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R.E.V.E.N.G.E (Big Bang, SHINee and fictionals)

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R.E.V.E.N.G.E (Big Bang, SHINee and fictionals)

Post by WonderBinnie on 6/14/2009, 1:08 pm


They killed my mom and sister...
Now it's finally my turn to revenge them.
I can only trust on my friends, others are my enemies.
But can I do it?
Can I kill them, just like they killed my family?
It's not going to be easy, but I try.
I'm gonna get my REVENGE


-Strategist= Onew
-Magnae= Taemin
-Gun expert= Minho
-Spy er= Jonghyun
-Driver= Key

Big Bang:
-Leader= Jiyong/ G-dragon
-Vice leader= Seunghyun/ TOP
-Hacker= Taeyang
-Driver= Seung Ri
-Weapon expert= Daesung


- Gang Leader= Lee Hyo Joo + Minho
- Mood bringer= Kim Jiyeon + Jiyong
- Devil backstabber= Lee Min Young + Jonghyun
- Hyo Joo's best friend= Ok Shin Ji + Onew
- Hacker= Lee Sori + Key
- Youngest= Heo Soomi + Taemin
- Weapon expert= Ji Young Jae + Seung Hyun/TOP
- Strategist= Kang Yelin + Taeyang
- Driver= Kwon Song Mi + Seung Ri
- Hyo Joo's another best friend= Kim Hana + Daesung


CHAPTER 1: Dark Lord

Hyo Joo PoV.

It was dark night and we were beating our rival in beach.
“Bloody...are we gonna kill him?” Young Jae asked looking at guy ahead of us. Guy smirked and then he laughed crazily.
“Like you can kill are girls”. I looked to my left and saw that Yelin was really angry.
“You can have him Reaper” I said looking back to guy.
“Thank you...” Yelin smirked stretching her hands.
“This is gonna be awesome” Jiyeon smiled sitting on ground “I think that she can beat him in two minutes”.
“So let's start” guy said and run towards to Yelin. Yelin bend down and raised her hand.
“Go Reaper!” Jiyeon yelled when Yelin hit guy on chin.
“She can do better than that” Min Young said. Guy was about to hit Yelin, but unluckily she was quicker than him and she kicked him on “there” (ouch...)
“That's gonna hurt” Soomi said closing her eyes. Guy whined on pain and Yelin laughed.
“Do you still think that girls can't kill or fight?”.
“No...” guy answered in high voice.
“I wanna play too” Jiyeon said.
“You can have him...he is too weak to me” Yelin sighed coming back to us.
“Okkay...” Jiyeon smiled jumping next to guy “Hey, I'm Ghost”.
“What? Is this some joke?” Guy asked getting up from ground
“That's not nice answer...” Jiyeon said shaking her head.
“What is she doing?” Song Mi whispered worriedly to me.
“Don't worry, you see soon” I answered smiling.
“Do you like my mask? Bloody make it to me” Jiyeon asked from guy.
“WHAT!” Guy yelled. Jiyeon went closer to guy and then she smiled to him.
“Good night” Jiyeon said and hit guy to neck. Guy closed his eyes and fell on ground “Have a nice dream”.
“Let's take him to the hell” I said. Hell was nickname to our gang is called on hell, because nobody will come there in alive...except us... Song Mi and Young Jae took hold of guy and they dragged him to car. Song Mi went to driver seat and we followed her.
“Let's go” I said.

Young Jae PoV.

