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Affection Sparks {Jiyong(BB) Nichkhun(2PM) FF} Ch. 3

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Affection Sparks {Jiyong(BB) Nichkhun(2PM) FF} Ch. 3

Post by xbabi3xnikix on 6/30/2009, 11:13 pm

I'm new here so I want to share my fanfic with everyone. Please do leave comments but not harsh one, I'm a sentitive writer. Please ignore my grammars, I don't have time to go back and fix it. If there's any confusion going on, feel free to ask me. Thank you.


My poster isn't pretty or professional. Please don't leave mean comments. Also, if anyone wants to help me make a professional poster, will you? lol

OO3. (1/2)
OO3. (2/2)


storylineby: Niki [[babyybong]]
datestarted: 063009
dateended: --
crediteforposter: Niki [[babyybong]]
©️ Niki [[babyybong]]


"Yah! Why are you guys so quiet?" She ask as she walks to her friends with a rock in her hand. She stood next to them as her friends were watching the sunset. The sunset shines on her face which shows her beautiful brown eyes, high rich nose, small but tender pink lips, and her round soft skin/tone face. Her hands were place inside her jacket as the breeze hits her small body. She was dress in black shorts with black tennis shoes while her top is a design tanktop.

"Only if the time would stop at this moment..." She said as she closes her eyes, thinking about this moment with her friends at Han River. "...I will treasure this moment forever." She tip her toes up and back down as her balance bounce front and back. She began to hum her favorite song that her mother use to sang for her to sleep when she was young. "Time can't stop like this but... it can bring the better tomorrow", one of the boys said. She nod as she brought her mind back to the past when everything use to be perfect for her. Perfect parents, perfect school life, perfect friends, and perfect life. Those were all gone but thanks to these boys around her now, she finally know that even when things are turned out wrong... You can still make the best out of it, if you believe in it.

She opens her eyes as the sun was half way gone to the other side of the world, "Lets go home". The boys jumps down from the rail. Still standing there, she let out a short but loud scream. The boys stood watching her, a smile appears on their face as she turns around and jumps off the rail. She felt the breeze hitting her body once again due to the season Fall. She sigh and follows the boys, looking back at Han River, where they had stood. 'I just hope that... I could start a new leaf soon.' She thought to herself as she follows the boys quietly.


♥️ Kim Jina.
♥️ Kwon Jiyong.
♥️ Horvejkul Nichkhun.

The others will be in the story, but I just want you all to know the main characters. Smile


I won't say much about the characters, it's a secret! You just have to find out very soon.


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OO1. Her Past

Post by xbabi3xnikix on 7/7/2009, 2:18 pm

She had a loving mother that cares for her needs every minutes and every seconds. Her mother had raise her up to be a polite and well manner girl while her father would always be on business trips. Her mother would every day talks to her father over the phone just to see if he's doing fine and when he'll be home. She had never met her father. He had left for the business trips ever since she was born as she was told by her mother. She knew how he looks like through pictures that was taken after their marriage. Though, she spent her childhood without a father, she knew her father loves her dearly. She understood what she has to do in order to make her mother feels happy even if her father isn't there.
"Umma, I'll be at my friend's house", she told her mother and made her way to the door way.

She left the house and got on her bike. She rode her bike around her neighborhood and into another neighborhood about two blocks away to visit her friend. On her way there, she saw someone so familiar to her. She rode the bike a bit closer. She rest her left leg down to the ground and was stun by who that person was. It was her father, the man that she never met before. She kept looking at him. He was dress in a black tux with a black limo behind him. He was in front of a house, which is next to her friend's house.

'Who is he waiting for? I thought he was out of the country?!' She thought to herself as she was on the verge of tears.

He stood up straight and looks around. She ducks down behind a bush that's tall enough to cover her bike and herself. He walks to the house as the door opens. A young lady, about older than herself ,two years, walks out. She was in a cute pink dress with a pink and white high heels. He reach inside the limo and took out a dozen of pink roses and face the girl. The two connects by their hands and he handed her the roses. She smile and lean in to kiss him on the lips.

"He's... cheating on umma!?" She said aloud, causing her father to turn around along with the girl. She got off the bike and let it fall to the ground and made a run towards her so-called father. He saw her running towards him and told that girl to get in the limo. He walks to her and stop her, "J-Jina... you've grown so much", he gave her a cheesy smile.

