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Beautiful you [DBSK, OC, Others] [COMPLETE]

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Beautiful you [DBSK, OC, Others] [COMPLETE]

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:36 pm

The main celebrities showing up in this story is gonna be DBSK, but there will be chapters with other artists too. They'll most likely be in SM though. I also have my OC in this story so please be nice about her.

Note that there will be OOC moments, and some bashing of artists so if you flame me it's not my problem when I've already warned you here xP Please continue if you think you'll actually like this boring story with a whole bunch of talking. Also, every chapter is short xD Here's a short intro type of thing...

Also, note that this story is also on Winglin and also finished. If you want the URL, it's here: Note that this is the only finished fanfiction that I have ever wrote for DBSK that's a series. Don't take it to hard on me? xD

There was nothing left for me in this cold, empty world we created. I walked out just like everybody else did after you tried everything to keep us together. But I couldn't make people love me and I couldn't be friends with people who would throw everything away. I left you to deal with this yourself, even after when they went back to you. You begged me to come back, but I couldn't do it. I just ended up thanking you for the time you spent with me. You remember that, right?

You called me beautiful, the ideal girl, a role model, and the brains of the school. But did you know that beauty, talent and brains brings flaws with it? My smiles have become bitter in contrast to the innocent smile you loved. My tears finally dried up after 2 years of crying my eyes out on your cologne scented shirts. I guess you can say that I'm over it by now.

This is probably the first letter that I've sent to you and it is certainly my last. As you can see on the envelope, I'm not in Canada anymore, I'm on an airplane. I couldn't call you because I would've hung up, and if I met you face to face, it would've been even harder to leave. This letter is just to thank you for everything you did for me, and how you supported me through past years. Hopefully, I'll be able to find my place in the world soon. Don't come after me and don't tell anyone else, even though I doubt they'll care. I'll miss you, but you know that, right?



A tear slowly slipped from the reader's eye. 'She's gone,' the reader thought. 'But I know I'll see you again... Eva.'

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Chapter 1: "Good-bye"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:38 pm

"Come live with me in Korea."

"Then what about my education?"

"You can get tutored by the teachers in the company."

"Did you talk to my brother already?"

"I did already. You should know that you're lucky, you know? You were able to reinforce both your Korean and Japanese skills. They'll help you when you get here."

"Exactly when am I leaving?"

"On the 22nd of June."

"That's in a week..."

"I'll take care of everything for you. Don't worry about it. Just start packing, ok?"

"Yeah, it's just that... never mind," the girl stopped the thoughts running through her brain.

"What are you so worried about, Evangeline?" The person on the other line asked worriedly.

"Nothing, I'm just over-thinking things again..."

"That'll make you age faster, you know that, right?"

"I should probably hang up. You're getting a larger phone bill because of this call."

A sigh could be heard through the phone, "You're the same as usual."

"Thank you."

"That wasn't a- forget it. I'm going to get going now, okay? Take good care of yourself."

"I will. Bye..."

"Bye! See you in a week!"

A beep came from the phone and she pressed the end button. The girl, Evangeline, walked to her closet grabbing some of her favourite clothing. She decided that she'd get more stuff in Korea. She turned to stare at the picture sitting on her desk. A sad look passed her face she stared at the smiling couple.

"I'll make you happy... Mom... Dad..."

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Chapter 2: "Arrival"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:39 pm

"Mira, would you mind having another person live with us?"

"No, of course not. It's your house after all."

"Okay, that's good."

"Why are you asking this?"

"Because my niece is going to come live with us."

A surprised look crossed Mira's face, "For vacation?"

"No, Mira. I want her to stay. It'll get her mind off of things."

"Then what about her studies and stuff like that? She's still 17 and near her last year of high school in a few months," Mira felt a tad bit worried for the girl.

"She's a hard worker, and the tutors are willing to teach her. When it's time, I want her to apply to Kyung Hee University so that there will be a few people that we know watching over her."

"You planned this out well, Hye Seung-sshi."

"I just don't want to see her suffer anymore, Mira. Her life is not all that great in or out of the house. At this point she's going to dig herself a grave without even knowing it."

Mira looked at the driver sympathetically. Not wanting to disappoint her even more, she kept silent for the rest of the ride to the company.

'I hope the letter made it...'

A sigh escaped the girl's mouth as she exited the plane. She walked to the baggage claim while swiftly texting something. She shoved her hand through the back pocket of her jeans muttering something as she put the cellphone back in her pocket. After spotting her suitcase, she quickly took it. Finding what she wanted in her pocket, she pulled out a piece of paper with random characters written down. She exited the airport and hailed a taxi with no difficulty. She told the driver where she wanted to go as she entered the taxi. As he drove, she looked out at the passing buildings.

'For some reason, I have a feeling that I might regret this later,' she thought shaking her head.

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Chapter 3: "Beautiful in her own way"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:41 pm

'Wow... she's such a pretty person..." Mira thought taking several glances at the almost 6 feet tall girl sitting across from her. The girl's long, raven black hair fell over her porcelain-like, peachy skin. Long slim fingers held the tea cup as she took a sip with her pale pink lips. She gently put the tea cup down and looked at Mira.

"You know, my aunt mentioned you in a few conversations that we've had with each other. Mira, am I right?"

"Y-yeah. And you're Evangeline?" Mira stuttered a bit before regaining her composure.

The girl nodded, "You can call me Eva if you like. That or my other names."

"What other names?"

"My Korean name, Hyun Ri, or my Japanese name, Haruka."

"I see..."

Evangeline's aunt, Hye Seung, walked into the living room and took a seat beside Mira.

"You guys seem to be getting along well. Eva, why don't you go take a shower and rest in your room? After all, it has been a long flight," Hye Seung watched as her niece slowly nodded. "Your room is the last door in the hallway upstairs. There's a bathroom connected to it already."

"Thanks," Evangeline quickly muttered with a small smile that graced her lips. She stood up and made her way up the staircase. Mira watched as Evangeline disappeared to the right.

"She has the stature of a dancer," Mira told the woman sitting beside her.

"She's well rounded in a lot of things. Anything to do with art is practically her passion. I've seen a lot of her work whether it's her sketches, or her compositions. Even when she's dancing, she's passionate about what she does. It really goes to waste since she barely shows her talent to anybody. But, she has started to reveal herself, and I'm happy about that..." Hye Seung smiled.

Mira looked out the window as she drank her tea, 'She seems like a really interesting person.'

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Chapter 4: "Just stunning"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:43 pm

"You're really good! I don't understand why you deny it," Mira commented as she wiped her face from the sweat.

"I'm not denying it," Evangeline sighed. "I just feel so green compared to other dancers," She tightened her ponytail.

"Well, if it makes you feel anymore confident, you are a better dancer than some people in SM," Mira told her.

"I hope that you're not including people like Yun Ho, Jun Su, Stephanie, Hyo Yeon and all those people. They're hardcore."

"Actually, I think you're quite on par with them. But then again, you have a very unique style compared to other artists in the industry," Mira tossed her towel to side.

Evangeline shrugged before stretching again.

"So, we're all supposed to meet in the dance studio?"

"Yeah. We have to learn new choreography and also figure out which dances we need to practice."

"It's such a bother that Lee Soo Man-sunbaenim is telling us ALL to be there."

"He probably has something important to tell us. It's common sense at this point."

Everybody let out a sigh. They kept walking down the hallway to the dance studio, talking along the way. By everybody, I mean almost everybody in SM. CSJH the Grace, SNSD, DBSK, Super Junior, EVERYBODY. All of them headed to the dance studio. Music echoed off the walls as they stood before the door.

"What's going on?"

"That's what I'm thinking."

"Isn't that Mira?"

The person was right. Mira stood off to the side with her short hair clinging onto her face. On the center of the dance floor stood a person they didn't know. Her long hair was tied up in a simple ponytail, wearing a t-shirt with baggy sweatpants. Mira pressed play on the CD player. Waiting for the cue of the music, the girl's body moved with the music. The stars standing in the doorway stared.

'Who is she?'

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Chapter 5: "A simple introduction"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:45 pm

"Nice job!"

Mira and Evangeline shared a high five. Evangeline was slightly out of breath as she caught the water bottle from Mira. Hearing the door open, Evangeline's neck snapped to that direction. In walked the audience of Evangeline's dancing.

'So they were the ones I sensed watching me,' Evangeline thought scanning through them.

"Hey!" Mira greeted them cheerfully. Evangeline nodded slightly towards them, muttering a quick "hi" with a small smile.

"Mira, is she a new trainee?" Hyo Yeon turned to Evangeline, who choked on her water. Mira laughed as she patted Eva on the back.

"No, she's my niece."

They turned to the woman at the door. Beside her, stood the very creator of SM Entertainment.

"Hye Seung-sshi, Lee Soo Man-sunbaenim," Most of the people in the room turned to them.

Lee Soo Man turned to Evangeline, "Ah! How long has it been since I last saw you, Hyun Ri-sshi?"

Evangeline nodded towards the man. She stayed silent until her aunt turned to her.

"How do you like Korea so far, Eva?"

Evangeline shrugged with indifference in her expression. She was quite used to the questions asked by her aunt.

Hye Seung shook her head, "You might as well get use to it."

Evangeline looked at Hye Seung with her piercing gray eyes. It was the only thing that resembled her late mother ever so much. Despite her mother being part Japanese and part Caucasian, her Korean father loved her all the same.

"I know I have to. But, does it even matter?" Evangeline rolled her eyes under her bangs. She rolled her shoulders and cracked her neck.

The celebrities raised their eyebrows. They could tell that she didn't exactly want to be in Korea at the moment.

Evangeline looked at their reflections, "It's already messed up, auntie. My life I mean."

"Are you turning emo right before my eyes, Song Hyun Ri-sshi?" Hye Seung frowned at her niece.

"I was emo to begin with... and that does not mean I cut myself. My wrist is absolutely clean and no I'm not showing them to you," Evangeline crossed her arms knowing what her crazy ahjumma (A/N: I just wanted to do that because it sounds so much more suited for this) was thinking.

Evangeline started the CD player up again. When she was about to dance, she couldn't help but sense all their eyes on her again. She turned to the small audience, "Do you mind? I kind of feel nervous."

"We just wanted to see you dance. Hyun Ri, right?" Yun Ho spoke up from the crowd.

Evangeline nodded, "Yep. Nice to meet all of you. Um... I don't know what else to say..."

Mira slung her arm over Evangeline's shoulders, though they were a bit out of her reach, "You know, you guys should have a dance off with each other."

Evangeline didn't show much emotion, "I'm not really in the mood for this."

"Yah! Show your talent! It's unhealthy to keep everything bottled up!"

Evangeline smirked, "What if it was the reason why you were shut out in the first place?" Her voice was filled with malice. Poison dripped on every word that was heard from her smooth voice.

Everybody, except for Hye Seung, was shocked. Hye Seung looked down to the ground.

"I-I di-didn't-"

"Of course you didn't. Because I don't want you getting into my life. Ever." Evangeline gave a blank look before picking up her bag and walking out the door.

Hye Seung's eyes followed her niece's back as she walked out the door. Everybody stood there stunned at what just happened. Nobody could say anything. They just stood there silently thinking about what she just said.

'They wouldn't know anything about how my life was...' Evangeline sat in the bathtub hugging her knees. 'All of them started to turn on me. One by one.' A vision passed through her eyes. A stray tear fell in the hot water.

'I will never let myself go through that, ever again. Never.'

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Chapter 6: "Intrigued"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:49 pm

The groups sat in their own apartment rooms. The males couldn't help but think back to the conversation they had earlier.


"Mianhaeyo, Hye-Seung-sshi," Mira bowed deeply in front of the woman standing an inch taller than her.

Hye Seung sighed, "It's ok. It's a pretty touchy subject. I told you before, didn't I? She doesn't have a great life in or out of her house. When you talk to her, you should try to avoid those questions and ignore your curiosity.”

"What happened to her though? What exactly made her this way?" Lee Teuk asked.

Hye Seung hesitated for a moment, "For those who want to know, sit down."

They all sat down. Even though Hye Seung told them to ignore their curiosity about Evangeline, she made them wonder. There was a story behind that porcelain face of hers, the light and graceful movements that held power behind each step, and the certain twinkle that disappears from her eyes when the music stops.

Hye Seung sat down on the polished floor, "First of all, you must know that she had many friends and that they were closer than anything in the world. All of them had a bond that they forged over the many years of knowing each other."

"Why are you using past tense, Hye Seung-sshi?" Tae Yeon asked softly.

"Because all of them walked their own way."

Their eyes widened at the sudden news. A friendship disappeared just like that? They all looked at each other knowing what thoughts ran through each other’s brain. Would that happen to them in due time?

"Don’t take this to heart you guys. The friendship you each have with each other depends on yourself. Just like how it depended on them. Each of them started to turn their back for different reasons. Most of them just turned on Eva though. In the end, she turned on them too.

"Out of the whole group, you could say that she was one of the more popular people in the group. Kind, intelligent, compassionate, she held the many desires that a person wants in another. Her talent triggered either the jealousy, or the thankfulness in each of the people she knew."

"This is starting to explain quite a bit."

Hye Seung continued, "After a while, some of the attitudes towards her started to change. She started to feel the tension that was growing between all of them. One by one, everyone started to walk out of the group. Eventually, she couldn’t stand the tension between any of them anymore; this also made her walk out. She started to build a wall between her and the rest of them. A cold exterior started to grow on her. The only times she was nice were to those she knew were trustworthy.

And you know what? That’s all I will explain about her situation. The rest, I want you to find out by yourself." Hye Seung stood up to brush her pants.

"WHAT? But you said both of her lives weren’t the greatest!" They crowded around the woman.

Hye Seung smiled sadly, "I only want her to say it. Maybe then, she’ll be able to trust again."

They watched as the woman walked out of the room after the man.

End flashback:

Their thoughts were their own. They all trailed back to Evangeline. She was an enigma, a puzzle waiting to be solved. She didn’t seem like anybody interesting. She looked beautiful, but the way she was made it seem like she was nothing special. The boys saw her up front. She was different, and…

She intrigued them.

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Chapter 7: "Locked inside"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:51 pm

"If you keep this up, you'll be ready to apply for university within the year!"

"Kamsahamnida," Evangeline let out a small smile as she worked out the problem laying in front of her. She couldn't say it wasn't difficult, but it didn't prove much as a challenge to her. It was more like... a brain teaser.

The person teaching her smiled, "I kind of expected that from you. You represent your parents in many ways..."

"You knew my parents, Yeo Jin-sshi?" Evangeline looked at her teacher shocked.

Yeo Jin smiled at the daughter of her old classmates, "We used to be good friends back in high school. I was actually one of the people who got them to start dating."

"Wow... It's a pretty small world after all," Evangeline tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes lingered off her finished work to the smiling woman in front of her. Long, wavy chocolate coloured hair cascaded down the woman's shoulders. Her matching eyes twinkled with happiness as she spoke to others. Evangeline couldn't help but feel a bit plain beside her. Yeo Jin was one of the few people that Evangeline could say was naturally beautiful without make up.

