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<3 Me and him <3 with DBSK

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<3 Me and him <3 with DBSK

Post by methebest on 7/6/2009, 5:35 pm

Chapter 1: The lost wallet
- Oh tae-chan did you listen to the new song of DBSK? Don't you think that Stand by you is cool? Besides the lyrics are so deep!!
- Yeah Yeah if you say so ... I see that you are again on them
-What? you know they are good singers that's why I admire them a lot for that. But I'm so relieved that I'm not like Cassiopieia.
-Yes you're right they exceeds the bounds and don't leave them freedom. So if you want tomorrow we can go to buy the cd . Be to the store at 4pm and after we will go shopping!!
-Yeah !! good idea ^^

The next day:

-Oh no I'm late !! Tae-chan will kill me!! All that is because of mom, she didn't want to give me some money
She is running and while she run she bumped into someone.
The two of them: Hey can't you pay attention! I'm in hurry!
-What are you saying it's you who bumped in me!
-What? aishh
-I have to go
-Hey wait!! ...You lost your wallet...

-Tae-chan sorry I'm late!
-HURRY! Let's buy the cd before it will be sold out
-Wait a minute I take my wallet. Huh? Huh?
-What is it?
-I can't find it!
-You are sure that you took it?
-Yeah! Oh no don't tell me that I lost it when I bumped into that person? Oh no what should I do?
-It's ok I think. Don't forget that you let your phone number in it. If that person is kind enough she will call you.
-Yeah i think you're right. But what if she don't call me?
-... It's ok I will pay the cd for you and you will give me the money later.
-Ok thanks. But it's a big problem there were a lot of money in it and there is my id card.
-Don't worry that person will call. ( I hopefor you that she will!)

In the street:
-Hey Changmin-ah! What are you doing if you don't hurry we will be late!
-Ok ok I'm coming. (What should I do with the wallet? This girl is very something she bumped in me and doesn't apologize! Aisssh! Let's see later I have to work.)

