“So you actually remembered me huh? After all these times I’ve been chasing you.” You said.
“Why wouldn’t I? Although you’ve surely changed a lot since I’ve seen you. You have breasts now. Back then you were so flat chested.”
“You’re a dick.” You said.
Yunho chuckled “And attitude still the same and still different.”
“Oh yes, you think I’ll just be one of those girly ‘all I care about is my face’ chicks? You’d got to be kidding me.” You scoffed as you sat on top of his lap and your arms loosely hugged him.
He groaned “What are you doing?”
“Oh, so after all these years you still don’t want me?” you said, half crushed while the other half angered.
‘No, I’ve always wanted you.’ Yunho’s mind answered him.
“Why would I want a cop, especially you?” Yunho said.
You scoffed “So you say that if I get Yoochun ah or Jaejoong ah over here you wouldn’t care? You wouldn’t care if I let them kiss me? Or-”
“I’m not stupid __________ ah; those guys aren’t your type.” Yunho chuckled “I’m your type. I know it from the way your eyes look at me.”
You chuckled and got off his lap “Then I’ll get Taecyeon.” You taunted “And you know I don’t mind him. He doesn’t look soft like Yoochun ah or Jaejoong ah. He has hard features, fierce eyes…” you trailed on, praising him, glancing at Yunho from time to time.
It was working, you could see him intensely glaring at you “Hey let me go.” Yunho said.
“Not a chance.” You smiled and you brought a chair in front of Yunho and sat there “And if you really want me to let you go, give me a very good reason to let you go?” you said.
“Because, I want to fuck you.”
You happened to be looking him straight in the eyes when he said that. He looked dead serious, but there was one thing off, he seemed liked he didn’t want to touch you. You had to make him want you, and if he did already want you, you had to make him want you more “Beg.” You said.
Yunho looked at you as if you were an alien “Beg?”
You traded the chair for Yunho’s lap “Beg, beg or me then, beg for me to undo these for you.” You said while you leaned over to Yunho’s lips.
“I don’t beg.” Yunho said ‘But maybe for you.’ The voice in Yunho’s head answered.
You smirked “That’s a shame then.”
“Fuck you; I know you want sex with me.” Yunho said.
“I know, I do.” You admitted.
“Let me go and we’ll both be happy ____________ ah.” He said.
You slyly smiled “Only if you beg.” You softly kissed Yunho’s lips.
Your hands ran down Yunho’s chest “Why?”
You chuckled “For being so mean to me.” You said “For ignoring me, for lying to me…” you said.
Yunho avoided your eyes “If I don’t beg??” Yunho said.
You shrugged “Then looks like I’ll just keep you here until you do, and I’ll let Taecyeon be mines.” You smiled.
“You wouldn’t.” Yunho said as you unbuckled his belt.
“You think I won’t do the same things to you like what you did to me huh Jung Yunho? I want you, yes. But if you don’t want me I’ll find a way to hurt you.” You said “Physically or emotionally.” You glared and your hands slipped into his pants.
Yunho shivered and you could feel Yunho’s erection “You’re a wicked woman you know that?” Yunho said.
You smirked “I know.” And your hands wrapped around Yunho’s hard member.
You heard a faint groan and you began to pump his member, up and down. Yunho’s jaws clenched together, trying to resist your sensational touches, trying not to enjoy it “Fuck.” Yunho quickly cursed as your hands moved faster and faster “Are you enjoying this?” you asked, brushing your lips past his.
“No, no I’m not.” Yunho struggled, trying not to moan.
“And why is that?” your pace fastened ‘God he’s big!’ you gulped.
“Fuck! Because I want you in me! Damn it! Please let me go, please let me touch you, please let me penetrate you; please…let me make love to you. I beg you.” Yunho begged.
You smiled in satisfaction, not only did Yunho beg, but he claimed that e wanted to ‘make love’ with you, not sex, but love “You won’t run as soon as I let you go?” you asked.
“How could I? When I’m begging for you?” Yunho said with white hot lust in his eyes, almost burning through you.
You stood up and grabbed the key, you walked behind Yunho and once he heard the ‘click’ he rose up and pinned you to the desk behind you. You both fell with a thud and several pencils dropped to the ground, but you both did bother picking it up. [Who would at that moment? Lol XD]
Yunho pinned your wrists down and devoured your lips, his tongue thrusting in your mouth, exploring your cavern. A low moan escaped your lips.
Yunho’s hands loosened on your wrists and his right hand traveled down to your breast giving it a tight squeeze. Your body jerked and you gasped “Ahhh.”
