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Leaving? Empty Leaving?

Post by rawrbunnygoo on 8/4/2010, 7:38 pm

This was a complete fail. so STFU. No

"Anyong Jaee!! LET'S GO SHOPPING TODAY!!" I said. He seemed gloomy the past few days so I wanted to cheer him up. He hesistated at first but he stood up and looked at me. "I don't want to go shopping." He sternly dusted himself off and walked away. I grabbed his hand before he was 3 steps away from me. "KIM JAEJOONG. You've been acting like a hyptonized zombie these days! What's wrong with you?! I've tried to cheer you up numerous times yet you reject me. Jae..please tell me what's wrong.." I cupped his face in my hand but he yanked himself away. I felt hurt...We've been together for 3 years...and now he's acting like this? What did I do wrong? Did..did..did I hurt him?..
"Nothing. Mind your own business" he tried to disguise the pain and hurt from his tone. But I knew him too well. "We've been 3 years. I know you too well, Kim Jaejoong. Tell me Jae...i`ll understand.. I promise." I wanted to break down right there on the spot. I couldn't stand seeing him like this.
"I SAID NOTHING'S WRONG! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! I OBVIOUSLY DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" He screamed with so much power that it made me shed tears..Those words...he promised not to say..."Jae..please...i'm sorry..i..i'm sorry for whatever I did..please...forgive me.." I tried to hold his hand by then again he smacked it away. "DON'T TOUCH ME! GET AWAY FROM ME." With that, he kicked me out of his apartment and slammed the door so loudly..
I started to walk to Junsu's apartment..Why would he do that..After all these years...The memories we had seemed so distant...Our first kiss, first time....we promised eachother that we wouldn't leave...

+++ Dramatic Flashbacks. LOL. +++

"Yunho~ Promise me that you'll never leave me. Always be on my side..Never look at others..Love eachother through anything.." He said, holding out his pinky. "Never break a pinky promise. This stuff is legit." He smirked.
"Aaah~ Jae. You're saying it like it's a wedding vow." I giggled. "YAAH! Promise me, though..." He said one more time. I giggled once more. "I promise to never leave you..always be at your side..Never look at others but you and Love you through any challenges that life gives us. I,Jung Yunho, will love Kim Jaejoong forever and ever."

+++ END. +++

I knocked at Junsu's door 5 times before someone finally openned the door. "Oh..Yunho-ah. Come in, come in." Junsu said. I didn't hesistate to take a step inside and slouch on his couch. I couldn't stop thinking about what Jaejoong said...I knew it wasn't to him..I noisily sighed and looked down. My best friend, My lover, My one and me. Tears started streaming down...Junsu noticed and hugged me.
"Hyung..what happened?" He asked with complete worry in his voice. I stiffled and cuddled to Junsu. "Something's wrong with Jae...He's not himself lately..and...earlier..he told aw--" I couldn't even say it without bursting into tears. Junsu carressed my face and shushed me softly. "'s OK hyung. I'm can cry your eyes out" With that, I did. There was a large wetspot on his shirt. I softly laughed at that and wiped my tears eyes felt swollen..

"I'm sorry, Junsu..I owe you one.."
"hahaha! It's OK, hyung! What are friends for!"
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure hyung! ANYTHING~"
"Why is Jaejoong acting this way? He's been going home late...been busy..and neglecting he cheating on me?...Please answer me honestly.." I said. I tried my best to not cry again since there was already a wetspot from my crying on his shirt. Seconds pass by..He shifted awkwardly and looked at the ceiling as if he's reciting on how he should say it..Then finally, after 1 minute, he finally looked at me in the eyes and said "Jaejoong's leaving DBSK. He's going to Japan to have a solo career." he quickly looked away and shifted some more. My mind couldn't process what it just lovely Jaejoong...the sweet adorable Jaejoong I knew was leaving...the whole band? I exhaled sharply. I felt hurt, neglected, pain, and sorrow. "Junsu..i'll talk to you tomorrow."
I clumsily ran towards the door, walked out and slammmed it. "Jaejoong..No.." I ran as fast as I could to his apartment and open the door. My eyes started to be blinded by tears the moment I saw him. He was laying on the couch his his button-up shirt half way open and tight pants that exposed that bulge. He looked over me with an annoyed look on his face. "I told you to go aw--" I cutted him off with a strong powerful kiss and super tight hug. "Jaejoong....why..why are you leaving DBSK? I thought we made a promise to never leave eachother..Jaejoong please.." I pleaded him. He was struggling to get out but I was too strong. He sighed and finally gave up..
"Yunho...i'm sorry..I have''s complete BS." He snuggled his face onto my neck and felt soft kisses trailing down to my colar bone. I stopped him and got off of him.
"Jae.. i love you..please don't leave me...please.." I begged. It really felt painful that my lover, my best friend, the one I can rely on was leaving DBSK..He turned around and faced me. I looked in his eyes as sincerely as I could. I touched his beautiful & perfect face..his luscious lips..his built body structure..
"Yunho..." He said. Before I could say anything else, he crashed his lips onto mine. He licked my bottom lip and I knew what he wanted but I didn't grant it. I smirked while I unbutton his shirt, revealing that libidinous abs of his. I trailed soft kisses on his neck and sucked on his sweetspot. He gasped at that sudden sensation. I took my worked down, slithering my tounge at that soft, porcelein skin of his. I sucked his left nipple while playing with the right one."hmfp....Yun...ho...ugh.." he moaned out while I sucked on his nipple. He jerked upwards and moaned loudly.
I smirked and planted more soft kisses and stopped at his belly-button. I looked at him with lustful eyes and said, "...What do you want?" and rubbed the bulge in his pants. He catched his breath and panted heavily. "Ughh. Yunho...please....just.." he closed his eyes once again and I rubbed harder and faster causing him to moan. "Hm...? What was that? Couldn't hear you." "UGH. YUNHO! GOD DAMN IT. JUST FUCK ME ALREADY." He screamed. I smirked..he surely was horny.


"YUNHOOO!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs and came on my hand and chest.
I smirked once again and went on top of him, kissing his luscious lips ever-so-gently.
I still remembered that he was going to japan to I poked him lightly..
"....I'm sorry Yunho...I'm sorry for the pain I caused return..I won't leave...I promise...Please forgive me.." I grinned and kissed him again.

Yeah yeah yeah, it's bad..keep comments to yourself. OT[L

I fail at smut-writing. T^T


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