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Chapter 2: A good lesson

Post by methebest on 7/6/2009, 5:37 pm

In mihori house:
-Tae-chan what should I do that person didn't call me? I 'm in big trouble!! My mother will kill me.
-Wait a bit longer it has been only one day. Or do you want to search that person?
-How can we do that, I didn't see his face, I just remember that he was tall.
-So we don't have any other choice but to wait.
In the DBSK family:
CM: Ah junsu I have something to ask you.
JS: What do you want from me? First of all you have to call me HYUNG!! ^^
CM: Aissh! Forget it!!
JS: Ok ok what is it about?
CM: Yesterday when we were going to the radio broadcast, a girl bumped in me.
JS: A girl?
YC: Hey what are you talking about you two?
JS: Yesterday CM met a girl!!
YC: A girl? A girl? ... Hey JJ hyung!! YH hyung! CM has a girlfriend!
CM: What? ... What!!!!?
YH and JJ: What? What!! He found a girlfriend?
YC: Yes he was talking about her with JS!!
CM: Huh?!!
JJ: So you found a girl? How can you do that? I'm supposed to be first!!
CM: Huh?!
YH: So happy for you!! This way you won't watch your pervert videos anymore!!
CM: Huh?!!
JS: ...
JS: You're really being rude toward us!!
CM: Shut up! You all are really talking rubbish! You didn't even let me finsh what I was talking!!
YC JJ YH: So you didn't found a girlfriend?
JJ: I'm so relieved!! How can a little boy like you find a girlfriend?
CM: WHAT !! what!!
JJ: Just kidding!! Don't kill me! Please!
YH: So what's the story?
CM: Yesterday a girl bumped in me...
YC: And you fell in love with her?
CM: WHAT?!! NO!!! How can I love a girl like her! She didn't even apologize! I just wanted to tell you that she lost her wallet and when I noticed it she was already gone!
JS YH JJ YC: AH ok!! So that's how it is!!
CM: But hyung you really all are obsessed with girls!
JS JJ YC YH: Not as much as you ^^
CM: You all want to be killed by me right!! Aisssh
JJ: You can't do that !! You are our little brother you have to respect us!
CM hit jaejong!
CM: Don't say that I didn't warn you!
And they started to fight as always: You hit me I'll hit you back!!
(While they are fighting:
JS: He really is scary!!
YC: He has been working out !! Mom I'm scared!
YH: We shouldn't make him angry...One day I will film them just for fun ^^ HAHAHA!)
YH: Stop fighting! Back to the story.
CM: Yeah you're right. So what should I do with her wallet?
YC: Just give it to the police station.
JS: Did you see inside? Maybe there is her id card? We will see her address!
CM: Yeah right I didn't think about it!
He opens it.
JJ: Oh she's rich she has a lot of money!! ^^
CM: Here is her id card.
YC: Oh she's cute!<3
YH JS JJ: Yeah you're right!
CM: Oh there is a paper here. Oh it's her phone number!!
JJ: Call her! call her!
CM: Ok
... Thuh Thuh Tuh
Mihori: Oh my phone!
Tae: Maybe It's that person!!
Mihori: Yabseo?
CM: Are you Mihori-san?
M: Yeah why?
CM: You lost your wallet.. So
THE OTHERS: Tell her to come to take it!!
CM: So If you want it where can I find you?
The others: No tell her to come at our home!! We want to see her!!
CM: Shut up!!
M: What?
CM: Sorry I'm talking to my stupid brothers!!
The others: Hey!!
JJ: Don't worry guys I'll beat him up after!
M: Be in front of the subway station at 3H00 Pm
CM: Wait I can't at this hour
M: Why?
CM: I have to work. So can you be at 8h30pm?
M: What ?
Tae: Don't worry I will go with you and if he tries to do something to you I will beat him up!!
M: It's ok. Thanks
CM: Bye
JS: So what did she say?
CM: I have to be in front of the subway station at 8H30 PM.
YH: But you know you have to disguise or else she will find out that you are CM from DBSK.
JJ: Yeah he's right.

So the other members disguised him. Now he is wearing a hat and a mustache.
While he took the wallet wich was on the table a necklace dropped but he didn't notice it.

In front of the subway:
M: Tae you have to stay with me.
Tae: Ok don't worry i'm just here behind you on the bank.

M: he is late!! Don't tell me that it's not that weird person!!
CM: Escuse me are you Mihori?
M: Yeah so you are the one who picked my wallet?
CM: Yeah.
M: Can you give me my wallet?
He is giving it to her but he takes it back!
M: Hey!
CM: Did you really think that I will give it to you? First of all you have to make me escuses for what you did this yesterday!
M: What?
CM: You bumped in me and didn't apologize!!
M: What?!! Aissh! It's you who bumped in me!!
CM: No it's you!
She hit him on his leg and he let drop the wallet.Mihori pulls her tongue at him!
CM: You make sure you run before I catch you!!
And she runs and he tries to catch her.
But CM notices that they are drawing attention.
( CM: O crap I can't do that!! People will discover that I'm a DBSK member! Aissh I better return at home!)

Tae: Mihori are you ok?
M: Yes !! I gave him a good lesson!
Tae: You're realy something!

In DBSK home:
JS: Huh what is this on the table?
YC: It's a necklace with the initials M.
JJ: The girl who bumped in CM, isn't Mihori her name ?
YH: Yeah right!

And CM opens the dour of the house.
All: CM!! Cm!!
Cm: What!!
All: How was it?
Cm: Horrible that girl is very rude I don't want to talk about it!
JS: You know!! You dropped this necklace from her wallet!
CM: Are you sure?
JJ: Her name is Mihori right?
CM: Yeah
YC: Then it belo ngs to her.
CM: HAHAHA HAHAHA Mihori you will pay back what you did to me!!
(JS: He's very very scary)
YH whispering: I think we should let him alone
JJ: Yeah right!!He's stupid sometimes
(YC: Mom I'm scared!)

