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Jung Yunho, Do I Have a Heart? [Complete]

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Jung Yunho, Do I Have a Heart? [Complete]

Post by 3ternallove on 12/30/2009, 2:54 pm

Title: Jung Yunho, Do I Have a Heart?
Genre: Angst, Romance
Pairing: HoMin
Length: Part 1 of 3
Dedication: This is for my love, [info]ladymiria . A birthday angst 3 part shot. mwahahahh~ you must love me. XD

Summary: Changmin is a reaper who is assigned a mission. In two days time, he shall take the life of a man named Jung Yunho. What will happen when these two men who have no future meet? Will Changmin be able to take Yunho's life away from him or will he fail? Jung Yunho, do I have a heart? is a three shot story that focuses on these two young men who fell in love with each other in the remaining time they had left. Will it be a happy ending?

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Part 1: Start of Day

Post by 3ternallove on 12/30/2009, 2:56 pm

Start of day: Jung Yunho, do I Have a Heart?

"His time is almost up ne?" a raven haired man standing at the tip of the tower told his friend. Both men wore long shiny black coats and even black slick shoes that blended well together. But of course, as much as they stood out, no one would be able to see them since they are what humans call the reapers. They choose the people who can see them. "This one is yours right?"

"Of course, Jaejoong," the taller man replied with cold yet blank eyes. "In two days time...he looses his life."

"So how are you going to deal with this one?" the man called Jaejoong asked.

"There's no difference with this one. I handle all people the same. I shall tell him of course. Then I'll watch him crumble and weep until there's no time left. There's only two days left anyways. He can cry his eyes out and I'll just watch him."

"You're so cruel Changmin-ah," Jaejoong sighed. "But I can't do anything about that. He's your mission after all."

The taller man smirked. "I'm glad you know Jajoong. But for now, I'll get going," said Changmin as he jumped off the building. As a reaper, he loved this feeling -- the feeling of air rushing through the tiny hairs of his skin. He closed his eyes as his black wings opened up in the air, helping him glide through the streets.

In this city they call Seoul, much people were too busy. He watched and looked around for wasted and yet very well controlled lives. "Useless humans..." Changmin sighed as he retracted his wings once again. He walked through an alleyway to discreetly transform himself into his human form without anyone noticing.

The main man for his mission for the next two days is Jung Yunho. Age 25. Occupation: Cardiac Surgeon.

"Pfft..." Changmin looked up at the sky as rain started to pour. What was the point of living anyways? These people taking up space on Earth never had anyhing special. At least that's what he thought. Everyone-- every single one breathing in this planet are all useless. To gain a better life, they make themselves suffer at the same time. It doesn't make sense.

He walked around. For sure, this city was very well covered in darkness. Everywhere he turned, under age smorking, drunkards, and homeless men would surround the side walk. Such useless depressing lives they live. They should just take their lives now.

Aimlessly, he walked around th neighborhood for a while not knowing what he was doing. His mind just drew blank. But finally, he stopped walking when he stumbled upon the apartment building he's been wanting to get to.

"How tiring," Changmin said as he yawned. Reaching the floor he wanted, he looked for apartment number 505. So this is where this doctor lives. I wonder why he lives here even if he's a doctor. He could easily get a more suited place for men like him.

He pushed the button to ring the doorbell.

No one answered.

He then rang it again.

No one answered.

"What great timing Changmin," he talked to himself. "He's not even here."

Instead of leaving, with wet clothes he just went to sleep in front of Jung Yunho's apartment door.

How troublesome.

As a reaper he didn't feel the need to think about many things. What happened to his past life? He never really knew. The people he had connections with? He must have forgotten. It's been 5 years since he's been a reaper. At least that's what he knew. All this time, he felt like there was a huge piece missing in his ... heart? Do reapers even have hearts?

Whatever. He could ask that heart surgeon man later...His eyes just closed in on him. It was getting pretty late.


"Hello?" a man bent down in front of the sleeping figure. It was currently 2 AM in the morning.

He watched as Changmin breathed in very deeply as he regained consciousness of where he was.

"It's you..." Changmin replied as he looked away to rub this feeling of tiredness out of his system. "I've been waiting for a while."

"Changmin?" The man called out his name as he examined his face more closer.

"How do you know my name?" Changmin questioned, still half asleep.

"Hmm... you were mumbling a name out?" Yunho answered, smiling at him. He finally stood up. "I just guessed."

The man was still in his uniform with the usual white coat and a brief case. He had to admit, this guy was pretty well off as one of these useless humans he always called.

"I see," Changmin stood up as well.

"It's nice to meet you Changmin," Yunho reached out his hand. "My name is Jung Yunho, but listening you call my name, you probably know then."

"Changmin," the taller man said as he shook Yunho's hand.

"Do you have a sur name Changmin?"

"..." the taller man thought about that question for a moment. Wow, he didn't have one didn't he? His name was Changmin. But that was it. The question itself made him smile. "I don't remember."

Jung Yunho laughed too gently. "Would you like to come in and shower so that you could get dried up? It's awefully cold tonight." Yunho took the knob and placed his key inside turning it. The door then opened. "Come in and join me for tea. You look like you have something to say to me."

How nice. This man was going to die. That's all Changmin knew. It made him anticipate to see these types of characters fall to pieces when they find out the their life is ticking away too quickly.

"I appreciate your hospitality," Changmin replied. "Thank you."


Half an hour passed and both tried to settle and adjust with each other's presence. There was no point in staying here, but since Yunho offered then might as well.

"Here Changmin," Yunho slid the tea in front of him on the table. "It's still hot."

"I apologize for troubling you at this late hour," Changmin took a seat in the kitchen after taking his bath that Yunho had wanted him to take.

"It's alright," the other man said in a gentle tone. "How's the fit of my lovers clothes on you?"

"It's perfect surprisingly," Changmin replied as he watched the gentle man's features too intently. "It feels like something I'd wear."

Yunho smiled. "That's great."

"But wouldn't he be jealous?" It seems like curiosity go the better of Changmin today. He was really inerested which topics would made the other man tick.

Whatever Changmin was doing, it seems to have been working. After the mention of his lover, the man's gentle smiles turned down a level.

"Well..." Yunho seemed to have been caught off guard by the question. The hint of sadness that his face emitted well, Changmin saw, but yet, it was well covered up with a laugh. "He's gone now."

Knowing what he meant, Changmin decided to leave the subject alone. There was this dead silence between them after this coversation. Both of them didn't know how to start the conversation but however, this atmosphere surprisingly didn't feel awkward.

