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A Misleading Skeptic [ lee hyori & big bang ]

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A Misleading Skeptic [ lee hyori & big bang ]

Post by *i n toxic a t i ng on 6/18/2009, 7:20 pm

Started: May 25, 2009
Ended: —

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional, the events that occur in this story are merely an experiment of my random imagination. The characters in this story do not possess these traits or characteristics. Of course, I haven't a clue how they are in real life. lol. I just needed a protagonist and antagonist, I have nothing against any of the characters. This story may OR may not consist of explicit scenes, so heads up. Also please do not take any offense to this fanfic, I am a Lee Hyori fan as am I a Big Bang fan.

You can read the story here on winglin or bookmark this website, www.misleadingskeptic.wordpress.com. There's a discussion board there, and readers can narrow in on a specific chapter on that website.

Prologue —

“ What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him…” I whispered in his ear as he ran his hand down to my waist, our bodies swaying side to side.

“ But Hyori, I can’t…” I pulled our bodies apart.

“ Jiyong-ah, dagawa…” I motioned my finger for him to follow.

I didn’t hold my breath, waiting for him to follow because I knew surely that he would. I already knew I had him in the palm of my hands. I led him to an expected destination, the backroom that was normally reserved for me. Let’s just say the owners practically know me by now, they pretty much expect me every Saturday night. As for the guys, they were pretty much a mystery to all of us until the night begins. This one, was much easier to reel in than his “hyung”, it barely took any effort.

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*i n toxic a t i ng

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Re: A Misleading Skeptic [ lee hyori & big bang ]

Post by *i n toxic a t i ng on 6/18/2009, 7:24 pm

Chapter 1: Hyor Much? --

“ Has anyone ever told you, you resemble Lee Hyori ... ” A man approached me as I twirl the little cocktail stick in my drink. “ Jake Suu.” He stuck out his hand expecting a hand shake.

“ So I've been told. ” I didn't even raise my eyes to meet his, he seemed too easy. “ MiYoung. ”

“ Lovely name, may I ask your age, pretty lady? ” He moved closer.

“ 25 and please don't call me a lady. ” I got up from the bar and left the man with a dumbfound expression.

He practically walked into my net, I want a challenge tonight. Not the same men who use the same pick up lines, no shit I resemble Hyori, I am Hyori. Of course, I wasn't gonna tell them that. Pushing my way through the crowd, I saw a figure who seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn't quite put a finger on it. He sure was tall and handsome, I'll say. From the looks of his gucci shades, he seemed loaded too. Bingo, target spotted. I approached him, getting closer to him, I turned my back and casually started to dance up on him. Casual is the best way to approach a guy, it gives him a little ego trip, as well as boosting your superiority. Dancing, back to chest, we swayed with the music.

Waiting upon the appropriate moment, I turned around and cupped his face gently, pressing my body firmly against his. He removed his sunglasses, still with one arm around my waist.

“ I don't believe we've formally introduced ourselves yet. ” I raised my chin, our eyes met.

“ Hyori?! ”

“ SHH! Seunghyun? ” My tone a bit lower, hoping that maybe there's more than one Seunghyun in this club and definitely more than one Hyori.

I immediately dragged him off the dance floor before anyone noticed, who was getting touchy feely in the middle of the floor. I dragged him to the back, which consisted of a hallway and many doors. What lies behind the doors, well, that too wasn't hard to figure out. I dragged him even further down into a secured room, before either of us could say a word and reveal our identities to the public.

“ What're you doing here? ” We both asked simultaneously. I sighed.

“ You first. ” I started.

“ Relieving some stress, party and bull. ” He folded his sunglasses and hung them on the collar of his light jacket. " You? "

“ ... Same. ” I said flatly. “ Details not included. ”

“ Ditto. ” He responded, feeling a bit awkward now.

“ We're here to have fun right? ” I smiled, trying to lighten up the mood and divert the subject. " We already party like a K-POP star, so what do you say we .. " I leaned in and whispered in his ear, " fuck like a porn star? "

“ Hm, what do I get out of this? ” He smirked slyly, a sexy one too, if I were phased by him, his smirk would send chills down my spine. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't. Came across too many guys to be phased and frankly, he's still a youngin' to me.

“ Oh trust, noona knows how to relieve stress. ” I sat him down in a chair and straddled him. I kissed him, and from there on, it was safe to say, he was hooked.

Glancing up at the time, I quickly pulled my clothes on. This episode is so common that it practically comes naturally. Pulling my hair back, I slipped on my dress and stepped into my shoes.

“ What's the rush? ” Seunghyun pulled me back on his lap, he seemed rather confident now, or maybe he's just getting cocky.

“ Seunghyun— ”

“ Call me TOP, babe. ”

I pushed off his lap and walked over to the mirror, and started fixing my make up. “ TOP sweetie, don't get cocky. As far as I'm concerned tonight never happened. ” Wiping the smudge of lipstick on the side of my lip, I grabbed another tissue, walked over to where he was seated and sat on his lap again. “ I think its best if you do too. ”

I wiped the lipstick stain off his cheek gently before climbing up off his lap and walking away. In the music industry, artists cannot afford scandals. Not only does it ruin the image, but the sales and fans as well. It would cause an uproar if artists clashed and had an affair. Take the Taeyeon and Junsu rumor, fans were furious. I prefer to avoid the drama and just stick to the pleasure.
*i n toxic a t i ng

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