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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 5:28 pm

What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Ytbsckground


Wehhhhh...first yaio project!!!!
Don’t know if I will succeed though... my previous readers ..mianhe..but I got to try YAIO writing now..

CHARACTERS: MAIN: EunHae...Eunhyuk and Donghae
OTHERS: Super Junior Couple and KiMin

Here’s the story goes:

The king of PRANK, Donghae’s first love is doing prank! He never cares about other people
as long as he does pranking! He has everything... fortune... bad ass friends...women!!!!

For a highschool kid, he was filthy influential through out their school, nobody wouldn’t know him. Who wouldn’t when he owns the school himself?!
One day, a transfer student...named Eunhyuk showed up never knowing him. He hates the guy for being so innocent and fearlessly quiet.

He hates the guts of him when he talks to him and gave him no response. He hates it the most.

One night...this Eunhyuk guy was in great danger that he can’t stop himself not to get involve... now that he was involved... can he get away from it?! When he finds uniquely cute?!!!


The master of the riches, Eunhyuk was fiercely transferred to the new school which he hates the most. He hates people with no etiquette. Though the school is highly for first class won’t meet his preferences.

Especially, meeting the most bad ass person he ever seen. The guts!!!! And who is he to talk informally to him?!

But what can he do if this guy actually helped him...helped him disobeying his father... the greatest dream he never expected to be granted?!

Should he soften himself to him?! Now that he’s liking how the guy do things in his own way?!



So what do you think?!...Should I continue?!..and the format would be.. First point of view!

Donghae and Eunyuk first point of view... then other couples such as... Kangteuk, yewook, hanchul/sichul/sihan, hyumin...kimin(changmin) would be present of course....

I'll be updating with the 1st chapie later this day..LOL.
if you have nothing against uhmmm. female and male fanfic..please read this if you have time... and the other will have slight YAIO. Embarassed ..

thanks.. hope you like this one! Crying or Very sad Embarassed

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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Re: What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 5:32 pm

Chapter 1

The Glass House


“Donghae ah!!!!!!!!!” I heard squalling behind me. I chuckled since
it wasn’t that foreign to me to hear that the first thing in the morning
at school!

It either the scream of happiness or annoyance. I care less! But this time
I’m sure it’s cause by annoyance. I never bother to look back, I know who
was he, “Sungmin ah....” I murmured.

“How come you ditched the meeting, huh?!” He said, hands on his hips.

I looked at him confusedly...well, yeah... Initially, I intentionally want to skip
the school student buddy meeting yesterday but decided to attend anyways...
The problem is...I forgot about it.

“Some emergencies!” I lied.

He looked at me, brow crossed, “What?! Emergency bullying poor freshmen?!”

He got me! Yeah! My favorite past time is bullying freshmen... make new
teachers quit in just a week of trying... yeah! Those things feel so good. So

“What?!” Sungmin yelled impatiently.

I eyed him, “Are you sure that you are not a girl?!”

His mouth dropped open thus never said a world.

“Aeeee! What the heck have you done now...” Another guy interrupted us...
Heechul. “...So early in the morning?!” He continued.

I pouted annoyingly, “Where’s Hangeng hyung?!” I asked. He is the only one
who understand me a lot.

Kang- in shook his shoulders. “But we are late in our class now.” He said.

Yeah! Late in the second day of the school opening, “Hyung... see you in
the lunch time.” I said.

We are not classmates...He was a year ahead of me. Sungmin, him, Hangeng
are classmates.

However, sometimes if I go bored with my class, I would attend theirs.

I was walking on the hallway, chest out, chin up, as always. All eyes
are on me...I don’t feel awkward. I’m used to it.

“Yaaaaa!” Someone tapped my back and paced up with me.

I looked at him, “Kibum ah..what now?!”

He just beamed at me.

“Hmmm?!” My brow crossed.

“Nothing...” He said. This guy is so innocent looking but I got to say he is
the mastermind of all my bullying.

“Yaaaa!....”I stopped walking and faced him. “What about skipping class
today?!” I grinned to him.

“Ae?!” He seems surprised.

“What?! As if we’re not doing skipping before!” I can’t help but to sulk.

“It’s not that Donghae ah! I heard there’s new transfer student today.
I’m just gonna check out if he’s capable of bullying or being bullied.” He
hid away his PSP and drew out his spectaculars. This guy really wanted
to give other people an awkward atmosphere.

He beamed at me, “Now..let’s check ‘em out.”

I raised my brow, “I don’t care.”

“Aisssh! This is going to be interesting!” He insisted.

“But I’m hungry!” I disagreed.

“Did I hear food?!” No’s Changmin. “Let’s go eat some.” He said.

Kibum looked at him unbelievingly, “You shut up Changmin ah! Donghae
is coming with me!”

“Didn’t you hear him?! He said, he is hungry.” He told him.

“Are you stupid?! It is just his alibi!” Kibum yelled at him... making
every student look their way.

“What did you say?!” Changmin bent over so their faces will just have
five inches away.

“Why don’t you just admit that it is you that is hungry.” Kibum snarled
his teeth to Changmin.

Aisssh! World war three on the way. I should be the main here thus I
just leaned on the wall looking at them.

Kibum has indeed has a very short temper especially if he’s arguing
with Changmin.

Changmin suddenly smiled at Kibum and pinched his cheek, “Aisssh!
So cute!” He said.

Kibum bashed Changmin’s fingers off his face annoyingly, “Fine! You
two skip class anytime you want.” He said and look at Changmin, “Don’t
you ever talk to me!” And he stomped away.

Changmin froze to his feet.

I chuckled beside him, “Ae... you done it again.” I tapped his shoulder.
They are like best friends and best enemies. Only me can understand them.

“Let’s just attend class.” He murmured.

I looked at him unbelievingly but then followed him anyways to
our room. I saw Kibum sitting on his seat and I seated beside him.

The room that used to be so noisy quieted once I seated. Their looks
are so funny that I can’t help but to laugh loudly. I like the looks of
them being fearful.

“Donghae shi...Cut that laughing now!” The teacher said once he entered.

I looked at him, him... him that I can’t send away. My cousin Kang-in.
A teacher in this school.

I pouted at him, “Yes...SIR!” I copied a nursery pupil.

He just gave me a warning look then looked at other students, “We
have new transferee student here.”

As soon as he said that, the new student entered right away with the most
proper stand...proper way of wearing uniform...proper all.

“This guy is so stiff!” I whispered to Kibum as conclusion.

He just chuckle.

“Come on, boy. Please introduce yourself.” Kang- in said.

He looked towards us, looking so annoyed to be instructed such simple
thing, he sighed, “I’m Lee Hyukjae. Please take care of me!” He said politely
and bowed right away.

The look of him being superior cracks me up. I’m the one in charge here.
He looked my way confusedly and tilt his head slightly to figure out why
I was laughing helplessly.

Yeah! Why am I laughing?! It maybe because every time a new student
transfer they all like this..Very stiff and courageous-looking but I know
well more than that. That’s all for a show and I’m gonna send them all
home crying. Surely, this guy has no difference compared to them all.

“Donghae shii...You seemed to like our new student. Would you like
to sit with him?!” Kang- in asked me never-mindingly as I know my
answer won’t be of any use to him.

But anyways... I like the idea of sitting beside him. So I could bully him
anytime I want.

“Yes, please.” I said excitedly.

All my classmates including Kibum and Changmin in particular looked at
me confusedly.

I grinned at them, “He seems to be fun.” I whispered making this
Hyukjae’s brow raised.

Yeahhh.. He is indeed very interesting.

He hesitantly approached the seat I just unoccupied for him. I chuckled,
I just thought of something....


I looked at everyone in front of me. It is annoying to be surrounded with
this childish people. I don’t like here.

“I’m Lee Hyukjae. Please take care of me.” No matter what, I stayed
well- mannered.

I raised my brow when I heard someone laughed from the most corner
of the room. What the hell is wrong with him?! Did I say something
wrong to make him laugh helplessly like that?!

Oh no! I hope my dad didn’t send me to a wrong school. It can’t be a
school for highly ‘special’ students.

“Donghae shii. You seemed to like our new student... Would you like
to sit with him?!” Our teacher said.

What?! Sit with that... what’s his name?! Donghae?! As in east the sea?!
No wonder he looks like a fish striving for air when he laughs.

Huh! Another sick person I have to spend my stupid laugh with.

Powerlessly as I’m not used to, I started to approached the seat beside him.

“Annyeong!” He greeted after drinking water and place the bottle at the

I looked at him unbelievingly. How could he talk to me informally?!

“Are you deaf?! I said, Annyeong!” He said very carefully.

I sighed patiently. ‘Eunhyukkie, don’t stomped down to his level.’ I
reminded myself and continued sitting at my seat absent-mindedly.

For two seconds, I felt my bottom so cold and wet. I gasped and stood up

“Oh no! Teacher Kang- in, our new student peed on his pants.” I heard
Donghae said between his laugh.

This guy! How did he do that?! When?!

Instead of believing what Donghae said, he looked at Donghae warningly.
“Donghae shii... you really want to make a scene here huh?!”

He just laughed back at him. I can’t believe this guy... so so..hateful!

I stayed so calm as I can master. My dad really made a wrong choice this time.
“Sir, can I use the toilet please?!” I said.

