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Path of Enmity

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Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 11/23/2009, 1:58 pm

Seung Hyun (Big Bang)
Hyun Joong (SS501)
Joo Eun (Kim Tae Hee)
Jaejoong *minor character* (DBSK)

Check out the trailer (s)!! Very Happy
Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP6ELFT4kSk

Two more will be posted as the story progresses ^^


Jaejoong, Seung Hyun, and Hyun Joong were all best friends since childhood. When Jaejoong is sent on a diplomatic assignment to the United States he uncovers dangerous knowledge. Through a linked chain of events, Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong become enemies, each with the same objective -- to uncover the mystery of the knowledge Jaejoong attained. The knowledge that eventually led to his death.

Joo Eun (Kim Tae Hee) is Jaejoong's younger sister, working on the same case. Behind her are a group of specialists -- a crime analyzer and genius matematician (Seung Ri), a specialized tracker and criminal psychologist (Jiyong), a cryptologist and top-knotch hacker (Daesung), and two field agents (Seung Hyun and Young Bae)

What they find is what they least expect and the truth behind Jaejoong's death takes them down a path full of lies and deceptions -- a path of enmity

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 11/24/2009, 1:17 pm

---> Please click for music Very Happy

**note to readers: This fanfic goes through one chapter that is set in present time followed by small inserts that let readers know the past. These inserts will be in a colored font for your convience. For now enjoy chapter 1!! Very Happy Please comment if you have time ^^

Chapter 1

Seung Hyun pressed the pistol harder against the man's head. The man looked terrified, cold sweat pouring down his forehead. His bloodshot eyes darted between the door, the tinted windows and the black angel in front of him. “Wh-wh-what do you want?”, the man stuttered, spit coming out of his mouth. Seung Hyun cocked his head to one side, his cold calculating eyes drilling into the man's fearful ones. He spoke only two words.

“The key”

The man seemed to understand and seemed relieved at the fact that it was something he could provide. Seung Hyun watched closely as the man fumbled with the keys to a drawer and quickly withdrew a single silver key. Seung Hyun snatched it out of his hand and smirked as he stared at it. He turned to the man and nodded, slowly placing his pistol back inside his trench coat.

He turned to go and placed his hand gently on the doorknob. In a split second he turned back around and withdrew his pistol in the blink of an eye. He pulled the trigger and watched as a family picture of the poor man blew up into smithereens. No threat was needed, so Seung Hyun left as quickly as he had come.

The man raised his eyes slowly to see the damage that had been done. He closed his eyes, uttering a prayer. He had never been a religious man, but with the gang violence surfacing in his district as of late, he needed something to turn to. He quickly set about to cleaning up the mess before his regulars arrived.

At 3 P.M. The members of Ji Woo's gang came into the small cafe and sat at tables especially reserved for them. They sat and talked with their boss about their next move in the gang wars and then the boss headed out stating that he needed to catch a meeting with the boss of one of their allies.

Seung Hyun crouched low against the wall checking his watch. 4:58 P.M. He watched as a lone figure left a small shop only a few feet away from him. The figure opened the door and begin getting into his car. Seung Hyun watched as a young woman left the shop, turned and quickly but effectively locked the door, slipping the silver key inside her pocket. It only took a few seconds then for the smoke bomb placed by the young woman to detonate.

Seung Hyun quickly moved, clouded by the smoke. He heard shouts coming from the cafe and could hear the door being pulled and kicked violently. He only had a few seconds. Without a second thought, he walked alongside the car. He saw the man getting out of his car in confusion. Seung Hyun walked right beside him, taking just enough time to press the gun to his head and fire. The bullet rand loud and clear. Seung Hyun heard shouts, but by that time he was in the passenger seat of a Mercedes watching as the rest of the gang members ran out to see what had happened to their boss.

“5:00 P.M. Target eliminated”, his bass toned voice reported.

In an office far away from the crime scene Kim Byung Il smiled and hung up the phone. Way to go Seung Hyun, proved yourself to be the best yet again.

Kim Hyun Joong slammed the phone down, his hands trembling. “Something wrong sir?”, the young man beside him asked.

“Call a meeting, now. Bring in all the heads of the units. The boss has been assassinated.”, he answered in a cold voice. The young man's widened, but he bowed immediately and set to making furious phone calls.

Damn you Seung Hyun. You fucking bastard. How many more people do you plan to kill?? If it weren't for her I would have killed you already. Hyun Joong slammed his hand onto the table. I WILL kill you.

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 11/29/2009, 5:39 pm

---> Click for music ^^

“Hyun Joong!!”, Jaejoong called out. He walked up to the man that was one of his best friends and hugged him tightly. “How have you been?”

“Well, very well Jaejoong”, Hyun Joong responded smiling. “Tell me, what have you been up to?”

“Me? What else—college”, Jaejoong said laughing. Hyun Joong chuckled.

“Is Seung Hyun studying with you?”, he asked.

“Yup, we ended up choosing the same major. Crazy huh?”, Jaejoong replied.

“You two were always very much alike. I always kind of felt like the black sheep around you two”, Hyun Joong said.

Jaejoong chuckeld. “So what's that major you decided on?”, Hyun Joong said, starting to walk alongside Jaejoong.

“Huh, you won't believe it. With how much I loved Law in high school”, Jaejoong said laughing. “But, yeah, I decided on International Relationships”

Hyun Joong stopped in his tracks and stared at his friend. Jaejoong started laughing. “I know, crazy huh? I just decided that I wanted to do something for our country, more than just completing my time in the army”

“That makes sense of course. You were always one that cared for others”, Hyun Joong answered. He checked his watch. “Oh, well I guess I'll see you around. I have to go to work”

“Yeah, ok”, Jaejoong nodded. “Hey, make sure you go to college someday man!!”, Jaejoong called after him. Hyun Joong smiled and waved. He wasn't sure college was for him, but for now his work as translator was good enough for him. Being fluent in Japanese had its advantages.

As Hyun Joong left, Jaejoong sped into the classroom where he found Seung Hyun already studying, just like he had expected. “Hey, guess who I just saw?”, he asked excitedly.

“A ghost?”, Seung Hyun answered, mocking his overenthusiastic voice. Jaejoong rolled his eyes.

“No, I just saw Hyunjoong!!”, Jaejoong replied.

“Really?? No way!”, Seung Hyun answered. He quickly began looking around him trying to catch a glimpse of their old friend.

“He's gone man, said he had to work”, Jaejoong answered.

“That fool isn't in college yet??”, Seung Hyun answered, obviously disappointed. Jaejoong shrugged.

“I guess it just isn't for him”, Jaejoong responded. Seung Hyun nodded solemnly. “I'm going to my seat now, class is about to start”, Jaejoong added, seeing the professor enter. Seung hyun nodded and watched him go.

The lesson started, but Seung Hyun was hardly paying attention. His eyes were trained on the window to his left, just waiting to see if he could catch a glimpse of his friend. Better hurry up and catch up to us Hyun Joong. You always were the smartest of the three.

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 12/4/2009, 3:06 pm

--> Musichttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm9Dp8XFLI4

Joo Eun smiled as she entered her small apartment followed by Seung Hyun. She looked up to see Hyun Joong sitting on her couch. Her eyes opened wide as she stared. “Hyun Joong!! What are you doing here??”, she asked.

She quickly went up to him and offered him a drink. Hyun Joong didn't answer and watched Seung Hyun intensely. Seung Hyun returned the same cold stare.

“You motherfucker. You killed him didn't you...you FUCKING KILLED HIM!!”, Hyun Joong said, quickly losing his temper. Joo Eun watched in awe as Hyun Joong retrieved his gun from the inside of his coat and aimed it directly at Seung Hyun's head. Seung Hyun continued staring at him, not a single emotion on his impassive face.

“Stop it!! Hyun Joong Stop it!!”, Joo Eun said frantically, trying to reach for his gun.

“Get out of the way Joo Eun”, Hyun Joong said. Joo Eun adamantly refused.