“So...what are we gonna do to him?” I asked went we arrived to hell.
“Tie him on chair and make him talk” Hyo Joo answered. With help of Song Mi, I tied that guy on chair and then I took my gun on table.
“Oh...What is this place?” guy asked waking up.
“This is hell” I smirked.
“Hell...I have heard about this place...” guy said “So that means that you are Death Angels”.
“That's right, and now dear friend are gonna tell me more about you're boss” I answered.
“I'm not gonna tell anything!” guy yelled. I sighed and pointed my gun towards to his head.
“Wrong answer”. I looked to Hyo Joo who nodded. I was ready to shoot guy...but then he opened his mouth.
“Wait!”. I smiled putting my gun down.
“I'll speak” guy continued.
“Tell me you're name and who is you're boss” I said.
“I'm...I'm...Kim Sung Wook and my boss is Dark lord” guy told nervously.
“Dark lord? What's his real name?” I asked curiously.
“I...I don't know...” Sung Wook answered.
“You don't know! Don't lie to me!” I yelled.
“I'm not lying...nobody knows his real name” Sung Wook said.
“Do I kill him?” I asked from Hyo Joo.
“No...Let him go” Hyo Joo answered. I pointed my gun again towards to his head and then I untied him.
“Go!” I yelled. He bowed to us and then he ran away.
“That was easy” Hana said. I was just putting my gun away when loud bang was heard.
“Someone is shooting!” Soomi yelled while grabbing her daggers. We all run out and we were shocked when we saw Sung Wook lying in ground...he was dead.
“Noway! Now we need to clean this up” Jiyeon sighed.
“It's not time to make jokes” Shin Ji said hitting Jiyeon to head. I went closer to body and saw that there was knife in his back. I took it out and handed it to Hyo Joo.
“Dark lord...” Hyo Joo whispered “Sori...Can you search more information about him?”.
“Sure...I can also scan that knife and search some fingerprints on it” Sori answered taking knife.
“Thanks” Hyo Joo said.
“Looks like that someone wants to play with us” I told...


Sori's past (2 year ago)

It was rainy day when my dad told me that he was getting remarried with some woman.
“I hope that you accept Yoon Ji” dad said smiling and put her hands around her future wife.
“Dad! Mom just died and you are getting married!” I yelled crying.
“I know that this is hard for you...but please, please treat her like your real mom” dad explained. I looked that woman and she smiled to me.
“I really love you're father, please take me to this family Sori” Yoon Ji said bowing to me.
“Fine...” I mumbled angrily.
“Great...I'm going to make some tea to us” dad said happily and got up from his seat. When dad was gone, Yoon Ji looked me smirking.
“You little brat...You better treat me good or I'll make you suffer” she whispered. WHAT? Was this woman threating me?
“I knew that you have something on you're mind” I said.
“Haha...You're right. But you can't do nothing to it. I'm gonna be you're new mom and you will call me mom. When I call come to me and do whatever I want” Yoon Ji told. I stood up and hit her to face.
“You never can't be my mom” I said looking her into eyes. She laughed and took something on her bag. It was gun...
“Really?” she smirked. I was so shocked that I couldn't say anything.
“Tea is ready” dad said coming to room. Yoon Ji quickly put gun back to her bag and smiled to dad.
“Sori is so charming young lady...and we get along so well” Yoon Ji said “Right Sori?”. I looked her and she looked me with evil look on her face.
“Right” I smiled.
“I knew that you will like Yoon Ji” dad said hugging me. Someday I will show to dad how evil Yoon Ji is.

Two month later

“Sori! Go to take these moneys to bank” my step mother yelled to me.
“Yes” I answered running downstairs. She handed envelope to me and I looked inside of it. There was huge sum of money inside...I was sure that they all were my dad's money.
“Go!” she said hurrying me up. I bowed to her and then I ran outside.

“I'm....home” I said in shocked tone when I came back to home. Lights were off and there was deathly silent.
“Dad? Mom?” I whispered. I put lights on and I yelled when I saw dad lying on floor.
“Dad!” I cried running next to him.
“No!...No!...You can't be dead!” I yelled when I didn't feel any pulse. I closed dad's eyes and looked next to him. There was gun. Same gun that Yoon Ji showed me two moth ago.
“Yoon Ji!” I said angrily when I realized that she killed my dad.
“Oh my! What happened in here?” Yoon Ji's voice asked behind me. I turned around and saw that she was smiling.
“You! You murdered my dad!” I yelled pushing her on wall.
“ what? It's not my first time to kill...I also killed you're mom” Yoon Ji laughed.
“Bitch!!!” I said punching her on stomach. She whined but then she took her gun and pointed my head to it.
“Do I kill you too?” she asked.
“I don't care!” I answered. She was about to shoot me when someone threw dagger on her leg.
“Aaaaaaa!” she yelled in pain “This isn't over yet...well see soon”. With that Yoon Ji ran away and I fell on floor. Someone just saved my life.
“Do you wanna revenge?” girl's voice asked. I look up and saw young girl ahead of me.
“” I whispered.
“Then join to my gang...I promise that you get you're revenge” she told smiling. Somehow I trusted her and I nodded.
“Great. Welcome to Death Angles...I'm Lee Hyo Joo, but you can call me Bloody Rose or Bloody” girl introduced.
“I'm Lee Sori”.