He sighed, “Donghae, send him to the toilet.”

Donghae stopped laughing, “Why the heck would I do that?!”

What a moron!

“In case you haven’t noticed, let me tell you. You DID that to him.”
Kang- in looked at him.

Donghae laughed as if what he heard is like the best compliment ever.
He stood up and grabbed my left arm and dragged me out the room.

“Get off me!” I battled to get free.

He stopped walking and faced me. He looked at me from head to toe for
a very long time and chuckled.

The heck is wrong with him. So retard!

I never said a word because if I did, nobody can make me stopped.

Once again, he dragged me out and walk really far away from the
school premisses.

I followed him confusedly until we reached a glassed house in the middle
of the forest.

He opened it and hurriedly went upstairs. I stared at the place. This is really
nice house. My eyes caught some pictures hang on the wall in the

I saw the two of the people in the picture. Two of them are on my class.
I was so entertained by the pictures that I found myself on the top of the
stairs looking at the last picture.

I roamed my eyes. This room is really bright due to the wall are all made
of glass.

I looked out through the glass wall, I can still see second floor f the
school buildings.

“So we never really went that far.” I whispered to myself and sighed.

“Here,” I heard Donghae said behind me.

I looked at him, I gasped seeing him with his bare chest. I got to agree he
has a nice body...nicer than mine.

And I hate that fact.

He handed me a new set of uniform and still packed underwear.
“Try that! I guess we have the same size.”he said and seated at the couch so handsomely.

I roamed around the room to look for somewhere to change clothes. But the room
are all visible from where ever I stand.

“Where’s your toilet?!” I asked politely.

He laughed, “Just change here.” He said and started to change the channel
on the TV, never minding me.

“No...I need the toilet.” I insisted.

He looked at me annoyingly, “Don’t act like a female virgin! I don’t like it!”

What the?! I sighed to control myself not to kill this guy in front of me. I really
want to crash him right here.

“So?!” He asked me.

I sighed as I placed my bag on the floor and started to take my shirt off.
Anyway... what am I being a such an asshole for?! We are both male, that is I’m
sure of. He looks manly to me.

Then I hurriedly took my pants off. Though he never tried to look my way...It is still
awkward to dress when he is around that I never felt with anyone else before.

I felt conscious but no matter what, I finished changing.

“Let’s go back now.” I said in front of him.

He tilt his head to look at the TV which I unconsciously covered.

“I said, let’s go back to school now.” I repeated patiently.

But he just stared at me and focus his eyes on the TV again.

I’m not used to say one statement twice like just now. I really hate it. I covered the
TV, intentionally now.

He looked at me annoyingly, “I’m skipping the class.”

“So why did you bring me here for?!” I said.

“What?! Do you want to stay wet all day?!” He said pathetically.

I sighed again, I need long patience here in this man. “At least, bring me back there...”
I murmured.

He tilt his head, ignoring me to watch the TV.

One... two...okay.. Times up! I quit being well mannered for this guy. “Donghae shii.
Stop being such an ass and take me back there!” I shouted at him.

He seems surprised by what he heard...only at first then he pulled me away for a greater view
on the TV but what he didn’t expect is, I was landing on him.

I heard the clatters of the remote controls on the floor. Man! I was on his arm. I looked
at confusedly but somehow relief that I was caught on his arms.

God! This is so gay! But still, I couldn’t find any strength to set free from his clutches.


What am I doing to this guy is so unlike me. I stayed holding really tightly and
I didn’t felt his weight on me.

I stared at him. My... he has a nice lips... nicer than any woman could have. How
could I say this?! I’m just a man...what am I now with this feeling of wanting to
kiss this man in front of me?!

Even so, I pulled him more closer and closer until I was gently brushing my lips
on him. I was blinded, I know but it felt so right. And also, the heck with this guy who didn’t
even bother to set free.

The sensation is so great that I desired for the kiss to deepen so badly. I rolled him
over so that he’ll be laying on the couch instead of me.

As soon as I did, I kissed him so intensely that I didn’t even had for a girl. This guy is so...unbelievingly
delicious that I couldn’t control myself.

“DONGHAE SHII!” Someone yelled.

As if like an alarm clock for me, I stopped kissing him and be able to wake up
from the nightmare that just happened.

As shocked as I am, he looked away and sat up.

Still being drawn by his presence, I stood up and went downstair to open the door.

“Hey men! What’s up!” I saw Heechul said with Hangeng behind him.

Another minute Kibum and Changmin and Kyuhyun appeared.

“We just hope you are here that you didn’t returned for so long.” Changmin said.

I looked at Hangeng, “And you two skipped class too?!”

“We just like to skip class.” Heechul said.

“Where is Hyukjae?!” Kibum asked.

“Hyukjae who?! Is she a woman?!” Hangeng asked. “It’s too early for that today.”
He added.

Yup..too early for that today and too unusual to be doing it to a guy.

“Nope...he is a he and he’s our new classmates...” Changmin said and seated at
the couch.

I saw Heechul and Hangeng looked at each other, “You changed you preferences?!” they

‘I didn’t!’ I wanted to tell them.

But what is it that I just did?! Aissshh! So unlike me!

“There’s nothing much wrong with that anyways... Long at Leeteuk hyung and
your cousin...they are happy.” Heechul said.

I laughed. “Don’t think nonsense. But you should tell that to yourself!” I said back.

Heechul looked at Hangeng and pretended to throw up, “Anyone but not him!”
He whined.

I just laughed.

Then I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. I looked to see hyukjae on the stairs,
so stiff again.

I couldn’t lay my eyes on him so long now since everytime I did, it will just remind
me of what just happened and what was supposed to happened.

Aishh! This is so gay!

I heard Hangeng laugh. “That is a spot on, man.” He whispered on my ears.

‘Oh god! Never!’ I denied at myself and that I know that
it's just starting...

first chappie done.

Hope you like it..
Thanks for those who commented! I just started today! Whoaah! So what do you think on
my very first YAIO writing ever?!

Anyways...please comment and subscribe!if you want that is..

June 1, 2009~

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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Chapter 2- Cricket

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 5:39 pm

Chapter 2

The Cricket


Aissshhh! That guy! That guy is such a pervert! Pervert!” I hissed to myself when I got home
and entered my room.

But the stupidest thing is...I didn’t do anything about it but just responded into it and that’s
crazy enough for me.

“Eunhyuk! You’re not gay, for God sake!” I said, reminding myself.

I heard knocking at my door. “Young master, the dinner is ready.” The maid said.

I sighed, “Now you know what he’s capable of, stay away from him!” I reminded at myself.

I hurriedly went downstairs to have a dinner with my not-so-lively parents who wouldn’t
talk to each other.

“Good evening!” I greeted them.

They just smiled at me, didn’t take for more than two seconds and again just eat silently.

I started eating silently. And that went on after I finished eating as well us my parents.

“Eunhyukkie,” My dad started.

I looked at him. “Yes, dad?”

“Do you want your new school?!” He asked but of course it’s just all for a show. I know well
that whatever my answer is, he wouldn’t care about it.

“It’s great!” I lied. What I really wanted to say is, ‘I met an asshole and I think all of the
people there are thesame. Huh?! You made a wrong decision now, dad.’

“Well, isn’t it our Eunhyuk here is a good boy.” My mom added.

I gave them a smile... which a fake smile that I learnt from them. My parents are great

“I’m done now!” I said and excused myself.

“Wait,” My dad said.

I turned to face him.

“We were going next week in my friend’s house. You have to meeet his daughter for your marriage.

I looked at him unbelievingly.“But...”

“It’s great thing it was you they choose.” My dad said.

I grow up like this, doing things everything set ahead of me and those are all a must. I wanted
to say no for once but I know it will be all in vain again. That’s why sometimes I tend to be
demanding to other people, I just want to show them that I have power too.

“Arasso!” I agreed.


“Hello, Hyukjae.” One of my classmates greeted me when I entered the room. They are all
looking at me warmly.

“Guess they found a new friend.” Someone said behind me and I heard my classmates, girls
in particular looked at the guy amazingly.

It’s not fishy...It’s a new guy I haven’t seen before. “Are you my classmate?!” I asked.

He smiled like a prince, “My name is Siwon.” He said and I got to say of all people I met
here in this school, he has the most desirable manner.

“What do you mean?!” I asked him when I saw him seated behind me.

“Uhmmm... You must be the transfer student.” He said. “I heard about you.”

I looked at him in confusion, “What?!”

“Well, you are the first one who didn’t went home crying! It’s the first time a person at first
day of class didn’t cried in front of Donghae.” He said while opening his pocket size book.

“Does that really matter?!” I asked.

“For them, you seem to be their hero and they expected you to kick Donghae’s ass.” He said,
without looking at me.

I looked at him, “What?! But you seem to be capable of doing that.”

He laughed, “That’s a childish game for me. I cared less about that and...Donghae and I are
childhood friends so I won’t stop him doing things he thinks he’s happy doing.”

I guessed I misjudged this guy, I thought he is the only one who knows justice in this school
but he is also one of those fishy supporters.

Suddenly, everyone quieted and I got to see Donghae seated beside me silently but I can
see he still have the atmosphere of making everyone scared.

My God!

Can’t help but to remember what happened yesterday when he looked at me for about a
minute and chuckled afterwards, “Be sure to not pee on your pants again.” He said
aloud that half of the room heard.

