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Path of the Damned

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Path of the Damned Empty Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/6/2009, 3:07 am

Path of the Damned Resiz

A/N: Hello~!This is my second story here on Fanfictional and probably my last. This one is different from "My brother is a star". My characters are vampires and demons and the storyline is completely different.
I will apologize once again for any mistakes i might do when writing(spelling or grammar),cuz english is not my first language and although i know a lot,i'm not perfect.I hope you will like this one too ^^ Enjoy~!

Genre: angst, alternative universe, death-fic, romance


Yunho: A very powerful mortal wizard. He has a sister, Kaya, whom he loves very much. Being the older one in the family, he is always looking out for his sister, doing everything that is necessary to help or save her. He is turned by Jaejoong into a demon.

Kaya: Yunho's sister. She is a very powerful witch who has a very strong bond with her brother and loves him very much.She is human, but all that changes on the day Changmin turns her into a vampire.

Changmin: The vampire prince who has a crush on the demon's princess, but denies it. His father treats him very badly and makes him suffer a lot. He has an older sister whom he loves very much.

Mizuki: The vampire princess who falls in love with the demon's powerful general, Park Yoochun. She loves her brother, Changmin, very much and hates seeing him suffer.

Sunye: Changmin and Mizuki's best friend. She is a vampire spy, but she ends up betraying her family by saving her love - Jaejoong. She joins the demons and she is under Jaejoong's protection.

Sangmi: Junsu's girlfriend and loves him very much. She is a spy on vampire's side. Sangmi often helps Junsu gather information because all that she wants is for the war to be over.

Siwon: Mizuki's guard and most trusted man. He cares a lot about his mistress.

Minwoo: Changmin's guard and most trusted man. He and Changmin are best friends.

Donghae: He is a guard in the vampire's palace who falls in love with Sunye at first sight. He doesn't care about her being considered a betrayer. Later is assigned to guard Kaya.

Masao Sakamoto: The ruthless and wicked vampire king. All he wants is to win the war against demons and gain more power. He tends to use his two children to achieve his purposes.

Jaejoong: The demon prince who falls in love with the mortal girl - Kaya. Although he has a very nasty reputation of being cold and merciless, he proves himself to be more silent than anything else.

Chiyoko: Jaejoong's younger sister. Although they don't talk too much, they know everything about one another. She loves her brother very much and likes to drive Changmin insane by playing with his mind.

Junsu: The head of the demon's spy army. He is very smart and loves his work, but he is willing to let go of this in order to live a normal life along with his girfriend.

Yoochun: The demon's army general, Junsu and Jaejoong's best friend. He is very capable and his strategies are faultless. Altough he loves flirting with girls, once he meets the vampire princess, his mentality changes.

Ayumi: A spy in demon's army. Loves her job, despite the fact it is dangerous. Falls in love with Yunho, but as fate wanted, he doesn't return her feelings.

Kangin: Chiyoko's guard and most trusted man. At first, Chyioko hated him, but now they are best friends. He learned that she wanted freedom and hated being followed, so they made a bargain which allowed him to watch her from afar.

Hankyung: A spy in demon's army and Junki's bestfriend. He is a great warrior and very reliable in a fight. Later becomes Kaya's guard.

Junki: Is a spy like Hankyung who was once in love with a human girl. Feeling guilty that he didn't manage to save her, he forbid himself to love again.

Akira Watanabe: The ruler of the demons and Masao's old foe. He is caught up in the war, but soon realizes that the war is becoming pointless and for the sake of his two children, decides to make a truce with the vampires.


Tell me…do you believe in fairytales? Do you think they are made up by people just to be told to their children when they go to bed at night? What about horror stories? Do you think they are made up only to scare little children? I must admit that humans have a very bold imagination, but all the stories are based on a true event. Something that really happened. These stories go on from a generation to the other, told by the elders. Every part of the story ends up by being modified, changed and sometimes replaced because no one remembers exactly what or how it happened. Each and every person has a different point of view, so this is why is hard to relate a story exactly how it happened.
The story that you’re going to hear is not fictional and it is told exactly how it happened. Although it happened a very, very long time ago, we still remember it clearly. In this world, everything is possible for we are not human. Our kind managed to walk on the face of the earth hidden from the inquiring eyes of the human kind until this very day. They did know we existed, but later we became a myth.[/b]

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/6/2009, 3:10 am

Chapter 1:Betrayal

Chiyoko Watanabe, a 20 year-old looking girl, was standing in front of a few burial stones. The wind was gently caressing her hair. The sun hadn’t set yet. She was waiting for someone to arrive, but it wasn’t time yet. She had always come here earlier than the others because she wanted to have a moment of peace and quiet. While looking at the stones, memories from the past flooded her mind. Before she realized, it was already dusk. A car was parked near the place she was standing. The car’s threshold opened and two kids, a girl and a boy, were now running towards her. She smiled happily to them and reached her arms out to welcome the kids with a warm hug. The kids were followed closely by their parents.

Kids: Grandma!! Grandma!!!

Chiyoko: Welcome, my darlings! Grandma has missed you so much~!

Junmin: Mom, we missed you. (Hugs her)

Chiyoko: Where is your father, Junmin?

Junmin: He is still in the car. You know he can’t go out while the sun is still up in the sky.

Chiyoko: You’re right. I sometimes forget that he can’t go out until the sun is gone.

Junmin: You should consider taking those memory pills, mom. Your memory is getting rusty.

Chiyoko: Are you suggesting I’m getting old? How could you insult your mother like that? I’m telling your father.

Junmin: Mom, you misunderstood me. Don’t tell dad, please. I never meant it like that.

Chiyoko: Don’t try to change the note with me. I am still going to tell your dad.

Kwan: Uuuuu…daddy, you’ve been a bad boy. Grandma is going to punish you.

JinAe: Daddy, you should respect the elders. You always told us this, yet you don’t respect it.

Junmin: YAH!!! Whose side are you on?

Chiyoko: Don’t yell at the kids or I’ll…!!! You know you’re the one at fault. Wait till your father hears this.

Junmin: No, no! Mom, please! I’m sorry, ok?

Changmin: Why are you yelling at the kids? Did you think I didn’t hear it? Did we yell at you when you were this little? And stop talking rubbish in front you your mother~!!

Junmin: I am sorry, father. I promise I won’t do it again.

Chiyoko: Let’s go to the car and let your father alone for a while. Come to the car when you’re ready, honey.

Chiyoko took the kids and their parents and walked to the car. Changmin remained silent looking at the stones. He is reading the names written on them for the nth time. Every second looking at those tombs, reminded him of what happened that fateful night. A tear was shed again in their memory. He drained his tears and walked back to the car where is son, wife, daughter-in-law and grandchildren were waiting for him. The car’s engine was started once he got in the car. The trip to their house was silent. The car stopped in front of a grand entrance and after the doors opened, the car proceeded inside the huge door yard. Once the car stopped again, everyone stepped out of the car and the kids ran inside the house. Soon after, the dinner was served. After dinner, they sat next to the fireplace. Kwan sat in Chiyoko’s lap and Jin Ae in Changmin’s lap. They wanted to ask their grandparents to tell them a story taken from the tombstones. They loved hearing what people did while they were alive and how or why they died.

Kwan: What story will you tell us this time? We want to hear a new story.

Changmin: Remember those tombstones we visited earlier? We are going to tell you their story. It is our story as well.

JinAe: Are princes and princesses in this story? What is it about?

Chiyoko: You can say it is part of our family’s history. It happened long before you were born. Then I knew your grandfather and fell inlove with him.

JinAe: Come on…tell us already!

Kwan: Yeah…we want to hear it!

It all started in a chilly summer night in the year 1850 in Japan. The war between the demons and vampires was rife in spite of the fact that it’s been going on for 100 years already, bringing beggarhood and misery to their humans over whom they ruled. The reason of the hate was long forgotten, but now the demon king and the vampire king battled for power. This wasn’t a war like humans had. The war was silent, vampires and demons killed each other and in the morning there were only corpses or ash left behind, yet everyone knew there was one.

Kim Sunye was standing on the rooftop of the sublime castle that was proudly watching the land below from the peak of the domineering mountain. She enjoyed the fresh air from outside and tried to clear her thoughts. Since a few weeks ago, she kept thinking about a man. A man she had secretly fallen in love with. The fate was cruel to her since that man was a demon and she was a vampire. Furthermore, he was the crown prince of demons while she was a mere soldier in the royal guard of the vampires. Being best friends with the daughter of the vampire king didn’t help. Their love was impossible, yet she couldn’t help but to love him. She thought about many things and possibilities. What if she is asked to kill him? What then? Will she fulfill the order or will she ignore it and save his life even at the cost of her own? But the most important thing was will she manage to make him fall for her? The crown prince was twice-told to be a heartless creature. A presence she felt interrupted her train of thoughts. It was her best friend – Sakamoto Mizuki. It was time to go hunting. They always went hunting together. She turned to her friend and smiled.

Mizuki: A penny for your thoughts.
Sunye: Nothing that you don’t know.I was waiting for you and I was thinking that you’re late. Shall we go now, Mizuki-chan?
Mizuki: Yeah…let’s go. I am hungry. My brother is already in town. He left ahead. How can he do this to me? He knows we are always hunting together. I will cut his head when I’m catching him.

They climbed down to the small village from nearby. The night was young and they were very hungry. They wondered around the village for a while, commingleling with the humans before they dined.

Changmin was inside the tavern looking for a prey. He was sitting at a table in front of a glass of wine from which he didn’t drink. He was sitting alone in a secluded corner, silently watching people enter and exit from the tavern. Finally, he saw the perfect prey: a young girl with long blonde hair who has just entered. He wanted to ask her to join him, but he was lucky that night, so the young girl came to him by herself and asked permission to sit at his table. Of course, the permission was granted. They talked all night about all kind of stuff. He made the girl feel comfortable with him and at the same time seduced her for he was a master of words. He always knew how to lure the prey where he wanted it. They kept whispering at each other’s ears and giggleling. The girl wanted to kiss him. Bingo. This was the thing he was waiting for. Preteneded to want to kiss her back, but his face moved towards her neck. When he wanted to bite her, someone pulled him back and slapped him hard on the face. Seeing the other woman, the girl took off fast, apologizing.

Chiyoko: How can you cheat on me like that? With a human? I really didn’t think you would go so low. If I knew about this, I wouldn’t have married you in the first place!

Changmin: What? What are you…?

Chiyoko sat quickly in his lap and put a finger on his lips, smiling.

Chiyoko: Honey… I am gladly forgiving you for this if you will kiss me like you never did before. (Whispers) No dinner for you tonight, baby.

Changmin: You ruined my dinner. Get off me, you filthy demon!

Changmin yanked her through the open window and jumped after her. His fangs grew bigger and his eyes became red. Outside, a few meters away from Chiyoko stood a figure wearing a black cape and his face was hidden by a hood. Changmin knew who he was: the crown prince of the demons – Sakamoto Jaejoong. He was outnumbered.

Chiyoko: Bro… he called me a filthy demon. Help me!

Mizuki: When will you learn to fight your own battles, Chiyoko? No one touches the crown prince. He is mine to kill.

Chiyoko: Your brother is too cute for his own sake. I like playing with him. Jaejoong, are you sure she doesn’t like you? I say she does.

Mizuki: Shut up, will you?

Fortunately for Changmin, his sister had found him before the battle began. Without notice, Mizuki charged Jaejoong at full speed. Chiyoko did the same with Changmin. Sunye was ordered to stand down and watch the fights. She was watching Mizuki’s fight intensly. Suddenly, Jaejoong was stabbed by her best friend’s claws. Sunye felt the world spinning around her. She had to make a decision fast. Without thinking, she ran to them and punched Mizuki. Then, she took Jaejoong by the hand, snuck a hand around his waist and disappeared. Sensing that her brother was injured, she followed the two, leaving Changmin and his sister dumbfounded.

Changmin: What happened?

Mizuki: Sunye…helped that bastard. She had helped him! Took him and disappeared.

Changmin: What? How is that possible?

Mizuki: I don’t know…She betrayed us.She betrayed her kind, her family and her best friends. All for a damned demon!

Changmin: She was in love with Jaejoong?

Mizuki: This is the only reason I can come up with. Since 5 weeks ago when we had that fight with them she had been acting strange. Always lost in her own world, thinking about something she wouldn’t tell me. I thought she was our friend that she cared about us.

Changmin: Father will be horn-mad when he is going to find out about this. Sunye will be hunt down and killed. Maybe we shouldn’t tell him.

Mizuki: No. We will tell him. He will find out eventually and if he will think that we are her accomplices, we will be in a big trouble. Sunye was my best friend, but not anymore. From now on she will be our enemy. I will personally make sure she will pay for betraying us.

Somewhere in the deep forest, Jaejoong forced Sunye to stop running. He rested his back on a tree’s stock and sat on the ground. Sunye did the same. Both were panting really hard.

Sunye: A-are you alright?

The prince didn’t respond and tried to stop the bleeding. He ripped off a piece of his cape and wrapped it around himself until he got home. Soon, Chiyoko caught up with them by following the smell of her brother’s blood. She was worried because she didn’t know what happened and why did Jaejoong give up so fast. Moreover, she sensed a vampire presence near. She and her brother had a strange relationship. They didn’t communicate almost at all, but they always took care of each other. Her brother was a silent person who spoke very little and loved to spend time alone. Although she wanted him to be more open, she didn’t complain because she knew that her brother loved her. Finally, she found them sitting on the ground. Without second thoughts, she dashed and grabbed Sunye by the neck lifting her up high.

Chiyoko: You! What do you think you are doing with my brother?

Sunye: I tried…it’s not what you think…

Chiyoko: Do you have the guts to tell me that you know me? That you know what’s on my mind?

Jaejoong: Let her go.

Chiyoko: What?

Jaejoong: She helped me. Let her go.

She did as told howbeit she was reluctant to do it. Chiyoko was surprised at her brother’s reaction because he never defended someone until now, especially not a vampire. He was a merciless being. Sunye fell on her knees, began to cough and desperately sought air to breathe. After a while she started to feel better and Jaejoong forced himself to stand on his own feet.

Jaejoong: What’s your name, girl?

Sunye: Kim Sunye.

Jaejoong: We will return home and you are coming with us, Sunye.

Chiyoko: What? Have you gone mad? She’s a vampire!

Jaejoong: She will be in my care. I will talk to father about this. If she returns home, she will be killed. She spared my life and I will spare hers.

Chiyoko: I can’t believe you’re doing this! I’m not going to back you up.

Jaejoong: There is no need to. Let’s go.

Jaejoong started to walk ahead going even deeper into the forest. Sunye didn’t know what to say. She was astounded, sad and happy at the same time.Chiyoko glanced maliciously at Sunye and followed her brother. Seeing that he was barely walking, she grabed his hand and helped him. Sunye caught up with them and grabed Jaejoong’s other arm. After a few hours of walking, they reached a gendarme. The tree which was next to it changed his shape, becoming a young boy. Seeing Jaejoong and Chiyoko, he quickly touched the gendarme, which opened. It was a door to the demon’s hide-out. Sunye windened her eyes when she saw the trick. Soon, they entered, the door closed and the young boy turned back into a tree. She was now worried about the demon’s king reaction and thought of her best friends. She knew she was now a traitor, but there was no way of going back. Sunye will help the demon clan in every way she can.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by Guest on 8/6/2009, 1:14 pm

Wow, this is really good!!! You have so many charcters, it seems liek it will be really interesting. I love the idea of demons and vampires at war!! ( I wrote a fic myself with DBSK and Suju and it was angels vs. demons ^^). Hope you update soon!!! I love you


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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/7/2009, 3:01 am

Chapter 2: Secrets

Another 100 years passed since the day Sunye had betrayed her kind to be with the man she loved. Times had changed and they adapted, as always. One thing remained the same: the war, which became bloodier than ever. The demon king, Watanabe Akira, had accepted her because she could provide him with information from the inside the vampire palace. He had insisted that she should be on permanent surveillance, so she became Jaejoong’s bodyguard. She couldn’t be happier. She spent each night in the company of the man she loved. At night they would go hunting or just outside the hide-out to breathe some fresh air and during day she would sleep in a dark room, guarded by 2 demons. She tried to make him talk a bit more, but she didn’t succed. Sunye told him different stories, tried to ask for his opinion, but he would always keep his mouth closed. They were often accompanied by Chiyoko and her bodyguard, Kangin. She began to talk more to Chiyoko, who became her new best friend. They shared each other’s secrets. They mostly avoided talking about the past, because apparently, it made Sunye sad and Chiyoko didn’t want that. Sunye hadn’t told her friend about her crush on Jaejoong which lasted 100 years, but told her everything else.

