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My First Love Versus My Second Heart Beat [Kim Junsu, U-Know Yunho, Jung Jessica] COMPLETED

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My First Love Versus My Second Heart Beat [Kim Junsu, U-Know Yunho, Jung Jessica] COMPLETED

Post by junsusshilove on 7/13/2009, 8:24 am


What if her first love left her but she still loves him?
Then, someone who really loves her came?

On what saying would she believe?

First love never dies


Love is sweeter the second time around?


Jessica was a typical girl who loves to be with others. She works hard to be able to study and with the help of Junsu, she was able to continue studying in the same school, in fourth year high school.

Junsu was her first love and first boyfriend. They are always together and they never fought with each other. Until one day, Junsu left without saying anything to her.

Yunho came and became her friend. At first, they were really close until one day, Yunho confesses everything and eventually found out that Jessica also likes him. They became a couple.

One day, Junsu went back, being one of Korea’s top models. Still in love with her, he tries everything to get her back.


I would love to hear from you guys!Smile hihi.xD

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Chapter 1- Same

Post by junsusshilove on 7/13/2009, 8:27 am

It was my first day of being a fourth year high school student. It was hard for me to earn such money to continue studying again. But thanks to him I was able to continue studying again.

He was my first love, my first boyfriend and my first hug. He was the only thing I’m obsessed with. There were million times that he hugged me, but there was no single moment that he kissed me.

I felt very safe whenever he’s beside me. He never let anybody hurt me. He would always bring me home with his red sport car and he would always tell me to be careful when I’m alone. He was everything to me, he was my protector, my master and he acted like he was my brother. But there was more between us.

It stayed for almost three years, but then, he left me, without saying anything, with no concrete reasons.


I was walking along the corridors that morning, and I know, my feet will bring me to the same place I was always going the first thing I reached school. I looked everywhere, searching for new things and new faces. There were some new students but they were not my classmates. I know because each high school level differs in the color of their uniform laces. Fourth year high school has brown laces, third year high school has green laces, second year high school has blue laces and first year high school has red laces. That’s why it’s very pricy to study here. The principal is so strict in wearing these laces.

As I was saying, I am walking along the corridors. I turned left and continued walking. The last thing I know was I was already standing in front of the music room, hearing the song, the saddest song he has ever made.

I slowly opened the door, afraid that I might disturb his concentration over playing his piece. I tiptoed my way. But he was one sensitive guy. He knows it whenever there’s someone behind or near him. He had stopped plucking the keys. I walked normally knowing that he already know I’m there.

Defeated, I spoke lazily.

“How long have you been here?” I asked.
“A little while. Come, sit beside me.” He answered, offering his hand.

I gladly took it and sat beside him, facing the piano. He started playing again. He gently plucked the keys and slowly delivered his lyrics. It was sad; it was a song he made when we had or first argument about something he got jealous of. It was a beautiful song. In fact, it has reached a high appreciation all over the campus and it was played through loud speakers sometimes.

“Oppa, why do you keep on singing that song?” I asked him.

He stopped from playing. The last sound produced by the piano echoed all over the music room. That moment, I felt something was weird. Then I remembered something which he told me the first time he played that song in front of me.

[FLASHBACK: at a river few blocks from school]
We were seated at the grass facing the river. The sky was slowly dominated by the starry night and the moon showed. He was singing that sad song.

“I’ll sing this song whenever we have an argument or if something bad is to happen.” Junsu said after he had paused the moment he ended the last words of his composition.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to go with him that morning.” I sadly said.

“It’s okay. I’m aware that my baby’s pretty that’s why boys keep on following you.” he smiled and laughed.

“Junsu, what’s the matter?” I asked, pretending that I still don’t know the answer to the question I asked earlier.

“I’m sorry for everything, Jessica.” Junsu answered as he slowly pulled down the covers of the piano.

“What are you saying?” I asked again.

That time, I felt like something is about to happen. I can’t explain the exact feeling but, it’s really bothering me.

He stood up, hung his bag on his right shoulder and walked quietly towards the door.

“Junsu!” I called out as I stood up.
“We’re done.” He spoke coldly and continued walking towards the door.
“What do you mean?!” I asked, as tears started to fall down from my eyes.
“Don’t you get it? I’m putting an end to what we have.”
“Why?” I asked weakly.
“I don’t love you anymore.” Junsu answered and went out.

I covered my mouth as I try to stop my tears from falling even though I know it’s impossible.


The room was completely emptied as I walk my way to the classroom. I was hurt so much. Anger and sorrow were both running through my veins. As I thought of those memories we shared. I wanted to forget those memories. I wanted to erase his face for I always see it in front of me.

I entered the classroom. I slowly took my steps. It was still the same. They were noisy, being unaware of what happened. There were standing students and there were some throwing crumpled papers. It was their way of welcoming everybody.

I walked my way to my seat.

“Hi, Jessica!” Yoona greeted.
“You look sad, what’s the matter?” Yuri asked as I sit down.
“Nothing.” I answered as I placed my books under my desk.
“Okay, but if there’s something, don’t hesitate to tell us.” Yoona said.
“Uhm!” Yuri agreed.
“Thanks.” I answered a little glad for having friends like them beside me.

Yuri stood beside me and leaned on the rails of the windows while Yoona sitting on the chair next to me, reading a book. It was really the same, same faces and same scenarios. What’s just different was when I looked behind; there were no signs of Junsu, either his smell or his smile.

Back then, whenever I’ll look behind, Junsu’s smile would welcome me. But now, the seat on which he seated back then is now occupied with somebody else. Could he just gone for a walk? Did he leave school? Why did he break up with me? He has no reason… and how the heck did he come up with that answer?

I don’t love you anymore…

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Chapter 2- Thoughts

Post by junsusshilove on 7/16/2009, 4:34 am

“Are you sure you can leave her like this?” Yoochun asked as I was looking outside, both hands on my pocket.

“We make things simpler, Yoochun. It’s better to leave her with that reason than to leave her with everything explained.” I reasoned out.

“But you hurt her feelings. You should have at least told her your main reason.” Yoochun demanded.

“Hyung, I know what I’m doing.” I insisted. “I have to be away from her.” I added.

“I know, but to leave her with that reason!? Simply telling her you don’t love her anymore!? Huh! Is that a work of a true man?” Yoochun asked.

“That’s the point, Hyung! I made things simpler by telling her that reason! You know why? Because I’ll be hurt more if I’ll explain her everything! And I might change my mind.” I said, trying to explain my side bravely.