Yeo Jin looked at the 17-year-old, "You know, you should be happy. I know your parents would've wanted you to be. You're a blessed child, my dear."

Evangeline sighed, "I don't exactly feel that way."

"But you should. You're a very beautiful person inside and out despite the cold facade you have. I'm sure your parents were very proud of you in the past, and in the present. They gave birth to a talented girl that can surpass many in the years before her."

Evangeline held back a bitter laugh, 'That's what makes my life a burden. Everybody thinks that talent, brains and skills will get you far in life, but its the only thing that's truly dragging me down. I've never felt smaller in my whole entire life with their eyes looking down at me. It was hard enough having to live life with knowing that they hated me for so long, but it was harder to smile everyday to deceive people into thinking that I was fine with their actions...'

"Well, that's all for today," Yeo Jin ruffled Evangeline's hair.

Evangeline silently nodded as she shoved the books in her messenger bag. She was about to walk out the door until Yeo Jin said something, "You can trust them. They're very nice people and it might help you get better."

"Is my aunt trying to get you in this too?" The girl's eyes darted to the older woman.

Yeo Jin couldn't help but feel the coldness in her eyes, "It's nothing like that. I'm as worried as she is though."

The black haired girl clutched her bag, "None of you guys know the complete story..." She walked out of the room leaving the woman to ponder about what she had just said.

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Chapter 8: "Drama?"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 5:55 pm

"Is she still mad at me?"

"Why would she be? We didn't know," the male beside her patted her shoulder.

"I bet she already forgot about it by now," Another male tried to comfort her.

"Last night, she didn't even come to eat with us. You know I'm worried!" Mira shouted at the group of people. Even after knowing Evangeline for just a few days, she couldn't help but feel attached to her. It was like she knew how it felt to be alone, just like she did.

Hye Seung looked at the choreographer, "She should be home anyways. It's her turn to cook dinner."

Mira tried to stop the headache by rubbing her temples. The celebrities had all decided to go over to their house to eat dinner. Hye Seung nonchalantly walked up to the front door to unlock it, but they could hear the sound of music coming from the house.

"She's probably almost done with dinner or something near that," Hye Seung unlocked the door and opened it.

Hye Seung noted that Three Days Grace was blasting from the stereo. Walking into the living room, they saw a sleeping Evangeline on the couch. Hye Seung shook her head at the sight. Walking into the dining room, she saw the steaming hot food that seemed to be enough for the whole group of people she brought with her.

Hye Seung groaned, ‘She outdid herself once again.’ She walked back to the living room. “Mira, can you deal with the rice?”

Mira nodded, “What about Eva? Should we leave her here? She could catch a cold.”

“I was wondering if one of the guys could bring her up to her room,” Hye Seung looked at the boys as they raised their hands. She pointed at Jae Joong, “Can you bring her up to her room, Jae Joong? It’s the last one in the hallway going to the right.”

Jae Joong nodded, “Ok.” He picked up the 17-year-old with no effort at all. His eyes widened, ‘She’s so light. Is she even eating?’ Even some of the guys noticed how he was able to lift her with little effort. You could see the slight worry in their eyes. Jae Joong carefully walked up to her bedroom and set her down on her bed. He gently laid the blanket over her, concerned that he would wake the girl up. He looked around the room.

It was nice and clean. The architecture must’ve had good taste to make a bedroom look like this. The walls were painted a fresh white with a dark hardwood floor. There were quite a few books on the shelves already, and a few notebooks on the small table. There was a painting hanging above the bed, and the piece of glass covering the light had an intricate design on it. (A/N: Here are a couple of pictures so that you can see it visually: Bedroom Picture 1; Bedroom Picture 2)

‘Nice room,’ Jae Joong thought. He looked back at the sleeping girl as she softly breathed in and out. He walked around the room a bit stopping at the small table. A sketchbook laid there with the notebooks he caught sight of before. Looking back for reassurance, he opened the sketchbook. It was crammed with sketches and drawings. He could make out a few of the places she sketched, but he didn’t know the others. There were also random drawings of manga characters that made him smile a bit. He closed the sketchbook, deciding he didn’t want to wake her up; he quietly walked to the door and exited the room. He closed the door to prevent the chatter from reaching her ears. He went back downstairs and joined the rest at the dinner table.

Yun Ho leaned over to him, “What took you so long?” He whispered.

“Nothing,” Was the only answer that slipped from Jae Joong’s mouth.

Yun Ho looked the man that he knew for about 7 years now. Jae Joong probably knew he knew there was something up, but then again, all the members could tell too, and they couldn’t wait for him to tell them what happened.

Jae Joong mentally sighed at the expressions of his group-mates, ‘And this is the consequence I get for joining SM… At least I can depend on them.’ His mind returned to sleeping girl, ‘But what about her? Does she have anybody that's there for her like we do?’

Hye Seung looked at the person she chose to put her niece into bed, 'He's getting attached to her. Just like the rest of them... Eva, I hope you can deal with the drama this time around unlike what happened back in Canada.'

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Chapter 9: "Laughter"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:00 pm

A yawn escaped from pale lips. Long arms stretched out and gray eyes looked outside the windows. 'It's night time? Man, I must've dozed off on the couch.' Evangeline looked around, 'And I happen to appear in my bedroom... But there were soft arms holding me...' She shook her head to get rid of the drowsiness. Slowly she got up from her bed and started to head downstairs to the main floor. She could hear loud chatter coming from the living room, 'What the heck's going on?' She walked into the living room and stared at the celebrities sitting on the couches of her aunt's house. They looked at the girl who just entered the room.

Hye Seung turned to her niece, “You’re awake! Did you have a good rest?”

Evangeline nodded silently while taking a cup of tea offered by Mira. She slightly smiled at her signaling a thank you. Mira mentally cheered at the fact that Evangeline wasn’t angry anymore. She sat on the carpeted floor silently sipping her tea. The rest followed on with the conversation they started when Evangeline wasn’t in the room. The girl listened to their conversation silently until something hit her.

‘Chrysanthemum...’ Evangeline thought looking at her cup. ‘Almost like the tea he used to make me during those times...’ She felt like tearing up and crying, but it was impossible. ‘I can’t cry anymore.’ Evangeline bit back a bitter smile. She finished off the rest of the tea and stood up to go back to her room.

‘What the-’ her previous drowsiness hit her again. She couldn’t help but feel faint and want to fall on the floor. A pair of arms caught her in the middle.

Her eyes widened, ‘They’re the same arms.’ She looked up at her saviour with her gray eyes. ‘Jae Joong-sshi...’

Jae Joong looked as worried as many others.

“Are you ok?” His smooth accented voice echoed through her head. Evangeline nodded her head while trying to stand back up properly.

“She’s probably still sleepy. Can you help her back to her room?” Hye Seung asked Jae Joong.

“I’m fine, really. You can let go of me Jae Joong-sshi,” Evangeline said quickly. Jae Joong pulled her up carefully noticing that she couldn’t stand up properly with the way he caught her.

‘She looks more attractive close up than far away,’ Jae Joong noted. Her raven mane shined under the lights. She was fairly thin but not thin enough to say that she was anorexic. Out of everything, her porcelain skin just enhanced her features instead of taking away from it. Evangeline’s eyes met his for a moment. They weren’t just a normal grey; it had a mix of blue infused with it.

“Jae Joong-sshi? I’m fine, so can you please let me go?” Her words smoothly came out her pink lips. He hesitantly let her go despite the faint spell she had earlier. She smiled at him for reassurance. Slowly, she walked back to her room. Hye Seung’s eyes narrowed at Evangeline as she walked away.

“Is she ok?” Eun Hyuk asked.

“Can any of you go check on her?” Hye Seung asked.

The DBSK members stood up and followed Jae Joong as he started walking to Evangeline’s room. The other celebrities seemed pretty interested at the fact that all of them went, even Mira was surprised. Hye Seung didn’t say anything as she kept drinking her tea nonchalantly. She mentally sighed, ‘I wonder if they know…’

Yun Ho turned to Jae Joong, “What’re you thinking right now?”

“I don’t know what I’m thinking. I just feel attached to her. She seems so fragile, and she looks like she needs someone there for her,” Jae Joong answered truthfully.

“Do you think we’ll be enough to support her?” Jun Su asked.

“That’s true. We’re going to be travelling quite a bit hyung,” Chang Min looked a bit worried.

Yoo Chun looked down, “But she should know that even though it seems like she’s alone, she’s not. It seems more to me she doesn’t need support but she needs somebody who can listen to her wholeheartedly.”

They looked at Yoo Chun. They knew he was right. She wasn’t alone at all. She still had her aunt to support her. She had her whole family behind her back. But the thing was she lost the people who she could trust to be there through thick and thin. Jae Joong approached the door of the room he entered not too long ago and knocked. “Come in” could be heard from the other side of the door. He opened the door.

Evangeline was sitting on one of the chairs in the room reading a book. She looked at DBSK as they entered her room with surprise. She marked the page she was reading with a bookmark and took off her glasses setting them in the case.

“Nice room,” Yoo Chun commented with a whistle.

“Nice of you to think so,” Evangeline smiled slightly.

“Are you ok now? That fainting spell downstairs worried us quite a bit,” Yun Ho said.

Evangeline’s face scrunched up a bit, “I didn’t mean to make you guys worry. Mian.”

Chang Min put a hand on her shoulder, “Ani. It’s fine.” He smiled at her reassuringly.

Evangeline’s eyes widened a bit, but smiled back. “You guys can sit on the bed if you want. I don’t exactly want you guys standing too much.”

They took a seat on the plush mattress. She joined them sitting cross-legged. She knew they had a few questions about her. Everyone does sometimes. She just didn’t know how well she would be able to answer them if they were personal. For the next few minutes, the six of them talked about random things. Nothing personal was really touched on except about how things were like in different countries. Her work was occasionally talked about also.

“You knew us right?” Jun Su asked.

“Yup. I’m actually a pretty big fan of your music. I absolutely love your voices and how you dance,” Evangeline commented truthfully.

“So, who’s your favourite member?” He asked anticipating the answer.

“I... don’t have one.” She answered scratching her head.

“EH?!?!” The 5 boys had some sort of an anime fall.

“What about before?” Yun Ho asked wanting an answer from the girl sitting in front of them.

“I use to like Chang Min-sshi,” Evangeline blushed a bit.


‘Chang Min...’ The rest of the members glared a bit.

They could hear a soft laughter and it started to become a bit louder. They looked at Evangeline as she was laughing on the bed.

“You guys... should... have seen... your faces...” She laughed out.

Soon they started to laugh with her. They liked her laughter. It was light and carefree, a big difference from the usual self she seems to portray to people. She was still like a kid, sweet and innocent. They noticed that through their conversation with each other. Jae Joong looked at the time on his watch. It was 11:00pm, meaning that this would have to wait another day. Yoo Chun noticed the regretful smile Jae Joong had.

“I guess we have to go now,” Yoo Chun said getting up from the bed.

Evangeline nodded, “It’s getting pretty late. I heard you guys have a lot to do tomorrow.”

Chang Min nodded, “We’re going to stay here for a few months, but it doesn’t mean we have many days for slacking off.”

The rest of them got up from the bed and joined those who were sitting downstairs. Knowing it was probably time to go, they said their farewells before exiting the house. Evangeline noticed the vans outside were probably theirs. She waved at them before closing the door. Hye Seung noted how the girl seemed to be a bit cheerier than before.

“Did you have a good time with DBSK? We heard you guys laughing,” Hye Seung asked her niece.

“I guess I did,” Evangeline answered with a smile as she went back upstairs. ‘It was almost like the old days... But why do I feel so...’ She shook it off.

Hye Seung smiled, ‘I guess she’s moving on.’

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Chapter 10: "Distracted"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:05 pm

“You’re coming with us to the party for that company thing, right?”

“Yeah, I am. It must be pretty important to have big time celebrities and executives there. A lot of companies are trying to make deals with them too. Kusama Industries if I was reading the thing correctly,” Evangeline narrowed her eyes in thought.

“You shouldn’t be doing that you know! You’ll get wrinkles earlier if you do!” Jun Su poked the place between the eyebrows.

“Aish! I don’t even have a dress!” Evangeline smacked her forehead.

“Then you might as well tag along with us. We’re getting off early today so that we can get ready,” Yoo Chun slung his arm around her shoulders.

“I heard the girls might not be going though...” Jae Joong said thoughtfully. “They still have lots of stuff to do.”

“So I might be the only girl except for my aunt?” Evangeline asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah. It seems that we’re the representatives for SM Entertainment for tonight since Super Junior nor SHINee isn’t coming with us. Boa-sunbaenim is still in Japan too,” Chang Min shrugged.

Yun Ho sighed, “This means that we have to get hair and make-up done anyways! I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to have make-up on my face today.”

“Why do you need make-up? Even I don’t wear make-up...” Evangeline blinked.

They stopped for a second and looked at her. ‘She’s beautiful enough without make-up,’ They thought.

“Are you guys okay?”

“Yeh!” They continued their walk down one of the hallways in the SM building.

For the past few days, Evangeline got to know the 5 guys better and vice versa. Evangeline started to open up more, and she seemed to have returned to the state she was when she was in Canada. The memories that she kept of those times seemed to turn insignificant to her now. It was almost as if it didn’t happen.

“We’re almost there, Hiroki-sama,” an airplane attendant informed the boy sitting on one of the plush chairs of his private jet. He had jet black hair with eyes to match. He wore a random t-shirt with a pair of jeans to stay comfortable on his almost 2-day flight. A sigh escaped his lips as he turned off his iPod and shoved it in his pocket. A girl clung onto his arm.

“Hi-ro-ki, nani ka atta?” The girl asked.

“Betsuni. Get back to your seat, Yuri.”

The brunette pouted, “Nande? Why are you so mean to me today?”

Coal black eyes turned her way, “Stop your whining. We’re only engaged because of our parents. Other than that, I wouldn’t marry you at all.”

Yuri was sad at the response. She wanted the marriage to happen. She loved him despite the fact that he was cold to her all the time. She was already that attached. But she couldn’t blame him for that. He was attractive for an 18-year-old. Deep black hair, black eyes, his skin was a shade of peach and seemed to be irresistible with his smile. But, she only got to see that smile before it was announced that they were to be engaged. She heard the conversation between Hiroki and his father. It mostly included him talking about another girl that he seemed to love a lot. She couldn’t help but feel a tad bit jealous of the girl. She must’ve been amazing for Hiroki to argue about not wanting to be engaged.

‘Hiroki must love her a lot,’ Yuri thought taking a seat.

The jet landed smoothly on the landing strip. As the plane stopped both Hiroki and Yuri got up from their seat. Both exited the jet to get to the car waiting for them at the bottom of the steps. At the bottom of the steps waited the couples’ parents along with the driver.