Mizuki was sleeping in her enormous bedroom. She heard noises on the passage way and woke up. Sitting in bed quietly, she listened carefully, attempting to indentify the noise. After a few seconds, she heard a knock at the bedroom door. It was Siwon, her bodyguard and most trusted man.

Mizuki: Come in!

Siwon: It’s me, your highness. Prince Changmin wants you to meet him outside to go hunting.

Mizuki: Tell him to go by himself tonight. I’m not in the mood for hunting. I will eat in the palace.

Siwon: As you desire. Would you like anything else?

Mizuki: After you deliver the message, come back to my room. I will give you some papers to sign for me.

Siwon: I will be right back.

Changmin waited for his sister impatiently. He saw Siwon coming back alone, and knewing what he wanted to say, left without hearing the message. He almost forgot that tonight was the night Sunye betrayed them. 100 years have passed by since then and Changmin missed her. He remembered his father’s reaction. His father was devastated by the news because he had always treated her like his own child. Changmin took Minwoo and left in the village to search for a prey. He went at his usual table from the tavern and ordered his usual glass of wine. He waited almost all night, but everything seemed to be distastefully for him. Minwoo found himself a prey and Changmin granted him the permission to go and eat, while he remained there with a blank expression, lost in his own thoughts. The next thing he knew was that Chiyoko was sitting comfortably in his lap, trying to capture his attention. It took her a while to get him to snap out of it.

Changmin: What the hell are you doing here?

Chiyoko: Were you thinking about me?

Changmin: Why the hell should I think about you?

Chiyoko: That doesn’t answer my question. I’ve been thinking about you too. *wink*

Changmin: Why do you keep stalking me like that? Get away from me!

Changmin pushed her away, receiving a hurt expression in return. Hearing his master’s screams, Minwoo rushed back in the tavern only to find his master facing the enemy. Hurt and angry for the way she’s been treated, Chiyoko attempted to punch Minwoo, who was behind her. She failed and then attacked Changmin. Her eyes had no longer their natural color. They were black. Changmin fought back, forcing her to back away and get out of the tavern. When they stepped outside, Changmin saw Sunye standing proudly next to her master. So she really betrayed them for him. She got what she wanted, but he didn’t want to accept that. He couldn’t accept Sunye was able to do this to them even after 100 years. Changmin approached her, forgetting all about his fight with the other girl. Chiyoko was hurt for the second time that night and couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to attack him again, but Minwoo stepped in between them.

Changmin: Sunye, you’re still alive. I’m surprised to see you. How long has it been since I last saw you? 100 years?

Chiyoko: Hey! Scram, Minwoo! I want Changmin’s head.

Minwoo: Sorry, can’t do that.

Sunye: No need to be sarcastic, Changmin.

Changmin: I am not. Was I ever sarcastic? I just want to ask you something before I star kicking you. Why did you betray us? Was it because of the demon prince? Do you still love him?

Sunye froze when she heard those words. She looked to her right and realized that Jaejoong wasn’t there anymore. He was already far away. It seemed that he wasn’t interested in the fight. She took one more glance at her friend before following her master. Soon, a voice echoed in his head. It was a telepathic message from Sunye telling him that she hated her own breed too much and couldn’t take anymore. All that mattered now was the fact that from the day she left with Jaejoong, she became their enemy. When he turned around to see what was going on between Chiyoko and Minwoo, he was suddenly pulled backward, landing on the dusty ground. Before he could move a muscle, Chiyoko was on top of him holding his arms in one place.

Chiyoko: Next time you will treat me like this, I’ll have your head on a plate.I hate being ignored. Understood?

Changmin: You go ahead and try!

Chiyoko: Don’t provoke me.

After that, she disappeared into thin air. He got up and noticed that Minwoo was laying uncounscious on the ground. It seemed like he was beaten really bad by Chiyoko. She must have been really angry. He took Minwoo and headed towards the palace. The morning was drawing near. They needed to find a dark place or they will die under the merciless sun rays.

Yamamoto Kaya and Yunho were two 19-years old teenagers who lived in a modest house along with their parents. Their mother and father were innkeepers and owners of a ryokan, a traditional Japanese hostel from a small village. Their life was a normal one; they were getting along very well with their neighbours and everyone loved them. But noone knew their secret. They were sorcerers, but they hid this from everyone, because at that time, sorcerers were hated by everyone. It was believed that they sold their soul to the devil in exchange for their powers and that they’re his slaves. Those things weren’t true. The truth was that necromancers weren’t allowed to help demons nor vampires in their war. They dealt with ghosts and spirits from haunted houses, when their services were requested by the few people who knew about them.

The sun has rosen once again on the blue sky. Yunho walked into his sister’s room and watched her sleep. A chucle escaped his mouth because of an evil thought which had popped up in his mind. He stopped laughing and kept a serious face for a few seconds.

Yunho: Sis!!!You have a spider on your neck!!!

Hearing this, Kaya shot up in bed and fled straight in his arms, trembeling.

Kaya: Get it off me~~!!!!!

Yunho: Busted!

Kaya: What?

Yunho: There is no spider. I wanted you to wake up. The sun is already up on the sky and you’re still lazying around in your bed. If I am awake so are you for we are brothers.

Kaya tightened her grip on the shirt and gave him an evil glare. Yunho’s smile disappeared in an instant, pushed her back on the bed and dashed out on the door. Kaya was right behind him.

Kaya: Wait till I catch you! You’re dead meat!

Yunho: Just try and see if you succeed~!

The girl chased him for a while, but due to the tiredness, she stopped to catch her breath.

Yunho: Giving up already?

Kaya: You know this is not fair! Mom! Dad! Yunho is bullying me again!

Yunho: Mom and dad are not home.

Kaya: I’m not talking to you ever again. You’re supposed to be good to me. I am younger than you and most importantly I am your sister.

Yunho: Go and make us some lunch. I have to go to someone today and you have to go in the next village to sell those fruits.

Kaya: I’m not making you any breakfast today because you were mean to me.

Yunho: Ok, I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do it again.
Kaya: That’s what you said last time too.

Yunho: I know, but it’s so fun to tease you like that. Don’t you love me like this? Would you love me more if I were behaving different?

It was true. She enjoyed that little game with her brother every morning. Because they were kinda lonely, Yunho was her best friend. They didn’t afford to make friends because might be dangerous for them. Kaya prepared a delicious breakfast for both of them and for their parents. Yunho will deliver them the delicious food on his way to the client. After they finished packing, Kaya took the fruits basket, Yunho climbed on the horse and they split ways.

It was morning, but Jaejoong wasn’t sleepy at all, so he sent Sunye home and remained in the village. He watched as traders set out their goods. He spotted a figure coming towards him, so he pretended to look somewhere else. Jaejoong was wondering why was she late this morning. She went at her usual spot and set out the fruits she had. Jaejoong came here almost every day just to watch the beautiful young lady selling here in the market. There was something about her which made him wanting to know more about her. He was so drawn to her, yet he didn’t know why. After all, she was a mere human. Suddenly, someone tapped his shoulder, startleing him. When he turned around, he saw Junsu, his best friend who was a spy for his father. He was among the few people Jaejoong was talking to. Junsu greeted him with the same warm smile.

Jaejoong: You scared me. Why are you here? Weren’t you supposed to be on a mission?

Junsu: I finished early than expected. I got the information your father needed. So…you’re still stalking her? It’s been a year already. I thought you gave up.

Jaejoong: I’m not stalking her. I don’t know. It’s just so...there is something about her that I want to know.

Junsu: You’re in love with a human being. You know that’s not possible.

Jaejoong: Look who’s talking. You’re with a vampire. By the way, how is your girlfriend? Have you seen her lately?

Junsu: Hyung, that’s not fair. And look at her! She will die early, she is very fragile. It’s not worth it.

Jaejoong: Junsu, we had this talk before. And I told you to mind your own business. You didn’t answer my question.

Junsu: Yes, I met Sangmi while I was in the mission. She was searching for the same thing as us. I know, but why don’t you talk to her? Come with me!

Junsu dragged Jaejoong to the girl. He stared at the beautiful creature in front of him. She smiled warmly and told them to pick the fruits they want to buy.

Kaya: So, what do you want to buy, young master? Grapes or, maybe, apples?

Junsu: Grapes, please. Can you tell me your name, beautiful lady?

Kaya: My name…

Before she could answer, a horse came at full speed and a body fell behind Jaejoong. Everyone gathered to see what it was. When Kaya turned the body around, she froze in spot. It was Yunho, who was injured. He managed to open his eyes. One of his eyes was black. When they saw this, the rest of the villagers stepped back, frightened. An awful realization dawned upon her and she felt tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

Yunho: I’m…loosing it…help me…

Kaya: Oh, God! Yunho, hang on! You’re not loosing it. You’re…

Junsu: You know him?

Kaya: I summon thee, oh mighty dragon!

In a few seconds, dragon landed at her feet. Jaejoong and Junsu as well as the rest of the people were surprised.

Dragon: Did you summon me, mistress?

Kaya: We need to get Yunho to a necromancer. Now!

Dragon: As you wish.

The dragon took Yunho and Kaya, put them on his back and took off.

Changmin arrived safely home with his bodyguard. He asked someone to look after Minwoo and went to look for his sister. He found her in the throne hall, chatting with his father, Masao Sakamoto and Lee Sangmi, their spy, who had just come back from a mission.

Masao: I heard you had some problems, my son. What happened last night?

Changmin: I went hunting as usual and I was attacked by Chiyoko. I saw her too.

Sangmi: Her?

Changmin: Sunye. It seemes she is spending time with her beloved demon prince.

Sangmi: I didn’t know she was still alive. Anyway, my lord. I have found the information you were looking for.

Masao: Tell me.

Sangmi: There is a way that we could gain a huge advantage in the war. There are two brothers and are both sorcerers. The boy can make illusions and what the girl imagines actually happens. This aside the fact they can summon creatures and other spells. They are very young, yet very powerful.

Masao: Where are they? What are their names?

Sangmi: Unfotunately, I don’t know. I will investigate further to find out.

Masao: Good job, Sangmi. I am proud of you! Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s late and I will go to sleep.

All of them bowed as he exited the hall. He was right, it was late, so they all went to sleep.

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Chapter 3: Uncertainty

Changmin and Mizuki stayed for a while longer in Mizuki’s room to talk. She was curious about her brother’s encounter with Sunye. While they talked, unknown to them, a person was listening at the door. A loud voice was heard from across the hall.

Donghae: You! Stop right there! We have a demon in the palace!

Hearing that, the spy didn’t think twice before running away in the opposite direction. Changmin and Mizuki rushed to see what was happening along with other guards. By the time they got where the chaser was the spy was long gone.

Mizuki: Did you see his face?

Donghae: No, I couldn’t because of the mask she was wearing.

Mizuki: She?

Donghae: Yes, it was a young girl.

Mizuki: Sunye! I’m sure it was her. That little piece of…! She is using her knowledge to bring us down.

Changmin: Wait. Don’t drop conclusions before you have evidence. He said he hasn’t seen her face.

Mizuki: You’re probably right. As soon as the night falls, I’m gonna search for Sunye and ask her myself.

Donghae: That’s dangerous, your highness.

Mizuki: What’s your name, soldier?

Donghae: Lee Donghae, princess.

Mizuki: Thank you for your concern, Donghae. I’ll see you later.

Meanwhile, the spy appeared in the forest. She removed the mask and checked the wound from the arm. She managed to scratch her arm while she was running away from that guard. There wasn’t a long way to go until she reached the hide-out, so she hurried to tell the news first. She looked back to check if she was being followed. Luckly, the coast was clear. The guardian immediately let her in. She told someone to tell her where Junsu was and headed that way. Junsu was in his room, taking a nap. The mission was tiering, she understood that, but since that time when she let him sleep and did not deliver an important message, she never did the same mistake again. Junsu was pissed at that time and threatened to kill her. Minawa Ayumi was a spy since 20 years ago. She loved her job, even though it was a dangerous one. Ayumi knew that even the slightest mistake might bring her to death. This time she almost got caught and she never knew what her next mission might bring. Death could be around the corner, but she didn’t care. She knocked at her superior’s door until he woke up and opened it. He let her in.

Ayumi: I have found the information you need.

Junsu: What is it?

Ayumi: Their spy, Lee Sangmi has reported to their king that they know about two sorcerers who are brother and sister. They might hold the key to the vampire’s victory. They don’t know where they are yet or their names.

Junsu: I see. Is that all?

Ayumi: Yes, sir.

Junsu: Ayumi, your arm is bleeding.

Ayumi: This is nothing, Junsu. I got this scratch when I jumped out on the castle’s window.

Junsu: Make sure you take care of yourself. You’re valuable to us. You should go and rest. Thanks, Ayumi.

Ayumi: No problem. It’s my job. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and sleep a little. Let me know if you want something else.

She left his room, closing the door. Junsu smiled a little. He knew more that the vampires. It was a slight possibility that the girl he ecountered in the market today was the witch they were looking for. He didn’t want to jump at conclusions, so he decided to report the matter to the king and ask permission to investigate further. With that thought on his mind, he went to him. He found the king signing some papers, but he immediately paied attention to Junsu.

Junsu: Your higness I have information on the matter you wanted.

Akira: What did you find out?

Junsu: I think I have found the famous brothers.

Akira: Really? This is interesting. Go on.

Junsu: The vampires know they exist, but they know nothing else about them. I do. I had an interesting encounter with a girl today. She is selling fruits in the village nearby, but she lives in another village close to this one.

Akira: Do you know her name?

Junsu: I’m afraid not. A horse raced through the market today and the rider fell from the horseback. This girl ran to the rider, who is apparently named Yunho, and helped him. To my surprise, the boy had a black eye and the girl, when she saw him, summoned a dragon and took off to a necromancer.

Akira: This is really interesting, indeed. You think that girl is the famous witch?

Junsu: I don’t know. And I don’t want to jump to conclusions. That is why I want to keep investingating the two.

Akira: Alright, you have my permission. You did a great job. You may go now.

Junsu: Thank you, your grace. I shall take my leave.

The night has fallen once again on the world, plunging it into darkness. Mizuki slept only a little due to the fury she felt. Once the sun was down, she snuck into Donghae’s room and persuaded him to accompany her outside. She was determined to find Sunye and have a little talk with her. Mizuki wanted to make sure it the spy was Sunye herself. To increase the possibility of finding her, Mizuki decided to split up. After a while of searching, she returned at the meeting point and waited for Donghae. Two young men approached her.

Yoochun: Hey, doll. What a beautiful girl we have here, right Junsu?

Junsu: Yoochun, flirt later and let’s go. We have work to do.

Mizuki: Listen to your friend, Yoochun.

Yoochun: It’s “General Park Yoochun” for you, puppet. I don’t listen to him, because he talks rubbish most of the time. You shouldn’t listen to him either.

Junsu: Hey! Watch it, general, or I’ll kick your ass and join the vampires. I’m going to tell them all your dirty little secrets.

Yoochun: You don’t know me, but I know you and I know what you’re doing. Stop stalking our prince. He’s too good for you.

Mizuki: I’m not in love with him if that’s what you want to know, but I think he would be way better than you as a boyfriend. I mean, look at your face. You’re horrible.

Yoochun: Auch! That stung, you know? But look at the good part. We are perfect for each other: you’re beautiful, I’m ugly. We can be like beauty and the beast. I can be your beast anytime, pretty miss.

Mizuki: I suggest you mind your own business, General Park.
Yoochun: Just think about what I said. This was a warning. If I see you near Jaejoong again, I’ll give you more than some pick-up lines.

Mizuki: You call him “Jaejoong”? You two must be really close. I wonder how close is that “close”.

Yoochun (gave her a grin): I’ll pretend that I did not hear that for tonight. Let’s go, Junsu. Hope to see you around, puppet. I hope you’re going to dream about me.

Donghae arrived just in time. He didn’t find anything. Siwon jumped from a roof next to them a few seconds later.

Siwon: Princess! I finally found you. Where have you been? Everyone is worried about you.

Mizuki: I was out hunting, as usual. I asked Donghae to join me, so I can thank him for almost caughting the spy.

Siwon: Mizuki-sama, please don’t lie to me. Your brother is worried sick.

