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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09]

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09]

Post by yummyricecakes on 7/11/2009, 9:44 pm

Hi, my name is Tina also known as yummyricecakes, i was asked to post my fanfic here, so i am...Thanks and i hope you enjoy.



Big Bang--Boys
Name:Kwon Ji Yong
Position:Leader/Rapper/Song Writer/Producer

Name:Dong Young Bae
Stage Name:Taeyang/TY
Position:Main Vocalist/Dancer

Name:Choi Seung Hyun
Stage Name:TOP
Position:Rapper/Song Writer/

Name:Kang Dae Sung
Stage Name:Dae Sung/

Name:Lee Seung Hyun
Stage Name:Seung Ri


Nickname/Name used in fanfic:Tini
Favorite Food:Ice Cream
Favorite Member:G-Dragon

Name: Ahn Mallica
Nickname/Name used in fanfic: Micki
Height: 5'7'
*Play the piano
*Play the violin
*Play volleyball
*Writing poems
*Writing songs
*Playing the guitar
Favorite Food:Kimbap and Ramen! Smile
Favorite Member:seung ri shii please! Smile
Extra:Hwaiting yummyricecakes!
now i'm getting hungry!
I love rice cakes! haha

Nickname/Name used in fanfic: MinEun Minny
Ethnicity: Korean / japeanese / taiwan
Favorite member: Top
Favorite Food:Ramen

Name: CamCam
Nickname: DaeDae, CamCam, Cammi
Height: 5'3
Age: 19
Favrotie Member: DAeSung
Ethnicity: Korean / Japanese / english
Talents: dont know.....being a weirdo i guess.. lol

Name: Monica
Height: 5’2
Age: 21
Ethnicity: Cambodian/Chinese/Thai/Korean/American
Favorite Food: LoMien 

Extra Characters
Super Junior
F.T island
Epik High

Seung Ri~Micki---Co-Main
Tae Yang~Monica
Dae Sung~Cammi

Tina and her friends are attending universtiy at Seoul, south korea. Rignt now they all are sharing one apartment. It's summer and they are roaming the city,sight seeing ect...that is when they meet big bang. Soon things start to fall in place.This story is filled with comedy/romance/hearbreak/drama and more...

Last edited by Kyn on 12/30/2009, 8:05 pm; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : i needed to shorten)

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Re: Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09]

Post by Kyn on 7/16/2009, 5:23 pm

thank you for joining fanfictional
could you post the rest of your story on this site instead of leaving a link?

Forum Mod: Kyn

Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Mwtuut

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Re: Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09]

Post by yummyricecakes on 7/17/2009, 11:57 pm

Kyn wrote:thank you for joining fanfictional
could you post the rest of your story on this site instead of leaving a link?

Forum Mod: Kyn

sure bit i need to figure out how to do it..ill find out..

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Chapter 1-The First Encounter

Post by yummyricecakes on 7/18/2009, 12:10 am

Tina, Jane, and Micki arrive at the airport in South Korea. They unload their luggage, grab a map, and try to find their apartment.
Tina: Jane could you come and help me read this map?
Jane: I'm coming
Tina: Ok, so right now it says they we are on 15th street we need to get to 18th right?
Jane: I think you're right
Jane: Hey Micki, come over here
Micki: What?
Jane: Look at this right now we're on 15th street and we need to get here. Is it right?
Micki: I hope so!
The girls load their luggage on in a car and head off to find their apartment. They go to the bus stop. Tina’s phone starts to ring.
Tina:Hey, wats up
SiMin: Hey, are u guys there yet?
Tina: Yeah, we just got here
SiMin: Me and CamCam probably be there tonight
Tina: Ok, what time
SiMin: Um I don’t know around 8 or 9
SiMin: Keep your phone on so I can call when we get there
Tina: Alright
Both: Bye
Micki: Who was it?
Tina: SiMin
Jane: Are she and CamCam coming?
Tina: Yeah they said that they’d be here around 8 or 9
They all get on the bus and get off at English Village.
Micki: Where are we exactly?
Tina: Um, I think we’re in English village…
Jane: Oh great we’re lost!
Tina: Let’s just go and ask for help
All the girls walk into a starbucks. Miki and Jane go off to buy Lattes. Tina goes and asks for help.
Tina: Um excuse me. Could you help me?
As soon as he turns around Tina sees that the person she asked was g-dragon from big bang.
G-D: Hi, how can I help you?
Tina: Wait you’re G-Dragon from big bang
G-D: Yeah I get that a lot (Laughing)
G-D: What did u need help with?
Tina: Oh I and my friends are lost I was wondering if you could help us find our way?
G-D: Sure
Tina: Ok so right now were right here we need to get here what route should we take?
G-D: Hey, I think I know what your problem is?
Tina: What?
G-D: Your map is upside down
Tina: Oh (Embarrassed)
G-D: So now let’s see
G-D: You’re right here, you need to get where again?
Tina: Right here
G-D: Oh that’s just a 3 blocks away
Tina: Ok, then thanks and it was nice meeting you
G-D: Hold up, you’re leaving now
Tina: Yeah,why
G-D:I’ll walk you guys there
Tina: You don’t have to we’re fine
G-D:No problem I live in that same apartment
Tina: You’re serious
G-D: Yup
Tina: Alright, but I have to wait for them to get their Lattes
Jane and Miki come back with their Lattes.
Micki: Hey you get directions yet?
Tina: Yea
Jane: Where do we have to go?
Tina: We just have to go three blocks.
Tina: Oh yea guys this is G-Dragon, he’s gonna walk us there
G-D: Hi (Waving his hand)
Micki: G-dragon from big bang!
Tina: Yup
Jane: OMG! It’s him
Tina: Hey no offense but what are you doing out here anyway?
G-D: Oh, this is like the only place where there aren’t many fans since most foreigners come here I don’t get recognized as often and I don’t get trampled by fans
Jane: Smart
G-D: So your names are?
Jane: Sorry my name is Jane
Micki: And my name is Micki
G-D: Cool nice to meet you
Tina: Hey come on let’s go it’s getting late
All of them start walking towards the apartment
Micki: Hey so where do u live exactly?
G-D: Same apartment as you
Jane: We’re going to be living in the same apartment as Big Bang
Micki: Yes, I can’t believe it either
Micki: Hey remember Tina when she was younger she had a huge crush on G-…..
(Tina covers Micki’s mouth)
G-D: Why did you guys come to Korea anyway?
Tina: We’re going to attend college here in the fall and wanted to spend our summer here.

