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Path of Enmity

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Path of Enmity - Page 2 Empty Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 2/25/2010, 4:11 pm

** A/N: flashbacks have ended, the entire story in now in present time ^^

He moved his hands slowly staring at them long and hard.

“They're almost all gone”, Ae Hee said from behind him.

“Yes..”, he answered.

“That money was not a waste then”, she added. He simply nodded.

“What will you do now?”, she asked.

“I'm going to go back”, he answered.

“But you can't!”, Ae Hee said. She walked over to his side quickly. “You've barely recovered!! You need more time.”

“I've already reflected on everything that happened”, he replied.

“You have to heal...not just physically” she said.

“Wounds don't heal”, he replied in a cold voice. “they leave a scar. But this scar can't be removed by surgery like all the others.”

“Leave the past in the past”, Ae Hee said.

“That past is what torments my future. I need to find answers Ae Hee. Most importantly, I need to find her.”

“Where do you think she is? Are you sure she's not in some rural village living a comfortable life?”, she asked.

“No, she's not that type of girl. She was always an adventurous one, a fighter. She would have searched for the truth....even if it killed her”, he replied.

“Do you think she's dead?”, Ae Hee asked.

“No. But if she is, I need to find her body and kill whoever killed her. If she isn't, I need to kill whoever killed me and take her from that unforgiving world”, he replied.

Ae Hee sighed. “And nothing I say can change your mind?”.

“No”, he answered.

“Señor, ya esta listo su auto [Sir, your car is ready.]”, came the voice of one of the hotel employees.

“Si gracias. Ahorita voy.[Yes, thank you, I'll be there in a minute.]”, he replied. He turned to Ae Hee. “Take care here. Hide and don't let anyone know that you're connected in any way with me. I can assure you that they will try to kill you if they do.”

Ae Hee nodded. “Si Señor, como usted diga [Yes sir, I will do as you say]”, she replied.

He smiled at her fondly. “Thank you for everything.”

“Mi placer [My pleasure]”, she replied. “Buena suerte señor [good luck sir].”

He nodded as he placed dark sunglasses over his eyes. He then turned around and followed the employee out to his car. He waved one last time before disappearing in his car. Ae Hee waved back, feeling a foreboding feeling in her chest as she saw him pull away.

I guess I'll start preparing for his return. After all, I know he doesn't plan to go away for long. He's just going to go get her. That's all. He'll be back. Ae Hee smiled, and tried to shake the feelings of fear off.
He'll be fine. He knows what he's doing.

She then turned around and went up to the desk to officially check out.


“Okay, what the hell happened to out security?!”, Jiyong exclaimed as he entered the examination room.

“Somebody seems to have hacked into out system”, Daesung replied.

“Hacked into our system?!”, Jiyong repeated.

“I suppose our hostages have left?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Actually....”, Young Bae began. Jungmin moved out of the corner of the room.

“Jiyong, Seung Hyun, please welcome Jungmin. He is the new member of your team”, Joo Eun announced.

Jiyong stared at him, hos mouth agape. “What?! WHAT!!??”, Seung Hyun asked, his eyes wide with hatred as he stared at Jungmin.

“He has valuable information Seung Hyun. Besides, through him we can pinpoint every move that Hyun Joong makes”, Seung Ri advised.

“I don't care!! I don't want him here!”, Seung Hyun replied angrily.

“Seung Hyun...”, Young Bae began, trying to reason with him.

“No!! Young Bae, you don't understand! I don't want to see him! He's a filthy bastard!! Go back to our uncle son of a bitch!”, he said angrily to Jungmin.

“Too bad”, Joo Eun replied. “He's staying Seung Hyun.”

“WHAT!!??”, Seung Hyun said in a voice of disbelief. “You have to be kidding me”

“I'm not”, Joo Eun replied.

Seung Hyun turned his eyes to stare right into Joo Eun's. Joo Eun stared back at him defiantly. “If you knew the things he's done..”, he began.

“I already know. He told me”, Joo Eun cut him off.

“And you still want him here!?”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Yes”, Joo Eun replied.

Seung Hyun stared at her. An intense silence followed, one where Seung Hyun and Joo Eun stared each other down. After a short while Seung Hyun smirked, turned around, and left.

“Where are you going?”, Jiyong asked, watching him pass by.

“He's in, I'm out”, Seung Hyun responded.

“What?”, Jiyong asked, unable to understand. “Wait...hold on!!”

