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Path of Enmity

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Path of Enmity Empty Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 11/23/2009, 1:58 pm

Path of Enmity Enmity-1

Path of Enmity 2path-1

Seung Hyun (Big Bang)
Hyun Joong (SS501)
Joo Eun (Kim Tae Hee)
Jaejoong *minor character* (DBSK)

Check out the trailer (s)!! Very Happy
Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong --

Two more will be posted as the story progresses ^^


Jaejoong, Seung Hyun, and Hyun Joong were all best friends since childhood. When Jaejoong is sent on a diplomatic assignment to the United States he uncovers dangerous knowledge. Through a linked chain of events, Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong become enemies, each with the same objective -- to uncover the mystery of the knowledge Jaejoong attained. The knowledge that eventually led to his death.

Joo Eun (Kim Tae Hee) is Jaejoong's younger sister, working on the same case. Behind her are a group of specialists -- a crime analyzer and genius matematician (Seung Ri), a specialized tracker and criminal psychologist (Jiyong), a cryptologist and top-knotch hacker (Daesung), and two field agents (Seung Hyun and Young Bae)

What they find is what they least expect and the truth behind Jaejoong's death takes them down a path full of lies and deceptions -- a path of enmity

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Path of Enmity Empty Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 11/24/2009, 1:17 pm

---> Please click for music Very Happy