I sighed and just continued ignoring him.

“I said, be sure not to pee on you pants.” He repeated.

I looked at him unbelievingly like to say, you are so childish. But I never bothered to say a
single word.

“Are you deaf?!” He asked, half screaming.

“What do you want me to say?! Okay here... STOP BEING A KIDDO....FISHY!” I pointed

He looked at me, surprisingly. “Huh?! So you can hear...”

“Annyeong!” Somebody cut us out. I saw him yesterday in Donghae’s house. If I’m not
mistaken, it’s HEECHUL.

“Annyeonghaseyo!” I greeted him formally.

He pouted his lips, “Aigoo! Stop talking too formally. Call me, Heechul hyung! Aisssh! You
are so cute! So what our little Donghae’s doing early in the morning?!” He asked and faced

“Ask that to yourself...what are you doing here?!” He asked back to Heechul hyung.

“I heard Siwon shii is already present so I dropped by to say hello.” Heechul said and
smiled to Siwon. Siwon otherwise just noticed Heechul arrived, smiled at Heechul awkwardly.

“‘Chul ah, class is about to start.” Someone called him and popped up his head on the

Heechul looked him, “A minute, hannie.” He said and smiled widely at Siwon that makes
Siwon more awkward.

Then Kibum and Changmin from yesterday entered the room and helped each other drag
Heechul out of the room. “Thanks.” I heard Hangeng said to Kibum and Changmin.

What’s that all about?! I heard Siwon finally able to breathe normally.

But that wasn’t my problem now, my problem is this guy who is looking at me fiercely
like I’m some kind of his prey.

But I’m not letting myself to be one.

For a week, I tried to and succeeded to ignore him entirely. I hoped that he would
finally get over me and find another person to bully. Because I’m not gonna let myself
be bullied and being ordered...that is except my dad.

This day is the marriage meeting and I hate to attend it. Should I start disobeying my dad now?! The only thing that I ever dreamed of.

I saw my personal driver went out from the car and opened the door for me but I stayed
standing just outside the door. I don’t really feel like going and meet that bitch.

“Young master.” My driver called me gently.

But I walked away seated at the long bench and absent-mindedly looked at my driver. He is
really a nice driver to me. He is more like my dad than the real one.

He sighed and seated beside me, “You don’t want to go, do you?!”

I nodded.

“But we can’t do something about it, can we?!” He asked again.

Bingo! I always don’t want to do everything my dad says but I can no nothing about it.

I sighed.

Then his cellphone rang, “Answer it.” I told him.

“Yes, sir?!” He asked politely. No doubt that it is my dad.

“” He nodded consecutively then he ended the call.

“Another 30 minutes...please ajusshii.” I plead.

He sighed and nodded. He just sat quietly again beside me. He is the most closest to me
since when?! Yeah! Since when I can remember things.

But 30 minutes wasn’t done when I saw two cars parked in front of us and unloaded four men.
“Young master, please come with us.” They said.

“Wait ‘till another 10 minutes.” I whined.

“I’m so sorry but we have to go.” One of them said.

My personal driver said, “Let me take him.”

“We will take him this time.” They disagreed.

“I won’t!” I pointed out.

They sighed and grabbed me by the arm and tried to load me in the car but I struggled to
set free.

“Get off me, you morons!” I yelled at them.

“Please, young master.” They all chorused. I looked back at my personal driver for help but
powerless as I am, he eyed me to just follow them just now.

“No!” I insisted.

The window of the car opened revealing my dad, “Don’t being an ass, Hyukjae.”

I didn’t expect that dad was inside also. So, saying no was all in vain again, as usual now, huh.

Continuation of chapter 2 at the next reply~

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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Re: What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 5:42 pm


I readied myself to submissively get in the car when someone grabbed my arm. “Don’t go!”

It says.

I looked at the fingers on my arm to his face. Could I just be dreaming?! Donghae?!

“What’s this?! Who are you?!” My dad asked and looked at Donghae like an insect.

To my surprise he bowed to my dad like a real gentleman, “I’m his boyfriend, sir.”

My dad brows raised. “What?!”

I was even more shocked as my dad.

He wasn’t even scared of my dad and looked at him, “A friend that is a boy, sir.”

My dad sighed and looked at me, “You should have said earlier. Now Hyukjae, get in.”

Donghae tighten his grip in my arm, “Hyukjae must haven’t told you, sir but we have projects
tonight.” He said.

I’m so confused, I know we don’t have any.

“Is it true Hyukjae?!” My dad asked me. I wanted to lie too so I could refuse to him for once
in my life. But I just couldn’t, with him looking at me like that.

I felt Donghae squeezed my hands which I didn’t noticed he was holding mine. “Ye..yes, dad.”

I was able to lie?! It’s the first time... wow! This feels brilliant.

“Get in! Others can do that for you.” My dad said.

“Hyukjae needs be there.” I heard him disagreed. Also the first to declined on my father’s

He looked at Donghae and studied him and I saw Donghae looked back at him with the same

“Tell me boy, what’s your name?!” My dad asked.

“Donghae. Lee Donghae.” He answered.

My dad sighed, “No wonder.”

‘My dad knows Donghae?!’ I asked myself.

“So, how many days your projects would take?!” He asked Donghae.

I saw him, grinned. “A week and he can sleep in my house.” He answered right away.

What a lie!

“Okay,” My dad agreed.

Tonight is unbelievable.

“Hyukjae ah, I’ll send your clothes to Mr. Lee’s house. Be sure to finish your project.” That’s it and my dad closed the window.

For another minute they are all gone except my driver. He smiled at me, “You have a great friend here.” He whispered to me.

I can’t believe even him was fooled by Donghae. Then he asked Donghae for his address so he can personally send my clothes for a week.

“I will miss you, kiddo.” My driver said, tearfully.

I rolled my eyes, “You are such a drama king.” I smiled at him and he smiled back at me
and start driving away.

I saw Donghae stared but when he noticed I caught him he started to walk away, arms behind his head.

SO I really wondered why he kissed me last week, he doesn’t seem like gay to me. I looked
at him again and I saw him really far from me now so I half run just to paced up with him.

I followed him silently and smiled at myself. He is so different and what can I say more?! He
is just too different than the others.

I noticed we are walking towards the forest again...and it scares the hell out of me. I never ever
went out this long in a secluded place alone or without any body guards around.

I listened to the noise surrounding us, it’s really disturbing and I can’t take it anymore...
I can’t help it but to be scared. I swallowed my pride and took Donghae’s arm to hooked mine
in there.

He stopped walking and look at me confusedly.

“The scary.” I said.

He looked at me even more curious than before then he chuckled, “Have you heard the insect called ‘cricket’?!” He asked me.

What do he think of me?! A stupid person?!

“Of course, I did!” I yelled at him but I never took my hands away from him.

“Then why so scared?!” He asked and started walk again.

I sighed. It’s only a cricket.

I took my arms away from him but he grabbed them. “What?! You are scared of cricket?!” I
asked him annoyingly.

He looked at me, “Snake.” He said and pointed at the snake in front of us.

Snakes?! Then that is something to fear. I’m reptophobic. And I’m not proud of being one. I
Struggled to set free from him to run and I guess he was shocked that I actually free
I run to where ever my feet take me and unlucky for me to collide in something hard that I’m sure it’s a tree.

“Shit!” I gasped.

“Hyukjae!” I heard him called after me. I sat down helplessly to the ground due of frustration
on myself. Why was I being so stupid in front of him?!


“Here!” I shouted. Scared of other animals who would show up any minute.

Why is he living in this place anyway?!

He found me and kneeled in front of me with those eyes. Is it worry?! I just hope so.

He raised my chin, “Are you okay?!” He asked gently.

I nodded.

This guy wouldn’t listen and he checked me if I’m really okay, “God, Hyukjae ah,
don’t you ever scare me like that!”

Him?! Scared?! I made him scared.

I looked up at him really confusedly but that wasn’t a good idea since his face is really
close to me that our lips exactly touched.

Just like before, kissing him is really hard to end easily. I know it’s really so unusual to feel
like this towards a guy but...but...he’s fucking hottttt!

He cupped my face just right to deepen the kiss...our second kiss that I never thought that
would exist. It felt so right that I lost count of time around me.

Then he stopped and looked at me, “Are you crying?!” He asked.

Crying?! The hell not.
“No...Nope.” I stammered.

He touched my face and I just felt a stinging pain when his fingers run on my cheekbone.
“Ouch!” I gasped.

“Oh god. You hurt yourself.” he exclaimed after checking the fluid on his fingers using his
phone’s light. I saw what it was too. BLOOD.

He helped me up then hurriedly lead me to his house. He banged the door open, revealing
those guys who I’ve seen for past a week. Only five more new faces.

“Teukie hyung, emergency.” Donghae panicked while I stayed on my feet, frozen.

This Teukie looked at me and stood up to check me, “What happened?!”

“I just bumped on a tree on the forest.” I said honestly.

“It’s only a small cut.” He sighed in relief.

“Check carefully, hyung.” Donghae insisted.

“He’s fine, Donghae shii.” He pointed out then our teacher Kang-in handed him the first
aid kit. I wonder what he’s doing here too.

I heard Donghae sighed.

I sat down on the chair a guy gave me. I don’t know him yet. “Thanks.”