“Yuri! Genki desu ka?” The woman stepped forward to hug her daughter.

A stern man turned to the 18-year-old boy, “How was the flight, Hiroki?”

“Fine, otou-sama.” Hiroki nonchalantly responded cracking his neck.

“Yokatta. Well, we should get going shouldn’t we?” His mother smiled at him.

“Hai. Tonight is going to be a pretty big night,” Yuri’s father nodded at the suggestion.

Hiroki looked at his future father-in-law, “Why are we here though?”

“Because the companies’ headquarters are here and not in Japan,” The man smiled at Hiroki.

“Welcome to Korea, Hiroki-sama, Yuri-sama,” The driver greeted.

“I really think that this dress doesn-”

“Yes it does!” DBSK said in unison as they pulled her onto one of the chairs beside them. Their make-up artists were working their magic as Evangeline watched at how DBSK followed their orders of tilting their chin up, down, right, left, opening and closing their eyes, and etc. She personally didn’t like to wear make-up except for lip gloss. She did have some experience in putting it on but she didn’t like spending minutes to put on make-up every single day. There was no point she told herself after she washed it all off. It wasn’t her in the mirror at all.

“Hyun Ri-sshi, do you want your hair or make-up done?” A make-up artist asked.

She smiled, “I’m fine. I don’t wear make-up anyways.”

“Then do you want to do anything with your hair?”

“Can you just curl the ends?”

“Sure!” The make-up artist called over 1 of the hair stylists after plugging the curling iron in.

Evangeline watched as her hair touched the hot ceramic, and coming out as soft, loose curls. Evangeline fiddled with them a bit as she walked out to the others waiting for her at the exit of the studio. DBSK took a good look at the girl walking up to them.

‘She’s… beautiful,’ They thought in unison.

Evangeline wore a black spaghetti-strap dress that perfectly fitted her slender figure. The bottom was short on the left side growing longer onto the right side with ruffles. Her midnight black hair draped her back with loose curls on the ends. She had no make-up on except for lip gloss that made her pale lips stand out from her porcelain complexion. Her black heels made her more than an inch taller than her normal height but not matching Yun Ho’s height.

“Is there something wrong?” She asked breaking them out of their reverie.

“It’s nothing. We should head out now. The party is starting on 6pm. We shouldn’t be late,” Chang Min reasoned out. He smiled towards her, “Shall we go?”

Evangeline nodded her head as they headed out the door.

Here's a picture of the dress that Evangeline was wearing: Dress

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Chapter 11: "Unexpected"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:06 pm

Unfortunately this is a really short chapter because I wrote it while I was on the tour bus going to Boston. I know, that's just plain weird, but all my chapters are short. This one just happens to be very short =P Oh well, whatever. I didn't have much will to edit this either xD So there will be weird mistakes here and there.

“Omedetou, Hiroki-kun,” A woman greeted with a smile.

Actually, many people had greeted him like that for the past hour or so. He started to get sick and tired of it. Beside him stood his and Yuri’s parents sucking in all the pride and joy. Yuri clung to him tightly as they walked around. He thought this was absolutely pointless from the start, but, as usual, they insisted that they should publicly announce and celebrate his place as the new head of Kusama Industries and the fiancé of Hideki Yuri, the beautiful daughter of the man in charge of their allied company, Hideki Inc. Hiroki walked off by himself, but mentally sighed as another person came up to congratulate him.

“Congratulations, Hiroki-sshi,” The man and woman shook his hand. He spoke Korean in a stern yet polite manner.

“Ah, Lee Soo Man-sshi! Song Hye Seung-sshi!” Hiroki’s father walked over to greet them with a smile.

“It has been a long time, hasn’t it Hiyu?” Lee Soo Man shook his hand.

“Definitely,” He responded. He looked behind the two, “You said you were bringing others?”

Hye Seung nodded, “Yes. They’re running a little late because of work. They’re going to be here during the dinner though.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

‘I’m not,” Hiroki mentally rolled his eyes.

His father bid the two a farewell before joining another group of people. Hiroki restrained himself from wanting to destroy the banquet hall by clenching his fist. Yuri spotted him from the other side of the banquet hall. She walked over to him and took his hand in hers. Hiroki didn’t react to it. It wasn’t the familiar touch he grew up with. The one he loved the most. And if anything, he yearned to see the bright smile that faded to black.

“We made it in time!” Jun Su got out of limo they were sent in.

Evangeline nodded, taking Yoo Chun’s offered hand. She smiled at him in thanks. The other glanced at him for a bit before turning back to the banquet hall in front of them. Evangeline slipped her hands into Yoo Chun and Chang Min’s as she caught up to him. The two shared a brief smile and joined the other three in entering. Hye Seung quickly spotted the six while everybody else was entering the other room.

“You guys made it in time!” Hye Seung smiled. It faded a bit when she saw Chang Min, Yoo Chun and Evangeline's hands unlace from each other. Either way, she started to lead them to the larger room, “The dinner is about to start soon. Don’t worry, there’s no press here tonight.”

Evangeline let out a sigh of relief, “That’s good...”

Jae Joong chuckled and patted her shoulder in reassurance. Evangeline took his hands in hers. As the seven entered the room, she let go of his hand. Executives, managers, heads and CEOs of companies filled the room. All of them were seated around the round tables arranged nicely around the room. The seven sat at a separate table. There was a long rectangular table on a platform. Four adults sat behind the table, two being strangely familiar to Evangeline. The older man or what it seemed like went up to the microphone at the front.

“First of all, I would like to thank all of you for taking time off of your busy schedules for this celebration. Second of all, this isn’t just the official declaration of the new head of Kusama Industries, but also to clarify the rumours that have been going around about our two companies. May I introduce to you Kusama Hiroki and his fiancée Hideki Yuri.”

A black-haired male entered the room with a brunette linked to his arm. They gracefully walked down the aisle to the platform. The couple faced the audience.

“Hiroki,” The name escaped from her dry lips.

As if he heard, his eyes snapped to the girl. “Eva.”

Yuri’s eyes widened as she stared at the girl her fiancé was looking at.

‘That’s her...’

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Chapter 12: "Forgive me"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:09 pm

“So you know him?” They quietly conversed while enjoying the dinner.

Evangeline nodded, “He was one of my friends in school while I was still in Canada.”

The others nodded hesitantly. Hye Seung had joined another table while Lee Soo Man had to leave early, not before leaving his regards to them and to the hosts. Evangeline was sitting between Jae Joong and Yun Ho. She didn’t dare look up from the group as she stopped eating. She didn’t want to see his eyes reflect her appearance. She didn’t want to see the boy that had grew to look similar to her loving father. Jae Joong looked at Evangeline from the corner of his eyes. She looked afraid. His fingers slightly grazed her skin. Evangeline’s eyes snapped open, but slowly relaxed to Jae Joong’s familiar touch.

“Maybe we should head back. You’re obviously uncomfortable Ri-ah,” Jae Joong rubbed her back soothingly.

The rest of the members nodded in agreement. Evangeline shook her head.

“You guys need to be here. I can always go back by myself.”

Chang Min shook his head, “At this point I think you’re not okay by yourself.”

“I’ll go with you,” Jun Su said with a stern expression.

With that, Evangeline knew she couldn’t argue. They were serious about this. She nodded and took Jun Su’s hand. They quietly slipped out of the room and stepped into the empty hallway. Jun Su lead Evangeline out into the fresh air and into the limo they came in. He told driver where to go. He held onto Evangeline’s hand tightly. She rested on his shoulder the whole ride. When they finally arrived at the house, they silently exited the limo and entered the vacant house. Evangeline turned on the lights.

‘Mira’s probably still working,’ Jun Su thought as he took a seat on the couch.

Evangeline looked at the time, ‘9:00pm... It’s ending at about 12:00pm though.’ She turned to Jun Su, “Maybe you should stay here for the night. They’re going to be out until 12:00.” She sat down beside him.

Jun Su nodded, “Yeah. Anyways, you should go take a shower. You seem really tense.”

Evangeline nodded slowly, “If you want, you can get cleaned up too, Jun Su-ah. There’s a guest room with a lot of clothes upstairs, the first door on the right. I don’t think that the ahjumma would mind much...”

Jun Su smiled a bit at her joking manner. It cleared away some of the uneasiness he had ever since she started to act weird after seeing that boy. Well, he couldn’t really call Hiroki a boy. The 18-year-old could pull off as a model if he wanted to. Everybody could see that in him.

“I’m going up now.”

Jun Su nodded. He stood up and followed the girl upstairs. He entered the guest room and waited until he heard her bedroom door close. With that, he opened the closet door to choose what he wanted to wear.

At the banquet hall:

“I hope they’re okay... I mean, we’re stuck here for another hour or so,” Jae Joong fiddled with his ring.

“Don’t worry hyung. Knowing Jun Su, he got Ri-ah back safely.” Yoo Chun reassured the eldest of the group.

He nodded reluctantly. Truthfully, that wasn’t the thing he was worried about at all and he knew the others were curious. She didn’t just look like she didn’t want to see him, but she also looked afraid. Horrified. There was something about him that made her that way. Something they didn’t know. Sooner or later, it felt like they would find out soon. One way, or another.

Back in the house:

Evangeline let the hot water wash off the stress from her body. Let it wash off the fear and guilt she harboured inside her heart. But it was impossible, she said to herself. Nothing could get rid of these emotions and memories that haunted her. In the end, everything she tried to forget came back to her. All because of Hiroki... She willingly let the water wash away her unshed tears.

Jun Su put on the t-shirt and shorts he found in the guest room. Despite the façade she covered herself with, he could see her pain. The only thing that really ticked him off though, was the fact that she was too stubborn to share the pain with them. Were they unimportant to her? What did she see them as? What did she see him as? He paused at the last thought. A small smirk graced his lips. It should have been more like, what did he see her as. He took the towel from the counter and started to dry off his hair.

Drops of water dripped from her damp black hair. Her grey-blue eyes staring back at her. In her opinion, she didn’t resemble her parents at all. Everybody insists that she looks like them, but which part did? Her angled features? Her hair? Her eyes? She didn’t look like them at all. Instead, she had an uncanny resemblance to her late grandmother on her father’s side, sans the eyes. The eyes definitely came from her mother’s Caucasian side. But she hated it. She hated how she was always commented on how she looked like them. She hated looking like the people that had decided to leave her in the world alone with her dear older brother, whom she loves so much. She hated their foolish and selfish decision. Her slim fingers grazed her reflection.

‘What’s taking her so long?’ Jun Su thought as he sat on a couch in the living room.

He couldn’t get rid of the feelings that were swirling around inside him right now. He stood up and started to walk towards Evangeline’s room. There were only a few more seconds of silence, before it was broken by a shatter. He rushed into the girl’s room opening the door of the bathroom connected to it.

Pieces of shattered mirror littered the bathroom counter. The girl, only clad in a towel, stood there calmly letting the blood drip from her knuckles. She turned to the 21-year-old behind her with teary eyes. It didn’t take her too long to collapse in his arms crying.

“Please, don’t let go...”

Jun Su’s POV:

I still wondered what I was to her. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was to me. But it didn’t seem to matter at that moment. I didn’t know what to do to stop her flowing tears. And I know that the next move I made betrayed my whole group. Softly, I brought my lips to hers. She looked at me in shock, but at least she stopped crying.

Forgive me God for I think I have just sinned...

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Chapter 13: "Love is so beautiful"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:13 pm

A/N: Horribly written and not edited... I hope it doesn't kill anybody... BTW the title is making reference to TOKYO LOVELIGHT by MAKAI feat. Yoo Chun.

“Ah, so this is the Dong Bang Shin Ki. It is a pleasure to meet you all,” They all bowed to each other in respect.

“OMG! May I get your autographs?! I’m a big fan,” Yuri held out a pen and their new single “どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?)”

The four male sweat dropped at her actions a bit. It turned out that the heiress was a very childish person in their eyes. Either way, they all signed her CD with a smile. The four gave an “it’s okay” smile to Hiroki who was smiling at them in sorry for his fiancée’s actions. She looked at the four in confusion.

“Um... Where’s Jun Su?” She asked in wonder.

Hiyu looked at the four, “Indeed, where is he? You guys also arrived with a black haired girl, right?”

Hye Seung nodded, “That was my niece. She wasn’t feeling very well, so Jun Su helped her to get back to my house. They do leave their congratulations to both of your families though.”

“Truthfully, I was willing to meet her. Might I say, she did grow up to look very much like her parents,” Hiyu commented.

Hiroki’s eyes darted to his father. Hiyu didn’t respond to it one bit, making Hiroki want to pound his own father’s face in for saying those words. ‘She doesn’t look like her parents!’ Is what he wanted to shout. But he kept silent to his father’s silent provoking. If anything, he didn’t want her hurt as a result of their “pleasant conversations”. But, he could care less about his father anyways. That was what he always felt towards him and it never changed one bit.

“I refuse to marry her, father! I don’t even love her!”

“Do you think everything’s about love?! Hiroki, you’re not a child anymore, so bring yourself out of your naïve behaviour!”

“What is so wrong about love?” He spoke with clenched teeth.

“Get out of my office Hiroki.”

There wasn’t another word shared as the door slammed shut.

End Flashback:
‘Our relationship is very pleasant indeed...’ Hiroki mentally rolled his eyes.

“Hiroki, daijobu ka?” Yuri asked, her face scrunched up in worry.

He looked at her softly. Yuri’s actions faintly reminded him of how Evangeline used to act like her towards him.

“Betsuni. If you keep doing that, your face might stay that way for the rest of your life, or you might get wrinkles,” He poked Yuri’s cheeks. You could clearly see the hot red blush on her face as he smirked. “I feel like going back first, Okaa-sama.”

His mother nodded with a smile, “You must be tired from that flight. We’ll see you at home. You do know the directions, right?”

Hiroki waved as he exited the banquet hall. Chang Min, Jae Joong, Yoo Chun and Yun Ho watched him walk out, and then turned to each other thinking the same thing ‘I wonder how she was friends with him...’ In their eyes, he seemed very unaffectionate, blunt and somewhat... proud? Either way, they shouldn’t be making assumptions now, especially since they don’t know him personally. So they put it in the back of their brains and paid attention to the ongoing conversation.

With Hiroki:
‘They know her...’ He stepped on the gas harder, the speedometer rising well above 100km on an empty highway. ‘And she was there, right before my eyes...’ Loud trance music blasted from the stereo system. ‘And she makes me feel like I have to beat myself up again and again so that I can bring back her trust...’ There was a large screech from the brakes, deep breaths, and tears falling.

With Chang Min, Hye Seung, Jae Joong, Yoo Chun & Yun Ho:
“He was... interesting...?” Hye Seung tried to strike a conversation between them.

