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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae]

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae]

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 10:39 pm

Title: I'm Cool?
Pairings: Yoosu [not sure what else]
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (?)
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Action, Smut ( will be warned in the story on where to stop and begin reading- optional read)
Banner: Credits to sesshy18@LJ . You.are.the.coolest. ^^

I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Imcoq
Summary: Kim Junsu is keeping a huge secret. It is top secret so he must not let anyone find out! In reality, he is good at everything just like how we picture superman. He has the looks. He has the hair, the eyes, the face, the muscles, the talent, and the brains. But even though he has all of these gifts, he is tired of the everyday comments and routines. He is tired of girls screaming at him saying “Wow you’re so hot! Oh! You’re so cute. Ah Junsu! Why are you so smart?” And so, Junsu leaves everything behind, his apartment, his school and his parents so that he could start living a brand new life. For once in his perfect life, he wants to be teased and get laughed at. He wants to feel what it is like getting called ugly, fat or nerdy. And because of this, he disguises himself as a geek in the school. Now, he is Xiah Junsu the geek and not Kim Junsu, future heir to the wealthiest corporation in Asia.

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 1: Busted Already?

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 10:43 pm

Chapter 1 [LJ Version]
Click to go to the link.

Chapter 1 [Winglin Version]

Click to go to Chapter 1: Busted Already?!


“Shit! First day of school and I’m going to be late. I should have just taken my Mustang.” Junsu cussed as he dashed through the streets, stepping right then to the left, dodging all the people who walked leisurely on the streets. And after five minutes of dashing, he made it to the front of the school office in no time with about 10 minutes to spare. “Hi. I’m Kim—“ Wrong name. “I’m Xiah Junsu! And I’m a new student.” He introduced himself to a woman, dressed in an office get up, about 10 years older than him.

“Oh! We were expecting you! You look quite better in person.” The assistant exclaimed with a great big smile. She looked at the picture she was holding to make sure he was the right person she was expecting but she ended up cocking her eyebrow in suspicion seeing that the guy in the picture had thick rimmed glasses and gelled back hair. After looking at the picture, she got a little confused because there was no resemblance at all. The person standing in front of her now was more stylish, with his naturally spiked hair and big doe eyes.

Reading her face, Junsu came to realize that he forgot to gel his hair back and put on his glasses. His eyes became frantic. ‘Did they recognize me?’ He gave her an awkward giggle. “That’s actually me. It’s just that I’m not wearing my glasses because I still need to clean them. And the hair… uhm, my mother told me to make a good impression so she styled it for me.” He blushed at his lie.

The assistant just laughed brightly. ‘She bought it.’ “Anyways, here’s your schedule, and the school map. These are the things that would get you through the day. And since you are new, would you like me to escort you to your first class?” She obviously liked to get to the point. It’s a good quality for a business person. He should know.

“No it’s fine! I have to go to my locker to get all my things first. I’ll manage,” he replied a little breathless because of that quick morning exercise he just had.

The assistant giggled. “Oh okay! If you need assistance just come back to the office.”

Junsu nodded. “Thanks.”

After he got out of the office, he rushed to his locker and placed a little mirror inside so that he could fix his hair. Taking out gel from his bag, he squeezed a fair amount to gel his hair back. After a bit of time, he stares at his own creation. “Junsu you’re looking quite geeky today.” He laughed at his own joke. “One more little touch…” He opened the side of his bag and took out his thick rimmed glasses so that he will not be easily recognized.

If Kim Junsu— the future owner of the largest corporation in Asia gets spotted, then all hell would break loose. Girls would be screaming… everyone would be staring… Thinking back at the life he had lived back then made him shiver. “I want a normal life.” He mumbled to himself as he adjusted the heavy weight glasses to his face. “I am Xiah Junsu… Xiah Junsu. Not Kim Junsu. And I am a geek not a wealthy businessman.” He gave out a big sigh after slamming his locker door closed which revealed a raven haired man leaning on a locker right beside his.

“That’s quite a nice get up Kim Junsu,” the slightly taller man told him.

Junsu was stunned.

“You have to do better than that Kim Junsu. I know who you are.”

“But I don’t know who you are. And apparently, you don’t know who I am because my name is Xiah Junsu and not Kim Junsu.” He beamed a smile.

“Tsk. Tsk. Kim Junsu, who are you trying to fool? I know we haven’t seen each other for about 5 years but that’s no reason for you to forget me and a reason for me to forget you. I mean, I could recognize you from across the hallway with that duck butt of yours!”

“Excuse me. Who are you?” He had a slight idea who this man was but he didn’t want to say it because if he gets it wrong then he’s busted.

There was only one man who called him a duck butt back then and that was Jaejoong. His first cousin. They’ve been together since diapers but had to split when junior high started because of the need for Jaejoong’s parents to expand the Kim company globally.

The man gave a big exasperated sigh. “You really don’t know? My name is Kim-Ja-e-joong!” He stated his name syllable by syllable, pointing at the air for each sound he made.

Junsu gasped. “JOONGIE?!” His eyes brightened.

Jaejoong hugged him surprisingly and quickly let go. “What brings you here in that geeky get up and that cutesy act? As far as I remember, you always hide the real you underneath all that cool slash overpowering charisma of yours.”

“Long story. I’ll tell you while we walk.” Junsu said to him still smiling. “I need to get to class.”

“Okay, I’ll walk you to your class. Who do you have?”

“Mrs. Jang.”

Jaejoong gave a short laugh. “Must you always be in my class?”

Junsu’s eyes lit up. “Really?!”

“Yes really. Now tell me what brings you here. We’re almost there.” They turned a corner.

“Well…” Junsu paused to gather the right words to explain his thoughts. “I wanted to start fresh. Dad already let me just as long as I still work. I want freedom. I’m sick of flattery and girls screaming everyday so I went here to make a new image for myself. You like it?”

“It’s lovely.” Jaejoong said sarcastically, “But really, Junsu, I still can’t believe I’m seeing you act like this in public. It doesn’t feel normal.”

“Well, I think this will make me happier—“

“That’s quite a no brainer. All your life you’ve been faking to be perfect in every single way. It placed a limit to what you could do with your life.”

“I was wrong on that idea so I transferred. I’m smart huh? And as for my old self, you’ll see it but only when I work and not at school. Think of it as maybe, a split personality?” he gave another bright smile to Jaejoong who only smirked. “No one can find out I’m Kim Junsu okay? So keep it a secret?” His big doe eyes now stared at Jaejoong.

“Whatever you want, Su.”

“Anyways! When did you get back to Korea? Last time I heard you were in France.”

“A month ago,” Jaejoong quickly answered. They stopped in front of a door. “We’re here, so we can’t talk more. Later during lunch maybe. Unless you want to be a loner too.” He left Junsu pretending to not know him.

Jaejoong opened the class door and quickly took his seat. And as for Junsu, the teacher waved her hand at him, gesturing him to come to her.

“Are you finding everything fine so far?” Mrs. Jang questioned him.

He just simply nodded.

“Everyone!” She clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. “We have a new student. Please listen.” She faced Junsu and whispered to his ear. “Introduce yourself.”

“Hello,” he said in a squeaky voice which made Jaejoong almost burst out in laughter. “My name is Ki..I mean Xiah Junsu. Please take care of me!” He bowed.

“Are you a sissy?” One of the guys yelled out from the back.

“Yeah! What’s wrong with your hair and your glasses?! Did your mommy pick them out for you?” One of the girls in the front teased.

“Now class, be nice! I won’t tolerate you guys making fun of others,” the teacher stared at both the guy and the girl who teased Junsu. She was about to walk up to them but Junsu pulled her sleeves.

“It’s okay.” He smiled at her with his eyes and his mouth. “I get it all the time.”

“Then take your seat. I’ll put you beside Park Yoochun.” She looked at the brunette with blue eyes sitting at one of the desks. “Park Yoochun please stand up.” And so he did. Everybody stared in awe.

“Thank you.”

Junsu walked through the desk aisles. They were separated by two’s with 7 rows going left to right and 4 columns of coupled desks going up and down. Just before he reached his desk, a slim leg came out of nowhere and tripped him causing his face to fall face first. He clutched his face but he realized that his glasses were no longer intact! His disguise was missing. He got up still staring at the floor so that no one could see his face. Then he meekly squeaked out, “where’s my glasses?”

A hand goes down right in front of his face. He felt a strong sense of relief when he saw that the hand was holding his glasses. He quickly took it and wore it without any hesitation at all. “Thank you.” He smiled at the person who gave it to him. It ended up being Park Yoochun, the guy who he’s sitting beside with. Looking at him, Junsu realizes that Yoochun was handsome in his own little way. His eyes gave out the icy blue color which contrasted his auburn hair and pale skin. He looked like a doll.

Hearing Junsu’s thank you, Yoochun just nodded and stared up front again. Junsu got the feeling that he didn’t talk much. Not unless he had to.

Junsu was aware that someone had tripped him and inside he was flaming mad but instead he looked at the person behind him and smiled. Anyone would be pissed, but he had to be nice so that he wouldn’t stand out too much. ‘You want a normal life. You want a normal life. You want a normal life.’ He kept on telling himself so that he’ll be strong.

Mrs. Jang saw the whole thing though. She was no fool. “Choi Siwon, did you just trip the new student?”

“No,” he denied. “I just simply stretched legs.”

Junsu was furious. He was lying through his teeth! But his smile was still intact. “It’s okay Mrs. Jang! His legs are very long so he needs room. Besides, arguing with a spoiled brat is pointless. Please continue the class.”

Seeing Junsu not even showing a single ounce of madness inside him, Siwon had gotten provoked. Surely, he was the bad guy but he didn’t get anything out of what he did so he just felt more stupid.

Jaejoong stared out the window trying not to reveal his laughter to everyone. Junsu’s get up and his natural personality blended well together. He couldn’t help but smile.

Convincing the teacher to continue class, he quickly took the seat beside Park Yoochun and took out his books. All the girls stared at him angrily with great jealousy which gave him shivers. It felt good. At least, it wasn’t the stalking type of look or the Kim Junsu ‘I’m in love with you!’ look. He was happy. But like a sharp eagle, he figured out why all the girls were like that. Yeep. One hundred percent. It’s all because of Park Yoochun. He’s the type of guy that catches every girls eye. Just like his old self. “The” Kim Junsu. But he’s glad he’s not Kim Junsu. He didn’t want any adoring fans anymore.

“Let’s see…” he told himself, “today, I want to be known as the geek.” He smiled at his plan. Who knew it was so much fun to get picked on?

A/N: I will never leave you for this long ever again. T_T" Sorry for the delay. My room got renovated by me. Now it is color blue. teehee~ Next chapter will be up in about 2 hours. Just need to revise. It's a "Please forgive me" gift for my tardiness.the link.

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 2: Officially a Geek

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 10:45 pm

Chapter 2 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 2 [Winglin Version]
Click for the link!



“Hey Junsu!” Jaejoong called out to the lonely boy walking along the hallway. “Care to eat lunch with me?”

“It depends, are you one of the cool kids?” Junsu asked him.

“No? At least not that I know of, I just transferred here 3 weeks ago.”

“Good!” Junsu smiled.

Jaejoong just stared at him. He was really curious. “How thick are those lenses of yours? I can’t even see your eyes. Can you see in those?”

“Jaejoong, it’s called style. And yes, I can see in these. I got them made especially for me. They’re nice because I look like a fag wearing them.”

Jaejoong could just laugh in disbelief. His jaw just dropped about two miles down. “Well, at least it’s good that you’re able to express yourself more freely now. If you were Kim Junsu you wouldn’t be able to make fun of Siwon like that in class.”

Junsu’s face gave a small pout. “Don’t even talk about that. That guy pisses me off. He’s going to get it one day. His last name is Choi, right?”

Jaejoong nodded.

“Mr. Choi’s son,” Junsu whispered out loud. “His father is one of my dad’s pawns— a manipulated tool used to expand our business faster. I saw him during one of our meetings tailing his dad around.”

“His dad? Which company do they own Su?” Jaejoong asked him. He’d know because he also works under Junsu’s company.

In a serious tone, Junsu answered, “It’s not really a company. But his father holds and controls everything in the underground world. They’re most famous for their once in a month auctioning of their collected prostitutes. I’ve been there once and I despised it. It’s where business men gather for fun. I can’t believe that auction attracts so many eyes.”

“So that’s Mr. Choi… he’s been causing lots of trouble lately. Lots of people have gone missing these days. It’s pretty obvious he’s behind it all but there has been no evidence to prove him guilty.”

Junsu gave a disgusted ‘khhh’ sound meaning he wanted to avoid talking about it.

Reaching their desired spot, they each took a seat at the corner of the spacious room and started to eat as they tried to catch up with each other’s life.

“So how’s your work as a business man doing?”

Junsu continued to chow down on his food but in mere seconds, he gulped most of it down. He started to talk. “Boring. Well it’s hard you know? I can’t be like this. Everyone over there thinks I’m scary and overpowering. I can’t even talk to my assistant properly because she keeps on stuttering and I can’t understand a single word she says.”

“Must be hard on you.” Jaejoong continued to listen. “Maybe you shouldn’t put the serious face on when you talk to her.”

Junsu just threw away that suggestion. “That’s why I transferred here. I thought going here can be my source of relief from the fake life that I’ve lived up till now. I hate finance, I’m not into money that much, I hate organizing and coming to meetings, I hate everything I did up till now.”

“But you’re still going to be working for your dad after school right?”

“Yeah,” Junsu said disappointedly. “I think I’ll be—“

He was cut off.

“Look who’s here!” Choi Siwon interrupted Junsu. “This geek made a new friend!” He rested his arm on the table and flicked Junsu’s forehead. Then he looked at Jaejoong. “Man, Jaejoong. I thought you were at least normal. You shouldn’t hang out with this guy.”

Junsu smiled. His goal was finished so fast. “I am now officially a geek,” he told himself.

“It sickens me.” Siwon grabbed the collar of his shirt making Junsu stand up from his seat. “Why are you smiling?”

Jaejoong butted in out of nowhere. “The reason would be too much for your teeny brain to understand. Now let’s just enjoy lunch peacefully shall we? You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

“I think you’re the one who doesn’t know who he’s messing with. Why should I listen to you? I’m rich, you’re poor. End of story. Rich people always dominate! I know who I’m messing with.” But he obviously didn’t know that he was messing with the two Kim’s who practically owned most of the business in Asia.

“Well then—“ Jaejoong was about to punch the guy but he saw Junsu’s index finger swaying left to right. Junsu made sure that it was visible to Jaejoong, but to Jaejoong only. It was a sign that Jaejoong should not issue a fight here. Because of this, Jaejoong changed his tactic. “Since you’re rich and we’re basically “poor”, then why not just let us go? We’re obviously worthless people.”

“You are worthless and you are poor,” Siwon continued. “But I’m annoyed with this guy. I want to break his bones, ruin his face… What does it take to piss you off? Maybe if I break you glasses in half. Your little comment in class got you in my bad side. No one makes fun of me.”

“No, please don’t.” Junsu answered. He waved his hands signaling to stop.

Jaejoong wanted to beat the crap out of the guy but he couldn’t. He came from the richest family in Asia who hates losing— and he’s not a pussy so he can seriously kick this guy’s ass. But just because of Junsu’s discreet order he held himself back. It was from Junsu. He had to follow. As much as he was his friend first, Junsu was also his boss—his future boss because he is the heir to the company once his father steps down.

Junsu could only close his eyes as Siwon raised his hand to grab his glasses from his face—his disguise. But just before Siwon’s hands got to him, it was stopped. By whom? By Park Yoochun of course.

“You shouldn’t pick on him like this,” he stared at Siwon with his blank but cold eyes.

All the girls squealed when Yoochun stopped Siwon’s arm. It was a heroic act. But all went hectic when Yoochun spoke. Girls screamed and guys drooled. He barely spoke and when he did, everyone felt like they were in heaven.

‘What the hell? This guy is a man magnet too.’

If his disguise wasn’t at risk then he would’ve said something but the truth is, he is about to get busted.

“What’s it to you Park Yoochun?” Siwon hissed at him. He used his index finger to push Junsu’s fore head back causing it to bump harshly to the wall. “What is it to you if I punched this guy until he’s unconscious? If I slap him till his face bleeds?” He gave tiny but hurtful slaps to Junsu’s face to tick off Yoochun.

“You know,” Yoochun said in a particular manner. “Just because you‘re rich and no teachers can stop you doesn’t mean that you rule this school. I have respect for smart and rich people but I don’t think I can with you. You only have money.”

Yoochun indirectly embarrassed Siwon. Everyone held back their laughter since it was true. Siwon was dumb and he didn’t like to talk about it.

His attention was now focused fully on Yoochun. He let go of Junsu’s collar and faced him directly. Yoochun just stood there with a calm blank expression as Siwon walked closer, closing the gap between their faces. “Yoochun, you’re only safe because of your looks and your… groupy over here.” He pointed at the crowd who only stared. “You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

Yoochun just gave a shrug.

“Yoochun, starting from today, you are in my death list. I’ll show you to your doom. It would be so bad you wouldn’t want to live anymore.” Siwon threatened him.

Junsu’s eyes twitched. Because of his knowledge with Siwon’s past backgrounds, he feared for Yoochun.

“We all know who needs to leave now right?” Yoochun told him, his voice still as calm as the waters.

It was a staring contest. Yoochun challenged him, the man with a very few words.

“There are many things worse than death,” Siwon smirked evilly and patted Yoochun’s soft auburn hair. He brushed Yoochun’s shoulders as he walked out of the cafeteria.

When the commotion died down— not exactly. Everyone was staring at Yoochun who walked up to Junsu, who was in his own little world. He faced Junsu to Jaejoong just like they were before and sat beside him.

“Why didn’t you fight back Junsu?” Yoochun stared at him. He was really curious.

“Because…because…” Junsu tried to formulate a reason but he failed. Yoochun’s ice blue eyes were too distracting. In times like these, he wishes he couldn’t see.

“You shouldn’t make him cry Yoochun,” Jaejoong said. “Everyone gets scared from time to time.”

Yoochun still stared at Junsu waiting for his answer.

Jaejoong kicked Junsu’s foot to help him snap out of it. “Ow!” He whispered. He looked at Yoochun again with his mind now a bit at ease. “Well, even if we did have the ability to fight him back, we still have to think about what will happen right after the actions we take. It’s not just about us. He’s wealthy. He’s rich. Both me and Jaejoong have to think about our family and what he can do to us.”

Yoochun gave a small but a quick smile. There was a long pause. “I like you Junsu.” He bluntly stated. “There should be more people like you.” After saying this, Yoochun just stood up from the table and left the cafeteria.

“Thanks Yoochun-shii,” Junsu managed to speak out.

Yoochun heard it but still kept on walking with his back towards Junsu’s. He just simply waved to let them know that it’s alright.

Jaejoong looked around. It was great that nobody heard the ‘I like you Junsu’ or else Junsu would be dead by the second.

“Did he just…” Junsu blushed.

“Maybe he didn’t mean it that way?” Jaejoong asked his best friend, confused as well. “Well…there’s the “I like you Junsu” and there’s another “I like you Junsu”,” Jaejoong said both sentences with different feelings. “Both sound the same but have two different meanings.” Jaejoong was thinking about it really hard.


Lunch break was over and now the future bothered Junsu.

Throughout the day, Junsu was worried for Yoochun. Was Siwon really serious? Being the dirty human he is, there’s a 90% probability that Yoochun is in danger. It’s a skill for a businessman like him to know your predicament and what you’re getting yourself into. And for Yoochun, it looks dark.

But should he do something about it? Why wasn’t Yoochun scared? Junsu’s head was clearly filled with thoughts like these that he didn’t realize time passing by. The bell rang signaling that it was the end of the day.

Closing his locker, Junsu sighed. He felt guilty that Yoochun had to step up for him. But that’s not the only reason… he said, he liked him! Who the hell tells you that?

“Hey Junsu,” Jaejoong tapped his shoulder. “Do you want me to stalk Yoochun? It’s been bothering you right? I have nothing to do today at the company so I can do it. Should I?”

“Why do you need to ask me?”

“Because you’re my future boss!”

“Right…Do you want to?” Junsu asked him back.

“That’s what I’m asking you, can I?” Jaejoong wanted Junsu to answer instead of making his own choice just to tease him. He sensed that Junsu had some sort of attraction to one of the school’s prince’s.

“Yes.” Junsu looked away from him.

“That’s all you need to say.”

They walked for about fifteen minutes. Nobody said anything until they reached a building with about 8 floors.

“This is where I live right now,” Junsu pointed at the window on the second floor. “My room number is 224. And if you find out something or you sense danger call me. I’ll put Yoochun under your care.” He took off his glasses and messed up his gelled back hair.

Jaejoong noticed the one hundred eighty degree change in Junsu’s personality. His gentle features were completely blown away as if he wore a full faced mask that covered his entire face.

“Yes boss!” Jaejoong jokingly saluted.

“Go now. Knowing Siwon, it will happen during after school hours,” Junsu instructed Jaejoong. “I won’t be home so when you call, call my cell. I’ll be at the company. My father wants to talk to me about filling in for him today for a meeting.”

“It’s nice to see this side of you too, Su,” Jaejoong said, “your commanding personality I mean. Behind this mask is an adorable sweet Junsu. ” He patted his head.

“It’s a great contrast. Helpless during the day and powerful at night.” Junsu said lastly as he turned around and waved bye to Jaejoong.

“So this is what it feels like to feel helpless from time to time. You tend to worry lots.” Junsu mumbled to himself. This feeling…it feels a bit nostalgic. He scratched his sticky head. There were small traces of gel all over his hair. “I need a shower.”

After Junsu went inside, Jaejoong dialed a number on his phone and urgently said, “Leeteuk, bring me my car.”

A/N: As promised. The update. I love you guys! Let me know if you're still around! Comments are love. <3

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 3: Your Hero During the Night

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 10:47 pm

Chapter 3 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 3 [Winglin Version]
Click for the link!


Chapter 3: I'm Your Hero During the Night

“Hey Yoochun!” Yunho called out to his buddy. “I heard screaming in the cafeteria. Did you give everyone the taste of you own voice again?” He asked as he hung his arms around Yoochun’s shoulders.

Yoochun nodded as he continued to walk.

“How come?”

“Siwon.” He explained.

Yunho had been close friends with Yoochun for such a long time that he was able to understand everything Yoochun said even though most of his answers were only one word replies.

“Was he picking a fight again?” he continued to ask. “With who?”

“Xiah Junsu.”

Yunho laughed. Xiah Junsu—the official geekazoid of the school. Out of all the people, why did Park Yoochun chose to save him? This left his mind questioning. “That’s the new kid who tripped during first block, right? You okay?”

“I think I’m going to die today.” It was a calm but shocking statement.

An awkward laugh came from Yunho. He stopped walking but Yoochun still kept on going. It wasn’t like Yoochun to talk like that. Was he trying to tell a joke? Puzzled, Yunho continued to watch as his friend’s back went farther and farther away from his sight. ‘What the hell?’

“Yoochun! Wait up!” Yunho wanted to ask him more questions but he was stopped not by his own self but by an invisible force or what he wished was an invisible force.

“Oppa!” A girl screamed.

Yunho could recognize her voice from a crowd. It was Seulgi, his current girl friend.

“Hey Seulgi! How’s your day so far?” He turned her way pretending to be interested.

“Good!” She smiled. “You didn’t forget about our date today right?”

“Date?” Yunho forgot. “What date?”

“Don’t tell me you forgot!” She pouted. “You’re taking me out to go to the park after school!”

“But…I have to… ehhm…Yoochun,” Yunho couldn’t argue with her.

“Oppa! I told you that we’re going to the park 3 days ago and you totally said you would take me!”

Seulgi’s voice dragged many people’s attention towards them that in no time, everyone was staring at the couple.

“I guess we’ll go then!” he smiled at her. Jung Yunho was the man who never backed down from his words. And so, with everyone looking at them he was pressured to accept Seulgi’s date with him.
It’s not like he was planning on following Yoochun today just to see if he’s alright. Nope. He didn’t think about doing that at all.

“Oh thank you oppa! We’ll have tons of fun today!” She gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“I hope so!” Yunho faked a happy reply.

Dates with her were always boring. He never looked forward to them. Why? Maybe it’s because they weren’t meant to be together. There were no butterflies in his stomach every time they met. When he was around her, his heart never skipped a beat. Do you really need love to feel that way?


The end of the day came. And remembering Junsu’s orders, Jaejoong rode his slick black Ferrari F340 along the school grounds hoping to see Park Yoochun around.

To his surprise, he did. And now his stalking began. He watched every move Yoochun made as he walked slowly like he had all the time in the world. It was getting really boring.

“Where the hell are you going Park Yoochun?” Jaejoong whispered to himself as he drove discreetly. He put on a hat and sunglasses just to make sure that no one recognized him.

An hour has passed now and Yoochun just walked and walked.

Doesn’t this guy get tired of walking?

His question was answered when Yoochun started to head towards the bench taking a seat. Apparently, he was going to take a short nap there judging by the way he just closed his eyes. It was going to be a long day and so, Jaejoong set his car in park mode across the street from where Yoochun stopped, slumping his seat back so that he could rest as well.


It was bothering him. Instead of focusing on the date with Seulgi, he was thinking about Yoochun. Something happened in the cafeteria. He just knew it. All day today he got the chills that something bad was going to happen. It was lingering in his mind. He was too lost in his own thoughts that it drowned out Seulgi’s voice.

“So, should we go there oppa?” She asked him.

What was she talking about?

“Hey Seulgi,” Yunho called her name with a serious tone, “I think we have to stop for today. I have a … meeting right now.”

That was a good excuse.

“But—“ She was about to complain with her screeching voice again.

“I’ll make it up to you,” Yunho added to stop her. “I’ll take you out for dinner.”

Her eyes brightened. “Really?! When will that be?”

“Anytime you want, but it can’t be today.”

“Then I guess I’ll forgive you this time oppa,” She pouted.

“Thanks Seulgi, you’re the best!” Yunho left her side in a quick second. He began to run to whatever direction his instinct told him to go. Now that Seulgi was out of the way, there was only one problem left. Where was Yoochun?


10 minutes.

20 minutes.

Now thirty minutes had passed. He wanted to leave. Nothing was happening. And so, he switched to drive mode to stop his stalking business. But before he stepped on his gas, two black cars zoomed a corner and took a mighty stop right in front of his car. Now that was dangerous. He was about to yell at the driver but stopped at the sight he saw unraveling.

It was Choi Siwon coming out from the car with two of his men right behind him. Obviously, Yoochun never sensed the danger he was in. He was still peacefully sleeping on the bench.


“I see you,” Jaejoong playfully said. ‘Now what shall I do now? Junsu you owe me for this.’

He got off his car and decided to run towards Yoochun. His great speed startled Siwon and his men. When he got there, he grabbed both Yoochun’s arms and shook him rashly so that he’d wake up.

Yoochun finally opened his eyes still about half asleep. He looked surprised. Ignoring everything around them, Jaejoong quickly gave him an instruction.

“Run. Now.” he said to the half awakened man.

But before everything registered in Yoochun’s brain, a click of a gun barrel erupted from behind Jaejoong. He felt cold metal brushing against his skin.

Too late.

“Yoochun in the count of three, do what I told you before okay?” Jaejoong stared at those ice blue eyes with great worry.

Yoochun just stared back at him wide eyed like he didn’t know what was happening.

“No,” he meekly said. “Scared.”

“No choice.” He told him. Then he started counting. “One.”

“What do you think you’re doing holding our prey like that?” A man said from behind Jaejoong.

“Two.” The sound grew to a mere whisper.

“If you don’t let go of him, you’ll die. Let go of him now.” The man warned him again.

“Three!” His whisper turned into a shout. It awakened Yoochun’s senses but his legs didn’t move. They didn’t budge at all.


A gun was fired. With Jaejoong’s great anticipation and timing, he quickly turned around and slapped the gun aimed at him right before it was shot. It hit no one.

“Yoochun! Move it!” Jaejoong yelled out. In less than three seconds, more men came out of the cars. He never expected the numbers to grow. Assisting Yoochun was quite impossible now. Punches and kicks were thrown at him from all over the place. “Fuck Yoochun. Move damn it!”

Yoochun could only watch as Jaejoong fought back, blocking the punches that were coming at him left and right.

Seeing that his men could handle the dirty work for him, Siwon walked towards Yoochun, closing the distance between them.

“Yoochun-ah, let me show you the feeling worse than death,” Siwon slyly whispered to his ears.

Alarms were going off in Yoochun’s brain. And at last, he felt his feet for the first time since he woke up. He got up quickly and unexpectedly threw a punch right at Siwon’s face catching him off guard.

“You stupid bitch!” Siwon yelled out as he held his face burning and stinging with pain and heat. He ran after Yoochun. With his long legs, he obviously ran faster than the smaller man. But even though it was hopeless Yoochun just ran and ran. “I got you now.” Siwon caught one of Yoochun’s wrists stopping him from his tracks.

“You can’t run away from me,” Siwon told him. He pulled on Yoochun’s arm and spun him towards his body. Yoochun struggled to get away. “You’re so weak. You can’t even back up anything that you’ve said to me.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Yoochun asked, fear finally showing in his eyes.

With this, Siwon covered Yoochun’s mouth and his nose with a drugged handkerchief.

Yoochun’s vision went dark. The last image he saw was a picture of a man in sunglasses and a hat getting beat up harshly. It was his fault. He didn’t run away like he was told to. Everything would and will always be his fault in the end.

“Fuck it!” Jaejoong could only watch as Siwon dragged Yoochun’s limped body off the ground. He placed Yoochun inside his car and drove off. “FUCK!” Jaejoong could only yell out loud.

Distracted, Jaejoong took a blow at the side of his ribs. Then after that, a blow at the back of his knee causing him to fall forward. Punches and kicks were thrown at him. He could endure it for the time being but not too long. Blood was dripping everywhere now. He felt it. He saw it. As much as he hated to admit it, he needed help. So then he closed his eyes hoping that when he opens them, they would go away.

One second.

Two seconds passed.

To his surprise, there were no more punches coming at him. He opened his eyes out of curiousity. It was opened just in time to see people falling one by one.

What the hell just happened?

Jung Yunho happened. That’s what.

“Hey you! Are you alright?” Jung Yunho ran up to Jaejoong who was clutching his ribs wincing in great pain. He fanned the hurt man with his hand.

Jaejoong pushed Yunho back. He quickly stood up but fell right back down because of the jolting pain coming from his ribs. They were most likely broken.

“Here let me help you,” Yunho offered him a hand. “Who are you? And where did they take Yoochun?”

It hurt to talk. Jaejoong didn’t want to talk. And so to answer Yunho’s question, he took of his sunglasses and hat and stared at him.

“Jaejoong? You’re that transfer student from France!” Yunho yelled out. “Why are you here? Where did Siwon take Yoochun?!”

There was too much questions asked. With so little time left Jaejoong didn’t have any more seconds to spare.

With all the strength he could muster, Jaejoong spoke. “Give me you fucking phone.”


“Your phone. Now!” He said with a raspy yet commanding voice.

Yunho took out his phone and handed it to the bruised up Kim Jaejoong.

With his blood stained hands, Jaejoong quickly dialed Junsu’s number.


Junsu walked through the glass doors of his company wearing professionally styled shoes, and a suit that just yelled ‘I cost 1 million dollars!’. He was greeted by his assistant.

“H-h-hello Mr. Kim. Y-yo-your father is w-waiting for you in-in his of-f-ffice,” his assistant stuttered.

Why does this assistant keep on stuttering? Was he that scary?


Junsu knocked on the door.

“Come in!” his father answered.

Junsu opened the door.

“Ahh there you are Junsu, I was wondering when you’d come. I needed you to fill in for me today because an unexpected trip to Jeju Island has been moved today.”

“Sure, anything you want, sir.”

“Here you go.” Mr. Kim handed him an invitation. It was from Mr. Choi. “You need to show it in the entrance so you can go in. Only selected people have been invited. The richest of the rich.”

But what for?

“I know you hate this event but I really need you to fill in for me today since the place will be filled with other rich business men.”

“What is it for?” Junsu asked him.

“Well, today is that time of the month again. It’s Mr. Choi’s once in a month auctioning of his most precious prostitutes. I know you told me that you’ll never go so if you really dislike the place then you really don’t have to go. I’m your father first.”

“That’s today?!” His mind panicked.

While his father talked some more, Junsu was in his own little world because he remembered something. Everything clicked in on him when the word auction and prostitutes were used. Choi Siwon would be involved in this.

So that’s what that bastard meant when he threatened Park Yoochun. Fuck.


“Yoochun, starting from today, you are in my death list. I’ll show you to your doom today. It would be so bad you wouldn’t want to live anymore.” Siwon threatened him.

/End of Flashback

How could he have missed this? Siwon, you bastard. If he only knew that damn event was today.


“There are many things worse than death,” Siwon smirked evilly and patted Yoochun’s soft auburn hair. He brushed Yoochun’s shoulders as he walked out of the cafeteria.

/End of flashback

Damn it! So that’s what it was! He plans to take Yoochun as one of his prostitutes hoping to sell him off for a great price. That’s the only reason. That could be the only plot possible.

But he’s Kim Junsu right now. He’s not going to let this happen. Not when he’s around.

“So you’d go?” His father finally ended his speech with that question. But before Junsu could answer, his phone went off with a loud boring telephone ring.

“Hello, Kim Junsu speaking,” he answered.

“Su…it’s Jae,” Jaejoong spoke hoarsely from the other end of the line. He could tell Jaejoong was hurt.

“Who is that Jaejoong?” Junsu heard a voice from the background. Assuming that someone was with the hurt Jaejoong, Junsu felt relieved.

“Su, they took Yoochun away,” Jaejoong coughed. “I don’t know where they went. Siwon drove off… with Yoochun unconscious.”

“Jae, don’t worry anymore okay? I know where he is,” Junsu assured him. “Just keep safe Joongie.”

“I will.”

He hung up.

Facing his father with determined eyes, he replied to his question, “I’ll go.”

“But I thought you’d say no.”

“Business should always come first,” Junsu replied. “Feelings second.”

“I raised you well son,” his father smiled at him.

“So when does it start?” Junsu asked.

“If you drive now, you’ll be about 15 minutes early.”

“Then I’ll take my leave now. Good luck in your trip.”

With that, Junsu closed the door and headed towards his car.

“Yoochun, I got you into this mess so I’m getting you out as well,” he whispered to himself. “I’ll be you hero during the night.”

Stepping on the gas really hard, Junsu zoomed into the streets.


A/N: HEY GUYS! LONG TIME NO TALK! teehe , Yunho to the rescue. But Junsu to the rescue too ? XD
Man, I don't know if this chapter is weeird or confusing. LOL . Talk to me if in your mind is all like @_@" hahahaha~ I'm good at updating you guys hey ? I've spoiled you for the past 2 days. HAHA. Very Happy It's because I LOVE YOU GUYS!! <3 OH, and don't forget to leave little messages for me to read. teheee~ they give me smiles and something to reply to . Until next chapter!! <3

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 4: The One Hundred Million Dollar Item

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Chapter 4 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 4 [Winglin Version]
Click for the link!


Chapter 4: The One Hundred Million Dollar Item

Of course everyone recognized the Kim Junsu, future heir of the richest corporation in Asia. Everywhere he went, people would whisper, stare, and flirt with him.

“Just what I hate the most,” Junsu mumbled to himself. He kept on walking around the building to find the doors that led to the legendary underground auction.

“Do you need any assistance, sir?” A man who wore a dress shirt with a small black bow tie asked him.

Junsu showed him his invitation.

“Ahh. It’s a pleasure to be of your assistance Mr. Kim. If you please, this way,” the man started to walk towards an elevator. Getting there, he pressed number 47.

They sure were going up very high.

Forty Five.

Forty Six.

And finally, forty seven. The elevator doors opened.

“Here we are sir,” the man gestured to the scene up front.

Staring up ahead, Junsu was amazed. The room was humungous. Bigger than what he expected. It was like a boxing arena but only more high tech and without ropes around the ring. Chairs elevated up around it which made sure that every single eye could see the platform spotlighted in the middle.

Junsu got out of the elevator.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” a voice from the speaker was heard, “our auction will start in two minutes. Please take your seats. The doors will now be closed and locked. For our own protection, we re-open them once our auction is complete. If you have bought one of our priced goods then go down to floor 33 to claim your purchase at the end of the auction. And once again, please take your seats. The program will start in two minutes.”

Junsu walked down the stairs to find an empty chair. He sat almost at the edge of the fourth row leaving one seat open at his left side. Hopefully, no one annoying or funny looking will sit right beside him tonight. He needed all the peace of mind he could keep in his brain.

For the remaining time, Junsu just collected himself—breathing in and then out. When facing difficult problems, he always found that being calm is the best way to handle situations like these. So then once again, he closed his eyes and just breathed. Stay calm. ‘All you need to do is buy Yoochun. Don’t think about anything else.’

It seemed that God hated him that night because someone annoying did take the vacant spot beside him. Someone so annoying that he’d kill the person right on the spot. It was Choi Siwon in the flesh.

When both got seated, and settled down, Siwon started a friendly conversation with Junsu. Who wouldn’t have recognized Kim Junsu anyways? Of course, if you sit beside someone who is of a higher status than you, you’d want to be friends.

If only he was this nice to Xiah Junsu at school… that would be just great.

“How’s business going?” Siwon asked.

“You know, still as rich as always,” Junsu replied. He leaned in a little closer to Siwon. “Mind if you could give me your advice tonight? I’m thinking of buying one of your prized possessions today. And since here you are sitting beside me, I was thinking that you could tell me who will be the best one I could buy.” He gave one of his signature smirks. “I hope that I won’t be disappointed by your choice.”

“Mr. Kim, asking for my advice?” Siwon smiled greatly. “Once in a blue moon probably?”

“You seem to know these types things the best. So chose wisely, I don’t want to be disappointed by your choice for me.”

“You seem to underestimate me Mr. Kim. But worry not. I have brought in one enticing being today. I’m sure he will be of great attraction to you.”

This guy that Siwon is talking about—could it be Yoochun? Pretending to be clueless, he asked a question. “He?”

“Oh right, pardon me if you don’t “swing” that way Mr. Kim. I thought you’d be the type of guy who wouldn’t care about gender.”

“Then you thought right Mr. Choi,” Junsu looked at him in the eyes. He emphasized Siwon’s name in his sentence. “Your prized possession better be interesting. I won’t buy anything else other than that one.” He’ll take the risk.

“I’m sure he would astound you. But I’m afraid he’ll come out last. I have a treat for the audience. And it involves him. You’re going to love him after the stunt I’m going to pull tonight.”

“You seem confident Mr. Choi,” Junsu challenged him.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I actually am. Tonight, you better be willing to spend or else you won’t get what you want.”

“I always get what I want. Money is what I have.”

Siwon laughed. “Like always.” He replied.

Before they could talk some more, the lights dimmed. All spotlights were now directed on the ring.

“Good evening,” a voice came blasting out from the speakers. “Most of you would know me, but just to make sure, let me introduce myself to you. I am Mr. Choi, the proud owner of this auction. I’ve invited new faces at this time around so please, if this is your first time, have fun and buy lots!” With this last remark, Siwon’s father left the platform.

“Okay! Let us get this auction started!” the MC for the night yelled energetically from the corner. “My name is Lee Sungmin, and I’ll be the one handling the auction tonight. First! We’ll start off with a young lady. She’s 21 years old. A piano teacher who will be perfect for you artistic needs. Bring her up!” he professionally gestured to the space beside him.

The platform floor opened revealing a cage where an unclothed young woman was all tied up. She was panting really harshly.

Just by looking at her eyes, Junsu felt shame. He didn’t want to look at her. Was he being over sensitive?

In less than seconds, the proffers began.

“We’ll start the bidding with the starting price of $25,000. Anyone?” the MC bribed.

Suddenly, a man with a beard spoke. “$45,000.”

“We have a $45,000 to the man over there! Now anyone else? Do I hear a $60,000? Seventy?”

“$60,000!” A tall lean man boomed from the back.

“Seventy-five thousand dollars!” the man with the beard fought back.

“Anyone else? Do I hear an eight thousand? Seventy eight?” No one issued a challenge. “Five more seconds and…sold!”

Junsu just looked down in disbelief. He really didn’t like these types of things. Never could he like these types of things. There was no point in them but just to make money and humiliate other human beings.
He continuously tapped the arms of his seat with his index finger. He was too agitated.

An hour and thirty eight minutes and six and a half seconds of his time had been wasted all because of this stupid game. The women’s section was done about forty five minutes ago. Now all he needed to do was keep on waiting for a bit more. Waiting for a bit more? That’s what he told himself for the past hour and thirty eight minutes and now 29 and a quarter seconds. His armrest had dents on it now because of his impatient fingers.

The more time passed, the more his yearning to get out of the auction increased. For some reason, his head ached for the whole entire time. He wanted to scream. He wanted out of the place. He wanted to get this over and done with. And so he closed his eyes wanting to block out everything—everything that he saw. Images that he shouldn’t see. He wished that it would be all over soon.

And as if right on cue, Siwon leaned in close to him wanting to tell him something.

“He’s coming.” He whispered to Junsu.

Junsu’s face showed relief but at the same time showed apprehension. He looked straight forward once more.

“Thanks for waiting everyone! Our long anticipated possession is now here,” the MC yelled with his voice as booming as ever. “Oh, you’d like this one for sure. He’s got quite the charm. He’s a young man, twenty years old. He goes to Seoul University majoring as a Cardiologist. You’ll get a heart attack just by staring at him right now but don’t worry! He’ll bring you back to life! Starting at a million dollars, here is the anticipated item for the night.”

Everyone gasped at the high starting bid. The first item of the auction only started at twenty five thousand dollars.

The platform opened once again revealing a caged man lying on coppery ground.

Junsu recognized the figure. Finally, the man he’s been waiting for—Park Yoochun. Junsu bit his thumb as he saw Yoochun lying on all fours, his ass sticking up in the air.

He felt the need to beat the hell out of Choi Siwon who was smiling idiotically right beside him. It seems that he was really enjoying this. Anger began to build up inside him but when he felt like punching Siwon, he bit his thumb harder to stop him from doing so. At least he could take his anger out at something.

“Is there something wrong Mr. Kim?” Siwon asked him as if he was watching his reaction this whole entire time. “Is he not to your liking?”

Junsu gripped the arms of his seat as he looked at the man laid out on all fours for the very first time. This time, he noticed the tiny little details at the scene he was seeing. Yoochun was no longer just lying there on all fours—he was lying there with his wrists bounded together, and eyes blindfolded. The man was breathing abnormally. It doesn’t take a genius to know that he was drugged.

About to explode in anger, Junsu placed his thumb and his finger on his temples.

“No, he’s exactly my type,” he straightened out his face. “I was just thinking.”

Siwon smiled. “You looked a bit pale. He’s gorgeous isn’t he?”

Junsu decided to ignore that question but pretended that his attention was still at Siwon.

“Before we start on our bidding, we have a request from our young master. Mr. Choi Siwon. So, young master, if you could now come up here please.”

Siwon patted Junsu’s shoulder. “I’ll be assuming he’s yours.” He told Junsu as he stood up.

Buying Yoochun would be easy now. That’s what he came here for.

Siwon went up the stairs and into to the cage. He took the microphone from the MC.

“Greetings from the Choi family,” Siwon flashed the audience a smile. “Since this man here is the highlight of today’s auction, I thought I’d show you the little things he’s capable of. He’s my catch and I thought that I’d share with you how much treasure you’ll be getting by paying roughly around one million dollars.” He started to undo the knot in Yoochun’s blindfold. “Everyone, I promise you. These eyes are as real as those diamonds you are wearing.” He lifted the lose blindfold over Yoochun’s head revealing those diamond colored eyes that Junsu had admired from the very beginning. “See here? This is pure gold.” He squished Yoochun’s cheeks and forcefully made him look to the audience.

Junsu saw it. Their eyes met and broke contact at the same second. Those eyes—by just one look it pierced right through his soul. He saw the fear, the shame and the suffering in those eyes. It wasn’t the same. Those eyes weren’t the same. It was too clouded with heavy emotions. He cringed at the sight.

Murmurs from the crowd erupted.

“If you have any more things you’d like to see, then please raise your hand,” Siwon instructed.

A man who looked like he was in his early 30’s raised his hand. He started to speak. “Since we are going to pay a huge price for this man, you have to let us listen to what he sounds like. As people say, the person is as beautiful as their voice.”

“Very well then,” Siwon answered. “I assumed that someone would dare ask that so we did prepare a little something.” He took tablets from the plate at the corner of the cage and fed it forcefully to Yoochun.

More drugs?! Junsu fisted his palm using it to cover his lips that were shaking in anger.

The pill took effect instantly. He could literally see it. Yoochun’s manhood started to get hard on its own and his breaths more short. And to make matters worse, he sees Sungmin handing Siwon a vibrator from the side to increase the excitement up to the next level.

“Here you go young master,” Lee Sungmin obediently followed.

Siwon took the vibrator and placed a gooey substance around it. He spoke to the microphone. “I’m doing this so that I don’t rip him apart. The owner should be the one damaging this precious being.” He grabs a fistful of Yoochun’s hair forcing those precious eyes to see who was in charge. After he was done lubing the vibrator, he handed the microphone to Sungmin asking him to hold it against Yoochun’s lips.

Harsh panting was heard from the helpless man. Every pair of eyes in the room was glued to the scene unfolding as Siwon pressed the vibrator up Yoochun’s ass oh ever so slowly.

Junsu was going to go crazy. This is horrible. “It’s almost over. It’s almost over. It’s almost over.” He told himself over and over again.

Yoochun moaned in pain as his hole was penetrated for the first time in his life. His whimper echoed in the room.

Siwon went closer to the microphone near Yoochun’s mouth to entertain his now horny guests. “I’m pretty sure you’d love to hear more.” He talked into the microphone.

Walking to the other end of Yoochun, Siwon pressed the button at the base of the vibrator.

A scream now echoed in Junsu’s ears. His eyes widened at the sight unfolding. He watched as Yoochun twisted and turned in the most awkward ways possible.

Seeing Yoochun’s agonized face, Siwon gave the vibrator a gentle push causing Yoochun to moan for a short period of time. Playing with him, Siwon started to pump the vibrator in and out of Yoochun as fast as his tight hole could make it for at least five seconds.

Junsu snapped. His right eye twitched.

There was no way in hell Junsu could take this anymore. And so, by raising his hand up high, he grabbed the attention of everyone. Even Siwon’s attention was caught. He said as confidently as he could, “One hundred million dollars.” For Junsu, this would be like a normal citizen going shopping. It was mere change to him but to everyone else. It’s a fortune.

Siwon smugly smirked. He took the microphone near Yoochun’s lips raising it to his own. “Sold.” He concluded. No one argued. No one spoke. Siwon again went near Yoochun’s ass and quickly took out the vibrator shoved up in his hole. A one last loud moan escaped Yoochun’s lips before almost collapsing from the little stunt put on.

“Okay! That wraps up the end of our auction!” Sungmin yelled out. “We’ll see you in a month.”

“Choi Siwon,” Junsu told himself, “You pushed it too far. And for that you’ll pay…” Junsu stood up from his seat. “Dearly.”


A/N: HI ERRONE , (my lame attempt to do a cowboy accent) I apologize if things are like dislocated and not connected together for some reason. I keep on getting distracted while editing. teeeheee , I am watching Smiling Pasta. @_@ " it's sooo good , CHENG XIAO SHII , HE QUN , WEI XIAO PASTA . LOL . i like saying them XD ~~ I'm lazy to edit. It's like I'm writing it already but I have to re read it like 10 or kajillion more times over. but that's more my fault because i was paying more attention to the drama. LOL . KAY , how was this chapter ? O_O" I lack confidence. LOL. <3 Wow . I just realized I need a banner. T_T" That's why it felt like my posts were missing sometihng. pahahaha~

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 5: I Own Him

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Chapter 5 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 5 [Winglin Version]
Click for the link!


Chapter 5: I Own Him

“Fuck Jaejoong, you’re bleeding all over. Your face…!” Yunho tried to stop blood coming out from his arms and at the sides of his eyes…his lips. It wouldn’t stop. “I have no choice then…” He whispered to himself then he looked at Jaejoong who took heavy troubled breaths. “I’m taking you home with me. My doctor will treat you. Okay?”

