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Move On... by Tammy

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Move On... by Tammy Empty Move On... by Tammy

Post by Kyn on 10/14/2009, 4:55 pm

“HONGKI!” she gasped, her arms reached out in front of her limp body and her eyes flew open. The ghastly memories that haunted Lea’s mind replayed back almost every night, even though 2 years have already passed. It was difficult for her to move on…maybe because she didn’t want to let go at all. Lingering in the past, with her heart closed and frozen.

“Oppa, we don’t have to do this.” Lea complained with her eyes focused on the scenery outside her window. HongKi took a quick glance at her and went back to the road.

“Yes, we do. It’s your birthday…and I will not let you spend it alone again. That’s what I’m here for Lea. I love you…” he spoke softly “And we’re going to celebrate it…together” one of HongKi’s hand let go of the wheel and interlaced it with Lea’s. She smiled. For the very first time, she would celebrate her birthday with someone, not just maids or dolls.

“Thank you Oppa, for everything…” she replied and smoothed their twined hands with the other, and then taps on the roof could slightly be heard. It started to rain outside, gradually getting heavier and heavier.

“Crap…” he cursed and turned on the wipers.

“It’s getting dangerous Oppa; it’s raining so hard I can hardly see anything.” Lea advised.

“No it should be fine” HongKi convinced his girlfriend that everything was okay, that nothing was out of control when it was the complete opposite.

Lea flinched when her eyes hit the calendar; it was now only a week left until the day she dreads comes again. Her birthday. Nothing seemed different with Lea’s life; or rather everything was lifeless, just as she was. She was rich… rich beyond belief but she was alone. Her parents never leave anytime for her because of work and the only person she opened her heart to, disappeared. Lea blamed herself for everything, she accused herself to be the main problem and the main cause of his death and she never got over it.

“Here’s your breakfast ma’am” the maid murmured

“Thanks” Lea said coldly and sent the maid away; once again, she was eating on her own. But it was almost growing on her, from the time she spent alone. Lea was used to it.

“Urg. College.” She groaned.

“That’s not a very good way to start the day Lea ssi” a guy commented, she knitted her eyebrows together and turned to see who the intruder of her thoughts was. It was none other than JaeJoong.

“Leave me alone JaeJoong.” She snapped

“Okay…” he put his arms up as if in surrender while eying the ring on her finger. He grabbed her hand and looked at the ring closely.

“Wow… is that real?” he asked but Lea refused to answer and yanked her hand back. No one is to touch the engagement ring.

“What’s wrong? Your fiancée might get angry?” he asked again almost sarcastically.

“Shut up.”

“I don’t care if your engaged… a little disappointed maybe but come on. I think you over reacted a little bit”

“Shut. UP.”

“He’s not here is he? Everyone knows you’re engaged but nobody’s even heard about your husband-to-be. Where is he? I’m beginning to think he’s dead—”

“SHUT UP!” Lea screamed. “That is NONE of your business! Just know when enough is enough okay?!” then her feet ran out of class, the teacher and pupils glared and the scene with an awkward atmosphere. JaeJoong just watched Lea walk away wiping her tears every time she took a step. He spoke to himself ‘Was it something I said?’

Lea ran to the ladies room and locked herself in a cubicle. “HongKi Oppa… I can’t take it anymore…” she wept while spinning the ring on her finger, as if her lover was inside the ring, she talked to it. “Don’t worry… we’ll be together again soon. I promise.”

JaeJoong soon looked for Lea as soon as the lecture ended; he found her sitting alone in a table with a juice box in hand. He walked towards her and landed his food tray on the table. Lea was stunned, rather annoyed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked

“I’m sitting down. Talking to you, and now, I’m going to eat my food.” He replied with the same attitude and tone as before. Lea refused to hear more and got up from her seat somewhat viciously.

“No no no no no… I’m sorry. Sit back down please.” JaeJoong grabbed her wrist and forced her back down, Lea –as much as she wanted to slap the guy- didn’t want to use up her energy and argue back. JaeJoong smiled in victory and kept his eyes focused on her wasted beauty, there was those times where JaeJoong would forget that she has a fiancée and treat her like any normal girl. That was because he had no idea that the ring was nothing more than just a memory.

“Okay! Just to prove to you how sorry I am, I’ll drive you home and pick you up tomorrow morning. Yeah?” JaeJoong offered. Surprisingly, Lea didn’t put up a squabble about it and simply nodded, there was a part of her that is refusing to agree yet another is pushing itself towards JaeJoong. ‘What’s with this guy?’ she thought. Both of them got into Jae’s car and drove off into the motorway, the ride was quiet… too quiet. Lea was just sitting there looking at the horizon.


Lea’s eyes widened as she saw a raindrop hit the windscreen.


The rain started to shower on the area; flashbacks hit Lea’s head once again and gripped her seatbelt tight.

HongKi himself was truly worried as he couldn’t see the road from the heavy rain. A tight turn was ahead and he was not aware of it, when his eyes got alerted it was too late. He stepped on the brakes too fast and too hard…the road was evidently slippery, both of their hearts thumped at a pace of a race horse, Lea screamed grabbing a hold of HongKi’s arm and the screeching of the tyres complimented with it. The car twisted on the narrow road and brutally crashed through a rusted railing and hit a strong well grown tree. Then…


“Lea ssi… are you okay?” JaeJoong worriedly asked

“The rain… be careful… make it stop please” Tears drizzled from her rigid closed eyes and her head bowed down. It worried JaeJoong

“Lea ssi, are you crying?” he asked. As the rain grew stronger, Lea’s cries also grew from small whimpers to a full bawl.

