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Don't Be surprise or upset about 2pm Junsu's news^^

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Don't Be surprise or upset about 2pm Junsu's news^^

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/23/2009, 6:05 pm


Fangirls are probably turning a deep shade of purple right now, but I hate to break it to ya ladies - 2PM's vocalist extraordinaire Junsu is rumored to have a girlfriend! No need to get too upset because honestly, the chances of this rumor being true are fairly slim.

Female Thai singer Waii has revealed to the Thai media that she is in a relationship with Junsu. While 2PM was doing promotions in Thailand for their album, Junsu managed to take time off his excruciating schedule to take a cab to her place, which took her by surprise! JYP himself supposedly caught wind of this Thai talent and rumors are already scattering around of her possibly being a trainee or artist under JYP Entertainment.

How ridiculous does that sound? This girl is smokin' something pretty strong because she's totally trippin'. The main thing that makes this rumor sound beyond far fetched is the fact that Junsu and this Waii girl don't even speak the same language. Unless he took some quick Thai 101 classes from fellow member, NichKhun, I'm pretty sure Junsu can't speak much Thai to save his life, much less establish a relationship with this girl who just appears out of nowhere. Aren't artists supposed to keep their relationships on the down low anyway?

Well, whatever the case may be, this whole thing got me interested in who this girl is. Check her out yourself and tell me if she's worth Junsu's heart or not.

credits: allkpop

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Re: Don't Be surprise or upset about 2pm Junsu's news^^

Post by Sachie on 7/23/2009, 11:18 pm

I'm so heartbroken...Junsu is my fav from 2pm.
I don't believe this rumor.

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