“Let him go.”, Joo Eun replied. “I don't have time to put up with his tantrum. We have to decide on how we're going to infiltrate”

Everyone in the room turned and stared at her. They each nodded slowly. “Whatever you say team leader”, Jiyong replied.


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Path of Enmity - Page 2 Empty Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 2/27/2010, 3:18 pm


Kyujong turned around to face Young Saeng. “So that's what happened..”, he muttered. Young Saeng nodded. He was slumped back on the chair playing with a strand of his hair.

“So Jungmin was willing to give information...just like that?”, Kyujong asked to reassure himself.

Young Saeng nodded once again. “You have to remember....Jungmin has had a rocky relationship lately with Hyun Joong. He's not exactly someone you can totally trust either”, he added.

Kyujong sighed. “And Hyung Joon? Where is he?”

“No idea. He left, but I don't know where. Jungmin stayed”, Young Saeng answered.

Kyujong nodded. He stared at the ceiling absentmindedly. “Young Saeng......”, he began. Young Saeng looked up to stare at him. “Tell Hyun Joong that I'm going out. Tell him I'll be back once I've solved his problems.”

“What?”, Young Saeng asked, confused. “What problems?”

Kyujong slowly took out his knife set, smoothing it out on the table.“The only problem I see that's stopping Hyun Joong from killing Seung Hyun is Joo Eun. If I get her out of the picture....”, Kyujong muttered, stopping to throw one of his knifes across the room, “no more Seung Hyun..”, he finished.

Young Saeng stared at him. “Am I allowed to give him this explanation?”, he asked.

“No....just tell him I'm out to solve his problems”, Kyujong replied.

Young Saeng nodded. Kyujong smiled as he got up and made his way to the door.

“Kyujong”, Young Saeng called out as Kyujong was closing the door behind him. Kyujong paused to hear him. “He'll hate you. He may even try to kill you.”

“I know”, Kyujong replied. “That's a risk I'm willing to take.” Young Saeng smirked as he heard the door close and Kyujong's faltering footsteps resound through the walls.

“I suppose you heard that...”, Young Saeng said slowly.

“Yes”, came a voice from the shadows. “How did you know I was here?”

“I wasn't sure until I asked him if I could tell you. You know I can pick up even the smallest noise. Kyujong can't unfortunately”, Young Saeng replied. He took out his cellphone and began punching keys.

“Are you going to tell him?”, Hyun Joong asked, as he came into the light.

“Yes”, Young Saeng responded. “But you know that even if I do, that won't stop him.”

“Guess I better be going then”, Hyun Joong replied, heading toward the door. Young Saeng didn't answer, slipping the cellphone back into his pocket. “Oh and by the way...”, Hyun Joong said, stopping at the door. “She's not in my way.”

“Really?”, Young Saeng asked, without turning around. “Then why haven't you killed Seung Hyun yet?”

A silence filled the room. Young Saeng's lips formed into a smirk.

“I'm waiting”, Hyun Joong replied.

“For what? For him to kill you first?”, Young Saeng asked.

“No.....I'm waiting for proof that he's innocent..”, Hyun Joong replied slowly.

Young Saeng let out a short chuckle. “You don't want to kill him do you?”

“If I have to I will!!”, Hyun Joong replied, anger in his voice.

“Fine. But I'll be honest...”, Young Saeng said, pulling himself out of the chair and turning around to face Hyun Joong. He crossed his arms and leaned back against the table. “You'll likely end up dead first.”

Hyun Joong narrowed his eyes at him. “You think I'm that weak?”, he asked.

Young Saeng smiled. He walked over to where Hyun Joong was standing, stopping when he was right next to him. “No....I'm saying you're that much of a fool.” With that he passed by Hyun Joong and walked away, down the hall. Hyun Joong watched his retreating figure.

“Young Saeng....I've always been a fool..but I absolutely refuse to lose”, he whispered. Then he turned around and ran the opposite direction, after Kyujong.

Young Saeng walked out into the sunlight when he suddenly felt his pocket vibrate. He looked down and cocked his head a bit to the side. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an expensive Crystal phone. He smiled as he hit a button and pulled the phone up to his ear.

“Yes?”, he asked.

“Jungmin?”, came a light, airy voice.

“No, Young Saeng. Jungmin is somewhat....unavailable”, Young Saeng replied.

“Young you know Jungmin?”, the voice asked.