“No,” Jaejoong grumbled out. “Fuck the fucking doctors. Leave me alone.” He pushed Yunho to the side and got up from his position, attempting to go to his parked car. “Need to get to Su…” Ignoring the pain and the blaring pain alarms in his body, Jaejoong kept on moving and walking. “I need to…” But he didn’t get too far as his eyes failed him. He forced them to open but everywhere he looked darkness engulfed the light. “help Su…” He whispered last as he lost consciousness.

“Who’s Su?” Yunho heard Jaejoong whisper out. He grabbed the raven haired man’s head but his hands were covered with blood instantly. “Shit Jaejoong… I need to take you to a hospital but that’s too fucking far.” He grabbed the limped body and carried him over his shoulder, gently placing Jaejoong in his black Ferrari. “Keys…where are they?” Yunho checked every single one of his pockets. “Found it!” He quickly took it and started the engine.

As he drove, he took out his blood stained cell phone and dialed his Doctor’s number.

“Hello?” a person from the other line answered professionally.

“Dr. Kwon, it’s Jung Yunho. Where are you right now?”

“I’m in my car about to leave your house from your father’s check up. Do you need something?”

“Yes. Don’t leave. I’ll be there 10 minutes sharp,” Yunho ordered. “My friend was beaten up by random guys and now he’s bleeding too much. I need you to set up whatever when I get there.”

“Of course sir, as you wish.”

Yunho hang up as he focused on the road in front of him. ‘Why am I doing this? I could’ve just left him. Aish… I need to go find Yoochun.’

At exactly 10 minutes sharp, Yunho reached his villa with Jaejoong at his back in no second’s time. There he was met by Dr. Kwon and his assistants.

“Sir, let me carry your friend for you,” one of the assistants offered.

“No, it’s fine. Just tell me where to put him,” Yunho answered.

“I assumed that you wouldn’t want your father to know so I set up everything in the basement,” Dr. Kwon answered Yunho as they walked urgently.

“Thank you.”

When they got there, they set up Jaejoong into the prepared mat because a bed was too soft. It would be hard to fix wounds that way. Dr. Kwon looked at Jaejoong whose face was practically covered with blood. Then he faced Yunho so that he could explain what he was going to do.

“He took some serious blows at the left side of his eye and chin, his nose, and his left arm. Usually, if you get hit anywhere in this area—” The doctor took both of his hands and formed a triangle, resting it at the bridge of his nose. “The bleeding won’t stop until the blood clots in the wound. This bloodied face is perfectly normal for someone who has gotten beat up. It’s nothing I can’t handle so he’ll be fine.”

The words ‘he’ll be fine’ was all Yunho needed to know to feel relieved. “Thank you again Dr. Kwon.”

“Don’t worry, I get paid to do this so might as well do it properly,” Dr. Kwon now placed his attention on the bleeding Jaejoong. “Now, go get cleaned up. Your hands are all bloody and so are your clothes. Your father will come down for dinner any minute now so go hide in your shower.”

Realizing that he was in an awful state right now, Yunho dashed to the washroom hoping to not get seen by his strict father. Who wouldn’t get freaked out if your son was covered in blood?

Hot droplets of water hit Yunho’s skin removing excess blood from Jaejoong that has gotten into him. This relieved him physically but mentally he was distressed. He repeated the scene in his mind over and over again where Yoochun got shoved into the car by Siwon. That man was clearly Siwon. He was sure of it.

“I need to know where they took Yoochun,” Yunho mumbled to himself. “Siwon, that bastard. He thinks he can do everything huh? We’ll see about that tomorrow.” He slammed his fist onto the wall. “Yoochun... I’ve seen you hurt too much. I need to know that you’re safe but I can’t even find you. How do I even find you? Where are you?” Yunho was getting frustrated with the questions that just popped out. But something or someone dawned on him. “Jaejoong…” he thought. “Right! Yeah…he saw them take Yoochun away. Maybe he knows…Should ask him when he’s conscious.” Yunho continued to talk to himself as he washed the remnants of the shampoo in his hair.

“So how is he Mr. Kwon?” Yunho asked all dried up from the shower.

“I’ve managed to get the bleeding stopped but he lost a lot of blood so he’d probably be knocked out till early in the morning,” Dr. Kwon explained.

“That long?!” Yunho was surprised. He needed to ask Jaejoong about where Siwon took Yoochun.

“Yes. As strong as we may seem, the human body is also very fragile. They need to recover.” He looked at the worried Yunho. “Do you need anything from him?”

“Yes actually,” Yunho answered, “he has the answer to where that bastard Siwon took Yoochun.”

“Siwon you say huh? As in Choi Siwon?” Dr. Kwon’s left eyebrow raised in curiosity. “He took Yoochun?”

“Yeah…How do you know Choi Siwon?”

“I have my patients. But of course, everyone would know Choi Siwon, future heir to the throne in the underground world,” the doctor said. “You wouldn’t want to mess with him.”

That answer just made Yunho worry more. Now he knew that his friend was definitely in danger.

“Sorry sir, but I have to take my leave now. I have to go to another house for another check up. Take care of your friend and I wish you luck finding Yoochun.”

Dr. Kwon patted his shoulder and left the house.

“Jaejoong…” Yunho stared at the unconscious man. Jaejoong’s shirt was cut to pieces so that bandages could be wrapped around him. “You better wake up soon. The sooner, the better.”


Floor 33—as expected, there was a big line at the tables to claim their bought goods. He tapped his right foot on the ground impatiently. Kim Junsu isn’t the type who waits. Time is a precious factor in business after all.

“Mr. Kim!” He heard his name called out from behind him. And so he looks back and smiles.

“Ahh, if it isn’t Mr. Choi,” Junsu greeted him. He reached out his hand to Siwon’s father.

“Hello! It sure is nice to see one of the Kim’s present at today’s auction,” Mr. Choi took his hand. “I never thought you’d come.”

“So did I. But I needed to spend money today and thought that I’d spend it here since you are one of our acquaintances. Think of it as a big donation,” Junsu stated.

Siwon’s father just chuckled. “We’re pretty lucky today that you came then. And since you’ve paid a huge sum of money, I’ll be grateful and just lead you to where your purchased item is at. You don’t need to wait here to get the room number to where he is staying. I’ll just lead you directly to him. I wouldn’t want any of the Kim’s to be waiting too long. Time is everything!”

Mr. Choi seemed to talk a lot but at least they agree on something.

Mr. Choi turned around and started to walk. “If you could just follow me…”

And that’s what Junsu did.

“Here you go.” He showed Junsu to the right door in the floor. “It’s your first time so I’ll just tell you a bit of everything.” He gave Junsu the swipe card to unlock the door. “First of all, his clothes are at the chair beside the bed. When you take him out, please dress him.” Junsu tilted his head to the right. “We hold no responsibility to whatever happens inside. The room can be used until morning but everyone must leave before 9 sharp. Those are the rules. Short and simple.”

“Alright Mr. Choi,” Junsu wanted to quickly end the conversation. The sooner he gets out of here with Yoochun the better. “I appreciate your help.” He swiped the card at the door lock and went inside, closing the door behind him.

Getting the privacy they needed, Junsu hurriedly went to the bed where Yoochun was. He was shocked at what he saw. Yoochun who he thought would be too weak to get up was sitting with his back against the headboard, his head drooping low.

“Yoochun?” He whispered. The man’s lowered head looked up at Junsu. Their eyes met for the second time that night. Junsu’s urgent steps just slowed down from the eye contact but halted completely when he was about a meter away from the helpless man. “Yoochun…” He said again as he reached out to his arm. “Let me dress you okay? You need to put on clothes. I’ll get you out of here.”

The man only shivered in response and big heavy pants came out from his mouth. “Get… away from me,” Yoochun hissed. “Don’t … me.” He shivered some more. “Don’t …” Tears came down from his half opened eyes, “touch…” It must’ve been the drug’s effect.

“It’s okay. My name is Kim Junsu. I’m here to help you.” He could feel Yoochun stiffen under his hand.

“No…no…you businessmen…are all the same!” he panted out, his eyes willing to open. “Just like my father…You people…if you never existed in my life, me and my mom would be happy. She would be alive now.”

He was suffering. Junsu didn’t know what to do and so he drew back his hand that reached out to Yoochun. As skilled as he was, Junsu had experience on everything—whether it was cooking, travelling, solving disputes. But this situation, he never thought that he’d be facing one like this face to face. Turning around, Junsu dialed a number in his cell phone for pick up but before he could press the call button, the hand that held his phone was yanked towards the bed. Junsu dropped the phone because of the sudden pulling force. It only took one blink of an eye for him to be sprawled on the middle of the bed with Yoochun on top of him.

“What the he—“ He was cut off by Yoochun’s mouth. He struggled. This isn’t happening. ‘My first kiss.’ His eyes widened at the sight.

“Help … me…beg you,” the seemingly weak man panted out. Junsu couldn’t do it and so he attempted to get up but instead, he was pushed back down by Yoochun’s built arms, his hands at both sides on Junsu’s shoulders.

“Let go,” Junsu said in a serious tone. It wasn’t a struggling tone but more of a calming command. He started to squirm under him. “Yoochun, I’ll say this one more time, let— FUCK!” Junsu’s whole body shook in alarm but also in pleasure.

Yoochun undid his pants and took out Junsu’s manhood. It was done so quickly and smoothly that Junsu didn’t have the time to react. He started pumping him like crazy.

From the sudden jolt of pleasure he was feeling, he weakened under Yoochun. “Yoochun, you’re not in the right mind. You’re drugged! Stop it now! I’ll take you to my doctor.” He shut his eyes because of well… basically everything!

After a minute of pleading, Yoochun did stop. It seems that Junsu has gotten through to him—or that’s what he thought at least. Junsu opened his eyes again to check on him but his eyes bulged out at the scene unfolding.

“No wait don’t you dare!” He yelled out but Yoochun still kept on going. He could only stare as Yoochun sat on top of his hips with his legs hugging Junsu’s sides. Yoochun positioned himself above Junsu’s erect member. “Wait Yoochun! That’s not—“ He held back a moan that was about to escape from his lips as Yoochun slammed his abused hole from before, swallowing Junsu’s cock. Junsu just choked. Yoochun’s was too tight for his member.

Junsu needed something to grab, something to distract him. He needed to control himself— calm down his raging hormones—for the both of them. He wanted to control the situation but the boy on top was too dominant tonight.

With every second that passed, Yoochun’s pace went faster and faster. He reached out to Junsu’s lips and started making out with him. But Junsu just laid there as if he was the one getting fucked, his toes curling from the pleasure with Yoochun’s tight .

‘I can’t believe it… my virginity; lost to the coolest guy in school.’ He thought to himself as he clenched his teeth from pleasure. ‘And my first kiss.’

“Sorry,” he heard Yoochun say.


One hour.

Two hours.

Three hours passed. Yunho’s eyes were bulging out from waiting and watching an unmoving body lying on the mat. It was exactly twelve midnight but his eyes never showed any signs of tiredness at all.

“Come on Jaejoong please wake up…” Yunho took Jaejoong hand and squeezed it. “I need to know where Yoochun is.”


Kim Junsu woke up to the sound of footsteps in the hallway. He wasn’t a heavy sleeper and so soft noises usually woke him up. He opened his half awakened eyes and looked at the sleeping man beside him.

“I need to dress you before I can do anything else,” Junsu whispered at the naked man.

Dressing him up was a pain. An unconscious body is always heavy even though they are light. After a little bit of struggle, Junsu finally finished putting on everything that Yoochun wore that day. With that out of the way, he remembered to check on his friend who got hurt in the process. He dialed Jaejoong’s number.

‘Jaejoong, pick up. Why aren’t you picking up?’ Junsu was worried.

He called again.

And again.

And again.

But no one answered. Giving up, he went to his recent callers list to select his driver’s phone number. He was way too off of his game to drive this late at night. Going through his recent calls, one of them said “Jung Yunho”.

“Who’s that?” Junsu questioned himself. He checked at what time this “Jung Yunho” called him. “Eight fifteen huh?” Junsu wondered who he talked to at that time. Where was he at eight fifteen at night? “Let us see. I need to retrace everything.” Junsu started to think. “So, I talked with Jae after school. Took a shower in my apartment. Watched some TV. Drove to the company. Met my father…” He paused. That’s it! Maybe that was it. “When I met my father!” He thought some more. “It was around eight that time when Jaejoong called. Was he using another person’s phone?” Junsu thought out loud. “I should give this number a try.


Yunho’s cell phone began to vibrate in his pocket. He looked at his blood covered phone. “Ughh. I still need to clean this too.” He said as he looked at his caller ID. He read it in his mind. His eyes bulged out. “KIM JUNSU?!” Of course he knew who Kim Junsu was. Kim Junsu—richest man alive in Asia—heir to the Kim Corporations. Was he in trouble? “I shouldn’t answer this phone call.” With this, he placed his phone back in his pocket. The vibrations stopped. But after fifteen seconds, his phone came to life once again with. He looked at his caller ID. “Kim Junsu?! Again? It must be urgent since he called twice. But what does he want from me?” After the fourth ring, he pressed the answer button.

He was about to say hello but a voice spoke before him.

“It’s about time you answered. You probably know who this is by looking at your caller ID. So just listen. I’ll cut straight to the chase. Is my cousin around you? He goes by the name of Jaejoong.”

Yunho looked at Jaejoong in disbelief. ‘Jaejoong’s a Kim?’ he asked himself. “Well, a Jaejoong is beside me right now but I don’t think he’s the Jaejoong you’re looking for. He can’t be your cousin.” He tried to remember what the teacher called Jaejoong. He failed. If only he listened to Mrs. Jang as she took attendance.

“He has black hair, pale skin, and you probably saw him driving a black Ferrari today,” Junsu described Jaejoong as best as he could. He was too impatient.

Yunho’s mouth gaped. Jaejoong is related to the richest man in Asia?!

“Hello?” Junsu started to get more impatient. “If he’s not there I’m going to hang up.”

“W-Wait! I think the Jaejoong you’re talking about is here beside me.”

“Give him the phone then. Quickly!” Junsu ordered through the phone.

“Sorry, but he’s knocked out right now. One of my doctors treated his wounds. He wouldn’t stop bleeding after the fight he got into today.”

“Oh I see,” Junsu said but he felt much relieved finding out that Jaejoong was alright. “I need to repay you then. You saved my cousin.”

“It’s okay,” Yunho declined the offer. “I’m just glad to be of an assistance.”

“Then do me another favor,” Junsu spoke, “pass this message to Jaejoong when he wakes up. Tell him that Yoochun is safe and he—“

“Yoochun?!” Yunho yelled out. “Where is he? I’ll go pick him up now.”

“Excuse me? Who are you to him?” Junsu asked.

“He’s my friend. Tell me where you guys are and I’ll pick him up.”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” Junsu refused, “He was auctioned out today.” He tried to explain.

“AUCTION?!” Yunho was boiling with anger.

“Yes by Choi Siwon,” Junsu answered, “their once a month auction for their prostitutes was today and Yoochun was kidnapped as a special guest and item. I happened to have brought him.”

“That’s very nice of you Mr. Kim! Did Jaejoong ask you to do it since you guys are close?” Yunho was delighted. He continued to speak. “But he really needs to get back so do you think I can take him off of your hands now?”

“ You can’t. Sorry.” Junsu refused one more time.

“But why?” Yunho freaked out but he held himself back. He forgot who he was talking to. “Why Mr. Kim?”

“Because I own him,” Junsu simply answered. “If you’re done now, I’m going to hang up. Me and Yoochun need to get out of here. He needs a better place to sleep at. Good night Mr. Jung. It is of my great pleasure to have spoken to you.”

“You just can’t own a human being!” Yunho hissed at him.

“With one hundred million dollars I can.

Beep. The line was cut off.

Yunho’s mouth gaped open.

“You shouldn’t leave your mouth hanging open like that you know.”

Yunho looked at where the voice came from. Jaejoong was conscious.


A/N: Sorry for the wait. Life's been keeping me busy! Stress kills me. BUT MAN ... IM SOOOOOO SCARED ABOUT THIS CHAPTER. teehee~ i wrote it at like 1 till 3 in the morning because I couldn't sleep. LOLOL.I love you guys! Comments are highly appreciated so I know if you guys are liking it the way i'm pointing the story so far. XDD and again... SORRY! Forgive meee <33

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 6: The Haunting Past

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Chapter 6 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 6 [Winglin Version]
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Chapter 6: The Haunting Past

“For some apparent reason, was that Kim Junsu on the other line?” Jaejoong asked the shocked Yunho.

“Y-y-yeah. He was looking for you,” he stuttered a reply as he placed his phone in his pocket.

“So what did you find out?” Jaejoong asked with his eyes piercing through Yunho’s dark orbs. This way the man couldn’t lie.

“N-nothing,” Yunho replied. But obviously his reaction said something.

“Your wide open mouth tells me that you’ve found out something. Quickly before I force it out of you,” Jaejoong told him.

Yunho’s gaze shot up. He didn’t want to anger KIM JAEJOONG. “Ehmm…I found out that,” he giggled awkwardly, “you’re a Kim, as in cousin of the wealthiest person in this country and…”

“And?” Jaejoong smirked from Yunho’s reactions.

“And t-that Yoochun is with him now,” the intimidated man answered. “Safely.”

“That’s good to know.” Jaejoong then ended the conversation and took off the covers on top of him, sitting at the edge of the bed. He prepared to get off the bed. “Am I going to get kicked out now? Because I feel slightly better and I am conscious. I don’t want to drag my stay for any longer.”

“No, no. I wouldn’t even think about it,” Yunho smiled awkwardly. “You can stay here till morning. You have to get to school don’t you?”

Jaejoong was surprised at the answer. He expected to leave now. “Thanks, I’ll go back to my rest again then,” Jaejoong simply said as he slowly lied back down to his bed while clutching his ribs.

“Wait Jaejoong…” Yunho had so many questions in mind. “…ahh never mind.” He didn’t want to bother the injured man.

“You probably have so many questions don’t you?” Jaejoong read his mind. “You can ask me all the questions you want while I’m still awake.” He offered.

Yunho ran towards Jaejoong and took one breath. All of a sudden, a burst of questions popped out from his mouth. “How did you get Kim Junsu to buy Yoochun? Why did Kim Junsu buy him for one hundred million dollars? Is Yoochun going to be safe with him? What’s going to happen to Yoochun? Would I still see him at school?”

He talked too fast.

Jaejoong laughed quietly so that he doesn’t hurt his ribs. He stuck out his index finger from his hand. “First, Yoochun saved me from getting beat up by Choi Siwon in the cafeteria and so I felt like I had the need to save him. I asked Junsu to keep an eye out for Yoochun. He was at the auction wasn’t he? Second…” He struck out two fingers now. “One hundred million dollars is not a lot of money to us. It is mere change.” Now three fingers. “If Yoochun is with Kim Junsu he’ll be safe.” Four fingers were out now. “Yoochun will probably live with Kim Junsu and …” He pointed his thumb out for his fifth finger. “Yoochun will still continue to go to school.” Jaejoong answered all Yunho’s questions bluntly and then hugged the pillow that sat beside him. He was dead as in literally dead tired.

‘Yoochun? Living with Kim Junsu? No way in hell…’ Yunho thought.

“How do you know Yoochun is safe?” Yunho freaked out. “Kim Junsu is…Kim Junsu is…a—!!!”

Jaejoong yawned. He was tired. It was midnight and he needed to rest his worn out body. “He’s not a ruthless person. Kim Junsu is my cousin …we’re like brothers,” his eyes fought to stay awake. “…And out of all the people in this world, I know him…” Another yawn escaped from his lips. “…best.” His eyes closed and he fell asleep. “Trust me…”

It was dead quiet all of a sudden.

“Jaejoong?” Yunho walked to the now sleeping man. He wanted to ask more questions. “But what about Choi Siwon? He’ll get it from me for sure!” Jaejoong’s eyes shot open and then he quickly got up grabbing Yunho’s shirt. Their faces were almost touching.

“Don’t you ever touch Choi Siwon,” Jaejoong whispered. Their lips were too close for comfort that Yunho could only nod in reply. “He’s mine and Kim Junsu’s prey.” He let go of Yunho now. “And if you understand that, I’ll go to sleep peacefully.” He patted Yunho’s head and lied down on the bed again facing the other direction. “Ack, my ribs…” He sighed in pain.

“But Jaejoong…!” He stopped himself. He forgot who he was talking to again. “Aiiiishh.” He made a sound out of frustration and scratched the back of his head. Even though most of them were answered there was still something that was missing. He couldn’t figure out what though.

He took the couch beside Jaejoong and slept there for the night. At least Yoochun is safe. That’s all he needed to know. He closed his eyes as well, sleeping his tiredness away.


“Jong-Il! It’s not your son’s fault that we’re going bankrupt! Don’t take it out on him!” the little Yoochun heard his Mom through the thin walls of the house. “It’s not his fault!”

Yoochun didn’t have to be an Einstein to figure out that his Dad was drunk again tonight.

“Mommy?” he went out of his room and went into the kitchen to stop the argument. “Why are you guys fighting? Is it my fault again?”

“No, no, no son,” she quickly went up to him. “It’s not your fault okay? Never would it be your fault. Your father is just drunk. Dinner will be ready soon. Just go to your room.” She pointed at the fish that was currently frying on the stove and winked at him.

“Get the hell out woman!” Jong-Il pushed Yoochun’s Mom aside, hitting her head on the corner of the stove causing her to be paralyzed with pain for a bit. “And you!” He pointed his empty beer bottle at eight year old Yoochun. “Yes it is your God damned fault! If we don’t have to feed you and bring you to the hospital we would have money right now!”

“It’s my fault?” Yoochun whimpered. “My fault…” He looked at his mother with his dark brown orbs.

“No…no,” the weak woman from the side said. She got up on her own two feet again. “It’s yours okay?!” She cut the air with her right arm and yelled at the drunk father and then went to go hug her own son for comfort. “Don’t listen to him okay? It’s his fault for gambling too much. Don’t worry.” She whispered in Yoochun’s ears.

“Disgusting. Both of you should go and die! This way I’ll survive! If you both die I’ll get more money from insurance,” Jong-Il whispered evilly. “Here, let me help you with that.” He grabbed the propane tank at the corner of the kitchen. “It won’t hurt. I promise,” he said as he lifted the propane tank off the ground, preparing to hit them with one strike.

Yoochun’s mother saw the scene unfolding. She couldn’t believe it. Why?

“Mommy, is father going to hurt us?” Yoochun’s eyes were full of fear. He watched as his father came closer and closer to them.

“Run!” She gave Yoochun a kiss for good luck. “I’ll stop him for you.”

“But mommy… how about you?”

“You’re going to be fine. Just as long as you’re fine, I’ll be fine,” she smiled at him and looked Yoochun straight at the eyes.

With just one look at his mother’s eyes, his fears went away. They were as calm as the ocean, as blue as the sky.

“Ah, what a sweet time you guys are having. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you rot together in hell for making this rich businessman suffer for the both of you.” He quickly took a swing at both of them but Yoochun’s Mom was faster than the drunken man. She dodged, pushing the small boy down to the ground with her. Jong-Il ended up missing. There was barely any room for movement in the kitchen and so the propane tank knocked over the pan where the fish was frying, landing on the hot fiery stove.

The woman who was hugging Yoochun on the ground noticed how the propane tank was on heat. Her eyes widened. She quickly got back on her feet and dragged Yoochun. The whole house was going to explode.

“You guys are running?” Jong-Il scoffed. “Can’t get away…” He let go of the propane tank and jumped for the woman’s feet. He grabbed them just before the entrance of the door was opened. “Where are you going?”

“AH!” Yoochun’s Mom fell pinning Yoochun to the ground. Everything…anything is too late. She hugged Yoochun’s small body, burying Yoochun’s head on her shoulders.

The small boy didn’t know what was happening. He could only watch as the man who he now hated deeply smirked at his Mom’s despair. But why? He looked at the white propane tank turning black from the flames of the stove. And then everything just went…

The kitchen exploded. Everything caught on fire after that.

Pain shot at his body everywhere. Shards of materials slashed his face and the next thing he knew everything around him was on fire. A shade of burning crimson surrounded his body. If only he was big enough. If only he was strong enough. It was his fault for being too incapable—for being too small…too stupid.

Heat scorched the whole house now. What was he to do? He clutched his eyes in pain. His eyes… they were burning. He went out from his mother’s embrace and slowly got up but fell back down again seeing the horrendous sight he has just seen with his own eyes. His mother’s whole back was burned. Burning…fire…blood. “Mom…Mom! Wake up!” He kneeled down beside her. His eyes couldn’t shed tears. They hurt so much. It was as if a thousand needles poked his eyes. “MOM! What’s wrong with me? My eyes…everything is blurry.” He shook the half burned corpse and turned her around. Her face was still kept nicely. “Mom…” the small Yoochun roamed his blood covered hands around her face. It was the last image he saw as his vision faded away. He panicked. “Mom…no! I can’t see! Don’t leave me! NO! BLACK… It’s too dark! MOM HELP ME!” he cried and cried but no tears fell out.

The whole time, he held his Mother’s face seeking the comfort that her calming blue eyes gave to him all the time. But now, he couldn’t see. This was the time when he realized he’s going to be all alone.

“Mom…Mom…” Yoochun shook at Junsu’s bed. “NO!” His upper body shot up from the soft place he was sleeping at. “No…” Tears filled his eyes as he panted for air. Air. He needed air. A dream. A dream. His past. A nightmare. He clenched his face with his hands.

A glass of water was placed in front of his face. It was held by beautiful fingers with a ring covered with diamonds around its middle finger. “Drink this.” The man who owned the hand told him.

Yoochun looked at Junsu who was wearing a polo shirt with his top buttons unbuttoned. His tearful face became full of hate. Rich men reminded him of his father—His father who he despised the most.

“Drink it,” Junsu nudge the glass with water to his face.

Yoochun just ignored him and looked to his left—away from Junsu. He suddenly felt weight on the bed. Suddenly, his cheeks were grabbed and were forced to look at the man.

“Drink,” Junsu said again.

Yoochun had no choice. The man wasn’t going to give up. And so he drank.

“Get ready now and go to school. It’s eight in the morning. Classes should start soon right?” Junsu took the emptied glass and placed it on the table. He rolled his sleeves and buttoned it at his elbow.

“No, I’m not going to school. I’m going home,” Yoochun stated flatly.

“You’re just going to let Choi Siwon know that he won? Don’t you have pride as a man?”

“Pride? Where?!” Yoochun freaked out. “It was crushed by people like you.”

“No pride left? Then you must be scared,” Junsu acknowledged as he walked towards Yoochun. “Without pride, you’re just a scared little boy aren’t you?” He stared at the man’s deep blue eyes on the bed but Yoochun broke it off by looking the other way again. “If this is it, then you don’t have to worry about anything because I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Junsu whispered but audible enough for Yoochun to hear. He poured himself a glass of wine. “I’ve told my men to investigate how you got in that auction. And it’s all because of Choi Siwon isn’t it? He kidnapped you.” Of course, he had to tell some lies. He had to have reasons for his actions.

“Why? Why are you doing this?” Yoochun shot a glare at Junsu. “I hate people like you.” With this, Yoochun kicked the bed’s blankets and walked towards the door. He felt a slight pain tingle down south. His knees felt weak but he ignored it. He didn’t want to show his weakness in front of this man. “I’m going home.”

“You can’t leave yet,” Junsu grabbed Yoochun’s wrist tightly. “Because you see, I own every single thing you have.” He then pulled Yoochun closer to himself. “Your body and your soul.”

“Bullshit,” Yoochun said as he flicked Junsu’s hand lock from his wrist. “No one owns me.”

“According to this paper, I do,” Junsu lifted the two sheets that lay beside his wine glass. He held it up on the air for Yoochun to see. “So here are your choices right now. You can either rot in jail breaking the rules of this contract or you can just accept everything so that you can live life normally but with me being a part of it.”

Yoochun just stood there in front of the door. “I’m going to file a complaint to the police. You have no right to do this to me.”

“But I am the police. I am the government,” Junsu said. “I’m powerful enough to listen to no one. So how would you want to live your life now?”

Yoochun furrowed his eye brows and clenched his fists. “I need my uniform.” He just said grabbing the doorknob to open the door.

“I already informed my men that you’ll be moving in with me. I told them to bring everything except your furniture here. Your clothes are already neatly placed in your closet next door.”

Yoochun took his leave and slammed the door shut.

Junsu just smirked in his success.


Jaejoong walked out of the house in Yunho’s shirt. He couldn’t have walked out of the house with nothing on. “So thanks for letting me stay the night and taking me in.” He bowed with elegance to Yunho and got on his Ferrari.

Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s car door before Jaejoong zoomed into the streets. “Ehmm…” He lost his trail of thought.

“Yes?” Jaejoong asked. “Do you have another question for me? Or should I say questions?”

Yunho just blurted out the question. “How come nobody recognizes you? You’re a Kim. And how come you never told me?”

Jaejoong smiled. Jung Yunho is very entertaining. “I work for Kim Junsu. That means I’m on the sidelines. We don’t get spotlighted. And I never told you anything because I don’t talk to strangers.”

Jaejoong started his engine.

“But I’m not a stranger,” Yunho answered. “I’m a guy in your class.”

“But that doesn’t mean you’re not a stranger. I never knew your name till yesterday.” Jaejoong laughed quietly still. “Tell you what, let’s meet up again after school. Here’s my number. Tell me when.” With this, Jaejoong stepped on his gas leaving a confused yet shocked Yunho standing there. He zoomed on the streets.


“Sir,” one of the servants knocked in Yoochun’s bedroom door, “Young Master says that it’s time for you to leave for school now. We’ve brought your car over so you can drive it there. And Young Master also told me to tell you that I am now under your care and if you need anything I can do them for you.”

There was a short pause.

“Come in.” Yoochun said.

The servant opened the door and was at his side in a matter of time. “What is it that you need, sir?”

“Can you fix my hair?”

“Sir?” the servant questioned his request.

“Can you fix my hair?” Yoochun asked again.

“Oh! Oh. Yes, if you could just take a seat in front of the mirror I can do it for you.”

“No, not in front of the mirror. I don’t like mirrors.”

“But—you need lots of things for your hair to look great,” the servant replied.

“Fix it with this comb until it looks decent enough.” Yoochun handed her the comb he was holding.

The servant started to tidy his bed hair up a bit. Minutes passed and no one spoke. It was a bit awkward but time passes which meant that the awkwardness also passes.

“If you don’t mind me asking sir, why is it that you won’t go in front of a mirror?”

There was a long pause this time. It was a question Yoochun hesitated to answer but to be polite, he replied anyways.

The servant noticed the uneasiness in Yoochun’s face. “I’m sorry if it’s an insensitive question. Forgive me for asking so you—”

“It’s because every time I look in the mirror,” he simply cut in, “I see my mother in my eyes.”


Ehh … I don’t know if I dropped enough hints about the eyes. SO ! I AM SORRY . XD I’ll be making sure the next chapter is nice and smooth. Teehee~ AND CHANGMIN… I promise he’ll appear but not now . *sigh* DOES ANYONE GET IT ? ABOUT CHUNNIE’S AND HIS MOM’S EYES? Ahhahahaha~ I fail. Please raise your hand if you don’t get it and you are confused as hell.
OKAY , I’ll be updatin’ you guys soon nuff~ wait for mee!! <33 I love you guys and LEAVE ME COMMENTS.
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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 7: The Reason for Saving You

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 10:57 pm

Chapter 7 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 7 [Winglin Version]

Click for the link!


Chapter 7: The Reason for Saving You

Wednesday, 9:00 AM
27th floor of Kim's Company

"Sorry for making you skip school son, but you know how it is," Mr. Kim told Junsu.

"It's fine. This is what living a double life is called," Junsu merely replied. "So why do you need me today?"

"Today, we're merging companies with the Shim Estates. Mr. Shim will be with his son and we're going to be signing contracts that would have to have your signatures in it as well."

"Merge? We don't need to merge," Junsu furrowed his eye brows.

"We don't need to. You're right in that case," Junsu's father agreed, "but it won't cost us nothing. You see, Mr. Shim is an old friend of mine. I trust him as much as I trust you. We go back since pre-school." Mr. Kim recollected some memories of the past. "Their company has just started and I'm just going to offer them a hand until they can manage. Have you met his son?"

"No," Junsu replied.

"He would be the one in charge and not his father. By looking at him, he reminded me of you. He has capabilities to become successful in the business world like you are right now. I have a strong intuition that they'll be on top just like us as time passes by. It's best to make friends and assist them."

Junsu exhaled loudly. Praises from his father are not easily earned. Mr. Shim's son is probably an amazing person. "This better be quick," Junsu nodded as they turned a corner, "I need to get to back to classes by lunch time or so."

"However you want things to get done is fine by me," Mr. Kim said. "But you have to do them properly."

Both of them stopped in front of room 278B. They adjusted their ties and stood up straight. Finally, they opened the door. Inside, two people stood still. There was an unknown lean but tall man standing beside Mr. Shim. They were waiting at the other side of the table.

"Ah, hello there Mr. Kim. It's a pleasure to be doing business with you," Mr. Shim smiled when both the Kim's finally set their attention on them. "You must be Kim Junsu, am I correct?" He reached out a hand to the seemingly cold man.

"Hello Mr. Shim," Junsu took his right hand and placed it on top of his. They shook hands. In the business world, handshakes had hidden meanings but only some knew what they meant. If you're hand is on top, you are in charge of the one on the bottom. It may seem like a simple gesture but to the Kim's, it is a big deal. They are always on top. They were always the best. They never loose. "I suppose this man would be your son?" He looked at the tall man's direction. By just looking, Junsu could tell that the man was pure brain— intelligent, sharp, and precise. He needed to be careful around him.

"Ahh yes, I almost forgot. My apologies." He turned back to his son. "Changmin, please greet our new business partners."

Changmin stepped forward. "Kim Junsu I presume," Changmin reached out his hands for a greeting, his palm facing down. He scanned the cold hearted man in front of him from head to toe within seconds. It was best to know what you get into before you take action.

"I assume you're Shim Changmin," Junsu said the other man's name as he nodded professionally. Changmin's hand shake was tricky. With the other man's hand facing down already, Junsu's hand would be at the bottom. He didn't like that but the competitive man grabbed it anyways. He wasn't going to lose a battle over power. And so with his left hand, he placed it on top of Changmin's. He used both hands. In the business world this meant, I'll let you think you rule the situation but know that I'm the one in charge. "Let's sign some papers shall we?" Junsu added to lighten up the situation.

Changmin showed a business man smile. 'He doesn't like to lose.' Changmin made a quick mental note in his brain. Of course he knew how the code of handshakes in the business world worked. He tested the well known Kim Junsu to see if he'd really lose a battle over power. What he got out of that little stunt was that Kim Junsu always needed to be on top.

They’re going to be great business partners.

The four men took a seat. Mr. Kim and Junsu on one side and Mr. Shim and Changmin on the other. After an hour of discussing, the papers were signed. Each party was satisfied.

There was no need to chat some more and so Junsu stood up to end the meeting.

"With these signed contracts," Junsu conquered, "we will help each other out. If there is any suspicious movements, with what is now "our" money without letting us know, the contract is terminated. The party who broke the rules would have to pay one billion dollars. Even though we are partners, we are definitely not on equal levels. And with this, let's end our meeting." Junsu bowed to both Mr. Shim and Changmin and walked away. He was in a hurry to get to school.

"You have a perfect business man by your side Mr. Kim," the old man said, "you should be proud."

"Well yes, and I'd like to chat with you some more but I also have appointments to go to today. So if you'll excuse us..." Mr. Kim spoke in a commanding tone.

"Oh yes, we'll be going as well then. I'll be looking forward to our next meeting."

Mr. Kim left.

"Just like you said father," Shim Changmin said. "That Kim Junsu is one of a kind. He doesn’t let any slip up happen. We should be thankful for their help."

"Yes, you, me and our company are in good hands now. Make sure to help them if they need our assistance.”

“Yes father,” Changmin replied.


The ten year old Yoochun opened his eyes. He was alive? The smell of disinfectants, and medicine surrounded him—the air that he breathed. His whole body stung. Everything was still black but now, it was because they were covered by what seemed like eye patches. Where was he? Where was his Mother?

Suddenly, his head felt like there was a gigantic hand squeezing his skull. Pictures and pictures of the accident flashed through his mind—his father's evil face, his mother's agony, fire, burning, blood. Everything—every single piece of that accident scarred his memory like flying daggers stabbing him. He got up, or at least he tried to. He needed fresh air, not this type of sickening oxygen. He quickly shot up, his body reacting badly to the sudden movement. "Ahh..." the small child groaned.

"Doctor, your patient has gained consciousness." There was an unknown presence that was with him this whole entire time.

Within seconds, he heard the click of the door knob and the closing of the door. Footsteps followed.

"Yoochun, how are you feeling?" the doctor checked up on him. "Don’t panic okay? I'll be taking off these eye patches over your eyes. Then you tell me how your vision is right now."

The doctor started to remove the pieces of cotton that covered his eyes. But as he took them off, Yoochun started to speak. "Where's my Mom?" he asked a bit flustered.

The doctor ignored the question by asking another one. "Can you see, Yoochun?" Both the patches were off now.

Yoochun ignored the doctor’s question as well. "Where is my Mom?" This time he asked more firmly. His eyes stared deeply in the doctor's own eyes trying to look for the answer. At the back of his mind he knew. But he didn’t want to admit it.

"Let's have you recover first okay?"

"Where is my Mom?!" the question was now a demand.

The doctor felt helpless. He just couldn't tell the young boy that his mother had died. They couldn't save her. When they got there her heart simply just didn’t beat anymore. "If you take a look at yourself, maybe you will know?" the doctor calmly told him. He led him to the nearest mirror beside his hospital bed. Yoochun closed his eyes. His vision was still a little bit blurred. He wasn't used to the light yet.

The doctor carried his small little body carefully on top of a stool so that he will be high enough to at least see his own self. "Here we go."

Yoochun opened his eyes. He looked at his face. What was he supposed to look at? What was he supposed to find? His ears? His nose? Lips? His eye—"

Yoochun gasped for air when he looked at his own eyes. He found the answer to his own question. Finally, his vision started to focus a bit. "Mommy...?"

His eyes were not dark brown anymore...not brown but blue...? It looked like his Mother's eyes.

He couldn't breathe. Flashbacks of his mother started to play in his mind. It was of times when he was scared and his mom would be there for him, hugging him, making him feel safe. It was with these eyes, she was able to do that—these same eyes.

He grabbed the mirror with both of his hands. He definitely knew where his mom was. She was ... He didn't want to say it. Tears began to fall out of his eyes. The doctor grabbed his hands to comfort the child but he just slapped it off.

"NO!" Yoochun freaked out. He grabbed the vase on the sink and smashed it against the mirror. Shards of glasses flew everywhere as the vase was smashed onto it. He kept on shattering the clear glass till there was no vase left to smash the image that he has seen with his own... his mother's eyes. The mirror wasn't smashed enough because he could still see himself. In his eyes, he could see his deceased mother. It hurt so much. He wanted to die. And so he started smashing the mirror with his own fists, hoping to erase what he is now seeing—blood seeped out of his knuckles.

"Yoochun!! Stop that this instant!" the doctor yelled. He took out his walkie talkie. "Emergency, bring the needles here as soon as possible!"

He took the out of control boy around his arms but Yoochun just grabbed his right arm and started shaking it like crazy. "You should've just let me die with her!!" He fell on his knees but with his right hand still holding on to the doctor's hand. "You should've just let me die...!!"

Without a word of warning, more doctors came and controlled the situation. Each and everyone got a part of his limb. He tried to wriggle out of them but he couldn't. A needle was pierced through his arm and suddenly, he found himself sinking back into the darkness. "I want to die..." were the last words that came out of his lips.

Then, everything went black.

"Yoochun-shi! Yoochun-shi!" Junsu squeaked out. "It hurts!"

Junsu shook the sleeping man awake. They were on a field just beside the school. Junsu had found the sleeping man lying down on the grass and thought he'd come and say hello. Getting there, he thought that Yoochun was just enjoying the view of the clouds but when he actually sat beside the man, he found out the he was sleeping. It was hard not to trace the handsome features of Yoochun's face. He couldn't resist. And so, when Junsu was about to touch Yoochun's face, a hand grabbed his wrist. It was the sleeping man's hand.

"What the hell?" Junsu gasped out loud. 'Was he not really sleeping? Does he know I'm here?' He looked at the man. To his surprise Yoochun was still sound asleep. But before he could remove the hand around his wrist, the grip started to become tighter and tighter.

And so that's what happened. Now, he just yelled for Yoochun to wake up. Of course, it's easy to break this wrist lock but if he did, he would be breaking Yoochun's arm. Nope. He didn't want that.

"Ahhh... Park Yoochun! It really hurts!" the geeky Junsu was going teary eyed from the pain. He felt his wrists about to dislocate. This man had a very tight grip on him. "YAH!" Another squeak came out form his mouth. "I need these hands!"

Yoochun opened his eyes. It was full of pain from his past. I was dreaming. That’s what his first thought was which made him calm down in an instant. Then, after a few seconds, the pain filled eyes were now filled with shock and confusion. He saw Junsu. Why was he here so close to him and why does it feel like he’s going to cry? He just looked at the man who was facing him.

"Yoochun-shi, your hand..." Junsu whimpered out. He looked at the "object" he was grabbing. It was Junsu's wrist.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he repeated it again and again.

Once Yoochun let go, Junsu turned his back to Yoochun and started massaging his aching wrist.

"I'm really sorry."

It was quiet for a while. Junsu just focused on making the red mark around his wrist go away.

"Nurse's office?" Yoochun offered.

"I should be fine. Just a sprain," Junsu answered.

Yoochun just looked down. He was still gathering his thoughts together. Of course, Junsu noticed him spacing out. He remembered Yoochun's current state from this morning when Yoochun left the room.

"Did you have another nightmare again?" Junsu asked him worriedly. He gasped at his slip of the tongue.

Yoochun looked at him with a confused but suspicious look. The word "again" suddenly confused him. How did he know he was having troubling dreams lately?

Junsu put on his poker face. He asked his question again but this time correctly. "Did you have a nightmare? Is there anything bothering you?"

"Oh," Yoochun looked down again.

He must have been hearing things.

"Well-" Junsu was about to say something but a ringtone erupted from nowhere.

Yoochun was surprised but he quickly took the phone out of his pocket. The caller ID said "My Love".

"Who's My Love?" Junsu asked himself. "He has a girlfriend?" He got a bit disappointed and maybe more jealous.

Yoochun took the call in one ring. "Hello?" Junsu heard him say. Another hello followed and another and another.

Who the hell would call and hang up? Junsu wondered.

Yoochun gave up and he ended the call.

"Girlfriend?" Junsu asked innocently. He needed to know. He couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous.

"Boyfriend." Yoochun stood up. "He hanged up though."

Junsu pouted more on the inside. "Did you guys fight? Maybe he's hiding something from you."

Yoochun just smiled at him. No matter how personal the question was, he couldn't help but feel that it was just an innocent question coming from the new student.

"Xiah Junsu right?"

Junsu nodded.

"You weren't in first block this morning."

"Something came up." Junsu lied. He smiled at the thought that at least Park Yoochun noticed his presence.

Yoochun looked at his cell phone clock. Twelve forty five in the afternoon. Time for lunch. "Ahh, well I guess I'll go and eat lunch now then. I'm sorry about your hand." Yoochun bowed but only a little bit.

"It's alright, I won't sue you."

"Good, I won't be able to afford it anyways." Yoochun smiled and turned back at Junsu. He shrugged his shoulders, placing his hands inside his pockets and began to walk off.

‘He wouldn’t be able to afford it?’ Junsu thought about that statement for a bit.

When Yoochun was at a far away distance, Junsu was finally able to breathe properly. Apparently, Park Yoochun made both Xiah Junsu's and Kim Junsu's heart beat wild.


"Ahh, there you are Junsu!" Jaejoong yelled from across the hallway. He ran up to the smaller man but slowly and carefully. He tried to cover up his wounds. "What were you up to? I was about to go beat the hell out of Choi Siwon without you."

"Even if I was here, I won't help you," Junsu added in. "I was digging up some stuff about Choi if that’s what you were wondering about. How are your wounds? Healing nicely?"

"It's fine. I covered my cuts with makeup," Jaejoong told him. "Argh, that Choi Siwon. If you saw him grin at Yoochun this morning... I swear, I was about to go and beat him up myself. Not being able to do anything right now—it feels like we're losing. And you know, I hate losing."

"Good thing I wasn't there," Junsu adjusted his thick framed glasses. “Don’t worry Jaejoong, we just need to find a reason behind why Kim Junsu needs to punish Siwon. Xiah Junsu already has one but not Kim Junsu.”

"You should've seen Jung Yunho too!" Jaejoong added in.

"Jung Yunho?" He asked out loud. That name sounded familiar.

"That guy you called last night," Jaejoong told Junsu. "The one who you busted my real identity to last night. Usually, nobody knows Kim Jaejoong."

"You should've just told him to keep his mouth shut," Junsu looked at him.

"He hasn’t spoken a single word about it though. He probably thought I’d kill him or something,” Jaejoong shrugged, “Do I look that scary to you?”

Junsu just laughed.

Junsu was slow at reacting. “Not at all Joongie, you're the nicest guy in the whole world," Junsu hugged him. Junsu wasn’t lying though but Jaejoong’s sarcasm detector just alarmed in his brain.

“You’re lying aren’t you?” Jaejoong looked at Junsu jokingly.

“Nope. Not at all,” Junsu giggled like a dolphin.

Of course, this would look funny if Xiah Junsu was Kim Junsu. But at school, Kim Junsu does not exist—only Xiah Junsu.

"I'm heading to the cafeteria. Come eat with me," Jaejoong offered.

"Yeah, I'll go. I just need to use the washroom," Junsu answered.

"See you there then."

Both went their own separate ways.

As Junsu walked to the washroom, he saw two men talking ahead of him. They looked really muscular. After a second, both stopped walking to pick up a call. Junsu just kept on walking. He was about 20 steps behind them but even though it was none of his business, he couldn't help but just hear their conversation.

"Hello Siwon-hyung?" the student answered.

Choi Siwon huh? He thought. This might be interesting. He walked slower. He grabbed a book from his hands and pretended to read it.

He continued to listen as the student spoke. "You want me and Kangin to guard the front of the boy’s washroom? In the first floor? Why?

Junsu started to wonder. Well that was weird. Why would Choi Siwon want two goons to guard the front of the washroom? He passed the two guys now but he just started to walk in a slower pace just to listen to their conversation that involved Choi Siwon.

Eventually, his question was answered.

"You have Park Yoochun blindfolded inside the washroom stall? Oh sorry! I'll be quiet. Yeah. We'll be there," the bigger man confirmed.

To seem like he was innocent and didn't hear anything. Junsu just acted like he was so into this book he was "apparently" reading—so much that he didn't pay attention to his surroundings.

Both men looked back at him but he wasn't to be suspected. He was a geek. No one would recognize threat in a wimp anyways. As the two students turned a corner, he stopped walking and closed his book.

There was only one thing he knew. Park Yoochun was in trouble again. According to what he heard, they were going to the boy’s washroom in the first floor. Junsu shook his head in a displeased manner and made a 'tsk' sound. He started to head towards the direction where the two students headed.

"Consider yourself a lucky guy Yoochun. I must be in love with you for protecting you once. And now twice."


A/N: MAAAAAAN , you guys won't even believe it if i tell you. LOLOL ~ I blacked out err ... fainted two days ago. HAHAHA~ wow , i sound too happy about that. BUT YEAAH ~ . wooow . UGHH ... ewww.. my dog farted. AHH IT SMELLS. kay anyways, SOOO chapter 8 will be up soon. i actually have it finished. it's just that i hate editing so much. T_T " LOL . and i'll tease you guys. it's fun being the author and all. I RUULE . HAHAH <333 but i RULE WITH GREAT LOVE. XDD YOU SEEE? throws shinkishinki love everywhere. hahaha. <33
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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 8: What is True Love?

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 11:01 pm

[b">Chapter 8 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 8 [Winglin Version]
Click for the link!


Chapter 8: What Is True Love?

“Hey there stranger,” Jaejoong called out to Yunho who was sitting on a 4 seater table beside his girlfriend. Of course everyone knew the Queen of the school and the hottie, Yunho were going out. Yunho was always the talk of the class. With his good looks, toned body, and the brains, he was perfect.

