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Maybe This Is Love Love Story (Donghae & You)

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Maybe This Is Love Love Story (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 5:09 pm

This story is a fanfiction that I wrote only for entertainment. I originally posted this fanfic in Winglin.Net under the username of SuPeRjUnIoR13. I do not own any SM Entertainment or any Korean stars that are mention in the story and You(reader) I don't own....Please do not mistake this story for any other reason. I just like Donghae that's why I wrote this story no bad intention are intended. Thank you!!

*This would be my very first story for Donghae in here so hopefully you guys still like*

Name: Lee Donghae
Age: 23
Occupation: One of the richest kids in the world. Yet he's still in the group of Super Junior for fun.
Lives: In his parents' mansion. He's by himself with myriad maids and butlers, sometimes the members of the group visits, do a sleepover, etc.

Name: Kim Hye Kyung (You)
Age: 22
Occupation: A student who's in summer vacation. You get money from your parent. Needs to find a great job so your parents would stop treating you like a kid.
Lives: In an average apartment.

Name: Park Myung Jung
Age: 22
Occupation: A friendly maid in Donghae's mansion. Her parents had served Donghae's parents for a LONG time. She's considered as a family friend. She could be aggressive when insulted. Have a HUGE crush on Eunhyuk, but can contain the excitement inside.
Lives: Dongahe's mansion

Name: Lee Haneul
Age: 22
Occupation: Donghae's first love and ex-girlfriend


A little video that I made for the story.

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 1: I Really Need This! (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:28 pm

You woke up once again in the bright sunlight coming in your room. This would always put a smile on you're face, knowing that today is another day that might just be a little different than yesterday. Sitting up on your bed and streching out your arms up high while yawning. You did you're morning routine and made yourself a small breakfast. After that you went back to your room got your keys, wallet, cellphone, and a red sharpey. You went out of apartment and locked the doors.
"Okay, today I need to find a high paying job so I could get rid off my parents for months... But where could I find it...." You were talking to yourself.

You went inside the Sweet Tooth Cafe and went to the newspaper basket and ordered a small Frappuccino and sat down by the window.

You passed through the paper quickly stopping by the sports section, Serina Williams beats her own sister at her own game, Set 1:6-4, Set 2: 5-7, and Set 3: 7-5. Yay...you thought sarcastically.

Then, now you found the job section. There were so many jobs, but none of them would make you live on your own.

*Author's Note: I would be using $dollars$ as the money not Korean won since it confuses me, but you're still in Korea, Im just changing the money, that's all Very Happy*

Then, a girl about you're age opened the Cafe store and made her way to the cashier. It wasn't a good thing to judge people at your first glance, which you always tell yourself, but this one might be able to slip the way. The girl was wearing a black and white maid suit.

http://tokyograph.minnasan.com/files/2008/07/teppei-maid2.jpg (instead of pink its black...um dont mind the guy in the costume, it's just Teppei Kokei, if you know who he is. I kind of know him, he's really cute thugh...)

It was peculiar at a time like this since you've never seen anyone wore a maid suit before and actually walking around town with it! Okay, probably today is something different than yesterday... Yesterday was boring, you got up, eat lunch, walk around the park, went back home, ate a sandwhich, and go back to sleep.

You noticed that the girl was fidgetting, and she keeps looking at her watch as if she's really late for something. Then, she started yelling: "Come on how hard is to give me 13 Frappuccino while I called ahead!" She was getting 13 Frappuccino for someone?! How could she carry all that? Of course, since you were bored out of your mind looking at the job section, you made your way to the girl by the cashier and stopped about 3 steps behind her. The cashier gave her 13 cups and she got 4 plastic bags to carry, three bags containing a box with 4 Frappuccino cups, and one bag with a box with 5 cups.

You immediately grabbed the two bags before it fell on the ground.

"I can help you if you want..." You nicely said.

"Oh, that would be great!" The girl smiled at you crazily.

Both of you walked out the Cafe and was speed walking to a nice neighborhood. The place was filled with huge houses left and right all you see is big mansions. You were stunned and couldn't keep your mouth hanging and when the girl noticed it she said:

"I guess you've never been here before" She walked slower now.

"No, not really." You replied back.

"I'm sorry... It's rude of me not to introduced myself. I got so worried I might be late. Well, my name is Park Myung Jung. But you can call me MyungJi" She smiled at you.

"It's okay nothing to be worrying about. I'm Kim Hye Kyung. Ummm... MyungJi can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Why do you need 13 Frappuccino?"

"Hahahaha!!! It's not for silly, it's for my Yound Master and his friends."

"Oh, okay." You were eager who was this 'Young Master' she was tallking about.

"You wanna know who he is?" She looked at me like she can read my mind.

"If you don't mind...." You said shyly, feeling embarassed for showing her that you want to know so bad.

"You might've heard his name before."

"Who is he?"

"Lee Donghae"

"Wait, are you saying that you are working for THE LEE DONGHAE of Super Junior?"

"Yes, that''s what I'm saying."

"OMG!! You are so lucky!!! I always wanted to meet them and actually talk to them once!" You jumped up and down.

"Well, you know that there's an opening job in the mansion."

"An opening job?"

"Yeah, Master Lee's personla maid twisted her ankles so she can't work for another 2 months so we need another maid badly."


"Well, I saw you looking at the job section in the papers earlier, so I thought you might be interested." MyungJi started smiling to herself.

"Um... are you trying to conviced me to be a maid in Lee Donghae's mansion for 2 months?"


"I got 3 questions though."

"I'll try my best to answer it."

"First, do I have to wear that maid suit all day around the town if he sends me to errands?"

"Unfortunately yes."

"Okay, that sucks a bit but okay. Second question, do I have to call him Young Master or Master Lee?"

"Either one, but he prefers to be called Donghae, ONLY IF he tells you to call him that."

"Okay, that sounds alright. Lastly, how much do I get paid for an hour?" This was the biggest thing about the job, is how much do you get paid.

"$30 an hour and you work for about 7 hours a day 5 days a week. You get your earned money by the end of the day so its not so bad. Oh, the breakfast, lunch, or dinner is free in the mansion, so it's a good deal." MyungJi said.

You were trying to count how much you get each day and by the end of the week.

"Okay, if I get $30 per hour and I work 7 hours I get about...$210 and by the end of the week I get about...$2050 by the end of the week! And I have to work for about 40 days excluding the weekends so I will make about $42000 which is good enough to last me about 6 months without my parents!!!!!!"

"So, would you do it?" MyunJi asked you.

"Oh, I really need this job! How could I get it?"

"Well, Master Lee has to judge you first."

"Eh?" You asked her.

Both of you went inside the biggest mansion in the neighborhood as if that's even possible since alll of the houses in the area are HUGE! MyungJi opened the door and you went inside and see 13 guys horse playing the living room....

You thought: Oh crap how am I going to manage this.

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Maybe This Is Love: That's A Little Bit Uncalled For (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:28 pm

Your heart was beating so fast it could explode and break your ribs! You and MyunJi stopped and the guys stopped horse playing and looked at both of you mainly you since they didnt know who you were.
Myungji: Master Lee um... this is Kim Hye Kyung she's a friend of mine and I just saw her in the Cafe earlier and she was kind enough to help me to bring the Frappuccino you wanted and she actually wanted to ask you something.

She made a fake smile at you and it was the signal to say 'I want to work here Master Lee' but you were shy and you gave her a face saying Can't-you-just-tell-him-that-yourself-look and she just kept on smiling and we kept doing this for about 3 minutes, then I heard a very sweet voice that made my heart jump and my face turn red.

Donghae: What were you going to ask me Miss Park?

You: Um..I um....Well... you see I heard that there's an opening job here and I actually needed a job, a job that can pay me and last about 3 months without my parents bugging the crap out of me. And the job can actually last for 6 months and that's twice better than anything the world.

You smiled at him crazily and yet it shows how nervous you were.

He made a face and said Hmmph. He was about to say something when a phone rang and Leeteuk answered it (yeah you know all of them so there's no need to hide who pretty boy is) there were few yes' and the conversation ended.

Leeteuk: Guys we have to leave, well, except Donghae since he's in a day off today but the rest needs to go to their photoshoots, radio shows, and tv talk shows.

Everyone whined, but nonetheless got up and disappeared. The last guy to leave the mansion was Leeteuk and before he left he patted Donghae's back and said: Wel'' see you later, Donghae. Have fun with your day off.

Donghae nodded and Leeteuk made an exit. So, back to the reality.

Donghae: Okay, you wanted to work here so...

He walked around me looking up and down observing me from head to town. He then said.

Donghae: I can see all your flaws but I cant see one good thing about you Miss Park.

You: What?!

Donghae: Your ankles are too skinny, you have no curves, your fashion sense is okay but I've seen better, your eyes are too dark for my taste, your lips are too thin, and lastly you're kind of short.... Oh wait I forgot, you need to start losing a bit weight! Do you go to the gym or something? Do you like sports?

You were stunned to hear this guy's complain about your physical appearance while he doesn't even know you at all. You used to like him but when you found out that he's this mean you started to hate him but by bit. MyungJi got the bags in my hands and made her way to the kitchen immediately, while laughing.

You: Look, um... Donghae. I'm not here so you could laugh and point all my flaws. I'm here so I could get a job and get my parents off my back for awhile. I'm not going to hurt you or anything, but all I'm going to say is that I'm really disappointed on what you said to me because I was a fan of the Suju and apparently the one member that I really admire is a jerk and a meany who can't keep his mouth shut about other's flaws. Everyone has flaws and you do too, it's just that I expected you be friendly, but I guess I was wrong.

You said all this in a serious tone but hurtful as well. You couldn't keep your tears stop falling so you turned around and walked away, well more of a run away. You were really hurt since your were Donghae's biggest fan but now you don't really want to see him anymore.

MyungJi's POV [Yay!! MyunJi's first POV Wink]

I walked back to the living room and saw a stunned Donghae with his arms hanging in the air as if he was about to grab something or more of like someone. I knew all along that he was just messing around trying to see if the girl adores him so much that they would actually take all the insults and just say I dont really care since they're about to work for the well known Lee Donghae. But Hye Kyung was different she actually said something to Donghae, and more she made Donghae feel bad, since he wasn't expecting a girl to tell him that she was disappointed and hurt for his rude behavior. Not a girl did that to him except now.

MyungJi: You okay, Donghae?

Donghae: I didn't know...

MyungJi: She is quite different.

Donghae: How am I supposed to look at her and say, Sorry for what I said to you before I was just joking around.

Okay this would knock him out and he would walk out the door and will find this girl.

MyungJi: Well, while I was talking to her she was really excited to find out that I'm working for Super Junior's awesome Lee Donghae, and her dream was for her to talk to him, but I guess that dream came crashing down good.

