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Post by enthanf4 on 7/19/2009, 7:44 am

cUtE & LoVeLy: STARING YOOSU main YUNJAE KIMIN Cutelovelywinglin PREVIEW

Yoochun and Junsu is a member of DBSK a group that gain popularity trough ASIA. Consist of 5 talented young man, they live in the same house, sharing a secret that others may not know. Yoochun loves Junsu very much. For him, Junsu is his angel that always cute and lovely. He loves everything about Junsu, his smiles, laughter, voice, behavior and lots more. If he needs to list it, he may need lots of paper to write on it. Simply, because he loves Junsu the way Junsu are. But, he may exclude something that he may not like, it’s not that he hate it, its just he can’t accept a few thing. He doesn’t likes when Junsu bring something for Hyukkie@Eunhyuk one of Super Junior member when they comes back from overseas, he also doesn’t like when Junsu will spend his time to play x-box 360 with Hyukkie, he also doesn’t likes when Junsu smiles to Hyukkie. Opss, seems like Yoouchun doesn’t like everything that Junsu do with Hyukkie XD. Or, not to forgot, he doesn’t likes when Junsu whining to DBSK leader to help him practice dance or to get something, he also doesn’t likes when Junsu keep cuddling and nearing to the DBSK’s main vocalist to get his Hyung cooks or teaching him something and he also doesn’t likes when Junsu hugging and struggling with DBSK’s magnae when they sit watching their favorite show than play happily. To conclude:
He, PARK YOOCHUN will get jealous if his KIM JUNSU, yes his Junsu or should we call Su~~ that he see as CUTE and LOVELY getting near someone else rather than HIM, especially that HYUKKIE, YUNHO HYUNG, JAEJOONG HYUNG and CHANGMIN.
How will their life would be? The jealous Yoochun, the cute Junsu, the handsome Yunho, the beautiful jaejoong and the smart Changmin.

Park Yoochun
Kim Junsu
Jung Yunho
Kim Jaejoong
Shim Changmin.
Special cast : Kim Kibum as Changmin’s partner, Lee HyukJae@Eunhyuk as Junsu best friend.
Special appearance : Super Junior’s Members, Shinnee and others SM entertainment.


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Post by enthanf4 on 7/19/2009, 7:47 am

cUtE & LoVeLy: STARING YOOSU main YUNJAE KIMIN Cutelovelywinglin CHAPTER 1: Rountine’s arguing~~~

A peaceful Saturday morning in DBSK’s house. Today they have no schedule, so they decide to stay at home and cleaning. Jaejoong already prepared the breakfast, yunho try to wake up or it seems like dragging the youngest that sleepy from his bed and Yoochun is peacefully lying on the couch waiting for other members to have breakfast together. It was rarely that they will have free time, that‘s why they decide its better for them to stay in the house together. Someone missing here.
“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” A high pitch tone screaming loudly from his bedroom.
Jaejoong drop the cereal box that he hold, Yunho stop dragging Changmin, Changmin fully wake now, and Yoochun fall from the couch. Everything is stop right now, seems like the shouts stopped times from turning. Everyone stay still in their position.
“PARK… YOO….CHUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!” that high pitch tone shout again, a loud noise of the door being slammed from the bedroom can be heard.
Jaejoong taking back the cereal box that he drop and continue setting the table, Yunho taking Changmin’s wrist and dragging him to dinning table, Changmin stumbling his feet following Yunho. They started to eat when jaejoong finish preparing the table, they don’t want to wait it or they will starve if waiting for the other two.
“I’m so dead…..” Yoochun curse still in the ground. Loud stomping feet can be hearing nearing him. He quickly stands up and straightens his shirt. Junsu appear besides him, pouting and crossing his arms, there is a packet in his right hand. He tapping his foot angrily and giving Yoochun death glare. Yoochun gulp his salvia.
“Su~~~” He approach the man with sweetest and brightest smile, opening his arms to hug the man.
“DON’T SU~ ME…” Junsu warning Yoochun and giving his death glare prevent Yoochun to come closer. Okay, that was difficult, Junsu sure mad right now Yoochun feels uneasy.
“SU~~~ How could you, I just want to give you morning hug and get my morning kiss…” Yoochun pouts pretend to be hurt from Junsu action.
“That pouts would not save you PARK YOOCHUN. You better has better find other way.” Junsu still giving death glare to Yoochun.
“Aw Su~~~ why are you mad at me this early morning.. I don’t do anything wrong..” Yoochun still continue with his act.
“Nothing wrong? YAH! PARK YOOCHUN looks at this…” He shows the packet in his hand.
“What?” Yoochun play innocence.
“WHAT WHAT? You finished this chocolate already. I TOLD YOU THAT DO NOT EAT IT!! He shoves the packet to Yoochun.
“WHY? IT’s JUST A CHOCOLATE?” Yoochun raising his voive.
“Nah ah~~~ wrong move” Changmin whisper to Yunho and Jaejoong. They just nodded agreeing with the magnae. Still continue their eating.
“YAH!! I HAVE TOLD YOU THAT THIS CHOCOLATE BELONGS TO HYUKKIE, I BOUGHT IT FROM JAPAN FOR HYUKKIE.” Junsu bursting loud and pointing to the packet that Yoochun holds.
“Na ah~~~again… wrong move” Changmin whisper again, Yunho and Jaejoong nodding again. Stuffing their mouth with foods.
“PARK YOOCHUN! DID YOU’RE BLIND? I’VE WRITE ON IT ! WHY YOU DON’T READ FIRST BEFORE EATS!” Junsu show the notes that he writhe on the packet, it stated that “Hyukkie’c chocolate” and there is a love’s symbol there.
“Last strike…I need to prepare..” Changmin whispering to Yunho and jaejoong. Once again they nodding in agreement, Changmin rush to his room.
“PARK YOOCHUN!!!” Junsu shout and pointing his finger to Junsu.
“YAH!! WHY YOU’RE CALLING ME BY FULL NAME!!” Yoochun shouts to Junsu.
“… wrong move” He thought in his mind seeing Junsu lips quivering , his eyes get teary and his nose turned to red.
“Su~~~” He call softly, try to take Junsu hands.
“Chunnie is meanie…meanie…meanie….” He slap Yoochun’s hand that pry his hand. He’s tearing….
“I don’t want to talk with Chunnie… Chunnie is meanie… *sob*…mean…*sob*…Chunnie…*sob*…bad….” Junsu whipping tears with the back of his palm.
“Su~~” Yoochun approach Junsu try to hug him, Junsu run to dining table crying. He runs to Yunho that have standing at the dinning table with Jaejoong.
“Hyung~~~” He hug Yunho and still sobbing. Yunho patting back, embrace him. He gives a pleased look to Jaejoong. Jaejoong patting Junsu head.
“Chunnie is meanie…” Sobbing in Yunho’s chest.
“Su~~~” Yoochun calss him. Junsu run behind Yunho and pulling jaejoong for protection.
“Su~~~I’m sorry baby…” Yoochun speak softly. He gives Yunho pleased looks, Yunho just give him sympathy looks.
“Hyung~~ I..don’t..*sob*.. want…*sob*.. to talk…*sob*…to…*sob*…him…” Junsu now sobbing in Jaejoong’ s chest. Jaejoong rub his back softly try to help Junsu.
“Su~~ looks.. I’m sorry baby.. really really sorry…” Yoochun desperate he doesn’t want Junsu to cry more he will regret later when Junsu still continue like that.
“MIN!!!!~~~~” Junsu shouts in jaejoong’s chest…
“Oh…no…I’m dead…” Yoochun thoughts….
“I’m here hyung….” Changmin approach them while holding his wallet and wearing his jacket.
“Min~~~” Junsu run to Changmin hugging him, still sobbing.
“Min..*sob* lets…*sob*… find…*sob*…Hyukkie…*sob*…” he blinking his eyes looking at Changmin. His eyes red and puffy.
“Lets go…” Changmin hug Junsu a escort him to front door…
“Jae-hyung thanks for breakfast…Yun-hyung comes… hurry up…” Changmin help Junsu putting his jacket.
“ I’m coming..” he takes the car keys.
“Joongie… thanks for lovely breakfast.” He pecks Jaejoong lips that hurriedly follow his two magnae.
“Gosh…..” Yoochun frustrated after hearing the front door close.
Jaejoong pat his shoulder and walks past him. He shakes his head. Yoochun dop to couch, stroking and messing his hair frustrated. Jaejoong cleaning the table, ignoring Yoochun.
That is what happen when Junsu and Yooschun arguing, it’s happen almost every time they arguing. Junsu will crying, run to Yunho complaing, than hugging jaejoong for comforting later he will ask Changmin to takes him to Super Junior’s dorm and Yunho will drive him, not that Changmin care about it, he just feel more happy that he will meet his lover. It is a routine when Junsu and Yoochun been arguing, most of the time because Yoochun will eats something that Junsu bought for Hyukkie.
He sure jealous.


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Post by enthanf4 on 7/19/2009, 7:52 am


Others Super Junior’s members are not at home, some having their own time, some have schedule to attend. It’s just Kibum, Donghae and Eunhyuk stay at their dorm right now. Kubum is waiting for Changmin to come, Changmin just texting his a few minutes ago that he will be here with Junsu Hyung. The door rang bell. Eunhyuk walks to open it.
“Hyukkie~~~~~~~~~” Junsu run to Eunhyuk when he enter Super Junior’s dorm.
“Woa~~ what happen?” Eunhyuk ask Changmin.
“Yoochun.” Simply ask Changmin walks past Eunhyuk and run to Kibum.
“Minnie!!” Kibum calling happily after saw Changmin.
“Bummie~~~…. Do you miss me?” Changmin sneaks his arms around Kibum waist…
“Minnie…of course I miss you~~~” Kibum playfully hit Changmin arms.. He pull Changmin for hug.
“Geez… keep your hand by yourself….” Eunhyuk retort, walking by Junsu in his arm. Changmin pouting and Kibum chuckled.
“Where’s Yunho hyung?’” Kibum asks the boy in his arms.
“He home already… I think he miss Jae-hyung as I miss you…” Changmin snuggles at Kibum. Kibum just smiles.
“So, Junnie…what happen this time?” Eunhyuk ask Junsu.
“Yoo-..” Junsu been cut by Donghae.
“OMO~~ Junnnie what happen to you?” he run to Junsu. He just walks to living room and saw Junsu with red puffy eyes, his nose red from crying. He cares Junsu face.
“OMG OMG OMG… who makes you like this… OMG what happen?... Junnie are you hurt anywhere?... Are you ok?...” He frantically examines Junsu from head to toe looking anything that suspicious…
“Hae… stop checking Junnie and stop asking question non stop. I just asking Junnie and you interrupt him for telling me what happen” Eunhyuk pry Donghae hands from Junsu.
“oh..sorry…” Donghae scratch his head.
“Tell me what happen?” Eunhyuk return his gaze to Junsu.
“Chu..chu-nie….” He started sobbing again. Crying out loudly. Donghae pull him for comforting. Junsu keep crying until he tired. Donghae realize that Junsu has falls to sleep, he eyes for Eunhyuk to take Junsu lying at the couch. Eunhyuk settle Junsu on the coach and run to take a blanket for Junsu. He looks at Junsu face, he sighed…
“So, spill out…” Donghae eyeing Changmin.
“Well….” Changmin explain to Kibum, Donghae and Eunhyuk what happen between Junsu and Yoochun.
“higgghhh…” all of them sigh at the same times after hearing what Changmin said.
“Yoochun and his jealous…” Donghae shakes his head.
“hmm..” Eunhyuk and Kibum just nodding. It’s happen frequently. So they just wait for Yoochun to make up with Junsu later.
“Anyone hungry?” Donghae asking out of blue.
“Me…me… me….” Changmin rsisging his hand.
“Me too..” Kibum
“Me three….” Eunhyuk. Others give him weird looks.
“What?” he’s cluesless.
They walk to kitchen to find something to eat, waiting for Yoochun and his marvelous idea to win Junsu back. An hour later, the bell rang again. Donghae walk to front door and see trough LC, he saw Yoochun. He open the door.
“Come in~~” Donghae welcome Yoochun. Yoochun steps in. He open his mouth to aks but Donghae faster then him.
“He’s at couch…sleeping…” Donghae smile and walks back to kitchen after Yoochun nodding. Yoochun walks to Junsu, he approach Junsu slowly. He crunch on the floor infront of Junsu, putting the thing that he brought together. He raised his hand, slowly caressing Junsu face, he feels like he had been hit by a car seeing Junsu puffy eyes and red nose. He lifts his head and place a soft warming kiss on Junsu’s forehead. He brushed Junsu’s bang, staring the sleeping angel. Junsu stir….
“Su~~~” He called junsu lovely…
“Baby~~~” He calls again… Junsu open his eyes slowly. His vision still blurs
“Chunnie..?” He asks, sitting up and rubbing his eyes cutely with slightly pout.
“Baby….” Yoochun stands and sit besides Junsu. He put his arms on Junsu waist and pulls him for warming hug. He put Junsu head on his chest and caressing Junsu back gentley.
‘I’m sorry baby… I really sorry…I don’t mean to rise my voice. “Slightly kissing the top of Junsu ‘s head.
“I’m sorry baby…” Say Yoochun once again. He still doesn’t get any respond from Junsu, he looks down and saw Junsu playing with his finger still pouting. He pull Junsu out his embrace, he lift his head meeting his gaze.
“Su baby~~” Yoochun lift Junsu ‘s softly using his finger, he lean forward and capture Junsu’s lips. He gives a peck, peck and a peck than he deepens the kiss. He nibble Junsu’s lips, pulling Junsu’s head closer to him and another hand wrap Junsu waist bringing him to his lap. He is sucking Junsu’s lips at the botton than upper. Licks Junsu’s bottom lip with his tongue asks for entrance. Junsu moan feeling Yoochun tongue on his lips. He sneaks his arms around Yoochun neck pulling him closer.
“Mmmp…mmmm…mmmhmp…” Junsu moans. H e parts his lips giving Yoochun access to his mouth. Yoochun gladly runs his tongue inside Junsu’s mouth, roaming every part of his lips. He found Junsu’s tongue, licks and play with it. Junsu push his tongue to meet with Yoochun, battle for dominance. A few minutes of battle Junsu give up and Yoochun sucking hard his tongue. Junsu moans non stop in the kiss. He desperately needs for air. He sucks air from Yoochun’s mouth. Moaning and panting heavily. Yoochun roaming his hand behind Junsu back and embrace him thighs. Junsu messing Yoochun’s hair from the pleasures that Yoochun gives him. Desperately needs air, both of them release each other, panting heavily and chest moving up and down. Yoochun rest his forehead on Junsu. Catching his breath. He looks to Junsu eyes, “ Su baby……”
“Hmm…” Junsu reply still try to catch his breath. He closed his eyes, enjoying the moments.
“I’m sorry baby…” Yoochun cares his cheeks. Junsu open his eyes after a minute, his breath has steady. His pouting.
“Don’t you think that after that hot passionate kiss I will forgive you…” Junsu say it cutely and turned his head from Yoochun still sitting on Yoochun laps.
“Baby…. But I brought you something…” Yoochun say, try to gain Junsu’s interest. Junsu bit his lips, this is too tempting. Yoochun sense it, he chuckled. Yoochun pulls something that he laid down at his feet.
“See, I went to WaterWorld to buy you this….” Yoochun shows Junsu what he bought.
Junsu turned to see what Yoochun holding, his eyes beams excitedly. It is animal stuff, and it is a blue dolphin. He try to take it from Yoochun’s hand. Yoocun stop it.
“So.. baby..will I be forgive?” Yoochun asks rising his eyebrows. Junsu nodded frantically. H e grab the dolphin and hugging its tightly in his arms. He gives Yoochun a peck in his left cheek…
“Aw~~~ Su…” Yoochun pouting. He points to his right cheek. Junsu give a peck.
“Here.” He points to his forehead, Junsu gives a peck.
“Here too…” He points to his nose, Junsu gives a peck.
“And here….” He points at his lips, Junsu gives a peck. Yoochun grabs Junsu head and deepens the kiss. He try to turn it passionately, suddenly Junsu cupped his face with his both hand and pull from kiss. He smiles brightest to Yoochun. He grinning cutely and gives Yoochun a peck. He grab the dolphin and stand up. Yoochun straing at him.
“Looks what I got!!….. Chunnie darling bought it for me… Hyukkie….~~~” Junsu runs to kitchen wanted to show Eunhyuk his new present.
“Not againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~~~~~~~~~~~” Yoochun frustrated limps his body to the couch and messed his hairs…. H e grab the nearest pillow and buried his face….
He is jealous, once again.


