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Too Far In (Super Junior, SHINee, DBSK, 2PM, 2AM(Yaoi)

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Too Far In (Super Junior, SHINee, DBSK, 2PM, 2AM(Yaoi)

Post by fynrile on 6/14/2009, 12:43 pm

Chapter 1

Just Smile

'Just keep walking. Don't concentrate on the blood. Just make it home.' He thought as he stumbled down the dark street. 'Just smile you look the best when you smile. Smiling is what got you into this though. Right? Right.'

His head dripped blood down his face and onto the ground as he walked. 'Keep going. I have to keep....I can't.' The man fell to his knees. The pain was unbearable. 'This is it.' He closed his eyes as he saw two tall figures walk up to him. 'I'm going to die on the street because of loss of blood.' The two people stopped in front of him.

'Or these huge guys are going to rape me while I'm unconscious.' he thought. A sharp pain in his back hit.He was about to yell out as the guy bent down to him.But why? It didn't matter. He smiled, 'If I smile hard enough they might let me go. Yeah, but smiling is what got you into this right? Right.' He slipped into darkness.


'Whoa. I'm dead. I have to be dead. I'm soo confor... oww. No, I'm alive I feel pain.' EeTeuk opened his eyes and looked around not before groaning at the pain in his head.


He looked to the noise. A cute little boy setting down a tray of food. He looked at him with concern and then turned and ran away.

'Wow since when did they hire a little cutie like that? I should pay attention more.' Eeteuk sat up, with much difficulty, and looked around. It was a white and pink room with off white flowers painted on the walls. 'OK, I'm not at home. I'm somewhere else. I'm so smart.' he thought.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Excuse me. Are you woke? Are you feeling OK? Does your head hurt? Are you hungry? Do you need a shower? Is your back OK?" A boy slightly shorter than the first one walked in and bombarded him with questions.

"Hyung stop! He just woke up. Give HIM some time to talk." the other one said with a very soft voice.

"I'm so sorry. Unknown Hyung what's your name?"

"Where am I?" Eeteuk said completely ignoring the question.

"Your..." the more excited one turned around and looked the door as he heard voices from the other room. "I have to go explain. So, you stay here and explain." he got up a ran through the opened door and shut it behind him.

The two looked confused for a moment the smaller one started.

"My name is Lee Taemin. We found you outside last night and snuck you here. Now, Keys brother is back and he has to explain." Taemin told him in a very quiet voice."Is your head alright? There was a lot of blood loss, but Key is studying medicine." The younger one talked in a very sweet voice and gave the other a heart stopping smile.

He smiled back.

"Wow. You have very pretty smile. Is that why you were smiling last night?"

"Yeah. Eeteuk is my name. I got into some trouble with some guys. So, yeah.... Just smile and you will be happy." Eeteuk said still smiling.

"Taemin who is this?" A tall guy walked into the room. He looked down at Eeteuk with confusion. "Is this the pet Key was going on about? Hyung!!!."

"Noo! Minho hyung please don't tell!" Taemin jumped to cover the older's mouth.

Too late.

"What's going on in here?"


That is all for now I know it is still unclear but it will get better. I promise. Make sure everyone comments because I will always thank you in the next one.

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Beautiful Life

Post by fynrile on 6/15/2009, 11:03 am

"What's going on here" a lagre angry man entered the room. "KIM KIBUM WHO THE HELL IS THIS!!!" His yell roared throughout the whole house.

"HYUNG CAN YOU STOP YELLING HE'S HURT!!" was the response coming from the other. Key walked into the room and sat by Eetuek. "Hyung we found him outside unconscious. We couldn't just leave him there."

"Key why didn't you just take him to a hospital?" he said still rather annoyed but not shouting.

"YoungWoon you know that they would just completely leave him out to dry. Mostly, they would question him to see if he could pay." Key said sadly. "Unknown hyung what's your name? I'm Kibum but call me Key since there seem to be too many Kibums in the world." Key said putting on a smile.

He smiled back.

"Eeteuk, but I'll leave. Since, it seems that you got in trouble. Thank You anyway for helping me." Eeteuk made an attempt to move the blanket that he was neatly tucked in only to be stopped.

Key put his have on top of Eeteuks and gave him the concerning and petrifying smile. "That's OK Eeteuk hyung. He'll get over it. You're in no condition to leave just yet so," he pulled the covers back up and tucked them tightly into the bed, " Lay down and rest." he then turned out of his overprotective mother mode and started to shoo everyone out.

"OK break it up people. Nothing to see here. Everyone out." he ordered and everyone followed. The door closed and Eeteuk was still tucked so tight he could not get out himself.


"Eeteuk hyung? Here, let me help you out of his death tuck." Taemin undid whatever was done and then helped him sit up.

"You should eat this. Key hyung made it." Taemin got the tray of food that was long forgotten about.

"Why are you guys so nice to me. One would think you are nice to every half dead guy you find outside." Eeteuk sat up and looked at the food in his lap. It looked good but was not really hungry so sat it aside.

"Well hyung, you just passed out in front us mumbling something about rape. We couldn't just let the person find you. So, we brought you to our home." Taemin's smile was alluring. He was very sweet, and soft spoken.

"Well, I have to find a way to thank you. I can pay you."

"No thank you hyung. Just make sure you get better." Taemin grabbed a tablet from the table. "Now listen, Key is going to put everyone on a schedule because you have loos a lot of blood and need to take constant mild medications.

So in the mornings," He stopped writing and looked at his watch. "Key and I are mostly the only ones here. Then, at about 2:00 p.m. It will be Minho and Jonghyun hyungs taking care of you. With our help of course. But," He put the tablet down and pulled out some medicine and got the glass of water from the tray and handed it to him.

"At night, since last night you had some problems, KangIn will be in here on the couch and Onew will check in. Is it complicated to understand?" Taemin explain everything to him really calm, but speedy. All the names and reasons were confusing.

"Why are you guys so dedicated on helping me?" Eeteuk asked. All this care was so unfamiliar. People showing so much support was completely out of his memory.

"Well you need help. We can't say no to someone who needs help." He said with a smile.

"If it was this easy I would have asked for help a long time ago." Eeteuk smiled as he mumbled to himself."Hey. Did you see my cell phone?"

"Oh here it is. Oh those pills were sleeping pill since you pain pills have worn off."Taemin tossed his phone to him and walked to the door."Hyung, get better OK? "

Eeteuk looked through his missed calls. 13. "This is bad." He quickly calls the number that is most constant.


"Jae, is he mad?"

"Yo, where the fuck you at?"

" I said, is he mad?"

"Well hyung, what do you think?"

"I got into something on my way back. Then, some guys took me to their house."

"Well you better get you skinny ass here fast!!"

"I can't walk. I got hurt bad. Just tell him..."

"I ain't tellin him shit! You call him and you tell him."

"I thought you were my friend!"

"Dude I'll take bullet for you, but not this. This is too much. Bye, good luck."

"Bye and go to hell."


Eeteuk carefully dialed the next number. He wondered what would he actually say when he

"Where the fuck...are you?" a calm voice answered the call after six rings.

"I got mugged."

"WHERE the FUCK are you?" again he said.

"I don't know, but I'll be there soon just please.."


'I am in deep shit. How can I get out of this when I can't get out of bed.' He thought. 'Damn these sleeping pills.'


"Key what is his family is trying to find him?" KangIn asked his little brother. "He is not some animal that you can just pick up off the street. Wait you can't even do that."

"I completely understand, bro. Just let him stay here tonight. He's been beaten a lot so he needs rest."

Key was writing their schedules on a sheet of paper and hanging it on the wall. "Remember your schedules everyone. He's pretty banged up."