He smiled, “I’m Ryeowook. This is my classmates, Yesung and Kyuhyun...” He said and pointed a cute guy and another cute guy taller than the first.

I smiled at them.

“I’m Sungmin.” One interrupted. I smiled at him aswel.

“Ae...Donghae shii, what are you doing in the forest anyways?!” I heard Heechul asked

“Short cut.” He said.

“Wait, how did this blood on you face too?!” Kibum asked him more suspiciously than

Everyone waited to his answer.

“Ahhhh....Ouccchhh!” I cried out painfully... well, a little exaggerating to distract them from
answering about what happened.

Then Teukie blow carefully on my face to lessen the pain I honestly feel. Then Kang- in
grabbed him gently. “Let Donghae do that.” He said.

Then he eyed Donghae. Donghae submissively approached me and carefully blow on my
bruise. This is too much for me to handle, remembering what just happened.

“Are they living here?!” I asked him instead.

“Nope... they just visit me occasionally. But I’m usually alone here.” He murmured and
seated beside me.

Goodness. How could this guy be so arrogant but so gentle in the same time?!

And how could I live here for a week with these people and especially with this guy?! Who is so unpredictable in so many ways. Ahhhhh! I quit thinking so hard about it! I give up!

I heard him laugh beside me helplessly with Hangeng’s trying hard Korean. Ahhh..They
are funny and lively people... hope I could stay here more than just a week.

Besides, I didn’t expect Donghae has desirable side too.

A week which first time in my life, I wished it would be a year or a century....

A/N: done!!!! 2nd chappie.. Hope you like it.

hahaha. I wonder what would happened for a the whole one week...hahaha! *perveted thoughts* Idea Laughing

well....hehe..leave comment

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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Chapter 3- Full Moon (Eunhae Version)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 5:50 pm

Chapter 3

Full Moon Part 1 (EunHae Ver) [R]

I didn't check for any typing error or grammar. I didn't proofread cause I want to update rigth way for you guys... please understand.
And this is Eunhae version of Chapter Full Moon cause I was planning to right a whole chapter for other 7 couples of thesame night. just read and you'll know what I mean.

Ehemmm.. Rated..and comment honestly if it first
time writing stuff like this.sorry.

*went to research*
*failed to acquire*


Donghae’s POV

“Well, sleep tight both of you. We’re going home now.” Leeteuk said and the rest stood
up to follow him.

“Wait, it’s full moon tomorrow night.” Sungmin said.

All of them smiled excitedly. I did too. And we all laughed except Hyukjae beside me
still perplex of what was happening.

“Do you want to play tomorrow?!” I asked.

“What play?!” He looked at me confusedly.

“It’s our tradition that every full moon to play hide and seek outside.. Just there in the
forest.” I said excitedly.

But instead of being excited like I did he frown in fear or was it because of other reason?

Yeah! The forest hours ago.

And I did it again. We did it again. I kissed him again so stupidly. I shouldn’t have do that
when he was that scared and hurt. Aisssh! I’m a selfish person!

But I have to admit, I really like kissing him and I anticipated for more.

‘What about tomorrow?!’ I asked myself.

“Let’s go back here tomorrow, please hannie.” Heechul said to Hangeng.

Hangeng smiled at him, “Okay.”

“Yay! Let’s bring Siwon shii.” Heechul said.

“I changed my mind.” Hangeng frown.

“Look at you. You are so childish!” Heechul pointed at Hangeng.

“”%$£^%$^&*^*&%^” Then Hangeng whispered in gibberish.

“Aissshh! Hannie!” Heechul chuckled and pulled Hangeng out after saying goodbye to

“Are you sure you two okay here?!” Kyuhyun asked.

“Look at you! You talk like Sungmin’s age now. Call me hyung! Don’t hang out with
Sungmin much.” I said to Kyuhyun.

Then I felt someone bashed my head, “ And you talk like my age too now. You should
call me hyung too. Don’t you know that?!” Sungmin said.

I smiled at him, “You doesn’t seem to look like your age, that’s why.” I said trying to
redeem myself.

Yeah! I got him when I saw him smiled, “Aisshh! You really know how to talk, Donghae.”

“Let’s go!” Kyuhyun interrupted.

I laughed. Whatever’s going on with those too really is usually right.

I went out to watch them leave together and anticipated for tomorrow. It’s always fun every
full moon and we’ve been doing it for three years already.

“Now, you have to change in PJ’s.” I said.

He just looked at me like he can see through me.

“Hey! Annyeong! Are you there?!” I asked and examine him closely.

He gasped and automatically lean backward.

“I don’t have jammies.” He said.

Yeah! He is right. I forgot about that.

“Come here! I’ll let you borrow mine.” I said excitedly and pulled him up on my room.

I never been too excited in my whole life like this before. Well yeah..I did everytime I
bully freshmen but this time it’s not bullying. What is it now?! CARING?!

Aishhh! I never thought I would come to this feeling towards a man.

“Here. Do you like sapphire blue?! I like them.” I said and showed him my collections
of PJ’s.

“I do.” He said and quietly took it from me.

“The toilet is in there.” I pointed at the near end of the room.

He looked at me confusedly and I won’t wonder why. The first time I brought him here, I never
showed him the toilet just to annoy him but it didn’t turn out right. And yeah...I regretted
that due to this feeling inside me that I wanna own him.

Aisssh! This is so stupidly gay.

I heard him sighed beside me and start walking towards the bathroom.

I, myself started to change on my jammies in my room while he is in the bathroom. I waited
‘till he’ll go out from there.

“I got only one bed. Kang-in hyung and the others sleep downstairs if they come here for
sleep-over. But it’s too much bother to bring the mattresses out the tonight. I’m too
tired.” I said. Well, it’s not a lie. I’m really too tired this afternoon because... because I
stalk him all over for the past 5 days in school. I’m so stupid to be doing such but I like it.
He is indeed a quiet boy but so deep and so disturbed inside that gives me te feeling of
wanting to take care of him.

“I’ll sleep in the couch then.” He said.

I looked at him confusedly, “Come on. We are both male here.” I said.

He laughed, “ So why are you keep on kissing me?! Are you gay?!”

I chuckled, “So why are you keep on letting me?! Are you gay?!” I asked back.

“You are so unbelievable!”I heard him said.

I smiled at him arrogantly, “Thanks. That clear things a bit.” I said.

He fell silence like he use to every time he wants to ignore me.

“Are you okay now?!” I asked him instead.

I saw him nod silently.

I crawl up to bed and yawn, “That’s great! Let’s sleep now.” And I succumb to sleep.


“Donghae ah,” I heard him murmured while waking me up.

I glimpse on the clock on the bedside table. It’s 3:00 in the morning.

“What’s wrong?!” I asked.

“I can’t sleep.” He said.

I looked at him confusedly, “Is it too cold?! Or was it to hot?!”

“Nope.” He shook his head.

“Then what?!” I asked slowly.

“It’s the drapes. Could you pull down the drapes for me?! The moon is scary outside.” He
said and shivered after checking the moon visible to the glass wall.

Well, I guess he is not use of sleeping in this kind of house. The room was illuminated by the
moon from the outside and I used to like it the way it is but I have to pull down the curtains
for him.

“Wait here.” I said and turned on the lampshade before pulling the curtain down to cover the
nice scenery outside.

“Thanks.” He said and laid back again.

Silently, he was dozing off and I was grateful he did.

I looked at him, he is like a baby sleeping silently.

So cute that I can’t help but to pull him closer to be and cuddle him. He was warm in my
arms...and I’m liking it.


No class since it’s definitely Saturday today.

“Let’s order pizza.” I said when I saw him downstairs sorting his clothes.

I woke up alone and I just came down.

“Okay.” He said, never bothered to look at me.

“When did those things arrived?!” I asked and seated in front of him.

“Just minutes ago.” He said.

“Did you have a good sleep?!” I asked.

He fell silent for a while then answered, “Yeah.”

And what happened all afternoon was like random talks. Two responses for every topic
and it was of no use...we are still awkward to each other.

So we just ended up watching two movies in a row silently.

“Donghae shii!” I heard Heechul calling outside.

I opened the door for him... nope the door for everyone.

They didn’t wait for me to invite them, they just proceeded inside.

“So how are you Hyukkiie?” Sungmin asked him.

“Fine.” Hyukjae said.

“Let’s have dinner first.” Kang- in said and prepared the food they both.

As usual the dinner is so noisy that Lasagna taste so lovely.

After the dinner, we all run outside to play hide and sick.

“Okay... Rock, paper, scissor.” Leeteuk said.

I whispered to Hyukjae who is standing beside me quietly, “He is too cool to be our
school principal, huh?!” I said.

He looked at me suspiciously, “ Chinja?! He is our principal?”

I nodded.

Then we start the judgement for the ‘it’ for the first game.

“Gai...bai... bo!” We chorused when Ryeowook and Kang- in start playing.

And the last one left is Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.

“I don’t know how to play this.” He murmured.

“You haven’t played rock, paper, scissor before?” Changmin asked surprisingly.

“Well, I heard of it but they didn’t introduced me to play this to decide my fate.” He
reasoned out.

They all laughed at him. He is such an innocent little kid who doesn’t know the real
world outside. He is being caged.

“Loosen out yourself a bit.” I whispered. “Let me play this once for you instead.” I added.

