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Changes [Yoosu!Vampire]

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Changes [Yoosu!Vampire] Empty Changes [Yoosu!Vampire]

Post by 3ternallove on 3/23/2010, 7:03 pm

Title: Changes
Pairings: Yoosu [not sure what else]
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Genre: Romance & Smut ( so for all the little kiddies that can't take it-- i hold no responsibility for your innocence)

Summary: Yoochun was just your ordinary guy with the same old normal human life. However, as an alluring new transfer student from Tokyo walks into his English class for the first time, his life starts to flip upside down. An accident takes place after that class causing him to wake up one week later with a bite mark on his neck and a craving for something he didn't know. As soon as he opened his eyes, everything just changed. Food was not satisfying and his body was lifeless to the point where the feeling of hot and cold didn't make a difference. What exactly did happen to him?

Evidences are worth a thousand words.


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Changes [Yoosu!Vampire] Empty Changes: Allure

Post by 3ternallove on 3/23/2010, 7:06 pm


There was a chill in the air today, down his spine and even his neck. Like there was something cold that grasped every inch of his skin that made him unable to breathe. The feeling of cold hands grasping his lips, tracing down his spine, then his arms.

A weird sensation.

But why was he feeling this way?

Yoochun watched as the new transfer kid from Tokyo walk through those doors. A feeling of familiarity all of a sudden hit him. But was he only imagining it?

"Xiah Junsu," the new student spoke suavely as he introduced himself. The sound of his voice sent more of that weird sensation all over Yoochun’s own body. It made him shiver. "My name is Xiah Junsu, a pleasure to meet all of you." He said.

So his name was Junsu.

"Well Junsu, pick a desk. Any will do," Mr. Feng spoke from the other corner of the room.

"Any desk?" he asks.

"Whatever suits your taste transfer student. Please pick quickly so we can get started."

Yoochun's eyes were drawn to the figure of that foreign student. The man stood out to him like a circle from all squares. It was a record. Paying attention to something or someone never happened to him before. But today, he could point out every feature of that new student.

He had this somewhat pale face that contrasted those deep pink colored lips of his and his deep colored orbs that changed a light hue in the light. Then, he had his collar neatly ironed and placed. His shirt unbuttoned until the last two at the very top, revealing his creamy skin. Everything, everything he could just point out.

He watched as this man named Junsu slowly scanned the room for empty desks. Left and then right. That man's eyes searched the room but then stopped, right at his own.

That second.

Their eyes met.

Yoochun was grasped once again. Another burst of that weird sensation managed to surround him. It was as cold as the Arctic ice. His breathing stopped as if he forgot how to. His knees started to quiver. He was frozen as still as ice. Watching, looking, staring, that was all he could do as the man walked to his direction.

Something was definitely wrong with him today.

"Your name?" a whisper was blown to his ear.

His head snapped to the left where the sound came from. The only thing he could do was scream silently in his head out of surprise.

How did that man get beside him without him even him noticing? Wasn't he just looking at him?

Their faces were too close to each other. Too close in fact that he could feel the other man's own breath at his skin.

"You have a nice scent," the new student added on.

His breath. It was cold air that ran down his skin.

"Do you usually stare down people like this or are you attracted to my presence?"

Yoochun opened his lips but couldn't speak. It was as if his tongue was held still, unable to create words.

"I'm joking," Junsu laughed it off but to him, it definitely wasn't a laughing matter. "You..." He now talked to the man that sat beside him. They looked at each other for a while and then he cocked his head smiling. "You know what I'm going to ask right?"

"I'll move if you want," the man seemed to have read his thoughts or just wanted to move away from that overbearing presence.

"Thanks." Yoochun heard him say as he watched a smirk form on that familiar face. That man definitely got what he always wanted.

He reeked of it.

For the whole class, he couldn't help but stare at that man who continued to puzzle him. It was the first time he couldn't read anyone or even at least figure them out.

Seconds and minutes passed and he was still staring.

How long was he even staring for?

Probably not for too long…

"Class dismissed," Mr. Feng said as he ended the lesson.

