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Love Sick: EunHae (One Shot)

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Love Sick: EunHae (One Shot)

Post by kimheechul on 6/12/2009, 3:06 pm

"EunHyuk ah! EunHyukkie! Wake up!" Dong-hae was shaking EunHyuk's unconscious body.

*I make it Rainism~ Rainism*

He called their band umma who was in a photo shoot for H.O.T's comeback album. He was featured in the album.

"EeTeuk hyung! Help me!"

"Dong-hae ah. What happened? Is there something wrong?"

"Hyung.. EunHyukkie.. he fainted!"

"What? Why?!"

"We were just drinking and.. and.."

"Fishy, calm down okay. Tell me, what were you drinking?"

"Mmm.. soju."

"SOJU?! How many have you had?"

"About 3."

"3?! LEE DONG-HAE! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! You know that he has low tolerance on alcohol and yet you let him drink 3 bottles!?"

"Oh shit! I forgot about that! Hyung, what should I do?"

"As much as I want to help you, I can't. I'm too busy today and all the other members including YeSung have schedule. So, you take care of him."

"But hyung.."

"No buts. I'm counting on my little fishy okay? And besides, you're at fault so you should be responsible for that. Araseo?"

"Okay hyung. I understand." he let out a sigh.

*beep beep beep*

They hung up.


Dong-hae hurriedly turned back to look at EunHyuk. He carried him, brought him to their shared room and laid him on his bed. After that, he went to get a towel and a basin. He damped the slightly wet towel on EunHyuk's forehead. He was staring at the sleeping EunHyuk.

(Dong-hae's POV)
Aish! I'm so stupid! Why did I forget that?! Stupid fish! What did I do to him? Aish! Its all my fault! I wish I never planned that. How on earth can I protect him if I'm the one who caused him to be sick.

(Yesterday at SuJu's dorm)

EunHyuk was playing computer games with KyuHyun and Shin Dong.

"Kang-in hyung, look at Hyukkie. Isn't he cute?" Dong-hae said while smiling and staring at EunHyuk. Kang-in just smirked.

"Ya~ you like him that much ah?"

"Yeah. I like him a lot!"

"Why don't you confess right now?"

"Now? No way hyung~ I can't do that!"

"Why not? Are you scared?"

"Well, kind of. What if he rejects me? I won't be able to talk to him forever and I don't like that. Besides, I'm not yet prepared to confess."

"If I were you, I would tell him how I fell right now. Before someone steals him away. Think about it." he walked away.

Later that night..
(At KangTeuk's room)

Dong-hae opened the door exposing KangTeuk, kissing.

"Hey! Don't you know how to knock?!" Kang-in shouted.

"Oh sorry. I didn't know that you guys were making out." he smiled naughtily, "Anyways, Kang-in hyung can I talk to you for a second?"

"Ya! Lee Dong-hae! You ruined the moment! Aish! Araseo araseo. Just wait for me outside."


Dong-hae went outside waiting patiently for his hyung while Kang-in gave EeTeuk a peck on the lips before going out.

"What is it?"

"Hyung.. I thought about what you said this morning. I'm going to do it!"

"That's it? That's just what you're going to say?! Aish! You.."

"Hyung! Please help me! I really need your help!"

"Aish! Okay okay. I think I know what you should do."

"Really? Hyung! I can really count on you!" he hugged the older boy.

"Ya! Get off of me! Stop hugging me or else I won't tell you about my plan." Dong-hae quickly removed his hands from Kang-in's waist.

"So, what's your plan?"

"Actually, I have none."

"It's okay hyung. I have one."

"What is it?"

"I'll buy lots of soju and drink it with him. Since it contains alcohol, it can help me have courage to tell him."

"That's a nice idea."

"Yeah hyung, I know!"


Before Kang-in could say anything else, Dong-hae already left.

"But EunHyuk can't drink." Kang-in mumbled.


While waiting for EunHyuk to wake up, Dong-hae fell asleep. He was in deep slumber that he didn't notice that EunHyuk had already woken up.