“Stop it Hyun Joong. Who did Seung Hyun kill this time? WHO?! Why do you always accuse him of all these murders?!!”, she asked desperately, tears streaming down her face.

“Because he did do them Joo Eun!! Why won't you believe me?!!”, Hyun Joong said harshly, a pained look on his face.

“Because you were never able to prove these murders, not even once!!! None of them! There was no evidence that Seung Hyun killed anyone!!”, Joo Eun responded.

Hyun Joong stared at her, tears forming at the corner of his eyes. “Joo Eun...this bastard.....this son of a bitch killed your brother.....HOW CAN YOU DEFEND HIM WHEN HE KILLED YOUR ONLY BROTHER!!!??”

Joo Eun shook her head violently, pressing her palms to her ears in an attempt to block out Hyun Joong's words. “It's not true. NOT TRUE!!! Seung Hyun would NEVER –“

“Stop it Joo Eun!! He would, he's more than willing to kill. Ask him where he was this afternoon around 5 o'clock!! Ask him!!”, Hyun Joong said, desperate to prove her wrong.

Joo Eun slowly turned to Seung Hyun who looked down at her with piercing eyes. “I was talking on the phone with you remember? I called you to see if we could meet up”

Joo Eun nodded. “LIAR!!”, Hyun Joong screamed. His hand trembled with rage. “You were killing the boss of my gang and you know it!! You killed him right in front of his subordinates!!”

Seung Hyun stared at Hyun Joong, his face a portrait of fury. “I know where I was and it sure as hell wasn't dealing with your stupid gang!”

“SHUT-UP!! SHUT-UP!!”, Hyun Joong answered, the tears flowing freely down his face as he looked painfully at Joo Eun.

“Please Hyun Joong...stop it..”, she whispered. Hyun Joong shook his head. He let go of the gun, hearing the clatter it made as it hit the wood floor. Joo Eun ran to his side, but he pushed her away. She stared at him, hurt in her eyes.

“You always take his side....always..”, Hyun Joong said.

“Stop acting like a kid. This is not about sides, it's about the truth and lies”, Seung Hyun said.

Hyun Joong looked up and stared at him. “I'm going to fucking kill you”

“I'm waiting”, Seung Hyun answered, a smirk on his face. Hyun Joong's eyes grew wide with fury as he pushed Joo Eun aside and threw himself at Seung Hyun. He began punching the man who was once one of his best friends. He could feel the blood running like a stream on his hands and the shouting words of Joo Eun, pleading him to stop.

The next thing he knew he felt hands grasp him firmly, cold hard metal pressed against his head. “Let him go”, came a mellow voice. Hyun Joong stopped and felt another pair of hands grasp him and throw his roughly against the wall. He looked up to find himself looking directly into the barrel of a gun held by Jiyong.

“Get the fuck out of here”, Jiyong said. His eyes flashed with anger when he saw the condition his friend was in. Hyun Joong spit at Jiyong's feet and felt a blow to his jaw come from out of nowhere.

“Get lost man, you're outnumbered”, came a Young Bae's voice. Hyun Joong smirked, wiping the blood from his mouth. He slowly got up and got a full view of the four individuals standing in the room. Joo Eun was on her knees trying to make sure Seung Hyun was alright.

Hyun Joong then turned and left, never once looking back.

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 12/8/2009, 5:26 pm

---> Music Smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9c2zodZ9dk
“Congratulations on that new job man!!”, Hyun Joong said, throwing his arm around Jaejoong's shoulder and raising his glass for a toast.

“Congratulations!!”, everyone in the room called out. Jaejoong smiled and nodded.

“Thank you. I hope I won't disappoint any of you”, he answered humbly.

“Aww..come on”, Seung Hyun said, slapping his friend on the back. “You're a genius Jaejoong, there's no well in hell you'll lose a position as the ambassador for Korea in the United States. I just hate to see you go, we're going to miss you”

Jaejoong nodded as everyone else agreed as well. “I'll miss you all too!!”, he called out. They all cheered for him.

A young woman walked up to him smiling warmly. “When are you leaving?”, she asked, the sadness in her tone contradicting the smile of her face.

“Next week”, Jaejoong responded. “I promise I'll visit you a lot. I won't leave you alone”

The woman smiled. “You have a job to do. Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself.”

“I can check up on her”, Seung Hyun said, interrupting the conversation.

“Oh, thank you Seung Hyun, but that isn't necessary”, the woman replied quickly.

“Yes, it is”, Hyun Joong said setting down his glass. “A pretty young girl like you needs protection and who would be better than your oppas?”

She smiled as Jaejoong nodded. “They're right. I'll leave you in their care. I'm sure they won't intrude on you. I can trust them”

The woman nodded agreeing with him as they both looked sheepishly away. “Just trying to help..”, Seung Hyun muttered.

“Uh-huh..”, Hyun Joong agreed.

The girl nodded and took her leave. As soon as she did Jaejoong burst out laughing. “Just trying to help..”, he mocked. “Puh-lease!! Like I don't know you two are totally gaga over her”

“Hey, man shut-up!!”, Seung Hyun said quickly, his face coloring.

“She can still hear you!”, Hyun Joong argued as well.

Jaejoong smiled at them. Then his face got serious. “You guys know that I have nothing against either of you two being with her, but in the end, she will choose who she wants.” They both nodded in agreement. “That is...if she even chooses one of you two at all....”

“YAH!!!”, Hyun Joong shouted. Jaejoong had already dropped his glass and was running away from them.

“Get back here Kim Jaejoong!!”, Seung Hyun called out. Jaejoong just laughed as he attempted to get away from them. The rest of the guests just smiled, knowing that this was a regular game played by the three best friends.

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 12/10/2009, 5:02 pm

--> Musichttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA0qWEUWgOU

“The man spit out blood as he tried to stand up. He immediately received another whack from a wooden bat to the head. He fell back his head bleeding profusely. He lay there as the killer quickly ran out on the grass and drove away. The man pulled himself up and crawled on the floor. He didn't get far because a few feet away was where he stopped moving.”

“Anything else we should know?”, Young Bae asked.

Seung Ri looked intensely at the scene before him. A murder in the middle of the highway. How in hell is it that nobody saw it? “No...that's all I can decipher from this scene”, Seung Ri answered.

“Seung Ri!”, Jiyong's voice called out. Seung Ri walked over to him. Jiyong pointed at a faint footprint in the grass. “Can you analyze this for me. Throughly.”

Seung Ri nodded and within a minute reported to Jiyong, “Male, approximately 5' 8''. He walks with a break in his step, I'd bet anything this guy has a disability of some sort in his leg...maybe he was shot.”

“Not his foot?”, Jiyong asked to be sure.

“He wouldn't be able to walk if he had this on his foot”, Seung Ri replied. Jiyong nodded scribbling rapidly into his notepad.

“Got anything?”, he asked, passing Daesung who was scanning and checking evidence.

“A piece of blond hair......some fingerprints..”, Daesung replied.

“Good..that's good. I want those fingerprints analyzed. Bleached blond or original?”, he asked.

“Bleached”, Daesung responded.

“Young Bae”, Jiyong called out. Young Bae walked over to him. “Get me the Agency for National Security Planning*, ask them to check their data bases for any and all males with dyed blond hair and with a height of 5' 8” that have entered Korea within the last year.”

Young Bae nodded and took out his phone.

“What do we have?”, Jiyong asked after ten minutes of waiting.

“A list of about 66 individuals”, Young Bae replied. He nodded to Daesung who quickly opened the e-mail on his laptop.

“Locate all the ones that arrived from California”, Jiyong replied.

Daesung typed furiously in his computer, finishing with a list of about 15 people.

“Zero in Los Angeles”, Jiyong added. Daesung did as he was told. “How many?”

“Five”, Daeung replied.

“Hack into their bank accounts, I want to see who recently bought a brand new wooden bat.”

Daesung nodded. “This one”, Daesung replied within 30 seconds, turning the laptop toward Jiyong.

“Guys, we got our man”, Jiyong announced.

“I want three field agents now, more in toward district No.8”, Joo Eun commanded through her cellphone, pulling her bulletproof jacket on.