“But that’s no good reason, Junsu! Doesn’t leaving her hurt you?” Yoochun asked.

“Hyung, would you just stop contradicting me!?” I shouted as I walked towards the door leading to my room giving him an irritated would-you-shut-up look.

“Fine!” Yoochun groaned under his breath as he sat down on the couch, both arms crossed on his chest.


I sat down on the end of my bed. I took a picture of her from my wallet. It’s true; it hurts me a lot leaving her with that reason. But it will hurt me more if I’ll tell her that I need to be as popular as my dad wants me to. I chose her… but it did no good. With my dad… I can’t argue with her. I wanted to fight for my love for her, but it did no good.

I’m sorry, Jessica. I’m so sorry. No matter how hard I try to reason out, dad would always win in the end.


The whole class… I wasn’t paying attention at the teacher’s lessons. All I am thinking about was Junsu. From then on, I know my day will be boring. The moment he stepped out of the music room until the day he would come back. But… will he still be back?

“Jessica!” someone called. All I heard was Junsu’s voice. I was looking for him, but I found none of his existence.

“Jessica!” the voice called again. It was the moment I came back to my mind. It was Yoona calling.

“Jessica, what happened to you? Your mind seems to be floating at the sky. We’ve been calling you for seconds but you did not answer us.” Yuri said.

“I am sorry, I’m thinking of something.” I reasoned out.

“Let me guess, is it about Junsu?” Yoona asked.
“Somehow…” I answered.
“Speaking of Junsu, why is he absent today?” Yuri asked.
“I don’t know.” I answered. “Come on, let’s eat not.” I said to escape from the sadness which Junsu’s absence brought.

We went to the canteen. Few students were in line so we hurried to fall in line.

“They’re serving Kimchi!” Yoona gladly said.

It’s very rare for the school canteen to serve Kimchi. I don’t know but even though this is a private school and private schools are rich, they rarely serve Kimchi. And Kimchi is yummy!

We sat on an empty table after we’ve received the Kimchi. Yoona and Yuri ate happily. They looked like twin sisters. They look the same, they act the same and they even do the same things together. While me, I was quiet. Maybe because I got used to eating lunch with Junsu. And now that he’s gone… maybe, completely gone… I don’t know if I’ll be able to escape this lonely world.

I ate quietly; sigh after sigh as I took one spoon after a sigh. How will I be able to make it through here? He was my strength, he was my inspiration… now that he’s gone, who will be my…


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Chapter 3- Met

Post by junsusshilove on 7/16/2009, 4:35 am

“I’m stupid.”

I thought as I walk my way to school. I walked with my head hanging low. Each of my steps became heavier as I walk along the way. I didn’t notice that my steps are getting faster as I thought of him.

“Why would I keep on worrying about him!? He hurt me but then, I’ll keep on thinking of him? Are you stupid, Jessica?!” I groaned.

Then I stopped walking. I clenched my fist as I hug my books tighter.

“This will be the last time I’ll think of you and say your name, Junsu. I HATE YOU!” At last, I’ve said what I wanted to say. I continued walking as tears formed on my eyes. Were these really the words I wanted to say? Or just I hate him for leaving me so easily.

**I hate you not because you broke up with me… but because I still love you.** I thought.

My walking started to get faster. As I turned right, I bumped into someone. I fell on the ground and my books were scattered all over the ground.

“Ouch.” I winced as I slowly massage my forehead.
“I’m sorry, miss.” The man spoke up as he helped me stand up. He then picked up my books.

I can only see his back for he was facing the ground as he picks up my books. His hair looks like a staircase and it was colored brown. He wears a blue t-shirt with white laces and black jeans with white rubber shoes.

“Here. I’m sorry again.” he said as he handed down the books to me.

He has chinky eyes, pointed nose, small lips and an oval face. He was so handsome but still, Junsu’s figure keeps on flashing in front of me. I was quiet for a moment as I stared blankly at his face.

“Uhm, miss, are you okay?” he asked.
“Huh? Uhm, yeah, sorry and thanks.” I answered as I took my books from him.
“Okay!” he said and smiled.

**Damn! He’s so handsome!** My mind shouted. “Okay, I’ll be going now. I might be late at school. Thanks again.” I said and immediately run for it was half an hour before I get late.

“Okay…” he said as he watched me run. He then continued walking.


I was out of breath. I stood in front of the classroom door. I opened the sliding door and saw my classmates doing the same as everyday.

I entered, closed the door and went to my seat. I placed my bag under the desk as I sat down on my chair. I turned around and saw no one at Junsu’s chair. I really miss him. Even how mad I am at him, I really can’t deny that I still love him.

“Hi, Jessica!” Yoona greeted.
“Hi!” I greeted back.
“How are you?” Yuri asked.
“I’m fine, how about---

The students screamed. All of the girl students to be exact.

“Oh my God! He’s here!!!” Yuri freaked out.
“Who?” I asked.
“Jung Yunho.” Yoona whispered.
“Jung? AS in like my name?!” I asked.

A man entered the classroom. I was surprised for he was the same man I saw earlier. I was really surprised.

What bothers me is why all the girls are screaming over him.

He walked through the line of girls, left and right of him. I’m telling you, that time was like an artist came into our classroom. Why is he popular like that? Though it’s the first time he went here?

He went to Junsu’s seat. All girls followed his back. Only I was seated. Even Yoona and Yuri were at the group of the girls swaddling over him.

I looked at him as he talks to the girls around him. He was smiling continuously at them so I thought he never gets tired of it.

I watched him talk to them. And they were like melting because of his looks. Just then, the teacher entered and everyone immediately went back to their seats. I turned my sight in front.

“Okay, even though you know him already, I wanted you guys to meet your new classmate, Jung Yunho.” Mr. Li said.

**Guys?!** I thought. **Did he just call this class guys?**

Eyes followed Yunho as he went in front.

He smiles. “Hey there! I’m Jung Yunho but you can call me U-Know Yunho. It’s nice to meet you all and thanks to those who talked to me earlier.” He said and looked at Jessica. He then smiled and went back to his seat.

He smiled at her…

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Chapter 4- Friends

Post by junsusshilove on 7/16/2009, 4:36 am

I was sleeping at a veranda at the third floor near the staircase. It was now my private place… my territory. I would sit on the ground, leaning on the wall with my arms as my pillow. I closed my eyes and any minute by now, I would fall into sleep.