"OK. Just for tonight." KangIn got up and went to his room. "That kid is going to kill me. First, he moves in with me. Next, he begs for his boyfriend. Then, his best friend. After that, his best friend's brothers. Now, a complete stranger." KangIn gathered his blankets and walked toward the guest room.

Knock. Knock.

"Hey, I'm coming in." KangIn walked to the couch and made it up. "All of this has given me a headache." KangIn plopped down onto the couch with an ungraceful 'thud'.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" Eeteuk jerked out his sleep throwing his phone in the direction of the noise. Bullseye.

On the head.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?" KangIn got up and went to the bed and grabbed an arm that was swinging at him.

"Oh! Oh! Taec I'm sorry! I's so sorry baby I didn't know it was you!" Eeteuks eyes were open and unfocused.

"Hey! I'm not Taec. Look at me!" KangIn grabbed his face and forced him to look at him.

"I'm so sorry." Eeteuk was whispering. Tears were running down his face."Taecyeon I'm so so sorry! Here." Eeteuk threw KangIns hands away, and opened his shirt showing his slightly bruised and slightly toned body.

"Look I'm not who you think I am." KangIn tried to close the others shirt but the other man just took it off completely.

"Taecyeon I love you so much you know that." Eeteuk said between sobs and yanked KangIn down.

"Ah!" KangIn fell down on top of the smaller person. A painful gasp came from underneath him.

"Taec fuck me please!" Eeteuk said and crushed their lips together.


Sorry Sorry Shawty Shawty that chapter was all over the place. It was so unorganized, but I had to get part of the plot out. I'm sorry 2pm fans ahead of time. OK?

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Hate U Love U

Post by fynrile on 6/15/2009, 3:04 pm

Eeteuk held on to KangIns head as he tried to deepen the kiss, but KangIn who had regained his composure, grabbed his arms and roughly pulled them apart.

KangIn held Teuks hands and sat up. "Look stop this!" he didn't scream because it was obvious that he wasn't in his right mind.

"Taecyeon I'm sorry. I blow you, OK? Is that what you want?" Eeteuk tried to pull his arms free but to no avail. "Taec do what you want to me; just leave them alone, OK? Just leave Wookie alone. Minnie can take it, but leave Wookie please." Eeteuk was crying uncontrollably. His breathing was erratic as he pulled against the strong hands that bound him.

KangIn looked at the fear on the man's face in front of him. 'Who is Taecyeon? Why is he like this.' Without thinking KangIn swiftly pulled Eeteuk into his arms and held him. "Listen, that guy is not hear. He won't hurt them. I'll save them." He knew he was lying, but he had to do what he had to do to calm him down.

"Who are you?" Eeteuk stopped crying. He looked at the man who was holding him as if he didn't remember being there.

"Kim Youngwoon. Call me KangIn. Are you OK now?" KangIn pulled away from him and looked at his face. 'Who in his right mind would want to hurt him? He looks like he was an angel in his past life. Or maybe he still is one.' KangIn thought and thought.


"Can you stop staring at me. It's embarrassing." Teuk turned his head away from the other man. "Thank you. Please ignore anything I said to you just awhile ago, KK?" Teuk look and gave him the most reassuring smile he could muster.

"I'm sorry if this may seem rude, but I can't ignore you just trying to have sex with me. I can't ask you anything about it, but you should really fix the dilemma your in." KangIn got off the bed and went toward the made up couch.

"Here kid." Teuk look over as two pill bottle was tossed at him."Take them when you need it OK?" KangIn laid on the couch and turned his back to him.

"KangIn ah. How old are you?"

"23. Why?"

"That's Hyung to you." Eeteuk laid himself on the bed and closed his eyes.

Eeteuk didn't sleep, though. Not that he could, the snoring from the couch was loud enough to keep a bear from hibernating. Plus, the noises from the other side of the wall, there was no way he could.

'I have to go while they are sleep.' Eeteuk got up from where he was lying and felt a sharp pain shoot up his spine. 'Holy shit!' he looked at the pill bottles on the table. 'Just take some pain pills and get out.' Eeteuk looked at the window. 'Perfect. I really feel sorry (sorry) for leaving like this. They were so nice to taking care of me, but I have to go.'

Eeteuk picked up his cell phone, the pill bottles and headed toward the window. 'Bye you guys.' He quickly jumped out of the window and landed on his feet. An extreme amount of pain shot through his entire body.

He fell.

"OK. That was stupid. I should have seen how high they were first." Teuk looked up at the slightly high first story window. "Shit that hurt." he soon got up and started to walk looking around trying to figure out where he was.

Phone call.

"Angel Teuk Teuk, what do you want?"

"Eeteuk hyung, where are you?"

"I'm around some diner."


"The Forgotten Season."

"We'll be there soon."


"My gold Fishie and I of course."

"Hurry up, it's cold."

"Well don't get lost next time. Bye hyung."

"Hey, Hyukkie is he really mad?" Eeteuk got into the car with the other two.

"Well hyung, "he started," We talked him out of keeping Yesung from seeing Wookie, but Sungmin is banned from eating. We can't even sneak him food." Hyukjae said to him with a very serious face.

"Well, step on it."


"Hyung WAKE UP!!" KangIn jumped from his slumber, and turned to look at an angry Key. "HYUNG WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING?"

"What are you yelling abo.. Where did that hyung go?"

"O-M-GEE!!" Key stormed out of the room to get the schedule. "Look hyung, YOU were supposed to be watching him." Key shoved the paper at his baffled hyung.

"But I have to sleep sometime. Where is Onew? JinKi was supposed to check in on him right? What was he doing that was so important?" KangIn looked around and pointed an accusing finger.

"It does not matter what he was doing, it was what you weren't doing!" Key yelled at him.


A punch in his stomach. A kick to his face. He fell.

"Now Jungsu hyung, why didn't you come back yesterday?" A tall man leaned over him. Eeteuk look up at him terrified at the scowl on his face.

"I was beat.." Another punch into his mouth. He spat up blood as he tried to continue to talk. "up last night. Then, someone helped me."

"Oh, I thought you were trying to leave me again Teukie." The man got down on his knees and picked him up into his arms. "Come on let's get you cleaned up." He picked him up and started to walk toward the door.

"You are lucky I love you so much." He said and nuzzled his blood soaked shirt.

"Yeah Taec I love you, too" Eetuek rested his head on the others chest.


"Wow Teukie who cleaned your wounds so well?" A Chinese man walked toward him with a concerning face.

"Just some guy I met. Hankyung, I have this cut in my mouth."

"Yeeeeaaa we can tell. Your bleeding." A Thai man walked up behind him.

"Damn I forgot that this is where the foreigners with annoying accents gather. Nickhun just sew it up." Eeteuks laugh exploded into the room.

"Hyung lie down." Hankyung started to clean his new bruises. "I was meaning to tell you, Sungmin has disappeared."

"What? What do you mean?" The Chinese man leaned down to whisper into his ear.

"He found this guy to take him away. He said not to worry about Ryewook cause Yesung isn't going to let him out of his sight. The guy is really cool. A lawyer." He said and continued to clean him up.

"Hannie," A thin man with short black hair walked into the room along with a taller and more muscular man, "it's not nice to whisper when other people are here."

"Go to hell Hechul." he quickly snapped back.

"Now, now Hannie I'm a Christan. You shouldn't say those things." the strong man said.

"You join him you sick bastard!" he said. Heechul stepped behind Hankung and wrapped his arms around his thin waist.

"You know what it's pretty sexy that you only pronounce correctly only when you are cussing at us." he breathe hotly into his ear. Siwon came to stand in font of the Chinese man and began speaking into his other ear in Mandarin.

