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Will Fate Bring them Together? (DBSK Wonder Girls)

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Will Fate Bring them Together? (DBSK Wonder Girls)

Post by WhyItsME on 6/14/2009, 6:03 pm

*Changmin = Sunmi
Jaejoong = Sunye
Yunho = Yeeun
Yoochun = Yubin
Junsu = Sohee

I decided to switch the coupling because every time someone says which WonderShinki member looks best with who they always say the same person.

Other Cameos
SNSD (Jessica)
SUJU (Sungmin)
Big Bang (Seungri)

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Chapter 1 - Secret Fan

Post by WhyItsME on 6/14/2009, 6:05 pm

Chapter 1 - Secret Fan
-Yeeun's point of view

"Ugh I'm sooo hungry," I said to the other members on our way to Music Core.

"Unnie, stop eating. You're going to puke on stage. Besides we just had tuckboki," Sohee said to me. Sometimes I just want to pinch Sohee's cheeks really hard because she can be such a smart ass.

"Yah, did you hear Dong Bang Shin Ki is making their comeback !!" exclaimed Sunmi. Of course she would be excited. She's been a Cassi since who knows when.

"AHH! I know! I hope we get there in time to see their rehearsal!" The only celebrities that our little Sohee goes fangirlish is DBSK.

And they go on and on and on and on ... about DBSK and how Sunmi thinks that Changmin is the cutest and how Sohee thinks Junsu is the best. Lalala.

"YAH! Be quiet, I'm trying to sleep!" Finally someone saids something! Yubin Unnie always sleeps nowadays. I don't blame her since our schedule is so packed.

"Yubin Unnie stop sleeping we're almost there," Sunye was shaking her till Yubin got up. "Sunmi, Sohee stop talking about DBSK. You're going to annoy Yeeun, Yubin, and I," One of the reasons why I like Sunye being the leader. She can speak up and they'll listen to her.

"Where are we performing tonight?" asked Yubin Unnie while rubbing her eyes from her long sleep. "Inkigayo? Music Bank? Mnet?," I thought Yubin would be smarter then this! She knows we go on Music Core every Sunday.

"We're going to Music Core tonight, Duh," said Sohee.

"Our pretty Sohee know more then her Unnies," said Sunye patting Sohee's head.

"Yah, we're here so get your stuff ready," that was our manager Oppa. We all got out of the van but Yubin Unnie was taking a long time.

"Unnie hurry up we're going to be late for rehearsal!" yelled Sohee she was already at the door.

"Arasso, Arasso. I'm coming,"

-Jaejoong's Point of View

"I got chuuu under my skin. Na nudul wan hey.." Junsu was singing in the van, as usual. Changmin was bugging the hyungs, as usual. Yunho was reading comics, as usual. Yoochun was on the phone talking to other idols, as usual. And as for me I was just sitting in the van doing nothing.

"Hyungggg are we there yet?" asked Changmin.

"Aish, Changmin can you please just wait?" said Junsu.

*I want nobody nobody but you, I want no-* Wonder Girls Nobody is my ringtone at this moment but I better change it once we get into MBC studios.

"Hyung, Why do you still have Nobody as your ringtone. Actually why do you have girl songs always as your ringtone?" asked Junsu.

"He has had that ringtone for a week. I wouldn't be taking Junsu. You had If by Taeyeon for pretty much 5 months," Changmin said for me. This is why I love Changmin (: But the thing is, as soon as we left to Japan all the girl groups started to poor in. But being a Wonder Girls fan is probably one thing that my fans don't know about me. But my ideal girl is Sunye from Wonder Girls.

30 mins later ..

"Yes!! We're finally at Music Core," said Yunho jumping out of the van. We all went in and got to our dressing rooms to get ready for rehearsal.

"Lets see who's doing rehearsals right now," we all followed Yoochun.

"Whoa Wonder Girls," Yunho gives a slight stop. "Wow they're way prettier in person,"

Since they were all hooked up with their headset mics we could hear everything that they were saying. It was quit cute actually.

"Mic check 1, 2, 3 abc, ha ha ha," I'm guessing that was Sunmi. She said it in a cute way facing her head down. For some odd reason Sunmi stopped suddenly when she saw us. It looked like she saw an alien or something.