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Chapter 2-The Apartment

Post by yummyricecakes on 7/18/2009, 12:29 am

Finally we all arrive at the apartment. Tina and goes to check what room and get the pass, Gd goes along to help. Micki and Jane start bringing in the luggage.
Jane: Tina, what room?
Micki: What floor?
Tina: 2nd floor, room G4
Both: Ok, Thanks
Jane and Micki head up to the room and start to unpack.
Tina: Hey what room are you guys in?
G-D: 3rd Floor, H4
Tina: Isn’t that directly on top of ours?
G-D: Hey wannna come with me?
Tina: Where?
G-D: My room
Tina: No
G-D:Come on don’t be shy, I want you too meet the guys, there really nice, and they won’t bite
Tina: Alright
Tina: Hold Up, I got to tell the girls
Jane: Hello
Tina: Hey Im’a be on the 3rd floor, call me if you need me.
Jane: Alright
Both: Bye
G-D and Tina get in the elevator and head upstairs. G-D unlocks the door and they both get in on the couch is Seung Ri and Tae Yang watching TV. Dae Sung in the kitchen eating.
G-D: Hey guys this is my friend, Tina, Tina this is BIG BANG
G-D: Come and say hi
(Seung Ri and Dae Sung come running)
Seung Ri: Hi, nice to meet you my name is Seung Ri, Age is 20, Blood type: A
Dae Sung: Hi, my name to Daaaaaaaaaae Sunggggggggg
G-D: Ey you’re scaring her
Tae Yang: Hi nice to meet you my name is Tae Yang
Tae Yang: Don’t worry about them they’re always like that
Tina: It’s ok
G-D: Where’s Top
Tae Yang: In his room
G-D: Hey I’ll be right back, you guys can talk or whatever
Tae Yang: So where did you come from?(in English)
Tina: Oh, it’s okay I’m fluent in Hangul, and I’m from Pennsylvania
Taeyang: Oh, you’re very good
Tina: Thanks
Seung Ri: How old are you?
Tina: Right now I’m 19 I’ll be turning 20 in 5 weeks
Dae Sung: Did you come to Korea alone?
Tina: No I came with 3 of my friends
Tae Yang: Where are you guys staying?
Tina: Here, we just moved in on the 2nd floor
Seung Ri: Ah
G-D comes back
Tina’s phone rings
Tina: Hello
Micki: Hey we’re done packing, come and unpack your luggage.
Tina: Hold Up
Tina: You guys wanna meet my other friends?
All: Sure
Tina: Alright I’ll be down in 5 mins
Tina: Hey come up to the 3rd floor room H4
Micki: Alright
Both: Bye
Tina: Hey,they’ll be here in----
A knock on the door
Tina: I got it
Jane and Micki are at the door, they step in and are shocked to see BIG BANG!
Tina: Hey everyone this is Micki and Jane, and I’m gonna go and unpack my luggage
Jane: Your luggage is still on the 1st floor
Tina: You didn’t bring it up?
Micki: You have hands and feet
Tina: Ugh..
G-D: I’ll help
Tina: Thanks again
Tina and G-D go downstairs to get the luggage.
Seung Ri: Hi my name is Seung Ri
Tae Yang: My name is tae Yang
Dae Sung: I’m Dae Sung
Top: Hi I’m top
Jane: Hi my name is Jane and I’m 19
Micki: Hey my name is Micki and I’m 17
Seung Ri: Ahh...the mangnae
Dae Sung: Are all you guys sisters?
Jane: No we’re all just friends
Dae Sung: No wonder you guys all look so different
Tae Yang: You guys come here for a vacation?
Micki: No actually we came here for college
Seung Ri: But I thought you were only 17
Micki: I passed an exam and they said I could just go straight into college.
Dae Sung: Wow! You must be very smart.
Micki: Thanks
Tae Yang: Hey do u wanna go out and eat with us?
Jane: Won’t you have your screaming fans following?
Tae Yang: Yea, but they won’t get very near to us
Jane: hey micki you wanna go
Micki: yeah whatever (busy talking with seung ri)
Tae Yang: Alright then
Jane: How about the other two?
Tae Yang: They’ll go -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(Gd & Tina)
Tina: My bags are here
G-D: Are all these yours?
Tina: Yup
They put the luggage into the room and Tina starts unpacking. G-D’s cell phone starts to ring.
G-D: Hey
Tae Yang: You wanna go and eat with the girls tonight?
G-D: Sure
Tae Yang: Ask Tina
G-D: Hey Tae Yang asks if u wanna go and eat with us tonight?
Tina: Sure
Tina’s phone rings
Tina: Hello
SiMin: Hey where is the apartment
Tina: Go to English Village the walk 3 blocks straight. Then you’ll see the apartment. Call me ok.
SiMin: Alright.
G-D: Hey can I get your #?
Tina: Give me ur phone
G-D: Let me see yours
Tina: Here
Give’s each others phone back
Tina: Ey you have Micki and Jane’s as well
G-D: alright and I put big bang’s in to yours as well
Tina: Hey what did you do with my speed dial list?
Tina’s old speed dial list
Si min
Tina’s new list
Tae Yang
Seung Ri
Dae Sung
Phone rings
Tina: Hello
SiMin: What Room, Floor?
Tina: 2nd floor, room G4
SiMin: Alright be up soon.
G-D: Are you done yet?
Tina: The last one is next to you.
G-D: Why is it so heavy?
Tina: They’re filled with my toys, and gifts, pictures, ect...
G-D: Hey who’s this?
Tina: That’s me in the 7th grade
G-D: Wow
Tina: You can put that here
G-D walks to put the picture on the help he trips on the bed sheet and slips. The picture lands on the bed Tina is knocked on the floor and G-D is on top.
(In that position)
G-D: Sorry
Tina: Don’t worry its okay, I’m fine
G-D: Is this awkward?
Tina: No
GD and Tina finally share their first kiss together. As soon as they’re done SiMin and CamCam walk in the room to find the two in that position,
Chapter 2 Part 2
G-D: I should get going now…
Tina: Alright then
G-D: See ya girls tonight, bye
Tina: Bye
G-D runs out the door into the elevator.
Can’t believe we just did that. I wonder if she feels the same way. She has too right?
I got to find out….
SiMin: Omg! Who is he?
Tina: A friend/neighbor
Cam: He’s a cutie
SiMin: Yes he is!
Simin: What exactly were you two doing in here anyway?
Tina: He was helping me put away my luggage and then he tripped on my bed sheets
Cam: He lives here right
Tina: Yea he and his 4 friends
Simin: He has friends?
Tina: Yea, ever herd of big bang
Cam: Big Bang lives here
Tina: Yeah
Simin: Are they all single?
Tina: Yeah, but I don’t think you should be wanting too hook up so fast
Simin: Easy for you to say
Tina: Me and him aren’t dating
Simin: You won’t mind if I ask him out then will you?
Tina: Go ahead he’s all yours
Simin: Thank you so much
Cam: Which room is ours?
Tina: Well you guys can bunk together or one bunk with me
Cam: Hey, si min wanna bunk?
Simin: Sure
Tina: You guys can head up stairs to their room I told then you guys were coming up. They’re on the 3rd Floor, room H4.
CaM: Come on let’s go
Tina: I got to finish unpacking, gosh I have a headache, and I’ll be taking a nap.
Simin: Alright then sweet dreams.
SiMin and Cam head upstairs to meet big bang. G-D answers the door and lets them in. The girls meet the guys and hang up there with micki and Jane.

