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Lessons For Love

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Lessons For Love Empty Lessons For Love

Post by Guest on 6/26/2009, 3:10 pm

Lee Taru-


A girl that lives by herself, her younger sister and parents pass away by a car accident. Have two good friends, love to drink when get depress, she rich because her parents left all the money in her hands, own the biggest and richest hotel but she doesn't go there and work, she has an person that does it for her. A loner not until.....

Kim JaeJoong-


A guy that cares about his dongsaeng, mature but immature at times, likes to annoyed Taru, fall in love really easy, thinks love is important but learning love lessons from a girl....

Minors character-

Lee Hye Min
Han Seliney
Song Trainnie
and others random characters
I stared at them. "I'm JaeJoong." He shook my hand violently. "Were here to learn some awesome lessons from you." He stared at me with those round eyes of his.

"Lessons? what lessons?" I questioned as I back away while they all walk in my house.

"Mr.Tea guy told us that we could learn love lessons from you." The guy name Yunho said.


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Lessons For Love Empty Birthday Gift

Post by Guest on 6/26/2009, 3:12 pm

Hope you reader like this ch
~Jenny Thao~

January 22,2010

It was a snowy day, even though Christmas was already over, it was the new year and today was my birthday, I decided to celebrate my birthday today as always, every year I celebrate my birthday by myself since my family left me and I have no friends to celebrate with so why not? at least I'm being all happy and overjoy on my birthday like everyone else who has their birthday the same day as me plus I counted United States. I spread all the Heineken around me like a circle and lightly push the two sparkle candles in my circle fruit cake as a big chunks of square chocolate that was on top of the fruits; saying "Happy Birthday Taru" I lit the candles and sang the happy birthday song to myself as the the coldness were killing me.

"Happy birthday to me-happy birthday to me-happy birthday to myself-happy birthday to me!!!" I finished the song and wish a silly thing that I could think of and the close my eyes and blow the candles with all my might, I remember what my mother told me, blowing the candles with all your might can make your wish come true and I still believe in that.

"Yay!" I claps my hands and hold a fork. "Having the cake all by myself." I dig in and eat a chunk of the cake with delight. It was delicious, it was like your in heaven, the bread is as soft as a feather, when you put it in your mouth, it puff and then it release the taste of strawberry with peach.

"Yum-yum" I open my Heineken beer and gulped it all up as I turned the radio next to me, I play the song from Flo Rida called Sugar.

"Whoa woo!" I started to feel the beat inside of me, it was like I want to dance all crazy tonight and forget all the stressfulness I had the past years.

While I was enjoying my birthday cake and the song, I heard many knocking on my wooden gate door. I hesitate for a while but then stumbled to open the door and there stood five handsome,hot, and sexy men staring at me with their killer smiled, did anyone send me those playboys for my birthday? I wonder who?.

"Hello?...... are you all playboys?" I pointed to each one of them with weird expression. How weird is this?. It's my birthday and five handsome playboy's just came to my house with a big smiled paste on their face.

"Wow! our dongsaeng is prettier than that monkey that we saw just two days ago." The manly one went in my house as he look at me with admired, pssst I'm prettier than that monkey they saw! who the hell he think he is?!

"Yunho hyung, we can ask her favors too" The one with a scarf on had said. I am not your damn favorable person who will do your favors for you all dumba$$!

I stared at them. "I'm JaeJoong." He shook my hand violently. "Were here to learn some awesome lessons from you." He stared at me with those round eyes of his.

"Lessons? what lessons?" I questioned as I back away while they all walk in my house.

"Mr.Tea guy told us that we could learn love lessons from you." The guy name Yunho said.

"Mr.Tea guy?" I was way clueless.

The cute guy rolled his eyes. "We meant Mr.Bae." He crossed his arms. "And I'm Junsu just called me oppa if you want."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Will at least call him Mr.Bae and not Mr.Tea." I huffed. "And why would Mr.Bae tell you five to come to me to learn love lessons when there's millions of people out there who want to teach you five." This time i crossed my arms with angered. Mr.Bae is so going to die after this!.

"He said that you can teach us and your really good at teaching." The player said, will he looks likes a player to me. "And by the w ay I'm Yoochun, call me oppa."He wink, okay.... they said that they need to be teach and here they are flirting and winking at me.

"But why me?! I don't even know how to teach you five at all!" I gawked at them while my arms flying everywhere. How dare Mr.Bae, why is he doing this to me? is this my birthday gift from him?..... puahahahaha like sure!.

"Don't know or not, were staying here, oh I'm Changmin, call me oppa also." The one with the scarf on said. What the hell! I'm going to burst out and be an crazy woman! mother and father, do you see how I'm going through!!

"So we can stay right?" Junsu asked; sitting on the table where I putted my cake and beers at.

"I do-" I was cut off.

"That's a yes, then we can stay, oh thank you little Taru." JaeJoong also sated on the table and scoop a chunk of my cake and eat it. Darn it!. I was about to say no but that JaeJoong just had to cut my lines.

"Oh we love you Taru, where do we sleep?" Yunho asked as he bring his super big luggage I mean 'SUPER BIG'

I sighed with disappointment, I couldn't say no this time. "You'll all sleep outside like a dog." They all stared at me with widen eyes as Junsu had a piece of cake falling from his mouth. "Pisst, just kidding, you all will be sleeping at my parents bedroom and two of you will sleep in my sister room."I also sat next to Junsu and JaeJoong. "Now you may go in, I want to spend some time alone by myself." I shoo them with my hands but they just stand there smiling at me, how weird can they be?

"No, we want to celebrate your birthday with you." Yoochun walked toward me and flicked my ford head as I winced and rubbed my ford head.

"Yah! don't tried to flirt!" Changmin pulled Yoochun away and kiss my ford head where Yoochun had flicked. This is totally uncomfortable, come on! kissing my ford head? I feel like some sluts that have five men in my house!.

"Yah Changmin! stop kissing her!" Junsu shoved him to the side and rubbed my ford head with his bare hand. "You disgusting pervert! you just left a slob on Taru ford head!" Junsu went close to my face and lightly blow my small bruise as I back away; looking at him right in the eyes makes me blushed.

"Junsu! get away, your scaring her!" JaeJoong pulled him away as he let out a squeak that sound like a pig.

"Hyung, I just want to get close to her." Junsu whined with a pout, oh wow! he was acting all caring because he wants to get close to me what an a**!.

JaeJoong shook his head. "She doesn't feel comfortable around us yet, right Taru?" He asked

"Right Taru?" JaeJoong asked again but there were no answer coming out from her mouth, she was still in her own little world, without blinking her eyes. "Taru...." JaeJoong waved his hand close to her face.

I snapped. "Huh?" I blinked.

"Thank god, we though you were dead." Junsu sigh in relief.

"Junsu are you stupid? she ain't dead yet." Yoochun rolled his eyes and leaned on the tree that my mother and I both had planted, it was late October, mother wanted to plant a tree there to make the house more shady so me and my little sister Maylyn wouldn't complain all the time when it's summer. I still remember what mother told me while I was putting dirt around the tree, she said. "Honey, no matter what happen to us, don't take this tree here out, we will be sitting on this tree and watch over you and your little sister, but sadly my sister passed away after my parents died, they happen to pick my little sister up from her field trip and was going back home while I preparing dinner outside because we all wanted to eat next to our tree we plant for such hard work we've done.What I didn't know is that they had an accident; the car flipped as the stranger car hit the pole and that day I was waiting for the three of them.... sadly the doctor called and told me that my parents had passed away while my little sister were still alive but she was hospitalized, I remember I cried my heart out.

