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Only for you (Super Junior and fictionals)

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Only for you (Super Junior and fictionals)

Post by WonderBinnie on 6/14/2009, 12:37 pm


Mi-Sun sat on practice room and looked to other girls.
They were her new partners...And she was going to be leader of this new all girl group.
President of SM Entertainment told her that she was chose to be leader
because she was trainee about 9 years.
"Mizy why you look so sad?" Rae-Min, magnae of group asked sitting next to Mi-Sun.
"I...just can't believe this, I'm finally singer" Mi-Sun answered showing small smile.
"Me either. This is AWESOME. Like dream come true" Rae-Min smiled happily.
Mi-Sun looked Rae-Min and her mood changed to happy. Rae-Min was pretty new trainee, but her skills were so good.
Like all others too. Maybe it was good thing that Mi-Sun was going to be leader.
She can finally show her skills and get some attention.
"Mizy! Rae-sshi! Let's practise some more" Jaemi yelled putting music on.
Mi-Sun and Rae-Min nodded getting up.
"*We are here now!
So get up from floor and dance!
We are gonna show you the new age of music!
We are Unforgettable*..." Mi-sun rapped the intro.
"La la lal lal..." others singed.
"Are you ready?
Because we are..." Hyoli rapped. Jaemin jumped to front and showed some popping moves.
"*You* smiled me the first time...
*You* gave me a warm heart" Song Hee sing.
"*But now* it's all gone" Soojin continued.
"And my broken heart cries".
"It was not my fault that I loved you, baby
I was too young...
but I-I-I-I will go on" It was Jae Rin's turn to sing.
"No-no-now I'm woman and I get strong
So you better watch out!" Mi-Sun rapped.
"*I'm here now*, don't turn you're back to me" Yoomi continued rap.
"*Baby* it's too late now to apologize...
I will only laugh and say good bye" ???? rapped.
Then was Jaemi's, JaeJin's, Jae Rin's and Yoomi's solo dances.
Mi-Sun thought that they danced so good and she forgot dance moves.
Hyoli stopped music and all eyes looked Mi-Sun.
"Hehe...Sorry" Mi-Sun laughed.
Soon others started laugh too and Rae Min sighed:
"We are gonna be best girl group ever".

Chapter 1: Unforgettable

Mi-Sun PoV.

2 weeks ago

I looked my manager with shocked face.
He smiled to me and I asked him to say again what he just told me.
“You are going to be leader of this new girl group...” manager told again.
“ME?” That was only I was able to say.
“Yes, you. President thinks that you are best to that role...And you have been our trainee almost nine year” manager explained.
“Yeah...about that first thing, I'm not sure can I do it” I whispered.
“What do you mean? Of course you can do it. We all believe you” manager smiled.
“...*sigh*well...if you are sure that you wanna me to be leader...then sure” I sighed.
“Awesome” manager said happily and hugged me “Now go to practice...and tell others this wonderful news”.
I nodded and bowed to manager.
Then I leaved from his room and walked to practice room.

When I opened practice room's door.. saw that lights were off.
“Weird, they should be in here” I said putting lights on.
“Congratulation Mizy!” they all suddenly yelled running to hug me.
“What?” I asked in shock.
“Paboo, we all know that manager choose you to be our leader” Hyun Ri said.
“ do you know about it? I just found it out” I asked confused.
“You can thank Rae-Min...she talked to manager” Soojin answered.
I looked Rae-Min and she did peace-sigh to me.
“We are so happy that you are leader” JaeJin said.
“Thank you girls” I thanked almost crying.
“Now you make her cry...” Yoomi laughed.
“Group hug!” Song Hee yelled opening her arms.
I was so happy that girls were here and supported me.
“So...I have tough name to us...” JaeJin suddenly said.
We all looked her and she opened her mouth.
“That's so cool name!” Song Hee yelled “We are really unforgettable girls”.
“That's right. And our music is also gonna be unforgettable” Jaemi continued.
“Well...Let's be Unforgettable” I said smiling.