Jina's eyes were already red and tears already forming down her pure white skin cheeks. She shook her head and question her own father, "Why? Why?" He looks at her and right in front of her eyes, he gave her a smirk. "Why what?" Jina couldn't believe her ears. She knew her father knows what she's talking about. "Why are you cheating on umma?!" Jina voice cracks. She didn't mind but swallow her own tears. "Jina... come on, not every man in this world would commit to just one girl. They only say that to please that girl", her father said.

She stood there, shock by his own words. "You're going to regret this", she said as her heart was broken into pieces. He smirk and tap her right cheeks three times, "You're just a mistake between your mother and I". She stood stiff. He walks pass her and into the limo. Jina couldn't believe her eyes and what she heard that came out of that man's mouth.

She turn her heels and walk back to her bike, that's laying on the floor helplessly. She got on and rode to her friend's house. Her friend open the door and saw her puffy red eyes and pinkish face. "What happen?" They enter the house and Jina told her friend about everything. "Selina... please promise me. Don't tell anyone", Jina told her dearest friend. Selina slightly nod and promise. During that night, Selina's mother decided to take Jina home.

Jina enter the house and saw her mother sitting on the couch.

"Umma... why?" Jina ask while walking towards her mother. Her mother looks up, tears in her eyes. "Miahne. Miahne." She repeatedly apologize. "Don't umma. Just tell me what happen", Jina knew her mother had known about Jina's father. "Your father and I met at the club. We were drunk and accidently..." she pause, "we had you and he said he'll take care of you and I". Jina couldn't believe her ears, she was just an accident.

Jina sat down next to her mother, "Umma. It's okay. I'm not mad", Jina completely lied to herself in order to make her mother happy. She pats her mother's hand and patted her back, "Lets just act like he's really on a business trip." Jina cheered her mother up.

Within 3 months later, her mother was ill and wasn't living for so long.

"Umma... don't leave me", Jina whisper by her mother's bed. Her eyes were red and tears wouldn't stop coming at her. She tried to call her father but he never answered. Jina's mother weakly smile, "Sweetie... remember I love you." She held onto Jina's hand with firm. "I have to tell y-you something", her mother's voice slowly became weaker. Jina leans in to hear. "That man's... n-not... your f-f-father..." her mother's hand slip down and hits the bed. Jina's eyes widen while tears kept escaping. "W-What? Umma!" She couldn't believe her own ears. 'If he's not my father... then who is?', she thought to herself as she hugs her mother.

After her mother's death, Jina couldn't handle it because she needed her mother. She's always home alone in that big empty house. She was tired of being alone. She dropped out of school and made new friends out on the streets.

From then on, Jina was hardly home. She's always out and hang with gangs and does all kind of things. Her mother had left her, her father is no where to be found, and her best friend had moved away. She started to smoke, drink, steal, and even fight. She doesn't have sex or what-so-ever because she still have some dignity towards herself. She started to dress revealing her body out more.

5 months later.

"Yah! Stop!" A mob of police ran after Jina and her gang members. They made a run for it. Jina was wearing a tight jean short that's down her mid-waist and a strapless tank top. She ran her way towards the end of the road. She had to separate with her gang and ran into the alley. She jumps over the fence easy as a cake. She jump and touch the ground and continue running. She didn't have drugs on herself but still has to run for it because she was part of the gang. "Stop before we shoot!" One of the police warn her. She scoff and ran farthur. Before you know it, she was shot on the arm. "AH!" She groan but still ran. She made a left turn and bumps into someone.

"Are you okay?" A guy ask.

She looks up at him and couldn't see his face but he's taller than her and was in sweats with a white muscle shirt. The alley was just too dark. She knew he was a good guy so didn't want to cause him trouble, besides she's still being chase by the polices. She ignore the guy who spoke and walk pass him, using her free hand to prevent the blood from coming. "Yah!" She heard the guy calling for her. She made another turn but was held back by that guy. He looks at her arm.

"You're hurt. Let me take care of that for you", he said and swipe her up into the air and carried her brides style. "Put me down!", she hit him with her free hand. He carried her to his black convertible and buckle the seatbelt for her.

She sat there and smirk. "You're not scared, I might kill you or my gang will?"

He ignore her and drove in a speed of light. But suddenly, he made a stop and got out of the car.

"Where am I?" She ask. He picks her up and took her into a huge house. While she's being carried, she examine the place.

The house's about 3 story high, with a swimming pool in front of the house. There was about three or four limo park at the side of the house. The house's color in bright blue with white. She was brought into the house before she could examine anymore. She was place on a couch.