“Yes. We work together....well used to. Who are you?”, he asked.

“An old friend”, the voice replied. “I've just arrived back in Korea. Do you think you could take me to Jungmin?”

“Sure”, Young Saeng replied.

Meanwhile, at Incheon airport, he finished the call and slipped the phone back into his coat pocket. He was wearing a long black coat and sunglasses that covered his face. He leaned back in the bench, his legs crossed with one of them swinging back and forth. He looked up at the airplanes taking off.

“Ae Hee....”, he whispered. “I've arrived.”


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Path of Enmity - Page 2 Empty Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 3/3/2010, 9:51 pm


“What do you want?”, Joo Eun whispered into the cellphone on her speaker.

“I think I know where Seung Hyun is”, Jungmin responded. “Come here”

Joo Eun listened as he gave her directions and the street names. “Are you sure he's there?”

“Yeah, he's just getting some coffee. Hurry before he leaves”, Jungmin replied.

“You would be one to decide you need him after you let him go”, Jiyong said as Joo Eun slipped the cellphone into her pocket.

Joo Eun glared at him. “Do you have anything else to do other than judge people?”

“It's my job”, he responded coolly. Joo Eun sighed and turned a corner, heading to where Jungmin had told her.

“Joo Eun”, Jiyong said, as he walked alongside her.

“Yes?”, she asked.

“If you weren't caught in this, what would you be doing?”, Jiyong asked.

“Uhh..I don't really know. I dropped out of college to make this organization. It took all my time and energy to bring all of you together...and to forgive Seung Hyun after he told me what happened. But...I would probably be an ambassador in another country. I mean, I was studying what my brother was. Maybe I'd be living a more carefree life”, she replied.

“Really?”, Jiyong asked.

“Yes. Really”, Joo Eun replied, turning to look at him. “Why? What did you see me doing?”

“Frankly, I see you doing something like this...”, Jiyong replied. “You know that most people that work in fields where they have power are on the borderline..”

“Borderline? Of what?”, Joo Eun asked.

“Well, those Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong. They both have “jobs” that require a gun. People in the army, police men as well...they're all on the borderline. I'm sure even your brother was as well.”, Jiyong replied.

“Again, borderline of what?”, Joo Eun asked, impatiently.

“Most people with power could have gone either way. If you're not a policemen, then you're the criminal the policeman is booking. If you're not the soldier, then your the terrorist that the soldier is hunting. It's the same with all of you. You could have gone either way. Heroes....or criminals....”, he answered.

Joo Eun stared at him. “So I have the potential to become either or?”

“Exactly”, Jiyong replied. “Luckily for you, you've stayed on the right path....but Seung Hyun and Hyun Joong....I worry about them.”

Joo Eun was about to respond when she noticed that they had almost reached their destination. She stopped short and turned to Jiyong. “I want you stay here. We need to make sure this goes over smoothly.” Jiyong nodded. Joo Eun turned to go and then suddenly stopped. She turned back around to Jiyong. “One more thing. Can you analyze Seung Hyun's behavior for me Jiyong?”, she asked. Jiyong nodded again, without inquiring further. Joo Eun then turned around and left.

Jungmin noticed Joo Eun coming toward him from across the street. He looked down the street to see Seung Hyun coming out of the coffee shop. He motioned Joo Eun over. She saw him and nodded, hurrying toward him. Jungmin then turned to follow Seung Hyun who was walking down the street.

Jungmin watched Seung Hyun closley when he suddenly noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. He surveyed the street scene around him. He calculated everything closely looking from one side of the street to the next. That was when he noticed what was out of place. A black Lamborghini was parked on the street. Jungmin knew that car anywhere. His eyes opened wide as he saw the gun pointed at him directly across the street.

Jungmin ducked, hearing the shot shatter the store window behind him. He then heard another shot farther away. He heard shouts and screaming of people trying to get away. He quickly stood up just in time to see Joo Eun fall down on the pavement. Blood began to gush forward form her wound. Another shot rang out, this time from behind Jungmin. He turned around to see Seung Hyun running toward him, his gun pointing to the car right across the street. More shots resounded as he fired at the car as it pulled away.

Seung Hyun ran up to Jungmin. “What the hell happened!!??”, he asked angrily. “You're supposed to take care of her!!”

“I didn't know that was in my job description”, Jungmin replied coolly.

“Oh shut-up you fucking idiot!!”, Seung Hyun responded. He ran passed him toward the crowd that had gathered across the street.