"Sunmi-yah what's wrong?" asked WOW Sunye. She gave her a slight nudge. Then right when Sunye asked us the rest of the 4 members were looking at us understanding.

"Sunmi-yah lets start rehearsal," Yeeun was using her best aegyo voice and hugged Sunmi. Awe how cute.

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Chapter 2 - Fast Friends

Post by WhyItsME on 6/14/2009, 6:08 pm

Chapter 2 - Fast Friends
-Sunmi's point of view

"Ohh! Unnie what's wrong with you," I joked. OMO I swear on JYP that I saw Jaejoong LAUGHING at us !!! But I have to admit I was a little nervous for today's rehearsal. Since DBSK is going to be watching us.

"Wonder Girls we'll be starting the music in 3, 2, 1 cue!" when the PDnim said 1 I got chills all around my body.

"You know I still love you baby and it'll never change.. I want nobody nobody but you, I want nobody ..."

"Na we-ay godun ta gol mal," sang Sohee.

"Ah," whispered someone behind me. It was Sunye Unnie. Something was wrong. I turned around and she was clenching her leg.

"Unnie!" I yelled into the mic and stopped dancing to help her up.

"STOP THE MUSIC," yelled Yeeun Unnie. Out of know wheres Jaejoong was on the stage right beside me with Sunye Unnie!

"What happened?!" asked Jaejoong, he looked awfully worried.

"Uh- Sun- dance- fe --ll l--eg .." Words didn't seem to be coming out of my mouth.

"Help me get her up," said Yeeun Unnie. How could she talk with Jaejoong there?! Wow she is something special. Jaejoong quickly picked Sunye Unnie up and ran to the medical room. I was just starting at some black smudged part on the stage. Then someone nudges me "Unnie stop it," But then when I turn around it's CHANGMIN. "Erm.. Miyan," I kept on bowing to him and apoligizing. "I thought you were Yeeun Unnie," Changmin just gave me a friendly smile that made me heart beat 19210201 times a second. "Um-- ah -- have to go se -- uh, Sohee! There you are! I was looking for you. Anyways nice meet-ing you," I bowed a couple times more and left the stage with Sohee.

"Sunmi! What happened?" asked Sohee with great interest.

"I don't know! He just happened to be beside me!" I was hyperventilating. I couldn't stop mixing up my words.

"Get your self together Sunmi yah!" Sohee hit the top my head.

"Ah, that hurt," I was rubbing my head. "You know I get nervous in front of other idol stars,"

"Yeah yeah, but you are going to have to hide your fan girling more," Sohee was right. Wait.. Sohee is always right.

-Changmin's point of view

Wow I've never seen another idol being scared of me like that.

"Whoa what happened?" asked Junsu hyung tapping my shoulder with curiosity.

"I don't exactly know," Well I did but I was just watching Sunmi hypervenilating to Sohee. AHH! What's wrong with me! I've only seen her twice before today which didn't really count cause we didn't talk or anything. BLAH. I barely even know her I need to keep my composure.

"Um hello ?" Yoochun was waving his arms in front of my face but I was purposely ignoring him.

"Since Changmin is zoned out lets go see our SHINee dongsangs," said Junsu walking away with Yoochun. Now I see why Yoosu is a popular couple. They really do go everywhere together. I was looking around the stage and Yubin seemed to be tidying everything up, but suddenly she came up to me.

"Sorry about the Sunmi thing sunbaenim. She kind of freaks out alot. This isn't the first. You should have seen her when she first met Taeyeon. She's just a really big fan thats all. She's not scared of you or anything just to clear things up," Wow she's really nice.

"Aha, No problem. I'm not really use to other idol stars freaking out like that. And please don't call me Sunbae. I feel old when people call me that. But I wonder where Jaejoong hyung took Sunye,"

"Maybe the medical room .. hmm .. " Yubin stood their for a minute.

"Hey, can I have Sunmi's number?" Oops, that didn't mean to come out of my mouth. Crap Crap Crap. I took a quick glance at her face and she looked surprised.