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Post by enthanf4 on 7/19/2009, 7:56 am

cUtE & LoVeLy: STARING YOOSU main YUNJAE KIMIN Cutelovelywinglin CHAPTER 3: MY SU...yOOCHUN'S SU~~

“Chunnie~~~~” Junsu calling Yoochun sweetly, he walks in living room.
“oh Chunnie~~~ Where are you?...” Junsu searching for Yoochun.
“Chunnie..~~~~” He call again, still he doesn’t get a response. That’s it….
“CHUNNIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” He calls in high pitch tone. Loud foot step can be heard from the bedroom…
“SU!!!” Yoochun stumble to Junsu, he almost slipped.
“What happen SU? Did you get hurt? Let me see….” Yoochun checking Junsu, turning him around and around. Junsu feels dizzy….
“Chun….” He holds his temple….
“Did you hit your head? Let me see it…” He examined Junsu ‘s head….
“No…Chunnie… I’m not hurting anywhere…. I also not hitting my head…” Junsu explain cutely, he turned his head slightly to his side, smiles lovingly to Yoochun. He blinking his eyes rapidly.
“Oh…no…I’m in trouble…” Yoochun thoughts…
“ Chunnie~~~…” Junsu playing with the hem of Yoochun’s shirt… He blinking cutely at Yoochun..
“Ye..yes…Su… ba-baby….” Stuttering a bit. Owndering what’s Junsu wants. Everytimes he in this condition, Junsu needs Yoochun to do something.
“It’s Sunday darling….” Junsu smiles….
“Ye..yes ba-baby…” Yoochun prepared for the worst.
“I’m boring Chunnie… How about we have some funs, watching a costume shows in park? “ Junsu asking innocently, blinking his eyes… Gentley running his finger to Yoochun’s arms. Yoochun gulp….
“But Su~~~ There are lots of people there, what happen if they see us there?” Yoochun try to make excuse…. Junsu pouts…
“Su~~~ it will difficult for us to run from them later…” Yoochun added, seeing Junsu silent. He wrapped his arms around Junsu’s waist… Suddenly Junsu smile brightly. Yoochun doesn’t like it. It means Junsu is up for something.
“I know…. “ Junsu circling Yoochun necks with his arms.
“I’m dead…” Yoochun muttering in his thoughts….
“That’s why, I wanted you to make own costume show here… in our home…” Junsu blinking his eyes to Yoochun.
“Costume?.... But we don’t have one….” Yoochun try to escape…
“It’s ok!!!” Junsu clapping his hand happily.
“Wait here Chunnie… I get something…” Junsu running toward one of couch, getting a big beg.
“Here….” Junsu pass it to Yoochun.
“What’s Baby?” Yoochun curious, feeling uneasy….
“Open it!!” Junsu jumping happily, can’t wait until Yoochun see it… Yoochun open the beg at pull out something from the beg. He puzzles….
“Hanbookt?” Yoochun asks for confirmation, slightly afraid to think what will happen next.
“YES!!! I borrow it from the stylist nuna, do you like it?” Junsu ask excitingly.
“Y-Yes?!!” Uncertaity.
“Oh God, don’t make him ask me to wearing this…” Yoochun pray mentally.
“YEAY!! I’m knew that you will like it… Now go change to it…” Junsu pushing Yoochun to change into hanbook.
“Game over!!” Yoochun scream loud in his head frustrated
“But Baby~~~ This is hanbook…” Yoochun stop his track, try to escape again.
“I know…” Junsu just nodding excitingly.
“Hanbook is for women Baby…. Not for men…” Yoochun turned around to face Junsu.
Na ah… like Changmin’s say…” Wrong move”… Junsu ‘s lips start quivering. He blinkinh his eyes non stop…
“Baby~~~” Yoochun approach Junsu.
“You don’t loves me anymore Chunnie~~~” He started to sob.
“Baby… No….No….” Yoochun panic.
“SO IT’S TRUE!! YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE.” Junsu bursting, his eyes started teary.
“No……: Yoochun panic.
“NO? You don’t loves me?....” Junsu asks sobbing.
“No… I mean YES…No..aish….” Yoochun confused.
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ Chunnie not loves Susu anymore…WAAAAA~~~~~~~” Junsu stomping his feets, he whipping his eyes with his fist that he curled into ball.
“CHUNNIE MEANNIE…!! MEANNIE!!!!.... CHUNNIE..MEANNIE!!” Junsu cry louder.
“What happen… what happen?” Yunho burst into the living room untidy, followed by Jaejoong topless, Changmin comes later with bat in his hand…
“Where’s the robber? Where he is?” Changming franticly turning around searching for intruder…
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~” Junsu crying heart running to Yunho.
“Hyung~~~~~~~~~~~” Junsu crying, tugging Yunho’s shirt.
“What happens Su?” jaejoong asks reaching his hand to Junsu.
“Wrong question Hyung….You should asks…What is Yoochun make this time?” Changmin shakes his head. He put the bat down. Jaejoong gives Changmin murderess glare. Changmin chuckled.
“ Su~~~” Yoochun calls…
“I….don’t… want…. To…. Talked…. to …you…” between his sobbing.
“Hyung….Chunnie….doesn’t …loves…Susu….he ….said…it” Junsu poiting his index finger to Yoochun.
“WHAT?!!” Three of the chorused together, Shocked! How come Yoochun not loves Junsu anymore if he fanatically jealous over hills for people around Junsu especially Eunhyuk… They eyes Yoochun suspiciously… Yoochun give up….
“Find.. I do it…” Yoochun sighed…
“Really?” Junsu lift his head from Yunho chest looking to Yoochun.
“Yes… I do it….” Yoochun looking at Junsu.
“CHUNNIE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!” Junsu run happily to Yoochun’s arms.
“I know that you still loves me….” Junsu hugging Yoochun tightly..
“Yes… I love you…” Yoochun returned the hug.
The other members gives Yoochun, “What’s the hell going on?” Yoochun just shrugged.
“Hurry Chunnie….I’m waiting” junsu push Yoochun to go for change. The other members still confused at the situation.
“Minnie~~~ Go take you video recorder…. Jaejoong-hyung could you please take your precious camera here?” Junsu asking cheerfully.
“Hurry!!!” Junsu insits. They run to their run to get the things.
“Yunho-hung…comes sits here….” He dragged Yunho to a couch. Jaejoong and Changmin comes with VC and camera.
“Here… sits…here…” Junsu pats a spot on the couch. Jaejong sit next to Yunho, Changmin sits nest to Junsu. They waiting for next. A few minutes later…
“Baby….” Yoochun calling…
“Chunnie~~~~~” Junsu squealing, the other members turn to look at Yoochun. Their jaws drop….They were silent for a minute. Only Junsu’s squealing can be heard. Junsu turned Yoochun around to examined it. Yoochun has wearing the pink handbook, and tide his hair back. He look like a girl……
“Puahahahahahahaha~~~~” the 3 members bursting laugh… they can’t control it… Yoochun sighed… Changmin holding his stomach and fall on to the floor.. Yunho and jaejoong holding their stomach and struggling on couch….
“Chunnie!! Hurry…. Walks… hyung takes the picture… Changmin records it…” Junsu instruct, he pulled Yoochun to the corner of living room.
“Ehem….” Junsu clear his throat….
“Now let’s the show begin… gentlemen lets welcome park Yoochun” Junsu introduce. Jaejoong start taking picture and Changmin start recording it. Yunho try to control his laugh…
Yoochun walks reluctantly, waving his hand likes a pageant.. He smiles sarcasticly…. Junsu jumping around…clapping his hand happily…. The others member laughing histerically….
Yes, once again Park Yoochun has a way in making Junsu happy… He loves Junsu very much… He’s so dead… dead for junsu…
“Gosh….Why do I loves this boy so much?” He asking mentally. But than he smiles, because he is kUm Junsu, His Baby Su… His loves his life, His Su….~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You all can leave a comment if you want..hehehe


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Post by enthanf4 on 7/19/2009, 7:59 am

cUtE & LoVeLy: STARING YOOSU main YUNJAE KIMIN Cutelovelywinglin CHAPTER 4: Junsu’s when missing
“Hurry up guys, Manager hyung already here…” Yunho calling his members.
“Hyung…. I’m not done yet…let me finish my breakfast first…” Changmin still munching his food.
“Stop eating your food monster!” Yoochun smacked his head…
“Aww…hyung, why do you do that…~~~” Changmin rubbing his head…
“Minnie…hurries up…or you will up by yourself….” Jaejoong walks to front door…
“I’m coming…” He bits his last piece of sandwich…
Everyone taking their place in the van and started doing their own activities the van moves to his first place in schedule. Chagmin’s open his bag and grabs some snacks, Yunho checking their schedule for today, jaejoong taking his iPod and plug in his ears and Yoochun:
“STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He screaming loud enough. The driver stop the van emergency, the manager was too shocked to react, Yunho stumble to the front a bit, Jaejoong’s iPod flying from his hand and Chanmingchocking his snacks.
“YAH! What did you do that for?” Their manager yelling from front sits, everyone looking at Yoochun.
“Su…” Yoochun panic…
“JUNSU/ JUNNIE/ JUNNIE HYUNG!!” everyone looking around. Yes, Junsu was not in the van.
“OH SHIT!!” Changmin’s curded…
SMACK! Jaejoong hit his head hardly…
“YAH! HYUNG!” Changmin shout at jaejoong
SMACK! Yunho hit his head..
“Hyung… what was that for?” Changmin looking at Yunho…
“Don’t raised your voice to Joongie…” Yuho warned him…
“Thanks Yunnie~~” Jaejoong gives Yunho his sweetest smiles.
“Sure Boo…” Yunho lean a gives Jaejoong a peck in his lips…
“CUT IT YOU GUYS…” Yoochun shout interrupt their activities…
“we need to get Su right now…” Yoochun reminds them.
“Shut up everyone, Yunho keep your hand from Jaejoong, Jaejoong don’t create chaos here, Changmin don’t raise your voice, Yoochun call Junsu now… and you! Turn back.. we need to get Junsu now!” Their manager ordered them. The van immediately turned back to DBSK’s home.
Yoochun hurriedly step out from van and run to the front door. He is calling Junsu a few times but he still can’t be get trough. He steps inside the house and searching for Junsu.
‘SU!...SU!! SU Baby!” he keep on calling. He walked to his shared bedroom, “Su..?” There is no sign Junsu in their bedroom. He panic. Where is his Junsu?
“SU! Where are you baby?” He open the bathroom door, still there is no sign of Junsu. He immediately runs to the van back.
“HYUNG! HYUNG! HYUNG!” he called the manager frantically.
“HHYUNG!SU…SU… SU’S GONE!!!” He is panting from running.
“WHAT?” Yunho step outside the van.
“Su… he was not in the house…” Yoochun afraid….
“I’ve calling him, but I can’t contact him…” Changmin wave his hand phone to his Hyung.
“OMG!... Junsu is missing…” Jaejoong dramtically step outside the van…
“What should we do hyung?” Yoochun panic because his lover missing.
“Relax, we need to relax.” Yunho try to control the situation.
“YOOCHUN! Yunho try to calm us…you should not yelling at him…” Jaejoong approach Yunho, pating his hand softly at Yunho back.
“Calm down Yoochun, we need to t-…” Yunho was cut by Yoochun.
“Yah! Hyung… Yunho hyung just want to h-….” Changmin was cut again by YOOCHUN.
“Hyung…..” Changmin hurt…
“Yoochun..” jaejoong shocked at Yoochun’s attitude.
“SHUT UP!” Yunho yelled out.
“Yunnie…” Jaejoong look to his lover. Yunho usually very calm and patient all the time, but when he mad he really really mad… Anyone could not stop it.
“WHAT?” Yoochun look at Yunho…
“JUST SHUT THE FUCKING UP! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND IT?” Yunho step a head to Yoochun.
“You don’t have the authority to shout at us like that. We try to help here; we try to calm down…so that we can search for your baby… is YOUR BABY. Of course we don’t have that brain’s of yours to help you find YOUR BABY, but at least we try to help here, not shouting to others…at least ours brain can ask us to calm down so that we can think clearly how we could find YOUR BABY and how YOUR BABY is missing… So…don’t…fucking…shouting…at…us..” Yunho sternly looking straight to Yoochun eyes says word by word at the last statements.
Yoochun try to speak but he was cut of by the ringing of phone. Yunho looks at his pocket, his phone is ringing. He pick up, “ Hello… Yes..Yunho’s here”
“…oh…Eunhyuk…” Yunho surprised by the calling, Yoochun eyeing suspiciously… Everyone anticipate to the conversation.
“Mm…hmmm…hmmm…oh…hmm…” Yunho keep nodding his head, the others waiting with anxious.
“ I get it…mmm..”
“Thank you for taking care…”
“ Ok… we will meet you there….”
“ Yes….ok… see you… thanks again…” Yunho hang up the call, looking at everyone.
“So?” Yoochun ask impatiently.
“ It’s Eunhyuk…” Yunho start…
“I’M KNOW THAT EUNHYUK! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE SAYS.” Yoochun started yells again. Yunho snapped at his trance, Yoochun sure know how to burning him up.
“COULD YOU JUST SHUP UP AND LET ME DO THE TALKING!?” Yunho look at Yoochun sternly.
Yoochun shut up, he clearly know if their leader pissed off, he will have a hard time dealing with it later so he just keep silent, waiting for the answer. Yunho looks at Yoochun calming he start talking again…
“it’s Eunhyuk. He said that Junsu are with them right now…” Yunho was cut by their manager.
“Ok guys, wrap up. Junsu just called. He said that he’s waiting for us in the studio. He’s been there already… Come on… we need to move fast.” Their manager calling them. Yunho turned from Yunho and step into the van, follow by Changmin and jaejoong.
“Yoochun? You’re not coming? Junsu already there.” Their manager calling, Yoochun hurriedly step into the van. Their journey to studio was quite, everyone seems doesn’t want to talk.
Yoochun drawn in his thoughts, why Junsu missing this morning? Since when Junsu went missing? And how come he with Super Junior now? Lots of question play in his mind.
“Su…..” he looks at the scenery outside…