Staying at the Jung’s place last night, he found out that Jung Yunho was actually rich too. And so he did a little bit researching and found out that his family owned the Jung Enterprises. There was no doubt about it. He wowed at the thought but wasn’t too shocked. Jung Enterprises was one of the companies that stood at the top of the chain as well.

“Lay off transfer student,” Seulgi told him. “I have no interest in you.” She thought that Jaejoong had a secret crush on her. “If you hang out with that geek Xiah Junsu, you can’t talk to us rich kids. You’re not loaded and cool like us anyways.”

Jaejoong just smirked and laughed at what she told him. She was totally making fun of the guy who has access to the bank account of the richest guy in Asia.

“You judge people too easily,” Jaejoong simply said. He looked at Yunho who just looked down at his food. He was probably going crazy in his mind right now. Jaejoong laughed at the thought but he wanted to torture Yunho’s head more. He took a seat right across Seulgi.

“So you’re saying, you’re not a fag. You’re rich and you don’t consider yourself as one of those people who would hang out with us just for our money huh?” Seulgi told him.

“Not at all,” Jaejoong replied with ease.

“Lies. You want money. You want fame. You want to be like me don’t you? You like me huh?” Seulgi thought that she had the situation controlled by the tips of her fingers.

Yunho’s eyes widened. “Let’s just stop for today okay Seulgi?” He was scared that Kim Jaejoong would be pissed at him and also her. That would be the last thing he’d want to do. “Be nice.”

Seulgi pouted. “Fine oppa,” she obeyed him.

But Jaejoong didn’t want the conversation to end already. He wanted to have some fun.

He continued to talk.

“No I don’t want your money. No I don’t want to have your measly fame. No, I don’t want to be a bitch like you. And I’d hate to be in your boyfriend’s shoes because you’re a bitch,” Jaejoong smiled at her like he did nothing wrong. He wasn’t pissed but it was fun messing around with people. He had nothing to lose anyways.

Seulgi stood up from her seat and walked beside Jaejoong. She was fumed. “Did you just call me a bitch?!” She used her screechy voice which echoed in the cafeteria. Everybody looked at their table.

“I don’t know,” Jaejoong shrugged challengingly, “Did I say that?”

“Yeah, you simply told me off! You said, you didn’t want to be a bitch like me,” she talked loud enough for the whole cafeteria to hear.

“Ahh…so what if I did?” Jaejoong looked at her.

She screamed in frustration. “It seems that you need to be taught a lesson.” She slammed her left hand on the table. Everyone should fear her wrath. And with her right hand, she raised it with the purpose to slap Jaejoong on the face. “You’re just a scrawny brat. So shut up.”

Unfortunately, her hands were stopped by Jaejoong’s left hand. Guys would always be stronger than girls. “Who’s scrawny?” he asked her as he stood up. His presence overruled the girl’s. He towered over her with his hand still holding her wrists. She didn’t speak. “That’s what I thought. And you know, it’s not nice to hit people,” Jaejoong said as he quickly gave her two gentle pats on her left cheek. It rendered her speechless. Every guy around them snickered except for the girls—they were on Seulgi’s side.

Jaejoong finally let go of her hands and walked towards Jung Yunho. Every eye was on his figure but Jaejoong just stared at the man who just ogled down at his food the whole entire time. When he was close enough, Jaejoong leaned towards the ear of the sitting man.

“You didn’t call me,” Jaejoong whispered. “I wanted to get your number too.”

Yunho was just shocked to hear those words. Was he supposed to call him? He turned to face the man but it shocked him that their faces were once again too close for comfort. Every girl was shocked but mostly angered. They wanted to rip Jaejoong away from Yunho.

Yunho’s heart began to jump out of his chest. What was wrong with him? His eyes were caught by Jaejoong’s own. Why does he act like a pussy around Jaejoong? But suddenly, everything was cut off by the sound of Jaejoong’s phone vibrating.


Junsu watched as the two guys stood in front of the washroom. They were chatting away. Thank God the door was located near a corner. Junsu could easily hear what they were saying. He took a peek at the scene.

“Wow, those two were supposed to keep guard?” Junsu told himself. “What idiots. They’re not even watching at all.” Junsu just shook his head displeased with the stupidity. The two men were too busy keeping track of what’s going on inside the washroom than what’s going on on the outside. He quickly grabbed his phone and texted Jaejoong. A call would just cause more attraction.

He texted, “Jaejoong, time yourself. It’s an emergency. Be precise. In exactly forty seconds, no earlier, no later. Come to the first floor, boy’s washroom.” He sent it. He gave Jaejoong ten seconds to receive the text, read it and set up.

“…Seven, eight, nine and ten,” Junsu counted. After counting to ten, Junsu took a quick peek just to check if he could still ambush them. He sighed in relief. The two guys were still looking in the washroom. It made his job easier now. With air like steps, he sneaked up on the two. He didn’t waste any time at all. He sliced the thin air with his hands, hitting the back of one guy’s head and then the other. Both men blacked out almost at the same time, falling together. It was a great plan. Xiah Junsu wouldn’t be able to get recognized as the guy who could knock out two men in swift moves.

He took both the students and sat them up beside the lockers. They looked like they were just taking a nap. With that, Junsu sneaked inside the washroom again.

Twenty seconds have now passed, and in another twenty seconds, Jaejoong would come. He needed to hurry. Junsu peeked inside the washroom. Choi Siwon had Yoochun blindfolded and all tied up against the wall. His attention was too focused on Yoochun.

“You thought you could get away just like that huh?” Junsu heard Siwon say as he slowly crept towards him. “If it feels a bit lonely now Yoochun, it’s okay. More guys are coming. But I told them to wait till everyone got settled in class. What we’re going to do to you would be too noisy.”

“Haven’t you done enough?” Yoochun spoke now.

“I’ll be satisfied when I find you half dying in here,” Siwon replied with a cocky tone. “You’re so full of yourself aren’t you? Just because you have all those girls and even guys swooning at you doesn’t mean I can’t hurt you. Money shows how much power you have. I am the richest guy here and you’re just a scrawny guy who lives off of a whole day’s work hours. Don’t worry. I know.”

“Fuck off.”

Siwon became more irritated. “You need a lesson don’t you?” He lifted his fists in the air preparing to punch Yoochun to show him who the boss was around here. But before any contact was made, Junsu who stood behind him swiftly hooked his right hand with Siwon’s elbow preventing his fist to make contact with Yoochun’s face. Then taking his free hand, he hit the back of Siwon’s head. He should get knocked out like those guys.

Siwon was shocked—full of anger. With his woozy vision, he turned around just to see the face of the one who hit him—the one who caught him off guard.

Junsu stepped back, his eyes widening. There was no time to move. Why wasn’t Siwon blacking out like those guys over there? He didn’t black out as fast and that was not part of the plan. All Junsu knew was that Xiah Junsu was going to get beat up pretty soon and he won’t be able to do anything about it.

Another figure appeared right behind Junsu in a flash and came up in front of him, covering his own frame completely. It was Jaejoong. He came right in the nick of time. Because of this, Siwon caught a glimpse of Jaejoong’s face instead of Junsu’s.

Before he blacked out, he groaned, “Jaejoong, you’re going to die.”

“Go take a hike,” Jaejoong told him as he punched the guy’s face and another one at his abdomen causing the other one to spit out fluids from his mouth. Siwon fell to the ground. “Another bitch knocked down today. God I’m good.” Jaejoong praised himself. He looked back at Junsu. “By the way, that was thirty nine seconds. But I panicked so I came earlier than expected.”

“Jaejoong?” Yoochun asked recognizing his voice. “Thirty nine seconds?”

Jaejoong began to untie him. He didn’t take off his blindfold yet. “Xiah Junsu texted me. Apparently he heard some of Siwon’s men talking about you getting beaten up. But you don’t look so beat up. I just came because Junsu wouldn’t be able to help you. He has uhh… asthma.” He took off Yoochun’s blindfold now.

“Why did you guys help me? We’re not even friends,” Yoochun asked. He saw Junsu behind the stalls watching on the sidelines.

“You helped the two of us too,” Jaejoong explained. “We were strangers as well.”

“But you already helped me,” Yoochun replied, “Yunho explained everything.”

“Well, you helped two people. The first time, that was me. And this time it’s Junsu okay? I guess we’re even now,” Jaejoong patted Yoochun’s shoulder. “You should fight back too!”

“Couldn’t,” Yoochun replied. “Was thinking about some stuff…and then there were those drugs…”

“It’s better to forget about the past,” Jaejoong told him. When Jaejoong said past, he meant just what happened yesterday. But to Yoochun, the word past was a one heavy word.

“Past huh?” Yoochun smiled. “Easier said than done.”

The bell rang.

“Jaejoong,” Junsu called out from behind the stall, “should we get going now?” He knew more of Siwon’s men would be coming any time soon. He didn’t want to be stuck in that whole gigantic mess.

Yoochun walked past Jaejoong going towards Junsu. “Thanks a lot as well.” He bowed.

Junsu reached out his hand to Yoochun. “Friends?” He offered. He was still scared because he didn’t think that Yoochun would befriend a geek like him. But to his surprise, his hands were shook by Yoochun’s gentle and warm hands. His heart skipped a beat from the skin ship. Now he didn’t care however he shook Yoochun’s hand. It wasn’t the business world. “Me and Jaejoong will get going then,” Junsu said. “We have fitness class next. Be careful though,” Junsu warned with a squeaky voice.

They got out of the washroom and went their separate ways.

Yoochun didn’t have any classes at that time and so, like usual, he went up to the empty art classroom overlooking the soccer field. It was always calming just watching people do their own thing—having fun, being normal, without any worries. It was these gifts that he’d like to have.

He never had the normal life. His life was sleep, school, work, and then more work. He needed the money to support himself and so he just drowned and drowned deeper into the darkness. Nobody knew he suffered except for the man he loved. And things weren’t going so well with him either. For the past few months, he had only seen him twice. And it was for only a couple of minutes.

Those days that he came over, the man he loved would always secretly place money underneath his pillows. He knew he needed an extra hand and Yoochun would always smile at the discreetly done deed. He was the first stranger to ever care for someone as useless as him. Care by this man touched his heart deeply and because of this, Yoochun figured out what real love felt like. It was like the love he felt from his mother. By being with him, Yoochun felt like he was embraced by pure love.

Yoochun sighed as he placed his arm on the window sill. If only he could be like those normal guys. If only he didn’t have a father like that man. He wouldn’t have to pay off his debts. If only his mom was still alive…he’d be happy.

After the accident, his grandparents wouldn’t even take him in. To them he was the son of the man who killed his mother. He was the person who his mother gave his eyes to. He was the source of everyone’s hatred.

“Hey!” Yunho snapped him out of his thoughts. “I thought you’d be here. What’s up?” He stood on the door way.

“Just thinking,” Yoochun replied. He continued to stare out the window.

Yunho took a seat and placed it in front of the window as well so that he could sit beside Yoochun. “How is it with Kim Junsu?” Yunho asked him as he sat down.

“I hate him,” Yoochun replied without hesitation. “Listen Yunho.” Yoochun told him everything that happened in the washroom.

“Jaejoong did what?!” Yunho was surprised. "I wanted a piece of him!"

“He beat up Choi Siwon,” Yoochun answered. “I was going to ask you to take care of him like last time. He’s going to be in danger."

It was dead quiet for a while. Yunho didn’t know what to say for the very first time. Yoochun thinking about all these things...he must be really worried. Yoochun’s cell phone rang again for the second time in the day breaking the silence between them. The caller ID said, My Love.

“It’s him again isn’t it?” Yunho asked.

Yoochun just picked up the phone. First ring, as always. “Hello…? Hello?”

No one answered from the other line.

Yunho started to speak. “I think he’s cheating on you.”

“No. How can you say that?” Yoochun said with doubting eyes.

“I do that too,” Yunho replied. “Every time I cheat.”

“You know—” Yoochun was frustrated. He was always sensitive about issues that involved his boyfriend. He wanted to talk some more but a loud yell from the outside ringed in their ears. Their attention was caught.

Both men looked outside just in time to see Junsu about to get demolished by a soccer ball.


Jaejoong nudged Junsu’s side and winked at him.

“What the hell Jaejoong,” Junsu pouted as they left the change room to go to the soccer field. “That face is so ugly.”

“Shut up,” Jaejoong told him. “Somebody just went from a stranger to a friend to Park Yoochun~”

Junsu couldn’t help but blush. It made him think about how if he wasn’t Kim Junsu he’d be normal. If only his money and the business didn’t get in the way, he’d make real friends. There should be more to life than just work right? Being a normal kid—that is what he wished for.

“Hey watch out!” a student yelled from across the field. It was a warning to Junsu. A soccer ball was coming his way.

Junsu suddenly snaps out of his daze. He too sees the soccer ball moving right at him. In a blink of an eye, he was already one hundred percent focused. He dodged to his left with sharp concentrated eyes and then spun around to jolt the ball with a round-house kick. He smirked. The ball zoomed at the net. It was so fast the goalie didn’t even have enough time react.

A score.

“Hey Jaejoong! Did you see—” He stopped as he saw Jaejoong’s ‘Oh My God You Just Busted Yourself’ look. He was a bit confused. He looked at everyone’s faces. Then Jaejoong’s. Then everyone’s again. Why were people so surprised?

Finally, Jaejoong’s thought bubble clicked in on him.

… Right. How could a geek kick a ball so professionally skilled like that? Wow. He was stupid. Junsu looked at Jaejoong who just face palmed on the inside. All of the people practically had their jaw dropping to the ground. They were probably saying ‘what the hell just happened?’

Junsu didn’t know what to do. How was he supposed to explain this? Everything started to spin. People’s shocked faces circled around him. Maybe he should just…

Junsu’s vision started to darken. Not even two seconds have passed and he suddenly fell on his side. He’ll just leave it to Jaejoong and his quick thinking about these situations.


The quick witted man quickly got the message Junsu tried to portray indirectly. He ran up to Junsu who just blacked out.

“Waah~” Jaejoong acted. “What an adrenaline rush! Wake up Junsu~”

“Is he going to be okay?” the guy who kicked the ball asked. “That was so cool! But how did that geek…?”

“He probably didn’t even know it,” Jaejoong lied. “You know how people are when they feel like they’re about to die.”

The guy looked at him confusedly.

“Adrenaline rush!” Jaejoong made it up. Like you’ll get an adrenaline rush from getting hit by a soccer ball.

“OH!” The guy stupidly bought it. “I see. No wonder that geek was able to do it. Even I could probably do it.”

He walked away.

Jaejoong just scoffed at him. “In your dreams,” he mumbled out. He carried Junsu to the nurse’s room.


“Wow!” Yunho mouthed out. “Did you just see that? That was amazing!” Both of them looked at the still standing Junsu. “Did you see that? Did you see that? Wow! That geek has some skills!”

Yoochun was just confused. Junsu looked like the type of guy who was bubbly, a pushover but not in very bad way and a clumsy guy. How could he do that? It broke all the laws of logic.

“Wow!” Yunho said out loud for the third time. “He had the soccer ball spinning at the back of the net. I can’t even do that! That was so cool—!!”

He stopped being amazed. Apparently, Junsu just fell to the ground for some weird reason.

Yunho got confused. “I think he fainted, Chun,” he added. He turned to his side just to see Yoochun’s back running out the class door. ‘Is he going to Junsu?’


Yoochun pushed the door to the nurse’s office. He heard the two voices so apparently Junsu was awake as well.

“That was a good fake Junsu,” Yoochun heard Jaejoong say. “Way to leave everything to me.” There was sarcasm in his voice.

“Sorry,” Junsu told him. “I had to.”

Yoochun was confused. So he faked it? Why? With Junsu, he was always confused. He was the only person Yoochun couldn't read. He was always puzzled by his actions— including this one.

He knew he shouldn’t be snooping but for some apparent reason, he was really interested in Xiah Junsu. It felt like they had a connection. And so, he stood behind the curtains trying to find his answer.

“You have to be careful,” Jaejoong sighed. “You almost got busted for the person who you really are.”

“And that’s why you’re here, right?” Junsu smiled at him.

“No, the reason I am here is because this is the only school in the area,” Jaejoong replied. “I know we’ve been stuck together since diapers but don’t do this to me. You scared the shit out of me—and myself.”

So Jaejoong and Junsu knew each other before already? They’re hiding something but what?

Jaejoong opened the curtains. “I’m going to get you water— Oh Yoochun!” He stared at the man with widened eyes. “We’re you here long?”

“Sorry, I saw Junsu faint and thought you’d be here,” Yoochun replied. “Didn’t want to disrupt your conversation either.”

Yoochun saw Junsu’s and Jaejoong’s gazes at each other. “Did you hear anything?”

“Just that you guys were friends for a long time,” Yoochun lied.

“Good!” Jaejoong said with relief. “You can take over for me then. I’ll leave you two.”

Jaejoong left the nurse’s room. He smiled at his attempt to get both of them together. He continued to walk but the sight of Yunho ahead of him caught his eyes.

It seems Yunho was looking for him. “Have you seen Yoochun?” he asked Jaejoong as he ran towards him.

“He’s with Junsu,” Jaejoong replied.

“Oh, okay. I’ll go check on him too,” Yunho said. He was about to walk away but Jaejoong got a hold of his wrist. He didn’t want Yunho to disrupt Junsu’s alone time with Yoochun. “So, how’s your true love going? Need a hand?” he suddenly asked Yunho.

Yunho stopped walking and faced Jaejoong. “I don’t need advices about true love from someone who had affairs across the globe.”

“You are quick to judge as well, just like your girlfriend,” Jaejoong paused. “So what exactly is this true love you are referring to?” He bent down a bit to look at Yunho’s eyes.

“…” No response. He didn’t want to reply.

“Answer my question Yunho.”

“It’s like getting hit by a bullet,” Yunho said after a while. “Ever felt it?” He rolled his eyes. “But I guess you never have since you don’t know what it feels like.”

“You know what Jung?” Jaejoong replied. “Getting hit by a bullet is no loving matter. I should know. I’ve been hit by one.”

“Yeah, okay,” Yunho rolled his eyes again. “Sure.”

“So what is true love Yunho? Explain properly.”

Yunho sighed.

“It’s love that doesn’t make you feel lonely. Where you truly feel happy and never lacking.” Yunho scoffed at Jaejoong. “You should go get one.” He was getting pissed at the other man for some reason. He hated people who asked stupid questions especially about love. He wasn’t pro at this whole subject either. Like he could explain what love is.

“There’s no such thing,” Jaejoong smirked. “You must have been dreaming.”

“There is,” Yunho sharply replied.

“Then where is it? Show me.”

“In your heart—you just know,” Yunho fought back.

“Heart huh?” Jaejoong challenged him. “So what I’m getting from you is that true love makes you happy right Yunho?”

He looked at the man who was a bit aggravated. Jaejoong could tell that he was starting to get annoyed.

Yunho didn’t look like he was going to speak anytime soon and so he just straightened out his figure and began to talk again. He looked devilishly at Yunho’s eyes. “Then why is it Jung Yunho, that when I look at you, I see anything but a happy person?” He smirked at his win.


A/N: Waaaah~ i'm sorry if this chapter was long and boring . I kinda need it to support everything else. teehee~ BUT ANYWAYS! I'M BACK FROM VACATION AND WITH AN UPDATE~ <33333 I need to get back to you on those comments. LOLOL ~~ But we're starting to paint the house so I'll do it one comment at a time. LOLOL ~~ LOVE YOU GUUYS. ALWAYS~ <33 teehee , I added more Yunjae for the Yunjae fans. gosh im so considerate. HAHAH YEE RIGHT. we all need the yunjae. teehee~~ <33 Comments are love guys. Makes me want to update faster. LOLOL ~ <33 If I get spoiled then you also get spoiled. mwahahaha~~ >;DD

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 9: The Bet

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Chapter 8 [Wignlin Version]
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Chapter 8 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 9: The Bet

“I’ll separate with you now okay Jaejoong?” Junsu told him as they walked out the gates of the school. “I never knew you came back here till yesterday from France so I’m guessing nobody knows you’re back yet right?”

Jaejoong nodded as they stopped at a four way street. “Since you need rest from all the beating up you took yesterday, you don’t have to come to work today.” He smiled at Jaejoong. “Thanks for covering up for me today.

“But—” Jaejoong retorted. “I was supposed to start today and work with you—”

“You’re still bruised up. I can tell,” Junsu told him as he looked at Jaejoong from head to toe. “You can come back to work for me when you’re feeling better.”

“But!” Jaejoong was about to say something again. “I want to come with you! Please? I was so excited.”

“For seven years you were gone and worked far away from me. But now you can follow me around the business field like the good old days. You’ll start tomorrow.”



“Junsu~?” Jaejoong cooed.

“Next week,” the other stubborn man replied flatly.

“What?!” Jaejoong was surprised at the sudden change.

“Try again Kim Jaejoong,” Junsu told him. “You won’t work for a month.” He stared at Jaejoong sternly. “Why do you want to come to work anyways?”

“I’m like you SuSu-ah,” Jaejoong replied. “Work keeps my adrenaline rushing. So please~?”

“No!” Junsu told him getting frustrated. He took off his glasses and scrunched up his hair. His commanding eyes can now be seen. “You can come back when I tell you that you can come back. For the meantime, go home and get better.” Junsu stood up tall and started walking far away from him.

“Fine!” Jaejoong stomped off in the other direction. “I’ll come to work tomorrow! Bye!” He waved to Junsu and continued to walk the opposite direction.

“Let’s see…” he mumbled to himself. “Call Eeteuk for my car or …” Jaejoong looked at what’s ahead of him. “I can go to the mall!”

He paused and thought about it. “Okay! The mall it is then.” He started to walk to the direction he wanted to go but suddenly, a loud voice echoed through the streets.

“Hey you! We have a score to settle!” a man said.

Jaejoong couldn’t help but feel a bit scared because he was in no shape or condition to fight today.

“You’re Kim Jaejoong aren’t you?”

The raven haired man sensed the danger. How come this always happens when Junsu isn’t around?

“It depends. Which Kim Jaejoong are you asking for right now,” Jaejoong merely replied.

“Kim Jaejoong. The one who blacked us out this afternoon and punched our boss,” one of the goons said.

“Okay! Well that’s me,” Jaejoong faced them with a grinning face. It must have been the same guys who he saw knocked out beside the lockers.

“What a moron,” the other man mocked him. “Let us see you grinning at this.” He took out a knife from his pocket.

Everyone gasped at the scene unfolding. Women grabbed their kids and ran away. “Come with us so we can play with you.” Both of them grinned at Jaejoong. “We’ll forgive you if you come with us.” They taunted him some more.

“Ahh…” Jaejoong was amused by the situation. As much as he wanted to punch the both of them, his ribs were too sore for too much movement. He needed to use his brains today. “Wow! Your boss must not be busy to be in these streets right now.” Jaejoong nudged his head forward telling them that Siwon was across the street.

“Our boss is here?!” Both of them looked back. “Hey boss! We have Kim Jaejoong for you!” They scanned the area for Siwon’s face in the crowd but no one they recognized was there. They looked back at their prey again.

Jaejoong was gone.

“Shit!” one man said. “Let’s go call the others, Kangin.”

“Get Siwon on the line too,” the big guy said. “I’m sure he’d want to hunt down Jaejoong today as well. I need to repay him for taking good care of us today.”


Jaejoong just ran and ran after he escaped those two guys. “Man, I need my own weapon,” he panted for air. It was the first time his lungs couldn’t give him enough air. His tortured ribs wouldn’t let him breathe. For two more minutes, he continued to run until he couldn’t do it anymore. He stopped in front of a store. The sign was too big to not be seen.

“Wow, this looks nice,” Jaejoong stared at the overall look of the store. “A café place huh?” He looked at the top. “Grand opening? It must be new then.”

Jaejoong opened the door and went inside, trying to find himself a seat. He scanned the area for anything suspicious. From left to right, he eyed each and every single one of the customers but his gaze stopped at a one studious guy who seemed to know the word ‘style’ and ‘sexy’. He walked towards him without taking his eye off the man who was playing with his dark framed glasses while concentrating on reading a book.

“So Jung Yunho,” Jaejoong grabbed a chair across from the man, “I’m going to join you today.”

Yunho didn’t need to look up to recognize that commanding voice. “I’m busy. As long as you’re quiet you can sit here.”

“Okay,” Jaejoong smiled and took a seat across from him.

Yunho just discreetly rolled his eyes.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

Each minute passing meant more building up of frustration inside Yunho’s head. But finally, he exploded with a complaint to the raven haired man.

“I know I told you to be quiet and you are…” Yunho massaged his head and continued to speak, “But if you keep staring at me—”

“I just did what you requested of me,” Jaejoong told him. “I’m quiet but you didn’t say I couldn’t stare at you. It wasn’t one of the things I needed to do in order to sit here.”

Yunho just heaved a sigh. ‘Why does he need to turn every situation around?’

“You’re not that scared of me now are you?” Jaejoong smiled at him.

“Getting used to it,” Yunho replied bluntly. He was really trying to study.

“Well then I suggest that you don’t see me when I hang around with Kim Junsu,” Jaejoong scoffed. “You know, we should go out for dinner—” Jaejoong’s cheerful eyes turned into disappointed ones.

It seems Yunho was ignoring him the whole time. Jaejoong pouted on the inside but just continued to stare at the man to just bug him.

It was nice to stare at Yunho up close. This way he could see every detail of his beauty, and his unknown habits. He watched as Yunho tapped the sides of his glasses with his pencil and his long slender fingers flipping the book’s pages for the twentieth time that day. What a show to watch on television every day.

Who knows how long he’s been staring now. An hour? Two hours maybe?

Suddenly, Yunho scribbled something down on his paper. Like everything looked normal, Yunho hands Jaejoong the torn paper.

‘I see Siwon and his men behind you about 10 meters away. You’re in trouble. Chun told me what happened today.’

Jaejoong stared at Yunho with surprised eyes. He didn’t expect them to find him here so quickly. So quickly? Maybe time just passed by too quickly because of the heavenly distraction in front of him. Jaejoong wanted to get Yunho’s attention but he still just kept looking down on his own book. He watched as the other man scribbled another note to him.

‘You need to go.’

Jaejoong looked back. But when he did, his eyes were caught by Siwon’s own vengeful eyes.


Yunho started to pack his things inside his bag. Jaejoong couldn’t help but feel frantic because there were too many people around them including Yunho. He was in a real pinch this time. He was way too weak to fight back against this much people. But who could help him?

“Guys!” Siwon yelled inside the café which caught everyone’s attention. “I found my prey.” He wiped his lips with the back of his hands and walked towards Jaejoong.

“Shit!” Jaejoong stood up only to find a gun pointed at the back of his head. Then the rest followed. “This is not good.”

With every gun pointed at his head, Jaejoong didn’t move.

“So Jaejoong…” Siwon got behind him a little too close. With his free hand, he wrapped it around Jaejoong’s neck. “How are you feeling today?”


Siwon snapped giving Jaejoong a punch at the face and the abdomen like what he did to him. “How are you feeling Jaejoong?” He asked again. But this time Jaejoong was on the floor winded. He couldn’t breathe. Blood trickled down from his mouth. “When people hurt me Jaejoong…” Siwon grabbed a fist full of his hair and pulled it so that he would be staring at him. “I tend to return the favor a hundred times worse.”

“Fuck you,” Jaejoong gasped for air that got knocked right out of his system. “I don’t lose.”

Siwon raised his hand with the gun up in the air with the sole purpose of hitting Jaejoong with it. “Wrong answer.” He smirked.

“I think you shouldn’t do that,” Yunho said as he stopped the hand from hitting Jaejoong. Catching Siwon by surprise, he attacked Siwon’s wrist causing him to have a loose grip on the gun. Now Yunho was able to take it easily. He pointed the gun at Siwon. “Look. Me and Jaejoong just need to get out this place.” He kept on pointing it at Siwon who didn’t move. “You guys,” Yunho looked at everyone who pointed the gun at him. “If you shoot and so will I. And I tell you, I don’t miss.” He pointed it directly at Siwon’s head.

“Order’s boss?” Kangin asked.

“Don’t shoot until I give you the signal,” Siwon hissed at him.

It was three guns against one gun. This situation was too worrisome. By this point in time, Jaejoong got up and Yunho gave the gun to Jaejoong.

Yunho told them a lie. He didn’t even know how to use one.

“Everybody get down!” Jaejoong yelled to all the people who just sat there watching the situation unfolding. “Yunho, we’re getting out of here.” Jaejoong didn’t take off his aim and his eyes from
Siwon’s figure. Both men slowly walked with their backs to the exit. They were almost there. Just when they reached the door knob both of them knew that they were safe.

“Shoot them,” Siwon ordered. Every hope turned upside down.

“Yunho!!” Jaejoong screamed. Apparently, he didn’t need to call out his name. The door was already open and ready to close in a matter of milliseconds.

When the shots were fired, the door was halfway closed already.

“We need a car! Now!” Jaejoong ordered. He kept on running with the remaining energy he had. His ribs were really killing him today making him unable to breathe well.

“CAR?!” Yunho panicked. “Where do you suppose we find one?”

“Ah! You’re useless,” Jaejoong placed the gun inside his jacket pocket and ran up to a car with a passenger. He opened the door.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” the man cussed at him.

“Mister get out. Now.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” the owner of the car got out and faced Jaejoong.

Jaejoong screamed. “We don’t have time for this shit okay?” He started to take out a piece of paper from his pocket. “Call me on this number. I’ll repay you with two cars.”

The man took Jaejoong’s card and stared at him. “Do you think I’ll buy that?! Do you think I’ll believe that you are the assistant of Kim Junsu, the richest man in Asia?”

“Get out! NOW!” Jaejoong yelled.

A gun shot was fired at them hitting the bumper of the car. The owner of the car was frazzled.

“Old man! I suggest you get out now!” Yunho yelled but more on the side of pleading than commanding.

But it seems like there was no need of that. The man was already halfway across the street in an instant and Jaejoong was already inside.

“Yunho! If you don’t get in right now I will leave you!”

Yunho hopped at the back. Once he got in, more bullets were fired but Jaejoong just stepped on the gas to get them far away from Siwon and his gang as soon as possible.

“SHIT!” Siwon cussed. He turned to the car beside him and looked at the lady who was inside it. With one glare the lady froze. He opened the car door to where she was at and grabbed her collar, flinging her out to the road.

The lady screamed.

“Get in!” Siwon commanded his men.

Now, the chasing began.

“Yunho quick! Grab my phone at the front right side pocket of my pants,” Jaejoong told the man who grabbed a seat at the back.

“Can’t you get it yourself?” Yunho kept on looking back hoping that Siwon and his men wouldn’t be chasing them. “You can drive with one hand.”

“You wanna die Jung Yunho?” Jaejoong questioned him. “Because of the speed we’re going at, I have to keep all my attention to the road.”

“How is your cell phone going to save us?!” Yunho panicked at the back. Out of the blue, the window at the back shattered.

“SAVE ME!” Yunho screamed. Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s arm causing the car to swivel for a short amount of time.

“Let go Yunho! Don’t be such a wuss. Now grab my phone!” Jaejoong ordered him.

Yunho reached out to Jaejoong’s lower area which made Jaejoong smirk. Too bad Yunho couldn’t see it. Once Yunho’s hand was inside Jaejoong’s pocket, his hand roamed around it.

“I don’t see how this is going to save us Jaejoong...” Yunho was talking very impatiently as he handed Jaejoong his phone. “No one can save us! We’re going to die. We’re going to die.” He kept repeating.

“Shut up! And just let me drive!” Jaejoong yelled at Yunho as he slammed his left hand on the steering wheel. He continued to pass the red lights and overtook cars too skillfully like it was his job. “Now, on my phone dial 934-2849-234-87.”

Yunho tried to remember. His fingers were shaking too much to dial quickly.

Another shot was fired sending the head rest beside Yunho’s head flying to the front. “Shit. Shit. Shit!” He continued to focus on the task he was given.

He repeated the numbers Jaejoong recited. “Nine. Three. Four. Two. Eight. Four. Nine. Two…” He forgot the rest of the numbers. “Jaejoong…”

“Three! Four! Eight! Seven!” Jaejoong yelled from the front as they drifted to the left, turning a corner.

“Three, four, eight, seven!” Yunho managed to dial all the numbers. “Who are we calling?!” There was a sound of a phone ringing coming through the speakers.

Yunho placed his head up to the front where Jaejoong was. It was full of fear and hope that the person he was trying to call could save them.

“You’re forgetting who I am Yunho,” Jaejoong whispered to him. His attention wasn’t really on the man beside him but 99% on the road. As much as he wanted to stare, he needed to keep Yunho alive so he could stare at him some more.

“So who the fuck are we calling?!” Yunho started to swear.

“Kim Junsu.”

“Kim Ju—” he tried to repeat but a person answered the phone. It was that same voice he talked to before.

“Hello. Why are you calling Jaejoong?” it was a stern voice.

“KIM JUNSU!” Yunho yelled.

“Who are you?” the voice demanded from the other line.

Yunho impatiently answered. “Jung Yunho! Remember me?”

“Where’s Jaejoong?”

“He’s driving. Siwon’s men are chasing us on the roads. Listen! They’re shooting—”

In a blink of an eye, Yunho’s right cheek was bleeding. A bullet had just missed his face but scratched it instead. “Fuck!” Yunho yelled in pain. He went down on the chair.

“Yunho! Are you alright?” Jaejoong wanted to look back but he couldn’t. “Yunho!”

This was all Junsu could hear. A gun shot. Yunho screaming in pain and Jaejoong a bit frantic—which doesn’t happen a lot. The situation must be too much to handle for Jaejoong today. He started to speak again. “Yunho. Stay with me. Are you still there?”

“…Yeah…” he said as he held the scratch just under his eyes. It started to bleed immensely. Blood started to pool inside his right eye.

“Tell Jaejoong to go through gate six, building number two, door number five.”

Yunho just groaned.

“I’ll repeat it again.” Junsu spoke calm and clearly. “Gate six. Building number two. Door number five.”

He hanged up.

“Yunho!” Jaejoong yelled once more. “What’s wrong?!”

“Keep on driving!” Yunho yelled at him in pain. “Junsu says. Gate six. Building number two. Door number five.”

“Got it,” Jaejoong’s eyes were full of concentration. He swerved a corner.


Kim Junsu closed his phone. He went back inside the meeting room. “Alright,” he said as he faced about 20 people at the round table. “The meeting for today has to be cut short and will be rescheduled. I would like everyone to leave in thirty seconds. If not, you guys will be fired.”

Everybody stood up and packed their belongings in no time. No one uttered a word. Shim Changmin’s reaction was delayed but still stood up, packing his stuff. He was the last one to leave.

Remembering how Jaejoong wanted to meet Changmin, he called out for him. He should make Jaejoong happy today.

“Hey Changmin!” Junsu called out as Changmin took a step out of the door. “Would you like to meet my partner?”

“Is this your legendary assistant, sir?” Changmin asked him, “Kim Jaejoong right?”

“Yeah,” Junsu replied. “Would you like to?”

Changmin nodded.

“Let’s go then,” Junsu told him. “But you have to wait till I give you the signal to come to him okay?”

“What’s wrong?” Changmin asked him.

“Don’t worry,” Junsu walked up the Changmin and placed his right hand on his right shoulder. “Business gets more fun when you make more enemies.”

Changmin stared at him confusedly. “Sir?”

“It’s not too dangerous,” Junsu told him. “As you senior, you just need to trust me. Still want to come?” He gave him a challenging smirk.

“Yes,” Changmin smiled back. “I’d love to.”


“This is the Kim Enterprise buildings,” Siwon whispered. “What the hell are these guys doing here?”

“Maybe they think that they’d be safe here,” Kangin said as he tried to aim for the car ahead of them. “What fools.”

“Stop shooting!” Siwon commanded. “They’re going to stop somewhere, somehow. Save you bullets for the real fun.”


“Jung Yunho!” Jaejoong called out to the quiet Yunho lying on the back seat. “You still alive?”

“Yeah…” Yunho groaned out. Blood started to pool at his right eye. He couldn’t see very well.

“Now listen,” Jaejoong started to give him instructions. “Once I fully stop this car, get ready to get out and run in that door.” Jaejoong tried to show him the door up ahead of them.

Yunho got up slowly and looked at the door Jaejoong was pointing to. It had the big number two sign on it. It was the door number two Kim Junsu was talking about…probably.

“Listen Yunho,” Jaejoong tried to assure him as they got closer to the door. “Once we get in there, we’ll be safe. Okay? Trust me.”

Yunho felt a little bit relieved but there was nothing to ease the burning pain under his eye. He could only prepare to get out of the car and so he grabbed the handle to open the door as fast as he could. The only thing he could do was to just trust Jaejoong on this one.

“Ready Yunho?” Jaejoong started to drop his speed. “Three. Two. One…” Jaejoong stepped on the breaks hard. “GO!”

Yunho opened his door and so did Jaejoong. Then as fast as both of them could, they ran through the automatic doors.

Yunho was expecting a police barricade but no. There was no one there. It was an empty floor with stairs going up to the next floor at the left and right side.

“Jaejoong! What the hell?!” Yunho freaked out, his right hand clutched his wound under his eye. They stood of the middle of the floor. “How is Kim Junsu supposed to help us?” He couldn’t breathe. He didn’t want to die yet. He still had many things that he wanted to do.

Jaejoong looked at Yunho for the first time. The man was too frantic. “Oh my God Yunho! Your eyes. You got hit?!” He quickly ran up to the wounded man, his face coming close to Yunho’s own.

Even without help, Yunho calmed down staring at Jaejoong’s face. He needed to trust Jaejoong. “Here.” Jaejoong took his hand and removed it from his own face.

“That’s a deep cut,” Jaejoong continued to stare at the man’s eyes. “I’m really sorry. I should’ve drove more faster.” He took this opportunity to hug Yunho.

Yunho didn’t speak. He was too worried to what was going to happen to them next.

“Say Yunho,” Jaejoong spoke. “If we manage to live through this, you’re going out with me for dinner.”

From that point on, Yunho knew that they were doomed. Jaejoong never really had any plans all along.

“What a sweet couple,” Siwon sarcastically awed at the two guys hugging. “So Jaejoong, I’m really not afraid to kill anyone right now. So would you like to go first?”

“Not afraid to kill anyone huh,” Jaejoong replied. “That’s a wrong statement.”

This caused Siwon to cock the gun releasing it from its safety. It was ready to shoot now.

“Or, maybe, I’d have fun torturing Yunho first then kill you,” Siwon laughed evilly.

Jaejoong just instinctively covered Yunho. He was too useless in these cases.

“Jaejoong, we’re not going to live through this,” Yunho whispered to the man in front. He was looking around and saw how four guns were pointed at them—each from different directions.

“I told you to trust me right Yunho?” Jaejoong asked him rhetorically. “So how can you say that?”

“It’s totally clear how it’s going to turn out,” Yunho answered.

“Then make a bet with me Jung.”

“You guys should stop whatever you’re babbling about,” Siwon walked towards them.

“If we live through this, I’d be so happy, I’d be your boyfriend.”

“Good enough.” That was a bet Jaejoong would live for. That was a good bet.

Siwon bashed Jaejoong arm with his gun. “You’re not losing huh?” Jaejoong was sent flying to the left landing on the ground. He grasped his aching arm. “Who’s on the ground now?”

“I do not lose,” Jaejoong replied back. “If you lose, you are weak. I am not weak.”

Siwon kicked him on the stomach again. “Maybe if you kneel and beg for forgiveness I’ll spare your life and your new friend, I suppose.”

Jaejoong stared at Siwon.

“Kneel you beggar,” Siwon was enjoying this. “A beggar will always be a beggar.” He pointed the gun at Jaejoong’s head.

“I learned from someone that you should never apologize unless you realize that you’re wrong,” Jaejoong spoke. “I don’t see what I did wrong so I won’t apologize especially beg for mercy.”

Yunho stared at Jaejoong wide eyed. Where was he getting all his courage from?

But even though, Jaejoong was like that he couldn’t help but know that this was a hopeless situation. They couldn’t move from their spot. They wouldn’t know what would happen if they tried to run.

When all hope was lost, a voice came out from nowhere. “I wonder who the beggar is Choi Siwon.” The statement was said with an overruling voice.

Siwon looked at the direction to where the voice came from. Two figures stood at the top of the stairs to his right. One began to descend down without any fear.

Siwon pointed the gun to the nearing figure. He couldn’t see who it quite was. It was dark at the second floor because there were no lights turned on at that floor but at the first floor, every single lights were turned on. He couldn’t see the face but the voice sounded too familiar. He didn’t know whose voice that was though.

“Why are there more useless people coming?” Siwon scoffed. “In this area, I’m the most powerful because I have the most money.

“You have the most money huh? Most powerful?” the man walked out of the shadows and showed his face in the light. Siwon’s face grew pale. “Under what statistics?”

“Kim Junsu,” Siwon mumbled out.

“I won’t forgive you for doing this Choi Siwon,” Junsu looked at the beaten up Jaejoong and the bleeding Yunho.

“They’re just normal people Mr. Kim,” Siwon easily said. “Why would you care?”

“Normal?” Junsu asked keeping his voice calm. “As you can see, you have beaten up my cousin.” He looked at Jaejoong who was sitting in pain on the ground. “It’s late introductions right now, but Choi Siwon, I’d like you to meet Kim Jaejoong, my right hand man.”

“You’re the Kim Jaejoong?” Siwon was shocked. Each and every one of his men looked at each other’s eyes.

“Siwon, you know what you’ve done right?” Junsu stared him down. “I know it is late for introductions but Siwon, meet Kim Jaejoong—my partner in crime for crushing companies and organizations that disobey and hurt us.”

Siwon’s hands shook as he held his gun.

“You better let go of that gun and leave,” Junsu ordered Siwon.

“Shut up!” Siwon answered him. “As you can see, I have the upper hand advantage right now. I am the one with the gun, I can kill you with them.”

“Now, that wouldn’t be wise,” Junsu continued to talk without fear. “You want live longer do you?”

Siwon grabbed his gun trigger with both hands. “Stop coming close!”

“If you kill me, your life would end in about six seconds. You won’t be able to escape.” Junsu was now an arm’s length away from Siwon. “You sure have the guts to do this to my partner.” Without any hesitation at all, he grabbed Siwon’s wrist and twisted it to his back, pointing the gun there.

“You are not going to be spared,” Junsu whispered to his ear. “Your underground organization will shut down in less than twenty four hours. I will make sure of it.”

Siwon let go of his gun in defeat. “Everyone has weaknesses Kim Junsu,” he continued to walk out the door. “I’ll make sure to pay you back to what you’re going to do to me 100 times fold.”

“Sorry, but beggars can’t lay a hand on me,” Junsu insulted him some more. “I suggest you leave now before I decide to kill you.”

Siwon turned his back on Junsu and headed for the doors. “Everyone has a weakness Kim Junsu. I’ll certainly find yours. I’ll crush your dreams.” He looked at his men. “Let’s go.”

The three other guys put their gun down and ran towards Siwon, exiting the building.

“Jaejoong!” Junsu yelled as the coast was cleared. He kneeled down beside Jaejoong. “Are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“Su!” Jaejoong stopped Junsu from asking more questions. “Don’t worry about me. It’s Yunho.”

Junsu looked at the bleeding man. He stood up and walked to him. “It’s nice to be finally meeting you Jung Yunho.” Reaching out his hands, he grabbed Yunho’s blood covered ones and shook it firmly. “I’ll give you the best treatment in the hospital for your wound. Thanks for sticking by Jaejoong again.”

“I-I’m s-sor-ry,” Yunho apologized. It was his first time meeting Kim Junsu today. And looking at him, he was living up to the image the media portrays of the man. Kim Junsu had the presence of a powerful business man. “My hands are dir—”

“Changmin!” Junsu called out, looking at the other figure that was with him at the top of the stairs. “Come down here and meet Kim Jaejoong.”

He looked at Yunho again. “It’s quite alright.” He told him. “Lie down. I’ll try to lessen the bleeding till the ambulance to my hospital comes.” It surprised him at how Kim Junsu was at his care right away. He never thought that he would be helping a guy like him.

He looked at the man in suit once again. He had contrasting personalities inside that body—just like Jaejoong. It was something he sensed meeting him today.

“Now this is going to hurt,” Junsu told him as he squeezed the cut together.

He yelled in pain but held his body back from moving too much.

Kim Junsu wasn’t a bad person—that’s what he figured out today. Yoochun is in safe hands.

At the other side with Jaejoong, Changmin stood. “Hello. It’s a pleasure to be meeting you today.” He flashed Jaejoong his million dollar business smile. “I’m Shim Changmin. Please take care of me.”


A/N: The story is now moving forward. Sorry. Another filler chapter. Needed this to get on with the Yoosu. PAHAHAHA~<33
SO HOW WAS MY LAME ATTEMPT TO PUT UP AN ACTION-ISH SCENE? epic fail. HAHAHAHAH~~ Don't need to answer that question. XDD
I NEED TO GO TO A PARTY NOW. I'm actually an hour late right now. And i still need to shower and get ready so! I'll make this short.
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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 10: Money Can't Buy Everything

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Chapter 10 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 10 [Winglin Version]
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Chapter 10: Money Can't Buy Everything

"I'll have a glass of Martini," a woman ordered, "on the rocks please."

"As you wish," Yoochun said as he picked up a glass with ice. With his long delicate fingers, he tipped a bottle pouring its contents to the glass. He ended it with a small twist of his wrist to slowly stop the flow of the drink without a mess.

"Always as graceful as usual Yoochun," another woman in their middle ages complimented, "but I'm sure you could do better than just being a bartender here. How about coming home with me to make proper use of those hands?"

"No, thank you," Yoochun bowed apologetically, placing his right hand at his abdomen and his left at his lower back. He looked at her with his calming blue eyes. "I am only here to serve you drinks."

A playful smile from the woman at the opposite side of the bar said, "A rejection huh? But then again, I don't feel a tad bit disappointed since your eyes soothes these feelings away. They must be nice to look at in the mirror everyday."

Yoochun gave her a fake smile back.

Every human being living on this earth had different masks worn on their faces hoping that their most deepest darkest secrets and fears won't be recognized. Even he himself had one. That's what he found out as time passed by. All of them here had secrets that people prefer others not to know.

But when it came to him, how come he wanted everyone to know his? If people knew his pain, then maybe...

Yoochun tried to avoid the conversation. "If you need any other drinks, please feel free to call me again." This was the only conversation he didn't like to talk about. In his mind, the eyes he received were the only things that pained him the most.

Why did God spare his life? Memories of the past still haunted him. Even if it all happened many years ago, there were always little things that reminded him of the past. As hard as he wanted to move on, he always found himself stuck. As much as faked it, the more it came back to him.

He walked to the back of the building quickly. Tears were coming up again and there was a lump in his throat that he couldn't swallow. It started to feel strainful.


"Wow!" a boy opened the door of the room where Yoochun stayed at in the hospital. "Are you sick too?"

Yoochun just stared at the wandering boy wondering what he was doing.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine. I'm sick too! You see?" the little boy raised up his shirt from there. He directed Yoochun's gaze at his chest where tiny stitches could be seen right where his heart lied. "Three days ago, my chest felt like it was going to go booom! I couldn't breathe and all but my daddy says I'll be fine since my operation was successful."

Yoochun still just stared.

"Where are you parents?" the intruding boy continued to ask, fixing his shirt down. "You look lonely. Would you like me to keep you company for a while?" He walked to Yoochun's side and climbed his bed. But still, Yoochun didn't reply.

"Wow! You have pretty eyes!" the little boy looked at Yoochun close up. "You're so lucky! Mine just looks just like everyone else!"

A tear escaped from Yoochun's eyes like the boy hit the cherry on the darts board.

"Ah! Don't cry! Why? Did I say... something wrong? I'm sorry!"

Another tear fell. Followed by another one, and another.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" the little boy apologized. "They were just so pretty..."

"They're not ... pretty on me," Yoochun finally cried out. "They hurt." He wiped his tears away but they were replaced by more.

"That's okay! I don't think they're ugly."

"Changmin-ah!" a nurse called out from the hallway. "Where are you?"

"They're looking for me," the little boy beside Yoochun whispered to him. "I sneaked out but I'll visit you again...What's your name?" He slowly went down Yoochun's bed feet first to secure his landing.

"My name?" Yoochun sniffled.

"My name is Changmin," the seemingly younger boy said. "Tell me yours!"

"Y-Yoochun," the boy crying on the bed replied.

