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Post by francin200 on 8/5/2010, 9:33 am


This hand, this hand I chose to hold
Is freezing; its ice cold
Why did I choose to stay
And leave the touch as warm as a summer day?
Well, I love him!
Love him enough to stay here; alone and dim

He came and left all too fast
All I have is the shadow he cast
He left. Why? I dont know.
Now I'm falling like the pure white snow.

I hoped, I loved, and I cried.
Does it feel better to know i tried?
Tried, begged to make him stay
But he kept my love at bay
His last words "I'm sorry"
This is my love's tragic story.

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Post by francin200 on 8/5/2010, 5:38 pm

G-Dragon (Jiyong) - Top Agent of an American spy agency who is currently assigned in Korea for a top secret operation. Being the founder's son, great expectations lie on his shoulders. He lives a very extravagan life outside his workplace since his family earns more than necessary, but despite that he reamins kind hearted. He is 23 years old and has his childhood friend for his fiancé.

Taeyang - The younger brother of Jiyong in-charge of their family's hotels and resorts. He chose another path to be able to keep his passion for music. Being only one year younger than his brother, they share many interests such as music....and fell for the same girl.

Sylvia Singh - Jiyong's fiancé and his assigned partner at work. She is also one of the top rated spies in the organization. With her name comes the guarantee of a successful operation. With her parents kept in the dark about her real job, she doubles as an art professor. Growing up togetehr with the Yang brothers, she has fallen for only one, but who?

T.O.P(Seung Hyun) - Sylvia's playboy brother. Just like Taeyang, he runs his family's businesses alongside his father. Being the only one in the family aware of his sister's real job, he juggles the responsibility of keeping it that way and to protect the secret life he's living. He is Taeyang's closest friend and knows the secrets behind Taeyang's charming personality.

Amy Rose - Only daughter of one of the richest and most prominent families in her generation. Being the next target for a worlwide syndicate, she becomes the top priority for the YG Spy Organization.

Seungri - Being new to the agency, he is still covered with a mist of mystery. Being temporarily assigned to Jiyong as an orientee, he often lightens up the mood with his energetic and humorous personality, but behind those happy eyes, a darker secret lies.

Daesung - He is Taeyang's right-hand man. Widely known as the pretty boy, he is nicknamed as the "Perfect Bachelor" because of his economic status and charismatic looks. Together with the Yang brothers and Seung Hyun, they make the F4 of the most elite. Feared for being a bad boy due to his temper, a deeper reason is yet to be discovered.

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Post by francin200 on 8/5/2010, 5:43 pm

HEY!!! francin200 here! this is my first time working on this forum and i havent quite gotten the hang of it so comments and advice would be much appreciated and loved!
Very Happy

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Post by francin200 on 8/5/2010, 9:56 pm

Will you marry me?
With a ring on his outstretched hand, he asks the question every girl would love to answer. Now all she has to do is say the sweetest 'yes' Sam Lauver would ever hear in his life. With hopeful eyes, beads of sweat run down his flawless face as he waits for the answer of the girl standing before him.

Yes, Sam, YES!
She replied. With tears of joy rolling down her cheeks, Sylvia gives he hand, her life to Sam. Certainly, this will be one of the happiest moments in the couple's life. Standing there with only the car's headlights for their guide, they are in an unfamiliar place unrecognizable from the dark surroundings. Sam clapped twice and with only a few seconds, lights twinkled like the beads of tears forming in Sylvia's eyes. As she watched, a pathway lit by fireflies appeared to the heart of the garden. There watching was Von Lauver, playing the piano for the happy couple as they approached.

I wish this night would last for as long as i want it to.
Sylvia said.

Same here, but we have duties to fill and missions to accomplish.
Sam declared with sudden sadness in his voice. Quietly, holding each other's hands, they thought about their tomorrow, their uncertain future. As the sweet melody flowed from Von's piano, thoughts of hesitation flickered through Sylvia's and Sam's minds.

What will happen tomorrow? What will happen to the ever changing future of the two best spies in the business? What will happen when the world swallows everything they own but their duties? What will happen next?

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Post by francin200 on 8/6/2010, 9:52 am

Is this really happening? A ring on my finger and a beautiful man holding my hand. This is real. This reality is very different from the life I live. This blissful feeling in my heart right now will be replaced with fear and danger when I open my eyes tomorrow. But as the sweet melodies sound in my ear and the warm hands that hold me, I leave my doubts to tomorrow.

We should probably rest since tomorrow will be busy with the new case and all.
I tell him simply to get some time alone, to soak everything in.

Okay, just wait. I'll take the car here.
He said as Sam hurried to the car.

I stood in the same spot almost frozen. I listened to the piano, which I noticed is now playing a different tune. It's Von's song, MY song. I listened to the melody I last heard 5 years ago before I entered the agency.

