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'we got married' -is It A Lie Or A Truth? *ft bb and bsg

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'we got married' -is It A Lie Or A Truth? *ft bb and bsg

Post by yg_bigD on 8/11/2009, 8:02 pm

Title: We got Married
Characters: Big Bang & BSG
Disclaimer: I do not own Big Bang or BSG. I am just a dedicated fan that is showing my love and support for both. The story plot is an original plot by me [ carolinevue ].

- - - - - - - Authors Details - - - - - - -

*NOTE: This is like probably the 6th or 7th fanfic i done and hope that this for sure is the one I WILL not close on. I said that in the past but never have I ever continued one. I did finish one story, Wisdom or Wonder, ft BSG, Ye Eun(WG) and Bigbang. But i deleted it after 4 months of it being finished since I didn't want to re-edit it.

And I can be a lazy person.
SO yeah.

BUT please NO SILENT READERS! that is all I ask.?

- - - - - - - Story - - - - - - -

Status: Ongoing
Started: 09.08.11
Ended: - n a -

- - - - - - - PM List - - - - - - -
* i will pm those that i guess reply to my story, since i noticed it is not so much of a good idea to pm everyone on my pm list if they sometimes don't ever come back to read it, or don't even bother leaving a reply.

And please make sure if you post something, it be about my story and not a simply 'update soon'

- - - - - - Prologue - - - - - -

.We are two celebs
.One is part of an idol group, the other is a soloist
.Word got out that we’re getting married
.Fans got mad and took it to heart
.Fans laughed it off saying we were going to be part of the show, “We got married”

My name is Bae Seul Gi, and my so call ‘soon to be husband’ whether TV show or not, is called Taeyang.

TAEYANG from BIGBANG. The SOL, one and only SUNSHINE for BIG BANG, DONG YOUNGBAE, Gdragon’ best friend, TAEYANG!!

. the ONLY THING is, we’ve NEVER, NOT EVEN ONCE EVER, interacted

.well there was that one time for Inkigayo rehearsal back in 2007; he gave me the flowers for my comeback

I guess this shall be interesting?
.getting VIPs to hate me for being ‘married’ to LOOK ONLY AT ME ‘Taeyang’…..

.watch me die before I even turn 25…. [ which is next year!!! Omg… ]

*sniff *sniff

[*walks away]

sorry i dearly am bad at forewords/prologues so bare with me. And my story. this is the worst timing for me to write a fanfic, as I am starting school in like 4 days. And i have to prep for college.

I hope you enjoy.

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Re: 'we got married' -is It A Lie Or A Truth? *ft bb and bsg

Post by yg_bigD on 9/14/2009, 9:39 pm

Chapter 1

It’s been a week since news got out that me and the IDOL STAR, Taeyang, would be getting married.
Our companies have yet to confirm anything.

You maybe wondering how we even got involved in such thing if we never interacted, right?

Well you can find yourself in luck.
Just earlier today you can find me meeting Youngbae for the first time as engaged people.
I guess as I get more into it, well of course I need to learn the details myself, as I too know nothing about this and pretty much how I got involved.

The last time I checked, I was a single lady, singing her heart out, finishing and heading back to Seoul from finishing the filming and promoting of my Hollywood DEBUT movie.

Well here I go, off to meet my parents and the DONGS.

I just flew back to Korea ten minutes ago, and I am already off to meet people, PEOPLE THAT I AM SUPPOSE TO IMPRESS, according to my Umma.

Huh, easy for her to say, she impressed my dad’s parents in an instance with her cooking and beauty. What have I got?

Oh right, my mother said, the body, the hair, the looks, and the voice. Yeah right!
Maybe the voice and hair, but when it comes to looks, you got to be serious about one thing, not everyone is or can be confident in their own body. AND I FOR SURE AM ONE!

I was sitting in my van enjoying the ride, when MR DRIVER decided to step on the break!!

It went –uuurrrrrrrrrrrrr----
Tell me about sound effects, that was the best and worst one I heard for breaks.
Maybe also since it was the first one I ever heard in my life since I have always been a careful driver.

From what I heard from the media, my soon-to-be-husband apparently has not gotten his liscense yet.
Even I GOT IT.

But he is a true IDOL star and MAKING the BIG MONEYS and working the STAGE.
I wish I could to. One day my stage will come and I WILL BE THE ONE SHINING.
I hope.

Well back to the breaking, he stopped because he saw a dead animal on the road and wanted to go see if it was alive. Talk about weird, this dude is beyond weird.

Who the h… in their right mind would go and check on a dead animal?
Him obviously.

I told him I was in a hurry and told him to not even get out of the car.
My exact words were,
“Don’t you dare get out! Of all the times I let you loose and checked out dead animals, THIS IS NOT going to BE ONE OF THEM! I am in a HURRY, did I make it clear, HURRY!!”

He made notice of my words and drove off to the hotel.
I went in and was greeted by some of the hotel workers.
Sorry I forgot what there were called.