Both just drank their tea comfortably enjoying each other's company.

"So, you have business with me right?" Yunho finally intiated the conversation after ten minutes of silence. It really made Changmin feel warmth for the first time.

"I do, but I'm just delaying the time," Changmin told him as he sipped a bit of the tea. "I'm keeping myself entertained with you."

"But it's getting pretty late don't you think?" Yunho told him. "Just say it. I can probably take it."

"Ninety-nine percent, Jung Yunho, that's how big of a chance you won't be able to," the taller man just warned him.

"Then that just means you have to tell me now right?"

Changmin watched as Yunho's fingers became pale from holding the cup too tight. But if he didn't look at those fingers, then he would be fooled by that gentle mask that's emitting from Yunho's face.

"Well, my business with you lasts for two days," Chagmin finally started his mission. "I'll be brief with you."

"You sound so serious. You're making me worried a bit," Yunho finally said. The gentleness of his facial expressions were still intact to Changmin's surprise.

"Well, what can I say? It is a serious topic."

For another minute, nobody spoke. For Changmin, he found great warmth in these times but still, he didn't know why. Everything in this house just emitted the feeling of familiarity. It felt nice.

But before he could appreciate these feelings, he knew he had to break it somehow. And this would be the best time.

Changmin breathed in as he watched Yunho look at him so intently. "So, I know this would sound unbelievable..." he paused, "but you're dying aren't you. You look like this and yet you're weaker than you really are."

Yunho scoffed. "How did you know?"

"You'll meet your own death bed in two days time to be exact. Six o'clock in the afternoon," he continued on.

"What?" Yunho was trying to translate all the words Changmin was spilling in his head. However, out of all these words confusing him, his smile was still intact. "My death huh?" He looked down at his cup.

"It's so hard to talk to you for some reason. I thought you'd be the type to cry till you die," Changmin told the confused man. "Aren't you supuposed to be scared? You're going to die. Don't you treasure your life?"

"I do treasure it but you don't expect me to just believe your right?"

"How do I know this?" Changmin placed his unfinished tea down. He wasn't satisfied with the reactions he was getting. "Do you really want to know?"

Yunho nodded with gentle features still bursting from his expressions.

This was no fun at all. He was expecting some crying or at least tears from this man but he wasn't getting any. He couldn't help but feel frustrated from some reason.

"Then I'll tell you. All you need to do is ask and you'll get it." Without any warnings at all, Changmin pushed his chair out and stood up. And in one swoop of his finger, the lights closed in the apartment.

"You're too serious with life Changmin-ah," Yunho suddenly said not being able to see anything. "I don't get what you're trying to do but don't you think you're being too much?"

"It's probably not because I'm serious," Changmin walked effortlessly behind Yunho without any presence at all. He placed his lips right beside te still man's ear. "It's most likely because I can't feel anything. I don't know if I have even the slightest bit of emotions or even feelings left in me at all. So, Jung Yunho, do you think I still have a heart?"

The lights turned on.

Yunho started to feel shivers running down his back from the sudden feel of Changmin's presence behind him. "What are you Changmin?" His face changed suddenly turning pale.

"I'm a reaper," the emotionless man walked at the other side of the table once again. His wings now totally stretched from wall to wall of the apartment. "And in two days time, I shall watch you die."

Yunho just gazed at those feathers that fell from the slightest movements the man had made. They were beautiful but yet so dark.

"I'm going to die huh?" Yunho painfully smiled at himself and looked down on his cup of tea. "It can't be avoided anyways. It's going to be because of heart failure right? How ironic."

"It seems you do know when you're going to die." Changmin sat from where he stood. "I don't understand. You're so young and yet you don't fear for your life. You're suppose to beg me to keep your life... or something along those lines."

"My heart died with my lover a long time ago. I'm just waiting for a chance to see him again." Yunho just stared at Changmin for the longest time. "Yet, I'm scared if I'll be in pain."

Changmin laughed gently. "I really don't get you. But you probably loved this man didn't you?"

"Yeah," Yunho answered as he stared intently at the man in front of him. "I'm so near him but yet so far away."

"You need to stop talking now," Changmin told him. "So what do you plan on doing for the rest of your days?"

"I was thinking of just working till I die but that's no fun," Yunho finally stood up and took both their tea cups. "I can just call in sick and go out of the city. Do you want to come around with me?"

What the hell? That's what Changmin initially thought when he heard this question.

"I can't believe you're asking me to come with you as well," Changmin looked at him puzzled. "You don't even know me that well. I'm the guy who will take your life. I'm the one who's making you miserable yet you still want me to stay with you?"

"Then I'll pretend I do know you. You can turn into a human right? You can be my friend for the last days of my life. You see, I'm a doctor so I don't have time to make friends," the seemingly not bothered man answered as he looked at Changmin's direction. "You look like someone who will enjoy the same things as me."

Their eyes suddenly just hooked into each other's. Changmin couldn't help but get flustered. What was he feeling? He looked away.

"Isn't it time for you to sleep?" He said instead. He could've sworn he saw that Jung Yunho smirk for some reason.

"Well, yes. I am tired."

"I'll be at the roof then," the taller man got up and headed towards the door. "I'm assuming you'll just leave in the morning and drag me along with you."

"Would you like to sleep with me on my bed instead?" Yunho asked abruptly. "I'm sure it'll be more comfortable."

"Do you have some ulterior motive with dying Jung Yunho?" Changmin got a little bit frustrated. He really wanted to see the man cry for some reason. "Aren't humans suppose to be afraid to die?"

"What makes you think I'm not scared?" Yunho replied as he looked down. "I am deathly scared."

"Your attitude... everything!" the black winged man shot back. He walked towards Yunho.

"Why do you think I'm asking you to sleep beside me?" the shorter man questioned him.

"I have no idea. You tell me."

"I'm only human so I am scared. Would you sleep beside me?" Yunho asked. "I'm scared to die."

"I don't get how you having me beside you tonight will help, but if what you say and ask is serious then I'll pretend to understand you."


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Part 2: End of Day; First and Final Date

Post by 3ternallove on 12/30/2009, 2:59 pm

First and Final Date

8:36 A.M. November 2, 2014
33 hours and 24 minutes remaining

Yunho woke up in the morning only to find himself in Changmin's embrace. It reminded him of the good old times with "that" man -- the man who he gave his heart to. For these past five years, he always wished for this to happen again - for his love to embrace him for another time. But even though it was impossible, he couldn't help but just hope that something like this would happen again.