I can't help but gasp and cry as the song brought happy memories with the brothers, with Sam and Von. Before I could stop myself, I walked over closer to the piano and met Von's eyes full of sorrow. He smiles but I can see that it was forced. Suddenly the beautiful notes disappeared and he looked over my shoulder. Sam is back with the car.

You coming?
He smiled. Sam's smile has this power almost like hypnotism and yet like that I was lured to him once more.

Von you coming? Free ride!
Sam yelled out the car's window.

Nah, I think I'll stay here a little bit longer. Wouldn't want to disturb the lovebirds, would I?
He replied as his eyes disappeared in his smile.

Whatever you say. Thanks for everything by the way!

Hey,what are brothers for? Long as you're happy.
Von said as the melody, again, started. The song I'm hearing is different, it's full of sadness.

On the way home, Sam tried to make a conversation with me but my thoughts seem like they're fighting, so I pretended to sleep instead. I can't even look at his face and smile. This time I start to question myself.
"Did I really say yes because I trully love him or did I say it to keep the happiness of the moment going?"
"I do love Sam, right?"

After a few minutes, my charade turned to the real thing since I remember drifting off to a dream. The dream was as vivid as I can imagine. Guns, blood, and tears....these things didn't bother me but as the dream progressed, I saw Von playing my song in his piano with tears welling up in his eyes.

Wake up, Sylvia! What's wrong? I'm here don't cry.... we're home.
Sam said as he shook my nightmare away and flashed his gentle smile.

As he opened the door for me, his powerful gaze forced my eyes to meet his. I just made a big mistake. Staring at his eyes, I started bursting to teard for no reason, no explanation. He hugged me tightly, but that only brought more tears.

Are you really THAT happy about tonight?
He asked as he tried to mask the doubt in his voice. Of course, knowing him for as long as I can remember, I noticed the tint of worry in his tone. Dont worry, I said to myself, this isn't the right time yet. And with that, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him goodbye. As we broke apart, he kissed my forehead once again.

As I sat on my bed and drowsiness enveloping me, Von's piano playing my song rang in my ears.I fell asleep to the greatest lullaby and the nightmare will not come back...for the night.


I'm going off for the weekend but as long as I get back the trailer and another chapter will be here. For the readers... I would love to hear what you think about my story. THANKS! Very Happy

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Post by francin200 on 8/6/2010, 12:14 pm

Here's the trailer as promised. Hope you like it. Very Happy

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Post by Tammy on 8/9/2010, 8:29 am


Your whisper is the Lucifer

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Post by francin200 on 8/9/2010, 9:46 am

Tammy wrote:OMG THIS IS GREAT!!!!

AWWW! my first comment!!!!! THNX very much! I'll be updating soon actually today......just finishing some other projects. Very Happy

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Post by francin200 on 8/9/2010, 12:12 pm

Unfaithful piano This is Sylvia's song as played by Von Lauver.

Now I may have to warn you that this chapter is now on Von's POV as opposed to the 1st chapter to avoid confusion.


Of courseI stayed. I stayed where the only girl I've ever loved was swept away by my own brother. I don't know how I should feel as they turned around and left. Should pity myself for once again being number 2, or should I be satisfied now that the two most important people in my life are finally happy?

My brother's proposal still sounded in my ear. But what can I do but to let her go. I played the song I composed for Sylvia 5 years ago as if it;s the only song I know. To her, this song is happiness, but to me, it was the beginning of the bleeding of my heart.

I remember it clearly. it was actually the day before my brother and Sylvia entered the agency. The song was supposed to be my way of confession for Sylvia and my feelings for her. But as I played the song at their party, my brother announced to the guests about their status.....Sylvia is now his girlfriend. At that moment, I expected my heart to stop beating. For some reason, my fingers kept dancing with the keys as applause covered the melody, as if the owner of those finger did not just hear the words that pierced his heart. To this day, I hold no grudges at all, not to my brother who did everything to protect me and my family.

The song ended as I reminisced. I looked around and saw colorful lights scattered everywhere. I can"t possibly take all these down alone. And with that I let out a big groan.
I'm the owner of this resort for crying out loud!
Well, only one thing to Nico.

Yo Nico! Where you at?
I asked as if the loud music in the background didn't already give away his location. Since he owns the club, this shouldn't be a surprise to me.

Hey buddy! What's up? Come on here, I need to introduce you to some ladies!
Nico answered over the phone.

Dude you never change. Could you come over to the resort? I need your help.

So you're telling me to ditch my babes for you? Normally I would say no, but being the good friend that I am, why not. Which resort though?

Emerald, go straight to the maze garden and you'll see what I mean.

On my way, but this better not be something you and my sister planned against me!
Man if only it was.....

