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Why Is It Always You?! -a yoosu story-intro

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Why Is It Always You?! -a yoosu story-intro

Post by secretxsoul on 8/4/2009, 3:35 pm

Every time Xiah gets jumped or mugged by gangsters and street thugs, there's always a person who saves him whether he likes it or not, and it's always the same person.

Micky Yoochun is getting annoyed by having to always end up saving the same person over and over again without even realizing it himself.
He just knows that there are always people out there getting beat up, and he knows that he's probably going to end up saving them whether he likes it or not.

But one day Micky Yoochun has had enough of it and does something big.

So what will the consenquences for the two be?


Park Yoochun (Micky)
Xiah Junsu


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Chapter 1- Routine Being Broken

Post by secretxsoul on 8/4/2009, 3:48 pm

It's always the same, Xiah thought sullenly as he spotted the familiar looking group of thugs loitering around the entrance of an alley way that Junsu just HAD to pass to go home.

8'o clock at night was when Xiah got off from work, and 8:05 was when things were the same as almost every night was.

Being pulled into the alley way.
Being beaten.
Being robbed.
Being beaten once more.
Being left behind on the floor half-conscious.

It was always in that order, and Junsu's body was already broken enough, bruises decorated his legs,torso and back like multi-colored splotches, his face was a mess, and Junsu thought that his left ankle was sprained.

Junsu's face didn't matter in his line of work, because all he did was work downstairs in the kitchen, cooking food for people.

"So where's this months paycheck?" the leader of the gang pulled the limping Junsu deep into the dark, smelly and narrow alley way. He was roughly shoved against the wall and four thugs surrounded him, preventing him from escaping.

Xiah held back a retort and just handed the crumpled envelope to the leader in silence.

The head thug snatched it from Junsu's slim hand and without a backwards glance, walked away,"You guys can do whatever you want with him now."

The four gangsters exchanged looks with each other.
Junsu froze.
This was new.
This..was very new.

Two of them grabbed Junsu's arms and pinned him to the wall. Junsu didn't have time to react and just looked at the thugs in front of him in a slight daze.

However, realization hit Junsu like a steel wall when he saw the fattest thug he had ever seen, fumbling with his pants.

Junsu struggled violently,"Let me GO!!!" he yelled.
The men's grip on his arms tightened preventing him from moving.

There is no way in HELL I'm letting someone like him do this to me.
He's a freaking GUY!!

"Stop!!!" Junsu kicked around, he flailed, he struggled, he did anything, but the two who were holdin ghim down were too strong.

The third thug that had been standing back and watching dug out a piece of cloth from his pocket and gagged him with it.

The fat thug dropped his pants and stepped closer to Junsu with a leer on his face.
His fat hands reached towards Junsu's belt.

Please!!!!! Junsu desperately thought, his heart was beating so fast that for a moment Xiah thought that he was having a heartattack.
Someone PLEASE!!!!!!
Junsu squeezed his eyes shut, he didn't want to see it.
He didn't want to see it happening.
He didn't want it!!!!

He felt the grubby, trembling hands fumble with his belt buckle.

"Wow." a low voice sounded close by.
Very close by.

All activity stopped.

Junsu opened his eyes and searched for the source of the voice.
A man he had never seen before was standing a few feet away viewing the scene like he was watching a movie.

"So this is new." the man commented as he walked closer to the thugs who bristled,"I mean,I've HEARD about it, but I've never actually SEEN it."

The fat thug lunged at the man.
Laughing the tall, skinny man sidestepped the lunge and kicked the thug as he thundered past, making the fat gangster trip and fall.
He landed with a loud thud and his mounds of fat shivered and rippled as the impact reverberated throughout his large body.

The two thugs let go of Junsu's arms as they both ran to attack the stranger.

Junsu slid down to the ground weakened by shock and fear.

"I'm curious though." the stranger laughed as he dodged a gangsters punch from behind and kneed another one in the groin,"what does it feel like when you do it with a guy?"

This guy was incredibly skilled...strong and fast.

He punched the two remaining thugs cleanly in the jaw,"Whewwwww." the man turned to a suddenly frozen Junsu and slowly walked towards him holding his hands up,"I'm not here to hurt you got it?"

Junsu slowly nodded breathing fast despite the gag, fear was running through his veins.
It was still too early to tell if he could trust this stranger or not.
Too early.

The stranger grinned and crouched down,"I'm Yoochun." he said as he slowly reached over and gently untied the gag from Junsu's mouth.

"Junsu." Junsu choked as he swallowed mouthfuls of clean air.

"Hey, hey it's alright, you're fine now." Yoochun helped Junsu up from the dirty ground.

"Wowwwww, they got you good..." Yoochun got a good look at Junsu's face when he stood up. The light from the street cast a garish yellow glow on their faces.

Junsu looked away,"Thanks for helping me." he mumbled as he took a step to walk out of the alley.

Too bad that he forgot his left ankle was sprained.

Junsu yelped as soon as he took a step and immediately crumpled to the ground holding his ankle.

Yoochun just helped Junsu back up,"They gave you a sprained ankle right?"

Junsu gave him a look...I never told him THAT..

"It's obvious, you can still kind of walk, if that ankle was broken you wouldn't be able to take a step.."Yoochun frowned,"well..I supposed it's broken now."

"I'm fine." Junsu insisted as he struggled to retake his arm back from Yoochun.

The said man tugged his baggy jeans up and just hoisted Junsu over his shoulders taking care not to jostle Junsu's ankles.

"What the heck!!" Junsu stiffened, he was hanging over the man's shoulder.

"Shut up,"Yoochun grumbled,"I'm taking you to my house for first-aid." he walked down the cramped and dirty street.

"I don't even know you!!" Junsu struggled,"and you can just take me to the hospital!!"

"Do you have the money?" Yoochun ambled down the street,"no, I didn't think so."

Junsu shut his mouth and sighed, geez, what was wrong with this day?
Being mugged was the usual.
But the close encounter with the rape?
This guy saving him and then taking him to his house?

Junsu squeezed his eyes shut and sighed.
This was the worst.
The absolute WORST.[b]


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