"Umm .. okay ? I uhh guess," I handed her my phone and she put Sunmi's number in.

"Oh, and can I have your number too? Since we are the same age why not be friends," I smiled. And she put her number in too, and I put my number in her phone.

"You wanna go get something to eat?" asked Yubin. Sure why not. Suddenly my phone started to vibrate.

To: Maxxie Shim
From: Ice Princess Sica

Are you busy right now?

To: Ice Princess Sica
From: Maxxie Shim

Yeah, I'm at Music Core. y?

"You coming?" asked Yubin.

"Oh yeah sorry. I got a text," Yubin and I walked to some dressing room. I think it was theirs by the looks of it. Wait .. no duh it saids WONDER GIRLS on their dressing room door. Wow I've gotten stupider then Junsu Hyung -___- "So this is your guys dressing room, wow it's wayy better then ours. When I looked around I saw Sunmi and Sohee laughing and talking I also saw I think Wooyoung from 2PM and Teackyeon.

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Chapter 3 - Not Visiting SHINee

Post by WhyItsME on 6/14/2009, 6:10 pm

Chapter 3 - Not Visiting SHINee
- Sohee's point of view

Wooyoung Oppa immediately got up and started bowing to Changmin with high respect. I have never seen Wooyoungie Oppa like this before.

"Annyeong-has-sae-yo," I got up ad decided to bow too. I looked over to Sunmi and she was just in shock. She was fidgeting in her seat and I may or may not be correct but It looked like Changmin Oppa/Sunbae was looking at Sunmi right when he got into the room.

"Annyeong," Changmin Oppa replied bowing back. What ever, it's my own mind. It's not like he's going to hear me if I call him Oppa instead of sunbae in my head. I have to admit it was a bit awkward. SM and JYP coming together. Hmph. I wonder what kind of conflict that will lead to..

"Yah Sunmi, whats wrong?" asked Yubin Unnie.

"Umm w-ell I think I'm going to go change right now..." replied Sunmie.

"Yah the actual performance doesn't start till like 6 hours," What? I had to say something. Although I did kind of rat her out. WHOA that scared the crap out of me. Sunmi's phone went off. Jeesh she needs to put the volume lower. And what do you know. It was Mirotic by DBSK.

"Erm uhh ahah.." She looked like an awkward turtle in need for help.. Poor Sunmi. If I am reading her text correct it saids...

To: SunMiMi
From: 1742-659

U don't need to hide
from me anymore (:

Hmmm I wonder who that could be from... I look around the room.. the only one that is texting is Changmin. But how would he get Sunmi's num- Ahh! I see. I should have known before obviously Yubin Unnie gave it to him. That makes more sense now.

"Who do you think that is from?" whispered Sunmi next to me.

"Yah!! Wooyoungie Oppa! Stop eating. You're going to get fat and DIE!" I said to Wooyoung. Taeckyeon Oppa was laughing at me.

"Eshee Sohee yah," Taeckyeon Oppa hit me in the head.

"Ah, that hurt. What did you say Sunmi yah?" I asked. I didn't even notice that Yubin and Changmin left. Oh wellzz.

"Nevermind I got it," replied Sunmi.

"Kwonnie!!" I jumped up and hugged Kwonnie Oppa.

"Hyung whats up!" Sunmi calls Jokwon (from 2AM) Hyung.

"Jokwon did you come here to steal food?" asked Wooyoung.

"Haha.. Yes," said Jokwon.

"Good. TAKE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND RUN," Wooyoung and Jokwon started piling food into their arms.

"YAH! If you take all of our food Yeeun Unnie is going to be mad. And you know how mad she gets," I told them.

"Well then don't tell her! Bye!" the two of them darted out the door. But one thing is left on my mind.. Well actually 2. Does Changmin like Sunmi? And is Sunye Unnie going to be okai?

-Yunho's point of view

"Yah, Jaejoong don't you think you should at least get something to eat hyung. You've been sitting there for 2 hours," Jaejoong hyung barely knows the girl! And now he's waiting for her to wake up? It's not like she's in a coma or anything.

"Yah yah I know. Okaii, what ever... She's sleeping .... I don't know! .. Why would she be in a coma?" Yeeun was talking on the phone with someone. When she finished she turned over to us.