They didn’t argue so I played against Leeteuk and amazingly....I won.

“Leeteuk hyung. Sorry but Donghae has inspiration now.” I heard kibum said tapping
Leeteuk’s shoulder.

I looked at him warningly. And he stopped laughing.

“Okay... I’ll count 1 to 100. But only here in Donghae’s land...okay?!” Leeteuk said.

“What?! Even to the school and to the town?!” I heard Yesung asked.

“Oh... yeah..okay.. Just here... don’t cross the fence.” He reminded us.

“1...2....3...” Leeteuk started counting.

Everyone started to spread out. “Chul ah... follow me.” It’s Hangeng who said it.

“Where’s Siwon?!” I asked.

Heechul answered, “Sunday tomorrow. You know...God first.” And rolled his eyes.

I laughed, yeah...that was and still is Siwon shii alright.

“...10...11...12...” Leeteuk continued.

And everyone is gone but Hyukjae still on the place where he used to stand.

I sighed and grabbed him. “There.” I said.

He followed me submissively.


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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Re: What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 5:52 pm


I stopped at the big oak three just beneath the bushes. I’m sure nobody can see us here. I used
this place last month and I wasn’t been found until Ryeowook gave up.

I sat there and leaned on the tree. And Hyukjae seated beside me silently.

For five minutes of silence and I can’t take it. I asked him, “DO you hate the moon?!”


“Then why?!” I asked him remembering this morning when he asked me to pull down
the drapes.

“I...I don’t know.” He said.






And another awkward minutes passed.

“Where are you and your dad going last night, anyways?!” I asked.

He looked at me, “Marriage meeting.”

“Is your dad’s going to marry again?!” I asked.


“Then who?!”

“Me.” He said.

“You?!” I asked unbelievingly.

“Yeah! It was fixed though.” He said.

I can’t find any words to say. He is getting married and I don’t like the sound of it.

“I don’t like it.” I murmured unconsciously.

“Ha?!” He exclaimed.

“Hyukjae ah,” I called him seriously. “I don’t like you with any girls...and I’ll hate it
if you’d be close to any other men either.” I said and I cursed myself to tell him what
I think.

He just look at me silently and wonderingly.

The look of him like that is stunning especially under the moon in the middle of the forest,
my den.

I smiled, “You are not going to marry, arasso?!”

He nodded obediently.

I chuckled and satisfied to what he said, I cupped his face again and kissed him. This time...
No more warm up. I kissed him intensively and forced my way into his mouth. As expected, he
taste awesome and satisfying. And this guy really know how to kiss back.

For a long time of passionate kiss between us which I really like the best, Hyukjae moaned
when I nibbled on his bottom lips.

The kiss is so intoxicating that I don’t want it to end even though I’m already out of breath.
I noticed Hyukjae’s hands on my jacket’s zipper..unzipping them slowly.

Could he be?! Not that I don’t like. It just that... whatever. I’ll go for it.

I let him take my jacket off followed by my shirt as I laid him flat on the grass bed. I kissed
him again, slowly traveled down on his cheek, to his neck and I disturbingly took his shirt off
him seeing his tiny sexy enough for me, under the moon light.

I hope Leeteuk won’t see us for another 30 minutes ‘cause it would take long.

I nibbled on his neck up and down. He was biting his lower lips not to moaned loud enough.
I chuckled to myself as I gently caressed his exposed nipple before me and I saw him gasped
hopefully in pleasure.

Seems like an encouragement for me, I teasingly kissed just around them and I heard him
cursed between his controlled moan, “Shit, fishy. We don’t have time for that now... I...
I...please.” He sure was lost on words too.

I looked back at him and kissed him again, “Your wish is my command.” I murmured.

So our first night would be a’s better than nothing...and it’s really hard to go back
now, now that I can feel my member hardened inside my trousers.

I pulled down his pants and I’m not surprise to see his member throbbing hard in front of me.
I curiously stoke it gently since I haven’t touched one before in my whole life except mine.

Hyukjae arched as I carefully stroked it faster then slower...then faster again for a good enough fo time that I saw him pre-cum in my hand.

Now, I was really in need to be done too and I don’t need to ask for him when I saw him pulled me and laid down to the grass as I did to him.

To my surprise, he silently took my member into his mouth so easily and instinctively. I
Have to close my eyes shut and curled my hands not to moan loudly than necessary.

And when I’m about to came, I pulled him and slowly then replaced our position. Him under me.

“Hyukjae ah,”

“Call me Eunhyuk.” He said.

I wondered but there’s no time for that now, “Are you sure about this?!”

“Don’t ask. Just do it...and..I..uhmmm. I trust you.” He said, looking away.

I raised his thighs slowly, and I found his hole and I inserted one finger on it. I know it’s the easiest part but that wasn’t enough so I inserted another finger to ready him for tonight. I
Noticed him moved a bit thus never said a word then I put another one and this time he breathes out

“I’m sorry.” I murmured.

“That’s okay.” He assured me.

I myself and I know too that he never have sex with a male before so I need to be extra careful.

I trusted them in and out that he at first really in pain that I was worried and almost decided to
stop when I heard him moan in pleasure.

“Fishy, inside me please.” He plead.

I pulled my fingers away from his hole and positioned my member just before it. “I promise
to be gentle.” I assured him.

He looked at me then nodded.

As a sign of that nod, I carefully entered my half length of the moment and slowly entered
my wholeness and he winced in pain.

He was so tight and I’m afraid I would hurt him. “Hyukkie, relax.” I whispered and settled
my member there for a long while and waited for his muscles to relax and welcome mine inside
his hole.

And when he did. I slowly pushed back and fourth once and asked him, “Does it hurts that
much?!” I asked.

“No...I’m okay. Keep on going.” He said.

So I slowly did what I have to do but still afraid that it would hurt him but I know I couldn’t
stop now.

“Fishy......mmmmppppp. faster will yah?!” He plead.

I smiled at him ‘coz it’s a good sign. I went faster and faster then slower depending on my own
feelings and my partner’s reaction. I was desiring to hit his weakness spot so he wouldn’t
regret for tonight. I want him to remember this night the way I would remember it.

I thrust harder but didn’t forget to be gentle...I care more about Hyukjae....Eunhyuk’s
pleasure than mine... but so far....I like it..wrong...I LOVE it.

For a long time of bliss, and the repetition of the movement I heard him, “I’m”
He moaned.

I smiled happily, “Can you wait for me?!” I said jokingly but it’s the truth..I know
I would too just a moment after him.

Then I noticed him weakened beneath me accompanied by the hot liquid coming out from his member just before my abdomen.

I trusted for another five times to meet mine.

“Inside me, fishy.” He was able to say those words and I gratefully came inside him. Then
I collided beside him, with him panting helplessly.

“Thanks.” I whispered and give him another breathe-taking kiss.

“DONGHAE shii..! HYUKJAE Shii!” Someone called from the distance. I don’t know if they were
calling us for a long time now but I know I just heard them because I was to overwhelmed by
what me and eunhyuk did.

“LEETEUK GAVE UP!” That definitely is Kang- in. “GET OUT NOW!” he added.

“Aye!” I yelled back as I helped Hyukjae collects his clothes and mine scattered in the grass.

We dressed up and started going back from the spot just outside my house. Then I saw Heechul
and Hangeng just turned up. Kyuhyun and Sungmin seated at the grass silently. Yesung and
Ryeowook went out from the bushes, “We didn’t heard.” Yesung said.

“Where is Kibum and Changmin?!” I asked.

They just shook their shoulder never-mindedly.

Are they hiding something from me?!

Whatever,,, this is definitely the best hide and seek ever.

“Hyung, you go home now.” I said to them.

They looked at me curiously. “Weh?!”

“Let’s go get some soju.” We all looked at the direction of the voice and saw Kibum.
Changmin beside him.

“Yay...Cool!” They all cheered and went inside the house.

I grabbed Eunhyuk hands and whispered , “You have to get use of them.”

I looked up the moon, still perfectly round and smiled.

The nicest full moon.

Daeshin... *hid from you*.. You wont probably recognize me writing those. I’ll try to updA/N:
Oppps. I got to say the entire story of eunhae is not finish yet. But I will make a chappie.. Chapter 4 as a special chapter for the other couples..what happened to them during the hide and seek.

And yah... my first smut yaoi writing!!! doesn’t sound nice...right?!

*looking for a place to hide out of embarrassment.*

Even so...I hope you enjoyed it.

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my account..please watch and subscribe also... thanks.

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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Chapter 4- Full Moon (Hanchul, KyuMin, KiMin, YeWook and Kangteuk Version)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 6:00 pm

Chapter 4

Full Moon Part 2 (Other Couples Version, speacial)

A/N: mmmmm.... this is initially not part of the story because it’s mainly EunHae fic... but
I just wanted to put or specify the hidden stories of other couple except EunHae.

Aren’t you all curious too of their stories except EunHae?!

EunHae fans... it would only take 1 chappie to cover their stories then at next chapters...we’ll go back to Eunhae main story.

Got it?! ^.^

Well, who’s next?!





“1...2...3 ” I heard Leeteuk hyung counted as a signal for us to hide ourselves.

I grabbed Heechul’s left arms, “‘Chul ah... follow me.”

He smiled at me and started to follow.

“Where’s Siwon?!” I heard Donghae asked beside us.