“Make it stop please. Make it stop.” She continued on whispering to herself again and again, trying her best to find comfort. Although, the trauma the incident had on her… it would be difficult.

“Lea ssi… what’s happening. Tell me please. Are-are-are you—”

“Make it stop please… just make it stop…” her soulful cries and as every time one of her warm tears fell, it crushed JaeJoong’s heart. Somehow he felt the need to protect this girl, just as he felt before guiding her from afar but now, the feeling grew stronger.

A few moments later, Lea found her consciousness along with the pain. Her forehead was bleeding and bruises covered her body. Her eyes wondered

“H-H-HongKi… Oppa…” she spoke hoping that the person she dearly loves would hear her, Lea found her lovers body lifeless next to hers, his head rested on the wheel -bleeding- one hand holding Lea’s hand and the other dangled off of his shoulders. Nothing could be heard but the faint drips of rain on the wrecked car, Lea nudged the hand joined with hers and waited for reaction.

“Oppa... Oppa… wake up… wake up please you can’t do this to me… please!!! Wake up Oppa! Please!” her voice was doing no good or progress.

He was gone.

The days went passed quickly and JaeJoong found his way closer to Lea’s heart, learning more and more about her, little by little. He found out how everyone has scars and heavy sighs, prayers and questions that is in need for answers, desperate feelings that needs attachment and broken hearts that needs to be fixed. He now knows about her deceased beloved and the way she is still behind the past’s shadow. It had just turned winter and it had been raining more often than usual, maybe the weather was moving its way thoroughly to the snowy days. As a result, Lea didn’t attend college much and that JaeJoong would bring her notes from time to time. Even though Lea didn’t want to admit it, she was truly worried, worried to death of whether how JaeJoong is doing day by day. Especially with rainy days, she doesn’t want to lose someone again… Someone important to her? Was that it? Was he important to Lea? She sat comfortably on her bed looking out her window, watching every raindrop fall from the dark sky; she twisted the ring on her finger and spoke to it “Oppa, I’m confused. I love you still but…” she then decided to do something astounding, something she never thought she would ever do ever since the incident. Lea walked outside of her mansion without an umbrella in hand or a coat. She walked and walked as far as her feet could take, she was drenched with rain and cold, but the time was enough for her to think thing through her meddled head. Her feet practically collapsed by the Han River Bridge.

“I’m going to call for help. You’ll be okay Oppa I promise” her hands searched for her phone but it was wrecked and crushed inside her bag along with the rest of her essentials, but that didn’t matter now. So she carefully pursued out HongKi’s phone that he always likes to keep in his pocket, however, that was not what she discovered. Lea pulled out a red velvety box from his pocket and opened it only to see a very beautiful engagement ring, tears escaped from her eyes immediately after laying eyes on the shining diamond. She could just imagine him kneeling down in front of her and asking the question “will you marry me?” in the way his eyes would glisten and his smile would take her breath away like always.

“Yes, I will marry you… I love you Oppa.” She whispered and smoothed his tortured bloody face, kissed –the now cold- lips of his, and then she squeezed the ring on her finger while tears flowed from her gleaming orbs. “Why did you leave me now? It’s my birthday… were supposed to celebrate it together”



Lea breathed in the fresh air provided around her, she stepped up the railing and looked up to the sky feeling each cold drops on her serene face.

“Oppa, I’m going to move on… I’ve waited for you. But I’ve been stupid. I’m sure you’re happy wherever you are. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… please forgive me.” Lea’s voice was out casted by the heavy rain, something that she was completely afraid of, yet had the courage to face it. Lea pulled the ring from her finger and held it firmly in her hand, kissed it and threw it hard into the river.

“LEA! NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET AWAY FROM THERE!” JaeJoong’s loud voice boomed through the motorway, he ran as fast as he could to get to her. “Lea!” JaeJoong grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the railing, nothing could come out of Lea mouth so she stayed mute.

“What are you thinking? You really want to go get to him that bad? You’re willing to kill yourself because you’re feeling lonely?! Are you blind? Or you’re just pure numb?! Can’t you see it? I love you!” he explained to her in the pouring rain, he also was getting drenched but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered now except for the feelings flowing from their gestures and words. “If I could be that person, once again, I’d hold your hardened heart tightly in my arms forever. I can promise you that! I—” JaeJoong’s train of thought got disrupted when he saw that the ring was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s your ring?”

“I threw it away.” she answered meekly

“You t-threw it away? But that was precious to you!”

“But like you said before, I should move on… and that’s what I’m doing. Please prove to me, that I’ve made the right choice.”

Then, nothing more should be said, he loved her and she was willing to return it. JaeJoong leaned over her and slowly kissed her lips so passionately; her arms raised and hugged his broad shoulders while he rested his arms on her waist. Lea tried to remember when was the last time this happened to her, but she realized she would not go back the memories that haunted her and stayed for so long. Now, she was starting anew and hoping that JaeJoong would never depart from her, ever again.

The two inseparable lovers spent Lea’s birthday together as the snow fell from the now bright sky.


Move On... by Tammy Mwtuut

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