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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by davinci486 on 7/17/2009, 8:27 am

Forewords What a Face

"How can I make you love me?....I'm so inlove with you...." So Eun whispering to herself.

"What? Sperm donor?" Kim Bum asked his manager, whose explaining to him about a girl who wants his sperm so bad that is willing to pay enough for it. And if Kim Bum agrees to the matter he will be a sperm donor.

This is about a girl who started to be a fan then became obsessed with a certain guy. And well, she wants his sperm.

Kim So Eun (21) - an independent, cheerful, believes in soulmate, ordinary girl who loves F4, like every other girls. But as time goes by she fallen inlove with one of them.
Kim Bum (21) - a guy who always says sorry if he's at fault and says thank you from the bottom of his heart. The "IT" boy of F4. He proved that he can act - the way he cries, smile or even being angry melt young & old ladies w/ him.
Lee Min Ho (23) - a cheerful person. The so-called leader of F4. He's famous in the advertisement world. And advertise like famous brands from cloths to shoes, foods to drinks, you name it and his the one who advertise it.
Kim Hyun Joong (24) - a very down-to-earth person. The most famous among F4. Just like Min Ho he is also famous in the advertising world, but not only that he can also sing. And that's reason why he is also a member and leader of the famous boy band SS501.
Kim Joon (26) - the nicest F4. He is famous in the modeling world because of his porcelain skin. He even modeled for the famous Andre Kim w/ Jang Nara. Also a member of a rising boy band band T-Max as a rapper.

Koo Hye Sun (26) - friend of F4. An actress. Will have a love triangle.
HwangBo Hye Jung (30) - also a friend of F4. An actress and singer. Friend of Hye Sun as well.
Park Risa (26) - So Eun's childhood and best friend, they treat each other as sister. She's half Korean and half Japanese. (Fiction Character)

Message to readers:
1. I don't own Kim So Eun,Koo Hye Sun, HwangBo, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon.
2. This is not part of Boys Over Flowers so don't get confuse.
3. The story is originally mine. Sorry for wrong grammar if there will be in the future. Thank you also for reading fanfic. Other characters will be added as the story.

*So Eun's existence in F4's life is = 0 for the 1st half. Meaning they don't know her yet.

*No silent readers please. Thank you!

Enjoy Laughing


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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Guest on 7/17/2009, 4:05 pm

This sounds good so far...ohhh...obsessed!! Love the title and the idea behind it and I love both Ga Eul and Kim Bum ^^


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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 1: Meet Kim So Eun

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 4:39 am

Monday 10:48pm in a condo, two friends sitting in the sofa in atheir living room watching tv who features The Famous F4.

Girl 1: Why are they so handsome?
Her friend sitting besides her didn't even bother to answer her.
Girl 1: Yah! Risa answer me.
Risa: KIM SO EUN! Why are you asking me such a stupid question when you yourself know exactly the answer?
So Eun starred at her then laugh. "I know but -"
Risa: But what? Your the one who's obsessed with them why questioned me?

Risa stands up. Leaving So Eun confuse.
So Eun: Yah, where are you going?
Risa smirk and just walk to a room that is a crossed to them and opened it.
So Eun with wide eyes now, ran to her friend then close the door immediately.

So Eun: Why did you open my room?
Risa: There are only two of us here. You think I don't know?
So Eun says playfully to her friend: But I'm shy...
Risa opening the door again: Shy my butt!

There it is. It was just not a room it was The Room. From the moment Risa opened the door you can see posters of F4 in every corner of the room. There's also a shelf that's full of Kim Bum stuff from pictures to magazines to everything that he advertise and a lot more that involves Kim Bum.

Basically So Eun is obsessed w/ F4 specially Kim Bum.

Risa: Gosh! I can't believe I have a friend like you.
So Eun: Why?
Risa: Because I've been your friend, best friend for the last 21 years and I haven't seen this in your old home. If aunty found out about thi-
So Eun cut her friend. So Eun: She will freak out for sure. And will, I repeat W-I-L-L, burn them for sure.
Risa laugh then said: Yes and that's why you moved here in Seoul from Busan. Also I know you want to follow "The Famous F4" wherever they go. Whether it's filming or interview or whatever.
So Eun raising her brows: What's wrong with that?

Risa being a friend hug her: Let's go to sleep. I'm so tired looking at your I mean entering your room. I feel like I'm in a very different world.

Risa was about to walk out saw voodoo dolls. Asked So Eun. "What are this for?" with a look like she's dumb staring at the voodoo doll.

So Eun grab and said: This are for the women who stars with Kim Bum.
Risa stares at her friend: His love interest in the drama or movies?
So E8un nodded.
Risa: What? You voodoo them?
So Eun: Not exactly. I just wish that he will not fall for them.
Risa raising her left brow: KimSoEunSayWhat!?
So Eun: I know. Fine. I'm obsessed. Let's sleep now okay.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 2: F4 and their Busy Schedule

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 4:43 am

Tuesday 9:33 am in F4 Lounge..

Manager Bak: Min Ho your doing Etude w/ Park Shin Hye here is your schedule.

Min Ho: Thanks.

Manager Bak: Hyun Joong your going to Japan with your members and have a Fan meeting and Concert their and here are the rest of what you and your members are going to do.

Hyun Joong: Thanks so were staying there for 2 months and a half. Cool.

Manager Bak: Yes you are. Now Joon your going to Jeju and model their for Andre Kim and Jang Nara will be your partner. Here is you ticket.

Joon: Whoa! Really? Thanks.

Manager Bak: You sure in shock. As for you Kim Bum-sshi you have a photo shoot for Everlast and T.I. for men. A CF for Skin. And a shooting for Dream.

