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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny}

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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny}

Post by Tammy on 6/19/2009, 5:01 pm

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Idtel_jaelove

The bond between the two Eternal couples have been stronger than ever, with each other other's blood flowing through their veins, frozen hearts beating silently for one's love and ready to outbreak any battles. with passionate longings of Lust, Thirst and Anger mixed all into one adventure of a lifetime. Was their trust being tested again? as the rise of the dead will cease throughout their peaceful life that has been devoured by vengeance and desire. Despite this, the twisted romance still won't and will never disappear as much to their satisfaction, will something blossom from this? or will it give them atrocious consequences. Secret passages and hidden messages all around them to form a connection with their past and future. On top of that, pure bliss will be forthcoming to them, leaving their minds locked in their own paradise with wonderful melodies and light steps forward. Months, years, decades, centuries or even millenniums will not break these couples apart as Fate brought them together and their Destinies are intertwined.

Read on and find out about more.

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty First Chapter [Happiness with Unfortunate Grievance]

Post by Tammy on 6/20/2009, 3:51 pm

JaeJoong's POV
I and ________ has been living in peace, with the important company of Changmin and MinJee. Ever since Dae-Hyun has been deleted in our lives, as obvious, everything was better.
All of us have dropped out of school as our unable to age bodies were beginning to appear and people started to get suspicious. Even though we were going to live for eternity, we didn't waste any time being apart, we travelled everywhere out of our soul’s content.
Paris France
Grand Canyon America
Czech Republic
and many more.
Privately, _______ and I made memories of our own and never wasted a second, Replacing bad memoir with greater ones appreciating it with our minds and soul.
We were currently back to Seoul at the moment as we have missed everything from the past 2 years. We all wanted to see how our families got on so we separated, me and ________ stayed here, Changmin and MinJee are off to their provinces. Although we were all dead to our families now, doesn't mean we don't care about them anymore, we just sneak a peek at them from time to time.
“JaeJoong ah, we'll be going now…” said Changmin
“Yeah, uumm...we'll be back....whenever we want to... So don't wait up, you have fun too okay?”Said MinJee to ______
“Sure, we will. Be careful out there okay?” _______ replied out of concern
“Ppfftt, they should be careful of US!” Changmin smirked
“But we won't” he continued when he saw both MinJee and __________ glaring at him.
“Hm. I'm sure Changmin can take care of himself and MinJee so don't worry about that.” I reassured ________
“At the while, we can check up your family and see how they are doing, then maybe we can go back to our old teenager selves and go...clubbing?” I asked walking up to her and wrapping my arms around her waist.
“Is this JaeJoong I'm talking to?” she asked me, smirking
At that second, MinJee and Changmin disappeared like dust out of the living room, with their hand conjoined.
After that, we immediately checked up on her parents, invincible, we both went inside the house, our voices inaudible. Her parents were sitting on the sofa watching T.V when something caught their attention. ________ walked past them leaving a cold trail of shivery breeze.
They both stiffened and looked back; her mom turned her head to see her daughter’s portrait standing by the small coffee table next to them and smiled. She knew it was her that she was watching over them, tears welled in her eyes then started to fall, and her father comforted her with warm open arms. ______ And I walked up the stairs to her room, it has not changed one bit, everything was in its place, just like the way she left it, before she fake died of a car crash by a cliff.
Minutes later, we visited my family, the family that was never there for me, the family too busy to realize that I had 3 more other people living in the mansion, the family that doesn't even know that...I'm gone. Nonetheless, they were still relatives. My father was sitting in his office chair and facing his laptop as usual, with a load of paperwork and coffee on his desk, what kind of father was he?! Compared to him, his heart was more frozen than mine was.
after a while of visiting him, we were about to leave when somebody I didn't expect to see entered through the automatic doors, it was my little brother with his faced sulking and head down, he has really grown up! Couldn’t control my feelings so I ran up to him ready to hug him, something I haven't done in a while as his hyung. However, ________ stopped me before I get to him
“Stop, he will feel your embrace, god knows what he'll do” she said, but our voices were still inaudible to them so they couldn't hear it.
“I understand” I sighed a big sigh letting out cold air into the office right by his neck.
“Oh! O.O Appa, your office is a bit chilly” he stated in English but my father took no notice and kept on typing.
What was he doing here? He’s in the U.S; I waited impatiently for my aggravating father to answer him.
“Oh, JungSu ah, your here.” his dad said dully
“Yes, I just got off the plane, why is it that you wanted to talk to me so urgently?” JungSu asked with the same curiosity that I have.
“I'll let you handle the business as of now.” he declared with a monotone voice.
“What?!” me and JungSu said in unison, except that my voice wasn't heard.
“You already heard me JungSu, you know I don't like to repeat myself” dad replied
“Bu--But...why? Where’s hyung? JaeJoong hyung? Isn’t he your successor?” he whined
“Your BROTHER is nowhere to be found.” he stated emphasizing the word brother.
“What? Where is he? Have you tried looking for him? He could be hurt! Does noona know about this?!” he complained
“Why would I waste money on looking for him? When clearly he doesn't want to be found, and your noona won't be of much help.” the rude cold hearted father blurted out. My hands turned into fists and my muscles stiffened by hearing this, _______ tightened her grip on my elbow to prevent me from lashing out.
“Money?! Is that all you care about?! And won't be of much help? Are you saying that she's useless?! And…” he snapped out but interrupted by dad.
“JUST BE GRATEFUL YOU GET THIS OPPORTUNITY YOU UNGRATEFUL CHILD! there are many other's there that would kill for this job!” he shouted at JungSu, then and there, I wanted to hit my own father so much from all this anger building up inside me.
“Well then just pick them!” said JungSu
“What did you say?!” dad asked glaring shockingly at my little brother
“Pick the others! The ones that would KILL for this job! Because I don't want it! I don't want to be like you!” he shouted
“Why you little ingrate! If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be studying abroad, you wouldn't be living at that mansion of yours, and you won't have that car that you’re driving...” he threatened him
“AND YOU THINK I WANTED ANYTHING LIKE THAT?! Did you even ask my permission if I wanted to study abroad? To live in that big mansion? To let you know, living in that mansion was like living in hell! WORSE than hell! I never asked you to give me any of this stuff, because of this, I never grew like a normal boy, I don't want any of it...” JungSu argued and threw his car keys at his father’s desk proving his point and started to walk out the door.
“Stop right there young man!” he yelled and banged his heavy hands in his glass desk, JungSu froze from his position.
“I am your father and whatever I say...” dad continued and got interrupted
“Father? hmph...not even one bit” he snapped out looking back at him then continued walking outside his office.
Me and ________ stayed and watched shocked by the happenings, my little brother was hurt, abandoned in that place, trapped. This got me even angrier,
“Aish! These ungrateful children! They’re all mistakes!” he whispered to himself and went back to what he was doing in his laptop.
I couldn't help it anymore but I couldn't hit him, instead I let out all my anger at his glass desk, I punched his desk soundlessly, I a second, it cracked and shattered. He deserved it. Now everything was on the floor, his laptop, the paperwork’s and his coffee all spread across his white carpet, he was blazing with frustration and immediately called someone in, I kicked and threw all his papers away and some I even lighted in a fire. Someone came in now and saw the mess; the secretary's eyes were in awe.
Before I could do anything else, _________ pulled me out of there,
“That’s enough Jae Oppa, calm yourself.” she soothed me
“How can I?! It’s just...” I stopped myself continuing by wiping my palms through my face in frustration.
“I'm sorry Oppa ... maybe we should go look for your brother now.” she suggested which reminded me
“O.O my brother!” I dashed out of there dragging her with me. We searched for JungSu in town as he left his car keys in our dad's desk, would be walking by now.
“JAEJOONG HYUUUUUUUUUUNNG!” somebody shouted, it was JungSu, turns out that he was the one searching for me.
“Oppa, I should go in first, to help you find the truth” she said and I nodded at the suggestion, she made herself visible and blended to the other people quickly, and pretending to bump into JungSu getting his attention
“Hello there, may I ask, why are you looking for JaeJoong?” she asked him gently
“Oh, you know him?” he asked, with his eyes wide looking at her indescribable beauty
“You could say that... we used to go out” she smiled, she was good at lying now, I was right next to her listening in
They sat down near a coffee shop and she took on her job and asked the questions, she could easily spill it out of him.
“uuhh… well, he's my brother, my dad said that he's nowhere to be found, but I'll find him, we got separated when we were young and I never heard from his since, I really miss him” he replied, the words he said caused pain for me.
“Oh, so your JungSu, he mentioned you before to me, are you with your noona too?” she asked, basically, she was asking the things I really wanted to know.
“Umm, no, she's in Australia, with her husband. You know I hardly know what my noona and hyung looks like anymore” he said sulkily while slurping in some of his hot chocolate.
She didn't reply and pitied him,
“Maybe you could help me look for him, since you know what he looks like now. Can I ask, you said earlier that you USED to go out with Hyung, what happened?” he asked
*mind convo*
JJ: tell him...tell him I'm dead
Her: are you sure?
JJ: yes
Her: okay, as you wish, but how will you die?
JJ: make something up, ran over or murdered, or anything!
*end of mind convo*
She looked down to the floor and started to cry, these tears although was not fake, she was crying for real because both of us will be hurt.
“_______ ssi, why are you crying? Didn’t he love you anymore?” JungSu asked with concern and handed her a paper towel.
“No...We loved each other very much...*sob*” she cried
“Well then…why...” he said but she decided to finish his sentence for him
“Why we broke up? Not one of us wanted this to happen, well, he...*sob*… he died, last year... *sob*... his break gear in his car broke and he crashed, I survived and he didn't, and you know, this was the day before we were about to get married, I begged the reporters to not to make his story broadcast out on the television. I'm sorry that I have to tell you this when it's not really my place to say but I think you deserve to know, as his brother” she lied and cried again.
JungSu's POV
“He to be found...won't be much help...” the words kept on repeating itself in my muddled head,
All sorts of feelings are creeping up to me now, anger, devastation, sadness, frustration and madness.
I started to breath heavily and tears automatically fell from my eyes, this was all happening to fast, too much for my brain to handle in a single day.
Fist, my insane father decided that I'll be his heir, second, I threw away my necessities and third, my brother was dead.
Why? Why did I only know about this now? Didn’t our father know anything at all? About his own SON being dead?! Little do I know maybe my noona is dead too! this is what I get, this is what I get from following his orders and not following my heart, I could've been there for him, at least attend his funeral.
“NO! NO! This cannot be happening to me!” I threw everything that was on out table and stood up rapidly making the chair fall over and making a loud clanging sound that made everyone look, but I didn't care
I knelled down and buried my crying and sobbing face with my arms; ________ came close to me and calmed me down.
What am I going to do now?