"Taru?" I smiled.

"Stop scaring us." Changmin cried, no wonder they need me to teach them love lessons; crying like a baby, no girls want that!.

I rolled my eyes and eat my cake.

"Will anyway happy birthday Taru, we hope you have the best year!" JaeJoong bend down to my level and softly wiped my lips where it had creams on.

I quickly licked my lips and move far away from him, how creepy. "T-thank y-y-you."I managed to say.

"So..... here is our present for you." Changmin handed me a small nice and neat small box.

I gladly accept it and carefully unwrapped the small box. My eyes sudden twinkles with amaze.

"Did you like our present?" Junsu asked with his hands on the back of his.

I excitedly nodded my head and stared at my gift agin. "It's beautiful, thank you so much oppa!" I squealed, that time I fully accept them and will gladly teach them love lessons.

"It took us hours to decide what kind of design for your necklace and the "T" was hard too." Yunho shoved his hands in his pockets.

I glanced at them with a smiled. "I love the designs you all had decided, love the swirls and bubbles around the "T" hehe." I took the necklace out and tried to put it on but JaeJoong already took it away from me and putted it around my neck.

"Let me do it, your our little sister after all." JaeJoong lightly patted my head.

I happily swing my legs and stared at the five of them with admired, they do look handsome and hot but I just don't get why these hot guy's here doesn't know anything about love, they seemed like they do.

"Are we that hot?" Yoochun winked as I ignore his questioned and grabbed my cake, probably Yoochun is the only one that know how's to flirt.

"Time to go to sleep so hurry up and unpack your stuff." I walk in my house.

"Night Taru!" They all shouted and soon laughed.

"Is this a gift from mother and father?" I asked myself and putted the cake in the kitchen as I walked in my room with a bright smiled.


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Lessons For Love Empty Re: Lessons For Love

Post by Tammy on 6/26/2009, 4:33 pm

Jenny Jenny Jenny!!
Jenny Thao!
one of my fave writers in winglin!
your here now too!
i actually have already read your story lessons for love so far
update soon!

Lessons For Love 4kz6yo
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Lessons For Love Empty Teaching

Post by Guest on 6/27/2009, 4:38 pm

"Taru-Taru-Taru!" A voice whined as he shook her with a pout.

Taru rubbed her eyes and kicked him off her bed. "Leave me alone will you?" She tiredly yawned and fell back to sleep; hugging a bear close to her chest.

"But Taru, I gave this one cute girl a blow kiss and she throw her shoe at me." He climb on her bed again and would shake her non stop, even though she was tired as heck, she was still listening to him whining.

"Then say sorry to her." Taru pulled the cover up to her head.

"Do you think she would accept it?." He asked with puppy dog eyes, as his mouth shivered like those dogs that are about to cry.

Taru kicked the blanket violently and looked up at him. "Why are you doing that puppy face?, no girls would like that, only if they want you to do it." Taru lazily tied her hair and close her eyes again, but he shook her again.

"Will she accept it?" He asked her again.

Taru turn her back to him so he couldn't shake her. "Yes Changmin oppa, if she doesn't accept it then smirk at her, that's what girls will go crazy for." Taru told Changmin some lessons while he had a notebook and a pen to write what Taru had said.

"Thank you so much Taru!" He jump on her as she winced in pain which fully woke her up with widen eyes. "Opps, sorry Taru.... gotta go!" He yelled and bumped in to Junsu while the both of them collapse on the floor.

Changmin stood up quickly. "Ah!, sorry hyung, in a rush!" He ran downstairs and shut the front door loudly.

"Yah! stupid idiot! now I lost my appetite!" Junsu shouted and slammed the bathroom door.

After the loud and hurting that Changmin had gave her, she finally woke up and went down to cook for the boys.

"Good morning Taru." JaeJoong went up to her and kissed her cheek.

"Hey, what was that for?" She asked in shocked.

"A good morning kiss." He smiled and sat on the dinner table while staring at her.

"Will you wake the others up please. "Taru said while her back face him; cutting some green onions for the eggs.

JaeJoong stood up and brush his hair on the side. "Sure" He walk upstairs and use a pan and wooden sppon; banging then together to wake the lazy bum up. "Yah! wake up you lazy homeless butt head!" He shouted as Yunho open the door with an boxer on that has bambi pictures on and he tiredly yawned .

"Hyung? why? I was having a good dream about a gir; and me kissing." Yunho scratched his head.
"Get dress and eat." JaeJoong rolled his eyes and banged on Junsu and Yoochun door.

Junsu open the door and hit his head on the wall with big red eyes. "What?" He asked with drooled dripping down to the side of his chin.

"Eat and tell Yoochun also." He once again banged the pan and spoon together to fully wake Junsu up and walk downstairs,

~20 minuets~

Soon everyone was in the kitchen; sitting on the dinner table with silence until Changmin broke the silence with a choke and everyone looked shot their head at him.

"Guess what Taru?" Changmin raised his fork full of pancakes up with a smiled.

Taru eat her pancake and gave Changmin a clueless look. "What?" She waited.

"I smirked at her and she totally went crazy, she just suddenly gave me a kiss, it was my first kiss too!" Changmin smiled widely which Taru choke on her soft warm pancake and quickly drank her orange juice as all five eyes watched her hitting her own chest to calm her down.

"She did?!" Taru was shocked; she just couldn't believe that her own advice really did help Changmin 'and' it made her proud of herself and of course her oppa Changmin who is a totally cry baby.

"No way dude!" Yunho rested his arm around Changmin shoulder. Changmin who was busy nodding his head didn't even know that he has a piece of pancake stuck on top of his nose.

~Taru p.o.v~

I silently laughed my head off by seeing Changmin oppa with the small piece of pancake stuck on top of his nose just made my day better.

"Yah Taru, do you have any friend girls?" Yoochun wink at me, why does he always wink?

I sipped on my glass of juice. "Why?" I asked.

"Come on Taru, were your family after all." Yunho smirked, sometime I just don't get this guy.

"No way" I stood up and put my plates on the sink.

"Aww why not?" Yunho asked again.

"If I don't want to tell then I don't want too." I could hear someone standing up and gathering the plate from the dinner table.

"Fine." Yunho crossed his arms.

I smiled evilly. 'That's good' I thought.

"I'll help you wash the dishes." JaeJoong oppa offered and putted on a pink apron that has an cute turtle and fluffy clouds on it.

"Take that girly apron off, it doesn't suite you, you look like a girl, no wonder bo girls want you." I was ashamed of him, I have this feeling that for now on, these days I'm going to be a mother to the five of them.

JaeJoong sadly took it off and pout. " But it was cute." He help me rinsed the dishes.

"But it's only for girls.... manly boy." I chuckled and continue to bubbled the plates.