They shrugged. ‘Both of them seem... so similar to each other, in a way. The façade, the attitude, it’s all so similar. I can see how they were friends,’ Yoo Chun looked out the window. Jae Joong silently looked at Yoo Chun, trying to read his thoughts. But, for the first time ever, he couldn’t. He couldn’t read his thoughts like he typically did. It struck him as a foreign feeling. If anything, he hated it, not being able to know what his friends, his dongsaengs, were thinking or feeling at this point. Wordlessly, they arrived at Hye Seung’s house. Unlocking the front door, they found a sleeping Evangeline and Jun Su on one of the couches. Their legs were tangled together as the two slept on the opposite sides. Softly, Yun Ho walked over to the sleepers and untangled their feet. Yoo Chun picked Evangeline up bridal style and carried her, along with her iPod, to her room. He set her down on the bed gently and covered her with the soft pink blanket that was neatly folded on her bed. He took off her earphones, trying hard not to wake her up. He put one of the earphones in his ears to listen to what she was listening to. Hearing his voice mixed with dance, trance-like beats made him smile a bit. He turned the iPod off and set it on the table.

‘Love is so beautiful indeed...’ He thought smiling as he shut the door behind him.

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Chapter 14: "Composition"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:21 pm

“Maybe... slow... with Tae Yeon...”

That’s all she needed to hear in the dance studio when she passed by to make her walk away silently so that they wouldn’t notice her. She knew what the blanks were, and to be honest, it hurt her to hear him say that. Especially since he took a kiss from her without warning. It hurt her even more with the fact that she didn’t know where her place was in their hearts. It made her angry, sorrowful and miserable all at once. She couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud to them, especially ever since she sorted out her feelings many nights ago. It was now in the middle of summer and the first time she sat in front of a piano for 2 whole years. A thick notebook and mechanical pencil was clutched in her hand. Now all she needed was the audacity to open both the notebook and the piano...

With DBSK:
‘He’s the first one to give up...’ Yun Ho thought wondering why Jun Su would do that. He exchanged glances with all the members trying to figure out why he wanted to pull out now, but all of them were as clueless as he was. He knew something had happened to them that made them nervous around each other, but it made Jun Su make a decision that startled them and, at the same time, make them wonder. He wanted to ask, ‘Do you love her?’ Even though he knew the answer, would he lie to them and say no?

Chang Min noticed how everybody seemed off during practice today. During that whole time, he and Jae Joong exchanged glances to try and figure out the issue. They also got spoken to by the staff about their unsynchronized movements. Obviously, the thing that Jun Su told them toppled the dominoes at this point. Both members felt hopeless at this point.

Despite everybody’s knowledge, Yoo Chun saw Evangeline pass by their door as they were talking. He watched her walk away with what seemed like, hurt? He couldn’t make it out because she walked away too swiftly. By now, he could read most of her feelings, but she was still able to cover them with ease, just like what she has been doing before. It disturbed him to see the old Evangeline they were foreign to.

“Maybe you guys should stop today. The mood in this room is very... bland. Make sure to come in tomorrow with your feelings sorted out. Okay?”

“Yeh!” They nodded in unison.

Yoo Chun walked out of the room with his bag before anybody could say anything else. He walked in the direction he saw her disappear to. He stopped at an unclosed door. The melancholic melody of a piano flowed through the gap. He silently crept inside to watch the pianist as her slim fingers pressed the ivory keys with ease. The piece continued until it ended with a rough stop. The pianist let out a sigh.

Yoo Chun smirked, “That was a nice stop.”

Evangeline let out a laugh at his sarcastic words. “Thanks. To be honest, I didn’t finish this one yet.”

Yoo Chun set his bag on the floor beside one of the legs of the piano. Evangeline shifted to the right side of the bench so that Yoo Chun could sit down beside her. He looked at the page the notebook was opened to. He wordlessly took in the notes written in the thick notebook. He took a look at some of the ones before it, but none of them had names. Neither did the one that she was working on.

“You know, this was something I was working on for my parents’ anniversary two years ago,” Evangeline pressed some random keys.

Yoo Chun looked at her, “What happened?”

“I didn’t have the faith to finish it in the end... And when I started this piece, they started to have arguments about things. They were mentally stressed from the work that was straining their relationship. Then, they decided to take the easy way out,” Evangeline shrugged. It was only just now that she was nonchalant about it. Why? Because the date was coming soon. Very soon...

“Will you finish it in time? The composition?”

Evangeline shook her head, “I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I can’t think...”

“Then we’ll finish this together,” Yoo Chun grinned.

Evangeline looked at him quizzically before grinning back at him. They kept working on the composition for more than 3 hours straight, until they finally finished at 6:30pm. For the next half hour or so, they just kept fooling around in the room.

“So, what’re you gonna name it?” Yoo Chun asked lying on the hardwood floor with his head rested on his bag.

Evangeline looked down at him from the bench, “I... have no idea. I’ve never been good with giving titles to my work, which is the reason why none of these have any. Do you have anything for this?”

“Nope. Not at all,” Yoo Chun shook his head. He made Evangeline slide over again so that he could sit beside her.

Evangeline slightly frowned, “It would be nice if we were able to name it together. After all, both of us did compose it... Shouldn’t this be a memory that’s shared between the both of us?” She smiled brightly at Yoo Chun.

He tilted his head and looked at her. Both of them stared in each others eyes. Both were trying to read each others thoughts. Both were unconsciously closing in on each other. Both of them letting their selves sink into each others eyes.

“Yoo Chun, we were-! Am I interrupting something?”

Evangeline looked over Yoo Chun’s shoulder, “Nope.” She smiled at Chang Min.

Yoo Chun turned over to Chang Min, “We were playing around. Anyways, you were saying something?”

“Uh... Yeah! We were just about to go out and eat with the bunch. You wanna come too, Ri-ah?”

Evangeline shook her head, “I’m gonna pass on that. I feel like going home.”

Yoo Chun looked at her, “Nobody’s going to be at home though. Why don’t you come with us?”

“It’s fine. Anyways, I need some time by myself too,” Evangeline pouted. “Now go with them!” She picked up Yoo Chun’s bag and shoved him and Chang Min out the door and closed it. After hearing their footsteps fade away, tears started to seep from her gray-blue orbs. Her back slid down the door as she tried to stop the tears from coming. ‘What’s my problem?! Why do I have to feel like this?! Why?...’

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Chapter 15: "どうして? (Doushite?)"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:29 pm

“Hyung, you look really pale. Maybe you should lie down,” Jun Su’s face scrunched up in worry.

Yun Ho nodded in agreement, “There’s no point in over-exerting yourself if you’re sick. It’ll only get worse Jae Joong.”

Jae Joong nodded. They decided to stop practicing for the day and get Jae Joong back to their apartment in one piece. Before they went out, Evangeline entered the dance studio.

“Hey! Eh... Jae Joong... You okay?” She went to feel his forehead.

“Not re-”

“Y-yah!!! Jae Joong-ah!!!!!!!!!!!”

Next thing you know, he blacked out.

“Yun Ho, do you think he’ll be okay? The fever’s pretty high.”

He couldn’t see the speaker. But from the voice alone, he knew it was Evangeline.

“He’ll be fine. You’re taking care of him after all.”

A smack. She must’ve hit Yun Ho.

“That does NOT guarantee anything, but I’ll try my best to lower the fever while you guys are out recording.”


He heard lips connect to a cheek. Yun Ho must’ve kissed her on the cheek because he was chuckling.

“Take care of him and yourself, Ri-ah. Bye!”


He finally decided to wake up properly. Evangeline turned around to see Jae Joong trying to sit up from his bed in the room he shared with Yoo Chun. She rushed over to his side.

“You shouldn’t be getting up, Jae Joong-ah. You have a high fever for Pete’s sake!” Evangeline’s voice was laced with worry.

“Mian hae for being problem for you, Ri-ah.”

Evangeline shook her head, “Kwaenchanda (It’s ok), Jae Joong-ah. But you really should take better care of yourself. You’re really starting to drive yourself over the edge, you know that?” She sighed as Jae Joong looked down at his hands. “Your fever hasn’t gone down yet, so I want you to lie down. I made some soup in the kitchen.”

She walked out of the room and into the kitchen, letting Jae Joong’s mind wander. He wasn’t sure of the feelings he held for Evangeline. But he knew it was stronger than friendship. His guesses had turned out correct after trying to figure it out. That’s right; he fell in love with the girl who he had only met a few weeks ago. She stole his heart with her contagious and elegant smile, her sparkling eyes, caring personality and beautiful flaws.

“Here, drink this. After, I want you to drink the medicine, okay?”

That broke Jae Joong out of his little reverie. He stared at the black haired girl as she sat on the side of his bed. She didn’t hand the bowl over to him; instead she stared to feed him. Jae Joong pouted.

“I can feed myself, you know?”

“Yeah, and I also know that you’re obviously too weak for that my dear.” Evangeline stuck her tongue out at him teasingly.

Jae Joong just followed the girl’s orders without a word. Soon, the medicine started to settle after he ate the tablet. I mean, it must’ve because the next thing you know he was knocked out again. Evangeline sighed as she started washing the dirty bowl in the sink. Unexpected rain started to fall from the darkening sky. No windows were open in the apartment, so she stayed in her spot. She watched as the raindrops fell and hit the window in the living room. She had always enjoyed the rain, but sometimes, they gave her feelings of insecurity.

“Just like that time,” She muttered to her self remembering the time she found her parents’ bodies on the ground. A puddle of blood stained the spotless hardwood floor of the living room as she entered. She remembered Hiroki running in and taking her into a hug as her feet wobbled and she fell to the floor. That day, she stayed over at Hiroki’s place for a project. After finishing with smiles on their faces, rain started to fall to the ground. ‘Just like right now,’ Evangeline gripped the bowl tightly letting the water wash off the soap from the bowl. She put the bowl on the rack to dry and just wiped her damp hands on a towel. She walked back to Jae Joong and Yoo Chun’s room to check on Jae Joong. As she walked into the room, she noticed the beads of sweat running down his pale face.

‘Kuso,’ She thought rushing over to check his temperature. ‘He's burning up again!’ She went to get a tub of cold water along with a face towel. She brought both to the room and started to soak the towel and set it on the burning forehead. She repeated it over, and over again until she could get Jae Joong back to a safe temperature. She couldn't help but sigh in accomplishment as the fever broke and he seemed fine now. She emptied the tub and hung the face towel on a rack so that it could dry. She walked back to the room and sat on the ground beside Jae Joong's bed. Her head rested on the side of the bed, and closed her eyes as she let her mind wander while listening to the rain still falling outside. After a few minutes, she heard the front door open.

‘They probably came back from recording,’ Her eyes snapped over to the clock, which read 9:48pm. ‘I guess I can go home now,’ She thought standing up from her comfortable spot on the floor. She was about to exit the room until a hand grabbed her wrist.

“D-Don't leave... Jes... sica...”

Her eyes widened as she turned to Jae Joong, who was undoubtedly still asleep. She bit her lip and carefully removed his long fingers from her wrist. She softly moved his arm back to its original spot before exiting the room. Silently, she tried to blink back the oncoming tears. She picked up her hoodie from the couch and was about to exit the apartment, but the two people kissing at the door stopped her. She backed up slowly trying to take in what was happening. She broke out of her reverie when she heard something shatter. She turned to the glass that had fallen from the table she ended up backing into. It was her cup. The cup out of a set that the six of them chose together when they went out shopping one day. She heard footsteps enter the living room as she bent down to pick up the pieces.

“What happened?” His voice echoed through her ears.

She gave the grin she hasn't used in a while, “Nothing! I was just too careless, that’s all!” A few pieces cut her hand as she finished picking the shattered pieces of glass. She threw them in the garbage and washed her hands.

“Are you okay?” The girl peeked into the kitchen to see if Evangeline was alright.

Evangeline nodded with the same grin she had on before, “I’m fine, Jessica! No need to worry!”

Jessica frowned, “If you say so...”

Evangeline wiped her hands, trying to ignore the slight stinging sensation from her hand. She quickly took her hoodie that the male was holding out to her. She slipped it on and looked up at his face.

“Jae Joong’s fine now, but make sure he doesn’t overexert himself again, and make sure he takes his medicine, okay?”

The male nodded. Evangeline walked over to the door and slipped her shoes on. She stepped out of the door hearing a “bye” coming from inside the apartment that the five members of DBSK shared. She pushed the down button for the elevator and waited. The thing was, her tears were making it hard to wait for the elevator. She just wanted to crawl into a corner and die at that moment.

“I know something’s wrong Ri-ah. Talk to me,” A voice came from behind her.

Her head turned to meet the perceptive eyes she had seen only a few second ago. She looked down to the ground, not wanting to meet his gaze. If she did, she wouldn’t be able to hold back the tears that were slowly building up inside her. She didn’t want to breakdown in front of him, or any of them in this matter.

“Ri-ah...” He wrapped his arms around her tall, yet slim figure. Evangeline involuntarily tensed to his touch. His head rested on the nook of her neck. “You know you can talk to us, right?”

Evangeline nodded, “Yeah, I know...”

There was a ding. The elevator door opened. Evangeline pried his arms from her body so that she could enter.

“But, there’s nothing that I want to talk about.”

“Why are you closing us off again?” His words hit her straight through the heart. Was she?

She shook her head, “I’m just... really tired. I swear there’s nothing wrong with me, Chang Min-ah.”

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Am I supposed to believe that?”

“No,” She looked up at him. Chang Min caught a tear fall from her eyes. Evangeline smiled, “But I wish you did.”

She pressed the close button before Chang Min could get into the elevator. She backed into the wall behind her and slid down. She breathed in deeply, restraining herself from wanting to cry even more than she wanted to. When the elevator reached the lobby, she rushed out to the entrance and walked through the automatic doors and into the pouring rain. She didn’t brother pulling up her hood as the rain started to soak her. She looked down to the ground, not wanting anybody to see her tears that were mixing with the rain.


Her eyes met the voice that called her. His clothes and hair were partially soaked from running in the rain, but, either way, he was still pretty dry because of the umbrella covering him. The light illuminated his features, making him visible to her eyes. But, she could already tell who it was without the light to guide her, because, for some reason, he was always there for her.

“I didn’t know where you were, so I asked your aunt and...” His breath came out ragged from running.

Her tears welled up in her eyes, “Why? Why are you always there?”

All of a sudden, her legs couldn’t hold her up anymore. He caught her in his arms, letting go of the umbrella that kept him dry. He could hear her soft sobbing through the rain. She could smell the faint scent of cologne that wasn’t blocked by the smell of rain. He ran his fingers through her hair, and rubbed her back to calm her down. That was until she finally let her guard down and fell asleep in his arms.

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Chapter 16: "Bonds"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:45 pm

A moan escaped her lips as she rolled to the side of her body. The sun hit her eyes. She sat up rubbing her eyes. She looked around the room, figuring out it wasn’t hers. But she didn’t mind, it was always what they did, she and Hiroki.

