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Path of Enmity

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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 2/25/2010, 4:11 pm

** A/N: flashbacks have ended, the entire story in now in present time ^^

He moved his hands slowly staring at them long and hard.

“They're almost all gone”, Ae Hee said from behind him.

“Yes..”, he answered.

“That money was not a waste then”, she added. He simply nodded.

“What will you do now?”, she asked.

“I'm going to go back”, he answered.

“But you can't!”, Ae Hee said. She walked over to his side quickly. “You've barely recovered!! You need more time.”

“I've already reflected on everything that happened”, he replied.

“You have to heal...not just physically” she said.

“Wounds don't heal”, he replied in a cold voice. “they leave a scar. But this scar can't be removed by surgery like all the others.”

“Leave the past in the past”, Ae Hee said.

“That past is what torments my future. I need to find answers Ae Hee. Most importantly, I need to find her.”

“Where do you think she is? Are you sure she's not in some rural village living a comfortable life?”, she asked.

“No, she's not that type of girl. She was always an adventurous one, a fighter. She would have searched for the truth....even if it killed her”, he replied.

“Do you think she's dead?”, Ae Hee asked.

“No. But if she is, I need to find her body and kill whoever killed her. If she isn't, I need to kill whoever killed me and take her from that unforgiving world”, he replied.

Ae Hee sighed. “And nothing I say can change your mind?”.

“No”, he answered.

“Señor, ya esta listo su auto [Sir, your car is ready.]”, came the voice of one of the hotel employees.

“Si gracias. Ahorita voy.[Yes, thank you, I'll be there in a minute.]”, he replied. He turned to Ae Hee. “Take care here. Hide and don't let anyone know that you're connected in any way with me. I can assure you that they will try to kill you if they do.”

Ae Hee nodded. “Si Señor, como usted diga [Yes sir, I will do as you say]”, she replied.

He smiled at her fondly. “Thank you for everything.”

“Mi placer [My pleasure]”, she replied. “Buena suerte señor [good luck sir].”

He nodded as he placed dark sunglasses over his eyes. He then turned around and followed the employee out to his car. He waved one last time before disappearing in his car. Ae Hee waved back, feeling a foreboding feeling in her chest as she saw him pull away.

I guess I'll start preparing for his return. After all, I know he doesn't plan to go away for long. He's just going to go get her. That's all. He'll be back. Ae Hee smiled, and tried to shake the feelings of fear off.
He'll be fine. He knows what he's doing.

She then turned around and went up to the desk to officially check out.


“Okay, what the hell happened to out security?!”, Jiyong exclaimed as he entered the examination room.

“Somebody seems to have hacked into out system”, Daesung replied.

“Hacked into our system?!”, Jiyong repeated.

“I suppose our hostages have left?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Actually....”, Young Bae began. Jungmin moved out of the corner of the room.

“Jiyong, Seung Hyun, please welcome Jungmin. He is the new member of your team”, Joo Eun announced.

Jiyong stared at him, hos mouth agape. “What?! WHAT!!??”, Seung Hyun asked, his eyes wide with hatred as he stared at Jungmin.

“He has valuable information Seung Hyun. Besides, through him we can pinpoint every move that Hyun Joong makes”, Seung Ri advised.

“I don't care!! I don't want him here!”, Seung Hyun replied angrily.

“Seung Hyun...”, Young Bae began, trying to reason with him.

“No!! Young Bae, you don't understand! I don't want to see him! He's a filthy bastard!! Go back to our uncle son of a bitch!”, he said angrily to Jungmin.

“Too bad”, Joo Eun replied. “He's staying Seung Hyun.”

“WHAT!!??”, Seung Hyun said in a voice of disbelief. “You have to be kidding me”

“I'm not”, Joo Eun replied.

Seung Hyun turned his eyes to stare right into Joo Eun's. Joo Eun stared back at him defiantly. “If you knew the things he's done..”, he began.

“I already know. He told me”, Joo Eun cut him off.

“And you still want him here!?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Yes”, Joo Eun replied.

Seung Hyun stared at her. An intense silence followed, one where Seung Hyun and Joo Eun stared each other down. After a short while Seung Hyun smirked, turned around, and left.

“Where are you going?”, Jiyong asked, watching him pass by.

“He's in, I'm out”, Seung Hyun responded.

“What?”, Jiyong asked, unable to understand. “Wait...hold on!!”

“Let him go.”, Joo Eun replied. “I don't have time to put up with his tantrum. We have to decide on how we're going to infiltrate”

Everyone in the room turned and stared at her. They each nodded slowly. “Whatever you say team leader”, Jiyong replied.


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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 2/27/2010, 3:18 pm


Kyujong turned around to face Young Saeng. “So that's what happened..”, he muttered. Young Saeng nodded. He was slumped back on the chair playing with a strand of his hair.

“So Jungmin was willing to give information...just like that?”, Kyujong asked to reassure himself.

Young Saeng nodded once again. “You have to remember....Jungmin has had a rocky relationship lately with Hyun Joong. He's not exactly someone you can totally trust either”, he added.

Kyujong sighed. “And Hyung Joon? Where is he?”

“No idea. He left, but I don't know where. Jungmin stayed”, Young Saeng answered.

Kyujong nodded. He stared at the ceiling absentmindedly. “Young Saeng......”, he began. Young Saeng looked up to stare at him. “Tell Hyun Joong that I'm going out. Tell him I'll be back once I've solved his problems.”

“What?”, Young Saeng asked, confused. “What problems?”

Kyujong slowly took out his knife set, smoothing it out on the table.“The only problem I see that's stopping Hyun Joong from killing Seung Hyun is Joo Eun. If I get her out of the picture....”, Kyujong muttered, stopping to throw one of his knifes across the room, “no more Seung Hyun..”, he finished.

Young Saeng stared at him. “Am I allowed to give him this explanation?”, he asked.

“No....just tell him I'm out to solve his problems”, Kyujong replied.

Young Saeng nodded. Kyujong smiled as he got up and made his way to the door.

“Kyujong”, Young Saeng called out as Kyujong was closing the door behind him. Kyujong paused to hear him. “He'll hate you. He may even try to kill you.”

“I know”, Kyujong replied. “That's a risk I'm willing to take.” Young Saeng smirked as he heard the door close and Kyujong's faltering footsteps resound through the walls.

“I suppose you heard that...”, Young Saeng said slowly.

“Yes”, came a voice from the shadows. “How did you know I was here?”

“I wasn't sure until I asked him if I could tell you. You know I can pick up even the smallest noise. Kyujong can't unfortunately”, Young Saeng replied. He took out his cellphone and began punching keys.

“Are you going to tell him?”, Hyun Joong asked, as he came into the light.

“Yes”, Young Saeng responded. “But you know that even if I do, that won't stop him.”

“Guess I better be going then”, Hyun Joong replied, heading toward the door. Young Saeng didn't answer, slipping the cellphone back into his pocket. “Oh and by the way...”, Hyun Joong said, stopping at the door. “She's not in my way.”

“Really?”, Young Saeng asked, without turning around. “Then why haven't you killed Seung Hyun yet?”

A silence filled the room. Young Saeng's lips formed into a smirk.

“I'm waiting”, Hyun Joong replied.

“For what? For him to kill you first?”, Young Saeng asked.

“No.....I'm waiting for proof that he's innocent..”, Hyun Joong replied slowly.

Young Saeng let out a short chuckle. “You don't want to kill him do you?”

“If I have to I will!!”, Hyun Joong replied, anger in his voice.

“Fine. But I'll be honest...”, Young Saeng said, pulling himself out of the chair and turning around to face Hyun Joong. He crossed his arms and leaned back against the table. “You'll likely end up dead first.”

Hyun Joong narrowed his eyes at him. “You think I'm that weak?”, he asked.

Young Saeng smiled. He walked over to where Hyun Joong was standing, stopping when he was right next to him. “No....I'm saying you're that much of a fool.” With that he passed by Hyun Joong and walked away, down the hall. Hyun Joong watched his retreating figure.

“Young Saeng....I've always been a fool..but I absolutely refuse to lose”, he whispered. Then he turned around and ran the opposite direction, after Kyujong.

Young Saeng walked out into the sunlight when he suddenly felt his pocket vibrate. He looked down and cocked his head a bit to the side. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an expensive Crystal phone. He smiled as he hit a button and pulled the phone up to his ear.

“Yes?”, he asked.

“Jungmin?”, came a light, airy voice.

“No, Young Saeng. Jungmin is somewhat....unavailable”, Young Saeng replied.

“Young you know Jungmin?”, the voice asked.

“Yes. We work together....well used to. Who are you?”, he asked.

“An old friend”, the voice replied. “I've just arrived back in Korea. Do you think you could take me to Jungmin?”

“Sure”, Young Saeng replied.

Meanwhile, at Incheon airport, he finished the call and slipped the phone back into his coat pocket. He was wearing a long black coat and sunglasses that covered his face. He leaned back in the bench, his legs crossed with one of them swinging back and forth. He looked up at the airplanes taking off.

“Ae Hee....”, he whispered. “I've arrived.”


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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 3/3/2010, 9:51 pm


“What do you want?”, Joo Eun whispered into the cellphone on her speaker.

“I think I know where Seung Hyun is”, Jungmin responded. “Come here”

Joo Eun listened as he gave her directions and the street names. “Are you sure he's there?”

“Yeah, he's just getting some coffee. Hurry before he leaves”, Jungmin replied.

“You would be one to decide you need him after you let him go”, Jiyong said as Joo Eun slipped the cellphone into her pocket.

Joo Eun glared at him. “Do you have anything else to do other than judge people?”

“It's my job”, he responded coolly. Joo Eun sighed and turned a corner, heading to where Jungmin had told her.

“Joo Eun”, Jiyong said, as he walked alongside her.

“Yes?”, she asked.

“If you weren't caught in this, what would you be doing?”, Jiyong asked.

“Uhh..I don't really know. I dropped out of college to make this organization. It took all my time and energy to bring all of you together...and to forgive Seung Hyun after he told me what happened. But...I would probably be an ambassador in another country. I mean, I was studying what my brother was. Maybe I'd be living a more carefree life”, she replied.

“Really?”, Jiyong asked.

“Yes. Really”, Joo Eun replied, turning to look at him. “Why? What did you see me doing?”

“Frankly, I see you doing something like this...”, Jiyong replied. “You know that most people that work in fields where they have power are on the borderline..”

“Borderline? Of what?”, Joo Eun asked.

“Well, those Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong. They both have “jobs” that require a gun. People in the army, police men as well...they're all on the borderline. I'm sure even your brother was as well.”, Jiyong replied.

“Again, borderline of what?”, Joo Eun asked, impatiently.

“Most people with power could have gone either way. If you're not a policemen, then you're the criminal the policeman is booking. If you're not the soldier, then your the terrorist that the soldier is hunting. It's the same with all of you. You could have gone either way. Heroes....or criminals....”, he answered.

Joo Eun stared at him. “So I have the potential to become either or?”

“Exactly”, Jiyong replied. “Luckily for you, you've stayed on the right path....but Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong....I worry about them.”

Joo Eun was about to respond when she noticed that they had almost reached their destination. She stopped short and turned to Jiyong. “I want you stay here. We need to make sure this goes over smoothly.” Jiyong nodded. Joo Eun turned to go and then suddenly stopped. She turned back around to Jiyong. “One more thing. Can you analyze Seung Hyun's behavior for me Jiyong?”, she asked. Jiyong nodded again, without inquiring further. Joo Eun then turned around and left.