Kim Bum: Thanks.

Manager Bak to all F4: Since your doing stuff separately I can't go with all of you. So I will assign each one of you with 2 assistant. Okay? And please enjoy.

F4: Okay!

Manager Bak left..

Min Ho: Bummie, you sure are pack with schedule.

Hyun Joong: Yes he is.

Joon: Couldn't agree more.

Bummie: Well, this is what we get for being famous and I'm thankful for that.

Rolling Eyes


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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 3: Weird or Maybe Wrong

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 4:51 am

Wednesday 3:26pm In a studio..

Hye Sun: HwangBo eonnie! Annyong!
HwangBo: Oh, Hye Sun! Annyong, why are you here?
Hye Sun: My manager is arranging a CF for me. You?
HwangBo: I'm here because have to appear as a guess.
Hye Sun: Oh my manager is there, bye! It was nice seeing you again.
HwangBo: Well you too take care. Bye.

Manager Yoo: Hye Sun here is your schedule your doing a Shampoo CF with an actor but we don't know yet.
Hye Sun: Okay. Thanks Manager Yoo.

Hye Sun try to call Min Ho, Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon but didn't get the chance to reach all of them so she try to call their manager.

On the phone..

Hye Sun: Manager Bak I tried calling Min Ho but no ones answering so as in Hyun Joong , Kim Bum and Kim Joon. Why is that?
Manager Bak: Oh sorry Hye Sun I forgot to tell you.
Hye Sun: Tell me what?
Manager Bak: Min Ho is doing a CF with Park Shin Hye.
Hye Sun: Oh, and Hyun Joong?
Manager Bak: He's preparing for a fan meeting and Concert in Japan
Hye Sun: Whoa! So he's going out of the country. And Kim Joon?
Manager Bak: Had gone to Jeju, he's going to model for Andre Kim.
Hye Sun: Really good for him. How about Bummie?
Manager Bak: Well he’s the most fully booked among the four of them. He has photoshoot, a CF and a shooting.
Hye Sun: So your telling me that there all busy huh?
Manager Bak: Yes, I'm sorry if you can't contact them.
Hye Sun: It's okay, thanks for telling me.
Manager Bak: Well okay. Do you want me to pass a message to them?
Hye Sun: No it's okay. I was just going to tell them about stuff but it's not that important so it's okay. Bye.

Manager Bak confuse because when Hye Sun call before it is always urgent or important but now it's not. Something is weird or maybe wrong with her.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 4: Going Away for a Moment

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 4:53 am

Saturday morning So Eun's Condo..

Risa was first to wake up as usual, so she prepared their breakfast. After 45mins So Eun woke up, she can smell the food and it didn't take long before she realize she's hungry.

Risa: Oh So Eun-ah, your awake?
So Eun: Why?
Risa: It's a miracle. Can you check the clock if it's broken or something?
So Eun: You're teasing me again. Fine. It says 8:23.
Risa: Yup, it's really a miracle.
So Eun: Whatever so what's our breakfast?
Risa: I want it to be something new and I don't want rice so I cooked French toast w/ strawberry.
So Eun: Whoa! Okay I'll take 5 please.
Risa: Hahahah.. Okay! Here you go.
Risa: Come on your exagerrating again.
So Eun: No this time it's for real, Real.
Risa: So what do you mean by that?
So Eun: This is like my fave from now on..hahah
Risa: Fine. Just eat.

As the two were eating happily the phone rang..

So Eun: Hello.. Kim Resident..
Risa: Yah, So Eun who's that?
So Eun: Oh Uncle! What Risa?
Risa wondered who the caller is until So Eun gave the phone to her..
So Eun: It's Uncle.
Risa: What! My dad.
So Eun nodded.

On the phone..
Risa: Dad, what's the call for?
Risa's Dad: You need to go here.
Risa: Why?
Risa's Dad: It's about your mom.
Risa: What about her?
Risa's Dad: Well it's her death anniversary, that's why!
Risa: Fine. But I'll only be there for a week.
Risa's Dad: No. Come home and stay for awhile. It's been 7 years since you left home and it's been 10 years since your mom died.
Come home for awhile.
Risa: I'll think about it when I get there. And please dad do not watch drama, your starting to be such a drama king.
Risa's Dad: No, I'm not.
Risa: FineByeLoveYah!

Risa hung up to her dad.

So Eun: So what's that all about?
Risa: It's my mom 10th death anniversary.
So Eun: And?
Risa: Well, my dad wants me to be there for awhile.
So Eun: Then go.
Risa quoting: AWHILE
So Eun: What's wrong with the "AWHILE?"
Risa: He means stay there for like a month I think.
So Eun: So?
Risa: So? So? What do you mean so? I don't want to be stuck in Japan with him. He's like married and like has other kids now.
So Eun: And you don't want that?
Risa: It's not that, it'll be awkward.
So Eun: It's all in your mind girl. So drop it.
Risa: But how about you? You will be alone.
So Eun: Again drop all that in your mind, I'm going to be fine.
Risa: Fine. But I'll call you and you'll call me. Okay?
So Eun: Okay!
Risa: I'll go tomorrow.
So Eun: Whoa! Aren't you excited?
Risa: No, I'm not. But yes, I miss that old man (her dad).



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 5: 2 Years Later...

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 4:57 am

So Eun is really a fan of the famous F4. For the past two years she's been in their entire gig. Everywhere they go she's there from interview in a studio to concerts to filming CFs, you name it and boom she's there. And also for the past two years her friend Risa was in Japan taking care of her father's business and half sibling which was cute. They see each other once in a while by going to
Japan for So Eun or vice versa and call each other whenever they are free.

Friday 1:52 pm in the airport..

