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A Future From The Past (DBSK)

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A Future From The Past (DBSK)

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 2:30 am

Title: A Future From The Past
Starring: Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Shin Sang Hee (OC), Shin Soon Yi (OC), Shim Changmin, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu,
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Drama, Comedy
Length: Chaptered
Author: AudLee
A/N: Hello there readers! (Do we have any yet??hehehe) This fanfic is a collaboration between me, Audrey with my dongsaeng Ailee. Ailee and I will takes turns in writing this story. I hope we can get support from the readers for this fanfic! Thank you all ^0^

Okay enough babbling hahahaha here are the characters ^-^

Kim Jaejoong
- 18 years old
- A high school student in Seoul High
- Same class with Junsu and Yoochun
- Cold hearted person because being traumatized by his past
- Rarely talks to people except his two best friends Junsu and Yoochun
- The only son in his family but lives by himself in his huge family mansion accompanied by the maids

Jung Yunho
- 18 years old
- A high school student in Seoul High
- Same class with Changmin and Sang Hee
- Serious person after his break up
- Shares most of his problems with his best friends Changmin and Soon Hee
- Loves to picks fight with Soon Yi

Shin Sang Hee
- 18 years old
- A high school student in Seoul High
- Best friends with Yunho and Changmin, the three of them had known each other since
- Kind hearted and always try her best to help a person in need
- Soon Yi’s big sister

Shin Soon Yi
- 16 years old
- Schooling in Seoul High
- Happy-go-lucky girl
- Always shares her problems with her sister
- Not comfortable with Yunho’s presence

Kim Jaejoong, a high school senior. He had a dark past and until now that bitter memory is still haunting him. He can never run away from it. Due to that, he had closed his heart to the world, he is afraid that he will repeat the same mistake again. His best friends try their best to help Jaejoong out from his misery by kept telling him that what happened was not his fault. But the stubborn Jaejoong just won’t listen… Until one day he accidentally met a girl and that girl slowly pulling him out from the dark abyss that he had created for himself… Will he be able to forget his past and move on?

Yunho had been left by his girlfriend and that incident had left a deep scar in his heart. His 5 years relationship with that woman crumbles to the ground when she come up to Yunho one day and told him that they will never have a future together. With his best friends by his side, he managed to forget the woman and move on. But a scar will never disappear... Ever since that day he had become a different person, his friends can never see the cheerful Yunho anymore. But when his best friend’s little sister comes into his life, his eyes began sparkling with life again. Can she get Yunho’s old self back?


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Chapter 1: The Same Dream Again...

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 2:33 am


“Jaejoong…op..oppa…” a weak and faint female voice came onto Jaejoong’s ears. She was lying in Jaejoong’s arms and blood pooled around her.

Jaejoong was in tears now, his eyes were blurred with the amount of tears that came pouring from his two round dark eyes and his cheeks were wet.

“Please…don’t cry…Jaejoong oppa…” the girl’s breathing getting slower and blood keeps gushing out from her body.

“Yoon Hye-ah! It’s all my fault! It’s my fault that you were in this condition! I am the one who should be here, not you! Yoon Hye-ah! Please stay alive!” Jaejoong try his best not to cry out loud and hugging his girlfriend in his arm, afraid of letting go.

“ oppa…its not…you fault..don’t blame yourself…” the girl slowly raises her left hand up to Jaejoong’s right cheek. Jae quickly held her small hand at his cheek in his own hand, he palmed her hand. To Jaejoong’s horror, her hand was getting cold. The warmth that Jaejoong loves from his lover’s hand was slowly disappearing…

Yoon Hye struggled to said her words to Jaejoong “Promise me oppa…that you will..move on with your life…I am very happy…to know you oppa…”

Jaejoong’s voice were croaked with his sobs “Yoon Hye-ah…no…please hang on there..just hang on..the help is almost here..please Yoon Hye-ah..” fresh tears pouring nonstop from Jaejoong’s eyes.