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Chapter 3-Can't Let You Go

Post by yummyricecakes on 7/18/2009, 12:30 am

Tina wakes up at 7:30pm, 30 mins before the dinner. She calls the girls b/c they’re not home yet.
Jane: Hello
Tina: You guys get ready yet?
Jane: Yes we all came when you were sleeping, are you coming?
Tina: I don’t know, I don’t feel so well
G-D: Why isn’t she coming?
Jane: He asks why you aren’t coming?
Tina: Who?
Jane: Who else
Tina: Sighs, ill be up
Jane: Alright, be here by 8:00

Tina gets out of bed. Takes a shower then goes through her wardrobe. She grabs her black shinnies, Jordan’s, t-shirt, belt, and hoodie and glasses. Then she locks the door and heads upstairs. Tina goes into the room the girls are all dressed up in dresses and skirts.
Tina: Was there a dress code?
Micki: No
Tina: Should I go change
Jane: No you look perfect, I regret putting on this dress.
Tina: Alright then can we go now.
Tae yang: We’re waiting for out fashionista to finish up.
Tina: How long does he take?

Simin: Hey can you talk to G-D for me
Tina: I thought you had it covered
Simin: I can’t even get near him he’s always doing something or talking to someone else.
Tina: I’ll see what I can do

G-D comes out of his room all hype.
G-D: I’m ready, let’s do
He looks at Tina and smiles, she doesn’t smile back. Si min runs over to grab his hand. He looks at simin then looks at Tina.
Taeyang: Let’s go
Everyone walks out all coupled.
Tae Yang~Jane
Seung Ri~Micki
Dae Sung~Cam
Top and tina walk alone.

Top: Hey
Tina: Hey
Top: You okay?, you don’t look so well.
Tina: I’m fine
Top: Can I ask you a question?
Tina: Sure
Top: How do you feel about Ji Yong?
Tina: Did he ask you to ask me?
Top: Yea kinda
Tina: Well I think he is my type but I already told simin she could go for him
Top: Look, at his face, when he’s with her
Tina: I see
Top: Every 10 seconds he looks back
Tina: No way
Top: Look

Tina and top both stop. G-D looks back, he can’t see them. They start walking again
Top: He really likes you
Tina: I know
Tina: Si min really likes him
Top: And I really don’t like simin
Tina: Hey
Top: She seems shallow to me
Tina: she is kinda
Top: Look how hard she is clinging to him
Tina: That’s how she is

They all get in the car and drive to the restaurant. They park the car and get out. G-D runs to top and starts talking. Si min walks with Tina up to the restraint. Everyone starts walking towards the table.
Tina: gosh si min why are you running, you stepped on my foot.
Simin: Sorry, I wanna get my seat
Tina: What a weirdo

The seating arrangement:
Cami: Magenta
Dae Sung: Light Blue
G-D: Red
Si Min: Blue

Left: Jane: Pink
Right: TaeYang: Green

Micki: Black
Seung Ri: Orange
Tina: Purple
Top: Brown

link to the table

What's wrong with her tonight? She doesn't seem like the girl she was when i met her..did i do something wrong? is she jealous of SiMin? She won't even look at me and i'm directly across from her? What am i supposed to do?