Present day

“Let's cheer to Unforgettable! This was their first live performance!” main MC of Music Bank said when we stepped ahead of cheering peoples.
“Annyonghaseyo, we are Unforgettable!” we all yelled in same time.
Crowd applauded to us and we smiled.
“So girls...can you introduce yourselves?” MC asked.
“Deh! Annyong...I'm leader of group, Mizy”.
“Annyong, I'm cute magnae of group...I'm Rae-sshi”.
“I'm LiLi and I'm most short tempered member” Hyoli introduced laughing.
“...I'm happy happy girl Jooli”.
“Annyong, I'm dorky Michelle”.
“Annyong..haseyo...I'm...Jae. Shy member”.
“Annyong everyone! I'm Jae Rin, nice to meet yo...oh! And I'm the weird one”.
“I'm Soojin, mother of group”.
“And I am Yoo...sleepy one”.
“Annyong. I'm Hyun Ri...just Hyun Ri”.
“I'm Min...Boyish one...yo!”.
“Annyong I'm Yooni the funny girl”.
“And least but not least...I'm ????...Stylish one”. MC laughed and we bowed to crowd.
“You all have different personals, but that's good thing” MC said “So Mizy...How it feels to be leader of this BIG girl group?”.
“Well in this far it has been fun...we all get along so well, and they are like sisters to me” I answered “But first I was little worried about being leader.
“Why?” MC said.
“Because it's lot of responsibly” I answered.
“Oh you're right” MC sighed “So do you girls wanna say anything to you're fans?”. I gave mic to Yooni and she started to speak:
“Thank you all for your support towards us...
We are really happy that you guys like you're music. And we promise to come here again with new song”. Crowd cheered loudly and yelled our names.
“Thanks for your time...One more time, Unforgettable!” MC yelled pointing us.
We bowed and leaved from stage.
That's was our first performance.

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CHAPTER 2: Handsome guy Siwon

Post by WonderBinnie on 6/20/2009, 8:06 am

Yoonhee PoV.

“That was so cool!” I yelled exited when we were on backstage.
“I'm so proud of you girls” Mi-Sun said smiling and hugged all of us.
“Leader did good job too” Hyun Ri answered to Mi-Sun.
“Really?...I was SO nervous before getting to stage...But luckily it went good” Mi-Sun laughed.
I was feeling so thirsty that I decided to go outside of room and search drink machine.
But when I just closed the door...someone knocked my shoulder.
“Oh! Siwon-sshi!” I yelled surprised when I turned around “What are you doing here?”
“I just wanted to congratulate you girls...” Siwon said “You did good job today”.
“Thank you...” I thanked bowing politely to him.
He laughed and showed his HANDSOME smile.
“Don't be so polite...And you can call me Siwon oppa” Siwon said walking back to his room.
I just stood in hallway and watched his back.
“He is sooooooo handsome...” I dreamed.

Min-Jee PoV

As we were walking to car...I noticed that I have forgotten my phone to dress room.
“Oh shit...” I sighed getting our of car.
“Did you forget something?” JaeJin asked following me “I can come with you”.
“Sure” I smiled taking hold to her hand.
JaeJin was my closest friend in here...and even she was older that me...I acted like her unni.
“Look who's here” I heard someone laughing ahead of us.
I raised my head and saw two SNSD member.
“Tiffany-sshi...Soo Young-sshi...” I greeted them.
“Did you forgot something? Maybe your talent...” Tiffan asked smiling “Oh! I forgot, you don't have any talents”.
“You are both just some brats..who can just disappear and forgot singing” Soo Young continued looking JaeJin “I don't even get why YOU are in are so ugly”.
I looked JaeJin and saw that she was really hurt by those words.
I stepped closer to them and openend my mouth:
“You! You have no right to say that JaeJin is ugly! She is more prettier that you two together.
You are just some plastic dolls, who thinks that they are better than others.
But do you know what!
YOU two can go back to where you came and stay in there...FOREVER!”.
After that...they didn't say anything.
JaeJin started to smile and Tiffany started to walk away with Soo Young.
“Oh! And one more thing!” I yelled after them.
They turned around worriedly...
“You better watch out” I told “You don't know when I'm behind of you”.
“We meet again!” Tiffany yelled running away.
“You are so brave” JaeJin said “I wanna be like you”.
I looked her and smiled.
“You are just perfect like that...You don't need to chance anything”.
“Thanks are best” JaeJin hugged me.

Song Hee PoV.

When we arrived to our apartment, I went straightly to my room and called to my omma.
“Ommaaa...” I said happily to phone.
“Song Hee, is it you?” omma answered in phone.
“Deh. How are you doing?” I asked.
“Fine, just fine...” omma answered laughing “How about you? It is hard to be singer?”.
“No, It awesome” I smiled “Finally my dream came true”.
“I'm so happy for you” omma said.
“Thanks...but I miss you, appa and Song Mi” I told.
“We miss you too” omma answered “You can visit in here anytime you want”.
“I know” I laughed “I'm gonna visit there soon”.
“Good...” omma sighed.
“Omma! Who are you talking about?” I heard my sisters voice asking.
“Omma is speaking with Song Hee” omma answered to Song Mi.
“Say hello to her!” Song Mi yelled.
I laughed to my sisters cuteness and omma laughed too.
“I need to go now” I said “I got busy schedule...I love you omma”.
“I love you too, take good care of your healt...and remember to rest” omma said.
“I will” I answered “Bye”.

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