As if knowing her time was almost there, Yoon Hye said to Jaejoong “No oppa…my time is here…I am… very thankful to God…because He let me met you…before He takes me away…” she wiped Jejoong’s tears with her cold fingers “Don’t cry anymore oppa…be happy..for me..and never blame yourself…okay..?”

Jaejoong nodded to his lover last wish “Okay Yoon Hye…”

“Live..and be..happy..oppa… oppa…” Yoon Hye’s hand slips down from Jaejoong’s grip and fall onto the cold pavement road. Her eyes closed and she has a little smile on her face, as she died peacefully in arm of the man she loves.


“YOON HYE-AH!!!” Jaejoong shouted and wakes from his sleep. Sweat plastered all over his face. “Its that dream again..Yoon Hye-ah..”

Jaejoong glances to his already beeping alarm clock, the red mechanical alarm clock gleamed red in the dark room “6.10AM”.

He walks to his bathroom that was connected in his own bedroom and took a long and cold shower.

When he was done putting up his school uniform, a soft knock was heard from his bedroom door.

“Yes?” Jaejoong said, as he buttoned the last button on his wrist.

An old and husky manly voice came from the door “Young Master, breakfast is ready, please come down soon”

“Coming” Jaejoong walked to the door and opened it, revealing an old man aging around 60. It was the man his father has assigned to take care of Jaejoong and provide Jaejoong what he need because Jaejoong had been living by himself ever since he came to Seoul, while his family stayed in the States due to their growing business.

When Jaejoong finished with his breakfast, he collected his books, get his car key and then drive to school. Instead of being sent to school by their driver, Jaejoong prefer to go to school by himself because he loves to inhale the fresh and cool morning breeze while driving his car.

When he reached school, he parked his car in the parking lot. The school has its own parking lot for the students because their students mainly either have their own cars or being sent to school by their drivers.

Jaejoong saw his two best friends waiting for him in front of the school main door and he walked up to them.

“Hey there Jae, you sure were late today.” Yoochun greeted his friend.

“Yeah, what happened?” this time Junsu asked, feeling worried over his best friend.

Jaejoong walks away from them, heading into their class, “Nothing” his cold and deep voice answered those two.

Junsu and Yoochun look at each other. There is only one thing that can make their friend behave like that, his nightmare of his dead lover.


“Hurry up sis! We’re going to be late to school!” Soon Yi shouts to her sister who is busy putting on her shoes.

“Aish mei mei, we would not be this late if you don’t play with my alarm clock last night! How many times do I have to tell you that NEVER TOUCH MY ALARM CLOCK!” Sang Hee replied to her little sister. Her alarm clock had been set off last night when Soon Yi comes to her room, she awakes in the morning with Soon Yi banging like mad at her bedroom door.

Making sure her shoes on the right place, Sang Hee stands up and grabs her bag. The she and Soon Yi dashed to their driver car.

The moment they both stepped into the school gate, the school bell rang indicating that school already starts.

Both of them shout together “OH NO!” and then start running into their own classes.


“Shin Sang Hee! You are late for class!” the teacher raises her voice as she spotted Sang Hee as Sang Hee arrives at the classroom door.

Panting for air due to the running from the gate to her class, “Good..good morning teacher! I am very sorry for being late!” Sang Hee answered.

The teacher shakes her head and sighed “Its okay Sang Hee, this is your first time being late in my class, so I forgive you this time. I heard from other teachers that you also sometimes late to their class” the teacher said to Sang Hee.

“I got a reason for being late teacher! It was…” Sang Hee tried to explain herself to the teacher but the teacher cuts her off “No need to explain Sang Hee, I heard of the same reason many times already from the other teachers, your sister playing with your alarm clock again right? Now go to your seat before I changes my mind and punish you, we are going to start our lessons for today”

Not able to defend herself anymore, Sang Hee walked to her seat, her sitting area was in the middle of the class. The sitting arrangement in the class were, three tables combined into one line. Sang Hee sat in the middle table, sandwiched between her two best friends, Yunho and Changmin.

