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Possessive; Jung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong(Yaoi)

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Possessive; Jung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong(Yaoi)

Post by zee'yunjae on 6/26/2009, 5:23 am

Title: Possessive

Author: Zeey’

Genre: Romance, Angst, Crack, Fluff…Well, let say all genre in one.

Rating: NC-17 – overall; will be warned in every single chapter.

Length: Series, (10+)

Warning: Over-possessive!Yun and Childish!Jae

Jung YunHo, the 26-year-old Korean famous, top gangster leader – having every single order accomplish by a quick gesture of his head, is the man most people – every people feared of. Bossy, egotistic, arrogant – that’s what he is but however, a certain 20-year-old college freshman was able to soften this harsh man by just a sweet call of “Yunnie,” uttered, escaping his lips. That’s what all it takes to bring Jung YunHo - no matter how angry, mad, pissed the man is, crashes to the ground, obeying every sweet demand of his beauty lover by the name of Kim JaeJoong.

Ever since he met Kim JaeJoong 6 years ago, whole heartedly picking the 14 years old orphan-street boy, Jung YunHo had leisurely turned to be a very loving possessive, obsessed and more selfish towards the young man, Kim JaeJoong. Maybe Jung YunHo thinks that he is the greatest, powerful man amongst the gangster of the whole world but, well, let just admit that he is nothing – absolutely nothing when it comes to deal with his ‘BabyJae’ because he knows only him – and no one else can own Kim JaeJoong.

Thus, Jung YunHo, vowed to himself, to Kim JaeJoong that; if he finds – ever finds a single scratch, thick nor thin on ‘his life’s’ body, soul or heart, or maybe a single tear shed by his other half, then the one behind the cause will have to deal with the leader Jung. And the only thing comes out when messing with this Jung Yunho, is one; death!


This is first time I'm posting here. ^^


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