"You guys can go if you want then comeback later," said Yeeun.

"Yah lets go Jaejoong," I begged.

"Thanks for helping out though," she gave a warm hearted smile to us.

"Okai, but we're coming back later," said Jaejoong out the door.

"Dude what's wrong with you?" I asked.

"Lets go see SHINee," Jaejoong ignored my question, no surprise there..

"Yeah sure," no point in arguing with him.

As soon as we arrived in the room Jinki (Onew), Minho, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Kibum (Key). Jumped from their seats and started bowing to us.

"Hyung! Annyeong-ha-asyo," said Jinki always smiling. Haha, he's soo cute when he smiles. Not in the gay way of course,

"Ah, Jinki how've you been," Jaejoong asked hugging him.

"Good, you?"

"Good good," Jaejoong replied.

"Have you guys seen Changminnie?" I asked.

"Uh last time me and Yoochun saw him he was going all droolie over Sunmi," replied Junsu with Yoochun giggling beside him. Yoosu hmm now I see why they are soo popular.

"Sunmi? As in Sunmi from Wonder Girls?" asked Kibum with great curiosity.

"Yeah, haha" said Junsu.

"Sica Noona isn't gonna like this," muttered Kibum.

"Huh?" Jaejoong asked.

"No no it's nothing," replied Kibum but we all knew something was going on. Jinki gave Kibum a look to shut up.

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Chapter 4 - Ice Princess on the Way !

Post by WhyItsME on 6/14/2009, 6:13 pm

Chapter 4 - Ice Princess on the Way !
-Sunye's point of view

Am I still in my own little world? As in that I mean still passed out. Should I open my eyes or keep them closed.

"Yeah, yeah.. I know ... I'm not that stupid!" Yeeun Unnie was talking on the phone with someone she sounded half pissed.

I opened my eyes and started coughing. Unnie immediately turned her whole body around and put full attention on me.

"SUNYE!" Unnie hugged me. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," I rubbed my eyes.

-back in the dressing room

"UNNIE!" Sunmi and Sohee ran up to me and hugged me.

"Haha, you guys don't need to worry about me," I gave them a smile. "Where did Yubin Unnie go?" I asked. Sunmi was looking down and Sohee answered me straight away.

"She was hanging out with Dong Bang Shin Ki's Choikang Changim," she said in a smart matter of fact way.

"Really?" I was surprised.

"Hey, Where did Sunmi go?" asked Yeeun Unnie. She was right where did she go? I sat down and ate some strawberries. Out of know wheres Jokwon came out of the door.

"Sunye are you ok?" asked Jokwon.

"I'm okay," He hugged me. Jokwon is the first friend I met during my trainee days. We've known eachother since we were 11.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"I was bored so I decided to come and check on you guys and 2PM," replied Jokwon.

"Ah, I see,"

"Yeeun Unnie, before Wooyoung Oppa and Kwonnie Oppa stole all of our food and ran," told Sohee. She always did have a big mouth.

"WHAT?!" Yeeun Unnie looked like she was about to start war.

"Umm,, ehh I better go now," he was already out the door and of course Unnie was running after him. Our Sohee may seem quiet and cute. The truth is she's actually really loud around us and she tends to know everything.

"Soo.." said Sohee grinning. I could tell she knew something I didn't.

"What?" I asked. I seriously didn't know what she was trying to tell me.

"Oh, don't pretend you don't know anything," said Sohee but she was still grinning. I looked at her cluelessly. "You really don't know do you," Sohee put her head down in a disappointed way. "Jaejoong carrying you fainted? Does that make more sense?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" What does Jaejoong have to do with anything about me fainting.

"I'm guessing Yeeun Unnie didn't tell you. I'm disappointed in her,"

"Well now you just got me curious tell me,"

-Yoochuns point of View

"Hey guys," Changmin walked into the dressing room. But he had Wonder Girls Yubin behind him o.O oh wow.

"Hey Yubin!" Yunho came up to Yubin and hugged her. Yubin and Yunho know each other because they lived around the same area before our debut so they went to the same school.