Then everyone gets a menu and orders their food. The food arrives and they all eat. The waiter brings bottle of wine. Tina and Top are the only ones who drink it. Together they finish about 9 bottles. The waiter comes back with another but tae yang tells them to take it back. The two are now drunk. There is so much talking at the table it is hard to hear one another, laughing here laughing there. It makes Tina’s headache worse. So she gets up and walks out the door to get some air and away from the noise.

Jane: Hey, where are you going?
Tina ignores and keeps on walking. G-D gets up.
Tae Yang: Hey leave her alone for a while

Outside she’s vomiting. 30 mins pass and she’s still outside. They call her cell phone over 10 times no answer. The ringtone just makes her migraine worse; Tina walks near the river and tosses her cell phone in. She then stands there and looks at the reflections in the river.
In the resteraunt
Tae Yang: Hey are you guys ready to leave?
All: Yeah
Micki: Tina’s not back yet?
Jane: No
They go pay and walk out the restraint. They try to look for Tina. Then they spot her near the river. Standing up Tina gets dizzy, it looks like she’s about to jump in the river. They all run to try to get her. Almost falling in, Gd grabs her at the last second

G-D: What the fuck is wrong with you, are you crazy?
Tina: No, I’m drunk, and get off of me

Tina then throws up again
The girls go and help her.
They sit and wait around awhile for her to stop vomiting.
They all get in the car she takes siMin’s seat next to g-d.
SiMin: You’re in my seat
G-D: Just find a different seat

Minutes later she’s asleep in G-d’s lap
SiMin just glares at her

What does she think she is doing? She only drank b/c she wanted attention from him. I hate her so much. How could she do this to me? And g-dragon’s not even doing anything; he just sits there while she sleeps? What is wrong with him? Gosh……

All of them arrive back home G-D carries Tina to her bed then heads back upstairs.
Jane and G-D talk in the hallway
Jane: Thanks
G-D: No problem
Jane: She didn’t throw up on you, right?
G-D: No, I don’t think so
Jane: Sorry for that she doesn’t get drunk like that ever
G-D: Hey that’s was the only time she got really close to me since earlier
Jane: I thought you and SiMin had a thing
G-D: She’s nice and all but not really my type
Jane: The drunk is you type
G-D: When she’s not drunk
Jane: Stop by here in the morning
G-D: Why?
Jane: I have a feeling you’re gonna need to come here anyway
G-D: Alright, night
Jane: Goodnight

Next to the door was SiMin eavesdropping on them. She herd everything that happened. Then ran back to her room before Jane came.

A little of chapter 4 for you guys
The girls are about to go out to go shopping
When they all got up Jane told Tina everything that happen last night. She felt really bad for all the trouble she caused. Then there was a knock on the door, Micki got it
Jane: Who is it?
Micki: G-D
Jane: Hey I think you should thank him and apologize
Tina: Alright

Tina: Hey can I talk to you for a while?
G-D: Sure

They both go in the hallway
Tina: I heard about what happened last night and I’m sorry for causing you all that trouble and possibly vomiting on you and thanks for saving me
G-D: It’s alright, I’d be happy to do that again anytime
G-D: Did i do anything wrong?
Tina: What?
G-D: Jane told me last night you usually don't get drunk like that
Tina: Oh, i don't know what i was thinknig last night, and its not your fault

Jane: Tina you done ?
Tina: I'm sorry maybe we can talk later
G-D: How about Midnight, i'll call you
Tina: You can't, i'll call you, ill explain then
G-D: Alright then
Tina: Could you tell the other guys I’m sorry
G-D: Sure thing

They both get up to leave.
Tina: Wait
Tina walks over and gives G-D a kiss on the cheek and they hug in the hallway for a while, both of them start to tear up
G-D: Why are we crying
Tina: I don't know

Si min opens the door and see’s them hugging. She gets so mad she slaps the both of them. Then Tina punches Simin in the face. Then the two start fighting. G-D gets in the fight and tries to break them up.