Changmin... Changmin... Changmin... Just the sound of his name made him too regretful of the past. If only he was able to save that person then they would both be happy and it wouldn't be like this.

He was really having a hard time. As much as he accepted the death of his lover,five years ago, there's an exact replica of him only a breath away. It wasn't just by looks but also by attitude. Everything. At first, after seeing this reaper in front of his door, he was too much filled with joy that he felt like he could live after jumping off a 20 story building. It was pretty hard to believe that his Changmin is not alive yet is still in front of him. It's pretty ironic how the man that he loved and still did would be the one taking his life.

Of course, he was surprised to see Changmin at the foot of his door that night but it also shocked him. He really thought his Changmin came back to life. At first he wondered, but now he knew. He knew that his Changmin was no longer the same Changmin who loved him before. This man was Changmin, the reaper, who will take his life away-- who had no memory of him left.

It's best for the both of them to keep it that way. He only had 2 days left anyways. Might as well enjoy the 48 hours of his life with him.

"You're awake now aren't you?" Changmin croaked out loud.

Yunho's thoughts just vanished when he heard Changmin's voice. No matter how cold and harsh sounding his words were, they were always successful in calming him down. So no matter how much hurtful words came out of those lips, he will never get hurt by them, "I don't ever want to wake up anymore," he finally replied.

"Don't you have to go somewhere?" Changmin asked. "It's best you don't waste your time and also my time. If you're not doing anything, I don't want to hang around with an almost dying person."

"Alright, I'll be up. Let me pack my stuff," Yunho said as he rolled out of Changmin's embrace. "Thanks for last night. It was helpful."

"You certainly did cry last night," the man lying on the bed finally sat up, the bed sheet draping on his shoulder. "But I'm not satisfied with your ... expressions and reactions. It's not fun."

"How long have you been doing this for Changmin?" Yunho asked all of a sudden as he took out clothes from his closet. "Five years maybe?"

Changmin was really confused. This man was guessing everything right about him. "How did you know?"

"I can guess can't I?" Yunho just replied with a question. "It's not my fault for getting things right."

This was his Changmin alright. There was no doubt about it. But as much as he was happy being able to meet his love again, the pain he felt was triple the amount of him being happy.

"That's what you told me yesterday when you knew my name," Changmin started to think really hard. "Is there any chance that..."

"Alright, just calm down," Yunho finally said when he felt the man on his bed starting to become suspicious of everything. "Let me pack my clothes, then we'll go get a bite to eat outside."


9:46 A.M November 2, 2014
32 hours and 14 minutes remaining

"You're sticking with me for the next 30 hours or so, right?" Yunho asked Changmin as they strolled down the city.

"I told you last night I will, so quit asking me," Changmin answered with great disinterest in what's happening.

"Then shall we go on a date?" Yunho smiled boyishly.

Changmin's head snapped to Yunho's direction. "You're kidding right?"

"Not really," Yunho mumbled. "It can happen right?"

"Whatever," Changmin paused to roll his eyes. "You're paying."

"Don't worry, I have two days to spend all the money I have in my bank. I'm pretty sure it'll last us a while."

"You sure are having fun," Changmin sarcastically said out loud. As time passed by with Yunho by his side, he couldn't help but become even more depressed because of the happy, cheery Yunho. Wasn't he supposed to be sad in the first place?

"I guess it's because you're spending time with me today," Yunho grinned.

"Fine, whatever, tell me where you want to go."

"Shall we go to an amusement park?"

Changmin's eyes almost bulged out of it's sockets in disbelieve. He couldn't believe what this man was telling him to go to.

In his head, he began to apologize to his friend.

Jaejoong, where ever you are, I feel stupid for being to nice to this man.


12:45 P.M. November 2, 2014
29 hours and 15 minutes remaining

"You know you're wasting your time in here right?" Changmin sighed as he looked at his stamped left hand.

"It's alright, as long as I have you wasting time with, I'm fine with it," Yunho said as they walked down the path. There were so many rides and games they could try. It's time to make new memories with this Changmin he found. It would be his last and most precious memory in his life.

"Why do you always act like we're close?" Changmin couldn't help but ask.

"But isn't this fine?" Yunho quickly covered up where he was making mistakes at. "I told you, I can at least pretend to have a friend like you to go around here with."

"Alright, then I'll pretend to have fun as well," Changmin said as he matched Yunho's purpose.

"Shall we try the scary rides first Changmin?" Yunho cocked his brow to challenge the prideful man beside him. He knew if this was really the same Changmin he lost five years ago, this man would always be afraid of machines he was buckled up and stuck to that moved faster than his eyes could follow.

"You're mocking me aren't you?" Changmin stopped walking and gave him a nastly glare. "I'm a reaper, I fly every time."

"No, I just want to try out all the rides! Maybe you can warm up to me by the end of the day," Yunho grinned sarcastically. "Come, let's try that rollercoaster over there."

"You can keep wishing that will happen you dying man. Are you sure your heart can take it?" Changmin tried to insult Yunho but as much as he tried to hurt the other man, there was always no change in his facial expressions.

Changmin looked at where Yunho pointed. He gulped. It was a coaster that went as high as the clouds coming down in an almost vertical slope finishing off with 3 loops at the middle of course and ....

His knees felt jelly. He loved flying but that's only because he could maneuver everything. But getting stuck to a seat... is pretty much not good.

"Are you scared already?" Yunho grabbed Changmin's hand when he noticed he wasn't paying attention. Of course, he knew that this man was at his limit already by just looking at the ride. It was mean of him to take advantage of this situation but it was his fault for forgeting everything.

"I'm not scared," Changmin tried to deny. "I'm just thinking how high that would be. Anyways, could you please stop holding my hand. I didn't give you persmission to. And it's weird."

"But we're on a date, it's perfectly normal right?" Yunho smiled some more.

"You can hold my hand when you've finally stopped smiling at me," Changmin gave a frown. He was a reaper. He enjoyed depressing faces and not these gentle yet so caring smiles.


1:15 P.M. November 2, 2014
28 hours and 45 minutes remaining

"You've just wasted your precious remaining life waiting to get on this ride," Changmin rolled his eyes as they got comfortable on the seats.

"Didn't I say already? As long as I'm wasting my life with you then I don't have a problem," Yunho smiled.