"Yah, it doesn't hurt that much. Why you gotta help me for?" She grin and looks at the guy in front of her. "Like me?" She laugh. He roll his eyes. "Your wound is going to get worser, sit still", he warn her as he ran up the stairs. She looks at his clothing and his face now that they are somewhere that's bright. He had a muscular working out body. He was a bit tan and his hair was just a bit messy. Overall, he's pretty cute. After he ran up the stairs, a maid walks to her and handed her a bottle of cold water. She took it and criss cross her leg on the couch. She looks around the house while indeed, she was in pain but acting strong. 'Must be a CEO or some', she thought to herself as he ran back down stair with... a girl behind him.

She looks at Jina, "What happen!?"

Jina let out a laugh, "Sweetie, you never seen someone get hurt?" The guy sigh and told that girl to continue fixing Jina up. "You know... you're a girl. Why would you dress like this at night?" The girl ask Jina. Jina pull her arm back when the girl ask Jina that question. Jina stood up and face that girl, "No one dares to tell me what you do. Yeah, I'm a girl and what? I don't see you go outside and tell other girls to dress like you. So old fashion!" Jina snickered and walks towards the door.

"Yah!" She calls out to the guy. He walks to her and she face him, "For a guy, you don't talk much but thanks!" Jina walks out of the house. She walks her way to the gate and look for a taxi. A car drove in front of her, "Come in, I'll take you home." It was the guy in the house. "At least you know how to think", Jina smirk and got into the car. 'Tsk. Choi better clean up my wound for me', she thought as she buckle her belt. The guy drove off and spoke up, "I'm Jang Wooyoung. Your name?" Jina face him and smile, "Whatsup, Jina here." She raised her feet and rested it in front of her.

Wooyoung smile at her cuteness, "Where's your place at?" She face him, "Drop me off at the bus stop." She grab her cell phone from her pocket and call someone. "Yah! Where the hell are you?! You f*cken ditch me! Meet me at the bus stop!" Jina shouted into the phone. Wooyoung kept driving and was stun by her attitude and her language. "Are you scared of me?" Jina ask while laughing. He shook his head, "Why should I?"

Jina nodded, satisfy with his answer. He stop the car and got out. He ran to her side and open the door, also unbuckle her belt. "Are you sure you can wait for your friends here alone?" Wooyoung ask worried about a girl dress like this at midnight. Jina rest her unwound arm on his shoulder, "Sweetie, I should be worried about you." He smile.

About three sport cars drove towards them with a screeching sound. Jina jumps and shouting, "That's what I'm talking 'bout!" Wooyoung was amaze that she's hanging with these type of friends. Two girls ran out of the car and towards Jina. "Girl, what happen?" One of the girl ask. "I got shot, no thanks for stupid Jae", Jina said as the girls was about to help her to her friends car. The boys step out. "Yo, Jina! Who's this boy?" Her guy friend walks towards Wooyoung.

"I'm just helping her", Wooyoung answer, not scared at all. Jina kept looking at him, "What he said. Come on, don't bother him."

Jina and her friends head off into their cars and drove off leaving Wooyoung there alone.

"She's young but crazy", Wooyoung said his self and got into his own car.


I hope you like it!
actually, i post this chapter is to let you all know about her past ^^ sounds interesting? nahh, i'm guessing haha
anyways, please look forward to it

i need at least 2+ comments to update ^^
your comments motivates me


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Re: Affection Sparks {Jiyong(BB) Nichkhun(2PM) FF} Ch. 3

Post by Guest on 7/17/2009, 4:35 pm

Wow!! Looks good so far!! Khun and Jiyong, woah!!! I like the girl's character so far, I'm so gald she's not super sweet cause that makes it more interesting. I really like it ^^ Can't wait for an update (by the way, I'll probably comment on every chapter since comments motivate me too, so I like to motivate others Very Happy )


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OO2. Race

Post by xbabi3xnikix on 8/1/2009, 5:32 pm

2 years later.

"Yah! B*tch!" Jina looks up and a girl walks to her with her posse. Jina smirk and leans back on her chair with her gang. "What the hell do you want?" Jina's friend said while smacking on her gum. Jina and her gang were sitting at a Ice Parlor (Ice Cream) just chilling sitting by the window. "You better stop mugging my friends and I before that face of yours gonna get a good beaten", the girl said. Jina and her gang let out a hysterical laugh. "Try." Jina's friend said. Jina and her gang sat there smiling while eating their ice cream like no one's bothering them.