His fingers played with your erect nipples while he still intently kissed you “Ahhhh, Yunho…in me.” You pleaded.
“Let me tease you for a while.” He groaned.
“No.” you protested.
Yunho removed your top from your body and tossed it to the ground “You smell of him.” Yunho growled.
“Who? Taecyeon.” You said, slightly shivering from the cold air.
Yunho impatiently tore open his button up. You felt his hot chest on top your body and you hugged him closer. His lips parted yours and you frowned until you felt his hot tongue brush past your nipple. You arched your back and moaned “Ugghhh Yunho.”
Yunho placed your nipple in his warm cavern and started to suck like a hungry baby drinking milk from its bottle. You moaned out his name repeatedly and you fisted onto his brown locks. His slender hands stripped the both of you and he inserted one finger on your hole and you jerked up. The side of Yunho’s lips twitched “Virgin, you’re still a virgin am I right?” Yunho said, trying to hide his satisfaction.
You bit onto your bottom lip and nodded “Yes, I am.” You answered; your cheeks began to burn up “Does it mater?”
His inserted his second finger “Why with me?” he asked.
Your heart raced and you hesitated, he slipped in two more fingers and you yelped “Nahhh!!”
“Why me? Why do you want me as your first time?” Yunho said thrusting his fingers in you “Tell me?”
You gasped “W…why d-do you c-care?” you moaned.
“Because a female’s virginity is something that isn’t given away so easily.” Yunho said.
You shut your eyes and pressed your lips together, you waited a moment then said “Because I l-love you.” You admitted.
You felt Yunho’s fingers slip out from you and you sighed “I’m sorr-”
“Say it again.” Yunho said, almost demanded.
Your cheeks burned bright red “I…love you.” You repeated yourself.
Yunho’s eyes softened and he smiled “You finally said it.” He said under his breath.
He pulled you up to his embrace and he looked into your eyes “You mean it.” He said.
You nodded “Of course I do! Women don’t just lie about that stuff!” you said.
“I was mean to you why?” he asked.
You looked down and shrugged “I just know I couldn’t hate you.” You said as your tone softened.
Yunho held up your chin and he softly kissed you “You know I feel the same way.”
You frowned “Liar, you were so mean to me, especially during high school.”
“My friends, and I’m sorry. I put my friends first and-”
“I used to be your friend Yunho.” You interrupted him.
“And now you’re not, because you’re going to be my lover.” He said before quickly penetrating you.
You gasped and you curled your toes. You clawed into his back and let out a hoarse cry. Yunho ran his hands through your ebony hair “Shhh…” he softly cooed.
“Ahhh, Y…Yunho it hurts. Damn it what the hell is wrong with you!” you said, tears flooding your eyes and streaming down your cheeks because of the pain.
Yunho kissed your tears away and massaged your nape “I’ll wait a bit for you to get used to it and nothing’s wrong with my dick. You’re just inexperienced.” Yunho smiled.
“Shut up, you’re mean…horn ball.” You frowned.
A few moments passed and you kissed his lips “I’m ready.” You said.
Yunho nodded and slowly thrusted in you. You gripped onto his shoulders and bit your lips “Ahhhh Yunho…” you groaned.
As Yunho fastened his pace the pain faded and pleasure took over “Ahh fuck so tight baby.” He groaned.
You loudly moaned panted his name over and over.


You both changed back into your clothes and you looked at him “So how long did Taecyeon say you have to stay in here?” you asked.
“Just tonight, but after what happened today I think he’d just want me dead.” Yunho smiled.
“Ehhhh? Why?” you asked.
Yunho chuckled “Don’t act stupid, Taecyeon wants you *grins and pulls you into his embrace* but he’s too late now.” Yunho said before he captured your lips.

How was it??
Lol Sorry if it’s not good I haven’t written a rated chapter ever since I last posted up ‘Atrocious Desire’ lol
Readers who LOVE rated chapters and Yunho please check it out! :)
Miss you guys a lot lol and wish me luck on my GRAD writing test tomorrow!! :)
Comments are LOVED and are VERY motivating! :)

*Those who didn’t get it You and Yunho used to be high school buddies, but yeah You liked Yunho and so did he, but because of his friends…well you know boys right?? Lol but yeah, a few years later you’re a cop and Yunho’s just a criminal and then your partner catches him and yeah…so on and so on lol XD


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