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Chapter 4-Forever With You

Post by yummyricecakes on 7/18/2009, 5:23 pm

When they all got up Jane told Tina everything that happen last night. She felt really bad for all the trouble she caused. Then there was a knock on the door, Micki got it
Jane: Who is it?
Micki: G-D
Jane: Hey I think you should thank him and apologize
Tina: Alright
Tina: Hey can I talk to you for a while?
G-D: Sure
They both go in the hallway
Tina: I heard about what happened last night and I’m sorry for causing you all that trouble and possibly vomiting on you and thanks for saving me
G-D: It’s alright, I’d be happy to do that again anytime
Tina: Could you tell the other guys I’m sorry too to them.
G-D: Sure thing
They both get up to leave.
Tina: Wait
Tina walks over and gives G-D a kiss on the cheek and they hug in the hallway for a while
Si min opens the door and see’s them hugging. She gets so mad she slaps the both of them. Then Tina punches Simin in the face. Then the two start fighting. G-D gets in the fight and tries to break them up. The guys and girls come out to see what’s happening. They pull the girls off of each other.
TaeYang: Hold up, what happened?
G-D and Tina looking guilty.
G-D: Talk to her
Tina: Well what had happened was I was talking to him in the hallway and all of a sudden she comes out the door and slaps the both of us. I’m thinking like wtf? So I punched her.
Tae Yang: And you what’s your story?
SiMin: First of all they weren’t talking they were hugging each other, and Tina knew I liked him but she did all she could to get him back.
Tina: So what if we were hugging or not it doesn’t give you the right to hit me or him
SiMin: Forget you all you guys are fucked up, I’m leaving.
Tina looks at all of them and then goes to punch SiMin just one more time for all of them. Then they quickly run to grab Tina again. SiMin grabs her stuff and head off back to America.
G-D: God what’s wrong with her
Tina: Who knows anymore?
Top: Told you she is shallow
Tina: Look at you face, it’s scratched, I’ll go get some ice
G-D: Thanks
Jane: You guys still want to go shopping?
All: Yeah
Tina: I need a new phone
Cam: What happened to you old one?
G-D: What exactly happened to it?
Tina: I threw it in the river…
Jane: You crazy bitch
G-D: Hey
Jane: I didn’t mean to offend the boyfriend
Tina: Hey let’s go now
Tina: Hey were leaving you guys can chill here if you want and please lock up if u go upstairs.
The girls went out shopping and the boys went back upstairs.
The girls went around town shopping everywhere. They then walk past a jewelry store. In the store they see someone familiar.
Cam: Hey, look
All: What?
Cam: Who does that look like?
They look and see that it was G-Dragon.
Tina: What in the world would he be doing in a jewelry store?
Micki: Maybe he’s buying your engagement ring.
Tina: Leave him alone let’s go
Cami then screams his name. The girls run before G-D can turn around and see them. They then go to a McDonalds to buy something to eat. They get their food and eat on the tables outside.
Tina: Hey what did you guys get?
Jane: I gotta snack wrap and a salad and some water.
Micki: Salad, some yogurt, and water.
Cam: I got snack wrap and some fries and a cola.
Tina: For real?
All: What did you get?
Tina: Big Mac, Medium Fries and a Medium Cola
Cam: All of that, you aren’t watching your weight
Jane: you must not know tina very well
Micki: Her body, no matter what she eats her never gets fat.
Cam: For real?
Tina: Yup
Cam: I wish my body could do that
Jane & Micki: We all do
Tina: Forget my body, how are your relationships going?
Jane: I really like Tae Yang, but I can’t hook up with him?
All: Why not?
Jane: Because I’m going back to the U.S for the rest of the summer
All: What?
Micki: When was this?
Jane: A few days ago, my grandparents are sick in the hospital and my little sister has cancer and I need to go back
All: OMG! We’re so sorry
Jane: its okay, I’m leaving next Sunday, so I have a week left.
Cam: We’re gonna make sure you and tae Hook up before you leave
Jane: Enough, about me how about you Micki?
Micki: Me and Seung Ri, let’s see. Well we’ve talked, and he is so cute.
Tina: He kiss you yet?
Micki: No, but he held my hand when we were walking
Cam: Aww, how sweet
Micki: And he asked me out next Saturday, to go hang out around the city and go and eat?
Micki: That’s enough about me, come on Cami what’s your story.
Cami: first of all Dae is hilarious but I hardly ever get to talk to him he’s always goofing off with G-D. But if he doesn’t ask me out I’m might ask him?
Tina: Go head girl
Cami: And now for missy in love, what’s up with you and G-D?
Tina; I’m not in love and it’s been kinda crazy so I don’t know exactly where we are.
Jane: Have you guys kissed?
Tina: Yes, 2 times and hugged once
Micki: What do you call that?
Tina: I don’t know, we tried to talk but I told him later, he told me to call him at midnight.
Jane: So you 2 are gonna go out tonight?
Cami: I wonder if he’s freaky?
Micki: He probably is
Jane: hay don’t let him get you knocked up
Tina: I know, I know, I know
Tina: Hey let’s make a promise now to never let any guys get between the friendship we have.
Jane: Promise
Micki: Promise
Cami: Promise
The girls then finish their meal and start walking back to their car. Tina then bumped into some guy.
Tina: I’m sorry please excuse me
Eunhyuk: oh, it’s okay
When Tina looks up she realizes that it was her best friend from the 5th grade.
Tina: Hyukjae?
Eunhyuk: Tina?
The two then hug.
Tina: OMG! Where have you been?
Eunhyuk: Here in Korea, where have you been?
Tina: In the U.S, I’ve missed you so much man
Eunhyuk: I’ve missed you to, but what are you doing here?
Tina: I’m spending my summer here
Donghae interrupts
Donghae: Hi my name is Donghae
Tina: Hi, nice to meet you