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cUtE & LoVeLy: STARING YOOSU main YUNJAE KIMIN Cutelovelywinglin CHAPTER 5: Here is Su~~~Yoochun impatiently waiting for the van to stop, he need to find Junsu . The van parked, DBSK and their manager step out from the van. There are lots of fan waiting for them to support them. With the helps from security they manage to escape from the fans and enter the building they walk to their waiting room, Yoochun being the first one to enter the room. He opens the door and searching for Junsu. The other walks in except for Yunho. There is no sign of Junsu, only the stylist and their assistants were there.
“Hyung, Junsu was not here…” Yoochun approach their manager…
“Oh…don’t worries, Yunho will go get him…You just change your clothes and make up first…” the manager informs him…
“But hy-…” Yoochun was cut by their manager.
“No but…. Just change your clothes and Junsu will be here in a minute. Yoochun sighed; their manager’s word is a law for them to comply. He goes to take his clothes for today and go for changes.
Meanwhile, Yunho knocked on the Super Junior ‘s waiting room. Super Junior’s manager opens the door.
“Oh…Yunho. Come in.. he’s inside sleeping…” The manager, Super Junior members are getting ready for their show.
“Thank you hyung… I’m sorry for disturbing you all. Thank you for taking care of him hyung. “ Yunho bowed to the manager.
“It’s okay… we are family… we supposed taking care each other…” The manager pats Yunho back and smiles sincerely.
“Thank you hyung… thank you…” Yunho bowed again.
“Come on Yunho… the others will wait for you…” The manager ensures him. Yunho nodded slightly agreeing with the manager. He step in and follow the manager.
“Oh… Yunho hyung… You here…” Eunhyuk spot Yunho.
“Eunhyuk…how’s he? “ Yunho…
“Mmm… I’m sure he really mad this time…” Eunhyuk just give him a knowing looks.
“Thanks Hyukkie… for taking care of him…” Yunho thanks to Eunhyuk.
“Hyung… he is my bestfriend… it’s nothing… I will always be there for help…” Eunhyuk ensure him.
“You’re the best…” Yunho ounch lighly on Eunhyuk shoulder…
“I’m know…” Eunhyuk laugh…..Yunho smiles back to him. Yunho walks to Junsu, he’s sleeping on the couch.
“Junnie….Junnie…” He’s shaking Junsu slowly… Junsu stir..
“Junsu…” Yunho call again..
“Hyung~” Junsu with his sleeping voice. He straight up and rubbing his eyes cutely.
“Junsu.. come, we need to get ready.” Yunho pat his arms.
“Hyung,I’m sleepy…” Junsu lhe put his head on Yunho shoulder.
“junsu, be a good boy.. we need to get ready… “ he rub Junsu bak slowly… Junsu shacking his head.
“Junnie… don’t be like that… how about we go for your favorite restaurant afterward? “ Yunho trades with Junsu…
“Really?” Junsu ask with his big sparkling eyes looking at Yunho.
“Yes.. I will tell manager hyung…” Yunho ensure him…
“Thank you thank you thank you hyung….” Junsu hug Yunho tighly.
“Come on.. we will be late if we stay here much longer…” Yunho inform him. Junsu nodding franticly. Yunho pull Junsu’s arms helping him stand up. They walk to Super Junior’s manager.
“Hyung thank you very much for your help…” Yunho bowed.
“Nah… it’s okay… you all are my dongsae too…” The manager ensures him once again… Yunho smiles.
“Junsu…. What you should tell manager Hyung?” Yunho turned his gaze to Junsu… Junsu pouting than he looks at manager hyung, smiles cutely.
“Hyung, thank you very much. I’m sorry for disturbing you and others. Thank you hyung…” Junsu bowed and smiles cutely to the manager he blinks his eyes…
“Aigoo… what should I do with you… You’re too cute…If your hyung don’t take you, I will keep you here….” The manager pinched Junsu cheek and ruffling his hair.
“Hyung~~~” Junsu rubbing his cheek…
“I’m not cute~” Junsu crossed his arms and pouting, protested what the manager told him…
“Sure.. You’re not cute but you are lovely…” He pinched Junsu cheek once again….
“Hyung~~~” Junsu stomped his feet.
“Hahahahaha…” The manager and Yunho laughing at Junsu… Junsu pouting more…
“Hyung… you will be late if you lets manager hyung keep junsu here more longer…” Eunhyuk approach the with Donghae.
“Hyukki~~ Haehae~~” Junsu when to them.
“Thank you very much for accompany me…” Junsu smiles to them…
“Nah… It’s okay Junnie…” Dopnghae ensure him, he hug Junsu…Junsu nodding in his hug.
“Hyukkie…. Thanks…” Junsu flashe his cute smiles…
“Hu uh… no provlem slave…” Eunhyuk laughing…
“Hyukkie~~~” Junsu whinning… Donghae and the other laughing.
“Junsu…come… we need to go…” Yunho extand his hand to Junsu… Junsu skipping to Yunho and take his hand.
“ Say thank you to others before we go…” Yunho informed him. Junsu nodded.
“EVERYONE! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNEST!!” Junsu use his high pitch tone and bowed to them. Everyone stop their works at look at him… 1…2…3…4…5… second…:
“hahahahaha” They laughing. Junsu pouting, he plays with his fingers….
“Junsu… It okay…” Kangin approach him and pat his shoulder…
“Yeah… It’s nothing…” Leetuek joint them… The other just nodding and waving…
“Really?” Junsu blinks his eyes continuosly…
“Yes…and stop doing that… or else I will pinch your cheek…” Kangin threat him…
“Yun- Hyung~~~” Junsu cover his cheeks with both of his palm and run to Yunho. They laughing, enjoying Junsu’s cuteness.
“okay…okay… we need to go… thanks again everyone..” They bowed together and steps outside. Junsu waving cutely to the others…. They waves back. Junsu takes Yunho’s right hand and hold it… He swing it cheerfully…
“I thought you’re sleepy…” Yunho smiles to him…
“Nae… but after you told me we can eat at my favorite place I feel happy…” Junsu smiles to Yunho.
“Pabo…” He ruffling Junsu hair…
“Eunkyangkyang…” He laughing his trademark laughs… He swings hand back and forth walking to their waiting rooms. Yunho open the door and step in, still holding Junsu hand.
“Junsu..” Jaejoong, Changmin and their manager approach them…
“You’re okay?” The manager examines Junsu.
“I’m sorry hyung for making you all worry…” Junsu hang his head low.
“Junnie…” Jaejoong hug him.
“It’s okay if you fine… that’s enough already…” The manager ensures him. Junsu nodded.
“Hyung~~~” Changmin pull Jaejoong from the hug and gives Junsu really thigh hug.
“Minnie~~ I can’t breathe… “ Junsu patting his shoulder..
“Oh..sorry you…I’m just to excited…” Changming rub his back head… Everyone laughing….
“SU!~~~” Yoochun shouted


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“SU!~~” Yoochun shouted. Everyone looking at Junsu than Yoochun. Junsu still not looking at Yoochun. Changmin and Jaejoong still not speaking any word to Yoochun since they step in the waiting room. They just think that Yoochun need his time to clear his mind rather than shouting to others.
“Su~~” Yoochun approached him.
“Mission started…” Junsu say to himself.
“Hyung… Let’s go change… We’re late…” Junsu drag Yunho from everyone.
“Hmm.. yeah…” Yunho doesn’ t know how to response..
“Su~~~” Yoochun called again..
“Yoochun.. I need to change my outfit. We’re already late…” Junsu just walked past him. Yoochun just to shock and doesn’t know what to do… How come Junsu become cools towards him…
“Yoochun! Hurry up we need to finish your make up.” One of make up artist calls him.
“Coming..” Yoochun walks with thousand of questions in his mind. Junsu step from fitting room with his outfit, his outfit gives Junsu an image of sexy. His pant really thigh and shows his finest curve including his butt…
“Wow!” Yoochun only can say it. He approached Junsu.
“Su~~ you looks amazing..” He said..admiring Junsu from head to toe…
“I know..” Junsu smirked and walks past him leaving Yoochun doubtful there.
“Did Junsu just smirk to me?” He talks to himself, scratching his un itchy head.
They finished their make up and walk to the set. Junsu walks with swaying his waist from right to left , Yoochun just staring from behind him admiring Junsu’s butt I think, Yunho with Jaejoong walk behin Yoochun. They meet with Super Junior that already there. Changmin run to Kibum living Junsu behind. Yoochun saw the opportunity he jogs to Junsu. He need to talk to Junsu, he miss he Su very much. Further more, Junsu is so attractive and sexy to be ignore right now. Junsu sense Yoochun presence near him. He spot Eunhyuk .
“Hyukkie~~!” He runs to Eunhyuk leaves Yoochun. Yoochun stop his track.
“Su…” Yoochun mumble to himself feel dispointed. Jaejoong and Yunho sense something different with Junsu. They gather together waiting for the photographer to give them instructions. Yoochun just sit and watching Junsu happily chatting with Enhyuk, Donghae and Siwon.Yunho and jaejoong talking with leetuek, Kangin and their manager.
“Guys…” one of the staff call them.
“Today’s instructor will be Mr. Han Min Hyuk. You all can call him Kyle. He is one of the magnifying photographers in the world. He just arrived from Sdyney” The staff introduces the others to Kyle.
“Kyle, they are DBSK and the others are Super Junior…” The staff introduces them.
“Hi…nice meeting you all…” Kyle smilling.
“Hello…” They bowed.
“Hopes will be happy working together today. Today’s concept are “Cute, innocence and sexy” He smirked. Everyone just nodding.
“Okay we start with a group photos than individual. Later I need a few of couple to do some photo shoot.” Kyle informed them.
“Okay, lets us start with Super Junior.., DBSK you all may wait over there…” He point to the corner of the studio. Super Junior takes their places and DBSK walk to their waiting area. Kyle spots someone that attracts him. He keeps eyeing that person.
“Hey..!” He calls one of his staff members.
“Yes sir..?” The guy
“Who’s that boy?” He pointed at the DBSK.
“Oh..He is Kim Junsu sir. Xiah Junsu, DBSK’s member.” The boy informs him.
“Oh..Junsu..” Kyle smilling.
“Anything else sir?” The staff asks.
“No. You may go now.” Kyle still eyeing Junsu.
“By the way sir.. He’s not alone…” The staff adds.
“Hmm..?” Kyle turned his gaze to the staff.
“I mean, he’s already with someone else…” The staff points to the sulking guy at the corner that watching Junsu intently.
“We will see it later…” Kyle smirked.
The photo shoot going smooth, everyone giving their full corporation. Now is DBSK turn. They take their place in the set. Kyle starts taking photos. When they have short break to touch up their make up, Kyle stare at Junsu. He feels attract. Junsu finish touch up, he turned in fronts and meeting with Kyle gaze. He smiles brightly. Kyle feel amuse. He winks seductively to Junsu, Yoochun saw it. Junsu’s yes round big. He gives awkward smiles back.
“Okay, lets us now started with solo photo shoot. Junsu-shi, we will start with you.” He smiles sweetly to Junsu.
“Okay…” Junsu just smiles back.
“What should I do?” Junsu asks.
“Just be cute, innocence and sexy…” Kyle guide.
“Hmm.. I don’t know? Junsu just pouting.
“Junsu-shi, you don’t have to worry. You just be yourself..” Kyle smiles again.
“Hmm?” Junsu blinks his eyes.
“I mean.. You already cute, innoncence and more important you’re…. sexy baby...” Kyle wink. Junsu blushed..
“I’m not…” Junsu pouting covering his blushed.
“Okay..okay… Just freely be yourself…Let’s we start now…” Kyle ensures him. Junsu just nod. Junsu start to poss. He gives his sweetest smiles. A few minutes has past.
“Junsu-shi, I need you to turned a little bit to the left and lift your head up a little…” Kyle instructs.
“Like this?” Junsu asks..
“No… turned a bit more..” Kyle adds.
“Like this?” Junsu asks again..
“hmm… let me help you..” Kyle walks to Junsu, his assistants shocked. Kyle has never helps his client personally. Now Kyle with Junsu. Putting his hand on Junsu waist and turn Junsu a bit.. He than takes his finger under Junsu chins and lifts it up slightly. He looks straight into Junsu eyes. This is too odd for them to handle. They watch Kyle and Junsu interestingly.
“Should I just stay like this?” Junsu asks him. Kyle left hand still in Junsu waist and his right hand below Junsu chins. Yoochun looks at scene, he’s boiling.
“I need to kill the Kyle!” He stated, he fist his hand. Yunho, Jaejoong and Changmin looks at him, than to Junsu and Kyle than among each other.
“There we go again… Junsu and Yoochun war..” Changmin whisper to them.
“Want a bet?” Jaejoong asks Changmin.
“On what?” He whisper back, Yunho lean in interested.
“Yoochun will explode within seconds..” jaejoong extend his hand.
“I say no, because we still at work… Yoochun will not do that…” Changmin except Jaejoong’s hand.
“Okay… If you lost you need to wash the dish for one week..” Jaejoong trades.
“If you lost, you will cooks supper for me one week….” Changmin
“The bet on..” Changmin smirked. Yunho just shakes his head.
“You will lose Min…” Yunho put his arm on Jaejoong’s shoulder.
“Hyung..We still not know what will happen…” Changmin look at Yunho.
“You see..” Yunho points at Junsu. Yoochun has stomped to Junsu and Kyle.
“What?” Changmin feel unsatisfy. Yoochun pull Kyle arm from Junsu and take Junsu wrist and pull it away after saying:
“I need Junsu help for a few minutes…” He walks away from Kyle and drag Junsu with him. Kyle and the other staff too shock to response to the situation. Yoochun just drag Junsu and disappear from there.
“What was that for?” Kyle confused with Yoochun attitude.
“My supper~~” Changmin crying for his bet… Yunho and Jaejonng just laughing.



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Yoochun drag Junsu to their waiting room he open the door.
“Everyone could you please leave this rooms for a while..” He asked loudly so that everyone in the room can hear him. Junsu still struggling to free his wrist from Yoochun. All of them walks out from the room living Yoochun and Junsu behind. Yoochun lose his hold and walk to the door locked it. Junsu wide his eys hearing a click sound.
“Why are you bringing me here? And why are you locking the door…” Junsu gulp… He tries to be brave, Yoochun smirks.
“Why? Should I supposed to asks you… what the hell are you doing with that guy in the studio and why do you with Super Junior this morning? Yoochun steps to Junsu. Junsu turned around.
“I need to be brave… You can do it Junsu..” he mumble to himself. He turns around and facing Yoochun giving him a cold stare.
“What guy? And I’m with Hyukkie and Haehae last night… we went for soccer at sport complex..” Junsu just crossed his arms and talks seriously. Yoochun shocked with Junsu response but he still calm.
“That photographers that you flirting with him…” Yoochun steps near Junsu.
“He has his name… and his name is Kyle… As you said he is photographers.For your information Mr. park Yoochun, I’m his client, both of us just performing our task.” Junsu just shake his head unbelieving. Yoochun too shock by Junsu attitude. Before this if Yoochun threating him like this, Junsu will blinking his eyes non stop, whining, pouting and stomping his feet protests what he accuse. But right now, Junsu was talking with an attitude; further more it gives yoochun cold stare. Where is Junsu innoncence smilling face and his cute round eyes? He lost in his thoughts….
“So, Park Yoochun…Anything you want to say or ask?” Junsu lifts his right eyebrow.
“N-No…” Yoochun stuttering. Shanking his head..
“If there is no more, could we just go back to the set and finish our job?” Junsu asks again with his stern tone.
“Yes… s-sure…” Yoochun still can’t find right words…
“Okay..” Junsu walks to the door. Suddenly he turned back to Yoochun.
He pulls Yoochun head to his, and smashes his lips to Yoochun. He sucking Yoochun lips aggressively…Yoochun shocked.. He lost.. Doesn’t know how to response. Once he feels that Junsu licks his bottom lips bottom lips he wake up from his states. He battle with Junsu, try to take dominance… But Junsu still doesn’t want to give up.. He increase his speed… Junsu pulls Yoochun close to him…He wrapped one of his arm on Yoochun waist and the other on Yoochun head.Sucking Yoochun lips aggressively, it makes Yoochun moan…
‘mmm…mmmhp…mmmp..” Yoochun try to take incharge, he push Junsu slighlt on chest. Junsu feel it.. he bits Yoochun lips..making Yoochun open his mouth…He pushed his tounge into Yoochun mouth and taste every part of Yoochun’s lips. Yoochun moans getting louder… Junsu runs his finger on Yoochun head, messing with Yoochun hair…Yoochun try to battle with Junsu tongue, Junsu pull his tongue suddenly and Yoochun take the opportunity to push his tounge into Junsu… But Junsu bit his tongue and sucking I hard.. Yoochun moans in ecstasy. Junsu raise his arms until Yoochun back shoulder and pull Yoochun more close to him, rubbing it seductively…Yoochun feel full ecstasy with Junsu action. He have not dealing with aggressive Junsu before this, he always dominance.. But this kiss is different, Junsu totally dominance it… A few minutes later, Junsu pull from the kiss, trace of salvia can be seen from Junsu to Yoochun’s mouth.. They breathe hard.. .Junsu rests his forehead on Yoochun… They close their eyes try to catching their brathe again.
“That…was…a-amazing…” Yoochun said, still catching his breath… Junsu smashed his lips once again on Yoochun, he trail his wet kiss to Yoochun jaws, chins and necks… Yoochun moans..
“uh…mmmmm…ah…Su…” He put his hand around Junsu head, keep it at his neck. Junsu sucking at the spot and biting it he marks Yoochun.
“Mmmm…mmmp….” Yoochun can’t hold it anymore. Junsu open Yoochun’s button and trails his wet kiss until Yoochun chest…
“Su…mmmpp….mmmmm” Yoochun start grinding on Junsu…. Junsu run his finger to Yoochun waist to Yoochun bottoms… Giving his wet kiss every part of Yoochun chest… he still has not touch Yoochun nipples..
“Su~~…Su…Oh gosh…” Yoochun grinding hardly to Junsu’s body.. He’s turn on by Junsu action. Yoocchun run his finger to Yoochun private area… he feel a bulge in Yoochun pants… He smirks in his kiss..
Suddenly Junsu stop… “Su~~~” Yoochun feel the sudden lost…
“I need you now..” He try to pull Junsu back.
“We need to get back to the set..” Junsu turned away from Yoochun and open the door. He walk outside with grins his face…leave Yoochun with his current state.
“First mission accomplished…” He’s grins, talking to himself. He covers his mouth with his palms… Laughing evilly…
“I’m so good~~~” he laughing again…
“SU!” Yoochun shouted…
“Damn!...How could he live without helping me…” Yoochun run try to catch Junsu.
Meanwhile in the studio, Yunho replacing Junsu turn. Changmin and Jaejoong watching yunho. Jaejoong looking admirely to Yunho, Yunho saw that jaejoong staring at him. He wink… Jaejoong blushed…
“Hyung….” Changmin call…
“Hmm..?” Jaejoong turned his gaze to Changmin.
“Hyukkie…” Changmin point to his back… Eunhyuk walking hand in hand with Donghae.
“Hyung… Changmin…” They call.
“Hyukkie… Haehae..” Changmin
“Where’s YooSu?” Donghae ask, taking place beside Jaejoong and Eunhyuk sit beside him.
“Oh…they have discussion…” jaejoong stated shortly…
“YooSu’s discussion? Intresting…” Eunhyuk smirks..
“What’s with that face…” Jaejoong asks…
Do you think what I’m thinking…” Changmin joint the smirks..
‘Yeah… I’m thinking what you’re thinking…” Enuhyuk stated confidently…
“Wanna bet?” Changmin asks…
“Offcourse…” Eunhyuk.
“Junsu or Yoochun?” He adds..
“Junsu….” Changmin stated confidently lean back to the coach.
“Na ah, wrong answer… I bet Yoochun…” Eunhyuk smirks…
“Okay we will se…” Changmin says…
“How about you hyung?” Changmin asks Jaejoong.
“I’m with you…” Jaejoong stated.
“And you Haehae?” Changmin ask Donghae…
“I’m with Hyukkie…” He smiles at Eunhyuk..
“Okay… Who lost, he need to bring both of group Super Junior and DBSK for lunch today at winner choice…” Eunhyuk smirks…
“Deal..” Changmin only nod.
“You better get ready…” Eunhyuk smiles evily..
“You’re better gets your wallet… I’m starving…” Changmin patted his stomach…
“We will se…” Eunhuk replies. They turned their gaze to the entrance door to wait for Yoochun and Junsu except for Jaejoong that just looking lovely at Yunho…
“Yunnie-ah…~~” He bit his lips, looking his sexy Yunho posing. His chest is exposed and his tanned muscular chest can be seeing slightly…
“You will be my lunch..” He bit his bottom lips…
Changmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae still waiting for Yoochun and Junsu…

