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Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals]

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Post Annyong Chinggu?

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Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals] Empty Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals]

Post by sushi.sushina on 7/26/2009, 9:04 am



=Hyunra’s POV=

Two summers ago, me, my best friends Sungmin and Jungrin went to Korea supposedly to meet Sungmin’s childhood friends who turn out to be a famous hip hop group. Some of us hooked up during the 2 months we spent there. But a lot of drama happened as well. Especially, as our departure came closer.

Jungrin hooked up with the leader of the group, Jiyong. A spunky skinny fashion nuclear. She also got a little involved with buff boy Youngbae but all was resolved –insert smiley- . I sorta had a thing with a boy whose mind’s infested with a certain bald, earless, blue cat. And Sungmin, was with SeungHyun for most of the time until the boys came back from a Japan trip. That was when things got ugly for her. They fought and stuff and apparently she and the youngest of the boys, Seungri kissed which made things worst. And shortly after that Sungmin left without a warning. And to this day neither Jungrin nor I have been in contact with her.

So how are we now?

Jungrin is having a long distance relationship with Jiyong. We both are still pretty close. Doraemon boy aka Daesung and I still keep in touch from time to time but we’re both awfully busy to keep anything serious up. I still keep tabs on the boys by watching the Korean channels and visiting websites before I go to bed. They’re doing way fine by the way. SeungHyun and SeungRi are big shot actors now. Jiyong is finally getting to launch his own clothing line. Youngbae is practically the big kahuna in Korean RnB. Daesung released a full trot album which made me absolutely ecstatic because he used to make me smile so much singing like that. He sent me a copy of his CD but my grandma stole it from me.

I miss having all of us together like last time…I wonder how Sungmin’s doing. We should do it again.


I'd love to describe the characters but i prefer you get to know them as you read the fic. in short, i'm just too dang lazy.

i hope you guys will read and comment this time lol. i really dont want my readers to be silent. if there are any readers lol. even if it sucks just say it so i can do better =D

uhm this is from my winglin account so dont think i'm someone plagiarizing lol i'll be updating both winglin and here. for the previous story click -->Annyong Chinggu


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Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals] Empty Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals]

Post by sushi.sushina on 7/26/2009, 9:19 am

“Heeeey Hyunnie!!” an overly excited voice greeted me once I pressed to receive call button on my phone. “hey hun, whatchu up to?”

“Hey Jungrin,” I yawned and sat up on my bed, tossing away the covers, “You woke me up from the Photographer Awards. I was going to get the best Polaroid picture award.” I rolled my eyes and proceeded to the bathroom to brush my teeth. “Well in short I was taking a nap.”

“Well, I know you’ve been bummed not getting a lot of jobs lately.” I spat out the toothpaste foam,

“I get a lot of jobs.” I said defensively, but who I am kidding I’ve been home for 3 weeks. Apparently a newbie was hired and she was good.

“Sure you do,” she laughed, “anyways, I’ve got a job for you.” Her voice suddenly serious.

“Yeah?” this time I choked a laughed then rinsed my mouth, “What job could you possibly give me? You’re fresh out of college. Plus I’m tied to a contract.”

“Tsk tsk tsk Hyunra,”I could just picture her snickering expression, “Don’t you know my boyfriend is a very influential man?” I laughed at the word “man”. My 14 year old sister has more flesh than him.

“And?” I ripped open a twinkie with my teeth.

“Well, he’s doing an add campaign and add campaigns need photographers with a vision.” I grinned wide and dropped my twinkie.

“I’m a photographer,” I squeaked, “and I have VISION!”

“Took you long enough, turd.” She laughed, “so this weekend, You and I are flying back to Seoul!” we both screamed at the end of the sentence.

“But wait, I can’t just work for my bestfriend’s boyfriend? I’ll get sued!”

“My Diva boyfriend called your boss and demanded for you when he tried to get that new girl the job.” She fake gagged, “I told you he’s influential.” She said proudly.

“Hey,” I said just remembering, “did you get Bae’s invite to his show at that club tonight?”