EunHyuk slowly opened his eyes, everything was blurry so he rubbed his eyes gently so that he could see clearly.


His heart suddenly pounded so hard.

(EunHyuk's POV)

Dong-hae ah? Why is he sleeping beside me? What happened to me? Why the hell am I here? Oh! I remember now, aish! I'm so stupid! I got the chance to tell him yesterday and I blew it! That's why I agreed to drink with him even though I really can't drink~ so that I can confess my feelings. Aish! I was about to tell him when I, the stupid monkey, got so drunk and passed out! Stupid! Stupid! Pabo! Aish!
Mmm.. OMO! He's so cute when he's asleep. My heart is beating too fast! I can't stop smiling. Woah!

(end of EunHyuk's POV)

Dong-hae already woke up from deep slumber, still lying beside his roommate. He stood up but he made sure that he won't make any unnecessary movement so that he won't wake EunHyuk up. But he was too late.. EunHyuk was already awake~ staring at him.

"Hyukkie! You're awake.." Dong-hae said as he was still rubbing his half-opened eyes. "I'm sorry Hyukkie~ it's all my fault. I shouldnt have let you.."

"It's okay." EunHyuk cut him off, "It's not really your fault. It's actually my fault."

"Huh? Wha-wha-what are you ta-talking about man?"

"Well, you see.. When you asked me if its okay if we drink together~ I immediately agreed right?"


"I can't drink right?"


"And we all know that."




"Don't you think that it's weird?"

"What's weird?"


"What that?"


"Ya Hyukkie! What the hell are you trying to say?! Just get to the point okay. Aish!"


"But why?"

"Because I like you Hae! I love you!"

"You what?"

"I said I love you! I really do."

"No Hyukkie! Wait.."

"I know. You only treat me as a friend that's why I kept my feelings from anyone, specially you. I was thinking that I have the opportunity t doo confess last night but I blew it. I guess that we're never for each other. Besides, you don't even like me more than a friend so, what should I expect. hehe Thanks for taking care of me anyways, I really appreciate it." he was about to walk away when Dong-hae grabbed his hands and pulled that made him sit on the bed.

"Hyukkie.. don't get me wrong. That's not what I meant." he sighed before continuing and whispering 'Here goes nothing!' to himself. "Honestly, I was also supposed to confess last night. But before I could say anything, you already fainted. So I told myself that I'll just tell you everything today but you said it first. You just ruined my plan!."

"Huh? So you're saying that it's my fault?"

"Yeah. Whose fault would it be anyways?"

"Aish! I already hate you!"

"I hate you too! NO! I love you! I'm sorry Hyukkie! I'm so sorry!"

"Aigoo~ okay. I love you too!"

"So.. are we a couple now?"

"What do you think?"

"Yay! Hyukkie ah.. I have a question."

"What is it Hae?"


"Oh that. That's just a nickname I secretly gave and called you. Don't make fun of it okay. Even if it sucks, I really find it so cute."

"No. I love it baby."


"Yeah. Can't I call you that?"

"Of course you can baby."

"Aww!" EunHyuk giggled.

Dong-hae pulled EunHyuk for a kiss. That was their first kiss as an official couple. They have been sharing kisses before, but that were only friendly ones. This time, the kiss was different.. it was sweet and passionate.
They ran out of air. After pulling back, EunHyuk turned around when he felt that someone was watching them.

"Teukkie umma?"

It was EeTeuk. He was standing at the door with crossed arms and his foot tapping on the floor.

"Did you see that?" EunHyuk asked, he was scared.

"See what?" EeTeuk started, "You and Fishy kissing each other? No, I didn't." he answered sarcastically.

"Umma~ are you... mad?~" he asked curiously while trying to reach out to EeTeuk.

"Get your hands off me~~ dont touch me!"

"I-im sorry umma." and with that, EunHyuk shut his mouth up. Suddenly..

"gyahahaaha~giyaahahahaha." EeTeuk's infamous laugh escaped from his mouth.