Micki: Tina we gotta go
Tina: Sorry Talk to you later
Eunhyuk: Can I call you?
Tina: Sure
Takes a pen and writes her number on Eunhyuk's hand and then runs off.
Donghae: What’s that?
Eunhyuk: Nothing
Donghae: Is that her number?
Donghae takes out his phone and starts pressing numbers
Eunhyuk: You aren’t calling her are you?
Donghae: No, even better I’m adding her to my contact list
Eunhyuk: Just don’t give her number to the other members okay?
Donghae walking away
Donghae: I hear you
Later the girls finally arrive at the apartment. Jane: Tina do you have your keys?
Tina: They’re upstairs, I’ll go get the
Tina goes upstairs to the boys’ room and walks in.
Tina: Hey guys
Guys: Hey
Tina: Is ji yong in his room?
Seung Ri: Yea I think so
Tina: Okay thanks.
Tina knocks on the door.
G-D: Who is it?
Tina: It’s me
G-D: Who are you?
Tina: Stop kidding
G-D: Come in
Tina walks in the room and is surprised to see G-D Shirtless!
Tina: Hey where are my keys?
G-D: They’re in my closet, top drawer
G-D: You find them?
Tina: Yeah, and you really should put a shirt on.
G-D gets up and puts his arms around Tina
G-D: Why is that?
Tina: Well, first I don’t think anyone wants to see your little skinny body and I gotta go
G-D: We still on for tonight?
Tina: Maybe?
Tina: The second reason is that people can do this
Tina pinches his nipple.
G-D: Ahhhhhhh
Tina: Bye sweetie
Tina: Bye guys
Guys: Bye
Tina gets back with the keys and the girls get in and find mail.
Micki: Tina you have a letter from your parents, and a letter from a hosting company.
Tina opens the letter from the hosting company first and starts to read.
Tina: It says that they have 2 students from the U.S that is looking for a place to do a home stay in South Korea and were wondering if we would want to do it?
Cam: Does it tell about them?
Tina: Yea here’s their profile
Ethnicity: Korean / Japanese / Taiwan
Favorite Food:Ramen
Name: Monica
Height: 5’2
Age: 21
Ethnicity: Cambodian/Chinese/Thai/Korean/American
Favorite Food: LoMien 
Cam: When are they coming?
Tina: Its says if we were to respond to this offer we would have to pick them up tomorrow from the airport.
Tina: What do you guys think?
Cam: I wanna do it
Jane: Sure
Micki: It’s okay with me
Tina: As long as they aren’t crazy I’ll do it
Tina then opens the letter from her parents.
Jane: What is it?
Tina: They sent me a letter and a check for 5,000. It says hope you’re having fun, here’s a present use it for whatever you need. Love, Mom and Dad
Micki: Awesome!
Tina then calls the hosting company and tells them that they accept the offer.
The girls just hang in their apartment for the rest of the day, now it’s around 11:45PM and the only 2 that are up are Jane and Tina.
Jane: Hey you’re not going to bed?
Tina: I’m going out in 15mins
Jane: Oh, I forgot
Tina: I’m gonna call him now
Jane: Alright I’m going to bed, have fun
Tina: Ok goodnight
Tina calls G-D’s phone.
G-D: Hello
Tina: Hey, what you doing?
G-D: Putting on a shirt like you told me to, you still awake?
Tina: Yeah
G-D: Come up
Tina: Ok, I’ll be up in 1 min
Tina: Hey you ready?
G-D: Yeah, Let’s go
Tina: Where are we going exactly, and why do you have a picnic basket?
G-D: You’ll see when we get there
Tina: Why is it so dark?
G-D: It’s nighttime
Tina: Where are the street lights?
G-D: If you’re that scared then just grab my hand
The two finally stop at the top of a hill. From there you can see the moon, the stars, and the entire city.
Tina: Oh my gosh the view is amazing
G-D: I know
G-D: Close your eyes and don’t move.
G-D takes out a blanket from the picnic basket, and lites 4 candles, and tales out a box of chocolates, speakers and his iPod.
G-D: You can open them now.
Tina: What is all this?
G-D: I know I don’t seem like the type and it’s kinda lame but…
Tina: No you don’t, and I think it’s perfect
G-D: So…how was your day?
Tina: Okay, I guess found some bad news?
G-D: what was it?
Tina: Jane’s gonna be leaving next Sunday b/c her grandparents are sick in the hospital and her sister has cancer.
G-D: For real
Tina: I feel so bad for her
G-D: Tae Yang was gonna ask her out?
Tina: Well, we should at least get the two together before she leaves.
G-D: Yeah, we should
Tina: Today, I met an old friend
G-D: Who?
Tina: You probably don’t know him, Hyukjae?
G-D: From Super Junior?
Tina: Yeah, we were best friends back in grade school
G-D: Nice
Tina: How was your day?
G-D: Same as everyday
G-D: Write a little, Eat, Chill, Get abused, then Go out, then sleep
Tina: You got abused?
G-D: Yes, by a big scary evil monster girl
Tina: Hey
Tina: Sorry, then for the abuse
G-D: I didn’t say I hated the abuse
Tina’s Phone Rings
Eunhyuk: Hello
Tina: Hey
Eunhyuk: I’d think you’d be up
Tina: I’m so sorry I can’t talk now; I’m kinda with someone now
Eunhyuk: Oh
Tina: Tomorrow, I promise
Eunhyuk: Bye
Tina: Bye
G-D: Who was that?
Tina: Hyukjae
G-D: Doesn’t he know people are sleeping at this time?
Tina: Shut up, I told him we’d catch up later
G-D: Well maybe you guys shouldn’t catch up at all
Tina: Is someone jealous?
G-D: Alright, ill just straight up say it
G-D: Yes, I’m jealous of him, he’s known you for so long, and sounds like you really like him, but I really like you, and there’s no chance that you’d choose some stranger over your best friend.
Tina: First, of all I like him only as a friend, and I’ve come around to like you too.
G-D: So what you’re trying to say is that there is a chance for us?
Tina: I can’t understand you, why don’t you just straight up ask me?
G-D: Will you be my girlfriend?
Tina: I’d love too
Both of them lean in and they kiss.
G-D: I have a present
Tina: Present?
G-D takes out a box, in the box were couple rings.
Tina: Couple Rings?
G-D: Yeah
They put the rings on each others hands and snuggle under the moonlight and stars. Then the two finally go home at 2:00 AM and go to bed.