"You know if you just join us, all this hostility you have against us will disappear. I promise we will be gentle." then licked the shell of his ear.

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!" He yelled at the two of them and started to swing wildly.

"OK rice boy we get it. Me and Siwonnie will just try again later. We are here to help Eeteuk to Taec's room." Heechul pushed the guy away from him and walked toward Eeteuk.

"What does he want?" Eeteuk slid off of the table and winced at the slight pain in his stomach.

"What else would he want?" Heechul said grinning.


Had to speed thing up so yeah. As soon as you comment I will write.

~This is Sunni

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Forver Love

Post by fynrile on 6/28/2009, 4:37 am

I'm so Sorry Sorry about this smut scene you are about to encounter. This is my very first time so be gentle!! Oh and if you know Mandarin and I destroyed it please help.

~This is Sunni

"Taec did you need something?" Eeteuk stepped into the room. The lights were low and Taecyeon was sitting on the bed.

"Jungsu hyung come here for a sec." He motioned his hand for him to follow. Taecyeon sat up and took his own shirt off and through it on the floor.

Eeteuk put his hand on his stomach to let the other know that he was hurt. Not that it would stop him, but he had to try. "What do you want?" He walked up to the bed and the other sat him in his lap.

"Hyung. Why didn't you call right after it happened? You know that I would have them killed instantly." Taecyeon wrapped his arms around Teuks waist and turned him so that Teuk was straddling him. "Don't leave me that long anymore. I love you so much it hurts me when you leave to the bathroom. I don't know what I'll do if you leave me for real."

"I know. I'm not leaving you." Eeteuk looked at him in his eyes. The pain of lying to people was always too much for him, but this was different. This kid was deeply in love with him that if he didn't love him back, he'd probably kill himself; or worse kill him.

"I love you." Taecyeon kissed him softly and switched their positions.

"Taec, not today I'm hurt." Eeteuk faked a moan to keep him from being too rough. "Taec it's going to hurt."

"No it won't. I promise." He kissed him again. Teuk was kind of surprised because he has never kissed him that soft, but it was over soon. Rough and unloving. It hurt beyond belief. I might have said 'stop' once or twice, but even if he had heard him he wouldn't.


"Hankyung did you miss me?" Heechul walked back into the infirmary and saw the said China man pinned to a wall by Nickhun.

"Hey, wink boy, move." He grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away.

"Heechul didn't you see me busy." Hankyung said in an irritated manner.

"Heechul didn't you see me busy." Hankyung said in an irritated manner.

"What exactly were you doing?"

"Nothing hyung! I don't know what he is talking about." Khun quickly got up and exited the room bumping into Siwon on his way out.

"Choi Siwon where were you when our soon-to-be-bed-buddy was about to be raped by a pedophile Thai kid?" Heechul walked over to the man and kiss him thoroughly.

"I'm sorry. I had to make a plan. Listen to me carefully. Today we will have him." He then bent down to whisper into his ear. The devious two walked over to Hankyung and grabbed him. Siwon picked him up over his shoulder and walked, with a kicking and screaming Hankyung, to the room he shared with Heechul, and sat on a pre arranged chair in the middle of the room.

Heechul straddled them both. "Now isn't this comfy." Heechul started to kiss his neck making him moan out.

"No fair you started early." Siwon started to kiss the other side of his neck.

"Sssss.....nng. Stop iit." Hankyung moaned loud. "Please."

"Woah. I'd never thought he'd beg for it. Come on let's do something fun." Heechul got off of them and pulled them toward the bed. "Siwonnie make him happy."

Siwon pushed him on the bed hard and Heechul sat on his chest. "Hannie we promise you'll come back. I think we can make this work."

"You are fucking sick." Hankyung said to him. Heechul smiled and kissed him softly. Hankyung pressed his lips together tightly so the probing tongue could not get far. That only made matters worse.

"Siwon make him open his mouth." Heechul turn around so that he was facing Siwon. He then unzipped his pants, and began to massage him through his underwear.

"Don't do that." Hankyung thrust up in to Siwons hand involuntarily. "Stop. Please."

"Heechul he's talking too much. Let's make him quiet." Siwon removed his hand from the growing bulge and proceeded to pull the pants and underwear down.

Heechul turned around and took advantage of Hankyungs panting to plunge his tongue into his mouth. Hankyungs hands moved automatically to the back of Heechuls head, and he smirked. Until Hankyung bit him.


"Oww, you stuck up bitch!" Heechul got up fast and grabbed his mouth. Siwon took only a second before swallowing Hankyuns half erect member.

"Oh my god!" Hankyung sat up to look at the head in his lap. Siwon looked at him and hummed mentally laughing at the face he made. Although Hankyung was trying to pull Siwons hair, and punch him hard enough to make him move all it did was make him go faster.

Heechul slid behind him with scissors and trailed them across his neck. Hangkyung froze and let him cut the shirt off of him.

"Now lie down like a good bot and let Siwon work his magic." Hankyung laid down in fear on getting cut. Lips were all over his chest it was a complete overload, the mouth on his lower regions sucking every protest word out of him.

Heechul latched his lips on to his nipple and he almost hyperventilated to death. His hands clenched at his sides. He tried his best not to moan a loud. Heechul still had the scissors in his hand, but that was the last thing on his mind right now.

'Oh Siwon I'm...' NO I'm...." Hankyung choked out before he spilled into his mouth. Heechul stopped his quest on putting a hickey on every part of him that twitches.

"Hey why'd you make him come? Now what am I going to do?" He pouted at the man that was about to swallow. "I know you wanted to taste him, but didn't think about me." Heechul was pouting until Siwon kissed him and slipped the salty substance into his mouth.

"You guys disgust me." Hankyung said after he came down from his high.

"Don't worry you'll get more disgusted. Don't move too much you might get cut." He nudged him in the side with the scissors in his hand.

"Let's give him a show Rella." Siwon sat up to catch Heechul in a fiery kiss. Hankyung could only watch as the two guy made out above him.

"Stop! I'm getting impatient!! I'm need something in my mouth or.."

"OK get my lube." Siwon interrupted him and quickly discarded his clothes.

"Here you go my Christan boy."

"Thanks. When did you undress?

"I'm magical." The two soon forgot their 'intellectual' conversation and focused on a very tired looking Hankyung.

"No sleeping yet. We still have work to do." Siwon spilled some lube on to their fingers. Simultaneously they slipped their fingers in to tight holes. Siwons finger into Heechul, and Heechuls finger inside Hankyung, who by that time had no energy to fight back.

"Ngg... I hate you." A sharp pain shot all through Hankyungs lower half, but he could barely move at the moment. The one finger soon became two. The fingers softly thrusting in and out. The third one came with difficulty. He clenched up and hurt like hell.

"Hannie baby calm down." It was the first time that he heard Heechul sound sincere about his wellfare. "Just...relax...try to ...relax." He was trying to find coherent word between those fingers inside of him. He made his body relax as much as he could then.

"Yu o ta ma da! Heechul zai ci yang zou!" Hangkyung breath out as he pushed back onto the digits inside of him.

"I can't wait Siwonnie in want him in me now." Heechul pulled out his fingers out, and quickly got on top of him.

"OK Heechul lets do this as gentle as we can." Siwon positioned himself at Hankyungs entrance. He then slowly pushed himself in.

"Bu! Ni sheng hai wo! Shiyuan! Qing!" Hankyung had lost his ability to speak Korean but it didn't matter. The pain of the first penetration brought tears to his eyes. The pain was almost unbearable, but Siwon whispered comforting words to him.

