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Could you fall in love with your enemy?

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Could you fall in love with your enemy? Empty Could you fall in love with your enemy?

Post by yurayang on 7/16/2009, 10:09 am

Could you fall in love with your enemy? Cyfilwye

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Could you fall in love with your enemy? Empty Could you fall in love with your enemy?

Post by yurayang on 7/29/2009, 4:15 pm

Could you fall in love with your enemy? Could you? Would you? I met a guy name
Kim TaeBin at my first day of school, first impression was disaster, but what could get worse??Enemy fights, hate, and bully but worse enemy...could fall in love..


I slip my left hand out under the warm blanket and turn off my irritating alarm clock. I wonder why umma brought me such an irritating ass alarm. I lazily toss off my blanket and like a shock, a rush of cool morning air wraps around my body.

I got off the bed and begin my morning stretches. After ten minutes, I look into the mirror, “Aw man, I need to stop eating so much junk! Look at all these fats.” I gently patted my stomach. “Oh well, foods is my best friend!” I skip happily over to my closet and pull out my uniform.

Oh I almost forgot, I'm so sorry. My name is Park Jae In, 18 years old. I'm the only child so yeah, I'm so lucky huh, although I want a younger sibling. My appearence is that I have long silky brown hair, nice nose, big eyes, full lips and an enviable body. We're not too rich and we're not too poor, we're average. I've never had my first kiss, hahahaha I'm so luckkkkkyyyy huh. (that was very random talking about not having a first kiss)

Well I just transfer to Seoul High, today is my first day. My both best cousin going to come and pick me up since we go to the same school.

I ran down stairs to eat breakfast. "Morning Jae In, you look a little tired. Did you sleep well honey?" Umma question me while still making the eggs and the toast. "Yeah umma, just stay a little bit late yesterday." I was still chewing on my eggs, and drinking my juice.


"Jae In could you get the door maybe that's Sunbae and Soojin here to pick you up." Umma said.

"Nae umma"
I got off my chair and walk toward the door

*door open*

"Hey JaeIn long time no see, come on. Are you ready to go to school?" Sunbae and Soojin my both cousin standing infront of me, with a really big smile on their face.

Me, Sunbae, and Soojin are the same age. Sunbae is taken by Lee Jung hoon, and Soojin she have a big crush on Lee Joo Hwan. How do i knoe these stuff?? Well since we're bestfriend then we tell eachother stuff. But for me I'm such a loner.......

"Yeah I'm ready, well wait okay?" i went to the living room while Sunbae and Soojin wait outside, "Umma I'm off to school tell appa that too okay!!" I yell across the room and got my backpack, from the living room sofa.

"Have a nice day then" Umma said it from the kitchen

I ran out the door and went to school with Sunbae, and Soojin.

While we were walking down the street Sunbae ask me a question out of nowhere

"Hey Jae In, did you know that at our school my boyfriend is one of the hottest guy?"
Sunbae ah your so weird sometime you know that

"umm no why?"
*Sigh* Looking at Soojin just texting in her cellphone, but I wonder who is she texting to?

"You wanna know who is the kingka in our school?"
Looks like she's gonna tell me most I mean all of the Info about those kingke kingta people huh??

"uhh suuurrreeee.........i guess? -_-^"
I didn't know what to say or whatsoever so yeah......

"Well let's start from bottom to top okies!! ^-^"
okaayy i think she's weird, I might as well as act like I don't know her when we're at school..................................................................................................................
No that's too mean...hmm i wonder who is Soojin texting? I wonder how she do that while walking? Maybe she might be use to it, hmm maybe

"Well one is Kim Min Sung, he smokes those cancer sticks of course. And another one is Lee Joo Hwan, he's the one that Soojin likes plus she's texting him right now. And of course my boyfriend Lee Jung Hoon how could I ever forget him omigosh, he's so cute. The three i said was the kingka's bestfriend. Finally the
kingka's is Kim Ta-"

WTF dang Soojin fell wow hahahaha how funny, but dang her cellphone it fell on the street and shatter into pieces. Wow I feel bad for her, that her cellphone
broke. HAH i guess it's her new one too.

"Yah Soojin ah, are you okay?"
She was crying because her cellphone broke, I'll feel so sad if my phone broke.

Soojin was crying damn, what am i suppose to do huh?

"It's okay Soojin, me and Sunbae will help you buy another phone okay?"
oh crap, wth did i just say? oh shiet wth wth

"really Jae In, you'll do that for me? Thanks Jae In and Sunbae you guys are the best!!! ^-^"
*sigh* oh well at least it made her happy

"Yah let's get to school we only have 10 mins to get there!! Hey let's race"
Sunbae yelled and then dashed off, *finger snap* just like that leaving me and Soojin alone. Although she was not injured i think?

"uhh Soojin are you hurt?"
I asked while looking at her knee if she have any cut

"No, it's just that my foot hurts"
I could see her expression in pain

I kneel down and look at it

Then she just ran off *finger snap* just like Sunbae did
ughh I'm going to kill you two, I can't believe she lied to me.


When I got to school, i went and got my schedule from a nice ajumma from the office,
then I bump into someone


"Fcuk! watch where your going b*tch!!! don't chu have eyes?"
damn this guy was yelling at me like CRAZY, wth is wrong with him forreal. He need to go to those classes that they teach you how to control your temper.

"One I'm not a b*tch, second I do have eyes unlike you putting your freakin head down
like a monster and shiet, psh maybe you don't use them, what you talkin about? huh?"
I shot back a him, gosh what a conceited bastard he is.

"What did you say? did you just say that I don't use my eyes?"
He was raising his voice at me

"Yeah what if I did, what are you going to do about huh?"
I was raising my voice at him too, then I notice that all the girls around us was glaring at me

gosh it wtf people have staring problem, FORREAL TOO MAN

"Yah Jae In wh-what are y-you doing? come on let's go"
I feel someone tugging on my sleeves and look and it was Sunbae..

Why is she stuttering??

"I'm just teaching this guy a lesson for being a conceited bastard why?"
gosh when I'm mad, people scared of me especially Soojin, I don't know why but yeap.

"Do you know who I am?"
That bastard start talking again.

"Why should I know a conceited bastard like you huh? go to h*ll"
and then i stick up the middle finger to him, then everyone gasp......omg have you guys ever ever ever seen a middle finger before?

"Oppa beat the shiet out of her!!" One girl from the crowd yelled and every girl there start yelling 'beat the shiet outta her'.
Psh like I'm scared of you, In Your Dream

Okay I'll have to admit when I'm mad or Angry, wait isn't it the same thing?? oh who care, yeah my good personality turn really ugly..
Well you could say that it's just really ugly, no it's not uglier than a horse, or is it??? IDK

[TaeBin POV]

I came close to her and said, “Apologise.”

“Are you crazy?” she replied in almost a whisper, then she leaned in close to my face, “NO!”

She was staring at me fiercely. I’m seriously enjoying this. I swiftly put my right arm around her waist and pulled her in close to me, my lips almost touching hers.

She looked both shocked and scared now. It had worked, I intimidated her.

“Say sorry”, I whispered, “or else I’m just gonna have to get even with a…”

I leaned in closer to her lips. I’m not going to kiss her, but teasing her seems fun. I was a millimetre away from her lips and she still didn’t apologise.


The bell rang. She seized the chance to kick my shin and ran off, her cousin Sunbae ran off with her.

When I stood up again, Min Sung nudged me.

“You almost had her.”

I smirked.


authors note: so what did you think??

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Could you fall in love with your enemy? Empty Re: Could you fall in love with your enemy?

Post by Kyn on 8/12/2009, 1:19 pm

In the future please post the next update/chapter as a reply to the original thread, do not create a new thread for a new chapter.

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Could you fall in love with your enemy? Mwtuut

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Could you fall in love with your enemy? Empty Re: Could you fall in love with your enemy?

Post by yurayang on 8/12/2009, 2:55 pm


Talk about save by the bell. Omg. I can’t believe he did that! He almost…almost… k-d me!! Yuk, I thought as I wiped my lips even though he didn’t touch them. Although I can’t help noticing that my heart was beating really fast when he almost kissed me, and his voice was deep and nice too…

"Yah Jae In I told you that we should go, now your in big big trouble. You know last time when he got into an argument
with this one girl we never seen her again, they said that they last seen her with him"
FCUK!! wtf, shiet that's hella scary.

The mathematics teacher came in and saw me standing readily at his desk whilst everyone else hurried to take their seats. I bowed to him and he nodded his head. He put his folder on the front table and faced everyone with hands on his hips.

“Good morning Mr.Jung”, they all said in unison.

“This is a new student. You will all welcome her into this school and treat her kindly. Understood?” he ordered.

That’s right- ordered. He didn’t even say ‘I hope you would welcome her’. This is one demanding teacher.

“Introduce yourself.”

I didn’t know what to say to that so I just slightly bent my head and nodded. I faced the front.

“I’m Park JaeIn and I’d like to get to know you all.”

Everybody clapped.

“Sit there”, Mr. Jung said, pointing to a single seat in the middle of the classroom.

Great. Perfect spot for all to look at me like I’m Godzilla.


*Sigh* when is this class going to be over?

*dazing off*
5 min

10 min

15 min

*still dazing off*

Ughh it feels like forever already

30 min

45 min

*snap of dreamland already*

just 5 mins to go, hang in there Jae In


first hour is done, hah I'm so happy!!!!

just 3 more class to go, until lunch keke. I'm so happy

"Hey why were you looking at the clock the whole first hour?"
Sunbae came over and ask me

"*sigh* I just feel so bored" I told her while still twirling my pen around and around

"You know that alot of people is gossiping about you?" Sunbae ask me with curious eyes

"No, why because of the freakin argument today I have with that 'so-called-wannabe-kingka'?" I ask and a girl slam the door and came in with a bunch of other girls behind her back

She came toward me and grab my colar, "Don't forget that your just a new student, don't fcukin mess with my oppa okay?"

"hmph, what if I did, what are you going to do about?" I gave her a smirk, and she scream at me

"Meet me behind the school, when school's over!!!" After that she just walk away, *sigh* I guess that first day of school, I'm going to get into a fight *sigh*.

When she left the room, whisper fill the air. Gosh I knew this was going to happen.
Then Sunbae came over and said in a worried tone, "Yah, your in deep shiet forreal this time."

"*sigh* oh well, I'll just meet them after school," I said that while still twirling my pen. I know that Sunbae care for me but oh well, I don't want to drag her
into this shiet, since I don't think she knows how to fight too.

Oh I forgot, I'm a black belt in Kumdo, Judo, Taekwon Do, Taek Kyun, Koong Sool, Ho Shin Sool, Bok Shing Deung so nobody messes with me, hahahahahahaha it's so fun though


Lunchtime came and the SunBae came and linked her arm in mine, pulling me to the cafeteria. I was looking forward to this.

The cafeteria was big and all glass and is located upstairs. It was already mostly full.

"Come on, JaeIn why are you so slow?" SunBae said while still walking.

We got our food and went to sit on a table, I saw that TaeBin was looking at my way. Gosh what a jerk he is.

He came toward our table and sit down next to Soojin which she moved one seat over. Which that seat he's sitting next to is right across from me.

SunBae took Soojin arm and they went to the table that TaeBin came. I saw that SunBae was flirting with her boyfriend and Soojin was just sitting there
staring at JooHwan.

"Yah, what's your name?" TaeBin ask me while eating a apple, and looking at it.

"None of your business," with that I threw away my tray and walk away.

But a hand came and grab my wrist. I turn around and stood there TaeBin.

"Yah, nobody ignored me before." He said

"Does it look like I care? No I don't." I said, and ran out the lunch room and went outside for some fresh air.

I saw an bench and went sit down.

*Sigh* first day of school and I got in some shiet already. How bad can it get?