So Eun: Welcome Home!
Risa: It's so nice to be home again. I missed you!
So Eun: Aw. I missed you too. So how's life for Park Risa?
Risa: Well, I've been baby sitting my half twin brothers for the past two years now and I'm a business woman. How about you Miss
Kim So Eun?
So Eun: Hahahah. You sound like a mother now. You should get married. Me? Well, you know me better, so guess what?
Risa: Well getting married is a big YES but also a big NO. And yes I do know you but come on for the past two years it's only byphone most of the time we spent together.
So Eun: YES, true. I'll say it to you but first can we go to my car and have lunch.
Risa: Okay!

Restaurant 2:23 pm..

Risa: So spill it.
So Eun: Okay here it goes.
Risa: I'm ready for it.
So Eun: For the past two years I've been in all their gig.
Risa: Their? Who?
So Eun: F4 silly. Remember I'm obsessed with them?
Risa: Oh yeah, I thought you stop.
So Eun: No I didn't. Sorry to disappoint you.
Risa: Fine, so what's next?
So Eun: And well I kind of discovered that I'm inlove with Kim Bum.
Risa dumbfounded: huh?
So Eun: What do you mean "huh"?
Risa: Well, I know that you are an obsessed fan of his but I never thought of that, that you'll love him.
So Eun: And you think its impossible right?
Risa: Yeah. I mean you believe in soulmates.
So Eun: Yes, I do and I think his the one.
Risa: How can you prove that?
So Eun: I'll think of something. That's for sure.
Risa: Well okay. Goodluck with that.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 6: Crazy Idea

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 5:04 am

So Eun thinks deep into her thoughts how can Kim Bum notice her. Then an idea struck her. A crazy idea.

Risa: Yah! Kim So Eun!
So Eun surprise: WHY!?
Risa: Your thinking way deep. Spill it.
So Eun: Okay. What if I buy Kim Bum's sperm?
Risa with a shocked face to respond
So Eun waving her hands in front of So Eun: Hey! Are you okay?
Risa back to her senses: W-what are thinking? Are you that obsessed?
So Eun: Well, I think I can't have him so I must buy his sperm and be the mother of his children. Don't worry I have enough money to buy enough I needed.
Risa: It's not that.
So Eun: Then what is?
Risa: Are you serious about being a mother?
So Eun: Well I think I am.
Risa: Think about it first. Please.
So Eun: I already think of it twice.
Risa: Think very carefully. Please. Plus, how can you get his sperm?
So Eun: That part I don't know yet. But I really want it.
Risa: GOD! You're really obsessed.
So Eun: heheh.. No I'm in love.
Risa: You're just saying that to defend yourself.
So Eun stuck her tongue out


So Eun whispering to herself: Well if I can't have you at least give me something that is part of you.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Guest on 7/18/2009, 1:50 pm

Waoh!!! Wow, crazy obsessed!! This is really good ^^


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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 7: Meeting with Men in Black

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:23 pm

So Eun signed some papers and let out a big sigh, she whispered to herself “I’m so dead if Risa found out about this.”

Men in black suits enter the building where The Famous F4’s is under a contract with. They went to the information station.

MIB 1: We are looking for someone.
Secretary: May I know the specific person, sir?
MIB 1: He’s a member of The Famous F4.
MIN 2: It’s very confidential. We just need to know where they are now.
Secretary: Okay then, did you set an appointment?
MIB 1: Yes. Mr. Bak, their manager knows we’re coming.
Secretary: Wait for awhile sir.
(After 5-7 mins)
Secretary: Please follow her sir; she will lead you to their office. (Pointing to a young lady employee)
MIB 1 & 2: Okay. Thank You.

F4 Dressing/Meeting Room:

Manager Bak: I’m going to have a meeting here.
Min Ho: About what?
Manager Bak: Stuff.
Hyun Joong: You’re hiding us something. What stuff? (Curious)
Manager Bak: This only involves Bum-sshi.
Kim Bum: Me? What is it? (Surprise)

Just then, their was someone knocking (knock, knock…)

Assistant: Manager Bak 2 men in black suits are here for you.
Manager Bak: Let them in.
Assistant: Okay you can come in now.
Manager Bak: Miss thank you for assisting them you may go now.

The assistant bowed and left.

F3 curious who the men in black were, especially Kim Bum.
Manager Bak: This way please.
MIB 1: We need to talk to Mr. Kim Bum as well. Where is he?
F2 looked at Bummie.
Kim Bum: Well, can my friends go too?
Manager Bak: If you want too.
MIB 1: But our meeting is very confidential.
MIB 2: Let me repeat that VERY CONFIDENTIAL.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 8: Sperm Donor?

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:26 pm

Hye Sun, also in the building where The Famous F4’s is under a contract with. she went to the information station.

Hye Sun: I have an appointment with F4.
Secretary: Okay. Please follow our assistant.
Hye Sun: Okay. Thanks.
Outside the room. The assistant remembering that their was MIB that are for F4 and have a meeting with them.
Assistant: Ms. Koo please wait here, they still having a meeting inside.
Hye Sun: Okay. Thanks for assisting me. (Bowed)


Kim Joon in his way to the room, as well, saw Hye Sun.

Kim Joon: Yo! Zup?
Hye Sun: Oh oppa! Annyong!
Kim Joon: Oppa? Yah, we’re the same age and yet you dare to call me oppa? Fine. Annyong noona!
Hye Sun (pouting): Fine. Hahahah. Why are you here? Why aren’t you inside?
Kim Joon: Well, since I started modeling I’ve always been late. So here I am late again. You, why are you here?
Hye Sun: Me? It’s been 2 years of working as an actress. I realized I want to see you guys, I missed you. All of you. And I have a big announcement for you guys.
Kim Joon: Announcement?
Hye Sun: Yup, but I will tell you later when F4 is complete. (Smiling)


Inside the room.