****END of chapter two*****
Thanks for reading!! <3

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Chapter 3: Changmin be sensible!

Post by methebest on 7/6/2009, 5:38 pm

M: Tae I brought back my wallet!!
Tae: Good for you.
M: But this person... Aisssh.. just thinking of her!! HAHHHHHHH! He pisses me of!! And why didn't you come to rescue me? You said that you would help me!!
Tae: It's just.. That I saw a ice scream shop!!
M: Just because of ice scream?
Tae: I love ice creamm.. hmmm.. ice cream
M: Hey wake up!!
Tae: Ah sorry.
M: You know why I wanted badly my wallet?
Tae: Because of the money and you id card
M: Not only that. Because inside there is the necklace my mom gave me. She said « I give it to you. When you get married and have a girl give it to her. That necklace is passed from generation to generation! So take care of it » that's why I was scared when I lost my wallet. (She opens the wallet) Huh? ...Huh....HUH????????????????!!!!!!!!!
Tae: What happens?
M: The ... the .. the neck... the neck
Tae: What?
M: The necklace is not inside!! My mom will kill me!!
Tae: Don't tell me that it's that person that has it?
M: HUH!! ... huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! What to do?
JS: CM you're scary stop it!
CM: I wil take my revenge. What should I do?
JJ: Why are you doing that to her!
YC: You're mean!
YH: Yes they're right!!
CM: Why? Why? That girl hit me on my leg!! And people in the street almost discovered that I was Changmin!! Besides she didn't apologize!! And you say that I'm mean? Pfffff
JJ: So that's how it is.
Js: But I think you go a little overboard.
CM lauches a murderous look at JS.
(JS: MOM help me...)
JS: I think you're right! You have to get you're revange!! (Mom rescue me I don't want to die!!)
YH: So what will you do?
CM: I don't know I will think about it.
YC: I know that she was mean to you but you know CM you are a man now so you can't do anything bad to her. Act like a gentleman!!
JJ: Besides you know you can't do something stupid! You already know that the reporters purchase us.
CM: Yeah you're right I'm acting like a kid right now. Thanks hyungs. Tomorrow I will call her and give it back to her.
JS: Now we see our CM. The mature CM.
JJ: SO what do you all want to eat ? I will cook!
CM: Thanks
JS: hamabushi
Yh: ramen
CM: udon and ramen
JJ: I am not superman I can only do one dish!

Mihori in her room:
(What if he tries to treaten me? .. money? No he wouldn't tell me to give him money? .... ahhhhhh I'm getting crazy)
Mom: Mihori come down to eat!
M: Ok mom!
She comes down to the dining room.
M: Oh it smells good!
Mom: Because it's good!!
M: Mom where is dad?
Mom: He's in Japan. The company send him there for one week.
M: he is never here!If he's not in Japan, he's in China and he only comes back at home once every two weeks!
Mom: You can't blame him he does that for us...
M: I know I know. He does that so we can live confortably.
Mom: Huh? Why didn't you wear the necklace I gave you?
M: (o shit) .. huH I left it in the bathroom when I took a shower.. (ouf saved)
Mom: Ah ok. But don't loose it ok?
M: Yes mom...
(M: what to do? She will kill me if she discovers the truth!)

****End of chapter 3****
Thanks for reading ^^

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Chapter 4: Robber! please someone help me !!