"Ping jing xia lai. Du bu qi. An jing de. Du bu qi." Siwon pushed until he was fully sheathed. He sat still and waited until Hankyung had, more or less, got used to his size. He then slowly pulled out until only the head was still in.

Heechul took it as his cue to begin enveloping Hankyung length into his entrance. With one swift movement Hankyung was completely inside his tight warmth.

"YU PI HUA!" Hankyung screamed out as he was completely engulfed in Heechul's small body. Hankyung wanted to move inside him, but there was something in him that was stopping him from pounding up into him.

Siwon grabbed Heechul by his hair and lovingly kissed him, and calming him down for the slightly 'large' intrusion. After about a minute, Heechul rose up as Siwon pushed in. Their rhythm kept Hankyung moaning words neither one understood.

Things sped up as Heechuls and Hankyungs uncomfortableness disappeared and was replaced with all pleasure.

"Uh.... Hannie your so..." Heechul bounced on top of him and was soon out of breath. He fell forward with his hands on Hankyungs chest. Nail marks soon were visible as he tried to continue.

"Qing shao hou Shiyuan." Hankyung grabbed Heechuls slowing hips. Siwon pulled out of Hankyung and watched the scene play out before him.

Hangkyung lifted Heechul up slightly and started to pound into him harshly. Heechul was screaming and moaning random things and started to pump his neglected member.

"Hankyung...Oh Hannie I wanna come." Heechul was pumping himself fast and rough. Hankyung had found his prostate and was troubling it mercilessly. He was trying to hold on to that feeling for as long as he could until Hankyung sent him over the edge with two words.

"So come." His sudden use of English was enough to send him over and have him pass out. That was by far his most intense orgasm he had ever had.

Hankyung had set Heechul beside them and looked Siwon in his eyes. Siwon straddled Hankyung and swiftly entered himself. At first a few shallow thrusts, but soon he was pounding into him roughly. He used all of his leg muscles to pound him into the mattress. Neither could hold on long, and Hankyung knew his time was coming.

Siwon leaned down to like the nail marks on Hankyung chest and that sent him over. With a few more thrusts and a heated kiss Siwon was spent. He collapsed on top of the older male, but soon rolled off to pull him into a spooning position. Hangkyung then grabbed Heechul and kissed him softly before pulling him into his chest.

"Good night Hyungs." Siwon pulled the covers over them and turned off the lights.
Eeteuk woke up from his pain induced slumber and look around the room. Taecyeon had left a long time ago he presumed, but didn't care much. All he wanted to do was to see his 'brothers'. Eeteuk got off of the bed and snuck down the hall way to where Ryeowooks room was.

Knock. Knock.

"Come in." A very soft, but surprisingly deep voice came from the other side.

"Ryeowook ssi! Teuk Teuk is back." Eeteuk said happily as he walked into the room.

"Oh hyung I heard you were back. Are you OK?"

"More or less. They didn't hurt you while I was gone did they?" Eeteuk began his motherly inspection and found a bruise. "Wookie who did this? I'll kill them for bruising you!" Teuk got up angrily until Ryeowook pulled him back down.

"Calm down or you'll..."

"Wookie is someone else here?" Yesung walked out of the bathroom with a bath robe hanging off of him slightly. "Oh, I didn't know that Eeteuk was back. Ryeowook don't stay up too late for me. We're going to be doing some 'work' tonight. So, go to sleep I'll be back as soon as I can." Yesung didn't bother putting on his clothes before walking out of the door.

"Ryeowook what was that all about?" Eeteuk was completely baffled. Ryeoook blushed slightly a turned his head away. "Wookie I mean I knew you guys liked each other, but why is he in your room?" Eeteuk had to be either completely innocent, or in denial.

Or stupid.

"Well yeah we liked each other and," Ryeowook felt like he was going to explode from embarrassment for having to explain this, "he asked me out about a month ago. So we were going out for about a month and I thought that we should.." He looked at his hyung as suggestively as he could, but he still didn't pick it up.



"He made love to me last night." By now Ryyeowook was full-blown tomato.

"My little Wookies growing up. Your very first time! Momma Teukie is very proud." Eeteuk gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The two were sitting talking happily until a crashing noise came from right outside the room.


Someone kicked down the door. The men were huge, and scary looking. They walked in without a word and grabbed both of them by the hair and drug them out.


They were both beaten on their way to wherever they were going. They got there bloody, but in one piece. Taecyeon stepped into the light.

"Jungsu hyung. You said that you were trying to leave right?" he kicked him hard in the face. "You lying whore! I know where you went! You went to that cops house again! Look Teukie! Your precious Angel Youngsang cannot help you. At least not anymore!"

Eeteuk eyes widened with horror. "How could you Taecyeon!" he couldn't help crying. His best friend was dead? How could someone do that to people they said they loved?

"And you. You little bitch knew all about it didn't you?" Taecyeon look angrily at Ryeowook. "I knew I didn't like you from the start. Heechul kill him." Taecyeon looked around when he didn't get an answer.

"I'm sorry, but Heechul Hyung is out for tonight." Siwon piped up and said.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I got caught up with something." Yesung rushed in still fixing his clothes.

"Good you're here. I need you to kill him."

Yesung looked at the ground and saw a beaten Ryeowook there. "What are you doing?" Yesung ran over to him and picked him up to look at him.

"He knew that Eeteuk was going to the cops. He needs to die, and if you're really my right hand man and best friend, you'd do it." Taecyeon was getting very aggravated with this whole situation.

"Well just kill Eeteuk! Leave Ryeowook out of this!"

"Yesung how could you choose him over me. I'm your best friend you're supposed to take my side with everything. Just get the gun and shoot him already." Taecyeon was starting to feel sad that his best friend had someone closer to him now.

"Taecyeon, I can't kill him. I love him too much."



"Clean up this mess." Taecyeon walked out leaving two dead bodies on the ground.

"Ryeowook?" Eeteuk looked at his lifeless body on the ground. "Taecyeon I hate you. Why'd you kill him?" Eeteuk silently sobbed on the floor next to Ryeowooks body for about ten minutes. He then got up and ran. He didn't know where he was going, but he just had to get away.

'Ryeowook. I'm sorry. I got you killed.' Eeteuk ran through countless people who didn't seem to care that he was covered in blood. 'I just have to keep smiling, but Ryeowook you were part of my smile. I can't. Go on. I wanna die.'

He ran and ran until he fell into something hard.He was there for a moment or so then he was lifted off of his feet. 'Ryeowook, I've bled too death. I'm glad though. Now I can be with my precious little brother again.' He smiled.

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Somebody To Love

Post by fynrile on 6/28/2009, 4:38 am

'Ryeowook where are you? I died already, but I still can't see you? Where are you? If I can't see you that means that..... Oh my fucking god. No, don't say that! That's why you're here! I'm in hell for all the shit I did! It's too late to turn a new leaf. I'm already in hell. Never to see Ryeowook ever again. I'm going to burn in.... I'm not hot. If it's not hot that means I'm not in hell, and if I'm not in hell and I don't see Ryeowook (who is obviously in Heaven) then that can only mean one thing.' Eeteuk opened his eyes and looked around the familiar room.

"Hyung! He's woke up!!" Taemin yelled through the house. "Hyung are you OK now? Do you stiches hurt? Do you want painkillers?" The kid's questions were flying at him and it was hard for him to concentrate on answering one.

"Back away from the patient. Taemin give him breathing space." Key walked in with the other guys plus one. He put down his supplies and ran over to him. "Eeteuk hyung, are you feeling the pain. How is your back? Do you have pain in your leg?"

Eeteuk couldn't answer the questions. They were coming too fast. He looked at Key's concerned eyes. As if he knew him forever, the love and worry in his face was just like...