I walked towards and patted his shoulders and said.

MyungJi: That was a little uncalled for, but hey what do you expect from a dream crusher like you.

Then I walked off upstairs and the next thing I know I heard the front doors slamming close.

He did the right thing!!!! I'm ready to see them together that's for sure.... Wait, that's impossible Hye Kyung probably hates Donghae so bad that she would slash his throat the next time she sees him. Good Luck Donghae!!!HAHAHA!!

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 3: Where Are You? (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:30 pm

Thank you for all the awesome comments. I really appreciate it! Smile

Donghae's POV (Yay it's Donghae's first POV)

I went out of the house and started running to find Hye Kyung. I didn't mean all the insults that I said, in fact all the things I said was her positive side. She wasn't too skinny but not too overweight either, her lips are bright red, her eyes are so warm, and lastly she HAS curves. I was just testing her; I didn't mean to hurt her. I'm such an idiot sometimes; well make that all the time. I run around the area but my luck was short, I didn't find her. I went back to the house out of breathe and my friend, MyungJi was looking at me with amusement in her face.

MyungJi: Did you find her yet?

Donghae: No, not yet. I didn't see in around the area. She's fast for a girl if she already left the neighborhood.

MyungJ: So, do you think she likes sports, then?

Donghae: Don't but it in. Do you know where she might be?

MyungJi: Well, she might be in the Sweet Tooth Cafe drinking more Frappuccino. But you just have to have luck to find her if she's not there.

Donghae: Okay. Thanks for the positive thoughts.

Then, I left the house, but this time I'm not going to run I'm going to drive my car. When I arrived at the Cafe it seems like everyone stopped and looked at me, I saw few girls grinning like crazy thinking that they're seeing a superstar, well they are. I made a quick way to the cashier and asked if he knows a girl named Hye Kyung, a girl about 5'7", medium hair length, with dark eyes. Then, he replied

Cashier: Oh, you're looking for Hye Kyung, yeah I know her. She's a great costumer. We sometimes deliver her Frappuccino in her apartment but she mostly comes here on her own. Every morning she looks at the news paper and orders Frappuccino every day!

You thought, man this girl must be insanely hyper after drinking Frappuccino every morning.

Donghae: Well, do you mind telling me where she lives?

Cashier: Her apartment is by the Songbin road right across the Lavender Shop.

Donghae: Thanks!

Cashier: Wait! Are you *whispers* Lee Donghae from the Super Junior?

Donghae: Yeah. Why?

The cashier went crazy whispering that he could never get a girl!

So this man has a crush on Hye Kyung. He's not bad looking either but I guess he thinks that I could get her first. Well, yeah I can if I want. IF I want too....

I left the crazy cashier by himself and drove to Hye Kyung's apartment.

End of Donghae's POV [Sad aww I'l make some more in the future]

Your POV [you're talking with your conscience!!!]

Okay, try to calm yourself down. Take a deep breath and let it go...

Conscience: Yeah how are you supposed to calm down when you just made a fol out of yourself in front of your lovely Donghae!

You: There's not a lovely thing about that guy! He's a jerk, meany, and he's full of himself!

Conscience: Right just keep thinking that but trust me I know you too, I'm basically the one who tells you the right or the wrong thing.

You: My heart tells things to you know!

Conscience: Yeah, that red thing that pumps blood around your body is better than me!

You: Forget it....


Ahh... Who could this be?

Your tears were dry now and you calmed down. Your eyes are not red anymore so you look like you didn't even cry. You opened the door and the person who you saw is none other than...

Sorry for the cliffy but I just want to do! HAHAHAHA I'm posting the next chapter though after I post this.... Anyway, to all the readers should I do a little preview of the next chapter every ending of the chapters? Please leave comments!!! Very Happy Thanks for reading!

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 4: Let's Go Then! (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:31 pm

There in front you is none other than MyungJi? You were shocked that she knows where you live, I mean you just met her, but there's something about her that tells you that she's not dangerous, that she could be your friend.
You: Umm... hi MyungJi. What are you doing....in front of my apartment?

MyungJi: It seems like I beat Donghae here first.

It seems like she's talking to herself more than me.

You: What?

MyungJi: Well, I don't want Donghae to get beaten up by yu when he gets in front of your doorstep so can we talk?

You: Wait, Donghae knows where I live?

MyungJi: Now he does. I think he got iit from the cashier guy in Sweet Tooth Cafe.

You: And how do you know this?

MyungJi: I saw him. I was trying to race him here but it seems like my luck is great and his is not. So can I please talk to you? I want to get out of here before he comes.

You: Okay, come in.

You lead the way to your livingroom and you both sat down on the couch. She was taking deep breaths since she was exhausted from running, so you gave her a glass of water and she drank it immediately. When she put the glass down on the table she looked at you with serious eyes and said.

MyungJi: Earlier what happened in the mansion...

You: Yeah I know, he hates my guts so much that he actually insulted me before he got the chance to know me.

You interrupted her with a smile as if you were expecting your idol to that to you... The worse part is that it was you're first time seeing him!

MyungJi: Look, every young girl that is working in the mansion gets that test.

You: Test?

MyungJi: Since you know Donghae is a famous person all the girls that are working there likes, more of LOVE him so he gives them the test. He would insult them in a way and all of the girls would just take it and say okay it doesn't hurt since they are going to work for the Lee Donghae. SO whatever he said earlier is your positive side not the bad side.

You: So he doesn't hate me at all?

MyungJi: No, actually your the first girl who really confess you feelings to him. He really likes that in a girl. Honest and true to herself.

You felt way better now!!!!! Smile


You looked at MyungJi and she kind of panicked. You gesture her to go back to the kitchen and the door would lead outside and she can open the neighbors' fence and it would lead her back to the road without Donghae seeing her.

Once you heard the door closed you fixed your hair and shirt and took a deep breath and opened the door. There you saw Donghae with Lavender in his hand with a worried face.

Your conscience started cheering since it knew that it was right all along that I liked Donghae no matter what happens.

'I'm such a dork!' You thought to yourself.

He handed you the flowers and you smelled it and you smiled.

He didn't know how to start the apology and you were waiting to see how he's going to actually apologize to you so you waited for at least 5 minutes just looking at him.

'Wow, he's so handsome. Oh I wish that sad face can just wash away, he looks way better when he's happy. What am I thinking?' You asked yourself.

Then he finally spoke up.

Donghae: Hye Kyung, about earlier I know I was way out of line and I was just testing you if you would actually do something if I insulted you. I didn't mean a thing I said earlier. Please forgive me.

He went down on his knees and bowed where his forehead touches the ground. You immediately looked left and right to see if your neighbors actually can see what's going. Of course the old lady next door saw Donghae bowing and she looked concerned she might be thinking that you beat the heck of Donghae and he's on the ground!

You: Donghae, get up the neighbors are looking!

You whispered yo him.

Donghae: I won't get up until you forgive me. I'll stay here until you finally say the the three words.

You blushed at what he said.

Conscience: Yeah way the go Donghae for choosing the right words!

You: I don't love him though. You replied back to your conscience.

You went back to the reality and said

You: Okay! I forgive you just please stand up the neighbors are looking at me weirdly.

He got up and had a smile on his face then he hugged you.

Donghae: Since you forgive me I would be seeing you tommorow morning at 7 in my house. You would be working until 10 PM since you're my new personal maid. I'm mostly out though, but still I will see you tomorrow right?

You: Okay....

You were blushing madly since he was still hugging you but it ended when your home phone rang and he slowly let you go. You were disappointed since the warmth was gone but you snapped back to earth and answered the phone. You didn't even noticed Donghae coming in your house. When the conversation ended you heard the fridge's door closed and you saw Donghae with a popsicle in his mouth. You were shocked since he's eating the last popsicle you had!

You: Yah! What are you think you're doing?

Donghae: Eyungosksfjhklfjkds

You: What?

He stopped sucking on the popsicle and he said

Donghae: I said I'm eating your popsicle.

You: I know that! Who said you could eat my last piece?

Donghae: I did!

You: You need to buy one then!

Donghae: Okay, let's go then.

You: Where?

Donghae: To my favorite ice cream parlor.

He dragged you out of your apartment and the next thing you know you were inside his car and he started driving.


Thanks for reading!!!! Smile

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 5: So We're Cool?! (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:33 pm

Okay, since I'm in my summer vacation and I'm totally bored every minute of my day, I MIGHT upload chapters everyday. I'm going to Idaho to my aunts, uncles, granparents, and cousins this month but I don't know when. So, hopefully I can still upload chapters. Thanks for reading!
So, Donghae dragged you out of your apartment to where...??? BEN AND JERRY. Great just the best darn place you want to eat ice cream. You weren't really in the mood to eat anything right now, especially the fact that your idol is now your boss, master, whatever you want to call it. Anyways, he didn't actually take the incident to be something big, since he apologized and you actually accepted it in the most randomnest reason. Anyways, Donghae snapped you back in the reality when he asked you what flavor you want. You told him that you wanted Cookies N Cream in a cup and he ordered the same thing. Weird....

When he paid for the ice cream both of you sat down by the window and he started eating his ice cream then he noticed you motionless in front of him. He stopped and wiped his mouth.

Donghae: You know it's the first time I met a girl that actually daydream for a hobby.


Donghae: Hey, are you still there?

He waved his hand in front of you but you didn't do anything.

In your mind this is what's going on.

Conscience: He's so in love with you.

You: Shut up he just treat me for an ice cream to pay me back for the popsicle he ate. That's all there's nothing more or less to it, well probably less but nothing more.

Conscience: You poor girltrying t deny what's inside.

You: There's nothing inside that's good anyway!

Conscience: Whatever you say!

Then you heard the voice, and angelic voice that is so warm and sweet. There was something that is trying to break you from your imagination... Then....

Donghae: Hey, Hye Kyung you there?

You saw Donghae's face with worry and he was looking at you then you started to smile and forgot that you were looking so stupid...

Donghae: You are so weird, probably the weirdestin the world. The first thing I know you were all in a daze as if you were talking to someone in your mind then the next I know you're smiling crazy! Are you in some medication I need to know before you serve me in my house?

You: Yah! I'm not mentally challenge so you can trust me with your drinks, food, anything...Well, maybe I had some...

Donghae looked at you with his mouth open and his spoon with ice cream hanging in the air. He was waiting for you to say that you have mental issue and he might jump out of his chair put you in a hospital right away.

You: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You should've seen the look in your face!

Donghae: Yah! You think it's funny?

You: I don't THINK it's funny I KNOW it's funnny!!!

You were cracking up in your little area and of course laughter is the only happy sickness that is positively contagious so Donghae couldn't help but smile and laugh with you. You were crying now and Donghae was almost to point where he can't breathe anymore so you tried stop laugh but it just keeps coming and coming. After a few more minutes both of you settled down and ate your ice cream. Once the ice cream were gone Donghae looked at you and you couldn't but to blush and look down.