"So if I wear that girly apron then the girls will think I'm a gay?" He sounded like a two year old who is lost.

I nodded my head. "They don't want those kind of men especially like Junsu oppa." I pointed out as Junsu quickly stood up from his seat and screamed like a dolphin.

"Why bring me up?!" He cried.

"Stop crying like a baby! all I'm saying is that you need to change that look of yours, you look like a damn horny pervert!" I turned to look at him with a glared and then turn to JaeJoong were. "See, that's why I don't want you to be a pervert or act like a girl like him, I'm a girl and I don't even like a thing about him." I rolled my eyes.

JaeJoong chuckled. "Junsu is crying, I think you went to harsh on him." I looked back and saw Junsu laying on the floor crying his heart out; holding the leg of the dinner table.

"As a man you need to be confident and not cry over stupid things, Junsu oppa is already an example so you see I need to teach you all to not cry. Women hates when men cry, it get on their nerves." I twirled my slippery soap finger.

"I hate you Taru!" Junsu cried again, gosh he need to be a man.

"I doubt, you gonna say I love you later on!" I yelled back as Junsu quiet down and sat on his chair again.

"Hmpp!" JaeJoong fixed his throat to make me look at him. "So can we go clubbing?" He asked as he put the plates on the plates stand.

"W-wh-why all of a sudden?" I let the water run as my hands were holding the plates.

He shrugged. "Just want to go." He finish his last plate and dried his hands on a towel that was hanging on the refrigerator.

I nod my head slowly. "I guess, I mean if you all want to." I slowly talk.

"Of course we want to." JaeJoong shuffled my hair and walked tyo the guys.

~Club Night~

"I shouldn't think we need a limo to go clubbing." I crossed my arms and eyed each one of them, I was wearing a lavender knee length dress with a gold high heels while the guys wear a nice slack pants with a white long button sleeves and a black vest, to think about it, they look hot.

"We need to look hot in this limo." Junsu fixed his tie with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes. "No big deal, were just going clubbing." The limo stop and the driver open the door for us six, I was the first to get step out then the others as well.Soon all the girls squeal like some fans and wink at each one of the guys.

"Oh I'm so hot." Changmin smirked at the girls as the girls screamed, some fainted. "Taru, I just love your idea of the smirk." He chuckled as we went in the club.

"Now, you see that woman sitting and drinking some alcohol as she talks to the bartender?" I pointed at the woman to Yunho as he nodded his head. "All you got to do is give her a charming smiled and try to get to know her then touch her thigh and smirked at her then you just keep talking to her." I smiled.

"Yes Taru." He salute to me and walk coolly to the sexy woman.

I watch him walk up to the woman, Yunho sat on the chair that was next to her, he wink at her and gave her his super manly charming smile as her eyes twinlked.

I smiled and shoved Junsu on the dance floor. "Go do some dance freak with that hottie right there." I slapped her butt; trying to make Junsu who just slapped her butt. I grinned and walk out from the dance floor.

"Hey sexy." The girl twirled her finger on Junsu tie.

"H-H-H-Hi" He stuttered as she squeeze his butt.

~Back to TARU SIDE~

"Hey Changmin, you see that girl sitting on the table all lonely?" I stated while he nodded; touching his chin.

"Go make her yours, give her that sexy smirk of yours to her." I kick his butt and so he walk coolly toward her as she nervously looked at him, I feel something mushy around them.

'Two left' I though and turn to Yoochun. I look around the place and spotted a girl looking straight at Yoochun, Yoochun who doesn't know was too busy mumblings some words to himself.

I touched his shoulder as he jump in fright. "What is it Taru?" He asked

"That girl love to stared at you." I leaned to his ear. "Make her yours tonight." I pushed him lightly.

"Fighting!" He raised his fist up as he walk toward her.

"So...." JaeJoong slide his arm on my waist.

My hands pushed his chest. "No oppa, there's no way your flirting with me." I went to the bar tender and asked him for 'Sex In The Beach', he nodded and made me the Sex In The Beach alcohol I've been craving for the past months.

"Oh come on Taru, there's no more girls for me to flirt." He lied, of course there's a lot of girls starring at him; admiring him; wanting him for the night.

The bartender gave me the alcohol as I thank him. "Look around you, the girls are like drooling over you." I was about to drink my alcohol but JaeJoong snatched it away from me and gulped it all up. "Hey!" I grabbed the empty cup and licked the last drop that was on the glass cup, ahh! that was some delicious alcohol, 'Sex In The Beach' was one of the famous alcohol in clubs (Sex In The beach is a real alcohol drinks name for clubs). "Mr, give me two more Sex In The Beach!" I held two of my fingers for him.

"Girls, psst I only want to be with you and beside you need a protector to protect you, look at you! your drinking alcohol." He fixed his vest and leaned on the counter.

"So?" I received my two drinks.

"To make it simple, what if there was a horny baster trying to kiss you?" He look hot while leaning on the counter.

I gave him the alcohol and one was for me. "Yeah right, I don't need one I can protect myself...... I even got myself a black belt." I show him my Tae Kwon Do moves. "Hwa-wahh!" I did Bruce Lee voice when he fight the enemy.
He stared at me and chuckled as he gulped all his alcohol. "Psst, that's what you called Tae Kwon Do?, it look more like a wild monkey who gone crazy." He laughed; making me stop smiling and drink my last alcohol.

"Your just jealous because you can't fight like me." I asked the bartender for four more sex in the beach again, I maybe have to pay the bartender $100 dollars for those 6 sex in the beach drinks.

He rolled his eyes. "Like I'm jealous, anyway you need me around you." The bartender handed me and JaeJoong the alcohol since he just notice that JaeJoong was one of the person that I had order sex in the beach for him.

"Thank you" I grabbed the drinks and sipped the blue liquid. "I don't need you, oppa, I can take care of myself, I'm not a little kid no more..... ugggh! you sound like my father." I was already drunk by the alcohol, is it me or the alcohol that I just order is more stronger than the one I order a while ago? I look at my blue alcohol and saw an elephant trying to fit in my drink, I laughed and then saw Brad Pitt face on my drink;talking to me as he stared straight at me. "Oh hey Brad." I said while JaeJoong was also drunk; talking to himself and tripped the stool as he laughed out loud; making the crowd stared at him weirdly.

~End Of Taru p.o.v~

"Yah, handsome man, take me home!" Taru demand as she stumbled toward him and clung to his arm.

hope you readers like this chp


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Lessons For Love Empty New Friends Living With Me

Post by Guest on 6/30/2009, 1:05 pm

~Next Day~

Taru who was sleeping like a wild beast who moved to the side and mumbled some lovable words in her dream as she giggled like a school girl. "Hehehe.....honey bear, your so adorables." She smiled in her sleep and hugged her knees with a blanket on top of her body. She was having a good dream after the club they went yesterday but not so long when Junsu and Changmin barge in her room with a loud shout.

"TARU!!!" They both screamed as Taru woke up and rubbed her eyes. "T-T-T-Ta-Taru.............." They both stammered with shocking eyes.

"Hmmmm...." She said, still rubbing her eyes.