"If you don't have the guts, get out of our face", Jina's friend said. Jina grin. The girl walks to Jina and gave Jina a smack on the face. Jina and her friends slam their hands onto the table and face the three other girls. "You better wish you was never born!" Jina said and slam that girl right onto the floor and beats her up. Her gang beat the other girls up also. Jina sat up, breathing hard. Her hair was a mess and her face was light pink. She got up and and signal her gang to leave. "Now we'll see who got a good beaten", Jina said and walks out of the Ice Parlor after paying.

Once Jina steps out of the Ice Parlor with her gang, "Where's that stupid Jae?" Jina curse under her breath. "Chill girl." Her friend said. "How can I Melina? That wh*re started sh*t with us", Jina said as they went to a bench and sat. "Jaemin, call that babo", Melina said. Jina sat there and sigh frustrated. Melina stood up and was about to grab a cig. out to smoke, "Yah put that up. Popo in the corner." Jina whisper to her like she didn't care. Melina puts it back into her pocket, "Ugh!"

"Get your a*s over here!" Jaemin shouted.

Jina lean back and felt the sun shining straight into her eyes as she looks up. A car park in front of them. "Get in", a guy said. The girls' face lightens up and got into the car. "Where was you!?" Jina slap the guy who's driving in the back of the head before he drove off. She rest her legs in front of her. "I just woke up!" He exclaim. Jina sigh, "What the hell? You sure is up for stealing in the morning but not when we need you to pick us up?" Melina said as she relax her feet onto the back seat that the guy was sitting. He snickered.

Jina sat there and stare out the window as the guy drove them to their destination.

Jina sat there and began to think, 'Umma... I've let you down by becoming this. I just want to find my real father this way.' "Jina! Yo wake up", the guy shouted and Jina snap out of her thoughts. "What?!" She shouted at him. "We here", he said. She nod and got out of the car. She steps out and slam the door shut. "Yah! KIM JINA! You're going to pay for the repair!!" The guy shouted. Jaemin walks pass him and elbow him in the chest, "Jaejin, you talk too much ever since the car ride."

Jina and the two girls head inside the tall building in front of them. It was nearly 7PM. "You guys wait for me here. I'll just go and have a talk with him", Jina said and walks in the elevator. After she enters the elevator, three men in construction's clothes were staring at her. To mention this, the girls weren't dress appropriate. They were in mini shorts with a strapless tanktop. "What the hell you staring at? Wanna get a black eye?" Jina gave them a death glare. The men chuckled and walks towards her. She stood still, not scared at all. One of the men came and she kick him in the private part. She gave out a short laugh. "Wanna enjoy the area like him?" She threatens. "Go ahead and try", one of the two men said. They came and grab her arms and the other grab her legs. The guy on the floor press all the buttons on the side. "Sh*t!" Jina curse and struggles.

"B*tch!" A guy slap her. "You think you'll make me obey? Forget that!" Jina kick the guy and did a short spin where she kicks the other guy on the face. She press the open door button and began punching and kicking those three men. The door slide open and she fix her outfit and walks out of the elevator. "Wanna-be perverts", she mumbles and walks towards the gaurds. "Perverts in the elevators", she said and immediately the gaurds ran tothe elevator. Jina enter the big door and was greeted by a secretary.

"How may I help you?" The lady said. "I wanna talk to your boss", she demanded. The secretary, scared, reply, "He's not in at the moment. Will you leave your contact number?" Jina smirk, "You tell him to pay his debt before 9PM before he's going to be kill", she warn. She knew he's not going to be kill but she likes to threaten. "Y-Yes", the secretary nodded and Jina left the building.

Jina head to the elevator and waited for the door to open.

The slide open and her gang came running out. "What the hell are ya doin' here?" Jina ask with attitude. "You were in here for so long!" Jaejin said. "You're stupid. Some three contruction got in my way", Jina said, letting them know what she meant. "F*ck! Where are their a*s?!" Jaejin trowing a tantrum. Jina shrug, "Lets hit to the race now."

The gang got out of the building and into the car.

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Jaemin shouted with her arms in the air when Jaejin drove his sport car around as fast as he can while it's screeching. Crowds were cheering and roaring while Jina sat on another sport car, grinning. "You think Jaejin will win?" Melina ask as she hang her arm around Jina's shoulder. "I doubt he will this time. Look at the other guys car. New engine and it's a brand new latest car with the bada*s wheels", Jina explain. Melina chuckled. "True true", Jina laugh at her crazy friend.

Jaemin ran to Jina, "That guy over there has an eye on you Jina." Jina smirk and walks over to Jaejin. "Whatsup baby mama", the guy said as Jina leans to Jaejin. "Whatsup, you think you're going to win?" Jina ask. Jaejin grin and wrap his arm around her shoulder. "With you on my side, hell yeah", the guy said. "Lets find out and see", Jina said and face Jaejin. "Don't ever touch me again", she warns him.