Donghae: So, tell me more about yourself, Hye Kyung.

You: You want know more about me? Why?

Donghae: Well, since we're going to see each other for 2 months I might as well know who you are.

You: Well.....

-2 hours had passed-

Donghae: How intersting.

He was smiling you were laughing.

You: Well, I better get going I need to do some rearranging in my schedule since I have work now!

Donghae: Okay, I'll drive you home.

He dropped you in front of your apartment.

Donghae: So Hye Kyung we're cool right?

You nodded your head and he bid goodbye and drove away!

You sighed and went inside your little apartment.

You: What fun day we had today. I cried, I laughed, made friends, and most importantly I got a JOB!!!

You plopped down your bed and fell asleep tomorrow would be a great day!


Once again you woke up because of the sunshine coming in your room. You slowly got streching your arms while smiling, then your eyes widens at thought of the fact that you have a job and you are....

'Where's the darn clock when you need one' You thought to yourself while hunting for the clock. It's.....8:34 AM

'OH MY GOD!!!! I'm one and half and four minutes late for my work!' You quickly got ready and run to the mansion.

You opened the door slowly peaking your head in the gap of the door and saw.....

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 6: Donghae's Vacation Plan (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:35 pm

Okay, here's Chapter 6!!! Please comment or give me ideas if you want even though I got the entire story planned out but there's some gaps in my idea that I don't know how to fill in, but I'll try my very best!!! Smile

When you peaked between the gap of the doors you saw no one.... The mansion was quite as a cementery and not a single sound can be heard. The silence was killing you alive, it's making your ears hurt. Having a huge house like this without anyone can be really lonely, you're isolated, no one to talk too, no one to laugh or cry with, no one at all. Now, it's you who's feeling isolated. You walked by the beautiful living. The living room was bigger than you're livingroom and bedroom combined!

*Authors Note: I'm not really good on describing houses but to the readers that have watched Boys Before Flowers Korean Version, the livingroom and the house looks like Goo Jun Pyo's livingroom/house. If you haven't watched it yet then I highly recommend it to you since it's very addictive Smile Sorry for the non-description of the livingroom or the house*

You walked slowly to the couch trying to observe every little details, then you saw a white envelope on the table. Your name was written on the back so you opened it and the letter said:

Dear Hye Kyung,

If you are reading this letter then that means you came in my house, which I'm really gratefully for. But you're late. I expected you to come in my house by 7 AM tomorrow morning. Next time I won't be so easy on you if you're late! Well, since it's your first day I'll let it slip. I will forgive you since you forgive me yesterday, but I have one favor to ask you. I have a practice meeting with the members and our practice is going to end by 9:30 so you better expect me to come back by 10. When I come home I'm usually tired and ready to take a shower but before that I really like a little 'breakfast'. My favorite thing to eat is ramyeon, and I don't think we have anything left in the storage so I guess you have to pay for it! When I open the door I better see my ramyeon!!! Wink


P.S.: There's no one in the mansion since I made a new schedule for everyone except you because you were late! Since it's summer I'm mostly going to be out of town going places to places either by myself or with the guys, so I didn't want all the staffs to be bored in the mansion so I told to take a vacation as well. Well, since you're basically in summer vacation because of your school you will stay in mansion. I'll talk to you more about it when I come back from practice.... Don't forget my ramyeon!

Okay.... That was quite interesting. I never expect a super rich kid to eat such thing as ramyeon but I guess it's well known throughout South Korea. The little vacation thing is not really so bad, I mean you were basically looking for a job in the first place now you have it and you're not going to do a lot so you win! Very Happy Then, you looked at the clock and it said: 9:04. You put the letter away and went to the grocery store to get Donghae's ramyeon. While you were in the grocery store you also both some things to keep you busy while everyone is gone so you can do stuff by yourself! After the visit in the grocery store you went in the kitchen and started to cook the ramyeon. It was 9:49 when you got back so have some time. You got back fast because of taxi, you didn't actually run the whole way! Once you put the cooked noodles on the bowl and in placed it the tray it was 9:56 then you carried it and went to the livingroom to set it down, but you saw Donghae taking off his shoes.

He looked at you and smiled, this made you blushed but since the steam from the noodles was making you a little bit sweaty this covered your red face. He started walking towards you and you tried to calm down. He stopped about two steps away from you.

Donghae: Hey, I'm glad you came and you actually cooked ramyeon for me! Hhmmmmm smells good.

He took the tray from you and he walked to the couch and started eating. You walked towards the couch and saw him eating his ramyeon happily. He gestured you to sit next to him and you immediately followed his orders.

Donghae: Thanks for cooking. Anyways, since no one is here and I've thought it through I wanted you to...Umm how do I say this....

He put the trya on the table and he looked at you.

Donghae: Hye Kyung I know we've only met two days ago, but I'm going to feel really bad if I just let stay here in this mansion by yourself for at least 12 hours so I had an idea.

You: And what's your idea?

Donghae: Would you come with me in a trip? It would be really great! We're going to New Caledonia, by mean 'we' it's only going to be you and me since the guys didn't want to come with me they said it would be too boring, while they can go to clubs anytime they want.... So what do you say?

You: I'm not sure about this one Donghae...

You started to look down and then he gave you the puppy eye look, that's when you gave up.

You: Fine! Since you are begging....

Donghae: Yes! You are so awesome I promise you that this trip would be the most awesome trip you've ever had in your life!

You: So how long are we going to stay there? And when are we going? I don't think I have enough money for a plane ticket. Also, what clothes should I bring? I still have to call my parents so they don't have to panic. Oh.. what if the landowner comes by and ask me for the rent bills...

Donghae: Let me take care all that! You don't have to worry about anything. I can buy clothes there, so you don't have to pack anything. I called your parents and they were thrilled that you're going with me, all your mails were stopped and I told them not to bother your house, and lastly were going tomorrow! We're going ride my private jet so ther's no need for plane ticket.

You: Wait! We're leaving TOMORROW?! How did you know that I was going to say yes to your offer and how did you know my parents' number? I could bring my own clothes so you dont to waste your money on me!

Donghae: Well, I usually do this for MyungJi when we go to vacations so your fine. It wasn't hard to track your parents' phone number. I know people. The weird thing is that they were really thrilled for you. I think I heard your dad saying that it's about time a guy asks you out...

You: Aish.... *whispers* that is so embarrassing....

You shooked your head and covered your face with you hands.

Donghae: Do you even have a boyfriend?

You: No.... My parents have been bugging me to date someone but it's seems like it's hard to find the right guy...

Donghae: Well, when you need help I'll be here by your side so don't worry to ask for anything. *whispers* And good thing you don't have a boyfriend since I didn't want an extra person around....

You: What did you say?

Donghae: Nothing.....

He smiled at you and started eating his ramyeon again.

'What situation have I gotten myself into?' You thought to yourself.


Thanks for reading and please comment!! Wink

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 7: Back In Time (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:36 pm

The comments are so awesome!!! I didn't really plan on writing Chapter 7 tonight since I already posted Chapter 6 earlier, but now I want to!!! Smile Thank you so much for reading please write comments if you want me to update at least two chapter everyday! Very Happy

After Donghae finished eating the ramyeon he went to take a shower while you washed the dishes in a daze. You were thinking what might happen in New Caledonia.

'Probably he might fell in love with me and I can have my happy ever after!' You told yourself.

The more you think about the trip the slower you get on washing the dishes. You were so red like a tomato and you were looking up at the celing while smiling!

You didn't even hear Donghae coming and he snapped his fingers in front of you and you snapped back to earth. Then, your first imagination scene came true. While you were in a daze earlier you wish that Donghae will come out of the bathroom with just a towel and this would make you blush so bad that he would come closer to your face and check if you're sick.

Donghae: Are you okay? What's wrong with the ceiling?

He started looking up at the ceiling and found nothing. You then looked away and he knows that you were embarrassed.

Donghae: You know it would be like this in New Caledonia. You're very different from any other girls I've ever met...

He got a bottle of water from the fridge and started chugging it and some of the water were trickling down his mouth, neck, and his wet chest...

*Authors Note: Smexy Donghae!!!!*

Donghae: Aaahhh...So, I was saying that I'll take this trip as an opportunity to get to you know better.

He smiled again. Your heart jumped. Your face turned red. You froze on the spot. Your conscience was saying 'You love him'.

'I think my heart just stopped beating....' You thought.

You: Well... there's nothing really interesting about me.... I'm a boring person.

Donghae: Not really, you make me laugh the way the other girls I've met haven't. I really like it when we just talk about each other like what went down on Ben & Jerry's yesterday.

You: What's up with 'talking about each other?' I was the one who were talking the whole time.

Donghae: Ha, you're right.

You: It's your turn today.

Donghae: Okay, I guess that's fair enough.

You: I'll finish the dishes first.

Donghae: I'll put on a pair of pants and a shirt. Unless you want me to lose the shirt....

He smirked at this statement and it made you blushed. He just exit the kitchen with a smile.

You finished the dished when he entered the kitchen. Both of you went to the livingroom and sat down on the floor, comfortable with each other's presence then he looked at you and started talking...

Donghae: Well, you might know all the basic stuff about me, such as, age, name, where I was born, who was my parents, their career, and my career. Right?

You nodded your head.

Donghae: Well, I'll tell you my childhood first then it goes on from there. When I was 2 years old my parents got a puppy Maltese and we named it Jinyu and I loved it. Unfortunately it died when I was 7. At 6 I showed talents of dancing and singing so my parents put me in special classes for it. My singer teacher loved playing the guitar so he also became my guitar teacher and that's how I learned the guitar. When I was 10 my parents and I moved to Japan because of my dad's family problems. We stayed there for at least 5 years then we came back to Korea again. When I got back in Korea everyone in my school became my friends since my parents have money and I was going to inherit someday. Of course all the girls followes me too. When I turned 17 that's when I met my first love,Lee Haneul.

You were hurt deep inside and you know it. Everything in the world just stopped. Your heart was ripped into two but nonetheless you kept a smile on your face and was ready to listen to his story.

Donghae: My parents immediately took a liking to her and everything were great, everything seemed perfect. Then when my mom heard SM Entertainment is recruiting new members both Haneul and I went to the audition and both of us got in. The relationship starts to break apart when I finished being a trainee after two months, and Haneul was a trainee for a year. We didn't get a chance to see each other since we were basically apart all the time. When we both had a day off I invited her to the park and just try to catch up since I was still in love with her, but when I saw her she immediately told me that the relationship broke along time ago and she loved another guy, apparently they met while she was a trainee. I was heartbroken for along time. Then I tried to forget about her when I was placed in Super Junior 05 and everything went great after that. Then, I met you. And that's basically it.