Yoochun was shocked at what he heard. He didn't even pay attention. And that time— it felt so short!

"Xiah Junsu. Please remember that you may ask me any questions if you can't keep up," the teacher added. He then quickly left for the next class.

Yoochun could only look some more at this puzzling man that somewhat allured his attention to him. He just watched as Junsu packed his books in his bag like he had all the time in the world and with him having all the time in the world to stare and question.

A snap of a finger eventually brought him back to reality.

"Listen... Yoochun? Is it? Do you like me?" Junsu asked him in an irritated voice or was it out of curiosity? "Because you see, if you are to stare any longer, I’m going to charge five cents for every second," the new kid spoke out loud. It was directed to him.

He definitely seemed like a stalker now but to him, it didn’t feel wrong or uncomfortable with him just staring. His thinking was weird but to him it was somewhat right.

"Have I seen you before?" he finally asked.

"Well, isn't that a mystery?" the man replied to his question. "Or is that an excuse to look at me for the whole entire class?"

"I apologize," Yoochun smiled. "But you're--"

"Attractive? Alluring? Handsome?" Junsu further on complimented himself.

"Hard to describe in words?"

"I see," the shorter man nodded in agreement, "another great mystery for you to solve."

"..." Yoochun was speechless. Everything this man said was an ending to a conversation.

"Well, you'll be seeing me around lots of times. Trust me."

"Seeing you around a lot?" Yoochun asked. "Of course, I'm at least in one of your classes."

Junsu walked towards him again, getting closer— the distance between them getting shorter.

And again for what it seems like the second time, Yoochun couldn't move as if he was out of breath; as if he was being strangled by a rope, holding him on that spot immobile.

"I've been looking for this scent for the longest time," Junsu added on as he raised his hand in the air, smelling the scent that lingered around Yoochun’s body. It was a captivating scent that sent his wild taste buds out of control. Walking closer to Yoochun, he smirked confidently in control. "You see, I’ve been looking for something like you and now that I've found what I've been looking for, I think I'll be sticking around here for a bit." He placed his face just a few millimeters away from the other man’s own. Then, he spoke of his selfish request. "So Yoochun, won't you be my mate?"

"What…?” Yoochun raised a question but started to drift off. All of a sudden, his mind stopped functioning. He felt faint. And so, taking his chair back out again, he finally found the strength he needed to sit to put his own self together. For some reason, his brain couldn't process anything at all. After Junsu spoke—‘what did that guy even say again?’ was all just going in and out of his head. "Wait a second, don’t talk. I'm feeling a bit... Maybe I need to go home. I’ll talk to you—"

"Sleepy?" Junsu cut in. "Can't move?"

"Yeah..." Yoochun drowsily said as he placed his head on top of his arms on the desk. "I think I'm going to—"

"Don't pass out yet," Junsu gave out a smile as he took Yoochun's chin pulling it closer to his face. And with that single movement, Yoochun’s own body followed up unexpectedly. He was now standing.

"I did ask you a question, but I don't take ‘no’ for an answer. Although you probably can’t understand anything right now," Junsu continued to speak. He brought his arm around Yoochun's waist, placing his lips on top of the drowsy man’s neck. "Hold on to me. This might hurt— a little bit." And on that spot where his lips stopped, he plunged his piercing teeth.

“No!” Yoochun screamed at the sudden pain. He panicked. His eyes darted everywhere looking for everyone but they were all alone in a white room. They were in a whole different place.

He tried to get out of the strong hold but his energy just drained out of him going all out at 100 meters per second. Heat was spreading all throughout his body but he couldn't move just like a wilted plant. His mind was a blur. His head was filled with nothing. He couldn't think, just feel.

There was an overwhelming feeling of pain that shot all throughout his body. But where it hurt the most was at his neck. It was stinging as if a thousand needles poked through his skin. But he couldn't respond to that immense throbbing. He couldn't move. What was that guy doing to him?

All he could hear was Junsu— His voice, his breath, his movements. Anything else besides the pain, it was all shut away.