MIB 1: We want Mr. Kim Bum to read these documents first. (Handed Kim Bum documents)
MIB, Manager Bak, F2 waited.
Kim Bum’s eyes grew big.
F2: Why!? What is it!?
Kim Bum: What? Me? Sperm donor?
Manager Bak: Have you read it all?
MIB 1: We told you its very confidential.
MIB 2: That’s why we only wanted you and Mr. Bak here.
MIB starred at F2.
Min Ho: Sperm donor?
Hyun Joong: Who? Kim Bum?
Min Ho & Hyun Joong said together: Can we read it?

Kim Bum handed the documents to both of them.

Min Ho & Hyun Joong’s eyes grew big, the same reaction Kim Bum had a few minutes ago. They are in shock reading the documents.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 9: One of the Biggest Fan

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:30 pm

Still outside the room.

Kim Joon: What are they doing inside?
Hye Sun: I don’t know.
Kim Joon: Well, it’s really taking them so long. Why don’t we go down and have some coffee and talk about the happenings lately, for catch up?
Hye Sun: Okay. But since you suggested it-
Kim Joon: My treat?
Hye Sun nodded.
Kim Joon: Sure. Let’s go.


Still inside the room.

Manager Bak: To tell you the truth she’s a fan and proud to be one.
Kim Bum: And?
MIB 1: Well, let me rephrase that. Our client is a fan of The Famous F4. But she grew more interest in you Mr. Kim Bum as time goes by.
MIB 2: Don’t worry in our contract with her she agree that you will never meet her.
MIB 1: And if you’re willing to agree to this matter, it’s your choice to see you ‘kids’ only after 18 years.
F3 shocked and altogether said: What? Why?
Min Ho: He will never see her?
Hyun Joong: The so-called-kids of his will be allowed only after 18 years? That’s cruel.

Kim Bum still shock can’t seem to find it real that there is a person in the world would do such thing.

Manager Bak: We’ll think about it or rather Kim Bum will think about it. Give him time.

MIB 1: Okay. But I will tell you this now. She will continue to contact anyone just to get what she wants so think very carefully.
MIB 2: Thank you! We’re leaving now.

MIB left.


Kim Bum: Who is she? I know you know stuff about her Manager Bak.
Manager Bak: Well, I only know a little.
Kim Bum starred him. Min Ho and Hyun Joong also waiting for his story.
Manager Bak: Okay. I know she’s a fan of F4 for 2 years now and been everywhere you go as individuals or as a group. She’s like one of F4's biggest fan. From what I heard she also has stuff of what you guys advertise. Whether it’s cloths, shoes or even ate food you endorse. Thus, she has videos, magazine and other stuffs involving F4, but most likely Kim Bum stuff.
Min Ho: Whoa!
Hyun Joong: I think she’s obsessed.
Min Ho: Obsessed? I think she’s a stalker!
Manager Bak: It’s okay if you don’t want too. You can reject them.
Kim Bum could only star at them. He gave a weak smile but wondered 'one of F4 biggest fan'.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 10: Catching Up (Part 1)

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:32 pm

Kim Joon and Hye Sun on their way to the Café.
Kim Joon: Here’s the deal we’ll buy coffee for you, me and the rest and also some pastries then go up again to announce your “ANNOUNCEMENT.” How’s that sound?
Hye Sun: Okay. (Smiling)


On the room F3 finish their discussion. Then.. (knock, knock)

Manager Bak: Come in.
Kim Joon: Yo guys I brought someone with me.
F3 looked who was it and was surprise to know it was Hye Sun.
Hye Sun: Annyong! How’s everyone doing?
Min Ho: Noona! Annyong! What a surprise! (Hug her)
Hyun Joong: Yes, a really big one. (Also hug her)
Kim Bum: Annyong hyung! Annyong noona! (Just wave to them)
Kim Joon: You seem tried Bum. You should rest.

Min Ho, Hyun Joong and Manager knowing the reason why were in silent mode all of a sudden.

Kim could only give a weak smile to Joon. Hye Sun found it awkward so she begins her announcement.

Hye Sun: Since all of you are here and I’m here. I’m going to announce something mportant.
F4 looked at her waiting and so as Manager Bak.

Hye Sun: 2 years ago I have published my book, which I don’t know if you guys heard of.
Min Ho: No I haven’t.
Hyun Joong: Me too.
Joon: Same here.
Bum: Sorry noona me as well.
Manager Bak: Tango, right?

F4 and Hye Sun surprised.

Hye Sun: You knew Manager Bak?
F4: You didn’t even tell us?
Manager Bak (defensive mode): Yes I knew. But, actually it’s only after Hye Sun gave me a weird call.
Hye Sun: Weird call?
Manager Bak: Yes. Remember you tried to call them? Then you called me because you can’t reach either one of them. And you’re curious to know why they’re not answering their phone.
Hye Sun (Remembered): Yes and?
Manager Bak: You never called for any reason and so I check what’s up with you and found out about it.
F4: So it’s like the time when we’re separated as F4?
Manager Bak: Yes. Hye Sun please continue.
Hye Sun Okay. As I was saying I have published my book called Tango about 2 years ago. And now they are making a drama out of it. (Smiling waiting for their reaction)
Min Ho: That’s great noona!
Hyun Joong: I wish you a good luck.
Bum: Me too.
Joon: Wha our noona came a long way!
F3 looked at him with curiosity. And said: NOONA?!
Joon: What’s wrong with that?
Hye Sun playfully hit Joon’s arm and pout: I told you it’s weird.