Jina got up front where she's sitting at, she went the fire place. She grab a bottle and lit it on fire. She walks between the two cars and raise the bottle up while the cars started it's engine. Jina threw it to the ground and the race began. She walks back to the girls, "Jimmy hyung!" Everyone bows to the gang leader. "Jimmy oppa", Jina and the girls greeted him as they step aside for him to watch the screen.

"Who's leading?" He ask. "That bastard", Jaemin answer. "Jaejin's going to win", Jimmy said. "What makes you so positive?" Jina ask. "I told my boys to fix his car", Jimmy said and walks away as everyone respectively bid him goodbye. Jina face her friends, "How many more minutes?" Melina took a look at her watch. "Less than 40 seconds", Jina nodded and ran to the finish line. "And the winner is...!"


Thank you for your lovely comment ^^
I hope I get more comments ^^


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Re: Affection Sparks {Jiyong(BB) Nichkhun(2PM) FF} Ch. 3

Post by Guest on 8/2/2009, 2:43 pm

Wow, she really is deep into the streets. I wonder..will it be Khun or Jiyong that gets her outss there? Thanks for updating ^^


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OO3. Leaving to Seoul [1/2]

Post by xbabi3xnikix on 8/3/2009, 10:45 pm

"Who's leading?" He ask. "That bastard", Jaemin answer. "Jaejin's going to win", Jimmy said. "What makes you so positive?" Jina ask. "I told my boys to fix his car", Jimmy said and walks away as everyone respectively bid him goodbye. Jina face her friends, "How many more minutes?" Melina took a look at her watch. "Less than 40 seconds", Jina nodded and ran to the finish line. "And the winner is...!"
[[End Flashback]]

"...Big D!" The announcer guy said. "WHAT?!" Jina shouted. She knew Jaejin would be in big trouble for losing. Jina ran to Jaejin with the girls when he got out of the car, "Jaejing! Are you okay?" "I see you got three girls to worry about you. What a wuss", Big D said. Jaejin angers fill up and ran over to Big D and gave him a hard punch on the right cheek. Big D leaned on his car and looks at Jaejin. He wipes the small cut of blood that was cause by Jaejin's ring. Big D stood up straight as his gang came to Jaejin. The girls ran up to him.

"Jaejin, chill!" Jaemin shouted. Jaejin roll his eyes. "He f*cken cheated!" Jaemin roll her eyes and pull Jaejin away. "So baby mama, I told you I'd win", Big D walks over to Jina. She fold her arms and grin, "Lets have a rematch." Melina elbow Jina, "Jaejin's pissed off, we can't let him race. You know what he would do!" Jina shrug. "I never said Jaejin would be racing for the rematch".

She walks towards Big D, "Me versus you."

Big D had a pervert smirk on his face. "Alright," he walks to her and cup her chin, "what happens if you lose babe?" Jina push his hand away. "If you lose, you'll step out of this race aunction forever!" Jina raised her voice. Big D laugh. "What if you lose?" He ask. Jina nod, "You choose." Her friends ran up to her, "Are you crazy?!" Jina shove them away. "Alright. If you lose, you be my lady", Big D said. Jina hesitated. "Okay", Jina answer and got into Jaejin's car. She drove to the start line. Big D got into his car and did the same. Jaemin and Jaejin ran to Jina, who's in the car. "GET YOUR A*S OUT OF THERE!!" Jaejin shouted at her. Jina sigh, "You three listen!" She whisper, "What ever happens to me, let it happen. Just please take care of our gang. Melina, you tell Jimmy oppa that I, Kim Jina, will take the blame for this race not Jaejin." Jina face to the front, not wanting her friends to say anything else.

Jaemin nod.

"We'll take care of it." Melina said, following Jina's order. Jaejin walks to Jina, "Jina... please don't do this for me." Jina face him, "I'm doing this for you because I've always see the three of you as my siblings. I'm the oldest and I will the blame. Jimmy had put this race in my hand. I must win", Jina said and look over to the other window. She saw Big D throwing a thumbs down at her. "You're going to be my lady for sure", Big D shouted out.

"Melina! Start it!" Jina shouted as fears and angers were taking over.