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Second Chapter [Presence]

Post by Tammy on 6/21/2009, 9:10 am

Your POV
“What am I going to do now?” JungSu cried in his head.
he must be going through hell right now, the brother that's suppose to understand him is right next to me, invincible, denying himself from him. Although I can understand why he did, because if the time when he finds out about what we really are, it might drive him madder. I hate it when they have to hurt their loved ones to save them.
For now, I helped JungSu rent an apartment and gave him money to get himself food and necessities. I also enrolled him a school here in Seoul so that he can continue through life normally and earn people's love. Something that he never experienced from anyone else, except his brother.
We went home that day and JaeJoong wouldn't get himself to stay still, because of wariness of JungSu. We drank some blood that night to calm ourselves down; I sat up by the bed rail and embraced his head on my shoulders like a little kid who needs attention.
I combed through his silky smooth hair and lulled him to sleep; I then kissed his forehead and moved down to sleep next to him. He unexpectedly shuffled his body around so that I was leaning on his shoulder, and hugged me tightly.
*next morning*
JaeJoong already got up and was looking out the window.
“Oppa, good morning...” I murmured, slightly sitting up
“___________ Ah, you’re up... want to go somewhere?” he asked hopeful showing me a slight smile in the corners of his lips. I knew what he wanted
“Sure...we could go visit JungSu...or...” I started but he finished
“Yes! *ehem* I mean, yeah, we should go visit him and check how he's doing…” he murmured, I knew him too well.
“Okay Oppa, I'll get ready now” I said standing up and getting clothes from the closet, since we were living together for quite some time now, I didn't bother going to the toilet to change, even if he was there as he already knows what I look like and I have nothing to be ashamed of.
He kissed me in the lips and went outside the room to get some space to think, I could understand his feelings, but not as fully as I think because I haven't been in that situation before. Now, there I was standing in front of the mirror, looking at myself carefully like I usually do, then something peculiar happened.
*ccrr...*ccrraa*crraacckkk...crack* the mirror facing me was slowly shattering to pieces, starting from a tiny speck moving towards its surroundings covering my face, I could see my face's reflection all separated by the cracks. It made small piercing fragments of glass fall on the floor and sparkle in the sun's ray.
What was doing this? It certainly was not me and I'm the only one in this room... aren't I?
I bent down to the floor to feel the fragments on my skin, I didn't know why; it was just out of curiosity. Then one tiny debris slashed its way through my index finger, making it bleed, but no pain can be felt.
“Great” I whispered under my breath.
Then I felt someone's sudden presence behind me so I turned swiftly but... no one was there, nothing but the bed and other things. Weird.
“_______ ah...are you ready? Let’s go?” JaeJoong said as he walked up the stairs to our room
“Shit!” I whispered again and used my powers to fix the broken mirror quickly before JaeJoong entered, forgetting about the mini one still stuck in my finger.
There, it's fixed. JaeJoong then entered and looked at me with confused wide eyes...
“What?” I tried not to sound like nothing abnormal happened.
“Stop pretending _______ah, I could smell the blood from outside the door, what happened?” he asked worried
“Oh forgot about that” I sighed
He took my hand and looked intensely at the index finger; he carefully pushed the tiny piece of glass from inside my skin, he carefully placed his plump lips on the wound and sucked the blood oozing from my finger.
Then while doing that, he looked around to see the source of the incident. There, he noticed, a tiny fragment of glass was missing from the mirror. He took my finger out and picked up the glass to put it back on the mirror, it fit perfectly.
“What really happened?” he asked me with curious eyes.
“it's nothing JaeJoong Oppa, nothing really, just me being clumsy, there was a dirt in the mirror so I scratched it out, but then I think I used too much force...nothing to worry about Oppa” I explained with a cheeky smile, making myself not too obvious.
“Okay then, let’s go?” he said and kissed me on the forehead.
He held my hand and walked outside; I turned around to see the mystical mirror again and wondered... Was I really alone in there?

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Third Chapter [Old Times]