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“hahahahaha” Donghae, Eunhyuk and Jaejoong laughing at Changmin.
“My poor baby…my baby….” Changmin frustrated.
“What happen? What happen?” Yunho runs to them… Junsu runs after him follow by Yoochun.
“Hyung~~” Changmin approach Yunho he hug Yunho tightly.
“Minnieeeeeeeeeee~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kibum runs to them.
“Bummieeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!” Changmin runs to Kibum’s embrace.
“Are you okay? Do you hurt yourself? Let me check you…” Kibum examines Changmin.
“No Bummiee~~~ Bu-Bummie…. Hyu-hyukkie H-hyung…” Changmin sobbing he points at Eunhyuk. He cling at Kibum desperately.
“Yah! Hyung… what did you do to my baby?” Kibum aks Eunhyuk, frowning.
“Nothing, he just owed me his Baby?” Eunhyuk laugh.
“His baby? He owed you me? Yah! You pervert!!” Kibum shouts.
“What?” Eunyuk wondering what Kibum is try to say.
“How could you give me to Eunhyuk Minnie?” Kibum eyeing Changmin..
“I’M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!” Changmin shout from Kibum’s chest.
“YES YOU ARE! Hyukkie hyung said you owed him your baby!” Kibum pull Changmin out from his embrace.
“YES! But it’s not you. I owed him my another baby…” Changmin try to hug Kibum back.
“WHAT????? YOU”RE CHEATING ON ME??!! HOW COULD YOU MINNIE???” Kibum push Changmin far from him.
“NO! I’M NOT!!!” Changmin shouts back.
“YES YOU”RE, YOU JUST TELL ME RIGHT NOW!” Kibum turned away from Changmin. Everyone just laughing seeing Kibum and Changmin arguing about Changmin’s other Baby…
“Hyung~~~” Changmin runs to Yunho.
“Tell him Hyung… I’m not cheating on him Hyung~~~” Changmin cling on Yunho.
“Erm…hmm…” Yunho doesn’t know what to say, he just hold Changmin.
“Hyung~~~” Changmin whinning…. Yunho feels nervous.
“Minnie… you better gives a good and long explanation on it…” Kibum crossed his arms..
“Bummie~~~” Changmin shakes his head…
“Hmmp!!” Kibum stomped and turned away. Changmin widen his eyes.
“NO!!” Changmin shouts…He runs to Kibum, he tucks Kibum’s sleeves.
“It’s all both of you false!!” Changmin points straight to Junsu and Yoochun.
“Me?” Both of Junsu and Yoochun points to themselves.
“YES! YOU! BOTH OF YOU!!” Changmin nodding.
“Heh?” Junsu and Yoochun still confused.
“Minnie.. how come you’re cheating on me and you accusing your hyung?” Bummie asking anad looks straight to Changmin’s eyes.
‘Bummie… I just make a bet with Hyukkie and Haehae…I lose it… We bet that who will win in Yoochun hyung and Junsu Hyung argument. I bet on Yoochun Hyung, appearantly Yoochun hyung is not men at all… how come he can lose to Junsu hyung… I though he is the man in the relationship… “ Changmin explain…
“WHAT!!” Junsu and Yoochun chorus.
“And how do you want me to explain about your other Baby?” Kibum lift his eyebrow.
“owh.. hehe my other baby is my lovely food..” Changmin grins childishly.
“Ow….” Kibum makes and O shapes mouth…
“Bummie do you believe me?” Changmin hug Kibum.
“Hmm…” Kibum…
“Bummie…. I have explained to you already…” Changmin whining.
“I’m sorry baby for doubting you…” Kubum smiles and hug Changmin back…
“Bummie~~~” Changmin grins he hug Kibum tightly.
“Minnie~~~” Kibum doing the same thing.
“Yuks!!” Eunhyuk and Donghae stick their tongue.
“Oh… by the way Junnie… What are you doing to Chun?” Jaejoong asks. Everone now looking at them.
“What?” Junsu blinks his eyes and tile his head slightly to the side. He looks to innocence.
“That!” Yunho points to Yoochun. Yoochun’s shirt still unbutton, his hair are messy and there is a mark in his neck. Yoochun looks to himself…
“Shit!” He curse, he forgot to tidy his appearance before running here.
“Wae? Did something wrong with Chunnie? “ Junsu asks, express his confuse state.
“Did you get Yoochun into that state?” Donghae asks suspiciously.
“Hmm? What state?” Junsu asks again, still blinking his eyes.
“That state!” Changmin shout pointing to Yoochun.
“Why? I really don’t understand…” Junsu pouting.
“Common Junnie… don’t act fool…” Jaejoong smirks.
“What? Did I make you fool? ..” Junsu asks innocently.
“Yah! Cut that crap… Junsu doesn’t do anything to me…” Yoochun seems nervous.
“WOA~~ nothing? How come you said nothing with the obious mark on your neck…” Yunho points to the mark that Junsu leave on Yoochun neck. Yoochun hides the mark with his palms. He is to nervous, how could he tell anyone that he been control by Junsu just now. It was to ashame for his pride.
“Oh..that mark!” Junsu stated happily.
“I give it to Yoochun just now” Junsu smiles brightly.
“SU!” Yoochun try to stop Junsu. Yunho and Changmin hold Yoochun in his place.
“How you give that to Yoochun Junnie?” jaejoong out his arms on Junsu shoulder.
“No Su! NO!” Yoochun struggle to escape from Yunho and Changmin hold.
“oh.. let me see… after dragging me to waiting rooms, he scold me.. so I get scare… I don’t know what to do.. So I just give him a hot passionate kiss..” Junsu put his finger below his chins, in thinking post.
“Did he moans Junnie?” Jaejoong asks again flashing his evils smiles to Yoochun.
“NO S-“ Yunho close Yoochun’s mouth with his palm.
“Hmm.. yes…” Junsu answer
“Did he moans loud Junnie?” Donghae adds… They like what is going on right now.
“Hmm.. Yes.. I think the staff outside the room will hear his moans…” Junsu smiles brightly them.
“Anything interesting Junnie?” Kibum asks, adding fuel to Yoochun.
“oh… YES! He scold me before I let him go, he said he need my help to solve his problem..” Junsu smiles cutely. He eyeing Yoochun.
“What problem Su?” Changmin
“That problem..” Junsu pint to Yoochun’s bulge in his pant. Everyone look at it…
“I’m dead!” Yoochun curse in his mind.
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” everyone bursting in laugh. Yunho and Changmin lose their hold on Yoochun, they laughing hard. Yoochun turned to red from embracement. Junsu just smile innocently.
“Chunnie~~ Did I do something wrong?” Junsu asks Yoochun in his best angelic smiles ever.
“I’m totally dead…” Yoochun curse in his mind. Everyone stop laughing, anticipate what Yoochun will react.
“Chunnie……I just telling them the truth… Did..did..did mad at me Chunnie?” Junsu blinks his eyes, tears already there. Jusnu lips quivering.
“N-No.. Su.. You ‘re doing just great. I’m not mad at you…” Yoochun panic he quickly hold Junsu. Every one burst into laugh again.
“I just kiss you…. Did..did…I wrong…ki-kissing..y-you?” Junsu ask, he started sobbing in Yoochun arms.
“No Su…No..” Yoochun ensure again.
“Really?...” Junsu asks unsure.
“Yes Su… “ Yoochun defeat.
“Than.. Can-can I do it like..t-that again?” Junsu eyeing Yoochun. Yoochun shocked.
“I can’t? “ Junsu blinks his eyes, sobbing. He sobbing in Yoochun’s arm.
“Su… Su.. you can do what ever you want Su…” Yoochun tight his embrace…
“Really” He loos at Yoochun with his teary eyes, his nose red.
“Yes, Su…anytime you want..” Yoochun ensure him. Junsu smiles….
“Yeay! Chunnie are the best…” he hugs Yoochun tightly. Yoochun sigh. Unknown to everyone Junsu smirks…
“Mission two accomplished!” He says in his mind.
“Chunnie~~~~~~~~” Junsu pulls from the hug.
“Yes Su..” Yoochun eyes Junsu.
“I love you…” Junsu gives a peck on Yoochun lips and skipping cutely to the set to continue the photoshoot session.



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“Okay wrap up for today. We will continue tomorrow.” Kyle informs them. Super Junior and DBSK walks away from the set.
“Junsu-shi...” Kyle calls.
“Dae...” Junsu turns atound and smiles cutley to Kyle.
“Nice work for today..” Kyle approaches him.
“You too...” Junsu smiles brightly. Kyle feel warms.
“Jun-junsu-shi...” Kyle stutters seeing Junsu’s cute face.
“Dae..” Junsu blinks his eyes.
“Wouldyouliketohavelunchwithme? He said as quickly as he can.
“What? I can understand you?” Junsu asks pouting a bit.
“Gosh...why are you pouting...” Kyle said in his mind, he eyeing Junsu’s lips.
“Kyle...Kyle..helloooooooooooo” Junsu waving cutely infrint of Kyle’s eyes.
“Oh..sorry Junsu-shi, I mean... Hmm... Would you like to have a lunch with me?” Kyle asks again.
“Oo..” Junsu makes O shapes mouths.
“Would you?” Kyle asks again with hopes.
“But... today’s Minnie will treat us..” Junsu makes a thinking post.
“ time maybe?” Kyle asks, still asking for hopes.
“okay...” Junsu answers cheerily.
“REALLY?” Kyle asks in his excitement.
“Yes..” Junsu smiles.
“Eunkyangkyang...” Junsu laughs his trademarks laugh.
“Su!!” Yoochun pry Junsu from Kyle’s embrace. He wrapped his afrms around Junsu protectively.
“Chunnie~~!!” Junsu squels from the sudden hug.
“Su, we need to go now... Yunho hyung and others waiting for us in the van...” Yoochun gives Kyle death glare.
“o..” Junsu smiles
“Comes Su...” Yoochun looking at Junsu and smiles brightly. Kyle bit his lips.
“Hmm...Chunnie...” Junsu plays with Yoochun’s collar.
“Yes baby...” lovingly answer Junsu.
“I don’t like that...” Kyle says mentally.
“I’m tired... would you please bring my things?” Junsu blinks his eyes, than looking at Yoochun with his big round eyes, pouts slightly... No one will escape with that’s looks.
“Sure..anything for you baby...” Yoochun pinch Junsu’s cheek.
“Chunnie~~~Kyle’s looking” Junsu whines, h e buried his head on Yoochun’s chest shy. He slides his arms around Yoochun’s neck Yoochun laugh.
“Su... you are so cute...” Yoochun tighten his embrace he gives Junsu a peck on his cheek, Yoochun smirks at Kyle, unknowing to Junsu. Kyle feels uneasy with THAT affection.
“HE’S MINE!” He stated in his mind.
“Come Su.. we need to go...” Yoochun tell again. Junsu just nod on Yoochun’s chest.
“By the way, Mr. Lee Min Hyuk or KYLE.... I and MY SU need to go now.. .” Yoochun stated it clearly.
“Sure..” Kyle reply shortly.
“Su baby...lets go...” Yoochun calls sweetly. Junsu nod still in his arms.
“Su... I can’t walk if you still cling on me like that baby.. you can have all of me later baby if you want...
Yoochun smirks.
“Chinnie~~~” Junsu hits Yoochun’s arms playfully.
“Okay okay...Come..” Yoochun laugh... Suddenly Junsu turns to Kyle.
“Min Hyuk shi... see you later...” Junsu smiles cutely.
“Dae Junsu shi... anytime you want “ Kyle smiles back, than he smirked to Yoochun. Yoochun hates that.
“Chunnie..lets go..” Junsu link his arms with Yoochun.
“Sure..let me get your think first...” Yoochun walks away with Junsu.
“BYE BYE Junsu.. see you, don’t forget our lunch...!!” Kyle shouts.
“Dae...” Junsu just wave his hand. Yoochun drags Junsu far from Kyle.
Yoochun takes all Junsu’s belonging and walks with Junsu to their van. Junsu runs to the van and hope in, he sits beside Changmin. Yoochun confuse.He just hopes in and sits behind Changmin and Junsu. Usually Junsu will whine to him to sit beside him. Why on earth that he decide to sit with Changmin.
“Hyung~~~” Junsu call with his sweet voice. Jaejoong and Yunho turn to him.
“We will go to my favourite place right?” He asks for confirmation.
“Yes Junnie. Yunho told me before the photoshoot that he promise to bring you there....” Jaejoong smiles.
“Thank you hyung~~” Junsu clapping his hand cheerfully.
“And don’t forget Minnie.. its on you...” Jaejoong smirks.
“YAH!” Changmin shout pointing his index finger to Jaejoong.
“YAH! Don’t YAH! Jaejoongie...” Yunho interrupted. Jaejoong just laughing. Junsu giggling tries to control his laugh.
“Yah! Junnie’s all your faults...” Changmin cross his arms turning away. Yunho calling Leeteuk to tell them where they supposed to go and meet. Jaejoong just lean his head on Yunho shoulder. Changmin still sulking. Junsu is poking Changmin try to get his attention.
“Changmin..” Yoochun suddenly calling.
“Hmm?” Changmin asks.
“Could you please move back... I want to asks Su something..” Yoochun asks.
“Whatever...” lazily Changmin move back. Yoochun move to infornt, besides Junsu. Junsu stop giggling and turn his gaze to outside.
“Su...” Yoochun calling Junsu with his sweet husky voice.
“Hmm..” Junsu reply shortly.
“Look at me Su..” Yoochun breath near Junsu’s ear. Junsu feels shivers around his body.
“Su...” He apply soft kiss on Junsu’s neck.
“Chunnie~~~ Stop doing that..” Junsu push Yoochun slightly. Yoochun shocked with sudden rejection.
“Chunnie.. you said you have something to asks me...” Junsu secure the distance between Yoochun.
“Hmm.. oh.. just forget about it..” Yoochun try to get close with Junsu again. He kiss Junsu on lips. Junsu push him.
“If you have nothing to asks... I have something to asks you than...” Junsu asks seriously.
“What it is Su...” Yoochun try to kiss Junsu again.
“Chunnie~~ if ypu keep trying to kiss me... I can’t asks you... so just stop it...” Junsu push Yoochun and put his hand on Yoochun’s shoulder to prevent him from come closer.
“Okay...” Yoochun try to move Junsu’s hand.
“Why did you never asks me for a lunch?” Junsu aks...
“Su... we always have a lunch together...” Yoochun explain.
“That’s why I’m asking you...We sure always have lunch together but if either with group or you just drag me for a lunch. You never asks me in proper way likes Kyle do..” Junsu curious.
“Su..” Yoochun lost in idea.
“We here...” Manager informs them.
“Moves...” Junsu push Yoochun and step out form the van follow by Changmin.
“SU!!” Yoochun call. Try to cacth up with Yoochun.
“What’s up with those two guys?” Yunho asks Jaejoong.
“I don’t know Yunnie...” jaejoong links his arms with Yunho. Yunho just nodding.
“Yunnie...” Jaejoong pulls Yunho close to him.
“I need to tell you something...” Jaejoong whisper to Yunho. Yunho shocked.