“Did you honestly think he’d miss me out?” she said matter of factly, “what’re you gonna wear?” she sounded all giddy again.

“I’m a simple gal,” I smiled, “My VIP pass is the only accessory I need.” With that I hung up before she offers to come over and rainbow paint my nails.

-later that night-

I ended up dressing in my best grey blue plaid lumber-jack-ish shirt. I do not know how I came up with a name like that. Anyway and I wore my acid wash jeans with converses. Very practical I thought, like if I were to get wasted I wouldn’t want to puke on anything expensive. For a final touch I went neon crazy with my nails just incase it was a rave pre-party and stuck a head band around my head.

I took the cab downtown to the club called Magic 8 Ball in downtown New York, I know; it should’ve been named for a roller-rama. I walked straight pass the line of people waiting to get in, pooffed my hair a little then flashed the bouncer…my VIP PASS. Haha gotcha didn’t I?

As soon as I walked in the club was almost pitch black and laser lights were bouncing off the walls and bouncing off my ass for some reason and they played those lousy rave music. Well the real party hadn’t started yet. There were already a bunch of people dancing on the dance floor and stuff. I tried to open my little asian eyes as wide as I could to look for Jungrin, then a girl around my height in a flashy little pink dress came up to me and tugged my hand.

“Miss Kim Hyun Ra?” she smiled and I nodded my head, “This way,” we made our way around the dance floor, pass the bar and up the flight of spiral staircase. There, I saw the boys from two summers ago. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought they were pretty cute before but that night they were friggin hot! Seungri grew a lot! He was so tall especially when he’s wearing those white pants and a grey shirt. SeungHyun was dressed in a black leather jacket, sleeves rolled to his elbows with a white t-shirt inside and black pants. Have I ever mentioned how drool-able he looks in black?? And Jiyong was practically the rainbow man. His shirt was vomited with awesome contemporary art shit topped with a red jacket and dark grey pants. And, hello Daedae. He looks a lot more toned than the last time I saw him. What way to show off than a muscle shirt eh? His smile’s still the same though. It made ME glow.

“Hyunraaaa.” Jungrin giggled as I stumbled out of my trance. She had this adorable knee length blue tube dress kinda mermaid cut. Her hair was tied in a messy bun.

“I’m underdressed.” I dropped myself in a bean bag and sunk right in. “even the chair wants to devoure me.”

“You look really pretty.” Dae said proudly smiling and I just sat there being eaten by a piece of furniture.

-Sungmin’s POV-

It’s been over two years since I left Korea for my studies and here I was wasted in my home watching America’s Next Top Model re-runs then occasionally flipping to the ever so dramatic The Hills. I haven’t exactly socialized ever since I sort of abandoned my best friends. I mean it’s not like I wanted to things just sort of happened and before I knew it I was too busy to get in touch with them. Now that I have the time I have no idea how to get back in touch with them. It wasn’t until early last year that I made a friend when my cousin brought me to an underground hip hop gig somewhere here in New York. So cut through the flashback- my phone rang while this one model was pulling another model by the hair.

“Yellow,” I greeted the only buddy I had.

“That’s racist you know,” he said,

“How is that racist when I too am yellow, it’s called Asian Pride, Tablo.” Tablo was actually a rapper I had made friends with at that gig. His intelligence sometimes exceeds my capability to interpret. Apparently he’s pretty big back home too. It’s like I have this thing where I befriend famous people. I don’t really like it but company’s company right? “So what is your reason for interrupting my zen time.”

“You call watching crying whiney little skinny bitches zen?” he asked

“Tablo,” I called him to focus.

“Right, a friend of mine has this show thing tonight at this club.” He said timidly knowing how I’m seriously not up for socializing. “Sungmiiiiiiiin” he groaned when I didn’t answer him.

“Uh there’s going to be people and dancing and drinking and loud music.” I complained

“It’ll be fun! Like a big party in a karaoke room!” I could tell he was grinning, “Oh please Sungmin. I’m going back tomorrow; you could at least act like you’ll miss me.”

“Fine superstar, I’ll go.” Surrender was the only way to shut this boy up.