Post by Tammy on 6/21/2009, 9:33 am

Changmin's POV
I and MinJee visited her old home, here in the countryside, it was really quiet and peaceful here compared to all the noise in the city, and this is very refreshing.
We first got a room in a motel in town; the motel looks abandoned and really old. It suited us for some reason and we didn't complain. This would be the very first human act we did today.
We then flew rapidly to MinJee's home, the door was open and she could easily see them. We were invincible of course, her eyes widen when she saw how they have changed. Everything was different, and what hurt her the most is she couldn't even be there to notice those changes. MinJee has a mother, father, a big sister and a younger brother.
“Look Changmin! Look...look! She’s so adorable!” MinJee commented looking at her 1 yr niece, her big sister, EunMi, just had a baby girl and was married 2 years ago.
“I know it's a bad time asking this MinJee ah, how come you’re separated from them? I mean... what happened?” I asked standing behind her waiting for the answer.
She looked down first then turned around to me, I felt guilty by making her face pain all over again. Then she explained
“well, we aren't exactly that rich, so my parents kept on arguing about money, EunMi, my big sister over there, she always went out and sometimes don't even come home and my little brother, Shin, well... he was my responsibility all the time, so I don't have a social life. And one day they got too frustrated they all took their anger out on me, they would do that almost every day then one day, I just couldn't take it anymore. So I left.”
“I'm sorry...” I murmured
“It’s okay, things like that happen...don't worry.” she smiled.
We both watched them again and her smile expanded, although it quickly disappeared when she heard...
“Aren’t we missing someone Umma?” EunMi asks her mom, they both looked down to the floor and thought of that person: MinJee
“MinJee ah, my little girl...” her mom murmured under her breath, MinJee flinched by this and leaned in closer to hear more
“It’s okay mom. She now knows you've regretted everything you've done. Right? It’s not your fault” EunMi comforted her.
“It is...It is... It is my fault.” her mom started blaming herself and cried
“Wait, how do they know you’re dead?” I asked MinJee
“I sent in a fake doctors letter saying that I passed away from A(H1N1) Swine Influenza.” she replied sadly, I didn't have anything to comment on that so I just kept quiet watching the three men, her dad, Shin and EunMi's husband walk in from town carrying loads of raw meat and vegetables. I guess they were celebrating.
By that time, her mother stopped crying and started to smile a little because of the baby's little laughter
“listen mom, she has MinJee's laugh” EunMi cooed and her mother just nodded in happiness, MinJee's tears couldn't help but fall now and she came closer to them wanting to give them a hug so badly.
She kept on crying in front of them not knowing what to do; one of her tears fell on the baby's cheek which made it flinch. EunMi then looked up thinking it was just a little leak.
She backed away and went back to my embrace, she really needed it and I was the only that can give it to her as of now.
We went back to the motel to get some rest also to have a little drink to regain our strength.
MinJee's POV
*next morning*
Changmin woke up before me but stayed where he was, didn't move an inch, he was like a statue.
“Changmin Oppa, are you okay?” I cooed him while leaning my head on his chest and embracing his waist by my arms.
“Mmm... should we go home now?” he asked me while stroking my arm ever so gently.
“Okay...but let's go to a place first...” I said
“Where would that be? Back to your house?” he asked...
“No...My old special place.” I murmured and he nodded in agreement
Later that afternoon, I lead him to my special place, used to be with someone special too, but that was long ago.
It was still the same, the 2 trees still overlooked the clear cool river beside the hammock tied in between the 2 massive tress. This was made by us, me and my old special person.
The breeze was fresh and the sun was shining making the river glisten from its rays. It made me remember the good old days.
“DAE!” I shouted at him because he took my new packet of Japanese sweets that just got out in the shops. We chased each other all around here
“Hahaha! Come on! Catch me! This is so yuuummm.” he teased me so I just gave up and cried while sitting on the hammock
“Aaww...Don’t cry MinMin... I was going to give it back.” Dae pleaded but I didn't stop.
“Okay, wait for me here, I'll go buy you a new one okay?” he said and handed me the scrunched up packet of sweets then ran towards town.
I looked inside and I was expecting it to be empty but instead it was untouched. Not one sweet was taken from the packet. He was only pretending to eat it to tease me.
I waited for him while swinging back and forth staring at the river.
Minutes after he then towards me with a new packet of sweets, he handed it to me and said
“Am I forgiven?” while panting.
“Kumao-oh Oppa...” I said then hugged him
“You better share that!” he smirked, and then we both walked to the hammock and swing back and forth while nibbling on the sweets in my palms, Watching the sun set beyond the tress on the other side of the river.
*another flashback*
I ran towards the tree and held on to it for support, there was so much pain in my body that I couldn't move, since no one was there, I cried my heart out as loudly as I can to release my anger.
Dae-Hyun came up behind me and comforted me; he kept on slapping himself every time I cry
“*slap*slap* please stop crying MinMin ah..It really hurt now.” he whined
“I can't take it anymore Dae... I'm leaving.” I cried not facing him, after hearing those words he suddenly stopped
“What? No, you’re just angry, go on...let it out then we can go home okay?” he pleaded
“NO! I AM NOT GOING BACK HOME! I'VE COMPLETELY HAD IT DAE!!I'M LEAVING” I shouted and he was staring at me with wide eyes
“Okay...Okay... if that's what you want... I'll go with you...MinMin” he said hugging me tight letting my tears be soaked by his t-shirt but I was not going to let him get into my mess.
“No...Stay here...and go home, it's getting dark” I said pulling away
“Shouldn’t I be saying that?” he smirked.
I ignored him and went to proceed to the hammock and plan to sleep there for the night. He got the message and went back home
The next morning I could feel a blanket covering my whole body and Dae sitting on a chair next to me. He guarded me the whole night. I looked down and saw his luggage’s on the floor.
“I told you I'm coming with you.” he said startling me by his sudden words.
*end flashbacks*
“Where is he? Where’s my caring Dae-Hyun?” I thought to myself.
“Seems like you and Dae were pretty close.” Changmin stated with his face filled with seriousness
I just looked down to the ground as I didn't think about him reading my head. Although I didn't mind, I don't keep secrets from him.
“Let’s go now?” he asked I nodded in agreement. He grabbed my right hand gently and we turned around to the main road. Then suddenly I felt a sharp sheer pain chocking my left wrist.
“Aaahh” I whined in a whisper.
“Is something wrong?” Changmin asked with concern.
“ don’t worry.” I lied then the pain relieved me
What was that? It certainly not Changmin and were the only ones here... is there someone following us?
Who is bothering the two couples?
Could it be the 'thing' that smashed the mirror with ____?
Stay tuned...

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Fifth Chapter [The Truth]

Post by Tammy on 6/22/2009, 11:49 am

JaeJoong's POV
Changmin and MinJee just flew in this morning; looks like MinJee got what she wanted. ________ and I are about to have a little peek on JungSu again, ever since he got into high school, he's been smiling a lot more and finally got to experience being a teenager for the first time in his life. He has mentioned new friends to _______ and is planning to introduce them to her, he considers her as his noona our real noona was nowhere to be felt.
i went with her to go see him again, invincible of course...he now considers me dead and i much rather prefer that. He just came home after school and we saw him with his 2 best friends.
"JungSu..!" ________ yelled over to him and waved when they got eye contact
"__________ noona!" he yelled and waved back, running over to us along with his 2 new friends...they look innocent and yet i can still feel something...weird
"Annyeoung! This is Rain..." he said pointing at the one guy with dark hair, nearly the same height as me and with really rare dark green eyes that reminded of some one.
"And this is Candy" JungSu continued when he pointed at the girl next to him with glasses, long raven black hair and was quite short and quite shy too.
"Hello there...nice to meet both of you, JungSu won't stop talking about you." she laughed while shaking both of their hands
"JungSu won't shut up about you either noona..." rain muttered making fun JungSu; I chuckled too by watching him getting picker by the second.
"And this is _________, my hyung's ex...I mean wife" he snappily replied to change the subject... my wife? I like that.
"Wife?! How old are you noona? And I thought your hyung was dead..." rain asked while scratching his head
"I am 20 years old..." _______ mustered
"And you’re married already? To a dead..." rain continued but unable to finish as candy stepped on his foot and not making it obvious by fixing her glasses like she hasn't done anything.
"Should we get to yours JungSu ah..." she changed the subject
"*big heavy sigh* neh!" he cheerfully lead all of us into his apartment. What made me uncomfortable was Rain, he kept on stepping on my shadow and flirting with MY WIFE... luckily she didn't flirt back and decided to talk to candy, which was quiet for the whole way.
By the time we got there, they got talking and laughing for hours, _______ cooked some food and fed them without her company.
"________ Noona, aren't you going to join us?” JungSu asked while the other 2 were eating, finally candy has showed her true self with us. She was actually a really hyper person and the way she eats...well you can clearly notice that she was hungry.
"Uuhh... no, I’m not hungry...go on, don't mind me...” she insisted as JungSu turned around and ate her irresistible cooking, according to Rain.
*Mind Convo*
Her: they look so happy...
Me: I know all that thanks to you...
Her: I barely did anything
Me: it might not be much for you but my brother is very much thankful for it...
Her: it's the least I could do...after all he is my brother in law... XD
Me: of course! My wife.....
*end mind convo*
After a while they finished and Rain helped ________ wash the dishes, he's pathetic i think...trying to flirt with someone else's wife. Although he has a chance, i was "dead" after all.
*BANG BANG BANG* the door boomed...
“WHAT THE FUCK?!" JungSu and rain cussed while ________ dropped the plate she was washing by the sudden startle making it smash into pieces and piercing her finger
"WHO THE HELL IS IT? WILL YOU CALM DOWN PLEASE! I DON'T OWN THIS PLACE!!!" JungSu shouted again refusing to open the door until the knocker calms down
*CRASH CRACK BOOM* the door and windows was broken in half making the people in all black come in, I stood in front of my brother guarding him of anything they might do. This was them, my father’s guards...coming to break JungSu's peace and I was definitely not going to let that happen.
“Young master Kim...please come with us immediately" a guard duly said
"What’s happening here?!" ________ asked while coming out of the kitchen, wearing a band aid given to her by Rain.
Candy and Rain was just standing there stunned watching what was happening
"YOUNG MASTER KIM?!" they both said in unison
"Who sent you?" she asked with a position ready to fight and fists at present
"Master Kim from YoungWoong Company. He has ordered us to take JungSu" the other guard replied
"I'm sorry but you’re going to be in pain of you do that" she warned them
"Please don't interfere miss..."
"_________...Miss ________" she replied cheekily
" we’ll Miss _________, this is not your business so we would appreciate it if you just back away" he warned back as he gets closer to JungSu, he backed away and I followed him...still at my protecting position.
“Rain, Candy please leave now...” she asked the 2 wide eyed teens
"Okay" they replied and got out of there immediately
right after the second they both left, she threw the guards hard kicks and punches and then *tttsssttt* a silent bullet got out of one of the guards guns and shot her arm, _______ fell backwards and bled everywhere...she pretended that she was in pain into JungSu's eyes. i got over to her and looked at the wound. it as already healed.
"NOONA!" he shouted tears nearly coming out.
"Take him!" the leader of the Guards ordered as they grabbed hold of his arms and dragged him out of the apartment while JungSu was struggling and shouting
"NO!" I yelled looking back at my brother, my voice inaudible
"_______ah...________ah... come on, get up...we have to follow them" I said to her, shaking her gently
"o--okay…help me up" she replied...we were now both invincible following JungSu's trail. Unfortunately, we ended up in my father’s mansion and JungSu was tied in a chair. _______and I just started listening in on what he was going to say for him to something like that.
"JungSu ah...come home...” dad pleaded
"What the hell? You did all of those nonsense just to say that?! WHEN YOU KNOW I WILL NEVER AGREE TO IT?!" JungSu yelled
"Well, don't you miss this life? You must be having a hard time living outside... nobody caring for you...except me...” he said again. And it was all lies; this just proves on how he knows about us, his sons.
"She died maybe because she was getting in the way..." he replied
"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...YOUR THE WORST FATHER EVER!!!" he sobbed at him which made my so-called-father flinch
*slap* he came up to JungSu and slapped him, why? Did it hurt him?!
"Don’t ever say that! I am still your father and...You’re MY ONLY SON!" he was crying now too... what did he mean by that? Was I nothing?
"WHAT?!" JungSu asked
“your Hyung...JaeJoong was not my son... he was my dead sister's son, I had no choice but to take him in and me and my sister was not very close, your mother and I already had your noona and I don't want another kid as it may come in to interfere with my business, so I ignored him... treated him like a stranger and was glad when he decided to leave. Then we had you... YOU are my only son and YOU are the only successor to the business... and if your still worried about JaeJoong...I'm having him found just please come back...” he explained, tears welled up in my eyes and flowed carelessly, _______'s grip tightened on me...trying to comfort me. This was so shocking, how come I didn't know about this? I don't even know what my real mother looks like...or why she died...
“Having him found... don't you know he's already dead?! Are you happy now!?" JungSu stated with tears flowing from his eyes the same as me.
"What? He’s dead? How? Means that I have to stop the operation with the NBI..." he commented like he cared for a second and then went back to cold hearted like I was some piece of rubbish that eventually reached the trashcan where I belong.
"How could you care about that now?! Do you think doing this to me will make me come back to you?! You took everything important to me!!! Just kill me! JUST FUCKING KILL ME DAD! KIIIIIIILL ME!!" he yelled making everyone in the room freeze.
"Lock him in the room" dad ordered one of his guards
"*sob*sob*sob*sob* what just...*sob* why did he...*sob* hide it from me?!" I cried while my knees gave up on me and fell on the floor on all fours
She just stayed quiet while stroking my back to help me calm down, I knew she couldn't say anything to advise me, she really couldn't say 'its okay' because it was not. my anger, sadness and frustration all piled up inside of me and *crash*crack*crash*crash*crash* the chandelier lights all smashed and died one by one along with the side lights all along the wall. Also the ridiculously long table collapsed and the spoons, forks and knives all broke in half making the maids scream.
"Who’s doing this?" my dad shouted
I and __________ just ran out of there before i could smash anything else. but i could feel my father being freaked out, he deserve it and i swear on my never ending life that he will get a taste of his own bitter medicine.