Mizuki: I was looking for Sunye and Jaejoong, but I haven’t found them. Please don’t mention this to my brother. Tell him I went hunting.

Siwon: Alright, but only if you promise not to do this ever again. At least you could have taken me with you.

Mizuki: I won’t, I promise. Now go and tell Changmin you found me. I don’t want him to worry too much. He will get wrinkles too early.

Donghae: What about us, Mizuki-sama?

Mizuki: We will go hunting. I bet you’re hungry.

The first rays of the sun woke Kaya up. She slept with her brother, because she was very worried about him. Yunho was sleeping peacefully on the bed. Kaya remembered the torture Yunho went through. His screams still echoed in her head. She wasn’t allowed in his room until her mother and father managed to calm him down. All she could do was sit down next to the door and pray that he will be ok. Possesing the powers of a magician was not an easy task and it was very dangerous too. If you used too much magic and too much power, the power could take control over your body and soul and destroy you. That was what almost happened to Yunho. She didn’t return to the market, but spent her time taking care of Yunho. Unfortunately, tonight she had to replace him in a mission. She went at the window and opened it when she saw something disappear. Looking around, she didn’t find anything odd, so she exited the room to get some breakfast and then help her parents with the hostel until the night came.

Jaejoong had come in the market as usual to find the girl, but she didn’t come since three days ago when that human collapsed next to him. She looked very worried at that time. Was he her lover? He didn’t know but he wanted to. He was determined to follow Junsu’s advice and talk to her. He waited till midnight, than decided to go and search for her. On his way, he bumped into Sunye who has been looking for him. He didn’t bother to acknowledge her presence. Sunye followed him silently. He didn’t talk to her almost at all, but even so, she was happy to be beside him. She didn’t know where they were going, but she followed him anyway. Jaejoong had a weird feeling and walked torward the strange vibration. Sunye began to feel it too and thinking it was dangerous, wanted to ask him to stop, but knowing he wouldn’t listen to her anyway, she remained silent. The feeling intensified with every step taken. They arrived at a strange gate in the middle of the cornfield. A figure stood in front of it. Aside from the intense smell of death, he recongnized the smell of the girl he was looking for.

Sunye: Master, this is dangerous. We must leave. This is the gate to hell and is wide open.

Jaejoong: I know what this is, Sunye. You go ahead. I will stay here a little longer.

Sunye: Master, please, listen to me for once!

Jaejoong: I asked you to leave and that was an order, Sunye.

Sunye: If you’ll stay I’m staying too.

Jaejoong didn’t say anything and continued to observe what Kaya was doing. She chanted something then the gate to hell closed. Smiling satisfied, Kaya wanted to go home, but she saw the man who was there when Yunho fell from the horseback. She stopped for a second, and then continued to walk towards them. Jaejoong was waiting anxiously for her to get closer to him, so he can ask her something. Much to his surprise, the girl stopped in her tracks and looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. A sparkle was forming in her hand. The griffin that was behind them, wounded him, and then was destroyed by a big lightning thrown by Kaya. Sunye quickly rushed to him.

Sunye: I’m so sorry master; I didn’t know he was there.

Seeing that the girl was passing by ignoring him, he decided to make her stop.

JaeJoong: Wait!

Kaya: You’re welcome.

Jaejoong: What?

Kaya: You wanted to thank me for saving you so I said “you’re welcome”. Be careful next time.

Jaejoong: You can read my mind?

Seeing that she wanted to leave again, he shoves Sunye and ran to her, grabing her wrist.

Jaejoong: Wait!

Kaya: What is it?

Jaejoong: I want to know your name.

Kaya: What for?

Jaejoong: I...just want to know who saved me, so I can repay you later.

Kaya: My name is Yamamoto Kaya. Don’t worry; you don’t have to repay me. Now please let me go.

Jaejoong: Sorry…I didn’t…

Kaya: I know. Goodbye, demon prince.

After that, she got on the dragon’s back and disappeared into the night. The prince and Sunye returned to the hide-out to clean his wound which was pretty deep. All night he kept thinking about Kaya. She seemed to be a very powerful witch. He had heard his father talking something about a witch and wizard and using them to gain advantage in the war with vampires. He was afraid that she was the girl they were looking for. If she was, he was determined to protect her to his last breath. Sunye sensed that there was more than Jaejoong wanting to pay her back for saving them. She suspected he knew her from a long time ago. Was he in love with a mortal? That couldn’t be possible. Or could it? She wanted to know. If it was true, she was determined to do anything to get him back. Even kill the witch.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Yukie23 wrote:Wow, this is really good!!! You have so many charcters, it seems liek it will be really interesting. I love the idea of demons and vampires at war!! ( I wrote a fic myself with DBSK and Suju and it was angels vs. demons ^^). Hope you update soon!!! I love you

thank you~ ^^ i'm glad you like it ^^ i have one more finished fanfic it if you's called "my brother is a star" when i will have time i will make sure i will read your fanfic seems interesting ^^

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Your welcome, I'll go check out your other fanfic as soon as I can ^^ You don't have to read mine, it's not as good as yours!! There's so many things going on, I'm loving it!! Very Happy


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Yukie23 wrote:Your welcome, I'll go check out your other fanfic as soon as I can ^^ You don't have to read mine, it's not as good as yours!! There's so many things going on, I'm loving it!! Very Happy

ah, don't say that...i saw the trailer and it's really well made...i like're good at making trailers...your trailers really make people read the ff ^^ so i want to read it! Very Happy

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Chapter 4: Jealousy[part 1]

Junsu was enjoying the cool air from the outside. He was sitting with his back against a wall, and was occasionally looking around the corner to see if the one he was waiting for was coming. No sign of her yet. Suddenly, he felt a presence and a pair of hands blindfolded him. He smiled brightly knewing that it was Sangmi, his girlfriend.

Sangmi: Guess who?

Junsu: My lovely little lady, what brings you here?

Sangmi released him and he turned around. She immediately kissed him lustfully.

Sangmi: I missed you so much.

Junsu: But we didn’t see each other only for 2 days.

Sangmi: So what? I want to spend every second of my life with you. I know you missed me too. It’s no use in denying it.

Junsu: You know me too well. What did you find about those necromancers?

Sangmi: You know you will owe me your life for this, don’t you?

Junsu: It’s yours anyway, so tell me.

Sangmi: We are still searching. We don’t know who they are yet. But once we find them, we will kidnap them and take them to the palace.

Junsu: Oh, no! Ayumi is coming. You have to leave. We can’t let her see us. Go!

Sangmi gave him a rushed kiss and disappeared. Ayumi appeared before him. She looked at him questionally.

Junsu: I waited for you long enough. What did you find out?

Ayumi: The brothers are living in a house in a nearby village. Their parents are innkeepers. The girl is named Kaya.

Junsu: I see. Is there anything else?

Ayumi: I have a question.

Junsu: Ask away.

Ayumi: You smell like a vampire. Why is that?

Junsu: On my way here I met one and we fought. Unfortunately, he got away.

Ayumi and Junsu heard some weird noises coming from above. They immediately realized that they were being watched. Ayumi wanted to go after the spy, but Junsu asked her to let him go. He told her to continue to watch the magicians and report back. She disappeared and Junsu went after his girlfriend.

Yoochun was wandering around the palace, bored to death. He hated that whenever he would have some free time, everyone else would be busy. He knew that Jaejoong was out somewhere in the village stalking that human girl. Yoochun remembered that his best friend, Junsu, might be home. He prayed that he would be in his quarters and started running torwards there. Arriving there, he pushed the door open with a smile upon his face which instantly vanished. Junsu was, of course, gone in a mission. That’s why he often asked himself why made their king think that he was better as an army general than a spy. He, Junsu and Jaejoong together with the other spies and soldiers had the same training. But, of course, he couldn’t question his king. The king knew what was doing. Dissapointed, he turned around to leave. The next second he screamed. Junsu was standing in front of him with a serious face. He began to laugh at his friend as they were entering the room.

Junsu: Why are you yelling like a little girl, Yoochun?

Yoochun: You scared me half to death. And I’m not yelling like a little girl.

Junsu: Did I? You’re a demon for crying out loud. Why would you be scared by your best friend?

Yoochun: I was too caught in my own thoughts and I didn’t notice your presence. And by the way, what happened to you? You have a ghostly face.

Junsu: A lot happened.

Yoochun: Care to share? I’m curious and it will make you feel better.

Junsu: Well…where do I start? I’ll tell you about the mission first.

They sat there for hours. Junsu told him what happened since the mission to find the magician brothers was assigned to him. As always, Yoochun was listening quietly and occasionally nodding to show Junsu he was paying attention to what the man was saying. Yoochun shared his side of the story. Junsu was curious about that vampire girl they met yesterday, because usually, Yoochun was merciless and he didn’t make exceptions. Was he in love with a vampire too? Tired, Junsu fell asleep while listening to the story. Yoochun tucked him in bed and not knowing what else to do, he took a book from Junsu’s huge collection. He sat next to his best friend and began reading.

Mizuki was sleeping restlessly in her room. She couldn’t help, but think about the hansome demon she had spoken with yesterday. When she came home she didn’t even bother to change her clothes, so she fell asleep thinking about him. Was she in love with him? No, that’s not possible! But why doesn’t she get him out of her head? Someone had knocked at her door. She opened her eyes and told the person to enter.

Siwon: It’s me, Mizuki-sama. I’m sorry to disturb your sleep, but your father has sent me to bring you to him. He said it’s important.

Mizuki: It’s alright, I wasn’t sleeping anyway. Let’s go.

Siwon and Mizuki went through the huge, wide passage ways. Mizuki decorated the castle by herself and she was proud of it. She loved to decorate places and was passionated with clothes. She made her own clothes because she didn’t like the royal tailor’s work. On her opinion, he was an annoying, incompetent man. Too bad her father didn’t let her kill him. They arrived at the throne hall where the king, Sangmi and Changmin were waiting.

Changmin: What took you so long?

Mizuki: What is it that is so important?

Masao: Tell us what you found out, Sangmi.

Sangmi: The sorcerers are living in a nearby village. We don’t know which one. I propose to search every village from around here.

Mizuki: Father… Let us search ourselves.

Changmin: What? No way! Why us again? We have an army to do that.

Mizuki: Shut up! I want to do it and you’re coming with me.

Masao: If you want it so badly, ok, but on one condition. You don’t go alone. You take soldiers with you.

Changmin: I can’t believe this! Why do you always agree with her, father? You spoil her too much.

Masao: Shut up, Changmin.

Changmin: I know you always loved her more than me, but you don’t have to make it so obvious.

Masao: Changmin! I suggest you behave yourself. You will begin the search tomorrow night and that’s my final word!

Changmin shut his mouth because he didn’t want to argue with his father on that subject anymore. His father always denied that he loved his sister more than him, but deep down in his soul, he knew that it was true. He didn’t know the reason for that, but one day he will make sure to obtain it. The king retreated in his quarters and the trone hall was left by everyone. Changmin wanted to go to hunt in his usual spot in the tavern. He knew that the beautiful demon princess will come again to look for him, but somehow, he wasn’t in the mood for hunting anymore. He wasn’t even hungry anymore. All he wanted was to be left alone and he locked himself in his quarters without saying a word to his sister. Changmin didn’t care if she was upset or not.

Mizuki left to her room too because it was still day. She wanted to begin the mission now, so she could see him again. Mizuki didn’t know why, but she wanted to see Yoochun again. Somehow it didn’t matter that he was a demon. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that her brother was angry until she saw him slaming the door. Thinking that it was not a big deal, she left him alone certain that when he will come out tomorrow night, he not be upset anymore. Mizuki thought that she should rest before the big mission, so she fell asleep dreaming about the handsome demon.

Jaejoong was sitting at his usual spot in the market, this time with his demon bodyguard, Junki. He was annoyed by the fact that his father didn’t let him out without a bodyguard, but being able to go out and see Kaya daily was compensating all this. Jaejoong gathered his courage and went to talk to her about what happened last night. He wanted to know more. Junki followed him closely.

Jaejoong: Hello, Kaya-san.

Kaya: Hello, your magesty. What brings you here again? And who’s your friend?

Jaejoong: This is Junki, my bodyguard.

Kaya: Hello, Junki-san. My name is Kaya.Nice to meet you.

Junki: Hello.Nice to meet you too, Kaya-san.

Jaejoong: I want to talk to you about last night and about that rider. What were you doing there alone at night?

Kaya: If you don’t mind, I prefer not to answer those questions.

Jaejoong: Why?

Kaya: You know it’s forbidden to meddle with sorcerers’ bussines and I am forbidden to meddle in your war with the vampires. This is the covenant and we have to follow it. And besides, it’s none of your bussines.

Jaejoong: Then why are you talking so nicely now?

Kaya: Because of the respect I have for all the creatures. I’m not a rude person, your highness. I suggest you mind your own bussines or else I will have to take measurements.

Jaejoong: That’s a lie!

Kaya: Listen to me, demon prince. Leave and never come back. It’s for your own good. I won’t be so friendly next time we will meet.

Jaejoong: So you think you can hurt me, huh? You’re just a worthless human!

Kaya: Now that was rude, Jaejoong. LEAVE NOW!

Her voice echoed through the market and made everyone look at them. Not wanting to argue anymore, Jaejoong disappeared. He didn’t want to do to her a thing that he will regret eternally. Junki bowed and bade her farewell before he followed his master. Kaya remained there angry because of Jaejoong’s behaviour. She knew she wasn’t allowed not even to talk to a demon or vampire. Especially because she knew that there was a strong possibility for them to break the covenant and try to use her and Yunho for war purposes. The next hours went by like centuries. She had nobody to talk to and she had a few clients too. Jaejoong managed to ruin her day. Kaya wanted to leave, but she had promised Yunho that will wait for him to pick her up, although she didn’t want her brother to push himself after what happened. When the time came, she packed and left to the meeting point.

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Chapter 4: Jealousy

Chiyoko was getting bored home alone and decided to go to the tavern and wait for Changmin. Her bodyguard, Kangin, followed. She wasn’t bothered by his presence because once arrived at the destination; he would always leave and watch her from afar while searching for his own prey. She had made this agreement with him the first time he was assigned as her bodyguard because she liked being independent. Kangin interfered only when necessary. Chiyoko sat on Changmin’s chair and waited half of the night. He didn’t come and she was disappointed. Chiyoko hoped to see him tonight. Sensing her brother’s presence outside, she went to him. She knew he was very angry, she could only guess why. Although they didn’t talk very much, she hated seeing him angry or upset.

Chiyoko: Hey, Jaejoong, Junki!

Jaejoong: Hey.

Junki: Hello, your highness.

Chiyoko: Junki, can I have a moment with my brother?

Junki: Of course, princess.

Chiyoko: Now tell me why are you so angry?

Jaejoong: What good does it make?

Chiyoko: Ah~! So it’s about that human girl again. By the way, what’s her name?

Jaejoong: Kaya.

Chiyoko: That’s a pretty name. I guess the look matches with the name, huh? So, what happened today? Why are you so upset because of her?

Jaejoong: I don’t want to talk about it. Why are you here again?

Chiyoko: I was waiting for Changmin, but he didn’t show up tonight. Do you think something has happened to him?

Jaejoong: I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t know what you see in him anyway. And besides, he’s a vampire.

Chiyoko: You don’t have the right to speak. Your girl is HUMAN. If father knows he will kill her.

Jaejoong: But you won’t tell him or I’ll kill you too.

Chiyoko: Of course not! What kind of a sister do you think I am? After 200 years you still don’t know me. Shame on you! Well…it’s boring here, so I’ll go home. I ate already. Kangin! Let’s go! Bye, brother.

Kangin immediately appeared next to his mistress. Chiyoko and Kangin disappeared into the night. Junki returned at Jaejoong’s side. They were waiting for Sunye to come so that Junki could go to rest.

Kaya waited for a while, but it was getting late and she was getting worried. She was thinking about going home by herself. But what if Yunho came and didn’t find her there? She had heard noises coming from a nearby bush. Soon after, Sunye, Jaejoong’s bodyguard appeared. Kaya sensed that something was wrong; especially when she saw that the vampire was alone and wore an unpleasant expression on her face. Not wanting to make a bad move, she smiled, acknowledging her presence.