She walked on closing her cellphone and burying it in her pocket. Out of nowhere, Seung Hyun came up beside her looking into a file and keeping up to her fast pace.

“His name is Park Jungmin. Hailed from Los Angeles, California three months ago. Korea town if you want to be specific.”

“What's his relation?”, Joo Eun asked.

“Oh....now there's a good one. Apparently he is....or rather was....the nephew of the boss Dong Sun. Dong Sun worked under the top boss Ji Woo. He was Ji Woo's main confident and organized any and all crime carried out. ”, Seung Hyun replied in his low tone.

Joo Eun stopped in her tracks. “He has a nephew?”

“Not just any nephew....if we delve deeper into international files we find out that this guy has a clean record. Nothing like his uncle. This has to be come kind of cover-up. This guy has someone in the United States justice system working for him.”

“What makes you think this?”, Joo Eun asked.

“Well....ahem...”, came Daesung's voice from behind them.

“Him..”, Seung Hyun answered.

“Dong Sun entered the United States six months ago and then returned to Korea after a month”, Daesung continued, ignoring Seung Hyun. “Our appeals to the American FBI to keep an eye on him were ignored yet when Jiyong met with their chief face-to-face he claimed that he never heard of such a request.”

“It's someone in the FBI”, Joo Eun said, nodding. She turned to Daesung. “Any way you can get to tell me who it is?”

“Impossible”, Daesung responded. “All FBI files are strictly protected, no one should know the information of the agents.”

“Yup, and that's why you're Asia's best hacker”, she replied.

*The Agency for National Security Planning is similar to the National Guard of the U.S. They deal with the protection of their borders with foreign countries.

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 1/5/2010, 5:46 pm

---> Music Smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9c2zodZ9dk
“How have you been lately Hyun Joong?”, Seung Hyun asked as they gathered for some late night drinks.

“Oh y'know, so-so”, Hyun Joong replied.

Seung Hyun eyes looked pained as he asked his next question. “Are you still in that gang?”

Hyun Joong looked up at him. He sighed. “Yeah.....”

Seung Hyun said nothing, choosing instead to stare around the bar. “I know you don't like the fact that I'm in there, but I had no other choice Seung Hyun.”

“I'm sure you did have another choice, but you chose not to take it”, Sueng Hyun replied.

“I didn't have the opportunities you guys did. I couldn't get into college”, Hyun Joong argued.

“But you're smart! You know you could have a much better life.”, Seung Hyun replied.

Hyun Joong sighed. “Let's not talk about this now ok?” Seung Hyun shook his head but kept his mouth closed, taking a quick shot.

“Have you seen Jaejoong lately?”, Hyun Joong asked. Seung Hyun shook his head.

“Heard he's well”, Hyun Joong continued. “Joo Eun told me he's doing very well. Heard he has a girlfriend.” Hyun Joong chuckled. “I knew he would always be the first one to get married.”

Seung Hyun smirked. “Maybe if one of us could get Joo Eun to fall in love with us one of us, we would already be married.” Hyun Joong smiled.

“I'm not going to lie Sueng Hyun....she clearly favors you”, he said.

“Aww..come on. She totally likes you”, Seung Hyun replied.

Hyun Joong chuckled. “But I want her to love me....”

Seung Hyun stared down at the glass in his hand. “Don't we both...?”

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 1/5/2010, 5:48 pm

--> Musichttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA0qWEUWgOU

Suspect is moving down the north street heading right toward the south exit”, a woman's commanding voice spoke in Young Bae's ear. He narrowed his eyes as his tires make a loud screeching sound as he quickly made a u-turn and moved in the opposite direction.

“Local police closing in on your left”, she announced.

“I'm on it”, he heard Jiyong answer. He watched as Jiyong's sleek black Mercedes came out of nowhere quickly blocking the street to his left. He hit the gas moving toward the direction being reported to him.

“Suspect is moving north, taking a right turn.....”

“Suspect had entered an office...”

“Check me what this office is of ”, Young Bae ordered.

“Vacant business sir. Suspect is moving into the back alley. Moving right. Suspect had moved into a red mustang moving toward 56th street on your right...”

Young Bae pushed his car forward. Damn, damn. This fucking bastard is about to get away!!!

“Got him”, he heard Seung Hyun's voice report suddenly.

What?!, Young Bae thought. He brought his car to a screeching halt as he saw the scene before him. Seung Hyun was moving toward the grassy area of the road where the car has apparently gotten off course and hit a tree. Young Bae quickly zeroed in on a blown out tire. Bastard, you would just shoot at the tires...

A man slowly walked out of the car, his arms raised. There was blood on his head where he had gotten hurt in the “accident”. Seung Hyun walked up to him, pointing a gun straight at his head.

“This is how policemen in South Korea treat FBI agents?”, the man asked, smirking despite his situation.

“Shut-up. You're a fucking fraud and you know it. How long did you stay in the FBI under false pretenses?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“I'm an American...I have the right to remain silent”, the man responded.

Seung Hyun pressed the gun to his head. “I give a fucking damn whether or not you're an American. Tell me how long you were in there Kim Hyung Joon.”

Hyung Joon smiled. “Maybe a few months, so? I had legitimate reason to be there. I needed protection.”

“From who?”, Young Bae asked, walking into the scene.

“Who else? Dong Sun.”, Hyun Joong responded.........

Back at headquarters

“Doesn't make any sense. This guy was relaying information to the nephew of Dong Sun. Why was he getting protection from the FBI against that man if he was helping him?”, Joo Eun argued throwing aside the paper that had his statement written.

“Blackmail?”, Daesung suggested.

“No, there's more to this than that......it's not that he wanted to give the information, it's that he did. What kind of threat though could a man overseas make?”, Jiyong pondered.

“How about killing a nephew that's your best friend”, Seung Hyun's voice said as he walked into the room. They all looked up and stared at him.

“He wants to kill his own nephew? Why in hell would he do that?”, Young Bae asked.

“Because Jungmin was an undercover CIA agent. He was interfering with his uncle's work in South Korea. He was ordered to kill by Ji Woo”, he replied.

“Okay, so where does Hyun Joong fit in this puzzle?”, Jiyong asked knowing that was what they were all after.

“He's the one who killed that man. He used Park Jungmin's credit card to buy the bat. I have his fingerprint samples right here and a security tape.”, Seung Hyun responded.

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 1/8/2010, 6:16 pm

--> Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xu0XUVuyco
Jaejoong's hands trembled as he picked up the phone and quickly dialed a number he knew by heart. It rang once...twice....three.....four times. Next thing he knew he was hearing the voice mail. He didn't hesitate to hang up and dial another number. He heard a click as the recipient picked up.

“Yo”, came the deep bass toned voice he had known throughout his childhood.

“Seung Hyun...I need your help....help me please”, Jaejoong whispered.

“What is it Jaejoong?”, Seung Hyun asked worriedly.

“Come to the United States immediately”, he replied simply, and then the line went dead.

15 hours later Seung Hyun was walking rapidly alongside a heavily concealed Jaejoong, through t he airport.

“What's wrong?”, Seung Hyun asked once they were safely in a hotel room. Jaejoong stared at him and dropped on the floor.

“I-I've seen things that I never should have..”, Jaejoong whispered.

“What kind of things?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“A-a-a...a file...”, Jaejoong said slowly.

“A file?”, Seung Hyun asked.

Jaejoong stared at him with wide eyes. “I-I...I was invited to the house of an uncle of a CIA agent whom I get along well with. This agent's name is Jungmin. His uncle...he...” His voice trailed off in terror.

“He what Jaejoong....tell me”, Seung Hyun urged. His eyes pressed his best friend for the information.

Jaejoong shook violently as he said, “....it was a blacklist Seung Hyun. I had the name of maybe twenty or so prominent man in South Korea right now who have ordered the deaths of various world leaders. The President of the United States himself is on that list!!”

Seung Hyun stared at his friend, shocked. “Do you....know...when or who...?”