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Re: Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny}

Post by Tammy on 6/22/2009, 11:55 am

Your POV
*inside our mansion - in our room*
"Jae...Oppa..." I murmured in his ear while stroking his back, there was nothing else I could say, I was speechless...what his father did was way worse than any of us experienced.
"*sigh sniff* I want to see her ______...I want to see my mother *sob* even just her grave stone...” JaeJoong cried, my soul could not bear to see him like this, when he's in pain, I am also in pain.
"We will...Find a way...I will help you... I always know that Oppa." I comforted him
"Stay by me ______..." he pleaded, he is calming down now less tears and breathing as its normal pace.
"Do I have any other choice?" I smiled at him, and he gave me a small smile back. I think because he doesn't want me to feel bad for him anymore. He hates being pitied.
I caressed his hair now, combing it gently with my fingers...appreciating every single wave, strand and its beautiful scent. JaeJoong looked at me sincerely in my eyes, one last tear feel and I wiped it with my thumb while the rest of my hand rested in his cheek. He gently closed his eyes at the action and got a hold of my hand, turning his head a little to kiss it. I smiled at him with my sweetest smile and swivelled his face close to mine, my index finger explored the shape if his full pink lips and I gently brushed mine against his...slowly closing my eyes as it became more sensual. He leaned in closer crushing our lips harder but ever so gently like he always does. I am only hoping that this will make him forget his problems, even just for now. He slowly pulled away and kissed me on the forehead
"You know what will make me forget?" he whispered
"What?" I asked...he looked me before he could answer
"come with me" he murmured and dragged out the room leading me into a more darker room, he switched on the lights, a big chandelier was in the middle of the room which made the scenery more stunning and below has a standing a pure shiny black grand piano. I gaped at the beautiful instrument in awe. JaeJoong sat himself down on the chair and lightly pressed the keys.
"Will you dance for me ________ my love?" he asked me
"I would love to..." I replied looking back at his round eyes, I was willing to do anything for him... a simple dance isn't a problem at all
He started playing chords which let out beautiful melodies, the sounds synthesized around the room and my feet moved along with its rhythm
(He was playing this! please listen its beautiful:
Here we were, hidden from the outside world, not worrying about anything but ourselves, our own lives to lead on forever and last and foremost is our undying love for each other. it was clear that we were both feeling better at this short period of time but we wanted it to last longer. My dress swayed along with my swirls and turns, my hair weaved along with the movement of my head. i see JaeJoong's light smile from time to time. What I was feeling was pure ecstasy, happiness mixed with love making tears flow out of my eyes, it was tears of joy.
The music slowly stopped and twirled myself towards him, he caught me by the waist which brought me to a sudden stop and looked into each other's eyes. He dipped me along with a desirous kiss that we have both longed for at this time.
Changmin's POV
We now back here in Seoul. It was my turn now to visit my family... it's been so long, I wonder what has happened to them. Likewise, I am dead to my family too... I died of a truck crash.
"Are you ready?" MinJee asked me and I just nodded in reply. What happened back in their special place was really disturbing me, I had no idea that they were that close and ... *sigh*
I went inside our house along with MinJee linked onto my fingers. My father was not there, surprise...he's at his office again. My hyung came home from U.S just a week ago and is living in our house at the moment. He is sleeping soundly...snoring actually.
"*snore*! *snore* Chang…min! Changmin!*snore*...don't eat my food...Changmin...!! CHANGMIN!" he shouted is his sleep and got himself woken up. he was breaking a sweat and breathing heavily...after a few seconds of looking around with his half opened eyes, he laid back down and went back to snoring
"He must miss you Oppa..." MinJee murmured while giggling
"I'm sure he does... no one eats his food anymore...” if laughed, the truth was I really missed him too.
My other hyung is in the toilet doing his thing while reading the newspaper. I miss them so much, my family was really a messed up one...but it was something I was used to and hard to live without.
I went into his room and looked at the photo albums for some random reason, I can see the three of us laughing and having fun, our little pranks and jokes.
"Was that you? You look adorable!" MinJee commented
"Thanks..." I said as I continued to turn the pages
*squeak* the door opened and my brother went in, thank god I was invincible! But the floating album got his eyes to open wide.
"Drop it Oppa!" she hissed, I dropped the album on the floor which made my brother freak out in fear
"Who...Who’s in here?!" he screamed
I didn't answer of course but then he got the hint when he saw the pictures lying on the carpet.
"Changmin? Is that you?" he asked
"Oh crap...what the hell?" I whispered but he didn't hear me.
"Changmin.” he said and smiled slightly,
Knowing that they haven't forgotten about me and that they are safe is good enough. We left and flew back to the mansion...boy was I thirty

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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Sixth Chapter [Gaze]