Kaya: Oh, it was you. You scared…

Moving at the speed of light, Sunye grabbed her neck, pushed her against a tree and started to choke her. Kaya tried to break loose, but she was too weak. As seconds passed, she was remaning out of air. With the last drop of strenght, Kaya summoned Junki, who appeared behind Sunye. Sunye sensed a demon presence and it was just a matter of seconds until she was taken away from her prey. Kaya fell down on her knees coughing and struggeling to breathe. Sunye didn’t understand what was happening. Why was Junki here on his own and why did he have a blank expression on his face? Junki was now standing in between her and the witch as if protecting the latter. He helped her get back on her feet and sustained her body because she was weak.

Kaya: What do you want…from me?

Sunye: Just to kill you. Junki, what are you doing? Get out of my way!

Kaya: Junki is listening to me now.

Sunye: You’re controlling him. How?

Kaya: Through a spell. I am a witch, remember?

Sunye felt her blood boil. She attacked her again. Junki avoided the attack and took Kaya to safety, then attacked. They fought for a while. Sunye wanted to get to the witch, but Junki was standing in her way. Finally, she had managed to go over the obstacle and knock her uncounscious right when Jaejoong appeared. He followed Junki’s scent not knowing why he disappeared. All that he saw was Sunye striking a violent blow at his beloved, leaving her lying on the hard ground. The vampire was so concentrated on what she was doing that she didn’t notice Jaejoong’s presence. Before she could strike again, Jaejoong forced her from there and threw her in the opposite direction. The prince took her in his arms and slapped her to wake up. He had forgotten all about their fight. He was scared out of his mind now. Sunye quickly landed on her feet and when she realized who it was, she was shocked.

Jaejoong: Kaya, wake up!

Sunye: Master…what…what are you doing here?

Jaejoong: Sunye, what are you thinking? You want to get killed and you don’t know how?

Sunye: I…I…

Kaya: Jaejoong…don’t touch me…

Jaejoong: Kaya…

Before he could speak another word, Kaya got up and walked wobbling toward Junki. It started raining heavily. Jaejoong went after her while taking off his cape. Once he cought up with her, he covered her with it. Kaya almost fell, but the prince caught her. He felt sorry for what he had said and wished he could take back his words. He knew he had hurt her, but the damage is done. Will she forgive him? He didn’t know but he had to try. Jaejoong lifted her up and wanted to take her home. She let him do as he pleased. Sunye tried to stop him, but he avoided her and Junki grabbed her hands and dragged her home. Fortunately, after a few more steps, Yunho appeared. Jaejoong gave her to Yunho and rushed home. He found Sunye in his room as instructed.

Jaejoong: What the hell were you thinking? WHY DID YOU DO THAT??

Sunye: She is just a filthy human, why do you care so much?


Sunye: I…don’t know…


Sunye was really scared now. She hasn’t seen her master so angry before. He had always been kind to her even if they didn’t talk to each other very much. It was time for him to know the truth.

Sunye: Because I love you, ok?? I was in love with you ever since 100 years ago. That’s why I saved your life that day!

Jaejoong: What did you just say?

Sunye: I did it because I know you love her. I can see it in your eyes, the way you’re looking at her. And I’m jealous. I don’t know what you see in her. I protected you; I sacrificed everything just to be by your side. But you didn’t look at me. Not even once.

Jaejoong: Noone asked you to! So what do you want me to do now?

Sunye: All I want is to love me.

Jaejoong: That’s not possible. I love Kaya and if I find out you try to hurt her again, I’ll cut off your head! Stay away from her. I will spare your life this time too. Nobody will find out about this, but remember: you’re indebted to me now.

With that, Sunye left his room, teary eyed. Somehow, she knew he will never be hers. All she wanted now was to get away from the castle. At least for a while.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 5:Searching[part 1]

Sunye ran to the tavern. She felt the urge to drink wine or something stronger. When the man who she had hoped to be hers threw her those words, she felt like the sky was collapsing on top of her. His words still echoed in her mind. She didn’t want to live anymore. It was too painful. While she drank in a secluded corner of the tavern, a young man approached her. She sensed that he was a vampire also, but she didn’t care. He will do her a favor if he will kill her.

Donghae: May I sit at your table?

Sunye: Suit yourself…

The man sat quietly for a while, and kept staring at her. She was already intoxicated.

Sunye: Why are you goggling at me? Am I that interesting?

Donghae: I was just wondering what your story is.

Sunye: Story?

Donghae: Yes, what happened to you? I’m sure you have a good reason to drink like this when you know that it’s making you sick.

Sunye: Why do you care?

Donghae: I’m just curious. I like to listen to every human or vampire story. I find them interesting.

Sunye: So you want to hear my story?

Donghae: If you want to tell me, I’ll gladly listen.

Sunye: Well here it is. I betrayed the vampire clan, my family for a demon. I loved him and I still do. When in a fight, I saved his life, so he decided to repay me by hiring me as his bodyguard. I stood at his side quietly for more than 100 years, but he didn’t ever look at me. We rarely talked. And today he almost killed me for trying to kill his love.

Donghae: Wow…I never heard this one before. So, does he know the reason you tried to kill his beloved?

Sunye: I told him everything. He knows, but he said that there is and will be nothing between us. He even spared my life. He would have done a favour to his human love by killing me. Now I owe him my life.

Donghae: He is in love with a human? What’s his name?

Sunye: He’s the demon prince, Jaejoong. And yes, he loves a human girl, who is a witch.

Donghae: This is interesting…I’m sorry he doesn’t love you. But look at the bright side. I’m sure that a beautiful vampire like you will find someone better. I heard that the demon prince is a cold hearted monster anyway. He doesn’t desirve you.

Sunye was a bit shocked by his words. She raised her head to take a better look at the person she was talking to. He wasn’t looking too bad. In fact, he was gorgeus. His grey eyes reminder her of the night sky she loves to look at so much. Then, she smiled weakly.

Sunye: You’re just saying that to make me feel better.

Donghae: No, I’m telling the truth.

Sunye: Thanks for listening to me, by the way. I think I feel better now.

Donghae: No problem. I’m glad I could help you.

Sunye: So…you don’t hate me?

Donghae: Why should I hate you?

Sunye: You know…for betraying the clan…

Donghae: Hm…yeah…it’s true that love makes you do foolish things. But I have no reason to hate you whatsoever. I can understand why you did it.

Sunye: Why is that?

Donghae: I almost betrayed our clan a long time ago for a demon too. But I was lucky enough to find out soon that she was using me to destroy the clan.

Sunye: And what happened?

Donghae: I killed her in a fight.

Sunye: Do you regret it?

Donghae: I…In a way, I do…but she didn’t love me. I did what was best.

Sunye: It must have been hard on you…

Donghae: Yeah…So what are you going to do now?

Sunye: I can’t return to the vampire clan, that’s for sure. I will stay by his side. That is the only option I’ve got.

After that they spent a few minutes in silence. Donghae noticed that they were alone in the tavern. All the people left and the host was cleaning up the tables. He looked at the clock. It was 5 am. The sun was rising. They must hide fast. When he looked back at her, he saw that she was sleeping with her head on the table.

Donghae: Hey! Hey, wake up!!! It’s daylight. We must reach a dark place. Aish, she fell asleep. How can you sleep at a time like this?

He continued to shake her, but she didn’t wake up. The clock was ticking, they had to move fast.

Donghae: Mister, hey!

Man: Yes, what is it?

Donghae: I need a dark room for me and this girl. Now! I’ll pay for it.

Man: There is no room available.

Donghae: There has to be one. Yours! Give me your room. I swear I’ll pay you.

Man: Alright, sir. I shall cover the windows with some black curtains. Come with me.

Donghae took Sunye in his arms, carried her to the room and put her in bed. After that he helped the innkeeper to put on those curtains, asked her to bring him a bucket and the key to the door, so he can lock the door from the inside. After the preparations were over and the innkeeper had left, Donghae lied down next to the girl and fell asleep.

At the break of dawn Yunho opened his eyes. He had managed to sleep for an hour. His sister was sleeping peacefully on the bed next to him. Yunho took a last look at his sister and left in the kitchen to prepare breakfast. After a few hours, she woke up too and came into the kitchen with a smile plastered on her face. She acted like nothing happened.

Kaya: Morning~!

Yunho glanced at her, and then back to his food. He continued to eat silently, ignoring her.

Kaya: Hey! I said “morning”~! What’s with that face?

She went to him and pinched his cheeks hard. He brushed her hand off violently and continued to eat. Kaya’s smile disappeared.

Kaya: What’s wrong with you? Are you posessed or something? What happened?

Yunho stopped looking at his food and turned to look at her with dangerous eyes.

Yunho: You tell me.

Kaya: What do you mean?

Yunho: I was late in picking you up yesterday. But when I got there, the demon prince was carring you. You were dressed in his cape and sleeping. You broke the covenant.

Kaya: I can explain! Please hear me out…

Yunho: You better have a great explanation.

Kaya: Yesterday, Jaejoong came to ask me information in the market and I refused to tell him. We had a fight and he left. While I was waiting for you, a vampire attacked me, so I summoned Junki, the prince’s guard. I know I was released, but I don’t remember anything after that.

Yunho: That’s not enough. You broke the covenant. You will be exiled. How can you be so stupid? I told you to be careful!

Kaya: I was, but…

Yunho: Don’t even try to argue with me right now. Eat your breakfast. It’s getting cold.

With that, Yunho left the room. Kaya fell on her knees. Tears were streaming down her face. She really didn’t remember what happened. But whatever it was, it will bring repercussions. Kaya will be soon exiled away from her beloved brother and there is nothing she could do about it.

Yunho had some errands to do, so he got down to bussines. He was very pissed about what his sister did. He wasn’t bothered by the fact that his sister broke the covenant. He was upset and sad because the elders will take her away from him if they find out. So, he decided to keep the secret because he wanted to go with his sister into the exile. Kaya was the only friend he had; he couldn’t loose her. Yunho felt a presence near him the whole trip, so he turned around. He saw a young girl stopping by a fruit seller and asking for some apples. Yunho knew she was the one following him all this time.

Yunho: “A demon, huh? This is the last thing I needed. So troublesome…”

He chanted something with his eyes glued to the girl.

Yunho: “Strike~!”

Lighting struck, leaving her breathless on the ground.

Yunho: “That should keep her busy for a while.”

With that he disappeared into the crowd. Behind, Ayumi stood up difficultly. She was taken by surprise by the wizard’s actions because she thought her presence wasn’t sensed.

In the dark inn room, two figures were lying peacefully on the bed. Sunye slept with her head on Donghae’s chest. Suddenly she opened her eyes and stood up. Donghae was woken up by the movements she made. By the time he opened his eyes, Sunye was already vomiting in the bucket, which was not too far from the bed.

Donghae: I thought you might need that. Are you ok? I wanted to tell you to stop drinking, but I knew I couldn’t stop you.

Sunye: I’m fine. Where are we?

Donghae: We are still at the tavern in the owner’s room. I told him I will pay him this room to stay for the day here. He agreed to help. I took care of everything. Nobody will disturb us.

Sunye: Thanks. I passed out after talking to you. I owe you one. By the way, I don’t even know your name.

Donghae: I’m Lee Donghae.

Sunye: My name is Kim Sunye. So now we’re properly introduced. I know who I owe a favor to. Are you ok? You don’t look so good.

Donghae: I…didn’t eat last night. It won’t be long until the lust will take over me.

Sunye: Then I think it’s the perfect time for paying my debt to you. I’ll let you drink my blood.

Donghae: What? No…no, I can’t…

Sunye: You can and you will.

She bit her wrist letting the blood flow out. Donghae was mezmerised by the strong smell. He couldn’t stop himself anymore and he bit the wrist, sucking the blood. The blood was delicious, the pleasure he felt was colossal. Donghae stopped because it was already too much. He didn’t want to take advantage of her kindness. Her wound closed instantly. Suddenly, she grabbed him and pinned him to the bed. The next second she started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. He was shoked, but later he responded at the kiss. The pleasure of the kiss didn’t last long. Sunye suddenly pulled back and got off him.

Donghae: Wow…what was that? Special treatment, I presume.
Sunye: I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Donghae went to her and touched her shoulder gently.

Donghae: You don’t have to apologise. I understand. And besides, you’re a good kisser.

Sunye: But still…

Donghae: You have friends?

Sunye: I used to have. Why?

Donghae: Because, I don’t have any…and I was wondering if you want to be my friend.

His question shocked her again. She noted that he was very unpredictable and blunt, but nevertheless, an honest person. She suddenly hugged him and started crying. She couldn’t believe that this kind of person existed.

Sunye: Why are you so good to me? I’m a stranger to you.
Donghae: I don’t think you are a bad person. Everyone has his own sins. No one is an angel. I can understand that. We both search for someone to call “friend”. So, what do you say? Will you be my friend?

Sunye: Yes, of course. Why not?

Donghae: Great~! Now let’s get some sleep. We need it. And thanks for the meal.

Sunye: No problem.

After she released him, she wiped the tears. He lied down and Sunye did the same.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 5:Searching[part2]

It was already dark. Kaya was still upset and she felt that Yunho was still upset too. It was this thing between twins. They could sense the other’s emotion. After she closed her shop, she went at the tavern with Jaejoong’s cape. She wanted to return it as soon as possible and break all contact with him. Knewing that he had a sister, the witch thought she can guide her to her brother. Kaya didn’t want to use magic to summon him. She spotted Chiyoko standing in a vampire’s lap and he was struggeling to get her off him. Confused, Kaya went to them.

Chiyoko: Oh, come on, Changminnie! I know you like me too~!

Changmin: How many times have I told you I don’t like you!!! Stop coming here!

Chiyoko: Too bad, because I love teasing you. I love it when you’re mad.

Kaya: Excuse me, are you Watanabe Chiyoko?

Chiyoko: Who’s asking?

Kaya: My name is Yamamoto Kaya. I came to ask you to take me to your brother. I have something to return to him.

Chiyoko: Oh, so you’re the one that turned my brother’s world upside down. You’re cute indeed.

Kaya: Excuse me?

Chiyoko: Kangiin! Would you be so kind to take this miss to my brother? He is still his room.

Kangin: As you sure, princess?

Chiyoko: Yes, now leave!

Kangin: As you wish, Chiyoko-sama.

Kangin took Kaya and left as ordered. Changmin took advantage of the situation and shoved Chiyoko. He stood up to leave, but Chiyoko grabbed his hand and turned him around.

Chiyoko: Where are you going so fast?

Changmin: Home. I have bussines to attend to.

Chiyoko: Ok, see you tomorrow, then.

Changmin: Why are you acting like…?

Before he could say another word, Chiyoko kissed him on the lips. He was stunned because he didn’t even imagine that she could do such a thing. She disappeared before he could make a move to push her away. Minwoo looked at him with an amused look on his face.

Changmin: Don’t even talk about it~!

Minwoo: I think she really likes you, master.

Changmin: Minwoo!

Minwoo: I’m sorry, master. We have to go now. Your sister is waiting for you.

Yoochun stood outside the hiding place, waiting for Junsu to gather everyone and meet him. It was time to go and take the sorcerers. He always took his time in doing his tasks, loved to do things thoroughly, and sometimes, that annoyed Yoochun. But this time, for his sake, Junsu hurried up. Soon, everyone was there and they left. Junsu decided to split up because that way they could track them down faster. Junsu and Ayumi went toward west and Yoochun, Junki and Hankyung torward east. When the three of them entered a village sited not far away, Yoochun could sense a vampire presence. He recognized it. It was the girl who “stalked” the prince. He didn’t think he will meet her here. But he was extremely happy to have found her again because from the first time he saw her, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. Yoochun planned to search for her one of these days, but it seemed that the destiny was on his side. The scent led him to a nearby hostelry. He told Junki and Hankyung wait for him outside. Ignoring the innkeeper, who asked his wearabouts, went straight to her room. He found her sleeping on the soft bed. Fortunately, she was alone again. He knew that she was the daughter of the vampire king, and she had a guard with her all the time, but he didn’t care. It was easy for him to kill the guard. Yoochun approached her and sat on the bed. He watched her breathe for a couple of minutes. She looked like a fallen angel. His eyes stopped on her lips. They looked so soft, so…kissable. He bent to kiss her, but he stopped when he saw her opening his eyes, looking at him.

Mizuki: “I knew I smelled a rat. But what’s he doing? Does he want to kill me?” You play dirty, general.

Yoochun: Very dirty…

Mizuki: You want to kill me? (Uncovered her neck) Go ahead then.

But Mizuki was wrong. Yoochun didn’t want to kill her. He didn’t know if it was lust or love, but he had to take his chance. Without hesitating, he kissed her tenderly on the lips. He was curious how they will taste. But many times, curiosity kills the cat. Mizuki pushed him away and punched him right in the face. Then she flung him into a wall. Yoochun felt blood flowing from his bruised mouth.

