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The Truth About Fish And Monkey (One-shot)

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The Truth About Fish And Monkey (One-shot) Empty The Truth About Fish And Monkey (One-shot)

Post by benniot_91 on 6/17/2010, 1:56 pm

Pairing : Eunhyuk/Donghae (Super Junior)
Genre : Fluffy, romance, crack, comedy

“This is me,” Donghae smiled, as he shoved a fish bowl, with a cute little fish inside it to Eunhyuk. “You’ve used the wrong fish. That’s too cute to be you.”
“You’re jealous, that’s all. I got this from a fan. Can you get anything else as lively as this?” Donghae peeked into the fish bowl in his hand, thinking about what type of training he should use to tamed the fish.
“I’m gonna make him jump into a hula hoop.” Donghae’s first plan.
“Heebum will get him first before he can make it back into the bowl.” Eunhyuk’s comment made Donghae gave it another thought.
“I’ll teach him how to swim.” Donghae’s second plan.
“Then what do you think he’s doing now?” Eunhyuk’s another comment with his hands were hugging a monkey plush.
“I’m gonna make him walk on the grill.” Donghae’s another plan made Eunhyuk gave him a cold stare.
“Donghae...” Donghae turned to face him as he was poking the fish bowl from the side.
“Did you hit your head anywhere when you got this fish?” he put his palm onto the other’s forehead, tried to figure out the temperature. It felt just fine.
“Is that a new one?” Donghae asked as he poked the monkey in Eunhyuk’s arms. Eunhyuk couldn’t help it but smiled.
“I got this from a fan, too. Isn’t it cute?” Donghae smirked.
“He’s cuter than you.” Donghae’s payback time. “But he can’t even swim. Plus, real monkey stinks. And so do you.”
“Sure. But you can’t hug a fish when you sleep.” Donghae pout.
“You hugged me when we’re sleeping. I’m a fish, too.” Eunhyuk pinched his cheeks. Shyly, he smiled his cute gummy smile.
“And you too, hugged this stinking monkey while you’re asleep.” A sudden heat ran up over Eunhyuk’s face as Donghae near the distance between their face.
And their lips bumped onto each other.
“Monkey can love a fish, right?”
“And a fish can love a monkey, too.” And they continued their kissing.
After a while, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk who were accidentally (really?) overheard their stupid lovey-dovey talks spoke as they were walking through the living room into the kitchen.
“Hyung, did you know?” Kyuhyun asked Leeteuk as they were drinking the orange juice. “Know what?”, Leeteuk asked him back as he searched for anything to be eat.
“In nature, monkey eats fish. And fish sometimes are poisonous to protect himself from being eaten by the monkey.”
Donghae and Eunhyuk eyes suddenly widened.

p/s : i just found this fanfic forum, and kinda lost in it for a while just now (i know i know silly me). but i decided to post this one as a greeting. hope you like it^^

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