"You don't make sense," the agitated man sitting on the seat replied, tapping the metal bar repeatedly with his index finger. Buckles and even locks were placed on them. How could he take this off to fly when the coaster accidentally falls off the track?

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!" a lady from the booth right next to the coaster started. "Please make sure you're seatbelts are tight and that the bars are locked inn place. There are going to be pictures taken and so, feel free to come up again and check them out! In 5 seconds, we shall blast off!"

"Oh dear Lord of the reapers," Changmin felt a bit faint.

The coaster started to move in a flat track for now, then it began to slowly get higher and higher. Each passin second was a nightmare to Changmin but for Yunho, he enjoyed every single priceless moment of it. At the coaster's maximum height, Changmin could see the steep tracks going down and down to an endless pit. His hands grabbed on anything he could squeeze at that moment and, in what he saw first was the metal bars that held them in place. He decided to grip the bars.

"Here," Yunho offered him his hand. "You always feel better when you hold my hand."

"Wha--? Why?" He asked in surprise and question. Why do I feel better when I hold your hand? He wanted to ask that. He meant to ask that. But before he knew it, everything just happened. Yunho grabbed a hold of his hand and the coaster just went zooming down, going upside down, sideways... everything. The questions he had in his mind just fell out of his brain-- completely forgotten.


1:25 P.M. November 2, 2014
28 hours and 35 minutes remaining

"That was fun wasn't it?" Yunho grinned at him knowing the answer already.

Changmin kept his usual reaper face on and just nodded. "Let's go now then. You probably want to go on more rides."

"No, actually not anymore," Yunho told him. "We'll just walk around, get some food maybe? But before that I want to see the pictures."

The reaper's face suddenly broke down into shock. What if he looked really scared? As a reaper he should be scared of such trivial things.

A sudden laugh from the crowd errupted. And unfortunately, he knew who it was.

"Changmin-ah!" Yunho yelled out to him already at the photobooth, laughing. "Look at you. You're squeezing my hand so tight! And your face...!"

"Shut up," Changmin got angry at him. He was thinking about something. He knew he had a question but what was it? Somethign about hands...

"Miss, I'll purchase this photo," Yunho said as handed her some money.

"Alright sir! Thanks for purchasing!"

A photo in a see through plastic was revealed to the both of them on the counter.

"Keep the change as well," Yunho said and he grabbed the not amused man's elbow and walked off.

"Hey you," Changmin finally spoke. "Don't you think you should stop with this familiarity act with me? And don't you think it's quite useless buying something like this when you know you're going to die?"

Yunho laughed but only kept it to himself. "It's quite hard to have fun with somebody if I don't know them so I really do need to pretend. And as for the picture, it's alright. They're memories that can last when I die so I don't fade away. At least there will be memories of me here in this planet when I die."

"Unbelievable," Changmin rolled his eyes once more. He glanced at everything else in the park. Everything was moving-- there was too much smiling faces. The mood wasn't satisfying enough. "Don't you think we should--" He looked to his side to talk to Yunho but the man wasn't even there anymore. "Yunho?"

Not knowing what to do at this moment, he just stood still from where he was at. He heaved a heavy sigh. Where was he?

Small pokes on his shoulder were given to him and so he turned around to face this person.

"Would you like some cookies and cream ice cream?" Yunho smiled at him. "I'm sure you'll like them."

"How did you--" He was about to ask once more. This was his favorite ice cream. Ever since he became a reaper who couldn't remember anything, he became friends with Jaejoong and eventually, they tried everything together -- even to the last flavor of ice creams. Cookies and cream was his favorite.

"Everybody likes cookies and cream," Yunho expressed his answer with his gentle expressions. "I like them too! See?"

Not satisfied with the answer. Changmin decided to leave it alone. But really, he couldn't help but think that something was really off... And he didn't like it one bit.


5:45 P.M. November 2, 2014
24 hours and 15 minutes remaining

"Now that we've been to every single game, single foodstand and single resting benches of this park, shall we go somewhere else?" Changmin sighed. He couldn't believe what he was doing today.

Yunho giggled boyishly. "Yeah, I'm planning to return home to Jeju Island with my family for a bit."

"Jeju Island?" Changmin cocked his brow. "You don't have much time anymore. Don't go wasting it on plane rides."

"Like I said," Yunho looked at him with unreadable eyes, "as long as I'm wasting my life with you, I'm fine with it."

"Yeah, heard you say that one before," Changmin turned around and walked ahead leaving Yunho walking behind him. He didn't know what Yunho really meant every time he said that.

"Besides, I have our plane tickets already," Yunho told him, "I called up my friend and he set up everything for me."

"You what?"

"The plane leaves in about 3 hours," Yunho stated. "So we should hurry. I'll race you to the car."



"No!" Changmin snapped.

"Yes!" Yunho said as he bolted through the pathway dodging people walking, making sure not to hit them.

"Hey you!" Changmin called out to him to warn the man but he was too late. He knew something bad was going to happen right now. "Are you an eight year old kid?! You shouldn't cause me more trouble. You'll end up getting a --" Noticing that he was talking to himself now, he decided to leave it. He chased after Yunho who he couldn't even see anymore.

In his pocket, as he ran, he reached for a container with white tablets. Then, as quickly as he could, he tried to sense that man's aura with his powers.

"I see him..." he smirked to himself. "Oh, what a great expression. He's in great pain alright."

In that direction, he ran until Yunho's body was an arm's length away from him. He watched. He just watched. He looked at the man who clutched his chest ever so tightly. That must hurt like hell. He thought.

"You see, I told you Yunho-ah," he seemed to enjoying this. "But you can't die yet so easily here. You're having a mild heart attack. You shouldn't tire yourself out too much." He reached out his hands and gave Yunho the white tablets he had. "This is going to surpress and numb the pain for a while. I still need to keep you alive until six in the afternoon tomorrow or else I fail my mission."

Changmin watched Yunho sitting on the bench with his hands gripping his chest tightly, unable to breathe. It was such a marvelous sight to a reaper. The painful expressions and reactions of humans are the best.

"You know, Yunho," Changmin continued to talk. "You have a very weak heart even though you're a cardiac surgeon. Isn't it ironic? Heart surgeon dies of a heart attack." He laughed at his own joke.

These taunts, Changmin kept on throwing at the non moving man. It was suppose to make him sad and depressive but instead, he a got a smile in return.

"Th-th-than-ks... Chang...min.." Yunho said in between his breaths, grinning from ear to ear. He took a hold of Changmin's palm and with heavy hands he took the pills and shoved them down his throat.