The burning sensation he felt now replaced that cold one he felt before. It surrounded him whole from his skin down to the little hairs of his body. He was literally on fire. He screamed and yet no one was there to listen. That’s the only thing he knew.

"It hurts..." he managed to groan out loud as his grip loosened in Junsu's arms."Stop it!" he tried to plead as the darkness swallowed every drop of his consciousness; he heard Junsu's voice for the last time in that day.

He heard him say, "you, Park Yoochun, will always be regretful for ever meeting me. But nevertheless, you are mine forever since I choose you."

A smirk on his face was the last image he saw.

Then, the darkness swallowed him whole as the fire raging inside of him burned his insides to its core.

One Week later…

Yoochun opened his eyes. From pitch black darkness, then the exposure to the bright sun light, it burned his eyes. Why was he here? Shouldn’t he be at school?

He knew this room. It looked shapeless but yet, it looked familiar. Where was he?

"So bright..." he managed to groan out instead. He placed his hands over his eyes, feeling dead. His skin was of pale color.

"Yoochun?" a voice came out from beside him. A closing of the curtains was heard and quickly his eyes became relieved of the bright sun. "Oh! You're finally conscious!" A figure came out running right beside him, taking his hands and holding it with his own.

"I'm in...?" Yoochun spoke out loud although he found it a little difficult to find the words to say. And this was a first. Forming words never betrayed him. Not a single day passed by with him not knowing what to say.

"Your mom's room," the man finished his sentence for him. "Are you okay? Do you remember what happened that made you like this?"

"What... happened?" Yoochun asked. He tried to remember but he ended up asking the same question but this time to himself. What did happen to him? He couldn't remember.

"Never mind. At least we know you're doing well now," the man paused as he stood up. "Do you have amnesia or something? Because you see, I saw you talking to the transfer student and you were doing fine. So I was going to come and introduce myself but then you suddenly just fell forward! Or I think you blacked out for some reason. And then you hit your head on the desk pretty badly."

Yoochun moved his head sideways. It was too tiring to speak. Too difficult. “How come I don’t remember that?”

"So you do have amnesia!” the worried man became shocked and even worried.

“No, I don’t. I just don’t remember that happening!”

“Then to make sure, what's my name?" the guy asked.

"You're Yunho, my lunch buddy, a friend in English class." Yoochun replied bluntly.

A scoff was heard from the standing man. "Wow, you're even better than expected! I guarantee that you're healthy."

“Healthy?” He laughed weakly. “I can’t even hold a glass of water even if my life depended on it.”

Both just laughed.

“So what is the last thing you remember then?” Yunho asked him out of curiosity.

“Me sitting in English class, then I remember talking to someone but the face is a blur. It’s bugging me for some reason,” Yoochun answered. He wondered how he forgot these things? His head hitting a desk wouldn’t cause him amnesia although it did cause his body to function awkwardly or at least not normally. That's what he felt the moment he opened his eyes. He didn’t feel alive but more or less like a dead zombie.

Then there was that feeling of hunger that kicked in like he was craving for something but he didn’t know what. In fact, the first thing that came in his mind after his brain functioned was eating. Was it because he was unconscious for a while?

"I'll go get Auntie okay? She couldn't get sleep because of you. The doctor said when you wake up, you wake up. There wasn't anything serious that they could find." Yunho added in. "And also, you should thank your mother. You've been snoozing for a week now and she's been working her ass off! You didn't eat. You didn't drink. And I really can't imagine how you're alive right now."

"A week you say?" Yoochun asked. "Who brought me here? Do you know why I'm like this?"

"Yes, a week. Can't believe it can you?" Yunho said amazed by that fact. "And yeah, you were brought in by the new transfer student and me. He got worried and offered to piggy back you all the way home from school."

What there’s a new transfer student? Yoochun thought to himself. He definitely didn’t remember this. "What's his name?" he ended up asking.

There was silence. He raised his right eyebrow up impatiently as he looked at Yunho who tried to remember.