Jaejoong nodded. “The list was in it's final preparations...they even had the name of the assassins next to the victims. Seung Hyun.....this man is mercenary. He orders the deaths of all of these people...and..”, he shuddered.

“Does he know that you've seen this list?”, Seung Hyun asked.

Jaejoong slowly nodded.

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 1/13/2010, 5:48 pm

Music --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXNXB0bZVS4

Jungmin looked across the table at Heo Young Saeng. Both of them had been intercepted at the Seoul International airport only a few hours earlier. In front of them stood a top-class crime scene analyzer and genius mathematician – Seung Ri. Alongside him sat a specialized tracker and top-notch criminal psychologist – Jiyong.

“So, lets see...”, Jiyong muttered flipping through their files. “You both were CIA agents undercover up until three months ago. Certain reason you quit?”

“We didn't quit...just a short break.”, Jungmin replied, irritated.

“Why?”, Seung Ri asked.

Jungmin narrowed his eyes at him. “Because of Dong Sun..why else?”

“Care to be more specific?”, Seung Ri pressed. Jungmin sealed his mouth, deciding that he didn't care.

“Does your buddy here talk?”, Jiyong asked, looking at Young Saeng. Young Saeng, for his part, rolled his eyes.

“Look, we've been after Dong Sun for a year now. Having you guys confess to the crimes he does allows us to bring him in on various charges. We plan to get him the death penalty”, Jiyong stated. Both men ignored him as if he hadn't said anything.

At that moment the door burst open and Seung Hyun walked in. Both men looked up as he pushed Hyung Joon through the door.

Hyung Joon smiled when he saw his comrades in the room. “Huh...got you guys too huh?”, he asked.

Seung Hyun's cold and calculating eyes watched the three men as they sat, unyielding. Then, without warning he punched Jungmin straight in the jaw. This caused a reaction from the other two.

“Hey!! What the hell is your problem?”, Hyung Joon asked.

“Tell me why you couldn't kill Jaejoong yourself Jungmin. You fucking bastard!!”, Seung Hyun replied.

Jungmin smirked as he wiped the blood on his sleeve. Hyung Joon helped his hyung up while Young Saeng kept a watchful eye on the rest of the agents.

“What's wrong Seung Hyun? Not happy that you got to kill him?”, Jungmin asked. Seung Hyun responded with another punch.

Jiyong and Seung Ri looked away from the scene, knowing that they shouldn't interfere while Jungmin's two buddies tried their best to interfere.

Seung Hyun finally pulled away from Jungmin. He left angrily, not knowing how else to get information from him. His hands shook as he washed Jungmin's blood from them. He watched the blood drip as with horror he remembered that day. The day he had been found himself obliged to kill Jaejoong.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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Music --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJWgUUc-oNE
Jaejoong paced nervously. He wrestled with the tears that sprang forth in his eyes as he thought about the fact that he may never see his native country again. He heard footsteps and his head snapped up.

“I've got the tickets, lets go”, Seung Hyun said, motioning to Jaejoong to follow him.

Moving slowly and swiftly they left the hotel room and made their way to the back alley. Once outside Seung Hyun motioned to him to quickly get into the car parked outside. Seung Hyun quickly climbed in and started the engine. He drove off making a loud screeching noise as he put pressure on the tires. It wasn't long before Jaejoong began to hear the shouts. He turned nervously to Seung Hyun.

“Don't worry. No way in hell they'll catch up to us”, Seung Hyun answered. “But still, hold on.” He blasted down the streets at an alarming speed.

“Seung Hyun....”, Jaejoong started nervously as he stared at the rear view mirror.

“What?”, Seung Hyun asked distractedly.

“That....”, Jaejoong said pointed at the image. Seung Hyun only got a shot glimpse before he heard the shot ring loud and clear. He grabbed a hold of Jaejoong's head and forced it down as he himself ducked.

The glass of one of the right passenger's window shattered. Both Seung Hyun and Jaejoong felt parts of their skin rip from embedded glass.

Dammit, where the hell is that back-up I called for? Seung Hyun wondered angrily.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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---> Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf4BhmmEzgI


“What do you plan to do now Hyun Joong?”, Kyujong asked as he polished his pistol.

“What do you mean?”, Hyun Joong asked, throwing darts lazily.

“Uh...hello.....Jungmin, Hyung Joon, and Young Saeng are all gone. Any idea to where they could have possibly disappeared too?”, Kyujong asked.

“Jungmin is probably with the police. I didn't exactly try to frame him for the death. I had his credit card on me and I had no other way to defend myself. Besides, do you really think I would allow one of Ji Woo's assassins to kill me so easily?”, Hyun Joong replied.

“No....but you were Ji Woo's right-hand man, just like Dong Sun. Any idea why he would send his assassins to kill you as his last wish?”, Kyujong asked.

“Standard procedure. Ji Woo knew that if he were ever to die the culprit would likely be someone close to him..making me the top of the list. Dong Sun was willing to kill his own nephew for the cause, giving him protection. So, all the mercenaries assigned to his other assassination missions were to be immediately put under the same mission to kill his closest men in the business with the sole exception of Dong Sun.” Hyun Joong explained.

“This was for safety right?”, Kyujong asked. Hyun Joong nodded. “Then why in hell would you know his plan if you would have been the prime suspect?”

“I'm not an idiot”, Hyun Joong replied.

Kyujong smirked. “So what about the other two?”

“Hyung Joon is probably wherever Jungmin is. He ties himself too closely to that guy. As for Young Saeng....I have no idea. He may be with them as well, but if that's the case he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time”, Hyun Joong answered.

“So we just hang out here until we get any news?”, Kyujong asked. Hyun Joong nodded. “Alright then..”

Kyujong watched Hyun Joong silently as he continued to throw darts. After a few minutes of silence Hyun Joong cleared his throat. “Kyujong, did you ever meet Jaejoong?”, he asked tensely.

Kyujong seemed unsurprised by the question. “The ambassador? Yes, as a matter of fact I did”

“When?”, Hyun Joong asked, trying to keep his voice controlled.

“I was in Dong's Sun's summer home in LA when I saw him come in, following Jungmin”, Kyujong said.

“Did you say anything to him? See anything unusual?”, Hyun Joong asked.

Kyujong shook his head. “Nope. I was called out by Dong Sun to pass a shipment on. The next time I saw him he was dead.”

Hyun Joong nodded.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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Music -->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ERBIdvQFiU

Jaejoong opened his eyes slowly. He stared around at the dark room. He could feel the cuts and bruises all over his body. He pulled his hand up to his face only to see that small bits of glass were still deeply embedded in the flesh. He winced in pain as he started pulling them out, one by one. Fresh blood began to ooze out of the wounds.

“Jaejoong, stop it. It's no use”, he heard a familiar voice whisper in the darkness.

Jaejoong stopped and looked around. He squinted his eyes to adjust his sight better to the small amount of light streaming in. That was when he saw Seung Hyun's figure staring right back at him.

“Seung Hyun. They got us huh?”, Jaejoong asked, his voice shaking slightly. “I'm sorry.....I got you into this..”

“Shut-up Jaejoong. We have to find a way to get out of here now”, Seung Hyun replied bluntly.

Jaejoong nodded. As soon as he did though, the door burst open and Dong Sun stepped in.

“Well, hello hello. How are you two gentlemen today?”, Dong Sun asked, smirking.

“Cut the crap”, Seung Hyun replied.

Dong Sun's smirk disappeared. “You're a mouthy one aren't you?”, he said.

“What do you think?”, Seung Hyun replied.

Dong Sun let an awkward silence come between them. Then suddenly he started laughing exuberantly. After a while he was finally able to calm down. “Ah....I like you..you're quite a piece of work..”

“I give a damn what you think about me. Just tell me why the hell I'm disarmed and what exactly you want with us”, Seung Hyun said bluntly.

Dong Sun had a smile playing on his lips. “Well..first of all...since you're not tied up you can guess I don't want to kill you two. Rather...I would like you to join my organization.”