What the hell was wrong with this guy? That's the first thing that popped up in Changmin's head. His expressions were so happy yet he's in so much pain. How..?

"Yunho..." he said in annoyance, "You're mind is fucked up, you know that?"

Then, without hesitation, he walked ahead, leaving the half conscious Yunho sitting by himself.

There was about 24 hours left. With this little time, and his high success rate for completing his mission, Changmin felt quite satisfied but yet not satisfied. Tomorrow will go by pretty fast.

Every little thing comes to an end and that fact, Changmin knew. He lived and breathed this saying.

"Jung Yunho will die by the strike of six tomorrow just before the sun sets. What a pity," Changmin thought without personal feelings attached.

He smirked in realization. As he thought, he really didn't have a heart. There was no use of asking that man now. He knew the answer perfectly well already.


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Part 3: The Ticking Clock that doesn't Stop; Unfinished Love Confessions

Post by 3ternallove on 12/30/2009, 3:06 pm

The Ticking Clock that Doesn't Stop:
Unfinished Love Confessions

9:45 P.M. November 2, 2014
20 hours and 15 minutes remaining

"What are you staring at?" Changmin looked at Yunho out of curiousity. Ever since they got on this stupid plane the man sat across from him and took out a piece of paper from his wallet and stared at it for the longest time now. "You're wasting your time looking at that. Why can't you do something productive?"

"I did many productive things today," Yunho stated.

To be honest, he was really scared about his death at first when he first found out about it. But after spending time with Changmin once again, he just forgot about everything else, even his fears.

"Productive things my ass. A walk with me, a date with me, a ride on a roller coaster with me, making fun of me, lunch with me, eating ice cream with me..." Changmin kept on listing everything that they did today. It was weird how he remembered everything. "How is that productive?"

"Not to you, but to me apparently," Yunho smiled at him. "And I told you already, as long as beside me then I'm not wasting time."

"Stop with that ..." the taller man got irritated and started to roll his eyes. It was always that line. What's so good about spending time with a reaper who will take your life anyway? "Whatever. If you're so bored that you'd rather stare at a piece of paper then just go to sleep."

"I don't want to."

"Shouldn't you be tired already? You're looking more half dead than usual," Changmin told him.

"Well, I do find it hard to breathe right now," Yunho groggily said. "But the pain in my chest is endurable because of that medicine you gave me. I wonder what it is."

"Nothing human's can make," Changmin quickly answered. "Just please do go to sleep. It'll cause me less trouble. I can't let you die a second before your actual time comes or else I'll fail."

"I can't... I don't want to go to sleep," Yunho was still arguing back. He smiled again making a fine line with his lips.

It only pissed Changmin off because that guy was really unaffected about his death. What's even worse was that, this crazy man is smiling while looking at a piece of rectangular paper. Was that piece of paper really that amusing? He got curious.

"Show me what you're staring at," he finally asked.

Yunho stared dumbfoundedly at Changmin who held out his hands for that paper.

For many seconds, they both just stared at each other as if they were having a contest. Yunho didn't want to show it and it was written on his face.

"I get it," Changmin rolled his eyes once more. "Private piece of paper right?"

Yunho nodded and placed the paper back into his pocket which only made Changmin scoff retreating his hands.

"I'll just go to sleep," Yunho finally said. "But sit here beside me."

"Why?" Changmin asked. "I'm comfortable enough as it is."

"Can my reason also stay private?" Yunho asked.

"You know I'd love to say no to you one day," Changmin sighed as he stood up rashly sitting beside the empty chair beside Yunho.

Yunho silently mumbled, "Thanks Changmin-ah."

Once Changmin was comfortable again, the pale man just placed his own head on his shoulders and let the darkness completely take over his vision-- His sickness and pain gradually getting cast aside.

The reaper didn't know how to react. As hard as he tried to look away from the man's face who was really close to his own, he failed. Ever since he got here, he felt a sence of tranquility and familiarity with this man. But he didn't know why. He didn't even know and even care about this man from the start.


10:17 P.M. November 2, 2014
19 hours and 43 minutes remaining

In this lifeless and pointless world, Changmin always watched over everything his eyes could see.

He didn't see why people cherish their own lives so much. Did he even like the life he lived before? He was a human after all.

What makes life so precious?

What do people want from their small pety lives?

These were questions his oblivious mind couldn't answer.

"You...You can't die..." Yunho started mumbling.

Changmin looked at the right on his shoulder where Yunho's head was lying. "Are you stupid? Us reapers can't die unless--" He stopped speaking realizing that the other man was just talking in his sleep. "How stupid."

"Changmin-ah... you can't die... We still need to..."

"What the hell...?" He's dreaming about me? Changmin raised his brow.

"No... You can still make it," he continually said over and over again. "Stay.. with me."

"What nice facial expressions," Changmin smiled. "At least in your dreams you can show these feelings. You should just sleep more then."

"No!" Yunho yelled out loud as he snapped his head forward his eyes wide open. Changmin stared at Yunho's agonized face.

"Nightmare?" Changmin he finally asked pretending not to have heard anything.

Yunho clutched his chest and waited until his breathing became regular.

"If you could call watching your lover die a nightmare then yes," Yunho answered as he massaged his temples to calm himself down. "It's good I can hear your voice first. It calms me."

"Was this your past?" Changmin questioned again out of curiosity. "Did he happen to have the same name as me?"

"How did you--?" Yunho's vision snapped towards the taller man.

"I was just guessing," Changmin used that answer against him which only made the man smile in amusement.

"Now you're learning," Yunho replied. He paused for a while. "Yeah, that guy has the same name as you."

"I don't happen to remind you of him do I?" This conversation was getting interesting for Changmin. He was just playing around with Yunho since he really wanted to see what will make this man really angry. It was for his own amusement.

"You do actually, quite a lot," Yunho finally answered which made Changmin's eyes snap to the still half dazed man.

He was confused. From the start he was just playing around but it was really a coincidence that he actually looked like his lover.

"But don't worry, you only remind me of him," Yunho explained,

"So I don't look like him right?" Changmin continued to ask.

"Listen, let's get off this subject," Yunho loked away. He couldn't lie so might as well not answer. Of course, this reaper looked exactly like his lover. He had the same face, the same personality, the same likes and dislikes, the same aura ... everything. He knew this was the Changmin he loved.

"That's no fun," Changmin grinned. Just when he was about to have fun.