Jungmin noticed Joo Eun coming toward him from across the street. He looked down the street to see Seung Hyun coming out of the coffee shop. He motioned Joo Eun over. She saw him and nodded, hurrying toward him. Jungmin then turned to follow Seung Hyun who was walking down the street.

Jungmin watched Seung Hyun closley when he suddenly noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. He surveyed the street scene around him. He calculated everything closely looking from one side of the street to the next. That was when he noticed what was out of place. A black Lamborghini was parked on the street. Jungmin knew that car anywhere. His eyes opened wide as he saw the gun pointed at him directly across the street.

Jungmin ducked, hearing the shot shatter the store window behind him. He then heard another shot farther away. He heard shouts and screaming of people trying to get away. He quickly stood up just in time to see Joo Eun fall down on the pavement. Blood began to gush forward form her wound. Another shot rang out, this time from behind Jungmin. He turned around to see Seung Hyun running toward him, his gun pointing to the car right across the street. More shots resounded as he fired at the car as it pulled away.

Seung Hyun ran up to Jungmin. “What the hell happened!!??”, he asked angrily. “You're supposed to take care of her!!”

“I didn't know that was in my job description”, Jungmin replied coolly.

“Oh shut-up you fucking idiot!!”, Seung Hyun responded. He ran passed him toward the crowd that had gathered across the street.

“Excuse me...excuse me..I know her..”, Seung Hyun said, trying to get through the crowd.

“Now he's acting polite”, Jungmin murmured, rolling his eyes. He began to walk toward the scene when he saw that the crowd was dispersing. Seung Hyun and Jungmin ran forward only to see that there was no one.

“Where is she?” Seung Hyun asked as he stared at he blood stains on the pavement.

Jungmin shrugged, scratching his head. “Excuse me!!”, Seung Hyun called out to the dispersing crowd. “Where is the girl that was here? Where is she?!”

“Oh young man..”, an old lady said. “She was taken to the hospital by a man that said he was her relative. He seemed to know her very well.”

Seung Hyun stared at her. “Are you sure?”, he asked. She nodded. Seung Hyun turned around and stared around at the cars, trying to figure out who would take her.

“Thank you”, Jungmin said, bowing to the woman. He watched as Seung Hyun looked around frantically.

“I don't think we can find her now. If you're thinking what I am, she's probably in some hidden underground vault or something.”, he said.

“But why would her take her? Like you think he wants to kill her? But why...Hyun Joong loves her..”, Seung Hyun said, confused. “I don't understand why he would shoot her either. Shooting you, I understand..I've been dying to do that myself.....but, Joo Eun?”

Jungmin sighed. “Love eventually dies as well Seung Hyun”, he replied.


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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 3/6/2010, 1:53 pm


“I've checked all the files of every hospital in Seoul. She's not there. There isn't a single match.” Daesung said, staring at his computer screen.

“Then..he has her somewhere...keeping her locked up”, Seung Hyun said. “Where is she Jiyong? Where is she?!”

“I don't know!!”, Jiyong replied in an annoyed voice. “All I know is that I saw a black car pull up and when it pulled away she was gone.”

Seung Hyun made a loud frustrated noise.

“Jiyong”, Jungmin asked. “What kind of car was it? Was it a Lamborghini?”

“No”, Jiyong replied.

“Do you even know about cars?”, Jungmin asked.

“Yes I do, thank you very much!”, Jiyong replied. “It was a Bugatti Veyron.”

“A Bugatti Veyron? Who the hell in Seoul has the money to own one of those?”, Seung Hyun asked.

Jiyong shrugged. “I know one person..”, Jungmin said.

“Who?!”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Me...”, he replied.
“So, how is she?”, a light voice asked in a whisper.

“She'll be fine”, another voice answered. “I took the bullet out and her bleeding should stop soon.”

There was silence. Joo Eun moaned suddenly, aware of a fierce pain in her leg. She turned over without opening her eyes.

After a while she heard the same light voice speak again. “How long until she can walk again?”

“I'm not sure. I'm not a doctor either.”, the other voice replied.

The man with the light voice sighed. “Should I get a doctor to examine her? I know one very well.”

“No”, the other man responded. “If you want to keep her safe it's best if nobody knows where she is.”

“But this doctor I know lives in Spain. Nobody will find out.”, the man replied.

“You want this doctor involved?”, the other man responded.

“No..”, the man with the gentle voice answered.

“Then don't call a doctor. She'll be find. She has a strong will and she's one of the few women that was willing to go through two years of military training. I suppose you know that?”, the other man replied.

“Yes. She felt it would get her better prepared to become an international liaison”, the light voice replied. Joo Eun somehow felt fear start rising in her chest. Who are these people that seem to know so much about me?, she thought.

Joo Eun moved her body in an attempt to turn herself face-up and felt a fierce pain shoot up her leg. She let out a scream and her eyes opened wide. She found herself fully awake, grasping at her leg.

She looked up to notice that both man had stood up immediately when they heard her scream. One took a step back as the other leaned forward.

“Young Saeng?”, Joo Eun asked as her she blinked her eyes rapidly trying to get a clearer image.

The other man turned around and left without a word. Young Saeng meanwhile was examining her leg.

“Don't put too much pressure on it”, he said in a calm voice.

“What am I doing here?”, she asked, ignoring what he said and trying to stand up. Young Saeng watched her without doing anything. As soon as she stood up, she felt pain shoot up inside her again and she fell down with a shout.

“Are you ok?”, Young Saeng asked, looking down at her. Joo Eun looked up to glare at him.

“Take care of her Young Saeng”, came the light voice from the doorway. Joo Eun turned to stare, but he turned around and left.

Young Saeng sighed and helped her stand up. “I told you not to put pressure on it”, he repeated calmly.

Joo Eun ignored him and asked once again, “Where am I?”

Young Saeng helped her sit down and then he responded. “You're in my apartment. Don't worry, Hyun Joong has no idea where I live, if you're worrying about that.”

“No, I'm worrying about the fact that I have no idea why you would be taking care of me....of all people”, she responded.

“I'm doing someone a favor”, he responded. “I'm not going to do anything to you by the way. My orders were to take care of you, if you didn't hear them.”

“Who was that?”, Joo Eun asked.

Young Saeng turned around, completely ignoring her question. “I don't know what will happen once you recover. For now, just sleep. Make sure to not hurt yourself.” With that, he turned and left, closing the door firmly behind him.

Young Saeng stopped as in the hallway as he saw the man leaning against the wall right next to him.

“How is she?”, he asked.

“Fine”, Young Saeng responded. “When will you tell her who you are?”

“Once I've taken care of everything. That is, if she doesn't recognize me first. Hopefully she won't, because then, things may get complicated”, he responded.

Young Saeng nodded and walked down the hall. The man stared at he close door. He narrowed his eyes as he tried to listen to the noises coming from inside. He heard Joo Eun shout in pain again. He shook his head slowly.

“You never really listened to anyone did you?”, he whispered. “Don't worry, you'll be safe here. Just wait while I get rid of Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun. They ruined your life. Yours and mine as well.”

“So when will you go see Jungmin?”, came a voice from behind him. He turned around to see Hyung Joon staring at him.

“When Seung Hyun is far away. I want Jungmin to kill him. Do you think he'll be able to do it?”, he asked.

Hyung Joon smirked. “Well, once he get's over the shock, I'm sure he will. He owes you a lot.”

“Then that will be a fine way to repay me”, the man replied.

“Oh...and what about Hyun Joong?”, Hyung Joon asked.

“I'll take care of him myself.”, the man replied.

Hyung Joon stared a him. “You make it sound so easy. You sure she won't be pissed off at you?”, he asked, motioning toward Joo Eun.

The man narrowed his eyes. “She'll thank me”, he replied.


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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 3/10/2010, 4:51 pm

Kyujong felt another harsh kick in his stomach and more blood run out of the side of his mouth. The cool surface of the floor helped to alleviate some of the pain of the cuts and bruises that were on his face.

“You're not going to say anything? Not even fight back?”, came an angry voice from above him.

Kyujong answered with a grunt. He wiped the fresh blood form the corners of his mouth and sighed. He made a great effort to sit up. He leaned against the wall letting out another sigh as he felt the cool surface against the bruises on his arms.

“What do you want me to say Hyun Joong? I knew that you would be pissed”, Kyujong finally answered in a muffled voice. His lip was swollen and he found it somewhat difficult to speak.

“Then why would you do it?”, Hyun Joong asked, as he sat down in a chair not too far from him.

“I thought you heard that part. That's what Young Saeng said anyway..”, Kyujong replied. “Besides...why would you shoot at Jungmin first? I thought you wanted him alive.”

“To give Joo Eun a heads-up but your a fucking lucky shot”, Hyun Joong replied. Kyujong didn't answer anything. Instead he busied himself with trying to find a way to clean off his blood without moving too much.

“You try something like that again and I'll kill you”, Hyun Joong said as he watched him struggle.

“I know”, Kyujong replied coolly.

Hyun Joong sighed and leaned back in his chair. “Are you sure she was taken away?”

“Yup, saw it myself. Two men took her, most likely to the hospital. Bet you it was Jungmin and Seung Hyun”, Kyujong replied mindlessly, still busy with the task at hand.

Hyun Joong nodded. He got up and walked toward the door. “Hold on!”, Kyujong called out, beofre he could leave. Hyun Joong stopped, raising an eyebrow in a questioning manner. “I know you love her....but...why is it that you won't kill Seung Hyun?”

“I'm waiting”, Hyun Joong replied.

“Don't give me that bullshit!”, Kyujong replied angrily, even startling Hyun Joong. “You aren't a patient one Hyun Joong. You know something. Tell me”

Hyun Joong stared at him. He nodded slowly and began walking back to where he originally was. “Guess you're the closest friend I have at the moment.”

“Kinda pathetic...I mean...I did try to kill the girl you love”, Kyujong replied. Hyun Joong stared at him coldly. “Sorry..”, Kyujong said. “Please proceed.”

“Anyways..”, Hyun Joong began. “I was there...the night that Jaejoong died. Kyujong didn't hide the surprise on his face, but he didn't question Hyun Joong either.

“I had seen Jaejoong earlier, right after I had finished that job that you and I were assigned”, he continued.

“The killing of the President?”, Kyujong asked.

“Yes. Of course you know that we didn't succeed, but still...”, Hyun Joong answered. Kyujong nodded at him to continue.

“Anyways, it was that day, as we were leaving the site, I saw Jaejoong. He was in a car that I recognized to be Jungmin's. He just stared at me.....he seemed scared, scared and amazed at the same time. I didn't know what he was doing there, not until Jungmin told me that they had been assigned to execute the same job we had just done.”

Hyun Joong rubbed his temples with his fingers. He looked at Kyujong solemnly. “I decided that to go to Byung Il. I was sure he would know what was going on. I wasn't anything major in the organization yet, and Byung Il was the closest connection I had to Ji Woo. Dong Sun wasn't someone I really trusted.” Kyujong nodded, giving his indication that he was following Hyun Joong's words.

“Well, I got there as fast as I could. I got to Byung Il's house at the same time that he was leaving. He seemed to be in a hurry and his face was pale, but I had to ask him if he knew anything. I walked right up to him and said, 'Byung Il, I need to speak to you.' I remember that he looked at me distractedly as if he couldn't really see me there. He suddenly seemed to realize who I was because his eyes widened and he said, 'Hyun Joong!! You have to come with!! This situation pertains you directly.'

Kyujong stared at Hyun Joong, trying to recall Byung Il ever acting like that. He was always so in control. Hyun Joong seemed to be wondering the same thing. After a slight pause, he continued.