“Morning sleeping beauty,” A smirk was planted on his handsome face. She returned the smirk. Despite the feelings of insecurity she had, he was always the one to pick up the pieces. In the end, he always seemed to be the only one there. Evangeline stood up from the bed and hugged him, taking in the smell of the lavender soap he used.

“You okay?” His breath tickled her neck.

“Do you think I am?” He didn’t answer, but just gave a chuckle, his low, deep, alluring chuckle. She pushed him away. “Don’t do that.”

Hiroki shook his head and took a seat on the other bed. Whenever they had troubles, they would always do this. It was either Evangeline or Hiroki that would get a suite in a hotel and just drown in their sorrows in the room together. People would think that this was weird for two people who were absolutely unrelated to do, but they were, despite what people thought. Another person entered the room.

“Nice to see that you’re fine, Eva.” A man stood at the door.


Hiroki nodded towards the man who looked fairly similar to him, “Aniki.”

The man let out a huge grin, “It’s nice to see both of you again! How are you holding up, Eva?”

Evangeline rolled her eyes, “Fine, just fine.” She plopped back onto the bed. “Why exactly are you asking me that question?”

“When your stepbrother comes walking into the hotel you own with your stepsister in his arms wet and soaked, I don’t think you can define that as okay. By the way, Hiroki changed your clothes,” The man grinned.

Evangeline frowned, “Nice to know, Akihiko...” She glared at Hiroki, but he wasn’t fazed at all. She shook her head; she disliked the fact that these two could always deflect her attitude towards them. She was broken out of her reverie when Akihiko poked her on the forehead.

“You’re going to get wrinkles if you keep frowning like that,” Akihiko kept poking the same spot. Evangeline whacked his hand away and stuck her tongue out.

“Why don’t you tell the guy who was stoic for practically half of the time that I’ve seen him in Korea?” Evangeline’s eyes darted to the male drying his dry with the white bath towel.

Hiroki rolled his eyes, “Try keeping your composure when you’re hearing those annoying pleasantries wherever you go with your parent sucking up to everybody, a person you dislike as your fiancée and her parents bragging like crazy. If you succeed, I’ll be praising you for your whole life.”

“Nice to know,” Evangeline grinned.

“Now that that’s all over,” Akihiko’s face turned stern. “Are you going to be staying here any longer, Haruka?”

Evangeline knew that tone he used, especially when he used her Japanese name. “I doubt it,” The word flowed out her mouth naturally. Sometimes, she didn’t mind the fact that she could be ignorant and unemotional at times like these. It helped a lot more. Akihiko’s noticeably long fingers made their way through Evangeline’s long hair. She leaned into his gentle touch. His hand rested on the back of her neck, bring her closer to him. His mouth neared her ear.

“You know, it’s very boring without you...” His breath tickled her ear.

She looked at her half brother from the corner of her eye, “You have a faint perfume scent, Aki. Have girls been throwing themselves onto you again?” Her tongue lightly flicking his ear.

“You know I can’t do anything about that,” He used the same tone she had.

Hiroki turned on the TV to see if there was anything worth watching. Don’t get it wrong, he wasn’t disgusted by the contact and the way they interacted with each other. Actually, it was something he was quite used to. Nobody could quite tell the fact that they were all related to each other, which is one reason they were able to act so freely. People usually thought that they were a couple. A very beautiful couple. Both he and Evangeline, and Akihiko and Evangeline. Nobody ever thought that they were related. Being from different mothers, it was hard to tell. He and Akihiko looked more like father more than anything, but Evangeline portrayed their late stepmother. If he was correct about everything the way that Akihiko told it, his mother was wed to their late father, and she died when he was 7-years-old. Not too long after, he remarried to his current mother whom he was living with. Turns out, at that time, he was in a relationship with Evangeline’s late mother, which made them have a divorce. Not early enough to not have another kid. Another few months and out comes Evangeline. His mother remarried to the man, who was now his current father. He didn’t know about this until Evangeline approached him at his house one day.

Ding dong! Hiroki was about to go get the door, but his mother opened the door first. Behind his mother, he saw a beautiful, lithe girl that was notably tall. She was no doubt a bishoujo with her Asian features. Despite that, her eyes were a beautiful grey infused with blue. It hit him after a few more seconds. She was in his high school, a grade younger than him. Evangeline Song from what he remembered. It’s rumoured that she is, no doubt, an amazing role model student. Not to mention popular in the school. But why she was at his house, he had no clue at all.

“Why are YOU here?” His mother’s voice was accusing and ugly. Obviously, she knew what was going on.

“I’m here to talk to Hiroki,” She replied, her voice not wavering to his mother’s tone. She was professional, which struck something in him. Respect.

Obviously, his mother didn’t like where this was going. “I will not let you inject these pointless lies into his head!”

“Well, shouldn’t it be his decision if whether or not he wants to know why he doesn’t look like his current father? Doesn’t he deserve to know the truth in the lies YOU fed him? If he answers me, he’ll obtain the knowledge of what he doesn’t know.” She smiled and looked towards Hiroki. All he did was nod his head. She looked back at the shorter woman. “I think we came to an understanding.”

End Flashback:
That was officially the first time he saw her, and she fed his curiosity until it was full. He also made a best friend from his half-sister, not to mention developed a strange sister complex. He watched as Akihiko placed a chaste kiss on their half-sister’s lips. Note: This was typical between them. Underline and bold typical. It didn’t perturb him, but it somewhat did to people who didn’t know them enough.

“I need to get you back home, my dear. Our aunt called last night because you didn’t go home.”

Evangeline rolled her eyes, “Nice to know. I’m going to take a shower, okay?”

“There are clothes in the closet. Go down to the lobby when you’re done.”

“Wakatta,” She replied taking the clothes from the closet and entered the bathroom.

Akihiko turned to Hiroki, “You need a ride?”

“You think I’m going to call a cab when I can get a free ride from you?” Hiroki raised an eyebrow.

Akihiko chuckled, “I guess you do. Whatever, I can drop you off on the way.” He stuck out his tongue and exited the suite.

Hiroki turned back to the TV nonchalantly. He kept channel surfing until he came to an episode of CSI. He just kept watching until Evangeline walked out of the bathroom with her black hair damp. She was wearing the clothing that Akihiko had unmistakably bought for her (with his own hands might I add). She messed up her hair a bit and threw the towel back on the rack where she got it from. She shoved her almost dry clothing from the rain in a plastic bag she found, along with her shoes after seeing a shoe box in front of the door. She slipped on the new pair of VANS grimacing at how Akihiko always knew what she liked and/or wanted. Hiroki looked towards the ready girl. She wore a white t-shirt with white sleeves sewed on (think shirt with t-shirt over). Random printed graphics were on the front. It hung on the edge of her shoulders exposing the white tank top underneath. To complete the look, she had a pair of dark wash jeans. No doubt, Akihiko was thinking of her preferences of loose clothing.

“Are we going?”


Hiroki turned off the TV and got his shoes on. Both of them went downstairs to meet up with Akihiko. Before they approached him, Evangeline stopped Hiroki. She pulled out the bottom part of the shirt that was tucked in his pants by accident. He smirked in appreciation and kept walking towards Akihiko, who was talking to a few ladies that were clearly flirting with him. He could see the change in Evangeline’s expression. She hated it when people would flirt with others with good looks and money. Unfortunately, she also had a small brother complex. Therefore, she hated any women who would just fling themselves for Akihiko. Not only Akihiko, but also Hiroki. She slowly walked over to her half-brother.

“I do think that it’s time for us to go,” She gave a pleasant smile.

Akihiko knew that smile, “I agree. I need to get going now, ladies. I do hope you enjoy your stay in the hotel.”

She watched as the women gave him sickly sweet smiles and they waved goodbye to him. She took a step in front of him and fiddled with his tie. She tugged on it to make sure he was close enough to hear her words.

“Until you find a girlfriend that I approve of... You. Are. Mine.” She looked him in the eyes and walked out of the hotel and entered the car waiting out in the front.

Akihiko fixed his tie and shared a look with Hiroki, who was noticeably smirking at him. He shook his head and both of them entered the car. The ride was silent except with some private matters that they were talking about, but the offer that they told Evangeline made her think. It was a very possible choice. Hiroki was the first one to be dropped off. Evangeline gave him a peck on the lips and waved at him. Now, it was only she and her beloved onii-sama. Both kept silent the rest of the way, listening to music coming from the sound system. After a while, he stopped in front of the house. Together, they got out of the car. Evangeline, with her keys in hand, unlocked the door. She turned to Akihiko.

“Are you going to come in?”

“I have to get back to work,” He replied.

She gave him a look, “Both you and I know that you leave most of the work to the manager. You’re only there to deal with the big stuff.”

“I still need to get back to work.”

“And you still need to talk to me.”

Evangeline’s face was stern. She was right, and he knew it. He buried himself in work every single day to the fact that he barely had a social life outside of work. Most of his friends were back in Canada and he settled with only making friends in his workplace. He also hasn’t talked about much with Evangeline since the time he started to go to Korea for the business.

“Fine, I’m coming in.”

And with that, Evangeline was satisfied.

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Chapter 17: "What's going on? O_O"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:49 pm

Chang Min was a bit perturbed after hearing that Evangeline was with her “brother”. It meant that she had a brother that nobody else knew about. It meant that the “brother” could be a cover to something. Gee, that’s comforting. Because of this, he was currently messing up his recordings and being yelled at pretty badly. When he got out of the recording studio, he scratched his head and stretched from being all stiff standing there for practically three hours of straight singing. He was the last one that had to record that day, and he was currently walking to the lounge where all six of them were currently waiting, or so he thought.

“You know, you’re about to crash into a wall.”

Chang Min stopped his head a few centimetres away from the pure white wall. He shot a look at Jae Joong, who was currently leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. You know the typical “I’m cool” pose. Chang Min rubbed his forehead, thankful that his hyung saved him from the unnecessary pain and loss of brain cells. Not to mention a big red mark everybody would question him about.

“You shouldn’t be saying that hyung. You’re the king of clumsiness in our group,” Chang Min commented giving a small wave with his hand.

“I’m not that-”

Too late. Jae Joong had just tripped on air. No, not on his feet but on air. It might’ve been impossible for some people, but obviously not for Jae Joong. At least he wasn’t clumsy all the time.

Chang Min smirked and clicked his tongue, “See? Denial isn’t good for you hyung. Your ying just bit your yang in the butt.”

Jae Joong winced a bit as he stood up, “Can’t you just say it was pure karma?”

“I just felt like saying that for some reason,” Chang Min shrugged with indifference. He started making his way down the hall again as Jae Joong twitched.

“Gee, that’s nice of you.” Jae Joong mentally retorted.

He joined Chang Min down their road to the lounge. Jae Joong walked into the lounge dragging Chang Min into the room with him so that he didn’t walk off somewhere else because of his current daydreaming. I guess you could say that at this point, Jae Joong definitely knew something was wrong with his dongsaeng. Especially since Chang Min was usually more attentive than this.

“Are you ready to go?” Hye Seung’s voice resonated throughout the silent lounge.

They all nodded, already knowing that Mira was absolutely with Hye Seung while the five of them were splitting up into two groups. Going to their respective cars, they drove off in the same direction to Hye Seung’s house.

With Mira & Hye Seung:
“Hye Seung-sshi?” Mira seriously wanted to satisfy her dang curiosity that has been bugging her since last night.

“I already have a feeling about what you’re going to ask, but I’ll let you waste your breath and time since you’re so desperate to have it answered,” Hye Seung bluntly stated, looking at her manicured nails.

Mira sweat dropped. “Gee, her attitude is starting to become somewhat like Kang Mae in Beethoven Virus. She has definitely been watching too much lately,” She thought. “I was just wondering why we haven’t been told that Hyun Ri-sshi has a brother...”

“Well, to start off, they are only partly related.”

Mira blinked in confusion, “And that means?...”

“It means that they’re step-siblings. It’s not that hard to figure that out,” Hye Seung shook her head.

And it once again turned awkward between the two.

With Jae Joong & Chang Min:
Currently, the two were having an immense mental battle to see if Chang Min could crack under the tense atmosphere. Unfortunately, that failed so they had to resort to mental fighting, which literally meant that they were fighting with their minds. Other than that, you could literally take a butter knife and cut through the thick atmosphere. It was kind of funny, despite most people most likely wanting to avoid this type of situation. That is unless you want to see how things end.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you, Chang Min-ah?” Jae Joong’s voice was laced with worry. But it certainly was his normal bluntness.

Despite hearing his hyung’s voice the way it was, he decided to stay by his stubborn self and not answer to please his guilty mind. In all honesty, he couldn’t get her out of his head. He hated the way the tears ran down her porcelain face, knowing that he could’ve caused them. She was still beautiful with the crystal-like tears falling from her eyes. But he didn’t want to cause them. He wanted to be the one to wipe them away, to comfort her, to make her smile for him. But, was that possible with what happened?

Jae Joong glanced at his dongsaeng, who was currently staring out the tinted window clearly spaced out in his thoughts. Yeah, it was pretty easy to read each other when you knew each other for practically 8 years and counting. He gripped the steering wheel with a stern expression.

“If you don’t shape up like the others, I’ll steal her from right under your nose,” Jae Joong declared. Chang Min got knocked out of his reverie from that. His hyung was serious about her. He was going to fight for her if he had to.

When they arrived at a red light, Jae Joong turned to Chang Min with determined eyes.

Chang Min exchanged it with his own, “We’ll see what happens.”

With Jun Su, Yoo Chun & Yun Ho:
“Do you think Chang Min’s okay? He seemed different ever since yesterday,” Jun Su commented on the behaviour of the magnae of the group.

Yun Ho pursed his lips a bit, knowing where this was leading to. Yoo Chun clicked his tongue knowing the situation. He looked at Yun Ho for his answer.

“Obviously something happened, Jun Su. You don’t need to point that out,” Yun Ho confirmed. He would know everything about the group members’ behaviours and attitudes in everyday life; he is the leader after all.

Honestly, it seemed really weird how these things were occurring currently. Yun Ho could notice the difference between Chang Min, Yoo Chun and Jun Su. Even Jae Joong had this certain spark that he couldn’t quite place. From the time they met her up until now, their behaviour and emotions had somewhat changed. It seemed to take longer than usual to read each other now. It was like a foreign experience to him especially. It was almost just like how they had first met each other. He couldn’t quite believe how they had changed and grew apart.

3rd Person POV:
As they all arrived at the house, they could notice an unfamiliar car parked in front of it. The seven exited their rides.

“That must be Akihiko’s car,” Hye Seung said, eyeing the imported car.

They all stared at the car. So that means her brother is rich, right? Hye Seung unlocked the door letting the other six stepped into the house first. They entered the living room and gaped at the sight before them.

Evangeline and an unknown man, who didn’t seem much older than they were, were extremely close together. Evangeline was backed into the couch with the man’s arms around her slim waist comfortably. Evangeline’s long fingers were tangled in the man’s ebony hair, her arms around his neck. They were in a comfortable hug position. Evangeline’s eyes were just like the man’s, almost devoid of emotion.