"I should know this actually! Mr. Feng introduced him to the class. But you know what? I really don't know... Nobody really talks to him since he's kind of hard to get along with. He talked to you at the start of English class at his first day and was in front of you when you passed out. Then after that, he has been quiet. He keeps on ignoring everyone. But if you go to school tomorrow I'll show you to him," the man made a suggestion. "Okay?"

"Sounds fine," Yoochun agreed. "At least I should go thank him."

"So...uh... do I get you food or do you want to come out and have some? Auntie made your favorite foods not knowing when you'll wake up."

"Oh really?" Yoochun smiled. "Then maybe I should go out. I am actually hungry."

"You sure? I can just bring it here," Yunho offered.

"I really don't know. I do feel weak but I think I can walk. Maybe a bit of fresh air will revive me."

Yunho laughed as he headed for the door, opening it. He nudged his head, pointing to the hallway at the other side telling Yoochun to get moving already.

"Thanks," Yoochun said as he slowly took off the blankets on top of him and stood up on his two feet. It took him a while to adjust again. Sleeping for a week definitely did some major damages to his brain. He felt light headed and a bit abnormal.

"Here," Yunho took his hands and wrapped his own at Yoochun's waist. "Just in case you fall and hit your head again."

Yoochun smiled and was thankful at the same time. Going closer to Yunho, he felt even hungrier. Hungry to the point where he wanted to cut him, tear him down limb to limb so that he could eat him up. "You smell nice," he said out loud instead.

But after saying that sentence, it made him stop in his tracks. It made him remember something. Or was it a dream?


"You have a nice scent," the new student spoke to him. "Do you usually stare down people like this or are you attracted to my presence?"

End of Flashack

He shook his head of that memory as he furrowed his brows together.

Who was that guy? He asked himself as he held onto his head searching for answers.

"You okay?" Yunho asked, interrupting his thoughts.

"Yeah I'm fine," he replied. "Just remembered something, I think."

"Don't force yourself. I'm sure it'll come back," Yunho assured him with his gentle voice. "And I do smell good don't I?"

Yoochun laughed softly.

"I showered for the first time in my life."

"Well that's a nice first don't you think?" Yoochun answered at the sarcastic comment Yunho had told him.

"I was joking!" the taller of the two retorted back. "I wouldn't be able to attract so many people if I smelled like dung all the time."

Both laughed at their jokes. "Yunho-ah, thank you for visiting."

"Whatever, just sit. Eat," the taller of them said, handing him a pair of chopsticks. "You must be starving."

One by one, Yunho took out plates of food. There was soup, rice, meat, porridge, salad and even tea. It was a feast for just one person.

"You're going to help me finish right?" Yoochun offered for him to sit down.

"I'll sit with you," Yunho answered. "Just eat up first."

"Well, if you say so," Yoochun said as he happily stuffed his mouth with food. His smile was big. He chewed and chewed expecting these things to fill him up till he was stuffed. Imagining the taste, he thought these things that were laid before him would be heaven, but after swallowing, he couldn't believe what he was feeling. The food was rough as if sand was going down his throat. He tried some soup just in case it was just the meat being all diseased. But in reality, all was the same! The food was tasteless, thick and rough like sand on the beach. Everything didn't taste like anything! It shocked him for a second causing his chopsticks to fall from his hand. He was frightened. There was definitely something wrong with him.

Maybe he did hit his head too badly.

Did he break or fracture his skull and now he is dying? His imagination ran wild with all the possibilities because he didn’t even remember what happened.

"That good huh?" Yunho teased him. He expected the man to keep on eating for a whole hour but after seeing him with just one swallow of food, the smile he saw appearing disappeared in an instant. "Are you not feeling well?" he added on as he observed the eating Yoochun becoming paler as the seconds flew by.

"Hahaha—" Yoochun tried to give out a laugh. He attempted to hide this frightened feeling that was making his feet and his hands shake. "I think..." he tried to speak but he choked on his own saliva, "I think I'm going back to sleep. You can go for a bit. I'll see you tomorrow?" He laughed awkwardly some more as he pushed Yunho to the door and closed it as fast as he could.