"Ryeowook..." Eeteuk whispered and started to cry.

"OK everyone out." KangIn got Key from the floor and began to usher everyone out. "Hyung, just call us when you need anything. OK? We're here for you." KangIn walked out and closed the door, but stopped he thought he heard something.

"Youngwoon-ah" his voice wasn't louder than a whisper." Youngwoon-ah I lost him." KangIn quickly opened the door and went to him.

"Hyung what are you talking about?" KangIn cautiously approached the bed and got in. "Who have you lost?" He pulled his hyung for a hug.

"My brother. He killed my baby brother." Eeteuk broke into tears again and grasped at KangIn's shirt. "I couldn't stop him. I was supposed to protect him. Why didn't he just kill me instead? Youngwoon-ah I can't live without him. Ryeowook I'm sorry." He was erratic and not making too much sence, but KangIn let him vent until he fell asleep.



"Hyung! Hurry up if we don't leave now I won't be able to go to work. Sungmin hyung!" The younger guy knocked on the door harder.

"OK Kyu! I'm coming!" Sungmin opened the bathroom door dressed in pink overalls with a pink and white shirt. He looked at his phone furiously. "Kyu somethings wrong. Ryeowook didn't answer his phone." Sungmin looked up to the younger man worried.

"Hyung he is probably sleep right now, and before you lay out his daily rutiune please consider a good reason he is not answering." Kyuhyun was trying to put on his tie, but failed horribly at it. Sungmin quickly went to help his young lover. "Listen if your worried just call your hyung. You wanted to bring him too right?"

"Yeah you're right. I'll call Eeteuk hyung first." Sungmin took out his phone and pressed speed dail 2.


"여보세요?" Onew ansewred the ringing phone.

"Who the hell is this with my hyung's phones?!" Sungmin screamed into his phone. Who had the nerve to take HIS hyung's phone. "Give it back before I piledrive you into the ground!"

"Uh... Key get this" Onew quickly gave the phone away too Key.

"Hello? Do you know Eeteuk hyung?" Key said surprised.

"I said to give the phone to my HYUNG! I'm going to body slam you!" Sungmin was hystarical. He was about to throw another insult before Key told him everything that happened.

"Oh. I'm sorry about all of the yelling." Sungmin apologized. He looked at Kyu as he motioned for them to walk out. "So where do you stay? Around the Forgotten Season? OK, we'll come there first. OK." Sungmin hung up with the boy. "Kyu something bad happened. I need to go see Eeteuk hyung first."

"If something happened do you think you should go." Kyuhyun's face was seirous and scared. He knew what Sungmin had got away from, but knew that he wasn't going to stop until he saved his brothers.

"Kyuhyun I love you so much more for being worried, but" Sungmin jumped on his back as they walked down the stairs, "I have to get my brothers safe." They stopped at the bottom of the stairs. "Thank you for saving me." They shared a sweet yet hot kiss. Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around Sungmins waist and pulled him closer, but Sungmin pushed away.

"Kyuhyun what if the old lady that doesn't like me sees?"

"So what I don't like her anyway." He tried to pull him closer, but was pushed away.

"Kyu if you start you won't want to stop. Look, I'll give an amazing blow job later. How does that sound?" Sungmin bounced out of the apartment building and into the car.


"No I'm alright. Did I talk in my sleep?" Eeteuk was worried about saying anything that would get him hurt.

"Yeah you said a lot, but I won't ask if you don't want to talk about it." KangIn still held on to him as if he thought it was his duty.

"Why?" Eeteuk pushed off of him. "Why are you so nice to me. You don't even know me. Yet, you seem to protect me."

"Well you seem like someone I would want to protect." KangIn said getting off the bed and walking toward the medicines that were put down earlier. "Now do you need a.."

He stopped.

Tears were running down his face. Eeteuk was looking at him with a break in his eyes.




"Ryeowook. He killed him for nothing. Because I tried to get away. He killed him. I couldn't protect him like I said I would." Eeteuk was crying, but very calm.

"Who killed him hyung?" KangIn walked back to him and held him again. That had become a habit that they seemed to enjoy.

"My 'boyfriend'." Eeteuk said with hate. "He repeats that he loves me, but he gets me beat up. He killed my little brother. How can people who love you do that?" Eeteuk looked at KangIn with questioning eyes.

"I'm sorry hyung. I'm sorry that happened. You can stay here as long as you like." KangIn said it and didn't believe it himself.

"Thank you. You are so nice. I wonder why I didn't meet you first." Eeteuk stared at him and slowly closed his eyes and the gap between them. Softly he pressed his lips against the younger ones.

'Why do I keep liking guys that are way bigger than I am? I can't help liking him though. He is just too perfect. I need him right now.'

KangIn was in a state of shock. He didn't have a problem with guys, but he never thought of kissing one. He never in his life thought that a guy would kiss him and he would let him, or kiss back.

Their kiss ended with both of them a little red.

"KangIn ssi I'm sorry for that I don't know what I was thinking.." Eeteuk started.

"No, it's OK. Hyung, as long as you were OK with it I am OK." KangIn assured him it was fine, but was actuality trying to find it in himself why it was alright.

"KangIn hyung are you two done?" Key said with a smug look on his face.

"Why are you here for Kibum!" KangIn was embarrassed.

"Eeteuk hyung has a guest."

"Jungsu hyung!!!!" Sungmin ran and jumped on the bed.

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Darkness Eyes

Post by fynrile on 6/28/2009, 4:39 am

"Oh so that's what happened." A teary-eyed SungMin sat on the floor in front of the bed. "Well what are we supposed to do? Where are we going to go?"

"Well it seems that they haven't discovered where you have been. So, go back to that guy. I'll just find me somewhere to stay for a while." Eeteuk flashed his signature smile.

"Teuk hyung, how are you going to do that?" Sungmin completely ignored his forced smile and continued. "You don't have money. You can stay with us! Kyu wouldn't mind." Sungmin jumped up from his sitting position. "He's gone to work now so, he'll come to get us later. We just have to find somewhere to stay until 10."

"You guys can stay here. Anyone who can scare that Tofu freak into his room with just words can live here. I owe you." KangIn joked.

"Why don't we go to a restaurant? I'm sure no one has eaten. Let's go Hyung will pay." Jonghyun patted KangIn on the back and received a glare.

"That is a good idea. I'll go get my jacket." Key said and headed to the door.

"And you purse." Jonghyun said.

"SHUT UP! Onew Jonghyun is messing with me!!" Key ran from the room with Jonghyun following and teasing.

"Wait!" Minho said after thinking for a minute or two. "My Opp.....Hyung is coming. Let's wait a while." He ran out of the room.

"Why do you call him Oppa?" Taemin whispered as he walked out.

"I'm sorry for that little scene. I try to keep them caged up when we have company, but it seems like they don't consider Eeteuk hyung a guest anymore." KangIn gave them a fake apology bow.
"I would like to say sorry to that guy I scared." Sungmin got up and floated(?) out of the room.

"KangIn about that kiss." Eeteuk started.

"Don't worry too much about it." KangIn walked over toward him. He looked Eeteuk in the eyes and then made a slight motion for him to look at the door. When he looked, he could hear movement.

"Well," Eeteuk had a playful look in his eyes. "We should seal the deal." He wrapped his arms around KangIn's neck and pretended to pull him for a kiss. "Children, you know it's not good to spy on mommy and daddy."

There was a gasp then a loud crash. KangIn and Eeteuk erupted in laughter. The younger ones all came in. "Hey hyungs don't play tricks on us." Key protested as they all walked out of the house.

"Minho!!" a voice called out from across the street.