Heechul answered, “Sunday tomorrow. You know...God first.” And rolled his eyes.

Siwon!!! Siwon!!! Always Siwon!

“10....11....12...13....” I heard Leeteuk continued counting.

Still sulking, I started to walk away ALONE... leaving Heechul.

Seriously, why would he always look for Siwon when that Siwon always ignores him?!.
Aisssh!!! That guy... so bold! So....Pabo!

Heechul is from a rich family from the province... unfortunately...a run away. I found him
walking almost faintly 3 years ago and eventually decided to keep him. I was too foreign
in Seoul. I locally live in China but my parents sent me in Korea.

“Hannie...” He called gently while trying to pace up with me.

I never looked at him, just continued walking and finding place to hide.

“Aeeee.... You are such a kid.” He chuckled and block my way.

I looked at him blankly and turn to another side.

Knowing Heechul much, he has a very short patience. He gradually grabbed my arms and
made me face him.

Oh man! This guy is like a forest nymph under the moonlight. Sometimes...sometimes... I
Keep on forgetting that he is a man... Sometimes... always...almost tempted to kiss his
assuming smooth lips.

I shook my head to throw away those thoughts, ‘Stupid, chinese,’ I thought.

“Hannie, mianhe.” He randomly said and flash his usual smile.

Heechul is a cold man but sometimes because of that... some hidden emotions are pouring
out at once...also the time that I scared most in any ways.

I breath out....I know I’m not that upset with him but the look of him now is so
intimidating and... seductive. SO I have to turn away just to control myself.

“Hannieeee.” He called out gently. “Are you upset?!”


“Then why aren’t you facing me?!” He asked.

“‘Chul ah...let’s hide now.” I changed the topic.

He smiled and followed me silently.

“Do you think they won’t see us here?!” He asked while seated himself right next to me.

I just nodded.

“Do you know that it’s full moon when I ran away from home?!” He asked seriously.

It’s quite unusual to hear this now, he never said that to me before even we’ve been doing
these hide and seek for three years already.

“Does it make you sad?!” I asked him.

“Nope!” He said like a child.


“Because I’ve meet a chinese guy.” He said and beamed at me.

I laughed at him unbelievingly and amusingly.

“Hannie...” He called out seriously.


“I’ve learned something...” He said.

“What’s that?!” I looked around to look for any instrument around us. He used
to say that if he learnt some new instrument that he wanted to show me.

He cupped my face to face him, “This...” He murmured and slightly and gently brush or
rather licked my lips. His hot lips sends me lots of sensation inside me. It’s our first kiss that
I never thought that will happen.

He then gently stopped kissing me and faced me then looked at my still warm lips cause by
his kisses, then he gently blow on them. That sends me a sudden cold blast of sensual
throughout my body that is aching for more.

He smiled at me, “That is called Hot and Cold kiss.”

“Who taught you that?” I asked.

“Internet.” He said.

I sighed in relief. “You shouldn’t have showed me that tonight.” I eyed him warningly.

He gasped and his mouth slightly fell open.

I looked at him then chuckled, “‘Chul ah, too late.” I whispered then grabbed his neck slightly
to kiss him so hungrily. I’ve been imagining this thoughts for so long that I wanted to gradually
own him tonight.

“Hannie...” He moaned between our kisses.

‘Hope Leeteuk won’t find us anytime soon.’ I thought while hurriedly taking Heechul’s
shirt off him.


KYUMIN Version:

From the other side of the forest.


“Sungmin ah.” I called while trying to catch up with him and he suddenly stopped making
me collide behind him.

I know well that Sungmin hyung is a clumsy one so I grabbed him before he hit the ground.
And now he was on my arms.

“Thanks...” He murmured while trying to free himself but I was persistent not to let him

“Kyuhyun ah,” He called out slowly but impatiently.

“Sungmin ah,” I murmured.

And his expression turns to loneliness, “Call me hyung. Don’t forget I’m your Sunbae.” He
reminded me and he looked at me warningly for me to let go of him and I did.

That is so stupid. “3 years is not that bad.” I murmured.

He laughed sourly, “You are just a kid KyuHyun.” He pointed again.

“I’m not!” I insisted.

“Then why are blurting this kind of stupid stuff?!” He faced me.

“Because this is what I feel!” I said.

“A man is for a woman. A woman is for a man.” He moved away.

“Huh! That rule only works for those fools who believe in culture and that
culture won’t work on me...I’m not buying it.” I reasoned out.

“You are really is Kyuhyun. So persistent.” He murmured at himself.

I smiled at him, “Sungmin ah...” I called out gently.

“I told you to call me hyung.” He reminded and looked at me.

“Caught yah!” I grinned at him and automatically kissed him, tonight has no restriction. I’ve
been wanting this moment for so long.

“Kyuhyun ah,” He murmured.

“Make me a man.” I said and laid him to the ground.

‘I hope Leeteuk hyung really is old now so he can’t see us sooner.’ I thought while kissing
Sungmin hyung’s....nope...Sungmin’s neck... ‘I’m gonna make him mine tonight.’



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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Chapter 4- Full Moon (Hanchul, KyuMin, KiMin, YeWook and Kangteuk Version)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 6:01 pm

KIMIN’S POV (I don’t know who’s the top or bottom here.XD so bear with me.)


“Changmin shiii... palle palle..” Kibum called out impatiently while running for the hiding

When I was beside him, I said, “You don’t need to hide. You’re short enough not be seen.”

I know that Kibum is sensitive about that issue but as always, I enjoyed teasing him about that

“Neo...neo!!!! Aissshhh chinja! Fine... don’t hide then.” He said and lean on the tree’s

I chuckled, “Hayyyzz... since when are you growing up?!”

He looked at me furiously, “Ask that to yourself and maybe call me ‘hyung’ now. PABO!”
He murmured.

I laughed unbelievably, “Why would I?!”

His eyes grow smaller and really ready to say something bad but he dropped the subject then
sighed in surrender.

I learned to the tree next to him, “When are we going to sneak to your house again?!” I asked

He laughed softly, “That is impossible now.”

I have to agree. My parents are immortal enemies that they wanted me and Kibum to be like
them too. To hate each other.

“You know,” I faced him. “That is just so stupid.”

He even laughed harder, “I know.” He agreed.

“I missed your mom’s cookies.” I said.

“I missed your room.” He said and he looked at me then looked away immediately.

“We can still do what we used to do before.” I said.

“Those stupid things?!” He asked, laughing.

“Yeah.... But I want to do more stupid thing tonight.” I said and cursed myself why I said
such thing. Kibum has high IQ but he can be so dumb sometimes that he often
misunderstood what I’m saying... but now... I really mean it now.

“What do you mean?!” He asked, brow cute.

“KiBum,” I called slowly. “Stay still.”

He froze... he is arachniphobic (fear of spiders) and I guessed that is what he thought
when I told him not to move.

I chuckled looking at his frighten face.

“Get that off me.” He said, almost on panicked.

“Okay..” I pretended to shove something away from his shoulder.

“Still there?!” He asked.

I decided to play a bit, “It’s on you neck.”

“Changmin ahhhh....hurry...get that off me.” He said and tilted his neck on the other side.

I chuckled as I blow on nothing on his neck.... his soft milky skin.

He shivered and faced me furiously, “You’re tricking me.” He said.

“Yup! Pabo!” I said and pinched his noise.

He looked at me even furiously but then, “Oh... real spiders.” he said pointing at my shoulder.

I laughed at him.

“Changmin shii...I’m not joking.” He insisted.

I’m about to laugh again when I felt something is crawling on my arms and automatically
shove it off and lands on KiBum’s shirt.

Kibum was on panicked while keep on spatting his clothes which only makes matter worst,
the spider is now inside his shirt.

“Take your shirt off.” I said.

He obediently took his shirt off, the faster that he can. “Hurry.” He said referring me to
look for the spider.

“Turn around.” I ordered him.

He turned around and I saw the spider just at his shoulder so I quickly bashed it away.

“It is gone?!” He asked and looked up at me. “Gone? Gone?!” While nodding.

I was just stunned by the look of him. He is so cute and... aisshhh! I couldn’t be.

“Changmin ah,”He called me so softly, like waking up a baby.

I woke up from my reverie, “Yeah.”

He sighed, “thanks.” And smiled his usual smile.

That smile caught me again...not just this time but loads of times before.

“Kibum ah,” I called gently.

“Hmmm?!” He faced me confusedly.

“I want you.” I said.

His mouth fell open, I’m not sure from what?! Surprise perhaps...

“Changmin shii?!” He asked, still confused.

“No turning back, isn’t it?!” I said, rubbing my nape embarrassingly.

He looked at the ground and I know he is puzzled and burden.

“ could forget about it... and it’s crazy... a guy cannot–”

He raised his head and smiled at me. “Stupid... me too.”

Then to my surprise he pushed me flat to the tree again and tiptoed to kiss me. Oh my! I
Must be in heaven already now.

But I won’t let him to these things now...because I’m pretty excited myself....I’m incharge.

I pulled him and exchange our position, him leaning on the tree without breaking the kiss. I like
it the way it is and I’m yearning for more...

“Do you think... Lee...teuk hyung...won’t find!” I asked him between our kissed.

He chuckled, “Don’t worry...he’s getting older now.”




“Let’s stop here.” Ryeowook said while panting.