F3 wondered what’s going on between them.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Kyn on 7/18/2009, 8:33 pm

yay you managed to get your story up

Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Mwtuut

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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 11: Catching Up (Part 2)

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:34 pm

Hye Sun turned to F3: So I’ve finished my announcement. What’s yours Min Ho, Hyun Joong, Bummie, Oppa (Looking at Joon)?
F3: Oppa!?
Joon: It’s the way we call each other. Why? And please stop saying all together, have you turned into a choir or something lately?
Min Ho: Chill. It’s just weird.
Hyun Joong: Are you two dating or something? (Without thinking blurted out)
Bum: hahah. Nice joke Joongie hyung!
Hye Sun: Come on guys I’ve missed you so much. Spill stuffs.
Bum: Weel, I’ve been great as of now. And someone wants my sperm. (Looking at Hye Sun straight-serious face)
Hye Sun (Shocked): What are you talking about?
Joon also in shocked: WHAT!?

Min Ho, Hyun Joong and Manager Bak could only stare at Bum.

Manager Bak: Why are you telling it to them it’s confidential?
Min Ho: If those MIB guys come back and know that there are 2 more people-
Hyun Joong cut Min Ho: Either we’re going to be dead. Or people will create buzz about this.
Hye Sun: Wait what are talking about? And what about the sperm thing?
Joon: I’m totally missing things. What someone wants your sperm.

Bum looked at Manger Bak as if signaling to tell them what happened earlier.

And so Manager Bak told Hye Sun and Joon the whole story and details about the girl and stuffs.

Hye Sun looking at Bum: So what is your decision?
Bum: I don’t know yet.
Joon: I’ll support you on your decision Bummie.

Bum gave him a genuine smile. And silence followed that after.

Hye Sun feeling awkward broke the silence: Since that Bummie here already said his part what about you Min Ho?
MinHo: Me? Ahh.. I’ve been really busy but I’m fine. I’ve been into a lot of endorsement deals lately.
Hye Sun: Hyun Joong?
Hyun Joong: Uhm… I’ve just return from Malaysia. Because my group and I was invited to MTV Award Asia. Although I’m a little tired, I’m fine.
Min Ho and Hyun Joong looked at Joon. Joon noticed: Me? Modeling especially with Andre Kim these days. (Smiling to Hye Sun)
Hye Sun: Ohh. Everyone is really busy these days.

Hye Sun looked at the time it was 4:37pm.

Hye Sun: Okay guys I’m going. Bummie don’t woory I’m going to keep my mouth shut about this.
Bum: Thanks noona. Bye. Take care.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 12: In Japan and Going to Japan

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:43 pm

Tokyo, Japan Airport 2:23 pm.

A 5-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl shouting “Aunty!!!!”

Their aunty replied: Welcome to Japan kids! Where is your mom?
The two kids pointed their mom. Then their mom shouted: Yah, Park Risa! Long time no see. I missed you (Kissing her cheeks)
Risa: Yes! I know I missed you too. Kim So Eun! (Smiling then kissed her best friend on the cheeks too)

It was So Eun visiting Risa in Japan. So Eun brought her kids with her, it made Risa more excited that she forgot to eat luch.

Risa: Let’s go. I’m hungry don’t worry it’s my treat. Let’s eat.
So Eun: What? You haven’t eaten yet?
Risa turning to her kids: Yes, I’m so excited meeting your kids again. I haven’t seen them in a long time.

Risa pinch their cheeks.

So Eun : Yah don’t pinch them like that.
Little Boy: Mom its okay.
Little Girl: Yes mommy, it’s not that painful.
So Eun: Jin Young (boy)! Ga Eul (girl)! Are you defending your aunty against me?
Risa: Wow! Your mom is jealous. Let’s go. (Holding the hands with the kids)
Jin Young and Ga Eul: YES!
Risa, Jin Young and Ga Eul skipping toward the exit. Leaving So Eun that’s pouting.

Meanwhile in Seoul, South Korea

F4 still hot and looking oh-so-great are having a meeting in their same old room with, of course, Manager Bak.

Manager Bak: I have an announcement!

F4 looked at him and starts to listen.

Manager Bak: We’re going to Japan!

F4 looked at each other.

Min Ho: What for?
Hyun Joong: What occasion?
Manager Bak: My wife is well. . . Uhm. . .

F4 looked at him curiously.

Manager Bak: She gave birth. In Japan. And we have twins. (Smiling)
Joon: I’m confused. Why Japan?
Bum: She’s Korean as I remembered.

F4 remembering 2 years ago Manager Bak and his long time girlfriend got married.

Min Ho: Yes, I too, also remembered that she’s a 100% Korean.
Manager Bak: Well a month ago she requested that she will go with her talent. (Manager Bak’s wife is also a manager but to ballet dancers) Since her talent got a spot in the finals.
Bum: And you actually agreed to her?
Manager Bak: She loves her job the way I love mine. (Defense his wife)

F4 laughed. They found it cute. Then bombarded Manager Bak questions.

Joon: It’s okay with me. It’s been a long time. But where are we staying?
Bum: Me too. And how long?
Min Ho: Okay me as well. The question is when?
Hyun Joong: Same goes for me. I also have a question. What about our schedule?
Manager Bak: First we’re going to stay to where my wife is staying; she said it’s big enough for us as guess. Second, we’re staying for 3 weeks. Third, tomorrow morning we’ll leave I already have tickets for the 5 of us. Last but not least, I’ve already reschedule stuff so no worries.

Something bothering F4.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 13: How is she?