“I followed him and he took me to one of Dong Sun's top secret hideouts. I remember that I could heard screaming as we arrived and I recognized it to be Seung Hyun's voice. I ran in after Byung Il. Just as we were about to enter the scene, for some reason, Byung Il stopped me. I still don't know to this day why he suddenly stopped. Maybe he was shocked at what he saw...I don't know. I just remember that in a desperate attempt to know what was happening, I moved his arm and saw what was happening. The scene I saw left me speechless.”

Hyun Joong gave a long sigh and walked a full circle around the wall as he prepared to say what he wanted to say. Kyujong stared at him without saying anything. After a while he said, “That bad huh?” Hyun Joong could only nod.

“I..”, he said. “I saw Jaejoong on fire...literally. I stood frozen, without knowing what to do. That was when I saw Seung Hyun shoot. I wasn't listening to what they were saying, I just heard Jaejoong yelling form the pain, and nobody moved to help him. Then Seung Hyun shot him...he killed Jaejoong. As soon as he had done that he left. He left Jaejoong there. As if it didn't matter. He left the body there with Dong Sun to do as he pleased. It was me who asked for the body. I was the one who arranged his funeral. I was the one who tried to help him....and yet...”, Hyun Joong stopped, feeling anger well up inside him and tears sting his eyes. “Yet...Joo Eun, it was HIM who she looked to for comfort. She went to HIM!! Why him?!! I had taken care of Jaejoong, my best friend!!! I loved Joo Eun before he ever showed up!!! WHY!!! WHY DID HE TAKE EVERYTHING I EVER LOVED FROM ME!!!?? WHY!!!” Hyun Joong's anger welled up inside him and exploded. Kyujong sighed, staring at him and not knowing what to respond.

Hyun Joong shook with grief, falling to the floor, tears sliding down his eyes. “My best friend...and the only woman I ever loved. Seung Hyun took them both from my hands, and I never got to defend them...not got a chance to hang out to them. They just slipped away...”

Kyujong got up and walked over to Hyun Joong. He looked at him impassively.

“Life is not fair Hyun Joong”, he said. Kyujong then slowly took out a gun and placed it in Hyun Joong's hand. “And payback is a bitch....two bullets for the two people he took from you. There's no reason to forgive....when you can't forget.”


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Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 3/12/2010, 6:51 pm

Check out the second tailer for this ff:


Seung Hyun looked at the board that Seung Ri had presented to them, his mouth wide open as he tried to figure out exactly what it meant. Seung Ri finished explaining what he had written on the board, but everyone kept staring at him like he was from another word.

“Okay Seung Ri, now kindly explain that in Korean. Unfortunately, we're not all genius mathematicians here you know”, Young Bae said.

Seung Ri rolled his eyes. “Alright!! Okay, so to find where Hyun Joong is..”, he said, pushing aside the board with all the calculations and bringing forth a blank one.

“And where my car is too please!!”, Jungmin called out as Seung Ri began drawing on the second board.

“Yeah, yeah, ok. To find Hyun Joong....and Jungmin's car....we'll have to use a mathematical process that in simple terms could be called 'branching'”, Seung Ri said. He quickly drew a large tree with various branches coming out of it. “Okay, in nature, we can use mathematics to figure out a lot of things. One of them is where the next branch in a tree will grow. Are you guys following me?”

He turned to look at his audience who all nodded. Seung Hyun rolled his eyes as well. “Young Bae asked for an easier explanation, not one on a kindergarten level.”

Seung Ri ignored him, just satisfied with the fact that they all understood. “Now, once a tree has grown..let's say five branches. From where those from branches have grown, we have an algorithm that can help us predict where the sixth branch will grow.”

“Ooooohhhhh..”, Daesung said loudly.

“Yes, well, we can use the same method to predict Hyun Joong's whereabouts. We know where he usually shows up, and the location of several of his previous hideouts. With this information we can pinpoint exactly where he is located.”, Seung Ri finished.

“Nice”, Young Bae said when he had finished.

“Okay, we'll start right away then. Daesung, you look through our databases and compile a list of the information that Seung Ri needs”, Jiyong said, immediately getting down to business.

“Wait, I thought the systems were down. Everything was wiped clean”, Jungmin said.

“Yeah, well, most smart people carry around a back-up”, Daesung replied, pulling out five flash drives. “I keep all of our files here as well.”

Jungmin nodded, obviously impressed.

“Once you get that information and get a location, call us. We have to get out stuff ready”, Seung Hyun said.

“What stuff?”, Jiyong asked.

“A gun....many guns”, Seung Hyun responded.

“Why? You're not going to try and kill him are you Seung Hyun? That's not what we want here, not until there's solid evidence”, Jiyong said, his voice beginning to rise.

“Look, he has Joo Eun ok? He won't give her up easily, so I suggest that we should at least be prepared if he gives us some sort of resistance”, Seung Hyun replied.

Jiyong sighed loudly, obviously not content with his answer, but he decided to just turn away and ignore him. He focused on helping Daesung figure out what he needed. Seung Hyun shrugged and motioned to Jungmin and Young Bae to follow him as he headed to search for what he needed.

Meanwhile, miles away, Young Saeng was cooking a meal for the girl that was staying in one of his spare rooms. “Do you actually think she'll eat this?”, Hyung Joon said staring at the mess that Young Saeng had put together.

“He said she would like it. He knows best”, Young Saeng replied, shooting him a dirty look.

Hyung Joon didn't look very convinced. “I'm just pointing out that the only thing here that looks edible is the rice.....even the bulgogi seems a”

“It's fine”, Young Saeng replied, feeling insulted. He scooped up a large portion of his creation onto a plate and a spoonful of rice into a deep dish.

“Hold on”, Hyung Joon said, as he headed toward the room. “Maybe a bit more rice....”, he said, adding half of the entire rice cooker. Young Saeng rolled his eyes.

“Alright!”, he snapped. “Just remember that that makes less rice for you.” Hyung Joon stared at him. He turned around and began heading back down the hall.

“Hold on!! I want more do you expect me to eat..that?!”, he called out. Young Saeng ignored him and walked to the door where Joo Eun was staying. He stared at the man that was waiting patiently by the door. Young Saeng nodded at him and then stepped into the room.

Joo Eun stood up quickly as she saw him come in and leave the food in a small table in the room. “You're probably hungry”, was all he said. He then turned around to leave.

“Wait...who was that man that was with you earlier? Who is he? I swear...I..”, Joo Eun began.

“It doesn't matter”, Young Saeng said, cutting her off.

Joo Eun stared at him. “I want an answer”, she said firmly.

Young Saeng sighed. He opened his mouth to speak when the door opened and the man stepped in. “Me?”, he said, in his light voice. “You're curious about me miss?”

Joo Eun stared at him. He was average height and he seemed to have a good build. It was hard to tell since he was covered from head to toe. He had a hood on and sunglasses covered most of his face. “I'm just an old friend of Jungmin's”, he said.

“Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors?”, Joo Eun asked, never prying her eyes away from him. He smiled gently.

“My eyes are sensitive”, he answered. He motioned to Young Saeng who nodded and left. The man smiled at her gently again and turned to leave.

“How do you know so much about me?”, Joo Eun asked, in an attempt to figure out who he really was.

“You always ask a lot of questions don't you?”, the man answered. He looked away.“Dongsaeng...”, he whispered. Joo Eun's eyes opened wide as she stared at him. He turned around and closed the door firmly behind him.

“No!! Wait!!”, Joo Eun called out. “That's impossible!!! It's impossible!!!! My brother is dead!!! He's dead!!”, she shouted banging on the closed door, tears streaming down her face. “How can you speak just like him...act just like him?! My brother is dead!!”

After a while, she fell to the floor, tired of banging the door and hearing no answer. She stopped gasping in between her tears and tried to wipe her tears away. The man still stood outside the door though, looking straight ahead as he heard her bang and scream. He listened as she quieted down. He sighed and then said, in a clear, yet light voice, “Then who am I?”

Joo Eun felt the words hit her like cold ice. Her eyes opened wide and she immediately stood up. “JAEJOONG!!!!!”, she screamed. “JAEJOONG!!!”

“I'm here...”, he whispered gently.


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Re: Path of Enmity

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“Okay, ready to go”, Seung Hyun said entering the room. “You have our location?”

“Yes”, Seung Ri said. “It would be located right—wait”, he said, stopping abruptly. “Where's Jungmin?”

“Huh?”, Seung Hyun said, turning around immediately and looking around him. “No idea. That's odd, he should be right here. I need him for this operation. Young Bae..” Young Bae looked up. “Can you go look for him? The idiot probably got lost”

Seung Hyun turned back around and listened to Seung Ri directions carefully. In the middle of Seung Ri's explanation, Young Bae came running in. “I can't find him”, he said, out of breath.

“What do you mean you can't find him?”, Seung Hyun asked in an irritated tone.

“Seung Hyun, I've looked throughout the entire building. Jungmin isn't anywhere. It's like he suddenly disappeared. All of his clothes - his guns are still where he left them”, Young Bae explained.

“What?”, Seung Hyun said, immediately standing up.

“Where the hell could he have taken off to?”, Jiyong asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he tried to figure it out.

“I think it's pretty obvious”, Seung hyun said.

“What do you mean?”, Jiyong asked.

“Obviously the idiot was fucking around with us!! He's probably gone to warn Hyun Joong that we're coming!! Shit!! We need a new strategy...Seung Ri..”, Seung Hyun said, turning to Seung Ri.

“Uh....give me a minute to think of something”, Seung Ri said. Seung Hyun nodded and turned to Young Bae.

“Take all of the weapon's that Jungmin took. They're probably better than the ones we have. We'll use them”, he said. Young Bae nodded and headed out.

Jiyong watched as Seung Hyun turned around and began pacing the room. “You seem frustrated”, Jiyong said. Seung Hyun stopped and gave him a cold look.

“How else do you want me to feel? This is all falling apart. We let in a fucking traitor because of Joo Eun...that girl can be so naïve sometimes. And then our entire system has been wiped clean. Do you know who took all that information? No. Nobody knows, not even Daesung.”

“And you think killing Hyun Joong is the answer to all your problems?”, Jiyong asked.

“Jiyong, did you know that Hyun Joong was there the day that Jaejoong died?”, Seung Hyun said, in an icy voice.

Jiyong stared at him with a blank face, obviously surprised. “ never mentioned that..”

“Well, I never told Joo Eun either. I didn't know he was there actually. Not until after I had shot Jaejoong. I turned right afterward and decided to leave. I needed to get to Joo Eun. I wanted to explain what had happened to her brother before killing myself. There was no way in hell I was going to kill my best friend and allow myself to live”, he said.

Jiyong stared at him, absolutely enthralled by the story. Daesung and Seung Ri listened attentively while pretending to work on the two problems assigned to them.

“As I turned one last time, I saw Hyun Joong was by his side. He was dousing him in water, stopping the fire from spreading to the rest of his body. He was there Jiyong. He watched everything from a distance, safe in his little gang. He never once tried to interfere. He never once tired to help me save Jaejoong's life.”, Seung Hyun finished. “I hate him Jiyong. I hate him and I have such a burning desire to kill him. If it wasn't for Joo Eun I would have killed him a long time ago. It may not be the answer to my problems, but it will make me feel a hell of a lot better.”

Jiyong said nothing. He seemed very disturbed by the information Seung Hyun had just told him. “Have you ever thought...”, Jiyong began, “that Hyun Joong sees you as the killer because you're the one that actually shot Jaejoong?”