“Good, now open the door.” He said quickly before hanging up.

I stomped to the door and swung it open. “What the hell? You’ve been standing here the whole time?” He and two of his friends Tukutz and Mithra (whom absent-mindedly greeted me)

“HAVE you been here the whole time?” he corrected me, “and you said you major in English Literature.” He snorted.

“Alright grammar police, you- “ my temper rose as I begin to point at them.

“Just go get ready.” He cut me off.

I groaned and ran to my bathroom to take a quick shower. I wore my white tank top with a pair of black skinnies and calf high black boots. I smacked on some make up and lightly curled my hair before stuffing my ID and some money one front pocket and my cell phone in the other. Purses are so troublesome.

“Gawd took you long enough.” Tablo dragged me out of my apartment and we sped off to the club.


“Tablo, if you’re supposed to be famous back home why are we cramped up in a cab?” I asked as we got near the club.
“Yeah Blo,” Tukutz chimed in, “Why must Sungmin sit on my lap? She doesn’t exactly weight like a girl.”

I elbowed him in the ribs, “Shut up bitch!”

“Alright we’re here.” Tablo said and he was the first to dart out followed by Mithra. Then Tukutz pushed me out of his way so he could get out of the cab, or should I say out of PAYING for the cab ride.



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Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals] Empty Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals]

Post by sushi.sushina on 7/27/2009, 2:20 am

The party was already starting and the club was packed; I could hardly breathe. If it were for Tablo holding on to my hand I wouldn’t have been able to navigate my way through there. We went straight to the dance floor are busted a move. Tablo busted every dance move and I’m not complimenting. Dancing was mine and Tukutz’s job. Mithra smelled beer and disappeared. It was all happy unicorn rainbow scene until the music stopped and the some unknown MC stole the mic from the DJ.

“So ya’ll having fun??” he shouted and the crowd screamed in response. I winced at the sudden ringing in my ear. “I know you’ve all been waiting for a long time now.” He smirked and walked to the other end of the stage, “The man you’ve all been waiting for!” screams, “The source of all energy!” more screams, “Give it up for the hottest star, Tae Yang!” I went deaf. Not just because the crowd was screaming louder than ever. I know for a fact that Tae Yang was a stage name.

I cursed under my breath and grabbed Tablo by the collar, “Who did you say your friend was?”

He grinned cheekily and pointed to the stage. I snapped my head to the same direction and my grip slipped as I froze. “Tae Yang” walked out on to the dark foggy stage. The lights came on and he started singing. I didn’t even hear anything. All these panicky thoughts were flying around in my head. Like, if Tae Yang aka YoungBae’s here, the rest of them have got to be here. If the rest of them are here….HE’s got to be here. I couldn’t face them there and then. I turned to walk but Tablo stopped me.

“Sungmin, what’s wrong?” he held my arm.

“You know what’s wrong.” I had told him about what happened two summers ago, yet he still brought me here.

“Oh come on, you said you’d kill to see them again.” He was right but popping out of nowhere wasn’t exactly how I wanted to catch up with them. “At least stay till the show’s over.”

I sighed and looked up the stage at Bae. He hadn’t notice me yet. I looked around to see if the rest was nearby.

“Sungmin?” I heard a familiar girl’s voice and turned to see a pale Jungrin standing before me. “It’s you! It’s really you!!” she held my face in her palms.

“Jungrin,” I couldn’t help but smile but suddenly she slapped me. “Woah, whuh?”

“You dumb bitch!” she yelled at me and pulled me to the bar, “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?”

“on the dance floor?” I gave her an apologetic smile before hugging her really tight. “How are you love?”

“I’ve been worse.” Her voice suddenly sounded squeaky I pulled away and saw her eyes were red. “Why did you leave like that?” she sat herself down on one of the high stools and I did the same.

“Things were getting real hard and my mom force me to come back home since I got the acceptance letter to NYU.” I eyed her carefully, “Seungri never told you?”

“You told me not to.” I swear I fell of my stool when I heard his voice.