"Yah! will you two stop yelling?!, I want a good sleep!" A hand slide on her waist as her her eyes widen and soon she looked under the sheet; seeing her naked body, she quickly sat up as she kicked him off. "Ahhhh!!!!!" She finally screamed and stood up but tripped on the blanket as she winced in pain while the other two just stared at her in unbelievable.

"It was a blast last night." He smirked evilly and massage his sore arm that Taru had squeeze last night; leaving a bruise there.

"Ah, what have I done." Taru slammed her head on the floor, she totally remember how it happen and when they met their lips together. "I can't believe this, yah! you said you'll protect me!" Taru was still laying the floor.

JaeJoong chuckled and walked toward her as he scoop her up like those bridle style and took her in the hot spring (I know that hot spring doesn't exist in house but just make believe haha), Taru was pretty rich for herself, her parents made a hot spring for the family so they could enjoy the hot spring when they want family time but sadly the family didn't even have the time to spend together since they all left Taru behind and eversince that she never step in the hot spring.

"Is hyung and Taru dongsaeng dating?" Changmin stared at the both of them as Taru screamed,shout, and hit JaeJoong chest while he kept going until he enter the hot spring.

"They must been dating, they're like couple already." Junsu said and dragged Changmin to the kitchen.

~Hot Spring~

"Oh come on Taru, why so embarrassed?." JaeJoong was enjoying the hot water while Taru was covering her chest with her arms and stay away from the pervert.

"How can't I?! I am naked in front of you! and not just because of that but your also naked!" Taru stayed in the corner where he can't really see her.

"Remember, I already see you fully naked and also we made love." He stated and smirked.

"Y-Y-You plan this didn't you?!" Taru blushed; looking like a tomato.

"HA! I didn't plan it! it's call an accident or maybe a one night stand." He splashed the water on him.

Taru frustrated and stood up quickly and pointed to him as the water dripped down on her; totally forgot that she was still naked. "I'm not taking that as a one night stand!" She shouted angrily while JaeJoong eyes stared at her with admired.

"Perfecto!" He claps his hands which made her clueless. "Your body is hot!" He chanted that made Taru blushed and dropped back down on the water, right in time two girls came in the hot spring.

"Taru unnie!" The shorter girl shouted as the tall one came behind.

"Opps!!! bad time! sorry," They both back away as Taru took her cream towel and wrapped it around her body and walked to them.

"And who you two may be?" Taru asked with a smiled.

"Mr.Bae send us here to live with you.. don't worry we'll pay you for staying in here, we'll buy grocery and help you around." The tall one said.

"Mr.Bae is going to die." Taru mumbled.

"I'm Lee Hye Min and the tall girl is Han Seliney." She introduce her and Seliney.

Taru bow. "I'm Lee Taru and it's a pleasure to have you two to live me, three girls and five guy's at least I'm not the only girl. " I raised my fist up.

"I'm Kim JaeJoong, I'm her boyfriend" He coolly wink and pulled Taru to his chest as Hye Min and Seliney both laughed.

"Who say's I'm you girlfriend?!" Taru pushed him away with annoyed.

"It's a pleasure to meet unnie Taru boyfriend." They both bow.

Taru pushed JaeJoong on the hot water. "Really, I'm not his girlfriend." She tried to convince them but they didn't believe her. "I'm not!" She was piss off.

"Sure unnie, don't be shy." They flapped their hands and giggled.

"Yah! Taru, help you'll pay!" JaeJoong got off the hot spring and slapped her butt as she screamed of JaeJoong action.

"See, your definitely his girl and he's you boy." Hye Min cover her mouth from showing her teeth.

Taru got defeated and went to the changing room, Taru mansion was like a hot spring vacation house for outsider, she had a hot spring, swimming pool,Steam room, relaxing room, theater room, and a big kitchen that can fit 20 people and it's definitely a vacation for people.

"Pisst! my boy? ha! makes me laugh!" She putted on her short and tank top as she went downstairs and saw the guy's trying to get to know Hye Min and Seliney as they both sat on the couch with a shy smiled.

Taru p.o.v

"Junsu, stop showing your butt to Hye Min and Yunho, your dance isn't Seliney taste, try to do a smooth dance for her, I think she'll like it a lot." I told him as he nodded.

"Here Taru, eat my homemade rice banana." JaeJoong shoved the rice banana in my mouth as I entirely shoved it all and thank him, it was really good, he such a good cooker.

"It's so delicious!" I beamed as he give me another one.

"Stop eating Taru, your going to get fat." Yoochun wink as I gave him my special glared. Yoochun stop laughing. "Ok, I'll take back my words."

"You better." I pointed and eat the rice again but this time I eat a tiny bite by bite because I didn't want to finish it all, it was delicious and want to save it.

"Unnie, where do we sleep?" Hye Min asked.

"You two will sleep in the guest room." I smiled.

"Thank you unnie." Seliney bow and took her luggage to go upstairs.

"I'll help you." Yunho offered, he already liked her.

"Thanks" She said as Yunho follow her behind.

I moved my eyes to where Hye Min were, she was so much like my little sister, the way she act and the way she talks, I adore her and thank Mr.Bae for letting these people live with me, oh how happy am I, I might the happiest person on Earth.

hope u readers like this ch


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Lessons For Love Empty Mr.Bae

Post by Guest on 7/6/2009, 11:56 am

Early in the morning a girl was walking on the sidewalk as she crossed her arms with a stern look and stormed to a cafe shop called 'Mr.Bae Tea Cafe', she walked in the cafe and glared at Mr.Bae who was busy counting the money in his hands.

"Mr.Bae!!" She shouted as he stop counting and dropped all his money on the counter with widen eyes.

"W-W-What are you doing here?" He stuttered; pointing at her as she smirk.

"Tsk-tsk Mr.Bae, you are one of a evil guy!" She ran to him and choke him with all her might but make sure she didn't kill him, all the customers stared at the both of them but soon ignore and started to eat and mind their own little business again.

"Yah-yah-yah, let m-m-me ex-ex-ex-e-explain it t-to y-y-you." Mr.Bae tried to take her hands off his neck.

She let go and sighed out loud;wiping her sweats. "Why did you send five guys and two girls in my house?" She tapped her foot.

"What can I do?, they were expecting me to teach them some love lessons and I don't even know what love stands for?!" He picked up the money he had dropped earlier and putted it the cashier. Mr.Bae was still young, he was in his 20's will he's 26, he can be caring at times but can be a klutz also, even though he own the richest and famous cafe in Seoul he can be stupid. Mr.Bae doesn't have a girlfriend probably in his high school days but the relationship between them never grows and so she broke up with him and that, he never date again because he thinks love is stupid.He was a handsome man more like those players out there.

~Taru p.o.v~

"But Mr.Bae, why me? why did you choose me instead and not others that you known for life?" I poke my own chest; showing my teary eyes to him.

He crossed his arms like an 'X' on his chest and smiled. "Don't show me that teary eyes." He back away. "The reason I said you because you know everything about love Taru." His smiled went back to serious.

I rested my hands on my hips. "Ah!! but I don't know any thing about that word l-l-love-l-love...." My tongue stick out like a cow.

He covered his mouth to preventing laughing. "Your tongue is funny." He stated as I putted my tongue back inside my mouth and sat on the chair that was on a roll of the long counter.