He looked at you and you said:

You: How interesting.

Donghae: Have I heard that before?

He was joking about it so you took it as joke as well and just try to lighten up the mood. You hanged out pretty much the entire day and when it was 10 PM he drive you back to your apartment and he then walked you to your doorstep and he said:

Donghae: I'll be here in front of your apartment by 7 AM so we could leave early tomorrow. Better not be late since I'm the one driving to your house! You really don't have to bring anything else except you.

You: Donghae, thank you.

Donghae: No problem.

He smiled and there was a long silence.

Then, the door of your neighbor opened and the porch's light came on and you saw the old lady.

Both you and Donghae looked at her while she looked back at both of you.

Old Lady: Sonny, just hug her and tell her how much you love her and call it a night!!

Donghae: Thank you, I promise I'll do that!

Then the old lady went back inside her house.

Donghae: That was weird...

You: Yeah...

Donghae: Well...

He hugged you and said:

Donghae: I love you Hye Kyung and goodnight. I'm only doing this because I promised the old lady!

He let go of you and he went back to his car and drove away. You were standing in front of your doorstep frozen to the spot.

'Did he just said he LOVES me?' You asked youself

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 8: Sorry Sorry (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:37 pm

You couldn't sleep that night even though you tried to do all the trick you know to make you sleep faster. The counting stuff in your rooms made you hallucinate that a figure was there so you stopped. Then, you tried the turning your pillow way, but it made fall out of your bed since you place the pillow closer to the edge every time. Then, you tried to drink milk but it only made you more awake so you decided to watch TV.
You laid on the couch and turned on the TV. You kept on flipping through the channels until you heard the news.

Reporter 1: Now here's the current update weather.

Reporter 2: Thank you (Reporter 1's name). South Korea's news would be a pleasant one. Throughout the week it would be sunny and part cloudy so there's nothing to worry about. The temperatures would be around 73 degrees Fahrenheit so this week would be great to go the park, go fishing, and just go out and do different activities.

You: Boring....

Then when you were about to flip to the next channel the reporter started again.

Reporter 2: Hurricane Kathy is now been announced to be in Southwest Pacific so all flights or ships that are destined to go there are now been cancelled. It should resume the next week.

You: So..??

Then you started flipping through the channels again then you stopped when your eyes started to hurt and get heavy.

When you got in your bed your phone vibrated indicating that you have a miss alert. You grabbed your phone and it said...



'Donghae? What does he want from me now?' You thought to yourself.

The phone on the other line started ringing.

Donghae: Yoboseoyo?

You: Yah! What do you want now?

Donghae: Did you woke up?

You: Not really... I was watching TV.

Donghae: Are you excited for tomorrow?

You know that he was smiling on the other line and it made you smile too!

You: Deh.

Donghae: Um.. well since you were watching TV earlier did you happened to catch the news?

You: Yeah. The weather was on.

Donghae: Well did you hear the part where the reporter said that all flights that would go to Southwest Pacific would be cancelled?

You: Yeah

Donghae: Well, we can't go. New Caledonia is there. Sorry sorry.

You: Oh....

You were disappointed a lot since you have been dreaming about a time with Donghae ever since you became his fan and now that you have the chance a hurricane came up! That is just FANTASTIC!!!


There's was a big disappointment in Hye Kyung's voice and you know it. It was just sad that a hurricane came up so randomly in New Caledonia. You racked up some ideas so you could change the trip.

Donghae: Well, you know the weather in here would be very pleasant throughout the week.

There was a long silence and it was killing you alive!

'Man, she must've been really excited to go the trip. Oh, I wish I could see her right now and make her happy again! Wait... What?'

Donghae: So do you want to go to Lotte World with me? We have to go there at 2 PM though since I have practice tomorrow from 9 to 12. I'll be there in front of your house by 1:30. Is that okay?

Hye Kyung: Deh.

Donghae: Araso?

Hye Kyung: Araso.

Donghae: Oh, Hye Kyung, you're making me feel bad here! I can't take that from you! You need to let go of the New Caledonia trip. I'll make it better, I promise!

Hye Kyung: Good night...

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep....

She hung up on you and you know how devasted she is about the news.

'*sighed* I need to learn how to check the weather next time'

End of Donghae's POV

Your POV

The tears that you've been trying to hold up in your conversation with Donghae is about to fall. You didn't want to go to Lotte World since there would be fangirls there and they would kill you immediately if they find out who you're with. Besides did he even think that he can just go there without the media following him around, or probably hidden cameras are everywhere!!! Aish!!!! Then, your phone rang.

You checked it and it said...

Sweet Tooth Cafe..


Nonetheless you answered it.

You: Yoboseoyo?

???: Hey, Hye Kyung! I'm sorry if I woke you up.

You: Oh, Jin Sung-sshi (cashier) it’s you.

Jin Sung: Yeah, I was wondering if you have something in mind tomorrow.

You: Um... well actually....

Jin Sung: Oh... it's okay you don't have to go.

You: No, no, no actually I was going to say is that I don't have anything to do.

Jin Sung: Oh that's great! I was thinking maybe we could go to the park since the weather would be nice!

You: Yeah, sure I'll be there tomorrow.

Jin Sung: Okay, I'll see you there at 1 PM.

You: Okay, bye!

Jin Sung: Bye!

You hung up then you thought...

'I'll just tell Donghae that I can't make it tomorrow. Its not like he would be disappointed or anything. I'll call him tomorrow but for now I have to go to sleep'

You closed your eyes and immediately fell asleep.


Okay, I'll post Chapter 9 after I do my chores it would it take like 15 minutes, but if not then I'm sure I'll post Chapter 9 tonight I promise!!! Please commment!!!!


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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 9: I'm Right Here (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:39 pm

You woke up normally and ate breakfast and went out to the mall to buy new clothes for later on. You didn't know why you were so nervous about the thing later on with Jin Sung. You don't know what to call it since you consider him as a friend and you don't know if it's actually a date, which is most likely to be false. You let it go and decided to just be plain so you bought a dark blue skinny jeans, and a regular t-shirt. You didn't want to be too formal that he might think that you bought something for nothing. After you bought the clothes you ate lunch as well. You got some sandwich and left the mall. When you got back home it was 12 PM. You decided to get ready and went to the park.
You saw a lot of people in the park. Some of them where children playing around the playground with their parents
watching over their every single move. The teens were playing soccer on the field. Some were just walking, some were talking, and some were just having a friendly picnic. But the most interesting thing that you saw was this two couples that were together by a fountain. The guy was hugging the girl while the girl rested her head on his chest. You were touched by this and your eyes suddenly became watery so you looked away and sat on a bench nearby. You looked at you watched and it reads: 12:57 PM. So you were a little bit early but at least you were ready.

Time passes....







You were still sitting on the bench that you sat on about an hour ago. You started looking left and right to see if Jin Sung was nearby. Unfortunately he's nowhere to be found. You were still hoping that he'll come so you just relaxed on the bench and try to distract yourself, but it didn't happen since your phone rang...

beep beep beep beep beep beep....


'Crap! I forgot to call him this morning since I was busy!'

You: Yoboseoyo?

Donghae: Hey, why are you always late? I'm right here in front of your apartment for more than 30 minutes now. What are you doing in your room?

You: Donghae, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you.

Donghae: Tell me what?

You: Last night, more like earlier, Jin Sung called me.

Donghae: Who the heck is Jin Sung?!

He snapped at the name of Jin Sung. You didn't know if he was mad at you for not calling him or for cancelling your the visit to Lotte World because of Jin Sung.

'He's probably mad because of me not calling...' You thought to yourself.

You: He's the cashier guy in Sweet Tooth Cafe.


You: Oh, yeah I remember him now...

Hye Kyung: I'm really sorry Donghae, probably next time, but not today.

You immediately had a quick flasback about this Jin Sung guy...


You: Do you know a girl named Hye Kyung she's about 5'7", she has medium hair length, with dark eyes.

Then, he replied...

Cashier: Oh, you're looking for Hye Kyung, yeah I know her. She's a great costumer. We sometimes deliver her Frappuccino in her apartment but she mostly comes here on her own. Every morning she looks at the news paper and orders Frappuccino every day!

You thought, man this girl must be insanely hyper after drinking Frappuccino every morning.

Donghae: Well, do you mind telling me where she lives?

Cashier: Her apartment is by the Songbin road right across the Lavender Shop.

Donghae: Thanks!

Cashier: Wait! Are you *whispers* Lee Donghae from the Super Junior?

Donghae: Yeah. Why?

The cashier went crazy whispering that he could never get a girl!

So this man has a crush on Hye Kyung. He's not bad looking either but I guess he thinks that I could get her first. Well, yeah I can if I want. IF I want too....

I left the crazy cashier by himself and drove to Hye Kyung's apartment.

'Crap! That guy is taking his first step to get Hye Kyung! I didn't know that he has enough guts to do this and guess what he decided to do it with my first date with Hye Kyung! Wait, date.... with Hye Kyung?'

Hye Kyung: Dong-yah I'm really sorry but I have to go.

Donghae: Wait...!!

beep beep beep beep beep beep....

She hung up again! She didn't even tell you where she was at. Now, you didn't feel like going to Lotte World since your by yourself. You were going insane since why would Hye Kyung cancel your invitation to go out with that guy? It was making you mad, making insane, you were ready to take any pill for pain! (Author's Note: Ha I made it rhyme!!) You were still thinking about this and your thoughts were stopped when a couple of water dropped on your car. You saw the sky and it was dark....

'It's going to rain...?'

Then you started driving away

End of Donghae's POV

Your POV

You saw the clouds and it was dark, everyone started to leave the park since it seems like it's going to rain. You still waited for Jin Sung no matter because there might've been an emergency in the Cafe and he was just running a little late and if you go he might miss you. So waited for him on the bench. By now everyone was gone except you... You were ready to leave but the thought of Jin SUng waiting for you in the rain is making you want to stay. He was a nice guy, he always give you free Frappuccino everytime you're short on cash, so you thought at least this the least thing you could do for him...

'Just wait he'll come...'

Then, it happened. It started pouring out. It was raining really hard, you ran to the nearest roof but it wasnt good enough, you were still getting really wet. You waited and waited but no one came....

Donghae's POV

You were driving slowly since the rain got you in. When you were driving by the park you saw a figure that was very familiar so you turned and stopped...

End of Donghae's POV

Your POV

You were freezing to death since you were drenched so you crunched down to hug your knees to try to keep you warm. You still wanted to wait for a little bit more then water stopped coming down. You saw a pair of black shoes in front of you when you looked up it was....

You: Dong-ya

Donghae: What are you doing here?

He was very concerned... You stood up to see him face to face.