“I give a damn what he thinks. I may have pulled the trigger, but he was the true killer. He could have stepped in and now Jaejoong would be alive. But he's not.”, Seung Hyun replied. “Quit trying to use your psychology on me Jiyong, I'm going to do this, no matter what you say.”

Jiyong sighed, but nodded. I still feel though...that something doesn't add up. he thought.

“What exactly do you want from me?”, Jungmin asked, looking into the dark eyes that were scrutinizing him.

“Tracking device is very effective huh? I think you know what I want”, he responded.

“Have you ever thought that your calculations are wrong? Ever thought that maybe both are innocent?”, Jungmin asked, keeping his eyes trained on the man in front of him.

“Believe me, I've thought of every possibility out there. My time to recuperate was long and it was also time for self-reflection. This is the only conclusion I have that adds up. They were both there together. I called Hyun Joong first when I needed help, shortly after I saw the list. He didn't answer. My only other choice, naturally, would have been Seung Hyun. Of course Seung Hyun answered. He tried to “help” me, leading me to the trap that eventually led him to kill me with an excuse. He told Joo Eun that it was to stop me from suffering, but Hyun Joong was also there. I saw him and I know he saw me. I looked him in the eye. There's no coincidence as to why he was there. They planned it. Both of them wanted me dead, for one reason or another.”, Jaejoong responded in a firm voice.

“What reason would they have though?”, Jungmin asked, still sure that Jaejoong's theory was wrong.

“They don't need a reason. Both were raised with an antisocial path of mind. Hyun Joong is an orphan, he had a sister, but they were separated the day that his own father killed his mother. Seung Hyun was raised in the worst part of Korea surrounded by gangs on a daily basis. His mother abandoned him shortly after he was born because he was not a planned child. His mother was raped by who was once his father. His father was an aggressive man, often beating Seung Hyun. The day I met him he has several large bruises and a cut above his eyebrow.”, Jaejoong explained.

“And you're saying that this alone accounts for them trying to kill their best friend?”, Jungmin asked.

“Ask Jiyong. He's the criminal psychologist, he should know what goes on in their minds. Hyun Joong became part of a gang that targeted world leaders in order to gain power. Although Seung Hyun studied college with me, he gave up his job to become an undercover assassin for the government. That was why he was such a powerful asset to Dong Sun and the reason why both uncle and nephew kept him alive.”, Jaejoong replied, his voice getting more hostile. “To them this was normal. They grew up with violence...they saw it firsthand. This is what is the norm for them. gives them the sense that they are doing things right.”

Jungmin looked at Jaejoong intensely. “You want me to kill them both? Are you sure about this?”, Jungmin asked. Jaejoong nodded. “Certain reason why you can't do it?”

“I'm not a killer”, Jaejoong responded.

Jungmin smirked. “Who's worse Jaejoong, the one who kills or the one who gives the order?” Jaejoong shot him an icy look. Jungmin chuckled. “You've changed.”

“Of course I have. Do you have any idea the hell I lived through? Besides, it is now my duty to take care of Joo Eun”, Jaejoong responded.

Jungmin nodded. “Ok...but I'll make a deal with you ok? If I go to Jiyong and he tells me the same exact thing about Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong's psychological conditions, I'll kill them. If he says different...”

“He won't”, Jaejoong said cutting him off. “But if that makes you feel better, be my guest. Just make sure to do it quickly.


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Hyun Joong stared at the gun that was in his hand. It felt oddly heavy. He closed his eyes, trying to calm himself. He sighed and leaned over the steering wheel, getting ready to pull away.

Is this what I should do? Will this finally take all my pain away? Seung Hyun...the only person that knew how I felt...the only person that had seen hell with his own eyes..just like me. Will it truly make everything better if he is dead?

Hyun Joong's hands began to shake as he turned everything over in his head. “Young Saeng was right”, he whispered to himself. “I'm a fool...I don't kill him because I don't want to..because for some reason I still have an attachment to him.” He looked out at the street, trying to prepare himself for what he was about to do. That was when his phone rang.

Seung Hyun shot at the lock, watching sparks fly off as the door opened. He pushed it all the way and entered, his gun raised and Young Bae at his side.

“You're here....weird...I never thought you would come looking fro him first. Then again...”, came Kyujong's voice. He was sitting in a chair counting out money at his desk. He looked at them, a smirk on his face. “Hyun Joong always was a soft fool”, he finished.

“Quit saying bullshit..where is Hyun Joong?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Certain reason why you're hand is shaking?”, Kyujong asked, cocking his head to the side, the smile never leaving his face.

“Answer the fucking question”, Seung Hyun replied.

“Well...I'm not exactly sure”, Jungmin responded. Seung Hyun glared at him.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”, he asked, feeling anger begin to boil inside him.

“He left. Actually..he left quite a while ago. You must have missed him. He said he was going to see you directly”, Kyujong replied.

“Why?”, Seung Hyun asked, a confused look on his face.

“Oh..same reason you're here”, Kyujong responded.

“Really?”, Seung Hyun asked, obviously not believing him.

“It's hard to believe huh? But since you did kill Hyun Joong...”, Kyujong began.

“I did it to stop him from suffering!! Hyun Joong was there and he didn't even try to help!”, Seung Hyun cut him off in an angry voice.

“and then..”, Kyujong continued as if Seung Hyun hadn't said anything, “you took away the girl he loved..Joo Eun”

“I didn't take her away. She still cares for him, she worries about him everyday! The only reason I haven't killed him is because Joo Eun keeps trying to prove his innocence!”, Sueng Hyun spat.

Kyujong looked at him with an amused look on his face. “Everyone has their own story. I wonder....what is the truth?”

“I'm telling the truth!! Hyun Joong is just a backstabbing motherfucker!!”, Seung Hyun replied.

“You think you're side of the story is the truth, he thinks his side is the truth....I wonder what Joo Eun thinks? By the way, how is she?”, Kyujong asked.

“Don't fuck around with me, you have her!”, Seung Hyun replied.

For the first time, Kyujong looked surprised. “We have her? I think you have you're facts wrong. We don't have Joo Eun.”

“Cut the bull, I saw Hyun Joong in the car. He was shooting at Jungmin and at Joo Eun”, Seung Hyun replied.

“Wrong..Hyun Joong was shooting at Jungmin..I was shooting at Joo Eun”, Kyujong replied.

“What? You son of a bitch!!”, Seung Hyun said, moving toward him threateningly.

“Kill me if you you can see, Hyun Joong himself came pretty darn close to it himself. But we didn't take her. We left her there. We thought you guys took care of her”, Kyujong replied.

“Don't fucking lie!!”, Seung Hyun yelled.

“No, wait Seung Hyun. I think he's telling the truth. Why else would he be in such a bad shape? But the question now is if Joo Eun is not here....where is she?”, Young bae said.

Seung Hyun stared at him, trying to figure it out.

“Tell me why you won't let me leave”, Joo Eun said to her brother.

“It's best if you stay here. That way you won't get hurt. You've been hurt enough since I left”, Jaejoong responded, cleaning her bandages.

“I want to know if they're ok”, Joo Eun replied.

“Jungmin is fine”, Jaejoong replied.

“No!! Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun....they were both there!! They probably tried to kill each other!”, Joo Eun replied in an agitated voice.

“Better for me”, Jaejoong muttered.

“How can you say that? They're you're best friends!”, Joo Eun said.

“Not anymore. Quit being so naïve Joo Eun”, Jaejoong replied.

“You're the one that told me to trust them”, Joo Eun replied.

“And you don't know how much I regret that”, he said.

Joo Eun glared at him, but she didn't press the issue any further. “Where's Jungmin?”, she asked instead.

“He...”, Jaejoong started, glancing at his watch. “ probably getting a diagnosis around now.”

“What the hell are you doing here?!”, Jiyong asked in an angry voice when he saw Jungmin come through the door. “Seung Hyun thinks you're a traitor and without Joo Eun, you pretty much are. Get the fuck out of here.”

“Calm down. I know where Joo Eun is, she's fine, but I need your help on something Mr. Criminal Psychologist”, Jungmin said hurriedly.

“How do you know where she is?”, Jiyong asked, dumbstruck.

“Don't worry about that now, I have more pressing matters. Tell me, what do you think of Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun?”, Jungmin asked, looked at him in anticipation.

Jiyong gave him a blank look. “What do you mean?”, he asked.

“If you were to analyze them and their personalities, what could you tell me about them? I suppose you know all about both of their childhoods right?”, Jungmin asked. Jiyong nodded. “So what can you tell me? What type of people are they?”

Jiyong sighed. “It's complicated.”

“How so?”, Jungmin asked.

“Both Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong were raised in household's with violence. Due to this, they do not have a sense of morals. The adults in their household's who should have taught them right from wrong only taught them how to live life the wrong way. Psychological reports of them from grade school say that they were angry children and often blamed others instead of admitting their guilt. This was partly because they believed themselves to be in the right. As adults, they know this boundary and are very aware of it. They seem to have some hesitation when it comes to killing, but nevertheless they will do it. They have a sense of morals - both of them, but they cannot control their natural instinct. They're on a borderline.”, Jiyong explained.

“Are you telling me it's natural for them to kill?”, Jungmin asked.

“Yes. In a way, they were raised to be killers”, Jiyong replied.

Jungmin stared at him in disbelief. “They're animals...only searching for their next prey.”

“Our society would classify them as such. They would be thought of as inhumane.”, Jiyong replied. “But you need to understand that their thought processes do not grasp this concept. To them the humane way is to take what they want, what is necessary for survival whether or not morals exist. That's why they are both outcasts in a way, not understanding why they are so different, but never being able to get rid of that barrier that separated them from being “animals” instead of humans.”

“Wow..”, Jungmin said. “Well.....thanks doc.”

“There's something else though”, Jiyong said. He began typing into Daesung's computer and pulled up a file. “Not long ago, I asked Seung Hyun if I could analyze the chemical balances within his brain. He wasn't very willing to, but Joo Eun convinced him. She was curious about it herself.”

“Chemical balances?”, Jungmin asked.

Jiyong nodded. “According to Seung Hyun's analysis, he has a number of imbalances in his brain due to gene mutations. These mutations affected a number of the neurotransmitters in his brain including dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters regulate aggression and inhibitions.

“So that..”, Jungmin began.

“Yes, it proves that his body is naturally more aggressive due to these imbalances. Combine that with the childhood he had, you would get a very disturbed child. I have not yet checked Hyun Joong's, but it's likely to be the same.”, Jiyong finished.

Jungmin stared at him, trying to process all the information he received. He looked up at Jiyong. “Jiyong, one more question. If they tried to kill each other, which one would survive?”, Jungmin asked.

Jiyong stared at him. “It's obvious that they would both fight until the end. But, I am 99.9% sure that it would be a draw.”

“So they would both give up when they realize neither can win?”, Jungmin asked.

“No, they would both die.”, Jiyong replied.


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Hyun Joong stared at the number on his phone. He didn't recognize it. He sighed and opened it, pulling it up to his ear slowly. “Hyun Joong..”, came a low voice from the other side. Hyun Joong narrowed his eyes, confused at who it was.

“Yes”, Hyun Joong answered. There was momentary silence.

“Joo Eun is lost. You will never see her again. Joo Eun is in a better place now.”, the voice finally said. Hyun Joong became even more confused.

“Who the hell are you!?”, he demanded.

“That person who you were not able to help has returned. He knows where you are. He is hunting you. Watch yourself may be his next victim.”, the voice said, talking nonstop.