"Attention, all passengers, please fasten your seatbelts. We are landing in 10 minutes. Turn off all cellphones and mp3 players until the plane has landed and come to a stop. Hope you have enjoyed your travel with us. We hope to travel with you again.

"Alright, we're almost here," Changmin answered instead. "I still can't believe I'm on a plane with you..." He shook his head in disbelief.


10:49 P.M. November 2, 2014
19 hours and 11 minutes remaining

As they walked down the hallway that connected the plane exit and the airport entrance, Yunho couldn't breathe. His heart started to go out of control once again. It was really bad now. The slightest movement could easily make him tired.

He stopped walking for a while and leaned on the wall for balance.

"Changmin-ah..." Yunho tried to call out to the man walking in front of him with his face the same color as the white tiling of the small hallway. His knees became jelly and so without warning, he fell to the ground without a sound. He couldn't breathe. His chest tightened. Within seconds, his vision fell apart until he lost sight of Changmin once again.

"Yunho, you really do need to spend your time wisely," Chagmin told him still oblivious of what happened. "Trust me. Tomorrow won't be fun for you. But for my own amusement please have normal reactions about your death. Refrain from smiling." He kept on walking expecting Yunho to answer but to his surprise, there was no reply.

Realizing that Yunho wasn't walking with him anymore, the reaper turned around. "Yunho?" He was just in time to see a motionless man lying on the ground. "Yunho? What the hell? Why are you sleeping on the ground?! This isn't the time to go to sleep!"

He took the man and rolled him over to see his face. Yunho was completely unconscious. His face was pale but he was still alive. This guy was seriously freezing cold! He panicked. It wasn't his time yet.

"You need to stop causing trouble for me," Changmin sighed.

Without a choice, he slinged Yunho's baggage around him and carried Yunho on his back to make it look like he's carrying a sleeping man.

He could've just left him there. He could have just waited till someone found him. He could have done so many other things but he chose to get Yunho to his destination. When did he become such a nice guy?

Getting out of the airport, the rain started to pour with great big tears. It was just great timing. "You could have remained conscious till they got to where you wanted to go..." Changmin complained. Now, there was the trouble of finding his home.

How very troublesome.

With the rain pouring hard he had to hurry and find this home and so without hesitation, he took Yunho's thumb and bit a small part of it until it bled. Making sure there was no rain mixed with the blood, he smelled it.

It was always like this. Relatives of the same blood always have the same smell. And as reapers they could tell the great differences within each human's smell of blood. He was like a police dog but a billion times greater.

Getting the scent of what he wanted to find, Changmin made both their bodies and everything he was touching invisible to the naked eye. And so, for the second time in two days, he transformed again as a reaper. His wide length wings opened graciously. Their form and including his wings were outlined by the raindrops outside of the airport. If anyone would've seen it, they would have thought that they were hallucinating.

Not even seconds have passed, he jumped off the ground and flew in the air with Yunho at his back, following the smell he had found.

Doing all this, Changmin never even dreamed about it. He was going through to too much of great lengths just because of this man. He was way off of his game for this mission by a long shot and he did not like it at all.


1:25 P.M. November 2, 2014
16 hours and 35 minutes remaining

With each passing second, the scent grew stronger and stronger. He was getting close. He could smell it. Right now, because of the pouring rain he might fail his mission. The man's shivering became worse and more noticeable. If they stayed out here any longer, this man might die earlier than he expected and that wouldn't be good. The warmth this guy had today totally had a 360 degree change. It was like a warm coffee turning into ice after a whole day of just under the sun.

Fifteen minutes of searching, Changmin finally got the scent of that blood. It was strong. They were very close now.

"I found it," he finally said as he decended down from the sky. "Yunho, you can't die yet. Remember that." This was really too troublesome. Landing in front of the house door, Changmin immediately dropped Yunho on the ground with his luggage, rang the doorbell and flew off.

It would be best if he wasn't there. It would save him the trouble of explaining everything. So before anyone answered the door, he flew up on the other side of the house street's rooftop. There, he watched the couple move Yunho frantically and with great panic on their faces inside. It must have been his parents.

He liked this sight. He liked seeing people flustered, angered, disappointed and sad. It was his only amusement in his boring reaper's life. Everything was just the same-- waiting for people to die. He liked that idea when people got so desperate to cling on to their petty little lives.


4:37 P.M. November 3, 2014
1 hour and 23 minutes remaining

For the past 13 hours, Changmin stayed in the corner of Yunho's room still invisible where his parents placed him to rest. The whole night, his mother and father didn't even sleep a wink. After finding him unconscious on their door step late at night yesterday, the mother quickly called their local doctor and within moments, he came saying that his condition is at its worst stage and is incurable at this time.

Of course, Changmin knew all of these things way before hand so he just sat there watching as Yunho's mother cried for her son and the father too full of grief to comfort his own wife. This made Changmin's spirits lift up. People's griefs were his own happiness. He craved it like how a baby loved to drink its mother's milk.

At this time though, the parents, without getting any sleep last night finally fell asleep at the other room with worried hearts. For the whole night, they refused to rest until Yunho's condition was at least stable.

There was only a little over an hour left and this happy guy is still unconscious.

"What a waste..." Changmin mumbled out loud as he closed his eyes and yawned. He didn't get any sleep because of those great facial expressions last night. He was about to get up to go out and get some sleep for a bit but he was stopped.

A hand suddenly reached out for his pinky, grabbing his own attention.

"I told you..." Yunho said, his face still pale and his lips still light pink, "it's not a waste of time as long as you're here beside me."

"You're almost dead," Changmin scoffed. "Just lie on your bed now so you don't cause me any more trouble."

"Where am I?" Yunho asked. He hoped he didn't sleep too long. "What's the time?"

"You're resting at your parent's house. You only need to stop moving and just go to sleep. If you do, you won't be able to feel the pain when you die."

"How much time do I have left?" Yunho asked as his smile suddenly disappeared. It was getting harder to breathe and everything just felt cold. He was freezing even though the sun outside seemed to have shined its brightest.

"The sun is about to set," Changmin replied. "You only have a little over an hour left."

"That's impossible," Yunho suddenly got up only finding himself falling on the pillow again because of the sudden rush of blood.

"I told you, you wasted it," Changmin replied to him making him feel worse as it is. "So all you need to do is waste it some more by sleeping. I've gotten into too much trouble just because of you."

"Then if something happens to me," Yunho took a breath. "Don't even bother bringing me back here."