Post by methebest on 7/6/2009, 5:40 pm

I got yoouuuuuuuu under my skin... I got youuu under my skin...
M: O my phone! Yabseo
CM: Hello it's me
M: Who me?
CM: The one who gave back your wallet to you.
M: Hey yahh!! You have my necklace.
CM: I know. Be in front of the park at 9h00 pm.
M: Hey what ? ... hey yahhhhhh. Pff he hanged up. O i'm so mad! He drives me crazy!!!!
In front of the park:
CM: What is she doing!!... Ah she's coming!
M: Give me back my necklace!
CM: Don't you know to say good evening and be polite?
M: Don't tell me that you are a pervert and that ...
CM: Huh what?
M ( she screems): Robber... Robber help me!! Robber!
CM: What shut up!!
M: robber polease help me!
He covers his mouth and leads her to an area with less people.
CM: Hey sut up now!! You're really something! You will shut up now?
CM: Ok I let you go
M: pervert!!
CM: aissh.. take back your necklace I don't want to have something to do with you! If you had done me escuses I would have gave it to you sooner!!
M: Pff.. watsoever! Why didn't you give it to me with the wallet?
CM: That necklace droped from your wallet and I didn't see it. I just figured out that it was yours because of the intials!
M: pff
CM: Take back your phone number i don't want to be with people like you!! You're really really something.I just wanted escuses! Bye I'm really busy!! hope I will never see you again!
He leaves
M: ... did I go a little overboard? But how can he let me in that place alone in the dark and at night!!
...: Hey you are you alone?
M: Huh? Who are you don't come near me!!
...: Just be quiet, listen to us and everything will be alright.

He approaches the exit of the park when he heard a scream. And he remembers that mihori is a girl alone.
CM: Oh no I shouldn't have let her alone!!
He runs and see two men around her! Her clothes are torn.
CM: Bastard!! Let her go!!
He fights with them and they leave.
CM: Are you ok?
Mihori is crying.
M: Don't come near me!... hhuhhhh .. don't..
CM: It's ok it's me. They left don't be scared. (He gives her his jacket)
M: hhh.....
CM: Don't be scared. It's ok you're safe now.
She hugs him because of the fright.
M: Don't let me alo..alon.alone...please.. please
CM: It's ok I'm here.
He carry her on her back.
CM: Where do you live?
M: I don't want to go home! Mom ... if she sees me like that.. she will be scared..
CM: But...
M: no I don't wan to.. besides I had to sleep with a friend Tae! So she knows that I won't come back hom... (She faints)
CM: What should I do?

In the DBSK home:
JJ: Where is CM?
JS: He went to meet that girl.
CM: Hyung come help me..
YC: Oh he's here
When they see Mihori on his back they are all surprised.
YH: What happened?
CM: I will tell you later, bring me some water.
JS: Ok
CM lay her on the couch and try to woke her up .
CM: wake up... wake up..
M: Where am I? Hhhuhh don't come near me
CM: It's ok !! I beat up the bastards who did that to you. Don't worry I arrived at time. They didn't do anything to you, they just pulled out you clothes.
M: ...
CM: drink some water.
M: Thanks.
After drinking the water:
M: You ... You .. robber .. pervert
CM: I already explained it to you.
M: I wanted to say sorry for all I have done. If you really wanted something from me you wouldn't have come rescued me. I'm really sorry and thanks.
CM: Ok don't worry.
And then she sees the other members beside him.
M: D.. D... DBSK members!
JJ: hello I'm jajeong
Js: I'm Junsu
YC: Yoochun nice to meet you
YH: Me the leader YH.
M: Huh .. Huh.. How can it be?
Changmin takes of his desguise and his mustache.
CM: I'm Changmin

****End of chapter 4****
Thanks for reading ^^


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Chapter 5: I am dreaming!!

Post by methebest on 7/7/2009, 3:30 pm

CM: I'm Changmin.
M: Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
.... (everyone is quiet)
M: Ah I understand! I am dreaming! Because I admire them a lot they appear in my dream.
YC: What is she saying?
JS: Oh so you admire us! ^^
JJ: Who is the member that you like better?
CM: Shut up you three!
M: Yeah! Ok! I am in my dream, thinking of it is really stupid! How can a star as Changmin came save me like a knigh!
JS: She is really going crazy.
M: So it means that I am in my dream. But it's wonderful isn't it?
DBSK: ....
CM: You're not dreaming.
YH: Changmin is the one who found your wallet.
JJ: And after returning it back to you we found the necklace on the table. And today he gave it to you.
Mihori hit herself to see if it's the reality.
( DBSK: She's really odd!! Is she crazy?)
M: Outch. (after a long silence). HUHHHHHHHHHH! I am not dreaming!!I think I'm going home.
CM: You can't your mother will be alarmed! Don't forget that you were almost abused by these guys.
M: I.. I... almost get abused!(she starts to cry thinking of it).
CM tries to confort her but she pushes him.
M: Don't come near me.
JJ whispering to the other members: I think she is traumatized by what happened to her.
JS: We should let her alone I think.
YC: Let's go to the kitchen.
CM: Can you cook her some porridge?
JJ: Ah right she will feel better after.