"Okay! Now we're friends!" Changmin declared by himself. He shook Yoochun's hand and closed the door quietly on him.

Yoochun was left at a loss for words. And that's when he felt it. Changmin's hands felt warm like his mother's. It felt nice to hold.

/End of Flashback

Yoochun stared at his two hands. Over the years even with Changmin, they still felt cold. He thought they were warm at first but now he started to question himself.

Why were his hands still cold everytime he held on to Changmin's own? Every day he wanted more as if it was like Changmin's love wasn't enough.

Just like the first time they met, Changmin's hands were the same warmth he felt as before but now he started to feel like there was something missing.

What was missing?

Even if he was with someone who loves him, how come his heart still pained everday?

"Mom, can you hear me?" Yoochun whispered at the night air at the back of the building. He crouched down and leaned against the wall. "If you were here, maybe I won't be alone anymore." He grabbed a fistful of his hair like he was frustrated with himself and even the whole world. "I wish you took me with you."

From everyone everyday, he did feel love. He sure did get love but why does his heart hurt so much still?

"Why do I always feel so insecure Mom?" Yoochun whimpered by himself. "Why do I feel so lonely even with Changmin whom I love the most? I don't get it."

As usual, he took out his phone and dialed the number of the person who he wanted to hear the most from.


"Do you think he'll be fine Mr. Kim?" Changmin asked Junsu.

"Jung Yunho will be fine," he replied. "He's under my care today."

Changmin looked surprisingly at the man who was getting carried off by the ambulance. No wonder that face looked familiar. Minus the blood on his face, he sure did look like that guy from five years ago. "Jung Yunho huh?" he mumbled under his breath. That name sure brought up old memories. He knew the guy of course but they only met each other face to face once and it was their first and last meeting. "He sure did grow up pretty good."


"So you're Yunho huh? Yoochun's best friend in his school," the fourteen year old Changmin asked. "Why did you call me here?" He spoke so rudely to the man who was the same age as Yoochun, two years older than him.

"Changmin?" Yunho got up at the bench of the park.

The teenager nodded.

"You know, you shouldn't have accepted his feelings like that," the older kid said as he walked towards him. "Why did you even say yes?"

"I wanted to protect him," Changmin answered. "Out of all the people, you should know how he feels since you are always with him." He stared Yunho down with his eyes. " Don't worry, I don't go to the same school as the both of you but I know what's happening around Yoochun's life."

"Well, his past is just making him confused about love," Yunho shot back. "The way you handled the situation isn't the right way!"

"I only wanted to protect him," Changmin said again. "Keeping him close is the only way I can do it."

"You'll only hurt him in the end!" Yunho retorted. "He really thinks that you love him as his other half. His other soul!" Yunho paused and rolled his fingers into a tight ball to keep himself sane but failed. He snapped and grabbed Changmin by the collar. "I know this is the first time that we're meeting but listening to Yoochun talking about you for FOUR years...I know what he's feeling right now. And it's not that type of love you said yes to."

"You don't think I know that?!" Changmin pushed him away. "Ever since that day, me and my father decided to take him in, I watched him cry in his room every night. Every fucking night." There was a yell of frustration. "I want what's best for him but I don't know what to do. Yesterday, when he told me he liked me and that he'd be happy if I accepted his feelings, I was shocked too. I know it's just like brotherly love between us but if he was going to be happy then I thought everything would be okay!"

"Well, the only happiness you're giving him is temporary," Yunho told him. "He hasn't opened up after that incident so he wouldn't know the difference between the different kids of love. One day, he'll start to yearn for another beating feeling that he is still unaware of. But till then, he'll always be lonely. He'll be happy for a while but you can't do this forever."

"Even if it's temporary," Changmin furrowed his eyebrows. "I'd like to see his real smile in front of my eyes...even if his happiness would only last for a short time."

"Don't let him be too dependent on you," Yunho warned him. "He won't be able to take another hit." He walked slowly towards Changmin, passing the figure in front of him.

"I don't plan to," Changmin replied.

"I'd kill you if you do."

/End of Flashback

"Aren't you picking it up?" His thoughts were cut off by Junsu's question.

Changmin stared at Junsu dumbfoundedly. The ring of his phone answered his question and so he took it out from his pocket and looked at who's calling.

Junsu's eyes opened wide. He was surprised of course. But at the same time he became curious and confused when he caught a glimpse of Changmin's caller ID. It said, 'My love'.

That ID name sure sounded familiar and so Junsu tried hard to remember. He tried to make that line click in on his head


"Well-" Junsu was about to say something but a ringtone erupted from nowhere.

Yoochun was surprised but he quickly took the phone out of his pocket. The caller ID said "My Love".

"Who's My Love?" Junsu asked himself. "He has a girlfriend?" He got a bit disappointed and maybe more jealous.

/End of Flashback

'Was this too much of a coincidence?' he thought.

Junsu tried to listen to the conversation. He didn't get anything out of it but a name.

"Hello? Yoochun? It's already around eight at night! You alright? Your voice doesn't sound too good." he heard Changmin ask. "Ah..You're at work? Did Yunho drop you off?"

"Yunho...?" Junsu started to ask his head a lot of questions. This was a huge blow to him.

Was there such a thing as a small world? He had a one hundred percent chance that this was the Park Yoochun he knew.

But why does Yoochun even call a guy like him?

What was his relationship to him?

He was labeled as 'My love'...? So that means...

They're boyfriends?

Junsu began to analyze the situation and Changmin's answers in his head. There was a moment of silence. Probably, Yoochun was talking.

"You're using my car? That's a first," Changmin paused again. He seemed to be hesitating to answer. "No. Not tonight. I'm sorry, I'm busy today. Maybe I'll visit your apartment some time again? I know you didn't want to be a bother for me and my father so you moved out last year but you know I'd always find time for you."

Another pause.

"No? You don't want me to come over? Okay. I understand."

Junsu figured the whole thing out.

Of course Yoochun wouldn't want Changmin to see his apartment all empty. He probably didn't know that Yoochun moved out.

"Well, I need to go. I'm right beside my boss. Take care. Okay. I love you."

He turned to Junsu once again who was lost in his thought calculating. "Sorry for taking the call. But I'll leave for my appointment now."

"You're leaving to meet the guy who just called you?" Junsu wanted to feed his curiosity.

"Oh, you were listening?"

"No, not in particular."

Changmin replied. "No. But I'm leaving to sign and finalize some papers today."

"It's alright. You can take your leave then."

"I will probably see you tomorrow," Changmin bowed goodbye.

'Tomorrow?' Junsu asked himself. "We don't have any set meetings tomorrow Shim Changmin." He wanted to tell him that but the man was already fast pace walking to his car that was parked at the other building.

"Hey Su," Jaejoong was holding his left arm but wasn't limping at all.

"Do you need to go to the hospital as well?" Junsu asked him.

"We need to have a talk," Jaejoong looked at him with his piercing eyes. "Today, if you please."

Junsu stared at those eyes. "But is your condition alright for a conversation?"

"I just got punched. I can take it," Jaejoong stood up straight. "You should know me by now."

"Then how about the usual place?" Junsu asked him.

Jaejoong swayed his head left to right in disagreement. "No, we need to go somewhere quiet so we can seriously talk. Plus I don't want to be around loud places for today."

"A quiet bar then," Junsu suggested. "We'll go to a different place today. Call your servant...assistant or what ever. Tell him to go look for one. I'll drive us there."

About fifteen minutes later, both the Kim's had reached the front gates. The place didn't look shabby at all. The bar was really very peaceful, serene, quiet. There were less people filling the seats and everything just looked properly organized.

"You need to thank Eeteuk for me for his good work all the time," Junsu told Jaejoong as they took the seats at the middle of the bar.

"He's decent," Jaejoong replied.

Instantly, they were greeted by a bartender. "What would you like to start off your evening, sirs?"

"Give us water for now," Junsu ordered him, "one with ice taking up half of the glass and the other one without."

The man was surprised with Junsu's detailed order.

"Hey Chun," the bartender who took their order called out to the guy who was crouching on the ground, organizing the wine bottles underneath. "Did you hear that?"

"Yes," a man named Chun answered. "Do I take over these orders too?"

"Yeah. It's time for my break now," the man said to him.

"Alright," Chun responded. He took two glasses from the bottom and got up from his crouching position. Without a sound, he focused on placing the glass down in front of the customers to show them how the drinks were finely served. As ordered, he filled one glass with ice half full and the other one without. Water was followed.

Finally, he looked at the customers he served drinks for the first time. "Here you go --"

The two figures shocked him. But it also went the same for the other two. They probably found out each of their presences before he did. Lots of questions popped in in Yoochun's head in an instant.

'Why were they here?'

Why is Jaejoong with Kim Junsu?

Why is Kim Junsu with Jaejoong?

Why were they together?

Yoochun's eyes were held by Kim Junsu's own. Looking in the other man's eyes, he felt weak but not to the point where he got scared.

"Yoochun?" Jaejoong started off.

His eyes were finally able to stare somewhere else.


Changmin walked through the doors with a sign saying, 'General Office'. There, he was greeted by a particular woman.

"Good evening," the woman said to him. "It's late right now so we can make this quick alright?"

Changmin nodded. "So what do I need to do right now?"

"You just need to sign the paper work and fill in some information so that you can pay your fee right away."

"Is my request to skip two years approved?"

"Looking at these files you gave us, you can skip three years but if you want to only skip two, then it's fine as well," she replied.

"Just two is fine. Besides, I have no interest in just studying," Changmin answered.

"You must be a smart man then." The woman gave him a face that gave out the word "annoyed". As the head of this academy, studying should be the most important thing. Nothing should be done half spiritedly. "I hope you'll enjoy your time here."

"Is that all?" Changmin asked.

"Yes, that is all."

To be polite, Changmin bowed and exited the doorway.

"Remember to come in earlier than the set time to get your things organized."

Changmin nodded and continued to leave.


"Jaejoong-shi," Yoochun said politely. "What are you doing here?" Yoochun threw a smile in and pretended to know that Kim Junsu didn't exist.

"Shouldn't you greet your master first and not ignore him?" Kim Junsu spoke. He was upset that Yoochun would always ignore him. He was the one who rescued him from Siwon and that man should be grateful. Instead, what he got for presents were hateful stares from those eyes that attracted him in the first place.

Yoochun's eyes closed. He was worried about this situation. First, Jaejoong, his classmate was there and then it will be too shameful if he found out that he was sold into prostitution. And it was to this man right beside him too. Second, looking at Kim Junsu, his heart would always push him away making himself hate the man in front of him right now. He didn't know why he felt this way but every time he looked at him, the last image of his Father's face would pop up in his head.

Jaejoong broke in. "So Yoochun, you work here?" An awkward smile popped up.

Feeling the need to answer the question, Yoochun just said, "Yes." He ignored Junsu's rudeness.

"That's... good," Jaejoong replied filling in the awkward atmosphere. He wanted to start a nice conversation but a one word reply isn't much of a good conversation at all.

"Kim Jaejoong," Junsu butted in impatiently. "Enough of that."

Jaejong quickly turned to his side, his face to Junsu. He questioned the irritated man with his eyes.

Calling his full name like that, what did he intend to do? He looked at Yoochun's face that was full of questions, fear and hate.

"Yoochun," Jaejoong called his name. He knew exactly what Yoochun was thinking about. "It's okay. You don't know yet right? Yunho didn't tell you?"

Yoochun's blue eyes widened. "So you are one of the Kim's? Is that why you're together with him?"

Jaejoong nodded. "That is my last name. I would've assumed Yunho told you that already."

Yoochun questioned. "Yunho knew? Is that why Kim Junsu bought me? Was it because of you?" He nudged his head to the direction on where Junsu sat.

Kim Junsu replied instead. "I'm glad you know that I own you now. And I won't be letting you go anytime soon."

"People are not petty little things you can just own," Yoochun stated. It seemed like every time Junsu spoke, he would just snap too quickly like all his patience would get sucked away by a whirlpool.

Ignoring the statement, Junsu asked another question. "Why are you working here?"

"What's it to you?" Yoochun rudely answered. He never bothered looking at Kim Junsu at all. And so he just continued to wipe glasses with the cloth that he always held on the job.

A sudden yell from the manager at the back was heard. "Yoochun! Is that the way you treat our customers?" He walked right beside him and held the back of his head forcing it down so that they bowed together. "Sorry about that," the manager apologized Kim Jaejoong and Junsu. "He's usually not like this at all!"

"Don't worry about it," Jaejoong smiled. "We're friends so it's fine."

"Oh!" the manager smiled. "I'm sorry for ruining your conversation then." He turned to Yoochun. "And you, this is a quiet bar. Everyone will hear anything you say loudly. Keep it down if your comments are going to be rude ones. You'll make our bar have a bad reputation."

"Sorry sir," Yoochun apologized.

"Yoochun," Kim Junsu called. "I'll have red wine with two cubes of ice."

The manager gave him a strict stare. Yoochun could only follow.

As he prepared it, Junsu watched intriguingly. He watched as the man at work gracefully prepared his drink. Any human eye would be pleased with the sight.

Seconds passed and no one talked. The air was filled with soft murmurs from people's conversations.

"You should stop working here now. I own you so you don't have to work. I can spoil you like a rich kid," Junsu talked to Yoochun. "If you ask then you'll receive."

"Like I said, you can't own people," Yoochun replied as he focused on filling the glass close to the rim. "Nothing you have can make me happy." He placed the glass gently in front of Junsu.

Money can't but everything. That was too obvious. It couldn't buy the air that he breathed. It couldn't buy his mother's life back. It couldn't buy his past. If money was able to that, he'd work for it all his life.

"Money can buy everything, Yoochun," Junsu continued. "Just like how I bought you."

A slam was heard from the wine bottle. It was discreetly done though. Yoochun really hated these types of people. He despised them to the core. "Then Kim Junsu," he closed his eyes in annoyance, "if money can buy everything then buy the one and only thing that can make me happy. Buy me the feeling of happiness. Give me something that won't make me lonely everyday. Give me something that will make my nightmares go away." Yoochun's eyes were about to be filled with tears for the second time that night.

Junsu noticed Yoochun's feelings for the first time. Is he in that much pain for him to say those things?

"Sir," Yoochun called out as he took a huge breath. "If you have any orders then you may call me again." Just like the woman he served before. He left to take another order.


"Son!" Mr. Jung hugged Yunho who was on the bed. "Kim Junsu's secretary called me and told me the story. "I can't believe you tripped and fell when you tried to catch Mr. Kim's pregnant secretary from falling from the stairs. You even hurt your eye!"

Yunho was shocked by the story. Who ever made that up must have had a great immagination.

"Don't worry," Yunho assured his father, "they stopped the bleeding. And as for the wound, they told me to put this medication on it so that it won't leave a scar. The doctor said that it's not deep enough for stitches. It just happened to be the spot where there was a lot of blood flow.

"Did you manage to get close to Kim Junsu though? He is quite rich."


"No?! Meeting him and at least touching him would only happen once in a blue moon Yunho!"

"I was injured okay?" Yunho replied. "At least, you should be more worried about me than Kim Junsu."

"I know but Son--"

"I talk to his assistant lots so that's good enough," Yunho answered. "He's in the same class as me."

"Oh what luck!" Mr. Jung became happy again. "Get close with his assistant okay?"

Yunho rolled his eyes with that thought.


"If we ever do get out of this mess, I'd be so happy that I'd be your boyfriend," Yunho told Jaejoong.

/End of Flashback

Why did he even say that? Seulgi will kill me.

"You don't need to worry," Yunho sighed.

He should have just kept his mouth shut.


"I'll call you up soon!" Jaejoong grinned at Yoochun. And then, he looked at Junsu, sighing. "You're such a spoiled kid Su. At least someone can recognize your faults."

"I don't know what his problem is," Junsu rolled his eyes as he sipped on his red wine. He watched Yoochun as he gave fake smiles to the customers. "I can't do anything if he keeps on rejecting my offers like that."

"You're really interested in him are you?"

"Who knows," Junsu placed his glass down. "I can't read him at all."

"That's what I thought too," Jaejoong said. "There's something off about him."

"Do you know his background?"

"Not yet," Junsu answered. "I only met him two days ago. I'll do some background research some other time."

Junsu continued to spin his wine around his glass. He loved the sound of ice hitting the glass.

"Getting to business," Jaejoong changed the subject. "School's getting a bit too dangerous don't you think?"

"Can't handle it anymore?" Junsu asked him.

"I can," Jaejoong told him, "but there would be a higher chance Yunho would be around me after school hours. I need to put an end to Siwon right now."

"I can say the same thing," Junsu drank his wine again. "Have you prepared the required information? I'm sure you heard me today and I assume you've been doing your job?"

"Are you underestimating me Junsu?" Jaejoong asked. "You don't need to ask that." He took his phone out and went to his notes page. From there he scrolled and scrolled. "These are the lists of the people who have connections to the Choi family business."

"Alright then," Junsu smirked. "Get my secretaries to call them one by one and give them a message from me. Tell each one of them to cut off all ties with the Choi family or else they go to jail for illegal dealings. Then for new businesses, the message would be the same."

"Sounds like a plan," Jaejoong placed his chin on his hand.

"You must love work for working till ten at night," Junsu gave a yawn and finished with a pout. He looked like a duck.

"Your personality is coming out. Your poker face is coming off," Jaejoong said. "You're tired aren't you?"

"You're more tired aren't you?"

"You think?"

"We'll call it a night then," Junsu finally said. "The only reason why you were so serious is that you wanted to spend more time with Yunho right?"

"You read me quite well," Jaejoong scoffed. He called for Yoochun. "I'd like the bill please."

"But really, there's a thirty percent that this plan might not go the way you like it," Junsu told him. "We're also playing with fire here." He looked at his glass and started to play with the base of the wine glass with his index finger.

"If that happens, I'll do whatever it takes to stop everything," Jaejoong's tone changed. "I'll take responsibility."

"Here's the bill," Yoochun said.

"No need," Junsu butted in. He gave Yoochun two hundred thousand won. "The rest is your tip for being so flawless with your serving."

He nudged the money in front of Yoochun's face. "Take it."

"Are you mocking of me?" Yoochun asked. It seems like he had taken Junsu's kind deed the wrong way.

"Don't misunderstand me," Junsu told him with his strict tone.

Yoochun thought it over. It took him a while but still, Junsu's hands were holding the money in front of his face. For ten seconds their position was held like that. And for each second that passed by, Junsu got more irritated. And so with his long arms, he reached for Yoochun's hand and opened them.

"Don't hesitate to take what I give you."

He shoved the money inside Yoochun's left hand and closed it.

Yoochun was surprised at the sudden rush of ... he didn't even know. The feel of the other man's hands on his own sent blood to fire rapidly all over Yoochun's body.

He started to remember some things from that night. That horrible night where he felt so exposed in front of everybody. That night in which he didn't even remember much about. That event just played in a fast forward motion.


Junsu dropped his phone as his free hand was pulled by Yoochun's own.

The man landed on his bed.

A deep kiss was then shared.

/End of Flashback

"I agree with Junsu," Jaejoong smiled at him. "That money is from your hard work okay? Don't misunderstand us."

Yoochun realized that Junsu wasn't there anymore. Unconsciously, he took his left hand that was once held by Junsu's own and held it close to his chest hoping that the warmness of it could soothe his cold heart. But pretty soon, his hands became cold again.

That man...

So he wasn't imagining it.

He kissed someone else other than Changmin.

He... had sex?

He wished he could remember after that point.

Did they really have sex?

His eyes started to grow in shock from the memories he just regained. He couldn't believe he was kissing the Kim Junsu.

"Junsu told me to give this to you." Jaejoong went up to him and slipped a paper in his front pocket. "Both of us will see you at school tomorrow then."

Yoochun watched Jaejoong go out of the bar.

Did he hear him right? He said, 'both of us'. Both of us meaning him and Kim Junsu?

He rubbed the thought off and took out the piece of paper that has been folded up. Apparently, it was from Kim Junsu.

He read, 'See you at home. If you get there any later than midnight, I will get this place to fire you.'

Yoochun crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it in the garbage.


Next morning came too soon and that meant school again. Jaejoong was in pain but he wanted to go to work today so he shouldn't look like he was in pain. As usual, there were the people he wanted to see and also didn't want to see. Yunho and Yoochun were there. Seulgi was at the front row talking loudly with the rest of her bitches or should he call them her followers. But where was Junsu? He scanned the class again and found another empty desk. It belonged to Choi Siwon.

He must be in a shit load of trouble today along with his father.

"Class!" Mrs. Jang said. Jaejoong sighed as Junsu was about to be late again. "We have a new student today. Please be nice to him because he is two years younger than you. He's the smart types so don't wreck him!"

She looked at the doorway and gestured the man to come forward. "Come here and introduce yourself." She gave the man a smile.

As the tall figure walked, every eye was on him even Jaejoong's own. He knew the man. He just met the man. He worked with the man.

His eyes grew big.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Jaejoong mumbled to himself.

He didn't know what to feel with what he was just seeing and so he just listened.

"Hello everyone," the man introduced himself. "My name is Shim Changmin. It's a pleasure to meet all of you."

It is him.

Changmin's gaze landed on Jaejoong's eyes first but then switched to the man who was right beside an empty desk. Changmin looked at Yoochun who just stared at him. Just as usual, he couldn't read him.

Was he happy?


All these thoughts popped in his head.

"Shim Changmin," Mrs. Kang said. "You may take a seat right beside..." She looked for an empty desk that was not occupied. In a matter of seconds, she spotted one right beside the man with an eye patch. "Jung Yunho, stand up."

Changmin was surprised. Jung Yunho was here too?

He was about to walk but an interruption came from the door.

"Sorry Mrs. Kang," Junsu apologized. "I got lost again..."

"Xiah Junsu! That's two times in a row!" Mrs. Kang gave an exasperated sigh. "Next time I'll mark you in late for sure okay?"

Junsu bowed. He looked at the person who was right in front of the desk. He avoided eye contact though.

"What the hell is he doing here?!" Junsu's alarms inside him were running off.

Of course he knew the person. He worked with the person. He was just with him yesterday.

Because of panic, Junsu rushed to his spot beside Yoochun but he failed. He was almost there. He was right beside his desk but he tripped.

He just had to trip!

What did he trip on?

He tripped on his own foot.

"Shit!" he quietly cursed. His glasses were nowhere to be seen in front of him again. He covered his eyes and Jaejoong just unconsciously stood up for aid. In usual cases, he wouldn't even care. But someone in this room had knowledge, had a keen eye, was sharp -- someone who was close was here.

Nobody knew where to pay attention to. It was either the falling Junsu, the one to the rescue Jaejoong, or the new student Changmin. Lots of people caused a commotion in the class today.

But suddenly, the heavy atmosphere was changed when Yoochun spoke with his voice that drove everyone mad. "Here." Yoochun nudged the glasses towards Junsu. "You shouldn't be tripping like that all the time."

"Sorry," Junsu got up as he shielded his eyes from being seen. He didn't know where Yoochun held his glasses at. He just looked down pretending to be feeling very embarrassed. But in reality, he felt more in panic. It wasn't the usual case. He was caught wide open. He was caught off guard-- completely of guard.

"Here," Yoochun said again as he grabbed Junsu's free hand and placed his glasses on his palm. A sudden jolt of electricity suddenly ran through his veins when their skin came in contact with each other.

His hands...

Junsu's hands...

They felt like...

"Thanks Yoochun!" Junsu squeaked out. He quickly placed his glasses on his face.

No, it couldn't be.

His trail of thought was once again interrupted. There was no way Xiah Junsu would be that hateful man. Maybe that's what you're suppose to feel like when you hold a strangers hand.

"Changmin, if you please," Mrs. Kang directed Changmin to Yunho. "Take your seat."

The new student eyed Junsu.

"What a weird kid," he mumbled out. "Now, where is Kim Junsu? He should go to this school too."


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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 11: Leave No Regrets

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Chapter 11 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 11 [Winglin Version]
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Chapter 11: Leave No Regrets

Changmin took his seat beside Yunho. Ever since he got there, that man watched every move that he made.

"Do you want something from me?" Changmin finally snapped thirty minutes into class.

Yunho was shocked. "Sorry," he apologized. He didn't realize that he was so deep in his thought about this guy. "If you don't mind me asking, do you remember me?" That was all the words that came out of his mouth.

"I saw you yesterday knocked out cold and bloody," Changmin scoffed as he played around with his pen, still not looking at Yunho. "It was the best sight in the whole world to see you know?"

"So it is really you," Yunho continued talking, "I could never forget that sharp mouth of yours."

"You were scared to death like a wussy weren't you?" the other man continued to tease. "Guns are scary huh?"

Yunho gave out an exhasperated sigh. "Why are you here?" he asked a question instead. It was better not to get into an argument here especially in Mrs. Kang's class. She's like an ocean that eats up everyone who jumps in her grasp. "You found out what happened to Yoochun did you?""

"What ... happened... to Yoochun...?" Changmin repeated his words. "Yoochun never told me anything."

"I'm surprised," Yunho said as he flipped a page in his book pretending to follow along in class. "Well, everything just got hectic around here after he saved that geek he's sitting beside with from being punched by Choi Siwon." He flipped another page. "Then the worst case scenario happened when Yoochun was kidnapped and was sold in the Choi family's underground auction. But thank God Jaejoong was there and called him up."

"Kim Jaejoong? The guy that was trying to save you from being killed yesterday? Kim Jaejoong as in Kim Junsu's assistant?" Changmin was confused but at the same time full of worry because of what happend to Yoochun.

Yunho nodded. "You don't need to say his full name in every sentence."

Thousands of questions already filled Changmin's head. Questions like why was Kim Jaejoong involved with both Yoochun and Yunho? That was the first thing that popped in his head. It was only just yesterday that he saw Jaejoong protecting Yunho from getting shot by Siwon. Then now he finds out that he saved Yoochun?

"He got beaten up pretty badly though. So he called for help," Yunho added in.

"Why?" he asked himself outloud. Why would a wealthy man like Kim Jaejoong save someone like Yoochun? Why go through those lengths? Why did Yoochun save that geek? It was all unnecessary attention that Yoochun never wanted if he did that. All Changmin's questions started with a why. A man like him always believed that for every action taken there had to be a certain motivation to execute the plan. "How come you knew about this and I didn't?"

Yunho just kept on going with his story. He didn't bother answering that question.

"The soon to be head honcho of the Kim Enterprises bought Yoochun for a hundred million dollars," he replied. "That man, Kim Junsu called me himself to make sure that Yoochun was in good hands. I almost died that night seeing his name pop up in my caller ID."

"A million dollars?! Kim Junsu?!" Changmin perfectly knew that amount wasn't just spare change and the man who apparently bought Yoochun was no doubt the rich spoiled brat he worked with. Why did Kim Junsu save Yoochun? Why spend one hundred million dollars for someone you don't know? Kim Junsu wasn't the type of man to buy a toy for that much money. He wouldn't spend that much if he never gained from it.

"You really can't do anything about it right now. You're as helples as me," Yunho calmly stated. It seemed like the accident with him and Junsu yesterday just made him trust the man by just a little bit which calmed his anxiety about the whole situation. "Right now, Kim Junsu owns him. And as much as you are close to that man, you can't do anything about it even if you tried. Let's trust Yoochun on this one."

"Was there any change in Yoochun after that?" Changmin asked.

"You see him right there," Yunho pointed. "Take a look. He's all yours for the taking."

"I really don't understand how I could have missed this," Changmin was frustrated with himself.

"And if you're planning to take out your frustration at Choi then I advise you not to lay a punch on him or anything like that," Yunho told him. "Jaejoong told me not to touch him or else. So that probably applies to you too." He emphasized the 'or else' part to get it in the other man's head.

"But they don't have anything to do with this!" Changmin replied back as he tapped his pen on his desk.

"That's what I was thinking too," Yunho thought, "but what I heard from Jaejoong is that he wants Siwon to die because he hates to lose and that guy always punches his face. Then his boss wanted to turn Siwon into a mere commoner because his assistant got beaten up pretty bad yesterday. You should understand that part if you were there."

Stupid. Lies. Fake. Those were really stupid reasons. That's what Changmin instantly thought. They were lies. They were lies that covered the truth about...He really didn't even know what. Was it the truth? There was really something missing that's keeping him from putting the pieces together. It was like trying to complete a puzzle together but with missing pieces.

"I need to change the subject," Yunho gave a frown, "I promised Yoochun to keep it a secret from you so quiet about it okay? I had a slip of tongue."

Changmin was dazed in shock. Why does Yoochun want to keep that a secret from me? We're supposed to be close.

"Okay?" Yunho asked on more time. "You'll do him a huge favor this way."

The taller man nodded. "I'll keep quiet."

"So why did you come here?" Yunho changed the subject.

"My main intention of coming here, to tell you the truth, I'm looking for two guys. You probably know one of them," Changmin answered. "As much as I care for Yoochun, I didn't really come here because of him."

"You want space from him now don't you?" Yunho knew what the other man was feeling. He predicted this was going to happen the day those two became official boyfriends.

"I don't know," Changmin thought about it. He was confused himself. "Before, I'd always be worried be worried about him, but now...I don't even find myself thinking about him."

"This kind of thinking was inevitable," Yunho answered. "You found someone else didn't you? I told you that you should have rejected him a long time ago before he got serious."

"Don't tell me those words Jung Yunho. If you were in my shoes, you would've done the same thing," Changmin shot back but his voice was still as soft as a whisper. "If you saw how he was every night. If you saw how he cried himself to sleep. If you saw how he did not eat for days to the point where he fell sick. If you saw the loneliness he had in those eyes... You would've done what I did in the past," Changmin brought up painful memories with Yoochun. "But now, he's a grown man. He needs someone else to live for besides me. I just realized that when he left our care. But for now, I'm still right by his side aren't I?"

"Which you have failed recently," Yunho added in as he looked out the window which showed a view of the whole school field. Apparently, watching others live their lives made him think about his promise with Yoochun.


"You want to be a normal kid right Yoochun?" Yunho asked him one day as they swayed back and forth on the swings.

"Yeah," the quiet boy answered.

"Then you have to be happy!"

Yoochun nodded. "But it's impossible."

"Why do you think so?" Yunho kept on questioning him.

"Because I never had a normal life anyways," Yoochun continued on. There was hurt projected through his eyes. "My parents...they both left me at the same time. One is a murderer and one is the person I treasured dearly. Me trying to act like a normal kid after those things that happened to me just hurts me more. The more I run away, the more my past comes at me faster and faster till it catches me more quickly."

"What if someone makes you forget about what happened to you? What if you find something that will lock up your painful past?"

"I won't be able to forget, but if that happens, I'll be happy," Yoochun replied.

"Will your smile be pretty?"

Yoochun gave out a small smile. But even though it was a smile, it was still full of pain and sadness. It was like he pitied himself his whole life.

"I want to see your real smile," Yunho told him. "When I first saw you, that's what I wanted to see."

"A real smile... huh?" Yoochun sighed. "I should learn how to."

"You know how to. It's just lost right now," Yunho said. "All you have to do is find it."

"Find... it..." Yoochun repeated his words.

"I'll help you find that smile," Yunho told him as he kept on swinging higher and higher. "Because when you find that smile, you'll be happy. I'll try my hardest to keep that promise okay?"

/End of Flasback

"So who's this guy you're looking for? Something's keeping you busy other than Yoochun for once," Yunho asked, trying to shake off his memories for now.

"I'm looking for this really rich guy that goes to this school and you know him."

"That's a no brainer right there," Yunho interrupted. "That man would be right there." He nudged his head to Jaejoong's direction who was fast asleep in class.

"No, not him. Why are you so stupid?" Changmin furrowed his eyebrows. "He's only an assistant. I'm looking for the one he works for. Kim Junsu. He goes to this school."

Yunho's half asleep eyes shot wide open. "Say what?!" He stood up from his seat.

Every pair of eyes, eyed the man with the eye patch.

"Jung Yunho!" Mrs. Kang yelled. "One more time and you'll be following me the whole day like a tail behind my back." She stared at him with those hellish eyes.

"I'm sorry," Yunho bowed. He tried to make up an excuse as he scratched the back of his head and gave a boyish smile. "Y-you see. T-There was a b-bug. A big one too. And s-s-smart and really an-an-noying. I got surprised by it."

"Did you kill the bug then Yunho?" It was obvious she didn't buy any of it.

"It's about to be killed." He lifted his foot up in the air and pretended to smash a bug with it. "Sorry for the disruption."

"Don't do it again," she gave him a strict stare.

"You're lying," he told Changmin right after Mrs. Kang scolded him. "You don't even know the man."

"I work with Kim Junsu. I get to see him 5 times in a week. Shake hands with him. Sometimes eat dinner with him and my father," Changmin started to talk. "I don't need you to tell me that I'm lying. Lying means getting my information wrong and I haven't done that for the past 4 years I started to work for my father."

"Kim Junsu doesn't go to this school," Yunho fought back the urge to roll his eyes again.

"Kim Junsu does go to this school," Changmin stubbornly fought back.

"No he doesn't."

"Yes he does."

"Listen, here Changmin, if he did, I would know okay?" Yunho explained to him. "If he did, everyone would know. Everyone would scream. Take pictures. So don't even dream about it."

"I'll say this one more time, Yunho," Changmin stared at him once again in the eye. "Kim Junsu does go to this school. This fact is one hundred percent true."

"Well, I'll say it again, Changmin. Kim Junsu does not go to this school," he argued.

Suddenly, a loud row of sneezes echoed in the class.

"Would you like some tissues?" Mrs. Kang stopped her lesson and offered some to Kim Junsu.

"No, I'm fine. Thanks though," Junsu squeaked out.

"You sick?" Yoochun whispered to Junsu. He really didn't know why he asked that but, it just came out of his mouth unconsciously.

"I shouldn't be," Junsu answered, his face beet red from sneezing four times in a row. "Someone's probably talking about me behind my back."


Jaejoong stretched his arms up and yawned as he walked through the hallways of the academy. "Mrs. Kang's class always makes me tired Junsu."

"Just like the rest of your classes," the geek kid replied. "Listen, Jaejoong. Don't hang out with me anymore okay? I have a feeling, if you do, Changmin will figure this whole thing out easily."

"Maybe you're overestimating his abilities," Jaejoong stopped stretching and placed a serious face on, "He's the boss of a small business that you decided to join forces with."

"Jaejoong," Junsu closed his eyes out of irritation. "Just do what ever I say okay? It's my instinct. And they never fail me."

"Fine then," Jaejoong pouted. "I'll have my own fun. Sit at the usual spot in the cafeteria and watch me sweep Yunho away out of that bitch Seulgi's hands."

"I don't care what you do just as long as I'm not going to be involved," Junsu replied. "Just remember that I can't help you even if you're dying."

"You jealous I can snag my Cinderella away off his feet and you can't?"

"Since you can do whatever you want," Junsu opened the doors to the cafeteria, "Don't stop till you're content."

"Such great advice from the great Kim Junsu," Jaejoong stuck his tongue out at him causing the other man to stomp off to the lonely corner of the cafeteria. With Junsu gone, Jaejoong decided to open to the the door to the cafeteria as well.

"Wait, Kim Jaejoong right?" Changmin called out.

"Oh, Mr. Shim," Jaejoong smiled and bowed only his head.

"No, it's quite alright," Changmin smiled. "Call me Changmin okay?"

"You know Jaejoong, Changmin-ah?" Yoochun asked from behind.

"Ah! Yoochun, you're here!" Jaejoong was confused. Why was Yoochun with Changmin?

"Yeah," Changmin answered Yoochun's question. "I'm business partners with Kim Junsu and Jaejoong happened to be his assistant. We just met yesterday."

"Oh, I didn't know that," Yoochun replied.

It seems like they weren't keeping close touch with each other anymore. That's what Changmin realized today. He didn't know much about Yoochun anymore and Yoochun didn't know much about him either.

"So, are you guys new friends or what?" Jaejoong smiled.

"No, actually, he's my boyfriend," Changmin smiled.

"Ehh?" Jaejoong was pretty surprised. He knew Junsu would burst in jealousy if he found out about this. "Well I thought that..." he trailed off.

"You thought that?" Changmin questioned him.

"You're going out with this guy Yoochun?" Jaejoong pointed the question right at the man behind Changmin. "So you like him?"

Yoochun just nodded.

"Then want me to let you in on a secret Yoochun?" Jaejoong walked up to him and placed his lips close to his ears. He whispered. "Kim Junsu is head over heels for you."

"Lies," Yoochun whispered out loud. "You don't know that."

"Why would I lie to you?" Jaejoong rhetorically asked, standing straight.

Yoochun was just left in his quiet world again.

"Anyways, Yoochun and maybe Changmin, if you decide to sit with Yunho today, don't alright?" Jaejoong told them. "You guys might get in the middle of things. I'll just see you later... or around." He waved goodbye as he walked to the direction of the cafeteria.

"Hey Jaejoong!" Changmin called out again. He really didn't get to ask his own question because of the sudden interuption from Yoochun.

Jaejoong looked back but continued to walk except backwards this time.

"Where's Kim Junsu? He goes to this school but I haven't seen him around you yet."

This question caught Jaejoong off guard causing him to trip on his own foot just like his nerdy friend from this morning.

Junsu was right about his man. Changmin knew a whole bunch of things even if he's just a quite normal guy. He underestimated him.

After the words "Kim Junsu" and "he goes to this school" came out of Changmin's mouth, there was an instant decrease in volume surrounding them. Every pair of eyes landed on Changmin's figure. Of course nobody knew that Kim Junsu goes to this school. Even Yoochun was surprised.

Jaejoong got up quickly and laughed the question off to get rid of the awkwardness. "Are you going crazy Changmin?" he lied. "He doesn't bother going to school. He's busy with the procedures of the company."

A lie again. Another 'why' question was added to his list. Why was Jaejoong hiding the fact that Kim Junsu went to this school? Where is Kim Junsu anyways?

"Anyways," Jaejoong brushed the dirt of his pants. "I have some business with Yunho today. So don't sit there okay? And Yoochun, don't forget what I told you okay? I'm not the type to lie."


"He must be damn serious," Junsu whispered to himself as he focused on eating his food. "Getting back to business," he told himself. "Why is Changmin here? Surely, it's all a coincidence."

"Hey," a voice was heard from the opposite side of the table. "Mind if we sit with you?"

Junsu looked up. He was surprised to see Yoochun but shocked to see the man beside him. It was Changmin.

"You shouldn't sit with someone like me Yoochun," Junsu gave him a small smile, "sit with Yunho and his girlfriend like what you do everyday."

"Jaejoong told us to come sit with you today," Yoochun told him but in quiet mode so they wouldn't attract attention. "You see..."

Changmin was surprised. He usually doesn't talk much. He didn't talk that much with Jaejoong but to this guy...

He watched as Yoochun started to explain what happened in the small break between classes.

"That's all he said," Yoochun ended his story.

"So he did plan this ahead of time," Junsu mumbled out.

"Do you mind us sitting with you?" Changmin now asked. "We're kinda tired standing." The geek snapped out of his thoughts. His head shot up to Changmin who was standing. "Oh I apologize, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Shim Changmin." He reached out his hands to Junsu with his palms facing down. Business meetings or not, he liked that he was always in charge of everyone.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Xiah Junsu." Unconsciously, Junsu shook his hands just like how he did it the first time they met which made Changmin have questioning eyes towards him. Only people with class knew how to provoke his handshake. Junsu, realizing this ended up wildly shaking Changmin's hands to cover his mistake up. "or... something!" He added in. He looked like a loser but that's what he was right?

"Can we sit? Do you mind?" Changmin gave him a smile with a hint of suspicion.

"N-no," he stuttered.

"No?" Yoochun asked him disappointedly.

"I mean no as in no, I don't mind," Junsu gave a big grin.

"Thanks," Yoochun smiled.

Junsu could feel Yoochun's eyes smiling at him, but still, it was full of...What was the word? ...Agony?

Every time Yoochun smiled, it always looked so sad like he pitied his ownself. Junsu didn't know why he's like that but maybe it was because of the auction. Did he feel dirty? He always wanted to ask 'What's wrong?' or 'Did something happen?' But he knew all these questions would be all too personal. Of course Junsu knew something was wrong with Yoochun. All of his smiles were always fake. As much as he looked happy smiling, Junsu could always sense pain. He even surprised himself that he looks and observes someone this close to notice these things.

"You made a new friend already?" Junsu started off the conversation with Changmin.

Yoochun stared at Changmin's eyes unsure of how to answer Junsu's question.

"He's my boyfriend," Changmin finally answered.

Junsu couldn't help but become really depressed. He knew that answer was coming but he just had to ask that question to make himself feel bad. "So this is the man who called you that time and then hanged up?" That was all he could blurt out. Usually, he keeps his cool but today wasn't such a great day.

Sensing Yoochun become depressed, Changmin quickly covered himself up.

"Ah! Sorry about that Chun-ah," he looked Yoochun in the eyes and apologized. "I was at work but someone ... called for me."

"For a second there, I thought you were cheating on him," Junsu was hiding rude remarks in his spoken words, "but you're a nice guy right?" He gave Changmin a sweet smile but in reality, it was full of evilness and cruel intentions. He couldn't help but create such an awkward atmosphere between the two of them.

"No!" A scream echoed in the cafeteria. It was too high pitched.

"So your friend Jaejoong was serious about us leaving huh?" Changmin looked at where Yunho sat and with no surprise, Yoochun too. He completely ignored Junsu's comment.

There was curiosity in Chagmin's eyes. He didn't know why Kim Jaejoong would cause a commotion if he's the right hand man of Kim Junsu, son of a wealthy business man.


Jaejoong walked to the table where Yunho and Seulgi sat. With the empty chairs, it seemed like Yoochun and Changmin heeded his words. "Hey Yunho's ex-girlfriend," Jaejoong started the conversation with a shocking revelation. "It's nice seeing you here." He pulled out a chair and stared at Yunho's eyes. The other man totally knew what he was going to do today. "Hey Yunho. How's you eye? I put you on the spot yesterday huh?"

"It's okay," Yunho tried to ignore Jaejoong's searching eyes. "Did you make up that story about the pregnant secretary?"

A laugh came up. It was Jaejoong's. "Yeah, I use it all the time."

"Does it work all the time?" Yunho asked. He felt a bit comfortable that Jaejoong wasn't pulling out anything funny yet.

"Well, did it work yesterday?"

"My father is a bit on the --" A slam was heard.

"Kim Jaejoong," Seulgi's patience was running dry. "What the hell are you trying to pull bitch?" Seulgi slammed her chopsticks down. "Kim Jaejoong," she called out. "Are you gay? Is that why you're doing this? You want Yunho?" She stood up from her spot and slammed her fist down in front of Jaejoong. "Well, you can't have him!" She started to laugh.

"But he's mine already," Jaejoong answered. When he said that, he made an important discovery. And that was, heads really did turn 360 degrees if you really are curious enough. Everyone just watched for a great show. After that incident from last day, there had been hot gossip about a love triangle between the three. The love triangle was pretty weird and totall wrong. It was about how Jaejoong liked Seulgi but Yunho kinda had affections for both, then Seulgi is in love with Yunho.

"Do you know why you can't have him?" Seulgi asked teasingly. She really had no idea who she was talking to and what kind of situation she was dealing with.

"I wonder why," Jaejoong challenged her.

"Because you who looks so ugly can't have what I own. Plus, my Yunho here isn't gay," she stated the facts she knew existed. "He's my boyfriend.So scram! Save yourself the humiliation."

"He can't like me? What ever in this God's green Earth made you think that?" Jaejoong interogated her.

"Let's take this outside okay?" Yunho tried to cool them down but he just got shot down.

"Shut up Yunho," Jaejoong rubbed the side of his head in irritation. "You're alive right?"

Yunho nodded.

"Then why the fuck are you still with her?" Jaejoong cussed.

"Because he's mine," Seulgi confidently replied. "Like I said, you can't have what I own because you're just a poor, ugly bastard."

Jaejoong took a big breath. "Very well, then, let's get Yunho to decide," he smiled at her as he stood up, pushing his chair roughly.

"Jaejoong..." Yunho tried to stop him. He really didn't want to get involved in this whole mess but he was really in a pinch though. Seulgi was his girlfriend but yesterday, he made a bet with Jaejoong and now he's Jaejoong's boyfriend. "But--"

"Yunho!" Seulgi ordered him. "Stand up and pick me so that we can stomp on this guys pretty pride."

Yunho stood up with a really shocked face. Girls can get really scary but Jaejoong was more scarier. Finding out what Jaejoong could do yesterday, he wouldn't even dare mess with Kim Jaejoong. If Kim Junsu's assistant is that strong already, would the boss be stronger? It seems like Yunho's head wasn't even in the fight about him.

"Okay, let's stand farther away from each other with Yunho in the middle," Jaejoong's face gave the 'Sorry-but-I'm-goin-to-win-bitch' message to Seulgi.

"I wish you Heaven's luck," she challenged back.

"Keep it. You'll need ever single ounce of luck you can get."

Both Jaejoong and Seulgi went opposite directions with the table they sat on as the middle point. They were about four meters away from Yunho.

"So Yunho, let's get this over and done with," Seulgi smiled at him. Every eye was glued at each figure. They didn't know who they should focus on.

"You can't back down now Yunho," Jaejoong gave him the face which remind him of the bet yesterday. "You'll really regret it if you don't pick me."

Regret huh? Yunho thought. 'If I go to my right, I like girls and I'll be perfectly straight. If I go to my left, I like boys which means I'm either gay or bisexual."

"Come on now Yunniee~" Seulgi cooed.

Yunho continued to think. 'Jaejoong really did try to keep me safe yesterday...but Seulgi's a I should pick her right?'

He kept on looking to his left and then right. Left and then right. Jaejoong or Seulgi? Seulgi or Jaejoong? A girl or a guy? Stay straight or become a homo? Not like being a homo... is bad or anything. Yoochun is dating... a guy. But really, not really dating.

Yunho lifted his head up from thinking and just went with the flow. It seems like he has made a decision. "Jaejoong..." he whispered as he went to the direction of who he'd pick. Jaejoong was confident. Really confident. But his heart was crushed when Yunho walked to Seulgi's direction. That...Yunho didn't even step his direction. He went to Seulgi's. Every step the man took away from him crushed Jaejoong's pride. This wasn't happening. That was all Jaejoong told himself.

Giggles were heard all around and Jaejoong couldn't help but feel like his world was geting smaller and darker.

Yunho took a few more steps and finally reached Seulgi.

"See Jaejoong? Yunho will never like a man like you." She gave him a 'Sorry-but-I-told-you-so' look.

She was going to humiliate Jaejoong and his huge ego some more but she was interupted by the sound of her boyfriend's voice. "Seulgi, I..."

"I know babe, you love me right?" she closed her eyes and headed for Yunho's lips.

"Seulgi..." Yunho grabbed her face to stop her. "I... I'm sorry."

"You're sorry for loving me?" Seulgi asked him. "Don't be!"

"No, I'm sorry because..." Yunho trailed off, "I pick Jaejoong."

"What?" she breathed out. It took her a while to process what Yunho told her. "You what?!" Her voice turned into a yell. She grabbed a hold of Yunho's hands and held it tight.

"I'm sorry," Yunho apologized to her like a man. "But, we're breaking up. It's not going to work out between us. I'm sorry."

The murmurs went louder and louder. Nobody expected this outcome. Of course Jaejoong did, but seeing Yunho walk the other way made him lose all hope for a second.

"For that...that bitch?!" She pointed at Jaejoong. "Lies. You're lying! I'm a girl Yunho. And he's a guy! A fucking guy! You'll be better off with me! I'm rich and pretty! And plus he can't make you feel good."

"Who says I don't have what you have?" Jaejoong butted in. "Do you even know who I am?"

"You're a slut," Seulgi yelled at him. "That's what you are."

"I advice you look me up on the net," Jaejoong smirked. "Type K-I-M J-A-E-J-O-O-N-G, lead assistant of Kim Junsu." He stopped. "No need to do your reasearch about me now I guess. Spelled it out for you clearly uh?"

"Seulgi..." Yunho tried to shake her hands off that was locked at his own wrists, "Let go."

Yunho pushed her hands away and headed towards Jaejoong. The raven haired man's frown turned upside down. He smiled not with confidence but with relief that Yunho really did pick him when he had lost hope. He let a short breath out as he placed his hands out waiting for Yunho to grab it.

He was glad that Yunho was really a man of his words. He watched as Yunho hesitantly grabbed a hold of his hand. And when it was finally in his reach, he pulled Yunho with great force towards him causing the man to lose balance.