"Hyung! Hurry were about to go." Minho said back. The man walked and looked at Sungmin and Eeteuk. "Nickhun hyung these Hyung are Sungmin and Eeteuk. They are going to be with us today." Minho grabbed his hand and they all walked to the restaurant.


"He is where?" Teacyeon spoke into his phone slightly irritated. "OK let's pay them a visit. Heechul! Why isn't he around anymore? Siwon!!"

"Yes." Siwon walked in hurriedly.

"I need you, Heechul, Jaebum, and Ye- I mean.......Eunhae to go to the Forgotten Seasons restaurant. Bring my Hyung back, and kill that pink bunny loving bastard who convinced him to leave."

"Yes, sir." Siwon walked down toward everyone's room. "Hey we got something to do. Heechul hyung." Siwon opened their door to find an interesting sight. "Hyung we have to go. Cut him down. It won't be too long."

"If it won't be long I'll leave him up then." Heechul looked at HanGeng whose legs were tied to the head board, (lucky he is flexible) kissed him lightly on the lips. "I'll be back soon."


"JaeJoong! We need more rice!" KangIn yelled through the room.

"Ya! KangIn you're not the only person in this place." JaeJoong yelled as he put a plate on someone else table. "Junsu get away from Yoochun and serve some tables!"

"Yes hyung!"

A little while later Heechul, Siwon, Jaebum, Eunhyuk, and Donghae all walked in and got a table. They all scanned the room until they spotted Eeteuk. Heechul picked a table right cross from they.

Their eyes locked.

"Eeteuk hyung!" Heechul got up from his seat and walked toward their table. "Long time no see, Sungmin. Where have you two been?" He pulled a chair to sit next to Eeteuk. "So what have you two been up to? Nickhun I see your here, too. How convenient."

"Oh, excuse me, you have to go back to your own table." JaeJoong walked over to the table and sat another bowl of rice on the table.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Heechul stood up and put a gun to Eeteuk's head as JaeJoong raised one to his. "It seems we are going to have problems." Just then everyone except Sungmin and Eeteuk stood up and pulled a gun.

"KangIn, what's going on here?" Eeteuk was shocked. Everyone, including Taemin, was holding a gun up.

"This is a messy situation isn't it?" Heechul looked at Nickhun. In an instant Nikhun turned his gun to Minho and Taemin pulled another gun to point it at him. "Now look, we just want Eeteuk. Just let us take him."

"Go to hell Heechul." KangIn snapped. "You and your little entourage just get up and fuck off. Take this Thai kid, too." KangIn said looking at Nickhun for a second before looking back at Heechul. "Look there's people in here. Why don't we handle this later?"

"Fuck these people!!" Heechul yelled and shot a lady in the head wich started and round of shooting. Eeteuk quickly grabbed Sungmin and got on the floor. There was a lot of screaming, and people falling to the ground. It was chaotic until everything stopped.

Police sirens.

"Eeteuk hyung come over here." Taemin whispered. Eeteuk and Sungmin started to crawl toward him.

"Where are you going hyung?" Donghae put a gun to the back of Eeteuk's head.

"Donghae, move away from him!" Taemin quickly pulled his gun up and fired shooting him in the arm.

"Hurry! Let's go!" Heechul got everyone and retreated.

"KangIn! What the fuck was that!!" Eeteuk screamed as soon as they were back to their house.

"There is no time for this. Key get the medical kit. Minho get all of the stuff we need. Taemin get food. Jonghyun help the hyungs. KangIn get all the other stuff." Onew ordered and everyone followed.

After everything was settled, they all got into a black car and left.

"KangIn what is going on?" Eeteuk pestered.

"Look hyung there is a lot of stuff going on." KangIn said.

"How do you know Heechul? You're in a gang too aren't you?"

"I'm sorry hyung. I didn't know you were running from this gang."

"This is just great. I might as well go back to them."

"No we're not like them."

"So you don't shoot people? Whatever just drop me off here."

The arguing continued for a while until.

"Minho hyung, are you OK?" Taemin said over the noise.

"Yeah I'm alright." Minho said wincing at the pain in his leg. "I mean, we all knew it right? It was just a matter of time."

"Yeah I guess so, but what about HanGeng hyung? They don't know about him do they?" Taemin said.

"HanGeng? HanGeng hyung? He is the doctor he works for you guys?" Sungmin asked a little surprised.

"They have working in the infirmary? That's why most of his guys die from injury." Key said laughing a little.

"Well who is the boss of your group? I'm curious because you guys have to pretty high up cause you know names. So who's the big boss?"

Everyone looked around. "Well?" Sungmin said.

"Jinki hyung." Taemin said.

"You let them get away?!" Taecyeon punched Heechul hard in the face. HanGeag went to him with a towel to put on his forming bruise. (I told ya he was flexible. He got out all by himself.)

"Does anyone know where they went?" He asked very irritated.

"I know." Nickhun said.

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Ku Cha

Post by fynrile on 6/28/2009, 4:40 am

"Minho didn't I tell you to not to get to close to that hyung?" Onew said as they pulled up to a huge house.

"I know hyung, but I just...." Minho trail as he got out of the car.

"Well just so you know, he won't be able to get away next time." Onew said sternly as he walked up a few steps. "Jo Kwon call a meeting in half an hour. I want everyone there." Onew walked through the house very confidently until he tripped over his own feet. "Oh and take them to the infirmary. OK?" He smiled and waved the trip off.

"Come on guys. You look beat up. Let the Mins help you." Jo Kwon grabbed Sungmin and Taemin's hand and lead them down the hallway.

"The Mins? Who is that?" Taemin was a little scared since their real doctor was not there.

"Oh you know." Jo said smiling. "Changmin and......Changmin of course."

"How can a sniper and a hacker be doctors?" Minho was just not convinced enough to let them work on him.

"So far no one has died. Key why don't you just take over for them?" Jo Kwon suggested.

"Hell no! I look too good to be locked up in a clinic." Key walked into the room where the two guys were.

"Hyung Minho hurt himself. Help him please." They pushed him in the room and closed the door.

"You hyungs hungry?" Jo Kwon turned to look at Eeteuk and Sungmin (still holding his hand.)

"Can I just get a room?" Eeteuk asked tiredly.

"Yeah Jo, I'll take him to my room." KangIn grabbed Eeteuks hand and walked down a hallway.

"Let go of me you lying, raccoon looking bastard!" Eeteuk started to punch him in the back. Just because Eeteuk is small doesn't mean he doesn't hit hard. The hits surprised him so much that him swung Eeteuk around and slammed him onto the wall. The bruises from his last beating hadn't healed yet and with all of his sudden movement at the restaurant his stitches had probably loosened up plus, he has always had a bad back. He gasped at the huge amount of pain that had hit him. KangIn was blind in his attack for a moment, gripping his arms so hard leaving new bruises, but stopped himself.

"Eeteuk hyung I'm sorry you just.."

"Oh so it's my fault you didn't tell me that you were in some gang? And I guess it's my fault that it happens to be one of gangs that wants the one I belong to dead." Eeteuk started an angry crying rant. KangIn just choose to ignore him until they reach his room.

"Listen Jungsu Hyung.."

"That's Eeteuk ssi to you!" He snapped.

"Listen, I didn't mean to deceive you. HanGeng had told us only after the first time that you came. We didn't purposely bring you home to our advantage, if that's what you're thinking." KangIn said sitting on his bed. "Eeteukie hyung come sit down with me. I'll tell you everything."

Eeteuk looked at him angrily, but still went to sit with him.

"Well look, we're ran by only one higher up. Onew is the second in command, and of course you know that Taecyeon the second too. That makes them against each other anyways."

"Where are you?" Eeteuk's face had changed from the angry one to his over protective mother one.