“Wh-wh-what the hell are you talking about!? Who is this?What is wrong with Joo Eun?!! ANSWER DAMMIT!!”, Hyun Joong screamed over the phone, getting frustrated with every second that passed. Only silence answered him though. There was a click and the line went dead. Hyun Joong stared at his phone, extremely confused. Dammit, he thought. I have to get back to Kyujong, Seung Hyun probably did something stupid. If Joo Eun is in trouble I'll kill that motherfucker.

He quickly turned his car and began driving back to his own headquarters.

“How do you think he took that?”, the man in black asked.

“He was pissed. I'm sure he suspects something now. If he makes it back to his headquarters on time he'll see Seung Hyun there. Then we can sit back and watch the show”, a foreigner with green eyes answered.

“Thanks Gato. Do you think we're toying too much with them though?”, the man asked.

“No, Seung Hyun seems to be oblivious of it all. He still hasn't found out that we have all the files from his team. He also has no idea that it was not Jungmin's fault that Jaejoong was at Dong Sun's household all those years ago, rather it was us. We had to do something direct to get their attention. I think this is pretty damn good.”, Gato answered, looking very amused.

“What do you say of Jaejoong's return?”, the man asked.

“That was an excellent move. That way we are more likely to take out both teams at once. We'll just sit back and watch our plan unravel. This will allow us to get rid of those that hold too much information without our own hands being sullied.”, Gato answered, reassuring him.

“Good then. When we're finished here, we shall continue with our plan. And to think they were once the future of our organization.”, the man in black answered, a short chuckle escaping his lips.

Jaejoong meanwhile, was vacating Young Saeng's home. “I suggest you come with us.”, he said, as he noticed that Young Saeng had no intention of leaving.

“Where are you going?”, Young Saeng asked.

“I'm sending my sister to Spain. I have a contact there that will take care of her until I come back.”, Jaejoong explained.

“Joo Eun won't leave. You know she won't Why do you insist on protecting her?”, Young Saeng asked.

“She's my sister...what else would you like me to do? Stand by and watch her get hurt?”, Jaejoong asked, suddenly becoming angry.

“Isn't that what you have been doing for all this time?”, Young Saeng replied.

Jaejoong stared at him in fury. “I have been trying to recover from the situation your boss and Seung Hyun caused. What use was I if I came back while I was weak? Tell me!?”, Jaejoong answered.

Young Saeng kept silent and turned away from him. “My walls will soon be covered in blood..”, he muttered.

“Yes”, Jaejoong said. “And if you don't want it to be your blood, I suggest you go with my sister.”

“No”, Young Saeng replied. “I'm as much a part of this as you. I'll stay. Hyung Joon won't leave either, that idiot is too attached to Jungmin. He won't leave Jungmin in a situation like this.”

There was silence for a moment. Jaejoong finally sighed and shrugged. “Fine. Do as you wish.” He turned around and got into his car. Within ten minutes, he was at the airport, ushering his sister out and trying to keep her covered. They walked through inspection and then they sat in the waiting area. Jaejoong immediately pulled out his phone and dialed a number he knew by heart.

“Si, Quien es? [Yes, who is it?]”, came the familiar sweet voice of Ae Hee.

“Ae Hee, I'm sending someone to you”, Jaejoong said in a low voice.

“You're sending me someone?”, Ae Hee repeated in disbelief.

“I need her to be safe Ae Hee. The safest place is with you. No one can interfere, you're well protected.”, Jaejoong replied in a hurried tone.

Ae Hee let out a long sigh. “Where are you sending her?”, she asked.

“Spain, where else?”, he replied, a note of worry in his voice.

“Jaejoong, I'm on an airplane toward Kyoto right now”, Ae Hee replied.

“Que!? [What!?]”, Jaejoong said, not even trying to mask his shock. “What are you doing going to Kyoto?”, he added, smoothly transitioning back into Korean.

“There was a new virus outbreak in one of the rural villages of Japan. The UN has called us all in to work on containing the virus and creating an antidote before it spreads”, Ae Hee explained.

“So I can't send her to Kyoto then?”, Jaejoong asked.

“You can, but I can't guarantee you that she won't be infected. I would take all the necessary precautions of course to keep her safe, but with an airborne disease, you don't have any guarantees”, Ae Hee replied.

Jaejoong sighed. “What about you then?”, he asked in a soft tone.

Ae Hee smiled, despite herself. “I'll be fine Jaejoong, I studied years for this right? Maybe this is my chance to be well-known.” With that, she hung up, leaving Jaejoong to contemplate what he should do. He turned to Joo Eun.

“Is something wrong?”, she asked.

“ know any Japanese?”, he asked, giving her a guilty smile.


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Re: Path of Enmity

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“This is headquarters. Tell me how you are standing on the operation?”, came a synthesized voice into the dark room that was basically empty except for two people, six laptops and a large amount of audio equipment.

One of the men grabbed a small microphone and responded, “Fine. We're closing in on them.”

“Where is your boss?”, the voice asked.

“He had to step out. He's working on pulling some strings to get us even closer to our targets”, the man answered.

“Ok”, the voice answered. “I want a report on the current whereabouts of both targets.”

“One of the targets is headed back to his hideout where he will meet up with the second target”, the man answered.

“Hmm.....take him down a different course”, the voice ordered.

“What sir?”, the man responded, confused.

“Take him down a different course. If both targets were to meet each other, they will eliminate each other. We don't want that yet. We need both of them to finish the operation that is currently underway. What we need to eliminate is the variable in this. The man named Jaejoong”, the voice explained.

“But sir, I thought that we had agreed that keeping them alive would jeopardize our mission. Besides, the boss wants Jaejoong alive. He is the only one that can lead them to eliminate each other. Even if we have one of the best forces it will not be easy to kill them”, the man responded in a panicked voice.

“Calm down. Do as I say for now. We can't risk them meeting.”, the voice responded.

“Where should I redirect him?”, the man asked.

“Send him to Kyoto, Japan. I have information that states that that is where the girl is headed. Besides, he may prove useful to get some of those doctors under control. This new “virus” has me very interested.”

“O-o-okay sir”, the man answered. With that, he ended the exchange. He turned to the other man. “What should we do?”

“Redirect him, but only to stall him a few hours. This exchange needs to happen today”, Gato answered.

Jungmin pulled into the airport, knowing that it was best if he stayed far away from the bloodshed. As he did, he noticed that Joo Eun and Jaejoong were leaving the airport, covered from head to toe in dark garments.

What's going on?, he thought. Isn't she supposed to be headed to Kyoto right now?

He watched them get into a car he had never seen before. He followed them from a distance. When they arrived at one of the best hotels in Seoul he was shocked. Nevertheless, he parked in an inconspicuous place and entered the hotel shortly after them. He followed them as they headed into the elevator. As soon as they got off the elevator, Jaejoong turned to him, looking at him with eyes that told him he had known all along that they were being followed.

He tilted his head to one side and motioned for Jungmin to follow him into one of the master suites. Jungmin nodded and they entered together. As soon as they were inside, Jaejoong got rid of all his extra garments and so did Joo Eun.

“When is she arriving here?”, Joo Eun asked.

“Shortly. She'll be brought straight up here. Remember that she's your body guard. She may seem like an ordinary sweet girl, but like you she has gone through extensive military training.”, Jaejoong responded.

“Who are we talking about?”, Jungmin asked.

“A doctor I know from Spain. She grew up in Spain, but is Korean.”, Jaejoong explained.

“And she's coming here?”, Jungmin asked. Jaejoong nodded.

“My phone has been tapped into Jungmin. My e-mails and all my texts have been copied onto another server. I have no idea where that server is yet, but I'm sure Young Saeng can help me.”, Jaejong added.

Jungmin stared at him. “Who would want to get into your personal files?”, he asked.

“I don't know – yet. Ae Hee noticed right away when I called her. She could tell that there were two connections and that someone was listening to our conversation. Apparently the static from the third connection was practically invisible, but Ae Hee is a trained specialist. She made a story about flying to Kyoto and about the outbreak of a new virus. She hopes that will get the attention of whoever was listening to out conversation.”, Jaejoong explained.

“So there's a third party in this situation..”, Jungmin muttered.

“I don't think so. It could very well be Seung Hyun. I mean he has Daesung on a team with him.”, Jaejoong replied.

“No, Daesung is to busy right now to try and track all your movements. I was just talking with Jiyong. Daesung was busy trying to trace back the intruder that entered their files and wiped their system clean. It seems they have been victims as well”, Jungmin replied.

Jaejoong raised his eyebrows, apparently perturbed by the unusual news. “Whoever it is wants them to know of their existence, but not me. They would just leave their entire database blank, making it obvious that someone hacked into their files. But for me, they simply copied everything I had and tried to leave no trace of getting into my own files. They want Seung Hyun's group to know they exist...but for some reason, they don't want me to know..”, Jaejoong said.

“They must have a reason for that. Ho many enemies do you have?”, Jungmin asked.

Jaejoong turned to him. “Just Hyun Joong and his gang...and Seung Hyun.”

“There isn't anyone in Spain?”, Joo Eun asked.

“No...they were my allies there. Ae Hee is one of them. She's a top-knotch researcher working in international relationships as well. She works for every country in the UN to develop antidote's for a variety of diseases. She was the main person I spent time with...the rest were just acquaintances.”, he replied.

Jungmin opened his mouth to speak when suddenly, a loud ringing noise was heard in the room.

Everyone stood silently as Jungmin checked who the caller was. He opened the cellphone and slowly brought it up to his ear.

“Hello?”, he said.

“Tell me where Joo Eun is Jungmin. It's not true that she's headed to Kyoto right?”, came Hyun Joong's voice. Jungmin turned to Jaejoong who nodded.

“No. She's still in Korea.”, Jungmin replied.

“Where is she?!”, Hyun Joong demanded. Jungmin looked at Jaejoong.

“She's dead”, he replied. Jaejoong grabbed Joo Eun as she was about to cry, stifling her cries.

“That's not true”, Hyun Joong said, his tone betraying his words.

Jungmin sighed heavily. “Kyujong shot her in a vital spot”, he lied.

“No...he wouldn't..”, Hyun Joong replied, refusing to believe it.

“He would.”, Jungmin replied and then he hung up. He turned to Jaejoong who nodded and released Joo Eun.

“Why would you do that!?”, she demanded.

“Believe me, it's for the best.”, Jaejoong replied.

“That I'm dead!?”, Joo Eun shouted.

“Yes. That way it will be easier for them to kill each other”, Jaejoong replied.


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Kyujong hung up the slowly ended his call.

“Who was it?”, Seung hyun asked, pressing the gun further against his head.

“Young Saeng”, Kyujong replied truthfully.

“What did he want?”, Young Bae asked.

“He needed to tell me something.”, Kyujong said. He looked straight ahead as he uttered his next words. “Joo Eun is dead.”

“What?”, Seung Hyun said, dropping the gun. At that time the door slammed open and Hyun Joong burst in. He walked straight up to Kyujong, fury in his eyes and completely ignoring the other two people in the room. He punched Kyujong, sending him tumbling back.

Seung Hyun stepped back as Hyun Joong moved toward Kyujong once again. He watched them intently as Hyun Joong pulled Kyujong up and slammed him against the wall. He didn't want Kyujong to die, but he wasn't about to stop Hyun Jong either. This will be your way to repent for what you did to Joo Eun you bastard, Seung Hyun thought silently, staring at Hyun Joong. You will also feel what it's like to have your friend's blood on your hands.

Hyun Joong punched Kyujong once again, sending blood flying and splattering on the walls. Kyujong fell on his knees. He raised his head toward Hyun Joong, barely being able to see him through his swollen eyes. Hyun Joong kicked stared at him with icy, merciless eyes. He kicked him in the gut, making him double over in pain.