“What!?”, Jaejoong said immediately. “Join an organization that is working to kill all the people that keep peace in this world?!”

Dong Sun let out a chuckle. “Peace huh? If there was really peace why is this world still training armies...creating nuclear weapons? No...peace will never exist unless these people are executed, and you two are ideal to help. With your extensive knowledge in politics you can get us many of the targets on our list.”

“And what? Once they're killed you take over as dictator?”, Seung Hyun asked. “No thanks, I think I'd rather take death.”

Dong Sun started laughing once again.“Really now? Because you're friend Hyun Joong once said the same thing....”

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Re: Path of Enmity

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--> Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eApUacWOYQ


Joo Eun quickly pulled file after file out of the archives. Her eyes scanned each paper rapidly, committing everything to memory within seconds. After she was done she sighed heavily and threw the entire pile forcefully at the wall.

“No need to be so aggressive”, came Young Bae's voice from behind her. She turned and gave him a look of hopelessness. His tone immediately changed upon seeing the condition she was in. “What's wrong?”, he asked.

“How Young Bae?? How can I prove that both of them were just pawns in Ji Woo's game if everything proves otherwise?”, she asked, distraught. “Hyun Joong was part of the organization that ordered the death of Jaejoong. He says that he's only in there to find Jaejoong's killer, but our information shows that he was part of it since 6 months prior to my brother's death.”

“I know...”, Young Bae said sadly. “Maybe....maybe he's just staying to find Jaejoong's killer. They were such good friends, I find it hard to believe that he may have been one of the one's to order his death.”

Joo Eun nodded, tears beginning to slide down her face. Young Bae sighed. “C'mon now, don't cry. I know it feels like we've been trying forever, but we'll find the killer.....and we'll get those two back to being the good friends they once were.”

“But....even if Hyun Joong wasn't the one who ordered the killing of Jaejoong, there's still the other factor.”, Joo Eun responded.

Young Bae cast his eyes down on the floor. “Yes....the fact that Seung Hyun was the one that killed Jaejoong.”

“Exactly. And how will Hyun Joong ever understand? He could never understand....he already hates Seung Hyun, and I feel like nothing can change that.”, she added.

Young Bae nodded. “We'll find a way.” He walked over to her and patted her head like an older brother. He smiled widely. “I'll always help you. Not only because Seung Hyun is like family, but because you've become like my family as well.”

Joo Eun smiled gratefully, wiping away her tears quickly.

“Hey guys!!! Guys!!”, came Seung Ri's voice down the hallway.

Young Bae quickly walked out to the doorway. “What is it?”, he called out.

“We have new information!!”, Jiyong responded. Young Bae turned to Joo Eun who nodded. Making sure that her face showed no trace of tears she followed Young Bae to the room where Seung Ri was writing furiously on a white board.

“New information?”, Seung Hyun asked, pulling himself on top of one of the desk's.

“Yes.....I examined your oh-so-cooperative hostages”, Jiyong replied.

“They're not hostages”, Seung Hyun replied, sounding somewhat indignant.

“Right....they're just here against their own will”, Jiyong said sarcastically. Seung Hyun rolled his eyes, but motioned for Jiyong to continue. “Anyways, I've found out that Ji Woo actually had a set organization within his gang.”

“Yup, you can see somewhat of a diagram here”, Seung Ri said, motioning to the board. They all turned to stare at it. “The organization had one main boss – Ji Woo. Then it had somewhat like a sub-boss or second-in-command”, Seung Ri explained.

“And that's Dong Sun?”, Daesung inquired.

Jiyong snapped his fingers. “Bingo!”, he said.

Seung Ri nodded approvingly. “Then from there, the organization takes more of the form of a pyramid. The two main bosses or leaders are at the top together. From there we break down into two main consultants. Essentially they're right-hand men to the bosses. One is Kang Byung Il...”

“The one that ordered us to kill Ji Woo....the traitor, yes.”, Seung Hyun cut in.

“Yeah...and the other is Hyun Joong”, Seung Ri finished. An awkward silence filled the room.

Seung Hyun stared at the board where Hyun Joong's name was written. His gaze turned icy and cold. He jumped off the table and began walking toward the door. “I'm going to kill that motherfucker”, he said, slamming the door as he left.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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Music -->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ERBIdvQFiU

“Hyun Joong?”, Jaejoong asked is his gentle voice, unable to believe what Dong Sun had just said.

“He works with you on this?? This.....killing, no murder of so many people?”, Seung Hyun asked.

Dong Sun smiled. “Yes he does. In fact, he's been in the organization for six months”, he replied. “He's the one who asked me to try and get you two in here. He wanted his...friends...to partake in this new vision of the world.”

“Why the hell would he ask that if he knows us well enough to know that we would never accept”, Seung Hyun replied.

“Really?? Well....he did mention you may need some convincing...”, Dong Sun said thoughtfully. As he finished speaking, as if on a silent command, two men stepped forward and grabbed Jaejoong forcefully even while Jaejoong tried to get away from them, but he was never a fighter. He was quickly pinned down, a knife held at his throat.

“So...what will it be? His death or your service?”, Dong Sun asked Seung Hyun.

“Just me? What about Jaejoong?”, Seung Hyun asked. “Don't you want him in too. How will that happen if you kill him?”

“Jaejoong is more of a luxury, while you Seung Hyun....you're a necessary asset. Your participation is something I can't pass upon”, Dong Sun replied.

“Why?”, Seung Hyun asked, his eyes darting back and forth from Dong Sun to Jaejoong.

He's trying to buy time....how amusing. Ji Woo was right, these three are too close.
Dong Sun thought.

“Well..”, he began, “because you are such a prominent figure in Korea, we can easily get you near our victims. Not only that, but since you are a covert......let's say.....peacekeeper....among the International relations department, you will be our main asset.”

Seung Hyun's eyes suddenly hardened. “How is it that you know something that is meant to be covert?”

“I know a lot of people”, Dong Sun responded.

Seung Hyun's flashed angrily, obviously not content with Dong Sun's answer.

“So...what is your answer Seung Hyun? Shall Jaejoong live or die?? Yes or no?”, Dong Sun pressed.

Seung Hyun stared at Jaejoong's face long and hard, communicating with him silently. Jaejoong gulped and shook his head slowly, but Seung Hyun ignored these actions.

“No”, Seung Hyun responded.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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Music --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiuLvJDx8SE


Hyun Joong walked slowly into Dong Sun's main headquarters. He watched as the guards looked at him tensely. He held up both of his hands while Kyu Jong did the same behind him.

“Get rid of your weapons”, one of the guards commanded. For once, Hyun Joong did as he requested. He dropped all four of his hidden pistols on the ground and fished out his razor from his pocket. He then watched in amazement as Kyu Jong took out six pistols, two grenades, and a set of eight knifes.

“What?”, Kyu Jong said as Hyun Joong eyed him. “I gotta be prepared for anything”

Hyun Joong simply sighed and followed the guards in to Dong Sun's office.

Dong Sun smirked as he saw Hyun Joong come in escorted by his guards. “Well...hello hello...”, Dong Sun said. Hyun Joong rolled his eyes. Dong Sun just chuckled. “You have all of the assassins in this organizations after you and you still roll your eyes when you stand in front of the new boss?”

“I didn't kill him”, Hyun Joong replied. Dong Sun stared at him and then looked at one of his guards who quickly slammed a bat against Hyun Joong's legs, forcing him to fall on his knees. Hyun Joong clenched his teeth together, trying to ignore the throbbing pain.

“So.....what are you doing here. The truth”, Dong Sun asked.

Hyun Joong looked at him with impassive eyes. “Do you think I would really be here if I had killed Ji Woo.”

“Nobody said you killed him. We simply think you were the one who gave the order”, Dong Sun replied, taking a sip from the whiskey in his hand.

“I did neither”, Hyun Joong.

“Now you're going to tell me you're innocent huh? Was being hunted down too much for you? Prefer to turn yourself in?”, Dong Sun said.

Hyun Joong narrowed his eyes. “What do you want Dong Sun? I know you don't think it's me, but you need something don't you?”