Thirty minutes before classes starts, I was walking with my head still hanging low. I wanted to go to the music room but I also wanted to forget everything too. I decided to go to another place which has been a part of me… just me.

I went to the staircase. I opened the door of the third floor veranda. I slowly walked in and quietly closed the door. I leaned on the wall, facing the sky.

It has been two months since my last visit here. Back then, I would go here if ever I have problems. I’m the kind of person who would prefer to be alone whenever I have a problem. I don’t want anyone to know it or pity and help me, even Junsu.

Minutes have passed when I heard of something. I looked from left to right but I did not see anyone or anything. The sound kept on playing. Just then, a thought came into my head. I walked slowly. I slowly peeked at the right side as I leaned on the corner of the wall.

I saw him. The guy who is really popular since yesterday, he who smiled at me with his chinky eyes. They guy they described as someone who has a kissable lips. He was named Jung Yunho.

He was sleeping… well, because his eyes are closed, maybe he’s really sleeping. His headphones are big and the music he’s listening can be really heard.

I was staring at him when after a few moments, he opened his eyes. It made me panic so I hid behind the wall. Did he see me?!

I felt someone was watching me from somewhere. I opened my eyes, feeling a bit weird. I saw someone hid behind the wall. What she doesn’t know is I can see her skirt. I smiled. I turned off my iPod and hung the headphones around my neck. I stood up and silently walked towards her.

I slowly peeked. She was looking at her left side and her hair was facing my direction. I smiled… why is she hiding from me?

“What are you doing there?” I asked.

She looked like she will burst from embarrassment and any moment from now she will jump out of here.

“Uh… uhmm, I was just passing by when I heard music coming from here…” she answered with a trembling voice.
“I see… but why are you hiding?” I asked as I smile and went nearer.
“H-hiding!? I… I’m not hiding. I’m just leaning here... see?” She answered as she acted like leaning on the wall.
“I see… and why are you nervous?” I asked.
“Wait! Why do you have so many questions?” she asked back.
“Is it bad?”
“So… why are you nervous?” I asked again.
“I’m not nervous. It’s just normal to my voice… every morning!” Right, every morning.” She answered.
“Really?” I asked sarcastically.
“Y-yeah! Don’t you believe me?” she asked.
“Okay, okay, you won.” I laughed.
“Ahh… hehehe.” She giggled. She was cute when she did that.
“So… are we friends now?” I asked.
“F-friends? Uhm… okay.” She answered shyly.


Third person:||
They walked together in going to their classroom. Everyone was looking at them especially the girls. They were whispering at one another as they follow the two with their eyes.

Jessica was feeling a bit awkward and nervous for all of the eyes are glued at her. She walked beside Yunho, trying to hide from the girls’ glares. Her head was hanging low and her eyes are glued at the ground. Yunho opened the door and the noisy class became quiet. All girls stared at him as he stood up upon the entrance.

Girls lined up on both sides as a welcome for Yunho. He smiled and pulled Jessica bringing her in front of him. The girls were all stunned of what they saw. They began to whisper to each other as Yunho pushed her, walking behind her and both hands placed at her shoulders. They watched Yunho and Jessica as they reached Jessica’s seat. He waited for her to sit down and he went to his seat.

They started to walk around as his event ended. Some were looking at Jessica as they whisper to each other. She was feeling awkward while Yunho flashes a great smile to everyone.


It was lunch time. Some of the students were falling in line for lunch and others were already eating. Jessica, Yoona and Yuri are seated on one table while Yunho, Kang San and Yi Man were looking for a table. Just as Kang San set his eyes at Yoona, something entered his mind.

“Hey, Yunho, isn’t it you’re friends with her already?” Kang San asked as he placed his arms around Yunho’s shoulder, pointing at Jessica.
“So what?” Yunho asked back.
“Why don’t we sit with them?” Kang San asked back.
“Oh come on, Kang San, you just like to sit with Yoona.” Yi Man teased.
“So what?” Kang San said.
“YOO-NA!” Yi Man teased more.
“Well, I know you like YURI.” Kang San teased back.
“YURI!? Hell no!” Yi Man answered.
“Whatever.” Yunho said as he rolled his eyes. He walked towards the table Jessica was sitting.

Jessica looked at him as Kang San and Yi Man arrived.

“Yunho?” she asked.
“Yo! Can we sit with you?” Yunho asked back.
“Okay.” Jessica answered and moved a little to give seat for Yunho.
“Thanks.” Yunho said as he sat down beside Jessica.
“Hey! No fair! Can we sit too?” Kang San shouted.
“Hmp!” Yoona grumped.
“Guess it’s a NO.” Yunho laughed.

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Chapter 5- Ours

Post by junsusshilove on 7/18/2009, 11:55 pm

I went to the place where I’m always sleeping. That place… it has become ours, only ours. And we made promises to always meet there to share problems with each other.

I sat at the corner. I used my palms as my pillow and I leaned on the wall with my legs crossed. A few minutes passed and I sensed that someone entered. I can smell her perfume which the air brings together with its cold breeze. I can hear her footsteps and I know she’s looking for me.

“Yunho?” she called.
“I’m here.”

She appeared in front of me. She was smiling and whenever I see her smile, I always fall in love with her. I never stopped falling in love with her.

She was different from all the girls here. She was simple, she’s kind… she’s cheerful… she’s lovable. She was everything to me… I found everything from her. She can make me happy and nervous at the same time, she can even make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time.

She sat beside me… she looked at the sky with a smile. I can see her face from the side and she’s always beautiful no matter where you look at her.

“It’s such a good day.” She yawned and stretched her arms.
“Yeah.” I will always agree with her.
“I can’t wait for Christmas!” she squealed.
“Four months counting, kid.” I said.
“It’s soon.” She insisted.
“Okay, you won.” I said.
“I always win!” she said.
“Yeah, and I’m always the loser.” I pouted.
“Hehehe! Learn to win, Yunho.” She teased.
“Yah!” I shouted and pinched her cheeks.
“Yo!” I answered.
“It’s our first and last year together…” she silently turned sad.
“Yo, we can still see each other!” I said to cheer her up.
“But not as often as this.” She said.
“Yeah, right.” Once again, I lost.


It was another of Mr. Li’s boring history class. I don’t know what’s interesting with history. Though he has told us a thousand times that history’s an interesting subject. o.0

I looked at the clouds, mind wandering up there… I slowly lost my thoughts as I dreamt of walking bare footed at the clouds.

