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My first love story (FT SS501 & Fictionals)

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My first love story (FT SS501 & Fictionals)

Post by eggball on 7/10/2009, 8:35 am

Forewords :JungMin - EunMin
(btw according to EunMin, he's not mal anymore, he's unicorn! Very Happy)
Kyu Jong - Kyo Wen
HyunJoong - Hye Su

YoungSaeng will appear in the story, don't worry Very Happy

K this story will go like that,
I am gonna introduce all 10 characters differently.
This will be more of a So Min & HyungJun fanfic. Very Happy

[ SS501's dorm, So Min's POV ]

" Yah oppa, what's wrong with you nowadays? Why are you always disagreeing with what I do? " I stared at him in disbelief.

It's the 61551654th time we quarrelled this week. We are suppose to be happy, I'm so tired of arguing already, I don't see EunMin unnie and JungMin oppa arguing all day...

" I am not picking on you. "

" YOU ARE! "

" FINE THEN I AM, So Min you know what? Sometimes I wonder how I can spent my days with you, for 2 years! "

" Oppa, what are you saying? " That hurts, alot.

" I'm trying to say that, maybe we should give ourselves sometime, I mean, a timeout or something, to decide if we should still be together. "

" Oppa... is that really what you want? " I say between sobs, damn it, I hate crying infront of him.

" Yes So Min, 3 months. "

I ran out, not knowing how to react, 3 months, what's 3 months without him? I can't imagine, for the past 2years, there's not one day without him.....



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