"..." No reply. Instead, Changmin just looked the other way.

"Can you at least do me a favor?" Yunho pleaded. "My last selfish request out of you?"

Changmin being easily stirred by Yunho, he looked at him. "What do you want?" He asked.

"Can you take me somewhere without me getting seen by my parents?"

"And here I thought you were going to ask for an extra lifespan," Changmin rolled his eyes. "You're really no fun."

Yunho looked down. He had no more energy to smile or even lift his head up.

"Get on my back," Changmin finally offered, deciding to help him.


Before getting on, Yunho took something out from the pocket of his jacket. Changmin saw that and got irritated. It was that piece of paper again that he was happily staring inside the plane.

What was so great about that paper anyways? He always kept it with him ever since that plane ride.


5:05 P.M. November 3, 2014
55 minutes remaining

"An oak tree?" Changmin questioned as Yunho told him to land at that place. "What's so special about this place?"

"This place..." Yunho answered, reminscing about the past, "this is where that Changmin died from a chest wound five years ago."

This place brought back painful and yet so memorable memories in his life that he didn't want to forget. From the last time he has been here, it has become even more beautiful than before. The road beside this tree was now paved nicely and there were more people enjoying themselves playing frisbee and socceer.

"A great place to die I guess..." Changmin said in a monotone voice. He really didn't care at all by this point. He just wanted to get this troublesome mission over and done with. Last night's drama filled his cravings up to 100%. It was good enough.

They landed under the tree not visible to anyone at all so Changmin never bothered to retract his wings. No one was even 10 meters of their reach. Both sat on the ground with Changmin using the tree for his back support. He let Yunho rest under his wing.

"You're actually very boring..." Changmin started the conversation.

"Tell me something I never heard before," Yunho replied. His eyes were too tired to open so he kept them closed. He was cold. Very cold. Everything felt so heavy. Everything felt so blurred. He didn't like it.

"This is the time where I want the clock to fast forward so I can get this over and done with," Changmin added on.

"Did you at least have fun spending time with me?" Yunho asked gently and softly.

"Of course not," Changmin didn't even think about his answer. "They were all favors that you've asked me to do for you. I don't have a heart remember? I'm a reaper."

Yunho finally spoke up. "Do your hands eventually warm up on cold days?"

"Yes." Changmin answered not knowing where this conversation will lead to

"Did you get tired carrying me yesterday?" Another question came up.

Changmin nodded.

"Do you bleed when you get cut?"

"Yes. And why are you asking these questions?" Changmin irritatedly answered.

"As a cardiac surgeon," Yunho took a deep breath in. He even found it tiring just to be talking in full sentences. "I can tell you that these are signs of a beating heart. A heart circulates blood in our body and also distributes oxygen to our muscles. Bleeding and getting tired would be signs of a heart working."

"Don't use science on me," Changmin argued back.

"Hehehe..." Yunho laughed without energy. "Have you ever felt your heart beat Changmin?" Yunho asked him. "If it feels anything like this..." he grabbed Changmin's hand that was right beside him and placed it on his chest, "...then you do have a heart. That I'm very sure."

For sure, Changmin felt it. It thumped so loudly like it was about to burst out of his chest.

Did he have that too?

"So tell me about your lover Changmin," the reaper asked not being able to stand this shapeless feeling inside his chest. He felt Yunho adjust his position under his wing.

"Well.. he was..." Yunho thought, "He was tall, handsome, intelligent... He had brown hair, loved to sleep and could sleep wherever he wanted to..."

Changmin laughed. It sounded like Yunho was describing him instead.

"He was easily amused, doesn't show his feelings a lot and ... he was the only person who can't deny each and everyone of my requests."

"You douche," Changmin stopped him. "I didn't tell you to describe me."

This time, it was Yunho's turn to laugh.


5:57 P.M. November 3, 2014
3 minutes remaining

Both were quiet for a while. Nobody spoke. To Yunho, feeling this man's company was enough to make him feel safe and sound. He wanted to stay like this longer. For today, at this time, he wanted to stop the clock from ticking. He wanted everything to pause so that he can savor this moment in time much longer than what he has left. Changmin's warmth, his smell -- it was nice to feel it once more. Tears started to flow down his eyes. Too bad he would be the one leaving this time.

"Changmin..." Yunho said lifelessly. "My time's... almost... up right?" He shivered as the wind blew past them.

Time wouldn't stop. He knew it wouldn't. Even though he's gone, time will always keep on moving. It will never stop.

"Yeah," the emotionless man answered as he stared out into the sunset. It was slowly going down as the clock ticked and ticked meaning the passing of time.

"Say..." Yunho breathed in another gasp of air. "If you happen... to meet Changmin around in the afterlife or something...please tell him that Jung Yunho says I love you and that I know what he meant even though he never finished what he tried to tell me before he died And tell him that I give him this...." He waved his arms trying to tell Changmin to come closer.

Understanding what Yunho was trying to tell him, the reaper drew his face nearer to Yunho's own until he could feel the other man's breath on his skin. It was the first time their faces were this close. How long did this last? Changmin's thoughts were broken the other man started to speak.

"Tell him, Changmin-ah that I gave..." Yunho's eyes squinted in pain. It was too much to bear for his body to handle. "that I gave him this..."

With his remaining strength, Yunho lifted his head and gave Changmin a kiss on the lips.

Of course, the reaper was surprised. What was this man thinking? He only had approximately ten seconds left and yet he was able to land a kiss on his lips...It felt weird. His body wasn't acting normal. He was confused. This kiss made butterflies flutter inside his body.

He counted the seconds remaining. There wasn't much time left anyways.

"You're losing it," Changmin told Yunho as the man broke their kiss. Their faces were still a breath away to each other.

Yunho looked away now. He couldn't bear the pain anymore. Whatever he felt increase by a hundred fold. What's even worse was that he warmth he felt beside him vanished as Changmin stood up blocking his blurred out view of the setting sun.

"Time's up Yunho," he spoke as he aimed for the very center of Yunho's soul. "I actually did have fun with you. It's been nice seeing your agonizing face for the last time."

Even from the pain he felt, Yunho smiled like he accomplished something. The last thing he saw was the figure of the man whom he once and still loved. At least he was able to find the whole point of him living here once again.

"How troublesome..." Changmin said as he watched the man fall lifelessly to the ground with a small thud. "I told you not to smile while you're dying. Now you're going to cause me trouble again by bringing your body home. I really don't know what to do with you." He sighed.


