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An Untold Heart

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An Untold Heart Empty An Untold Heart

Post by Guest on 8/5/2009, 4:12 pm

It starts when Kim was only 9 years old. Her parents are fighting in the kitchen and Kim is in her bedroom. She couldn’t take the screaming anymore so she went out into the kitchen and seeing her father drunk and holding onto her mother hair. Kim ran up trying to stop her father, but he just pushed her and she fell on the ground.
“You b****, you slut!” Father

“What are you talking about?” Mother

“You went out with him again, didn’t you?” Father

“What?” Mother “I love you! Why would you think that?”

“Shut up!” Father

He grabbed the kitchen knife and stabbed her mother twice in the stomach and in the heart.

“Mom!!!!” Kim

Kim saw her mother in a pool of blood. Her father quickly got and ran out with Kim screaming. He drove until they reached an orphanage and he let her out saying that he’ll come back. A year past and she never saw her father come back and she was adopted by a woman with no husband. From that day forward she hated her father and men. She hated guys that thought that women can’t do what men do and she proves them wrong.

When she 13 and she was walking down the hall at school and one of the boys grabbed her butt and guess what she did. She turned around and broke the arm he used to grab her butt. Everyone got scared of her and knew never to mess with her or else. She still made friends and her closest one was Tillian. Tillian knew about the whole thing about her hating guys and knows that she’s not gay.

In high school of course the rumor spread and now college again everyone was scared. She made everyone scared of her, but deep inside she’s a good person who cares about people and especially kids. The anger creates a shell to cover her up so no one can hurt her again.

There was a new kid at school and his name was Junsu. Junsu was not a regular guy. Some how he gets along with everyone. He’s a very kind hearted guy. He always thinks that everyone is a good person in their own ways. He trust people a lot and likes to give them second chances. He’s a bit of a push over though. Everyone thinks that he crazy. But he says that’s who he is or at least that’s what he tells them.

During a class one of Kim’s friends thought that it would be fun to make Junsu do what ever she wants him to do. At first Kim didn’t really want to do it, but then she thought about her father and agreed to it. They walked up to him during break, acting all innocent and asked

“ Can you please go throw this away for me?”

“Sure.” Junsu. He started walking to the trash can and throwing away the wrapper

“Wow, this is going to be easy.” Kim saying to one of her friends

“Ohhh, Thank you very, very much.” Kim

“Do I owe you something?” Kim

“Oh, no.” Junsu

“It’s okay because at least you’re not littering.” Junsu

“That is sooo cool.” Kim

“Thank you.” Kim

“You’re welcome.” Junsu

“Bye.” Kim giving him a smile and waving

In class Kim finds out that she has a class with Junsu. He saw her too and went straight to her so he can sit next to her.

“Oh my gosh.” Kim whispered to herself

“Hi!” Junsu

“Hi.” Kim then she turned away

“I don’t think I introduced myself yet, I’m Junsu.” Junsu

“I’m Kim.” Kim

“Kim, that’s a great name.” Junsu

“Thanks.” Kim

The teacher enters the room, everyone stands up

“Good morning.” the students

“Good morning.” teacher

“As you all can see we have a new student in the class room.” teacher

“Come on up Junsu!” teacher

Junsu came up with a dorky, but big and adorable smile and he talked about himself. Kim wasn’t paying attention to anything he said. When he was finished everyone clapped for him including Kim, but a slow clap and she rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Junsu find an empty seat okay.” teacher.

Junsu quickly nodded and found an empty seat in front of Kim.

“Crap.” Kim whispered

“I remember me?” Junsu

“Yeah, you the one who threw my wrapper away.” Kim saying with a fake smile

“Hey, I forgot to ask what’s name?” Junsu

‘Didn’t we just have this conversation.’ Kim thought ‘Oh, whatever’

“It’s Kim.” Kim with another fake smile

“Nice to meet you!” Junsu

“Same here.” Kim said in an annoyed tone.

Junsu turned around and listened to the teacher.

After that class it was lunch. Kim and her crew went to the spot that they’d go everyday when it was lunch, but someone was there. You guessed it, it was Junsu and a little friend.

“Hey, don’t you know that Kim is bad news.” Jenny

“It doesn’t seem like it to me.”Junsu

“Well, trust me on this one.” Jenny just when Kim came up to him

“Hey, who told you guys to come and sit here!” Kim

“Hi, Kim” Junsu

“Looks like our little Junsu made a little girl friend.” Kim said sarcastically

“Don’t give me a ‘Hi Kim’ now go away or else!” Kim

“But...but” Junsu

“Let’s just go.” Jenny

Junsu and Jenny got up and left and went to a new table.