Yoochun: You hit me, doll.

Mizuki: You desirve it. I didn’t give you permission to kiss me.

Yoochun: Before you hit me again, can I ask you something?

Mizuki: Alright, let’s say I’m in good mood today. Ask away.

Yoochun: What are you doing in this filthy hostelry instead of your luxurious palace quarters?

Mizuki: Why do you ask?

Yoochun: I’m just curious. Can you satisfy my curiosity?

Mizuki: I’m here with my brother and our guards to search for an old friend. My brother is out searching for him and I stayed here because I’m not in the mood for searching right now. Satisfied?

Yoochun: I see…I hope you’re not lying to me. You know, I love it when you play hard to get.

Mizuki: Well if you have no further questions, I’ll just wipe out the floor with you. You should have killed me when you had the chance. It’s too late now.

Before she hit him, Yoochun pulled her into another passionate kiss. Mizuki threw him in bed, walked to him, grabbed his shirt and punched him again. Yoochun flew through walls, breaking them like they were made from paper. He knew that the fact she was a vampire granted her a great amount of strength, but he never imagined she was insanely strong. Mizuki walked slowly through the holes made by the demon. He was sprawled on the ground in front of the inn. She saw the innkeeper looking mortified at the damage he could probably not afford to repair. The other demons, who accompanied him, were also surprised to see their superior fly through walls and land at their feet. They quickly rushed to him. Junki helped him stand while Hankyung’s eyes did not leave the vampire who was coming towards them.

Hankyung & Junki: General!

Hankyung: What happened?

Mizuki: I’ll pay for the damage as soon as I finish this, so don’t worry, sir. Now go inside.

Junki: Who are you?

Mizuki: Your worst nightmare.

The innkeeper did as told. The girl dashed torward them and Hankyung attacked her, attempting to stop her. Mizuki dodged the blow and hit him with her foot in the back of the head, then swept him of his feet. To prevent him from moving, she forced a sword through his torso. A horrible scream was heard. Seeing that his companion is hurt, Junki let Yoochun down. Assuming that Junki wanted to attack the vampire, Yoochun grabbed his hand and told him telepathicly to take Hankyung and get out of there, because he could handle things himself. Nodding, Junki rushed to Hankyung, took the sword out, and they both disappeared. In less than a second, Mizuki pinned him to the ground. Yoochun flipped so he can be on top and in control. Mizuki stuggled to break free, but it was in vain. He was too strong for her.

Yoochun: What are you going to do now, doll?

Mizuki: I’m gonna kick you~!!!

Yoochun: I’m on charge now. There is no escape now. If I were you, I’ll…

Yoochun didn’t get to finish his words because he was grabbed by the shirt and shut up with a kiss which he gladly accepted. Mizuki’s kiss became more violent and passionate with every second which passed. His hands roamed under her blouse, gently caressing her body. He liked it, it was perfect. Mizuki started to unbutton his shirt fast and removed it. She put her legs around his waist. Knowing what she wanted, Yoochun used his power to teleport themselves in a dark, isolated room of the hostel.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Wow, love and hatred, I like it!! You update so fast!! ^^


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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Yukie23 wrote:Wow, love and hatred, I like it!! You update so fast!! ^^

yeah, because i have it written on a word document in my pc...and i just copy and paste here...however it's not one day i will not update so fast xD

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 6: Dangerous dinner [part 1]

Kangin brought Kaya into the prince’s room as ordered. But he wasn’t there. A guard told them that Jaejoong left somewhere outside and that he will be back. Kaya chose to stay and wait for him, so Kangin let her into the room. She asked him to go and bring her because she had to be home by morning. Left alone in the huge room Jaejoong had, she looked around, riveting her eyes upon it. His room was quite simple, she noted. The walls were made from stone and not decorated in any way. His big bed was sited beside the window, so you could see outside. The window was closed. On a corner she could spot a table which was probably used to write or eat. Still clutching Jaejoong’s cape she went and sat on the bed, which was very soft. After an hour, the prince came home. He was shocked when he saw her standing onto his bed. When she saw him, she immediately stood up.

Kaya: You scared me…

Jaejoong: Why are you here?

Kaya: I came to return the cape. I don’t remember what happened after I was released from your guard’s grip, but from what I heard, you helped me. Thank you.

Jaejoong: Don’t mention it. And that cape is yours. You can keep it.

Kaya left the cape on the bed and passed by him walking to the exit. She was almost teary because she knew that the moment she will arrive home, the elders will tell her to pack her things and leave.

Jaejoong: Kaya, wait~!

Kaya: What is it?

Jaejoong: Why do I have the impression I won’t see you again? Why do I sense this is your final goodbye?

Kaya: Because this is it. I came to return the cape and say goodbye. You’ll never see me again.

Jaejoong: Why are you leaving?

Kaya: Why do you ask so many questions?

Jaejoong: Answer me.

Kaya: Because they found out I broke the covenant. They think that we are friends or something. This is not true. I’ll be going into exile.

Jaejoong: Where?

Kaya: I don’t know. Goodbye, demon prince.

Knowing that he probably will come after her, Kaya cast a spell, so he couldn’t move and exited fast. She didn’t wait for Kangin to come and pick her up. She needed to get out of there fast because the spell didn’t last long.

Changmin, Siwon, Minwoo and Sangmi were searching desperately for the charmers, but it seemed that they were not in that village. Hungry, they went outside the village to hunt. Sangmi always hunt alone, so she left first. Minwoo and Siwon went in the village to take a chance there. Changmin couldn’t be more satisfied. After the fight with his dad and the demon princess who always pestered him, he needed some peace and quiet. He waited patiently for the pray to come to him. The luck was on his side tonight. A young lady came to him, looking very upset and walking at a fast pace. He appeared behind her, grabbed her waist and tried to bite her. A scream echoed through the woods.

Meanwhile, on his search for Kaya, Junsu met his girlfriend again. She was alone, as always. The fleer he got from Sangmi told him that she wasn’t in a very good mood. He was curious what happened because this was the first time he had seen her like this. Ayumi prepared for the fight, but Junsu told her to continue the search and leave Sangmi in his hands. She was reluctant, but she obeyed. As soon as they were left alone, Junsu was slapped across the face.

Junsu: What was that for?

Sangmi: Bastard! I should have known better.

Junsu: What did I do?

Sangmi: You were using me, weren’t you?

Junsu: What for?

Sangmi: To get information for your hangdog spieces. I loved you with all my heart, bastard!

Sangmi attacked him, but Junsu blocked her kick and hugged her from behind.
Junsu: Sangmi, listen to me. We exchanged information because we agreed to do so. My love is and will always be true. I have never and I will never use you to conquer something unless we conquer it together.

Sangmi: You’re lying! Let me go~!

Junsu: No, I’m not lying. Please believe me…

Sangmi still kept struggeling. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she mumbled words from which Junsu only could pick out “bastard” and “betray”. The rest he could make out himself. His heart ached everytime he heard those words. His beloved future wife didn’t trust him anymore. He was blaming himself for not showing her how much he loved her. Maybe all he did until now wasn’t enough to assure her that his love was real. Suddenly, they heard a scream. Sangmi stopped fighting her lover and listened carefully. She sensed Changmin was near. They both rushed over to see what’s happening. Junsu saw Kaya, Changmin and another person standing. The other person looked confused. He noticed that Kaya had black eyes. He saw this before, but where? He remembered that her brother had one black eye when he fell off the horse. She was very scared. Changmin was watching her closely as she stood in front of him, defensively. Kaya attacked him, but Sangmi pushed her into a tree. Junsu went to protect Kaya.

Junsu: Kaya-san! Look at me~!

Sangmi: What happened here?

Changmin: I tried to bite her and she suddenly screamed and before I knew it, I was hitting a tree. And that creature appeared. He looks so confused.

Kaya looked at Changmin with terrifying black eyes. Her voice boomed across the forest.

Kaya: I’ll kill you, Changmin~!

She wanted to attack him, but Sangmi hit her on the back of the head before she could reach her master. Junki appeared.

Changmin: The girl is coming with us.

Junki: No, she will go back with us.

Sangmi: Back? What do you mean by “back”? You broke the covenant? She’s working for you?

Junsu: No, she is not working for us. But we will be the ones who take her.

With that, Junsu and Junki disappeared with the witch. The creature followed.

Meanwhile, at the hideout, Yoochun came home. He was greeted by Chiyoko, who was preparing to go out.

Chiyoko: Hey, Yoochun! Why did you come alone? Where are the others?

Yoochun: “Oh, shit! I forgot about the mission. I was supposed to come right after them.” Hankyung was wounded so I sent Junki to take him back here so he can heal.

Chiyoko: When did you do that?

Yoochun: Half an hour ago.

Chiyoko: Are you trying to lie to me? Hankyung arrived 5 hours ago. I can smell vampire on you. You’re a bad general! A very bad general! You should have come after them, not waste time playing with vampires.

Yoochun: I’m sorry…I kinda…got caught up in stuff…

Chiyoko: So do you love her?

Yoochun: Excuse me?

Before he could answer, Junsu’s voice was heard.

Junsu: Yoochun! Hankyung! We need a doctor~! Junki, go and get the doctor here.

Chiyoko and Yoochun rushed over to Junsu and saw him carrying Kaya and behind them was another girl sitting quietly.

Yoochun: I’m here. What happened? Is that a human?

Junsu: No time to explain. Yoochun, help me bring her to Jaejoong’s room.

At that moment, Kaya’s eyes snapped open and she kicked Junsu, making him release her. The girl’s eyes were still black.

Chiyoko: Junsu…what’s wrong with her?

Chiyoko was flung into a wall, where she remained uncouscious. Feeling that something was not right, Jaejoong came there too only to see his beloved Kaya turned into a monster. He managed to stop her by hugging her from behind. Kaya kept trying to jerk herself free, but his grip was strong enough to keep her for a while. Everyone looked at Kaya and Jaejoong fighting each other with wide eyes. They didn’t understand what was happening. Yoochun went to help Chiyoko get up. Slowly, the creature stepped in front of the witch, making her stop moving. Jaejoong was panting and hurting bad because she kept kicking and scratching him. The creature touched her forehead with one finger and her eyes returned to normal. In a few seconds, the witch realized that she wasn’t in a familiar place. She looked around herself, scared. Her face grimaced and she started to vomit blood. Alerted, Jaejoong looked at the creature in fright.

Jaejoong: What are you waiting for? Make her stop!

The creature touched her forehead again making her faint. Jaejoong took her to his room where the doctor and the king visited her. The doctor she was alright and just needed a little rest. No one knew what was going on with her, but they waited for her to wake up thinking that she might answer their questions. Jaejoong insisted to stay with her all day long. He was scared. Awful thoughts ran into his head while watching her lie in bed under the covers.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 6: Dangerous dinner[part 2]

Meanwhile, Yunho was waiting for his sister to come back. He had felt that something wasn’t quite right with her. The feeling engulfed him, almost choking him. He began to question himself the reasons why she didn’t come back. Was it because of the fight they had? He began to panic when he didn’t find her home the next morning and searched every corner, every place she could be in. He found nothing. Then a thought popped up in his mind: the demon who was following him the other day must know something. Yunho knew that she was behind him so he used a spell to immobilize her. He faced her with an angry glare.

Ayumi: What do you want?

Yunho: I could ask you the same question. You keep following me for quite a while now. You know I thought you were going to give it up because my sister and I are a temptation for the likes of you and we get that a lot. But there is more about you following me around is it?

Ayumi: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yunho: Where the hell is my sister?? Where have you taken her? Tell me or I’ll swear to God that I’ll kill you right here and now.

Ayumi: I don’t know anything. Kill me if you like, but you’ll break the covenant and you will be declaring war to the demons. I don’t think your elders will help you then.

Yunho was now furious. How can a filthy demon like her speak to him like that? She had dared to defy him. He wanted to kill her right there and then, but the information she held was too precious to him. He cleched his jaw and balled his hand in a fist, trying to contain himself.

Yunho: I’ll try this one more time. Where is my sister? I know that your prince is stalking her. Take me to her…please.

Ayumi: You look so cute when you’re angry. Your sister is not feeling good. The prince has sent me to tell you that Kaya will be taken care of. There is no need to worry. We will return her when she will be safe for being transported.

Yunho: “OMG~ Has she lost control? What if…?”

Ayumi: Yunho, you can let me go now. I told you all I know.
Yunho: Before I can let you go, tell me your name.

Ayumi: My name is Minawa Ayumi.

Yunho: Go and tell your prince that if you don’t manage to make her better in 3 days bring her to me or she’ll die.

Yunho released her. Ayumi was confused because she didn’t know wheater he was telling the truth, but she decided that Jaejoong should know about it. Left alone, Yunho fell on his knees and began to cry, feeling helpless. He was beyond scared now. She had lost control over her powers. What will he say to their parents? If they find out about what happened, reppercutions will appear. He didn’t know how to lie to them without being caught. He couldn’t follow Ayumi either. Something had to be done.

In Jaejoong’s room, Ayumi knocked at the door before entering. She found him sitting on the floor with his back against the bed, with a blank look on his face.

Jaejoong: Did you do what I told you to?

Ayumi: Yes, your highness. He said that if she doesn’t recover in three days, we have to take her to him or she’ll die.

Jaejoong gulped when he heard the word “die”. Chills ran down his spine. What was happening?

Jaejoong: Did he say why?

Ayumi: No, he didn’t.

Jaejoong: Good…you may leave.

After she left, Jaejoong continued to worry, sitting in the same place beside the bed. After many hours, Kaya opened her eyes and saw him sitting with the back against the bed. She looked around and realized she was in Jaejoong’s room. Hearing movement, the prince turned around and saw her looking back at him. Her hand went to his face, caressing it. He took her hand in his, kissing it lightly.

Kaya: I’m sorry; I must have done this to you.

Jaejoong: It’s ok…you didn’t know what you were doing.

Kaya: I don’t want to hurt anyone, but sometimes I loose control over the spells and…

She started to cry. His heart broke into pieces when he saw her like that. Jaejoong bend over and kissed her on the lips. Kaya’s eyes widened at his action because she wasn’t expecting it.

Jaejoong: Please stop crying. It breaks my heart when I see you sad.

Kaya: What are you...?

Jaejoong: Look, I wanted to tell you this a long time ago, but I didn’t have the courage. I love you. It doesn’t matter that you’re human. I don’t care about the stupid war or covenant anymore. I want to be with you and nothing else.

Kaya stood there dumbfounded. She wanted to say something, but nothing came out. Embarassed by his own statement, the prince regretted to have said that. When he stood up to leave the room, Kaya appeared in front of him and pulled him into a kiss.

Kaya: If you meant what you said, I’m willing to do the same.

Happy, he pulled her into a tight embrace. Then, remembering that she had to rest lifted her up and took her to bed. The creature appeared next to them. Jaejoong gave it a menacing glare.

Kaya: What’s your name and where did you come from?

Creature: I’m a part of you created when you were scared in that forest. I’m here to serve you, mistress. I do not have a name.

Kaya: Oh…I must have really gone out of control…hm…I think I’ll keep you. About the name..hmm… let’s say…Miki. Are you ok with it?

Miki: Anything you like is fine with me, mistress. If you want to call me, just say my name and I’ll be with you.

Kaya: Alright, I think you can go to rest now. I’ll be fine. Jaejoong…I have to see my brother…He’s desperate because he didn’t find me anywhere. You have to take me to him. Please…

Jaejoong: Alright…I’ll take you in a few hours.

Changmin went back to the castle with his sister and servants. The king had to hear this. He was certain that he had found the witch, but it seemed like the demons were one step ahead of them.

Changmin: Father! I think I found the witch and…

Masao: Then why are you here only with your sister and servants?

Changmin: I…

Masao: Go and don’t you dare return without the sorcerers. Do you understand?

Changmin: Yes, sir….

Changmin was sad again. He felt like everyone was picking on him on purpose. He was sick and tired of this treatment. Every effort he did, every move he did was nothing, but criticized. Everything he did wasn’t enough for his father. He felt like running and never returning. Sunye wasn’t there to confort him anymore.No one helped or conforted him. He didn’t want to argue again, because his father was so stubborn he won’t win the argument. He dragged his feet to the exit determined to show everyone that he was not useless.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 7: Kidnapped[part 1]

Kaya walked a long way from Jaejoong’s hiding place to her home, but the road didn’t seem so long and boring because they had one another and they talked along the way. Junki followed them at a safe distance, wanting to give them some privacy. He had never seen the prince to talk this much and enjoy it. He had seen the obvious thing: they were madly in love with each other, but he didn’t say anything.