A few minute passed and the bursting stereos in Nico's car nearly shook the whole garden. As he stepped out the car, the first thing that I noticed was his new hairstyle: gray and red highlights. I smirked and new what exactly happened. He pissed his sister off again.

Dude so I guess your sister got to your hair again didnt she?
I said as I pointed and laughed.

Don't even go there, but you know what? I think it actually backfired on her this time since the ladies seem to love it! And I see what you mean! it looks like the sun finally threw up.
He said as he gave me a light shove on the shoulder.

Yeah, I need help taking those down.
Pointing to the gian mass of lights in the heart of the garden.

Seems like something romantic happened here, eh?
Nico said with a questioning wink.

A wedding proposal actually.
I replied.

NICE! Do I know them or were you hiding a mystery girl from me?
He asked as he pulled the first ball of light off the plants.

No mystery girl. Just my brother and your lovely sister, thats all.

Man quit playin!
He said with disbelief clearly audible in his tone.

Why do you think I called you here? I could get my employees to take these off in no time and to be honest, I don't have a ride home.
I scratched the back of my head out of embarassment from the fact.

So they ditched you? HARSHNESS! Good thing you have yo' boy right here. Don't worry we'll talk once we finish this.
He said as he reassuringly patted my shoulder.

Actually I stayed behind.... I wasn't in the mood for torture at the moment.

And yet you agreed to play and let yo' bro use your resort? Man you somethin' else!

I couldn't do anything but to nod to his comment. I was in no position to refuse my brother since this is the first time he asks me for a favor.

Let's just get this over with.
I said clearly with annoyance in my voice.

Chill man, it's not my fault you're too nice. I promise you that you'll forget about tonight once you walk in my club!

With that remark, I decided not to argue and let Nico's solution mend my heart's bleeding even if its only temporary. Anything, just anything to rid of this sickening feeling, I'll do it. Unfaithful piano

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Post by francin200 on 8/11/2010, 7:17 pm

Man I really can't believe I exchanged those hot girls forthis. That's what I get for being a better friend. That Von really IS something else.....he's like the super breed of the "lovesick puppies". I know he deserves better than to suffer like this and he's in luck because with my player skills, he'll forget about my sister in a whim.

I pulled the last string of lights off of the tree and snuck a loo at Von. Looking at his pathetic broken-hearted expression I wondered how true love would feel like. I wonder how it would would feel to watch the one you love walk away from you. I shook my head, erasing those ridiculous thoughts. When is Nico " The Player" Singh ever gonna fall in love? NEVER!

Yo, let's get out of here! I'm bored to death. Hey lover-boy, you hear me?
As I waved my hands in front of his face and got no response, not even a blink.

YAH! Let's move man! My ladies need me!
I said with annoyance as I thumped the back of his head. I smirked, that sure woke him up.

OW! That's not the way to treat your broken-hearted friend!

Serves you right for being too nice and now look what happened to you. Turned you into some depressed musician who plays sad songs for the rest of his life.

Eh, fine by me.
He agreed with no arguments. He is definitely not himself right now.

Hey, but then again, my friend, broken-hearted musicians are quite popular right now with the ladies. Honestly, this could actually work!
I nudged him to lighten up the mood a bit. If he's like this now, then the car ride would take torture to a whole new level.

Five minutes into the ride and I'm nearly brought to tears. Is it karma finally catching up to mefor playing wth all thouse girls? OH FORGIVE ME! I can't even look at the poor man.

If you want torture, don't bring me into it. I'm perfectly fine thank you very much!
Still no response.

I turn on the radio out of annoyance, and as if somebody really WAS trying to tell me something, Halo bursted through my speakers, my sister's favorite song dedicated to Sam.

Really? Is this really happening rigth now?
I screamed as we waited for the light to turn green and I felt eyes staring at me from the people who heard me on the streets. I was so angry that I almost punched the off button for the radio.

I looked to my right and saw that Von actually fell asleep. That bastard, he isn't making this any easier for himself or to me for that matter. I pulled up on the lot and paked the car eager to get out as my phone rang. Judgiong from how my night has been going, I'm expecting another problem waiting for me. I gotta learn to choose my friends better. I thought to myself as I looked at the caller ID. I have a bad feeling about this.

Hello? 'Sup Chris?
I half-heartedly answered my phone.

Uhm, hello? This isn't Chris but he's in trouble.
I was shocked as a girl's shaky voice answered me. Suddenly, I heard a loud crash and an earsplitting scream in the background before the call ended abruptly.

What exactly is happening?
I knew this was going to be a long night.