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DBSK now in their house. After tiring schedule and nice launch, they decide they just want to go back and rest. The lunch today’s was really odd. Yoochun really feels frustrated. Junsu was not sitting besides him. It’s mean, there is no Junsu feeding him, there is no Junsu kissing him, there is no Junsu sitting on his lap and there is mean it was really ODD for HIM, YOOCHUN. He feels so curious. He determines that he will figure out what happen today. He just sits silently in his sit, watching Junsu and Changmin playing XBOX 360 happily. He tried to figure out what have gotten into Junsu .
First, Junsu when missing. Second, Junsu ignoring him. Third Junsu being aggressive, wow that was major turn on until he need to release by himself in the restaurant’s toilets. Fourth, Junsu was not sitting with him in the van. Fifth, Junsu seems like pretend that nothing happen. Last but not lease, Junsu has decline him several times. Yoochun really doesn’t like this. He needs his Junsu back. Junsu that always clinging with him all the time, not that Junsu that now wrestling cheerfully on floor with Changmin and moreover, Junsu was on top of Changmin. He need to figure out something. But first he need to do this..
“Aww!! Chunnie~~ what was that for…” Junsu whining, Yoochun has pulls him from Changmin roughly. He pry his hand from Yoochun grips, examine it.
“Looks…it’s red…” Junsu pouting. Yoochun doesn’t said anything. He than pull Junsu by his wrist, lift Junsu up from ground at put Junsu in left his shoulder, he bring Junsu to their sharing room.
“Chunnie! Put me down” Junsu try to break free from Yoochun. He kicks all the way in the air. Yoochun smacked his butt. Junsu stop wriggling. Yoochun open the door and close the door by his feets and locked it. He tossed Junsu on the bed. Junsu support his body with elbow and look at Yoochun.
“What’s that for?” He asks curious with Yoochun action. Yoochun step forward, launch him self on the bed crawled up to Junsu sit on top of him. He pushed Junsu on the bed. Looks straight on Junsu eyes.
“We need to talk.” He stated it clearly.
“Talk?” Junsu try to push Yoochun off him.
“Yes…Talk…” Yoochun hold Junsu hand and lift it up his head. He secures it. He lean forward, his face now inches from Junsu.
“Really?” Junsu play innocent.
“Su…” Yoochun calls softly. He pecked Junsu lips. Junsu not response it, he just blinks his eyes rapidly.
“Su….” Yoochun calls in his husky voice, h epecked Junsu lips again than give a wet kiss on Junsu cheeks than to his neck.
“Chunnie….” Junsu pushed Yoochun hardly. Yoochun drops on bed besides Junsu. He widens his eyes.
“Did Junsu just reject me again?” He wondered in his head.
“Chunnie… you said you want to talk with me…” Junsusit properly just watching Yoochun that still shocked just like nothing happen.
“Chunnie!!” Junsu pinched Yoochun’s arm.
“AWW!!” Yoochun wake up from his thoughs. He rubbed his arm.
“What you want to talk with me…” Junsu asks.
“Oh…” Yoochun sit up properly.
“I’m waiting…” Junsu crossed his arms.
“Su… why do you reject me?” Yoochun asks directly.
“What? What do you mean?” Junsu, a bit annoying.
“Why you reject my kiss and the most important think that you reject my affection. Did you don’t want to make sex with me again?” Yoochun asks bluntly.
“CHUNNIE!!” Junsu scream on top of his lung.
“SU! I’m just asking. You don’t need to voice out your dolphin voice…” Yoochun close his ears with his palms.
“You idiot..” Junsu got teary and punch Yoochun on his jaw. Yoochun stumble back in his sharing back. Junsu runs from their room.
“YOU’RE IDIOT!!!” Junsu shouts in his runs. He opens the front door and runs toward the elevator press the elevator button non stop. He cry hard.
“Yoochun’s idiot! Idiot! Chunnie idiot! I hate Chunnie! I hate him!” He cry loud. The elevator open and he step in.
“SU!” Yoochun call try to catch up with hi. He can’t make it. The elevator close.
“SU!” He banged the door. He watches the elevator going down than he run to the emergency stairs.
Junsu cry non stop, he feels so frustrated. He doesn’t know what to do.
“Chunnie idiot…” he mumbles in his cry.
“ I hate you!!”



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cUtE & LoVeLy: STARING YOOSU main YUNJAE KIMIN Cutelovelywinglin CHAPTER 11: WHY CHUNNIE?~~~

“chunnie idiot…” Junsu sobbing hard. He is sitting on a bench at the park. After runs from their house, he just runs without knowing where to go.
“Why chunnie…. Why?....” Junsu try to dry his tears but he failed. His tears poor down uncontrollable. The sky seems feels knowing how Junsu feels. The rain starts polling down. Junsu just walks lazily to one on the concubine and sitting down, hugging his knee to his body tightly. He still crying.
“Chunnie… do you really loves me?” Junsu asks to no one. He just rest his head on his knee, crying over river, sky pondering heavily likes him.
“Yo-yoochun….” Junsu calling Yoochun stuttering, playing with his finger can’t looking straight to Yoochun.
“Yes Junsu?” Yoochun brim him with his greasy smiles.
“Yo-yoo-yoochun… I need…t-to tell you something….” Junsu is looking everywhere except Yoochun.
“Hmm? “ Yoochun rise his eyebrow.
“Yo-yoochun, ilikeyou….wouldyouliketogooutwithme…” Junsu finish his sentence quickly.
“Hmm? Do you speak Kenyan Junsu? I can’t understand what you’re talking…” Yoochun laughs.
“I…I me-mean… I-I you…” Junsu hung his head down.
“I like you too Junsu..” Yoochun reply shortly.
“No!... I mean I like you… I like you… No I don’t like you… hish… I mean I like’s not like I mean I like you…but in other meaning I like you..what I’m trying to say that I like you, it’s not ordinary I like you… it’s a way of I like you..” Junsu try to explain. Yoochun chuckled.
“Junsu.. you confusing me…” He laugh.
“Hmm?” Junsu scratching his un itchy head. He also confuse…
“Junsu..” Yoochun step forward..
“Yoochun… Ihmm.. what I’m trying to say.. can you be my boyfriend? “ Junsu looking straight to Yoochun yes, he blushed than he lowered his head. Yoochun chuckled.
“You’re cute Junsu.. sure why not?” Yoochun answer smilling.
“Really?” Junsu lift his head facing Yoochun, he cheeks turn to pink when his gaze meeting’s Yoochun. He lowered his head again shy.
“Yes, Junsu…” Yoochun smiles.
“CHUNNIE~~~~” Junsu squel, he lean forward and hug Yoochun tightly.
Junsu sobbing hard. He remembered that he’s the one that asks Yoochun to be his boyfriend and Yoochun agree with it. He was the one that make the first move for their loves. He’s the one that express his loves first.
“Chunnie….” Junsu calls sweetly.
“Yes Junsu…” Yoochun smiles back.
“I..I love you…” Junsu cover his face with his palms, he’s embarrassed .
“You’re cute Junsu…” Yoochun smiles.
After a week dating, Junsu is the one that say “I Love You” to Yoochun. Yoochun doesn’t say anything in return. Remembering back, Yoochun only said that he loves Junsu after they make love for the first time, a month after they started dating.
“Why chunnie?....” Junsu crying hard.
DBSK resting in their dorms. Yunho and jaejoong in kitchen preparing snacks for them. Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun sitting on coach watching television. Junsu uncomfortably sitting there, stealing once in a while stares to Yoochun.
“Junsu?” Yoochun dart his eyes to Junsu.
“Chunnie.. I need your helps…” Junsu said and drag Yoochun to his room. Yoochun just follows him.
“Chunnie~~~” Junsu looking straight to Yoochun eyes… He checks flush red.. Yoochun confused… Suddenly Junsu lean forward and capture Yoochun’s lips with his. Yoochun was shocked first but then he response to it. After a few minutes they broke apart searching for air. Junsu hung his head down, can’t dare to looks at Yoochun. They just their first kiss after 2 weeks of dating.
It was Junsu initiatives to get their first kiss. It was Junsu.
It was last year, after fan meeting Yoochun suddenly drags Junsu to their van, not wanting to waits for the other to pack up their things. Yoochun just tossed Junsu inside the van and asks the driver to wait for them at their waiting room and helps the other to bring their things back here.
“Chunnie….what we doing here….” Junsu asks Yoochun innocently.
“Junsu.. I want you… I really want you..” He starts to kiss Junsu.
“Chunnie….someone will see us..” Junsu try to push Yoochun.
“No.. they will not be here in half and hour…” Yoochun just strips Junsu and starts attacking him. Junsu just letting Yoochun doing what he want. Moans and groans can be hear in the van. Two men sweats and panting heavily after their activity. Yoochun was ontop Junsu, he whispers
“I love you” and gives Junsu one last kiss before putting back his clothes than helps Junsu.
Junsu feels that he’s just a toy for Yoochun. After they have their first sex together, Yoochun insits that they sharing a room. It makes Changmin moves from Junsu’s room to Yoochun’s so that Yoochun can stay with Junsu and Changmin all by himself. Sharing a rooms together, Yoochun always makes initiatives to makes sex together. He will starts make a first move first to seduce Junsu.
“Chunnie…It was always be me that make first move in our loves…. It would always be me… If it was you, it just when you need sex with me… Why chunnie… why? Am I just a sex toys for you? A person that just you want to realize your lust?” Junsu screaming loudly. No one in the park. Rain is heavily outside the concubine. Junsu feels cool. He cry non stop. Always asking.
“Why chunnie…why chunnie…”



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cUtE & LoVeLy: STARING YOOSU main YUNJAE KIMIN Cutelovelywinglin Chapter 12: Searching and saving Junsu~~~

“Su..please be alright..” They prayedIt was hard rain. Yoochun still searching for Junsu. He’s panic, he need to find Junsu. Junsu scares for lightening.
“JUNSU! JUNSU!” He try to catch up with Junsu using the stairs after the elevator close. But when he reach the ground floor, Junsu is no where to be seen. He rush outside in hopes that he will catch the glimpse of Junsu but he saw nothing. Now he’s running in no where.. shouting Junsu’s name. His phone ringing.
“Junsu!” He answer it.
“Yoochun? It’s me..” It’s jaejoong
“Oh..hyung…” Yoochun
“I saw you hurriedly running outside, something happen?”
“Hyung… Su.. it’s Su..” Yoochun starts to teary.
“Calm down yoochun. Tell me what happen..”
“I don’t know hyung.. he just running likes that…I try to catch up with him but he’s fast…hyung… help me hyung… I don’t know what to do. Hyung I need to find Junsu.. it’s raining heavily… Junsu would cold and he’s will frighten with the lightening and thunder. Please hyung… help me find Su…Hyung…” Yoochun drop on his knee, crying hard in the rain.
“YOOCHUN!! YOOCHUN!!” jaejoong shouts on the phone.
“Hyung…” Yoochun can’t control anymore.
“Yoochun calm down. Tell me where you are.. I will be there with Yunnie and Changmin to help you…” Jaejoong try to calms Yoochun.
“I’m… at…. the park,…. Near……. our house…” Yoochun try to speak between his cry…
“Wait there, just waits at the ice cream shops… shelter there… we will come now..” jaejoong instruct. He hang up. Yoochun stand up slowly and bring his leg to the ice cream shop. The shop is closed because it is almost midnight now. He limp to the floor crying Junsu’s name.
“Su…where are you…” He messed his hair. Desperately wanting his Junsu right now. He looking straight to the front.. watching the rain…
“Su..are you cold right now?” Yoochun cry again. Thinking his Junsu no where to be found, shivering because of the rain and frighten of lightening. He needs his Junsu now in his arms. Protect Junsu from the scariness and giving Junsu the warms.
“Su…” he buried his head on his knee…
“Where are you Su…”
“YOOCHUN!!” Yunho shouts. He runs towards Yoochun follows by Changmin and Jaejoong. Yoochun lifts his head. He stand up quickly and run toward them.
“HYUNG!” He hug Yunho tightly.
“Calms down Yoochun… we will finds Junsu right now…” he’s calming Yoochun.
“Hyung.. come on don’t waste any other times, we need to find Junnie-hyung right now… he must be scare..” Changmin tolds his hyungs.
“Yes.. we need to hurry..” Jaejoong just pat Yoochun shoulders. Yoochun realize Yunho.
“Where will Junsu will go…” jaejoong asks them.
“Playground!” Yunho and Yoochun chorus. Changmin nodded. They runs toward playground.
“SU!” they shouts Junsu’s name. searching every corner of the playground.
“YUNNIE!!!” Jaejoong shouts. Yunho, Yoochun and Changmin runs toward Jaejoong. Jaejoong points inside the concubine.
“SU!” Yoochun runs towards the figure. Junsu was unconscious.
“SU!!” Yoochun shakes Junsu to wake him up.
“SU!!Wake up!!” Yoochun panic, his tears slides down.
“Don’t scare me Su… open your eyes… Please Su…” Yoochun hold Junsu tightly in his arms.
“Yoochun, lets bring him to hospital immediately.” Yunho instruct.
“Yes Yoochun, we need to hurry..” jaejoong agree with Yunho. Yoochun nodded.
“Lets go…” Changmin helps Yoochun lift Junsu outside the concubine. Then Yoochun bring Junsu in bridal style.
“Hurry up!” Changmin calls them. They runs to Yunho car.
“Su… hold on…” Yoochun runs as fast as he can, secure Junsu in his arms. Jaejoong open the back seat door and Changmin hopes in immediately, than Yoochun gives Junsu to Changmin. He hopes in after that. Jaejoong close the door and runs towards passenger sit, Yunho immediately when to driver and started the engine. Yoochun pulls Junsu to his laps and hold him for his dear life. Changmin strip his jacket and cover Junsu with it.
“Su…. Hold on….” Yoochun cry…wiping the water on Junsu face. Junsu’s face pale and his lips slightly turned to purple. He doesn’t response to anyone of them. Changmin start sobbing. Jaejoong looking back and forth to Junsu. Yunho try his best to reach the hospital as soon as possible. H etake a quick glance from the front mirror.
“We here..” Yunho inform. He immediately opens the back seats door. He takes Junsu from Yoochun and runs toward entrance. Changmin follows Yunho. Yoochun runs as fast as he can. Jaejoong runs to the ER entrance.
“I need help!” He shouts to the nurse. The nurses brought the stretcher towards Yunho. Yunho put Junsu on it. They push Junsu to the ER.
“Su…you need to be okay..” Yoochun hold Junsu’s hand tightly.
“You can’t going there…” The nurse stop Yoochun and the others.
“NO! I need to be with him!” Yoochun shouts hold Junsu’s hand more tightly.
“Yoochun please…” Jaejoong try to pry Yoochun hands from Junsu. Yoochun shakes his head.
“Yoochun, they need to save Junsu NOW!” yunho step forward. Yoochun obey to Yunho command. Changmin holds Yoochun’s shoulder comfort him. Yunho hug jaejoong that cries. They watch Junsu been push to ER room and disappear. Yoochun drops on his knee.
“SU!!” He cry loud.
“Hyung….” Changmin hug him and sobbing.
“Junsu is going to be alright..” Yunho try to ensure them. He helps Jaejoongt o sit on the bench than he went to Yoochun helping he stand up with Changmin. He settles Yoochun on the bench and walks to jaejjong again. Hugging him closes to him try to comfort the beautiful man . DBSK waiting for Junsu. They anxious.



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[img] & LoVeLy: STARING YOOSU main YUNJAE KIMIN 11v5dv10[/img]
Chapter 13
The reason~~~

It’s been two hours. They still don’t have any news from the medical staff. The doctor and nurse walks in and out constantly. Yoochun feels afraid. What if anything happen to Junsu.