He needed some time to himself just to think why this was happening to him. Ever since he woke up, things just didn't feel right anymore. Everything was strange— like he was out of place.

He was hungry but he didn't know what to eat. Food tasted like sand. He had memories of a guy he didn't even know existed. He couldn't remember anything until going to school that morning; going to his English class with Yunho. And then nothing! Something happened after that—something very important.

In a rush, he went to the washroom and washed his face with cold water. Turning the tap, he watched as the coldest water fell down from it. He placed his hands under them, leaving them there for more than a minute. But by doing so, his mind panicked once again. He couldn't feel the coldness from it, only the stiffness of his hands reacting to the cold. It shocked him enough to suffocate him.

There was something wrong with his brain or at least ... He definitely injured it somehow.

"What the hell?" he finally yelled out loud as he took the water on his hands and splashed it on the mirror in front of him. His facade on the mirror is what he saw— pale and discolored. Stressed out, he punched the reflecting object hoping to break it but it just made a huge bang. The mirror was very thick.

Regaining his thoughts, he didn’t even know why he did that. What would a punch of the mirror get him? He knew he was irritated because he was craving for something but he didn’t know what. He knew he was scared because he can’t feel anything with his hands. He knew that there was something definitely wrong with him.

It was deathly quiet. For a few seconds, only his breath was heard and the water dripping from the tap. What did happen? How did he become like this?

A few moments after the huge sound that erupted from the washroom, heavy footsteps were echoed, and by each millisecond it came closer to him. "Yoochun-ah! Is that you?" A voice called out from the other end of the hallway.

It was his mother's voice.

"Yoochun?" his mom called his name once again. "You're okay!" She ran up to his own body, wrapping her arms, embracing him full of worries. "I was so worried! Worried that you won't even wake up anymore!"

That smell! Her smell! She was too tempting to… eat!

Hunger. There it was again creeping around his stomach. She smelled like something that could fill him up. It was that same feeling of wanting to tear people from limb to limb just like what he wanted to do with Yunho when he was held close.

"Yoochun-ah? Did you eat?" another question was thrown at him.

Eat? What should he eat? He didn't even know but he definitely could literally eat her right this instant.

But before the temptation of hunger inside took him over, he clenched his fists until his nails dug inside. And with great force, he pushed his mother away from his skin. Away from that smell that tempted his tongue.

"I'm fine," he kindly said as he walked away. "I'll just sleep a bit so I can go to my classes tomorrow."

"But Yoochun!" his mother followed him but was suddenly stopped. "Your food—! Just eat a little bit!"

"Stay away!" he finally yelled. He was really afraid of his want to tear her down limb to limb and he didn't even know why! "I'm sorry. I just need space." He said as he closed the door right in front of her face. "I'll see you tomorrow."

This would be the best decision because if she stayed there any longer, he would have murdered his own flesh and blood.


That sounded delicious to his stomach. He loved the way it rolled on his tongue as he whispered it out loud. Was that what he was craving for?

Most definitely not!

Why would he even think about that in the first place?

Ignoring what he was just thinking, he walked to his bed and grabbed a pillow to hug tight. His short temper, and sudden bursts of anger-- he felt violent but yet, he was too weak to walk for even five minutes.

Should he go and see the doctor tomorrow?

Maybe he'll get his answers.


A/N: I'm alive!! HAHA! Just brain dead. I can't think. T______T" I've been in and out of the hospital chuuz apparently during my basketball game I tore a ligament. *sigh* Permanent damage RIGHT THERE. oh man i got pwned. LOL.
You must be thinking I'm crazy for having such reaction but please don't. HAHAHA .
As a side note, I'm happy biting off the heads of my blue gummy whale. yummm~
And as an extra side note, I apologize for being away for too long. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit hesitant about this new fic. It'll be short for sure chuz I don't really know what i can do with it. XD
Just using it to give me time because I'm currently revising the events in I'm Cool. (I promise it'll be up soon) XD Maybe today. Maybe tmrw.
baha! but I do wish everyone a non depressing and stress free life. PARTAAAY! <3

- With Great GREAT LOVES from my injured self. I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3


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