He knew what was like to love a human being because he, himself, had loved a human girl. Junki remembered her dying in his arms after being raped and tortured by a vampire who hated his guts. He had found her in a God forsaken place in a dirty room in a pool of blood. At that time the smell of blood drove him insane because he was unexperienced, but he tried his best not to let himself lured. After she died, the only thing he was thinking about was to kill the vampire. Since that day onward, he had forbidden himself to love again because he knew that he will bring only misfortune to that person. He finally quenched his thirst for revenge after 10 years from her death. He found the human beings fascinating because although they lived a short period of time compared to a vampire or demon, they knew how spend it. Living eternally was for him a burden, a curse since his beloved girlfriend had died so tragically.

When they finally arrived, they saw Kaya’s mother hanging some clothes on the clothes line. The girl ran happily to her in spite the fact that she was barely standing on her own feet. She knew that her mother would be very upset when finding that she had broken the covenant. Jaejoong also knew that it was better for him to stay there.

Kaya: Mom~!!

Mrs Yamamoto: Kaya, where have you been? What happened to you? Yunho searched all over for you. He is so worried~! And so are we.

Kaya: I’m sorry mom; there has been an accident…

Mrs Yamamoto: What happened? Wait…why are you with the demon prince?

Kaya: Mom, I can explain…

Mrs Yamamoto: What have you done? You broke the agreement, didn’t you? You made friends’ amoung the demons? Moreover…you befriended the demon prince?

Kaya: Please let me explain…

Mrs Yamamoto: No, there is nothing you can explain. You went against the rule, that’s all that matters now. I will speak with the elders and by tomorrow morning you will be ready to leave.

Kaya: Why are you like this? Why don’t you let me explain?? A vampire…

Mrs Yamamoto: JUST GO AND FIND YOUR BROTHER! He is very worried.

Kaya: You don’t care about me, do you? And here I was thinking that…


Around the two women, clouds were gathering, the wind started to blow, thunders were heard. Jaejoong and Junki were watching the scene dumbfounded. Why was the sun suddenly gone? They knew that it was one of the witches’ doing, but which one?

Mrs Yamamoto: Please calm down and go after your brother. I won’t ask twice.

With that, her mother entered the house and shut the door. When he saw the older woman go inside, it was all coming to him. It was Kaya’s emotions who caused the weather to change. But the weather was the least of his concerns. It soon started to rain. The rain drops were her tears. It was like the sky was crying along with her. Kaya began to walk the opposite way, passing by him like he wasn’t even there. The two demons saw tears in her eyes and followed, but a lightning which stroke right in front of them stopped them from moving any further.

Kaya: Go home. I’ll be fine. Goodbye. I won’t be seeing you anymore. If you follow me, Jaejoong, a lightning will strike you mercilessly.

Junki: Where are you going, miss?

Kaya: To find my brother. I summon thee, mighty dragon!

The dragon appeared in a blink of an eye and as soon as she was on his back, they disappeared into the grey sky, leaving behind a sorrowful Jaejoong.

Changmin exited the main hall slamming the doors behind him. He was furious because he really tried to do something about those magicians and he couldn’t. To his dad was not enough. He hated to be considered weak, worthless and stupid. He knew what he was doing. The vampire prince didn’t hear the continous staring and yelling of his bodyguard, Minwoo. Minwoo tried to get his attention in order to ask what why is he so upset and what are the next orders, but the prince was lost in his thoughts and fury.

Minwoo was Changmin’s bodyguard since he was 15. He was an experienced vampire and warrior who gained the king’s trust becoming who he is today. He used to be a poor child living each day like it was his last one. He fed on the villagers who were tricked by his innocent eyes. The circumstances made him lie and he was very good at it. He wasn’t a bad person because he often lies to defend and save innocent people from getting hanged. One day, when the vampire king was out hunting, he spoted the little boy who was feeding on a girl about his age. The merciful king took him in and treated him like his own son. When he was asked to guard Changmin, he felt very happy knowing that his saviour reposed his trust in him. His life was now Changmin’s.

A baleful smile rested on his face when remembering the past. He wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. Changmin suddenly turned around and bumped into his guard. Furious, he began to yell and throw death glares. Minwoo immediately apologized to his master. Changmin didn’t say anything, but brushed past him, hitting his shoulder in process. Minwoo didn’t say anything because he could see too that his king didn’t know how to act around his children. That’s why his prince was always angry and avoided his father as much as possible. Changmin stomped his way to Mizuki’s room. Without knocking, he opened the door, finding her in the middle of taking off her shirt.

Mizuki: Don’t you know how to knock? How can you be so rude? You can’t enter in a girl’s room like this.

Changmin: I don’t care! Get dressed fast. We are leaving.

Mizuki: Where are we leaving? We just came back. I’m tired and I want to take a bath. Let’s leave tomorrow night.

Changmin: No! We are leaving now. And don’t tell me you’re tired because you have no reason. I was the one searching. All you did was to monkey around in that hotel room.

Mizuki: Don’t use that tone on me! I am your sister. You and dad had a fight again. I understand that. But don’t involve me in it!

Changmin: I am not involving you in anything!

Mizuki: I’m not a sweet pea! I know what you are thinking and it’s not true! Dad loves you as much as he loves me.

Changmin: He sure doesn’t know how to show me that. If you’re not ready in 10 minutes I’ll leave without you.

Mizuki: Only 10? We have eternity! I won’t be ready in 10 minutes!! Look at my hair!!

Changmin exited silently, leaving her alone. He wanted to cry. Suddenly a thought popped in his mind. He was thinking about Chiyoko. How much he wanted her to confort him now. But what he was thinking was wrong. She didn’t love him; she only played him in order to find out what they were planning. Too bad; he really loved her. Sometimes he had the feeling that nobody wanted or loved him. The only one who was at his side was Minwoo. At first he hated him because he seemed to be more loved by his father, but later they became best friends. He decided to wait for Mizuki outside, on the roof.

Changmin: I’m sorry for yelling at you, Minwoo.

Minwoo: Its ok, Changmin. I know how you’re feeling. Your father doesn’t know to show his feelings. You have to forgive him for that. He is a good man.

Changmin: Everyone tells me that, but I don’t see it. He is good to everyone but me.

Minwoo: Don’t worry, prince. I’m sure he would aknowledge you if you manage to get what he wants.

Changmin (sigh): I don’t know if that’s what I want anymore…Thanks for bening beside me all the time, Minwoo.

Minwoo: You’re welcome, your highness.

Right at that time, Mizuki appeared behind them with a smile flashing on her face.

Mizuki: What are you guys gossiping about?

Minwoo: Nothing, Mizuki-sama.

Changmin: Took you long enough…

Mizuki: You only gave me 10 minutes. It’s not enough! My hair is still messy~!!

Changmin: Would you be so kind and get moving? Thank you.

Mizuki didn’t say anything and did as she was told because she didn’t want to upset him even more. It hurt her to see him sad.

Exausted, Yunho sat down next to a tree. Ayumi was on a branch above and watched him carefully. He kept searching for his sister like a mad man, but it was in vain. She was nowhere to be found and Ayumi wouldn’t tell him anything. He was continuing to ask himself why did the demons watched them closely? What did they want from them? An answer was clear: the demons were trying to break the agreement and use sorcerers against their enemy. Why them? He didn’t know. All he wanted now was to find Kaya and make sure she was safe. Annoyed by the intense staring, Yunho turned to the demon to give her a death glare.

Yunho: Why are you still following me?

Ayumi: Because I was ordered to.

Yunho: What do you want from me?? You took my sister away from me! I want her back! What do you want from us??

Ayumi: You know…I don’t want anything…our king wants to fight the vampires and he wants your advice.

Yunho: Advice? Cut to the chase. I want the truth now!

Ayumi: Tell me…do you love your sister?

Yunho: What kind of a question is that? Of course I love her. She is my sister for crying out loud!

Ayumi: Do you trust her?

Yunho: Of course…why do you avoid…?

Ayumi: Then have faith that she will be ok.

Yunho: What are you talking about?

Looking up, he saw the dragon descending with Kaya on his back. He felt lightheaded thinking about what could have happened. She wasn’t supposed to escape that easily, did she? What if Ayumi told the truth? But what if Kaya has no longer control over her body? No! She is a strong girl, she will survive. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her running to him. She was crying for some reason, but his heart felt lighter somehow, seeing that she was alive. The girl had hugged his brother sobbing at his chest.

Yunho: Kaya! You’re alive! What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did they hurt you?

Kaya: Mom knows!

Yunho: Knows what?

Kaya: I came home with Jaejoong because I am weakened and…she knows I broke the covenant. Tomorrow morning I’m gonna leave.

Yunho: I’m not gonna let them take you away. I promise I will come with you wherever you go.

Kaya: They won’t let you…I’m sorry…It’s my entire fault. I’m so stupid!

Yunho: Don’t cry sis, we’ll figure something out. Trust me.

The word “trust” made him remember that Ayumi was watching them. When he looked up, much to his surprise, she was nowhere to be found. How did she know that Kaya was ok? And why didn’t she tell him? It was cruel to keep him waiting and worrying. The fear for loosing his sister came back. What will she tell the elders? If he blamed himself, would he be exiled in the same place as Kaya? No matter what, he had to try to convince them to not break them apart.

He took Kaya in his arms and got on the dragon’s back ordering him to take them back home.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 7: Kidnapped[part 2]

Junsu and Yoochun were frantically searching for the witch who was nowhere to be found. Junsu had received unsettling news. Ayumi told him that the vampires were on the move and they knew where to find the brothers. Changmin and his party were heading to the sorcerer’s house as they spoke. A thing was certain: the vampires ought not to get a hold of the brothers before they do. Fortunately they had the girl, but now she was gone. That was bad. Chiyoko appeared behind them to ask why they were so anxious about because she could smell their fear from a mile.

Chiyoko: Why are you guys so anxious about?

Junsu: Where is the witch? Tell me she is still here…

Chiyoko: Jaejoong and Junki took her back home.

Yoochun: What? We are in big trouble!

Chiyoko: Why? What happened?

Yoochun: Prince Changmin and his men are on their way to the witch’s house as we speak. If they get them both and force them to work for them, it’s the end of us.

Jaejoong: What’s going on here?

Junsu: The vampires are about to take Kaya and Yunho away.

Junki: That’s imposible; we took her home just now.

Yoochun: It’s true. Where is she now? We have to get there before they do.

Junki: She went to find her brother. Her mother told her to bring Yunho home.

Chiyoko: Let’s go. I’ll come along.

Jaejoong: You stay here.

Chiyoko: Why?

Jaejoong: Because Changmin is there.

Chiyoko: That’s the whole point. I will distract him, so you can kidnap them. Has anyone a different opinion?

Junsu, Junki and Yoochun stood there silent. They didn’t want to angry the princess because the consequences were going to be bad. She wasn’t the type of person that would glare at people with hateful eyes, but if you messed with her, you were as good as dead. Her cheerful and childish smile, her entire personality and actions were repugnant with the fact that she was a merciless creature of the night. When she was angry it was like she was a whole different person. Some thought that she behaved that way to mislead her pray and others that she did that because she hated the fact that she was a demon. She didn’t want to kill, but she was forced to feed in order to survive. Indeed she wanted to live a normal life, but couldn’t, so she resigned. Chiyoko was old enough to know what she wanted from life. The life she was living wasn’t an easy one, but she had survived and gotten used to it. It was natural for her to kill like it was natural to love. She loved her family and was ready to do the supreme sacrifice if she was forced to.

Jaejoong glared at her with doubt in his eyes, but he agreed because even if he said no, she would have still done as she pleased. In a matter of seconds, the hallway was left silent with only the wind to howl.

Donghae was taking a stroll along the river bank, trying to get some peace and fresh air. Surprisingly, he had found the person of whom he had been thinking about ever since he met her – Sunye. She was sitting in silence with her feet in the water, throwing stones in the water from time to time. Smiling, he approached the girl and sat next to her.

Donghae: Hello there! It looks like we meet again.
Sunye: Donghae, nice to see you again. How have you been?

Donghae: I’ve been good. Just the usual, you know. I came out for a hunt, but the tavern doesn’t have what I need now. I didn’t see you there since that night.

Sunye: I don’t usually go there alone. But I went there with my master often. His sister is stalking a vampire who spends his night hunting there.

Donghae: Oh, I see. I usually go there to socialize. I hate being alone. It’s good that I get to meet interesting people, like you for example.

Sunye: Haha…no, I’m actually a boring person.

Donghae: Well not in my opinion. I find you a very interesting creature.

Sunye: I’ll take that as a compliment. So thanks.

Donghae: You’re welcome.

They stood there for a while in silence, enjoying the beautiful view of the full moon.

Donghae: It’s a beautiful moon tonight, isn’t it?

Sunye: I can’t agree more. Donghae…have you ate tonight? I haven’t. Would you accompany me on a hunt?

Donghae: Of course. I’ll be glad to.

Sunye: And to make it more interesting, let’s make a bet. If you win, I’ll do anything you want and if I win, you’ll do anything I want. The first who gets his hands on a pray and eats is the winner.

Donghae: As you wish. Let’s go!

The powerful dragon had landed in front of their peaceful home. The things were still. Everything was quiet, too quiet. Something was not right. They could feel it in the tense atmosphere. They felt like lambs waiting to be snatched by the hungry wolves. But still curiosity pushed them to look inside the house. Slowly they headed to the front door. After a few steps, Yunho stopped, while Kaya continued walk.

Yunho: Stop!

Kaya: What is it?

Yunho: Don’t you have a strange feeling? Like something is waiting to get you inside that house?

Kaya: Whatever it is, I’ll let it come to me and if I must, I’ll fight back.

Yunho came to her and took her hand in his. Kaya looked at him with soft, sad eyes.

Yunho: Stay close to me and don’t let go. I don’t feel good about this.

They walked inside together. Once the first ray of light hit the room, illuminating it, a horrible sight unfolded in front of their eyes. Their parents were lying on the cold floor in a pool of blood. On their faces, Yunho and Kaya could see pain and agony. They didn’t have a peaceful ending. The kids were shocked, terrified at the sight. They didn’t know how to react, because many feelings and thoughts were running through their heads then. It took a while for Kaya realize what was happening and to begin to cry onto her brother’s chest. Yunho on the other hand, was rooted to the floor, his whole body felt numb. He couldn’t cry because he had to be strong for his sister. To confort her, he stroked her hair and hugged her tightly. Suddenly, the silence was broken by a husky voice.

Jaejoong: Kaya! Get out of there now!!!

Yunho turned around and the girl lifted her gaze to look at the demon prince. They could see worry plastered on his face, but they continued to look at him confused. Junki and Chiyoko landed next to him. The next thing Yunho knew is his sister being pulled away from him by Mizuki and thrown into Changmin’s arms, who disappeared with her in an instant. His place was filled by Minwoo and Siwon. The demons were behind Yunho in a flash.

Mizuki: Not so fast, Jaejoong! He is ours! We got here first.

Jaejoong: Give her back!

Mizuki: Or what? You’re going to beat me for stealing your girlfriend? Don’t make me laugh out loud! If you weren’t so patethic, you could have avoided this and have her all for yourself.

Junki attacked Siwon while Chiyoko was ready to punch Minwoo. Mizuki and Jaejoong both dashed to catch Yunho, but he casted a spell, trapping their minds into an illusion in order to escape. Because the illusion wouldn’t keep them busy for long, he hurried out of the house, running as fast as he could. It was now clear to him that the demons and vampires decided to break all rules and fight dirty. But most importantly, they already had Kaya. He decided it was better to hide for a while and think of a way of getting her out of the place she was going to be kept. As he was thinking of ways of taking action, he lost focus and was caught by Jaejoong’s men. The spell was worn out. In a second he was out cold. Jaejoong came out from the shadows.

Jaejoong: Take him to my room for now. I want you to give him some new clothes and feed him. Don’t let anyone in that room except me and don’t let him out.

Chiyoko: What are you planning to do with him?

Jaejoong: That’s her brother. He’s very useful to us. We can’t let them get their claws on him.

Chiyoko: I hope you do know what you’re doing.

Jaejoong: Trust me. I do.