“Seungri!” I got up quickly to hug him, “aw, you’re so much taller now!” behind him was Hyunra and Dae walking up to us. I waved at them and only Dae waved back enthusiastically. Hyunra saw me, and her smile was replaced by a grimace and she marched up angrily towards me.

“I ought to strangle you!!!” she shook me by the shoulders.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Tablo and Tukutz came running to us, “Violence wont solve any problems that you have!” he put himself between me and Hyunra,

“Tablo, chill,” I pushed him out of the way and hugged Hyunra, “I missed you too Hyunnie.”

“Oh,” Tablo scratched his head and apologized.

“Hey how come everybody came to the bar without ME?!” I peeked behind Hyunra and Dae to see non other that SeungHyun. I could hear everyone of them gulp down their saliva as he glanced over and down to me. “I see,” he turned and walked away.

“He’s still pissed huh?” I said.

“You think?” Tablo flicked the side of my head.

“Well, lets not ruin the reunion k?” Jungrin said perking up, “listen, all of us are going back to Korea this weekend,” I knew what was coming after this.

“NONONONNONONO,” I held my hands up.

“That’ll be great!” Tablo shouted,

“Shut up man, you’re half way drunk.” I rolled my eyes, “I can’t go back!” I said to them.

“It’ll be fun!” Seungri pulled on my arm,

“Yeah the last time I had fun with you…” I didn’t even want to finish my sentence. I’d sound like a schmuck. “Plus I haven’t graduated yet. Incase you didn’t notice, I’m still doing my studies.”

“You’re on summer break.” Tukutz reminded me. I raised my palm ready to smack the back of his head.

“Look, if you feel like ditching a bunch of Shakespeare plays, gimme a call.” Jungrin smiled.

“In the mean time,” Dae brought over some drinks and glow sticks, “lets PARTAAAAAY!!”

And obviously that was the last thing I remember. I woke up the next day leaning back in a chair and found myself fully dressed. Thank god. I adjusted myself on my seat and rubbed my eyes before fixing on my glasses.

“Coffee?” I thought it might’ve been Jungrin but it was a woman dressed in a crisp white shirt matched with blue pencil skirt and a scarf around a neck with a pot of coffee in hand. I thought I was dreaming but it hurt when I pinched myself. I sat up straight and found myself to actually be in a plane. A high flying mother effing plane.

“Miss, are you okay?” the woman leaned over asked me again.

I grabbed her by the scarf, “Where is this plane heading?”

She told me with wide eyes, “Seoul, South Korea.”

I let go of her scarf immediately and pulled out the barf bag and started breathing into it.

“Miss, what’s wrong?” she shook me lightly by the shoulders.

“JUST GIVE THE DAMN COFFEE AND LEAVE ME ALONE!” I shouted before going back to breathing in the barf bag.


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Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals] Empty Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals]

Post by sushi.sushina on 7/27/2009, 2:24 am

-Jungrin’s POV-

“Let’s PARTAAAAAY!!!” Dae said bringing us a round of drinks. Then, as if telepathically we all had the same idea. We looked at each other then looked at Sungmin who downed her drink in one shot.

“Yeaaah,” Tablo said half heartedly. He too seemed to have caught on and drank his drink.

“how about another round!” I said and eyed for everyone in on the scheme to nod.

“Sure sure.” Sungmin was totally enthusiastic and downed the next on in a flash. The rest of us sent held on to ours and made her order another. “Dae, gimme those glow sticks rings whatever.” She grabbed Dae’s glowing jewelry and headed to the dance floor when Bae finished his performance and they played the rave songs again.

Quickly then we all huddled up together.

“You think she’s fully drunk yet?” Tukutz asked seeming to know Sungmin’s low capability to handle alcohol.

“Of course she’s hammered by now.” He glanced at the spastic girl dancing in the middle of the dance floor, “Look at her.” They started to laugh.

“Ok, who has her house keys?” I asked and Tablo held up a bunch of keys he’d grabbed out of her pocket know she’d get hammered. “Way to go Epik High.” I complemented.