Well they lead me to the restaurant that both my family and the Dongs would be meeting in.
I got there and NO ONE was there yet. NOT MY FAMILY nor HIS FAMILY!

Like wtf??!!

Just as I was thinking that someone decided to interrupt my thought.

‘Excuse me?’ the man said in a shy tone.

I turned around about to explode even more, but considering I was a celeb, I just did it calmly.
To my surprise I see, TAEYANG, and of course he was not alone. Followed shortly behind, was the rest of the Big Bang members.

‘Ahnnyonghasaeyo.’ I gave my greeting and bowed to each and every single one.
They all did the same too.

And boy was I was surprised. Sure I saw in photos, Gdragon’s 90 degrees bow, but who would know that I was able to get one from him too.

And I guess you can say, I AM A VIP, or at least I love to listen to BIG Bang songs.

I ended up staying with the boys, meaning NO adults.
I was seated next to Taeyang, as the boys sat around.

After we ordered, YoungBae and I started to get into or conversation.

‘Sorry that our parents didn’t make it…’ he said. Seems like he is nervous.

I guess he really never had a girlfriend before and it was not all talk but truth.
These boys sure are honest to the media.
I mean I am too… but yeah….

‘It’s ok. But can I ask, what do you think about this marriage?’

He replied, hesitantly, ‘I honestly don’t know. I never had a girlfriend before, but to get right into marriage is something I never thought about before.’

Without noticing I spoke out loud, ‘I can tell, you work so hard already in Korea and then you just go straight to Japan. Such money makers you all are.’

‘Well it is technically for the fans that support us. Not for the money…’ Taeyang replied quickly.

“Oh. Miahne, if I offended you Taeyang..” that surely shut me up.
‘It is ok. And you don’t have to call me Taeyang. Young bae is fine with me.”


Silent came in between us.

I then got curious and asked,
“How do your fans feel about this marriage?’

‘Well they don’t exactly know it is a real marriage yet…” He replied.
“OH yeah… hehehe. I forgot.” I smiled slightly from the embarrassment.

WE continued talking.
By the time we finished eating, even the boys, though it didn’t even seem like they were there, it was 11 pm.

I had to go back to my apartment.
But I realized, I came in a van, the company’s van. And he drove off to drop my things off and back to the company.
I didn’t tell him to come back to pick me up.

I took my cell phone out about to call someone when Youngbae said something.

‘You can just go home with us?’
‘Huh? Oh. No it is ok,” I replied back.

“I don’t think it’d be ok if my mother found out I left my soon to be wife out here alone and went home not worrying. Plus you don’t have a ride anyways.’

I retorted back, “I do have a ride.”
“Then where is it?”
“uh. Ok you got me there. But I don’t want to bother you boys…”

Gdragon then came with the manager.
I guess he’s been eavesdropping since he said as he walked up to us,
‘It’s ok, I’m sure the boys don’t mind right?”

They all nodded their heads.

“And manager hyung def. wont since you are Bae’s soon to be wife. And he knows Bae’s mom would kill him along with YG, right hyung?”

He was hesitant, I could tell, but nodded his head yes.

‘Ok..” I said not so sure myself.

They asked me where I lived and I told them where.
It turns out, I don’t live so far away.
And if you don’t know, I live with H-Eugene and my Logi sister, Kim Ji Hye.

I know you must be thinking ‘why do I live with a guy’?
Well it maybe isn’t the most common thing you see every day, unless it was a mix group.
But hey, he is cool to live with.

Well they dropped me off. And I guess to keep me somewhat safe, Taeyang walked me to the door for the entrance of the apartment complex.

“Thanks Youngbae for the day, and I really enjoyed talking to you.’

He smiled back at me. Then he said,
“Go up. I need to see you go in safe. It’s okay for me since bigbang is right there in the van, but you might not be okay if we leave and you stay here. So go up.”

I did as he said. I did a little wave and went up.
As I walked up the stairs I saw him go back to the van. And soon they drove off I guess. I never saw since I kept walking to my apartment.

I unlocked my door and headed to my room.
I saw my things in my room. But I was too lazy to unpack so I went straight to lie down on my bed.
Man has it been forever since I last slept here.

I was thinking about the dinner I had with Youngbae.
It was nice to talk to a guy in public but I guess that is the consequences of being a celebrity.
After some minutes I dozed off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

jiiD<3biigD - - - DSP7 - P R I S T . yg_bigD

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Re: 'we got married' -is It A Lie Or A Truth? *ft bb and bsg

Post by VampirePrincess on 9/28/2009, 11:42 am

hey i'm not good with forewords either lol. but i do like the story and i do wish you update soon!!! i want to know what happen i love big bang!!!
oh if you have time please read mine too^_^
i'm not sure if you like Vampires stories but please give it a chance.
it called My Vampire Prince...^_^
please update!!! fighting♥️

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Re: 'we got married' -is It A Lie Or A Truth? *ft bb and bsg

Post by Sponsored content

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