You: I was waiting for Jin Sung.

Donghae: When did he promised you to be here?

You: He said he'll be here by 1 PM

Donghae: It's 2:30 and it's raining and you're still waiting for him?

You looked down feeling like he was scolding you for being stupid...

Donghae: In my opinion it's supposed to be the guy whose supposed to the waiting not the lady. So much for being a man.

You looked up to him and he made a smile. You tried to smile as well, but it can't come out. So he handed you the umbrella and you looked at him confused.

He started taking off his black jacket (you know the jacket that they wear for suits but they dont wear the entire suit just a white shirt with the jacket.) and he put on you. It showed you his fine broad shoulder and how really hot he is..... Wait you already established that!

Donghae: Let's go!

You: Where?

Donghae: I'll take you home.

You didn't argue since you got tired and you didn't feel upbeat anymore. He lead you to his car and you sat next to him. He glances at you once in awhile to ask if you're okay and you would just nod your head and you don't say anything else. Sometimes he would add things like : "he's a jerk you should just forget him." "Don't feel sorry for him if you see him hurt." "Do you want me to go and beat the living heck out of him?" And of course you would just simply nod your head or shake it. You arrived in front of your apartment and he walked you to your dorrsteps and even follow you inside your house. You immediately went to the couch and sat down. You were just staring down on the floor and Donghae came out with a towel on his hands and he put it over the soaked jacket that he gave you earlier. He slowly made his way next to you on the couch.

Donghae looked at you and said:

Donghae: Come here!

He hugged you and that's when everything just came apart. You started to cry really hard and he just caresses your back making you feel a little bit better.

Donghae: Ssshhhh... Don't cry Hye Kyung I'm right here, just please stop crying.

You didn't listen to him and just kept crying and crying. About 20 minutes later you stopped crying and you fell asleep on his arms.


You carried Hye Kyung to her room and watched her sleeping soundly....



This chapter might be a little bit long but I don't think you guys mind. Anyways, I think this chapter came out pretty well, hopefully all of you liked the little romance between you and Dong-ya. Anyways, thanks for reading and please comment!!!! ;D


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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 10: Donghae Vs Jin Sung (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:43 pm

*In Winglin.Net This chapter is considered as 'chapter 11' since there was an author note previously but it's not really important. So I'm posting it.*

Sorry, for the late chapters......
Shall we start the story with Donghae's POV?



You were getting tired of watching late night shows at this point and you were ready to lay on the couch but then the doorbell rang and you got up to see who it was....

'Who could this be at this point of time?'

You opened the door and you saw Jin Sung. When you saw his face different of feeling rushed in, but nonetheless you want this guy to explain what happened today, for an unknown why you're letting him explain.

Donghae: What are you doing here?

You immediately clenched your fist.

Jin Sung: Is Hye Kyung home?

Donghae: What do you want from her?

Jin Sung: I just want to talk to her.

Donghae: Hahahaha!!! Are you trying to make me laugh? If you are you're pretty convincing.

Jin Sung: What are you doing here anyway? Don't you have a home to go and sleep too? Are you Hye Kyung's bodyguard now since you're interrogated me? Where is she anyway? I'm not here to see you!

Donghae: You got guts to even try to see her after what you did to her today! It was raining really hard and she was waiting for you in the park for almost an hour and a half! You call yourself a man after abandoning her just like that! You don't have the rights to be mad or ask any questions or even see her at all. You left her all alone and yet you still want to see her! It's best for you to leave now.

Jin Sung: I'm here to see her personally and say my apologies to her directly.

Donghae: Ha... You really think I would let you do that?

Jin Sung: Get out of my way!

He pushed you to the side and it caught you off guard and you landed on the floor. You got up quickly and landed a big punch on Jin Sung's face. Now he was the one going down on the floor. He held his face and got up.

Donghae: You better leave!

Jin Sung then grabbed your shirt and you held his too.

Jin Sung: You ruined everything! You were just a superstar that get all the girls you wanted now that the girl I wanted you just have to get her since you're Lee Donghae! The richest kid on the planet! Don't you realize how much damage your inflicting to her by just seeing her? Don't you realize that cameras surrounds you 24/7? You don't know her at all, you don't know a thing about her, you don't care about her. She's just a toy to you since your ex-girlfriend left you years ago!

That was the line that Jin SUng shouldn't have crossed. You raise your right arm and put as much pressure on it as you can and he landed straight to the floor.

Donghae: You're right you, I don't know a lot about Hye Kyung, but I know one fact that I would always remember in my heart, and that is the fact that she always put other around first before her and that's what I admire her the most. She was willing to get sick just for you and you took advantage of her kindest. You're also right about the media following me around 24/7, but that won't stop me from hanging out with her since she makes me feel like I've known her forever and she cares about me... I don't really care about the media anymore since I was exposed to it since the day I was born and one thing I would do for Hye Kyung that you can never do for her and that is I would protect her no matter what costs me.

Sin Jung got up and was wiping the blood on his mouth then he turned around and stopped. You were already tired of this crap, you were ready to sleep, but this guy just happen to show up. At this time!!! Your eyes started to get heavy then the most unexpected thing happened... Jin Sung turned around and punched you, really hard. You were motionless on the floor with blood already coming out of your mouth. Then he kicked you right on your stomach and this made you cough up blood. Now, you were the one the floor...

'Great, what's next? A funeral on Sunday?' You were still joking about the situation.

Jin Sung grabbed your shirt and held it so your face to face with him and he said.

Jin Sung: You think that little speech would make me want to leave Hye Kyung alone? This alone makes me hate you more. More hatred the better the plan in the future right?

You started coughing blood again...

Donghae: What.... Should I consider *cough* this as a *cough* threat?

You smiled on the corner of your lips and this got him really angry! He let go of your shirt and started kicking you on your stomach, legs, and arms. You yelled a couple of times but you tried not too since Hye Kyung might wake up.

Mad Jin Sung: Get up, Lee Donghae. Who's the man now, huh? Can't you see that your the weak one here since you don't know a thing.

He made the last kick and left you all alone on the floor coughing blood here and there, then the door was closed.

Donghae: Great... what's this guy up too?

You held your arms to support your stomach and went upstairs to check up on Hye Kyung. You stopped out of breath beside the opened room and you leaned on the wall to support your weak body. You stared at her peaceful , beautiful face then you just crashed down an blackness took over....


Oh, poor Donghae!!!!! That Jin Sung jerk!!! Thank you for reading and please comment!!! Very Happy

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 11: Getting Closer (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:44 pm

Okay, let's see what happens the next day when Donghae got hurt!

Your POV

You woke up and you were feeling great! You stood and faced the window and strached you arms. You were really happy since Donghae came made you all feel important last night. You went to the bathroom to do all your morning routines and also changed clothes since the clothes is still wet. You forgot to change clothes last night since you passed out, and you guess that Donghae carried you to your room because the last thing you remember was crying on Donghae's shirt while he tried telling you not to cry anymore and that was it. When you got to your door you saw someone's feet and you looked slowly to see Donghae on the floor with blood and bruises on his face. You immediately went to his side and tried to wake him up, but you didn't know what to do.

'Should I call the hospital? Maybe the members, but I don't have their phone number, does Donghae have his phone? Wait, I'm doing a search on him! Um....'

You: Donghae!! Wake up!!! What happened?!! Donghae!!! Donghae!! Donghae!!!

You started crying and your eyes were getting red. Then you felt a hand on your face, wiping the tears away. You saw it was Donghae. You immediately hugged him.

Donghae(weakly): What does a pretty girl crying for early in the morning? Hahaha...

You: I thought you were... I thought you were dead Donghae. I thought you were dead!!!

Tears were flowing out of your eyes like a waterfall. Donghae sat up and looked at you.

Donghae: I saw you last night crying then you stopped when you went to bed and now it's starting again. What's wrong with you?

You: Donghae what happened?

Donghae: Um... I can't remember can I eat first?

You: Your face covered with bruises...

You touched his face and he winces at it. He slowly got up while holding the edge of the door for support. He went to the bathroom and he looked at his face.

You were extremely worried of what might the media might do when they seem his covered with bruises. You suddenly had an imagination of the news and the newspaper healines:

'Lee Donghae got in a fight'

'Pretty boy is not so pretty anymore'

'Number dancer Lee Donghae is done'

Your conscience made it's way to you and you had a conversation...

You: What am I going to do?

Conscience: Bug the crap out of him until he tells you what happened last night.

You: What happens when he tells me?

Conscience: Then beat the crap out the person who did this. Do you have any ideas?

You: No...

You went back to the reality and knocked on the bathroom door. Donghae opened it and he welcomes you to go in.

Donghae: Oh, my pretty face is damage.

He started touching all the bruises that he spots on his face.

'Great! Just the thing he should say to make me feel better'

You: So, Donghae was there a thief that came in my house?

Donghae: I'm hungry do you have food?

He left you on the bathroom while he hunts for food in your fridge. He settles for a cereal because there weren't much in your kitchen. He started eating when you put some cereal in your bowl. You were really getting tired of the silence game so you tried breaking once again.

You: Donghae tell me was there a guy who wanted to kill me?

Donghae: Haghruhatnjglagfjhtr

You: Huh?

Donghae swallowed the cereal and said

Donghae: Not you, he wants to kill ME!

You: Who was it? Do you know him? Do I know him?

Donghae: Yeah you know him. Why?

You: Oh, just curious.

You sat down across him and started eating your cereal. There was another long silence during the breakfast. You were getting irritated since he's not cracking up who did this to him and you were dying to know! You tried not to show the eagerness to him so you looked around the kitchen every second to try not to focus on his bruised face. When you look at something quickly yoou can see him stop eating and looks at you in the corner of your eye. When you look back he would pretend he was still eating his cereal. Then, he was the one who broke the silence.

Donghae: Want to know who's the guy?

He made a smile on his face. Then you pouted and said.

You: Yeah badly...

Donghae: Are you going to be mad if you found out who this guy is?

You: Umm... do I know him well?

Donghae: I think you see him almost everyday.

You: So, I do know him well.

Donghae: I guess.

He shrugged and you continued the conversation.

You: So who is it?

Donghae: Jin Sung...

Your eyes widen at the name. You were shock that Jin Sung, the innocent cashier guy in the cafe would beat the living crap out of Donghae!

You: No way, he won't do that!

Donghae: Did you know he likes you?

You: Huh? Jin Sung likes me? Psshh yeah right!

Donghae: He didn't want me to be with since he sees me as a bad thing!

You: But he's so innocent, he would never do such a thing! Or would he?

Donghae: So, you're saying I'm a liar.

He stood up to put the bowl in the sink.

You: No, I'm not saying that.

Donghae: So, you believe me?

You: To be honest with you I don't know what to believe...