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:51 pm

Min Ho: Why 3 weeks?
Manager Bak: For us to relax as well.
Hyun Joong: Wait. If your twins are born in Japan-
Bum cut him off: They’ll become citizen of Japan, right?
Manager Bak: Well, that’s part of the 3 weeks. I’ve the documents with me.
Joon: So the four of us will get to relax while you do stuffs?
Manager Bak: This is my gifts to the four of you. So no buts or whatever. We’re going tomorrow. Clear!?
F4: Yes.

Back in Japan. In a restaurant 3:01 pm

Risa: I’m so hungry!
Jin Young: Aunty why didn’t you eat first before fetching us?
Ga Eul worried: Aunty you look pale. Mommy Aunty looked pale.
So Eun: Yah, Park Risa! Next time please eat. Your two god children are worried sick of you.
Risa: And you? Aren’t you worried?
So Eun hit her best friend in the head: Of course I am worried sick of you!
Risa stuck her tongue: Sorry. But where is the food. It’s so long.
Jin Young and Ga Eul excitedly shout: Here it is!

After the foods are placed in the table the two children got their aunt’s plate and put foods. (Aw. Sweet adorable children)

So Eun: See they are really worried sick! (Pointing at her kids and laughing at her best friend)
Risa pouting: I know!
Jin Young: Here you go aunty! (Smiling)
Ga Eul: Aunty eat plenty, okay?
Risa teary eyes: Thank You!
So Eun: Aw. Come on! Give me a break. Why are crying?
Risa: Its only teary eyes!

So Eun smiles genuinely to her best friend.
Evening Seoul, South Korea

Min Ho, Hyun Joong and Joon are packing all together as well as Kim Bum. They notice that Bum is starring to nothing.

Min Ho: Bum-sshi!

Bum didn’t reply.

F3 curiously looked at him. Then Bum noticed that someone is looking at him. He turned his head and found himself out of his senses as the F3 looked at him with curious eyes.

Bum: Why are you looking at me like that?
Min Ho: Because we haven’t seen you space out.
Hyun Joong: Because you’re like thinking deep.
Joon: Way deep. That, we as your friend, can’t seem to read you.

Bum gave F3 a weak smile. He suddenly remembered her.

Bum: Do you remember the girl six years ago?

F3 looked at each other and remembered a girl. The one that they can’t seem to erased to their minds.

Min Ho: By ‘her’ you mean?
Hyun Joong: HER?
Joon: The one who wants your. . .

F3 remembered that the four of them, six years ago promise never to talk about her. The girl who wants Kim Bum’s sperm.

Bum: Yup! Her, her! (Smiling)

F3 confused, shocked and surprise ask: What about her all of a sudden?

Bum: Nothing really. Wondered how is she?


Author’s POV: It’s been 8 years total since Chapter 1.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 14: What had happen?

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:55 pm

Six years ago. Afternoon. Kim Bum went out to have a meeting with MIB guys alone. In a not so familiar place.

MIB 1: What’s your decision?
Bum: I’m still unsure.
MIB 2: Then what is this meeting for?
Bum: I’m giving my conditions if your client agrees, then I will decide after that.
MIB 1: Okay let us hear it or do you have documents?
Bum handed them documents. It contains 5 conditions.
1. No one will know about this. Unless I’m the one who told them.
2. I want to know how many kids she is planning. And I want to the birthdates.
3. I want to support her financially.
4. If she is going to travel, someone will inform me. And every 6 months a person will tell me what’s going on in their life.
5. This is only valid if she has gave birth and only up to 18 years.
MIB 1: Okay. We’ll call you after our client has decided.
MIB 2: Thank you for your cooperation.

MIB left.

Bum: I know you guys are hiding.

F3 – Min Ho, Hyun Joong and Joon showed up behind the counter in the Café.

Min Ho: hahah (fake laugh) what a coincidence! Right guys!?
Joon: Yeah! Hahahah (fake laugh) Annyong Bummie!

Bum-sshi looked at the two of them smiling and looked at Hyun Joong curious.

Bum: Joong hyung, why aren’t you saying anything?
Hyun Joong: So are you agreeing?
Bum: Not yet.
Hyun Joong: Is it up to her?
Bum smiled: After the meeting tomorrow we’ll not talk about this anymore okay?
Hyun Joong: Okay. But-
Min Ho: Tell us what’s going to happen.
Joon: We’ll support you!

Bum smiled thinking ‘I have such good friends with me and I’m thankful for that, I hope tomorrow it’ll be in its proper places’



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 15: Old Japanese Mansion

Post by davinci486 on 7/18/2009, 8:58 pm

Back to present. Risa driving the car. They are now going from Tokyo to Shibuya. So Eun and Risa talked about stuff for them don’t to fall asleep and catch things up. While Jin Young and Ga Eul sleeping in the back seat.

Risa: So how’s life?
So Eun: What do you mean ‘how’s life?’
Risa: You know what I mean. The kids.
So Eun: Oh! It’s really hard becoming a mother. Especially if you have two.
Risa; I’m jealous! I want one.
So Eun: Then marry someone.
Risa: You’re not married. How can you tell me to get marry if you yourself is not married. I only want kids.
So Eun: You have your *ehem* younger brothers.
Risa: Hello! They’re like grown up now.
So Eun: Then find a sperm donor.

Risa couldn’t believe what her best friends telling her. Stopped the car in the shoulder part of the road and starred at So Eun like asking the question with her eyes -- Are you really suggesting me that?

So Eun: No, not really. (Able to read her friend’s mind)

Risa back again on the road.