“Soon Yi again?” Changmin asked seeing his friend annoyed face whenever she was late to school.

“Yeah…” Sang Hee answered.

“Aish that little brat, she never fails to get you into trouble didn’t she!” Yunho said, also getting annoyed with his friend’s little sister.

The teacher suddenly turns around and said “Enough talking class! Now open up your textbook and turn to page 133”

“Yes…” they all replied.

~Recess time~

The school bell rang loudly throughout the school, students were walking out from their classes, all rushing to go to the canteen.

Sang Hee, Yunho and Changmin were getting ready to go to the canteen when someone suddenly slammed Sang Hee’s table

“Unnieee~~!!! Hurry up and lets go to the canteen! I’m hungry already!” it turns out to be Soon Yi.

Sang Hee sighed and said to Soon Yi “Okay okay… geez… that stomach of yours really can’t wait do they?”

“Hey little brat! What did you do to your sis alarm clock again this time huh? She got eaten alive by the teacher in front of the class again today!” Yunho hissed to Soon Yi.

Soon Yi really hates it when Yunho starts calling her ‘little brat’, even though she was afraid of Yunho since Yunho had become a different person after he had break up with his girlfriend, yeah…she knows about Yunho’s past because Sang Hee had told her about it. Even though she only started meeting with Yunho and Changmin when she entered high school, but they get along closer quickly with each other because Sang Hee always with them both whenever Soon Yi meets her at school. But there is no stopping her from getting mad when someone starts calling her ‘little brat’.

“What did you say?! I dare you to say that one more time! chin jung!!” Soon Yi finally manages to say that out loud in front of Yunho this time. She had been keeping that for a long time and now she felt triumphant after she managed to say it.

Yunho’s face suddenly changes into a different look, a startled look “Lo..long chin jung!?!? Yah little brat! Since when you start calling me that!?”

“Now!” Soon Yi shouted to Yunho.

Unable to see the scene in front of her getting into another level, Sang Hee suddenly shouts “Enough you two!!! Mei mei, you want to go to the canteen or not?! There will be no more food left when we reached the canteen! Arguing with Yunho will fills up your roaring stomach?! Now lets go already!”

“Okay…” the two of them said in unison. They really afraid to see the angry version Sang Hee, she can be very scary when she is mad.

“Oh, you guys go first, I need to use the toilet for a sec. Meet you all at the canteen!” With that said, Changmin run to the toilet.

The three of them walked to the canteen. Sang Hee walked in front of Yunho and Soon Yi. Yunho is still arguing with Soon Yi, both defending themselves saying its not their fault making Sang Hee mad at them. While Soon Yi was arguing with Yunho, she accidentally bumped into Sang Hee’s back because she wasn’t looking where she was walking.

“Ahh!” Sang Hee shouted. Expecting to be greeted by the cold cement floor, instead Sang Hee falls onto something warm, someone’s arm...


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Chapter 2: Makes Him Smile....

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 2:38 am

“Ahh!” Sang Hee shouted. Expecting to be greeted by the cold cement floor, instead Sang Hee falls onto something warm, someone’s arm....

Sang Hee quickly glanced upwards and she met two dark round eyes staring coldly back at her.

It was JaeJoong… Suddenly, a sudden flashback rushed into JaeJoong’s mind. He blinked his eyes quickly and snapped back to reality.

Finally realising that she keeps staring into JaeJoong’s eyes until he blinked in surprise and she is still in his arms “Owh… I’m sorry….” Sang Hee quickly said while she struggling to stand on herself as JaeJoong didn’t helped her a bit.

“Hey… watch where you are going will ya…” Turns out it was Junsu who replied, not JaeJoong. He just stands there, hands in the pocket not saying anything.

“Bwoh.. Yahh…. What a great gentleman you are… unnie already said sorry right? What a stupid manner…” Soon Yi said back while facing Junsu.