“That's enough”, Young Bae said suddenly from where he was standing, only about two feet away from Hyun Joong and Kyujong.

“Stay out of this”, Hyun Joong answered back angrily. He grabbed his gun and loaded it in front of Kyujong who watched him silently, already resigned to his fate.

“You're going to kill him?”, Young Bae asked. Seung Hyun rolled his eyes and turned away form the scene.

“I said to stay out of this”, Hyun Joong responded, never once taking his eyes off his weapon and the victim at his feet.

“Second time I hear of someone killing their best friend”, Young Bae responded. Hyun Joong stopped suddenly, the words registering in his brain. He whipped around to face Young Bae.

“He's not my best friend. Jaejoong will forever be my best friend”, Hyun Joong replied.

“But he's dead and so far, Kyujong's alive. Face it, all you have is him now.”, Young Bae responded.

Hyun Joong shook his head. “No, a killer like him will never be my ally”, he said.

Sueng Hyun couldn't help but to snort at his words. Hyun Joong turned to him slowly. “You're next on my list, don't think I ever forgot that this is your fault as well”, he said.

“Yeah, I'm the one with the friend that killed the woman I love!!”, Seung Hyun responded, his anger boiling to the surface. “I'm the one that was a member of the same fucking gang that killed my best friend!”

“They didn't kill him!! They never would have -”, Hyun Joong began.

“You were not there!! You didn't see shit! Quit acting like you know everything!”, Seung Hyun responded, clenching his fists.

“You son of a bitch”,Hyun Joong replied. He grabbed his gun and turned it to Seung Hyun only to see that Seung Hyun also had his own gun pointing directly at him.

“You don't know how long I've waited to kill you like this”, Seung Hyun said, tilting his head slightly.

“Joo Eun is dead. Do you think you could honor her memory without killing each other? You two are the people she loved the most in this world”, came Jiyong's cold voice as he entered the scene. He motioned to Young Bae who nodded and helped Kyujong up.

“How is he?”, Jiyong asked, never once taking his eyes off Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun who still had their weapons raised.

“Bad. I'll take him to a hospital. I don't know how he may end up. He's pretty fucked up”, Young Bae replied.

“Get him out of here”, Jiyong replied.

“He's mine”, Hyun Joong said without prying his eyes away from Seung Hyun's.

“Well now he's mine. I have news for you two that may stop you from killing each other. There is a third organization in this. A third party that Daesung recently found out about”, Jiyong replied.

“Third?”, Jiyong asked, still not turning to face him.

“Yes. This party seems to be very interested in you two. Your psychological states, your relationships as children, what led to the hate you two have against each other. Basically your entire lives seem to be thrilling to them. They copied that information directly from our files ”

“What the hell do they want with us?”, Hyun Joong asked.

“Good question.”, Jiyong asked. “Give me your cellphone and I'll answer you”

“My cellphone?”, Hyun Joong asked, dropping his gun and finally turning to him. Ironically, Seung Hyun did exactly the same thing, giving Jiyong a 'What the fuck?', look.

“You received a call from an unknown source today, am I correct?”, Jiyong asked. Hyun Joong nodded.

“Two actually”, he replied.

“This was the third party”, Jiyong replied.

“The ones that told me of Joo Eun's death?”, Hyun Joong asked.

Jiyong narrowed his eyes. “They told you that? Well, since Young Saeng knew as well, I'm guessing it's true. Did they say anything else?”

“There was a possibility that is wasn't true?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“There was. Now I think that she was probably killed by that third party.”, Jiyong said.

“Analyze quickly Jiyong so I can figure out who I have to kill dammit!!”, Seung Hyun said. Jiyong stared at him.

“I think....there's four”, he said.

“Four what?”, Hyun Joong asked.

“Four groups of people in on this. Four groups that are connected to Jaejoong's death. Hyun Joong, us, the callers on the phone, and a fourth one. The fourth one is hidden. It was probably the one that gave the information of Joo Eun's death....that's the only way it makes sense that all these people would known at the same time. There was someone else giving out the information to every party.”

“Okay, genius, mind explaining?”, Seung hyun asked, his patience wearing out.

“Joo Eun is alive. We have to find Jungmin and you two need to stop trying to kill each other for the moment because I'm pretty sure the third and fourth parties are both trying to kill you two”, Jiyong replied simply. With that he turned around and motioned for them to follow.

“That guy pisses me off sometimes”, Seung Hyun muttered.

“He's working under you fucker, so do as he says”, Hyun Joong replied.

“Shut the fuck up”, Seung Hyun replied.

“Do you two want to find out if Joo Eun is alive or not?”, Jiyong called to them. Without a word they followed him.

“Where are we going?”, Hyun Joong asked.

“To Park Jungmin and Heo Young Saeng”, Jiyong replied.


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Joo Eun stared at the group of men through the small crack in the door. She stared at her brothers face. It had been so long since she had last seen him. She still found it hard to believe that he was alive – that he had spent the last 24 hours by her side. She sighed as she heard him talk of his plans concerning Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun.

“How do we make them kill each other without being involved physically?”, Jaejoong asked them, looking around.

“I know what happened to you was not ideal”, came Young Saeng's voice. “But I do believe that you are making a mistake trying to kill them.”

“I didn't call you here to hear you're opinion”, Jaejoong responded coldly.

“You realize that you will end up scarifying innocent lives in order to kill them?”, Young Saeng answered.

“What are you talking about? I plan to make them kill each other without any extra bloodshed”, Jaejoong responded.

“Well that hasn't exactly worked out. Your stupid lie of Joo Eun being dead has landed Kyujong in the hospital. Did you ever think who they would think was responsible for her death? Less than 24 hours ago she was shot by Kyujong. Who else do you think they would want to kill?”, Young Saeng replied in a harsh voice.

“I thought Hyun Joong was the shooter.”, Jaejoong replied.

“Well you thought wrong. If it weren't for the fact that Seung Hyun's team was there to stop them, I'm sure Kyujong would be in a grave. He's in a coma now, who knows if he will make it.”, Young Saeng replied.

“But he's alive?”, Jaejoong insisted.

Young Saeng rolled his eyes and stood up, turning the table over in anger. Joo Eun jumped from where she was hiding.

“Calm down”, Hyung Joon said.

“You want me to calm down? This motherfucker is no better than Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong. Killing is a sport for you too right?”, Young Saeng said.

“Don't compare me with them”, Jaejoong responded coldly.

“If Kyujong dies who do you think will be guilty? Hyun Joong for beating the shit out of him or you for telling the fucking lie?”, Young Saeng asked.

“Don't act like you're so innocent. You were the one that called Kyujong and relayed the information.”, Jaejoong replied.

“Then quit acting as if you have the situation under control when you don't! You keep saying they did you wrong, but you're doing the same fucking thing to them. You may have been the victim once Jaejoong, but now you're the one pulling the strings and you sure as hell better know how to handle it”, he said.

“I know what I'm doing”, Jaejoong replied. Young Saeng smirked. He turned around and walked away toward the exit. “Where are you going?”, Jaejoong asked.

“Home. I'm done dealing with you.”, Young Saeng replied. He opened the door and left. Jaejoong glared at him as he left. Jungmin sighed and leaned back in his chair.

“I could have told you that was coming.”, Jungmin said.

“Oh well”, Jaejoong responded. “I'll have to do this quickly if I don't want him to give out any information. Any ideas?”

Joo Eun sighed heavily as she closed the door. She sat on the bed thinking. Suddenly, she bolted upright. She sat for a moment, hesitating, but she finally made up her mind. She grabbed her jacket and ran out after Young Saeng.

Young Saeng heard her coming and slowed his pace as he walked across the lobby. She reached him and walked alongside him out onto the street. “What do you want?”, he asked.

“The same thing as you. I want to stop my brothers plans”, she replied.

“You're a very loyal sister.”, Young Saeng replied.

“I know he's wrong. Seung Hyun didn't want to shoot him. It was the situation.”, she replied in an effort to justify herself.

“I would never believe my lover over my family”, Young Saeng replied.

“He's not my lover. He's a good friend is all..”, Joo Eun replied.

“It's still the same thing. You should consider yourself lucky that Jaejoong is still alive. Most of us who end up in this world have no family to go to.”, Young Saeng replied.

“You don't want my help?”, Joo Eun asked.

“No”, he replied.

“Can you at least keep me updated as to what is happening with them?”, Joo Eun asked. “My brother won't tell me anything.”

Young Saeng nodded. Joo Eun let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you”, she said. With that she turned around and headed back to the hotel, making sure that no one saw her and that her brother never found out what she was doing.

“Maybe we should just let them go. They don't remember anything of their time here.”, Dong Sun sid thoughtfully.

“I don't think that's the best idea sir. They may still remember bits and pieces of the time we traiend them in our facilities”, Byung Il said.

“Do you really think they can remember that far back? They're both in their twenties now. I have trouble believing that their memories can return. We have been able to keep them from recalling anything, is it really necessary to kill them?”, Dong Sun asked.

“You asked me this last year sir and my answer is still the same. If you want your plan to succeed, then yes, they must both be killed. We attempted to kill them through their friend Jaejoong, but that girl has kept them from killing each other. Jaejoong is no longer under my supervision. He left covertly, presumably helped by that idiotic Spanish doctor – what was her name? Ah yes, Ae Hee.”, Byung Il replied.

“Ae you think we can use her then? Jaejoong needs to be pushed further so that he can get rid of our threats. We used Seung Hyun effectively to get rid of Ji Woo. The idiot was beginning to falter and he wanted to end everything before it even started.”, Dong Sun said, throwing out ideas.

“I think both Ae Hee and Joo Eun will work to our advantage. We must get them both under our control. We may have to show our faces, but to save our vision...our dream”, Byung Il responded.

“Excellent. Send out agents to get both women under out custody.”, Dong Sun said, smiling. Byung Il nodded and motioned to a group of men next to him.

“What does Genesis think of this?”, Dong Sun asked.

“I don't think he's exactly happy that his two childhood comrades will be killed. He tried to get the agents to have Hyun Joong fly to Japan. It was his way to avoid confrontation between the two.”, Byung Il replied.

“Ah...Genesis. There was a reason why he stayed and the other two left. He knew our vision and wanted to be part of it. But Genesis is still very attached to those two and if he ever meets them, it's likely that he will trigger their memory.”, Dong Sun said bitterly.

“Then we must keep Genesis far away from them. Now that fake list you created as an excuse to kill long do you intend to keep killing people off that list?”, Byung Il asked.

“Until this is over.”, Dong Sun replied simply. “When they're dead, we won't have to keep up with appearances anymore. Besides, killing these people has helped us expand. After all, to get rid of evil, evil must be used.”

Byung Il smirked. “I couldn't have said it better myself sir.”

Genesis stared at he computer screen as he watched the interaction among the two people he hated the most in the world. I was only two years old when you brought me into the organization, he thought. The day Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong left was the worst day of my life. I never wanted to be part of this, but you always told me I was your star pupil, and I believed it. I won't let you kill them. I'll save them both because if there's one thing they deserve, it's a normal life. Away from lies, and away from your visions of a 'new and better world'.

Genesis turned off the laptop and put on his coat. For the first time in twelve years he was going out into the real world. He placed a cap carefully over his head.

“First off..”, he muttered, “I must get to Ae Hee.”


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Jiyong pulled up to Young Saeng's house. All three men got out of the vehicle. As he was walking up to the house Jiyong felt his phone vibrate.

“How is he?”, he asked directly.