Dong Sun smiled. “Clever. As a matter of fact, I do need something.” He set his glass down carefully and walked over to Hyun Joong. He crouched down to meet Hyun Joong's eyes. “How about you and your loyal sidekick there do a little job for me.”

“Who?”, Hyun Joong asked calmly.

“Robert O'Brien, Prime Minister of England”, Dong Sun replied. “He'll be here tomorrow, in the city square.”

“One of your targets?”, Hyun Joong asked.

“If you want to still be part of this organization, he's now your target. I expect a clean job”, Dong Sun replied.

Hyun Joong turned slowly to Kyu Jong who kept his face impassive.

“We'll do it”, he finally said.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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Music --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXNXB0bZVS4
“You won't do it?”, Dong Sun asked, a smile playing on his lips. “Fine...have it your way.”

Seung Hyun watched as the Dong Sun pressed the gun against his forehead. He snapped his fingers and his men roughly turned and dragged Jaejoong so that he was kneeling in front of Seung Hyun.

“Why don't you watch as we kill Jaejoong first? Right in front of you...”, Dong Sun said.

Seung Hyun didn't respond, keeping his eyes cold and his face impassive.

“Ready?”, Dong Sun said, about to give the signal.

“Uncle!!”, Jungmin cried out as he ran into the room. Dong Sun stopped and stared at him with his arm still in mid-air.

“What is it?”, Dong Sun asked.

“I'll take them under my wing. I'll teach them, don't worry. They'll break easily....just like Hyun Joong did”, Jungmin said.

“Really now? Why would you want to do that?”, Dong Sun asked.

“Because they're both powerful assests that we can't waste”, Jungmin responded.

Dong Sun smirked. He turned on the scene he had created and walked over to his nephew. He pulled up his gun and held it against his nephew's head.

“I don't like to be interrupted Jungmin. Don't make another mistake, because I swear that I will kill you this time”, Dong Sun said in an icy tone.

Jungmin stared ahead, not letting his emotions betray him. “Yes, sir”, he replied.

Dong Sun signaled for his men to leave. They followed behind him leaving Jungmin, Jaejoong, and Seung Hyun alone. Jaejoong and Seung Hyun slumped onto the floor, exhausted. Jungmin stared at them and slowly made his way over to their side.

“So....”, he said, “who's ready to learn some rules on team assassination?”

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Re: Path of Enmity

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Seung Hyun ran after Joo Eun into the emergency room at full speed. He came to a sudden halt behind her.

“What happened Seung Ri?”, she asked as they entered the waiting room.

Seung Ri looked up at her steadily. “There were two assassins. Each shot from opposite sides. Both snipers, and both exact hits.”

“How was it executed?”, Seung Hyun asked, stepping forward.

Seung Ri looked up at the x-rays they had received of the two bullets that had instantaneously killed the prime minister of England. “It wasn't an exactly clean job. The bullets are lodged in. Burn marks were on his skin as he came in. Both assassins were extremely close to him. Actually, right next to him.”

“Security tape?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“You can't distinguish who they are. They were dressed as regular guards, in black from top to bottom. They disappear from the camera's view as soon as it's all over”, Seung Ri replied.

“Who do the local police have?”, Joo Eun asked, staring at the x-rays.

“Idiots”, Jiyong replied. “I've examined them all....none of them would have been capable of something like this.”

Joo Eun stared at him as he walked over to his laptop and opened it. He typed furiously and then backed away from the screen allowing Joo Eun and Seung Hyun a way to see it.

“See here?”, he asked, pointing to the middle of the screen. “That's the prime minister. Now watch as he's walking among the crowd. Those two on his sides that are covered up are the gunmen. Watch and listen. Listen very closely.” Joo Eun and Seung Hyun stared at the screen hardly daring to breathe. That's was when they heard the shot and the prime minister go down. The two gunmen immediately disappeared into the crowd.

Joo Eun stepped away from the screen unable to understand. “Disturbing isn't it?”, Seung Ri asked. Joo Eun nodded. “Daesung and I were able to detect it. It's something one would normally overlook.”

Seung Hyun pulled his eyes away from the screen and turned to Jiyong. “Any idea what kind of assassin team is so well coordinated that they shoot at exactly the same time. So well coordinated in fact, that it sounds like one gunshot when in fact the prime minister had two bullets lodged in his head, one from each side?”

“No idea”, Jiyong responded. “But I have an idea as to who would.”

“Who?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“One of your little captives. According to the information we have, the prime minister was on Dong Sun's list. Who else will provide better information other than his minions?”


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Music -->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxIK5grHB6E
Seung Hyun stared at Jungmin as he began to pack his assassination “materials.”

“Why are you doing this? You're not a killer”, Seung Hyun said.

“You're right, I'm not”, Jungmin responded.

“So...”, Jaejoong asked.

“So..”, Jungmin said, zipping up his bags. “That's why I have Seung Hyun. Jaejoong, you know the only reason you're alive is because I needed your friend. I was given an assassination mission as a test because my uncle things I may be up to 'stuff' behind his back.”

“What kind of stuff?”, Seung Hyun asked keeping his eyes on him.

“Oh y'know....stuff...”, Jungmin responded. He walked over to the only window in the room and looked out at the park across the street. “This is a perfect location..”, he muttered under his breath.

“You want Seung Hyun to kill this man instead of you?”, Jaejoong asked.

“Of course!”, Jungmin responded, turning around with a smirk on his face. “He's the best undercover assassin in South Korea. What more could I want?”

“That's why you saved us..”, Jaejoong muttered. Jungmin raised his eyebrows, amused at how disappointed he sounded.

“I knew there was something you wanted. But I have bad news for you genius”, Seung Hyun said.

“What?”, Jungmin said, his smirk disappearing.

“I've never actually killed anyone. I work as that, of course. I have...given people a “scare”, but no, I've never had blood on my hands.”, Seung Hyun responded, a smirk spreading on his face.

Jungmin looked away. He sighed deeply. “Guess it couldn't be helped. You haven't killed anyone Seung Hyun...yet....tonight will be your first assassination.”

“And tell me again why you couldn't get someone else to do this?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Ha!! Are you kidding? I need the best of the best for something like this”, Jungmin replied.

“Why?”, Jaejoong asked.

“Are you serious? To breach that security?? This isn't some idiot politician from an unknown country...this is the president of the “greatest nation on earth”. You try killing the President of the United States.”

“I am”, Seung Hyun responded.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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Jungmin smirked at Daesung who was typing away furiously in his computer like always.

“A combination like that? That can only be pulled off by two members of the organization”, he said.

“Who?”, Jiyong asked, staring at him intently.

“Kyujong...and I think you know pretty damn well who the other one is”, Jungmin answered, his eyes eyes locked on Seung Hyun.

Seung Hyun stared at him with piercing eyes. “Hyun Joong”

Jungmin smirked at him. “Only two....of course that includes him. He's merciless.”

“How many times have you seen them execute this tactic?”, Jiyong asked, trying to take over before Seung Hyun caused another scene.

“Only once”, Jungmin replied, rolling his eyes, obviously annoyed with the fact that Jiyong had interfered.

“When?”, Jiyong pressed.

“Last year...when their target was the President of the United States. Quite a lot of things happened that evening right Seung Hyun?”, Jungmin replied.

Seung Hyun clenched his jaw, his hand tightening into a fist. Jiyong sighed and motioned to Seung Hyun to leave. Seung Hyun did as he was told and minuted later, he was in Jiyong's office, sitting across from Jiyong.

“Tell me what happened that evening Seung Hyun. It might help me figure out where Hyun Joong is”, Jiyong replied.

Seung Hyun stared at him, a hard look on his face. “I have trouble recalling a night like that Jiyong.”

Jiyong stared at him thoughtfully. “Was it the night that Jaejoong died?”

“Yes”, Seung Hyun responded


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Music -->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI_PM-0OCOg
Jungmin surveyed the area carefully. It was only a few minutes before the central square would become an execution site. He stared out the window thoughtfully when a flicker of movement caught his eye. He narrowed his eyes to get a better look. As he realized who it was he felt a foreboding feeling.