They were wondering about what was going on here.

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Chapter 18: "秘密 (Himitsu)"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 6:52 pm

For those who don't know, the title of this chapter means secret.

It was freakishly silent in the living room. Stares were being exchanged until Hye Seung walked in with no care in the world.

“It’s nice to see you Akihiko,” She was the least bit worried of their position.

The two had always done this stuff since they were kids. It had seemed to rub off on Hiroki too. Hugging each other, kissing each other on the cheek and gazing at each other with brotherly/sisterly affection was something they did as their own sign of affection. The only reason it seemed weird was because they looked unrelated to each other and the way that they displayed affection like that made it look like they were a couple instead of step siblings. The looks they gave each other were the type that you would give to a lover, but they did love each other. Not in that way of course.

The two unlaced from each other, being careful in not messing each other up. Appearance-wise I mean. The half-siblings exchanged a certain look to each other that the six couldn’t decode. Hye Seung merely ignored it, knowing it was impossible to know what the two were thinking. The two had grown up together like that. And they weren’t simple at all, they were complicated.

“Sit down you guys. This isn’t my place as you know,” Akihiko grinned nervously, completely different from his earlier self.

“I guess I should start with the tea then,” Evangeline exchanged a glance with her brother, as if giving him a warning. He patted her shoulder as in to say he wasn’t going to do anything.

Mira didn’t exactly want to stay in the room much longer, “You don’t need to Hyun Ri-ah. I could-”

“It’s fine Mira-sshi. Akihiko is pretty picky about his tea. The reason why doesn’t drink tea half of the time and prefers coffee,” Giving her older brother a glare. Evangeline grinned, “You should just sit down with them and relax.”

The thing was that it wasn’t the thing that made Mira sit. It was the fact that Evangeline had a threatening edge to it. Mira took steps back to the couch and sat down with them. It felt horrible. Akihiko’s observing eyes were practically burning holes through them. Yes, they were that intense. His painful gaze was only broken when a fragrant smell wafted throughout the room. Evangeline brought out the teapot with cups and slowly poured it for each and every one of them. They gave a soft thanks to the girl, acknowledging how heavenly it seemed.

Akihiko grinned, “I’ve always liked this. It’s the usual chrysanthemum and honey right?”

Evangeline nodded, taking a sip of the hot liquid in her cup. Akihiko put his cup down on the glass table grinning at them, hoping it would break the uneasiness in the room that he knew he created on his own account.

“You guys look like you’re about to burst or something. You guys have some questions to ask?”

“Actually...” Chang Min started off.

“We do,” Jae Joong finished it off for him. And since we all know he speaks his mind every time he opens his mouth, he was going to start the conversation off. “Are you both really related?”

Akihiko was going to take this convo into his own hands, “Yes, by our father’s blood.”

“Is there any reason why you don’t really look like each other?” Yoo Chun contributed to this conversation.

He knew this question would come up somewhere, “I take a bit more of my mother’s image than our father’s, but many people can see the resemblance. Eva takes more of our late grandmother on her mother’s side than her actual mother.”

“Then one question you can’t avoid,” Chang Min started.

Akihiko turned his attention towards her, “Okay.”

“Why does Kusama Hiroki look like you?”

There was an awkward pause. Looking at Akihiko and remembering Hiroki couldn’t help but strike their curiosity. They looked alike. Extremely alike. The way that they act even disturbs all of them. Evangeline raised an eyebrow at her brother, wondering if he would tell the truth. He never liked to have Hiroki brought in conversations, especially in the public. It would be bad to have a tabloid like this in the newspaper. Evangeline frowned at the lack of response.

“The reason why they look alike is because... we’re all half-siblings,” Evangeline answered, feeling that it was okay for them to know.

They were in shock, especially DBSK, who had nothing to say. Thinking friend, you wouldn’t exactly think of your half-brother. Even though that could still be considered your friend. But they never would’ve thought of it like that. Everybody thought he would be her ex or something close to that line.

“I haven’t had a boyfriend yet,” Evangeline added to make it clear that any suspicions of her being with Hiroki would’ve been impossible anyways.

They sweat dropped at her blatant confession. The way she read them so easily was creepy. They didn’t exactly know how to react to it. Yun Ho looked back outside the window, staring at the foreign car. It was no doubt imported, but he couldn’t exactly tell where he saw it before, until he looked at the logo. It was a Lamborghini Murciélago. Not to mention the ensemble he was wearing. Pretty pricey, he knew that. But how could a person like Evangeline’s brother get a hold of that? Until it hit him. He had to be... Then doesn’t that mean she was too?

“You’re rich,” He said confidently. “The Lamborghini and the clothes. It screams rich.”

Hiroki smirked as he looked out the window, “I see you caught sight of my baby there. Yes, we are rich, just to answer your question.”

“Then...” They stared at the girl dressed in normal almost mundane clothing. She raised an eyebrow.

“Trust me; the clothes on me aren’t all that cheap. At least not the half I brought over,” Her gaze shifted to the other side.

“Actually, all her clothes aren’t cheap at all,” Hye Seung said. “Unless you call $100 in American cheap here.” Her aunt rolled her eyes.

“Well, being the heiress to a hotel chain isn’t that beautiful to her. She doesn’t exactly depend on me for the money anyways. She has been saving up and working ever since she went into high school after all,” Hiroki let out a nervous smile.

“Great. Now this is becoming my biography,” Evangeline mentally thought.

“Wait... HOTEL CHAIN?!” The six of them screamed. Even Mira didn’t know that.

“Yuh huh. So far we have about 100 something all around the world and growing. I would say that’s an improvement from since the company was first established in 1904. One or two every year,” Hiroki grinned.

“That’s incredible,” They thought, their eyes as wide as saucers.

Hiroki waved his hands in front of his face, “It’s nothing much at this point. We’re actually still pretty new.” He looked down at his watch, “Damn. I need to get back to work or else my secretary is going to scream at me again.” He collected his stuff.

Evangeline raised an eyebrow, “You’re going to be told by your secretary? Gee, I need to see this sometime.”

“Do you always find joy in my pain?” Hiroki whined.

Evangeline grinned, “Of course!”

Another thing they found interesting about Evangeline, she was strangely sadistic despite her kind nature... They watched the two siblings walk to the front door sharing light smiles. Hiroki put his leather dress shoes on. They kissed each other on the cheek. Evangeline pulled her brother in a soft hug, just so that she could get closer to his ear.

“I’m accepting your offer.”

Hiroki looked at her surprised. From what he saw in that room, the boys cared for her quite a bit. So why? But then again, he couldn’t decline at this point. This was her way of doing things without getting too involved. He understood how she came here to start a new life, not to find love and heartbreak around the corner. He just concluded that she didn’t want to get more involved with them than she actually was right now. He waved at the window smiling before he got in his Lamborghini and drove away.

Evangeline helped collect the cups insisting that Mira should just stop with arguing with her since it was futile. She sighed and looked at the calendar.

Only two weeks of summer vacation left.

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Chapter 19: "眠り (Nemuri)"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 7:04 pm

I'm not the person to describe settings much, nor anything in this manner... You can tell by how boring and draggy this chapter is ^__^

“It’s amazing how we were able to get a couple of days off work!” Yoo Chun stretched in his airplane seat.

The rest of the members agreed. Evangeline smiled at them, slowly getting lost in her thoughts as she looked out the window of the plane. She watched as the clouds slowly passed by the private plane they were taking to stay out of the public eye too much. But, for some reason, she knew there would probably still be people crowding at the airport. A sigh escaped from her pale lips.

“Ri-ah, kwaenchanda?” Jun Su nudged the girl slightly.

“Hm? Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Just a little tired, I guess,” She replied, only telling half the truth.

It was still the truth though, she told herself. She didn’t have enough sleep these days. She usually stayed up helping them get ready for their 4th album. They had already finished recording 주문 (MIROTIC) earlier in the summer, so it was fine. But now they were hitting the deadlines close for editing so they had to get everything done. She helped out so that she could lighten some of the weights on their shoulders. She didn’t exactly want them to walk around like the living dead. There were also the SM Town Concerts they had to do deal with before being let off for a break. Not to mention, she was constantly thinking about her response to her brother.

“We’re going to land soon, Ri-ah. Put your seatbelt back on,” Jun Su said signalling the light above their head.

Evangeline nodded blankly and put her seatbelt back on. Jun Su couldn’t help but be a bit worried. Well, of course he was worried! He was worried out of his head! It frustrated him that she was closing herself off from them again. He didn’t get it. What have they done to get the current treatment? Her half-hearted smiles, blank looks, the occasional cold shoulder were not only affecting him, but the rest of the members too. True, he had been trying to severe the ties with her to the point they would stay friends, but he couldn’t do that. The moment his lips touched hers on that day, he couldn’t get her out of his head. Even despite the constant company of Tae Yeon, it hurt him when she wouldn’t look at him in the eyes after the day he told his other members about not fighting for her anymore. Her touch wasn’t as warm as it felt before. It turned... cold. There was almost no meaning behind them when she touched him, except the feeling of distant affection.

A nudge broke him from his thoughts, “Jun Su-ah, we just landed.”

Her soft hand lingered on his shoulder for a little longer than usual. He leaned into that touch, spellbound to the feeling it had over him. He felt like, after this week, he might not be able to feel her ever again, like she would disappear in thin air. He had the feeling ever since he had met her brother, Akihiko. The members had confided this with each other, but they couldn’t figure out what was going to happen.

“Come on you guys!” Chang Min yelled. “I’m hungry! I’m going to DIE!”

Evangeline gave a light chuckle, “When are you not?” She called back to him. “Let’s go, Jun Su. Before Chang Min “dies” of hunger,” She mocked.

Jun Su laughed, unbuckled his seatbelt and got up to get out of the plane. The two entered the airport and altogether, the six exited with a couple of bags with them. They were going to meet up with a staff member later. The six picked up their suitcases, silently praying that nobody would notice them. They took silent precautions to hiding Jae Joong since, for some reason, he’s that noticeable. I mean good looking that he shines behind his disguise. Well, they all are. But they seem to notice his distinct features first. It’s kind of funny every time Evangeline thought about it properly.

“You guys look fine,” The staff members grinned.

“At least they aren’t dead yet,” Evangeline smirked.

She laughed, “Yeah. Are you acting as their manager for the next few days, Hyun Ri-sshi?”

“You must be kidding! I’m not running around for... them,” She gave a mocking look of disgust towards the five guys.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” They yelled, taking her into a bear hug.

Evangeline laughed, “N-nothing! Come on yo- guys. Let me go~ I can’t breathe!”

They let her free smiling like a bunch of idiots. She gave each of them a sucker punch on the arm and went inside the van after shoving her suitcase in the back. The rest of them followed, wanting to start going to places. Sure, they’ve already been to Jeju a few times, but this time it was with Evangeline. A little change to something.

“So, what are we going to do first?” The girl asked, fairly curious.

“Have you been here before, Hyun Ri-sshi?”

Evangeline grinned, “Once, when I was 8. But that was ten years ago.” She replied to the female staff member, Sun Hee.

“That was a long time ago...” Sun Hee pondered on that thought while turning back to the front. She nodded to the driver who knew where they were going. “By the way, we’re going to Halla-san (Halla Mountain).”

“But that means-”

“I don’t get to eat?!?!?!” Chang Min overlapped Yoo Chun’s voice.

“YAH! Chang Min! I care more about my about to be tortured legs than your stomach!”

“GAH!!!!!!!!!! SHADDAP!!!!!!!” Evangeline screamed, seriously not wanting to deal with a migraine.

DBSK all tried cowering in a random corner, “Okay...”

Sun Hee chuckled as she watched Evangeline slightly fume with the boys trying their best not to anger her.

“Why does it have to take so long to walk up this mountain?” Jae Joong asked slightly twitching. He was using something random as a hiking stick.

“I’m hungry again...” Chang Min frowned. He decided against bringing his bag with him knowing it would only slow him down.

Evangeline sighed, taking out a pack of biscuits from her messenger bag, “You’re lucky I had this, Chang Min-ah. It’s also a good thing we’re almost at the top.” She muttered the last part softly following Sun Hee who was leading the group.

Evangeline couldn’t help but take a sharp intake of air as they reached the top. The scenery was beautiful with the way it over looked the sea. She smiled and leaned on the nearest person near her, which happened to be Yun Ho at the time. He couldn’t help but smile at her pleasant expression. But he saw something deep in her eyes that he couldn’t quite place.

“Hey, do you want to take pictures?” She asked taking a camera out from her bag.

They all grinned, “Sure!”

Due to the little people there seemed to be there at the moment, meaning it was only them, they freely took pictures of each other. They took as many as they could before any other person could see what they were doing and who exactly the five of them were without their disguises.

“We should get going,” Sun Hee said taking a look at her watch. “At least it’ll be faster getting down from here.”

Yoo Chun groaned, “My feet are going to be sore from this.”

They all just chuckled pushing him along so that he wasn’t stuck at the top without them.

“Where are we going now?” Yun Ho asked as they went back into the white van.

Sun Hee thought about it for a second, “Just to Seonimgyo Bridge from there we can also see Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, and to Jeongbang Waterfall. If you want Jun Su, we’ll stop by in Seogwipo to see the World Cup Stadium-”


They smirked. Seems Jun Su will never stop having his obsession with soccer, despite it being brought up less and less.

“Then after dinner, we’ll go to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall since it’s all lit up at night. Anyways, it’s a good place to end the day with. Tomorrow, you guys have the whole day at the beach,” Sun Hee grinned at their delighted expressions. But I think all of us knew Chang Min was thinking more about the dinner part than anything else xD

“So basically, we’re going to drive around Jeju the whole day today.” Evangeline concluded.

“Yuh huh. Since you guys arrived pretty early today, we were able to fit this much. I doubted you would want to see the Jeju Stone Statue Park though,” She laughed at the nervous smile from Evangeline. No, it’s not that she didn’t want to go; it’s just that she was a bit afraid of her irrational fear of seeing them when she was 8 acting up.

She sighed contently, “At least I can have some sleep in between the rides.” Evangeline sheepishly grinned, making herself comfortable and closing her eyes, trying to fall asleep.

A few moments later, she felt herself being shaken awake, “Ri-ah, we’re at Seonimgyo Bridge.” She shifted around a bit before opening her eyes meeting Jae Joong’s. She mustered her strength to break the eye contact. She didn’t exactly want her relationship to go farther than it was now. She was close to them, way to close. Jae Joong undid the seatbelt for her and helped her out not wanting her to fall from her drowsiness like she did the week after they met. She seemed to have the habit of doing that though. As they walked out towards the bridge, Jae Joong supported her, making sure she didn’t have any random faint spells.

“You know, Hyun Ri-sshi, that this is also called Seven Nymphs Bridge representing the Korean legend of seven beautiful nymphs descending from heaven. They’re on each side with their own instruments,” Sun Hee briefly summarized.