"Oppa" I never call him oppa but this time I want his attention so that's why I called him oppa.

"Yeeeessss!" In a flashed his whole body came toward me while his head moved like a snake; leaning on the counter with those big eyes of his.

"Thank you anyway, you created such a wonderful family for me." I scratched my head.

He crossed his arms and smiled. "Your welcome anyway I was wondering, did the guy name JaeJoong.... like ..... trying to make a hit on you?" He asked curiously with his index finger touching his chin.

I flapped my hands on the thin air. "Of course oppa Simin."

He hit his palms on the marble counter and looked right through me on the yes. "He did?!" He was surprise.

I nodded my head. "And we have a one night stand too." I mumbled; didn't want Mr.Bae to hear.

"Ah, I see, he's in love with you you." Mr.Bae took out a huge white cloth bag that was filled with something. "Here" He handed it to me.

I took the bag. "What is it?" I asked.

"Some supplies for you, food and etc." He handed me another two big bags. "This is for emergency, like supplies for healing your wound or when you sprang your ankle and you need the cloth wrap and medicine when your sick, and this one is for you and the rest to use, shampoo,conditioner,soap,lotion,face wash, and hand wash." He was very proud of himself.

I looked in the bags. "But oppa I have all these stuff." I carried them on the side of my arms. "But anyway I will take it, you own me anyway and please give me one more bag of food." I show him my cute smiled which he couldn't resist.

"Fine." He took out a bigger bag. "This bag here have bread,pasta,sauce,tomato,potato, flour,popcorn,milk,drinks,yea and many more that I can't name." He sighed.

I thank him. "Love you oppa." I kissed him the cheek and walked out.

He waved. "Bye my little Taru."

I walked down to my house and open the door as I found the guys playing rock,paper,scissor, they were planning to win something and the girls, they were watching the boys with admired, I guest they both like someone already.

"Hey will you guys help me bring some of these heavy stuff here?" I was about to collapse any minuet but JaeJoong was the first one to grabbed the two big bags. "Thanks." I managed to said and massage my sore arm, I walked 2 mile and my arms were killing me!.

"This is so heavy for you my dear." He had say and struggled to carry them, I'm stronger than him, I need to left weight more!.

I smiled"I'm a man"

here's the update


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Lessons For Love Empty Touchy

Post by Guest on 7/11/2009, 2:27 pm

I smiled"I'm a man" When I said that, everyone dropped what their doing and stared at me in a different way like I wasn't a human instead a alien. I slowly walked to where JaeJoong were and stared at them also; giving them my funny faces. "If I'm a man, I will have a flat chest and my voice will be deep." I told them and they all sighed in relief, what the hell! they think I'm a man?!.

"Seriously Taru, we really fell for that." Junsu fan himself and looked at Hye Min who was staring right at him also.

The bag slanted as my mouth open. "I wasn't saying that to make you guys fall for it." My eyes turned to be two little dots.

Yuhno and the rest stared at me. "You weren't?" Yoochun asked with a his two eyebrows scrunched up.

I shook my head and stared at them again with complete silence."............" We all stared at each other like some enemies in that drama called Gokusen, Gokusen was one of my favorite Japanese drama, the teacher just make my days fill with joyed and I hope to watch it again with this family here.

"......." We still stared at each other like some crazy kung fu fighter with the drunken tiger... you know those Chinese material arts fighter.

"Well what do you know, Jackie Chan and Jet Li is here!" I said and went in the kitchen as JaeJoong follow me with a smiled.

"Taru!, there's no Jackie Chan and Jet Li here!" Changmin pouted and sat on the tall chair that was under the counter.

I rested the two big bags on top of the counter and sighed as I wiped the sweats away. "I just want to break the silence that's all." I took out Mr.Bae favorite French bread called baguette, in French, it was one of their favorites and Mr.Bae happen to went on a trip to Paris and had tried these and soon he just fall in love with them in a instant. I gave the baguette to JaeJoong. "Oppa, can you putted these on the drawer please." I asked, he took it and nodded.

"But Taru, you made everyone believe in you." Changmin crossed his arms and stared at me.

I looked up at him. "Don't stare at me again." Now I took out two gallons of milk and put it on the refrigerator.

"What do we do with these?" JaeJoong came to me and show me the supplies for emergency.

"Oh just put in on the drawer too." I putted everything away and was ready to cook but JaeJoong said that he'll cook so I back off and went to the living room to take a rest.

"Nanananana Elmo world nananana Elmo- Hello?" I answered with a tired voice.

"Ah Mr.Bae, you want to eat at my house? sure, I have no problems with that, hurry and come visit me even though I just came from you a hour ago.. hahahaha sure, we'll be waiting haha bye." I hang up as Seliney and Hye Min stared at me. "What?" I asked; holding my cell.

"Are you and Mr.Bae dating?" Seliney asked.

I stuck my tongue out with disgust and waved a no to them. "No! ewwww! even though Mr.Bae is cute for himself he will never ever be the one I like nor do I want to date, if I ever date him then I rather die." I hugged the pillow tightly.

"So then Junsu is right about you and JaeJoong." Hye Min giggled which give me a curious thought.

"What actually did Junsu oppa told you about me and JaeJoong?" I asked with a serious face.

Hye Min looked around to see if there's anyone around us three and told us to huddle a circle and we did. "Junsu oppa said that you two made love and are planning to have kids the next past months, he even said that your planning to marry JaeJoong oppa next year." My eyes widen as my mouth open wide.

"He dare lie about the babies and marriage!" I exploded and ran to where Junsu were, he was in the bathroom; fixing his hair as I barge in and throw a book right at his ford head and stared to yelled at him with angered. "You idiot!!!" I shook him crazy.

"Taru your killing meeeeekkkkkk!!!" He squeak at the end.

"I'll be happy!" I shook him more.

~30 minuets later, lunch time~

"What happened to your ford head?" Yunho asked Junsu with a face that he wants to know what happen.

Junsu did a face and rubbed his bruise that has a white bandage on his ford head and suddenly winced. "Aish! I tripped and landed on some broken beer glass on the street." He lied.

I smiled innocently at him. "Wow Junsu, be careful next time." I pretend to rubbed his ford head gently and sat back with a evil smiled.

"Hmmpp" Mr.Bae coughed. "Taru, did you teach them?" He asked as he bit his rice and drank some sea soup.

I nodded my head. "Yeah accept Hye Min and Seliney." I told him and feel JaeJoong hand touching my thigh well actually he was rubbing it and I rudely took his hand off without anyone notice.

"Hye Min and Seliney doesn't need love lessons, they need lessons how to become a wife to their future husband." Mr.Bae said as I and the guys choke on our rice.

"What?! I'm not a freaking marry woman, why not you Mr.Bae, you seem to know a lot of things about women even women that becomes wife." I crossed my arms; feeling JaeJoong hand going under my shirt. "Ah! snake!" I pointed out as their heads went to the place I pointed, as they look, I hit JaeJoong head as his hand stop touching me. "Ah, sorry I though I saw one." I sat back down while they whined.

Mr.Bae drank his water. "I do not know anything about women." He seemed to be stuck up.

I chuckled. "Oh yeah, you've been talking about women the past years about their life and future." I fake a evil laughed.