"Jaejoong! What the hell do you think you're doing!" Yunho yelled as he landed in Jaejoong's embrace. His answers were quickly answered by Jaejoong's right hand holding the back of his neck and then a different tongue going inside his mouth. He was about to punch the raven haired man with his fist but it was all too weak. Jaejoong grabbed that fist and placed it at Yunho's back while they kissed.

Jaejoong's own tongue was already inside of Yunho in a short amount of time, exploring him, tasting every inch of space he had. Yunho felt like he was burning. For the whole time, his eyes were wide open but even though he felt like he shouldn't be doing this, it felt good. Jaejoong was good. But why was it different? Of course he kissed Seulgi many times but never did it feel like this. He needed to control himself but he ended up letting a moan escape out. Jaejoong completely devoured his mouth in a matter of seconds.

Jaejoong ended the kiss and looked at Seulgi. "Does that answer your question Seulgi?"

"Jaejoong...Jaejoong... Jaejoong," Seulgi mumbled repeatedly. "You just ... dug your own grave. Jung Yunho was mine!"

Jaejoong laughed. "Yes, he was yours."

"He's my boyfriend you slut!" Seulgi yelled out.

"Ehh?" Jaejoong teased. He looked at Yunho. "This girl is saying you're her boyfriend Yunho." Then he wrapped around his arms around Yunho's abs.

"Jaejoong..." Yunho was shocked by what Jaejoong did to him. "Just what are you trying to do? Why did you do that?" He was all too flustered and so he just held his lips from the shock.

"Isn't it obvious?" Jaejoong smiled at him and went straight for his ear. He bit it which caused Yunho's senses to come back to him. "It's because..." A grin. "I wanted to."

"But you can't just...just...!" Yunho couldn't complete his sentence. Giving up, he ran outside of the cafeteria holding on to his ear. He needed to relieve his stress down there. He couldn't believe he got a hard on without Jaejoong touching any part of his body other than the back of his neck and his right arm.


"Wow," Changmin stared wide eyed. "I never would've expected that happening..." They looked away from the scene that had just unfolded.

"Never thought he liked Yunho," Yoochun added.

"Anyways, Chun! Try some of this!" Changmin gave him a bit of his kimbap. He fed it to him.

With Yoochun's stuffed face, he looked really cute. All Junsu wanted was to squish his face. Instead...some other guy did it for him.

He heard Changmin laugh out loud. "You look so cute." Those were the words that made Yoochun a bit brighter. Jealousy. Junsu couldn't help but lose is appetite. He watched them some more.

Now, Changmin was pinching Yoochun cheeks.

Junsu placed his hands on his knees and started tapping them. He wanted to do that.

"Do you want another piece?" That's what he heard Changmin ask Yoochun. "Here."

Junsu looked at how Changmin was really having fun feeding Yoochun.

"Thanks Changmin-ah," Yoochun said as his mouth was stuffed with food.

Their table was getting most of the attention now too but they never realized. Junsu was sure that he heard hearts shattering from the people who sat around them. Anyways, the real truth was that he wanted to leave from where he was sitting really badly. He couldn't feel anything but jealosy running through his veins. In his head, he wanted to be like that with Yoochun. He wanted to feed him. But why? He knew he had some affection for the man but he never realized that it grew to be this much. Frustration. That's what he knew he felt right now. He felt like the third wheel and so he didn't want to stay behind and eat his food there.

"S-sorry guys but I think I'm going to take a walk... or something," Junsu made up an excuse. He got up and walked really fast.

"Hey! Wait Junsu," Yoochun yelled. Instantly, all eyes stared at him. Why couldn't people mind their own businesses? "Just... be careful."

Junsu just waved goodbye with a smile.

"New friend?" Changmin asked him as he sat down. Yoochun called out to him. He never does that to me...

"Yeah," Yoochun answered.

"He's the new kid right?"


"How new?"

"Last week," another short reply was given to him.

It was hard to keep a conversation now.

"Did you make new friends Yoochun?" Changmin randomly asked.

"Just the people who you met today with me, plus Yunho," Yoochun replied.

Changmin kept a note on that. Then, he started to list his questions and answers in his head once again. He learned new things from his stay in this cafeteria.

'So Yoochun, stood up for Xiah Junsu which then made Siwon really mad at him. Which then lead to his kidnapping and to the underground auction where Kim Junsu apparently bought him for one hundred million dollars because of Kim Jaejoong.' Changming poked his food. 'The only question here is that...Why? Why would Kim Junsu buy Yoochun for that much money just because of what his assistant asked of him? Why...?' His plate now became messy. 'The only conclusion I can draw out of this is that Kim Junsu knew Yoochun before he got to the auction. So they were friends already. But, Yoochun doesn't know that they are friends...probably. A disguised friend then? So then let's narrow it down to Yoochun's friends. Who does Yoochun know that he's close to? Friends...Who are his friends? Jung Yunho, of course. And Kim Jaejoong, as it seems and Xiah Junsu, that geek.' Things were kind of coming together now. 'Probability of each one of the people becoming the disguised friend is 33%. Jung Yunho is eliminated for obvious reasons so that leaves Kim Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu. A fifty fifty chance now. But then, Kim Jaejoong can't be the disguised friend because because he is the assistant of Kim Junsu. He's eliminated too. So now that leaves...Xiah Junsu. But that would mean that...the probability of that geek being the disguised Kim Junsu is above 90% considering that Yoochun might have another friend. Chances of that happening would be a little less that 5% though.

"Suspiscious..." he mumbled out. The high and mighty Kim Junsu as ... Xiah Junsu? "I can't... see that happening.

"Changmin," Yoochun called his name but compared to how he called out to Junsu, it was just a mere whisper.

He snapped out of his calculations. "Something wrong Yoochun?"

"Why are you here?" Yoochun asked him. "I mean why did you pick this school?"

"I was really waiting for that question Chun-ah," Changmin patted his head. "Anyways, my father told me or at least forced me to come here." That was a lie and a truth in one sentence.

"Oh, well, I see," Yoochun was a bit disappointed. He was hoping that he'd hear something along the lines of 'because I missed you' or 'because I wanted to see you everyday'. "I'm going for a bit... take a nap outside. I have a two hour break." That's what he said instead.

"Would you like me to come with you for a bit until my class starts?" Changmin asked him.

"It's alright. Don't bother about me too much okay?" Yoochun smiled. He waved goodbye. In truth, he wanted to be alone because as much as he loved Changmin, seeing him for the first time after... a while, he couldn't help but feel the distance between him and the other man now. And it hurt him so much. What if he leaves? What if he just doesn't care about me anymore? All these thoughts made him scared. His feet walked him to the most quietest place his ears found most comfort at. The usual spot, where there wasn't much sun in the field. He stopped though as he saw a figure pacing in a circle exactly where he liked to lie down.

"Junsu?" Yoochun wasn't really sure but when the figure responded to the name he knew it was him.

"Oh hi Yoochun!" Junsu pretended that he was his usual cheery self. But in reality, he was really frustrated because he wanted Yoochun all to himself. One hundred percent.

"Why are you...?" Yoochun asked as he stared at Junsu with his questioning eyes.

The geek answered him with an awkward giggle. He planned to lie the whole time but once glance, just one glance at those eyes, he felt like he was going to be busted. So instead, he told the truth but with a lie covering it up. Junsu sat down on the grass. "Say Yoochun," Junsu started to speak seriously. "Can I ask you a question?" He decided that, whatever Yoochun says to him here, that's what he'll do. No matter what the answer is.

Yoochun walked towards him and sat down beside Junsu with just a little bit of space in between them. "I'll try to answer."

"Okay! So!" Junsu breathed out. "This is just... I mean. Well. Rhetorically speaking, say...that there's this guy who likes Mr. X, but..." he kept on doing hand motions to convey the characters. "Mr. X doesn't know about his feelings and he has a boyfriend already. So then finding himself not being able to do anything, the guy feels that he's frustrated because everytime he watches Mr. X doing all these lovey dovey things with his boyfriend, he wishes that he could do that with him too.

"So the guy is jealous, basically of Mr. X's boyfriend,'" Yoochun summed up his point. "And?"

"The guy is frustrated because he wants to keep Mr. X all to himself," Junsu added on. "What do you think the guy should do then?"

"I think the guy should confess his feelings to Mr. X," Yoochun responded as he looked up at blue sky. His eyes really did match with the sky. Both were serene but at the same time, both are unpredictable things that could strike you down in one blow.

"Don't you think that'll be hard?" Junsu seriously asked the question. "I mean...rhetorically speaking of course!"

"It's always better knowing that you did something," Yoochun told him. "If you lose the chance and you didn't do anything about it knowing that you could, then you'll just regret it for the rest of your life." He forced out a smile. Talking about this made him remember how he was too helpless and weak to help his mother from that... fire. If only he was strong and wasn't like a child. He could've protected his mother from anything and not the other way arond. "If you could change something, then do whatever you please make yourself happy-- even if it's a little too selfish."

"Hey Yoochun..." Junsu looked at him in the eyes. His heart was dying from beating too fast. So that's what he'll do. His heart was set now. Here goes. "You really think that way?"

Yoochun looked at him suggesting that he was listening for more.

"Give me your hand," Junsu told him as he gave the other man a smile that covered up his nervousness. "Don't worry, I'll be quick." He added that line in for a little assurance.

The other man nodded as he held out his hands and smiled at him with those eyes that attracted everyone, even Junsu's own heart.

"I know this is going to sound...funny but..." Junsu tried hard not to stutter as he grabbed Yoochun's hands and squeezed on it tight. In an instant, the man stiffened under his touch.

Does he hate me or something? That was all Junsu thought.

Yoochun stared at his hands and then looked at the other figure. He was really clueless, confused and apprehensive about what's going to happen next.

This is it. Junsu thought. "Yoochun..." he spoke as he pulled on the other man's hand causing him to lean forward.

Caught off guard, Yoochun was a bit shocked because all of a sudden, both their faces were so close to each other. He could feel the other man's breath on his skin. He looked at Junsu with eyes wide open and didn't budge from his spot. He waited.

"I really really like you." That was all Yoochun heard. "I fell in love with you."

Then, the most unexpected thing happened that day.

Junsu gave the blue eyed man a quick kiss and ran off, leaving Yoochun all alone, sitting by himself.


Yunho ran through the halls with his racing heart. What the hell is wrong with my body? Yunho slowed down after a while and leaned on a locker, clutching his pounding chest. He could've sworn his heart could jump out of his ribcage any second now. Why did I react like that? He was still worried about his "excitement" from earlier on. It wasn't too big right now to be noticeable so he was grateful.

"Yunho!" a voice yelled from across the hallway. It was Jaejoong's.

Instead of waiting for the man to get to him, he walked away. He just walked. Not ran.

"Wait Yunho!" Jaejoong called out. Finally, after some running, he caught up. "Yunho!" he grabbed the man's left shoulder and spun him around. "Is that all you can take?"

"Go away," Yunho shooed him off.

"I don't see why I have to," Jaejoong answered.

"Then I'll go. Don't follow me." He was in the process of turning around once again but Jaejoong grabbed a tight hold of his hand. "Don't touch me!" he finally snapped.

"But why?" Jaejoong just smiled at him. "I don't see what I did wrong."

"You kissed me and you bit my --"

"I don't see why those things are wrong," Jaejoong replied to him, testing his patience. "You started being my boyfriend when you came out of that incident alive."

"You just don't kiss someone without their permission!" Yunho blurted out.

"Now why do I need permission from you who is officially my boyfriend??"

Yunho became flustered. "Shut up." He flicked Jaejoong's hands away from his own and walked very fast to the nearest room he could find. The staff washroom. Opening the door, he went inside. But when he closed it, Jaejoong got in the way and stopped the door from advancing any further.

"You shouldn't tick me off Jung Yunho," Jaejoong warned him.

"Why did you do that to me in front of every one?!" Yunho freaked out as he tried to close the door Jaejoong was blocking. Good thing no one was lurking around the halls at this time.

"Because I can do whatever I want to!"

"You can't!" Yunho asked as he struggled to close the door once more.

"I can," Jaejoong rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Listen here Yunho, if you make me snap..."

Yunho still didn't give in. He still continued trying to close the door. "Why...?" That was all he could ask.

"Because I really like you." Jaejoong hit the bullseye. Seeing Yunho thrown off guard, he gave the door another push with more power which sent Yunho back and him getting inside the staff washroom. "You really piss me off..." Jaejoong scratched the back of his head and slammed the door shut, locking it. He walked towards Yunho who was right beside the sink.

"What the hell Jaejoong?!" Yunho yelled at him. "Are you cra--"

A kiss. That was all it took for Jaejoong to shut Yunho up. "Time's up." Jaejoong smirked.

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 12: They're Coming Back to Me

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Chapter 12 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 12 [Winglin Version]
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Chapter 12: They're Coming Back To Me

"What the hell Jaejoong?!" Yunho yelled at him. "In front of everyone... even Seulgi and --"

"You just need to shut up and look at me and only me," Jaejoong told him as he headed towards the frazzled man. "Nobody else."

"But I don't even know you! You're just a random rich guy that's in my class. You can't just make me shut up when you're doing this to me," Yunho argued as he held out both of his hands to keep a safe distance between his body and Jaejoong's.

"Then you do know me. I'm the random rich guy in your class," the raven haired man smirked in amusement. "But you know what? I bet I can make you shut up."

"No! Once you're gone, I'll shut up for good." Yunho smiled awkwardly trying to be nice but pushy at the same time. Nothing he uttered out loud helped him from stopping the raven haired man from going towards him at all.

"I don't need to get out to make you shut your mouth," Jaejoong playfully smiled back as he grabbed Yunho's right wrist pulling the other body closer to his frame. With that, he snaked his hands around the shorter haired man's waist.

"Jaejoong, you need to st--" Yunho tried to yell out but the rest of his words were muffled.
What were they muffled by? By Jaejoong's tongue inside his mouth of course. As much as he wanted to get out of Jaejoong's grasp, he was dead on locked there.

A kiss. A fiery heated kiss. That was all it took to shut the mighty Jung Yunho up. That man felt his strength being drained out of his body big time. Why was he feeling this way? It was a question that he asked his head over and over again. He was sure he only met the man a couple of weeks ago and didn't have any feelings for the other. So why couldn't he punch the guy? But most of all, why did this feel so good?

"Unff..." he tried to gasp for air by opening his mouth wider but there was no hope in that action. The more he opened them widely, the more Jaejoong took advantage of the extra space.

"It seems like you really need to understand what it means to have Kim Jaejoong fall for you," Jaejoong whispered as he lapped his lips on the trail of saliva that was dripping from Yunho's abused lips. Finally, he was able to breathe.

It was dead quiet. Nobody made a sound except for their breathing and Yunho's own heart beating hard. His face was super red flushed from Jaejoong's kiss. In his mind, he was frantic. He was kissing a guy and he was enjoying it! Why?!

Scared of what he was feeling, he decided to give Jaejoong a push throwing him back and headed towards the door, opening it. He ran away.

"What the hell?" Jaejoong scratched his head in irritation. Catching the escaping man, he slammed his hand on the door pushing it back close to prevent the other from opening it. "You know what Jung Yunho? For this whole damn week, I had to stop myself because I can't help but think about you for the whole damn day and it pisses me off. Then, I just watch you smile away with that stupid bitch and that makes me more angry."

With Yunho's back turned to him, Jaejoong grabbed both of Yunho's wrists with one single motion and locked them with his whole arm over the man's head. His right leg leaned on the door through Yunho's legs, which made contact with his crotch.

"Jaejoong... what the hell?! Let me go!" Yunho tried to get Jaejoong's knee down with his hands but his wrists were flat against the door by Jaejoong's arm. "You need to get off!" he yelled out some more as he struggled to get his wrists out of the lock. Truth is, he couldn't see anything but the front of the door. All he knew was that Jaejoong was behind him and was too close for comfort. "Get off me!" he yelled out in distress.

"Why should I do that?" Jaejoong scoffed.

"JAEJOONG!" he started to struggle but Jaejoong just heightened his knee more which caused a more direct contact with Yunho's crotch.

"Don't..." he inhaled oxygen out loud. He could feel his member twitch at the contact.

"You're cock feels a bit hard," Jaejoong grinned. "Did you get excited when I bit your ear?" He continued to sway his knee making friction against Yunho's erect member.

"Shut up!" Yunho yelled at him. There was no way he could have got a hard on from that. He was a man. A straight man. A man who loves girls.

"You're not the one to decide right now," Jaejoong told him as he continued to kiss Yunho at the back of his neck. "I've been wanting to know what you feel like--what you sound like." Jaejoong snaked his hands up underneath Yunho's shirt which made the shorter haired man moan in protest. "Just give up," he softly whispered at Yunho's right ear causing the man to quickly react to it by trying to hide his ear with his shoulder.

"Jae...joong! Don't do this to me," Yunho's eyes winced because of the sudden intrusion under his shirt. The hands then played around with every piece of skin that was usually covered, even his most sensitive spots, Jaejoong caressed. "Ah!" Yunho's knees buckled, putting most of his weight at Jaejoong's knee. Apparently, Jaejoong was enjoying himself playing and pinching his nipples. He started to breathe harshly as the raven haired man planted kisses on his neck... his ear... and everywhere else. "Jae...Jaejoong...Why do you do this? Why can't you just go find other guys to play with? Don't do this to me. I don't like you."

"The answers to you question are simply obvious," Jaejoong said between his kisses. His hands now came out at the top of Yunho's shirt, grabbing his chin to tilt it his direction for a direct kiss. "It's because with only my power, I can," he stated. With Yunho's slightly parted lips, Jaejoong couldn't help but ravish them more and more. Yunho's lips were too luscious and too eatable to pass out.

"You're playing around with me aren't you?" Yunho panted out.

"I like you." Jaejoong whispered against his neck as he gave the other man butterfly kisses down to his toned shoulders.

With those words, Yunho couldn't help but shiver from that gentle but some what alluring voice. "Jae..." Yunho's eyes rolled to the back of his head, "...joong. It's too much. I don't even like you. Don't bring myself to hate you."

"You really don't like me huh?" Jaejoong stopped what he was doing. Hate was such a strong word to his dictionary that he suddenly became disappointed. "Then I can't do this," he replied.

"But it's not that I don't like you," Yunho breathed in air.

"So then you like me," Jaejoong cutted in.

"No, I just don't want you the way you want me. It's better if we just stay as friends."

"No," Jaejoong replied flatly as he let go of Yunho's locked hands above his head. The man just went slump on the ground. "Do I need to remind you that you are my boyfriend now? Obviously you are aware since you dumped that bitch because of this and you picked me over her."

"But the feeling isn't the same! It's all too one sided on your side," Yunho tried to make sense of all this mess.

"Oh, so you loved that piece of ass too right? Is that why you made her your girlfriend?" Jaejoong insultingly shot back. When he said "piece of ass" he meant Seulgi. "Why do you look so tempting? Why get a hard on if you hated it? Why tempt me so? I know I want you so know what you want with me."

There was no response from Yunho and so he continued to talk.

"Fine then, you're not going to answer any time soon I'm guessing," Jaejoong pulled back his hair in frustration. "If you see this only as a one sided relationship then I'll make sure you want me. Then in time, I'll make you need me," Jaejoong said as he stood up high and mighty. "For now, I'll lay off touching you till you ask me. I won't talk to you unless you talk to me. I won't even look at you till you tell me to look at you. You can go back to Seulgi or hook up with some other chick. But I tell you, it's not going to be the same after kissing me."

Yunho could only take deep breaths. With Jaejoong stuck to him like that, he didn't even breathe at all. Shapeless emotions just came welling up inside of him. He didn't even know what he was feeling.

"I'll take my leave for now but remember what I can give you and make you feel," Jaejoong grabbed his chin again and kissed him. "This will be my last time okay? If you ask me of course, I will give you anything you want."

He left.


Yoochun watched as Junsu's running figure got smaller and smaller. That was a confession right? As much as he tried to deny it, his heart actually tingled at those three words. He couldn't help but feel happy at the same time.

In all those years he had gone out with Changmin, never did he hear these three simple words. And because of that, he was always left questioning. For him of course, he loved Changmin. He still did. And he also felt Changmin's love for him, but there was always this whole new feeling every time he talked with Junsu. However, he didn't know where and how to categorize these feelings. It wasn't just friends relationship now because obviously the other man just said 'I like you'. Was it really love? Did he feel the same way? These were the questions that ran through his mind. He couldn't really tell because he was someone who... never had love except from one or two people, his mother and Changmin-- the only people who had that certain warmth to their touches. To him, that was the real deal and nothing could ever replace it. When his mother left this world though, love from other people were only shapeless emotions that came to his heart.


After the washroom incident, Jaejoong just decided that he would just bust his ass at work instead of staying in that place they call school. This would be called self control. Self control. Not skipping. He knew that if he saw Yunho again, he would literally jump and cling onto him. This was the only choice he had, so he decided to take an early leave from school and maybe take off for a while. A week maybe? A couple of weeks? A month? Did he need to stay away from him that long?

Walking out of the doorway to the parking lot, he saw a familiar figure walking in a slump down the parking way. It looked like...someone he knew?

"Su! Wait!" he called out but the man just chose to look down on the ground. The depressed guy probably didn't even hear him call out and so he took the intiative and ran after him. "I said..." Jaejoong grabbed his shoulders. "Junsu!" The man was totally surprised by the hand that grabbed him. The shock on Junsu's face was enough to make Jaejoong worry. "Did you find out about Changmin... and Yoochun? Is that why you're spaced out like this?"

"I found that out before you probably did," Junsu scratched his hair in frustration, "...watched them do lovey-dovey things in the cafeteria today...then..."

"Did you do something that you'd probably regret for your entire life?" Jaejoong butted in.

"..." Junsu never answered.

"Did you?"


"What did you do Su?" he asked again.

"I don't know..." the other man shrugged his shoulders. That was the first time ever that he didn't reply to Jaejoong's question.

"Su, it's not like you to not answer a question. Don't forget, you're still Kim Junsu," Jaejoong told him as he lead Junsu to his car. "Kim Junsu is the man who always had answers. Even though you're real personality is Xiah Junsu, you can't forget about your other half. He's real too even though most of that him is fake."

Junsu flashed a grateful but also a worried smile. It was really surprising to Jaejoong.

"You really need to go home," Jaejoong told him, "you look like a wreck. I'll take you to your father's place. And whatever happened, I won't ask anymore while we're driving. I had a rough day too so I might end up crashing the car if I hear your story." He opened his side of the door and got in but the other didn't even move at all.

'Crashing the car...' Junsu felt like those words really stood out to him the most. Hearing it made him shiver. He was about to get in but he had a sudden flashback...? Or was it something else?

He saw a girl right beside him but her face was full of shock-- frightened to death. She screeched his name. The loud, high pitched scream echoed through his ears. Then it ended. He felt scared as he felt his jaw starting to shiver but the movement was still not too visible.

It passed by quickly... was it his...? Were they coming back? He shook out those thoughts but still looked pretty dazed. That girl...she was...

"Just get in! We'll talk when we get back," Jaejoong snapped at him. He finally moved.

The ride was long and quiet. This day was really one hell of a roller coaster ride where the ride was always upside down. Every thing and every one was just confused and confusing. Although, he had to admit, his own love life was such a huge mess. What he said to Yunho, he wished he didn't say. He really wanted to just stay beside Yunho but now, it's broken too. He really needed the other one to crumble before his own heart collapses or else this game of love he saw existing will all be over.

"We're here. I took you home," Jaejoong told Junsu as he stepped on the breaks. "Now would you talk?"

Junsu just avoided the conversation, got off the car and shut the door. He walked as fast as he could to the front door that opened to Kim Junsu's mansion.

"Junsu!" Jaejoong yelled at him. "We can't fix anything if you can't even deal with it yourself!" None of his words were getting through to the other man. And so to grab his attention, Jaejoong stopped him right before he got to the door. "Junsu! Right here, tell me what you did wrong so we can fix it."

"I told Yoochun I liked him today," Junsu explained.

Jaejoong's eyes widened. "You what?" He wanted to make sure he heard the words in correct order.

"I told Yoochun I liked him today," he repeated again.

"You're kidding."

"I confessed..." the voice was now as silent as a whisper.

"What?" Jaejoong breathed out still not believing him.

"Fuck Jaejoong," Junsu cussed as he faced the raven haired man. He grabbed both sides of Jaejoong's shoulder and shook it out of frustration. "Say that one more time and you're going to get punched."


"I want him all to myself! I want Yoochun all to myself! There! Is that something you can understand now? That's why I bought him!" Junsu rolled his eyes as he tightened his grip on Jaejoong's shoulders. "Is that too much to ask? I need him all to myself...I don't want him with someone else! I bought him with my money but why am I not satisfied? Why--" A sharp pain ran through his body. Jaejoong has slapped him.

"As you friend," Jaejoong scoffed. "I need you to get back in check with reality."

"Jaejoong, you--" Junsu was shocked. Shocked because he never ever dreamed of Jaejoong slapping him like that.

"Money isn't the only thing you need to live in this world," Jaejoong replied to him with his serious eyes. "You can't buy everything with money just like how you couldn't bring her back to this world.There are things you just can't control with money in your own hands." After mentioning, the word her, Junsu just started to hyperventilate. The grip on Jaejoong's shoulders loosened by a million times. "There are things that you need to do just by yourself without forcing money on people to do what you want."

"Jaejoong, you're talking about...her?" He paused. "You're talking about her!" Junsu started to freak out. "I told you you would only bring up this topic if you're willing to tell me everything!" Junsu said as he closed his eyes and covered his face. "I don't need your lies if you're just goign to hide what I want from me.."

"Not everything here revolves around you," Jaejoong added. "And if you really want something then only you can make it happen. Just you-- without your name and money." Jaejoong patted his head. "Anyways, I'm really sorry. I went out of line. I need to hide the truth from you or else it'll be medically dangerous. You need to find out for yourself and recover what you lost with only your own capabilities. But I feel that once you face your inner demons, you'll be a stronger Kim Junsu."

"Jaejoong..." Junsu tried to say something.

"Just go inside now," Jaejoong told him as he patted his head. "Think about what I said." He turned around and marched to his car. "I'll cover for you today for your meeting. You have one with that Changmin guy right? I'll handle it nicely so don't come or else." He used his most famous two syllabled phrase again-- or else.

Junsu held on to his stinging cheek. He was thinking but at the same time not. He knew something happened in the past. The feeling still lingered inside his head. But he doesn't remember. He never wanted to remember. He didn't want to remember.

But before he thought about things some more, he decided to dial a number on his phone to call a certain individual.


"Are you feeling well Yoochun?" Changmin asked the blue eyed man who was in a daze. He asked again to get his attention. "Yoochun?" he called out.

"Sorry," Yoochun apologized as he realized that he was unconsciously ignoring the calls of his name.

"Did something happen? You feeling okay?" Changmin questioned him. "Do you--"

"Changmin," Yoochun spoke his name with great gentleness. "Do you love me?"

"More than anything else, I care for you," the taller man replied but was confused to where the question came from.

"But do you love me?" Yoochun asked again.

"Listen Yoochun, do you know what love is? Your question, you shouldn't even have to ask," Changmin told him.

"I have this weird feeling," Yoochun explained to him. "I can't place it anywhere."

"Are you in love?" Changmin understanding the situation, asked a question.

"No, I'm sure that I really do love you so I can't fall in love with someone else," Yoochun added on. "This is a different feeling where my heart doesn't feel calm at all. It's totally different when I'm with you so it can't be love. When I'm with you, I feel calm and collected but--"

"When you stick with this person your heart gets all jittery and your stomach feels like it's fluttering," Changmin finished it for him. "I'm right aren't I?"

"How did you...?" Yoochun questioned him with those longing eyes waiting to be answered.

"Who do you have these feelings for?" Changmin curiously asked. He knew this man had fallen head over heels over another person but just couldn't tell that he did. "He must be very special?"

"Well I don't know but it's because of J--" Yoochun was cut off before he could say anything. There was this unknown force that just prevented him from mentioning Junsu's name. Changmin's cellphone started to ring and the situation just became awkward when the taller man just tried to ignore the call. "Just answer it," Yoochun told him. "I need to get to next class anyways."

"Do you need a ride back home later?" Changmin asked hurriedly. "I can pick you up."

"It's alright, I took the car you lent me today," Yoochun smiled at him. "Plus, you have work right?"

"Yeah but--" His phone started to ring again.

"Bye." Yoochun smiled at him as he turned around and walked off.

"Be careful going home," Changmin gently waved his hand and then turned around walking the oppsite way to pick up his call. "Hello?" he answered.

"It's Kim Junsu," the man on the line talked in a suave manner, "Kim Jaejoong will be my replacement for today's meeting since I have urgent things that needs my attention for the time being. Don't forget to be there by 1:30.

"I'm already on my way," Changmin replied.

"He'll see you there," Kim Junsu replied. He hang up the phone.


1:30 P.M.
Kim Enterprises
Building # 6

"It's nice to see you out of school," Jaejoong reached out his hands for a hand shake. "I was surprised to see you there."

"Me as well Kim Jaejoong," Changmin flashed his business man smile and shook his hand. "So what do we need to discuss today?"

"Let's take a seat first," Jaejoong pointed to the table with surrounding chairs. Reaching them, both men sat down. "Alright," he started the conversation. "As you know, things might get risky and dangerous and so I'd like you to arm yourself at all times. There are uprisings in the underground world because of Kim Enterprises buying 95% of the Choi's stocks in their underground business. These people play dirty so I won't be surprised if they decide to come after you. Of course, since you are a part of us, we'll guarantee your safety. But for other's who are close to you that they might blackmail or hurt, you're the only one responsible."

"That sounds reasonable," Changmin played with his pen on his fingers. "Arm myself huh? Arm myself as in...?"

"I'm assuming you don't have one yet right?" Jaejoong took his briefcase and grabbed a small case that lied inside there. He handed Changmin the black metal case. "It's yours to keep. We are also not responsible to who you hurt but like I said, if you get arrested, we will buy you out since you are a part of this company now.

"What's inside?" Changmin looked at Jaejoong's piercing eyes.

Jaejoong smirked. "Open it."

Changmin stared at the small case. It sure did give an ominious aura. "Then I'll do as you say," he replied as he held the case and brought it closer to himself. He pushed the button on the side which automatically opened the locked box. "A gun huh?"

"You might need it," Jaejoong replied. "Use it wisely. It's a shot gun with around 6 bullets on the inside. On the second layer of this case is extra amo. But there are only 2 sets of six. I'm sure you won't need that much though." He closed the case for Changmin and shoved it to his chest. "Getting back to business, the south and west branches that are under your care are currently in their best shape?"

"Of course," Changmin opened his folder of evidence and showed it to Jaejoong. "Even with the overwhelming spend for this week with the Choi's stocks, we still have a surplus because of the 48.5% increase in business sales in the divition I took over."

"Very well done," Jaejoong scanned the report. "I'm sure Kim Junsu will be delighted with these news."

There was dead silence as no one spoke after that. Changmin just watched Jaejoong flip through the papers he give him.

"Kim Jaejoong," Changmin trailed off. "Can I ask a question or questions I mean?"

"Ask away," Jaejoong replied as he placed the folder down. "But only if I get an answer for mine too."

"I already know and figured things out a bit so you should answer me truthfully," Changmin added.

"They sound serious," Jaejoong joked around but still didn't face him in they eye. He was browsing through the papers.

"All have answers so might as well just answer," Changmin answered. "So, first question. Xiah Junsu, he's Kim Junsu isn't he?"

Damn, he's good. Jaejoong complimented him in his mind. But Junsu can't be busted yet. And because of this though, Jaejoong tried his best to keep his poker face on while he said, "Not applicable." Then he added a smile.

"I'll take that answer then," Changmin scoffed. "Second question, what is Kim Junsu's benefit for buying Yoochun for 100 million dollars? We all know that this amount is not pocket change even for us."

"So you know huh? But to answer your question, Kim Junsu told me that he had a certain attachment to Yoochun when he saw those eyes at the auction," Jaejoong replied. "God knows what went through his mind." He tried to keep the answers short and simple. Of course, he made them up. He was thinking about what Junsu would feel and just added on whatever he pleased.

"If I bought Yoochun back for 1.5 times of the original price paid, would he accept?" Changmin continued to ask.

"No," Jaejoong flatly said. "As far as today goes on, he won't be letting go anytime soon. Just because you're his boyfriend doesn't mean that you can just steal Yoochun away from under Kim Junsu's nose."

"Now why would Kim Junsu want to keep a person like him? He doesn't have the decimal place of your total amount of money."

"You ask pointless questions like a person I talked to during lunch time," Jaejoong rolled his eyes. "Would you like the answer for this one?"

"If you please," Changmin answered.

"It's because he wants to."

"But he can't just own a human being," the taller man added on with a bit of a pressure in his voice.

"I know, money can't buy everything but I'm certain that it can buy people," Jaejoong added in to that thought, "the buyer will never be happy because even though he has the human he doesn't have the heart. So in other words, it's like buying a remote control without batteries."

"Yoochun will really hate Kim Junsu," Changmin told Jaejoong. "He would despise him enough overwork himself everyday just so that he can't see his face."


"He hates his father to the core. The is all I can say but if you want to find out some more just do your research," Changmin answered. "I'm sure with your powers, you can easily get Yoochun's files from the Korea database."

"You certainly know how to work us," Jaejoong was a bit ticked off. "But enough questions because it's my turn to ask them. They will be very simple."

"Alright," the taller man just sat, still anticipating what these questions are.

"You've known Yunho for a while right?" Jaejoong continued.

"Only through Yoochun," Changmin explained to him.

"Then, would you happen to know what he likes and what would attract him in a person?"

Changmin gave out a short sigh. "You love him don't you?"

"I'm the one asking the questions," Jaejoong snapped. "Not you. So answer."

"I don't know if it still applies but I heard from Chun 3 years ago that out of the ten girls he dated in junior high, 9 of them had striking faces with platinum blond hair."

"Anything else?" Jaejoong was really interested in this. In his head, he made a mental note to go to a hair salon pronto today. "I wonder why he likes blonde..." he mumbled out loud.

"It's because he thinks that they look like angels," Changmin answered his indirect question.

"Would blonde hair look good on me?" Jaejoong's attitude changed as he talked about Yunho. His serious eyes became gentle and his poker face was completely erased..

"You can always give it a try," Changmin suggested. "Anymore questions?"

Jaejoong stopped talking. "Yes, I added some more. Just two though." He stared Changmin down with his eyes telling the taller man that he knew something.

Changmin was caught off guard by the sudden mood change. One minute, Jaejoong's eyes were all lovey dovey and the next minute, it gives off that evil aura like the devil's eyes.

"You have a lover don't you?" Jaejoong smirked evilly. "A lover other than Yoochun I mean."

"W-What are you talking about?" Changmin stuttered a bit. He didn't think this question would pop out.

"And his name is Lee Dongwook isn't it?" the raven haired man added more to dig Changmin's grave deeper into the ground. It was about time he knew who the boss was around here and how much information can be known after just a day of knowing him.
That was the question that lingered in Changmin's head the whole time he worked for them. Today, that question was obviously answered. These guys are a fearsome duo. In a short matter of time, your whole life will be played around by their fingers and the future you would like to attain would be lying at the palm of their hands. It's too late to back out now. He was stuck in a hole where Jaejoong dug his grave at.


Kim Junsu sat in front of his personal computer for 2 hours now. He sent a mail to his secretary to get certain files for research. It was taking long but they must be hard to get. So while waiting, he decided to take a shower.

One hundred twenty minutes of waiting was too long. He was about to give up but all of a sudden, when he was about to stand up, a small beep was heard. A notification box popped out at the low right side of his screen. You have 1 new mail.

He clicked it.

Mr. Kim,

Here are the files you requested to gather up using your name. These are the only parts of information that they have of him and so I'm hopping these will be enough. I've also gathered the files of his relatives but the only ones I have found are his mother and father. I'm sure they will be enough. Good luck, sir. If you need anything else, then don't hesitate to e-mail again.


Junsu looked through Yoochun's profile first. What caught his eye was his parent's names. His mother to be exact.

Guardians: Marilou Gringe & Park Jong-Il.

"Marilou Gringe?" Junsu mumbled out loud. His mother's name didn't sound Korean. He looked through another folder and looked at his mother's information. To his surprise, there was a picture of her at the right hand side of the paper.

Those deep colored blue eyes that Yoochun had, stood out in the picture. Those eyes looked exactly the same but most likely, different and more inherited probably. It was exactly the same. Same feeling. Same gentleness. Same iciness.

"Wow..." Junsu was amazed.

But still, he continued to read about his mother.

Place of Birth: London, England
Date of Birth: January 14, 1962
Hospital: Royal Alex
Career: None.
Date of Death: August 24, 2004, 10:48 p.m.

Date of death? His eyes widened at the last piece of information provided. She died? Was this why Yoochun was always quiet?

Getting enough of this file. He looked at his father's profile.

Place of Birth: Incheon, Korea
Date of Birth: June 26, 1953
Career: Underground dealer/business
Date of Death: Unconfirmed. [Classified information]
Assumed time of death: August 24, 2004

A business man huh? What the hell happened at August 24? It seems like there was an accident or maybe...?
Whatever it was, both of his parents died. August 24. That rang a bell in his head. But really, he didn't like thinking back and so he tried to leave it as it is. Nothing of the past should come back to him.

"August 24th..." he just said out loud to himself. Suddenly, abrupt cut scenes just started playing in his mind. Where were they coming from? It started when he was talking to Jaejoong but what the hell were these... things?


A girl's face?


His hands. His arms.


Shards of glass and metal surrounded the ground.

...road, tainted with red stains.

/End of Flashback

"What the hell was that?" Junsu shook his head as he tried to shoo away what just appeared randomly in his head. He continued to look through the files. August 24, 2004.

"What happened at that time? His parents died? How?" He continued to question. His head was a bit on the spinning and hurting side today. He reminded himself to probably take his medicine. But later. He wanted to find out more about Yoochun.

In the document file, he went on the search bar and typed August 24, 2004. Luckily, that date was placed somewhere on the file. It quickly scrolled down to about three quarters of the way. Pictures were shown. Articles were posted.




"What the hell...?" Junsu thought as he scrolled down quickly through the articles. "So it really was an accident."

Pictures now came. It was of the accident. There was an overview picture of the after scenes of the fire. Just looking at this, his breath hitched. But why? He had nothing to do with this. He couldn't understand. His body was shaking for some reason he didn't know. Was he frightened?

His breaths became shorter to the point where he needed more air to keep him sane. Images like before started to appear again, but this time longer and more detailed.


"Junsu!" a loud screech echoed through his ears. His name echoed and repeated all over again.

Everything was spinning and was going out of control.

/End of Flasback

Where was he?

Everything was still black. There were parts, he couldn't remember. How he wished these things would stop coming. They were random things that popped inside his head.


"Help!" a kid yelled.

Was that him?

Was he hurt...?

Hands. Bloody?

Blood everywhere...

A girl covered with thick red liquid staring at him, motionless.

"Junsu..." he heard her whisper

/End of Flasback

Who was she? When did this happen? For some reason, he was there. But why?

"Make it stop..." he whispered in pain. "Stop... who? Why is this appearing?"

His lung capacity of holding air was killing him. His body was reacting to the pictures. What the hell is happening? It was haunting him again.

He stood up from his chair and held on to the table but ended up knocking everything over and making pencil holders and business folders fall down on the ground.

"My head..." Everything was spinning but all he knew was that he couldn't lose consciousness because everything will be dark. Darkness, cramped spaces, overcrowded places-- all of them, he hated.

He held on to the wall to find something...someone...but no one was there since maids only work breakfast time, lunch, dinner and whole day weekends. The door...his phone? Where was everything? Nothing to him was making sense now.

"," he meekly murmured in a soft voice as he held his whole face with his right hand.

Images of blood surrounding him. A girl lying bloody on the ground motionless staring at him with fear in her eyes. Him screaming for help. What the hell was happening? It was like a horror movie playing inside his mind making him go insane.


The long hectic day was finally over for Yoochun. Driving to Kim Junsu's house, he decided to hurry it up a bit since he needed to get ready for his work still. It became a routine now. To avoid that man, he'd gladly work 24/7 just to not see his face and have himself talk to him.

'I like you...' Those words just repeated over and over again. He really couldn't pinpoint what he felt which was really stupid. Don't people just know what they feel?

After the talk with Junsu, time just passed by so slowly. It felt like he was in a dream. He couldn't help but think about his feelings...what he felt for the other man and what he should say. How could Junsu love someone like him in the first place?

Turning corners, and speeding up in the highway, Yoochun reached the place in no time. He parked right beside another car.

"He's home..." Yoochun mumbled to himself. "I need to get out quickly then."

Opening the door by punching in codes his "maid" gave him, he quickly went in only to find himself stuck in that spot seeing Kim Junsu, the one he despised, about to faint and about to fall face first to the ground.

"Are you... alright?" he hesitated to ask. Although, he felt hate towards the man, he still had a heart. Besides, it looked like he was in pain.

"" They were the two words that he heard the man say as he was about to fall down.

"What's wrong?" Yoochun now frantically asked as his feet just started to move on its own accord towards Junsu. Without hesitation, he grabbed the other man's hands and placed it over his shoulder. A shock. There it was again. That certain shock every time he had contact with both of those guys-- Kim Junsu and Xiah Junsu. That feeling. That same feeling. That electricuting feeling. What does it mean? Every time he touched these hands, they felt familiar. Like he's touched them before. But when?

"You feel cold," Yoochun finally looked at the man's skin. "Your hands are pale," he added on. "Why are you shaking?"

"Help me..." he heard the always high and mighty man fall from grace as his lips shivered from the cold, begging for warmth.


A/N: I apologize again.. <3 Anyone confused so far? CHUUZ I AAAAAMMMM . juuust kiddeeeeng. ANYWAYS . HOPE YOU GUYS ... partially, enjoyed... partially not enjoyed?? HAHAH . WHO KNOWS... BUT HEY!! YEEEY AN UPDAATE. PLEASE PAT ME ON THE BACK FOR EDITING THIS. IM SOOOOOO FREAKIZZZZLY LAZY... not erally. but i got some craaazy stuff to do. *sigh* You're probably thinkng ... oh gawd . THIS ISN'T INTERESTING ANYMORE. If I make you feel that way... THEN IM FREAKING SORRY. >_>" My life has also went down and is not intresting anymore after school started. Probably took it's toll on my baby. I'll try my best to keep the hype but yeah. I REALLY DO APOLOGIZE FOR... not updating for a while. belive me I tried. I get so damn tired now. LOL . BUT YEY! CANOEING TOMORROW FOR MY GYM CLASS ... I GET TO MISS A HOT,HUMID,SMELLY DAY OF SCHOOL. You'll know why after my rant about it. XDD I'll keep it at the bottom so people who aren't interested in me can just go press the comment button and leave me some nice stuff yaaa know? XD Author can't live without those. teehee . SO YEAH. I MISS TALKING TO YOU GUYS. SCHOOL IS SUCH A BUM HEY? If you keep the end of your bargain, I'll keep mine by updating mwahahhaha~ OKAY SWEEET. YOOOOOSUU <3 OMG. if you hate them, you die in less than 2 seconds. teheee. <33 JUUST KIddEEEENG.

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 13: Realize, Remember and Believe

Post by 3ternallove on 12/30/2009, 2:44 pm

Chapter 13 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 13 [Winglin Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 13: Realize, Remember and Believe

"Heavy..." Yoochun grunted out loud as he carried the shorter haired man up to his bed. As soon as he did, he felt like leaving since he wanted this Kim Junsu to feel what it was like to suffer and feel pain for at least once in his life. Royalty deserved to come down from it's high steed. This guy was probably too spoiled and never experienced difficulties whatsoever.

He couldn't explain why but just looking at him, he knew this Kim Junsu was like every rich man alive-- just like that man who turned his life upside down.

Yoochun rolled his eyes and was about to take his leave but quiet whimpers of the shiverring man made him stop in his tracks once again.

"Jaejoong...don't leave," he heard the other man pant out loud. "They're coming back to me...I don't know why."

What's coming back to him? It was a question that popped up in Yoochun's mind. He looked back just in time to see Junsu curl up in the middle of the bed, his chest going up and down in fast motions.

"Kim Junsu...?" he called out his name as his feet once again disobeyed his command. He wanted to leave but instead, he found himself right beside the half unconscious man on the bed, wanting to know what was wrong. With a bit of worry, he reached out his hand to Junsu but was suddenly stopped half way by a grabbing motion.

There it is. As usual, that feeling of familiarity. It was Junsu's hand sqeezing his own tightly like a man struggling to climb up from falling off a cliff. Yoochun could feel how cold it was-- how rough and overworked these hands were. It was hands that felt like it had been through a lot of tough things.

"'re here..." Junsu said with his eyes almost closed. "They're haunting me again..."

With his free hand, Junsu grabbed his forehead and covered his eyes.

"What's haunting you?" Yoochun whispered, his own voice was low, barely recognizable.

"Promise to be here right beside me like usual," Junsu breathed out. Everything was blurred out to him. Those scenes of the past just kept on replaying, again and again in his head, torturing every single drop of sanity he had left. They were really coming back to him. "They're coming back...I can see her again...and I don't even know who she is," he painfully smiled as his eyes really closed in on him. "But I feel...hurt," Darkness really did scare him. It was one of those things that triggered lots of things in his mind. But today, as he held onto whom he thought was Jaejoong's hands, he felt comfortable and safe in his isolation.

"Junsu?" Yoochun whispered.

No reply was given to him. The man completely blacked out.

What should he do? He hated this man. He should hate this man. He shouldn't help him. People like him was born to make everyone's life become miserable-- especially his. With this, he brushed off Junsu's hands but his heart regretted his actions. The man's shiverring started to become worse.

"Junsu?" Yoochun called out his name again. "Junsu?"


Thirty minutes later, Yoochun walked to Junsu's room again. For this time now, he had been changing Junsu's face towel that he placed over his forehead and his eyes. Whenever he was cold, when he did this to himself, it was very comforting and so he thought the man would be comfortable this way.

He gave his ownself a scoff. He hated what he was doing. Why was he helping the person whom he should hate the most? The more he tried to stop his actions, the more his brain told him the complete opposite.

It was exactly like this. The reason why he's been miserable was because he was too weak to fight off everything. He stared at the man with his icy blue eyes who now lied peacefully on the bed.

"Spoiled brat..." Yoochun shook his head sideways. He touched the sleeping man's cheeks to check if the man was running a slight fever. "Why do I even do this?" he questioned himself.

After a while now, Junsu regained his color and the shiverring stopped which made Yoochun sigh from being overworked today.

"I guess I need to pay you back too for rescuing me," Yoochun mumbled out loud as he replaced the towel with another one. "But this will be my last time. I hate men like you."


"You have a lover don't you?" Jaejoong smirked evilly. "A lover other than Yoochun I mean."

"W-What are you talking about?" Changmin stuttered a bit. He didn't think this question would pop out.

"And his name is Choi Dongwook isn't it?" the raven haired man played around with him.

The taller man was just speechless from shock. How did he know? That was all he could ask himself.

"So the man he was talking about is actually you," Jaejoong lifted his brow in amusement, "I never thought you had it in you to play around like this."

"No," Changmin was getting a bit emotional over the joke that Jaejoong brought up. "It's not like that--" he paused as he realized something. "How do you even know him?"

"We just had a drink together from a previous party I attended," Jaejoong answered. "He works under the Choi family, a highly skilled business person. I wouldn't be called Kim Jaejoong if I didnt know him."

"W-What?" Changmin was surprised. He was hearing new things from this man. "He works under the Choi family? You're lying!" he hissed out.

"Hey, it's not my business," Jaejoong replied. "But you better be careful around that man, he has quite a few records of the past. Someone as smart as you should pick his people nicely. You might get betrayed."

Changmin was boiling on the inside but just kept it in. How dare that man become suspicious of Dongwook just like that? "I'm not cheating around," he tried to clear up the situation. "Yoochun just doesn't know the difference between the family love he lost a long time ago and love you get from others."

"He loves you like a brother you mean then," Jaejoong added as he tried to figure out everything. "So with you knowing that, you still decided to go out with him. Don't you think that would hurt more?"

"Don't you think he'll be happier this way?" Changmin countered back. "Seeing him so helpless after that... time, I had to do it."