I was dreaming that I’m walking alone there… for minutes, I thought I was alone… but there was someone behind me, all the time. I turned around ang Yunho appeared. He was smiling and standing in his usual posture, hands both inside his pockets. I smiled at him and turned around. After a few minutes, I felt Yunho’s presence disappeared. But someone else came. I turned around, and I saw Junsu.

“Junsu.” I uttered slowly.

He did not say anything. He was not smiling yet, not sad or anything. I thought maybe I just miss him… after all these months of being away from him. I still haven’t accepted the fact the he left.

I was about to turn around when Yunho appeared beside Junsu. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to think and to tell the truth, nothing was really coming into my mind. Two questions yet, what’s this? Are they telling me to choose from between them? I know I like Yunho… but I’m also aware that I still love Junsu… deep inside… I’m aware of it.

I was awakened when something landed on my head. It was a crumpled paper Yuri threw right above my head. I didn’t notice the bell rang. And everybody was gone except Yoona, Yuri, Yunho and his friends.

“Girl! What are you up to now?” Yuri asked.
“I’m sorry, I was thinking of something.” I answered as I fix my things.
“Yeah right, that’s why your grades are as low as the ground from the sky.” Yuri said.
“That’s too much.” Yoona said.
“I know, ma’m.” I answered sarcastically. I stood up. “Let’s go.”

We went into the canteen. It has been three weeks when we would eat together. We would line up together and we would share meals with each other.

After almost thirty minutes of eating, we separated from the others. Yunho and I went to the music room for music classes, Yoona and Yuri went to the classroom for Math classes and Yi Man and Kang San went to their Computer classes.

I can’t leave my music lessons. I’ve been taking it since my first year of studying here. I know I want to erase everything… but I thought, maybe, things were better kept as memories even though it’s a bad one.

I reminisce as I entered the room. It has been a while since I entered this room. That even was still fresh in my mind, even though I tried hard to forget about it. It seems like those memories were pasted here inside heart, mind and soul. [xD]

I sat down at the third row, second seat. Yunho sat down next to me. Other students came in and behind them was Mr. Sole, the feeler teacher. He stood up in front and gave us a smile, which he always does the first day of meeting.

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Chapter 6- Presence

Post by junsusshilove on 7/18/2009, 11:56 pm

Another day~~ I stretched my arms while I sat down at the edge of my bed. My teary eyes are still half closed as I yawn. The sun shined all around my room.

“Nuna, get down here, don’t let the food wait for you!” my icky brother shouted. He was Yun Jae. He’s really prickly sometimes. And he would tell me that he’s lucky to have a sister like me. Why? Because I always end up being the person ordered to do chores. He would just sit down and face his laptop. No wonder why his brain is full of neurons and electro cells and he’ll always search about his favorite group, SNSD. He’s really hopeless.

“Nuna!” he shouted again.
“I’m coming!!!” I shouted with an irritated voice as I went downstairs.

I saw them sitting around the table. They were waiting for me. Yeah, they would not eat without me.

“Good morning.” I greeted.
“Good morning.” They answered and picked the chopsticks.

I smiled and started to eat. Then, they stopped moving as they look at me while I eat. I felt their stares and something chilled my spines. I looked at them. They were smiling differently this morning… could it be… they’re into something nonsense again?

“W-what’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked nervously.
“Hehehe.” Yun Jae laughed.
“Omma, Appa, why?” I asked.
“Yun Jae, tell your Nuna now.” My mom answered.
“Nuna, look at this.” He said, handing a roll of newspaper to me.
“What’s this?” I asked as I took it.
“Just scan it!” Yun Jae answered.

I sighed and unfolded it. I read the headlines one by one, until I reached the middle part. I was surprised, shocked, astonished! My mouth hung open as I look at his picture. What’s the meaning of this?

“Korea’s Top Model: Kim Junsu.”


I walked quietly, my backpack at my back as I hold the straps of it. I was still thinking of it… the words I said as I read the newspaper headline. Junsu… did he just leave and broke up with me because he wanted to be a model?

I lost track of everything when I bumped into someone. I looked at that person as I rub my forehead.

“Yo! It was the second time.” he greeted.

It was Yunho. His smile gave me a warm greeting. And his hands both inside his pockets again. As usual, what I’ve always love about him. His hair, his smile, his posture, his attitude and his eyes. Don’t forget to mention his kissable lips, [xD] which I think all girls in the school would like to kiss.

“Yunho, I’m so sorry that I bumped on you again.” I said.
“It’s okay. My fault, I was standing here as I watched you.” he smiled at me.
“And I would love to bump you again.” he joked.
“Oh come on!” I said as both of us walked again.
“By the way, what’s wrong?” he asked.

And then I stopped, while looking at the ground. And he knows I don’t want to talk about it this time. We walked through the stairs going to our territory. We’ll skip our first subject for today.


“I see… so he’s your ex-boyfriend.” He said as I ended up my story.

“You know, I was thinking earlier, did he really leave me just to fulfill his dream? Will he still talk to me once we see each other by chance? And the fact that he’s a star now… does he still knows me? Will he still know that I’m Jessica? You know… celebrities… they forgot everything once they gain stardom.” I asked.

“Really? I think not all.” He said.

“If it was you, Yunho, what’s your second reason for leaving me? Because you know, I always thought from the moment I saw that news, that maybe, he still has another reason for leaving… not just the reason that he wants fame.” I asked.

“Uhm, to tell you the truth, I don’t really have any idea. But maybe, it depends on his family. You know, being a star, sometimes, love comes and brings bad things in a relationship between a star and an ordinary person. Maybe he wanted to protect you so he chose to break up with you… even though it hurts him” he answered.

“Come on, let’s go back.” He stood up.
“Yunho,” I called.
“DO you like someone?

I was quiet for a while. It took me time to answer her question. I wanted to tell her everything. But seconds thoughts would swim around my head. What if she gets mad? What if she rejects me?

“Yunho?” she called.
“Oh, yeah, sorry.” I said.
“What’s her name?”
“Her name?”

I looked below as I thought. Should I tell her now?

“Yunho! Aish! Is your tongue stuck? You’re lost again!” she called. “I think asking you that question won’t do any good. Let’s go now.” She added as she walked passing by me.

“N-no.” I said, grabbing her hand and hugged her.

“Her name… she’s Jessica.”

I know, that moment, I wanted that moment to be forever. It felt great telling her that she’s the one I love.