Risa: Aren’t you happy?
So Eun: Of course I am.
Risa: But?
So Eun: I feel incomplete.
Risa: And?
So Eun: I never regret it. I’m happy but not contended. There happy? I blurt it all out.
Risa: No. I think your decision way back is really unfair. You didn’t even tell me. But I love you because I treat you as a sister and my only true friend.
So Eun: I don’t want drama.
Risa: I know that.
So Eun: Darn it.
Risa: Why?
So Eun: You know me so well. (Stuck her tongue)

So Eun, Risa, Jin Young and Ga Eul arrived at an old Japanese house. It is huge. It can be called as a mansion if it is in the modern version of mansion.

Jin Young: WOW! SO HUGE!
Ga Eul: UHUH!

So Eun and Risa looked at the two kids loving their cuteness and the way they are amazed by the house.

Just then a beautiful woman that looks Korean greets them. So Eun wondered and Risa introduced her as Bak Soo Jin, her cousin.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Guest on 7/19/2009, 3:55 pm

Woah!! They're going to meet!! I'm so excited!!! Ahh!!!


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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 16: Remembering

Post by davinci486 on 7/28/2009, 6:23 am

On the airplane. F4 and Manager Bak are discussing stuff.

Min Ho: You never told us the gender of your twin.
Manager Bak: To tell you the truth-
Hyun Joong: You, too, don’t know?
Manager Bak: Yes.
Joon: So that’s your only clue about your children?
Manager Bak: Yes.
Bum: are we going to be god-fathers?
Manager Bak: Why don’t you want to become one?
Bum: No. I want to be one.
Manager Bak: It’s going to be 2-3hrs of flight I’m going to sleep.

F4 nodded.

F3 notice that Bum is thinking again. They all though of one thing the ‘girl.’ Then they leave Bum alone.

Bum’s remembering the day when he agreed on being sperm donor to the girl.

MIB 1: Mr. Kim Bum there’s a little change in what our clients want (Handling documents to Kim Bum). It contained the 5 condition he gave the day before but it had change.
1. No one will know about this. Unless I’m the one or she will tell them.
2. I want to the birthdates excluding year of birth and sexes.
3. I want to support her financially only 5-10%.
4. Every year a person will tell me what’s going on the children’s life.
5. This is only valid if she has gave birth and only up to 18 years.

MIB 2: She only agreed to this.
Bum: It’s fair enough. I guess.

Kim Bum signed some papers and left. After that he only knew he has 2 children to support. Thus, he doesn’t know who the girl is.

Pilot: We are now in the landing Japan.
Stewardess: Please put on your seatbelts for safety measures. And your mask if you have difficulty in breathing. Thank you!

After 2 and a half hour of flight they are now in Tokyo, Japan. Outside the airport there was a guy looking for them with a sign board in Korean saying “MANAGER BAK AND COMPANY I’M HERE TO FETCH YOU”

Very Happy

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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 17: Are you still OBSESSED with HIM?

Post by davinci486 on 7/28/2009, 6:24 am

So Eun woke up early at a very large room. She glance at her kids, to the right is Ga Eul and to the left is Jin Young, both are still sound asleep. She then get out of bed quietly and carefully so that her kids wouldn’t wake up. She took a bath and dress herself, she is now wearing a cherry blossom insipired spaghetti doll dress and grey leggings that is up to her knees she paired it with pink doll shoes, her hair is half ponytailed and she wear a light make-up.

So Eun looked at her kids once again, then she smiled to herself, remembering that she used to wake up really late but ever since she had Jin Young everything changed. Then she left leaving Jin Yiung and Ga Eul quietly sleeping.

So Eun wondered where Risa’s room and think about what happened yesterday.


So Eun, Jin Young and Ga Eul arrived at Japan yesterday and Risa fetched them. They ate lunch and gone straight to Risa’s house. Hence, they met Risa’s dad, who is by the way So Eun’s god-father, Mr. Park Kang-In and his new wife, Risa’s stepmom, Park Sayuri – she’s a 100% Japanese, Risa’s stepbrother and stepsister, Rio and Rika, they are fraternal twins. And Bak Soo Jin, Risa’s cousin who just gave birth to twin girls about 3 days ago.


So Eun finally found Risa’s room and found her friend their, he just woke up and still looking sleepy.
So Eun: Hey! Hey! Hey!
Risa yawning looked at her friend: What…
So Eun: You still look like you want to sleep more.
Risa rubbing her eyes: I do. But my body doesn’t agree with me. I guess it’s what you call time body.
So Eun laughed.
Risa: I’m going to take a bath first and get dress. Please wait for me.
So Eun: Okay.

Risa leave the bathroom door open. So Eun look at the picture at Risa’s desk.

Risa looked at her friend then she remembered talking to Soo Jin yesterday before she fetches So Eun and her god-children.


Soo Jin: The twin’s father meaning your cousin-in-law is also coming.
Risa: Why are you telling me this?
Soo Jin: Because I thought you are a fan of F4.
Risa: Actually I am, but my best friend So Eun who I’m going to fetch later is like the obsessed one. But what does F4 has to do with that?
Soo Jin: Well, Hyun Jae is the manager of F4.
Risa: WHAT!?
Soo Jin: What’s with that reaction?
Risa: Is he coming with F4 then?
Soo Jin: I don’t. Why?
Risa: Nothing. They’re F4 that’s why.


Risa, in the shower, after remembering the conversation with Soo Jin ask So Eun.

Risa: Yah, So Eun!?
So Eun: What? Why?
Risa: I was thinking. Do you still.. No. Are you still OBSESSED with HIM?

So Eun surprise with her friends question, didn’t answer.

Risa finish taking a bath got out worried: Yah! You didn’t answer me there.
So Eun smiling: Why the sudden question?
Risa: Nothing really. But answer it.
So Eun just smile.
Risa: Fine. Don’t answer me then. Can we now go? I’m hungry.
So Eun: Okay.

After that conversation So Eun and Risa went to the kitchen and found Soo Jin cooking. So Eun volunteered to help her, while Risa prepare the table.