Post by Tammy on 6/23/2009, 12:24 am

Yesterday, you and JaeJoong spent your whole afternoon in the piano room, a place where you now declare: Secret Paradise. A place where you can throw away our problems and insecurities against the cruel world, a place where you can have tranquillity and privacy. And most of all, it is a place where you can truly show your love.
As the two of you got separated from your Secret Paradise, you held your heads up high to face the problems again. JaeJoong’s no good son of a bitch father and his poor little brother JungSu.
A few moments of silence between us…the door squeaked open revealing MinJee and Changmin with jointed hands, just like how they left.
“Hyung…________??” Changmin asked as he looked around
“We’re over here Changmin-ssi “you replied from the living room.
“Ah! There you are…”MinJee squealed and ran over to you both. He hugged you first then JaeJoong
“So… what happened?” Changmin asked immediately knowing that something was wrong
“Let’s talk separately…”JaeJoong muttered.
As the guys walked off to the other room and talked about everything that happened, and you stayed in the living room with MinJee
“Is something wrong?” MinJee asked breaking the silence
“Things have been getting very weird MinJee ah. With me and JaeJoong…” you replied
“Explain.” She demanded with a serious tone.
“Well, first there’s this incident with me…and a mirror” you stated
“What? How?” she asked
“I was just looking at it, then it shattered…starting from my neck and onwards, it covered my whole face, but the weirdest thing was, the cracks slowly moved ahead like flowing water…you can’t hear any cracks or shattering. Also I felt a presence near me… but there was no one there” you explained and looked at her curious face. Little did you know that JaeJoong and Changmin were listening behind the door.
“Mirror...shattering...Presence?” JaeJoong hissed but was left unheard by you and MinJee; they continued to listen to your conversation.
“________ah… something is really happening.” MinJee declared
“What do you mean?” you asked her
“Something similar happened to me…” she replied breathing heavily. Changmin’s body stiffened when MinJee said it. How could he have not known? However JaeJoong didn’t know either.
You just stared at her with shocked eyes
“Me and Changmin visited an old place, when we were about to leave… a cold…a cold…something held my wrist, and HARD! It stung my skin.” She explained
“...nothing can hurt us…” you murmured
“I know, that’s why I’m so freaked. Here…I’ll show you” she said while handing out her wrist and it exposed her pale skin. A few seconds later, purple spots appeared in the surface of her wrist. It was like fingerprints. You held her wrist and looked at in awe.
“MinJee ah… Where was this ‘Old Place’?” I asked, she hesitated before she could answer
“Mine and…Dae Hyun’s place” she said looking away from me as I gave her a shocked glare.
She knew what I was thinking…
“Could it be that…?” I started but I got interrupted
“MinJee ah!” Changmin opened the door and spoke of her name worriedly; MinJee on the other hand, hid her wrist and made the spots disappear.
“Oppa…” she replied with a fake smile
“Don’t Hide it…” he said serious
“You were listening?”She asked ashamed, ashamed that she has lied to him.
“Of course I was.” He snapped and grabbed her sickly looking wrist.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Changmin asked MinJee
“I didn’t think it was important at the time… it’s okay now.” She pleaded and Changmin just nodded. But you all knew that he wasn’t convinced
“Mirror shattering?” JaeJoong turned to you
“I’m sorry Oppa.” Was all you muttered out as it already happened and they can’t do anything about it now?
Later that night, you all decided to leave out the incidents that happened and focused on the current happening: JaeJoong’s family. All of you decided to help and comfort him.
The next morning, the plan was all set. It was to help JungSu escape from his father with a little help from his friends.
After that, they will handle his uncle. You and MinJee decided to go together to the school and take out Rain and Candy right now; you couldn’t wait until the end of school.
The both of you walked through the hallway like models; every single classroom has paused just to take a glance at your beauty. Finally, you two have reached the room where Rain and Candy was in.
*knock*knock* MinJee knocked at the door and walked in slowly and examined the whole class, who was all looking at her. You walked in behind her and swayed your hair making the boys go ‘waahh’
“May I help you?” the male teacher asked us with a little interest. MinJee turned her gaze to teacher and observed him, reading his thoughts
“May we borrow Rain please…” You said making the teacher face you.
“Along with Candy” you continued
“Eehh?!” the class whined
“Can I ask why?” the teacher said, even though they still haven’t got his permission, Rain and Candy packed their stuff.
“Oh…is that really important?” MinJee said seductively making the class gasp in awe. Could you blame them? He was old enough to be her father and she’s flirting with him.
The teachers just froze and let us go.
MinJee headed outside first leaving me to get the two pupils.
Candy just walked after MinJee after bowing to me and Rain hugged me immediately, probably to show the other guys. They all went “what the?”
“Play along please…” Rain whispered in your ears and you just agreed.
You hugged him back tightly and closed your eyes making it more of a dramatic moment, making fun of his friends.
You walked along the hallway and headed outside where the other two were introducing themselves. They seem to get along.
Rain and I finally arrived to greet them and what I couldn’t decipher was…MinJee’s gaze at Rain. It seemed longing.
MinJee’s POV
Finally, ________ and Rain is here… I have met Candy but not Rain. As I was about to introduce myself when something has caught my attention.
His eyes… he has rare dark green eyes, just like…Dae Hyun.
For some reason I was longing for this look, he looked innocent yet I can see Dae through him.
He looked at me confused but it only made lured me in more into him. My arm moved by itself and stroked his cheeks softly.
He flinched as my cold hand brushed against him.
“MinJee?” _________ asked me, I just noticed that they were both looking at me shocked and curious at the same time.
I immediately took my hand away and turned away coldly.
“Hi! I’m Rain!” he introduced himself cheerfully taking out his hand, he reminded me of Dae so much!
“MinJee” I replied showing him a small appreciative smile and shook his hand.

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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Seventh Chapter [Eyes]

Post by Tammy on 6/23/2009, 12:29 am

Even though it was a bit much of hassle, you had to take a car back to the mansion...even though you could just *snap* get there that fast. But you were with humans so there's no other choice. you very glad that the other two got along with MinJee but it was a little bit too close, especially Rain and her.
You just arrived to the mansion and Candy squealed a little from seeing the outside. 'THIS IS HUGE!' Candy thought
"Wait 'till you get inside" you smirked and lead them in.
"So...what's all this about? I’s not that were not grateful for it but... just curious...” Rain asked
"Rain ssi! Come I'll show you something!" MinJee dragged him to her room brushing between Changmin and the invincible JaeJoong, leaving them with confused thoughts. Changmin was expecting a warm hug or kiss from her when she came back but no avail.
"Changmin-ah!" you called him interrupting his thoughts of MinJee. He came down coolly and handsome as always, along with JaeJoong by his side and only we can see him. then you suddenly flinched as you heard a very close scream nearby you. Candy screamed inside her head
'*SCREAM* so handsome!' she thought but still acting cold towards him fixing her glasses and turned her back against him hiding her blushing cheeks.
"Candy-ah, this is Changmin" you introduced her to him and he held out his hand gracefully. She shook it and her face got even redder.
"So, are you going to let us know what you brought us here for?" Candy barely whispered looking down.
"Were going to save JungSu..." Changmin replied, and he continued to explain what the plan was to Candy. Meanwhile...
MinJee and Rain were exploring every single spot in the mansion.
"The view looks really nice form up here!" Rain exclaimed bringing an ecstatic grin from MinJee as she moved next to him.
"I know right!" MinJee replied like a love struck teenager
'Why is it that I feel so close to him?' MinJee asked herself
They continued the tour and MinJee has lost the purpose of him being there.
"I understand...and I'm willing to help" Candy declared bringing JaeJoong a sigh of relief next to me. Candy saw fact she saw JaeJoong next to you, all of the time...
'Don't think that I'm doing any of this for you' Candy cursed to JaeJoong in her head, but of course inaudible by anyone.
*hours passed*
Everyone was now active about everything, all along with the plan to get JungSu out of there. They were all by the gate of JungSu's mansion and were ready for heist.
Candy and Rain was already on the move with the purpose of distraction.
"Yah! Let me through! I need to see JungSu!" Candy shouted to the guards but they won't let her through, just like she planned, the guards pushed her away really hard and got Rain in the act.
"Don’t you dare push her!" Rain acted and punched one guard, not long after that ruckus, almost all the guards were crowding the two of them which gave us a lead.
All four of you flew upstairs, JaeJoong inside JungSu's room and the rest outside the door. JungSu was shouting his lungs out since he heard Candy's voice and squeals when she's hurt. if affected him so much...
With just a simple click, the door unlocked and you opened it only to see JungSu's swollen wide eyes looking at you. That’s because last time he saw you, you was bleeding on the floor.
"NOONA! NOONA! OH NOONA...YOU’RE ALIVE!" he cried on your shoulders with a tight hug...
"No time for this... let’s go" you whispered and he nodded not bothering to ask who was with me.
"JungSu-ah! JungSu! Let go of me!"Candy acted, but this time it was a little bit too much for the guards and completely pushed her down, not just one...but three and she landed on the ground pretty badly.
JungSu caught a glimpse of this and really wanted to help her out until
"Don’t JungSu, she's doing that for you to get out of here... if you shout now, you will get discovered... please don't let all her efforts go into waste." I whispered to him and his hands curled up in a fist.
In a jiffy we got out of there from the backyard and raced towards the car.
What Candy didn't realize was that her glasses got stepped on by one of the guards... it's not that she was completely blind without them, but she would lose her coordination.
Her hands searched for them but Rain grabbed her and pulled her up
"Are you okay?" he asked moving her fringe away from her eyes and looked straight at her and something has engulfed his view. She has weird eyes too.
Candy has a gray left eye and a brown right eye.
"Yah! Too close!" she shouted
"Let’s go..." Rain dragged her out to the gate where they were going to meet them.
And the plan was a success.