"So?" He managed to say.

"So you can teach them and I teach the guys, that's a deal." I said and drink my water, man! JaeJoong hands been touching me non stop, do he ever know how to stop?!

"JaeJoong stop." I looked at him and mumbled so the rest wouldn't hear.

He smiled and pinch the side of my hips as I jump and everyone looked up at me. "What? I can't have a fright?" I rolled my eyes.

"You have fright when where eating, that's odd." Junsu finally spoke as I glared at him.

"I can, it can be anything you dolphin boy!" I stuck my tongue out at him and use one on my index finger to show one of my eye to him. "Stupiiid!" He gave me an ugly face and didn't talk.

The past 2 minuets I been struggling to get away from JaeJoong without anyone notice. "Oh look at the time!" I kicked JaeJoong off the chair and walked to the sink.

"Ahhh!" JaeJoong screamed.

"Yah are you okay?" Mr.Bae bend down and help him up.

"Mr.Bae, help me once please?" He pouted.

"What for?" Mr.Bae asked with a serious face.

JaeJoong look at Taru direction and smiled. "Help me get close to Taru." He pout again.

Mr.Bae smiled. "Sure." Mr.Bae suddenly called Taru.

"Taru, help JaeJoong to his bed, I think he hurt his leg when he fell off from his seat." Mr.Bae gives a thumb up to JaeJoong who was using Mr.Bae shoulder to walk.

I looked at them. "Fine" I said, I probably deserve this, it was my fault anyway, so why not pay him back with a caring attitude I have.

"Oh thank you Taru!" JaeJoong beamed, he seemed happy.

I grabbed his arm and let his arm slide through my waist as his other hand was on my shoulder and we walked upstairs to his room. "Be careful on me!" JaeJoong fake a cried, I'm not stupid JaeJoong, I can totally see you acting.

I rolled my eyes. "I am." When we got to his room, he suddenly ran to the door and lock it as I stared at him in horror. "What are you doing?!" I walked to him and tried to go pass him but couldn't.

He pinned me with a cute smiled. "Mine!" He shouted happily and gave me a kissed as I struggled.

'What a butt head!" I thought and let him kiss me because I couldn't escape anyway.

He stop kissing me and dragged me to his bed. "Now lets draw!" Ehh he sound like a kid.

He took out some white paper and pencil. "Let me draw you Taru." He pulled out a chair and sat across from me. "Sit still so I can draw you perfectly." He smiled and starts to draw me.

I sit still and stared at his beautiful face, I envy him!!! so pretty! I'm no match *sob*. "Are you finish?" I asked with no patient.

" It's only 2 minuet and your already asking me if I'm finish?" He laughed which I blushed.

"Never mind..." I sat still again and yawn, this is kind of boring.

"Don't fall asleep." He looked at me then the paper.

I nodded my head and played with my fingers. "How many hours is this? I feel like I have been here for 4 hours." I whined.

He chuckled. "It's only 5 minuets that we've been here." He laughed.

I whined. "Awww this is so long"

"Just wait for 40 minuets then I'm finish." He said, 40 minuets?! that is super long!

"40 min is so long." I whined again.

He smiled and continue to draw. "Be patient Taru." He chuckled as I yawned again.

What a handsome man, wait no! I mean yes oh whatever!


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Lessons For Love Empty Definition On Love

Post by Guest on 7/19/2009, 11:43 am

"Ah this isn't right!" I took a step back and took a view of the new picture JaeJoong had drew of me, it was indeed very beautiful and I hope he can draw more beautiful pictures for me, I putted the picture of me in a picture frame and hang it in the middle of my office but it wasn't right and I'm getting angry. "It doesn't look perfect." I whined and fixed it again. "Clink-clink." The frame squeak as I moved it. "There!" It was perfect and neat, now I gotta look at it for a minuet and admire myself for a moment. I look so-

"Taru!!!!" Yunho barge in my office, can they ever leave me alone?!!!

My eye twitched and face him "Yes Yunho?." My teeth clench together.

"Ummm..... I forgot what I was going to say....." His index finger touched his chin and try to remember what he was going to tell me.

I sighed. "Can he hurry up?" I mumbled and sat on my desk.

"Oh yeah! what's the definition on love?" He asked, can't he just look in the dictionary?!

"Love is....... the definition on love is........ when a female and a male falls deeply... like emotions blended with feelings, when you see someone with your girl what do you do?" I asked him a question.

His eyes became cold. "I will beat him up and throw him to the deep blue sea, I'm willing to kill myself then see her kill herself!" He bacame all emotion and I thought that was an example already.

"Uhuh, I see your very caring and jealous, you see love is two opposite sex that share every single soul of their self to the one they love." I looked up at him who was crying already, god he's so sensitive over the word love.

"Knight Yunho is here to protect you my princess, a knight that fights and strong can save you from dangers, please wait for me." He bend on one of his knees as I looked at him weirdly because he was actually talking to my stuff animal who was sitting on my small couch that was facing me.

"Uh Yunho who is that girl your talking about, is it Seliney?" I'm such a noisy person at times.

He nodded his head and blushed. "What if she deny my confession?" He asked; acting like a girl.

I flapped my hands like there's no big deal. "She'll say yes, I know it already, muahahahah!!" I did my evil laughed while covering my mouth.

"Ok!" He jump like a girl who had meet the Jonas Brothers. "I will be going now!" He giggled and ran away.

I watched him disappeared. "Pain-pain-pain-pain!" I cried as my hand touched my stomach, I just suddenly had this pain that is hurting my stomach and I need to go downstairs to take some medicine.

As I walked pass the hall way I spotted a girl kissing JaeJoong as my eyes widen and soon I giggled, even though JaeJoong annoys me the heck is because he wants me to get close to him and he been kissing me lately, I still can't see me with him even we did a one night stand!. "Hehe" I laughed softly; seeing JaeJoong eyes widen, oh, it seem that he didn't want the kiss at all, it seem to be a force kiss.

I watched him; wondering what he's going to do so I stay and hide as I watched the both of them.

"Yah!" JaeJoong pushed her away with angered.

"Oppa?.." She whined and went on top on himm, I couldn't really see her face because I was a little bit far.

Oww, she a slut! JaeJoong you don't want to fall in love with a slut!

He pushed her hard as she fall on the floor. "I have a girlfriend Trainnie!." Trainnie?!!!! that annoying slut!!! how did she come in my mansion?!!! who dare invite her?!!

I exploded and ran toward them as I pulled her ear tightly; dragging her out from my house. "You annoying slut!!!!!! get out from my house!!!" She dare have the face to come in my house after she had done to my father! she freaking trying to flirt with my father! that time she was 17 and my father was 42!! stupid horny slut!!

"Wahh! Taru,I'm sorry!" She cried, oh god her fake cry.

I pushed her out of my door and close the door in front of her face as every one stared at me with fright. "Sorry my a$$! leave me alone will you!" I crossed my arms and walked to the kitchen as JaeJoong followed me behind.

"You know her?" He asked; sitting next to me.

"Yah JaeJoong, don't fall in love with her! okay? I rather see you fall in love with a man or a monkey!" I told him as sweats falls down to the side.