Donghae: AH!!!

He fell on the ground.

Donghae: AH! That cabinet door hit me!

You made your way to his side and you saw him holding his face. You started laughing because of his childish behavior.

You: It's YOU who hit the cabinet door not the other way around.

Donghae: It hurts like hell, though!!!

He pouted then walked to the living room to sit on the couch. You got some ice and wrap it with a towel. You walked to the living room and put against his face. He sighed and relaxed at the cool fabric. He hold your hand that was holding the cloth. You blushed at his action but you still kept it there.

Donghae: You make me feel so better.

You: Ah... yeah....

Donghae looked at you with his warm eyes. He started getting closer to your face then the phone rang and you got up quickly. You answered the phone and it was......


Stupid phone!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Hopefully you all liked it!!! Thanks for reading and please comment! Very Happy

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 12: The Confrontation (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:45 pm

You answered phone and it was..... Jin Sung?! You didn't want Donghae to explode since the mood was really good, so you said.
You: Omma! Why are you calling me?

Donghae looked over and you turned your back to him.

Jin Sung: Come, to the Cafe we need to talk.

You: Araso. I'll be there.

You hung up the phone and went back to the couch.

Donghae: Did something happened?

You: Um.....

You were thinking of an excuse to say to Donghae..

You: My aunt and her family came by surprisingly earlier so my mom wants me to come by to say hi.

Donghae: Oh, okay. When are you going?

You: I'm supposed to go there now, but I'll stay.

Donghae: Look, I don't want to get in your family's visit, so I'll go.

'So, he took the bait that easily...'

Donghae made his way to the door and he disappeared. You heard the car door close and the engine starting and it was gone. You went upstairs to get your keys, wallet, and cellphone. You peaked out of the window if Donghae was still there but he wasn't so you sneakily went to the shop. When you got there you saw Jin Sung sitting on a table by the window. You walked there and sat right across him.

Jin Sung: How are you feeling?

You: Okay. So, why did you call me for?

Jin Sung: I'm sorry about yesterday for not making it on time. I went to your house last night but I didn't saw you.

You: So, you were really the one who hurt Donghae?

Jin Sung: What did he say?

You: He said you were trying to 'kill' him.

Jin Sung: Hmph... That guy is a liar.

You: A liar?

Jin Sung: He told you the wrong story. He probably said that he was the poor guy that you should believe since he's covered with bruises.

You: Um... yeah that explains about everything!

Jin Sung: This is what happened yesterday. I couldn't come to the park or even call you since there was only 3 people working yesterday in here. I was basically the only one working since both the other workers didn't care. I was delivering and taking the cashier at the same time. When I get back to the cafe after delivering there would be a line and I have to take care of it and I still need to make the coffee. When my shift was done I went to your house, I ring the doorbell and Donghae answered it. I asked him where you were and he said it's not my business and I should just leave. I told him no since I wanted to apologize to you personally and so I went inside peacefully and he landed a punch on my face.

He pointed the bruise that was covering his right cheek.

Jin Sung: Then, of course I puched him back since it was my instincts...

You: Then, why would he be covered with bruises while you only have one bruise on your cheek?

Jin Sung: We pushed each other a couple of times and I was lucky enough to land on the floor while he hits furnitures in your apartment.

You: But... but...

You couldn't ask him anything since the story fits quite well, while Donghae didn't say much. You were starting to feel like Donghae was lying to you since he seems alright this morning. But then again Jin Sung didn't mentioned the part.... um the part..... okay there's no missing hole in the story! You tried thinking of an excuse to defend Donghae but nothing came. You stood up and bowed to Jin Sung and apologizes for the misbehavior of Donghae then you left.

You were walking to the mansion when you saw a puppy. You didn't know what kind it was, but it was really adorable! It had white fur, it was small, and it didn't look real! You carried it and you walked to the mansion again. It started drizzling so started running, it was pouring out when you got to the front door of the mansion. You rang the doorbell and Sungmin opened it. He looked at you then he smiled and looked at the puppy. He gestured you to come in and he grabbed the puppy out of your arms.

Sungmin: What a cute little thing you are! Where did you get him?

You: I just found it on the street while I was walking here.

You heard a voice from upstairs asking Sungmin who was the person that rang the doorbell. Then he saw you, he walked to you and Sungmin and he asked.

Donghae: I thought you were going to your parent's house?

You: I said I was going to say hi not stay in the house and hang out.

Donghae: Oh.. I thought when you see relatives you usually stay at least an hour.

You: Well my family is weird anyways. Hahaha...

You tried adding a fake laugh in the end but it ended kind of awkward. Donghae looked at Sungmin who was playing with the puppy. He was wide-eyed this!

Donghae: Hyung, where did you get that puppy?

Sungmin: Oh, it's not mine your maid brought him here.

Donghae looked at you and asked.

Donghae: Where did you get him?

You: Oh I saw on the street while I was walking here.

He grabbed the puppy out of Sungmin and Sungmin pouted and left. Donghae started playing with the puppy, caressing it here and there, just holding it in his arms.

Donghae: This dog is the same type of dog Jinyu was. I'm actually a sucker for any type of puppy. They are just too adorable to ignore.

You: Donghae... I'm sorry.

You looked down and bowed.

Donghae: For what?

You: I lied to you. *you're still bowing*

Donghae: What?

You: Earlier the phone I received was not my mom.

Donghae let go the puppy and it started running around the house. Donghae faced you.

Donghae: Stop bowing.

He said this in a straight voice, the one that is so cold it could pierce right through you. You stood up straight but your eyes are still glued to the floor.

Donghae: Who called you earlier?


Donghae: Who called you earlier?

He raised his voice a little bit.

You: Umm.....


You: Its.... Jin-n-n...S-u-ung.

Donghae: What he wanted with you, huh?

You: Donghae calm down. He just wanted to talk and we just talked for a couple of minutes.

Donghae: Wait, let me guess he said his apologies.

You: Donghae why are so mad? He just wanted to talk there's nothing else happened.


You: If you quit yelling at me then probably we could talk.



You slammed the door and went back to your apartment stomping your feet.

Donghae's POV

'Crap! Back to this thing again... Why can't I just let everyone have a chance to explain? I need to tell her that I was just mad, again, and ask her what Jin Sung said to her.'

End of Donghae's POV


Thanks for reading and please comment!!! Very Happy

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 13: Phone Call (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:46 pm

Sorry, for the delay.... -_-'

Your POV

You walked away, AGAIN, from the mansion. You tried your hardest to not cry but it seems like the water will spill anytime. You took a deep breath and stopped walking. You hit the nearest pole to you and it made you feel better since you were thinking it was Donghae.


You started walking again to your house and just watched TV all day long...


You were in your PJ's and you were eating ice cream straight from the container with a spoon, watching a drama. (A/N:Does is it sound familiar??? HAHAHA!!!) It was commercial when the doorbell rang and you just let it ring since you didn't care about anything or anyone right now. You just wanted to eat the ice cream and mumble some things about Donghae that you hate about him. Then, the doorbell keep ringing then you couldn't take it anymore and when you opened the door you yelled.


You saw no one. You were really pissed at this because kids these days are ding-dong ditching every place they can get into. You were about to close the door when you heard a bark. You looked down and saw the Maltese puppy that you found earlier. You kneeled down and started petting the dog on the neck and you could tell it likes it. Then, you saw a note on the collar.

'Wait, he didn't had any collar earlier?'

You got the note and started reading it...

Hye Kyung,

I'm sorry that I blow up on you earlier and I promise I won't do it ever again. The puppy's name is Kyunghae. I just wanted to name the puppy with our names..HAHAHA!!! Anyways, I really want to talk to you tomorrow about what went down earlier. I was out of line, AGAIN, and I'm not going to deny it. Please, give me another chance. A last chance to make it up with you. I want to say sorry to you face to face so please meet me at the park. If you don't want to see me ever again please give some respect to me that you will show up and say it. That's all I'm asking for, please Hye Kyung. Go to the park tomorrow at noon to tell me if you're going to give me another chance or not.


You carried, Kyunghae to the livingroom and settle it down by the couch. You dropped to the couch and sighed heavily. You don't know what to do, I mean you want to give him another chance, but at the same time it's seems like you're giving him way too much chances that he might take advantage of you in the future! Aish!!

'What should I do?'

You got the ice cream container and started watching the drama again.

-Morning, 10:36-

You were going back and forth around your room with a confuse look in your face, giving you a cute stare from Kyunghae. You looked at him and he looked back at you. You picked it up from the floor and you looked at him more closely.

You: What should I do?

Kyunghae: Arf, arf, arf.

You: Great now I'm talking to a dog!

You laid him down to the floor and he just sits there. You seriously don't know what to say to Donghae. You have to go the park since you have to tell him whether or not that you'll give him another chance or not. This is confusing you really bad. You called the only person you know that might know how you're feeling right now.

You: Omma, I need to talk to you.

Mom: What's wrong honey? Something happened?

You: Omma, don't panic, I'm alright. I just need to ask you a question.

Mom: What is it?

You: Okay, well you see I have a friend that I had been fighting with all the time and yet he still makes me feel great after we fight. I give him so many chances that I don't know if I should give him another one today. He might take advantage of me in the future if I do it today, but I want to forgive him. What should I do?

Mom: It sounds like your appa and I when we were dating... *snickers*

You: Eh?

Mom: So your friend is a guy?

You: Deh

Mom: Well, you might be feeling in love with guy.

You: Omma, how could you say that?!

Mom: Well, if you break up and yet still be friends with him doesn't that mean anything?

You: Omma, all friends do that!

Mom: Okay, then how about... Does he hang out with you all the time?

You: Well, he has dance practice in the morning but other than that we hang out.

Mom: How, about.... has he ever given you gifts before?

You: No, but he treats me out, such as ice cream, lunch, dinner, and he send a puppy that I found yesterday back to me.

Mom: Did he hugged you before?

You: Deh

Mom: Did he kissed you before?

You blushed at this question but you still answered.

You: He tried once...

Mom: ooooohhhhh.... Okay, does your heart skip a beat whenever you see him, hear his voice, and have you ever had a dream about him?

You thought about this for a minute...

You: Omma, sometimes I feel like my heart is torn between two whenever we have a fight. I still don't love him. When I first met him everytime I hear his voice I describe it as an angelic voice and yes my heart skips a beat. I still don't love him. We hug frequently, his smile is the most beautiful thing in the world. I still don't love him. It hurt me when he said that he had an ex-girlfriend. I still don't love him. He's the one who makes me feel better though. I still don't love him.... Wait!!! I DO!!! Omma!!! What should I do??!!!

Mom: Tell him, honey.

You: Woah, I can't that's like suicide for me!

Mom: Trust me if he kept you all this time there's a reason for it.

