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Frozen Heart by Tammy

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Frozen Heart by Tammy

Post by Kyn on 9/30/2009, 7:38 pm

Han Meili, cold and distant...

until she stumbles upon...

Kim JaeJoong, Has a deep secret

I wonder how these two would get along when theyre worlds suddenly collide?

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Re: Frozen Heart by Tammy

Post by Kyn on 9/30/2009, 7:39 pm

The cold wind whistled through the trees making dead leaves fly away into an unknown destination and the clouds hovered throughout the sky darkening the horizon. She stood there very still, listening to the sounds of nature around her, inhaling the oxygen surrounding her body with her eyes closed and her mind wondering into space. “I miss you” she whispered and smoke escaped from her lips. In this life, you can’t always have a happy ending. Everyone has their own struggles in this cold, cruel world, some stays ignorant and some in comprehension. As for Han Meili, it was tough luck. At first, she thought that it would be okay, that she can get over the pain and hardships life has given her, she thought wrong. She was an abused child you see… that was after her biological parents died of course. Mei and her real family did not have all the money in the world, in fact they didn’t have any money at all… any that they could use to bring her dying father to the hospital, let alone pay for the high fees it demands. He passed away, and her mother soon followed. Who’s going to be with her now? Her realization of reality came a little too early at a young age of 8, Mei got sent to a foster home where she had no one, no one to talk to, no one to rely on and no one to look up to. Feeling nothing but anger and sadness in her heart, it grew cold and isolated from the outside world. Until one person intervened and forced his way into her residence and without her realising… he was breaking the ice that plastered her heart with his love.

Her small, cold hands and trembling lips were able to carry on as if nothing has happened.
“Good morning Meili” Kim JaeJoong greeted with a smile carved on his flawless face, Mei walked past his figure not even considering his presence, looking straight ahead at the hallways, he was the last person Meili wanted to meddle with, he was the sort of man that always smiles and optimistic about life. Whilst Mei was the complete opposite. It was not because she was anti social…it was not because she didn’t like him… Mei just keeps on thinking and saying to herself that ‘anyone who comes near her would gain bad luck in their life, just like her family did’ when she hasn’t even tried speaking to him. Everyday would always be the same, he’s happy and she isn’t, he would try to make her happy and he would fail, until that one period of time finally came and Mei reached her limits, little did she know that it would be the best and worst thing that ever happened to her.

“I told you millions of times! Just stay away from me!” Mei bellowed loudly at JaeJoong’s face making him stumble backwards.
“Why?” he asked
“Because… you’ll get bad luck if you do” That was it, the words that came out of Mei’s lips were an unexpected answer from the 18 year old that she is. JaeJoong laughed.
“I don’t think I’ll be getting any MORE bad luck in my life…so don’t worry.”
From then on, the heart that Mei thought was numb proved itself wrong, a fuzzy stream of light shone upon both of them in the darkness. Their conversations became more frequent, their trust grew stronger and their feelings started to deepen. It was –for the very first time- Meili opened up to someone, her first friend, her first lover. He would look at her like she was the most beautiful lady on this planet, being able to feel each other’s body heat was melting her heart little by little, it was as if he was holding onto them warmly…and tightly in his arms.
“I can’t believe how just whispering to you makes me nervous…” JaeJoong sighed; he was going to whisper his deepest and darkest secrets to Meili, something that she wouldn’t be able to take.
“Its fine, you can tell me anything now… I love you remember?” Mei smiled, the only person she could smile to, was JaeJoong and it was making it harder for him to say what he has inside of him. They’ve been together for a year and half now and JaeJoong still failed to mention this one little detail. He was dying. Mei held his cheeks to face hers and pulled him for a warm gentle kiss on the lips, their hearts thumped into each others beat, like melody and harmony. Just then, JaeJoong’s head ached, he rapidly pulled away and held his head firmly. He screamed due to the pain.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Mei’s tears escaped from her lids and made her brown orbs glisten in the light.
“Because you’d get hurt… and I don’t want to see you get hurt…” JaeJoong replied with his voice hoarse, his body was limp on the hospital bed and the colour completely vanished from his face.
“JaeJoong ah, my JaeJoong, until the end of time, I’ll protect you… I’ll take care of you…because I love you.” Meili kept her promise and took care of JaeJoong for as long as she can, until his legs became affected, she would push him to places he wanted to go, when his eyesight was lost, she would describe the scene in the most beautiful way for him. Having the knowledge that yet another loved one was going to be taken away from her, her heart thawed, turning back to the ice that JaeJoong once melted, it felt like she was also dying with him.
“Meili… when I’m gone… I want you to find someone else that can take care of you just like I do, some one that would give time and love for you… just as much as I do…” JaeJoong murmured
“Stop saying that! Just… please JaeJoong…”
“I’m not leaving you… if you promise me that I’ll always stay in your heart.”
“I-If you’re not leaving me…t-th-then why are you saying goodbye?”
“I’m ready Meili… I have no regrets… I can go peacefully… isn’t that good?” tears were pouring out like rain from their eyes and nothing was stopping it, Mei stroked his head that was resting on her lap and cried.
“No, I’m not ready yet! you can’t leave me… please…dear god” No matter how many times Meili prayed, it seemed to her that he wasn’t listening to her pleads, that he was picking on her, taking all her sources of hope.
“I’m so tired Mei… I’m tired…”
“You’re tired?” her lips trembled “Okay JaeJoong…yo-you can rest now…” as much as it pains her to know that he was going to leave sooner or later, she couldn’t take watching him like that anymore.
“I-I Love you Han Meili… I will always love you…” and with those last and truthful words, JaeJoong took his last breaths and walked into the heavens.
“I love you too JaeJoong… I will always—” Mei couldn’t finish off her sentence because of the tears bawling out of her, she held his body so close to hers and screamed the out the pain that stabbed her heart once again, Mei kissed his lips one last time and rocked her lover’s body. Snow started to fall from high above and the wind started to blow. Yet, she could feel a warm presence shielding her… protecting her…
“Come back, save me, I need you… I love you JaeJoong, you’re the only one that can melt the ice around my heart”

The love that she thought was on fire…Landed on ice instead…
Love in the ice



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