“Hyun Joong fucked him up. He has internal bleeding. They're going to do some surgery or something on him to try and save him.”, Young Bae replied.

“Hmm...what are the odds?”, Jiyong asked, perfectly aware that Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong were listening intently to the conversation.

“Five to one, he dies”, Young Bae replied.

“Ok. Call me if anything else happens”, Jiyong replied. With that, he hung up. He didn't even bother turning to the other two, but he couldn't help glancing at Hyun Joong. Hyun Joong had a look of pain and worry which he quickly erased when he noticed Jiyong looking at him.

“Regretting?”, Jiyong asked.

“I never knew how to control my anger.”, Hyun Joong replied.

“Nice excuse”, Jiyong answered.

Hyun Joong eyes flashed angrily, but before he could respond they reached Young Saeng's front door where Young Saeng himself was standing waiting for them.

“You knew we were coming”, Seung Hyun said.

“Yes. Jungmin is not here, and of course neither is Hyung Joon. Joo Eun is no longer here either.”, he replied.

“You had Joo Eun?!”, Hyun Joong exclaimed, trying to move forward to grab a hold of him.

“Be careful Young Saeng. Some people don't know how to control their anger”, Jiyong said bitterly, stopping both Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong from moving forward. Hyun Joong gave him a bitter glare, but said nothing. Young Saeng chuckled.

“Yes, Joo Eun was here. I was under orders to keep her here, well accommodated until she could move to a safer location.”, Young Saeng replied.

“Whose orders?”, Seung Hyun asked at the same time that Hyun Joong asked why she needed to be in a safer location.

Young Saeng stared at them calmly and then turned around, motioning for them to follow him into his home. “The orders were from someone you two know very well, but I don't think it would be for the best if I told you who it is. Just know that Joo Eun is not in danger, well not in anymore danger than what she regularly is in with you guys.

“She's never in danger with us, we protect least my team does”, Seung Hyun said defensively.

“And that's why she got shot by Kyujong”, Young Saeng replied. Seung Hyun glared at him, but didn't answer knowing that Young Saeng had brought up a valid point. “Anyways”, Young Saeng continued. He sat down on his couch and motioned for his three guests to do the same. “I think it's about time you two realize that every time Joo Eun is anywhere near your company, she has a 90% chance of becoming a target. The only reason she is alive is because of several factors.”

“Target of whom? What do you know that we don't?”, Hyun Joong demanded.

“It is in fact something that everyone in both of your teams is aware of. We were assigned to your teams for a specific reason you know that? The fact that we met was not a coincidence”, Jiyong explained.

“I don't understand shit”, Seung Hyun said.

“As expected.”, Young Saeng said. “Listen closely. Jiyong was right when he told you there are four parties. We both only knew for sure that three parties existed in this mess, until recently I found out of a fourth. These other two parties have the same objective. They aim to kill you two.”

Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun seemed surprised by the information. “I'm used to being on someone's killing list, but I never thought someone other than Hyun Joong would want me dead”, Seung Hyun said.

“Exactly, and they planned to keep you both thinking that you only had one other enemy, when in fact, you have many. You two though, you have been protected all these years by an old friend of yours. This friend was who pulled Jungmin, Hyung Joon, and I from the FBI and Kyujong from the CIA. We were assigned by him to especially take care of Hyun Joong.”, Young Saeng replied.

“And Seung Ri was taken from the cryptologist unit in the US army, Young Bae from the National Guard, and Daesung and I from the FBI as well to take care of you Seung Hyun”, Jiyong added, nodding in Seung Hyun's direction. “Shortly after, we were given an extra assignment though, and that was to keep Kim Joo Eun alive.”

“You must be joking”, Seung Hyun said.

“Not at all. If you want, I can show you my credentials, besides, didn't you know Jungmin and Hyung Joon were from the FBI? They never really quit...”, Young Saeng replied.

“Then who the hell is this old friend?”, Hyun Joong demanded.

“That is something you will find out when the he decides to become known”, Jiyong answered.

“Don't fuck around with me! I don't understand any of this shit you're telling us. This person seems to be the center of it all, tell me who the fuck it is!”, Seung Hyun demanded.

“You'll find out. Believe me, you will.”, Young Saeng replied.

“Fuck this shit”, Hyun Joong said, standing up and heading toward the doorway.

“Don't you want to know where Joo Eun is?”, Jiyong asked calmly.

“I know this fucker. He won't tell me anything until I stay and submit to whatever he says. Young Saeng is not an idiot”, Hyun Joong answered. Young Saeng smirked, clearly pleased with his description. Hyun Joong scowled at him and turned around. As his hand turned the handle of the door, a ringtone could be heard throughout the house.

Jiyong looked down at he cellphone in his hand to see who was calling. He calmly accepted the call and brought the phone up to his ear. “Yes?”, he said.

Hyun Joong stood frozen in his spot as Jiyong sighed. “Yes I see”, he continued. “Very well, you know where to find Daesung and Seung Ri. I should be meeting up with all of you shortly.”

Jiyong finished his call and looked up. Young Saeng was staring at him, clearly interested in his news. Jiyong stared straight in Hyun Joong's direction. “He's dead. Died about five minutes ago. Severe trauma to the head and internal bleeding”, he said in a passive voice.

Young Saeng sighed heavily. “Dammit”, he muttered.

Hyun Joong stood frozen, still processing what he had just been told.

Young Saeng stood up and headed in his direction. He grabbed a hold of Hyun Joong and turned him around. “Stick around for the show Hyun Joong. The man you and Seung Hyun want to see so badly will arrive soon”, he said.

Meanwhile, Joo Eun checked the text message Young Saeng had just sent her. “Kyujong is dead. Wait patiently, all the secrets surrounding your brother's “death” will be made apparent soon.”


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Re: Path of Enmity

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“Should we move against them?”, Gato asked, listening to the conversation going on in the hotel.

“No, on the contrary, lead them to Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun. Maybe we can finally finish this once and for all”, Byung Il responded.

Gato smiled. “Genesis is going to be pissed...”, he muttered, seeming to relish the thought of it.

“Yes, well, there's nothing Genesis can do in this situation. He is under our orders and our orders are to make sure those two are dead by today”, Byung Il replied.

“What about the girl?”, Gato asked.

“Ah..yes. Joo Eun. Let's see..should we let her go? You have the doctor alresady in custody don't you?”, he asked.

“Yes, she should be headed to Seoul right now. We sent a team after her to Kyoto”, Gato replied.

“Excellent”, Byung Il said.

Meanwhile Jungmin's car cruised through the highway at top speed. Joo Eun held onto Hyung Joon who just chuckled as Jungmin swerved from side to side, avoiding the cars and driving in between two lanes.

“Could you sloe down a bit! Over one hundred is not my ideal speed here!”, Joo Eun shouted to Jungmin. Jungmin smirked.

“Get used to it sweetheart”, he answered back.

Joo Eun turned to Jaejoong who just shrugged. “We need to get there fast, before anyone else finds out about our plan”, he answered.

“Do you plan to kill Young Saeng?”, Joo Eun asked.

Jaejoong narrowed his eyes and then turned away, ignoring her. He preferred not to answer, knowing already what Joo Eun would say. Just then, he heard his ringtone one again. He picked it up and looking at the number, immediately answered it.

“What is it?”, he asked.

“'s nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you Kim Jaejoong”, came a man's voice over the phone.

“Who are you?”, Jaejoong asked. Hyung Joon and Joo Eun turned to him with worried expressions on their faces.

“Me? I'm someone you don't need to quite get to know. I just wanted to tell you that I intercepted Ae Hee here in France. Vous parler Français? [Do you speak French?]”, he asked.

“Oui. Là où est Ae Hee? [Yes. Where is Ae Hee?]”, Jaejoong demanded.

“Elle a raison à côté de moi. Elle laissera à la Corée en une heure. [She's right next to me. She will leave to Korea in one hour]”, the man answered.

“Que voulez-vous ? [What do you want?]”, Jaejoong asked, getting angry.

“Je ? Je veux que vous fassiez me rencontrer à quelqu'un à l'aéroport. Si personne n'est là, je la tuera. [Me? I want someone to meet me at the airport. If someone is not there, I will kill her]”, he answered.

“Pourquoi ? Pourquoi elle ? Est-ce que c'est en raison de moi ? [Why? Why her? Is this because of me?]”, Jaejoong asked.

“Oui. Vous êtes impliqué dans les choses que vous ne devriez pas faire partie de. Je vous propose sauf elle. [Yes,you are involved in things that you should not be part of. I suggest you save her.]”, the man answered.

“Que voulez-vous? [What else do you want?]”, Jaejoong asked sighing heavily.

“Joo Eun”, the man answered.

“Ce qui? Ma soeur? [What? My sister?]”, Jaejoong asked. His eyes shifted immediately to Joo Eun who was staring at him with a frightened expression.

“Oui. Demain.[Yes. Tomorrow.]”, the man answered and with that he hung up. Jaejoong stayed silent, pulling the phone slowly away from his ear. Joo Eun looked at him expectantly.

“Jungmin, take a different route. We have an unexpected factor”, Jaejoong said. Jungmin nodded and veered off the highway. Hyung Joon looked at Jaejoong questioningly.

“Must you save this Ae Hee girl?”, Hyung Joon asked.

Jaejoong nodded. “She saved me, not I must return the favor.”

“With your sister?”, Hyung Joon added. Joo Eun turned to stare at him.

“Me?”, she said. “I'm going to be the exchange for Ae Hee? Why me? I have never even met her.”, Joo Eun said.

“Yes, but I have. This guy is trying something with me. Don't worry Joo Eun, I'll find a way around it. Meanwhile, do you still remember the self-defense you learned in the army?”, Jaejoong asked. Joo Eun nodded. “Good. You'll need”

Seung Hyun's yes darted back and forth between Young Saeng and Jiyong. “How soon is he arriving?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Seems he has been delayed. He must have encountered something of importance”, Jiyong said, checking his watch. “Never mind. I will go see the rest of my team. I will also take care of Kyujong's funeral arrangements.”

Young Saeng nodded. “Hyun Joong”, he said, turning to the man who still had not left the doorway. “When he gets here, make sure you have a valid explanation, other than love.”

“For what?”, Hyun Joong asked.

“To explain Kyujong's death.”, Young Saeng replied.


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Jaejoong stared around the entire airport, trying to see if he could make out Ae Hee among the many faces. Hyung Joon and Jungmin were waiting outside the airport. Jaejoong kept a firm hold on his sister. His plan was made out in his mind. He knew that Ae Hee could escape easily. His plan was to keep the man talking while Joo Eun tried to communicate to Ae Hee to escape. If it didn't work out, he would take Joo Eun and try to come up with another plan to get Ae Hee free.

He scanned the crowds desperately when he suddenly heard a cry of “Jaejoong!”, from behind him. He turned around to find Ae Hee standing directly across from him, a gun pointed to her covertly and a man with straight, crazy black hair smiling at him.

Jaejoong took a step toward Ae Hee when he felt a piece of metal probe him in the back. “Not too close”, came the voice of the man from behind him.

“Nice to meet you Jaejoong!”, the man that was holding onto Ae Hee said loudly. “I couldn't help taking a few precautions. I hope you will be happy to find Ae Hee in a good condition. She does have a few bruises, but that's mostly from the tape and the ropes.”, he said, chuckling.

“Joo Eun is right here”, Jaejoong said, his grip on his sister tightening.