“Why is she like that?” Junsu

“Like what?” Jenny

“A couple of hours ago, she was so nice and polite to me.” Junsu

“Yeah that’s what happens to lots of guys around here and it’s only because of how she looks. She’s a really good actress I mean she can do a lot of things.” Jenny

“Oh...” Junsu

“Don’t worry, at least your not the last one that she’s going to do it to.” Jenny

“Yeah, I kinda figure, but why does she do this?” Junsu

“No one knows, but all I and everyone eles know is that she has a reputation.”Jenny

“All I can tell you is stay away from her if you still want your arm.” Jenny got up and left

“My arm?” Junsu curiously thought
©️ Copyright lov3_bit3s


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An Untold Heart Empty Re: An Untold Heart

Post by Guest on 8/5/2009, 4:13 pm

Chapter 2
When Kim got home, there were three guys that were collecting money from her mother (adopted). Kim rushed to her mother and pushed one of the guys that was in front of her mom. She grabbed her mother’s arm and pulled her up.

“What the hell do you guys want?!” Kim yelled with a glare.

“Wow, you’ve grown up to be a pretty little thing, haven’t you?” the leader said stroking Kim’s light colored cheek. Kim quickly slapped his hand away.

“I’m Yunho.” the man that was talking

“Well, seems like your mom owe us some money she gambled.” the leader

“Mom? Is this true?You said you wouldn’t do it again.” Kim looked at her mom curiously
Her mom looked down not wanting to look into her daughter’s eyes.

“Fine, how much is some?” Kim turned back to the leader

“Hmmm....about $500,000.” Yunho

“What?! You’re lying! She probably didn’t use that much money!” Kim

“Your right, but she didn’t read the fine print.” Yunho pulled out a piece of paper.

“PLUS INTEREST?!?!?!” Kim’s eyes opened wide while reading it.

“Yep.” was all Yunho said.

“We don’t have that kind of money!” Kim

“Well, if you don’t have the money then we can always have a substitution.” Yunho giving a devilish smile to Kim. Kim gave him a disgusted look.

“And what might that be?” Kim

“Well, you can work for me and you would have to do anything I want for a week or so.” Yunho with that smile still on his face.

“No!” Kim and her mom protested

“Well, let’s not make a decision so fast now.” “I’ll give you 5 days to make your final decision.” Yunho

“But!” Kim said, but Yunho and the other men already left.

“Mom, why?” Kim asked holding her mom while she cried

After a few minutes Kim said “Don’t worry mom I’ll do something to helps us out of this.”

“No, Kim! You’re not going to do the job.” her mom

“I know, I’m not.” Kim

“What are going to do then?” her mom

“I don’t know yet.” Kim went to her room leaving her mother all alone.

When she got into her room she cried quietly in the silence. She was so confused on what to do because she knows she doesn’t want to do the job Yunho wanted.

She went back to school the next day trying to forget everything that happened yesterday. She quickly went to her first class with out letting anyone see her. By the time the bell rang everyone was in the class including one of her crew member (Tillian) Til. They became friends because Til’s mom was in trouble with money and Kim’s mom decided to help out. So then on they were close and she knew why Kim doesn’t like guys.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Til nudged Kim

“Nothin” Kim

“Nope, something’s definitely wrong. I can see it on your face and plus you didn’t meet at our regular spot.” Til

“Shhhhh!” the teacher

After class Kim tried to avoid everyone as much as possible because she just doesn’t want to let anyone know yet or know at all. During lunch Kim was trying not to make eye contact with anyone, but she ran into Junsu and caused his food to smash onto his shirt and a little on her shirt.

“ WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!”

Everyone turned to their direction then their eyes looked like they popped out of their sockets because the one that was shouting wasn’t Kim, but.................. Junsu.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re going?!?!?!” Junsu continued yelling at the surprised and frozen Kim.

While Junsu continued with his rampage Kim noticed that he was different today and not just personality wise, but also physically. He wore dark jeans that weren’t so tight and weren’t so loose. His shirt was a loose white shirt with black designs that’s now covered in what use to be his lunch. His hair wasn’t the cute mushroom cut like yesterday, but was styled very nicely with a few spikes on the side. She found him quite attractive and that’s when she snapped back to reality.

“Why the heck are you yelling?!?!?!?” Kim shouted back to him.

Junsu paused and glared at her.