Melina threw the bottle of beer that has fire lighted at the end of it to the ground between the two cars. Jina glance at her three friends. Racing Big D has three option. One, you win. Two, you lose to him. Three, you die. Jina step on the gas pedal and drove off, leading. Big D curse out loud, "Sh*t!" He drove and chase after her. Big D bump his front right into Jina's end harshly. Jina's body jerk to the front as she looks at the rear mirror. Jina step on the pedal with more speed. Jina turn the car and Big D took that chance and drove right onto the passenger seat door. Jina turn her wheel another way to prevent from crashing into a light pole. Jina's anger had increase as she switch the speed into number 4, the highest speed. She drove pass him and into the highway. Cars were in the way, Jina and Big D didn't give a care and dodge through each car and made many cars stop and scared. Jina's car was already damage on the right and the end. "You call that a gentleman!" Jina tease him as they were right next to each other. Big D eyes wanted to bulge out, he turn his steering wheel over to the right and hitted Jina's side. Her car flew out of the highway rail and down the small hill. "JINA!!" She heard her friends shouting for her. Her car tumble and turns as it crashes down to the ground. Jina was injured through out the whole body.

"U-Umma..." was the only thing that came out of her mouth. She tried her best to get out of the car by opening the door. It was lock and blocked. She climb out of the window slowly and crawls her way out of the area. "Jina!!" Her friends shouted again. As Jina stood up and about to try her best to make a run for it, the car exploded and causes her the jump forward and hits the ground. She laid there and saw the exploded car. "Umma... I-I've dis...a-appointed you..." Jina tears were escaping from her eyes. She wasn't crying because she's hurt from the accident but was hurt by the thought of her mother. She slowly punch the ground with her fist. "I-I'm s-sorry..." was the last thing that came out of her mouth before she went unconsious.

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OO3. Leaving to Seoul [2/2]

Post by xbabi3xnikix on 8/3/2009, 10:46 pm

It says post too big so here i am, posting the next part ^^

Jina slightly open her eyes, "W-Where am I?" She tried to sit up but was held back down by someone. "I see you still have the energy , Jina." Jina looks up and saw a familiar guy, "How you know my name?" She glare at him and looks around. She finally knew where she's at. She's at a hospital. "Why did you help me for?" Jina slowly sat up and lean against her pillow. "I gues you don't remember me", he said. Jina looks at him up and down. He was in sweats and a white muscle shirt. His body figure was about manly and pretty much overall, he's alright. "Jang Wooyoung's my name", he smile as he sat down on a chair next to her and cut apples for her. She looks at her thinking bubble. "Ah! Two years ago right?" Jina looked at him as he handed her an apple. She took it and bit a little of it.

"Why did you help me again?" She question, "I swear where I was wasn't near your place."

He let out a laugh. "I was at the race. I was with my homeboys. I saw you and knew what you did", Wooyoung said. Her eyes lit. "You was there?" She cross her legs on the bed, sitting comfortable. "But... I remember I was in a bad accident. Did anything happen to my friends?" Jina began to worry. "I don't know. All I know is I saved you and here you are. Did you know you were in coma for about a week?" Jina shook her head and ate her apple.

The door suddenly open. A doctor walks in.

"So you're okay, I see", the doctor said. 'Isn't she the girl from Wooyoung's house years ago?' She thought to herself as she nodded. "Are you two dating?" She ask as she points at Wooyoung and the doctor.

Wooyoung let out a laugh. "She's my cousin. She's a doctor here and also the girl that you sort of yelled at two years ago", Wooyoung reminded her. Jina nod, "Nice to meet you, again." The two girls shook hands. The doctor soon left the room after telling Wooyoung what to do. Jina got out of bed and walks around. "Where's my clothes?" Jina ask. "It's in that closet", Wooyoung said. Jina walks to the closet and grab her clothes. She made her way to the restroom. "What do you think you're doing?" He stood in front of the door. "Changing? I have to check on my friends!" She push him aside. She got in and was about to close the door. He push the door open and pulls her to the bed, which cause her to drop her clothes in the restroom floor. "You're staying in the hospital for two more days! I've ask a friend of mine to check on your friends already!" Wooyoung raise his voice at her. Jina was stun. "Y-Yah! No one dares to yell at me!" Jina retorted.

Wooyoung smirk, "Just rest."

Jina laid in bed and kept staring at him but obey his words.

The door opens again and two guys came in. They walks to Wooyoung and the three did their little handshake. Jina stare with a confuse look. "You're finally awake?" A very tall her in a big red shirt with the word 'Dream', writing vertical down his shirt on the right. He was on a blue jean, baggy, and his shoes were clean white. On his head was a red beanie. "You know me?" The guy chuckle, "Wooyoung hyung told us alot about you." Jina nod.