6:45 P.M. November 3, 2014

Changmin rang the doorbell of Yunho's home as a human being who carried Yunho bridal style. It was opened by his mother who just stared not at Yunho but he himself wide eyed.

He was confused.

"Changmin?!" Yunho's mother yelled out. "You--"

What the hell? She knew his name?

"Sorry ma'am, how do you know my name?" the reaper asked. This was total deja vu with Yunho when they first met. How did they know my name? "I found your son's body under the oak tree. His heart isn't beating anymore though..."

Yunho's father came surprised to see Yunho lifeless on the man's arms. "Yunho-ah!" He quickly grabbed a hold of his son and shook him on Changmin's arms.

The mother just stood by the door. "It can't be... You..."

Changmin noticed that the mother was talking to him and not to her son. He looked at her.

"You died five years ago!" she cried out loud and fainted. She wasn't able to take in everything and just blacked out on the spot.

'How did she know I died five years ago?'

"Leave us be..." Mr. Jung told him not looking at his face. "Put him down..."

"As you wish," Changmin obeyed. As he did so, he noticed that piece of paper sticking out of Yunho's jacket pocket. It was the same one he was staring at on the plane with a smiling face. Out of curiosity, he took it secretly not looking at it quite yet.

With this, he turned around and walked away closing the door behind him. "Bye bye Jung Yunho." He said as he walked out. Everything he experienced with this man was actually quite fun. But things do come to an end and that guy's end already came.

Changmin walked down the steps of the house. Reaching the last step, he flipped the piece of paper he took wondering what it was that made Jung Yunho so happy.

It took him only five seconds to process everything. His calm expression turned into shock. His feet were suddenly glued to the ground making him immobile.

"No way..." Changmin's chest went wild like an animal again. He felt a huge lump on his throat that he couldn't get out.

This piece of paper... it wasn't just a piece of paper. It was a picture-- a picture of Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho. Everything just fell on him like an atomic bomb.

He realized a fact.

He... was Shim Changmin. Huge blobs of tears came uncontrollably out of his system.

Why was he crying?


"Min!" Yunho crouched on the ground.

They were under the same oak tree from before.

"Min! Hold on. Let me get you to a hospital," Yunho held his gun shot wound. "You should have just let that go! You shouldn't be all nice all the time and rescue people who you think are in trouble!"

Changmin coughed out blood.

"Damn it Changmin," Yunho cried. "Stay with me, okay? You'll be fine once we get you into a hospital. I'll perform your operation myself!"

"Yunho..." the half dying man smiled. "I don't think I can... I'm sorry for causing you trouble like this."

"Shut up!" Yunho said angrily. "You can't die yet! We have so much things to do together."

"Listen, Yunho-ah," Changmin gripped those hands that were clutching his chest wound. "I'll come look for you even if I die."

"You can't do this to me! And that's not possible!" Yunho let go of his wound and grabbed his face so that they could keep their eye contact.

"Yunho," Changmin said in a weak voice. His eyes fluttering, fighting to stay open. "I'll be fine... don't worry. This stupid me will find a way."

The crying man was going crazy. Covered with blood he tried to stop the wound from bleeding. "Keep your eyes open! You will be--" He stopped.

"I know... it's too late to say this now," he paused and coughed out blood some more, "but I lo... love," Changmin lost his breath leaving Yunho all by himself crying. He never finished his confession.

"Changmin-ah!" Yunho let go of everything and hugged the man. "You crazy stupid fool!" He screamed out in agony.

End of Flasback

Tears wouldn't stop flowing for some reason. Shim Changmin was truly him. These were his memories. So all this time...

There was no way this was happening.

In frantic, he teleported himself to the world of the reapers. Everything there was still. Everything was dull. Maybe he would find his source of serenity here. And so reaching there, he quickly got onto his knees and fell. Tears started to fall out of his eyes. He was crying and he couldn't believe it.

Memories that he had long forgotten came back in pieces making him understand everything else-- even his feelings.


"Here you go Changmin!" Yunho skipped to him. "I brought you cookies and cream ice cream."

"Thanks!" his old self seemed to have said. "I love this ice cream."

"Then I'll buy this for you even when we die."

"Stupid," Changmin laughed. "You can't eat ice cream when you're a ghost."

"Well as long as you can eat the ice cream I'll keep buying cookies and cream for you."

Both laughed.

[b]End of Flashback

Was that why...? That man knew his likes... his dislikes. He knew. That's why before that stupid man died today he said those things and kissed him! Was that Yunho's answer to his unfinished confession?


Changmin drew his face closer to Yunho following what he's trying to say. But he only ended up being kissed by the other man.

He heard him say before he died.

"I wish to have been able to spend more time with you..." Jung Yunho lifted his head meeting Changmin's eyes. I love you from the very bottom of my heart, Shim Changmin."

End of Flashback

That man... he was fooled by this Jung Yunho right until the end. There was no way...

He punched the dirt with his own fists.

"Changmin-ah..." a voice came from out of nowhere. "You weren't careful enough."

"Shut up Jaejoong," he angrily replied back.

"Look at yourself... you're a mess," Jaejoong looked at him with disappointment as Changmin's body started to turn into mixed ashes and dust.

"What's happening?" Changmin got up from the ground and looked at his disappearing fingers. He started to shake.

"You fell in love didn't you?" Jaejoong asked yet he knew the answer. "This is the fate of the reapers when they fall in love."

Changmin's frantic expression turned into a smile. "I actually did huh?" He finally said. "That man really did cause me a whole load of trouble until the end."

"That's what I think too," Jaejoong moved closer to Changmin.

"Do you want to know something Jaejoong?" the taller man asked as the rest of his body started to fly away like dust.

Changmin looked at the picture he held for the one last time. If only they could repeat what they have had. If only time stopped or even went backwards...If it did, they would have been able to repeat their whole life again with no regrets.

"Entertain me for the rest of your time here," Jaejoong replied as he sat down.

"Did you know that that even us reapers..." His body was rapidly disappearing and by the time he was in the middle of his sentence, only his face was now left. "...have beating hearts?"

The piece of paper that he once held now flew away from his grasp along with his own body in the form of dust. Until the end, these ashes surrounded the picture like it was some sort of a precious item.

Jaejoong turned around from the scene and smiled. "In another lifetime, I wish for your love life to succeed. Bye bye, Changmin." He said as he walked off in what seemed like a never ending pathway.



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Re: Jung Yunho, Do I Have a Heart? [Complete]

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