“You’re asking me why I’m yelling? I’m yelling because you and your clumsy feet ran into me ruining my expensive clothes!” Junsu explained.

‘What the freak is going on?’ Kim questioned herself about the new kid and so was everybody else.

“Arghhh, the sauce is leaking through,” Junsu looking at his shirt and pulling it slightly so the sauce wouldn’t leak onto his stomach.

“You owe me clothes plus interest.” Junsu said with a snotty attitude.

‘Plus interest’ made Kim think of what happened yesterday then she gave him a ‘whatever’ look and started walking away.

“Wait!” Junsu shouted and grabbed one of Kim’s shoulder.

Everyone watching then gasped and Junsu gave them a weird, but questioning look. Just as Junsu’s attention was somewhere else Kim swiftly grabbed Junsu’s hands and twisted them behind him like cops. She didn’t break them because she didn’t feel it was worth it and he didn’t exactly do anything to her yet.

“You know, pretty boys like you shouldn’t mess with me or else you won’t be so pretty anymore.” Kim whispered while smirking.

“Who said I won’t be pretty anymore?” Junsu said back to her.

Kim furrowed her eyebrows at what he said just then he grabbed her risks and did exactly what she just did to him and that began their little fight. All the while the other students were whispering back and forth who they thought was going to win. Their little fight lasted about 5 minutes until one of the school staff came and broke of their fight then sent them to the office.

By the time they got in the waiting room both Kim and Junsu’s shirt were covered in what was Junsu’s lunch. Oops, forgot to mention Kim was wearing a yellow shirt so she was also covered in his lunch as well. In the waiting hall they sat. Kim was use to this because it happened multiple times before and she was sure Junsu’s wondering what he’s going to do to not be in trouble on his second day of school. Kim had sat directly in front of Junsu not on purpose, but to separate their contact with each other. Kim got tired of staring at the bland colored floor and slowly starting to lift head so that Junsu wouldn’t notice her and think that she wanted to look at him even though she was some what.

‘Why is he so different today? He was weirdly nice yesterday and had this dorky smile and today he turned into an arrogant guy with glaring eyes. He probably showed his true colors today. What a jerk.’ Kim thought while analyzing him with an intense gaze. ‘Hm? Why is he staring so intensely at the ground?’ Kim thought when she followed where his eyes were directed.

“Why the hell are you staring at me?” Junsu said when he knew Kim was questioning him and had her guard down.

“Am I that irresistible to look at?” He raised his gaze to her eyes and added a smirk.

‘His smirk is so different from his smile from yesterday, but yet still held an innocent quality to it.’ Kim thought as she watched him just stare at her.

“Huh, don’t be so arrogant just because you changed your hair and clothes,” Kim said back with a disgusted face
“and if you haven’t noticed you’re still covered in whatever you were going to eat.”

“So are you.” Junsu said still giving the devilish yet innocent smirk

Kim was so caught up in the fight that she didn’t noticed that she was in fact covered with his lunch. The weird thing that she noticed was that when she looked at his shirt stain and back at her’s they were the exact replication of one another although her’s was a bit higher because she’s a petite 5'2".

‘Why does our stain look like we just hugged,’ Kim thought

‘it doesn’t even look like we were in a fight.’

Just as Kim was turning her head to look back at Junsu she noticed his attention was at something else. She knew it was something on her, but didn’t know what. She then followed his eyes to her stained chest. Her eyes grew wide in disgust.

“YAH!!!” she yelled then got a pen from the counter she sat behind from and flicked it to his forehead.

“Why the f*** are you looking at my chest you stupid perv?!?” Kim yelled

“Ow....I just looked cause there seems to be nothing there.” Junsu said rubbing his now red forehead.

Actually she does have something there. She’s a 32C. She just doesn’t want the attention and doesn’t like it when they moved too much when she fights. So she wraps her chest and wears a sports bra.

“YOU J-” Kim stood up and started to say.

“The head of school will see you first Junsu.” The staff member came in to say.

The staff member led Junsu through the hall then noticed the red mark on his head.

“What happened to your forehead?” she ask tenderly

“Oh, just a little hate/ love fight.” Junsu chuckled
©️ Copyright lov3_bit3s


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An Untold Heart Empty Re: An Untold Heart

Post by Guest on 8/6/2009, 1:35 pm

This is really interesting, I love how Junsu tries to act all mean ^^ I'm sure Kim will fall for him eventually. Updat soon!! Very Happy


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An Untold Heart Empty Re: An Untold Heart

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