"How's her friends?" Wooyoung ask as the two took a seat on the mini couch. "They're fine. Jimmy said that since Jina took the blame like a good leader, he said her friends will be taken good care of", another guy said. "You know my gang?" Jina ask as she sat on the edge of her bed. "Jimmy's my close friend", that same guy said. "I'm Nichkhun", he walks to Jina and shook her hand. "Sup", Jina greeted him. "What's your name, red dude", Jina laugh at her self. "I'm Chansung. Nice to meet you", he waves. "Back at you", Jina crawl back to her pillow and leans on it as she looks at the three guys. "Do they know that I'm here?" Jina face Nichkhun. "They think you're dead." Jina eyes widen. "Did you tell them I'm fine?!" Jina raise her voice. "Anio. Wooyoung, you didn't tell her?" Nichkhun face Wooyoung.

Wooyoung stood up and walks to Jina. "Look, because of that accident, you can't go back to that world. My friends and I are moving to Seoul, Korea. We're planning to take you with us", Wooyoung said. Jina let out a scoff. "You're crazy right? Who the hell do you think you are? My f*cken father?" Jina curse. Nichkhun and Chansung's were stun by her action. "You listen here Jang Wooyoung!" She pokes his chest, "You may helped me twice but you can't make me listen to you and follow you everywhere!" She raise her voice. She sat back down on the bed.

Wooyoung smile, "We just want to take care of you". Jina smirk, "Wipe that smile of your face. Take care of me? You don't even know me like that." She laid down on the bed, "Besides, you don't own me." She close her eyes and face the wall. The guys sigh, "Wooyoung, lets give her time to think." Jina heard and tears form. 'I don't deserve anyone's help. If you help me, you're going to be in danger. I'm a gang type of girl. I may have enemy everywhere I go', she thought and cried herself to sleep.

Within 2 days later, her last day to be at the hospital. The three boys came again.

Jina was already dress in her clothes instead of the hospital lame outfit. "Thanks for your help", Jina whisper as she walks her way to the door. Before she held the door knob, Chansung spoke up. "Don't you want to find your father?" Everything stop at that moment, including her heart. She was shock that he knows about this. "What are you talking about?" She turns around, denying that he's right. "I heard you said in your sleep last night", Chansung said. "What?! You overheard me during I'm sleeping!?" Jina walks to him and punch on the arm. Nichkhun walks to her, "Chill. We're just trying to help. Beside, you know Big D would not let you off when he finds out that you're alive", Nichkhun pointed out. Jina hesitate as she walks to the couch. She threw herself on the couch, "That what the heck am I suppose to do?" The boys looks at each other, "Come with us."

Jina glance at them and back to her fingers. 'I should... My real father should be in Seoul.' She got up and walks to the guys. "Alright. I'll go with you guys. First of all, does any one knows that I'm still alive?" Nichkhun spoke up, "No. Jimmy doesn't even know. He thought you're dead and had told everyone in the gang to pay you a visit at your tombstone." "WHAT?! A tombstone for me already?!" Jina shook her head. "Okay, second. I want to see my friends again before we leave", Jina said.

The guys nodded.

"You have to change first", Chansung said. Wooyoung and Nichkhun nod and the four left the hospital and into a black limo.

"Are we going to the bus station already?" Jina ask, being the most clueless person in the limo. The boys laugh, "No. We need to change your image, if you don't want to be notice as the Jimmy's gang member Jina", Chansung said. Jina nod and listen to the guys. The limo stop and the boys pulls her out and into a rich store. "Mister Jang, Horvejkul, and Hwang. Welcome back", a employee said. "Get me some average clothes that says Seoul", Wooyoung said. The employee nod and ran off to the back of the store.

Jina wander the store and take a look at the clothes there.

"Jina, come here", Wooyoung calls out. "Go try this on", Chunsung handed her a pair of shorts and a tanktop with a scarf. She took it and head into the fitting room with a employee. She change into the outfit Chansun gave her. She walks out of the room and found the boys sitting on the couch waiting for her. When she steps in front of them, they look up. "It fits you. Try the other outfits too", Wooyoung said. She nod and head into the room.

After changing into different clothes for about thirty minutes, they decided with the first outfit.