The others left the living room. Mihori send a message to Tae: « Sorry, I can't sleep in your house today.... Can you cover me I'm not at home. ». Tae send her « Ok no problem. But something happened to you? » Tae: « No nothing don't worry» .
And then she starts to think about what happened to her and she is again in tears.

CM: .. Mihori .. eat this it's Jaejong who cooked it for you.
M: I don't want to eat.
CM: but you have to get better!
CM: Ok I understand I let it here on the table. I know that something diffult happened to you but you know we are here if you need something.

He leaves the living room and she eats the porridge.
After a moment she fells asleep. CM come back and puts a blanket on her.

The next day:
M: Huh? Ah I remember last night. But who put a blanket on me?
She gets up, go on the floor on the kitchen and listen to what the members are saying:
JS: Do you hink she's ok?
CM: I don't know but yesterday she said that she won't eat the porridge but she ate it. I think she's getting better.
JJ: But it's very sad what happened to her.
CM: I'm sorry.
(Mhiori listening to them: Why is he sorry?)
YC: What happens to you?
CM: It's my fault!
(M: hein?)
YH: What?
CM: It's my fault. Yesterday when I returned the necklace to her, I left and let her alone. When I heard a sream, I went back to save her! It's my fault, if I have stayed with her all that wouldn't have happened to her!
JJ: Don't say that!
JS: It's not your fault!
CM: It is!
Mihori enters the kitchen.
M: It's not. It's my fault. I'm sorry. Because I shout in the park that you are a robber and a pervert, you had no other choice but to give me back my necklace and leave. I understand why you left, I was horrible with you and people would have discovered that you are a member from DBSK. So it's my full responsability, I acted like a kid. Sorry CM. And sorry to the others too for inconvenience. I think I should go back home.
CM: No you can't! It's only 7h00 AM. Your mom will think it strange that you live the house of you friend earlier.
JJ: Yeah he's right.
YC: You can stay here with us we don't have activities this morning.
M: Are you sure?
YH: Yeah don't worry. But you can't go out otherwise the fans will find out about you.
M: Ok thank you very much. So to thank you I can make you breakfast.
CM: Ok good idea, I'm hungry.
M: Ok!
CM: If you want I can help you.
JS: Me to..
JJ covered his mouth.
JJ speking to JS and the other members: We have to let them alone. Ok?
The others: Yes.
JJ: Mihori so we will be preparing ourselves until you prepare the breakfast.
M: Ok no problem.
CM: Hein what?
JJ makes a wink to CM.
(CM: what does that mean? I really can't understand him!)

All members are behind the door spying them and whispering:
JS: They are so cute together!
YC: Yeah I think that CM really found a girlfriend hehe!^^
YH: huh? Where is Jaejong?
YC: Don't know he was here a minute ago.
JJ: I'm here. (He came with a camera)
YH: Don't tell me that you will take pictures of them!
JJ: Yeah you understood > <
YC: Cool!!
JS: I think that if they will be together CM will less be violent with us!!
YC: O yeah sure 'cause he will be too concerned about her hehe ^^
JS and YC: We will live a good life!! Mom we will be safe! (They are singing): Good life!! good life!!..
JJ and YH: Shut up you two!

****END of chapter 5***
Thanks fo reading ^^


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Re: <3 Me and him <3 with DBSK

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