“Excuse me...excuse me..I know her..”, Seung Hyun said, trying to get through the crowd.

“Now he's acting polite”, Jungmin murmured, rolling his eyes. He began to walk toward the scene when he saw that the crowd was dispersing. Seung Hyun and Jungmin ran forward only to see that there was no one.

“Where is she?” Seung Hyun asked as he stared at he blood stains on the pavement.

Jungmin shrugged, scratching his head. “Excuse me!!”, Seung Hyun called out to the dispersing crowd. “Where is the girl that was here? Where is she?!”

“Oh young man..”, an old lady said. “She was taken to the hospital by a man that said he was her relative. He seemed to know her very well.”

Seung Hyun stared at her. “Are you sure?”, he asked. She nodded. Seung Hyun turned around and stared around at the cars, trying to figure out who would take her.

“Thank you”, Jungmin said, bowing to the woman. He watched as Seung Hyun looked around frantically.

“I don't think we can find her now. If you're thinking what I am, she's probably in some hidden underground vault or something.”, he said.

“But why would her take her? Like you think he wants to kill her? But why...Hyun Joong loves her..”, Seung Hyun said, confused. “I don't understand why he would shoot her either. Shooting you, I understand..I've been dying to do that myself.....but, Joo Eun?”

Jungmin sighed. “Love eventually dies as well Seung Hyun”, he replied.


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Path of Enmity - Page 2 Empty Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 3/6/2010, 1:53 pm


“I've checked all the files of every hospital in Seoul. She's not there. There isn't a single match.” Daesung said, staring at his computer screen.

“Then..he has her somewhere...keeping her locked up”, Seung Hyun said. “Where is she Jiyong? Where is she?!”

“I don't know!!”, Jiyong replied in an annoyed voice. “All I know is that I saw a black car pull up and when it pulled away she was gone.”

Seung Hyun made a loud frustrated noise.

“Jiyong”, Jungmin asked. “What kind of car was it? Was it a Lamborghini?”

“No”, Jiyong replied.

“Do you even know about cars?”, Jungmin asked.

“Yes I do, thank you very much!”, Jiyong replied. “It was a Bugatti Veyron.”

“A Bugatti Veyron? Who the hell in Seoul has the money to own one of those?”, Seung Hyun asked.

Jiyong shrugged. “I know one person..”, Jungmin said.

“Who?!”, Seung Hyun asked.

“Me...”, he replied.
“So, how is she?”, a light voice asked in a whisper.

“She'll be fine”, another voice answered. “I took the bullet out and her bleeding should stop soon.”

There was silence. Joo Eun moaned suddenly, aware of a fierce pain in her leg. She turned over without opening her eyes.

After a while she heard the same light voice speak again. “How long until she can walk again?”

“I'm not sure. I'm not a doctor either.”, the other voice replied.

The man with the light voice sighed. “Should I get a doctor to examine her? I know one very well.”

“No”, the other man responded. “If you want to keep her safe it's best if nobody knows where she is.”

“But this doctor I know lives in Spain. Nobody will find out.”, the man replied.

“You want this doctor involved?”, the other man responded.

“No..”, the man with the gentle voice answered.

“Then don't call a doctor. She'll be find. She has a strong will and she's one of the few women that was willing to go through two years of military training. I suppose you know that?”, the other man replied.

“Yes. She felt it would get her better prepared to become an international liaison”, the light voice replied. Joo Eun somehow felt fear start rising in her chest. Who are these people that seem to know so much about me?, she thought.

Joo Eun moved her body in an attempt to turn herself face-up and felt a fierce pain shoot up her leg. She let out a scream and her eyes opened wide. She found herself fully awake, grasping at her leg.

She looked up to notice that both man had stood up immediately when they heard her scream. One took a step back as the other leaned forward.

“Young Saeng?”, Joo Eun asked as her she blinked her eyes rapidly trying to get a clearer image.

The other man turned around and left without a word. Young Saeng meanwhile was examining her leg.

“Don't put too much pressure on it”, he said in a calm voice.

“What am I doing here?”, she asked, ignoring what he said and trying to stand up. Young Saeng watched her without doing anything. As soon as she stood up, she felt pain shoot up inside her again and she fell down with a shout.

“Are you ok?”, Young Saeng asked, looking down at her. Joo Eun looked up to glare at him.