“Su, please be safe” Yoochun keeps repeating and mumbling it.

“Su, please be safe baby.” Yoochun cry of rivers. Changmin hold tight his knee in his chest, praying hard for Junsu. Jaejoong still breathing hard in Yunho arms, he worried too much. Yunho just looking straight nowhere, he needs to be tough. His members need him the most in this time. They not move in inches. Their manager just arrived after he received phone call from Yunho. He’s dealing with the management. The reporters have arrived outside after hearing that Xiah Junsu from DBSK been brought to ER in the middle of night.

The light of ER room turned off. Yunho stood up. He held Jaejoong in his arms. Changmin step forward with him. Yoochun just stare the door from his sit. The doctor walks out. They rushed to the doctor except Yoochun.

“Kim Junsu’s family?” The doctor asked.

“Yes.” The manager reply.

“He just passed his critical stage. We have sent him to his private rooms at level 14. We understand that you all need privacy. He still doesn’t want to wake up, in this situation the patient itself refuse to wake up. We need to monitor him for further improvement. He may wake up in short time or he may not wake up for a long period. Just be prepared. He’s been exposed to the cold for long time. He will be put under our supervision. “ The doctor informs.

“Thank you doctor.” The manager said.

“By the way, I need to tell something private. Did happen one of you is really close to him?” The doctor asks.

“Park Yoochun, his boyfriend.” Yunho point to Yoochun.

“Mr. Park, can I have a talk with you?” the doctor eyes Yoochun. Yoochun lift his head, his eyes red from cry.

“S-sure...” Yoochun with his horse voice.

“Yunho Hyung, can you go with me..” Yoochun asks

“Hmm.” Yunho nodded.

“Hyung, you want to follow us?” Yoochun asks his manager.

“No, you guys go ahead. I need to informs the reporters outsides first than I will go yo Junsu’s rooms. It’s that okay with you?” The manager asks.

“Thank you hyung..” Yoochun said dryly, still can’t control his emotions.

“ I will go to Junsu’s room. Comes Minnie...” Jaejoong held out his hand. Changmin take it. They walk to elevator.

“Comes Yoochun.” Yunho helps Yoochun to stand up.

“This way please.” The doctor shows the way. Yunho hold Yoochun and helps him walks with the doctor.

Junsu’s room.

Junsu lying on the bed lifeless. Jaejoong sobbing hard seeing Junsu, Changmin hold him tights, try to prevent from crying. They just stare at Junsu, don’t know what to do. Jaejoong and Changmin approach Junsu.

“Junsu..” Jaejoong call softly, he cared Junsu’s face.

“Junnie hyung...” Changmin hold Junsu’s hand.

“Please wake up Junnie..” Jaejoong crying a river along with Changmin.

“Hyung, ...wake .... up.... please... I... will let.... you... win.... in.... the.... game if.... you.... wake up... please hyung...don’t sleep.. Wake up.... and.... play with me...” Changmin said between his sobbing.

Its been 20 minutes Yoochuna and Yunho follows the doctor, they still have not come yet. The manager has informs all the reporters that Junsu catch a cold and was in good condition. They sat waiting for Yoochun and Yunho to come in.

Knock knock knock... someone knocking the door. The manager open it.

“Oh it’s you.. come in..” The manager please

“Hyung, jaejoong, changmin..”

“Teukie Hyung...” Jaejoong call.

“We heard from our manager, we come hear as fast as possible. Kibum wanted to see Changmin..” Kangin walks in with leeteuk and Kibum.

“Minnie...” Kibum eyes his lover.

“Bummie...” Changmin run to his embrace.

“Shushhh....” Kibum sooth Changmin.

“Junnie hyung will be okay... don’t worry...” Kibum ensure him. Changmin just nodding, his tears slides again wetting Kibum’s shirt. Kangin and leeteuk giving warm hug to Jaejoong.

“How’s he?” Leeteuk asks Jaejoong.

“He will wake up or may not wake up..” Jaejoong looking at Junsu sadly.

“The doctor said that Junsu is the one that doesn’t want to wake up...” Jaejoong teary explaining the fact.

“Why? I thought everything was fine...” Leeteuk get teary. Kangin hold him.

“JUNSU!” Eunhyuk bursting in the room. He froze....

“J-ju-junsu...” He walks slowly to Junsu.

“Slave..wake up... don’t play anymore... I don’t like it..” Eunhyuk shaking Junsu.

“JUNNIE!.. wake up!”


“SLAVE!” He slapped Junsu’s cheek.

“HYUKKIE!” Donghae rush to him. He hold Eunhyuk tightly.

“Hae, asks Junnie to wake up NOW!” Eunhyuk hold Donghae’s shirt harshly.

“NOW HAE! I SAID NOW!” He shocking Donghae.

“Hyukkie...” Donghae call softly.

“Junnie...” Eunhyuk falls in Donghae’s arms.

“Junnie... “ Eunhyuk cry. Jaejoong just close his mouth using his palm, seeing Eunyuk breakdown, Changmin cry harder in Kibum’s embrace. Leeteuk’s tears slides and he held to Kangin. The manager just looking down to floor doesn’t know what to do. The room just full with tears and sobbing. Everyone prays that Junsu will wake up.

The door open, Yunho walks in. He walks to Jaejoong and hold him tight in his embrace. Jaejoong hugging Yunho for his dear life. Yoochun’s walks in. Eunhyuk lift his head, he saw Yoochun. He rushed to Yoochun.

BANG! He just punched Yoochun in his face, Yoochun stumble back to the door.

“IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! IT’S YOUR FAULT! GIVE MY JUNSU BACK!” Eunhuk shouted at him, punched him continuosly. Donghae run to them and drag Eunhyuk away from Yoochun. Yoochun just lying there, not responding. Kangin help Donghae to hold Eunhyuk.

“YOU IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU!” Eunhyuk shouts again again and again. Jaejoong, Changmin, Manager, Leeteuk and Kangin don’t understand why Euhnyuk will mad at Yoochun? Why Junsu condition regarding to Yoochun. Donghae drag Eunhyuk out of the room with the helps from Kangin. Yoochun stand up and walks slowly to Junsu. He leans closely to Junsu.

“Su..,” He tears rolled down. Yunho hold Jaejoong tightly, turned away from YOOSU.

“Su...” He close gap between them and put his forehead on Junsu.

“Su... I Love You...”



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Chapter 14
I’m sorry, I Love you~~~

“Jaejoong, comes..we will waits outside..”Yunho pulls Jaejoong. The others just follow getting the message to leaves the loves bird to be alone. Yoochun still besides Junsu staring him lovely.

“Su…” He combed Junsu hairs with his finger softly.

“I’m sorry Su.. I don’t realize it… You sure have tough time right? I’m sorry baby… I’m sorry Su…” Yoochun teary, his view start blankly block by his tears. He takes Junsu’s hands and apply soft kiss.

“Su baby… I’m sorry.. I love you… I love you…”

“Thank you Su… for always be with me…”
“Thank you Su…for everything you gives me…”

“Thank you Su.. for your loves to me…”

“Thank you Su..for your care…and..for this…” Yoochun put his hand on Junsu’s stomach he lean forward and apply a kiss on Junsu stomach. He buried his face on Junsu stomach.

“Please Su… Wake up baby… please wake up… I really need you right now… I need you…I’m sorry baby… I love you… I love you… I love you…” he crying. He climbs on the bed and lay beside Junsu. He pulls Junsu in his embrace, hold him tightly. He rests his chin on Junsu head. He than lift Junsu face lean forward a place a soft loving kiss on Junsu lips, cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead and lips again. He pulls away and bring Junsu head to rest on his neck, he loves feeling Junsu’s breath on him. He cares Junsu’s back.

“Su… I love you…” He closes his eyes, tears sliding down from his eyes.

“I love you…”

At the other side.

The anager has left them to meets with chairman and explain what happen.


“Can you tell us what happen to Junsu? “

“Why you said it’s Yoochun’s fault?” Jaejoong asks eyeing Eunhyuk that sitting on the bench with Donghae calming him. Euhyuk remain salient.

“Hyukjae..” Leeteuk calls. Euhyuk heard it, Leeteuk will not calls his real name if he’s not serious enough, and he know judging from Leeteuk tone his demand for an explanation from him right now, demand for his cooperation or he will be dead.

“He’s a player..” Eunhyuk reply.

“What?” Everyone gasped, shocking with the reply.

“Hyukkie..” Leeteuk calls softly.

“Can you all just fucking understand what I’m trying to say?” Eunhyuk busted out standing from his sit. Everyone shocked with Eunhyuk revelation. Donghae stand and cares Eunhyuk’s back.

“A player..” He repeat slowly this time. His tears treating to slides from his eyes. KangTeuk, Kimin and Yunjae eyeing them.

“He’s fucking messed up with everything…”

“Junsu loves him… he’s hurting Junsu.. but Yoochun just meesed up everything.. he’s fucking lie. His loves for Junsu only a bet.. a bet to make Junsu falls over wheels on him… a bet…just a fucking bet…” Euhyuk crying, he drops to floor buried his face with his palms.

“What?” jaejoong teary again, to shocked for anything. Donghae helps Eunhyuk to sit on the bench. He’s see how Euhyuk broken….

“What do you mean by that? I demand an explanation!!” Changmin that only silent from beginning, fade up. Donghae knew, he need to help Eunhyuk explaining to the others..

“Actually.. it started yesterday, I, Hyukkie and Junnie just pass by the one off training rooms in company. We heard a conversation; we’re not a busy body person. But after hearing Yoochun’s voice, Junnie decide to listen it..” Donghae starts…


“Yoochun oppa… just stop what you’re do. I’ve seen enough… I lose…I will do anything for you…” A girl

“No.. It’s not enough..” Yoochun

“You got in his pant already!! What’s more?” The girl

“Yeah..” Yoochun reply shortly.

“So…just let’s us end the bet already… You win…you win…”The girl

“No.. I will not..” Yoochun

“Oppa~~~” The girls whine.

“Oppa.. just let the bet end and I will do anything for you..” She said in seductive tone.

“No..I SAID NO!!” Yoochun shouts.

“Oppa!!what else you want.. you got all already… his falling for you…his body…Don’t tell me you can’t get enough at his body… Come on.. he’s just at sex toy…” The girls said in low tone.

“Yeah…you right…” Yoochun reply.

“Junsu can’t hear anymore he runs, Donghae and Eunhyuk follows him.


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hai hai... another chapter for you all.. I hopes you all like it hehehe... next chapter, trust me... Your Cute Junsu will come back..


“Su baby.” Yoochun calls Junsu softly.

"I'm sorry Su.." Yoochun hugging Junsu, crying hard..

"You know... the doctor said that you don’t want to wake up by yourself…" Yoochun

“Why baby? It’s because of me you don’t want to wake up? Please baby.. wake up..for us and for our future..” Yoochun cares Junsu belly.

“I need you baby… I really need you… I want to tell you something baby… please wake up baby…” Yoochun buried his head on Junsu shoulders.


The other side.

“What?” Changmin asked still unbelief what Donghae told them.

“Yoochun could not do that, especially to Junsu. He would not dare..” Jaejoong sobbing from the fact.

“No.. He would not… he loves Junsu for all his heart… he loves Junsu..Don’t he Yunnie?” Jaejoong asks Yunho.

“Yes, he loves Junsu baby.. he loves Junsu..” Yunho ensure him, pulling Jaejoong to his embrace.

‘He loves him… he loves him..” Jaejoong keep repeating.

“I can’t believe that!” Changmin burst.

“Minnie..” Kibum calls.

“No..i know Yoochun hyung would not do that..” Changmin lowered his head. What he supposed to said now.. Junsu lying in there unconscious, now he heard that Yoochun is behind all this. No he can’t believe it.

“Junsu said that too..” Donghae continue.


"Chunnie...." Junsu crying... "You don't love me do you?" he falls to the ground crying hard.

“Chunnie..” Junsu calling

“Junnie..” Eunhyuk and Donghae walking to him. Hold him tight.

“He loves me don’t he?” Junsu asks

“He love me don’t he Hyukkie? Haehae?” Junsu need confirmation, his tears slides down uncontrollable.

‘I know he loves me..” Junsu cry.

“I know…” Junsu repeat.

“Shhsshh..” Eunhyuk smoothing him.

“Junnie..” Donghae calls

“Haehae he loves me right?” Junsu tugging Donghae’s shirt hard.

“He loves me..” Junsu broke down.

“I know.. he loves you..” Donghae ensure him.

“Yes Junnie, he loves you he loves you..” Eunhyuk support Donghae.

“He loves me?” Junsu asks again looking straight to Eunhyuk eyes.

“Y-..” Eunhyuk being cut.


Junsu, Eunhyuk and Donghae turn their gaze to intruder.

“Yoona..” Donghae.

“He’s not in love with you..” Yoona stated.

“What do you mean by that?” Eunhyuk stand up eyeing Yoona.

“Like I said he doesn’t like Junsu..” Yoona stated.

“You…” Eunhyuk can’t take it anymore..

“Hit me… It will not change anything, the fact that

Yoochun doesn’t loves Junsu…” She step forward bravely.

“You with him just now..” Donghae.

“Yes, I’m glad you know that..” Yoona smiles.

“So it’s true?” Eunhyuk asks?

“What?” yoona annoyed.

“The bet! We heard that!” Eunhyuk can’t control it.

“oh.. you heard it..” Yoona smiles.

“Tell me you bitch!!” Eunhyuk shouts.

“Yah! Don’t shouted..” Yoona.

“Just tell us..” Donghae try to control the situation. Junsu still sobbing on the floor.

“Yes.. It is a bet. I dare him to make Junsu falls in loves with him. If he succeeds I will accept his proposed to become his girlfriend. “ Yoona said.

“Why you do that?” Donghae asks unbelief.

“Why? Because.. I don’t need a boyfriend that has secret admire and it is a guy for GODS SAKE. I asks him to get rid that secret admire first than after that he will come to me..” Yoona points to Junsu.

“What?” Eunhyuk can’t believe what he heard.

“I told you, I asked Yoochun to prove me that he can rid him and show his loves to me by making he fall in loves with him…It is a bet after all. Now, he succeed so.. Yoochun will be mine..” Yoona cross his hand.

“You..” Eunhyuk rised his hand to slap Yoona, Yoona close his eyes blocking with his hand. Nothing happen.

“Junnie..” Donghae calls. Eunhyuk turned his gaze to his side, Junsu holding his hand to prevent him from hitting Yoona. Yoona just staring.

“I believe in Chunnie..” Junsu stated. Eunhyuk and Donghae smiles. Yoona socked.

“Yeah, prove it… you will see later.. He just need to get into your pants only.. trust me..” Yoona smirks.

“No he will not..” Junsu step forward.

“yeah.. what ever… Don’t remind me that I’m not telling you.. So tell me have you ever getting into fight?” Yoona asks

“It’s none of your business..” Junsu said.

“How Yoochun overcome it? Did he bring you to end it with sex? Yoona rise his eyebrow.

“Shut up..” Junsu said.

“So tell me, do Yoochun always getting touchy all the times? No should I said he’s getting horny all the time?” Yoona step forward.

“Shut up Yoona..” Junsu bit his lips.

“Tell me, did Yoochun always control you to have sex with you?” Yoona asks again ignoring Junsu and Eunhyuk and Donghae.

“It was always about sex with him right?” Yoona stop infront of Junsu.

“SHUT UP!!” Junsu shouted.

“I will proves to you he loves me eternally..” Junsu said pushing Yoona and walks past her.

“I will wait!!” yoona shouted. Eunhyuk and Donghae gives Yoona glares than they follows Junsu.

“Junnie..” Eunhyuk pulls Junsu, he and Donghae able to catch up with Junsu. He’s crying

"I need to do something..." Junsu dry his tears. "I will prove to him, he's wrong..and how dare he messed up with me..." Junsu determine.

“Junnie?” Donghae asked worried.

“Junnie..don’t listen to her.” Eunhuk try to calm Junsu.

“I will proves to Yoochun and Yoona they all wrong!” Junsu bits his lips.

“Junnie..” Eunhyuk doesn’t like this situation.

“Hyukkie, Haehae..can I come to your dorms tonight?” Junsu asks.

“S-sure..” Donghae unsure.

“I will tell you all what will I do..” Junsu lowered his head.

‘Junnie..” Eunhyuk patted his shoulder.

“I’m confussed..” Junnie cry again.

“It’s okay Junnie..” Donghae pulls him for hug. Eunhyuk just eyeing them sadly.