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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Eight Chapter [Protection]

Post by Tammy on 6/23/2009, 12:33 am

The very second they arrived in the mansion, the assembly dispersed into couples. Rain dragged Candy to the rooftop, MinJee greeted Changmin half heartedly and you were making sure everything was okay with JungSu...while JaeJoong was watching every single move the both of you make, almost forgetting about everyone else.
"Noona? How...?" JungSu asked bewildered at your appearance, you were still as breathtakingly beautiful as before, when he saw with his own eyes that you got shot.
*JungSu's flashback*
*tttsssttt* a silent bullet got out of one of the guards guns and shot her arm, Noona fell backwards and bled everywhere...she was in pain, a lot of pain. Oh how I wanted to kill these people before me now. Noona was hurt because of me, she was dying there because of me and the worst part is: that happened in front of my eyes.
"NOONA!" I shouted tears nearly coming out.
"Take him!" the leader of the Guards ordered as they grabbed hold of my arms and dragged me out of the apartment
"NO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!! NOONA...NOONA!!! HELP ME!!" i know she won't be able to help me now, but I was just taking a chance at that maybe she would stand up. at least know she wasn't dead. But nothing happened, she lay there, frozen.
"Mianhe Hyung" I murmured under my breath, I hope it got to him. I couldn't protect his one love.
*end of JungSu's flashback*
You should really be dead.
"I...I got rushed to the hospital immediately, one of your neighbours helped me. Luckily I didn't lose too much blood." you lied but it was good enough for him to feel a little bit easy.
" father, what if he sees you again?" JungSu asked again worriedly pleading into your eyes and as for JaeJoong, he perked up and got very interested, he did not think about that. What will they explain about her near death experience next?
"Don't worry, I won't be caught that easy" you smiled making him sigh in relief
"Noona, I will do whatever I can to protect you... you are one memory that I have of my brother. I know he would want me to protect you, otherwise, he might haunt me" JungSu cheered up a little now and tried to make a joke. You chuckled to him and messed up his hair.
"JungSu ah, thank you for the concern... but YOU are the priority at the moment. I would protect you...otherwise my husband would haunt me too." you said returning back the joke.
“Let’s protect each other." he stated and you nodded in agreement.
"Where’s Candy? And Rain?" JungSu looked and wondered around for his heroes and would like to thank them.
"Last time I saw them, they were headed up to the rooftop" JaeJoong whispered by your ear making you yelp in surprise.
"What’s wrong Noona?" JungSu asked turning around to face you
"Anyo... they're by the rooftop" you replied
"Okay" JungSu made his way up to the rooftop and opened the silent door slowly, to his surprise, Candy was lying on Rain's arms and Rain was alarmed. JungSu busted in and took Candy's limp, unconscious body in a threshold (bridal style) down to the room.
JungSu laid her head down and covered her with the blanket, then glared at Rain.
"What happened to her?" JungSu asked with seriousness
"She was hit pretty bad by the guards and got dizzy; she got a few bruises too." Rain explained
"This is my entire fault" JungSu mourned over her sleeping body
Rain just decided to leave the room and let JungSu have his sad moment with her. Although he thought that JungSu was a bit over reacting, it's not like she was dead or anything.
Or was she?

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty NBinth Chapter [Different]

Post by Tammy on 6/23/2009, 12:36 am

Today was different. Different from all the isolated days with the couple vampires, it was now more bright and full of happy atmosphere…for now. Candy has awoken from her slumber 2 days ago and visits JungSu with school notes every now and then. Of course JungSu was nowhere in permission to attend school, why? Because of his crazy father who now talks about ghost haunting his house. He has now hired secret agent to hunt for JungSu, how pathetic! JaeJoong still has not gotten much fun from doing this to him, his father was now locked in a mental hospital with more crazy people, and JaeJoong pays him a visit from time to time. Rain on the contrary comes for another reason… and it was not JungSu.
“Hey Candy…” Changmin greeted half heartedly to Candy who just came in from school. Sometimes you wonder if her purpose to visit here was JungSu.
“What’s the matter Changmin Oppa?” Candy asked and cupped his shoulder from behind
“It’s nothing Candy” Changmin smiled and shrugged her hand off, and without another word, he walked away to the garden. ‘Just you wait Changmin…’ Candy thought
“Hey _____ noona!” Rain entered the door with a big smile on his face.
“Hey Rain!” you and JungSu recited in unison while you were cooking food.
“Mmm! Yum! What’s cooking?” Rain sniffed and walked up to the two of you; technically it was the three of you: including JaeJoong.
“Here he is again, are you sure he’s here for JungSu? Or You?” JaeJoong jealously cooed in your ear, but you didn’t flinch to prevent awkward stares.
‘stop being jealous… you know I’m not interested in a little kid’ you said in your head in reply to JaeJoong’ whine
Rain stared at you and you’re cooking as while waiting for your answer. ‘Little kid huh?’ he thought
“Noona?” he asked
“Oh! I’m only cooking ramen, JungSu got hungry” you replied with a genuine smile and snapped back to reality
“Oh, can I have some too?” Rain asked with a pleading pout which JaeJoong saw and made a that’s-so-not-cute look
“Why? Didn’t you eat in school?” JungSu asked irritated not wanting to share his food.

“That’s my little brother!” JaeJoong chuckled
“Yeah, but with noona’s cooking, I’m always hungry” Rain smiled
“Aaww! You’re so cute! I’ll cook another just for you! Special!” you cheered and pinched his cheeks; you could tell that JaeJoong was flaring up behind you.
“You do that again, I’ll appear in front of him and kiss you!” JaeJoong warned draping his invisible muscular arms around your slender body. Just when JungSu was about to put the noodles in his mouth, when he heard the word ‘special’ he dropped it and pushed the bowl of ramen to Rain.
“What are you doing?” Rain asked in confusion pushing the bowl back to JungSu
“You said you were hungry” JungSu replied and pushed it back to Rain
“Yeah…but that’s yours…” he replied and pushed it back
“You can have it.” JungSu replied and slided the bowl back to him
“Why?” Rain asked without touching the bowl
“Because I want noona’s special one! Just have that one, it’s still her coking!” JungSu exclaimed
“No! You have it! I want the special one!” Rain replied and forced the bowl into JungSu’s side. JungSu and Rain pushed the one bowl between them long enough for you to get away from the menace.
JaeJoong grabbed a blood AB+ pack from your hidden stash and shared it with you inside the piano room: Secret Paradise. He made himself visible now and your eyes were glued into his melting gaze. He drank some blood and kissed you, transferring it to your mouth. When he pulled away, he looked at your pleading eyes wanting more. It was obvious that you were so thirsty. JaeJoong drank more blood and did the same procedure, his arms around you untying the apron from you back and let it drop down, he laid your body down the piano top and kissed you passionately. Your long arms encircled his shoulder pulling him closer; you were not after the blood now… you were after him.
“Blood not enough for you?” he chuckled staring at your eyes; he pressed his forehead with yours and went back to kissing you. You both were not just hungry for blood but also hungry for each other. Meanwhile…
“MinJee ah… let’s have a date” Changmin offered her with a hopeful look
“Changmin… now is not a best time for dates, besides we have forever to do that. And Rain needs a tutor” MinJee declined to Changmin coldly, Changmin’s face crashed down at his feet as his hopes were gone. She had a point though, they had forever to do dates, but why doesn’t it feel right? Changmin walked away and headed for a quiet place to think, he peeked through the piano room door and saw the both of you were warmly intimate so he decided to not interrupt.
Candy saw this because she was following Changmin. Candy followed him more and stopped at the sight of the piano room door. Without a single squeak, she pushed the door open and saw you. Her eyes were narrowed into slits and chuckled quietly to herself. ‘Have your fun’ she thought and closed the door.
Changmin has reached the terrace; he held onto the rails and inhaled the fresh breeze. He had flashbacks of him and MinJee back when they first met, they would spend time here and talk. A place where they shared all their thoughts and secrets. Changmin listened to the singing of the birds, the whistling of the wind and overlooked at the canopy on the horizon.
“Changmin…” Candy muttered
“Oh! Candy ah… what are you doing here?” Changmin asked a little startled as he did not hear anyone’s thoughts on the way here.
“Can I join you?” she asked
“Sure” he replied
“What’s bothering you Oppa?” Candy asked standing next to Changmin
“MinJee. She’s been leaving me out.” Changmin started
As their conversation went on, MinJee on the other hand got guilty on what she said previously to Changmin. ‘I think I should apologize and agree to the date’ she thought and went to the first place she knows he would be: the terrace
Without warning, Candy kissed Changmin by force on the lips and Changmin’s eyes were wide in horror. Before he could push her away, the terrace window slided open and it revealed a dumbstruck MinJee. Changmin pushed Candy away and looked at MinJee, she shaked her head and flew away.