"Whats up Yunho Oppa," she replied. She was examining the room. "Changmin is right my dressing room is better then yours. Haha,"

"Hey! Our dressing room doesn't suck that bad," said Junsu.

I looked over to Jaejoong and he looked paranoid. "Yah Jaejoong hyung. Whats wrong?"

"Uhh," How rude! He just ran out of the room.

"Don't mind him Yoochun-ah," said Yunho. There was a slight tap on our door. It was Yeeun.

"Hey Yubin, Sunye is awake now," Everyone was looking at Yeeun. "And thanks for helping Yunho. Also tell Jaejoong thanks again," she smiled bowed then left the room.

"Aigoo! What's wrong with me!" there was a slight mutter in the hallway. I looked out and it was Sunmi hitting herself in the head asking herself what was wrong with her.

"Yah Sunmi, what are you doing?" asked Yubin out the door. Everyone faced Sunmi. She turned bright red.

"I uh- didn't see you guys there eh," she said. "Um I'll go now," she bowed couple of times awkwardly and walked away quickly. I looked over and Changmin was giggling to himself quietly.

"Eshee, she's always so shy. Anyways I better get going till Sunmi dies of embarresment," she waves at us then leaves. Somones cellphone started ringing. If the ringtone is Amigo by SHINee it's Changmin.

"Hello?" says Changmin.

"Hey oppa it's Jessica," I could hear her little voice through the phone since I was sitting beside Changmin.

"Oh hey. Why'd you call?" asked Changmin.

"I was just asking which dressing room you were in," replied Sica. Changming gives me a funny look saying.. why would she want to know which dressing room we are in.

"Are you in MBC studio right now?" asked Changmin

"Yeah, I was bored so me and Fany decided to come and watch," replied Sica.

"Hi Changmin Oppa!" We heard Fany yell in the distant.

"We're beside SHINee's dressing room, you know where that is,"

"Yeah okaii, bye," then she hung up.

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Chapter 5 -Why So Shy ?

Post by WhyItsME on 6/14/2009, 6:16 pm

Chapter 5 - Why So Shy ?
-Yubin's point of view

"Yah! Sunmi wait up," I ran up to her. Wow she got pretty far. And that's the oppiste way of going to our dressing room...

"Unnie what's wrong with me?" asked Sunmi with a clueless but serious expression on her face.

I put my arm around her and said "You're just to shy you have to losen up a bit. I know you're not that much of a people person but you have to accept the fact that maybe other people are trying to be friends with you and it is kind of hard since you are so isolated from everyone else,"

"Unnie you know me to well," said Sunmi.

When we arrived to our dressing room Sohee and Sunye had their heads close together talking about something about god knows what.

"What are you two gossiping about?" I asked.

"Who said we were gossiping?" said Sohee.

"Pleasee Sohee, when have you never gossiped about anything," Sunmi said.

"Well then if you guys think of me that way I'm not going to tell you," joked Sohee. Sunye was just sitting there half stunned about something.

"Sohee please!" said Sunmi giving her best aegyo (cute) look.

"Eww eww eww Sunmi please don't do that. You're older then me but I act older then you," said Sohee. Which is true. "But you guys already know what happened," we gave her a clueless look. "You know.. the Jaejoong carrying Sunye thing,"

"Ahh I see. Sooo Sunye didn't know about it?" I asked. Plopping myself on a chair in front of them.

"Yup she didn't have a clue till I told her," after she said that she looked right Sunmi.

"What?" said Sunmi frightened by Sohee's look.

"Soo... You and Changmin. What's up with that?" asked Sohee trying to get something out of Sunmi.

"What do you mean," said Sunmi avoiding eye contact with her.

"He knows your number and all and it seems like he.. hmm how should I put this LIKES YOU," said Sohee.

"Seriously Sohee we barely know eachother and only met twice before and those times didn't really count," said Sunmi now she is bright red. When Sohee said he knows your number and all she looked right at me. What a smart kid.

"Why don't you try to talk to him instead of chickening away and being scared. You know you are going to be seeing his face more then a million times for a couple of months since they just made their comeback and all and we just made a comeback 2 weeks ago," said Sohee.