"I'm the first hit-man. Therefore, Heechul and I would go head up." KangIn said with a smile. "Jonghyung is a weapons specialist.. He specializes in ......weapons."

"Well duh. That's the same as Donghae." Eeteuk said. "Oops. I shouldn't have said that."

"That's OK. Although we can use that I won't betray your trust if you don't want me to say anything. I know that you would still be loyal to the other side no matter where you are." KangIn gave him a reassuring smile.

"I'm sorry KangIn I still can't believe that I'm of the other side."

"Don't worry too much about it. When one of the bosses, Soo Man or JY Park, is taken out it will be over. It seems that both sides are tired of this useless war and are going straight for the top." KangIn said. "Let's see where was I? Oh, yeah Jonghyun is a weapon specialist. Minho sniper. Taemin is a special assassin."


"Yeah. He only goes out when really needed. He can kill anything that's alive. That kid is really weird. He doesn't stop smiling." KangIn said with a smile himself. "Well my brother 'was' in charge of interrogation. If we needed information from a captive he would torture them until they told us., but since he started sleeping with Jinki he was made stop."

"Well that was something I didn't need to know. Oh! I almost forgot! HanGeng what if they find him?"


"What the fuck is your problem Taecyeon!!" Heechul ran over to a beaten HanGeng on the floor.

"I figured out who the mole was. This Chinese bastard has been telling them. I knew I never liked him." Taecyeon pulled his gun out. "Heechul move if you don't want to die."

"Taec!" Siwon interrupted. "Why don't we question him?"

"Do you think I'm stupid? OK then Seulong, Yunho go with them. Make sure they do what they are supposed to. I know they have this thing for him. Nickhun you go too." Taecyeon put his gun back and walked out. Heechul and Siwon helped HanGeng off the floor and took him to and all white room.

"Hannie are you OK?" Heechul held his head up so that he could look at him. "Taecyeon is just overreacting again right? You're not one of them right?" Heechul looked at him sadly.

"Heechul hyung," HanGeng said slowly. "Du bu qi." Heechul stood up and slapped him.

"DON'T FUCKING TALK IN CHINESE! TELL ME IN KOREAN!" Heechul slapped him again. "You stupid, stupid fool. Why didn't you just say that you weren't." Heechul whispered with tears falling fast.

"You know what that means." Seulong said. Yunho walked up behind him though, and put a towel with a scent that made him fall unconscious. Yunho pulled a gun to the back of HanGengs head.

"Look you two I know how attached to you are. So, if you let me go out of here I won't tell anyone that you guys snuck off with this guy." Yunho looked at Siwon in the eyes. "I'll let you guys take him."

Heechul looked up at him and studied his face. "Yunho, you'll really let us leave? Really with HanGeng?" Heechul stood up and looked at Siwon.

"We should hurry before he comes here." Siwon started to pick HanGeng up off the chair.


"Nickhun I think you did a superb job. How did you do it?" Taecyeon was sitting on a couch in his room.

"I just got a kid to like me enough to tell me his secrets." Nickhun sat down on the other end of the couch.

"The boss said he wants to meet you."

"Really? Maybe I'll be put in charge of my own branch." Nickhun's eyes lit up. Taecyeon pulled out his phone and dialed a number. A man stepped through the door.

"Chansung, I need you to call a meeting in thrity minutes."

"Yes sir."

"OK." Onew started. He looked at everyone in the room. "They should already know where we are so we need to be ready. Jo Kwon call Boom and have him set up bombs in the roof, and third floor."

"Yes sir." Jo Kwon got up and walked out.

"Choikang, find HanGeng on GPS."

"Yes sir" He got up and left.

"Changmin, go set up on the roof."

"Yes sir." He left.

"Taemin you set up on the building on the right to this one, and Jonghyun to the left."

"Yes sir." Left.

"Has Jaejoong came yet?"

"No, he had to go back to make nothing traceable was at our spare house. He won't be able to come he has to go back to headquarters with Junsu." KangIn explained.


"He was sent to make sure Sungmin's boyfriend wasn't pulled into this somehow."

"That's good. Now Key come sit on hyung's lap."

"Why?" Key looked at him confused.

"Cause I miss you." he whined.

"Onew be serious!!" Key yelled at him. The door opened and a guy ran in.

"Sorry I'm late, but I was held back." He sat down a began to pull out blueprints. "This is how the warehouse is. They should be coming in about five days."

"Thank you Yunho hyung!!" Onew said. Jo Kwon walked back in.

"Boom hyung said that he will be here in an hour. Oh and you own him extra for the three you made go off the last time you went to his house Onew." Jo Kwon said with a smile. ChangMin walked back in.

"HanGeng's cell phone seems to be heading toward China. I think he's leaving the country for a while. If you don't want him to I could high jack the plane." Changmin said, but Onew just shook his head. Onew got a text message.

'Onew am I supposed to stay out here all night? What if I catch a cold? What is wrong w/ u? U R not a gud leader! I will die! Den who will kill NE1? Im not stayin out herr! Im going 2 sleep N my room!

<3 Sexy Guy ChangMin.'

Taemin walked back in. "All done hyung. Jonghyun hyung went to bed."

"OK meeting over, everyone leave me with the Key to my heart!!" Onew said as he grabbed at Key. ***************************************************************************************************************

"We need everything to be perfect." Tacyeon said as he looked at everyone. "I want to make everyone in that place is DEAD." He made sure he said the last word with feeling. on the last word. "Where the hell is Heechul and Siwon? Oh well Jaebum hyung this is your time to shine."

"Yes sir."

"Chansung go call Shindong and tell him we need more guns."

Yes sir." He left.

"Nickhun check where Yunho went."

"Yes sir." Left.

"Junsu go find that guy that Sungmin was with."

"Yes sir."

"Wooyoung get your special weapons ready."

"Yes sir."

"Eunhae go do whatever it is you idiots do."

"Yes sir." They said and left.

Chansung walked back into the room. "Shindong hyung said that he'll be able to come tomorrow as soon as Boom hyung brings their car back." Taecyeon nodded his head. Nickhun entered the room.

"He is at our hit spot." Nickhun said. Taecyeon smiled and nodded his head. Just then the door opened.

"Nickhun. The boss sent for you." The man was dressed in all black with his hair tied back into a ponytail. Nickhun nodded and walked out of the room passing Wooyoung and three other guys he had never seen on his way.

"They are ready." Wooyoung walked in room with the guys.

"Well," Taecyeon said. "We will attack in three days."

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Don't You Ever Stop

Post by fynrile on 6/28/2009, 6:24 am

"KangIn, why didn't you tell me about your gang?" Eeteuk randomly asked when they made it back to his room.

"Well I'm not allowed to talk about it aloud. And because you skipped out on us." He smiled and began to change shirts.

"You guys ere too nice. I had to leave. I wanted to protect you. I mean all of you." Eeteuk sat on the couch far away from the bed. He looked everywhere, but KangIn's way.

"Jungsu hyung? Why are you blushing?" KangIn walked toward him with the shirt. Eeteuk looked at him and smiled.

"You're fat." KangIn turned around fast. Eeteuk's high pitched laugh sounded through the room.

"I stopped drinking." KangIn said defensively as he turned around. KangIn looked at the amused Eeteuk. He was about to say something else until Eeteuk kissed him lightly. The kiss lasted for about three seconds until Eeteuk pulled away.

"I'm sorry I keep doing that! I was.." Eeteuk's rambling was cut off by KangIn wrapping his arms around him and kissing him lightly. The light kiss lasted about four seconds until KangIn grabbed the back of Eeteuk's neck and pulled him closer.