They decided to back off for now. Since they retreated it was pointless to follow them alone. Jaejoong looked calm, but his heart was racing with worry. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do. All he knew was that they took his beloved and he had to protect her brother because that’s what she wanted. Yunho was useful to them, but he didn’t want to use him until he would know for sure that the other party wants to go against the rules. Everyone was tired. It was a side effect to the spell Yunho had cast.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Woah!! What happened to her?? Has Kaya turned into a vampire??!!


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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 8: Prisoners[part 1]

Yunho woke up in a large, soft bed. He felt dizzy, like throwing up, but the sensation subsided after a few seconds. Confused, he got up and looked around. In the huge, dim room he was in, there was a table and a chair near the window which had the curtains dropped. On the desk was a tray of food and a glass of water. A note was put next to him. It said not to exit the room no matter what. Then he remembered everything. He was being kept by the demons and his sister was with the vampires. Yunho paniked and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Trying the window, he noticed that the curtains were covering a wall. There was no window in the room. The boy was trapped. He then tried to teleport through a spell, but it didn’t work. Desperate, Yunho sat on the bed with his hands in his hair and began crying. He let out all the sorrow, fear and fury he had been holding inside since he had found out that Kaya broke the covenant. His tears were soaking the fresh sheets. After a couple of hours, there was movement on the hallway and the door opened. Yunho turned around and saw Jaejoong entering. Once the guard closed the door, he dashed to the prince and slammed him into a wall.

Yunho: Where is Kaya?? What do you want from us??

Jaejoong: Look, I understand that you are upset. I am too. The vampires have taken her to the castle. We are…

Yunho: Let me out! I need to find her now!

Jaejoong: I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. I can’t let you go them just like that. If you go alone, you’ll be captured too. I can’t let that happen.

Yunho: I won’t be captured! I have to save my sister or…If you really love her, let me go.

Jaejoong: I do, but I made a promise. I promised her that I’ll protect you.

Yunho: You’re lying to me!!!

Yunho began punching him, but Jaejoong didn’t react. Finally, Yunho got tired and fell on his knees, crying hard. The demon prince wiped the blood from his face with the left sleeve.

Yunho: Why? Why didn’t you fight back?

Jaejoong: I promised your sister I will protect you, not kill you. I am a man of my word. I know what you’re thinking: that we are planning to use you to win the war. It’s not true.

Yunho: Then what is the truth?

Jaejoong: The one who wants to do that is the vampire king. We, the demons, always fought fair. It’s true that both parts want this war to end, but we swore never to fight using dirty methods.

Yunho: So you’re the good guys, huh? No matter what, I won’t join you. All I want is to rescue my sister and disappear.
Jaejoong: I’m not asking you to. Stay here for now. You’re safe with me. No one will enter this room but me and Ayumi.

They heard a knock on the door and the door opened. Sunye came in with a worried face.

Sunye: You summoned me, master?

Jaejoong: Where were you?

Sunye: I was out for a hunt. Did something happen?

Jaejoong: Yes, in fact something did happen. I needed you. You were supposed to be my personal guard. There was a situation and your friends took Kaya.

Yunho: What is she doing here? She’s a vampire…

Sunye: I am. So what?

Jaejoong: You pay attention to me, Sunye! I know you know all the secret passages in the castle. I want you to go there and bring Kaya to me.

Sunye: What? That’s impossible! If they catch me, I’ll be as good as dead.

Jaejoong: Your life is still mine, remember? And this is an order. Now go! But wait a second. I want to talk to you a bit more. Yunho, I suggest you eat. You’re tired and need nutriments.

Yunho: You’re going to let us go after she brings my sister here, right?

Jaejoong: Yes. Now eat and rest.

The demon and vampire exited the room in silence. Yunho stared blankly at the table, and then he sat at it to eat. He thought it was better to stay there, figure out what was happening and a way out of this mess. He was very worried, but since there was no other way, he will wait for Sunye to get his sister back. The demons were all he got and had to trust them even if he was reluctant. He had to come up with a plan in case Jaejoong or his father might want to break the promise to let them go.

Changmin put the uncounscious girl on the floor next to his large bed. He took a look at her. She looked so peaceful and so innocent, but what he experienced earlier made him snap back to reality. Inside this tiny body was hidden a very powerful monster. He didn’t know if it was her fault or not for doing what she did back there, but it didn’t matter anymore. He was very disappointed that his team wasn’t able to take her brother as well. Changmin chained her to a wall, with her back resting on the bed’s edge, then sat on a chair continuing to look at her and contemplate about what to do and about what has happened that day when he first met her. The threshold was pushed open revealing his father and sister, who entered his bedroom.

Changmin: Father!

Masao: So this is the witch?

Changmin: Yes, father.

Masao: What about her brother?

Mizuki: The damned demons got to him before we did. We are sorry…

Masao: I was talking to your brother, so please stay out of this, Mizuki. Changmin and why were they able to get there first?

Changmin: Our plan was to separate the brothers and then capture them. We snatched the girl, but we were caught in a spell. By the time we woke up, the demons were already chasing him.

Masao: And again it was a stupid plan. I thought you were smarter than that. You had to think about all the possibilities, so you failed again.

Mizuki: Father this is not his fault. I asked him to take the girl here as soon as she was thrown to him. He wasn’t there when the spell was cast.

Masao: But we had soldiers to do this, don’t we? He had to stay there and finish his part!

Mizuki: But…

Changmin: Mizuki…that’s enough. Father is right. We have men to take prisoners. I thought our plan was better and I obviously mistaken. I’ll make sure not…

Masao: …to let it happen again. You said that the previous time too. I already know your little poetry. Words mean nothing to me. I’m ashamed of my own son.

Mizuki: Father how can you say that?

Masao: Changmin, make sure the prisoner doesn’t run away. Can you do that without messing it up? Mizuki, come with me. We have to talk about something.

Mizuki: Yes, father…

Changmin’s eyes glinted with rage as he watched his father and sister exit the bedroom. Mizuki turned back one more time to look at her brother. She knew that he father was very strict with Changmin, but this time he has crossed the line. Changmin was still young and learning. Nobody was perfect and Changmin was doing his best as furfilling his father’s orders and wishes. She saw how hard her brother was struggelling to get his father’s acknowledgment and how much was he hurt by their father’s harsh words.

Once they were far away enough not to hear anything, Changmin punched the wall, making a hole in it and bruising his knuckles. The loud and sudden noise woke Kaya up. She opened her eyes slowly and looked around. Her vision was blurry, but after a few seconds, the objects began to settle into shape. She saw an angry Changmin looking at her with furrowed eyebrows, anger contorting his face. Seeing that the girl was now conscious, Changmin dashed to her, made her stand and pinned her to the sclerous wall. She was still dizzy, stumbled on her feet and landed with the back on the wall behind her. Kaya quickly read his mind to find his intentions, but Changmin realized that and flung her into the wall again.

Changmin: You’re trying to read my mind, you monster? Get out of my mind now!

With a scream, Kaya did as told. It was the first time she was caught reading someone’s mind and forced out. She was still weak and maybe that’s why she was caught. She continued to look at him and study his face, looking for a sign of mercy. A million questions went through her mind in just a few seconds. She was thinking about her brother, about Jaejoong, about what happened and what will happen. Had Jaejoong succeded in keeping Yunho safe? Could she really trust the demon prince and ask him for help? She had read her mind and found out that his feelings were genuine. The witch felt a pang of guilt because she was actually using him to help her. As expected, he fell in her trap. Changmin, however, was a whole different story.

Kaya: Why am I here?

Changmin: Why? Because of what you did to me that day. You almost killed me, you know that?

Kaya: I don’t know you. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Changmin: You’re lying! You’re smart enough and you read my mind. Why ask stupid questions?

Kaya: I didn’t read as much as you think I did. “Did that happen when I turned the last time?” Let me go please.

Changmin: Hahah…that was the lamest joke I heard in decades. You know I won’t. In exchange I might turn you and make you my slave. How about that?

Kaya: No! Don’t do it! You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

Changmin smelled fear enveloping the human girl. A fear he has never felt before. He carresed her cheek and felt her tremble. She was at the brink of tears. What was so horrible about being turned? Every mortal dreamed about having eternal life, yet she was afraid.

Changmin: Why are you afraid of? I gave you the opportunity to become immortal, yet you refused.

Kaya: If you turn me, something horrible might happen. I’m not a mere human...i might…it’s very please…
Changmin: What’s so dangerous? Tell me.

Kaya: I can’t. You’ll have to have faith in me.

Changmin: To have faith in a human? Pardon me, but I have some trust issues. Now tell me!!!

Kaya: I can’t…

Seeing that she was being stubborn, Changmin slapped her hard on the face. Blood gushed out of her bruised lip. At the strong smell of blood, Changmin flinched. The blood was calling out to him, the hunger was blinding him and he gave in to his instincts. He let the hunger take him over. The vampire ignored all the girl’s protests and bit her neck. He drank until she fainted. His anger and hunger were still not surpressed and to keep himself from sucking her dry, he immediately got out of the room.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 8: Prisoners[part 2]

Sunye was in front of the big castle covered with a cape and hood, in a dray. The girl was scared of being caught, but she tried to keep calm. Sunye couldn’t believe that she was actually on a mission to save her rival for the one she loved. But her master was right, she owed him her life. This is the least she could do to repay him for sparing her life twice. She inhaled deeply, cold air froze her nostrils. She knew she had to keep calm and finish this fast. She was approaching the main gate. A guard asked her wereabouts and she told him she was here to bring blood to the king. The guard opened the gate and let her in after he verified the cargo. She was told where to put the dray and who to speak to. The vampire girl took the dray where she was told then disappeared without a trace inside the castle walls. She headed to Changmin’s room because she sensed Kaya’s smell coming from there. Luckly for her, the coast was clear and she could go half of the way without being noticed. On one of the maze-like hallways, a guard was on beat, heading straight to her direction. To avoid being discovered, she snucked in a secret corridor leading to a room close to the one she wanted to be in. She finally entered the room in which Kaya was kept, finding her fainted on the floor, chained to a wall. She went to check her vital signs. They were pretty good. Next she attempted to unshackle her when she felt a dangerous presence nearby. Sunye was spotted. Sangmi was behind her already attempting to behead her with a sword. Fortunately, she ducked and the enemy missed.

Sangmi: It’s not nice to steal the property of others. I guess you didn’t learn that, did you?

Sunye: Sangmi, listen to me…

Sangmi: Listen to you? Now that was a good one. Why would I listen to a traitor like you? After 100 years you still don’t know your place.

Sunye: I admit I am a traitor, but at least I had a good reason for doing that. If I would think about it, you’re a traitor too. You betrayed your kind by falling in love with Junsu. You’re just too much of a coward to admit it.

Sangmi widened her eyes. Since when did she know? She didn’t want to kill her because Sunye had been one of her best friends, but now she had a good reason to do it. Sunye would attempt to use Junsu against her or expose her to the king. Then everything would be over. Sangmi couldn’t let that happen because she loved Junsu too much and she had been through too much to be where she was now. She had worked too hard to lose her love now.

Sangmi: You know what you did? You just gave me a good reason to kill you.

Sunye: I didn’t expect it otherwise. I was already thinking of ways to do that since we are enemies.

Sangmi: I’m surprised that you managed to get here unnoticed.

Sunye: I have my ways…

Sangmi: Yeah, the secret passages, I know. I was the one who showed them to you, remember?

Sunye: So why didn’t you stop me?

Sangmi: It took me some time to sense your presence. You won’t get the witch. This is the end of your patethic life.
Sunye: You’re underestimating me, as always.

Sangmi: I don’t think so.

The two girls attacked simultaneously and blocked the hits coming their way. It didn’t take long for the guards on duty to come in to Sangmi’s aid. Being attacked from all the ways, she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to retreat for the time being. Before she can escape, Sangmi managed to hurt her arms and legs that made her retreat more complicated. Sunye had expected this, so she jumped out on the window. Some of Sangmi’s men followed her, but she managed to hide and leave when she was certain that they were gone. Exausted and wounded she headed for the river to clean herself up. The mission failed and Jaejoong is going to be horn-mad. Returning there would be pointless since they were probably doubling the guards to that room by now. While she was stumbling her way to the river, an arm caught hers. She flinched and twisted bringing her sword to the stranger’s neck.

Donghae: Hey~ Wow~ It’s me!

Sunye: Donghae, what are you doing here?

Donghae: I saw you fighting with Sangmi in the castle. I saw she wounded you, so I came to help you.

Sunye: You’re a guard there? Of course, how could I not see? You’re going to bring them here. I surrender. My mission has failed and I’m done for anyways.

Donghae: No! I won’t. We are friends, remember? I would never do that to you. Let me help you clean your wounds.
Sunye: Are you serious?

Donghae: I am a man of my word. Trust me. So why were you there anyways?

Sunye: The witch is Jaejoong’s girlfriend. She sent me to save her.

Donghae: Jaejoong is really cold hearted, isn’t he? He made you do that even though he knew your feelings for him.
Sunye: I owe him a lot. He spared my life twice. I don’t like being indebted to someone. I understand that he is worried for the one he loves.

Donghae: But he is still cruel.

Sunye: Love makes you do selfish things. You and I know that best.

Donghae: You’re right…but what if you were killed during the mission?

Sunye: He wouldn’t care. Neither would I.

Donghae: Don’t say that. It makes me sad to hear that.

Sunye: You’re supposed to come here to kill me, not help me heal my wounds.

Donghae: And still here I am helping you. My work and my private relations are two different things.

Sunye: But at some point those two things will cross paths. What then?

Donghae: I will be forced to choose one.

Sunye: And which one will you choose?

Donghae: I don’t know now. I will choose the right thing when the time comes.

Sunye kept quiet as Donghae began to clean her wounds. Sunye flinched at the pain, but she did all she could not to scream in pain. Donghae was being as gentle as he could be. He was glad that he could help her and that she trusted him. It was all that Donghae wanted.

In Changmin’s room all was engulfed in silence and darkness. The now unconscious witch was sprawled on the cold floor next to the huge bed. Mizuki had finished talking to her father and she was still upset about his way of treating Changmin. As she approached Changmin’s room, a strong smell of fresh blood was caressing her nose. It smelled delicious, but something didn’t feel right, so she entered the room. Mizuki saw the girl sitting in a rather uncomfortable position on the floor, but didn’t bother to help her up. Looking around some more, she noticed the hole in the wall made by her brother. Thinking that the witched caused him to be angry, she dashed and slapped her across the face. Startled she opened her eyes and Mizuki forced her to stand, pinning her to the wall.

Mizuki: Get up, filthy witch! Tell me what did you do to my brother?

She received no answer. The girl’s eyes were glued to the ground. The grandfather clock in the room struck midnight. Mizuki slapped her once again and Kaya slowly raised her head, looking straight into her glistening eyes. The witch’s eyes were now completely black. A diabolic laugh sounded across the room. Mizuki felt danger and immediately backed away from the witch.

Mizuki: What are you?

Kaya: What am i? I can never describe myself for you to understand. I am more powerful than you can imagine.

Mizuki: I know what you are trying to do. It’s just a cheap scam to get me to leave you alone. It’s not going to work, you know? I’m not that stupid.

Kaya: You’re damaging my host. I suggest you stop that or there will be repercussions. You know, she is such a good girl. She doesn’t want to kill you. She is begging me not to do it.

Mizuki: What are you talking about? Who is “she”?

Kaya: Kaya Yamamoto, my host. Although I hate being captive in her body, she is a very powerful witch and I can use her later. If you touch her again, I will kill you and your entire clan.

Mizuki looked at her bewildered. Kaya smirked and closed her eyes. When she opened them again her normal eye colour was back. Kaya felt her neck stinging and touched the two small wounds inflicted by Changmin a while ago. The blood was dry. She didn’t bleed anymore.

Kaya: What happened to me? It looks like I’m back. Did I hurt you?

Mizuki: Care to explain what the hell was that?

Kaya: I’m…when my body becomes weak, I lose control over spells and I’m becoming dangerous.

Mizuki: What is his/her name?

Kaya: Who?

Mizuki: The thing that you become when you’re loosing control?

Kaya: Look…I don’t even remember what it makes me do. How should I know its name? I don’t know anything about it. My parents never told me.

Mizuki: And here I was thinking that you were smarter. Where is Changmin?

Kaya: I don’t know. After he bit me, I passed out.

Mizuki: Very well then. Siwon~!

Siwon: Did you summon me, princess?

Mizuki: We are going to look for Changmin. Ask someone to guard her.

Siwon: As you wish, princess.