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty Tenth Chapter [Confession]

Post by Tammy on 6/26/2009, 4:36 pm

Joahaeyo – I Like you
“Candy! Why did you do that?!” Changmin angrily shouted at her smirking face and ran away to follow MinJee. Luckily, He catched up to her, he grabbed her arm and turned her body around to face his apologetic features.

“MinJee ah… It’s not what you think” Changmin stated

“Oh really?” MinJee cried

“Really! I didn’t kiss her…she kissed me! You’ve got to believe me!” he argued

“Changmin…just because I didn’t agree to our da—“MinJee got interrupted by a hot passionate kiss from Changmin, It was by force but she liked it, however, it still didn’t explain anything from what she had witnessed earlier.

“Do you think I would do that to you just because you didn’t agree? I admit I was a bit down when you rejected me… but it is NOT enough for me to just replace you like that! You’ve got to believe me!” Changmin admitted when he pulled away, holding MinJee in place between his strong embrace.

“Well that’s not what I saw!” MinJee pushed Changmin and glared at him.


“You two were kissing! By the terrace, there was the sunset and everything!” MinJee complained

“She kissed me! It was not my intention at all!” Changmin argued

“Yeah right! That’s what they all say! Is it what you’ve been doing all this time behind my back?” MinJee furiously questioned

“MinJee no! Stop acting that you’re the victim here!” Changmin was dumbstruck at what MinJee has just exclaimed.

“I AM!” she shouted back

“Really? Well answer me this huh!? Who ditched first? Who kept on rejecting me for the same person? Who has lost her time to spend it for her soul mate?! Did you have any idea how much it hurt for me to see you with that—that bastard Rain all the time?!” Changmin roared

“BASTARD?! He’s No Bastard! He’s my friend! Is it wrong to have friends now?!” she argued back

“No but you spend more time with your friend than your husband!”

“Husband? Were not even married!” she shouted making Changmin paralysed in his spot, he could not believe what she had just said, was MinJee taking back her promise of loving him, and only him?

“Look Changmin, WE have forever and THEY don’t!” she explained

“Don’t you mean HE doesn’t? Rain doesn’t.” he declared with seriousness in his voice

“Yes, HE doesn’t” she replied

“Fine, I’ll leave you alone…Rain’s waiting” he offered and she stubbornly accepted. MinJee walked away with a stomp on her feet towards Rain in the kitchen. Changmin on the contrary was distraught, why was she like this? ‘I think I’ll give her some space, if that’s what she wants’ he thought

“Changmin ah, what just happened here?” JaeJoong popped out of nowhere and asked him along with you

“Do I really need to explain?” Changmin stormed off into somewhere for some peace, it was really hard for him to have a fight with the person he loves, he longs for…His wife: MinJee

“JaeJoong Oppa, Leave him, he need air” you cooed when he was just about to run after him

“I guess so, but will you talk to MinJee please? From what we both heard, she was being stubborn” JaeJoong as the leader ordered

“Sure…” you answered and went over to the other two in the kitchen, well in this case, the other three.

You called MinJee over and sat on the couch.

“MinJee ah…” you started

“I know you heard it _______.” She snapped

“I think you were being too harsh on Changmin…”

“I don’t want to hear this right now.” MinJee turned away from you

“Do NOT turn your back on me Park MinJee!” you snapped back at her

“What? I’M not the one who’s always paranoid here! I mean--”


“I’m the kid?!”

“MinJee ah, don’t you remember the days when it was just you and Changmin? The days when you loved him and only him, the days when you were ready to risk or even GIVE your life for his? And now you acting like this towards him is out of proportion!” you explained

“Rain is just my friend okay? Why are you all making such a fuss about it?! Because I’m a vampire I can’t make friends with humans anymore? YOU’RE ALL PATHETIC!”MinJee shouted and stomped away.

But on the inside, all of those words got to her. To be honest, she didn’t realise how much she missed Changmin until now, until her best friend, which is you, pointed out what she has been leaving out. ‘Why am I doing this?’ she thought to herself, and all the answers possible all ended up with one person: Rain. Meanwhile…

“Oppa… I’m so sorry, it’s my entire fault.” Candy cried in front of Changmin by the terrace

“Why did you do that Candy?” Changmin asked looking forward to the horizon

“Ch-Changmin Oppa…Jo-Joahaeyo…” Candy stuttered playing with her finger frantically and did not dare to look at him

“Candy ah… I’m afraid I cannot accept your feelings; you know who I am in love with. And I always will…” he replied coolly

“B-But she betrayed you! For Rain!”

“No… I know she loves me too… she’s just… Confused, but I will stay loyal to her, I am sorry” Changmin tore Candy’s heart into two, and she was NOT happy about it. Heat boiled up inside her, but a chill could be felt behind her neck, wind howled harshly around them. Changmin noticed this and dragged their bodies inside; Candy has not said a word…yet.

“You will regret this Changmin Oppa…” Candy evilly deliberated and has thought of a plan.

Later that night was quiet. Too quiet. JungSu has gone to sleep and the visitors has left quite disturbed. Just like the vampires they are, JaeJoong and you drank your drinks that you have failed to do earlier, and then drifted off to a deep slumber.

Changmin and MinJee on the contrary was acting as cold as ice. The two separated lovers walked past each other without a single glance, MinJee looked back on Changmin

“Changmin ah… Where are you going? Our rooms that way” MinJee stated but no response could be heard form Changmin- not even the sound of his breathing – and just walked towards the guest room. MinJee could now guess what he was doing: the silent treatment. MinJee bit her bottom lip and walked away with tears filling her eyes. ‘What have I done?’ she thought.

“I’m sorry MinJee, this hurts doing this to you… but you’ve got to come back to your senses” Changmin barely whispered under his breath and watched MinJee walk away clutching her chest. ‘I’m so sorry’ he thought.

The next day was a blur; no one knew what could happen this time. Candy came inside the house early in the morning with a plastic bag being clutched by her fingers. Changmin greeted her and made her sit down on the sofa.

“Op-Oppa… this is for you” Candy stuttered again and handed Changmin the plastic bag, which has the contents of a very aromatic food – something that would’ve made Changmin very happy… but that was before. He bowed at her politely and got a hold if the homemade food, inside the Styrofoam container, he carefully opened it and his eyes glistened. It was pancakes, homemade pancakes with chocolate syrup spreaded on top.

“Thank you Candy ah! What is this for?” he asked

“Breakfast. Oh and Oppa, It’s a weekend today and I’m free…W-W-Will you give me your day today? Please? Even just for today… I won’t ask again” she pleaded

“Sure” Changmin smiled half heartedly

They went out of the mansion right after Changmin has finished eating his pancakes made by Candy herself. While JungSu watched from upstairs

*JungSu’s Flashback*

JungSu was looking for Candy all over the mansion until he heard her voice by the terrace, he decided to surprise her but declined his plan when another voice came in, he peeked into the conversation behind the glass windows

“Oppa… I’m so sorry, it’s my entire fault.” Candy cried in front of Changmin by the terrace

“Why did you do that Candy?” Changmin asked looking forward to the horizon

“Ch-Changmin Oppa…Jo-Joahaeyo…” Candy stuttered playing with her finger frantically and did not dare to look at him

When the word has been uttered, his heart sank to -what he feels like- a bottomless pit. Candy, the girl he loves has confessed her feelings to his hyung.

*end of JungSu’s Flashback*

He was deeply hurt when that happened and he could not get it out of his mind. Tears welled up in his eyes and fell, he sniffed and tried to hold it in but could not do so, and he stormed back inside his room, buried his face in the pillow and cried his heart out. JaeJoong heard this heartbreaking cry from his beloved brother and could not do anything about it. He felt so useless to him and got frustrated. As Candy said, it was the weekend and JungSu was still under house arrest, he was not allowed to go outside because of the people still searching for him. JaeJoong looked after him wherever he went and never let him out of his sight, the all afternoon was spent inside JungSu’s room. He was moping about Candy and Changmin.

Night has dropped upon the vampires and its company

MinJee got a secret cabin in the middle of the woods for her and Changmin and was preparing a surprise for him, this was her way to apologize to him, and to make him feel loved by her again, to give him her soul. The surprise was her, she was preparing the bed and her outfit for the night, and she has also bought wedding rings for the both of them and was ready to become his wife infinitely.

“Candy, I think we should go home now… It’s getting very dark.” Changmin suggested

“NO! I mean just a little more…please?” She pleaded and thought ‘otherwise my plan would go astray!’