"Come on, wear the first outfit and we're heading off to let you see your friends", Nichkhun said. Jina quickly change into the first outfit and grab her clothes out the fitting room. "You won't be needing that clothes of yours anymore." Chansung grab the clothes and threw it into a trashcan near there. "Yah! But!" She shouted. She decided to let it go because the only thing she wants to do is to see her friends. Wooyoung paid for her clothes and head to the limo. Chansung raise the scarf higher to cover her nose and mouth, "What are you doing?" Jina slap his hand away. "You can't let others see you! Jimmy might probably spot you stupid!" Chansung raise his voice as he fix her scarf. "Dude, lets give her a make over too", Nichkhun told Wooyoung. "Whatever you say hyung", Wooyoung said and the limo drove to a make up place that Nichkhun's sister owns. They enter the place and Nichkhun hand Jina over to his sister.

The boys stayed outside and waited for Jina.

"Yah! Stay still!" Nichkhun's sister yelp. "How can I stay still if something's tickling my foot!" Jina shouted and looks down. It was a puppy. "Ahh!" Get that thing away from me!" Jina shouted and cuddle up to her feet on the chair. "My puppy is not a thing!" Nichkhun's sister said and carried her puppy somewhere else. "I hate puppies!" Jina mumbles to herself. 'I don't really but... because of that stupid fake father that I'm scared of it', she thought as she stayed still for Nichkhun's sister to do her job. "Finally, there." Nichkhun's sister took Jina out of the cover up room. "Here you go", she said. Jina stood in front of the guys. "Like it?" Jina smirk. "Perfect!" Nichkhun said and gave his sister a high five. "We got to go now. Bye", Chansung said and pulls Jina out of the store. "Thanks Nichkhunnnnn sister!" Jina drag her words because of Chansung. "You're welcome!" The sister shouted back. Nichkhun bid his goodbyes and they head to the limo.

Jina sat in the limo, waiting for the boys at some place. Nichkhun poke his head near the window. Jina scoot over and Nichkhun step into the limo. "There's things you need to do and know." Jina listen carefully. "You can't talk when we're in there. You must always wear this sun glass on and always! I mean, always! Stay near the three of us." Nichkhun warns her. "'kay", Nichkhun got out and waited for her to come out. "Starting now", Nichkhun whisper to her and follows him towards the building that she practically lives there, Jimmy's building.

"Hey whatsup Jimmy!" Nichkhun greeted Jimmy as he enters the lobby where Jimmy was sitting at, resting. 'He's always like that. F*ucken lazy leader', Jina thought. She looks around with her eyes, since no one can see her eyes. She didn't see her friends anywhere. "What you doin' here?" Jimmy ask. Nichkhun took a seat and Jina stood behind with Chansung. "Hyung, you know we got to come and see you sometimes", Wooyoung told Jimmy.

'Hyung?! What's the relationship between the three boys with Jimmy besides close friend?' Jina couldn't stop thinking.

"Who's she?" Jimmy ask. Jina was scared for once. "She's my cousin." Chansung spoke up. Jimmy nodded and stares at her, "She looks familiar." The boys began to worry. Jina smile and bowed. "Anyway, where's your gang?" Nichkhun ask. "They're taking some rest. After my best right hand died because of the race, her friends haven't been normal", Jimmy sigh and leans back. "We'll we got to go to the bus station." Wooyoung stood up and shook hands with Jimmy. "Take care over there. If anyone's messing with you, give me a call", Jimmy laugh. "Hyung, we're just going over there to finish school. This whole summer has been a burden to you", Nichkhun said. Jimmy laugh. "Whatever." Jimmy smirk. The boys and Jina walks out of the building and head to the limo.

Jina was sad throughout the whole ride, "I can't believe I didn't get to see them."

Chansung sigh, "You'll see them one day. Don't worry." Jina scoff, "Whatever." Jina never care about anyone after her mother pass away. Jaemin, Jaejin, and Melina were the first to make her care for others again. But it was only 25% of caring that she gotten back. The limo suddenly made a stop and Jina's body jerk to the front a bit. "What happen?" Jina ask with a mean attitude. "There's some gang members arguing", the driver said. Nichkhun looks out the window. "Isn't that your friends?" He ask Jina. Jina push him aside and look out.

It was her friends. Jaejin was sittin in his convertible car while her two gal friends were standing next to it arguing with... Big D!
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Re: Affection Sparks {Jiyong(BB) Nichkhun(2PM) FF} Ch. 3

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Alright!!! Khun has showed up and they're taking her out of the streets, but due to her gang I think that they'll probably have to fight Big D....ohh...can't wait for the next chapter ^^ (Your welcome by the way Very Happy)


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Re: Affection Sparks {Jiyong(BB) Nichkhun(2PM) FF} Ch. 3

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