“ That night, Junnie comes to our dorms around 2 am..” Donghae said.

“he told us everything.. he need to proves that Yoona was wrong..”Donghae lowerd his head.

“I think he’s the one wrong…” Donghae bit his lips.

“Maybe he has figure out the truth..” Donghae lift his head, his eyes get teary.

“The truth?” Leeteuk asks..

“Yoochun doesn’t loves Junsu?” Kangin add. Donghae tears slide dow. Eunhyuk sobbing. Jaejoong buried his head on Yunho chest. Kibum pulss Changmin to his embrace. Leetuek covers his mouth with his palms.


They turned their gaze to the owner of the voice.


Okay I'm so sorry for letting Yoona to be a bad girl.. I just need someone on that post... this is only fic only fic..*puppies eyes*


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Chapter 16

“NO!” Everyone turned their gazed to the owner of the voice.

“He loves me..”

“Junnie...” Jaejoong gasped.

“He loves me..” Junsu teary. He tighten his hold on Yoochun.

“I know he loves me..” Junsu added. He looks into Yoochun’s eyes when say it. Yoochun eyes proud, hurt, confussed..No, it shows loves, it shows how he thankful that Junsu believe in him, believe that he loves Junsu.

“Su...” He calls softly. Junsi smiles lovingly to him. Yoochun lean forward and plan a kiss on Junsu pale lips. Junsu smiles in his kiss. He really believes that Yoochun loves him, Yoochun really thankful that Junsu always by his side. They pulls away, Yoochun dry Junsu’s tears with his thumb.

“I love you..” He put his forehead on Junsu, looking straight to Junsu eyes.

“I love you too..” Junsu reply. Everyone happy with that condition. Except,

“Junnie.. you believe him?” Eunhyuk frowned. He step forward to Junsu and Yoochun.

“Hyukkie..” Junsu turned his gazed to Eunhyuk.

“YOU BELIEVE HIM AFTER ALL THAT HE DID TO YOU?” Eunhyuk busted suddenly. Everyone shocked.

“Hyukkie.. I believe in him. I really do..” Junsu smiles. Eunhyuk step foward. Yoochun nervous.

“Oh..” Hyukkie smiles.

“That’s good...” He added

“Hyukkie..” Junsu smiles, Yoochun feels release. Eunhyuk step forward, he smiles never leaves him.

“Eunhyuk..” Yoochun smiles.

“Yoochun..”Eunhyuk stop infront of Yoochun.

“CHUNNIE!!!” Junsu screams.

“HYUKKIE!!” Donghae screams.

Eunhyuk has punched Yoochun on his jaws. Jaejoong runs to Yoochun and Leeteuk runs to Eunhyuk.

Junsu kneel down, “Chunnie...are you okay?” Junsu teary... He and Jaejoong helps Yoochun to sit up. Leeteuk and Donghae pulls Eunhyuk.

“What are you doing?” Leeteuk hissed. Kangin rolled his eyes.

“Chunnie.. chunnie.. chunnie..” junsu sobbing. He cares Yoochun’s jaws.

“Su.. it’s nothing..” Yoochun hurt seeing Junsu get teary.

“’s hurt?” Junsu sobbing.

“Don’t cry baby...don’t cry...” Yoochun pulls Junsu to his arms.

“He deserve it..” Changmin added.

“Minnie...” Yunho warned.

“What?” Changmin plays innocent.

“Don’t Minnie..” Yunho warned. Kibum tugging Changmin’s sleeves.

“Min..” Kibum calls, Changmin sighed.

“Okay..” He hands up defeat.

“You should not do that..” Leeteuk stated to Eunhyuk.

“Yeah, I should not do that..” Eunhyuk shrugged and walks aways.

“That’s for now..” He say before walks away. Donghae send apologetic looks to the two leader and walks after Eunhyuk. Yunho just nodded, Leeteuk hissed.

“Yoochun. Junsu..” Jaejoong calls. Yoochun hugging Junsu.

“Comes Su, you need to rest..” Yoochun pulls Junsu out from his embrace. Junsu still sobbing.

“Su..” Yoochun cares Junsu cheeks.

“Chu-nie..” Junsu in his sobbing. Yunho step forward and helps Junsu to stand up, Leeteuk helps Yoochun.

“You better get rest..” Yunho stated firmly.

“Comes here..” Yoochun pulls Junsu to him and guides toward Junsu’s rooms. He help Junsu to tucked on bed.

“Junsu, you take a rest.. Yoochun will accompany you.. I will get you two something to eat..” jaejoong cares Junsu’s face. He left Junsu with a small kiss in forehead.

“Comes Yunnie..” He links his arms with Yunho.

“we will go with you..” Leeteuk said.

‘yeah... Yoochun please take cares of Junsu..” Kangin smiles.

“Thanks hyung..” Yoochun smiles warmly to their hyungs. Yunjae and Kangteuk living them. Oochun turns his attention to Junsu.

“Su..” Yoochun calls softly. Junsu bits his lips.

“Su..” Yoochun calls again, he climb up on the bed, he crawled up to Junsu. Junsu bit his lips nervous, he looking anywhere except Yoochun.

“Su...” Yoochun ontop Junsu, his breath hit Junsu face. He tiled Junsu face with his finger, guiding to face him the other hand near Junsu’s shoulder support him. Yoochun looks deeply to Junsu eyes.

“I love you..” Yoochun.

“Chu-chunnie..” Junsu nervous, his big round eyes looking shyly to Yoochun. Yoochun lean forwards he kiss Junsu lips.

“” Yoochun said between his kiss. Junsu enjoying the kiss. He looks straight to Yoochun eyes. Yoochun cares Junsu cheeks lovingly, he likes this feeling.

“Did it hurt?” Junsu asks, lifting his hand to touch Yoochun’s jaws.

“It is..” Yoochun said.

“You want me to call doctor?” Junsu asks worried.

“Nah.. I just need this..” Yoochun lean again kissing Junsu’s attempting lips.

“Chunnie..” Junsu calls shyly.

“It will be better if you kiss here..” Yoochun point to his jaws. Junsu bits his lips. He lift his body slightly, guiding his face to Yoochun’s jaws and leaving a wet kiss there.

“Better?” Junsu lays down again.

Yoochun grins, “Much better..” He drop his body fully on Junsu and embrace it tightly.


“You’re heavy..” Junsu whines. Yoochun grins naughtily in his embrace. He pulls away and lay down besides Junsu, he pulls Junsu ontop of him.

“I like this better..” Yoochun stated.

‘Chunnie..” Junsu shy, he hide his face on Yoochun’s chest. He hit Yoochun playfully.

“su-ah..” Yoochun calls softly. He cares Junsu’s back.

“hmm..” Answer Junsu shortly in Yoochun’s chest.

“Su-ah, I really love you...I love you” yoochun said lovingly.

“I know..” Junsu snuggle on Yoochun.

“Su..” Yoochun’s calls.

“Hmm?” Junsu still moving, trying to find a best way to comfort him.

“Su...”Yoochun’s calls again. Junsu lift his head facing Yoochun.

“If you keep moving like that you will be sorry later..” Yoochun warned him.

“Hmm?” Junsu confused. He still try to find a comfort position.

“Su..” Yoochun hold Junsu tightly.

“Chunnie..I can’t breath..” Junsu whines.

“Stop moving Su..” Yoochun said again.

“Chunnie... let go..” Junsu pouts.

“Well..” Yoochun release his hold slightly. Junsu moves again... he satisfy. His leg cover Yoochun’s leg, he snacked his arms behind Yoochun’s necks; he buried his head on Yoochun’s chest. This is the best position; he can feel Yoochun’s rapid heartbeats.

“Chunnie.. you’re sweating..” he feels yoochun’s neck sweats.

“Hmm..” Yoochun breath uneven.

“Chunnie..” Junsu calss softly. He brought one of his hand on Yoochun’s chest, circling using his finger.

“” Yoochun.

“Did doctor say something?” Junsu asks.

“oh..” Yoochun bits his lips.

“ I wanted to start it..” Yoochun said to himself.

“Chunnie..” Junsu calls again.

“Well..” Yoochun lost word.


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Chapter 17
Baby has a baby ~~~~

“Did doctor say something?” Junsu asks.

“oh..” Yoochun bits his lips.

“ I wanted to start it..” Yoochun said to himself.

“Chunnie..” Junsu calls again.

“Well..” Yoochun lost word. Junsu’s waiting.

5 seconds, 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds...

“ say..erm...he say...” yoochun stuttering. Junsu pouts.

“Chunnie...tell me now..” He hits Yoochun’s chest playfully.

“I need to this..” Yoochun determine.

“Baby..I need to tell you something. But I need to you get ready first..You may get shocks when you heard what I’m going to tell you.. Will you be okay Baby?...” Yoochun.

“Hmm..” Junsu nodding cutely in his chest. He drawing a circles on Yoochun chest with his finger.

“Baby... doctor said that my baby will has a baby..” Yoochun cares Junsu’s back waiting for the response.

“Hmm?” Junsu can’t get it... he lift his head looking straight to Yoochun, he lift his hand and touchs Yoochun’s forehead.

‘Chunnie...” Junsu aks.

“Y-yes baby..” He’s waiting for the response, he saw Junsu’s frown.

“You have big forehead...” Junsu laugh cutely while caressing Yoochun’s forehead. Yoochun blinks his eyes. 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds he response

“Forehead?” He frowned.

“ has big forehead.... I think I can draw a baby there..” Junsu laugh, he covers his mouth with his palms.

“Then, draws a baby from my baby?” Yoochun smiles.

“What baby from my baby?” Junsu asks, he still can’t get it.

“Chunnie.. you still not telling me what has the doctor said?” He pinched Yoochun’s cheeks. Poking it than.

“I’ve tell you.. My baby will have a baby..” yoochun said again?

“What baby? You have baby? Where? Who is your baby... I thought you only have me as your baby. How could you have another baby that has a baby? Who’s the baby? Tell me your baby that has your baby... tell me Chunnie who’s that baby with a baby.. tell me...” Junsu pouts, he keeps hitting Yoochun’s chest.

“Su..stop confusing me please...” Yoochun

“baby... baby...listen to me baby...” Yoochun try to hold Junsu.

“tell me who’s that baby...” Junsu in stage of tears.

“baby...” Yoochun calls softly...

“uwek...urgp...urgp...”Yoochun feels like vomiting...


“Chunnie... Are you ok?” Junsu asks, he worried. Yoochun push jUnsu softly out of him he runs to toilet.

“Wek..............” He let go all thing in his stomach. Junsu rund after him. He cares Yoochun’s back, Yoochun keep on like wanted to vomiting.

“Chunnie...don’t scare me...” Junsu cares him. Yoochun vomits.

“Chunnie...” Junsu feels weak seeing Yoochun like that. He teary.

“Chunnie...I know...” Junsu said.

“I” Junsu sobbing. Yoochun lift his head looking at Junsu.

“I baby with” He’s crying, rubbing his eyes with his hands cutely.

“Su?” Yoochun confused.

“” Junsu cry harder.

“Su...” Yoochun shocks..

“No Su...not me...It’s my baby that has baby... “Yoochun try to hold Junsu.

‘No...don’ have” Junsu cry hard.

“Su...” he hold Junsu tightly on shoulders.

“Su...look at” Yoochun said. Junsu sobbing, hic cup. He lift his head lookins straight to Yoochun eyes...

“Tell me Su..what I will calls you usually..” Yoochun asks.

“Su..?” Junsu said.

“Other than that...” Yoochun asks again..

“Baby Su...” Junsu added..

“what else..” Yoochun asks

“My Baby..” Junsu sobbing

“Good.. now tell me... whose is baby? My baby?” Yoochun asks. Junsu thinks.

“Me?” Junsu points to himself.

“So,...” Yoochun lift his eyesbrows.

“Your baby that has a’” Junsu aks confused. Yoochun nodding.

“Me?” Junsu asks again. Yoochun nodding.

“Me? Me has a baby? Baby has a baby?” Junsu tiled his head to the left.

“yes baby.. you have a baby..” Yoochun smiles. Junsu crying hard.


“’s okay’s don’t want’s okay... it’s okay...” Yoochun feels sad.

‘Me...8snift**snift*...want*snift**snift*...” Junsu said, he’s sniffing because of crying.

“What?” Yoochun asks...unsure..

“CHUNNIE! BABY WANT BABY!!” Junsu shouts in his high pitch tone.

“REALLY?” Yoochun shouts...

“Why are you shouting at me..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Junsu cry..

“ I don’t mean it...” Yoochun panic, he pull Junsu for hug. He cares Junsu’s back.

“Chunnie...” Junsu calls..

“Do-do—you ...want that baby..” Junsu asks worried.

“Offcourse.. that’s our baby that you be carrying..” Yoochun ensure him.

“I thought you don’t want it...” Junsu said pouting. Yoochun pulls from Junsu hug.

“Baby.. I love you for everything... now you have our baby...I will love you more and more...” Yoochun smiles.

“Chunnie~~~” Junsu whines.

“You know baby... I thought you will be scare after knowing you’re pregnant..It’s weird knowing that you’re pregnant.....I’m quite a shocked first..” yoochun cares Junsu’s checks

“Hmm.. I’m scare..” Junsu pouting.

“Hmm?” Yoochun looks deeply on Junsu.

“I’m scare a lots of thing...I wonder what people say after hearing I’m pregnant..I’m a man especially... , what will fans reaction? The company? Jaejoong hyung? Yunho-hyung? Changmin? Our family?...Society?...But Chunie... I don’t care... It’s our baby...I’m proud of it...” Junsu smiles cutely to Yoochun.

“Su...” Yoochun feels touchs. He lean forward aiming for Junsu lips...

“chunnie..” Junsu calls softly, he lift his hand cupped Yoochun’s checks and hold it tightly way from his.

“su...” Yoochun’s whine..

“You’re stinks...” Junsu said pouting.

“You’ve not cleans yet after vomiting ..” Junsu smiles.

“So..either we happy or not... cleans first... for now... no kiss...” Junsu laugh, he stand up and runs away from Yoochun. Laughing his trademark

“Eun Kyang Kyang...”

Yoochun shakes his head, seeing Junsu’s buts...

“ least help me...” he mumbles to himself. He stand up and cleaning.

“Chunnie...” Junsu calls peek from the door.

“Yes Baby?” Yoochun answer.

“Why are you vormiting... not me? I’m carrying the baby not you...” Junsu aks, pouting slightly.

“hmm... I don’t know... how about we asks the doctor later?” Yoochun suggest. Junsu nodding franaticly..

‘hurried up Chunnie...” Junsu calls than runs away again..

“Silly Su..” Yoochun smiles...

“My baby has a baby...” Yoochun grins.


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Chapter 18
NO! Junsu can’t pegnant~~~

“Chunnie~~” Junsu whine from his bed. Yoochun just step out from the bathrooms.

“Done?” Junsu tiled his head to the left, asking Yoochun. Yoochun walks to Junsu’s bed. He climbs up and sit comfortably besides Junsu.

“Chunnie~~” Junsu cares Yoochun face.

“Hmm?” He stares Junsu lovingly.

“Thank you.. thank you for loving me… thank you for helping me to become a parent..” Junsu looking straight to Yoochun’s eyes to show how much his sincere about his gratitude towards Yoochun.

“No Su.. Thanks You… You give me everything…” Yoochun lift his hand and cares Junsu cheeks.

“I’m so happy Chunnie..” Junsu lean and rest in Yoochun arms.

“Me too baby.. me too..” Yoochun cares Junsu’s back. They enjoying each other companion. Junsu cares his stomach. He smiles, there is a life in there and he’s carrying it.

“Chunnie.. what if the others don’t like that I’ll pregnant?” Junsu asks worriedly.

“Hmm… we just need to tell them first..” Yoochun just realize that, the others still don’t know that Junsu’s pregnant..only Yunho know it… But Yunho doesn’t show any emotion right back than after hearing the news from the doctor. He feels nervous.

Knock knock knock.

“Junnie..” Yunho calls from outside, he peeks his head and smiles at the couple.

“Hyung~~~” Junsu lift his head from Yoochun’s chest. Yunho walks in with jaejoong, Kangteuk and Kimin.

“Here Yoochun..” Jaejoong past a take away food for the couple. Yoochun received it and put it aside.

“ Thanks Hyung..” Yoochun said.

“How’s going?” Leeteuk asks

“Fine..” Junsu smiles sweetly.

“Good than, I’m glad you’re okay..” kangin adds.