So Eun while helping Soo Jin thought about there conversation a minute ago and think ‘I actually don’t know yet.’


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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 18: F4's Arrival

Post by davinci486 on 7/28/2009, 6:26 am

F4 and Manager Bak are fetched by the guy with the board, he said his name is Yunjiro and he’s a butler, he said that he will take them to their destination. They are now in the car -- on their way to Shibuya. Suddenly. . .

Manager Bak: Where is my wife? Is she good? How is she? What about my babies? Are they okay?

Manager Bak bombarded Yunjiro with millions of questions. Yunjiro just kept quiet while F4 tried to stop him but it took them enough time to get where they’re going.

Yunjiro: Here we are!

Yunjiro opened the car door. And Manager Bak was so excited that he jumped out of the car, leaving F4 and Yunjiro dumbfounded. Then he starts to shout and call his wife.

Min Ho: He sure is excited.
Hyun Joong: I can see what you mean.
Joon: YUP! That’s a clear state right there. (Pointing Manager Bak)
Bum: Isn’t it cute? He’s excited to see his wife especially his new born babies.

F3 looked at Bummie and to one another. They are having the look again – ‘Is this about the girl’ look.

Meanwhile… Soo Jin heard someone calling her name excuse herself to So Eun. And Soo Jin found her husband shouting her name, she then goes to him and they are reunited. But Manager Bak being a worried husband and an excited father started asking gazillion of question to his wife.

Manager Bak: Honey! How are you? Are you okay? Are you in pain? Where are the twins? Are they okay? How are they? They’re fine right?
Soo Jin found it sweet but also annoying: YAH! BAK HYUN JAE!

Manager Bak turned silent after that.

Soo Jin: There! Much better. I missed you! I’m okay and so as the twins.

Soo Jin kissed her husband on the lips. F4 saw the happenings and let the lovers alone. And F4 went to the opposite direction. F4 was amaze by the house because of its hugeness.

Min Ho: WOW!
Hyun Joong: I know!
Joon: Good thing we came!

F3 notice that Bum didn’t say anything and found Bummie staring to something.

Min Ho: Yah. (He tapped Bum’s shoulder)
Bum turned his head: Why?
Hyun Joong: What are you staring at?
Joon: You mean who. (Pointing at six people)
Bum: They look like they’re having fun.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 19: SOULMATES?

Post by davinci486 on 7/28/2009, 6:37 am

Risa, Jin Young, Ga Eul, Rio and Rika are playing in the garden. Risa already arranged the table and was bored until her god-children, stepbrother and stepsister ask her to be the coach of a game they’re playing. Hence, she agreed knowing that So Eun and Soo Jin are not done cooking.

Meanwhile So Eun just finish to cook arranged the foods on the table. A maid insisted that she is going to prepare the foods instead of So Eun. So Eun agrees to the matter and got out of the kitchen and goes to find her kids. Suddenly she heard babies crying.

So Eun’s POV:
Uwah! Uwah! Uwah!

“Where is that coming from? “

I followed the crying and it led me to a cute huge pink room. I found two babies – I guessed that they are Soo Jin’s. I, being a mother myself, begun to lullaby both babies to stop them from crying. It didn’t take me long for the babies to stop crying and fell as sleep. After I put them to sleep the door opened. It was Soo Jin and her husband, I think.

“I’m sorry I heard them crying.” I said
“It’s okay. Thank you! Oh this is my husband Bak Hyun Jae.” Soo Jin said.
“Nice to meet you!” I said politely.
“Nice to meet you too. Thank you for your kindness.” Mr. Bak said.
“I’m going now. And Soo Jin the foods are ready.” I said.
“Thanks.” Soo Jin said and I left.
End of So Eun’s POV

Back with Risa, Jin Young, Ga Eul, Rio and Rika who are still playing in the garden.
Risa: Kids do you think I should get marry?
The kids looked at her.
Jin Young: You’re not married yet aunty?
Rio: Yes. She’s still single.
Ga Eul: Why?
Rika: She believes in soulmates.
Jin Young and Ga Eul: SOULMATES?

F4 watching them afar found it cute.

Min Ho: So she’s not their mother?
Hyun Joong: Looks like it.
Joon: I think she’s hot.
Bum: Really?

F4 laughed then Hyun Joong notice a girl tripped not far from them. Hyun Joong being a gentleman got up and goes to her. F3 didn’t know what’s happening followed Hyun Joong.

I love you


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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Chapter 20: It's HIM -- No Way!

Post by davinci486 on 7/28/2009, 6:39 am

So Eun tripped on a stone she saw Risa with her kids and two children. She was in a hurry that she didn’t look where she was going that she tripped. Then a man saw her and was walking towards her. And three men was behind him.

Man 1: Hey! Are you okay?
So Eun kept her head down: I think so. (Then she tried to move her left foot) Aw.
Man 1: I think you twist your ankle.
Man 2: Do you need more help?
Man 3: We’ll help you.
So Eun: Thanks. (Still head down)
Man 4 reached his hand to her: Here, take my hand.

The four men help her to sit properly in a big stone just near them. So Eun looked up smiling to see her knights but she realized that…

So Eun: F4!
F4 smiled at her.
Hyun Joong: Forget about that, first are you okay?
So Eun just stared to him.
Min Ho: Okay. I’m going to get a compress for that ankle of yours. (Smiling at her)
Joon: I think she’s in shock.
Bum smiles at her.

So Eun battling inside ’It’s him’ ‘No way!’ ‘This isn’t happening’ ‘What will I do?’ ‘Risa! Get me out of here’ just then she realized something. She’s SOO not over him.



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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum) Empty Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

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