Eeteuk wrapped his arms around him and moaned into his mouth. All of a sudden KangIn felt that they had way too many clothes on. KangIn picked his hyung up and his legs instantly wrapped around him. KangIn walked backwards until they fell onto the bed. Eeteuk broke their kiss for air and looked down at the younger one.

"Hyung I'm sorry, but you will have to take over from here." KangIn said.

"Your first time?" Eeteuk smiled.

"With a guy." KangIn pulled him down again. Eeteuk started to kiss on his neck until the door opened.

"Onew wants.......WOW. Jinki wants you." Jo Kwon said with wide eyes.

"Well SHIT!!" KangIn said. "I'm going to kill that stupid Tofu kid. I hope he falls over a cliff one day!" Eeteuk rolled off of him and laughed. KangIn got up angrily and snatched up his forgotten shirt.

"KangIn if you take too long I'll just go to sleep." Eeteuk took off his shirt and laid-back on the bed seductively, and began rubbing on his own chest. KangIn looked at him with a beastly hunger in his eyes.

"He had better want something important." KangIn tore his eyes away from the erotic sight, and rushed out the door and down the hallway. KangIn ran down the hallway and past a few doors.

"Jinki what the hell..." KangIn opened Onews door and saw a shirtless Key sitting in his lap. Key was facing the door and Onew was kissing his neck leaving dark marks.

Key opened his eyes when the door opened. "Onew sssstoppp....Hyung is here." Key wiggled in his lap only frustration himself more because of the friction it created down there.

"I know he's here. I called him." Onew looked at a very aggravated KangIn standing in the door. "Kibum, go get on the bed and wait for me." Key stood up as soon as Onew let him go and ran through a couple of doors to the room with their bed.

"Did you call me so I could see you molest my brother?" KangIn was frustrated and growing impatient.

"It's not like you were doing anything." Onew said smiling.

"No not yet." He grumbled.

"Oooo!! You were going to rape Eeteuk hyung weren't you! I knew it! I knew you were like that."

"I was not going to RAPE him!" KangIn shouted. "What the hell do you want!"

"Tomorrow I need you to go find Yoochun. He said that he is going to do something, and he needs help. I told him to do it tomorrow. You go help him then, OK? You can go back to that hyung now. I have to go to Key. You know how he gets." Onew smiled at the disgust on KangIn's face. "He gets mad when I tease and he uses his teeth when.."

KangIn stormed back down the hallway so he could not hear the rest of that sentence. He hurried back down the hallway to his room. He walked in and Eeteuk was not there. He looked around for a little until he gave up. He plopped down on the bed sadly.

"Jungsu hyung!" He whined.

"What?" Eeteuk stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, and water dripping from his hair. Isn't that funny? The only place he didn't look. "What did he want?"

"He just told me something that I have to do. Which he could have told me tomorrow." He said pouting.

"KangIn I took a shower if that's OK? I was feeling dirty, and there was an unused toothbrush so I used it." Eeteuk looked down in embarrassment. "I forgot I don't have any other clothes."

KangIn smiled at innocence, and kissed him on the forehead. "You can wear my clothes. Here," he got up and gave him a button down shirt. That's it.

"Thank you." Eeteuk got up went to the bathroom put the shirt on. "KangIn ssi." Eeteuk walked into the room with the evilly short shirt on. "What room am I going to sleep in?"

"Sleep? No, there will be no sleep for you. You were supposed to teach me something, weren't you." KangIn said.

"But." Eeteuk stuttered.

"That's OK. You can teach me another time." KangIn smiled for like the millionth time at his cuteness. "Come on hyung you must be tiered. Let's go to sleep." They got into the bed and KangIn quickly turned his back to him because knows that this can turn into bad.

He has no underwear.

At all.


Eeteuk snuggled up to KangIn's back, and he stiffened up which made Eeteuk move back. KangIn felt him move and turned to him knowing that it would lead to something that he knew Eeteuk wasn't up for. Yeah, he was going to it earlier, but now he has had time to think about it. Eeteuk is still too, hurt for that.

Yet, he turned and him and yes he kissed him. Eeteuk pushed closer to him until he was on top of him.

"I believe I was going to teach you something." Eeteuk whispered in his ear seductively. ************************************************************************************************************

"Kyuhyun I miss you so much right now." Sungmin whined into the phone.

"I know I miss you, too. Don't forget, I'm coming to get you tomorrow. Oh, did you see your little brother?" Kyuhyun asked.

"No." Sungmin said softly as he thought about Ryeowook's always smiling face.

"He found a way here." Kyuhyung said happily.

"What?!" Sungmin jumped from the bed he lying in. "He is there? Put him on NOW!" Sungmin half shouted.

Kyuhyun was confused, but did as he was told and gave the guy with him the phone.

"Yeobuseyo?" the guy said.

"Who the hell are you?" Sungmin hissed.

"Hyung you don't seem happy. It's like you expected me to be dead." Sungmin could almost hear the smirk of his face. Then, he heard a gun click, and



Sungmin was in terror he used the GPS system that was just uploaded on to his phone to locate Eeteuk in the huge house. He got up and ran there fast.

He threw the door open. Two pairs of eyes were on him in an instant. He didn't care what was going on. They still had clothes on so they weren't far.

"Well damn it all to hell. I'm going to become celibate if this keeps up." KangIn said as Eeteuk got from on top of him (again) and went to see what was wrong with his dongseang.

"What's wrong Minnie?" Eeteuk said in the best motherly tone he could in his frustration.

"Hyung! Something happened to Kyu! Someone's there! He said he was Ryeowook! Something happened." Sungmin was rambling on and on. KangIn fortunately got what he was trying to say, and got up quickly ran to Onew's room.

He banged on the door hard. After about a minute, a very angry Jinki opened the door. "If this is pay back I just might kill you. D you know how close he was?"

"Forget that! Call Yoochun. There's a guy posing as their dead brother has just shot him." KangIn explained quickly. Onew's playful attitude changed completely.

"Go cut your brother down. We've got to out there." Onew said seriously.

"Cut him down?"

"Hannie buy me this!" Heechul ran run to him with a shirt with Cinderella on it. "Although she is not as pretty as I am I guess it will have to work."

"Yeah you're still pretty even with that huge bruise on you face." HanGeng joked and got smacked.

"Siwonnie he's being...Who are you checking out?" Siwon was currently looking at a boy across the mall. The boy had been standing there for a while, and it seemed weird to him. So, he decided to watch him.

"Just that kid. He's just standing there." Siwon said.

"Siwon he is probably waiting on someone." HanGeng said and pulled the taller guy away from his spot.

"Yeah you're right. I guess being with those guys for so long made my mind crazy." Siwon said. He grabbed Heechul's hand and began to walk away from where he was when the kid he was staring at looked back and smiled at him.

Siwon stopped instantly. "Hyungs, I think we should go home now." Siwon tightened his grip on their hands and was about to move until Heechul's hand went down his side and grabbed one of the guns he always kept there.

He instantly grabbed the other. They made sure that HanGeng was between them as they had their guns on the two guys in front of them.

"What should we do?" The first guy asked.

"I don't know, but at this rate everyone is going to die. Including us." The other replied.

"How are we going to stop this?"

"Well the first plan is already ready. So, let just take him out."

"Yeah, but how? What do we do?" the first one asked again.

"Just leave it to me. My pretty boy."

"I love it when you act all smart!" He kissed him.

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Re: Too Far In (Super Junior, SHINee, DBSK, 2PM, 2AM(Yaoi)

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are you going to write more. please write more. alien this story is very good. excellent i mean.


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Re: Too Far In (Super Junior, SHINee, DBSK, 2PM, 2AM(Yaoi)

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