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Chapter 7- Feeling

Post by junsusshilove on 7/18/2009, 11:57 pm

The following day, I felt like she’s ignoring me. She was distancing from me. There were times that she and her friends will walk or eat with us but she was not talking to me… even a single word. And so, I came to thinking on fixing everything.

It was P.E. time. All students from fourth year B are having their physical fitness test. All boys are watching because girls are wearing t-shirt and mini shorts. Girls are running at the field and boys are doing their stretching.

Jessica, she was seated under the shade of the tree. She never joined any warm ups. She’s good at track-n-field, she jumps high and she’s almost perfect at everything. She sings well and she acts flawlessly. She’s very talented… and she’s one of a kind for me.

“Jessica.” I called as I stood beside her. She faces the field. She’s leaning on the tree with her legs crossed. She did not answer me, so I spoke again. “I know I shocked you by saying that… but I just did what you asked me to. I told you who my love is.” I explained. “Are you mad?” I asked her.

“Sorry.” She said with a smile.
As I saw that smile, I felt like a burden was lifted from me.
“I should be the one saying sorry.” I said.

She stood up and faced me. Her hair was braided to the right. Her smile was the best as it always make me happy seeing it. She walked slowly, without saying anything. She was smiling at me and I was flashing a smile back to her.

“What’s with that smile?” I asked.
She did not answer. Instead, she hugged me.
“J-Jessica!” I called as I was astonished.

She hugged me. The tip of her head reached my chin. Her arms are around my waist and her face was buried at my chest. I smiled as I slowly wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her forehead as I smell her hair.

“Do you feel the same way?” I asked.
“What do you think?” she asked back.
“Haha! Why won’t you answer me?” I asked back.
“I like you a lot, Yunho. More than everything.” She answered.
“Really?” I asked as I could somehow not believe what I heard. I pushed her slightly as I held her shoulders.
“Don’t you believe me?” she asked back.

“I… I do! I do believe you! A lot! Haha!” I answered, as I can’t still believe what I heard. I hugged her again, as tight as I can. My heart kept beating faster and heavier in happiness.

“Yunho, I’m stuffed!” she said as she gasps for air.
“Oops, sorry!” I said as I broke my hug immediately.
“What now?” she asked.
“Uhm, can I… kiss… you?” I asked back.

Before I could end my sentence, she kissed me on my right cheek. She smiled and then ran to the field.

“I’ll run now, they’re waiting for me!” she said as she waves at me, running backwards.
“Ahhh… that was one of my sweetest memories with you… Jessica.” I murmured as I watched her run to the field.


“Psst.” Someone called. I was busy scribbling notes onto my notebook when I heard my name from the back. I turned around and saw Yoona and Yuri smiling sarcastically.

“What?” I opened my mouth without any sound coming out.

Yoona smiled and signed. With her two index finger both from opposite sides, going the center. She was showing something that really wants to tease me. She did it again and showed her teasing smile. She then pointed at Yunho who was talking with Kang San. And I got what she means to say. I pouted and rolled my eyes. I turned around and looked at the blackboard; again, I started scribbling notes. But then again, she started calling me. Aish!!! I cannot concentrate!

Lunch time~~

The bell rang. Students hurriedly stood up and went to the canteen. I was fixing my things when Yunho came to me.

“Jessica.” He called.

As I turned around, I saw Yoona and Yuri giggling.

“Why?” I asked.
“Can we eat together? I mean, just the two of us?” he asked.

Yeah right, Yoona and Yuri were already dying in sweetness as they watch us.

“Why?” I asked. I was trying to prevent myself from blushing too, you know? [xD]
“Uhm… I… I just have something to tell you.” he answered nervously.
“Oh, okay.” I said as I took my lunch box. “Where?” I asked.
“At a tree near the gym… at the school’s back yard.” He answered.
“What? Why there!?” I asked, as I was surprised.
“Uhm, nothing… just for privacy. Hehehe…” he answered as we walk.

We reached the backyard. Before we could see the tree, he stopped walking. He was looking at the ground.

“Why?” I asked, as I look at him.
“N-Nothing.” He answered as he walked again. I followed him.

As we sat under a tree, she was eating her food while I secretly look at the necklace I was to give her.

“Yunho.” She called, trying to look at the necklace behind me.
“Uh, yeah?” I answered as I tried to hide it from her.
“What’s that?” she asked as she tries to look behind me.
“T-that? It’s nothing… really.” I nervously answered.
“Why are you nervous then?” she asked again.

I guess this is it now… I should do it now.

“Uhm, Jessica,” I said as I stood up.
“Yeah?” she answered.

I took her hand to let her stand up. She was facing me and I went behind her.

“Don’t move.” I said as I took out the necklace.
“Why?” she asked.
“Just do as I say. Now, close your eyes.” I ordered.
“Okay.” She said as she closed her eyes.

“There… you can open your eyes now.” I said, feeling a little relieved from the nervousness now.

She slowly opened her eyes and felt the necklace around her neck. She touched it and was surprised and happy. No one can really beat her beautiful smile.

“Y-Yunho, what’s this?” she asked, as she turned around while holding the necklace.
“Necklace?” I answered sarcastically.
“I know! But, for what?” she asked again.

I hugged her tightly.

“I love you, Jung Jessica. Would you be my girlfriend?” I confessed, again.

At last, I was able to let go of the words that were stuck inside my throat. My heart was beating awfully fast and heavy, but I know, I know I did what’s right and what my heart wants me to do.

“Yunho…” she spoke.
“I know it’s a bit fast... but I just want you to know how much love I have for you.” I explained.
“Yes.” She whispered into my ear.
“Yes? As in I’ll be your boyfriend? You’ll be my girlfriend?!” I asked.
“You don’t want?” She asked back.
“Oh my, yes! I do! I do want to!!” I shouted in happiness as I hug her tightly.
“Yunho, I think you’re acting too much.” She said.
“I’m so happy! I’m really happy!” I said, still hugging her, with teary eyes.
“I’m happy too.” She said.
“I love you.”

I don’t know why but something came into my mind and made me kiss her lips.

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Chapter 8- Days

Post by junsusshilove on 7/31/2009, 6:08 am

Days passed as we would often go with each other. We often go to mall, eat at a restaurant or sit at the grass near the river next to our school after classes. He would sing me songs or he would show me his cool dance steps. Things which he does are like what Junsu often showed me when we were still together.