“Hyung… manager calls, he needs us in studio right now…” Kibum asks after shoving his handphone to his pocket, he’s circles his arms around Changmin’s waist.

“Owh..” kangin nodded receiving the messages.

“Junnie.. Yoochun.. we will catch up with you later. Junnie please take cares of yourself…” Leeteuk lean forward and hugging Junsu.

“I will hyung..” Junsu said brightly.

“Take care of Junnie..” Kangin said to Yoochun.

“I will..” Yoochun said.

“Bye Junnie Hyung… I will see you later..” Kibum waves to Junsu. They walks out from the room living DBSk alone.

“Hyung..Changmin…take a sit..” Yoochun informs Yunjae and Changmin. Jaejoong and Changmin looks each other. Yunho remain calms.

“Su..We need to tell them…” Yoochun facing Junsu, caressing Junsu’s stomach.. Junsu get the sig. He nodded.

“So..Chunchun.. need to tell us something?” Jaejoong that sitting on Yunho laps asking; he feels that this conversation will getting serious.

“Well…” Yoochun looks at Junsu than to Yunho than to jaejoong and Changmin.

“I’m waiting hyung…” Changmin said, he lean back on the couch. Junsu hold Yoochun hand tightly.

“Hyung.. Changmin… I know it seems impossible but the truth is..” Yoochun take a good inhaled. Junsu bit his lips. They afraid what will the others members react toward Junsu’s pregnancy.

“he’s pregnant..” Yoochun finish his sentence.

1 second,2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds… still no response.

“Junsu’s pregnant..” Yoochun said again..

“Sure, offcourse… I’ve big fat and round butt like Junnie Hyung…” Changmin laugh.. he’s not taking it seriously.

“You do? ... no wonder you gain so much weght lately” Jaejoong laugh along with Changmin, he gives Changmin high five. Yoosu and Yunho remain silent.

Jaejoong stop laughing followed by Changmin…

“You do pregnant?” jaejoonga asks directly to Junsu. Junsu nodding. Than he asks Yoochun:

“Junsu’s pregnant?” jaejoong asks. Yoochun nodded.

“Why are you not lsughing?” Jeejoonga asks Yunho..

“Cause it’s real..”Yunho said. Jaejoong mouth make shape “o”.. Changmin jaw’s drop..

“So..” Yoochun asks again.

“O…he’s pregnant..” Jaejoong still try to register the fact.

“Yes he’s pregnant..” yunho adds, Jaejoong nodding.

“Junnie hyung’s pregnant..” Changmin stll shocks.


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jaejoong screams. Yunho close his ears with his palms, Changmin still shocks can’t react anything. Yoosu eyes widen.


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jaejoong keeps on screaming. Yunho takes his palms and cover Jaejoong mouth from screaming more.

Yoosu shocked with his reaction, “He doesn’t like it..” They saying in their mind.

“NO!! JUNSU…NO…” jaejoong release from Yunho hand and keep shaking his head.

“NO JUNNIE!! NO!!” He keeps shaking his heads. Yoosu feels sucks. Changmin don’t know how to react.

“Joongie..” Yunho try to calms him down.

“Joogie..” he hold jaejoong tightly in his arms.

“No,, Yunnie,…No… Junnie can’t pregnant…” Jaejoong tells Yunho.

“Joongie..” Yunho calls.

“No.. Yunnie.. He’s cant…No..” Jaejoong shaking his head telling Yunho, he waves his hand frantically denying it.

“Hyung..” Junsu calls weak.. Yoochun embrace him.


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Chapter 19
Parents And friends~~~

“Joongie..” Yunho calls.

“No.. Yunnie.. He’s cant…No..” Jaejoong shaking his head telling Yunho, he waves his hand frantically denying it.

“Hyung..” Junsu calls weak.. Yoochun embrace him.

“Joongie..Listen to me..” Yunho cupped Jaejoong face, lead him facing him.

“No Yunnie..” jaejoong sobbing.

“Joongie.. He’s pregnant already..” Yunho tell them..

“No..Yunnie..He can’t..” He cry, hugged Yunho tightly.

“Joongie..It’s okay..It’s okay..” Yunho cares Jaejoong.

“Hyung..” Yoochun calls him weakly. Junsu was crying in his embrace. Jaejoong ignore him. He hit Yunho’s back repeatly..

“No..Yunnie… No..” He cry..

“Joongie.. we will try hard more.. we will..”Yunho said. Changmin blinks his eyes,

“Yunnie..” jaejoong crying hard.

“Baby.. It’s okay.. we will try more..until we get one too..” Yunho told him.
“Yunnie..” He’s sobbing.

“we will get one too baby.. we will..” Yunho ensure him.

Jaejoong lift his head, looking straight to Yunho eyes,”Promise?”

“Yes baby… I will try too.. we will get one..” Yunsho smiles to him.

“You will?” jaejoong asks again..

“I will baby..” yunho peck his lips.. Jaejoong stop crying. He smiles at Yunho.

“You better keep you promise..” Jaejoong pouts. Yunho chuckled.

“Offcourse baby..” Yunho pinched his nose..

“Yunnie.~~~” Jaejoong whine he buried his head on Yunho’s chest. Changmin get it..

“Hyung..” Yoochun calls..Yunjae looks at Yoosu.

“No matter what.. we will keep this baby…” Yoochun determine.

“yes hyung… We will protect our baby… no matter what you said” Junsu said, sobbing.

Jaejoong blinks his eyes, Yunho just looks straight. Changmin looking back and forth between Yunjae and Yoosu.

“Who said you two can’t keep the baby?” Yunho asks.

“Hmm?” Yoosu confused, Changmin nodding his head

“Yes, what are you two talking about and why are you crying?” jaejoong asks and point to Junsu.

“You said Junsu’s can’t pregnant.. and you don’t allow us to keep our baby..” Yoochun told the. Yunjae dumbful.

“Okay.. that was odd..” jaejoong think. He never said that.

“Did I?” jaejoong asks Yunho.

“No baby…” Yunho ensure him

“Hyung… how could you… you just said it infront of us.. you keep on yelling that Junsu can’t pregnant.” Yoochun said seriously.

“Owh…” Yunjae get it.

“I never said that..” jaejoong defense himself.

“I heard it hyung, Changmin also heard it..” Junsu sobbing from Jaejoong denial. Changmin nodded agreing.

“I heard that..” He confirms.

“NO I’m NOT!!” jaejoong get angry.

“YES YOU ARE!!” Junsu yell.

“I’M NOT” Jaejoong

“YES!” Junsu

‘NO!” Jaejoong

“YES!” Junsu.

“STOP!” Yunho.

“NO YOU STIOP!!” Yoochun


“NO! YOU TWO STOP!” Yoochun

“ALL OF YOU SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!” Changmin screams. They stop immediately.

“So hyung, tell us why you said NO and you two just listen to them..” Changmin ordered.

“I’m not saying that Junnie can’t keep his baby..” jaejoong pouts. Yunho sighed.

“Actually..” Yunho starts..

“jaejoong feels sad bec-….” Yunho been cut by Junsu

“See.. he’s sad because I’m pregnant..” Junsu accusing.

‘NO I’m not..” jaejoong determine.

“Let him finish would you..” Changmin warning them. They shut up, Junsu and Jaejoong pouting.

“Like I said.. Joongie feel sad because he…” Yunho been cuts once again.

“See..he’s sad…” Yoochun been cuts by Changmin.

“YAH!” He points at Yoochun, Yoochun zipped his mouth. YTunho sighed.

“Because he’s jealous that Junsu get pregnant first, he wanted to get pregnant at first place and he just too shocked after hearing that Junsu getting pregnant.. he feels sad that right now he’s not pregnant.. and that’s is why he keep saying NO Junsu can’t pregnant..because he wanted it too..that’s the story..end” Yunho ended it in one breath afraid that the others will interrupted him.

Yoosu and Changmin mouth “o”..

“ don’t mind Junnie hyung get pregnant?” Changmin asks.

“Off course why would i? I wanted to get pregnant too..” Jaejoong pouts in Yunho laps.

“Hyung…I’m sorry” Yoochun said. Jaejoong turned away.

“Hmmp..” He’s backing Yoosu on Yunho laps.

“Hyung…” Junsu calls.

“How could you think that I don’t want YOUR BABY” jaejoong puts he hides his face on Yunho necks.

“Hyung…I’m so sorry..” Yoochun adds.

“Hyung… I’m stupid..” Junsu said. Jaejoong still not response.

“Joongie… they already apologize..” Yunho try.

“yes Hyung.. they don’t mean it…”Changmin add.

“Joongie..” Yunho calls softly.

“Fine..” jaejoong grins in Yunho’s neck. He lift his head facinf Yoosu.

“I forgive you.. But…You need to allow me to decorate your baby’s rooms..” jaejoong points to Yoosu, they smiles.

“Alright… as long as you fine..” yoochun take the deal.

‘Deal..thanks hyung…”Junsu smiles. Jaejoong nodded like child happy that he can decorate Yoosu Baby’s room.

“Good than..” Changmin smile..

“And you…” jaejoong points to Changmin.

‘What?” Changmin asks.

“No food from me for a week.. how could you agree to them..” jaejoong grins.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I need my baby!!!!” Changmin shakes his head Everyone laughing.. this is friends, sharing everything.

“And you..” jaejoong calls Yunho seductively. Yunho raised his eyes brows.

“I need you to help me….” Jaejoong blow at Yunho ears softly.

“To make….baby…” He whispered seductively, licki9ng Yunho earlobe, Yunho shivers from the sensation.

“My honour..” Yunho smirks, he lift Jaejoong to his shoulder and stand up…

“Take care guys.. we need to catch up something..Changmin…you find your baby by yourself since Jaejoong will not cook for you..after all he’ll busy..” Yunho smirks and slap jaejoong butt. Jaejoong wriggle in his shoulder.

“Yunnie..hurry…” Jaejjong whines

“Okay baby…” Yunho walks away carrying jaejoong on his shoulder they need to do something.

“HYUNG!!” Changmin calls.

“My baby…” He mumbles. He stand up.

“Junnie hyung..Chunchun hyung I need to go to find baby..” Changmin pouts.

Yoosu chuckled. Changmin leaves them.

Yoochun turns his gaze to Junsu.

“So..” Yoochun start..

“We’re parents right now..”

“Yes Chunnie… and I’m glad our friends with us..” Junsu hug Yoochun, and Yoochun hug back.


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Chapter 18
Dealing with pregnancy’s thing~~~

Junsu was discharged from hospital, everyone seems happy hearing Junsu’s pregnant, doctor has confirm it was 3 month already. What even more shocked that, their management was so happy to hear that and advise them to spread the news to the fans. Yoosu was afraid at first, but with the support of the other members and friends they manage to tell the fans. More surprisingly, the fans were so happy tp hear the news. They receive lots of cards and gives. Fans’ leaving messages in their bulletin and their homepages congratulations them. Yoosu was so happy with the response but, as usual after the news of Junsu’s pregnancy life of DBSK’s member was so good and chaos. Moreover, Yunho been nagging by Jaejoong in other to get pregnant. Making loves was good for Yunho but it will not turns good if Jaejoong keep asking every night even they was so exhausted from the schedule. For loves, Yunho need to bare it, it’s his Joongie after all. It was really tired for him, he don’tknow howcome Jaejoong become so horny and energetic every night.

It was lovely morning, they off from schedule Changmin was deep in sleep and Yunjae was naked cuddles together in their bed exhausted after long night sex. Yoosu? Let me tell you:

Yoochun wake up immediately from his sleep and running to the bathroom. He puked out everything in his stomach. He’s sighed, this is too tired. It was third times for this morning. He wipes his mouth and cleans the dirty. He looks at the mirror, he wonder will Junsu able to handle it if he got morning sickness. He was so grateful after hearing from the doctor that Yoosu was rarely case which the other partner will get the morning sickness not the pregnant one. He was so happy thinking that Junsu will not suffer from morning sickness. He smiles, at least he can reduce Junsu’s burden.

“Chunnie~~~” Junsu calls from bed.

“Yes baby..” Yoochun runs out from the bathroom, he saw Junsu was already wake up rubbing his eyes cutely.

“Did you puked again?” Junsu asks pouting slightly showing his plump lips.

“ya…it was 3rd times already..”Yoochun climb up on the bed and sit facing Junsu

“Did I wake you ap?” Yoochun asks seeing Junsu still sleepy.

“No… I feel empty without you by my side..” Junsu leans to Yoochun and put his head on Yoochun’s chest and snuggling comfortably.

“Hmm.. Su, today we have no schedule..would you like to do anything?” Yoochun smiles, Junsu nodded.

“What you want to do baby?” Yoochun cares Junsu’s back.

“I want to be with you..”Junsu said,smilling in Yoochun chest. Yoochun chuckled.

“ are so sweet… Can’t get enough of me?” Yoochun grins.

“Chunnie~~~” Junsu whine, he pinched Yoochun back.

“Aww..” Yoochun, Junsu giggling.

“Baby…” Yoochun calls

“Hmm?” Junsu

“I need my morning kiss” Yoochun grins, Junsu pulls from Yoochun he smiles. He gives Yoochun a peck. Yoochun pouts.

‘Not like that, like this..” Yoochun lean to Junsu and capture his lips. He kisses Junsu passionately, Junsu moans in his kiss. Yoochun pulls Junsu closer to him and wrapped his arms around Junsu’s waist. Junsu hold on Yoochun’s head bringghing him more closer to him, messing with Yoochun’s hair. Yoochun was so in, Junsu stops kissing. Yoochun confused.


“Chunnie… I think I need something..” Su pouts.

“Hmm?” Yoochun frowned.

“What’s the you want, tell me Su..” Yoochun cares Junsu faces.

Junsu bits his lips.

"Chunnie... could you...could you bring me to eat ice cream..." Junsu lowered his head, Yoochun smile...

“did the baby maked you want to eat it?” yoochun smilling. Junsu nodding his head franatically. He beams his eyes to Yoochun.

“Can…can we?” Junsu asks.

“offcourse, comes lets get ready and we went for ice cream..” Yoochun help Junsu to stand up. Junsu lauch to him and hug him tightly.

“Yes yes yes yes yes…” Junsu was so happy, Yoochun chuckled. They get ready to get some ice cream, Yoochun brought Junsu to his ice creams shop.

“Morning Sir..” His worker addressed him.

“Morning…how’s everything?” Yoochun smiles, Junsu was in his arms.

“Everything was fine sir, seems like more custonmer comes from day to day..” The worker said.

“good than, keep up on good work.” Yoochun patted the worker giving encouragement.

“Chunnie~~ I need ice cream now..” Junsu whines, tugging Yoochun’s arm to get his attention.

‘oh..comes…we sit there..” Yoochun leads Junsu to one of the table. Junsu nodding happily.

“So..what’s flavor do you want baby?” yoochun asks.

“Hmm…let me think it… you have total 99 flavours in the shop..what should I get than…” Junsu makes thinking post, he tapping his finger on his chins. Yoochun find it cute.

“Can I get you something sir..” The worker comes to them.

“Yes please… please bring me ice cream..” Junsu said happily.

“What’s flavor do you like sir?”

“Hmm… I want yam, mango, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, tiramisu, raspberry, coffee and melon.” Junsu saying it while counting with his finger. Yoochun shocked. The worker widen his eyes.

“Su.. that was to much baby..” yoochun hold his hand.

“But I want it..” Junsu pouts.

“It was not good for you to eat it early in the morning too much..” Yoochun advice.

“No,… I want it… I don’t care… I want it… I want it… I want it…” Junsu stomping his feet.

“No Su.. that was not good baby..” Yoochun try.

“Y-you…you don’t love me do-do you…” Junsu lips quivering, he’s in the state of crying. Yoochun panic.

“I love you baby…” Yoochun said immediately.

“T-than..w-why d-do you stop m-me to-get my ice cream…” Junsu sniff, his eyes teary.

“Okay.. you can get what you want..Bring all the flavor that he want..” yoochun afraid that Junsu will mad so he tells the worker and the worker walks away to get the order.

“Really?” Junsu asks, wiping his tears cutely with his palms

“Yes baby.. anything that you want..” yoochun ensure him.

“Thank you Chunniee~~~” Junsu was so happy, he’s jumping from his sit to Yoochun laps hugging him tightly. He’s stop crying.

“I know you love me..” Junsu kiss Yoochun all in the face, giving a peck here and there.

‘I love you too Chunnie~~” Junsu smilling brightly on Yoochun’s laps.

“what the heck?” Yoochun thought.


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