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1/4th of my heart

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1/4th of my heart

Post by olivia on 9/13/2009, 3:56 pm

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PG-13 due to language



"Hut! 12, 4!" he screamed. I smiled as we walked pass the football team

"That's my brother; Kim Bum; he's the football captain here, ever since he became captain, they haven't lost game; 4 years running this school! he's known as the heart throb here, the one with the smile to "die" for; I think Kim Bum is just whatever" So Eun said as she waved to her brother. I had to admit; her brother was really cute.We continued on walking passing the soccer field

"Kim Junsu, he's the Soccer captain, so far they've only lost one game; that was because Junsu had to sit out for being sick! his innocents is what catches all the girl's hearts; it's said he's got a twin who's studying abroad. Junsu has a killer kick in thisgame!" she said as she smiled. I smiled along with her as I nodded. Kim Junsu; he seems...nice...I guess. We continued on

"Now, my personal favorite; where would we be without B-Ball!? Tae Yang... he's has the body of a god! I mean sheesh! I would kill for a piece of that! he's hot; along with being the captain of the Basketball team. Tae Yang is special though; not only is he cute! he has the brain of the both of us put together!" So Eun said as she held her clutched hands over her heart. I smiled

"Really? I'm an AP student though So Eun" I said pulling her out of her trance

"Really, I pretty sure you have your classes with him; if I'm not mistaken all four of them" she said. All...four?

"Come this way" she said leading me into a cold building

"This, is Onew; also known as Junki...he's the captain of the Hockey team! have they lost? nope; not yet. I don't think they ever will; Onew is the Dongseng of the S.H.G.C, he is completely ADORABLE!" she said

"S.H.G.C?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled

"Seoul High's Greatest Captains; none of these captains have ever lost a game; Junsu's team only lost because he wasn't playing" she explained

"Well, they must all be great friends then" I said as I continued to follow her. She shook her head quickly side to side

"No, no way; S.H.G.C doesn't even talk to each other; unless around teachers; they glare each other down and no of them ever go on the others turf, so behind the teachers backs, they HIGHLY hate each other" she said pointing her finger up.

"Why? Isn't that a bit absurd?" I asked as we made our way out of the hockey arena. She laughed.

"It's not, they have their teams; our school has 5,000 students; you see, they only believe that their sport is the best; because the other teams believe other wise they all begin to hate each other" she said nodding

"Do you talk to any of them besides your brother?" I asked. She seemed to know alot about these boys

"Oh yeah, all of them" she said. I laughed

"Isn't your brother against that though?" I asked. She nodded

"And that's the reason why!" she said just as the bell rang. I smiled

"I'll see you later" she said. I nodded and began walking to class. As I entered I watched as all four boys sat in ever corner away from each other. I was sitting right in Tae Yang's corner. Why are we all so segregated!?

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Re: 1/4th of my heart

Post by daesungvip on 9/13/2009, 4:00 pm

i can't wait for the update !
pm please Very Happy


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Re: 1/4th of my heart

Post by Guest on 9/14/2009, 3:32 pm

This storu sounds like it'll be both very cute and very interesting...the guys kind of remind me of Attack on the Pin-up Boys ^^ Can't wait to see what will happen Very Happy


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Re: 1/4th of my heart

Post by olivia on 9/14/2009, 6:38 pm

Chapter 1

“Your the new girl right?” Tae Yang asked as he smiled at me. I nodded

“I’m Ly Hae Won; your Tae Yang right?” I asked. His smile seemed to only get bigger while his eyes seemed to only get smaller

“Yes, I’m Dong Tae Yang also known as Young Bae but only you can call me that” he replied. I smiled

“Well I’m honored” I replied. He nodded,

“Hae Won” the teacher called sweetly. My head quickly shot up

“Please come up to introduce yourself” she said, I nodded and began towards the head of the class room

“Hello, I am Ly Hae Won, transfer student from Gong Il High School; I have all my classes with you so I hope to become good friends with you all” I said. Everyone smiled but Kim Bum’s smile caught my eye the most.

“Hae Won, please sit by Kim Bum whom’s in that corner over there” she said. I nodded and grabbed my things relocating myself. Sitting down Kim Bum smiled. I was the only girl at my “table”. Kim Bum watched me sit down

“Aren’t you the girl that was with my sister this morning?” he asked arching his eye brows

“Yes, your sister has been my best friend since kindergarten” I replied with a smile. He nodded

“So your the girl she’s always talking about” he said turning his head towards the teacher. I nodded

“Maybe so”.

“Here; these are the notes you’ll be needing” he said pushing his note book towards me. I smiled and thanked him.

“I’m Kim Sang Bum by the way but please call me Kim Bum” he whispered into my ear. I looked up at him just missing his sly smile. I blushed turning a bright red.

“Please explain the next problem Hae Won; 6x+2=38” Mrs. Choi said with a smile.

“A simple two step equation; subtract two by 38 and divide by 6 giving you 6 because 6 multiplyed by 6 is an equal 36” I replied confidently.

“Great Job smarty pants” he whispered. I smiled. Everyone began to clap. As we sat in class taking notes and learning statistics the bell rang. Time for my break! I stood up sliding my chair out

“Hae Won, can I introduce you to someone?” Kim Bum asked me before I got to move my foot one step ahead of me and repeat the process carrying myself out the door. I nodded

“Sure” I replied holding onto my bag. He smiled

“This is my football team, I’m captain” he said almost in a tone where it seemed as though he was trying to impress me.
“Hello, I’m Hae Won” I said, they all kindly replied by stating their names. Afterwards I began walking towards the door only to be pulled back in by someone.

“Hi, I’m Kim-” he began to say

“Kim Junsu, I know; your the soccer team, your team lost a game becuse they played without you” I replied. He smiled

“How did you know?” he asked.

“Because your the best soccer player here” I joked with him. He laughed

“Please call me Xiah” he said. I nodded

“Well then Xiah, I’ll be on my way now; I hope to see you when I return” I said walking out the door,

“Hae Won! what took so long!?” So Eun asked. i laughed

“I was talking to Junsu or as he requested for me to say Xiah” I said smiling. So Eun’s eyes widened

“Seriously!?” she screamed, I nodded not understanding why she was screaming

“Yeah, Tae Yang told me to call him Young Bae and Sang Bum told me to call him Kim Bum which I think everyone already does” I said as I began to crack my knuckles. She completly stopped

“Hae Won, no one has ever called them by their nicknames except for their parents” she said. I laughed

“Impossible” I replied. She shook her head quickly

“Hae Won, I hate to say this but...welcome to the game called love, you are now the captain” she said smiling. I shook my head...

Authors Notes

Well, I'm Happy to have gotten so
many readers for this! I hope you enjoyed this
short chapter smile.gif More to come I promise smile.gif

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Re: 1/4th of my heart

Post by Guest on 9/15/2009, 3:53 pm

Hae Won sure is one lucky girl!!! I can't wait to read more...thanks for the update ^^


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Re: 1/4th of my heart

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