“Take care of her Young Saeng”, came the light voice from the doorway. Joo Eun turned to stare, but he turned around and left.

Young Saeng sighed and helped her stand up. “I told you not to put pressure on it”, he repeated calmly.

Joo Eun ignored him and asked once again, “Where am I?”

Young Saeng helped her sit down and then he responded. “You're in my apartment. Don't worry, Hyun Joong has no idea where I live, if you're worrying about that.”

“No, I'm worrying about the fact that I have no idea why you would be taking care of me....of all people”, she responded.

“I'm doing someone a favor”, he responded. “I'm not going to do anything to you by the way. My orders were to take care of you, if you didn't hear them.”

“Who was that?”, Joo Eun asked.

Young Saeng turned around, completely ignoring her question. “I don't know what will happen once you recover. For now, just sleep. Make sure to not hurt yourself.” With that, he turned and left, closing the door firmly behind him.

Young Saeng stopped as in the hallway as he saw the man leaning against the wall right next to him.

“How is she?”, he asked.

“Fine”, Young Saeng responded. “When will you tell her who you are?”

“Once I've taken care of everything. That is, if she doesn't recognize me first. Hopefully she won't, because then, things may get complicated”, he responded.

Young Saeng nodded and walked down the hall. The man stared at he close door. He narrowed his eyes as he tried to listen to the noises coming from inside. He heard Joo Eun shout in pain again. He shook his head slowly.

“You never really listened to anyone did you?”, he whispered. “Don't worry, you'll be safe here. Just wait while I get rid of Hyun Joong and Seung Hyun. They ruined your life. Yours and mine as well.”

“So when will you go see Jungmin?”, came a voice from behind him. He turned around to see Hyung Joon staring at him.

“When Seung Hyun is far away. I want Jungmin to kill him. Do you think he'll be able to do it?”, he asked.

Hyung Joon smirked. “Well, once he get's over the shock, I'm sure he will. He owes you a lot.”

“Then that will be a fine way to repay me”, the man replied.

“Oh...and what about Hyun Joong?”, Hyung Joon asked.

“I'll take care of him myself.”, the man replied.

Hyung Joon stared a him. “You make it sound so easy. You sure she won't be pissed off at you?”, he asked, motioning toward Joo Eun.

The man narrowed his eyes. “She'll thank me”, he replied.


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Path of Enmity - Page 2 Empty Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 3/10/2010, 4:51 pm

Kyujong felt another harsh kick in his stomach and more blood run out of the side of his mouth. The cool surface of the floor helped to alleviate some of the pain of the cuts and bruises that were on his face.

“You're not going to say anything? Not even fight back?”, came an angry voice from above him.

Kyujong answered with a grunt. He wiped the fresh blood form the corners of his mouth and sighed. He made a great effort to sit up. He leaned against the wall letting out another sigh as he felt the cool surface against the bruises on his arms.

“What do you want me to say Hyun Joong? I knew that you would be pissed”, Kyujong finally answered in a muffled voice. His lip was swollen and he found it somewhat difficult to speak.

“Then why would you do it?”, Hyun Joong asked, as he sat down in a chair not too far from him.

“I thought you heard that part. That's what Young Saeng said anyway..”, Kyujong replied. “Besides...why would you shoot at Jungmin first? I thought you wanted him alive.”

“To give Joo Eun a heads-up but your a fucking lucky shot”, Hyun Joong replied. Kyujong didn't answer anything. Instead he busied himself with trying to find a way to clean off his blood without moving too much.

“You try something like that again and I'll kill you”, Hyun Joong said as he watched him struggle.

“I know”, Kyujong replied coolly.

Hyun Joong sighed and leaned back in his chair. “Are you sure she was taken away?”

“Yup, saw it myself. Two men took her, most likely to the hospital. Bet you it was Jungmin and Seung Hyun”, Kyujong replied mindlessly, still busy with the task at hand.

Hyun Joong nodded. He got up and walked toward the door. “Hold on!”, Kyujong called out, beofre he could leave. Hyun Joong stopped, raising an eyebrow in a questioning manner. “I know you love her....but...why is it that you won't kill Seung Hyun?”

“I'm waiting”, Hyun Joong replied.

“Don't give me that bullshit!”, Kyujong replied angrily, even startling Hyun Joong. “You aren't a patient one Hyun Joong. You know something. Tell me”

Hyun Joong stared at him. He nodded slowly and began walking back to where he originally was. “Guess you're the closest friend I have at the moment.”

