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Surprise For Ga Eul [One Shot] SoEul Fanfic

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Surprise For Ga Eul [One Shot] SoEul Fanfic

Post by azngurlz093 on 8/10/2009, 11:18 pm

this is my very first fanfic and i know i am not that good Smile please read and leave comment if you like it or not and if you want to give me advice please do i still need improvements because I'm not really satified myself but enjoy! sorry for grammar errors by the way

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters they are all originally from Boys Before Flowers all I did was write the story using the characters names

"Yah! Geum Jandi where are we going," Ga Eul yelled as her best friend dragged her to the limo.

"Ga Eul, just be quiet and go where I'm taking you, I promise it won't be somewhere you will regret going after we find out what is in store for you," Jandi exclaimed pulling her friend into the limo without an exact explaination.

Ga Eul ended up obeying her friend and was quiet the whole ride wondering where she would be heading too. Jandi wouldn't tell her where they were going and just draged her out of her house at midnight after a call from Jun Pyo.

When they reached their destination Ga Eul was surprised that her friend had brought her to the club. The club wasn't any club but the club that she had her fake date with Yi Jung for the revenge on Soo Pyo, someone who was not worth Ga Eul's heart. "Jandi, I thought it was something urgent thats why you pulled me out of my house at midnight, but why are we here at a club?" Ga Eul asked curious as to why her friend brought her to a club even though she knew Jandi wasn't a person that would head to clubs. "You're not even being yourself, did Jun Pyo get drunk or something thats why you want me to help you bring him home, how come you didn't ask F4 to help you, or did he cheat on you with another girl in the club, how could he do this to you?" Ga Eul was asking so many questions and not letting Jandi answer so Jandi just dragged Ga Eul in the club not letting go of Ga Eul's hand so Ga Eul just had to follow.

Upon entering the club Ga Eul heard the exact music Yi Jung played for her on the fake date. She didn't know who was playing the music but it made her remember the day that Yi Jung said she had his heart and would not return it. The music suddenly stop and Ga Eul looked up to see why it stopped but from where she was she couldn't see clearly who was playing the tune. Jandi upon noticing Ga Eul trying to find out who was playing the tune pulled her closer to the stage. Ga Eul let out a blissful shriek as she saw the person playing the song was none other than the person that was playing it for her 5 years ago. Jandi seeing that Ga Eul found out who it was let go of Ga Eul and went to look or Jun Pyo, Woo Bin and Ji Hoo.

"The person that has stole my heart and would not return it is none other than Chu Ga Eul," Yi Jung announced as he walked towards Ga Eul ignoring every shriek of jealousy from the other girls in the club. "Yi Jung, sunbae," was all Ga Eul could say after hearing Yi Jung say those words. "Ga Eul, since you have my heart, would you be my girlfriend?" Yi Jung said as he held out his hand for Ga Eul's and her answer. Ga Eul was speechless, she couldn't answer him because she was too happy. Yi Jung not getting an answer out of her asked her, "Do you want to go to a private place before your give me your answer?" All Ga Eul could do was nod her head yes.

Yi Jung seeing her nod her head grabbed her hand and walked out of the club. He knew the exact place he would take her so that she would answer him.

As they got out of the car Ga Eul notice that he had taken her to the Namsan Staircase where she had told him five years ago that she would stop persuing him. Yi Jung grabbed her hand and pulled her to the the top of the Namsan stairs and again asked her, "Ga Eul would you be my girlfriend, please keep my heart happy and safe." He again put out his hand and waited for her to answer. She again didn't answer him right away, Yi Jung was getting impatient and scared at the same time. He wanted an answer from her but he was also scared that she would say no. "We are now alone with no one here, could you give me my answer now?" Yi Jung asked her again before he really give up and know that her answer would not be what he wanted to hear. Ga Eul still didn't budge because she was in shock. Yi Jung now knew the answer so instead of asking her again he told her "Okay you don't have to tell me I know your answer, I'll be taking you home." He turned and started to walk down the staircase. Ga Eul notice that he had misunderstood her so she yelled, "Yes, I will be So Yi Jung's girlfriend and I will protect his heart like it is my own." Yi Jung surprised at what she just said turned around and ran up to her and hugged her as tight as possible, then he slowly let go and went closer to her. Ga Eul expecting the kiss closed her eyes and waited until their lips met. It was a soft and passionate kiss, when all of a sudden 8 pair of eyes came closer to them and shouted, "Congrats!"