Junsu… he was always on the TV, subject of news and talk of almost every girl out there. He is really popular now. The smile which he used to show me back then was now lost. It was replaced with that attractive smile, the smile which he shows in front of the camera, the smile which always makes those girls out there to die out of happiness.


December 15; 7:30 pm

Yunho and I were seated at a bench at the YC Square. The snow was falling down. We were drinking coffee to kill the coldness traveling all over our body.

“It’s cold.” I shivered as I drank my coffee.
“Yah! You’re already wearing two thick jackets!” he said.
“But it’s really cold.” I showed him my cute-sad-face.
“Want a hug?” he asked.
“Sure!” I answered.

He hugged me in sideways as we looked at the big snowman lighted with numerous bulbs in front of us. I hugged him back.

“Prom’s near.” I spoke.
“Too early.” He whimpered.
“Yah! You’re always against me!” I shouted.
“Haha! I’m not.” He defended.
“Yes you are.”
“Jessica,” he called.
“Would you be my prom date, my first and my last dance?” he asked.
“My pleasure! You’re my boyfriend!” I answered.
“Yay!” he squealed.
“So, what now?”
“Come with me.” He said as he stood up and pulled me.
“Where?” I asked.
“Just come with me.” He answered.

The snow was falling while we walk through the sidewalk. He was tightly holding my left hand while my right hand was screwed inside my pocket. We were walking in front of MENt, a modeling company wherein Junsu was working. As we walk, I saw an advertisement in the big screen which made me stop from walking.

“Modeling Entertainment Network, a place where you can find what you’re looking for. Be Korea’s next top model. MENt network, my home, your future home.”

It was Junsu; he was doing the advertisement for MENt. I never thought he would be this happy. I guess, he really forgot everything. Next thing I noticed was Yunho was already looking at me. After taking a glance over the screen. He knows everything about me… everything about me and Junsu. But he never gets jealous. In fact, he smiled at everything I told him. He was one kind of a gentle man. He was smiling as he went near me. He held my hand and pulled me towards his body. He hugged me tight.

“Come on, I know you miss him.” He said sweetly.
“Yunho…” I said.
“It’s okay. I understand. He was your first love… and I know, it’s hard to forget everything that was really your first.” He said.
“Na-uh! It’s nothing. Come on, I thought you’ll bring me somewhere?” I asked as I pulled him.

Everything that happened between us… I know, time will come and I’ll be able to erase them all from my mind, from my heart.


We reached the place. Kids were everywhere. Adults were seated at benches scattered all over the place.

“Ch-children’s park?” I asked.
“Nope, for adults also.” he chuckled.
“Yah! I’m not an adult yet!” I shouted.

We walked and entered the elevator. After a few seconds, we reached the top floor. As the door opened, a big Christmas tree appeared in front of us. Around the Christmas tree, a big floor was covered with ice and there were people skiing all over the circle.

“Wow.” I said as I looked around in amazement.
“What’s with that?” Yunho asked.
“First time to see this.” I answered.
“WHAT?! They have been doing this for almost three years.” Yunho proudly said.
“Yeah, yeah, you’re outgoing.” I answered.
“Ahehe. Come on, let’s ski.” He said as he pulled me.


There... I'll post three chapters tonight, okay?Smile

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Chapter 9- Hurt

Post by junsusshilove on 7/31/2009, 6:09 am

“Tomorrow, aish!” I mumbled as I messed my hair. I was seated at the end of my bed, looking at the clouds. Tomorrow will be the prom night. “Omo~~~” I whimpered. I sighed. What should I do now? What should I wear? Yunho is my prom date… and I’m sure he’s got something unique to wear tomorrow night. I don’t want to be an ugly duckling partnered into a handsome prince….

I stood up and looked at my cabinet. I hurriedly went there. I opened the cabinet door and immediately looked for a nice cocktail dress to wear. Something elegant but still simple…

“AHHH! I can’t find anything here!” I said as I sat weakly and hopelessly at the floor. “What will I do now?” I added.
“Nuna, get down--- what happened?!” Yun Jae was surprised to see my dresses scattered at the floor.
“Yun Jae, tell mom I will be eating later. I still have something to do here.” I answered.
“But Nuna, you know mom would not eat when we’re incomplete.” Yun Jae said.
“But I have to do something. And don’t tell mom about this, okay?” I reminded.
“Bout what?” he asked.
“About the prom tomorrow. I still don’t have any to wear.” I answered.
“You want me to buy a dress for you?” he asked.
“Nope, I’ll buy my self. Thanks.” I answered.
“Okay.” He said and left.

I sighed as he left. I looked around and started to feel lazy but then, I picked everything and fixed my cabinet. An hour passed. It was eleven already. I looked at my wallet and there was 10,000 won. It’s great that I was able to save for this event. Large enough for a cocktail dress and a pair of high heels. I went inside the bathroom and took a bath. After thirty minutes, I went out and saw them cleaning the house.

“Jessica, have you eaten already?” my mom asked.
“Yeah, mom. I’ll be going out for a while. You go eat lunch without me.” I answered.
“Where are you going?” dad asked.
“Uhm, somewhere. Hehehe! BYE!” I said as I went out.

I was walking a few blocks away from the house when my brother called me.

“Nuna!” he shouted as he came running behind me. He then walked beside me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Mom asked me to buy something from the market.” He answered.
“I see…”
“Nuna, why don’t you want to tell mom about the cocktail dress?” he asked.
“I don’t want them to worry about me. I want to do it by myself.” I answered.
“I see… hey, I’ll be separating from you now. Bye and be careful!” he shouted as he went in the market.

I walked alone. A few minutes passed and I reached the mall. I wandered around looking for a not-so-pricey dress. As I walk around, I spotted a crowd of people at the center of the mall. Curiosity filled me so I decided to peek in. As I reached the front, I saw Junsu standing on the stage, singing that song… he spotted me, but he just ignored me. In fact, I was like air that time as he smiles to his fans. He just ignored me. But why is he singing that song? Why here?

I bowed my head and walked away from the crowd. I can hear his voice… his song. And every word he let go seems like pounding my heart into pieces. Why would I still be hurt by him… now that I found Yunho? I am afraid… I am really afraid… seems like I wasn’t still able to forget him…

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Chapter 10- Princess

Post by junsusshilove on 7/31/2009, 6:10 am

I hung my dress and stared at it. Tonight is the night… ten more hours and that’s it, prom night. My heart started to beat faster and heavier. I wondered as I sat down at the edge of my bed. How will Yunho look like? I can’t wait!!! Butterflies started to flutter inside my stomach as I try to imagine how he will look like.