“Kinda pathetic...I mean...I did try to kill the girl you love”, Kyujong replied. Hyun Joong stared at him coldly. “Sorry..”, Kyujong said. “Please proceed.”

“Anyways..”, Hyun Joong began. “I was there...the night that Jaejoong died. Kyujong didn't hide the surprise on his face, but he didn't question Hyun Joong either.

“I had seen Jaejoong earlier, right after I had finished that job that you and I were assigned”, he continued.

“The killing of the President?”, Kyujong asked.

“Yes. Of course you know that we didn't succeed, but still...”, Hyun Joong answered. Kyujong nodded at him to continue.

“Anyways, it was that day, as we were leaving the site, I saw Jaejoong. He was in a car that I recognized to be Jungmin's. He just stared at me.....he seemed scared, scared and amazed at the same time. I didn't know what he was doing there, not until Jungmin told me that they had been assigned to execute the same job we had just done.”

Hyun Joong rubbed his temples with his fingers. He looked at Kyujong solemnly. “I decided that to go to Byung Il. I was sure he would know what was going on. I wasn't anything major in the organization yet, and Byung Il was the closest connection I had to Ji Woo. Dong Sun wasn't someone I really trusted.” Kyujong nodded, giving his indication that he was following Hyun Joong's words.

“Well, I got there as fast as I could. I got to Byung Il's house at the same time that he was leaving. He seemed to be in a hurry and his face was pale, but I had to ask him if he knew anything. I walked right up to him and said, 'Byung Il, I need to speak to you.' I remember that he looked at me distractedly as if he couldn't really see me there. He suddenly seemed to realize who I was because his eyes widened and he said, 'Hyun Joong!! You have to come with!! This situation pertains you directly.'

Kyujong stared at Hyun Joong, trying to recall Byung Il ever acting like that. He was always so in control. Hyun Joong seemed to be wondering the same thing. After a slight pause, he continued.

“I followed him and he took me to one of Dong Sun's top secret hideouts. I remember that I could heard screaming as we arrived and I recognized it to be Seung Hyun's voice. I ran in after Byung Il. Just as we were about to enter the scene, for some reason, Byung Il stopped me. I still don't know to this day why he suddenly stopped. Maybe he was shocked at what he saw...I don't know. I just remember that in a desperate attempt to know what was happening, I moved his arm and saw what was happening. The scene I saw left me speechless.”

Hyun Joong gave a long sigh and walked a full circle around the wall as he prepared to say what he wanted to say. Kyujong stared at him without saying anything. After a while he said, “That bad huh?” Hyun Joong could only nod.

“I..”, he said. “I saw Jaejoong on fire...literally. I stood frozen, without knowing what to do. That was when I saw Seung Hyun shoot. I wasn't listening to what they were saying, I just heard Jaejoong yelling form the pain, and nobody moved to help him. Then Seung Hyun shot him...he killed Jaejoong. As soon as he had done that he left. He left Jaejoong there. As if it didn't matter. He left the body there with Dong Sun to do as he pleased. It was me who asked for the body. I was the one who arranged his funeral. I was the one who tried to help him....and yet...”, Hyun Joong stopped, feeling anger well up inside him and tears sting his eyes. “Yet...Joo Eun, it was HIM who she looked to for comfort. She went to HIM!! Why him?!! I had taken care of Jaejoong, my best friend!!! I loved Joo Eun before he ever showed up!!! WHY!!! WHY DID HE TAKE EVERYTHING I EVER LOVED FROM ME!!!?? WHY!!!” Hyun Joong's anger welled up inside him and exploded. Kyujong sighed, staring at him and not knowing what to respond.

Hyun Joong shook with grief, falling to the floor, tears sliding down his eyes. “My best friend...and the only woman I ever loved. Seung Hyun took them both from my hands, and I never got to defend them...not got a chance to hang out to them. They just slipped away...”

Kyujong got up and walked over to Hyun Joong. He looked at him impassively.

“Life is not fair Hyun Joong”, he said. Kyujong then slowly took out a gun and placed it in Hyun Joong's hand. “And payback is a bitch....two bullets for the two people he took from you. There's no reason to forgive....when you can't forget.”


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Path of Enmity - Page 2 Empty Re: Path of Enmity

Post by Guest on 3/12/2010, 6:51 pm

Path of Enmity - Page 2 Path3

Check out the second tailer for this ff: