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Unexpected (from love you, love me one shots)

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Unexpected (from love you, love me one shots) Empty Unexpected (from love you, love me one shots)

Post by kiyomu-chii on 6/13/2009, 2:40 am

Hi, people!!!! Here’s the first one shot…. Hope yah like it!:

Three more minutes…

‘C’mon, I wanna go home….’ Shim Naomi thought as she blankly stared at her teacher. She’s been blabbing about waves and sounds and things that she doesn’t even want to think about ‘cuz she badly wanna go home and sleep.


“Ah, finally!!!!!” She said aloud. Everybody looked at her. The teacher looked at her, disturbed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just got excited!! Don’t mind me. Look somewhere else and never look at me again.” She said as she laughed. Some of her classmates laughed with her.

“Yah, Naomi, wanna go grab some desserts? I’ve been craving for strawberries and I don’t know why!!!” Kim Eun Sai, Naomi’s bestfriend, said as she walked up to her.

“Maybe you’re pregnant!!!! Oh mi gosh! I didn’t know that you wanna have a k---“ she was cut off.

“Aish! That’s impossible! Why would I get pregnant anyway?!?!?”

“I don’t know, maybe you’re doing things at night that’s why when I call you, your mom always says that you’re doing somethin’ or whatever excuses you’ve got under your sleeves.” Naomi pouted.

“Aish, stop the drama and let’s go buy strawberries, hm?” Eun Sai grabbed her hand and dragged her outside.

Outside, they saw people gathered inside the gym.

“What’s up? What’s the commotion about?” Naomi asked.


“Ah!” She clapped her hands. “Maybe I’m getting popular and I didn’t know and that these people want to ask me for an autograph.”

Eun Sai hit her head.

“Owwie, what’s that for?!?!”

“For your crazy theories.”

“Why don’t you just play along and be the best friend of mine that you are.” She patted Eun Sai’s head.

“Hey, I’m not a dog!!!!”

“NAOMI-AH!!!!!!!!!!” Another voice said from afar.

Naomi looked around and saw her friend, Ae Sok running towards them.

“Hey, Ae Sok, what’s up?”

“Oh, silly Naomi, don’t tell me you forgot?!?!”

“Forgot what?”

“The table tennis players from KS High are here to practice!!!!”

“Oh…. OH YEAH! How could I forget!?!?! Darn! I badly wanna watch them practice.”

Suddenly, something grumbled.

“Oh, my stomach’s seeking attention already.” Eun Sai blushed. “I’ll buy my red strawberries while you guys go to the gym to watch them ‘kay?”

Ae Sok and Naomi both nodded their heads.

“Finally, time to go boy hunting!” Ae Sok excitedly said.

They went their separate ways.

<> (Do you people know Tennis no Ouji-sama or The Prince of Tennis?!?! I keep on imagining the scenes in that anime because it’s tennis and in this scene is table tennis….)

The practice was starting when they got inside.

“It’s starting…” Naomi said.


When they finally got to an area with a good view, Naomi saw looked around to see what’s been happening. She saw a guy around the age of 16-18 and man, he’s sooo handsome.

‘Darn, who’s that guy!?!?’ she thought as she tried to keep a straight face, not showing her fascination. ‘He looks so cute and so serious and… and man, look at those arms, those muscles and he looks sexy with those sweat on his face and—‘

“Hey guys, want some?” Eun Sai was suddenly beside her and offering her starwberries.

“Gimme! Gimme!” Ae Sok took some and ate it.

“No, thanks.” Naomi answered. ‘Damn, that interrupted my thoughts.’

“Wow, you’re not getting any?! Are you sure you’re Naomi!?!?!?”

“’Course it’s me!” She was about to say something else but closed her mouth when Ae Sok started to speak.

“Isn’t that one with the purple shorts named Kim Kibum?”

“Oh, yeah, the one nicknamed ‘Key’?” Eun Sai answered.

‘Key?! His name is Key?’ Naomi thought.

“I heard they’re gonna transfer here and for two weeks.”

“Oh… What for?” Naomi asked.

“Because the principal said that the school needs some hotties in our school so she offered that those guys get transferred to our school even just for two weeks so that the girls here will be able to experience some heavenly goodness.”

“That’s weird!”

“I know!”

“Don’t believe her, Naomi-ah. She’s telling lies again!”

“What?” Ae Sok asked innocently.

“It’s impossible for a principal to have that kind of reasoning!!!”

“But it’s the only possible reason!”

“Well, whatever the reason is, I could care less. Besides, that one’s cute!!!!” Eun Sai pointed to Key’s opponent.


They continued watching the practice and Naomi continued staring at Key.

Suddenly, Key looked at their direction and met Naomi’s eyes.

She looked away to hide her blush.


Naomi was watching the practice and once again, it’s Key’s time to practice.

Some girls around squealed.

‘Wow, he’s famous already!’

In the middle of the game, Key hit the ball, gave a quick look at her direction and winked before looking back at his opponent.

‘Ohmigosh!!!! He winked at me!!! I think I’m gonna die!!!!’ She blushed faintly.

“OHMIGOSH!!!! HE WINKED AT ME!!!! I THINK I’M GONNA DIE!!!!” A girl beside her screamed.

Naomi raised one of her eyebrows. She looked at the girl beside her. It was Demi.


Naomi kept quiet. ‘I thought I was the one being winked at. Oh well…. What do I expect? I’m not pretty like Demi.’

She continued watching but she just couldn’t take it anymore!!!!

“Hey, what’s up?” Eun Sai said, stepping beside her.

She looked at her friend. “Nothing. I was just gonna buy more food because I’m hungry.”

~~~~Naomi’s POV~~~

He winked at her! He winked at her!!!!

How come, how come, how come?!?!?!?

Well, duh, she’s pretty and I heard she confessed to him yesterday.

*sigh* I wanna confess, too! So he’ll wink at me, too!!!!!


~~~End of POV~~~



Knock, knock!

“Oppa?” Naomi called to her brother, Changmin.

“Hm?” He answered from the inside.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure, sure.”

Inside, Changmin was writing something on a notebook.

“Aish, honestly, do you always study!?!?!”

“Hmmm…. Yes, if you call this studying.” He lifted up the notebook and showed her doodles and sketches.

“Oh, figures.”

“So what brought my cute, little sister here?”

“I just wanna lie on your blue bed.” She lied on her brother’s big blue bed.

“You have your own bed, go lie on your own bed.” He said, teasing her.

She got up. “But it’s pink!!!!!” She pouted.

“So? What’s the issue?!?!”

“I want to lie on a BLUE bed!!!”

“Aish, alright and do whatever you want.”


“Uhmm…. Oppa?”


“Nothing!” She laughed.

“Changmin oppa?”


She shook her head. :”I just missed you!!!! I love yah, oppa!!!” She laughed.

“Yeah, right.”

“Changmin?” He didn’t answer. “Changmin, Changmin, Changmin!!!!!!”

“What is it?????”

She hesitated.

“Nothing…….It’s just that…” She hesitated once more. ‘Oppa, I don’t know how to say this, but I think I’m in love!!!!’ No, she couldn’t possibly have the courage to say that to anyone but herself. “Nothing!” She smiled.

“Aish! Honestly Naomi, what’s up with you!??! You’re freakishly happy today.”

‘Happy?!?! I’m miserable!!!!!’ She thought.

“And you’re being a disrespectful little girl again, calling your elder brother just by his name.”

“No, I’m not a disrespectful girl!!!! It’s just that….. that I’m having a ‘don’t-respect-my-brother-and-not-call-him-oppa day!!!”


“Oppa? I want pizza.”

“Fine.” He dialed a number and ordered pizza. When he looked at his sister, she’s already sleeping. He smiled and put a blanket on her.

Everyday, Naomi would watch Key practice and for a while, she’s happy but soon, after the practice, she’s depressed for she badly wanted to confess to him everyday but she’s afraid of rejection and she doesn’t have the courage.

Everyday, Naomi wanted to tell Eun Sai or Ae Sok or Changmin about her feelings for Key so that at least, someone can give her advice but she couldn’t say it either.

One day, working at her family’s restaurant, key and his friends went inside.

“Oh no! Why’s he here?!?!?!” She whispered.

A co-worker went up to Key and his friends’ table. She went to hide inside the kitchen.

“What did they order?” Naomi asked her co-worker when she entered the kitchen.

“Some coffee and these.” She handed her a piece of paper. “Get them these, please? I’ll go take the others’ orders, hm?” She gave Naomi a sweet smile.


‘Argh! Okay, let’s start with the coffee first.’

As she was about to serve them the coffees, because of nervousness, she made a wrong turn and spilt the hot coffee on her hands!!!

Nobody on Key’s table saw it except for Key.

“Guys, excuse me for a while.” Key stood up and went to Naomi.

Naomi was wiping her hands with a napkin when someone touched her hand.

“Was it hot?” A voice said. It was kinda husky yet soft and cool.

“K-Kinda…”She tried to pull back her hand but he held her hand and wiped it with his handkerchief.

“Cmon, I’ll help you up.” Both of them picked up the tray and glasses (they weren’t broken) and brought those to the kitchen.

“Thanks for the help.”

“No prob.”

‘Ah, and he’s kind, too!!!! I wanna scream right now!!!!’ She thought.

Pretty soon, Key left. She was left there and she ran to another co-worker and told her to make Key and his friends' orders instead.

She went out of the restaurant, face flushed.

‘Kyaaaah~~!!! I gotta tell Eun Sai about this!!!!’ As if on cue, she saw Eun Sai walking towards her.

‘Seriously, why does she keep on appearing whenever I think of something????’

“Hey, Naomi-ah, ‘sup?”

“Eun Sai-ah!!!!! Eun Sai-ah, Eun Sai-ah, Eun Sai-ah!!!!!”

“What!???? What, what, what?!?!?!”

She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. “Eun Sai-ah!!! I think I’m in love!!! You see, when I first saw Key, I felt like he’s the one for me and I can’t help but love him!!!! But I don’t think he likes me, too so I don’t tell him about my feelings and that makes me feel depressed and…. And just a while ago, he helped me when my clumsiness striked and he’s so kind and he’s just too perfect and I just like-like him!!!” She said all of that while her eyes closed. Even after she blurted out all those things, she still haven’t opened her eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Because I don’t know how to say it! I don’t know if I should say ‘Hey, Eun Sai, I like Key’ or ‘Eun Sai, I like Key’ or if it’s just the same!!!” She opened her eyes.

Eun Sai was in front her, staring at something behind her, wide-eyed with a nervous smile.

Naomi gave her a questioning look. That’s when she realized that the one who asked ‘Why didn’t you tell me sooner?’ wasn’t Eun Sai.

‘OMO!!!!!!!!!’ Dramatically, (like in those movies with slow motion effects…. LOL) she turned around and to her surprise, it was (yeah, you guessed it!) KEY!!!!!!!!!!

Her eyes widened as she ran behind Eun Sai to hide.

“Y-You heard nothing!!!! Eun Sai, let’s disappear right now!!!!”

“But Naomi-ah, he’s been there since you started saying my name thrice so basically, he heard your confession…”

‘Wow, whatta friend!!!! Always making me feel better…’ Naomi thought sarcastically. She quickly looked up at Key. He was smiling. ‘Damn that cute smile!!!’

“Uh…. I think I’m gonna leave you two alone for a while….” Eun Sai said.

“What?! And let me embarrass myself alone!?!?” Naomi whispered to her friend.

“Mmm…. I don’t think you’re gonna get embarrassed, though.” Her friend whispered back then, ran way.

“Hey, Eun----!!!” But her friend was far already. She faced Key. “Like I told you before, you heard nothing, okay?????”

“Oh? But I heard everything.” He calmly said, smiling…. (Kyah! That cute smile!!!!!!!!)

“No you didn’t!!!!!!!!!”

“Yes, I did so let me tell you something. You see, when I first saw you on the sidelines, I found you cute and I hoped to see you again. So when I saw you again the next day, I winked at you but----“

“You winked at me?!?!?”

“Yeah…” He was suddenly a little shy… (Kya, Key!!!! So cute!!!!)

“So you didn’t wink at Demi??”


“Never mind…”

“Well…. As I was saying…. Ah, what else is there to say, anyway?!? I’m just saying that I like you so will you go out with me?”

“I guess so…” But deep inside, she wants to say “OF COURSE!!!!”

“Great! So see you tomorrow after our practice, okay?”

“Sure. I’ll be watching anyway.”

They smiled at each other.


Kay was practicing again and Naomi was watching.

Then, Key looked at her and winked.

‘He winked at me, again!!!! ‘ She thought.

“HE WINKED AT ME AGAIN!!!!” The girl beside her screamed.

‘What the---!?!?!’ She saw that it was Demi…. Again.

Finally, Key was done practicing and walked towards Naomi’s direction.

“He’s coming at me!!!! Oh, he loves me!!!!” Demi assumed.

‘Meh, whatever!’ Naomi thought.

Key went up to Naomi. Demi’s face fell.

Naomi smirked a little. She wanted to laugh.

“Naomi-ah, please wait a little while, okay?” Key said, not even looking at Demi.

Naomi smiled and nodded. Quickly, she glanced at Demi and can’t help but chuckle.

‘Oh, he LOVES you… haha… I’m such a devil….’


I don’t know if it’s good but I just hope you liked it….

Please give comments about it…I’d appreciate it a lot…. I don’t mind criticisms. Besides, We need criticisms to keep us awake and so that we may find our faults and correct them…. But please don’t be too harsh…. Kiyomu is a sensitive person, you see……

Well, thanks for reading! Lovz yah lots, people!

I love you

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