“Seung Hyun”, he said, calling him over. Seung Hyun walked over slowly.

“What?”, he asked in an annoyed tone.

“Put the gun away, you won't need it. Seems like Dong Sun didn't believe me capable of carrying out the job. He's sent two of his personal assassins. Hurry up!! Jaejoong you too!! We have to get out of here. There are probably more assassins after us.”

Seung Hyun didn't move a single muscle though. He looked out the window.

“Stay down!!”, Jungmin hissed.

“Who are they?”, he asked.

“Two VERY good assassins. I know you know one of them....his name is Hyun Joong”, he replied.

“What!?”, Jaejoong said, running over to the window just as Seung Hyun opened it all the way to look down.

“Shut the window!! Pull the curtains dammit!”, Jungmin said angrily. Seung Hyun swirled around and punched him. Then he turned back around, his icy eyes searching the ground like an eagle.

“There....”, Jaejoong said, pointing. “Next to the President....that's him Seung Hyun. I'd know him anywhere”

Seung Hyun nodded. “What the hell has he gotten himself into?”

As they stared, they suddenly heard a shot ricochet off the side of the wall. They both pulled back immediately and saw two hooded people staring at them from the building right across from them.

“Let's go!!”, Jungmin roared, pulling them after him. All three of them ran. They began to hear screams from the square below. Pounding feet could be heard and cries from the various people who had just seen the President fall. Seung Hyun moved his feet to the rhythm of his pounding heart, evading bullets as they whizzed by and pushing Jaejoong in front of him, trying to get him out of danger.

They ran through the lobby of the building and quickly began descending stairs into the basement level. As they did, they heard the screams of the receptionist and various shots followed after word, silencing one noise among the many outside.

Jaejoong could fell himself running out of breath, but he kept running. They ran through the basement level and out into the parking lot. They could see people running, in tears, total chaos surrounded them. Jungmin looked around, for a split second, he was unsure of where to go. Suddenly, a car arrived at full speed and stopped with a loud screeching sound in front of them.

“Get in!! Hurry!!”, came Hyung Joon's voice. They all quickly got in as the mercenaries appeared. They blew out Hyung Joon's side mirror and destroyed the two back windows. Hyung Joon sped away, evading the massive crowd.

“Everyone ok?!”, Jungmin shouted.

“Yes!”, Seung Hyun responded. Meanwhile, Jaejoong stared fearfully out of his broken window. They took an entire turn around the square, passing many people who continued to scream and cry. Then, as the car swerved into a highway lane, Jaejoong's eyes connected with one man who was walking calmly thorough the crowd. The man stared back at him, his eyes growing wide with both surprise and fear. “Hyun Joong!” Jaejoong cried out, but in a split second they were moving at full speed on the highway.

“Hyung Joong?”, Seung Hyun asked. Jaejoong could only nod.

Meanwhile, Hyun Joong stood as if he was in a trance in the middle of the street. “Jaejoong...”, he whispered under his breath.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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Joo Eun stared as Daesung typed furiously into his computer. She was unable to understand the situation.

“I swear that I can't access anything Joo Eun. Somebody has blocked all of our access codes. But..who?”, Daesung asked.

“Seung Ri!! Young Bae!!”, Joo Eun called out, visibly shaken at the current situation.

They both came in quickly, thinking there was an emergency. “What is it?”, Young Bae asked.

“Why can't Daesung enter any of our security systems? He can't even get into our files”, Joo Eun said.

“Access Denied”, Daesung's computer-automated voice said as he failed for the hundreth or so time.

“Why are you asking us? Daesung is the one that's a genius hacker”, Seung Ri replied calmly.

“Because I can't enter them either!!”, Daesung replied in an agitated tone. Then suddenly they heard the sound of the computer again, “Access approved.” Daesung stood gaping at the computer. He had been trying to enter for the last three hours.

“See! There, you probably typed something wrong”, Seung Ri replied.

“No!! In three hours I'm pretty sure even the biggest idiot would have noticed that they typed something wrong”, Daesung replied.

“Ok, whatever. Get me to the database with Hyun Joong's current information”, Joo Eun said, staring at the screen over Daesung's shoulder. Daesung nodded and pulled up the screen only to stare at it with wide eyes.

“Whta's wrong?”, Young Bae said, seeing their reactions.

“It's blank....the entire database is blank...”, Joo Eun replied in awe.

“That's right...and your security systems seem to be down as well”, Jungmin said steeping into the room. Everyone turned around to stare at him. Jungmin felt a gun pressed into his chest as Young Bae stared him down with impassive eyes.

“They're down? Then why in hell are you here? Shouldn't you be running away, trying to get back to your wonderful uncle?”, Young Bae asked.

Jungmin smirked. “I've given you guys too much information. This time I'm guaranteed to die if I go back. Anyways, this is a good way to leave don't you think? I'll help you guys nail the organization.”

“Why would you want to do that?”, Seung Ri asked.

“Because.....Seung Hyun killed Jaejoong because of me.”


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Music --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI_PM-0OCOg
Jungmin hurried Seung Hyun and Jaejoong alongside him. “Hurry up!! We have to get out of here. Dong Sun will have every assassin under his direct orders looking for us.”

“Where are we going?”, Jaejoong asked, as they ran into a hotel and proceeded to run full speed up the stiarway.

“Anywhere, just not Korea or the United States. How about France? France sound good? Or better yet...Spain. Yeah, that's better...”, Jungmin rambled off.

“Why are we leaving the country?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“You're no longer safe in either location. You must go undercover. Until this organization falls....you must live in secret. Start a new life somewhere, pretend like you never knew anything.”, Jungmin replied.

“I can't do that Jungmin!! I have a sister waiting for my return in Korea”, Jaejoong replied angrily.

Jungmin stopped suddenly and turned around to Jaejoong eyeing him carefully. Hyung Joon turned around. “Hurry up!!”, he called out.

“From now on...you never had a sister. She's dead.”, Jungmin replied.

Jaejoong's eyes hardened. “She's not dead and I won't go with you. If you're taking me anywhere, it's to South Korea. I have to get my sister I'm taking Joo Eun with me. I'm not going to leave her alone.”

“What the hell is the matter with you? You take her with you and you've made her a direct target for Dong Sun.”, Jungmin replied angrily.

“She became a target the moment I entered your uncle's home. As soon as I laid eyes on that list, her name appeared on the list as well”, Jaejoong answered.

Jungmin stared at him. “You're right....fine, we'll get her. I swear we will, but for now let's go!! We have to get to that damned helicopter before they get here.”

They followed him, running up set after set of stairs. They could hear screams coming from below them. “Hurry up!!”, Jungmin cried. “Go!! Go!!” He pushed Seung Hyun and Jaejoong ahead of him. Hyung Joon pulled open door after door, slamming them into the wall as he hurried everyone through.

Suddenly, Jungmin stopped. “Shut-up!”, he told them. They all stopped to listen. Jungmin closed his eyes, trying to block out the shouts he heard. He heard a whizzing sound and something come down from the top of the building at a fast speed. He opened his eyes wide as a gunshot rang out.

“They're using the service elevator!! FASTER!! FASTER!!! HURRY UP!!!!!”, he shouted at the top of his lungs, bolting up the next set of stairs. He finally came to the top level and he quickly took out his pistol. He shot directly at the lock and kicked the heavy steel door open. There, on the top, stood a helicopter waiting with Young Saeng as the pilot.

“Get in!!”, he said turning to the rest and rushing them into the helicopter. They heard the noise of the second group making their way onto the top of the stairs. Jungmin jumped in and started firing as the assassins began to appear. He motioned at Young Saeng to liftoff. Young Saeng did as he was told, closing his eyes in a foreboding manner.

As soon as they were out of range, Jungmin turned to the rest of the passengers on the helicopter only to find Dong Sun smiling at him. Dong Sun quickly and effectively snatched the pistol from Jungmin's hand.