"You make things seem so easy when they are not," said Sunmi.

"You guys can you please not lead this to an argument," Sunye finally spoke. "By the way, where did Yeeun go?"

"I think she's with 2PM," I replied.

"I'm gonna go see them," Sunye left the room.

"On the down side .. SM and JYP eh. Two of the biggest entertainments in Korea. Cassi's are gonna hate us and we are going to end up getting more anti-fans then we already do," said Sohee.

The three of us heard loud laughter outside of our dressing room. I looked out and it was Tiffany and Jessica from SNSD. "Fany! Sica!" I said. People may seem we are rivals, in a way we are but the truth is we all get along.

"Yubin Unnie!" said Tiffany smiling. Tiffany's so cute. She's enthusiatic about everything. She hugged me really tight. And then Sica hugged me.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We just came cause everyone has schedule but us," said Jessica.

"Yubin we have to go get changed," said Sohee behind me.

"As you can hear I have to go get changed. I'll talk to you guys later,"

-Junsu's Point of View

Are tomatoes really a fruit or vegetable? Hmm ..

"Junsu," You know I think it's a vege because not many people wou--

"JUNSU!" screamed Yoochun.

"Oh sorry," I said.

"Lets go get changed and go to rehearsal," Yoochun pulled me out of my chair and gave me piggy back ride.

When we reached the stage the other 3 members were already there. Jaejoong and Changmin were hitting eachother and Yunho was talking to the PD.

"Changminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," said Jaejoong hyung jumping on his back. They came up to us and started to battle. But then Yunho stopped us. Sometimes he needs to loosen up and have fun.

We looked out in the audience and saw Sica and Tiffany. Wonder Girls were already change into their stage outfits too. They also sat beside Jessica and Tiffany. I waved at Sica and Fany and they waved back.

"3, 2, 1" yelled the PDnim.

"Shijang un dalkomago na egae kulyo.." sang Jaejoong. I looked out to the audience and saw Sunye was staring at Jaejoong with confusion. When Changmin's singing part is done we change places and I think I saw him wink at Sunmi, Sunmi kind of jumped in shock. Sica glared at Sunmi, and Fany was just smiling and singing and just being her happy self.

After we were done rehearsal while we were walking out of the stage Sunye immediatetly walked over to Jaejoong. "Hey, can I talk to you quickly?" she asked. Jaejoong looked shocked.

"Umm sure," they walked over to a corner.

"Yeeun Unnie. You're sooo cutee!" joked Sunmi. "Oh my goodness you're sooo cute!" Sunmi is really baby cute.

"Ugh what are you doing Sunmi, you're so gross," joked Sohee lightly slapping her on the back.

The camera PD was shooting Wonder Girls backstage thing and Sunmi was talking to the camera.

"I don't know why Sohee hates me so much!" Sunmi joked Sohee gave her a dirty look jokingly.

"OMONA!" said Sunmi running away.

"Aigo, There is something wrong with Sunmi," Sohee nodded her head.

"NA NEUMO YEPP-OYO (chorus part in So Hot)," screamed Sunmi in the background.

"NA NEUMO MADYUK-ISO," screamed back Sohee.

"NA NEUMO YEPP-OYO," screamed Sunmi again laughing. I looked over to the side to the other members and they were laughing to.

"YA SUNMI!" screamed Sohee chasing after her. You can hear Sunmi screaming to Yeeun.

"Changmin! Good job in rehearsal," said Jessica popping out of knowwheres.

"Yunho Oppa!" Tiffany did a handshake with him that only him, Heechul, and Tiffany do.

"Oh hi Jessica," said Changmin giving her a polite smile. Then he pushed his way through us and left.

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Re: Will Fate Bring them Together? (DBSK Wonder Girls)

Post by wondershinki on 3/14/2010, 8:33 am

good story. plz add jessica interference and yoona trying to grap yoochun or yunho away from WG


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Re: Will Fate Bring them Together? (DBSK Wonder Girls)

Post by Sachie on 3/14/2010, 12:27 pm

I've been reading this fanfic on winglin since god knows...and I love it.


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Re: Will Fate Bring them Together? (DBSK Wonder Girls)

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