You: What if he just thinks that we're friends? I would like a moron!

Mom: The most important is that you confessed your love to him.

You: Omma, this is not the 70's where you can just say, 'Peace my man!' 'Love is everywhere' or 'I love you'. That's just too weird.

Mom: Do what you want then. But let me tell you something. I was the one who confessed to your dad and he did liked me even though we only have known each other for 2 months.

You: Omma, kamsahamnida.

Mom: Hahaha!! My girl is in love!!

Then she hang up. You sighed got ready and when you left the house it was 11:47. You walked to the park and rethink what you were going to say...

'Should I confess?'


Please comment!!

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Maybe This Is Love: Author's Note (IMPORTANT!!)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/11/2009, 6:47 pm

Okay, this news is really important. To those who doesn't/do know that I'm on my summer vacation well this is something you should know. My older sister and I are going to Idaho to visit my mom's family side for a month. My mom just told both my sis and I today that we're leaving on June 23rd so don't expect an update of any chapters that day. I'm coming back on July 25th, I don't know if I can use the computer during my visit there, but if there's WiFi then I can post chapters through my iTouch (it's so AWESOME) . If I can get a hold on to the computer I promise I would post chapters!!! Thank you for the cooperation!!!


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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 14: Saranghaeyo (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/13/2009, 8:03 pm

I'm sorry couldn't post yesterday and I'm not sure if I'm going to post the next chapter tonight....

Your mind was filled the entire time you were walking to the park. You didn't know what to say, you didn't if you really should show up, and you didn't know how you were really feeling.

'Donghae, this is it. I'm sorry... No, that's just so lame. Does it really have to be long to say your farewell to your idol? Aish!! Why must it be so hard to do everything that involves celebrities?'

You were literally 10 paces away from the park and you were hesitating if you really should go or just turn around and head home and call a day. Your mind was saying no but your legs just dragged you to the park and there you saw....

(Please play this song first before reading again.)

You saw Donghae singing to this song with his guitar. You smiled and your heart was beating so fast. You couldn't stop but to blush at his little "apology." He was standing playing his guitar while singing, on the grass there's a checkered red and white blanket with a basket. He stopped playing and you walked to him with your hands stuffed in your front pockets of your jeans.

Donghae: First thing I want to say is that I was a jerk, once again. And I'm really sorry for that.

You gave him a pout and started to walk away...

Donghae: Yah! What are you doing?

You: What does it look like to you?

You stopped and looked at him with a smile. You saw Donghae's face plastered with a confuse look?

Donghae: What are you smiling about?


Donghae: WHAT?!!

Both of you were screaming to each other while there was a 5 feet distance between you two.


Donghae: WHAT?!

You: I SAID...



Donghae: Do you hate me?

You: Maybe...

Donghae smirked and started running towards you and you started running. Both of you were continuously until you gave up and laid down on the grass with your arms spread. Donghae caught up to you and looked at you. He sat next to you and he messed your hair. Once both of your breathing settled down he asked...

Donghae: You're the most unexpexcted person I've ever met.

You: I'm still not your friend...

You stood up and started walking away...

Donghae: Okay, seriously what am I supposed to do?

You: I thought you wanted me here to tell you what I'm going to say. You said show up in the park to tell me whether I'm going to forgive you or not.

Donghae: What are you trying to say?

You: What I'm trying to say is that you expect me to just forget everything when you say: I'm sorry. Donghae you're a really nice guy, but I don't we should be friends anymore.

Donghae: Why?

Your heart just break into million pieces when you saw his sad, hurt face.

You: Donghae, why did you let me stay here while everyone else goes on a vacation?

Donghae: Because you were late...

You: You could've just scheduled me one right away.

Donghae: I.. I..

Suddenly your conversation with your mother earlier came back to you.

You: Okay, well you see I have a friend that I had been fighting with all the time and yet he still makes me feel great after we fight. I give him so many chances that I don't know if I should give him another one today. He might take advantage of me in the future if I do it today, but I want to forgive him. What should I do?

Mom: It sounds like your appa and I when we were dating... *snickers*

You: Eh?

Mom: So your friend is a guy?

You: Deh

Mom: Well, you might be feeling in love with guy.

You: Omma, how could you say that?!

Mom: Well, if you break up and yet still be friends with him doesn't that mean anything?

You: Omma, all friends do that!

Mom: Okay, then how about... Does he hang out with you all the time?

You: Well, he has dance practice in the morning but other than that we hang out.

Mom: How, about.... has he ever given you gifts before?

You: No, but he treats me out, such as ice cream, lunch, dinner, and he send a puppy that I found yesterday back to me.

Mom: Did he hugged you before?

You: Deh

Mom: Did he kissed you before?

You blushed at this question but you still answered.

You: He tried once...

Mom: ooooohhhhh.... Okay, does your heart skip a beat whenever you see him, hear his voice, and have you ever had a dream about him?

You thought about this for a minute...

You: Omma, sometimes I feel like my heart is torn between two whenever we have a fight. I still don't love him. When I first met him everytime I hear his voice I describe it as an angelic voice and yes my heart skips a beat. I still don't love him. We hug frequently, his smile is the most beautiful thing in the world. I still don't love him. It hurt me when he said that he had an ex-girlfriend. I still don't love him. He's the one who makes me feel better though. I still don't love him.... Wait!!! I DO!!! Omma!!! What should I do??!!!

Mom: Tell him, honey.

You: Woah, I can't that's like suicide for me!

Mom: Trust me if he kept you all this time there's a reason for it.

You: What if he just thinks that we're friends? I would like a moron!

Mom: The most important is that you confessed your love to him.

End of the flashback

'Crap is he gonna confess? Wait, I don't think he likes me that much... or does he?'

Donghae: I really, really, really...


Crap, what am I going to say? I don't know how to.. how to say it... I should've taken Kangin hyung's advice.

'Love will always prevail no matter what happens...'

Great advice hyung! Oh, crap.

Donghae: Hye Kyung the reason I've kept you all this time with me is that I wanted to tell you something. Something very important. Something that I've never felt before in my life...

End of Donghae's POV

Your POV

'Shoot me right now! Is he...is he really going to confess?'

Your heart was beating so fast it could explode any second. What if he likes you would you say yes to him? Would go out with him? Would you be by his side everytime? Would you take care of him? Would you tell him that you loved him from the moment you saw him on TV? Would you tell him that you've been crazy about him that's why you've been supporting him all this time? What would you say if he did? There was so many question that you couldn't answer, too many questions that you didn't want to answer, YET. There's no way you wanted to do this then your mouth just had it's moment, you know where it has it's own brain...

You: Donghae, I love you.

Donghae was shocked at what you said. You were mentally slapping yourself with a hammer and saying: Your screwed! You confessed to him without you knowing it!

Then, the worse part came... The loooonnngg, draaaggiiiinnngg, silent moment came. No one has any idea what to say no one knows how to explain what just happened. Then it was broken off by someone, someone that Donghae just couldn't keep his eyes off...


Oooooohhhhhhh..... someone just confessed!! HAHAHA!! XD The cliffhanger is so good!! I hope you'll stay tune tomorrow for the next chapter!! This is getting good!! PLEASE COMMENT!! Very Happy

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 15: Love Hurts (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/14/2009, 7:30 pm

Let's find out who's the mysterious person that interrupted the scene....



I can't really think at that moment. I think my eyes are playing with me. It can't be her, no it can't be. There's no way she's here right in front me! Why would she be here at this place at this moment? All, this time she decided to come back...

???: Donghae. I'm back.

She let her purse go to the ground and she immediately went to hug you. You suddenly felt the world just suddenly stopped. Everything around you disappeared without you knowing it. You couldn't think, you couldn't breathe.

'She's back, she's back in my arms.'

You hugged her back and you stayed there for a long time. You didn't care about anything at that moment you were just happy that she's back.



You saw what happened and a tear fell out of your right eye, letting more go as it pleases. You stared at Donghae and... Donghae and Lee Haneul. Lee Haneul, Donghae's ex-girlfriend and his very first love. You wanted to scream, you wanted to let it all out, but you were frozen at the spot. You wanted to get away so bad, but you can't do it. The man who wanted to apologize to you and the one who you confessed your feelings too is now hugging his first love and he's seems to be happy. More than happy... You looked away and started walking away. You stuffed your hands in your front pockets and started to take deep breaths to calm you down.

'I know all along that there was no way it would work. No way he has the same feelings as me, no way that he ever let go of Haneul. There was just no way he ever moved on the day that she said it's done! He never liked anyne else but her!'

You just dropped on the cement and you started crying, letting all the pain out. You just wanted to to die at that moment since your heart was just broken and now you have nothing.


You screamed on the top of your lungs until your throath couldn't take all the screaming anymore. Then, it started raining. You didn't want to get up since there's no point of going to your cold, empty, lonely apartment. You just sat there on the walkway and stared at nothing, but the space. A couple minutes later a car stopped and honk at you. You didn't moved or showed any signs that you heard the noise. The person honked at you again, and you didn't moved again. You just let everything go, nothing matters to you now. Then, somebody dragged you and that person was yelling at you. You got in the car and you stared in the space again.

Donghae: What's wrong with you? Just sitting in the middle of the street in the rain. Do you ever think?


Donghae: Besides, why did you left without telling me.

'Oh, wait! Donghae, I'm leaving now. I'll just let you and Haneul catch up on the past. The past that she let go of you! Just the best way to say goodbye to you, Donghae!' You sarcastically thought.

Donghae: You know if you get sick I won't have any maid in the house. I probably fire you and get another maid.

You: I don't care.

You said coldly.

Donghae: Hey, lighten up! I was just kidding. I won't fire you. You're like my best friend now.

You: I don't really care about you firing, probably I'll be better off without you! Do you ever care about anyone except yourself?!

Donghae: Look, Hye Kyung. What happened earlier, you know when you said 'I love you' let's forget about that. Both you and I know it's never going to work. Besides Haneul already told me that she broke up with that guy and she never once did she ever stopped thinking about me for the past 4 years. Can you believe it! She's back!

You: Stop the car.

Donghae: What?


Donghae: Why?


Donghae hit the brakes and you immediately went out of the car and started walking, while crying. You heard Donghae calling your name but you didn't stop you just kept walking. Donghae grabbed your hand turned you around.

Donghae: What's wrong with you, huh?

You: What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me? Let me see I was a big fan of you, I fell in love with you, but guess what I made a fool out of myself by confessing my feelings to you. Then, you just didn't say anything how could you!

You started hitting his chest repeatedly.

You: How could do something like this to me? How dare you!

Then you slowly stopped hitting him and you just dropped to the ground. You couldn't stop crying and there's no way it's going to end this bad. You just wanted to disappear, probably when you recover you'll go to an isolated place, a place where there is no fame or any people that's going to hurt you the way that Donghae did.