I stopped just five feet away from him. “Okay.”

He seated helplessly on the rock beneath the river. He looked around, “I think we gotten
so far.”

“It’s better so Leeteuk won’t find us. Remember that you are ‘it’ last month.” I reminded him.

He laughed at me, “Yeah!” He agreed.

He stood up and took off his shoes then childishly stomp on the water. Splashing here and

“Yaaaa!” I whined when a water was sprinkled on me.

“Oppss...Mianhe.” He gasped and about to approached me when he slipped and landed his
butt on the stream.

“Are you okay?!” I asked and helped him up.

Still winking in pain, he nodded.

“Aeee... you should be careful next time.” I gently scold him.

He just pouted his lips then shivered, “It’s cold.”

“Come here.” I said and opened my arms just before him.

He looked at me blankly and considered it right away. He went to my arms and hugged me.He
Is such a sweet boy... we grew up together and he is my first bestfriend even we are 3 years apart.

“Thank you, oppa.” He murmured.

“Hyung.” I corrected. He always want to act like a girl and stupidly, I always want to play
as the big brother and him the little sister.

He beamed at me, “Pabo Yesung!”

I chuckled, “Okay.” I just agreed to avoid lots of arguments.

Then I noticed he just looked at me for a long time now.

“What’s wrong?!” I asked, feeling so conscious on myself.

He smiled, “Hyung does have cute lips.” He commented.

I chuckled, “When did you come to that idea?!”

He shook his shoulder, “Molla!”

“Ryeowookie is cute too.” I whispered honestly.

His face brighten, “Do you think so?!” He asked looking at me for assurance.

“Yeah...” I agreed and looked back at him... “make me wanna kiss you.”

“Huh?!” He looked at me, puzzled.

Oh No! Did I say it aloud?!

“Nothing...” I lied.

“Liar!” He accused.

“Sorry...” I said. He always very easily offended and sulk all the time.

“Oppa...” he goes again. “Hyung.” I corrected.



“I wanna kiss you.” He said excitedly.

In times like this, I don’t need to be asked twice. I know it’s a sin but this is what I really

“Aeee... slow.” He said and reach for my nape then kissed me instead.

So exciting that I was left stunned on my feet. But I caught a grip on myself that started to
kiss him the way I wanted to.

“Ryewookkieee...” I moaned his name when I noticed him moved closer...moved closer
for more.

Oh no! I can’t control myself any longer. We’ll discuss it tomorrow.




“80...81...82...” I stayed behind Leeteuk and waited ‘till he finished counting which is of no
use. I know the others are all in hiding now.

Still, I waited silently.




“97....98....99....ONE HUNDRED!” He shouted the last number.

He looked around and when he saw me, his face went sour.

“Yaaaa! What’s with that look?!” I asked, sulking.

He smiled, “Nothing. I missed you.”

I smiled and slowly covered his lips with mine.

We’ve been for 3 years now... since I was destined on the school where he is
the principal. Me sent there mainly to look over my bad ass cousin, Donghae.

But...yeah! I went gay when I knew my angel, Teukie hyung. Still, never regretted it.

“Let’s find them now.” He said when we ended the kiss.

“Give them time to themselves...let’s go inside.” I said naughtily.

He looked at me warningly, “Not now. We’re still on the game.” He reminded me.

“Look, it’s the chance for them. Take Heechul and Hangeng for example... or Kyuhyun
and Sungmin or espeacially Changmin and Kibum..they didn’t got time since their
parents fought.” I explained.

He thought of it for a while then considered it, “Maybe you’re right.”

“Cool!” I exclaimed excitedly and grabbed him inside Donghae’s house.

“Wait, do you think Donghae and Eunhyuk’s are okay?!” He asked me.

“Do you think?!!!!!!” I asked him, meaningfully and laugh.

He laughed with me, “I guess so and it’s about that Donghae met his rival and lover perhaps.”

Then we proceeded inside and do something I surely miss.


There, the behind story of the other couple...hope you enjoyed it. the next chapter... we’ll go back to EunHae main story. I just hope you would understand
other character when they act aroung EunHae strangely if you know their story.


Well, kamsahamnida!


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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Re: What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/21/2009, 6:04 pm

Chapter 5

To The Principal's Office [R] ^.^


“Donghae ah,” I gently shook his shoulder to wake him up. He was really dead drank
last night after the other ten went home.

“That Kibum ah, why did he think of drinking soju last night?!” I asked helplessly
when Donghae didn’t move an inch.

“I’m so hungry.” I murmured and seated myself on the floor.

I looked back at the still sleeping Donghae. ‘Aissh! If you wasn’t this cute, I could’ve
kill you right now.’ I thought.

I heard my stomach growl consecutively, so I started to dial a restaurant my mother
owned in town to deliver me some food... nope...’us’ some foods.

After a while, I noticed him opening his eyes, “Morning!” He said then closed his eyes

“Aisssh Chinja!” I said.

“What time is it?!” He murmured asking.

I checked my wrist watch, “1pm.”

“What?! Did you eat?!” He said and automatically seated up.

“I already called for the delivery.” I said, sounded like convicting.

“I’m so sorry.” Then he looked at me, brow crossed. “Did we do it after they left!?”

‘Yeh, almost and you left me hanging!’ I wanted to shout at him, instead I stood
up and went downstairs.

‘That guy! I wanna kill him.’ I thought.

Luckily, the delivery came, good enough to divert my mind in the foods.

Oh! I really love my mom’s cooking. And... I hate the fact that it’s the
only thing I liked about my mom. Nothing else.

I heard footsteps from the staircase and I don’t need to look back because
I know it’s Donghae.

“Good morning.” He said and seated at the opposite. Nice smell, obviously
he just took a bath. I can’t help but to imagine him taking a bath naked and me...

‘oh... shut, Eunhyuk!’ I scold myself.

“What’s good in morning?!” I said bluntly.

His brow crossed, “You seem to wake at the wrong side of the bed.” He

“Oh! You know idioms?!” I continued being blunt.

“Seriously, what’s wrong?!” He asked, his eyes seeking.

‘Yeah! Eunhyukkie, what is really wrong?! What is really wrong when he
slept in the middle doing it?!’ I thought.

This is so stupid.

“I’m finish!” I said and went straight upstairs.


“I’m finish!” He said and went upstairs.

I was left staring at the stairs where he went and disappear.

What was really happening?! Does he hate me because of what happened
last night in the forest?!

I...I know I was so quick but I never regretted any part of it and I intended
to do more... but....why is he acting like this too much?!

And that goes on ‘till evening without him talking to me. I planned to
talk to him about it but he always change the subject. And my Sunday
just passed like that.

“What’s wrong?!” I asked stupidly in front of the sleeping Eunhyuk.

I chucked, “Eunhyuk...Jewel.” I murmured. Yeah! He is worth a jewel
of diamonds.


I woke up finding him all dressed up with his uniform while looking at me

I sat up and got ready for school.

All the way to school, he never talked to me even though I tried to start
a topic.... like same old same old Eunhyuk...the first day I met him.

And I hate it! I want him to talk to me...

“How’s your weekend guys?!” I heard Kang- in said.

Other said yes and other chose to keep quiet like Eunhyuk beside me.

“Yaaa! How’s your Sunday?!” I heard Kibum whispered to Eunhyuk.

“Great!” Eunhyuk said, never mindingly.

“What about you!?” He asked back.

“We’re great!” Changmin answered instead.

“Yaaa! Why are you talking to them but not me!?” I sulk.

He just look at me then looked back at Kang- in who started lecturing.

Honestly, what was that?!

Tic toc tic toc! I waited ‘till the bell rang... I mean...that’s the initial
plan but I got tired of waiting.

“Teacher Cousin, Eunhyuk is not feeling well.” I said while raising my
hands in the air.

Everyone looked at Eunhyuk who is wide eyed due to what he heard.

“See?! Look at his eyes?! He can barely see.” I added.

Kang-in looked at me doubtingly but gave in anyways. “Kka! Bring
him to the nursery.”

I smiled at him and grabbed Eunhyuk by the hand. He never straggled
and it’s easier for me to bring him in the nursery.

“What’s wrong with you!?” He stormed at me when we reached nursery.

“Ask that to yourself. What is wrong with you?!” I asked back.

He looked away to the window.

“I’m sorry.” I said gently... yeah! I learnt to say sorry just because of
him... that word never existed on my vocabulary before.

“You didn’t remember last night?!” That didn’t sound like a question
but a statement.

“The wha—” Now... I remember and I can’t help but to laugh.

“Yaaa! Stop isn’t funny.” He said even more furious.

“So sorry...follow me.” I said and I saw him following me.

“Where are we going?!” He asked while trying to pace up with me.

“Where gonna make LOVE there,” I pointed the Cafeteria. “And there!”
The library. “And there.” The guard house. “In the whole school!” Just
by the thought, it turns me on.

He stopped walking, “You can’t do that!”

“Trust me, I can.” I assured him and went straight to the principal’s
office and found Leeteuk.

“Leeteuk hyung, can I borrow the mic for announcement?!” I asked.

He looked at me for a while, knowing it might be one of my tricks, in the end he agreed.

“Students and Staffs, Listen. This is Lee Donghae. Today is our Principal’s
birthday and we had an emergency plan for today to go off town
so I hereby declare a holiday. Students, continue your weekends,
Staffs...You can spend your time with your family. And... this is holiday with pay.” I announced.