Ga Eul embarassed of the situation stop kissing Yi Jung and pushed him away. Yi Jung knew she was blushing so he let out a smile and yelled at the 4 people who interupted their kiss, " Yah! don't you know that we were doing something, the four of you just messed it all up." Jandi, Jun Pyo, Woo Bin, and Ji Hoo upon hearing Yi Jung acussing them all yelled out at the same time, "We helped you and this is what we get."

Now it was Ga Eul's turn to speak, "You all helped him so that means that I was set up?"


F4 was in their lounge when Yi Jung asked them, "could you all help me find a way to ask Ga Eul to be my girlfriend?"

F3 couldn't believe their ears, So Yi Jung F4's Cassanova was asking for help asking a girl out.

"Has So Yi Jung lost his magic after five years," Goo Jun Pyo ask not believing what one of his best friend just asked.

"Yi Jung ah what happened to you in Sweden, why are you now asking for help pursuing a girl," Ji Hoo still recovering from the shock.

The only person who hasn't said anything was Prince Song F4's Don Juan but then he started, "F4's Cassanova asking Don Juan for advice, shouldn't I be the one asking you because five years ago you got more numbers than me?"

Yi Jung still waiting for an answer said, "Are you going to hellp me or not?"

"Of course we will help you, but we know you have it all planned out so tell us what to do," Ji Hoo said knowing Yi Jung had to have a plan.

"Yah! Ji Hoo didn't you just hear him say he wanted our help to pursue Ga Eul that means he don't have a plan," Jun Pyo telling Ji Hoo but he didn't expect what Yi Jung was about to say.

"Yes I do have a plan but I need all of your help and I need you Jun Pyo to make a phone call to Jandi too," Yi Jung said knowing that his plan will definately work with them helping.

"Our Yi Jung definately didn't lose his playboy style, I knew it," Woo Bin exclaimed as he listened to the plan.

*End Of Flashback*

"And that was when I got the phone call from Jun Pyo telling me of the plan, so I took you to the club right away," Jandi finishing up the story for Ga Eul.

"So what do we do now," Ji Hoo asked after they finish the story.

"Should we go back to the club," Woo Bin asked wanting to have fun after bringing the two lovebirds back together. Everyone agreed so they all left to the club.

At the club everyone was enjoying their times so Ga Eul looked at Yi Jung and asked, "Don't you feel bad not having those girls around you anymore?" Yi Jung smiled at this and whispered in her ear, "I don't need those girls around me when I have the best one right next to me." Ga Eul blushed at hearing his answer but was happy with it. Everyone continue to have a good time that night and it was the best night for the new couple but they both knew there would be an even better night as their relationship continues. It was the best surprise anyone had ever gave to Ga Eul.

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Re: Surprise For Ga Eul [One Shot] SoEul Fanfic

Post by th1rd3ye on 11/21/2009, 6:52 am

=] nice one shot! hahas. i like it =] do write more if you can. SOEUL EVER!


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Re: Surprise For Ga Eul [One Shot] SoEul Fanfic

Post by FeditlitousChuBb on 4/6/2010, 11:39 pm

Love the story, love Soeul forever. but do you think if they make the 5 years after story into a movie, I think the ratings is going to be superbly high! rite???? ohhh korean, please make a movie out of them~

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Re: Surprise For Ga Eul [One Shot] SoEul Fanfic

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