"Yah, why are you out here?" I turn back and saw that it was Min Sung

"Oh nothing, it's just that I want to take some fresh air." I look at him. Dang he is FINE. Nice jaw line, cute nose, and messy hair, shiet this guy is really FIONE!

"I'm sorry about TaeBin this morning." What why is he saying sorry? he didn't even do anything

"You didn't do anything, so you shouldn't be sorry." I replied.

"You know that he's going through some hard time right now," he told me. "His girl just dump him because she love another guy. Gosh what a b1tch"

What do I need to know that? just 24 more minutes until class starts again.

"You know you look alot like TaeBin ex-girlfriend," he told me "your face well close enough, and how you act toward him."

"What about my act toward him?" I asked Min Sung

"Well when she first met him, she act like what you did to TaeBin. That's how he feel in love with her."

******AFTER SCHOOL*******

"Yah, Jae In are you really going?" Sunbae and Soojin ask me curiously, while having a worried expression. We were outside the school, kinda near the school gate. Then I replied back.

"Of course, why wouldn't I? Well since they want a fight then okay then." I told them while I look around and saw Taebin with
some guys leaning on the school gate. Then he turn and look at me. I turn back to Sunbae and Soojin and went behind the school, well since I know where the school
gate was because, of course I asked Sunbae...hahahaha

When I got there, those b*tches were holding to some kind of weapon (like metal pipe and sticks, i don't know but one was holding onto a book. Isn't that stupid holding onto a book while there are going to
be a fight!)

"Yah, Yeonji let's beat the shiet outta her!!!" the girl that was holding onto the book said it, I don't get the point of fighting and holding onto a book. Okay so that b1tch that was going to beat the crap
outta me, her name was Yeonji.

They all ran toward me and I threw my backpacks on the floor







PUK PUK!!!!!
(yes... that's the sound of all the punching/kicking/etc. )

Then they are all on the floor, ahahaha who told you to mess with me. Then I heard someone talking, I kinda eavesdrop on them and I heard,

"Shiet she's hella good, Taebin. She's kinda cute too" A guy was talking to Taebin I know that. Were they following me? Maybe, what a stalker

I start walking and they saw me, Taebin was looking at me. And I gave him and the other guys a 'what-the-hell-are-you-looking-at' look.

I saw Sunbae and Soojin with them too. The guy next to her might be her boyfriend, hmmm but I wonder why are they still doing here?

"Yah Sunbae ah, why are you and Soojin still here?" I was kinda yelling you could say that.

"Jae In ah, don't yell at us, we were waiting for you duhh, of course" Sunbae was smiling at me hmm, maybe they saw me beating the shiet outta those girl

"Why were you waiting for me?" I ask curiously, maybe she think I might not get home SAFE.........hmm maybe, since there are some stalker here
(eyes looking at Taebin)

"Gosh, quit looking at me it's rude!" Taebin was yelling, shiet he look mad and yet somehow sad too.

"freakin jerk" I mumbled under my breath

"OPPA!!!" We all heard and turn around and saw someone running toward us. *eyes squiting* Shiet isn't that the b1tch that I just beat up, what is she doing here. Plus who the h3ll is she calling 'OPPA'?

"OPPA, look what that b1tch done to me" LMFAO. Girl you deserve it, for messing with me in the first place to.

"Yah, Sunbae, Soojin Imma heading home now okies. Buh-bye." I took three steps, then I feel someone grab on my wrist. I turn around and saw Taebin.

"Wtf, let go of me!!" I freakin yell at him, psh who does he think he is? huh?

"I need to ask you something.......that.....that is very important....." why does he sound so sad at the moment??

"What then??? huh? spill it out" wth why do I sound so mean?? should I talk in this kind of tone at this time?? Well yeah I should be a little more gentle at my tone of voice forreal.

"Could we go and talk somewhere else alone?" yep he still sound sad, yet makes me want to comfort him..WHAT THE H3LL AM I THINKING


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Could you fall in love with your enemy? Empty Re: Could you fall in love with your enemy?

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