"Well, don't you think you did this out of pity and not because of "brotherly love"?" Jaejoong responded to him.

For the second time today, Changmin was left speechless. Was it really because he pitied him?

"If you ask me, I'd say you did it out of pity," Jaejoong was too damn straight forward with his words. "You need to tell Yoochun this before you mess up and get caught."

"Whatever I did, I won't regret because it's not wrong to see someone you love be happy and smile in front of you," Changmin breathed out as he clutched his chest. He looked like he was in pain.

Jaejoong took note of this action.

"It's normal like this," the taller man added on.

"Keep telling yourself that," Jaejoong continued to hit him with arrows of guit.

"It's not my fault that I ended up falling in love with someone else!" Changmin finally snapped as he stood up from his chair, slamming his hand on the table. "Don't blame me for trying to make Yoochun happy!"

"Well then, when things go down hill for you, please don't cry on my shoulders," Jaejoong just stared at him with ice cold eyes. "What's ahead for you may not be so nice."

Changmin closed his eyes and clutched his chest again. His brows now furrowed.

Jaejoong questioned the other man's action once again. It was his second time doing that for the day. He watched as Changmin frantically took out a shiny silver plate that contained pills inside from his suit pocket.

"You alright Mr. Shim?" Jaejoong finally asked but the man just held out his hand in front of his face telling him to wait a for a second.

Again, Jaejoong watched as the taller man grabbed four pills, turned around with his back facing his and stuffed it down his throat.

'He's in a heavy doze of medication,' he thought.

"You're not God, so everything you say are just simple predictions," Changmin finally answered as he calmed down.

"I am no God, but still, we humans are capable to think ahead to make the right predictions." Jaejoong challenged him some more. I want to see what makes you tick Changmin. It's my nature to do so.


Junsu woke up with a towel covering his eyes. He felt weak. Too weak to even move anything. And so he just lied there hearing himself take deep breaths.

He needed to talk to his doctor. Maybe he could explain all these things that were happening to him. Up till that day...after that accident he supposively had, he knew everything. But before and anything about the accident he was at, he wasn't able to remember. He forgot about everything-- his dad, did he even have a dad. Is his dad right now his real father? What if everything he knew were just lies that manipulated his whole life? It was these questions that bothered his mind the most. All he knew was that he was in an accident. Something happened to him. At the back of his mind, he thought he knew but never did he want to think about it. The doctor's never really recommended for Jaejoong to tell him either.

At first, those memories really did haunt him. He'd get flashes of them everyday. But when he finally pushed everything away, they never came back-- till now.

A creak of the door reached his ears.

"Jaejoong?" he mumbled out as he stayed as still as a stick. His eyes were still covered by the towel where he felt a source of warmth. Not waiting for an answer, he automatically started talking. "I need you to call the doctor who handled my operation from before. His number should be sitting on a sticky note at my desk." His voice was still in a mere audible whisper.

The sound of footsteps just filled the air.

"Thanks Jaejoong," he added in.

Reaching the desk, the man looked for that note that Junsu was talking about. It was pretty hard. There were so many notes and papers. But finally, on the very edge, it was there. Yoochun quickly grabbed it and glanced through it. The numbers were written in large handwriting with a doctor's name above it.

Dr. Kwang


Taking the note with him, he went outside to get the phone. He shut the door gently once more.

"He thinks I'm Jaejoong," Yoochun whispered to himself. "I guess this is better."


"You're leaving already?" Jaejoong asked Changmin, who just stood up .

"This meeting needs to be cut short," the taller man answered. "I have matters to take care of."

Jaejoong stared at Changmin with God like eyes who knew everything. "You should take care of that "problem" you have there Mr. Shim. Who knows, it might kill you."

"Whatever you know about me, I suggest for you the shut the hell up. My problems are my own."

"Then I will. But before you leave I'd like to invite you to an upcoming party hosted by Junsu's father," Jaejoong informed him as he stood up from his chair. "It will be nice to have connections right? Please be armed of course. You don't know who your enemy and your allies are in the business world. All we are interested at is money. Anyone and everyone in the business word is of course, coming."

"I'll keep my schedule open." Changmin continued to walk to the door. "When will this be?"

"Four days from now. Seven o'clock at night at the 8th building, 35th floor of the Kim Enterprises Area," Jaejoong waved goodbye as he watched Changmin close the door after giving out the information to him.


Another half an hour passed and the doctor finally came.

"Dr. Kwang?" Yoochun asked as he opened the door.

"Yes," the man in a suit with kits on both hands answered. "Kim Junsu asked for me, you say?"

Yoochun nodded gesturing the man to enter.

But surprisingly, Dr. Kwang just stood there in the door way staring at him almost too intently.

Realizing this, Yoochun became uncomfortable. He uttered out, "Sir? Coming in?"

The doctor snapped out of his gaze. "Ah, I apologize!" he laughed calmly. "You just looked oddly familiar to me. Have we met?"

"I don't know," Yoochun shrugged but smiled at the same time. "If we did, just remind me. Maybe I'll remember."

"I'll think about it then," Dr. Kwang replied as they walked to the room. "Would you happen to know why Kim Junsu asked for me?"

"I don't know," Yoochun answered those words again.

"Well, continue, what happened to him?"

"He was cold, and shiverring," Yoochun recalled the things he saw and heard, "then he kept on saying words like they were coming back."

"They're coming back huh?" the doctor shook his head. "Poor kid."

Yoochun scoffed. "He's just a rich kid who got scared of a nightmare. It happens to everyone."

"You don't get along with him well don't you?" the doctor rhetorically asked. "Well I guess, once you get passed the shell, everything will be easy rides. You should get to know him more."

"I know him for the man he truly is already," Yoochun said in annoyance as he remembered how bad and irritated that man made him feel.

"Sometimes, the rich kids are always the loneliest beings in the planet," the doctor said as he opened the door to Junsu's room. "And they're mostly the ones who need the most help even though they might seem strong-- especially this man right here."

"Dr. Kwang?" Junsu croaked out as he heard muffled talking and the opening of the door.

"Mr. Kim," the figure in the suit greeted. "I haven't seen you in quite a while."

"Thanks for coming in such a short notice," Junsu's lips curved up for a smile. His eyes and forehead were still wrapped up with a face towel. "Take a seat."

"Alright," Dr. Kwang obeyed. "But before we start our conversation though, do you want this man to be in this room?" Of course, knowing the situation, he knew that Junsu liked this matter to be closed only to himself and that other man named Kim Jaejoong.

"It's alright," Junsu replied as he thought Yoochun was still Jaejoong. "You know it's only him."

"I know...? Oh. Alright then," Dr. Kwang replied. "Just take a seat then young man." He directed Yoochun to sit at the empty desk chair.

Yoochun obeyed.

"Is there a way to make them stop coming?" Junsu croaked out. Good thing the towel was still on his face or else the doctor would've seen him cry. "You told me they will come back to me eventually, but what if I don't want them to come back?"

"Junsu," the doctor called out his name in a gentle voice. "I know it will be hard. These things come at you in a go or stop motion but you just need to remember that they are a part of you. They are a part of who your are."

"But I don't want them," Junsu silently cried in a whisper. Those memories wouldn't stop coming at him.

Hearing all these words, Yoochun was really confused. What was coming back? There was nothing that could feed his curiousity. He could only sit there and silently watch. He listened for the tone of Junsu's voice changing like he was some helpless kid that needed help. It was really weird to see a different side of this man. Usually, Kim Junsu would always act so high and mighty. But now, if he looked at him right at this moment, he was like a broken porcelain doll wanting to be glued together.

"The only thing I could give you are sleeping pills and pain killers," the doctor said, "but I suggest you not taking them. It's not healthy."

"Do you know what happened to me?" Junsu asked. "You do know right?"

"I only know of your accident," the doctor replied.

He was in an accident? Yoochun was really confused now.

"Useless...of course I'd know I was in an accident," Junsu clutched the blanket on top of him. "I keep on seeing a girl. She kept on calling out my name. And seeing her like that... all bloody, I felt like dying myself too..." Junsu paused. "Tell me who she is."

"What you're feeling is only normal," the doctor replied.

"Tell me who she is," Junsu demanded some more.

"But sir..." the doctor was in great hesitation. "It's not healthy. I recommend for you to let it all just sink in by themselves."

"Please. This is the only thing I'll ask of you," Junsu said in a desperate but with deep pride behind the words.

"Alright sir, but nothing else," the Dr. Kwang agreed. He understood how Junsu felt. Of course, not knowing what you lost, who you lost and what you had's mind boggling. He paused for a while.

"It's alright, I can take it," Junsu assured him.

"Well, Mr. Kim, at that night... the only girl you were with... the only person who was there beside you was..." the doctor paused again. "She's your sister."

He had a sister? All these facts, Yoochun was just newly finding out. And apparently... she might have... died?

An arrow of shock and pain just hit Junsu's heart. "She's my... sister?" he was panting out loud. "Where is she now? She's not...?" Images of a bloody figure of a girl flashed in his head. The call of his name from that girl's lips... She was dying and his name were the only words she could call out. It couldn't be his sister. He knew about the girl from the memories he was getting before but finding out that they were blood couldn't be. "You're lying to me!" he yelled out.

"You got out of that accident with a major hit on your head. The part of your brain that was mostly damaged in that accident was the one that kept your memories. It's really normal for you to have forgotten but like I said before, it might be temporary but it also might be permanent."

He lost his memories? It's unbelievable how such a man like him could look so strong and willful even though he never even knew who he was in the first place. It made him think about what he had done with his life. This Kim Junsu actually knew what the feeling of pain was. Yoochun realized what he was saying. Wow. He was stupid. Of course he'd know, he was only a human being. Was he the one being a jerk all this time?

"Shit..." he told himself. Only he himself could here that word. He needed to stop listening to this conversation. It was too private. He shouldn't have listened in the first place.

And because of this, he just stood up causing his eyes to connect with the doctor's. He gave him a nod and headed towards the door closing it. What exactly did happen to Kim Junsu? He breathed out. That accident couldn't have been that bad right?

After Yoochun shut the door, Junsu got up from his bed, the towel slowly falling from his face. "S-she died didn't she?" There was a blank look in his eyes as he stared at the doctor's own.

"Sorry sir, but Kim Jaejoong told me that however and how much you asked and begged that answer out of me, I shouldn't answer it. Plus, it's better if you remember on your own. You might have a nervous break down if I just fill you up on everything that happened to you with all those years worth of memories you have lost."

"Then is she alive?!" Junsu looked at the doctor. He refrained himself from crying. Nobody in this world ever saw him cry. He couldn't let himself cry especially in front of this doctor.

"Sorry..." the doctor bowed his head down low which pissed Junsu off in an instant.

Judging from that face, those eyes and that reaction, Junsu knew the answer. All he wanted to do was just let everything out right at that time. The moment he found out he had a sister was the moment he also found out that he lost her. Millions of flashbacks entered his head. It was all his memories of him and his sister. It was his sister taking care of him. His sister walking him to school. His sister feeding him. His sister hugging him. He loved his sister, that's what he knew-- she the only person who cared for him when he was still a kid.

He had no memories of his past-- completely erased. He continued living his life without knowing anything about himself. His father guided him after that accident. The only people he knew here was his father and Jaejoong. The only people he talked to. He knew he should have a mother but he never had the guts to ask who and where she was. He never bothered.

"Sir? I'm very sorry," the doctor added in, "if you need anything else besides these...then I will be happy to help."

"It's alright," Junsu replied. "Is there anything to take if my head starts to spin. I can't black out during my business meetings of course."

The doctor smiled. "I appreciate your understanding Mr. Kim. You have a very kind heart."

"Please do not push it. If you're not going to be of any help, then please leave," Junsu brushed off the man's comment.

"I have nothing for you sir. I just advice that you be with someone at all times just incase your memories might come back."

Junsu looked at the side. He expected Jaejoong to be there. "Where is he?"

The doctor looked up. "Your friend you mean? He left sir."


"He just left."

Junsu looked down and took a fist full of his blanket. "Whatever then. Just leave. I need to rest."

"Please take care then," Dr. Kwang bowed. "Don't hesitate to call again if your head is bothering you."

Junsu was about to lie in bed but the doctor started to speak again.

"Sir," Dr. Kwang added in, "objects, words, news, people, anything you encounter in real life can trigger your memories. I don't know what you saw that made you remember but if you hate to get everything back so much, then I advise you not to look at whatever you saw last again."

He shut the door.


Yunho paced in front of the newly opened cafe shop where he met Jaejoong. Why was he here anyways?! Why couldn't he stop remembering...that kiss.

"Gah! Stupid Jaejoong!" Yunho yelled in frustration. "Why did you have to do that...those...things?!" He scratched his head for the millionth time that day and walked back and forth in front of the cafe."...I need to forget about that... Why did that feel so different? I hate you Kim Jaejoong! Why do you have to be so... so good?!"

Or maybe he was just imagining it feeling good...? It was his first time kissing a guy anyways...

"It's just my immagination," Yunho kept on telling himself that. "But how do I make sure?"

"What the hell are you doing Yunho?" a girl asked him.

He looked back. "Seulgi?" There in front of him was his answer. He had no feelings for her whatsoever but just for the sake of checking and wanting to make sure...

"Seulgi," Yunho stared at her. "Kiss me."

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 14: No Chance in a World Full of Lies

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Chapter 14 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 14 [Winglin Version]
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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 15: The Plan Set in Motion

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Chapter 15 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 15 [Winglin Version]

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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 16: The Secret Revealed

Post by 3ternallove on 12/30/2009, 2:49 pm

Chapter 16 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 16 [Winglin Version]
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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty hey!! there is a problem (don't panic!)

Post by lunajane on 2/20/2010, 8:09 pm

HIIIi! i love your story! i totally love the pairing!!!! >.>>>.<<<<
one problem tho... i can't read it in live journal... it says that i am not authorized to view the entry....and winglin is not working...
so can u email me the story? or send me another site you post this story on..
I swear i won't post it anywhere... i'll delete it after i read the story...
my email address is
ThX ^^


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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Re: I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae]

Post by Viankka on 2/27/2010, 12:41 pm

Hello as I do to read your fics, of chapter 11 onwards I give the link but it says I need permission, and the other is not available, mexico country, and hopefully you can help me because this super, super, I found interesting, I leave my email,, send me an email with your answer, bye


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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Re: I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae]

Post by 3ternallove on 2/27/2010, 12:51 pm

Viankka wrote:Hello as I do to read your fics, of chapter 11 onwards I give the link but it says I need permission, and the other is not available, mexico country, and hopefully you can help me because this super, super, I found interesting, I leave my email,, send me an email with your answer, bye

Sent you an e-mail regarding this! If you follow it, then you can read! It's very easy . ^^


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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 18: A Perfect Kim Junsu—Strong and Undefeatable

Post by 3ternallove on 2/27/2010, 1:17 pm

Chapter 18 PART A [LJ Version]:
Click for the link!

Chapter 18: A Perfect Kim Junsu—Strong and Undefeatable

"Mr. Kim?" A knock on the door pounded through Junsu's ears making his vision quickly dart to the opening door.

"What is it?" he said in an annoyed voice. Finally that Jaejoong has left; he had silence and solitude to himself. Now, his damn secretary just had to call his name.

"M-Mr. K-K-Kim!" she managed to blurt out loud—too piercing for his ear’s likening.

Her way of talking just irritated his nerves some more.

"Stop stuttering!" he commanded her as he furrowed his brows. "I don't hurt anyone unless they get in my case. So if you don't want yourself to get yelled at then stop stuttering."

"I-I apologize," she breathed out.

“Much better,” he complimented.

"I’m h-here to inform y-you that your father called, an-and says to meet him at his office right away."

His father?

"What?" Junsu hissed. He automatically stood up from his chair walking towards her, urgently. The girl froze in her spot— couldn't move at all. "Does he know about all of this?"

"Y-yes sir!" she closed her eyes, frightened.

"More trouble," he said. "Just the man I needed to see. And why didn’t you reject?"

“He says it’s urgent and important,” the frightened secretary just whimpered out feeling smaller than what she already is to him.

Confused with her reactions, Junsu patted her shoulder and headed out the door ready to face his own demon. He wasn’t that scary was he?

"Good afternoon Mr. Kim!" an employee greeted him as he walked down the hallway. Not even a second passed and he was already seen by all of the people in the hallway. More followed after that. "How are you today Mr. Kim?" Another greeting was added. “You’re looking great as usual Mr. Kim!”

He never bothered answering any of these questions or take these comments into heart, but to make them feel a bit special, he just nodded to acknowledge their presence.

"What suck ups these people are..." he mumbled under his breath. Every day he’d hear all these types of flattery things and the more he heard them, the more his insides frowned. "All of them are just after position or money.” He rolled his eyes discreetly at the futile thought.

Turning corners, and taking the right elevators, it took skill especially with a huge enterprise like this. It's a maze that will make you cry once you get lost. And he, spoke from experience.
There were no thoughts in particular in his mind right now except for the upcoming confrontation with his father. He knew it will be disastrous. The matters that might come up wouldn't be something he could appreciate for the rest of his life. He just knew a lot of things will pop up in their conversation since they haven't had a chat for more than 30 seconds in this year.

To him, his father is his demon that haunted his shadows. Whatever he’d do, he’ll just get thrown and thrown away. But he needs to face this from time to time and he should just ready himself for the attacks—to pretend that he’s okay. And so taking a big breath in, stopping in front of the only office door at the highest floor of the building, he knocked at the gates of his hell.

"Come in," an instant reply was heard.

He cringed in an instant. That voice—it made him stiff down to his feet.

"It's Kim Junsu," he said as he opened the door, walking towards the sitting figure behind the desk. Breathing and waiting. That was all he could do in the silence that covered his surroundings.

"Do you have anything to say before I speak?" the old man got to the point immediately. "I'm sure you know how dreadful this recent predicament is at the moment."

"I apologize on behalf of me and Jaejoong," he bowed respectfully. "We are currently—"

"Apologize?" his father scoffed out loud, cutting him off. "Didn't I tell you that those words are unacceptable to be said in words? Once you apologize, do you think the company will return to its original state? Do you think anything will change after you apologize?”

“No, sir.”

“As my son, do not humiliate me with those futile expressions."

"Me and Jaejoong, along with his assistant are tracking down the hacker immediately to solve the problem," Junsu hastily replied with great control.

"These are careless mistakes that should never have happened. You’re being careless," the old man scrutinized his work. "Or are you distracted?" the man continued on. "Or is there wrong with Jaejoong? Because ever since he got here, this whole catastrophe started to occur.”

“Jaejoong is a capable man,” Junsu defended his hard working friend. “It is not his or anyone’s fault.”

“Then the problem must lie with you,” the old man sitting in anger paused, “Should I take some of your freedom away? I’ve been pretty lenient with you but if the results of this studying are complete failures for me and this company, you know what’s going to happen right?”

“It has nothing to do with my studies!” Junsu protested. He definitely knew what his father’s ultimate decision was going to be.

“Since when have you been so defendant over a small matter?” his father asked. “As I see it from this point of view, it has everything to do with what you are doing. So if you don’t want to disappoint me, then I’d like for you to quit." A finger was pointed at him. "If you want further studies, I’ll hire professors for you instead."

"No!" Junsu was shocked at the sudden order. He was prepared for everything except for this. "Give me a week father. I haven’t even adjusted to the school yet." Junsu bowed again to plead. If he leaves now, there would be no connection with him and Yoochun anymore. "If I have to put my life on the line...No! Even if I die, I will make sure this company doesn't collapse on you. I can't have it crashing down before your eyes with my foolish mistakes." He needed to prove to his father that he can make this work so maybe at least, the decision will be called off.

"No," the commanding man refused to bend to his pleading. "Tomorrow will be your last day. It has tarnished your mind enough for the past week. I can't let it keep on doing that any longer.”

“It has never ruined my working habits,” Junsu said in disbelief. “Nothing changed!”

“Your action towards everything has changed…” his father paused furrowing his eyebrows. “ It even led you to buying a prostitute for a hundred million dollars!” Taking a breath, he calmly stood up from his chair and walked in front of the desk facing Junsu. “What has gotten into your head?"

"My decisions are my own," Junsu simply replied. "I deserve at least privacy to my own life."

"Have you gone soft hearted? Or have you just lost your mind?"

"No sir." He could only look at the ground. His father's eyes are his phobia.

"Park Yoochun, right? That prostitute's name," his father bitterly said. "Since we're on this topic already, I've already looked into everything about this man. Just to let you know.” He stopped talking as he threw the folder containing Yoochun’s information, background and everything else. “And my order is to cut all ties with him immediately."

Junsu's head shot up in an instant as soon as he heard these words. His father never said anything about his decisions before, especially his possessions that he bought. Why care now?

"What?" he breathed out in shock. “Why are you suddenly restricting everything I’m doing?”

"I'm sure you heard me. My orders are absolute," his relentless father said in a firm voice. "I’ve always done whatever I want with you and this time, I want you to cut off all ties with that man. Leave him out of the streets, rent out an apartment for him, sell him-- I don't care. I don't want you within a kilometer range from that penniless man. I don’t want him to have anything to do with you. His presence wrecks everything!”

"But why?" Junsu freaked out. He didn't expect this blow at all.

"He has no value and has no benefit to us whatsoever."

"But these are all too abrupt," Junsu's voice shook as he spoke. "Give me time!"

"How long does it take for you to throw out a worthless prostitute?" his father hissed at him in anger. "Don't be attached to men like those. I’m sure I taught you better than that."

"He is not a worthless prostitute!" he fought back. It shocked himself too. In all these years that he has lived, he would have never imagined for him to be talking back like this. "Since when have you cared about anything that has been involved around me?"

"I have never cared about you," the man mercilessly said out loud as he tapped the desk with his index finger emphasizing his words. "I have over one billion people that depend on me—that I have responsibilities for and so I only raised you like this for the benefit of our company. For the sake of myself and not you."

"Are you even human?" Junsu whispered in disbelief. "Do you have no concern at all?”

"I'm human, but you see, God didn’t make us to have the same qualities— there are varieties. And I'm the dire type. For my own happiness, I have sacrificed yours without permission."

"I hope you see me as a man who's trying to be perfect just like you. I work hard to be the best but I have yet to see you so proud of me. Just like what you told me the first time I opened my eyes after tha accident. I will live for you..." he paused as he thought how pointless this life he lived was. "But however, what bugs me the most is that you expect me to be something great but I can't remember anything and you're not willing to tell me a word!"

"And this is why I want Park Yoochun off of that house," his father further explained his rash decisions. "He will only cause you only more pain. And make you a disobedient man. I always think of what is the most benefitting decision for you. And this is it."

"I know him don't I? If not, why do you want him off my life?" Junsu demanded for an answer. His father knew something that he definitely didn't. "We met before didn't we?"

"I'm sure you know that I don't respond to questions like those."

"Just give me this one answer!” Junsu pleaded. If it's something about a forgotten Yoochun memory, he needed to know. "Give me a hint! I know my sister died right beside me. I see her face in my dreams every night. That pained face! It scares me to the point where I can't even breathe! It has become my nightmare.”

“Whatever you feel now, I’ve felt a million times worse,” his father replied, his voice sounding like a volcano about to erupt at anytime. “Don’t even tell me things about pain.”

“But I'm starting to gain memories back. Things are triggering them to come at me little by little. I know before I never bothered about them. I didn't even want to remember. But a lot of things have happened for the past few days and I realized that I needed to remember what took place so at least I can move on. I want to know how I was like when I was a kid. How I behaved. Was I a bad kid? I want to know so that even I don't find myself as a living stranger."

"You've regained some memories?" his father shook his head in disbelief. "Is this the reason for your outburst behaviors? I knew I should have checked on you earlier.” He sighed. “I’ve used this situation to my advantage but you gaining your memories back, I can’t let you. Your situation, your weakness…I can control it by keeping your memories out of sight.”

“But you can’t do that! I won’t leave the company when I find out about everything. I’ll stay as long as you tell me what happened. Give me newspaper articles, journals or even pictures. Maybe it will come back.”

“They are all but useless memories. As much as you plead, you won’t get anything.”

“I know you threatened the whole city about this taboo news,” Junsu stated. “I’m sure of it. Even the doctors who treated me after the accident—they all said it was medically dangerous for me to remember everything but I’m no fool!”

“Kim Junsu,” his father spoke in a commanding tone. “Stop being emotional. If you can’t remember anything—if you can’t even remember it, then don’t you think they’re pointless memories?”

“No they are not,” Junsu clenched his fists. His father never cared for what he really wanted and it frustrated him. “It was not my choice for me to forget them.”

“You have changed Kim Junsu. Did you notice it?” his father questioned his actions. “And it's most likely because of that prostitute in the house. He’s making you act this way. I’m definitely right. Since when did you have your own head to think for yourself?”

“I’ve always had one to myself,” Junsu responded. “I just respect you, and that is why I follow.”

There was silence— an agitating silence that made Junsu's body shake in anger. He wanted to yell out in frustration.

“Then obey what I have said.”

“As much as I hate to disappoint you, I don’t plan on backing down on my answer.”

"But everything is coming into pieces for you isn’t it?" his father added on and then paused, "Then tell you what. I’ll make a deal with you.”

“No.” He definitely couldn’t back down.

His father scoffed and looked away from Junsu’s eyes that never stared at them. He walked back to his seat, sitting on it. Then, he spoke with voice as confident as the sea. “Even if it’s information about how you’re connected to Yoochun?”

Junsu’s head snapped up in anger. “Stop playing with me!”

“I’m not playing. We are making a deal. I get what I want and you get what you want. Then we’re both content.”

Junsu gritted his teeth in annoyance. Both are ways and answers he wanted as equally bad. He furrowed his eyebrows as he finally made his decision.

“So?” His father taunted him. “Time you’re wasting is precious.”

“Fine,” Junsu sighed. “Tell me what I have to do.”

"Good," his father answered. "My demands are still the same. The first condition is still standing. That is—leave the school."

Junsu closed his eyes in anger and just breathed. His life span definitely shortened by a lot today. By attending this school, he planned to accomplish many things. Find a new life, normality and even trusting friends.

So much for wanting to do as he pleased all the time. So much for wanting to become normal. And so much for wanting freedom. His dreams that all he ever wanted to accomplish were all crushed at the same time once again, by his own father who never even gave a damn about him.

"And lastly,” his father continued to state his conditions, “Park Yoochun’s face will not be seen in the house any longer. If you want time, I'll give it to you. And so, right after the party, two days from now, the morning after that, I don't ever want to see his presence in my home ever again! He could attend of course but that is only if he wants to." He smirked. “I’m sure he knows his place.”

His home? Junsu scoffed in disbelief. If where he lived was his father’s house, then how come he never stepped into it except for the yearly parties they had? It wasn't like anything he did there would be too bothersome at all.

Another deathly silence kicked in. For the first time in his life, he was torn between two things.

If he accepted, what would he do with Yoochun? If he quit studying, how would he meet Yoochun or even protect him like he wanted to? How could he be together with him? Of course, they haven’t spent that much time with each other. But to him, it felt like being with Yoochun would really work out! It was worth to risk a whole lot of things for this relationship.

"What will it be, son?" The word son was emphasized to mock him. "But I'm pretty sure that you'd rather leave now. These hints will be of no use to you."

"I'll take what I can get," Junsu confidently spoke out loud. He'll deal with everything as they come. He'll take care of Yoochun and at the same time, gain his memories back from the dead. "So tell me. How is Park Yoochun connected to me?"

"Then I'll be blunt so that you don't waste my time," his father replied. "Park Yoochun's family..." he paused, "is the cause of your sister's car crash incident with you when you were ten.”

"What?” he silently said out loud. “What are you trying to say?" Too many questions were formed in his head as soon as he heard this statement. He said them out loud but all failed to reach his father’s ears. The old man was in anger just thinking about it.

"If God could choose which one of you siblings He could take. If that night He gave me the choice of which one of you I could save," he continued to speak, "I wish it was you that He took away. Your sister was the best gift I've ever received. She was my joy! And because of that worthless family that took up some space in the world, your sister died!"

"But …”Junsu demanded answers as he yelled out his questions.

"I'm glad those fools died as well," the old man added on as he cursed them as he gripped his hand tightly. "If they were alive, I’ll sue them till they have died—till they can’t resurface for air."

That wasn’t Junsu’s question. He was hoping for something along a personal connecting with Yoochun. His hands were definitely something he could remember well—that somehow both of them were tied by…fate?

"That is not my question! What does he have to do anything with me?" Junsu looked for the answers to his problems but he couldn't find them in between those words. Every time he touched Yoochun's hands, there was that familiarity. He knew he felt them before. He knew he had met him before. If his father only answered his simple questions, he’d figure everything out in an instant.

"I will hate him till the last second of my life! Right to the point where I’d want to kill him every time I see his face," the man said ruthlessly. "I suggest you take him out of that house before I am tempted to do it myself."

"It has been so many years after that accident...Can't you forgive him?" Junsu smiled in disbelief. "It wasn't him that caused the accident! And I'm sure my sister would have wanted you to move on!"

"How do you know that Kim Junsu? You’re a person who can't even remember anything so you out of all the people here shouldn't be able to speak for themselves— to speak like that to me. This is why you are useless— asking me pointless questions. Your sister was more useful than you. That is why I cherished her more than you."

A kid rejected by his father for the hundredth time in one day. That was too much to handle, especially for someone like him.

It looks like he won't be getting anymore answers. Of course, he was in disbelief that Yoochun's family was the one that caused the accident. But how? Why? What exactly did happen? He was in grief but yet, he was too confused to even feel sadness. It felt like the more he found out about his life, the more questions piled up in his head. Agitated, in tears, and pain. They were all mixed up in his head until he wanted to collapse just to forget these feelings.

"Why can't you just tell me?" Junsu asked for the last time. "Just tell me what happened to me, what I was like...Why can't you just tell me my memories? Why can't you care for this man that is trying to do the best he could just so you could be happy for him?"

"It's because the doctors said it might cause brain damage to your head," his father answered.

“Lies! Don’t treat me like I’m a ten year old kid. Those were the same old excuses and I don’t buy it anymore.”

“I want you to suffer for your crime that you have done to me.”

“Then how much do you want me to suffer?” Junsu pleaded. His father was his gate to hell and heaven. He had the answers for him to finally move on from a past he’d long forgotten.

“I'd really tell you son, but seeing as you're in agony everyday trying to remember, I changed my mind. I want to watch you suffer like hell in this life since the only reason why I raised you was to make you feel grief. I can't stand seeing the sight your face. That is the reason I don’t come home. If only you didn't want to go to the beach that day she would still be here! I also blame you for her death."

So he was the cause?

Junsu tried to hold his tongue from talking back. He wanted to punch something. He wanted to punch his father's face for being so cruel and unreasonable but he held it back and just dug his nails under his skin. After all, he just found out that his sister’s death was also his own fault.

He was partially responsible for all of this mess. And as much as he was traumatized by everything, he should just quietly turn around and walk away. He was a calm Kim Junsu. He’s a man that kept everything on the inside because he’s as strong as a diamond. There was no way that he can’t be broken.

"Do you have all you want now?" the uncaring voice pushed him aside every time he heard it.

"You never answered any of my questions. You have just added more problems in my head. And so the answer is no. But today, I will leave first…” he bowed with his eyes closed, “…with a promise to solve and keep to my words.”

"Then I’ll let you go for now. Fix this current problem you caused even if it costs you your life. That's the only way you can repay for your faults to me."

Junsu breathed in again for composure. His jaws shook and at the same time his hand as well. He spoke his last words to his father. "Then I'll definitely solve this problem. I'll put my life on the line just so that I can solve it as quickly as possible. Then I won’t disappoint you yet again."

"I'm glad," his father smiled and then commanded him to leave at once. He waved his hands up and down signaling that he wasn’t needed anymore. “Go home and fix your situation before you come back here. This company only has room for success and not failures like you at the moment.”

“Then wait for my return,” Junsu said through his gritting teeth. As he closed the door, he quickly took out his cell phone and called on his trusted friend.


"Kibum!" Jaejoong yelled out as he opened the door. He rushed to his own computer looking through all the security that filled his screen. "Fill me in. Anything happen?"

"Well..." the dark haired man said with a smile, "nothing happened yet. I've placed more locks and security codes and there hasn't been any sign of intrusion so far."

"Think this will do?" Jaejoong finally could sit on his chair filled with relief. It was still a little too early but at least they have managed to stop these hackers for a bit or they were taking a break.

"For now, I hope," Kibum answered directly. "Say...I don't want to take advantage of the situation but...Can we...?"

Jaejoong laughed. "Since they're given us room, why not? I'll treat you to coffee."

"But sir…" he protested. “Are we allowed? What if we get fired?”

"Junsu's in the building. We'll be fine," Jaejoong assured him. "I'll treat you to this bakery that opened not too long ago. They serve very good hot drinks and pastries."

Kibum smiled at him, flashing those pearly white teeth of his.

"Don't spread your hormones with that smile," Jaejoong added in as he rolled his eyes. "Let's go for your break this time."


The final beep of bells went off in the building. It was the end of that horrible day for both Yunho and Yoochun who got too much attention— not that they didn't get any every day.

"So Yoochun..." Yunho called out from accross the classroom as he grabbed his bag.
"You called for me?"

"Yeah actually," Yoochun said as he packed his books inside his small bag. "Do you think we can go get a bite to eat? Somewhere cheap but filling."

"My treat then."

"It's fine. I can pay for myself. I just got my pay," Yoochun declined the offer. "So do you have any place in mind?"

"Actually, yeah. Do you feel like pastries?"

"A bakery?"

"Yeah, they make one hell of a good cake. They just opened recently."

"Must be a good place. For you to praise such a shop doesn't happen too often.”

“Of course, living high class is the key!”

There was no time to recover for him. He needed answers right away or else he just felt like dying right this moment.

Changmin paced in his apartment suite. He walked back and forth; stepped left then to the right as he thought and sorted his feelings in his head.

He was frantic. He loved Dongwook. He trusted him. He was willing to accept everything he had but this just had to happen. This information he couldn’t accept. This wasn’t true!

Dongwook should have known that he’s been working for the Kim Enterprises. Everything, he told him. But why has this situaton kept a secret from him? It made him doubt the man that he truly loved for the first and last time. His life could end really in an instant.


It was quickly shrugged off. "I need to think. Now, if you excuse me..."

"Then would you like to test him?" Junsu offered up a way which caught attention.

"I'll think about it," he replied as he shut the door in a hurry. "Give me time. I can't pick up myself that fast like you."

End of Flashback

Test him? Should he do it?

As much as he loved him, he shouldn’t do it. But maybe there should be certain exceptions…

Taking out his cell, he knew Dongwook wouldn’t pick up calls during the day and so a simple “We need to talk” message will do. It always worked.

He pressed the send button and waited for a reply.

Everything he felt was just too agitating—so irritating. He trusted the man with his whole beating heart that when Dongwook told him to take the risk of going through surgery, he agreed. Truthfully, he was scared of death. He always wanted to live a longer life—to do many things, and yet, his problems just had to come back and haunt him again. A thirty percent success rate was all he had and he was willing to go through that because Doongwook told him that he’ll make it. That he’ll always be with him. This way he was convinced.

But now, he just couldn’t help but think that all these words were just a bunch of lies. Maybe Dongwook just wanted him to die. What if that was his reason? He suggested it because he knew he wouldn’t make it. Was that it?

His cell phone buzzed.

A text message.

He smiled at the thought of a text message from Dongwook. It was a reflex. But this situation was definitely a no laughing matter. He quickly selected the unopened message.

Hey Min! Can’t talk right now but
I’ll meet you at the party tomorrow?
You work with the Kim’s right?
So definitely you’ll be invited.
My boss also gave me an invite as well.
I miss you.
See you soon.

Changmin sighed at what he read. Dongwook has never lied to him. It’s just that this time, he wasn’t telling anything. His boss was definitely, Choi Siwon. And, this boss, Dongwook never intended for him to know. Was he just being tricked?


“I hope you’re paying for me,” Kibum said as he walked into the café that Jaejoong had recommended.

“I told you I will. Thanks for the hard work. I wouldn’t have been able to pull through without you today,” Jaejoong sighed in relief. “So let us chill for half an hour then we’ll get back again.”

“Great. I can stuff myself with high-quality caffeine,” the dark haired man sarcastically replied. “Since when have you taken a liking to sweets?”

“There are different kinds of sweets,” Jaejoong said as he looked for empty seats. He smirked at his luck as he saw Yunho and Yoochun sitting across each other at a four seat table. “And I see my favorite kind right now.”

With great confident strides, he walked towards two men he recognized.

“So that’s why you go here,” Kibum smiled in disbelief as he figured out his boss’ motives. Figuring this out, he decided to sit somewhere else.

“Hello,” Jaejoong grinned suavely at the two bodies sitting. “There aren’t any chairs open so do you if I sit here?” He purposely ignored Yunho and directed his question to Yoochun.

Yoochun gave a nod back. “You can sit here.”

“Oh thanks,” Jaejoong flashed that smiled of his. He called on Kibum. “Come here. This guy told us we can sit.”

Kibum just swayed his head side to side waiting for his own enjoyment out of this situation. “It’s alright, I’ll take a seat here.” He took the seat right on the counter where there was only one seat available.

“So…” Jaejoong looked to Yoochun. “Your name?”

“What are you playing at?” Yoochun asked him directly, confused. He knew this guy of course. Just by the voice he could tell. Even though the looks and everything changed, he was pretty observant when it comes down to identifying many people.

“I’m playing with my love,” Jaejoong said as he playfully looked at Yoochun. He figured out that the man completely knew his identity. So to keep on playing the game he started, he just dropped hints that Yunho wouldn’t be able to figure out. “I’m making my love jealous.”

Looking at the sight made Yunho cringe and to be truthful, a bit jealous. He saw this blond haired man already at the salon. He caught his eye of course and thought about seeing him again but not under these circumstances. If that guy was a girl, he’d totally take her home for marriage. But this guy was a man and was totally hitting on Yoochun! What did he mean by saying playing with my love while staring at his friend? Or ‘making my love jealous’. Oh, that line was definitely some sort of pick up line. That angel he thought was a player definitely hitting on Yoochun.

“Ahh… I see,” Yoochun placed together all the facts and took a sip of his latte. Of course, with just that attitude and even that smile from that man, he could recognize it was Jaejoong from far away. His hair was amazing of course, and on top of that, a sunglass to hide his eyes… It was a brilliant disguise but he could see through it. “Yoochun. My name is Yoochun.” He replied calmly with an uninterested tone.

“Yoochun… that’s a nice name!” Jaejoong smiled some more, still ignoring the presence of Yunho at the table.

For some reason, Yunho wanted to join in on the conversation. He was hoping that this angel like man would ask for his name too. He wanted to talk.

“So what do you major in Yoochun?” Jaejoong asked simple questions.

“I’m in—“ Yoochun was about to answer but a sudden out burst from across the table cut him off.

“I’m pretty sure we let you sit here so that you can have a nice cup of coffee,” Yunho said in an irritated voice. “You shouldn’t interfere with people’s conversations.”

“Ah…I must apologize,” Jaejoong said as he dealt with the situation at hand. “Were you guys talking?”

“Yes,” Yunho replied but at the same time Yoochun replied with a “No.”

“Well, that says something,” the blond haired man insulted him. “Why are you getting all worked up?”

“…” Yunho’s eyes widened. Why did he get worked up? Was it because he just wanted the man to pay attention to him?

“Do you like him? Are you on a date with Yoochun?” Jaejoong asked with confidence striking out from his words.

“No,” Yunho quickly replied.

“Well then, you don’t really have to get worked up that much.”

“I’m saying that you’re bothering our time together,” Yunho replied weakly.

“Then how about this,” Jaejoong stood up from his seat and brought his face forward to Yunho’s own really fast until they could feel each other’s breath. “Do you like me?” he instantly asked.

With this, he gave the off guarded man a quick peck on his lips and in a flash, sat quietly back down.

Yunho’s face turned beet red in just a matter of seconds. The color just crept up from the side of his face and into the centre of his cheeks.

“What the hell did you do?” he freaked out.

“A kiss,” Jaejoong simply replied as he laughed, laying back on his chair.

“But you had no permission to do that!” Yunho stood up from his chair ready to punch Jaejoong.

“You letting me that close to your face basically told me that you were letting me,” Jaejoong wittingly replied. “At least I know you don’t hate me.”

“Unblievable…” Yunho rolled his eyes in incredulity.

“It was just a kiss!” Jaejoong care freely laughed it out. “Are you a virgin or something?”

Yunho’s answer took longer than expected to come out. He was caught off guard once again by this man and he didn’t like it at all. He didn’t like to be played around with.

“Well then, would you like to take your sexual frustrations out on me?” Jaejoong offered still jovial.

After hearing what Jaejoong just said, there was a sudden jolt that came up south in Yunho’s pants. It tingled down in his crotch. Did he just get turned on by those simple words? Now, he could only think about were dirty thoughts like actually having sex with some random guy that caught his eye. A man!

“I’d rather take it out on the toilet and so if you please,” Yunho kicked back his chair with a beet red face and headed to the washroom.

“Ouch!” Jaejoong pretended to be hurt. “I was rejected and was chosen over by a toilet. But have fun anyways!” He said as he waved to Yunho.

“What was that for Jaejoong?” Kibum suddenly asked from the seat just near them. He definitely was not getting the situation. “I thought you were hitting on this none talkative guy beside you.”

“False,” Jaejoong answered as he waved his index finger left to right. “Just stay quiet and order whatever you want okay? I need to have some heart to heart chat.”

“Okay?” Kibum said as he raised his brow in confusion. “Suit yourself.” He turned around and focused on the menu.

“So Yoochun,” Jaejoong’s voice suddenly became serious. “How’s life been treating you so far?”

“With Kim Junsu right?” the blue eyed man stared at him as if reading others was his specialty. “I don’t get what he’s thinking so I’m confused and irritated.”

“But didn’t I tell you already from the start?”

“That he’s in love with me? Quit joking around!” Yoochun hissed at him. “I’m already confused enough as it is.”

“How are you confused? Maybe it’s only yourself that you’re not admitting to,” Jaejoong told him as he calmed the frazzled man down. “Are you confused by his straightforwardness?”

“It is too straightforward and at the same time nothing is going across,” Yoochun spoke as he emphasized his words. “Yesterday, he took me to the beach. He kissed me. Then the next day he completely ignores me.”

Jaejoong laughed out loud. “That is too straightforward.”

“Like I said…” Yoochun agreed as he drank his remaining latte from his cup.

“And like I said before, he is madly in love with you,” Jaejoong assured him. “But you need to work on the relationship too.”

“I don’t know if you know this already Jaejoong,” Yoochun trailed off. “I have a lover already. You know, Changmin? And I really like him.”

“You like him?” Jaejoong asked. “A lover isn’t about liking but loving. So the only question I have for you is that do you love him?”

“I do lo—“ Yoochun was surprised. The word love—it didn’t come out of his lips. He did love Changmin. He should love him. Thinking that it was just a hiccup, he tried to say it again. “I lo—“

“Have you even told him you love him? Did he tell you he loves you?” Jaejoong continued to interrogate the man some more. “You can’t even say you love him.”

He was pretty sure the word love was always replaced with like. And before going here, he did ask Changmin if he loves him. The man did say yes but he words I love you never came out of his mouth.

“I know but the reason why it’s like this is because I just want to selfishly keep him to myself. He said he wants to protect me and take care of me so he won’t let go. And for that reason, I just cling. I think I’ve gotten used to his presence now too.”

“So your confusion is between this man and Kim Junsu? Are you wavering?”

“Not only that…” Yoochun confessed still keeping his calm straight face. He felt like Jaejoong was part of this huge mess since he is friends with both the Junsu’s. “Xiah Junsu is bugging my mind every day.”

Jaejoong laughed at the thought. A guy would definitely be confused with this situation. So clueless. He watched as Yoochun’s fingers carefully played around with his cup. “I found out about that one too. He kissed you and confessed didn’t he?”

“How did you know?” Yoochun quickly stared at him in the eye surprised by his knowledge of his situation.

“We are friends you know? That new student Changmin brought him to me during work today so I also know what happened and how irritated you are as well today. Trust me, that bitch will pay.”

“It looks like you know the situation well enough,” Yoochun sighed. “So maybe you should take it as a sign to stop bringing these things up.”

“You’re just trying to run away. But the question is still there unanswered. What is making you so confused? Your indecisiveness is going to make you lose all the people you care about. If you love all of them then you don’t deserve any of their feelings,” Jaejoong disappointedly said. “But I’m sure you know what you want.”

“That is—I don’t know…” Yoochun said deep in thought. “There are so many things to consider.”

“But do you even know what you feel?”


“Then let’s switch the question,” Jaejoong paused as he examined Yoochun’s puzzled face. “What do you know?”

“That people like Kim Junsu are murderers,” Yoochun replied with hate in his voice. There was silence after those spoken words and Jaejoong just lost all hope with that line. “But that’s what I used to think,” the man continued. “I thought that this Kim Junsu was like every other business men out there in the world. But when I think about what happened to me in these past few days, I feel like he has helped me out in ways more than one.”

“Whatever hate you feel with that man…” Jaejoong tried to explain as best as he could without stepping on Yoochun’s land mines, “I think that you should throw it all away. He has good reasons for being like what he is now. He used to be such a loveable dork face but a lot of things happened that got out of control. Most likely worse than the path you travelled.”

“So you know me don’t you Kim Jaejoong?” Yoochun questioned.

“Only through files. I’ve investigated your past just to see if you can live with Kim Junsu safely. It was just for safety reasons,” Jaejoong clarified. “I do know of your past.”

“Then you must know about…”

“Yes, yes. I know. But that is no reason for you to hate men like Kim Junsu. All of us are different. Unique, just like the clothes or shoes that you wear. There is a good style and a bad style. And just like people, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Just to speak from my own point of view, Kim Junsu is one of the good yet fragile ones that really do want to protect you. And I do support his decisions. You guys are more connected that you think.”

“You know something.”

“Yes I do.”

“Then tell me,” Yoochun gently demanded an answer.

“Figure out for yourself,” Jaejoong smirked. “The past of Kim Junsu is the Pandora’s box for me and everyone else who knows. Maybe if you open up a bit, this Pandora’s box will open.”

“Pandora’s box huh?” Yoochun smiled. “Then maybe it shouldn’t be opened.”

“Aren’t you curious though? But I guess it is your decision,” Jaejoong casually replied. “Don’t let your eyes and your head deceive what you see. Sometimes you have to go with your heart and mostly your gut.”

“You only regret things that way,” Yoochun said as his tone saddened.

“Have you tried yet? Because my life is currently on a roll by doing this.” Jaejoong laughed.

Then Yoochun gave him a smile. “Then thanks for a great advice.”

“It’s nice to have a talk like this once in a while don’t you think? Man to man?” Jaejoong smirked making Yoochun’s head shake from left to right in doubt.

“How’s Junsu by the way?”

“He’s putting up a goof front,” Jaejoong informed him. “He had a meltdown but I think he’s all good for now—kind of just like you.”

“He does remind me of myself just a little bit. There are those days when I just feel like a volcano ready to erupt.”

“But isn’t it better when you have someone there with you? Just simple words of comfort are enough to calm that feeling down. You’re looking for that feeling aren’t you? Something to calm you down. Something you can use for warmth and to receive trust?”

“You know me so well.”

“But I think—“ Jaejoong spoke but was interrupted by a smack on the table.

“Yoochun? Can we leave now? I think you let this guy flirt with you long enough,” the brown haired man complained.

“Hey you!” Jaejoong greeted Yunho seemingly full of obliviousness. “Did you have fun in the washroom as you thought of me?”


“Yes, yes. I understand. I’ll take my leave,” Jaejoong said as he stood up walking towards the flustered man. “I know I’m a bit straightforward but I know what I want.”

“Well, it should be fine now that you‘re taking your leave,” Yunho replied, annoyed by the other man’s presence.

“You really do need to work on your attitude. But lend me you ear for a bit,” Jaejoong evilly smiled. “I have to tell you something. Then after that, I’ll leave for sure.”

“Can’t you just leave?” Yunho furrowed his eyebrows.

“Your ear,” he demanded

“Whatever,” Yunho said as he rolled his eyes. Carefully, he placed his ear next to Jaejoong’s lips.

Amusement was clearly shown on the blond haired man’s face. He began to whisper words to Yunho’s right ear.