“Good. I see that”, the man said smiling. “Now, I will let Ae Hee go, at the count of three. Then you let Joo Eun go. I'm even being generous enough to let her go first. Ready?”, he said, to which Jaejoong nodded in response. “1.....2......3!”, the man said, letting go of Ae Hee and dropping his gun. Jaejoong immediately did the same thing, knowing that at the halfway mark Joo Eun would simply come back.

Ae Hee took a running start toward him and Joo Eun barely moved three steps as Ae Hee nearly reached him. Suddenly, Jaejoong felt the man from behind him pull him back and push him toward the ground. He grabbed Ae Hee and throwing her over his shoulder ran off. Joo Eun meanwhile, had been taken by two other men that appeared out of nowhere and seemed to know of her military background because they deflected her blows effectively. Jaejoong stared wide-eyed, realizing that he had just lost them both. He stared at the man who just smiled.

“Sorry Jaejoong, but I need them both. If you want them to some back, go fund Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun, they may be able to help you”, the man said, before turning around and disappearing in the crowd.

“Assh!!!”, jaejoong screamed, punching the floor and attracting the glances from people around him. Suddenly, he heard loud footsteps and Hyung Joon and Jungmin arrived.

“What happened?”, Jungmin asked.

“he took them both! Where were you?!”, Jaejoong demanded.

“Sorry, but the crowd wouldn't let us through...dammit!”, Jungmin replied.

“What do we do know?”, Hyung Joon asked.

“We go to Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong”, Jaejoong answered.


“I've been waiting for eight hours...I think that's long enough”, Seung Hyun said, getting up from the couch where he had been nodding off for the past three hours.

“You are not going to wait?”, Young Saeng asked, seeming amused.

“How long is this guy going to take?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Well, he had a long hold-up. He should be here within....three hours”, he said, checking his watch.

“Three hours? I've waited enough”, Seung Hyun said, proceeding toward the door which Hyun Joong still guarded.

Young Saeng chuckled. “What's so funny?”, Seung Hyun asked in a threatening tone.

“The fact that you actually waited eight hours to receive news from someone about Joo Eun. Goes to show how much you two actually care about her.”, he answered. He sighed deeply and stretched his arms. “I never would have thought I could keep you here this long. It seems though, that others are just as impatient as you two are”

“Who are you talking about?”, Hyun Joong asked.

Young Saeng motioned with a move of his head toward the window where they could see a group of men approaching his home. He motioned to Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun to step away from the door and he silently placed his hand on the gun at his waist. Seconds after, the door burst open and a group of three men walked in.

“Nice to see you Hyun Joong, Young Saeng”, came Byung Il's voice as he entered through the broken door.

“What are you doing here?”, Hyun Joong asked, confused.

“Oh, I simply came by for a visit.”, Byung Il said dismissively.

“You never bring Gato out of his cage if you're only out for visit”, Hyun Joong responded coldly glaring at one the men at Byung Il's side. Byung Il smiled.

“Hyun Joong! Would you look at that, standing right next to the person that killed your best friend! Don't tell me that you have forgiven him so easily!”, Byung Il said, completely changing the subject.

“Of course not”, Hyun Joong said, gritting his teeth. “But if I want to find the location of someone, I must work alongside him.”

“Do you mean Joo Eun?”, Byung Il asked innocently.

“How did you know?”, Hyun Joong asked. Young Saeng meanwhile, kept his eyes trained on Byung Il, watching every movement he made, making sure that nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

“ you not know that she's in out custody? I mean, I took her to the hospital and everything. She's fine and happy, I dropped her off at your headquarters”, Byung Il responded in what seemed to be a surprised voice.

“Why would you drop her off at Hyun Joong's? She works with me”, Seung Hyun interrupted.

“Well she told me she didn't want to return to you Seung Hyun. Somehting about you forcing her to do things she didn't want to. Apparently you made her kill Ji Woo”, Byung Il said.

“What!?”, Hyun Joong said, turning to Seung Hyun. “You forced her to kill him! You bastard!” He began fumbling for his gun.

“Hyun Joong, do you really believe him? Your headquarters were locked when we left and why would Byung Il leave Joo Eun in a room filled with blood? Don't you think she would have figured something out and contacted you?”, Young Saeng said. “And then why would she decide to leave Seung Hyun now? She has been working alongside him for a long time, she would have complained earlier.”

“I don't know Young Saeng! Maybe she finally got fed up with what he did...maybe..”, Hyun Joong said, pointing his gun at Seung Hyun who just stared at him calmly.

“Please Hyun Joong, you know that his story doesn't add up. He could have contacted you right when Joo Eun went to him, but he didn't, meaning that Joo Eun never did go to him! Did you forget that I know where Joo Eun is!? She was never with him!”, Young Saeng said, trying to divert Hyun Joong's attention form his sudden intent to try and kill Seung Hyun.

“Would you shut-up Young Saeng? There's no way you would know something like that. Just stay out of this”, Byung Il commanded coldly.

“Shoot me if you want Hyun Joong, it won't change anything”, Seung Hyun said to Hyun Joong.

“Don't you dare try it Hyun Joong! I have to keep you both alive!”, Young Saeng said desperately.

“Why listen to him Hyun Joong? He has been lying to you for so long...”, Byung Il began to say when they all heard a shot resound through the house. Everyone stood frozen for a second trying to figure out what had happened.

“Hyun Joong, put your gun down”, came a mellow voice from the hallway.

A look of relief passed by Young Saeng's face. “You're here”, he said.


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Re: Path of Enmity

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“I never would have thought you guys would be helping with this!”, Joo Eun said, amazed as Young Bae and Jiyong removed the tape from around her mouth.

“We have our reasons Joo Eun”, Young Bae replied.

“Reasons!? That man said he would kill Ae Hee if I didn't show up. What does he want with me anyway?!”, Joo Eun said, in an agitated voice.

“Yes, he's rather extreme sometimes, isn't he?”, Jiyong said, sighing deeply as he took off Ae Hee's tape as well.

“Oww!!”, she said loudly.

“Sorry..”, Jiyong replied.

“What do you want with me? Let me go!!”, Ae Hee said immediately, beginning to struggle against the ropes that were keeping her bound.

“Yes, what do you want from us?”, Joo Eun also asked, but she stayed calm.

“Nothing much. He told us to keep you two here. He needs you out of the picture”, Young Bae replied.

“What? Why? What did we do?”, Joo Eun asked.

“Do you know them?”, Ae Hee asked. Joo Eun nodded. “Look it's nice to meet you and all....but you know the people that kidnapped me?! What do they want from me?”

“I-...”, Joo Eun began, but Young Bae cut her off.

“I already said that nothing really. Our job is to make sure you two are safe while Genesis finds a way to stop Jaejoong from trying to kill Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong. Genesis is trying to save them all...all three of them alright? He isn't a threat at all, he had to be one of the greatest men I have ever met”, he said.

Joo Eun stared at him as he knelt down to untie her feet and then her hands. “See?”, he added. “We're not going to hurt you, not at all. We just want everyone to survive and to finally catch the people who are responsible for all of this.”

Jiyong nodded as he also got rid of Ae Hee's bonds.

“You promise that they will survive?”, Joo Eun asked.

“I can promise that Genesis will try everything he can to save them all and not allow anyone to kill the other”, Young Bae replied. Joo Eun gave him a weak smile, telling them that she would cooperate.

“You believe them?”, Ae Hee asked in an incredulous voice.

“I have no reason not to believe them. They just untied us”, Joo Eun replied.

“We're heading out”, Jiyong said. “We need to get Seung Ri and Daesung here. We also have to make sure that Genesis is alright. I think Seung Ri and Daesung have completed the task assigned to them. You two stay here” He nodded at Joo Eun and they both headed out, locking the door as a precaution. As soon as they were gone, Ae Hee began to survey the entire room.

“What are you doing?”, Joo Eun asked.

“I'm looking for a way out. I don't trust them, not if they work for that Genesis guy”, Ae Hee replied.

“They're people you can trust Ae Hee! I promise, they have taken good care of me.”, Joo Eun said, trying to convince her. Ae Hee ignored her. She grabbed one of the chairs and smashed it against the small window.

“What is wrong with you! Don't you see that if we leave they may die...all three of them!”, Joo Eun said as shards of glass flew by.

“What kind of sister are you anyway?”, Ae Hee asked angrily.

“What?!”, Joo Eun said.

“You should only care about whether or not your brother lives, not about the two men that brought about his death!”, Ae Hee replied angrily.

“They didn't bring about his death and stop it, if you go to them, you may end up killing them all!!”, Joo Eun said, running froward and pulling Ae Hee away form the window.

Ae Hee turned around angrily and punched Joo Eun in the jaw. “I'm leaving! It may be the only way to save Jaejoong!”, she said.

“It's not!”, Joo Eun replied, regaining her balance and pulling Ae Hee back. She pushed her roughly against the wall and tried to keep her from struggling. Ae Hee though, had also gone through military training, so she pushed her knee in Joo Eun's stomach, making her double over in pain. Then she expertly grabbed her and pushed her against the glass collected in the corner of the room that the window was in.

Joo Eun felt the pain sear up her side as pieces of glass were embedded into her. She quickly rummaged inside of her jacket and pulled out the gun that she had kept hidden since Jaejoong and her arrived at the airport. I'm sorry Jaejoong, but I need to stop her, she apologized silently.

She got up and ran over to Ae Hee, pulling her back inside the room. Ae Hee turned around to see a gun pointed at her. “You would kill me to save those two?”, Ae Hee asked.

“I would kill you to save the three of them. You don't understand what you're doing. There's three lives here under our control”, Joo Eun replied.

“Wrong, there's only one. The other two you are trying to save hardly deserve it. They only try to kill, and that's all they have ever done”, Ae Hee replied. “But since you're willing to kill me, I won't have any regrets about doing the same thing.” With that, she ran toward Joo Eun and attempted to throw the gun out of her hand. Joo Eun kept a tight hold on it though and instead was thrown back against the wall.

Joo Eun quickly used her other arm to block a kick from Ae Hee and turning her other arm around, shot the gun. The sound of the bullet resounded through the walls as it ricocheted off the wall and drove into the ground. Both girls stood still for a moment, wondering if either of them had been hurt. Joo Eun was relieved when she realized it didn't cause any damage, but Ae Hee reacted much faster. Joo Eun felt a sudden force throw her back as Ae Hee attempted to take away her weapon again. Joo Eun felt Ae Hee trying to pry her fingers away from the weapon. Joo Eun tried her best to keep them on, but Ae Hee was physically stronger.

Joo Eun threw her head back and head butted Ae Hee. Ae Hee's hold immediately became looser, allowing Joo Eun to escape Ae Hee's grip. As she began pulling away, Ae Hee punched her once again, leaving her disoriented. Joo Eun felt Ae Hee once again trying to take the weapon away. How do I stop do I save them? , she thought desperately. Making up her mind in a split second, Joo Eun pulled the trigger.

Ae Hee immediately stopped struggling against her and stared wide-eyed at Joo Eun. There was a moment of silence as they stared at each other. “Wh-what have you done?”, she said weakly. Joo Eun stared at her and smiled.

“I want them all to live”, she answered. And with that, she let the weapon go and slid on the floor, blood gushing from the wound in her stomach.


Jaejoong stood outside Young Saeng's home.

“Are you sure they're here?”, he said, turning to Jungmin.

“More than sure”, Jungmin replied. Jaejoong nodded. He made his way up the path to Young Saeng's front door, with Hyung Joon and Jungmin trailing behind him.

From inside the house, Young Saeng turned to the man beside him as he saw the shadows of three men pass by his window. “They're here”, he said.

“He's fast”, Genesis replied. “Good”


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Re: Path of Enmity

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Re: Path of Enmity

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