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Chapter 5-Welcoming The New Family

Post by yummyricecakes on 7/18/2009, 5:25 pm

The next morning the girls get up at around 9:00 AM. Jane and Micki start to cook breakfast. Tina goes on the computer to check her email.
Tina: Hey I have some news; the home stay organization emailed me. They said that we need to be at the airport by 10:00 AM to pick up the girls from the airport, and Jane our cars finally arrived.
Jane: What time is it now?
Tina: About 9:10

Micki: Tina come eat!
Tina: Okay, I’m coming

The 3 sit down and eat.
Jane: Have fun last night?
Tina: Yes (smiling)
Micki: What happened?
Tina: He took me to this place, it was really scary, but it was so romantic. You could see the stars and city, and he had this little picnic set up it was strange.
Jane: Aww how sweet.
Tina: almost forgot he gave me this ring
Cami: It wasn’t you engagement ring?
Tina: No silly it’s a couple ring.

Micki: Can I see the ring?
Tina takes off the ring and hands it to Micki. She passes it around.
Cami: Look it’s something engraved in it.
It says: There’s something about you that makes me love you…I still can’t figure it out…

Jane: How sweet
Tina: I don’t get it?
Jane: He doesn’t know why he likes you so much; he’s still figuring it out.

Tina: Oh
Tina puts the ring back on.
Tina: Where do you wanna go today?
All: We don’t know
Tina: Jane we need to pick up our cars from the shop.
Jane: They’re already here?
Tina: Yes
Someone knocks on the door…

Micki: I’ll get it
Mail Man: Hi, I have a package for Tina and here’s your mail
Micki: Okay, I’ll sign and Thanks
Mail Man: You’re welcome and have a nice day.

Micki: Tina, there’s a package for you.
Tina: Who is it from?
Micki: I don’t know

Tina opens the box and finds
And a card
Happy Late birthday...sorry its 6 months late. This is my gift to you, when you told me that when we grew up I would become a super star and you’d be there by my side cheering me on. With this mic, I’ll always be able to hear you. I love you bestie and Happy birthday, Sincerely Hyukjae

Jane: Who is it from?
Tina: Hyukjae
Jane: Hyukjae? From 5th grade
Tina: Yeah, I was talking to him yesterday
Jane: that was Hyukjae you were talking to?
Tina: Yes, I had no idea he was gonna send me a present
Cami: Well I you don’t want this can I have it?
Tina: Of course I want it; I’ve got to call him

Jane: its 9:45, we need to get ready to leave
The girls get dressed and get ready to pick up the girls. First, they go to the shop and Tina and Jane pick up their cars. Then they both drive to the airport. They see MinEun and Monica. They load their luggage in the cars and then the girls head home.
Micki: Ready guys?
Cami Then unlocks the door

The girls pop confetti poppers.
Girls: Woooooooooooo! Welcome to your home!!!!

Tina: Don’t worry were not like this all the time
Cami: Unless were at a party
Tina: She’s right
Jane: Hi girls and welcome to your new home.
Tina: So we have 2 rooms, my room with the single bed, and Cami’s room with the bunk bed, who wants to go with who?
MinEun: Cami?
Cami: My rooms this way

MinEun follows Cami and unpacks
Tina: Monica you can come with me
Tina: Since there’s one bed you can have it I don’t mind sleeping on the couch
Monica: Thanks
Tina: No problem, and the closet I cleared half you can put your clothes in there for now and my dresser the top 4 draws are all yours.

15 mins later the two finish unpacking

Jane: Call your boyfriend, see what there’re doing?
Tina takes out her cell and calls GD

Tina: Hello
GD: Hello
Tina: what you doing?
GD: Playing Video Games
Tina: We got 2 new roommates
GD: 2 more?
Tina: Yes, did u talk to taeyang yet?
GD: Yeah, he knows
Tina: Okay, call you later, maybe
GD: You better
Tina: Bye
GD: Bye

Tina: They aren’t doing anything now
Jane: Okay
Cami: I know what we should do, wanna go karaoke bar?

Micki: Come on it would be so much fun
Jane: What you guys want to do?
Rest of the Girls: We’ll go
The girls get ready to leave…
Tina: Jane do you have my camera?
Jane: Yes, here
Tina: I have to record this
Jane: Go ask and see if the guys wanna come?
Tina: Why me?
Jane: Just go, it’ll be more fun

Tina goes upstairs and to invite the guys. The guys say yes and they all head off to the Karaoke bar in Tina’s and Jane’s Car. They arrive and get a room.

Tina: Before we start Monica and MinEun this is Big Bang and Big bang this is Monica and MinEun
They all say hi.
Tina: How do we wanna play? Teams or just who ever sings?
All: Teams
Micki: Who’s captains?
G-D: I’m Captain
Cami: We need another one
Monica: Come on, Tina
Tina: No, I hate being captain
All: Come on, you not chicken to go against your boo
Tina: Alright, I’ll do it

Two Teams
Team 1 Team 2
Tae Yang G-D
Tina Jane
Top Dae Sung
Micki Monica
Seung Ri Cami

Jane: Who’s first?
MinEun: Captains

Tina: Wanna make a bet? Losing team walks home, and has to bow down to the winning team.
G-D: Alright, princess, you sure?
Tina: Bring it on, pretty boy

G-D presses the song button player thingy; his song is Gee by SNSD.
G-D: I’ll even do the dance just for you
Tina: Takes out her camera and starts recording
G-D: Sings Gee and gets a score of 99!
G-D: Your turn princess

Tina grabs the mic and presses the button. Her song is “Lies” Big Bang.
Tina sings the song then the boys get up and join to dance. Her score is 100!
G-D then gets on the floor and starts bowing.
Tina: You didn’t loose yet
G-D: Just practicing

Up Next are Tae Yang and Dae Sung.
Tae Yang sings, Candy by Hot and gets 100.
Dae sung Sings Again & Again and also gets 100.

Seung Ri & Jane are next
Seung Ri Sings Sexy Back By Justin Timberlake and gets 97
Jane sings so hot by wonder girls and gets 100.