Evangeline took a picture of them along with the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall that happened to be under them. “Are we going down there too?” She pointed down to the waterfall.

“Not unless you guys want to,” Sun Hee shrugged looking at the rest.

They shook their heads not exactly wanting to accidently fall into the water from walking on the random rocks. They didn’t exactly want to go down into the 21 metre deep pond. Evangeline understood them when they shook their heads. She fell in there by accident and it got her sick the next day, she cursed. It wasn’t exactly her favourite place after that. Though she didn’t remember much about coming to the bridge. Taking a few more pictures around, she joined the rest so that they could get to their next destination. Not only that, but she noticed people glancing their way and whispering. It made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Wow... Nice waterfall...” Evangeline commented taking many pictures of it.

“Hahaha. Is that all you have to say?”

“Kind of,” Evangeline scratched her head sheepishly.

“Can we go right after you take your pictures, Ri-ah?” Jun Su whined.

She smirked, “That eager to want to go to the stadium despite being there already?” She jokingly mocked him.

Evangeline rolled her eyes, “Fine lets go before Jun Su pees in his pants or something.” She snickered.

“YAH!” Jun Su’s voice came out as a dolphin squeak which made her fall to the ground laughing. Everybody laughed along with her. At least it was an improvement from her behaviour the last few days. They just plainly made their way to the World Cup Stadium in Seogwipo trying to calm down Jun Su, who was currently giddy to the point he looked high on sugar, and they knew that wasn’t the case.

As soon as Sun Hee mentioned who the “guests” were, they were immediately let in. What a surprise, eh? Evangeline shook her head as she watched Jun Su run around the field. He popped out this random soccer ball and held it out to them, “Want to play?”


Sun Hee sat on the side, “You guys go ahead, I’ll be ref.”

Evangeline shrugged, “Whatever floats your boat.”

“So, it’ll be 3 vs. 3,” Jae Joong said. “Who’s with whom?”

“Jun Su, Yun Ho, choose,” Yoo Chun just randomly chose a second name.

“Fine, Chang Min.” Jun Su went first.

“Jae Joong.”

“Yoo Chun.”

“Then I get Eva,” Yun Ho grinned giving the girl props.

The two teams separated, coming up with a plan.

“So, who’s going to be the one’s going forward and the goalie?” Jae Joong asked.

“Can I go forward?” Evangeline asked.

Yun Ho smirked, “Think you can handle it? We play rough despite being members.”

“Ha! I’ve played rougher games. I doubt it can get any worse,” Evangeline said, wanting to take the challenge head on.

Jae Joong nodded, “I’ll stay back as goalie.”

Yun Ho nodded, “I’ll be going forward too then.”

“I’ll go forward but I’ll also play defence,” Evangeline said.

“Hope you’re fast enough.”

“I know I’m fast enough,” She retaliated.

The three nodded to each other and assembled in their positions. Jun Su and Yun Ho were in centre with Evangeline and Chang Min on the side of them. Yoo Chun and Jae Joong were acting as the goalies. Sun Hee threw up the soccer and Yun Ho headed it towards Evangeline. She raced down the field with the ball with Chang Min right behind her. Yun Ho and Jun Su were running head in head beside them. Chang Min ran up on the left side of Evangeline and tried to kick the ball away, but missed, which ended up making both him and Evangeline trip. Before she fell, she kicked it up high in the air. Yun Ho quickly sprinted to meet the ball. Dodging Jun Su, he managed to get the ball past Yoo Chun and into the goal. Evangeline propped her body up to see the goal made by her teammate.

“Um... Hyun Ri-ah... Can you get off of me?” Chang Min asked a light blush covered his cheeks with the accidental contact.

“Ah, mian,” Evangeline got up and offered a hand to Chang Min to pull him up.

They got up and dusted off the random loose grass that stuck to their clothing.

“You guys okay?” The others asked.

Chang Min nodded, “Yeah.” It was true. Evangeline was as light as a feather to him and it wasn’t a hard fall.

“Lets keep playing. After letting you have the first goal, I’m going to play full out now, “Jun Su smirked.

“Yeah right! We so dominated you,” Evangeline stuck out her tongue.

“I just let you have it,” Jun Su insisted.

“Sure,” Evangeline smirked.

And this went on until 7:00pm...

“Wow,” Evangeline gaped at the waterfall.

Sure, it wasn’t huge or showcased or anything like that, but it was simple and beautiful in its own way. The lights that illuminated the waterfall revealed the koi fish swimming in the water. She had seen and took many pictures of them back when they were crossing the bridge. She took several more pictures of the waterfall before letting out a yawn.

“You’re sleepy already?” Yoo Chun asked checking the time. It was on 9:30pm.

The girl nodded, pouting slightly as she rubbed her eyes.

Jae Joong shook his head, “We should go back. She obviously needs some sleep. I think she had less than we did this past week.”

“Come on. Let’s get back then. It’s going to be a pretty long ride back too,” Yun Ho said his hands on Evangeline’s shoulders.

“That’s true. Let’s go back so that we can get some sleep and have some energy for tomorrow,” Chang Min agreed.

Jun Su nodded, “It saves Sun Hee from having to come get us so we can get to the place we’re staying too.”

“Do you think you can stay awake until we get to the van?” Chang Min asked bending slightly in front of the girl.

Evangeline shrugged still rubbing her eyes and blinking to stay awake. A small pout was still formed on her lips. He sighed and bent down in front of her, allowing her to climb onto his back. He stood up easily and picked up her legs so she was completely off the ground. He made sure Evangeline was comfortable on his back before starting to walk. Her head gently rest on the nook of his neck. She gently snuggled into Chang Min’s neck, taking in his scent. She softly smiled as she let her consciousness slip away.

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Chapter 20: "Summer Dream"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 7:17 pm

Please excuse the many mistakes that I make in the next few chapters. I've been trying to get them finished...

“Mm... it smells like... salt?” Evangeline shifted. She opened her eyes to meet the white painted ceiling. The sheets covering her were a matching sterile white to the walls. She looked to the left. Her eyes met the beautiful blue sky, the sound of waves, splashing and happiness. She looked down at her pajama-clad body.

“Must’ve been Sun Hee who changed me,” She thought looking at the bed beside hers, recognizing Sun Hee’s watch on the table. She lazily got up and stepped out onto the open balcony pointing out towards the ocean. She could see the members of DBSK, SHINee, Super Junior and SNSD outside. She knew that the others were currently in other countries at this moment, so she didn’t ponder before going back in to take a shower. It didn’t take her too long to get her necessities and find the bathroom to take a shower.

She let the hot water run onto her skin, noting how good it felt. Lathering the shampoo on her long hair, she couldn’t help but start thinking. Their smiles and laughter on the beach, it showed her how happy they were together. Is there truly any spot for me in this world like they found theirs? She thought solemnly with a smile. She let water get rid of the shampoo and started on the body wash. She frowned while looking at a few small scars and bruises on her body that she got yesterday and from back in school with playing rough sports. She shrugged it off and washed it off. Taking the conditioner, she once again dealt with her long hair. After she was done she got out and wrapped her own towel around her. She put on her swimsuit, which consisted of a white halter bikini top with black designs and black bottoms with a white belt. On top she had a pair of dark wash, ripped denim shorts and a white wifebeater. She combed through her wet raven hair and sighed in disgust.

“I seriously have to do something about my hair...” She left her almost waist length hair down not bothering to do anything with it.

She walked back over to the room and dumped her stuff back in the suitcase. Slipping a hair band on her wrist, she made her way downstairs to the main floor. She looked over to Sun Hee, who was preoccupied with trying to make lunch, she presumed.

“Need help?”

Sun Hee looked over to the girl and smiled, “You’re awake! Sorry we didn’t wake you. We felt like you needed the sleep.”

“Yeah, I actually did. Thanks for that,” Evangeline grinned at the girl currently wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts.

Sun Hee looked at the girl’s attire, amazed by her model like body. It wasn’t incredibly thin, but it was something girls would want to have for sure. The things she was wearing just seemed to highlight that. “You’re not uncomfortable by what you’re wearing, Hyun Ri-sshi?”

“Anio, wae?”

“It’s just...” Sun Hee paused.

Evangeline raised an eyebrow before knowing what she was meaning, “Oh, you mean it’s a bit more open than normal. Not really, I was brought up mostly in North America so it’s very typical.”

Sun Hee nodded her head in understanding, “Oh! You asked if I needed help right?”


“Well, I do. The others didn’t exactly want to help so I had to deal with this myself,” Sun Hee nervously laughed.

Evangeline rolled her eyes, “Well, I’m willing to help you right now. Just let me go get my iPod to get some music going.”

Evangeline ran back upstairs, got her iPod Touch and ran back downstairs. She plugged it into the sound system and played a random song that she just had, which just happened to be Lindsay Lohan’s Over. Don’t get the wrong idea, she didn’t mind her songs. They weren’t that bad in her opinion. She went over to help Sun Hee with the rest that she needed to finish, which wasn’t much. She tied up her hair into a ponytail letting her bangs and shorter hair line her face. She washed her hands and started to cut things. Evangeline pursed her lips at the lyrics. It was weird how badly she wanted to cry while listening to this now, but she kept her composure. She bit back the temptation to cry.

“DAMN ONIONS!!!!!!!!” She thought while cutting them. They were making her eyes sting like crazy.

Sun Hee chuckled, “Don’t like onions?”

“How do you know?”

“You’re practically turning them to dust,” Sun Hee looked down at the sautéed onions that were becoming extremely tiny. Evangeline sweat dropped and passed them to Sun Hee.

The sound system started playing the distinct voice of Lady GaGa. The familiar beat of Just Dance featuring Colby O’Donis was enough to make Evangeline start swaying to the beat as she brought the dishes to the table.

“What’s going on on the floor?
I love this record baby but I can’t see straight anymore
Keep it cool, what’s the name of this floor?
I can’t remember but it’s alright, a-alright,” Evangeline and Sun Hee sang in unison with the song.

They looked at each other and laughed. Together, they kept on singing while getting everything finished. Outside, a few people could hear the music coming from the house they were staying in.

“What do you think is going on in there?” Tae Min asked.

“Ri-ah is probably awake,” Yun Ho said running to get his drink beside the youngest person in this whole entire group.

Tae Min hm-ed, “I’m going to go in then. Maybe they have lunch ready.” It wasn’t exactly interesting being with people that were older than you with girls. It meant that you get neglected half of the time.

He got up and went into the house. He stared weirdly at the two girls who were singing to Just Dance, but noted how Evangeline’s singing was really good. Sun Hee’s was decent too. Sun Hee turned to the boy that just walked in.

“Seeing if lunch is ready, Tae Min?”

He shook his head, “Not only that, but its pretty boring outside with them.”

Evangeline laughed, making Tae Min blush slightly. “I know what you mean. Hanging out with people that are older than you and making you the youngest isn’t exactly to your favouring, is it.” The last part was more of a statement than a question.

Tae Min nodded, “Do you guys need any help?”

“I think we’re pretty much done...” Sun Hee pondered on it for a second.

“Then lets call them in,” Evangeline said.

“I’ll call them,” Tae Min volunteered already heading to the door.

Evangeline headed back into the kitchen to get chopsticks and spoons when Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl blared from the speakers. She chuckled and shook her head. She was pretty annoyed of the song at first, but it grew on her after a while.

“I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just try it
I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it

It felt so wrong, it felt so right
Don’t mean I’m in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it,” Evangeline sang along with Katy Perry’s recorded voice coming from the speakers. She saw Yoo Chun, Tiffany, Jessica and Ki Bum look at her weirdly. Of course they caught on to the lyrics before the others, or at least understood it.

Yoo Chun smirked, “I never knew that Ri-ah.”

Evangeline flashed a cheesy grin, “I never knew either. Wait... I think I did kiss one before.” She pondered about it.

The others were wondering about what they were talking about.

“She’s trying to think if she kissed a girl before,” Tiffany explained.

They nodded, “Oh... WHAT?!”

Evangeline snapped her fingers, “I did before.”


“Um... a couple of years back, I think. No wait... that was my friend,” She flashed another grin. It was fun leading them on.

They did some sort of an anime fall and sweat dropped. They all sat down to eat after pouting at Evangeline for being a mean and devious person. The many people in the dining room talked about random things, mostly about each other. Finding out these things about them, Evangeline couldn’t help but feel out of place once again. Most of them were with each other for so long that they knew them inside out. They were all so happy, she thought. She gaze shifted to the gentle signs of affection being exchanged, and at that moment, she couldn’t help but feel that she lost her appetite. The good part was that she finished the half bowl of rice before losing her appetite. She got up and put her bowl, chopsticks and spoon into the sink making sure to wash her hands.

“You aren’t hungry, Hyun Ri-ah? You didn’t have any breakfast though,” Si Won asked the girl as she was about to go upstairs. He also happened to be finished.

She shook her head, “I’m fine. I guess I just couldn’t find my appetite. Um, are you going out later?”


“Okay. Wait for me and I’ll go with you,” She said rushing upstairs to get her flip flops.

As soon as she got them, she raced back downstairs and to the sliding door where Si Won was waiting. She was about to go outside with him until she heard Jae Joong’s voice.

“You’re not going to eat more, Ri-ah? You didn’t anything this morning,” His voice was slightly worried. She could tell, but she just shook her head and slid the door close behind her and caught up to Si Won.

“So, are you going to tell me the reason?” Si Won asked.

Evangeline scratched the back of her neck nervously, “I didn’t know you would notice so quickly...”

Si Won sighed, “I thought they would first, but I guess they were a bit... pre-occupied. So I’m taking over their role until they stop being stupid and oblivious.”

“And you happen to notice despite only knowing me for practically a few months with many days in between where you haven’t been there. I’m surprised, I guess,” Evangeline frowned.

“So, will you tell me? Or will I have to say it myself?”

“I’d like to hear what your thoughts are, even though I probably know its right...”

Si Won took a breath in, “You felt a bit left out from the circle that we had created, which made you think whether or not you belonged in our group or not and I will tell you now that you are.”

“You got half of it right,” Evangeline let out a half-smile.

“So what’s the other half?”

“That... you will never know,” She stuck her tongue out at him. She picked up the volleyball that was lying on the fine grains of sand and stared at the volleyball net that was set up. She turned to Si Won, “Care for a game?” She tossed the ball up and down.

Si Won shrugged, “Sure, but if I win the game, you tell me the other half.”

Evangeline thought for a bit, “Arasso. If I win though... I’ll think of something later.”

Si Won smirked, “Get ready to lose.”

“That is just one of the things I can’t do, Si Won-sshi.”

She left her white flip flops on the sand and prepared for a serve. It didn’t take too long for both Si Won and her to be tied at 20-20. Si Won threw the ball up for an over hand serve and the last rally between them started. Both were sandy, but not sweaty, from diving for the ball many times. Neither of them showed any mercy to each other. Evangeline ran up to bump the ball, but all of a sudden...