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CHAPTER 2: Meeting Victory

Post by WonderBinnie on 6/17/2009, 12:25 pm

Sori PoV.

“Aaaa...I can't believe this!” I yelled hitting my computer table.
“What's wrong Rain?” Hana asked coming behind me.
“I can't find any information about Dark Lord...and this knife don't have any fingerprints on it” I answered “It's just possible...all humans have register in police files, but he don't have”.
“Maybe he isn't human” Hana suggested.
“In the abstracted there is not non humans, except animals...but they can't shoot in gun,
so in my theory he is human, but he don't wanna be founded” I explained “And Sung Wook told that he don't know Dark Lord's real this Dark Lord may have many identity. I would say that he is really genius”.
“Wow...That was...boring” Hana said yawning.
“You don't know anything about technology, so of course this is boring to you” I sighed getting up. I took Dark Lord's knife on table and put it behind the class cabinet.
“Shin Ji, do you know where Hyo Joo is?” I asked sitting next to her.
“Unni went to see her father...” Shin Ji answered.
“Why?” I asked curiously.
“Unni said that Mr. Lee is gonna give us more money and weapons” Shin Ji told.
“Oh~” I whispered.
Hyo Joo's father was mafia basically our gang was part of his mafia.
They also gave us this opportunity to revenge...

Hyo Joo PoV.

“Are you sure that this is enough?” My dad asked when he handed me a full case of cash.
“Yep...And thanks for the guns dad” I answered hugging him.
“Remember to be careful with guns, I don't wanna lose you too” dad said hugging me back.
“Dad...” I whispered.
“ should be going now” Dad quickly told and opened door to me.
“Araso” I sighed walking out of his room.
He smiled to me and then closed door. I laughed to dad's smiled...he never smiled.
“Hyo Joo?” I heard someone calling my name. I looked around and suddenly my friend Jung Su jumped front of me.
“Omo!” I yelled “Don't scare me like that”.
“Sorry...” Jung Su apologized. Jung Su was one of my dad's gangsters.
He was four year older than me, but still we were good friends. He helped me during that time when my mom and sister was killed.
“So how have you been?” he asked.
“I've been fine...except today” I answered.
“Why? Did something happen?” Jung Su asked worriedly.
“Yes...” I sighed.
I explained the whole Dark Lord situation to Jung Su and he laughed.
“Haha...What kind of name is Dark Lord?” Jung Su said.
“Oppa! This is serious problem...I don't know what to do” I told hitting him to arm.
“Ouch! Well I maybe have heard about him...MAYBE” Jung Su said.
“Tell me! Tell me what do you know about him!” I yelled crabbing his collar.
“Calm down...I only know that he hates you're dad...” Jung Su told.
“What? Why?” I asked curiously.
“I don't know...You need to find that out” Jung Su answered walking away.
“Thanks a lot!” I yelled after him.
I took my cellphone on my pocket and dialed Song Mi's number.
“Hey Song Mi...can you come to take me back to hell?” I asked.
“Of course, I'll be there In 10 minutes” Song Mi answered.

Song Mi PoV.

I put my mask on my face and get to my car. I never didn't let anyone else drive my car...because it was mine.
I smiled when I started car and started to drive. Of course I didn't follow other drivers, because they were driving too slowly.
TUUT TUUT! I looked to my left and saw that someone was driving next to me.
“What?” I wondered. Then he came closer to me and hit my car.
“Noway! Did he just hit my car!” I yelled angrily.
Then I looked him and turned my car towards his car.
“Jackpot!” I smiled when I hit his car. We both stopped our cars in dark alley and he came out of his car. I rolled window down and smiled.
“Do you have some problem?” I asked in innocent tone.
“You are member of Death Angels, right?” he said.
“Yes...” I answered. He took his gun out of his pocket and pointed it to me.
“Too bad, I'm member of Blue Dragons” he smiled.
I smiled back to him and then I quickly opened car door. He whined in pain when door hit him on stomach.
“I hate that gang” I said taking my gun. Now we were pointing our guns to each other.
“If you shoot me, I shoot you” I said.
“And if you shoot me, I shoot you” he answered smirking.
“So...What do they call you?” I asked curiously.
“Victory” he told.
“Victory! That's...LAME name” I laughed.
“And you're name?” that Victory guy asked.
“You can call me Miss Thang” I told.
He started to laugh and I laughed too.
“Why are you laughing?” he suddenly asked.
“Because you are laughing too...” I told.
* Yeah...Love is pain* My cellphone rang.
“Excuse me...” I said taking my cellphone to my hand.
“Unni! Where are you?” I heard Hyo Joo yelling.
“Relax dongsaeng...I'm just coming” I calmed her down.
I closed the phone and smiled to Victory.
“Sorry, I need to go” I said getting to my car.
I waved to him and drive away.