“Thank you nephew. Now Young Saeng, why don't you redirect us from Spain to Korea. I want to meet this wonderful sister of Jaejoong's”, he said smiling.

“You bugged me!!”, Jungmin said, incredulous.

“Wrong....I simply...protected my best interests”, Dong Sun replied, aiming the gun at Young Saeng. “Try something and we all die here.”


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Hyun Joong looked up to see Byung Il staring at him from across the hall. Kyujong stared at Hyun Joong as he held Byung Il's gaze steadily.

“Something wrong?”, Kyujong asked Byung Il.

“Nothing..”, Byung Il replied in a pleasant voice. “I'm just naturally surprised that a traitor has been let into our organization.”

Hyun Joong smirked, but he didn't answer anything. Instead he turned his back on Byung Il and headed toward Dong Sun's office.

“Hey!”, Byung Il called. “You think you can just walk away? I've figured out your game. I know why you're here Hyun Joong. You don't aim to get world peace....you aim to find someone don't you?”

Hyun Joong turned around slowly and let his eyes travel slowly to Byung Il. “I don't know what the hell you're talking about”, he replied in a passive voice.

“This look familiar?”, he asked pulling put a picture from his pocket.

Hyun Joong narrowed his eyes as he saw who was on the picture. “I have no idea who that is”, he said.

“So I guess I can just kill her and you'd be fine with it?”, Byung Il asked in a taunting voice.

Hyun Joong shrugged. “Do whatever you want Byung Il. It's not my problem.”

Byung Il smirked. “Wow....killing Kim Joo Eun...the sister of your once best friend Jajoong...” At those words, Hyun Joong whipped around.

“If you think saying her name will get me involved you've got it all wrong. I lost connection with her the day her brother died,” he said.

“Why....did you feel guilty? Did you find it hard to tell her that it was all your fault. That you were there but you didn't have the courage to run in?”, Byung Il pressed, a look of absolute enjoyment passing his face. Hyun Joong ignored him, turning back around without a word in response.

“Or is it because you were so pissed off at the fact that she found comfort in Seung Hyun instead of you?”, Byung Il said. “Didn't you feel your blood boiling at the thought that his hands were holding her as she cried over her brother when those same hands were the one that pulled the trigger?”

Hyun Joong closed his eyes in and attempt to suppress his anger as he continued down the hall. Against his own will, he felt waves of pain pounding against him.

“You love her don't you? When was the first time you realized it? When you were fifteen? Then Seung Hyun came along a year later and fell in love with her too. But you loved her first...yet...she chose him? Karma is a bitch isn't she?”, Byung Il continued, enjoying the game he was playing.

“Shut-up Byung Il”, Kyujong said, getting irritated.

“What's wrong Kyujong? He can't handle the truth? He has a fucked up life, I realize that, but to just let your friend die like that.....”, Byung Il shook his head. “And then to just give me permission to kill his sister.”

Within seconds, Hyun Joong turned around, grabbed Byung Il and slammed him into the wall. “When did I say I gave you permission you motherfucker. I never said their names could even cross your fucking lips. Don't talk about them again or I'll kill you. I swear I will.”

“Feisty are we?”, Byung Il asked, his eyes staring right into Hyun Joong.

“Don't try to act like you know anything about me”, Hyun Joong answered, punching him in the jaw. “You know nothing about me. The day you have lived what I have, I'd like to see if you can even get up every morning to keep going.”

He drew away and motioned for Kyujong to follow him. Byung Il smiled as he wiped the blood from his mouth. “I have a feeling Hyun Joong...that you suffering hasn't ended yet...not with what I just found out.”


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Re: Path of Enmity

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--->Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI_PM-0OCOg
“What do you want?”, Seung Hyun asked as soon as they were safely on the ground.

“Don't ask questions...move”, Dong Sun answered.

Seung Hyun gave him a cold gaze, but he did as he was told. He didn't have much of a choice since as soon as they hit the ground, approximately ten guns were immediately pointing at them.

Everyone followed Dong Sun without a question into the top floor of his own private headquarters in Los Angeles. As soon as they were all inside, he turned around to stare at them all.

“I guess that by now you all know that you won't be making it back to Korea”, Dong Sun said.

None of them answered him. There was complete silence in the room.

“So..who should I kill first?” Dong Sun asked.

“Why don't you do us all a favor and go shoot yourself?”, Seung Hyun replied. He immediately felt a blow to the stomach causing his knees to buckle slightly. He was able to keep himself upright though.

“So you want to die first?”, Dong Sun asked.

“Why the hell do you keep asking? If you want to kill me than do it!! I'm tired of your fucking games....just end it already!!”, Seung Hyun shouted.

Dong Sun stared at him, his eyes opening wide both in astonishment and amusement. “You know, you're a lot like Hyun Joong”

“I would never kill under the orders of a motherfucker like yourself”, Seung Hyun replied. He felt a gun strike his jaw and blood began to flow into his mouth.

“Fine. Then I guess I'll do it the painful way.” Dong Sun replied. He looked at his men who grabbed both Hyung Joon and Jaejoong.

“What are you doing?!”, Seung Hyun asked, fear rising inside him. “I told you to kill me!! Kill me!!”

“Who guaranteed you that after you were dead we would let everyone else go?”, Dong Sun inquired. “Perhaps you don't understand yet, but I set the rules. You will die Seung Hyun, but it will be long and painful. I personally hold you responsible for the deaths of everyone here.”

Seung Hyun stared at him, his eyes traveling from Jaejoong and back to Dong Sun. “Don't touch him.”

“Too bad”, Dong Sun answered. He walked over to a corner of the room and took out two huge gallons filled with a semi-transparent liquid.

“What are you doing uncle?”, Jungmin asked.

“Don't call me uncle you filthy son of a bitch!!”, Dong Sun replied, his face glowing with anger. He quickly took off the caps and threw the liquid over Hyung Joon and Jaejoong.

“Stop it!! STOP IT!!”, Jungmin cried out. Dong Sun paid no attention to him and took the second gallon, dousing them both once again. Hyung Joon tried to get away, but one of Dong Sun's men held him in place. Jaejoong simply stood there, as if resigned to the fact that he would die.

“Dying is more painful when you see it”, Dong Sun said. With that, he clicked on his lighter and threw it on the floor. The gasoline immediately lighted up, blazing a trail toward the two victims, one who struggled to get away, and another who was paralyzed with fear.

“JAEJOONG!!”, Seung Hyun cried out. Jungmin quickly turned around and began to fight off his guard managing to get hold of his gun and shoot him.

“One dead won't stop the flames!!”, Dong Sun shouted. Jungmin stared as he noticed the flames were already licking at Jaejoong's feet, about to reach Hyung Joon.

Jungmin quickly shot the guards behind Hyung Joon and Jaejoong. They both quickly began to undress. Hyung Joon had his pants off in a fraction of a second, tossing his socks and shoes as well.

“ARRGHH!!!”, Jaejoong shouted, as his flesh began to burn. His hands were developing welts as he tried to rip off his clothes. “MAKE IT STOP!! SEUNG HYUN!!”

Jungmin turned to Seung Hyun who stood transfixed. He began trying to out out the flames, but they were already climbing up Jaejoong's sides.

“ARRRRGGHHHH!!”, Jaejoong shouted in pain.

“He'll die!! You can't stop it anymore!! He'll die in terrible pain!!”, Dong Sun shouted.

Sueng Hyun stared as Jaejoong's screams resounded in his ears. He felt a flow of memories enter his mind. His best friend. Jaejoong was dying, burning alive and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Suddenly he turned to Jungmin. “Kill him!!”, he shouted, tears running down his face. “Shoot him before he dies like this!!”

Jungmin stared at him in awe, his hand trembling on the trigger. “I-I-I....can't...I..”

“ARRGHHHH!!”, Jaejoong shouted, his shouts embodying the ultimate pain. Seung Hyun ran quickly, grabbed the gun, turned around and pulled the trigger. He silenced Jaejoong's shouts and stopped his friend's pain, only to feel waves of pain pound against him.

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Re: Path of Enmity

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