“Crap!” She thought as she fell onto the golden sand. She tried to regain her balance from the fall.

Si Won was about to spike the ball but-

“Mind if we join you?!”

“Huh?” He volleyed the ball high up in the air. His eyes widened, “Shi-”. He thought as Evangeline raced up to the ball heading for her territory.

“You’re finished,” She thought as she smashed the ball hard on the other side of the net. She grinned, “Looks like you’re not hearing the rest.”

“Come on, Hyun Ri-ah! Malhae!!!”

“No can do. You lost the bet,” Evangeline stuck out her tongue.

Si Won let out a mischievous grin, “That means... I’m going to have to get it out of you!”

Evangeline’s eyes widened as she saw the handsome male sprint in her direction, making her turn and run away while screaming. Si Won swiftly chased after her and they ran practically the whole strip of private land.

“I’m still waiting!” The girl taunted, sticking out her tongue.

He turned to the people who were looking at them quizzically, “Will any one of you guys help me?”

“I will!” Ki Bum, Jong Hyun, Han Kyung and Yun Ho shouted.

“Okay. Let’s get her!” They all went after her.

Evangeline gaped at the five guys running towards her, “What the? Gah! Si Won, you cheapo!!!” She dodged the incoming hands. She kept running until Si Won tackled her into the sand. He effortlessly threw her onto his shoulder and signalled for the others to help him. Together they walked towards the water carrying a struggling Evangeline above their heads.

“No! Come on, let me go~” Evangeline kept struggling.

They walked into the beautiful blue waters until it was almost 3/4 to their body.

“3, 2, 1!”

They tossed her into the water and laughed as she landed into the water screaming. She rose to the surface and wiped her face from the salt water. Her white wifebeater was now transparent, showing her bikini top. She glared at them playfully.

“You’re so going to get it,” She started splashing water at them.

It came out as a full blown water war which the rest of them joined in not long after. After several hours of nonstop splashing, dunking and diving, they all collapsed on the sand completely tired, wet and now sandy. Evangeline laughed as she fell breathlessly on the hot sand with Chang Min falling down horizontally beside her, his head landing on her wet stomach.

“Oof. Man, your head weighs too much!” She whined trying to push his head full of intelligence off her stomach.

He snuggled into it, “It’s pretty soft despite it being little fat.”

“Are you serious?” Yoo Chun asked. He rested his head right beside Chang Min’s on the other side.

“What the heck! My stomach isn’t a pillow!” She tried to push them off but hopelessly gave up after they wouldn’t get off. The rest of DBSK used her legs and arms as their pillow. She just lay there motionlessly and let them stay there. She closed her eyes for a second.

“If only this could last forever,” She thought.

She mindlessly played with Jae Joong’s hair since he was resting on her right arm. He paid no mind to her touch and leaned in more. Her face held a mix of regret and sadness.

“If only...”

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Chapter 21: "노을..바라보다 (Look at..the Glow)"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 7:36 pm

“WOO! We got the fire going!” The people outside called out.

Evangeline rolled her eyes as she heard their loud voices. They had cleaned up and changed to something that was clean. She was now wearing a pair of ripped light washed denim shorts and a black t-shirt with a design on it. The others were also wearing something more comfortable. And the fire, well, they were having a barbeque of course. What else? She was currently dealing with the food with Jae Joong, Chang Min and Han Kyung. They had prepared kebabs, chicken wings, ribs, you name it. They had a fun time laughing at the hilarious attempts going on outside on trying to create a fire in the grill. The five brought the food out and had the others grill it, since they seemed so eager to. She got a coke from the cooler outside and opened it to take a sip. She sat down just to converse with the others.

“So, are you going to stay here for university?” Seo Hyun asked.

Evangeline shrugged, “It was my prime intention staying here. I don’t know though, I might need some time on it.”

“I’m sure with your smarts, you’ll be able to get in,” Sunny said, taking a sip from her drink.

Evangeline let out a smile. “It’s not my prime intention on staying longer either...” She thought.

She let the others converse as her mind drifted off. Taking her coke, she walked out and sat on the sand, away from the others, watching the limitless blue sky start to get replaced with a blend of orange, yellow and red. She heard a person plop beside her.

“So, what brings you out and away from people?”

It didn’t take much for her to pick out whose voice it was. Especially since he was speaking Japanese, it made it somewhat easier.

“Betsuni. I just didn’t find the things they talked about interesting,” She replied in the same language.

“Anything else bothering you?”

Evangeline mentally frowned at how he was asking her now and not before, “Iie, doushite?”

The guy frowned, “Because I know something was bothering you and it is right now.”

“Trust me, nothing is wrong.”

The response only made him worry even more. His mental alarm already went off this morning, but he never got the chance to confront her about it, or it was more like he was convincing himself she was okay. He took a glance at her. Her long hair had grown out from before, but other than that, she hasn’t changed too much. She was still tall, slender, and beautiful yet as fragile as porcelain. Her eyes still shone like brilliance against her clear features. He watched as the warm ocean breeze passed through her hair.

“Ne, Yun Ho?”


“What would you feel if I left?”

His instincts went off again, “Nande?”

Evangeline laughed, “I just kidding. Don’t tense up so much.” “I was so close to letting it slip,” She cringed at her thought.

She rubbed the palm of his hand with her thumb to comfort him. He laced his fingers with hers, not wanting to let her go. She rested her head on his shoulder and watched as the sun fall in the distance. He watched her calm face glow with the remaining light from the sunset. Her clouded eyes reflected his as she looked up at him. Slowly... affectionately... closer...

“You guys! The food is ready!”

Evangeline reluctantly pulled away from the 22-year-old. She got up pulling him up with her. Her hand lingered in his as she stared down at it.

“You- Am I interrupting something?”

Evangeline shook her head as she unlaced her fingers from Yun Ho’s and looked to the side, “Nope! Let’s go eat Jessica!”

She ran over to the girl and hooked her arm around hers. She looked back at Yun Ho, “Aren’t you coming?”

Yun Ho rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah.”

He hooked his arms with hers and they walked over to the table where all the food was. There were 2 spots between Yoo Chun and Jun Su where Yun Ho and she sat. Jessica took her spot beside Chang Min on the other side. All of them chattered happily with each other. The occasional teasing taking place of course. It was enough for people to be distracted and not to notice the discreet fingers lacing below the table, or so they thought...

Evangeline pulled her zip hoodie closer to her as the cool ocean breeze blew against her slim body only clad in a night dress. The salty water blew up to her feet, soaking her ankles. She walked up onto the empty dock that she had spotted earlier that nobody went to. She looked out into the vast ocean. The wind hitting her body making her hair and tears fly. She buried her face into her hand.

“Why does it have to be that I’m wavering now?!” She thought angrily at everything, her thoughts, her feelings...


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Chapter 22: "Flower Lady"

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 8:12 pm

Her body gracefully moved and twirled with the soft music. She kept her pirouettes, arabesques and so on light, yet firm, not exactly wanting to cause an injury. Her long hair never fell from her messy bun she put it up in. Her bangs and the shorter bunch of hairs just wouldn’t stay up so she left them down. Sure, it made people think that she would always be inaccurate because of that, but her body and accuracy never wavered.

“I didn’t know you knew ballet. You never seemed to be the type.”

Her eyes darted to the door of the dance studio she found conveniently empty in the SM building they had returned to the day after their break. Her eyes widened as she started falling.

“Shimatta,” She waited for the impact but it didn’t come. Her deep blue-grey eyes met his coal eyes. She frowned. “How is he able to?” She thought.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” She pouted and regained her balance. “You should stop scaring me like that Yun Ho. For all we know, I could’ve been seriously injured.” She frowned.

“Mian,” Yun Ho apologized sincerely. This undoubtedly made her blush; he was always too deep towards his feeling. In a way, she hated it and despised it with a passion.

She sighed running her fingers through her almost waist length hair letting it fall out of the messy bun. She collected the bobby pins and set them aside with her other things. “It’s fine. I was done anyways,” She smiled at him and sat against the wall. “How much did you see?”

“Enough to tell you’re skilled,” Yun Ho acknowledged as he took a seat beside her.

Evangeline laughed, “Of course! I’ve been doing this ever since four after all. Jazz, ballet... Hip hop was something I went into when I was 10. Weird combination, isn’t it? My parents always thought about why a lithe girl “like me” would want to go into a dance set on isolation and something more grounded.”

“So you’re calling me weird too?” Yun Ho asked mock accusingly.

“Yes, yes I am,” She gave him a smirk in return.

They sat in a comfortable silence for one second. “So, what are you thinking about for university?” Yun Ho asked.


“Just asking. Maybe, you should go into dance, if you haven’t chose yet.”

“Are you that intent?” She asked. She shifted to the spot in between his legs and her face moved to a comfortable spot in front of his. “Are you intent on having me dance?”

“Why not? You’re talented, and at the same time, you can stay here and dance,” He reasoned looking at her.

She laughed and fell on her butt away from him, “I don’t know. My priorities might change and... I might not exactly want to stay here.”

His eyes darted to hers. She was joking right? Even with her serious face, she was joking right? His heart swelled in his chest at the thought.

“Don’t worry. I was joking Yun Ho,” She hugged him softly. “Don’t take it to heart.” She kissed his forehead and got up picking up her bag that contained everything she brought with her and she walked to the door, walking out without giving a single glance.

“Are you together with her?” Jae Joong had confronted him.

“Anio, wae?”

“You guys... your fingers were laced under the table,” Yoo Chun said.

“That proves nothing. Anyways, don’t you think I have a better chance now? Her trust shifted to me after you guys noticeably pushed her away. I think she’s been through enough.”

“Why you!” Chang Min was close to punching him if it wasn’t for Jun Su holding back. Deep in their hearts, they knew it was true.

End flashback:
Yun Ho knew he was so close to her, but this time, she was pushing him away. He sat there watching her lithe figure walk out those doors, just like she was walking out of his life. Her words remained in his heart. She was always serious and straight forward. He knew that. They knew that. Everybody did. So why was there this childish hope in him that wanted to push away her words and to convince him everything was okay?

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Chapter 23: "さようなら... (Sayonara...)" [FINAL CHAPTER]

Post by sakuyahikari on 10/19/2009, 8:14 pm

She sat alone in the white room that she had designed for the fun of it. The room was bare, except for the things that were originally in there. Clothes, books, stationary, accessories, everything she brought was in her suitcases that she skilfully carried down there with no sound at all. All she was waiting for now was the call. Her hand rested on the white table with 6 unopened letters on the surface. Nicely written names were written on each envelope. All she had to wait for now, was the phone call to her cell, but waiting for it felt like she was waiting for centuries.

He tossed and turned. It was 5:40 in the morning and he was only able to sleep for a few hours before he woke up again. It annoyed him thinking about what she had said for the past few hours. Was she absolutely serious that time? Did she mean it? He sat up on his bed and looked at the 2 other beds finding Jun Su and Chang Min sleeping snugly. He silently climbed out his bed and went to the kitchen to get a drink. His head throbbed from the nonstop thinking.

“That’s it; I have to end this now.” He went back into the shared room and changed into a normal t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. He put on a pair of socks not to mention grabbed his beanie and rushed out the door.

“The sun is going to rise soon,” She thought looking at the time on her cell phone. It was 5:52. Not too long after, she heard the vibrations coming from her phone. She answered it.

“Lets go.”

His voice was clear on the receiving end. She hung up and left her phone in the same spot it was as she had it earlier. She went downstairs and opened the door to meet his face. They smiled at each other, though both were somewhat solemn. He helped her put her 2 large suitcases in the back of his car. Locking the door, she left the key in the hole. She walked over to the car and sat in shotgun.

“So, how are you getting your car back to the company?” She asked.

“There’s a friend of mines that will be getting it back,” He replied as he pulled away from the house.

He drove his way to Incheon International Airport. She brought down the window on her side, letting the wind in. She looked outside at the rising sun. She soaked in the light. He stared at her as she stared out into the distance, but looked back onto the roads. It isn’t exactly the best to drive if you’re not looking at the road after all.

“Come on,” He thought helplessly driving at 100 km/h. The good part, there were not many cars on the road, so the percentage of getting into an accident was low enough. The bad part, he couldn’t get the feeling of anxiety off his chest. It was slowly starting to crush him as he knew he was getting nearer, and nearer to the house. He stopped at yet another red light. He slammed his fist upon the steering wheel roughly.

“Damn it!” He screamed in his head, refusing to scream out his frustrations.

His head lay on the steering wheel, “How long do I have to wait to see your face?

“Even if I might not see it ever again.”

The luggage was being loaded onto the jet they were taking out of South Korea. Evangeline leaned on the car as her brother and a couple of other people were bringing things into the jet. Over her ears was a pair of white sound-cancelling headphones that were playing HOWLING –INCH UP- by abingdon boys school. After a while of just standing there, somebody took a spot beside her. She brought down her headphones.

“I didn’t think you’d agree.”

“Why? I’m not bound to anything,” She replied.

Hiroki shrugged, “I guess so.”

“Heh, I should’ve known that you were going to be the one to drive his baby back to the company. He wouldn’t let anybody but you and I drive that car, and technically we’re not allowed to,” Evangeline pointed out.

“Yeah, but we’re better than those stupid drivers out there who can’t drive for their life,” Hiroki retaliated.

His other half shrugged, “Whatever. It doesn’t really matter anyways.” She leaned on him and closed her eyes, “When am I going to see you again?”

“Soon, I promise you that,” He took her into his arms.

“Good. That means I don’t have to worry much about you after all.”

Hiroki sighed, “I’d rather you not worry and prevent wrinkles and white hair appearing on you.”

“Damn it. One-all,” Evangeline thought darkly. He could actually keep up with her subtle insults now. Ah, the wonder of knowing her for a long time.

“We should get going,” Akihiko told the two younger siblings of his. Evangeline nodded picking her messenger bag off the concrete ground and throwing it over her shoulder. She gave one last hug and a kiss on the cheek to Hiroki after the two brothers shared a manly hug. The two headed up the steps to the jet.

“Eva, do you think you’ll regret this?” Hiroki shouted from the Lamborghini. The girl turned around before she took the step into the plane. Her long hair swished to the side and she revealed her smirking face.

“Since when do I regret my decisions?”

“She’s gone,” He thought looking at her empty room.

It was spotless, untouched. The bed was neatly made; nothing was on the shelves or in the closet. Spotless, just like how she liked things sometimes. He walked over to the small white table and stared at the lone cell phone sitting on top a stack of envelopes. He picked up the phone and at that moment, the alarm for it went off. He decided to see what the alarm was for. His eyes widened at the reminder he read.


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Re: Beautiful you [DBSK, OC, Others] [COMPLETE]

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ahh~~ sad ending ..Smile)
thank you~~~

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Re: Beautiful you [DBSK, OC, Others] [COMPLETE]

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