Min Young's past.

(2 year ago)

“Get out of here!” I heard my mom yelling in morning. I opened my eyes and quickly put my pajama on.
Then I run to downstairs and saw that mom was hitting my dad.
“Mom! What's the matter?” I asked getting her off my dad.
“You're dad is the matter!” mom yelled.
“Oh shut up!” dad said. Mom turned to look dad and slapped him to face.
“Mom...” I whispered.
“You! You bastard...Get out of this house!” mom yelled to dad.
“CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING!” I yelled in all my power. They both stopped and mom started to cry.
“You're dad...spent all my moneys to gamble and you're college money too. Plus, I find out that he is having affair” mom told disappointed.
I turned to look my dad who was looking to floor.
“ that true?” I asked in shocked.
“Min Young...honey” dad said trying to hug me.
“No! Get away from me!” I yelled crying “I'm so disappointed of you and Min Jee would be too”.
“Please don't say that...I made one little mistake, can't both of you forgive me?” dad explained.
“No!” both mom and I yelled.
Dad looked us last time...and then he leaved us.
“Mom...Are you okay?” I asked when dad was gone.
“, I'm fine” she answered sobbing.
I hugged her and she cried more. I will never forgive this to you dad...

(2 moth later)

“Mom! Hurry up! You're gonna be late!” I yelled to my mom. I heard some noises and then she came running...holding a suitcase in her hand.
“Min Young...Are you sure that I can leave?” mom asked holding my hand.
“Yes mom...Don't worry about me, just enjoy you're honeymoon” I smiled.
Mom hugged me and then kissed me to cheek.
“You can always call me” mom reminded walking to cab. I waved to mom and her new husband. I didn't like my step-father so much...
but he can make mom happy, so I'm fine with that.
I took my bag on floor and closed the door. It was really beautiful day so I decided to visit my sister's grave.

“Hey unni...How have you been?” I said smiling when I arrived to white grave “Mom is now in honeymoon with step-father”.
I placed some roses to her grave and sat on ground.
“I'm happy that mom is smiling again” I told “But we still miss you sis”.
“It's been already six moth since you leaved us...and that bastard who killed you is still free”.
I stand up and looked to sky.
“I promise that I'll kill that guy” I promised.
“Are you sure that you can kill him?” voice behind me asked.
I turned around and saw two girls with mask.
“Who are you guys?” I asked nervously.
“I'm Hyo Joo and this is my friend Sori” taller girl answered taking her mask off. That Sori girl also took her mask off and they smiled to me.
“That man who killed you're sister is Han Chin Hwa...he is member of Dynamite” Hyo Joo told.
“Dynamite?...wait. How do you know that my sister was murdered?” I asked in shock.
“We know everything about you” Sori answered.
“Min Young...I can help you to get you're revenge” Hyo Joo said coming closer to me.
“H-How?” I asked.
“Join our gang and I promise that you get you're revenge” Hyo Joo explained.
“I...I'm not sure” I mumbled.
“Min Young...This is you're only opportunity to get revenge. Hyo Joo helped me too” Sori told.
“We all have same kill those guys who killed our closed ones” Hyo Joo continued.
I looked they to eyes and saw that they were speaking the truth.
“I'll join” I finally answered.
“Great. Welcome to Death Angles. You can call us Bloody and Rain” Hyo Joo smiled.
“And you can call me Kindness Freak” I smiled too.

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