Mizuki: As for you, witch. I’ll be visiting you later. And if my brother is hurt, I will have your head on a plate. I sugest you cover that wound up if you don’t want to end up as breakfast. Here!

Mizuki threw her a scarf and exited the room. Kaya remained there silent. She put on the scarf and began to think about Yunho. Was he safe? Did Jaejoong keep his promise? The questions echoed in her mind over and over again.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 9: Broken deal[part 1]

Junsu and Yoochun went out once the sun set. They were supposed to look for Kaya. They didn’t part ways as usual because Junsu had a plan. They let Ayumi guard Yunho and took Junki with them because Hankyung was injured. They walked until they reached a fair. Although it was getting late people were enjoying themselves, and didn’t seem to be willing to return home just yet. Junsu, Yoochun and Junki blended in the crowd, trying to find a vampire to force to spill information they needed. While they were walking, Junki was somehow left behind because he saw something. Thinking that he could manage, Yoochun and Junsu continued their trip. The two of them walked around the fair looking around carefully. But there was a problem. Yoochun got distracted and Junsu knew that very well.

Junsu: You know why I hate going into missions with you?

Yoochun: You do? How can you hate going into a mission with your best friend? That’s supposed to be fun.

Junsu: For me is not fun at all because you’re always staring at girls, flirting and I’m doing the entire job. I always end up being alone.

Yoochun: Come on! What’s a mission without a bit of fun? Sometimes, I think you’re a workaholic.

Junsu: You’re having too much fun and I’m not a workaholic!
Yoochun: Tell me when did you see me on a mission not doing what I was supposed to and went with a girl?

Junsu: The last one for instance…You slept with the vampire princess.

Yoochun: Now where did you get that silly idea from?

Junsu: There is no use in denying it. And stop thinking that i’m criticizing you because I’m not.

Yoochun: Alright, so what if I did? Your girlfriend is a vampire too. And besides, I don’t do that with every girl that I see.

They were stopped by a girl who was standing in front of them with a raised eyebrow and looking very pissed.

Girl: Are you Park Yoochun?

Yoochun: The one and only…ah~ I’m so famous…what can I do for you beautiful puppet?

Girl: Take this, jerk!

He was hit in his soft point and fell to the ground. The girl walked further with a satisfied look on her face. Junsu looked confused at first then he figured out the entire situation. He bent down to help his friend stand.

Yoochun: I don’t know what that was about. I don’t even know her.

Junsu kept quiet. As they walk further, another girl did the same as the first one. Yoochun could barely walk now, but to maintain his pride, he pretended nothing happened. At a given moment, a ghost passed by and then came back to them. The furious ghost kicked Yoochun as well making Junsu’s jaw drop.

Junsu: Wasn’t that a ghost? Ghosts are not supposed to be able to…

Yoochun: JUNSU! Shut up and help me up, please.

Junsu: Yeah…right…Can you walk?

Yoochun: Obviously not, so you’ll have to carry me.

Junsu: You’re such a trouble maker…Next time I won’t care if you’re hurt or not.

Yoochun: Whatever you say, brother.

Junsu put Yoochun on his back, ready to go back home and take Junki to finish the mission or Jaejoong and the king will have their heads on a silver plate.

Junsu: OMG~ Yoochun!! You’re so heavy! Why do you eat so much?

Yoochun: Shut up! I didn’t eat very much! And I’m not fat!!
Junsu: Alright, stop stuggling or I’ll drop you!

As Junsu was carrying the hurt general, Sangmi appeared in front of them, making him stop in his tracks. She was standing with her back against a tree, arms crossed against the chest.

Junsu: Sangmi…why are you here?

Sangmi: What is that moron thinking?

Junsu: What moron?

Sangmi: The prince. He sent Sunye into the castle on a suicide mission to rescue the witch. Now they doubled the guards. He won’t be getting her back now and the king is willing to start the war even if he has only the witch.

Yoochun: You misunderstood us. We want the witch because her brother is worried sick about her. If they go crazy, it’s going to get very nasty. We’ve seen what the girl can do. Changmin knows too. You should be extra careful in hadling a doll like that.

Sangmi: I’m well aware of that. But the king has gone crazy. He wants to end and win this at all costs. He doesn’t care about anything and anyone. So here is my deal: I’ll arrange a secret meeting between the brothers. Bring Yunho here and I’ll send someone with Kaya. That’s the best I can do for now.

Junsu: It’s dangerous. You don’t have to do this.

Sangmi: You want them to go crazy and kill the entire vampire and demon race?

Yoochun: We’ll take the offer. When?

Sangmi: Tomorrow night. We won’t have too much time. They won’t have to know the brothers are missing.

Sangmi gave Junsu a peck on the lips and prepared to leave.

Yoochun: Hey, doll. What about me? Don’t I get a kiss too?

Junsu instantly dropped him and at the contact with the ground, Yoochun winced in pain. He also got a death glare from Junsu.

Yoochun: What the hell are you doing? I was just kidding!

Junsu: Well, you chose the wrong moment. She’s mine.

Yoochun: I know I know! You know me! I would never steal anything from you, expecially your woman. Can’t I joke once in a while?

Junsu: Shut up and get back here! We’re going home.

Changmin was sitting at his usual table in the tavern. It was hard not to get carried away by the lust, but he managed to refrain from draining the human girl. Afterall, they needed her to help them win the war. But what if he would turn her? She said it was dangerous, but was she telling the truth? It was better not to risk anything, at least not yet. His lustful eyes searched for the perfect pray to satisfy his hunger. A pair of hands occluded his view and a familiar scent greeted him. It was the vampire princess. Not far away, as always, he sensed her bodyguard, Kang In. Changmin removed her hands, angerly. She was the last person he needed to calm his nerves.

Chiyoko: Guess who?

Changmin: Great! You ruined my perfect evening. Why are you here? Go and pester someone else.

Chiyoko: Aww…grumpy from the first moment? Your angry aura is coming like a wave flooding the entire region. What happened? The girl gave you a hard time?

Changmin: Where is Yunho? Your leech of a brother snatched him from us.

Chiyoko: You know what is annoying about you? You always answer a question with another one. And of course I won’t tell you where the boy is.

Changmin: If I am so annoying, why don’t you leave and make everyone happy?

Chiyoko: Because I know you’re happier with me around.

Changmin: And you’re mistaken. I’m happier…

She suddenly sat in his lap, making him stop, widen his eyes and jaw drop. Minwoo, who was watching the entire scene from another table, shook his head smiling. He knew that, even though he didn’t admit it, Changmin still liked Chiyoko’s presence. He needed to see her every night wheather he was happy or sad, that’s why he came there at the tavern. He enjoyed this cat and mouse play with the demon girl.

Changmin: What the hell are you doing???

Chiyoko: Sitting in your lap, of course.

Changmin: Who gave you persmission to sit on my lap? I’m not a chair!

Chiyoko: I don’t need anyone’s permission to sit on your lap. I just do. I know you like it.

Changmin: Your insolence is blatant, woman! I won’t be your toy!

Changmin shoved her and she fell on the floor. Kang In switched his glance towards his mistress and wanted to come over, but she signaled him to stop. Standing up from the ground, Chiyoko brushed up her shirt and threw a death glare to the vampire prince. Everyone who was present there looked at them. The room was filled with silence. They were expecting another fight.

Chiyoko: You know what? Fine! I won’t try to help you anymore.

Changmin: Help me? Ha! You help me?! You can’t help me. You don’t even desirve to touch a strand of my hair, filthy demon.

Chiyoko: You’re such a narcissist!

Changmin: What?

Chiyoko: You heard me. And you’re a sissy too. I know you’re looking for a fight. Well…you got one.

Chiyoko slapped him hard across the face. His cheek was now a dark shade of red. This fuelled Changmin’s anger, it was the last drop. He pushed her into the wall, pinning her to the wall.

Changmin: How dare you insult me?

Chiyoko: Just like that. You’re worthless.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 9: Broken deal

The word made Changmin feel the world spinning around him. In a matter of seconds his eyes changed to bright red. Chiyoko knew what she was doing because she knew everything about the prince. She wanted to make him calm down, even if that meant to pick a fight with him. Chiyoko wasn’t afraid of him because she was an experienced fighter and she had Kang In as a back up. Chiyoko was thrown across the room and she hit the counter. The blow she received was powerful, but she was strong enough to withstand it. Minwoo and Kang In were watching the fight from the side. Changmin dashed blindly to hit her, but she punched him in the face making him stumble backwards. The fight continued until they trashed the place and were both bleeding hard, breathless. Chiyoko was on top of him her hands grabbing his collar tightly.

Chiyoko: Have you had enough?

Changmin: I’ll kill you!

Chiyoko: No you won’t. We’re both too tired. Go home and rest. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Changmin: You’re not going anywhere!

She got up in spite of the boy’s efforts in stopping her and limped her way to the door. Kang In was beside her in a split second and helped her walk. Minwoo helped Changmin up. His anger had subsided. Chiyoko’s mission was now complete. Changmin wiped the blood trickling onto his face and from his mouth.

Changmin: Wait!

By the time he came around she was gone. Her words echoed in his head: “Your anger comes in waves flooding the entire region.” “I’ll see you tomorrow.” she said. Did she do it on purpose? Did she pick a fight with him to calm him down? No, that was impossible. His train of thoughts was interrupted by Minwoo, who was trying to get his attention for a while now.

Minwoo: Are you ok, Changmin?

Changmin: Yes, I’m fine. Let’s go home. I have to check on the witch.

And with that, they disappeared in the darkness leaving the humans to continue with their business.

Meanwhile, inside Changmin’s bedroom, Kaya was being tortured by Mizuki because she didn’t find Changmin and thought that Kaya had something to do with that. She was lying motionless on the floor in a pool of blood, unable to struggle anymore. Mizuki kept kicking her in the stomach.

Mizuki: Tell me where my brother is or I will finish you! Filthy human! You don’t even deserve to be drained by me! I will torture you until you’ll beg me to kill you!

The door was pushed open and Changmin entered followed by Sangmi. Their eyes were widened at the horrible state Kaya was in. Thinking that she was dead, Changmin’s heart skipped a beat. If she was dead all his efforts will go down the drain. Quickly, he rushed to her pushing Mizuki away from the poor girl whose heart was barely beating.

Changmin: Have you lost your mind?? Why are you torturing her like this?

Mizuki: Where have you disappeared like that? Do you know how worried I was? I thought she had put a spell on you or kill you, so I tried to obtain information from her.

Changmin: Do you know how hard it was to kidnap her?

Mizuki: Of course I know, dummy! I was there with you.

Changmin: Do yu realize that right now her life is more valuable than your own?

Mizuki: Is that a threat?

Changmin: Take it as a warning. Don’t push me in doing something I might regret. You’re my sister and I love you, but you have no right to barge into my bedroom and play with my belongings.

Mizuki: So you’re saying she is yours? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with her like that stupid demon prince.

Changmin: No, I haven’t. But she is mine. I will make her my slave. Now leave us! I want some privacy.

Mizuki: This is not fair you know?

Changmin: What is not fair?

Mizuki: You’re always taking your anger out on me. I know that our father doesn’t treat us equally, but he has greater expectations from you because you’re a man. You should be old enough to understand that now.

Changmin: I do understand that. You know what? Let’s drop it. I have other priorities now. Leave us now!

Mizuki turned around and left without a word. She was worried about him, but he didn’t understand. All he cared about was to please their father. She went to her room, slamming doors on her way.

Left alone, Changmin unchained Kaya and put her on his bed. Then Sangmi handed him a small pink bottle which held a liquid. He helped her drink the content and in a few minutes, all her wounds vanished.

Changmin: Feeling better? This is a potion I snached from your house. I thought it would come in handy sometime and I was right.

Kaya looked at him with mistrustful eyes. It was strange how from a complete beast, Changmin turned into a gentlemen. She understood his situation by reading his mind. Kaya knew why he took his anger out on her and surprisingly she forgave him. Changmin’s eyes traveled to her neck, recongnising his sister’s scarf. He felt a pang of guilt enveloping him.

Changmin: Look…I’m sorry for what I did…I was mad…I...

Kaya: I forgive you. I understand your situation. Thank you for the potion.

Changmin: Well…Sangmi has news for you.

Sangmi: I made a deal with the demons. You will meet your brother tonight. The king doesn’t have to know about this.

Kaya: What do you want in return?

Sangmi: What do you mean?

Kaya: Well there must be something you want to gain from this.

Sangmi: We only want to gain your cooperation and friendship. We want the war to be over.

Kaya: When do we leave?

Sangmi: In a couple of hours. We’ll get you some new clothes and you’ll also take a shower to clean up the blood from your body.

A few hours later Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Ayumi were waiting at the meeting place. After only 5 minutes, Yunho became impatient. His heart was racing with worry.

Yunho: Where are they? Why aren’t they here already?

Ayumi: Relax, Yunho. They are coming. I can feel Changmin’s presence approaching.

Indeed after a few minutes, Changmin showed up with Sangmi and Kaya. Kaya was blindfolded and Changmin was holding her hand to guide her. Sangmi took the cloth from her eyes and the prince let go and signaled her to walk towards her brother. Yunho’s heart leaped in joy when he saw his sister alive. Without asking approval from anyone, he ran to her and hugged her tightly. She began to cry.

Yunho: Are you ok? What did they do to you?

Kaya: I’m ok now Yunho. I was worried too. I’m glad that he kept his promise. What do we do now? We are caught in this stupid war. It’s too late to go back now.

Yunho: Don’t worry, I’ll think of something. I’ll kidnap you if needed. Stop crying. It’s gonna be alright.

Kaya: I trust you but the thought of not knowing anything about you makes me sad. They arranged this because I…

Yunho: You turned?? How bad was it?

Kaya: I don’t know…I don’t remember. I beat up Mizuki, Changmin’s sister. When I was back she looked terrified. I don’t know what I said or did. I’m scared, Yunho.

Yunho: It’s going to be ok. I’ll take care of you. I promise.

Ayumi came and pulled Yunho backward. She looked alarmed.

Yunho: What’s wrong? What happened?

Ayumi: Mizuki and Chiyoko are coming and they are pissed. I’ll get you to safety.

Yunho: What about my sister?

Ayumi: They’ll take care of her, don’t worry.

Kaya: Come to me, Miki!

The creature appeared at her side immediately. Yunho turned around and saw a strange girl next to his sister ready for battle. Changmin rushed to her too. In the next second, Mizuki punched Jaejoong making Kaya jump from her skin. Siwon joined the fight and attacked Junsu. Yoochun wasn’t able to fight so he stood aside. Ayumi and Yunho were nowhere to be seen. Afraid for Jaejoong’s life, Kaya sent Miki to help him fight Mizuki. A powerful murderous aura was sensed by everyone. It belonged to Chiyoko. In less than a second, she was next to Changmin attacking him. When she wanted to hit Changmin in the heart, Kaya blocked her way and took the hit. The sword penetrated her chest pretty deep. Changmin caught her and before the demon could strike again, all the vampires disappeared. Kaya’s blood filled the wind with an irony smell.

Jaejoong: Chiyoko what did you do???

Chiyoko: I think…I killed the witch…

Jaejoong: WHAT???????

Chiyoko: I didn’t think she would shield him. I wanted to hurt him badly and take her, but… I’m sorry, Jaejoong.

Jaejoong: I ask you to do one simple thing and you can’t do it. Now is too late to feel sorry. You’ll be the one to explain Yunho that you killed his sister.

Chiyoko: I’m sorry…I really am.

Jaejoong forced himself not to hit or kill his sister for killing Kaya by leaving fast from there. He ran as fast as he could toward nowhere. He wanted some peace and quiet to mourn his beloved. All his life he was a lonely person and now that he didn’t want to be lonely anymore, the person whom he cared so much about was killed by his own sister. He wondered how Yunho will take the news. He stoped by a tree and fell on his knees. It was true that he didn’t know her too well and they didn’t spend too much time together, but his heart sank at the pit of his stomach when he smelled Kaya’s blood. This was the only time he cried. He couldn’t help it. The thought that he won’t see her ever again made him extremely sad. His plan to get Kaya failed. Rain began to fall over the forest like it wanted to drown his sadness.

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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nope, Kaya isn't a vampire....yet Laughing but like you predicted, she is going to turn soon

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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Alright!! Can't wait to see that!! Aww..I feel bad for Jaejoong, Chiyoko really messed up there ^^
I love CHiyoko and Changmin's relationship, it's very....amusing Very Happy Thanks for the update.


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Path of the Damned Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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