*Candy’s flashback*

“Look, you better do your job well…I am not paying to just screw her, I want her Paralysed!” she ordered the muscled men standing before her.

“Yes ma’am… you can count on us, now we just need the information” One guy sniggered while counting the cash in his palms
“Her name is Park MinJee, she’s planning to make love with MY Changmin tonight but as you know, I am not going to let that happen… the location is in a white cabin in the middle of the forest, near the biggest tree. It’s not hard to spot.” She explained to them revealing her evil mysterious side.

“Alright, It shall be done” they all agreed

*End of Candy’s Flashback*

Candy smiled evilly to herself as she knew that her plan was already on heist. How did she know everything about MinJee’s plans for them tonight? That’s a secret only in privacy between her and her mistress.

MinJee lit the candles surrounding the room, filling it with a beautiful aroma. She was now ready to call him using their heads until a stone flicked on the glass window. MinJee – as curious as she was- came closer to the window while three men already sneaked in behind her. They all strongly grabbed her, one by the neck, one by the waist and one was on the legs. The three aggressive men dragged her brutally towards the bed.

“AAAHH!! GET OFF ME! LET ME GO!” MinJee screamed when she was beginning to be tied down in the bed rails by metal chains, they all laughed like maniacs while watching her struggle for her survival. Two more men came in and three more followed, they had ripped off her present for Changmin leaving her exposed body for them to just devour, because of screaming so much, one man has slapped her on both cheeks back handed. Her lips bled while the rest of her body were being molested.

“NO! DON’T TOUCH ME THERE! STOOOOOOOOOOPP IIITT!” she screamed more and one of the guys hit her legs that refused to open wide for them. She went limp and thought that she had lost hope

‘CHANGMIN AH! CHANGMIN CHANGMIN! HELP ME! CHANGMIN AH!’ MinJee’s screaming scared voice ringed through Changmin’s head.

“MINJEE!” he shouted out of the blue

Candy pretended to look hurt,

“Changmin Oppa…”

Changmin ignored her and followed the continuous screams, he ran and ran until the screams got louder and closer, he soon spotted a white cabin by a big tree looking over it. It was no doubt that the shouting all came from there, but it was now added with evil laughter from strangers. He crashed the door and his eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets when he saw a beaten to a pulp MinJee being felt up by 8 men. Anger flared inside him and within 10 seconds, all the men flew out the window unconscious. No one if they were dead or not, but Changmin knew that he had killed most of them. No one dared to touch his wife.

Changmin overlooked at MinJee’s exposed body filled with blood on the bed. The blood was left but the cuts had already healed. She was breathing heavily and tears streamed down her cheeks

“MinJee ah!” Changmin exclaimed and broke the chain with his bare hands relieving MinJee of pain.

“Changmin ah… I’m-I’m sorry” she croaked while he laid her head by his shoulder

“No…No…sshhh…” he cooed and held her body close, he wrapped her with the cloth around the bed and wiped of the mess on her.

“MinJee stirred and struggled out her arm to reach out to something: the rings on the table.

She grabbed them carefully and got a hold of Changmin’s hand
“This is for you…My beloved husband…” she said and pushed the ring on his ring finger gently.

Changmin hugged her tighter and did the same. They were laid on the bed and…

*A/N: Not finished yet!*

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} Empty I Love You

Post by Tammy on 7/18/2009, 5:55 pm

Rated R up ahed... dont have to read if your not into it.

Just so were clear… MinJee was not raped, they failed to their job, and then Changmin came to the rescue.
Changmin hugged MinJee’s naked, startled body tightly against his on the messed up bed from behind, and whispered soothing words along her ears.

“MinJee ah, what were you doing here in the first place?” Changmin asked in the most polite manner that he can

“I wanted to surprise you… I know I’ve been neglecting you and… I regret it… I regret it so much Changmin, I’m so sorry” MinJee cried

“Sshhh…now now… you’re forgiven, and what is this surprise? For me to find you being harassed by humans? How did they even find you here…in the middle of the forest?”

“Let’s not worry about that now…” MinJee purred in his ear seductively

“MinJee ah…” Changmin whispered and closed his eyes longing for MinJee’s love, he turned her face towards his and they kissed passionately. Changmin’s hand smoothed through MinJee’s curves carefully while she was cupping his cheeks for a much deeper kiss. This was it, the surprise that was supposed to happen without any disturbances, without any doubts and with their undying love.

The two bodies became one as they lay on the bed, not of them letting the other go for anything. Changmin was on top her and has slipped in his tongue in her mouth while his hands are slowly lifting up the blanket covering her body from her thighs. MinJee unbuttoned Changmin’s shirt and pushed it down from his shoulders slowly revealing his tempting body.

“I Love you” MinJee cooed for him

“I Love you too… so much” Changmin replied

His striking lips moved on to her neck and trailed his delicious kisses there; Changmin has now successfully removed the blanket from her and was ready for MinJee’s affection. He clasped her womanhood and she gasped in pleasure, his tongue was swirling round and round her firm nipples and massaged them gently.

MinJee was also taking part in the dominating and unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down using her foot. As a result, her womanhood rubbed onto Changmin’s erection and his throat released a husky arousing groan. MinJee went back to kissing his charismatic lips while her finger traced through his alluring body.

“You drive me crazy” he groaned

“I could say the same…uuhh” she replied. Their lust for each other kept on rising every second, MinJee combed her slender fingers into Changmin’s silky hair and held his head close to her chest and arched her back for a much better access. MinJee tasted sweet like honey, her straight silky hair smelled faintly of lavenders and her body could only be described a succulent. Changmin licked her all over and his tongue was like warm magic velvet and he knew how to use it.

“Uuhh… O-Oppa...” she moaned making Changmin harder and was ready for her.

“Are you ready?” he asked

MinJee nodded and Changmin complied, he slowly landed his manhood on hers and entered her. They chorused a moan and he plunged himself inside her deeper in rapidly increasing rocking motions, the lust taking a hold of their young strong bodies driving them deeper into the sweaty haze of passion and desire. Her silky, tight womanhood was like molten lava against his hardness, it seemed like her womanhood sucked his manly pride deeper inside her hot, hungry depths while they moaned.

“Uh…aahhh…I- Love...uuhhh..You” MinJee bit her bottom lip. She could not help herself as the powerful lust took over her. She searched between their bodies and found her clit, her middle finger slowly drawn circles around it and her groans got louder. MinJee’s enthusiasm towards it all was turning Changmin on, thrusting inside her faster and faster. They were both close to their climax and every single muscle they have in their bodies was tensing, tightening up.

“I-I’m coming…”

“Me too”

“AAHH!” both of them released their juices and was panting.

“Mmm…MinJee…” Changmin cooed

MinJee breathed heavily and smoothed his hair.


“You Bunch of idiots! I sent at least 10 of you and 3 came back?!” Candy frustratingly screamed

“A guy came, he was… his strength was nothing like I’ve seen before!” one replied

“I don’t care! You should’ve done the deed even before he came! Who told you to have some crappy cinematic foreplay huh?!”

“He killed nearly all of us!” the other moaned

“Well, he failed killing the three of you didn’t he? Then I’m afraid I have to take the liberty to…”

“Liberty to what?” the crippled one asked

“To kill you!” she stated and in one swift move, the three men dropped dead on the cold concrete in a pool of blood. Clinks of high heel shoes tapped the floor, Candy was walking away now, infuriated: her plan failed.

“Useless humans” she spat and walked towards your mansion

She transformed into murderer Candy into good girl Candy in a flash, she knocked on the door and you answered it hoping that it would be MinJee and Changmin.

“Min--” you greeted but your face soon fell when you saw Candy crying in front of you with a timid fragile body.

“Candy…what…” you started but she just walked past you and grabbed her bag from the sofa and walk right back out. ‘Seems like Changmin turned her down…poor child’ you thought

“________! Where are you?” JaeJoong called you from upstairs

“I’m here Jae!” you replied and when you turned around after you’ve shut the door, you met with his soft lips.

“Mmm Oppa” you smiled through his lips and giggled, he pulled away and leaned his forehead on yours, JaeJoong looked into your eyes and gave one of his breath taking smiles.

“Oppa, what can we do? I’m bored” you pouted

“Maybe we could…slip inside the piano room for a while and…” JaeJoong didn’t finish his sentence as he knew that you knew what he was talking about.

“Now not a good time…” you turned him down

“Oh really?” he playfully asked and gave you little tempting pecks on your lips, and it worked, you wanted more of his kisses so you wrapped you arms around his muscular waist

“Ehem…” Rain interrupted

“I’ll be going home now” he continued and you let go of JaeJoong and lead him outside

“Bye” he dully said and walked towards the darkness.

Immortal Desire - The Eternal Love {Sequel to Fate and Destiny} 4kz6yo
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