So Far its
Tina’s Team: 297
G-D’s Team: 299

Next are Micki and Monica
Micki sings Nobody, by wonder girls and gets 100
Monica sings “Marry U: By super junior and gets 80
Then its Top and MinEun
Top sings “Mirotic” By dbsk
Top: I’ll use my sexy voice
TOP gets a 100

Next is MinEun, she sings “Hot issue by 4minute and gets 99.
Finally it’s Cami and Tina
Cami sings “We are the future” by H.O.T. and scores a 90.
Then Tina sings “Mr. big by Hyori and gets 100.
The final scores are
Tina’s team: 597
G-D’s Team: 568

Tina’s Team goes wild and starts screaming and gloating. Then G-D’s teams gets on the floor and starts bowing.
G-D: Good game, (puts his hand out for a hi 5)
Tina fakes the hi5 then runs away from GD.
G-D runs and catches Tina and hugs her.
G-D: you’re too much
Tina: I know and you are too

Tina: I’m sorry, do you want your hi 5?
G-D: No I want a kiss.
Tina kisses his cheek

G-D: That’s not a kiss
G-D then kisses Tina. Tina stops him.
Tina: Sweetie, not right now…
Donghae: Hyung, you wanna get something to eat with me?
Eunhyuk (waiting for Tina to call): I’m busy now
Donghae: Doing what? Let’s Go!
Eunhyuk decides to go get some food with Donghae.

Donghae: What should we get hyung?
Eunhyuk: Kimbab

Tina: I should call Hyukjae now
Tina takes out her cell phone and calls super juniors house.

Tina: Hello
EeTuck: Hello
Tina: Is hyukjae there?
Rest of SuJu: Who is it?
Eetuck: He’s out right now, by the way, who is this?
Tina: My name is Tina, his friend; could you tell him to call back?
Eetuck: (In English) are you American girl?
Tina: Yes…
Eetuck: It’s one of Eunhyuk’s American friends
Kangin: Give me the phone

Rest of conversation in English…
Kangin: Hello
Tina: Who is this?
Kangin: I am Korea’s #1 strong guy
Tina: Hello?
Heechul Takes the phone

Heechul: Yo, wassup baby, man
In the back round at SuJu; s dorm random English
“Nice weather”
“You are so gorgeous”
“I love you”

Hankyung: speaking in Chinese
Tina then hangs up…
(Speaking in Korean)
Hankyung: She hung up
Heechul: It’s because you guys scared her away
Reowook: Hyung, You guys should call back and apologize
Sungmin: When Hyukjae calls her back she’s gonna be mad
Eetuck: Why don’t you guys call her back?
ReoMin: we didn’t do anything…

Sungmin: I’ll call
Tina: Hello
Sungmin: Hello
Tina: who is this?
Sungmin: Hi, I’m Sungmin from Super Junior and I apologize for the behavior of my fellow members
Tina: Oh, you don’t have to, I actually found that very funny, tell them it’s okay.
Sungmin: okay, thanks and bye
Tina: Bye

Later that night everyone continued to karaoke then they all went home.

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Chapter 6-Candy love

Post by yummyricecakes on 7/18/2009, 5:26 pm

Micki’s POV
When I first met SeungRi I felt like he could be my soul mate.
I wasn’t sure.
He looked cute but I wasn’t sure.
What if he was a player?
He does look like he was one.
After a couple of days we spent in Korea.
I guess it was fun I don’t know.

Whenever SeungRi holds my hand I feel sparks.
I hope he feels them too.

Today’s Saturday!
I can’t wait to see where we’re going!

-Knock knock-


I opened the door to see SeungRi.
He looks so cute and amazing!

End of her POV


Micki: How did you know I was wearing green today?
SeungRi smiled: I’m just good that’s how
Micki smiled: ha-ha ok


SeungRi: ready?
Micki: yeah
Micki grabbed her keys and her cell phone then went out with SeungRi.
They both rode in SeungRi’s Car.
The windows were rolled down.
The wind flowing through her hair and he smelling her scent.

They first went to the beach to check it out.
Micki: WOW!
She was fascinated by the view the water was giving to the sun.
Micki: AHH!

She screamed as SeungRi splashed water on her.

Micki: SEUNGRI!!!!!!!!!!!

She scoped up some water and threw it at SeungRi.

SeungRi: HEY!

Micki: NO HEY!

SeungRi then charged after her.
Micki: AHH!!
Micki ran but it was too late.
SeungRi had his arms around her waist and swung her around.
She squealed in happiness.
SeungRi laughed then put her down.

SeungRi: You want to go eat now?
Micki: Yeah
SeungRi took her to Korean BBQ
Micki: This place looks nice?
SeungRi laughed: Isn’t it just like the ones in America?
Micki shrugged: I guess

After they ate they went to the carnival.
SeungRi held her hand as they walked into the cotton candy store.

Micki: I want the blue one!
SeungRi grabbed it and paid for it.

Micki: What do you want? I’ll give it to you
SeungRi smiled and held her waist
Micki looked down at his hands.
SeungRi: I want you…give it to me!
Micki laughed: NO!
SeungRi chuckled as she plopped a piece of cotton candy into her mouth.
SeungRi took her to the beach view.

Micki: Oppa why are we here?
SeungRi held her hand and pulled her closer to her.
SeungRi held her cheek as he came closer to her.
SeungRi kissed her.
Micki dropped her cotton candy.
SeungRi pulled away and looked deeply into her eyes.
SeungRi: I Like you Micki …Will you go out with me?
Micki smiled: No
SeungRi: WHAT!
Micki laughed: I’m joking Oppa! Of Course I’ll go out with you!

SeungRi kissed her again and this time she kissed him back.
She pulled away
Micki: You owe me a Cotton candy!
She pouted
SeungRi Smiled: Let me be your cotton candy
Micki smiled: ok
Micki kissed him for the third time.
They held hands and walked back home.
Once they opened the door all you heard was
Screams, Gasp, ARE YOU SERIOUS? When did this happen, Tell me!, AWHHH~~
The next day it was time for Jane to leave. All 10 of them woke up at 6:30 in the morning to bring Jane to the airport and say their last goodbyes.

Jane: My flight is leaving in 10 mins
They all say their goodbyes and then head back home to sleep.

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Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09] Empty Re: Finding You (Big Bang & Other Girls)[Edited---7/18/09]

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