“Do you know how fuckable you are to me?” Jaejoong breathed out as air clung to Yunho’s ears. He continued to tease him as he gave Yunho’s earlobe a bit of nip before walking away. “This is my phone number,” the blond haired man said as he slipped a tissue with numbers on it in his jean pocket. “Feel free to call me up to play when you’re bored.”

Jaejoong took quick long strides to exit as he waved like a child at the door. “Bye Yunho. Bye Yoochun!”

“Thanks for the talk,” Yoochun mouthed from his position as he waved goodbye watching Jaejoong take his quick leave before Yunho threw a tantrum.

When the man was nowhere in sight, Yunho just fell on his chair, weak. He was definitely speechless. His eyes were too wide in shock. His knees become too jelly from the over powering presence. What an overbearing aura to handle.

“He wasn’t hitting on me,” Yoochun informed him out of the blue. “He was hitting on you.”

“I kind of figured that much out already…” Yunho said as he quietly sat down on his chair. “How could he embarrass me like this?”

“You’re kind of slow in this so I’ll just leave you hanging with everything,” Yoochun sighed. “Even I figured it out.”

“No one makes fun of Jung Yunho like that!” Yunho said as he pulled out that tissue with numbers. “I’m not some easy man you can just play around with. Wait and see. I’m a man too.”

“I see you forgot about Jaejoong,” Yoochun mumbled out loud as he looked out the window. “Good luck with this revenge thing you are plotting.”

“I haven’t forgotten about Jaejoong. That guy just makes me annoyed down to the core! Treating me like shit every day…! I’m going to show them how men deal with things.”

“Good luck,” Yoochun smiled as he perfectly knew what Yunho will get himself into.



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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 18: A Perfect Kim Junsu—Strong and Undefeatable [PART B]

Post by 3ternallove on 2/27/2010, 1:19 pm

Chapter 18: A Perfect Kim Junsu—Strong and Undefeatable [PART B]


Jaejoong’s phone rang as he walked to his car with Kibum quickly running from behind him.

“Hello Su?” he said. “Don’t tell me...”

“Not that,” the man said from the other line, the voice sounding off.

“You alright?” Jaejoong asked sensing this sound.

“I was told to go home to fix some things up,” Junsu’s voice wavered and was a little bit strained.

Something happened and Jaejoong definitely knew the cause.

“Damn that father of yours…Don’t move,” Jaejoong sighed. “Stay there, go in my office. I’ll quickly fetch you.”

“No. Mind your own damn business and go back to work,” Junsu commanded him trying to pull himself together. “I can take care of myself.”

“No Junsu! You’re definitely not fine! If you’re not in my office by the time I get there I’m going to your house,” Jaejoong told him, disobeying his orders. “What did he tell you to do this time?”

“Nothing important,” Junsu replied trying to keep his cool. “Just go back to work. The faster you fix this, the faster we can move on again.”

“Then why did you call me?” Jaejoong asked him. “What was the point of this call Junsu? I’m sure you wanted me to do something.”

“I just wanted to tell you…” Junsu began to talk. ‘To come and save me.’ “That I’m going home so work hard!” he said instead.

“What did the old man tell you Junsu?” Jaejoong continued to ask. “Why did you even go there in the first place?”

Junsu laughed awkwardly at the other line. “You know. Just things that you know and things that I don’t know—useless things…” he began to drift off, “like me.”

“Junsu!” Jaejoong tried to scold him.

“Don’t worry,” Junsu tried to assure him with his faltering voice. “By tomorrow, I can get back again. It’s just going to be a rough night.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to give up already,” Jaejoong sighed. “You were almost there.”

“No one cares about me anyways,” the voice seemed so lonely through the phone. “I just realized today that I’m clinging on too much to people who don’t give a damn about me.”

“Stupid. You know that’s not true,” Jaejoong said as he switched his phone to the other free ear, getting inside the car. “The only care that you need to worry about is from that man and you know that. From others, it doesn’t matter. Since when did you start getting down like this?”

“Yoochun just pities me!” Junsu answered. “You don’t have to try to make me feel better! Like I said, I’ll be fine by tomorrow. If you still want to live, do not knock on my door.”

“Junsu! You know he doesn’t—!” Jaejoong tried to talk but the line was cut off immediately. “Aish! That damn kid!”

“Something wrong?” Kibum asked beside him at the car seat but Jaejoong ignored him

“Fine!” the blond haired man talked to himself. “If that’s how you’re going to play. I’m going to get down and dirty Kim Junsu.” He bit his lower lip and dialed a number he has never called before.

Once again he placed the phone on his ear, waiting for an answer.

“Hello?” a gentle voice came out of the line. “Who is this?”

“Kim Jaejoong,” he said in a voice full of urgency.

“Wasn’t I just talking to you?” Yoochun asked.

“Listen here. Don’t talk,” Jaejoong never answered his question. “If you plan to repay Junsu for saving your ass a couple of times—if you have a heart, and if you have this tiny drop of affection for that man, I suggest that you get your ass back home to Junsu. I’ve been pretty patient but when it comes to Junsu, it just feels that he doesn’t deserve any of this crap.”

“What’s wrong with the bratty kid?” Yoochun asked.

“Everything!” Jaejoong replied and even emphasized. “If my hunch is right, he should be in the dining area, drowning himself in alcohol.”

“What do you want me to do?” Yoochun asked him.

“You found out about his situation right?” Jaejoong questioned him. “He thinks that you pity him. And probably, that’s why he ignored you. Out of everything, pity is the lastthing he’d like to take.”

“What do you want me to do?” Yoochun asked him again. “Maybe you misinterpreted his thoughts, and he doesn’t like me.”

“Fuck Yoochun! I just want you to go! Maybe you’ll hear it from his own mouth,” Jaejoong told him. “Before he puts back his strong façade on, I need you to get in there and destroy that front he always gives out. I don’t care if you make him cry. Just do something! I’m begging you. This is a chance to set him back up. Yoochun…” Jaejoong pleaded as he gripped the steering wheel, looking down on the ground. “If you go there right now, you’ll understand that maybe it’s not the same guy you’ve been judging so hatefully for these past few days. I really want you to go.”

“It sounds like you love him Jaejoong,” Yoochun evaluated the situation. “Why can’t you comfort him instead? Even if he loves me too, if you give him love then shouldn’t it be fine?”

“I fucking love Kim Junsu, Yoochun!” Jaejoong yelled out in frustration. “But only as a brother—a family. I feel his pain because it’s oozing out of him. He barely sheds tears and when he does, I was there and I feel so helpless because I know I’m not able to provide that feeling of comfort that he wants. I want to protect him till he’s happy so I stay by his side. Both of you are looking for the same thing and you hold what each other want! I don’t understand why you’re so confused when the fucking answer is right in front of you. And just to be blunt with you Park Yoochun, you don’t love Changmin. If Changmin is the only thing that is making you confused, then I’ve straightened it out for you right now. Can’t you do me a favor? As long as Junsu doesn’t get out of his state, I’m not going to go out from this jail cell either.”

“Jaejoong,” Yoochun finally spoke out. “Calm down. As much as you want me to be with Kim Junsu, as much as you want me to comfort him, I love Changmin. It’s not going to change.”

There. He finally said it. He loves Changmin.

“Damn it! How can you not fucking get it?” Jaejoong furrowed his brow and just banged his head on the steering wheel.

“Jaejoong…” Yoochun tried to sympathize. “Junsu is a man who saved me. As much as I am in debt, I can’t give him my life. I don’t love him.”

“Then, don’t give him your heart if that is what you wish for. I don’t even know what to do with you anymore… I risked everything knowing that maybe you’d reconsider! How much do I have to reveal to you to prove that Changmin only loves you just like how I love Junsu?”

“If that day ever comes, when you prove that I don’t love Changmin and Changmin isn’t in love with me, I’ll break down and cry right in front of you,” Yoochun truthfully said. “Then, I’d punch your face for ruining my happiness.”

“Fake it,” Jaejoong finally said.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” Yoochun told him. “I love Changmin.”

“Fake it,” Jaejoong said again.

“No,” Yoochun replied. “I can’t do that.”

“Fake! It!” Jaejoong yelled out loud. So loud in fact, that the car shook along with his voice.

“Jaejoong…” Yoochun said his name once again to calm him down. “He’ll only be hurt this way. You out of all the people should know that.”

“Do whatever you can,” Jaejoong strictly said as he slammed his fist on his wheel this time. “He saved your life from going through that thorny road. Now that we have a chance, I want you to save his life from going down the same path you were going to go to.”

There was a long silence. Only breathing was heard and a chair scratching the floor from being pushed out.

“You have nothing to lose Yoochun,” Jaejoong whispered with pleading.

“I’m on my way,” Yoochun told him. “I do owe him a favor.”

The line was cut.

And after that, Jaejoong sighed and threw his phone at the back seat of the car regretting what he’s about to do and what he did. Before this life, Junsu and Yoochun probably saved him or something. He never met the most dim-witted people in the whole world and he didn’t know why he’s doing all the work.

“Oh Lord, I apologize for my sins…” he whispered out loud as he pressed on the gas, moving the car out of the parking lot with a whole lot of speed.

“I’m not supposed to ask right?” Kibum said as he broke off that menacing silence.

“Ask and you die,” Jaejoong threw a murderous stare at him.

“I think that whatever happens, Jaejoong… it’s not your fault.”

“You want a raise?” Jaejoong smirked.

“That would be very nice.”


Thirty minutes passed and to make it not seem suspicious that he was going home to Kim Junsu’s house in urgency, Yoochun just simply talked to Yunho some more at the bakery.

Then, he initiated that they go home. But not too pushy. That’s how he got in the road with Yunho driving him back.

An hour has passed every since Jaejoong’s phone call. And as much as he didn’t want Yunho to travel that fast to delay his traveling time, he just simply got there in front of the mansion stairs in ten minutes time.

“Thanks for the lift back Yunho,” he smiled with melancholy at the man. “Call that guy too. He gave you his number right?”

“You didn’t have to say,” Yunho grinned at him. “I will pay him back definitely.”

“Don’t get to excited,” Yoochun told him as he climbed the stairs and waved. He watched as Yunho’s car turned the corner out of the gates and disappeared. Then, looking at the doors of this heaven or hell that awaited him, he opened them quietly.

“Mother in Heaven,” Yoochun whispered to himself as he rubbed his hands together, keeping himself calm. “Help me.”

His heart was racing rapidly for this reason. He silently walked the hallways until he reached that door to the dining hall. With cold hands, he took his bag off from his shoulder and left it at the hallway.

“Kim Junsu…” he said in an audible voice as he walked in through those doors.

“Don’t!” a man from the corner of the bar table looked at him. “Come any further…” the voice was dragging.

“You…” Yoochun said. With those deep blue eyes that he had, he stared at the figure that sat there drunk, tears running down his eyes. “The robot broke.”

“Then let me fix that robot…” Junsu groggily replied as he poured himself a strong wine, spilling some because of his unstable vision.

Yoochun smiled gently, understanding how bad his situation was. He understood what Jaejoong meant by he could feel Junsu’s pain just by staying beside him. The moment he walked in on this room, the place reeked of it. Just by looking at the man, he felt the sadness already to the point where he just wanted to cry with him.

“Can you fix it in that state you’re in?” Yoochun continued to speak as he got closer and closer to the man who took that seat in the corner. He took slow and quiet steps.

“There…” Junsu said as his eyes fluttered open and close, “there is nothing Kim Junsu can’t do. There is nothing that…” Tears suddenly just flowed out of his eyes. It made Yoochun confused in an instant. “There is nothing that Kim Junsu can’t do!”

“You better stop drinking now,” Yoochun told him as he took the drink from Junsu’s hands.

More tears fell out of Junsu’s eyes, rolling down his rosy cheeks and dropping to the white tiles.

“Kim Junsu!” he screamed out loud with a sad grin on his face. He cried at the same time. “He’s perfect. He’s strong. He’s undefeatable!”

“Kim Junsu, snap out of it,” Yoochun held his shoulders. “What are you doing to yourself?”

“Right…I’m Kim Junsu!” the drunk man laughed hysterically as the tears still overflowed from his eyes. “Everybody loves me…everybody loves me!”

In an instant, the glass in front him was flying at the other side of the room. Kim Junsu had definitely broke down today.

“Go away you hateful Yoochun!” he screamed at the man. “I don’t need your pity!”

“I care for you Junsu!” Yoochun finally said out loud. He didn’t know how to calm this raging man down from his depression.

“No!” Junsu finally stood up from his chair, trying to leave his sight. Unfortunately, he just stood there trying to keep his balance. “Nobody cares. Everyone…bunch of phonies… Nobody really loves me…I’m the defective robot!”

“Junsu…” Yoochun had no clue of what to do. Is this what Jaejoong was talking about? Wanting to do something but yet, you can’t. His hands reached out but at the same time he retracts them again. He didn’t know. He just didn’t know what to do.

“My mother left me. My sister left me. My father… doesn’t give a fucking damn about me,” Junsu said as he kneeled on the floor not able to take the unsteady ground that he laid his feet at. “Can’t bother Jaejoong and you… why can’t you love me?” he asked as he stared at Yoochun at the seat and him kneeling on the ground.

Junsu cried out loud this time, sobbing in tears. “Why can’t you love me Yoochun? Is it because I’m Kim Junsu?”


A/N: HI GUYS! WOW. LONG TIME NO SEE!!! Sorry I had to end it there but this update is the worst with length. TEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRE SEVENTY SEVEN WORDS and running at 23 pages. Holeh crack. So Junsu broke down. Yoochun is a dim wit. Yunho is trying to get revenge on Jaejoong and the other Jaejoong. Jaejoong is having fun playing with Yunho and is the master mind of everything. Changmin is dying and is confused. OH WOOW. I made a lot of drama happening. I’m making the party probably the centre of action. HAHA. Two more days for them and probably weeks for you guys! LOL. I feel sad for every reader who tries to read this shiet. HAHA. I do apologize for not updating in a while. It’s basketball season, plus my mid terms and a non semester academic school is hell. I’m going to be like Junsu. Laughing hysterically while drunk and crying at the same time. Oh the cruel life. BAHA!

How's about I get some feedback? XD I haven't updated in a while, @_@" Still continue? hahah y/n?

Currently, I am even more depressed since Canada lost to the United States. FUUUUUUCK. >_>” STUPID HOCKEY. Bleeeh! SO EXCITING THOUGH! GJ HOCKEEY TEAM! <3


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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Re: I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae]

Post by lunajane on 3/1/2010, 12:06 am

>.Changmin! WAKE Up!!!
Update soon ^^


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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 19: Letting Go

Post by 3ternallove on 4/18/2010, 9:40 pm

Chapter 19:
Letting Go

Yoochun kneeled on the ground to meet the eyes of this man that appeared as cold as ice every day. What should he do? What should he say? These questions just filled his mind. But instead of talking, he just decided to give the man a warm touch on his elbow. These shapeless emotions just spewed out of control and he felt it. With just those tears and those eyes, he could feel that bitter loneliness Junsu had—or was it that desperation to cling on to something?

Even that question—how should he respond to that if he doesn’t love him?

Of course, he shouldn’t love him. For definitely, there was always Changmin to warm him up every time.
“It’s not because you’re Kim Junsu…” Yoochun finally replied as he looked away from those eyes that could read him openly like a book, “it’s not just because of you! I do have reasons…”

“Reasons, reasons, reasons!” Junsu yelled out, his voice dragging. “I know if I wasn’t Kim Junsu you would treat me normally! Love me naturally. I know you would…”

Just like he would treat Xiah Junsu.

“But you know, I’m already with Chang—“ Yoochun smiled confusedly as he listened to the drunk body in front of him. This guy couldn’t be serious. A rich man like Junsu loving a pitiful man like him? That would be a joke!

“But Changmin doesn’t love you!” Junsu just blurted out trying to convince Yoochun to stay beside him. He slapped Yoochun’s hands away that held his arms warmly. “How long would it take for you to see?” he added on as he grabbed on to Yoochun’s shoulders, frustrated at his thoughts. He cried out loud these words. “How come you’re so naïve?”

“I’m not naïve!” Yoochun got up angrily. “What can I not see? And how come you and Jaejoong keep on mentioning these words “Changmin” and “not loving me” in return?” Yoochun turned around trying not to show his anger as he turned his back to Junsu. It was none of their business in the first place. “Look. Here I am trying to talk and listen to you but every time I do, you just keep on adding salt into my wounds. The other day at the beach, I get it! It was all pretend so I’m not going to be bothered. But please stop playing with me. Stop sprinkling sugar on my plate and then adding salt to it. It will just taste even more salty than it is.”

“But even if you didn’t have Changmin you wouldn’t love me right?” Junsu chuckled disappointedly as he stood up from the ground still unbalanced. “What does he have that I can’t provide you? Can’t you just choose me… instead?” Junsu was desperately clinging for this hope. Things would be different if he was there with him. But knowing everything…knowing how stupid Yoochun is with love—was there a way to explain? What if Yoochun never had any feelings for him right from the start?

“You don’t get it do you? Just because you have the money doesn’t mean I can choose you over him. Like I said before to you back at the bar a few days ago, not even everyone’s money combined can buy my desires,” Yoochun replied, his back still facing Junsu.

“What do you want? What can I not buy to make you happy?” the questioning man just asked away poking at Yoochun’s patience.

“And you call me the naïve one?” Yoochun shot back harshly at those questions, turning back around to face him. “I don’t want to state my reasons to a drunkard,” he gave Junsu a gentle push to convey how irritated he was of his actions. “Have you forgotten everything or are you really just a stone that doesn’t dare listen?”

“I can hold my liquor. I’m not drunk!” Junsu hissed with his eyes closed, trying to keep his balance. Maybe he was a bit drunk but he could definitely hold his liquor and still keep his conscience up.

“You’re unbelievable…” Yoochun mouthed as he rolled his eyes. “Then let me refresh your memory,” he spoke as he took a step closer to Junsu. And this time, he made sure there was an eye contact. “Look at me Junsu. Open your eyes. Listen.”

Hearing this, Junsu’s closed eyes opened slowly. An aura of Yoochun’s seriousness and irritation was formed in his eyes. It shot at his soul and immediately, was captured.

“With your money, buy my mother’s life back from God. If you do, I’ll definitely love you forever.”

“What…” Junsu breathed out. He was shocked or maybe he was really losing it…? Did he hear that right?

He did hear these words before but he never thought that this guy was serious! With his speechlessness, his hands automatically swung right at Yoochun’s face. “How can you casually use this love as an insult to me? Is it because I’m drunk that you play around with me like this?” Junsu walked towards Yoochun but had the greatest difficulty of knowing which of the multiple images in his vision of Yoochun he should follow. The alcohol is definitely taking its effects now. “Can Changmin buy that for you? Is that why you love him? Did he tell you that he can buy your mother’s life back from God?”

Yoochun’s breaths staggered. He didn’t mean for anything to come out the way they did. He was stupid but this man was also too irrational.

“Tell me Yoochun! Is this why you love him? And even so, can’t you see my reasons? The words behind my ‘I love you’ has everything—everything of my life at stake. But here you are saying that if I bring someone back from the dead… you’ll love me? Should I kill myself, and then ask God to bring your mother back? I’m a man capable of protecting you—a man who can provide your happiness—why can’t you just choose me?” He then again took unbalanced steps towards Yoochun who just kept on walking back.

“You say you can buy anything Kim Junsu…” Yoochun spoke out loud. “I’m just showing that your “everything” has its limitations. Just like your money. It can’t buy my happiness or even my love for you.”

“God Yoochun,” Junsu’s tears suddenly ran down his cheeks again. “You can’t do this to me. I chose you because I saw you as the one who might be able to understand me. My father said that you are also linked to my past. I don’t even know if it’s true. I’m always kept in the dark. But to think that I even fought for you with my father. Is that really your answer to my three selfish little words?”

“You’re mistaking me for someone else. Don’t confuse me…with someone else. This is my first time seeing you. At least that’s what I know. And so for your feelings, I really can’t Junsu,” Yoochun truthfully said as he breathed in deeply. “I don’t know what to feel…To me you make me feel insecure and even strange.” And that was all true. Whenever he was close to this man, the world that he perfectly built around him starts to crumble. He didn’t like that at all. At this time now, there was no more floor to walk back at for Yoochun. The wall had finally betrayed his escape and stopped his way. There was only Kim Junsu now who was just a step away from him. “I can lie to you but I will choose not to. Your world is hell enough as it is already.”

“Yoochun…” Junsu chuckled out loud as if he was going crazy. “I’m so irritated! I want to keep you right here even if it went against you will. If you go away I just want to hunt you down and cage you. I want to manipulate you. Destroy you to little pieces and swallow you up. I want to devour you. But all these things…I can’t do! I’m the only person that I don’t want you to hate.” He kept on talking as he walked towards Yoochun. And then finally he stopped—His distance from the man who just kept on backing away shortened until their bodies were only a ruler apart. “Yoochun…” he silently chuckled again. Then his right fist flew at the white wall at the space beside Yoochun’s head hitting it, cracking everything that came in contact. Even those fists that were once skin colored now covered with red crimson blood. “Why?” he screamed out all together with his frustrations and disappointment. “Why does it feel that I’m always alone? Why does it feel like I’ve lost all my sense of hope with everything? Why…?” Junsu cried out loud. That bleeding fist that left a stain on the white wall now grabbed Yoochun at the back of his neck forcing his whole body to follow and land on to Junsu’s embrace.

It shocked Yoochun for a second but…

It was warm. He felt it in an instant.

It was the long lasting warmth that he always yearned for. Why was it coming from this man? It made his heart race and automatically feared it for he couldn’t hurt Changmin. This shapeless feeling that he didn’t know, was this love?

There were no spoken words that he could say out loud. He said everything he thought he wanted to say. And so instead, he stayed in that embrace for as long as he could remember feeling that grip on him become tighter and tighter, unwilling to let him go.

“Why does it feel like I was betrayed?” Junsu continued on with his questions, but this time, his calmness now overtook his words. “Yoochun, please say something.”

“You know what? Maybe I lied…” Yoochun answered as he now began to push Junsu away. “Maybe I can’t love you because you are Kim Junsu. Kim Junsu the arrogant one. Kim Junsu the prince of ice. Kim Junsu the relentless one. Kim Junsu the naïve one. Kim Junsu…” he paused, “the spoiled brat. I hate them all.”

“Was that all you saw in me?” Junsu finally let Yoochun go this time as he loosened his embrace releasing the man he had captured within his reach. He stared at those deep blue eyes that he found always out of place and also his serenity.

“That was all you showed me,” Yoochun replied coldly and unaffectedly. You’re not half of what Changmin is. At least he can understand me. Unlike you—you’re a scary man Kim Junsu. You frighten me, always keeping me on my guard. Making my mind run around in circles…”

Junsu backed away as he heard these thoughts. He was a scary man? So Yoochun was scared of…him? And that’s why he can’t like him?

“You know what? Every time I see you, I lose my sense of thoughts. Just like now, I’m deathly frightened. Look. Can you feel this?” Yoochun took a hold of Junsu's bleeding hand, making sure he knew he was trembling. Then he brought those same hands above his chest, where his heart lied. “Even this organ is beating crazily fast telling me to run away from you.”

Junsu breathed in. Of course he was speechless. This was the only man who can make him go on his knees, beg and even cry. He wiped his tears with his non-injured hand and then smiled in disbelief. “So not only do you hate me but you are also scared of me?” Junsu laughed unbelievably as if he wasn’t even hurt at all. It made Yoochun question and even hurt. “So I didn’t even have a chance after all! I said I could protect you but now that you say that you are frightened because of my presence, I really can’t do anything about that at all!” he laughed. “I can’t protect you from myself since it’s me that you fear. I’m the only man that I can’t protect you from Yoochun,” He shook his head as he laughed it off—pain never lingered in the laugh but it stabbed his heart on the inside. “I lost to myself!”

“Have you gone crazy?” Yoochun asked the unusually cheerful drunk man.

“No, no, no. I’m not crazy. But your words made me realize that I really do have no hopes with you. You hate me and you’re also scared of me? I was a fool for even having my hopes up—to give everything up just so I can spend at least, my time with you.”

“You make me sound like the bad guy,” Yoochun looked down as he spoke. “Can’t you take my simple rejection?”

A simple rejection; that’s all Yoochun saw. And with these words, Junsu scoffed.

This rejection that had everything at stake, this naïve man never understood. This wasn’t the everyday rejection at all. The only person that momentarily filled the gap of Junsu’s loneliness was out of reach once again. Or maybe it had always been out of reach. No matter. This just meant that Kim Junsu would always be alone after all—a feared reject of society.

“It’s fine. I give up on you so you can be rest assured that you won’t see me anymore,” Junsu carefreely objected and then smiled right before Yoochun’s eyes as he patted Yoochun’s shoulder. If he could lie to these blue orbs that always felt like magic, then he could get away.

“What? Whatever you say can’t just happen! How about my debt?” Yoochun questioned him. “That’s my connection with you right? That one hundred million I’ll definitely pay you back.”

“Pay me back? The world is not that giving Yoochun-ah. Where are you going to get the money?” Junsu replied.


The drunken man just continued to laugh. “So tell you what, after this, and plus the cost of your emotional sufferings for spending time with me for this past week, your debt with me is clean.”

“After this?” Yoochun asked. “What’s ‘this’?”

“Just this. Don’t fight me. If you push me, I’ll might have to keep you forever or even kill you.”


And without a word of warning or anything like that, Kim Junsu with his last treat, dived for Yoochun’s slightly parted lips. Boldly, he slipped his tongue through those pink colored lips and played with Yoochun’s own, ravaging the insides if his mouth.

“Goon…fu…” Yoochun tried to say his name but failed. Junsu’s tongue had occupied his breath and even his speech. He couldn’t breathe. His chest tightened up—His mind a blur.

This kiss was burning him to the core. He suddenly felt the need of wanting to touch…


It wasn’t like that.

This kiss was long and too passionate for his liking. It violated him. It felt like this man could read his feelings with this kiss. He didn’t want that because it would be like Junsu knowing something he didn’t know.

Their tongues caressed each other’s leaving Yoochun shivering for more. But before he could actually gain his thoughts of kissing back, Junsu pulled out instantly.

They looked each other in the eye for possibly a minute with nothing to say.

It was like that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then all of a sudden, a smile emitted from Junsu’s face once again— A smile of relief? ; A smile of pain? ; Happiness? It was a smile filled with emotions.

Taking his left sleeve, Junsu wiped Yoochun’s saliva that ran down the corner of his lips onto his chin. He then spoke. “And that kiss was worth one hundred million dollars Park Yoochun. You’re debt free. A free man,” Junsu continued to smile as he pulled Yoochun into his last embrace with his bloody right hand, holding one of Yoochun’s own. “Just remember this alright? Kim Junsu loved you with all his heart. But you pushed him away, and so, you can’t go back to him now. But you better leave before I decide to change my mind. So early in the morning, please do go back to your apartment as if nothing happened. I’ll return to you everything by then, even your normal life. For this past three days, thank you for everything. Even for this hopeless realization. Thanks.”

“Junsu…” Yoochun called out as his tears just ran down to his surprise. It shocked him to see that this man who was breaking down a second ago was now happy and was letting him go in an instant after that kiss. “Why are you like this?”

It felt like he just got punched in the face! At least that’s what he thought he felt with Junsu’s abrupt decision.

“What’s there to cry about Yoochun? What’s there to hold on to here that’s worth your tears?” And once again, Junsu smiled without any attached emotion. He needed to be strong to give this man no left over feelings of guilt. “As much as I want to wipe these tears for you, I’m afraid I don’t have that privilege to be your handkerchief anymore. Now go to Changmin so that he could wipe them for you because from now on, we’ll be strangers right?” He patted Yoochun’s head. “So Mr. Park, feel free to tour around my home for your one last round. If you need any assistance, just call on your personal maid. However, please leave early in the morning. I don’t want to see you anymore. Any trace of you, I’ll be rid of. ” Junsu spoke formally as those bloodied hands that held Yoochun’s own, now let go and was placed at his side. “Good bye Mr. Park.”

Just as soon as those hands that held on to Yoochun’s own released its grip, that sense of security that he felt at that instant, that sense of warmth that filled his whole being, it went away—disappeared—vanished.

Those words, ‘I don’t want to see you no more’ kept on echoing in his ears. And every time it repeated in his mind, the sadder he eventually got. His tears just suddenly ran down for no reason at all. The longer the distance that came in between the both of them, the faster these tears filled his eyes.

He was confused. He wanted to run to Junsu but what for? There was something inside him saying ‘don’t leave’!

He cried when he saw Junsu’s back face him. But why?

Shouldn’t he be happy since he got what he wanted? – A normal life like before and a release from this man that he is supposed to hate? That’s what he wanted.

But why did his heart feel like it was punched into pieces as those doors closed?

What did he really want?


"Dongwook," a man addressed the tall charismatic guy standing on the rooftop as he smoked. The night sky looked wonderfully dazzling tonight. It was a clear sky that foreshadowed good signs. "Is everything is according to plan?"

"I'm a world genius. What can I say?" Dongwook replied with a professional grin on his face. Truthfully, worry filled his face. Guilt pricked his heart and even soul.

"As expected," the man answered. “A person like you can perform a job well if you’re well threatened with the unstoppable dangers lurking around your most precious item—don’t you think?”

“Then please don’t bring it up,” Dongwook answered still smiling. “I might just mess up you know?”

“Well I’m sure you wouldn’t. This Changmin of yours continues to live if you can execute this plan perfectly well without any fail. But however, this precious jewel’s life also ends, if you fall short.”

“You’re the biggest son of a bitch that I’ve ever met, did I ever tell you that, Choi Siwon?” he grinned, hiding his anger.

“Oh, I hear that many times. But you know what? Just think about it. You should work hard to succeed with my job for you because if you don’t, something definitely will go wrong with your lover’s upcoming heart surgery. It’s great to have connections you know? You never know, maybe the surgeon is a friend of mine and I might accidentally tell him to cut off the aorta and let all the blood flow out until he dies. Or maybe, if you succeed, I can donate a compatible heart for this Changmin of yours.”

“Any gifts from you I can’t accept. Just as long there is no harm to done to Changmin, I will definitely not fail,” Dongwook tried his best to hold his hands from strangling this man. The only way he could protect Changmin was to succeed with this job even if it meant that he was going to betray his trust. He’d rather be the bad guy than do nothing at all.

“Yes, I am the greatest aren’t I? Tomorrow, you will bring Kim Junsu to his doom. Isn’t that exciting?” Siwon smiled as he walked ahead of Dongwook. “Don’t forget, failure is not an option.”

“…” Dongwook just looked down not being able to say anything. The position he was at right now, he couldn’t do anything but to obey just like an obedient dog that he was.

“What do you say?” Siwon smirked as he lifted Dongwook’s chin that pointed to the ground.

“Yes sir,” he replied with eyes filled with confidence—confidence that will bring down the Kim Junsu Enterprises in one single blow. This was for his love, for Changmin after all. He will do whatever it takes to let him live a day longer or even years longer to stay by each other’s side as long as they could. “Failure is not one of my options.”


Yunho found himself in a white room filled with an endless color of white. White furniture, white books, white pens, and even… a white fire. Everything was white. Even his clothes that he wore were white. The white walls just seemed to go on forever!

Wasn’t he just lying down on his bed a while ago? He was thinking of Jaejoong and how irritable his days have been after that incident. That incident where his taste, his way of thinking about his love life suddenly took a 180 degree turn. It was that damn Jaejoong not taking the responsibility of making him feel like this.




Wasn’t he the one that rejected the guy? Jaejoong did tell him that he was always free for him. But he pushed him away knowing that he was playing around. He was a good looking guy—a rich man! He had probably gone out with girls with those that had great S lines and big bust sizes before. So why would that Kim Jaejoong like him? —A flat chest man and not even a round ass?

“Yes Yunho,” he answered to himself. His words echoed for some reason. “Jaejoong is just playing around with you. He likes to play with you and you’re secretly falling for it.”

He walked towards that white couch decorated by white pillows and even a linen white cloth for warmth. He was probably having one of those weird dreams again where he could just talk to himself. This was a nice place. It was calm and peaceful so he shouldn’t pinch himself out of it.

And so with all his defenses down, he stretched his arms out to get into a comfortable position on the couch for a nice relaxation.

“Put your hands together,” a voice echoed from the back of his ears. A black shadow appeared in front of him which contrasted the whiteness of everything.

The sudden presence of another man shocked him. Somebody was there behind him and so in alarm he pulled his hands back. But to his surprise, these arms just suddenly were pulled into each other by some great amount of force. Or to briefly explain what happened, his arms moved by its self and he had no control over it. What the fuck was happening? He had a feeling this was going to turn into a nightmare.

He suddenly questioned and automatically, he started trying to rip his wrists off of each other but it after a while he found it hopeless. It felt as if they were tightly tied by an invisible string although nothing was there.

“If you want Jaejoong to play around with you, then definitely, Jaejoong will do it,” these words were spoken and then blown to his ears. It gave him goose bumps that travelled from his lower back, going up his spine, fluttering along his neck. He could feel that hot breeze running around his skin crazily like a berserk man.

But, he knew this voice.

It made him froze as still as ice, his mind a blur—that feeling of apprehension—a definite familiar feeling, made him freeze like the statue of Liberty.

And so, wanting to see who this person was, Yunho finally decided to turn his head. To his surprise, he couldn’t move his anything at all, not even a nudge or even a twitch.

“What’s wrong Yunho? Can’t move?” the voice once again taunted him.

A frightened expression started to appear on Yunho’s face. Fear started to appear in his eyes and his chin started to tremble. He couldn’t move a single muscle in his body with his own thoughts! His hands weren’t even trying to separate themselves anymore.

“Yunho-yah, if you wanted Jaejoong to play around with you, you should have told him. He’ll definitely play around with you like the puppet you really are now,” that voice just continued to speak, taunting him, teasing him.

Yunho’s heart began to beat abnormally fast. His adrenaline was rushing to that sudden shock of being unable to move a thing. And so he yelled but that failed too and made him even more frightened. His voice box wasn’t ringing as if it was held shut not allowing him to speak. His body moved not according to his own thinking. They moved by themselves as if his every limb was tied by a string—like a puppet.

Although this man’s voice was like this, he definitely knew the owner of that tone of sound. Definitely.

It was that irresistible man, Kim Jaejoong.

This is a dream.

An unambiguous dream.

He could just get out of this if maybe he pinched himself just like those movies he saw! But if only he could move.

“I’m going to devour you and make you mine Yunho,” this seductive man whispered. “I’ll tear you into pieces. I’ll break you so you can’t escape me anymore. So I’ll start by touching you. May I?” He heard the man laugh out loud, entertained. “Of course I can. Look at you not even disagreeing with me.”

And so as soon as those words were said, hands began to roam around his body and Yunho couldn’t help but just immediately react to it. It started to lightly undress his shirt and even his undergarments until there was none left—until he was fully naked.

This presence that was behind him, touching him and feeling him up, was definitely too close for comfort. Hands roamed around his chest, stopping at his nipples. It pinched and caressed his body and with this, he shook uncontrollably.

His mouth opened to pleasure but no sound came out. He couldn’t utter a word. A zombie. That’s what he thought.

“You’re very sensitive here aren’t you?” this guy who he thought was Jaejoong whispered lustily as he pinched Yunho’s nipples some more. “And maybe here too?”

A soft wet muscle suddenly started to lick the crook of his neck, giving butterfly kisses down his back.

“As my beloved puppet Yunho, pleasure yourself. Entertain me so I can get aroused.”

Now why would he follow that? It’s not like he’ll do whatever he said. Never would he do that in front of a man. He had his own pride to keep!

However, a few seconds later, Yunho again became surprised as his hands that felt like they were tied together now were moving towards his dick. So this guy was controlling him! What the fuck is wrong with this dream. He was completely naked and helpless that he couldn’t do anything to stop his body from obeying that dominating voice.

No! That was all he could yell but it never helped at all. No sound came out. Shocked, he just watched his left hand slowly go up to touch his nipples, then his right, playing with the tip of his member just how he liked it. This always made him cum in an instant.

Too much—he was feeling too much that it suffocated him. Jaejoong’s eyes…they were watching every move that he made—every damn move and facial reaction. He wanted something more than just this. It was wrong and that he knew but for some reason, he didn’t hate it.

When did he start feeling and thinking this way?

Wanting more? It wasn’t him at all.

A dream.

That was all this was. That is what’s making him act this way. It wasn’t really him at all.

But it felt all too real.

“What a great view,” the man added in as he sat at the other end of the couch getting a full view of Yunho masturbating. From then on, Yunho was a bit relieved. It was definitely Jaejoong. That raven black hair and those lips that he kept on thinking about—this man had it. This guy was definitely Jaejoong on the flesh. “You can speak now.” The voice again commanded him.

And with this order, Yunho finally got control over his voice.

“I can’t take it anymore. Help me,” Yunho said as he gasped for air, still playing around with himself in a lewd position. “Stop this!”

“No. Not yet at least. I won’t touch you,” Jaejoong smirked as he enjoyed the view. “Now, get on all fours and finger your hole. Show me everything you have.” He said as he spread his arms out when he said the word everything.

“No wait,” Yunho moaned out loud. He could feel the tension rising down there. But what he was mostly scared of was this. His ass hole…he never touched it before. “I can’t. Don’t make me do it…” Isn’t that painful? Tears now fell from his face just from the complete embarrassment of this situation and from the overbearing pleasure he was feeling.

Like the helpless person he was right now, he couldn’t stop the left hand from fingering his ass. He knew it was going to be painful but his fingers never hesitated and just pushed themselves in.

“Ha…ahh…” he moaned out loud as he buried his face on the white cushions of the couch. “Please Jaejoong…make me stop!” he begged in between his breaths as his fingers continued to thrust in and out uncontrollably. This mix of embarrassment and pleasure just heated his emotions making them boil over like a volcano erupting. His fingers were up his tight ass and his hand frivolously jerked his dick—a new formidable feeling.

“Please what Yunho? Stop?” Jaejoong now went in front of his face, and bent down to meet those eyes. “You can’t stop. With this face like this…those eyes that you’re wearing…They’re telling me a whole different story. Besides isn’t this all for the greater fun?”

Yunho’s hips began to jerk. He was at his limit.

“Go faster,” Jaejoong whispered to his ear.

And so, his hands that jerked his member went faster and faster until his pre-cum leaked out, staining the white cushions of the couch. His hands now easily slid because of his own juice.

Just when he thought he was going to release from all these overbearing pleasures, he suddenly just couldn’t do it. It was like wanting to piss but none was willing to come out.

“You can’t cum yet,” Jaejoong smiled evilly.

“Gah…Jaejoong…no…” Yunho groaned in pleasure as he buried his face more on the couch. There was something that was stopping him from cumming. As much as he tried and as much as everything just wanted to spill—nothing did. “Help me. Let me—” He bit his tongue.

Of course, he couldn’t say these things. He was a man after all too.

He definitely wanted to cum. He knew that he needed to. That’s all he thought about right now. A release is what he needed but he dared not ask.

But he couldn’t believe it—those words coming out from his mouth. It would never happen.

“Let you what, Yunho? If you tell me, I’d definitely give it to you.”

“No!” Yunho just yelled out loud.

“Your mouth is too disobedient. You’re no fun if you can speak. I guess from now on, I won’t let you talk anymore,” Jaejoong laughed, “but for my greater fun, I’ll let you only moan my name out loud.”

Jaejoong commanded some more but this time, instead of just sitting and watching, he sat in front of Yunho’s ass and took out his fingers that have been playing with his insides.

“Jaejoong…ahh…” Yunho just moaned out loud as these fingers roughly came out. The words, stop, no, help me, don’t do that, never came out—just the words Jaejoong and his lustful sounds. What the hell was up with this dream?

Yunho’s eyes were ready to roll behind his head. This was all too much for his first time. He never touched these places ever. His ass was never licked like that before and he always came whenever he felt like it. He was never stopped like this.

It all felt so surreal but he was ready to die from all this pleasure and teasing.

His hands just moved not according to his own accord but by this Jaejoong in this dream.

“Now as my final command for this puppet of mine,” Jaejoong spoke again. “Tell Jaejoong these exact words. Tell him to ‘fuck you hard, to fuck you until you can’t breathe’,” Jaejoong told him to say with confidence oozing out from his voice box.

This time, Yunho’s lips and tongue moved by themselves. It was frightening to be so helpless but at the same time, he couldn’t help but to just give in.

“Jaejoong…” a squeak of his voice came out. His chin started to shake from his unwillingness to obey. And as if he was already bound to fail, his mouth was forced open and his tongue forced to form these words. “Fuck me..hard…fuck me hard, until…I can’t breathe…” Yunho gasped for air as he said these words for as soon as he finished, the man jumped on him, took out his dick from his pants and then nudged it right at his never touched ass hole. It was just there, about to go in. It stayed at the tight ring of his ass and never went in yet.

“I’m the only one who knows what you want Yunho,” Jaejoong whispered right into his ear as he held on to Yunho’s hips and thrust his own weeping member down deep into Yunho. “Are you feeling this? I want you to feel every single part of me.”

“Jae…joong!” Yunho managed to scream out loud. “Ha…ahh!”

And with this, he regained the feel of his body back. In pain, he found himself still screaming out loud in pleasure. He closed his eyes but when he opened them once more, he was back in his room. His forehead was full of sweat, and most definitely, his own dick, wet with his own cum. He found himself lying on all fours but that was it. In fear of his ass in pain, he stuck his hands inside his boxers and felt them.

Thank goodness. There was nothing that came in there while he was sleeping; although he did cum a whole lot.

In all his years, he has never wet his boxers as much as this.

What a dream.

Jaejoong had finally made him crazy and he knew it.

His exact date and time of realization of this: April 27, 2010 at 7:45 in the morning.


It was morning already and never in this past week had he done anything productive yet. He did go out with Yoochun yesterday afternoon but was that even productive? It was a pain going to university if he could just work under his father and inherit his wealth. To life, he was too carefree for his own good. He knew that but he never really tried to do his best. Maybe that’s how he dated Seulgi for the past seven months. Soccer was the only reason why he stayed and putted up with all this studying. A stupid reason for some but to him, to be able to enjoy his own self freely was his great happiness.


A sleepless night was what Junsu had. His eyes never closed for longer than five seconds. It was definitely not the liquor that kept him up. But now that he actually wanted to lie down and sleep from all his tears that actually never came out, it was time to drown his self with work. This way he’ll forget everything. That’s how he always dealt with things.

Besides, leaving early before Yoochun woke up would be the best choice for today. He did say he gave up but those were only words. He wasn’t able to lie to his heart.

Looking at a mirror, his face wasn’t that bad. With cold water, it would look like a normal person. Just like with the feeling of pain, cold water will help restrain it.

Ten minutes have passed and all he did was tried to his emotional face. But every time he remembered last night, it just made him want to break down on the ground and cry or even run back to the corner of his room where he usually felt the safest.

He was strong.

He is strong.

Kim Junsu is an emotionless, merciless man.

He’s not like this.

And so, for the first time that morning, he tried to get out of the doors of his room. He needed to do this to at least show that he’s over with these feelings of his. It’s the first step.

Getting to the door, he paused when he grabbed the knob to prepare himself so that he could place everything out of the way. But as soon as opened that door, somebody else was standing there.

And no, it wasn’t Yoochun like he hoped for.

It was Jaejoong, the last person he wanted to see so early in the morning. It was always him that worried the most for him.

“So let’s see now,” Jaejoong gently smiled as he walked in front of Junsu’s view. “Judging from your hesitation to open that door, you didn’t want to come out.”

“Stop interrogating me,” Junsu automatically told Jaejoong. He tried to give it that commanding tone but his voice cracked. It shocked the both of them with him knowing that he was definitely found out by his sharp friend. Because of this, his hand just flew up to cover his hand. His voice had failed him.

“And the only reason that I can find with is that things didn’t go well didn’t it?” Jaejoong continued to solve the puzzle. “I see Yoochun’s things have been moved out too.”

“Jaejoong…” Junsu whispered out as his voice shook. His tears that never came out when he was at his room were ready to burst out of his eyes.

“Don’t worry, no one’s around,” Jaejoong told him with the greatest understanding of Junsu’s feelings. Knowing that his good friend was ready to cry any second now, he came towards the man and avoided his eyes. It was something that he found out as they grew up together. Junsu never liked it for every time he looked at his face, he could read them. “Let it all out and then it’ll be over. I won’t say anything.”

With great worry, Jaejoong just pulled Junsu into the biggest hug he could ever give this man.

“Sorry Junsu, I tried my best,” Jaejoong told the man who just buried his face on his shoulders. “If you give up, then I understand. You can just cry now.”

And those were the words that broke Junsu’s strong façade. It was these words you can cry now or you can laugh now that Junsu rarely heard. It was really hard to keep everything together. But because of Jaejoong’s words, he could really let go of this fake Kim Junsu for just this once.

His cry started with a quiet breathing, and small movements of his chest. But as time passed by, the cries became louder and Junsu’s hands now gripped Jaejoong’s shirt as tight as he could. These tears were what probably were accumulated for years and years now. It has finally overflowed.

And once again, there was Jaejoong always doing the same thing, feeling the same grief and that helplessness. As much as he wanted to help Junsu, there was always nothing he could do. When he finally found the answer to Junsu’s problem, the solution rejected its question. Yoochun was the key to unlocking the prison that Junsu lived in. He saw it all as he watched his friend’s attitude change as he hanged around this man. He knew this was it and to solve it, he just had to successfully put them together. But fate probably never wanted them together. And it was fate that nobody could go against.

Fifteen minutes had already passed and both of them still hugged each other in front of Junsu’s door. But to them, it was never long or even too tiring. The one was in need of a shoulder to cry on, and the other too focused on his worry for his friend.

“Hey you, it’s about time that maybe Yoochun walks out. You should go,” Jaejoong now patted Junsu’s head, still in an embrace. “You need to get this hand treated too.” He added on as he noticed Junsu’s right hand. It was a bleeding cut with a few wood splinters here and there.

It took a while for the saddened body to realize but the crying eventually simmered down to mere sniffles. The man who was just crying just a second ago again laughed just like last night. “Alright. Sorry Jaejoong for this. I made your shirt wet too.”

“To me, your tears are priceless. This shirt can be washed again,” Jaejoong scoffed. “Just go run to a random washroom and wash your face. Your face looks like shit.”

Both laughed at their joke. But really, what they laughed about was their grief. It needed to go away. It was a ritual for them to do so.

“Then thanks, I really needed that,” Junsu smiled and placed his hand on Jaejoong’s shoulder gently. And then before leaving, he just tapped that shoulder to show that he was able to hold himself up again. “Send Yoochun to his apartment alright?”

“Whatever you say Junsu,” Jaejoong replied in an instant. He knew he was going to do more than just driving this man back. They needed a talk.

As soon as Junsu left, Jaejoong started for Yoochun’s room. He wasn’t going to get angry. He just wanted this guy to feel a bit of guilt with his stupidity.

And so reaching, the front door of this guy’s door. He knocked.

“Hey Yoochun,” he called out although softly for it was morning. “I’m here to bring you home.”

And as soon as he said this, the door opened. It revealed Yoochun with dark circles around his eyes. Amused, Jaejoong just smiled. He didn’t need to say anything. This guy was guilty and he knew it himself.

“Sorry,” Yoochun croaked out. “I know I shouldn’t have said the things I said.”

“Hey, you panda, don’t tell that to me alright? I’m not going to say anything but just this,” he sighed as he leaned on the wall. He was getting tired of chasing after this guy too because Yoochun was too complicated for him to solve. “I’m telling you that this man who helped you out ever since the beginning had real earnest feelings for you and also good intentions. If you saw his actions as an offensive act like offering you money or trying to make you feel happy, it’s his way of expressing his feelings. He just wanted to help you. He never ever did pity you because all his life, pity is the one and only thing he hated. So I really don’t find it wrong or offensive. And you probably should have realized too. He’s a nice guy after all—the side that you never even gave a chance to know. If you saw him cry last night and break down or even kneel and beg in front of you, it was probably him clinging to his last hope to help him ease that loneliness of this place. He did this in front of you last night didn’t he?”

“Everything…” Yoochun breathed out in realization. Junsu begged for him to choose him. He kneeled. He cried when he rejected and also broke down because of his stupidity with his choice of words.

“Then you must have been that extra special man for him. He even cried on my shoulder for the longest time in the history of mankind this morning! Look how wet my shoulder is! It’s the first time he cried in years!”