Donghae: Hye Kyung *he starts loweing down so he could see your face* I'm sorry...

You: I had enough of your sorry's. All you could say is "I'm sorry that I did this" "I'm sorry it won't happen again." Sorry is all you could say to me! If you were really sorry you never have done it! I'm done! There's no point of this thing going if I'm just going to end as I am right now.

Donghae left you all alone and he drove away leaving you in the middle of the street in the rain crying.


You were driving you couldn't help but to cry. You didn;t want her hurt, you didn't want any of this. It was the right moment to tell her what you really felt earlier when she said I love you, but Haneul came.

'What am supposed to do? I love Haneul with all my heart I still do but a part of me is pulling me to Hye Kyung. Why must it be this difficult?'

You hit the steering wheel and headed to your mansion crying...


Oh, the ex is back!!!!!! OH NO!! What's going to happen between you and Donghae?! Please comment!

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 16: The New Life?? Donghae & You Love Story

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/21/2009, 2:49 pm

Sorry for the long wait. It's been raining/thundering here really hard and I can't use the computer until today and I'm so sad about Super Junior's last performance of Neorago and Sorry Sorry T-T. HWAITING AND GOOD LUCK TILL NEXT TIME! I'M SO SUPPORTING SUJU NEXT TIME!!! THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME 3 MONTHS THAT YOU PERFORMED SORRY SORRY AND NEORAGO!

Days passed by so slowly and you were getting over everything VERY slowly. A couple times you would feel like you didn't want to do anything other times you were really happy. You couldn't think straight nor very fast anymore since that incident with you know... You were trying to forget him so you took down every single item you have of Super Junior, such as, the wallpapers, CDs, DVDs, notebooks, pictures, pens, shirts, stuff toys, almost everything you have basically. You decided that you would start a new 'life' without the band or him... You also agreed to your self that his name should never escape your thoughts or your mouth, it shouldn't be in your thoughts either.

A week after that day you found yourself working at the cafe, it was the BEST job you had in your entire 22 years of life! The costumers are so nice, they give you $20 for tips because you smile everytime and you were nice to them everyday. The staffs are so friendly and Jin Sung is also your friend now. Both of you decided to forget HIM... Everything was really great in the cafe, you felt like it was your home and you really didn't mind to have overtime every week. Once in awhile you see MyungJi in the cafe, both of you talked and that's how you guys got so close. She started hanging out with you more and you were treating each other like sisters in a flash. She was easy going, funny, kind, and the best part is that she hasn't said HIS name everytime you talk to each other.

So today, it was another regular day in the cafe. Your costumers orders and carry on, on their day. The halmoni that was there everyday ordered the regular treat, coffee and a piece of cheese danish. You helped her out to her everyday table by the window and she gestured you to sit down across her. You waited there patiently for her to start talking.

Halmoni: I wish I would have a daughter-in-law like you, it's just that my grandson is a stubborn fool dating girls here and there. He needs a girl like you.

You: *blush* Oh, well geez... thank you...I guess??

Halmoni: He has a girlfriend right now, but I would let you meet each other some other time to know each other better.

You: What is like?

Halmoni: Ahh... It's so hard to explain such a kid. He was the youngest out of two boys. His brother is about 3 years older than him and is now currently the president of our company. He's a very smart man it's just that he thinks about his work way too much, he needs to loosen up or else he would be calculating the bills in his grave. As for my stubborn, youngest grandson, he took a different route since his father directed him in that way. Don't get me wrong but he needs to know some reality things like his older brother. Both of them are completely different from each other. My youngest grandson is very lose, he thinks that everything in life is supposed to be fun, so he carries his parents' money easily not that he spends millions of dollars everyday, in fact he barely use his parent's money, he uses his own money. He works in some music store I think. He's very stubborn, self-centered, jokes at everything, but he always have one thing that his brother never have for a long time...

You: What is it? A girlfriend? Fun?

Halmoni: Hahaha.... No, a smile.

You: OOhhhh...

Manager: Hye Kyung I need you to deliver this coffee in this address.

You: Alright! Halmoni I have to work again, but tomorrow I'll be here as usual.

Halmoni: Don't worry my child, you have to do what you have to do.

At that you smiled at her and bowed and went to get the coffee and the sheet that has the address. While you were walking to the address you seemed to know that place, as if you've been there a million times! Anyways, you forgot about the neighborhood since you were thinking about halmoni's stubborn grandson.

'I wonder if he's cute. He must be since he has girlfriends left and right, and besides he's probably rich that attracts girls. He might be a player. Is that why halmoni wanted me to meet him? He needs to be taken care of by a responsible girl like me! Geez... forget it! Where's this stupid place anyway!'

You ended the flowing questions and started looking at the houses. Then you saw it, 8674.

'Wait... There's no way I'm delivering this coffee here. There's no freakin' way!'

You stared at the house more like a mansion. A mansion where you vowed not to step a foot in there ever again, a mansion where a person you despise so much lives, a mansion full of pain, a mansion that you never liked...

'Crap... this is screwed up. Why am I the one to deliver this in here? Why didn't I recognize the address, I'm such a stupid person! I shold've known that it was HIS address. And why didn't protest about this! Oh, wait i didn't recognize the address that's why! Let's just get this over with!'

You walked to the front door and you were slowly lifting your finger to ring the doorbell. You were shaking madly and you were so nervous that you nearly miss the button when you pressed it. Now, the waiting game comes in. You didn't want to see him again and not now when you were slowly getting the pain out. You swallowed loudly and you flinched when the door opened. It was MyungJi who answered the door. You were relief that it was her not anybody else. She gave you smile and you handed her the coffee. She thanked you and both of you started to chat and you forgot about everything, then you heard a voice...

Donghae: MyungJi, who rang the doorbell.

Your stare froze at him. Great the rehabiltation ended here... When he saw you he stopped walking and you quickly turned around and started walking away. MyungJi stared back and front at you and her yound master. Donghae stood frozen then he snapped of it then he said.

Donghae: Walking away again I see.

You stopped at his statement and was about to say something rude but you didn't want to since you thought it might jeopardize your work because he might call the manager and tell him how rude the delivery girl was, so you just started walking again. Why can't you let him go so easily? There's nothing so special about him, he's just a jerk. Then, 15 minutes later you were back at the cafe. You sighed heavily and you were definitely relief that you were back the cafe, it's like a sanctuary to you too. You went back to your work and served the costumers. This immediately got you to foget what happened earlier. You were happy serving people and making them smile.

After your shift you walked back to your apartment tiredly and you didn't even noticed a car was parked in front of your house, and you just simply walked to the door and unlocked and when the door was about to close a foot stopped and you looked back and when the person opened the door it was...


I'm so sorry for the cliffy but isn't fun when you don't know the next part. I'll let you guys think what's going to happen next. HAHAHA!!! Don't forget I'm going to Idaho this Tuesday and the good news is that my aunt has a laptop so I can upload not daily but whenever I can!!! Very Happy Please comment!

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Maybe This Is Love Chapter 17: Halmoni's Grandson (Donghae & You)

Post by Donghaelover15 on 6/22/2009, 1:10 pm

I don't know if I'm going to upload Chapter 19 tonight because I won't upload any tomorrow, I'll try! Very Happy Anyways, here's Chapter 18.

So, there was a person that stopped your door from closing and it was... a big, bulky man in a black suit. You were looking around your apartment for a metal, broom, anything that you can defend yourself with. Then, the man spoke..

Man: Are you...

You: I promise whatever it is I didn't do! Please don't arrest me if you are I don't want to be wrestled down the floor I can go willingly, just please don't hurt me! You want my money, I don't have any cash but you can take it from my bank account! I'll do everything you want me too!

Man: I don't need anything from you. I'm here because of Mrs. Lee.

You: Huh? I don't know any Mrs. Lee here.

Man: Mrs. Lee is here to see you Ms. Kim.

You: Who's Mrs. Lee?

The man helped out an old lady to your apartment it was the halmoni that you always see in the cafe. When she got in your apartment you bowed politely and she gstured the man to go, so he did. After that she smiled at you and asked you if you were hungry.

You: Um... well yes, but I can cook some ramen.

Halmoni: You shouldn't eat ramen all the time. What do you have in your fridge?

You thought of it then the halmoni went to your kitchen to open the fridge. There was nothing... She looked at you confusingly.

You: Well, I usually go out with my friends to eat so I don't go to the market frequently, probably just 3 times a month.

You smile and scratch your head.

Conscience: Liar....

You: Huh?

Conscience: You lied to her!

You: I did not!

Conscience: What friends are you talking about then?

You: You know...those people...

The conversation was interrupted when the halmoni grabbed your arm and she dragged you to her car. You sat with her in the back while the man in the black suit drove you to the market. At the market you both all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and other foods. You were ready to pay for all the stuff when halmoni got out a gold credit card. The cashier saw the name and immediately bowed and smiled at her. Then, she looked at you with a disgust look, as if you weren't supposed to be there. You ignored her and you went to your apartment. She then started cooking and you helped her out.

Halmoni: I'm making my youngest grandson's favorite soup hopefully you don' mind.

You: Oh, not at all! I don't how to thank you enough halmoni.

Halmoni: You don't have too.

You smiled and helped her again though you didn't know how too help her, it seems like she can do it all by herself. About 10 minutes later she started talking again.

Halmoni: You know my grandson is not doing anything today. And his girlfriend is going away for 2 weeks for a photoshoot in Paris.

You: Halmoni, what are you trying to imply?

Halmoni: You should make my grandson break up with his girlfriend by charming him off.

You: Halmoni, I won't do that, but the least thing I can do is to invite him here since you bought and cooked the food.

Halmoni: Oh! That would be great!

She then walked off and started calling her grandson. You didn't know what kind of person this guy is but hopefully his not someone you won't like. Anyways, you steered the soup and waited until halmoni came back. She smiled at you and took over the cooking again.

Halmoni: He'll be here in 10 minutes.

You: What is he really like?

Halmoni: He would definitely like that's for sure!

You: Halmoni I won't charm your grandson since he still has a girlfriend. Probably we could be friends but that's it.

Halmoni: Being friends isn't so bad. Promise me you would be his friend.

You: I promise hope to die, eat a thousand if I lie! (A/N: I got that phrase in Code Geass)

Then, she finished cooking and the doorbell rang.

Halmoni: Oh! That's him, I'll get it. Go put some bowls on the table.

You nodded and went to work. You heard door open and closes. When halmoni called your name you bowed politely to them and when you saw her grandson it was...



Hope you like this chapter even though it's not really. And I didn't do any cliffhanger here! HAHAHA!!! Anyways, please comment! Very Happy

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Re: Maybe This Is Love Love Story (Donghae & You)

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