His mouth dropped. "You rather see me falls in love with a guy and a monkey?" He pouted.

"Yes." I gulped someones drink, I don't care right now, all I care is JaeJoong answer.

"But I'm not a gay and monkey is not a human to marry... I rather fall in love with Trainnie then." His stubborn voice give me a sighed.

"Fine, fall in love with me then!" This time I ate someones cookie laying on a plate and stared at him with a straight face.

"Really?" He asked as he stood up and hugged me with all his might.

"Really." I answered him and found Junsu walking in the kitchen with open mouthed.

"Who ate my cookie and drink my water?!" Junsu stomp on the floor.

I quickly shoved the cookie in my mouth and pointed to JaeJoong. "Him" I mouthed to Junsu, ahahaha! I can be so evil.

Junsu ran up to JaeJoong and choke him. "You ate my cookie and drink my water!!!" He choke JaeJoong more as I burst out laughing.

"I didn't eat your food!" JaeJoong also choke Junsu.

"Yes you did!" Junsu and JaeJoong both release each other and took a deep breathe.

"You-" Junsu was cut by someone.

"I'm a gay!" He said and ran to gave Junsu a kissed on the cheek as he wink at JaeJoong who was disgust about it and did a vomit sound.

"Don't kiss me!" Junsu tempered wwasn't helping he was getting furious.

He rolled his eyes and went toward JaeJoong and hold JaeJoong hand. "JaeJoong oppa." He looked deep in his eyes.

"Please don't call me that." JaeJoong grabbed a garbage and vomit loudly; feeling nasty.

I burst out laughing. "This is great, I love it" I claps my hands.

"JaeJoong oppa..." He once again said.


"Please no!!" JaeJoong cried.


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Lessons For Love Empty Re: Lessons For Love

Post by Guest on 8/3/2009, 8:27 pm

(AN-Please listen to this song

"JaeJoong oppa..." He once again said.


"Please no!!" JaeJoong cried.

"I just want to say I'm just acting." He laughed real hard and collapse on the floor with tears falling down his cheeks.

"Awww!" I whined and sat on the dinner table with a frowned.

"Yah! don't do that no more you idiot!" JaeJoong smacked his head and sat next to me; grabbing my hand and squeeze it as I looked at him weirdly.

"You two dating?" He asked; pointing at us both.

"Yes/no" We both said at the same time.

I gave JaeJoong a glared. "I say no!" My teeth clenched together.

"Yoochun were dating, she just too shy." JaeJoong ignore me and gave me a kissed on the cheek as I wiped it with disgust.

"Aww Taru, don't be shy, after all were just like brother and sister." Yoochun patted my head as Junsu who was behind Yoochun chuckled.

I stood up and walked passed them with annoyed.

"Taru, were your going?" Junsu shouted.

I turned around and gave them a face. "I'm going jogging!" I stuck out my tongue and skipped to the front door; hoping they wouldn't want to follow me and annoy me the heck, oh please god please!.

"Were going with you!" JaeJoong said, I frowned and sighed, god, your not helping me at all.

"Get ready then." I put on my shoe and got out from the mansion.

~Jogging at the park~

Need to get away from these annoying people here!!!!! please something or someone appear and distract them so I can lost them!. Why can't I ever have a nice time by myself?!.

"Taru! your too fast!!!!!" Yoochun shouted behind, of course I'm running fast! I want to get away from you all!.

"This is not call a jog! this is call running away from the grudge!!!!" Junsu who was before Yoochun shouted with sweats dripping down.

I looked back and found them way behind me which I was glad. "I-yah! lucky me!" I shouted happily and kept running.

"Yah Taru! are you really a girl or a man?!!!!" Yunho who was holding Seliney hand shouted loudly, Seliney and Yunho are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, hahahah wow!.

"I'm both, I can transform to a girl at day time but at night I turn to a man, I'm a heshe!" I chuckled and kept running, I was sweating and how much I want to take my white T-shirt off and only wear my sports bra!.

"Huh?!!" JaeJoong who run slower than I had finally caught up to me with a worry face.

I laughed. "Psst don't worry, it's just a joke." I laughed and took off my shirt;leaving my sports bra on.

JaeJoong mouth hang open. "Taru, wear your shirt!" He chase after me.

I flapped my arms. "Don't want too." I said and drag him along with me, I somehow wanted him to be my side so I dragged him along.

~After the jogged~

"Taru, do you have a Cheetah heart or what?" Changmin who is eating his lollipop lay on the dead grass that snows wear piling,he exhaled like a manic.

I laughed. "I probably do." It was just a playing along so there's no big deal.

"Taru wear your shirt." Gosh JaeJoong stills bother me with that shirt.

I grabbed my shirt and put it on. "Here, are you happy now?" I asked and rolled my eyes at him who was smiling happily.

"Yes!" He hugged me.

"Can't breathe!" I struggled.

"Oh, sorry!" He released the hugged as I melted down next to Changmin.

We were all under a shady huge tree, it was comfortable and windy even though it was still winter, the park is still good to jog, it was one of those days that you just want to relax and sleep.I looked around and found Hye Min and Junsu secretly holding hands,Yunho and Seliney giving each other love kisses, Yoochun who is busy picking the grass softly sang a song; admired the shiny grass, Changmin who is laying on the grass talks to himself about food and let his index finger trace the clouds; saying that the clouds shape like ice cream,pork bum and many more, and me and JaeJoong, we both just stay silent; wondering around.

"Taru?" He said; didn't dare to look at me.

"Hmmm?" I played with the branches.

"Do you love me?" He asked with a pout.

I hesitate for a while. "It's too early to ask me that question JaeJoong." I smiled and broke my branch accidentally. "Darn" I mumbled and grabbed a new one.

"Oh, then I'll ask you another time." He frowned and leave a huge gap between us.

I looked at him and frowned. "It's not like I rejecting you oppa." I broke my new branch again and pick another one.

He stared at the children that are playing. "Then gave me a answer on valentines day." He looked at me.

I gawk. "But it's only February the 3rd." I sighed. "Why not you give me two months." I smiled like an idiot.

He shook his head. "No, I want it to be valentines day." How can a guy like him be so stubborn?!.

I played with the snow. "Fine" I moved closer to him and smiled. "Don't you want to be close to me?" I giggled.

He cupped my face and was about to kiss me but I shoved his face away. "Not until I give you the answer." I laughed evilly, hahahahah I love to make him desperate.

"Oh come on Taru!" He whined.

"Nope" I shook my head and chuckled.

"Then can we go together in the hot spring again?" He asked like a 2 year old.

I gave him a disgusting face. "Not in a million times." I pretend to vomit.

"Hye Min, at midnight, do you want to go to the hot spring together?" Me and JaeJoong heard Junsu said, him and Hye Min at the hot spring? ehhh?!

Hye Min giggled. "Sure, what should I wear, a bikini or just a towel?" She asked him with innocent, what kind of questioned is that?!.

"How about nothing." Junsu bit her ear.

"Ehhh?!!!!!" JaeJoong and I both shouted.

"Oh Junsu, it might be a maybe." Hye Min pinched his cheek.

"This is too much for me to hear." I mumbled and claps my hands on my ears.