“You’re only a fool if you don’t cry…” Yoochun frowned. “I still don’t get it thought. He hates this place. Why doesn’t he just leave?”

“You’re too naïve to just look at this from the surface,” Jaejoong shook his head in disagreement. “You’re telling a man who has lost all his memories to leave the world that he has only known. This guy grew up not knowing anyone except his father and me. You know how lonesome that is? If he’s not Kim Junsu, he might as well just go dive from a cliff with rocks waiting for him at the bottom. Living life by yourself, sitting and breathing the same fucking air...What would others think of him if he leaves this place? He’s Kim Junsu for crying out loud! He can’t live on the streets. If he cuts of his ties, I’m telling you, his father is merciless. He’ll just nail Junsu down until he’ll commit suicide himself and would fire me so that I wouldn’t be able to help him. We’re both scared of this so we never complained. Not even a peep. But I guess that was broken yesterday. Junsu told his father that he wanted to stay with you. And of course he was shut down.” Jaejoong chuckled out in regret. “You know he did sacrifice and risked a huge part of his life just so that maybe if you stay, he can keep you.

“How was I supposed to know that?” Yoochun frowned in his sadness. “I barely even spent time with him and here he goes telling me that he loves me!”

“So you blame it on time…You really are stupid. Yoochun, if you felt that spark from the first time you guys met or even from the first time you touched his hand, then there is definitely attraction. If you didn’t feel anything at all, then I don’t blame you. That just means that you guys were just not meant to be,” Jaejoong paused to think about everything. “But did you know that if it’s possible to hate him in such a short amount of time, falling in love that fast isn’t that hard either?”

“But…” Yoochun hesitated. He did feel both of those. The warmth in Junsu’s hands, and the way he was drawn to his eyes… it was there. But Changmin was definitely his loved one. So with Junsu…?

“But nothing now,” Jaejoong scratched his head. “Too bad huh? Once Junsu decides to give up, he doesn’t go back on his word. In time you’ll be forgotten so just continue with your life. I guess that’s your only option.”

“So all this crap happened just for nothing?” Yoochun spoke too carelessly.

It made Jaejoong ticked off for a bit but he brushed it off. “I see. So I guess we’re the crap? I’ll definitely remember that.”

“No not you, I meant—“

“It’s fine, I don’t care,” Jaejoong cut in. “Let’s just leave okay?”

“Yeah, there’s nothing left of my things here anymore just like what he said,” Yoochun replied as he closed his eyes out of embarrassment and stupidity. He sure had a lot of memories that involved this place even though he didn’t stay here very long.

“Take you last image of this house,” Jaejoong smiled at him, “it’ll be the last you see of this and also us. Come.”

Both of them now walked towards the front door. That was it. After he goes out of this door, his life starts over again from scratch. A normal life without Kim Junsu.

But life was always made complicated for him for there, in front of the house door was a familiar person he recognized. And by the way this person coldly stared at him, the man knew him too.

“Hello Mr. Kim,” Jaejoong greeted. “I’ll be taking him out now.”

“So the trash is finally leaving,” the ice cold father just continued to stare at Yoochun with eyes full of hate. “Hello Park Yoochun,” he scoffed, belittling this guy’s presence. “Do you remember me?”

“I…I…” Yoochun stuttered in shock.

It baffled Jaejoong. This guy’s expression and face just turned pale with a mere greeting.

“It’s…it’s you…” Yoochun barely managed to breathe out. “I…”

Not able to handle Yoochun’s reactions towards Junsu’s father like that, he grabbed a hold of his hand. Stuttering was definitely something that annoyed Mr. Kim to death. He didn’t know why Yoochun was reacting this way but maybe he knew something he didn’t.

“Sorry Mr. Kim,” Jaejoong butted in. “I’ll take him home now.”

And so still gripping on Yoochun’s hands tight, Jaejoong dragged him out of the doors.

“Wait. Stop,” Mr. Kim spoke which made them stop in their tracks. “I just want to ask a question to this young man right here.” There was silence for both Yoochun and Jaejoong since they never knew what was going to pop out of this guy’s mouth. “Have you repented enough for being the cause of the death of my daughter Park Yoochun?”

Park Yoochun. So this guy was that Park’s kid? No. It couldn’t be. He did his research and their profiles never matched. He checked them over and over again. Only their names were the same. Even those eyes…he just automatically assumed they were definitely two different people! The picture of the Park Yoochun kid he saw had brown eyes. How come this guy had blue ones? This is too surreal. There was barely any information on these files. He didn’t know why but when he looked, there were no matches at all. Were all the files he sneaked out edited or even fake?

“Aren’t you going to apologize, Mr. Park?” Mr. Kim continued to interrogate the baffled man.

“Then-Then I a-apologize fr-from the v-very bo-bottom o-of m-my he-heart,” Yoochun breathed his words out. He tried to speak clearly but it felt like he was being strangled. “In behalf, o-of m-my both de-deceased pa-arents, I de-deeply apo-pologize.” He bowed, making a ninety degree fold with his whole body. “I-I ne-never knew tha-that it was you. I wou-would have ne-never ima-agined.”

“Both your deceased parents?” Mr. Kim laughed it off. “Your father isn’t dea—“

He was cut off.

“Stop. That’s enough, Mr. Kim,” Jaejoong spoke with a loud voice to stop the truth from popping out. It drowned the old man’s voice.

He finally placed everything together now. It made sense as to why Yoochun hated everyone—not wanting to open to any of them. “It’s not the greatest time to reveal the news like that don’t you think?”

“Then leave my sight,” the old relentless man just turned around and walked away. “I just came here to prepare the organization for tonight’s party. I’ll expect you to be on your best manners today Kim Jaejoong. And for you Park Yoochun, I’ll never accept your apology. Not even at the last second of my life.”

“Yoochun,” Jaejoong said as he flicked the dazed Yoochun’s forehead. “It’s time to leave. Hurry up. You still need to go to your classes.” This conversation was all it took for Jaejoong to put the last piece of his puzzle together. He got valuable information thanks to that old man who thinks that everyone around him is so oblivious and stupid.

It was only until that old but yet intimidating man left that Yoochun was able to breathe, move and think. Seeing this man made him remember the accident all over again and all that suffering that he had to endure even though he was only a ten year old kid who didn’t know anything—was oblivious to everything—a weakling of society.


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I'm Cool? [Yoosu & Yunjae] Empty Chapter 20: It's Time to Change Park Yoochun! PART A

Post by 3ternallove on 8/1/2010, 9:22 pm

Chapter 20

“Why didn’t I realize?” Jaejoong laughed in disbelief in the car as they got on. It was definitely not a laugh full of happiness and hilarity.

“Realize…” Yoochun breathed out surprised by these whole chain of events as well. “I never wanted to remember the past so I never thought about anything related to it. Kim Junsu…So he was that kid?”

“That kid huh? So you two did meet.” Jaejoong again took a breather, taking everything in. “But just shut up for now. Don’t talk.”

And for minutes there, both of them sat—just breathing, blinking, and seeing. Who knew that each one of them were so tightly connected together by this past that made living hell?

“So let me get this straight…” Jaejoong tried to put the pieces together. It’s not like he didn’t know now but he just needed to confirm this missing puzzle. “You’re the Park Yoochun? The Park Yoochun that ran in the middle of the street that night as your whole house exploded from what was it…a propane tank? Why would you run in the middle of the street like that?”

“Jaejoong, the past—my past is something I am running away from,” Yoochun paused. “So I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Jaejoong just automatically snapped at him. The way Yoochun acted right now just annoyed him. Right now, he didn’t give a shit about his feelings. He pressed the breaks really hard causing Yoochun to fly off his seat for a bit. “I, Jaejoong, need to know how your accident is connected with Junsu’s accident. His father seemed to hate you for his daughter’s death as you saw back there. You know too right? You’re the reason why we’re in such a big mess and here I am trying to fix the problem but here you are not wanting to answer because you’re afraid to get hurt? The world is not all about you! Get your head screwed on!”

Cars started to honk at them. They were in the middle of the road and were blocking the streets because of that sudden stop.

“Hey moron! You wanna die?” a driver from behind yelled at them.

“Shut up crusty geezer!” Jaejoong yelled back as he stuck out his head from his car and messed up his now blond hair that was neatly styled. Then like he was another person, he looked at Yoochun with those furious eyes. “Listen here Yoochun. I’m going to keep driving but I expect you to answer my questions.”

It was deathly quiet in that car for almost a whole minute. Jaejoong tried to wait patiently for some story to pop out and as for Yoochun beside him, he looked out the window thinking for any kind of words to say.

Where should he start?

“Sorry,” that was the word that came out of Yoochun’s lips first. “Where do you want me to start?”

“Enough for me to understand how Junsu lost his memories.”

“You see Jaejoong, after that night,” Yoochun paused to breathe. “So many things happened—so many things changing causing me to lose everything—the things that are so very important to me. For me being so cruel towards Junsu and everyone else is because of this. This past shaped the “me” now to the point where I don’t even know my own self anymore. Because I know how cruel people can get to fulfill their own selfishness, I don’t trust them. ”

“But I was telling you before! Junsu is…different! Do you not realize that it’s only Junsu you’re trying to hate? How can you be so nice to me and not to Kim Junsu? Are you just having a natural reaction that every time you see his face you get pissed off?” Jaejoong retorted. “What has he done to get this from you? What have I done to you that you be so nice to me?”

I don’t know Jaejoong! You’re just different,” Yoochun replied knowing that this man beside him did have a point. He never really paid attention to how he treated people but now that he thought about it, he didn’t have that big of a reason of hating Junsu that much.

Jaejoong laughed at the answer. “Yoochun, I don’t know if you see my point but if I’m different from those rich men you think, Junsu is way more different.”

“Maybe he is different! But I don’t know why I’m acting like this! I just hate him!” Yoochun retorted. He didn’t know the explanation to his behavior.

“Face it Yoochun, you’re just scared. You’re scared to fall in love with him. In fact, you’re already in love with him aren’t you?” Jaejoong kept on pushing the things that this man with vision could not see.

“But Changmin! I love him and not Kim Junsu. That’s what I know! That’s all I know…” Yoochun added on.

Saying these words just made him question himself.

“It sounds like you’re in denial Park Yoochun. Just listen to yourself! Every time I bring up the topic Kim Junsu, the word Changmin also appears. You’re just using your so called ‘boyfriend’ as a shield to protect yourself and your sensitive feelings! I understand you. I understand how you would just nail in your head the safest answer so you’d feel secure. But the world doesn’t run the way you would want it to be. You get hurt. You love. You find joy. You can’t just live a life full of happiness Yoochun. If that’s what you think then I wish you all the luck you can get.” Jaejong tried to explain his situation.

“I am a defensive person! But I wasn’t always like this! I trusted everyone—my family, my friends, and my neighbors. But the man who I trusted the most, the person I called father suddenly trying to kill us one night for life insurance changed how I look at others now. How would you feel Jaejoong? I trusted the man but it was all just a misleading thing that was made to fool both me and my mother to meet death. I’m always scared that one day I’m going to be betrayed again so I haven’t bothered making any friends. I don’t want to let them inside my comfort zone.”

“Don’t compare us to your father!” Jaejoong hissed. “Not everyone is the same! Keep that in mind. Your father is neither me nor Kim Junsu. So why are you taking it out on us?”

There was no reply.

“Talk!” Jaejoong commanded as he punched the steering wheel out of frustration. “Yoochun. Please! I was really hoping that with you spending time with him he’ll eventually remember tiny details.” Jaejoong pleaded one more time. “I really don’t want Junsu to suffer any longer. Even if I’m not allowed to tell him, even if I don’t know anything else besides from sneaked out files and papers that don’t tell me anything anything, I want him to remember. He knows the most basic things in his life since that’s what he was told. He knows he has a mother. He knows he has a dead sister. He even knows he got into an accident and that he’s connected to you somehow. But he’s a lonely person Yoochun. I was hoping maybe you could trigger something inside him. Just please.”

“If this is the only way…” Yoochun sighed as he tried to collect his words. “I’ll try to change. I’ll repeat this story once so you better listen to me…”

“Then tell me your whole story Park Yoochun,” Jaejoong calmed down as he continued to drive that seemingly never ending street.

“You see, that night his sister died, that’s when my father came home drunk—“

‘Stop asking for money for the kid! Just let him die!’ Jong-Il yelled out, still very drunk. ‘After you gave birth to that child, everything went wrong for me. I got laid off. I can’t find a job. I lost money. I became bankrupt. Shouldn’t you be worried about me instead? That child! It’s his entire fault!’

‘What? You’re blaming a ten year old kid for your stupidity and your uselessness? Don’t even mention Yoochun with your problems! Isn’t the problem just you?’

‘Mom?’ Yoochun peeked from the wall behind them and ran towards his mother. ‘Don’t yell! It’s bad for your health. Dad’s just drunk.’

‘Who are you calling a drunk?’ Jong-Il wobbly walked towards the both of them giving Yoochun a slap on the face knocking the kid flying three feet away from them.

‘Yoochun!’ his mother shrieked and ran to him hugging his small body. ‘Are you alright? Go to your room okay? I’m cooking food right now. See?’ She points to the fish cooking on high fire. ‘Let me talk to your dad for a bit.’

‘Do you see this?’ His father blurted out, ‘Of course you won’t! Nobody gives a damn about me! How about me? Are you giving me food? Since I’m the working husband, shouldn’t I get that kind of treatment?’

‘You’re working? I don’t consider gambling as working. Isn’t that why we have no money right now? You tried to take the easy way out and now you got us into an even deeper debt. Isn’t it your fault not Yoochun’s?’ the mother finally retorted.

‘So this is the thanks I get for feeding you, for clothing you and for giving you shelter?’ He scoffed. ‘You know what? I’m not the one that’s not useful. Aren’t you guys just dragging me down with your lowly lives?’

‘No! We’re the ones being dragged down by your lowly life. But if that’s how you see it then fine! We’ll leave!’ the mother, in anger, turned around and marched off.

But she was stopped. A hand grabbed her arm tightly making her scream.

‘What are you doing?’ she screamed as she turned around to face him. And with those fierce eyes she stared him down. ‘Let go of me.’

‘What good would that leave me? You running away? You got to be kidding! I spent too much money on the both of you so you might as well pay me back now! I’m sure both of you dead would provide me with a truck load of money.’

‘You wouldn’t dare!’

‘I would dare,’ Jong Il smiled so wickedly. And with that, he grabbed the extra propane tank sitting at the side of the stove, he swung it right at the both of them but missed for Yoochun’s mother quickly dodged it making him miss. The propane now just sat on the stove never rolling off its place on top of the fire. The white container now eventually started to turn a darker brown, then a black.

Noticing the danger of this situation, she turned around frantically and faced Yoochun. With this small of a house, it can collapse at them with a single disruption like this.

She groaned out in ache for Jong-Il still pulled on her hair.

‘We need to get out alright? It’s dangerous here,’ she told her son as she grabbed his hand. But once again she was stopped. Her head was suddenly pulled back. She screamed in pain.

‘Why are you running woman?’ Jong Il questioned her, pulling on the hair that he grabbed. ‘You can’t just run away like that. You didn’t even ask for my permission!’

‘Yoochun!’ she yelled out loud as she was in pain, ‘run outside for a bit okay? I’ll be right with you.’ She then faced him, ‘I don’t need permission to step out of this house!’

‘But I want to be with you!’ Yoochun naively said as he ran up to her trying to punch Jong-Il to try and hurt him.

It only made the father laugh as he saw that effort of wanting to rescue his mother.

‘Give it up kid. Someone like you will never ever be strong enough to fight against rich people like me.’

‘Yoochun! Just leave. Please!’

‘No! I’ll protect you from dad!’ Yoochun yelled out as he hugged her legs. ‘Don’t worry.’

‘Yoochun,’ his mom cried out loud. She started to shake from what was about to happen and the danger coming their way. ‘Come here. Come up into my arms.’

And Yoochun, being the kid he was, just simply jumped up into his mom’s embrace.

‘Why are you carrying him when I’m pulling on your hair like this? Why are all women so stupid—especially you?’

Ignoring the man, Yoochun’s mom just shed tears. Both her and Yoochun looked at each other in the eye, her deep blue eyes sucking in Yoochun’s dark orbs in grief. ‘Yoochun, I’m so sorry it had to be like this. But I love—‘

Hearing metal crack from behind them, Jong Il looked back. And realizing what he had done, and the danger they were at, he pulled both Yoochun and his wife down to the fire to give himself a boost from escaping and tried to run.

With no hope left in her, Yoochun’s mother just pinned down the little Yoochun and cried. She kept on screaming the words, ‘I’m sorry! I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything for you Yoochun. But you have to live!’

Yoochun never really knew why. Why was she sorry? Why was she crying? Why was she hugging him so tight like there was no tomorrow?

But as this kid questioned, an explosion erupted from the stove. It made him cringe from fear. As he looked over his mom’s shoulder, he saw just in time the horror of what was really going on.

In a quick second, everything around him was covered in fire. The walls, his toys, everything—they were on fire.

He didn’t know what to do. Pain suddenly just pricked his face, his whole being. Even his eyes felt like a thousand needles pierced them…

‘Mom!’ Yoochun yelled out loud. The heat scorched his surroundings. He looked everywhere and only saw fire, his mother’s back burning…her hair… ‘Mom! No!’ he cried. ‘You’re on fire! We have to put it out!’

Moving from underneath his mother, his body unscathed, he reached for his mother’s face only to see blood dripping down from her lips, her neck sliced and a tank beside her legs, burning them.

‘No! No! No!’ Yoochun yelled out loud repeatedly as he cried. Tears fell from his eyes which freaked him out the most. It scared him to death. His tears were crimson red. His eyes bled from the pain. ‘What’s wrong with me? Mom! Help me!’

Yoochun continued to scream for help. His knees shook. His chin quivered. He was just a child who couldn’t even do anything. And even now, his mother was in danger and he couldn’t even protect her. The images around him that he took in—the color of the fire began to turn grey—his vision blurring out.

But he was determined. He was determined to get out of that house to get help. And that’s what he did until his vision turned black, not being able to see.

He was almost there! At their front door! He only needed to find someone for help but what can he do now that he has lost his vision?

Feeling that cool breeze as he continued to run, not knowing where he was and where to go, he just ran in a straight path.

He cried. He ached. But still ran. However, the sound of a loud honking car made his feet froze on the spot. His knees felt jelly at that instant and so he fell. He must have ran outside and crossed the road without knowing.

Was he going to die?

Anticipating that hurt that he was going to feel, he just closed his eyes shut and waited for something to hit him. He was waiting, waiting and waiting. But he felt nothing. The only thing he heard was the sound of a car crashing so close to his own body—metal with concrete.

However, he was spared. Alive. He was still alive.

“That’s Junsu and his sister crashing wasn’t it?” Jaejoong again breathed in deeply. He figured as much.

“Right,” Yoochun replied quietly. “So it is technically my fault that they got into that accident. Now I feel like such a jerk treating him like this. I knew the Kim Junsu was the boy’s name but I didn’t really expect it to be him. I really automatically assumed it was a poor family like us since anyone who passes by that street are poor.”

“I see…” Jaejoong thought it over. From that point of view, it was definitely his fault. Yoochun was just there just in time to put the blame on him. “But here’s the thing Yoochun. Explain to me how Junsu who wasn’t supposed to remember anything say your name out loud over and over again unconsciously when he woke up?” Jaejoong questioned some more. “It really got Mr. Kim mad that day. So mad he started kicking everything around him. He was fucking scary as hell…” Jaejoong said as his eyes opened wide from that memory.

“I don’t know. I never saw him again so I don’t know. But right after that incident—“

Yoochun screamed so loud it echoed to the sky. The sound of metal crashing to concrete, the crackling fire from the burning house, and his mother’s look replaying in his mind drove him crazy.

Nobody was there. This street was an isolated one anyways. Who would come there? Who would come and help him? Everyone abandoned them.

‘Help!’ A distinct voice yelled out. It was another kid like him judging from the sound of that stranger’s voice. He could tell. The kid was coming towards him as if he could also use his help. In a second, his hand was gripped and his body hugged by that other being beside him. This was supposed to scare him but it just gave him warmth. It was nice and it calmed him down.

Suddenly, that kid spoke again. ‘Please help me. My name is Kim Junsu and my sister is stuck in the car. The door is stuck closed and she’s stuck… I can’t get her out by myself. Help me!’

This kid wanted help from him? He probably thought that he could help him.

‘I-I-I… can’t,’ Yoochun replied still sobbing as he looked up to the direction where the voice came from. There were blood trails from his eyes that dried up from crying. ‘I can’t see…I’m blind…my mother is…dead…she’s burning inside…I wanted to get help but there’s no help coming… I can’t get help.’

He began to cry again.

With this sentence and also his uselessness, Yoochun expected the boy to leave him to save his sister but to his surprise, there was still that warm grip on his hand and also that hug from behind him. That Junsu kid started to talk to him again.

‘I would help your mom…as I would with my sister…but I also can’t move like you,’ the kid spoke to him. ‘I’m sorry. If only I didn’t feel dizzy like this…I can’t even walk straight. I have a feeling I knocked my head pretty badly.’ The little kid laughed gently. ‘Everything will be fine…I…hope…What’s your…name…?’ The voice sounded as though it was very tired and even fading.

‘Park Yoochun…’ Yoochun answered as he tried to feel the guy’s face. ‘My name is Park Yoochun…’

He retreated his hands to feel that gush of fluid everywhere on his dry fingers. This kid’s head was bleeding.

‘Park Yoochun…that’s a nice name…’ said the kid again. His voice was slowly disappearing fading into nothing.

‘Junsu?’ This time he started the conversation. ‘Are you alright?’

There was no response from the boy but only that warmth from his body disappearing from his back and that grip on his hand loosening.

Did he die?

Was he beside another dead body just like his mother?

‘Junsu…?’ he called out. But there was no answer. With him alone, right beside a dead body he didn’t even know on a street where one rarely passes, he started to hyperventilate. He was having a panic attack. Even though he opened and closed his eyes, there was no difference. Black everywhere—shadows everywhere—to his left, to his right…just everywhere he looked. Who would be there beside him now that his only friend and mother had left him?

With these scary and lonesome thoughts, he passed out.

“I woke up a week after being able to see,” Yoochun continued on as he looked up at the roof of the car hoping his tears wouldn’t fall out. He didn’t want Jaejoong to see him cry. “I found out that they used my mom’s cornea to replace my own.”

Jaejoong sighed. There were too many things going on at the same time and he didn’t like it. If he could act like a vacuum and suck all of these up, he would definitely do it. Unfortunately, he didn’t know what to say or how to react at this point. Should he apologize and say, ‘sorry about you and your mother’? He didn’t know at all. “You’re such a problematic child,” Jaejoong shook his head sideways. “Tell you what. We’ll go to Junsu’s apartment and have you wash you face at least. I have to go there to get his clothes but I don’t have time to bring you home.”

“What?” Yoochun questioned. “Why does Junsu need clothes when he has a house full of them? He’s rich enough.”

“Not Kim Junsu you dolt,” Jaejoong’s eyes widened in shock. “Xiah Junsu, my friend and your friend at school. Did you forget already?”

“Why does he not just wear any clothes that he wants to?” Yoochun questioned further. “He kind of sticks out with those clothes.”

“Are you trying to reverse our roles now?” Jaejoong joked just to cover up his nervousness.

“But is he okay now?” Yoochun questioned since that poor guy trembled in his arms after that incident at school a couple of days bac,

“Well, he was still crying this morning, but I’m sure he’ll pull through. He’s not that much of a pushover even though he looks like it,” Jaejoong answered. “But to answer your question, he’s at his dad’s place right now. He phoned me yesterday if I could pick up his glasses and extra clothes and I agreed so I’m doing it,” Jaejoong wittily replied back. There was some lies in this but the fact that he’s running an errand is true. “He’s such a clutz you know? Out of all the things he could forget, he forgets the most important thing.” He laughed to cover up his nervousness because any conversations concerning Xiah Junsu always made him uneasy. Yoochun finding out that Xiah Junsu is Kim Junsu will probably be the best solution right now but he swore to Junsu with his life that he won’t tell. But however, at the back of his mind, there was that ominous feeling that today might be the day when Yoochun catches on with this masked charade they have played.

“Would it be okay for him if I just used his washroom? I mean you can just drop me home to my house,” Yoochun suggested.

“It’s almost school time Yoochun. I don’t want to drive back and forth. Junsu’s apartment is close to the school so you can walk there while I give him his things.”

“Alright. Sorry for causing you trouble every time. It’s not usually like this with me,” Yoochun laughed gently as if he was trying to get rid of that awkwardness he was feeling now.

“Don’t worry about it,” the raven haired man assured him as he parallel parked the car next to the sidewalk. Looking backwards this time and not at him to check the car behind them, he continued on with his supposed to be sarcastic comment. “I may look like a jerk face to you but I’m only like that at appropriate times.”

“You don’t hate me?” Yoochun asked him.

“Shouldn’t that be my question Park Yoochun? Don’t you hate me?” Jaejoong smirked as he now looked at him after finishing parking properly. “I’m rich like Kim Junsu! I’m more of an ass than him.”

Yoochun could only smile and shake his head sideways. He didn’t reply but instead just got out of the car.

Jaejoong then followed and went ahead to lead the way.


“Be sure to hurry up,” Jaejoong gave him that motherly commanding voice as he opened Junsu’s apartment door. “I’ll go get you a towel so you can have something to wipe your face with.”

“Thanks,” Yoochun replied as he entered this simplistic apartment. He smiled at how clean and orderly it was.

So this is where Xiah Junsu lives he thought to himself as he entered the washroom that Jaejoong pointed to. But it didn’t even look like he came here a lot. The house looked like it was barely touched. It just gave out that feeling that there wasn’t even a life that lived here.

Turning on the tap, he looked at his face. He looked awfully like some kid who had just gotten a beating. His eye muscles were puffy and his dark circles were darker than usual. And his lips were looking a little bit pale as well.

He hasn’t been getting that much sleep lately because of all this mess. His past has now caught up with him no matter how fast he ran away from it. It still caught up with him. Maybe now is the time for him to face this nightmare.

“Done yet?” Jaejoong called out from the other side of the door.

“Just about!” he yelled out as he quickly soaked his face with that freezing water to wake him up. He opened up the door to tell the other man that he was done.

“Here,” Jaejoong handed him the towel.

“You’re in a really big hurry?” he asked as he wiped his face.

“No. I have all the time in the world to waste.”



“Where do I put this?” Yoochun asked as he showed him the partially wet towel.

It made Jaejoong sigh. He really wanted to go back to Junsu right this moment. A depressed Junsu and a bastard father in a house together didn’t sound too good.

“Here, why don’t I take your towel,” he impatiently said, “while you,” he takes Junsu’s clothes and glasses and hands it to the blue eyed man, “hold these.”

“Alright,” Yoochun laughed soundlessly. The mood seemed a bit better now between them. “I’ll go ahead and meet you outside at your car.”

There was no reply. Instead, he just heard a Jaejoong swearing out words for knocking his foot at the bedside.

He shook his head once again but this time, not because of regret. There was still hope for this day to turn into a good one.

Reaching the door to exit out of a building, he suddenly drops Junsu’s pants as he tried to twist that knob to open the door.

He looked around just to check if Jaejoong saw. To his relief, no one was there.

But to be honest, he never really knew who Xiah Junsu was. That guy looked really suspicious but at the same time, really friendly and direct. Just thinking about that guy always made him smile for some reason even though they only knew each other for a short while.


“Okay! So!" Junsu breathed out. "This is just... I mean. Well. Rhetorically speaking, say...that there's this guy who likes Mr. X, but..." he kept on doing hand motions to convey the characters. "Mr. X doesn't know about his feelings and he has a boyfriend already. So then finding himself not being able to do anything, the guy feels that he's frustrated because every time he watches Mr. X doing all these lovey dovey things with his boyfriend, he wishes that he could do that with him too.”

"So the guy is jealous, basically of Mr. X's boyfriend,'" Yoochun summed up his point. "And?"

"The guy is frustrated because he wants to keep Mr. X all to himself," Junsu added on. "What do you think the guy should do then?"

"I think the guy should confess his feelings to Mr. X," Yoochun responded as he looked up at blue sky.

"Don't you think that'll be hard?" Junsu seriously asked the question. "I mean...rhetorically speaking of course!"

End of Flashback

What a weirdo but definitely, a friendly weirdo.

“It’s still clean so I guess a rich man can still wear this,” Yoochun sighed in relief. But as he lifted those pants from the ground, a piece of folded paper fell from its pocket.

There was always that rule of ‘don’t touch other’s belongings and not to snoop through them’ but curiosity got the better of him so instead of putting the piece of paper back, he decided to see what it was. Besides, the paper looked like it was just ripped out from a notebook. It wouldn’t be that important. There might not be anything written there too.

Squatting, he placed the clothes on his knees and with two hands, unfolded the paper. There was only one line written messily but he could recognize these hand written letters.

“Changmin is close with Xiah Junsu?” Yoochun asked himself as he just glanced at the letters not reading the sentences yet. This was Changmin’s writing but why would Changmin write Junsu a note?

Now more interested, Yoochun read those words written on the paper.

Don’t lie to me. You’re Kim Junsu aren’t you? Why are you disguising yourself as this man named ‘Xiah Junsu’?

For some reason, Yoochun heard glasses shattering inside his head. Xiah Junsu is… Kim Junsu? That hope for everything to turn out well for him just crashed.

His hands quivered, his patience snapped. In shock he dropped all the clothes as he stood up and the note just crumpled up and thrown to the side.

There was no fucking way…no way in hell that this stupid note is true. Xiah Junsu. Kim Junsu… No. That’s not true!

But Changmin also wouldn’t say anything useless or even make a joke out of this! If Changmin said it then there has to be this hidden truth behind it.

That was all he could think of as he stood up in disbelief.

“Yoochun!” Jaejoong interrupted his thoughts. It was a loud yell. “You dropped the clothes!”

“Ah!” he yelled out with that confused tone in his voice. It sounded as if he just got back from Lala Land. “Sorry. I was just thinking.”

“It’s alright,” Jaejoong sighed some more. “I’m pretty sure it’s not dirty. Here, just give it.”

Yoochun looking at those hands that Jaejoong stretched out, just stared blankly. “You…you…” There were so many things he wanted to ask. So many things he wanted to say but no words came out. He was just caught off guard by this stupid note.

“Yes. You need to give those clothes to me, and also you need to get going now so I can leave too,” Jaejoong just assumed as he grabbed the clothes from his hands. “Go get to school. You have a nice attendance rate so you better not start going late to classes. I hate to be the one that will cause that bad habit.”

With this, Jaejoong turned around and walked quickly to his car in a hurry.

“Wait!” Yoochun yelled out to him. “I…! Is…! Junsu…Is he…”

“What are you trying to say?” Jaejoong scrunched his brows together trying to make sense of those words Yoochun blurted out.

“I…question…Junsu…he’s…!” Yoochun nearly slapped himself for sounding so stupid. Out of the blue he just forgot to speak.

“Listen here buddy,” Jaejoong sighed, “try to put your words together before trying to talk to me. What you’re doing right now is my biggest pet peeve that I’d like to step and shoot at. Ask me at school okay? But for the meantime it looks like you need more time to form your words.”

Jaejoong smiled at him shaking his head and then waved goodbye before getting on his black Ferrari.

“But…” Yoochun said soundlessly in confusion.

“See you later,” the blond haired man suavely waved at him goodbye as he got on his car and drove off.

“Is Xiah Junsu really Kim Junsu?” Yoochun finally breathed out the words he wanted to say and ask. His mind searched for clues. How were the two the same? How were the two different? They were definitely poles apart from each other like night and day. But however—

Both of them said the same thing to him. Was that the common thing?

If Xiah Junsu was really Kim Junsu, what would make sense? What could he explain? His brain told him it shouldn’t be true but his heart and his gut told him it was true.

And that note that Changmin wrote was definitely not a prank. He never plays pranks on people and that was the definite truth Yoochun knew.

Suddenly, those events that occurred hit him. Did he figure it out? Was that it? Did Junsu just use a cover up?

“Jaejoong was the decoy you used, huh, Kim Junsu?” Yoochun smiled in disbelief. “If you’re Kim Junsu then you must have used Jatejoon to rescue me behind the scenes. Was that it? That’s definitely it right Junsu?” he continued to talk to himself. And then in second’s time, that disbelief turned into anger. It was anger for himself and again, like a kid, his uselessness and gullibility. “Kim Junsu, you can outsmart me in many ways but I’m not the person to be fooled with!” He yelled to the sky. “I hate you for tricking me like this!” He got a fistful of grass and just pulled a handful one after the other. “I hate you. I hate you! I hate you! If you only said something—I wouldn’t have said those things to you last night! Was that what you were trying to tell me last night?” he continued to speak in frustration. “That I’d treat you normally if you weren’t Kim Junsu? Was that it?”

He screamed.

Why do you do this especially for someone stupid and worthless like me?


‘I know this is going to sound...funny but...’ Junsu tried hard not to stutter as he grabbed Yoochun's hands and squeezed on it tight. ‘Yoochun…’ His lips quivered. ‘I like you! I fell in love with you!’

End of Flashback

Xiah Junsu told him he loved him but also did Kim Junsu…


‘Tell me Yoochun! Is this why you love him? And even so, can’t you see my reasons? The words behind my ‘I love you’ has everything—everything of my life at stake.’

End of Flashback

That almighty man also cried because… he loved him.

Was this the reason? For love, Junsu went through all that to keep him safe?

“These lies!” Yoochun yelled out. All the frustrations, his confusion, and his regret, all poured out on these words. “You made all this effort just to make me love you?” His voice died down to a mere whisper. “How foolish can you be? I’m worthless and here you are, worth every penny in this country. Just because you love me doesn’t give you the right to be this foolish…!” Tears fell from his eyes. “You can’t love me! I took away everything from you…”

If Xiah Junsu was Kim Junsu, what would he be able to explain?

Of course, if they were the same person, everything would make sense. How he escaped from that prostitution, how Yunho survived from that chase, and how Kim Junsu even knew him in the first place. If both of them are one, then definitely things would be well explained. Kim Jaejoong connects them both. He should have known. He should have realized this sooner!

But realizing that wouldn’t even change a thing! Knowing all these things wouldn’t change the horrible things he did to him. As Xiah Junsu, he treated him normally but as Kim Junsu, he just loathed the man even though he didn’t do anything that was enough to be hated for. Just because he hated his father, it wasn’t fair that he didn’t even give Kim Junsu a chance so that he could get to know him as a normal person.

This situation just made him an ungrateful bastard but it was their fault for leaving him in the dark, making him confused all the time. How was he supposed to act? Why did they have to keep this a secret from him?

But wasn’t it also his fault for not even giving anything a chance so that he could see past the lies?

“Junsu you moron!” Yoochun screamed out from the top of his lungs as he cried, voice cracking from its loudness. “I hate you! You should have just told me! I’m always fucking stupid when it comes to these things!” He continued to cry. “Loving me will only make you suffer even more…”


The bell was about to ring and still, there was no sign of Park Yoochun. It worried him for Kim Junsu was there but there was no Park Yoochun. Shouldn’t they be together? And where was Jaejoong?

And where was Yoochun? It was unlikely for him to be late.

Yunho sighed as he got up his seat. He looked around for some people around this class but a lot of them were missing. Seulgi definitely wouldn’t show her face in school for a while. She’s probably too embarrassed from what she did, but she deserved that. Choi Siwon hasn’t been to classes either. And…Jaejoong wasn’t there either. Today he wanted to give him a piece of his mind for haunting his dreams last night.

That bastard.

“Hey Junsu!” Yunho called out as he stepped closer to the quiet man. “Do you—“

“What?” the thick glasses man said with a murderous intent in his voice. There was a complete sign on his face that told him quickly to not disturb.

It made Yunho stop dead on his tracks.

But he shouldn’t be scared as long as it’s not Jaejoong right? That dream…That scarred him for life!

Every time he remembered scenes from THAT this morning, he had to go to the washroom and do some manly business. He groaned at his perverted mind. He just couldn’t help it.

Walking closer, not much intimidated by Junsu, he sat on Yoochun’s seat beside him.

“Do you know where Yoochun is?” Yunho asked him.

“Yoochun huh?” the man groggily replied as if the sound of his friend’s name was a punch to his face. “Don’t know.”

“You know it’s not like Yoochun to come to class late,” Yunho got a bit pissed off at the answer. “I put him in your care and you just—“

“Who did you put in his care?” Yoochun said as he hooked an arm on Yunho’s right shoulder and the other on Junsu’s left. He smiled at him gently. “Stop teasing Junsu.”

“Oh!” Yunho laughed as he tried to cover what he said up. He could feel a deathly stare bursting out from those glasses of Junsu’s. “I got a cat yesterday!” he laughed some more. “That’s right! And I gave it to Junsu to take care of for a bit!”

“Oh,” Yoochun rolled his eyes. He has been to both of these Junsu’s houses and there was no sign of a cat anywhere. So of course, that was a lie too. He knew it and it just made him want to punch his friend. Not only was Jaejoong part of this but also Yunho? They all lied to him.

Not wanting to hear anymore, he ignored Yunho’s explanation and paid attention to Junsu who didn’t even move from his touch. Feeling that he caught Junsu’s gaze, he just stared. It never did get awkward because Yoochun was taking his time examining every facial features of him. This guy was definitely Kim Junsu in disguise. How could he not realize?

That damn jerk.

“Hey Junsu, I was thinking this morning, I want to try on your glasses.” And with this, he grabbed the side frame of the quiet man’s glasses but didn’t pull them yet.

It made the man sitting in front of him stiff like ice as if he got really scared and desperate.

It made him scoff on the inside. His stiffness definitely proves that he is Kim Junsu.

That sneaky no good of a liar man. Jaejoong too.

Once he made a move on Junsu’s glasses he stood up, even his so called friend Yunho had his jaw hitting the ground.

“Yoochun!” Yunho called out from behind him. “Just try on mine!” And in a second, he had a pair of glasses on his hand from his bag across the room.

“It’s alright…” Yoochun feigned ignorance. His left hand was still on Junsu’s glasses frame. “I only want to see Junsu’s.”

Junsu stiffened more under that touch as his glasses came off centimeter by centimeter from his face.

“Why?” Yunho burst out a quick question.

“It’s weird,” Yoochun said. “Didn’t you want to also?”

“No…” Yunho waved his hand back and forth in panic.

“Wait!” Junsu yelled out pushing his glasses back as he grabbed Yoochun’s hand. “You’re acting pushy and strange today. What’s your problem?”

Again! It was that nostalgic feeling again. From those familiar hands, he felt that same feeling. At first he didn’t know where, but now he knew. Now he knew where this touch came from. It was that protecting hand that made him feel secure even though he thought that he lost it all in that fire. It was the same feeling that boy gave him while he was blind to see anything. This touch was calming. It was as if all his nerves stopped boiling all together.

“Did I say you can take out these glasses? Don’t just simply touch other’s things okay?” Junsu continued to speak, his voice filled with annoyance.

That reaction shocked Yoochun. He was only planning to tease him but this guy actually freaked out just because he didn’t want him to see his disguise.

“If you’re curious to what I look like, let me tell you that you won’t like looking at my face. Just the sight of me will disgust you. I look hideous enough that swearing at me would be a normal thing to do,” the man added on. “So if you’re just doing it for your own pleasure, don’t take off my glasses.”

And just like a mask, Yoochun hid his true face, his feelings of anger towards these two and even Jaejoong.

He let go of those glasses smiling gently. “Sorry Junsu,” he apologized as he patted his shoulder softly. That sorry was for every stupid things he has done to him and it was a sorry that should be heard.

“Yoochun,” Yunho said as his nerves quieted down. “Why were you late?”

“I came with Changmin,” he simply said. “I’m not late.”

“You what?” Yunho freaked out. He could definitely sense Junsu’s depression getting worse. Stupid Yoochun! This guy was ready to sacrifice his whole world for him and here he was just stomping on Junsu’s feelings by always mentioning that no good of a bastard Changmin’s name.

“Good morning Yunho,” Changmin said out loud as he entered the class. “G’morning Xiah Junsu,” he added on emphasizing his name.

“It’s too noisy,” Junsu said with his face flat on the desk. All he wanted was a quiet morning with no one talking to him especially Yoochun. But that was also ruined. “I’m going out,” he continued on with that annoyed voice.

“Wait, Junsu,” Yoochun now sincerely called out his name. It shocked Changmin because of that sudden act that rarely occured. “I want to show you something after school, tell me you’ll come.” If Junsu needed to regain his memories, then that place should be the best to go to.

“I’m busy,” Junsu replied still with his back to Yoochun.

“With what?” Yoochun asked him.


“Wait. What for?” Yoochun continued to question. He knew Junsu never wanted to talk to him again but was he really that serious? If he loved him like the way he said last night, how could he easily just let him go? Did he misunderstand?

“Listen Yoochun, I’m tired of living here so today is my last day that I’m going to see all of you. I’m moving back to Paris.”

“You’re…serious?” Yoochun whispered out loud as his blue eyes narrowed in shock. He lost strength in his hands that held on to Junsu’s own.

And in that moment, the man he clung to began to walk out of his life.

Not even Changmin nor Yunho could stop the walking Xiah Junsu. What could they say to not reveal their secret charade to Yoochun?

“Wait…” Yoochun breathed out as he looked at the ground. He knew that once he loses sight of Junsu, all of this would definitely be over. And so with all his mental strength, he pushed back his chair and stood up. He chased after him. And for the first time in these past 10 years, the image and name of Changmin didn’t even cross his mind. His mind was dead set on Kim Junsu.

“Wait!” Yoochun ran, catching everyone’s attention. Everyone’s prince was yelling and chasing after someone so of course all of them noticed. “Junsu wait!” He boomed in a loud voice. He chased the man who never turned back until he took hold of his hand. “I said wait! Junsu—”

“What do you want from me?” Junsu calmly told him turning around. His voice was full of nothingness as if they were just complete total strangers. It made Yoochun want to cry at that spot but he held his emotions together. At least, before this man disappears, those favors that he owed him should be repaid. And if going back to that place was the only thing he could help him with, then he’ll take him there even if he doesn’t remember a single thing. If he himself needed to face his past once again just so that he can help out just a little bit, then for this man who did so many things to protect him, he was willing to do so.

“Then before you go, at least spare an hour with me after classes today. I want to show you something important.”

“How important is it?” Junsu asked him.

“Very important,” Yoochun replied on the verge of tears as he looked on the ground. But looking up to the man, he knew if he cried, Junsu will definitely find out that he knew the secret he was hiding. If he did, any connection that he still had left with this man would be lost. His relationship with Kim Junsu was over after all. And so, as he raised his head, he forced his lips to curve into a smile and those eyes that he mourned over did gracefully well and also smiled. With that flawless face and lie, Yoochun had the courage to speak. “So just come okay?”

“I see,” Junsu smiled back at him. This smile though, couldn’t lie to Yoochun. It was a smile filled with pain from seeing his face and it saddened him now that he knew and also looked for the first time at the man who wanted to love him.

“Do you hate me Junsu?” Yoochun asked with that well composed face. His regret was hidden by his carefree voice that he used.

At that instant, Junsu turned around. And once again, his back faced Yoochun. He began to walk. “Of…of course not! What’s there to hate about you?” he replied. And with a clear conscience and truthfulness, he added on, “You’re the most special friend I ever had.”

So now he was just a friend.

He definitely didn’t even deserve that though.

Yoochun’s smile disappeared as he heard those words. The things that Junsu just told him now sounded earnest. But was that another lie? Was Junsu lying to him?

In fact, even he didn’t know.

The moment he realized that he was in a world surrounded by lies was the moment he started to not have faith and trust in what others told him. He wasn’t even worthy to protect and here came Junsu who just busted in his life like a knight in shining armor. This was unreal and definitely, there were no fairy tales in reality. His reality won’t have knights. Not now, and not even in the future.

Maybe Junsu was just having that phase where he could just fall in love with anyone. Maybe it was just like that. Maybe he was the only one making a big deal out of it.

“I’ll see you at the gates after classes,” Junsu began to talk again. “I want to see this important treasure of yours.”


“Prepare one plane ticket for a one way ride to Paris set for tomorrow no later than eight in the morning,” Mr. Kim ordered Jaejoong.

“I have to go to classes now Mr. Kim. But I’ll book it by the end of the day,” Jaejoong replied obediently.

“You don’t have time for classes today Jaejoong,” the old man replied. “I need you to help with the annual party preparations and that ticket booking is first priority.”

“Alright. But may I ask a question?” the blonde haired man spoke in curiosity.

“This is a rhetorical question right? If it is, the answer will always be yes,” Mr. Kim laughed amused by Jaejoong.

“I’m dead serious about this question,” Jaejoong hissed as his mood began to change. Nothing was funny about this situation. “Is this ticket—“

His question was answered before he could finish it.

“This is for my son,” Mr. Kim replied, “This ticket is the ticket for business to keep thriving—to keep my son from useless feelings that the world keeps on offering.”

“What son?” Jaejoong managed to say out loud as he gritted his teeth. “What you actually mean is ‘your property’, right?”

Another heartily laugh was heard. “You’re pretty brave today Kim Jaejoong. What spiteful tongue you have for an assistant!” Mr. Kim smirked with confidence. “To be my son is to be my property. What’s the difference?”

“Endless,” Jaejoong answered with a steady tone of voice. No matter how many times he wanted to give this man a punch, there was no way he would be able to. He still needed to live longer until both he and Kim Junsu would be able to stand up on their own two feet even if a big tornado hit the both of them. That’s how strong they needed to be for this man Junsu calls father was definitely like a tornado. “But of course, a heartless man like you would not understand this so don’t worry about it.”

“Then if you say so,” Mr. Kim taunted. This reply definitely poked at Jaejoong’s remaining patience.

“Does he know about this?”

“Of course,” he answered so easily. “I had a chat with him when you left with that good for nothing prostitute, Park Yoochun.

“And he agreed?” Jaejoong quickly asked.

“Of course,” the old man answered again. “He wouldn’t defy me. I’m his God!”

“His God huh? Well then, that’s all for today,” Jaejoong concluded as bowed to exit. “I need to get started on these tasks.”

“But wait,” Mr. Kim called out to him before he could step out of those doors of his room. “I didn’t dismiss you yet.”

“Do you still have anything to say, Mr. Kim?” Jaejoong asked. “Rhetorically speaking of course.”

“If you see that ‘property’ of mine, pass this message on,” the old man spoke as pulled out a gun from his desk. “Tell him that the next time he speaks the name of Park Yoochun or his next defiance of my words, it would be the day he will die by this gun.” He finished off his sentence aiming that same gun he took out at Jaejoong’s head. “I’ll shoot him myself if I have to.”

And in a flash, that little confidence that Jaejoong had was crushed by those murderous eyes. This man was capable of shooting him and he knew it.

“Bang!” Mr. Kim yelled out and then laughed and laughed. “And that’s it my precious assistant. You’re dismissed.”

And as calm as he could walk out of that room, Jaejoong forced his legs to move. Those eyes as the gun was pointed at him were deathly frightening not even comparing to probably what hell looked like. The moment he was captured by that gaze was the moment he almost pissed his pants.

Thank God he didn’t.

He still needed his composure for all the things happening tonight. A lot of problems and even truths that are hidden will definitely surface. Even now, ever since six stroke this morning, money from their bank has started to leak out one thousand dollars at a time for every thirty seconds that ticked. It was bad news to the enterprise. This will be a definite loss in profit but hopefully it won’t continue till tomorrow. Everything will end tonight and hopefully the ending is to his liking.

They needed to crack this man called Se7en. He’s betting all his luck on this weak spot on the attack that might happen tonight. If Junsu tells him that this predicament has eight percent chance of happening, then it’ll be miraculous for this attack not to occur.

This hacker that goes by the name Se7en will be the target to break tonight and they definitely have the advantage for Changmin has agreed on this secret plan made by both him and Kim Junsu. This is to only reveal the truth. And definitely, once everything is out, Junsu has something to put an end to the attack.

Of course, it’ll be hard for Changmin the most but this plan is crucial in order to put a stop to everything else. Hopefully this deduction is right.

Tonight will be tough but no one can stop time from running. Tonight will come at them whether they were ready for it or not.

Although he has information to predict what may happen, there will always be unexpected things that always get in the way. Only God knows all and he is definitely no God. He is, in fact, only a small human being trying to accomplish a big thing.

Tonight is definitely the night for the biggest party of the year.



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