“Nuna, mom said you’ll be leaving at three in the afternoon. You should fix your room now and clean the bathroom.” Yun Jae said.

“I know, don’t tell me.” I answered.

“Okay! Time for the SoShified Yun Jae!” he said and went out from my room.


I was lying on the grass at the river a few blocks away from the school. I was listening to my iPod and my eyes are closed. My knees are crossed and my hands as my pillows. I was thinking of her that time. I haven’t seen her yesterday and I’ll see her later at night. I’m so excited! I can’t wait.

Just then, something entered my mind. I remembered something so I have to go home. I hurriedly stood up and ran to the road. I was going to the right when I saw Jessica. She stopped from walking and stared at me.

“Yo!” I called as I smiled at her. I went near her as I held her shoulder and kissed her forehead. She smiled at me.

“Yo.” She greeted back.
“It doesn’t suit you.” I teased.
“I know.” She said as we walked
“Where are you going?” I asked.
“Going to buy some food, you?” she asked back.
“I was about to rush my way home, but I changed my mind.” I giggled.


Third person:||
“Thanks.” Jessica said as the cashier handed down the bag to her.
“Please do come again.” the guard said as he bowed down, opening the door.

Yunho and Jessica smiled at the guard as they went out. Yunho took the plastic bag from Jessica and held her hand as they walk.

“Can’t wait for later.” Jessica smirked.
“Yeah, me too. I keep on imagining how my princess would look like later.” Yunho said.
“Well what?” Yunho asked.
“Well, I’m here. See you later, Prince Yunho!” she continued as she turned right, running and waving at him.

Yunho smiled and waved back.


A pair of silver high heels, a red cocktail dress, a pair of dangling gold earrings, a gold necklace and a curly hair which reached her waist. She was a girl with a beautiful smile. A lovable smile was shown as the make up gently decorated her face.

“Wow, you look gorgeous tonight, Nuna!” Yun Jae said.
“Yeah, I know, but it irritates me a lot.” Jessica answered.
“You have to bear with it, Jessica. By the way, is Junsu your date tonight?” her mom asked.
“Mom, how many times would I tell you? Junsu’s gone! He left!” Jessica answered.
“Sorry.” Her mom answered.
“Honey, it’s okay now, Mr. Lee lend me his car! I can now bring Jessica into the prom with a nice car!” her dad interrupted.
“Really? Oh thank God.” Her mom said.

“What!? Dad, you can just bring me there with the white truck! You should have not bothered Mr. Lee by borrowing his car!” Jessica contradicted.

“Jessica! You should be thankful! Your dad can’t bring you there with that sick truck! It’s a prom! You should be formal even just for this very day! Hurry up! It’s almost six! You’ll be late!” her mom said as she pushes Jessica out the room.


As the car stopped in front of the restaurant gate, students were looking. A few moments passed and the door opened. A foot stepped out. Another appeared. Soon, the body covered with black tuxedo was shown. It was Yunho. The girls went screaming as they ran towards Yunho.

“Yunho oppa, you look so handsome tonight!” the one screamed.
“Thanks.” Yunho said and walked.

The girls followed him as he entered the restaurant.

“Yunho!” Kang San and Yi Man called as they ran towards Yunho.
“Yo! Is Jessica here already?” Yunho asked.
“We haven’t seen her yet. You’re handsome! I’m sure the girls will ask you to dance with them later.” Kang San answered.
“Oh really.” Yunho said sarcastically.
“Uhm, Yunho, I think what you’re looking for is now here.” Yi Man said.

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Re: My First Love Versus My Second Heart Beat [Kim Junsu, U-Know Yunho, Jung Jessica] COMPLETED

Post by Kyn on 7/31/2009, 10:37 am

Hey I saw your message in the tagboard
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Chapter 11- Back

Post by junsusshilove on 7/31/2009, 4:57 pm

As Jessica entered the restaurant, eyes were glued upon her. She walked towards Yunho with a smile. Yunho was stoned.

“Oppa!” she called as she waved right in front of Yunho’s face.

Yunho winked twice and smiled.

“Oh, hey, hehehe! Sorry.” Yunho smirked.
“What’s the matter?” she asked the three of them who were stoned that time.
“Are you really Jessica?” Kang San asked.
“Babo!” Yi Man said as he tapped Kang San’s head.
“Ow!” Kang San winced.
“So, are we not going inside?” Jessica asked.
“Yeah, let’s go.” Yunho said and offered his hand to Jessica.


The prom went on. There were students dancing at the middle. The teachers were scattered everywhere. Some are eating, some are dancing, and some were just seated and chatting to others.

Jessica was seated next to Yunho. And next to Jessica were her friends Yoona and Yuri. Next were Kang San and Yi Man. Yunho was waiting for a good song to dance Jessica. But suddenly, the music had stopped playing. A teacher went into the stage and took the microphone.

“Students, sorry to interrupt your dancing, but I’m here to tell you something. We have a very special guest this evening. And I say that very special guest is very popular to all of you. Do you want to see that person now?” the teacher asked.

“Yes!” the students answered.
“I can feel something, Yunho.” Jessica whispered to him. “Something I’ve felt before.” She added.
“Nervous?” Yunho asked.
“I don’t know… somehow…” she answered.

“Well then, let’s all welcome, our very own, Kim Junsu!”

And so, the lights focused at the entrance. A man dressed in black tuxedo entered. He was handsome and he walks almost faultlessly. He walked through the middle where all girls looked at his movements. Junsu bowed down and took the microphone after reaching the stage. He then smiled and looked at everyone.

“Good evening, my fellow students. It’s been a while… I’m here to celebrate with you your prom night. I hope you all enjoy and anyone who wishes to talk to me, you can talk to me. After all, I’m here not as Korea’s model, but as Hinha High’s past student. Enjoy!” he said and left the stage he then sat beside the teachers.


Hours have passed and it was almost eleven in the evening. Yunho saw Jessica’s face was sad. He held her hand and smiled when she looked at him.

“Come on, I know you wanted to talk to him.” He said and looked at Junsu who was already coming.

Jessica looked at Junsu.

“Junsu…” she said. She then looked at Yunho who was still holding her hand. He smiled.

“Go on!” Yunho said as he stood up and pushed Jessica towards Junsu. “Take care of her, okay?” he said. But there was no response from Junsu. He smiled and went back to his seat.