JaeJoong shook me. "They're making love at the hot spring!, why can't we do it." He cried out loud.

"Blah-blah-blah-blah!!!" I pretend to not hear them while JaeJoong still shaking me.

"Don't you think we should have a baby?" Yunho looked at her right through the eyes.

JaeJoong stop shaking me and we both watched Seliney and Yunho holding hands.

"Are they insane?" I asked JaeJoong with disbelief, they're so young to have babies!.

JaeJoong shush me and tell me to watch. "Shush!" Okay-okay, I will... sheesh.

"When we get marry." Seliney giggled, whoa, that was scary.

"Okay" Yunho kissed her passionately as I covered my eyes.

"It would be nice if I have a girlfriend."Yoochun watched the love couples with admired.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked JaeJoong.

"He feels lonely." He answered me this time.

"Oh I'm going to meet this hot model anyway! yay!" He took out his cell and call her. "Reni! lets meet at the club." He chuckled and kept talking to her with her sweets words.

Me and JaeJoong both chuckled. "Weird" We both said unusual.

"Fried banana mmmmmm..... ice cream with strawberry on top ahh..., delicious cakes yum-yum,chocolate! I want chocolate yummy!" Changmin said as he closed his eyes from imagining all those food he had name.

"He love food." JaeJoong laughed.

I nodded my head. "Yeah." I looked at him and see him moving like he been dipped in a chocolate fountain.

"Interesting day." JaeJoong and Taru both thought.


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Lessons For Love Empty Love Potion

Post by Guest on 9/29/2009, 10:40 pm

Hey readers! I actually finish this story 2 months ago but never post it in this site so hope you readers love it as much I do!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A male voice screamed in pain. "It hurt!!!" He tried to get away from the alcohol that she had rubbed it on his bleeding knee. "Please let me, please-please-please!!!" He begged her but she wouldn't let him go that easy, just after the jogged, the idiot JaeJoong was playing a little kids game called "Tagged your it" when they all were going back home, he and the rest of the boys were playing tagged, he was the cat and the rest were the mouse like Tom and Jerry, as he were chasing Changmin, he accidentally tripped the smallest rock that was laying on the middle and scrape his knees, he cried loudly and rock his body back and forth like a rocking chair, how childish can he be?.

"Will you stay still?!" She smacked his head and continue to rubbed the alcohol on his scratch.

He pout. "How can I?, your using that nasty thing!" His head pointed to the alcohol bottle.

She looked at the bottle and looked at him with innocent eyes. "It will heal you better." She smiled and stood up. "Don't walk too much." She said and went to the kitchen as JaeJoong sighed and lay back. "Why can't she just give me the answer now?" JaeJoong puffed and played with the remote control.

"Hyung, you look sad?" Junsu sat down across from him and eat his lollipop.

"What do you think?" He turned on the t.v and saw a show of advertisement about love potion, it was called "Lust of love".

"Every men and women are dying to see their soul mate showing affection to them, why not buy this 'lust of love' for you sake." The woman who was wearing a silky cloth on her curly black hair; holding the love potion had said on the t.v while JaeJoong and Junsu eyes were glued on the t.v without blinking nor gulping. "All you got to do is drop 3 drop of love potion in your soul mate food or his/her drinks, when you see them drinking it, wait for 4 minuets and right then they will truthfully show their love for you, all they see is you, every where they go.. they see is you, they're craving for your love, Rawr!" She did the tiger sound.

"Yah Junsu, I need to buy that!" JaeJoong wrote down the streets name and phone number with a rush before the advertisement is over and didn't have the direction.

"The lust of love potion?" Junsu didn't take his eyes off the t.v

JaeJoong nodded his head. "Yeah! lets go today.... lets ask the others if they want to tag along." JaeJoong quickly stood up as he winced and ran to the boys for the lust of love potion.

Junsu shook his head. "He can really be stupid for falling into these stupid stuff." Junsu laughed and wait for them to go to the love potion store.

~At The love potion store~

"Hyung buy this one." Changmin holds a bottle filled with dust.

"What the h*ll is this? dust? you want me to put dust on her food?! no way." JaeJoong took the 'lust of love' in his hand and went to the cash register with a smiled.

"Sheesh, so mean." Changmin mumble and putted the bottle of dust back on the counter and walked to where JaeJoong were.

"Is that all?" The miss said with polite.

JaeJoong nodded his head. "Yes, this is all." He smiled widely.

The Miss laughed. "What a handsome man like you doing in this shop when there's millions of girls going head over toes on you?." She chuckled and gave him the brown bag.

JaeJoong took the bag and blushed. "Well... there this one girl I really like and... she doesn't like me back..." He blushed madly as the Miss giggled.

"I hope it work." She said.

"Thank you Miss." JaeJoong and the rest bow; walking out from the shop as the Miss waved a farewell to the boys.

"What funny men." She chuckled and went back to her work.

"Yah JaeJoong hyung, do you really think it will work?" Yunho shoved his hands in his pocket jeans.

JaeJoong lift the brown bag up high and looked at it with his big brown eyes. ."It will" He smiled and walked happily.

"I don't believe in those stuff." Yoochun whispered to Junsu who was nodding his head.

"Mhmmm" Junsu answered his shortly.

"As a man, you don't buy love potion, you make her like you and fall head over toes on you." Yoochun said again, watching JaeJoong back with his sharp eyes.

Junsu glanced at Yoochun and shoved one of his hand in his pocket as he touches the lust of love. ' I believe in it, I hope Hye Min will eat her food I'm going to make for on valentines day.' Junsu thought as Yoochun blabbering about some love stuffs.

"Hehehe I also bought one, I hope no one notice." Yoochun could feel the small bottle of lust poking him on the side of his leg. 'Hooray for me! oh and JaeJoong hyung!' He thought as he kept talking to Junsu who wasn't paying attention at all.

"Ey-ya, I bought for myself heheh." Yunho thought and smiled secretly to himself; trying to catch up with his hyung.

"Lust of love! I will put this in Lily's drink on valentines day." Changmin said to himself and smiled evilly, how naughty can he be?.

"What do you see? all the handsome men bought the lust of love." The woman with a silky cloth on watched them from afar and smiled in victory and walked away without glancing at the boys.

As the boys got home, they all collapse on the floor accept JaeJoong and Yunho who was laying on the sofa.

"What a tiring day." Yunho sighed and looked up the ceiling.

"Where did you all went?" Taru who rested her hands on her hip had appeared with an angry face.

All the boys jump in fright while JaeJoong quickly took out the love potion out and shoved it in his pocket. "We went to smell some fresh air." They all said like they just came back from a game.

"Are you all telling the truth?" Taru asked; not believing in them.

Changmin pretend to cried. "What do you see in us Taru? were not like some gangster who rape people." Changmin cried out loud and landed his head on Yoochun shoulder as he patted Changmin head.

Taru sighed. "Fine I believe you." She walked away.

All of them sighed in relief. "That was close." JaeJoong wiped his sweats away.

"Lets just keep it quiet." Junsu sat up. "Shhh!!!!" He put his index finger on his lips and looked at all of them.

"Okay." Yunho whispered back.

JaeJoong took out the love potion and smiled. "I hope it work." He kissed the bottle and shoved it in his pocket.

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