“Ok, so here’s the plan.” Hyunra started, “when the party ends, Tablo, Tukutz and Chewbaca…I mean Mithra will take Sungmin to the airport and get her on the same flight as you guys.”

“Right give us mission impossible.” Tukutz rolled his eyes

“The rest of us are gonna go pack her stuff and find her passport.” Jungrin said taking the keys from Tablo.

“Don’t forget her cat.” Tablo reminded us. I didn’t know she had a cat.

“We’ll take care of her cat.” Hyunra and Dae beamed.

“Hey peoplezzz,” Bae jumped in out of nowhere startling the rest of us. “Ya’ll know CoRyn right? My PA.” he pulled a timid petite girl beside him.

“She’s a little pretty to be your PA isn’t she?” Dae wiggled his eyebrows at him.

She was pretty indeed. Her soft curly hair fell past her shoulders and her eyes were looked naturally round. Because she was petite her flowing blue blouse made her look like she just walked off the runway. I was a little jealous but I’m glad Bae had this girl. She seems nice.

“Shut up,” he said quickly, “So what are you guys talking about?”

“We’re kidnapping Sungmin.” Ji Yong said enthusiastically, then suddenly Sungmin came wobbling over.

“Wow that was awesome!” she slurred and Tukutz handed her a drink, “Thanks I was dehydrating,” her eyes were no wider than slits now and she made her way back to the dance floor.

“Okay…” Bae averting his attention back to the group’s plan, “So SeungHyun is supposed to know about this right?” and we all nodded.

“It might look suspicious if you all went.” CoRyn sounded, “I think some of us should stay with SeungHyun.”

“The doll’s right.” Seungri said, “So me and Bae hyung will stay and keep SeungHyun hyung from suspicion.”

“Genius,” I said, and thanked god for them. “Break on three.” We all placed our hands in the middle, “1,2,3.”

“Break!” we all said and went for our positions.

-3rd person POV in short narration lol-

Current time: 4AM, end of party.
Phase One of Operation Kidnap Sungmin; Get Sungmin Out.

Tablo and Tukutz made their way to Mithra at the other end of the bar.

“You’re not drunk are you?” Tablo asked Mithra

“Not Yet, why?” He replied.

“We’re kidnapping Sungmin home with us.” Tukutz said putting on his aviators trying to look like 007.

“Awesome,” he smiled, “So what do I have to do?”

“You’re gonna have to take her with us.” Tablo patted his iron man on the shoulder.

So they made their way to the almost empty dance floor. “Alright Sungmin, time to go home.” Tukutz said pinching her cheeks.

“But it’s time to get LOW LOW Low Low low low!” she got low and fell on her ass.
Mithra picked her up and hauled her over his shoulder and they made their way out of the club. Tablo caught glances with the rest of the gang and winked confirming Phase 1 of the plan. They replied him with thumbs up before the four got into a cab.

“Alright, Bae, Seungri and CoRyn, ya’ll know what to do.” Jungrin nodded to the trio.


They found SeungHyun chilling at the lounge with a bottle of beer in his hand. Bae made the first move and sat down next to SeungHyun. SeungHyun merely glanced before going back his drink.

“Having fun, hyung?” Seungri asked SeungHyun casually.

“I did for awhile.” He placed his now empty bottle on a table in front of him, “I’m heading back to the hotel,”

Realizing they had to do something to stop him, Bae came up with an ingenious idea, “Hyung!” he grabbed SeungHyun by the shoulder as he got up, “I’m starving, lets hit McDonald’s for some burgers or fries or apple pies and ice cream.”

“Oh I feel like having ice cream too!” CoRyn said and hopped off her seat, “Come on, oppa, before the fans figure out you guys are gone.” She suppressed the urge to tremble when SeungHyun narrowed his eyes at her.

“She was quite when we got here.” SeungHyun, eyed Bae who just shrugged and ushered him to their car.


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Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals] Empty Re: Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals]

Post by yg_bigD on 7/28/2009, 3:34 pm

i love it..
don't you have thhis on winglin too?
well update soon.

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Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals] Empty Re: Good Morning Chingu [Big Bang & fictionals]

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