Junsu took her hand and brought her at the middle. He held her right hand and placed her left hand at his shoulder. He then held her waist.

“Yunho, why did you let him dance Jessica?” Yoona asked.
“It’s better for them to talk with each other again; to fix what should be fixed.” He answered.
“But Jessica’s not happy.” Yuri said.
“She has to face it.” Kang San said.

While dancing,

“Is he… your new boyfriend?” Junsu asked.
“Yeah. What do you care?” Jessica asked back. She was not looking at him.
“He’s good…” Junsu answered.
“Why did you come back?” Jessica asked in a sad tone.

“Why? Because I did not find what I’m looking for. I thought I’ll be able to see that one thing through modeling… but I was wrong. I was never happy with it, I never felt happiness on being what I am now.” Junsu answered.

“What… was that thing?” Jessica asked.

Junsu was quiet for a while. Seconds passed and he then spoke up.

“You.” he answered. “I thought I would fine someone like you there. At first, it was father’s want for me to be a model, but as days passed, I slowly realized that I’m starting to like it, even though I know I’m not happy with it. But then I thought, maybe I could find someone like Jung Jessica, someone like you there. But I was wrong, I never found you there. I never found someone who could make me smile and laugh crazily. And I thought you were unique and no one can imitate you or replace you.” Junsu said.

“But, why did you leave?” Jessica asked.

“Because I want you to be safe, Jessica. I thought, being an artist would bring harm to you. So I thought, leaving you would be the answer.” Junsu explained.

Jessica started to cry softly. Junsu broke his hold with Jessica. He moved a little away and knelt like a prince kneeling before a princess. Yunho saw it and so does everyone inside the restaurant.

“J-Junsu…” Jessica called.
“Now I’m here in front of you, to ask again… Jung Jessica, would you be my girlfriend?”

Everybody was surprised. including Yunho and Jessica’s friends.

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Chapter 12- Choose

Post by junsusshilove on 7/31/2009, 4:58 pm

She stared at him as he knelt before her. Tears were flowing from her eyes as her heart beat faster. She then looked at Yunho and Yunho smiled at her… bitterly smiled at her. She then looked at junsu and spoke.

“A girl--- once her heart… was wounded, it will remain there. It would take years before it heals or maybe… it would never heal. That girl will always be afraid to love that same person… that person who has wounded her heart. I wanted to give you another chance, Junsu… I really want to. But you’ve hurt me. You promised me you wouldn’t make me cry… but you really made me cry this way. You were always the one who would protect me but then, you were the first one to hurt me. I trusted you Junsu… I trusted your promises… but you broke it all. You broke it all. I’m really sorry, Junsu… I’m really… sorry. If I can’t give you that second chance again… please… forgive me.” She said as she covered her lips, as the tears wash away the swollen make up. Once again, she would cry endlessly. She looked at Yunho and started to run away from that place… away from the man who had knelt before her… away from the man who made her cry.

Yunho looked at her as she run and he wasn’t able to stop the outburst of his feelings. He immediately stood up and followed Jessica, calling her name.

Junsu was already crying as he stood up. He walked, feeling weak, through the door, towards his car and went away. He was feeling stupid, very stupid for leaving her.

Jessica stood at the corner inside the women’s comfort room. She cried as hard as she wanted. She was clutching her fists with anger as her knees slowly bent in weakness. She could feel pain inside her heart as it pounds with anger and sorrow. She was now seated, crying between her knees where her face was hidden. She let go of those emotions which were kept since that day… the day he left.

Yunho came and knocked loudly at the door, repeatedly calling her name. Seconds passed, Yoona, Yuri, Kang San and Yi Man came behind him. Yunho could not open the door for it was locked. He moved a little away and started to push the door as he calls her name. he was out of energy already, so in his last attempt, he decided to put all his strength. He run and pushed the door. He was successful for the door flung open. He saw Jessica, crying helplessly at the corner.

“Jessica! Jessica!” he called as he ran towards her. The rest entered the room and looked at them. “Jessica! Come with me, come on, and stop crying...” He said.

“Yun… ho…” she uttered as she held tightly Yunho’s hands.

“I know… ssshh… stop crying now…” he said as he helped her stand up.
“I feel weak.” She uttered again.
“I… I’ll carry you then.” He said and carried her in bridal style.

Jessica wrapped his arms around Yunho’s upper shoulder as Yunho walked.

“Jessica…” Yoona and Yuri called.
“Kang San, Yi Man, bring them home. I’ll take care of Jessica.” Yunho said.
“Okay.” Kang San and Yi Man answered.
“I’ll call Jessica’s parents.” Yuri presented.

Yunho was walking, already half of a foot away from them when Yoona called him. He looked behind.

“Yunho, I trust you…” Yoona said.

Yunho smiled and continued walking.

Yunho placed her at the back seat of the car. He closed the door and went in at the driver’s seat. He looked at her as he started the engines and then went off.


Junsu went down in front of a waiting shed as the rain pours hardly. He repeatedly punched the walls as he cried in pain.

“Damn! I should have stayed beside her!” he shouted. “It was your fault! It’s all your fault!” he shouted.

He then sat down at the ground as he cried bitterly. He was full of anger and sadness as he blamed his self of what happened.


Yunho laid her at his bed and pulled the covers to warm her body. He wiped her face with a wet towel. He then looked at her. He slowly draws closer… and gently kissed her lips.

“Thanks for choosing me, Jessica… I promise you… I’ll do everything to make you happy. I love you.” he said.

He was going to stand up when Jessica grabbed his hand. He turned around and saw her looking at him.

“Yunho… please… stay beside me. Don’t’ leave me.” She said.

Yunho smiled and tucked in beside her. He pulled her close to his body and continuously rubbed her head. He kissed her forehead and smiled.

“I’ll always be beside you, Jessica… I promise that. And I promise also, that I would never break my promises.” He whispered. “I love you.” he added.

From then on, Jessica closed her eyes with a little smile on her lips. She was right to do it… she was right to choose Yunho.

**T H E E N D**

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Re: My First Love Versus My Second Heart Beat [Kim Junsu, U-Know Yunho, Jung Jessica] COMPLETED

Post by naydsbeb on 10/23/2009, 11:52 pm

this was such a very good story...pls pm me if you'll have another one..i hope a taesu fic...thanks for this..


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Re: My First Love Versus My Second Heart Beat [Kim Junsu, U-Know Yunho, Jung Jessica] COMPLETED

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