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Post by francin200 on 8/16/2010, 2:32 pm

Damn, what happened?
Those were the first words that escaped my mouth bofore I felt the searing pain in the back of my head. I feel like I just fell off of a 10 storey building. I touched the back of my head and felt my hair dreanched in warm and sticky blood. "Crap! Not again!" I screamed in my head. I lost it again. As I opened my eyes, I heard sobs. I turned to my right and saw a girl crying with tattered and ripped clothes. She was hugging her knees compltely blocking my view of her face. Everthing that happened just now was all a blur to me.

Then, I heard muffled grunts and loud crashes. Looking around from where I lay motionless, Nico and Von came into view. I tried to sit up but my elbows buckled causing me to fall again and drive another blow to my already bleeding head. I saw Nico's ever famous smirk, then I understood what really happened.


God, I need a break from all this work!
I grunted while looking at the giant stack of contracts and files I have to go through tonight. I looked out my window and watched the nightlife of this city. I gathered my coat and my phone and decided to join the life of the city. It IS Miami, after all. Clubs, girls, and alcohol are the main attraction and also one of the main reasons why I asked to stay and manage my business here. Plus, I couldn't leave my friends behind. I pulled out my phone to call somebody for company.

Hey Dara, you busy?
I decided to call my cousin. She moved here just last month when she found out about me stayig. This girl knows how to get what she wants, whenever she wants.

What's up my favorite cousin? You bored? Why call me so suddenly?
She answered and I sensed her sassiness through the phone.

Just wanted to take a break from work that's all. Oh, and also to ask if my ONLY cousin would like to go to the club with me. Haven't given you a proper 'welcome party'.

Sure! Pick me up in 20 minutes, okay?
I can't help but laugh when I heard her giggle before hanging up.

A few minutes later, I pulled up on her driveway. She opened the door as I waited in the car. Her fashion has changed dramatically when she moved here. You could say that she's been conserving fabric since less and less are used in her clothes. She finally walked out and I saw her wearing the most revealing dress she has ever worn, the kind you would mistake for a blouse and think you should be wearing jeans or something with it. I shaked my head in disappointment. "Where did my sweet, innocent little cousin go?" Well, at least she's ready to party.

As she reached the car, she waved at me and knocked on the window. I realized that it was locked. I probably nudged the lock button when I saw her out of surprise.

You tryin' to lock me out cuzo? How rude since you were the one who invited me!
She smiled taking her seat. The rest of the ride was quiet, not something you would expect after talking to her in the phone. I parjed the car and opened the door for her, but after clong the door, my stomach lurched as if warning me not to continue. I ignored it of course, must be becaue I missed lunch today.

We walked in to the club together, but before I could say a single word to her, she was already making her way to the middle of the dancefloor. I walked over to the bar to get me a drink, but as I browsed the dancefloor forDara, four men hovered around with fear evident in her face. I decided to listen in on their conversation but before I could do that, she was pulled to the back of the club.

I folloed them until they stooped in the parking area. I watched as they ripped her clothes, pulled her hair, and dragged her. Then, I knew exatly hat they were plnning on doing when I saw one of them unbuckling his belt as he pulled Dara closer to him. I couldn't watch it anymore. I picked up a big stone beside my foot. I ran towards them and hit the guy square in the head with the rock. I praised my self for my great aim, but before I could gloat, I was hit by a baseball bat in the stomach. I turned around and saw who hit me, it was the biggest guy in the group.

We've been waiting for you.
He whispered to my earas he pulled me by the hair. Before I knew it, all four of them including the guy I hit were hitting me, draining all of me. I took my phone out of my pocket and slided it to where Dara is, without the freakin bastards noticing. She got what I meant and called for help. I fought back, but as the final blow to my head was delivered, my body went numb and gave into the pain. As I hit the cold pavement tthat is now covered with my blood, I heard her scream.

I'm sorry.
It was all I can say before my eyes closed and drifted to unconsciousnes.


I looked back at the girl now wearing Von's jacket, I saw her face, its Dara. Nico helped me up as Von carried my cousin to Nico's car.

I'll Take her in your car and drive to the hospital, you take care of Chris and take his car.
I heard as Von ordered NIco. He's always been the responsible one out of us three, and also the loneliest one. I watched as he layed Dara on the backseat. I felt NIco tugging on my shoulder to wal me to my car.

As I sat in my car, I wondered who those guys were and how they knew Dara and me. I've been making a lot of enemies lately. I tried closing my eyes to lessen the pain in my head, but jumped to Nico's ringing phone.

Hello? Who's this?
I listened as he picked up the call.

What do you mean your boys? Wait, tell me where you are!
I watched his expression and I saw his calm face turn into worry. As soon as the call ended, he dialed Von's number.

Von we have a problem, somebody's following us. We gotta get out of here!
He put away his phone. He stepped on the pedal causing the car to lurch forward, pushing me deep into my seat from the impact.

He looked at me with a mix od panick and anger in his eyes.
What did you do NOW?
He asked angrily.

Trust me, I'm wondering about the same thing.

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