EunHae gave him a what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-this-guy look.

"Umma, why are you laughing? I thought you're angry." Dong-hae asked.

"You should've seen the looks on your faces!! " EeTeuk teased, still laughing.

"So, you're not mad?" Eunhyuk asked while pouting.

"Why would I? I'm just really happy that you two were able to confess your feelings with each other" the eldest explained. "Now, dont mind me and go back with what
you were doing before I interrupted you." he smiled naughtily then walked away.

"Whew! I really thought Teukke umma was mad." EunHyuk said.

"So did I.."

"So.. where were we?" the older boy asked in a seductive tone.

EunHyuk stared into Dong-hae’s passionate eyes and gulps hard, he felt his heart beating so fast. He never felt that way before since this was his first time.

Dong-hae started kissing his lover's lips. As moments pass by, the kiss turned into passionate one. Their tounges battled for dominance and Dong-hae won. His tounge explored EunHyuk's, not leaving any part of it unattended.

Dong-hae's right hand was at EunHyuk's neck and his other hand was at his back pushing the older boy closer to him~ he could feel the Dong-hae's hot breath brush over his neck.

"Hae~~" EunHyuk broke the kiss gasping for air,"Hae.. I-I'm nervous~" EunHyuk said while stuttering.

"Don't be. I'll try to be gentle, I promise" he assured his lover.

Feeling safe by what his lover said, EunHyuk started to loosen himself up~

"Hae.." EunHyuk moaned which made Dong-hae turned on and started to kiss EunHyuk's neck leaving a red mark.

He slowly took EunHyuk's top off while EunHyuk did the same to him. It was the first time EunHyuk has seen such remarkable body.

Dong-hae noticed that EunHyuk was staring at his body,
"Like the view?" EunHyuk blushed and nodded shyly while looking down on the floor.

Dong-hae started to kiss EunHyuk's chest. He felt EunHyuk's body twitch a little, a sign that he was getting turned on by him.

"Hyukkie baby, I'm going to prepare you. So you should relax, okay?

EunHyuk nodded.

Dong-hae inserted a half of his member into EunHyuk's hole. "Aah.." a soft moan escaped from mouth.

When he felt that EunHyuk was used to the size of his memberm he asked..

"Are you ready baby?"

"More than I'll ever be." the older man smiled


(Dong-hae's POV)

I can't take it any longer and I raised my hips to get the perfect angle to enter him. I knew that he was hurting but I couldn't stop. No, not now~ cuz if I did, it'll hurt him more.

As I pushed my hardened member inside him, I felt the tightness of his entrance surrounding me. My hands were on Hyukkie's waist as support. Then I noiced Hyukkie's hold on the bed sheet tightened.

I looked into his eyes and saw tears falling as we start to make love.
"Give me your hands" I whispered then our hands intertwined.

Somehow,Hyukkie felt that the pain lessened. mMaybe it was because he felt he was secured in his lover's arms

(end of Dong-hae's POV)


(EunHyuk's POV))

The first thrust was painful and it didn't feel wonderful at all. I kept myself from shouting.

With every thrust, I felt like crying because of the pain. I wanted to scream, but as soon as Hae held my hand, I felt the pain subside.
As his body slammed with mine, "Ahh..Hae.." I moaned not because of pain but of pleasure.

(end of EunHyuk's POV)


After the two came, Dong-hae's body collapsed on top of EunHyuk in exhaustion.

"Hyukkie, keep in mind that no matter what happens as long as it's humanly possible, I'll do eveything to make you happy. I'll protect you by all means." Dong-hae said while he was still panting due to exhaustion.

Touched by what his lover just said, EunHyuk pecked his lips while tears strolled down his eyes.

"I love you Hae."

" I love you more Hyukkie."


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Re: Love Sick: EunHae (One Shot)

Post by Kyn on 6/20/2009, 9:37 am

It seems like this story is completed so I'm moving it to the compledted stories section, but if I was wrong please let me know and I'lll move it back.

-Fanfictional Team


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