“What the?! It’s not birthday.” Leeteuk disagreed.

“Come on, hyung. Give time to my cousin Kang- in.” I cut him.

“Now, students and staff... I only give you 200 seconds to go out to the
school premises, if I see even one people inside the school, then you
could all forget about this holiday... again...with pay!” I continued.

And I glimpse to Leeteuk hyung who heave a sigh and went out too... He
too is a staff in this school.

“You can’t do that!” Eunhyuk said for a while after seeing all the students
who are cheering in happiness down the exit route.

I chuckled, “I just did.” I murmured and grabbed him closer to me.

“How did you!?” He asked, trying hard to avoid my kisses so he could
ask me.

“Eunhyukkie, that is not the problem now.” I whispered before kissing
him. Ahhhh! The sweetest lips ever.

“Te...tell meeeeee!” He insisted.

Feeling a bit irritated, I chose to say the truth, “I own the school.”

By that, he didn’t argue more and start responding to my kisses. This
guy can wake up all my senses right away.

“Cha ka man,” He murmured when I started to take his uniform off him.

“Why?!” I asked then nibbled on his neck.

“Not in the principal’s office.” He tried to say.

“Eunhyukkie, I want to start here.” I murmured back.

“Okay,” He agreed and started to take my uniform too off me and opened
my flies to grab mine.

Oh shit! I didn’t expect just a second of his caress will makes me go nuts.
“Eunhyukkie, you’re so quick!”

He smiled at me, “We still need to do this in every corner of the school,
are we not?!” And he deep-throated me.

Gracious me! I’m going nuts and I have to grabbed on the table to get
some strength.

“Eunhyukkie, stand up.” I said when I’m about to pre-cum on him.
He stood up submissively, “Turn around.” I added.

He turned around and bent down to Leeteuk’s desk. He really knows
what to do?! Is he reading and watching YAOI?!

I chuckled, “I’ll still be gentle.” I assured him and lift his right leg up.

As much as necessary, I still have to be gentle with him since it is
just the second time, it’ll hurt still.

So, I readied him by putting three fingers one by one and when I didn’t
hear him moaned in pain after thrusting in and out, I assumed he has
adjusted. I positioned myself before his opening, “Ready?!”

“More than you know.” He murmured and... gosh! That makes me feel
so excited that I wanted to do him as hard as the situation ask me to.

I entered him with not much of difficulty, then I started to thrust gently...
Well, of course at first. But when I really need to go faster, I did and I
can hear the clashing of paperweight fell on the floor. I mind less about
that and still pounded a little bit faster and harder.

“Fishy...”He moaned and grabbed a bit safer to the edge of the table.
I secured him with my hands on his hips.

I keep on thrusting in and out in rhythm. This must be the best rhythm
I ever dance into and definitely the best stepping I did and starting to
memorize it bit by bit.

And oh, he must be a perfect partner in this ‘dance’ too.

“Fishieee...” He definitely can’t control his moaning now that he actually
said it louder... though he is the first person who called me more than my
name and I know I should be offended out of it, but who would wanna
punish this little ‘monkey’ in front of me?! I started to like how he calls me

Another clunking of whatever fell from the table, “Nearly... there...” He said.

“A little bit more...” I said while thrusting really hard inside him.

“Damn... Donghae... you’ cra...zy.” He said between contained moans.

“Glad to hear it, eunhyukkie...” I said.

“Can’t ho...ld it... any further.” He whined.

I smiled in satisfaction when I heard it... I know I’ll be coming soon too.

Few more thrusting and we both came. He did in Leeteuk’s desk and me
inside him.

He is panting beneath me and I pulled my member off his hole. He slide
to floor helplessly and seated there, never mindingly.

I make him face me. “Are you okay?!” I asked instead.

“I...I surely wanna do it again.” He said then blushed.

I pinched his nose, “Don’t get too addicted to sex, monkey.”

He chuckled, “I’m not. I’m addicted to fishie.”

I laughed along with him... “You are....” I stopped when I heard whispering outside the door.

I stood up and listened just from the door’s frame.

“They did it! I swear!” It sounded like Heechul. I can’t be wrong.

“Yeah! Me too. We heard them.” Another familiar voice said. Sungmin.

“So, what’s wrong with it?!” Someone asked. Hangeng.

“Nothing...just wondering.” Heechul whispered back.

I heard lots of footsteps from the outside and it faded away so I assumed
they all gone.

I opened the door after dressing myself up and Eunhyuk.

As I opened the door.


One...two... three... 7 people on the floor. One over another and another.
They all looked like so embarrassed and started to gather at their feet.

“I wasn’t in it this time.” I saw Kyuhyun entered, arms crossed before his
chest. This guy really wants to play the hyung’s of all which infact the youngest.

I noticed Eunhyuk felt embarrassed about it so I kid on the situation, “Who’s
next?!” I asked and looked around.

They all fell silence.

OMO! I meant it just a joke but I didn’t mean it to be like this. Is there
something going on with these guys?!

I laughed, “You can play rock, paper, scissor to decide. We are going... don’t go near the library you guys.” I reminded them and went out, Eunhyuk beside me.

Just before the staircase, I stopped to eavesdrop.

“Do you wanna do it?!” I heard Heechul asked Hangeng while they passed the corridor
without noticing me and Eunhyuk.

“Don’t even ask, chul ah... because I’m thinking the same thing.” Hangeng
beamed at him.

Another shock. ‘Well, I’m not strange enough.’ I thought finding out that
most of his friends do the same things like him.

I noticed Eunhyuk grabbed on my uniform and I looked down to see him,
all impatient just four steps below the staircase.

“What’s wrong?!” I asked worriedly while leveling myself with him.

“I.. Uhm... Library.” He murmured and I chuckled.

I laughed so hard, “Am I addictive?!”

He looked at me, “Shut up!” And he grabbed me by the hand. He then
lead the way to the Library.

Yeah! That happens all afternoon.

“Principal’s office?!”







“My God, Fishie... Will you stop and give me a break?!” He said and pouted
his lips while sitting at the grass in the middle of football course. Yeah!
This place is included too. We just made out here, luckily, the sun is down
already when we saw the football course and decided to go for it and it
was exciting.

“You two not finish with you sex marathon!?” I heard Kang- in asked with
Leeteuk in his right side, hands on his waist.

I sighed, “Yeah! I guess we are done.” And looked around. “I’m hungry.”
I added.

“Who wouldn’t?!” Eunhyuk murmured to himself.

“Okay...okay... Hangeng just finished cooking and he invited over for
dinner.” Leeteuk said looking at Eunhyuk miserably. He must have felt
what Eunhyuk felt.

I laughed so hard by the look of it.

“Ouch! OUCH!” I gasped in pain when Eunhyuk and Leeteuk bashed my
head so hard...I mean, enough to bring me back to my senses.

This must be my happiest day ever in my history... yeah...I was happy
with the other 10 friends plus Siwon but... with Eunhyuk... it’s the best!

Hope nobody could take him away from me.


That definitely wasn’t me.

I looked around just in time, Eunhyuk also did and I heard him gasped

“Junsu ah!” He stood up and hugged the guy not hesitantly.

“Do you know him?” Kang- in asked beside me.

“I haven’t seen him yet. But I don’t like him.” I said, little irritated.

Aaaahhh! It didn’t took a minute with me thinking about him staying with me for eternity when this another came and now hugging my monkey.

I hate this guy and I’m gonna kick his ass when he won’t get off him

But my thought diverted when I saw another three people approaching
Eunhyuk and they made a group hug.

“They must be from Hyukjae’s former school.” Leeteuk whispered as

Well, that makes sense. But it didn’t lessen the feelings of competitiveness
and insecurities I felt now.

And what up with this tall guy staring at me?! Like... Goodness, how could
he smile at me like that?!

“Yunho ah, I’m talking to you.” Someone said that makes this Yunho faced
him instead.

“Ahmmmmm...yeah, jae?!” He said and I didn’t bother to eavesdrop. I just
look at Eunhyuk happily chatting with the other two people.

I gnarled my teeth secretly.

“Calm down.” Kang- in tapped my shoulder. I could never hide anything
from Kang- in even he is 100 miles away.

Aisshhh! I never been jealous in my whole life... worst, I don’t really know
how to handle jealousy.

‘Oh please... make it easy for me.’ I prayed silently.

A/N: Okay... uhm... DBSK’S entrance. And yeah... Changmin is well
ahead of them. LOL.... as much as Kibum always with DBSK’s fic... so
Changmin should be also in SJ..yeahhhheeeeyyy... the first twist in the
story... LOTS more...I guess...


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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Re: What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

Post by lunajane on 2/24/2010, 12:42 am

this is not done rite???


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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Re: What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

Post by sillyme09 on 2/24/2010, 3:48 pm


i have finished this fanfic on another sj centered site. so if u want the story, please read it in this link: What If season 1

thats in sj-world.

i have also written season 2 in that can be find in there.

thank you....

u cant view that forum unless u are a member... thanks ^^

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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Re: What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

Post by loser220 on 12/2/2010, 1:47 am



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What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin) Empty Re: What if.... (YAIO) [R] (M: Eunhae O: SJ couples + DBSK couples +KiMin)

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