“Yahh!!!! What are you saying? Stupid??? You…you… little brat!!!!!!” Junsu sighed in relief after he found a ‘suitable’ word on her.

Soon Yi widens her eyes in disbelieve while Yunho at the back is laughing hard while putting his hand on his stomach. Without anyone notices, except Yoochun, JaeJoong left the scene, not having any interest to watch the scenario in front of him.

“What do you say???? I’m a little brat? Humph… if I’m little brat then you…..are….” Soon Yi stops there and observed Junsu. “Aha!! You are ugly dolphin with ugly duck butt!!!!!!!” Soon Yi finished and this time, it is Yoochun who turns out laughing out loud.

“I already told you that sooner or later, people will notice it… hahahahahaaah” Yoochun said between his laugh. Angry Junsu then turned to Yoochun and yelled, “Shut up big forehead!!!!!” Yoochun immediately shut his mouth. Just when Junsu wants to start a big fight with Soon Yi, Changmin came.

“Junsu hyung? What the big fuss of here?” Changmin asked while looking at everyone face.

“Hi Changmin….nothing, its just I want to teach this little brat!” He showed his knuckles to Soon Yi.

“Soon Yi… what have you done this time?” Changmin looked at Soon Yi and then creased his eyes brows.

“Me?? I’m not doing anything…. This ugly duck butt over here is being extremely rude! And why are you showing me your fin?” Soon Yi answered by pointing to Junsu’s knuckles.

“Owh…. Okay okay…. Just forget about it all right… Junsu hyung, let me introduce you to my best friend. This is Yunho and Sang Hee.” Junsu bows to them. “And this is Sang Hee’s little sister,…….”
Junsu interrupt him by saying, “Little brat!”
Soon Yi widened her eyes and step forward, ready to badly punch Junsu face. Her hands just 1 cm apart from Junsu collar. Luckily Yunho dragged her on the right time; otherwise, Junsu will be a dead dolphin meat.

“Let me go…. Let me go…. I want to teach the duck butt how to quack, not speak! ” Soon Yi is struggling to release herself from Yunho. Yoochun can’t hold it in anymore, he laughed out loud at Soon Yi’s statement, while Junsu quickly hide behind him. Too afraid to speak anything. Changmin and Sang Hee just sighed seeing Soon Yi behaviour, they looked at each other and smiled.

“Hyung, how about we go to the canteen together?” Changmin asked.

“Sounds good to me.. Come on duck butt!” Yoochun said and walked towards the canteen along with Sang Hee and Changmin not to mention, the scared Junsu.

“Ok… come on little brat….” Yunho dragged Soon Yi towards canteen, but she didn’t budge. In fact, she is glaring towards Yunho right now.

“Okay okay… come Soon Yi….” She finally smiled and quickly went to Sang Hee then hugging her arms. Yunho simply smiled seeing the sudden change of expression.

“Little brat!”


“Yoon Hye ah…. I miss you… I really miss you….” JaeJoong mumbled while holding back his tears that always spilled whenever he visits her grave. It’s already been a routine to JaeJoong where he will always stops by Yoon Hye’s grave after he went back from the school.

“Today, like always, Mr. Lee will spill his coffee on his tie and wiped it using one of the girls in our class handkerchief.” JaeJoong spoke to Yoon Hye at a picture that he is holding now. The picture that they took together right before the accident that took away his lover life. He couldn't hold the tears any longer and his eyes started brimming. Droplets of tears gracefully felled down his cheeks.

“Yoon Hye…. Just wait for me all right? I’m like a zombie without your presence by my side… I wish… I just wish someone can make me happy like I’m with you…… although I know Yoochun and Junsu always make me happy which I feel very grateful they still support me no matter what I do.” JaeJoong stands up. “I guess I have to leave now, I still visit our ‘little baby’ you know.” JaeJoong smiled sadly and walked away. Before that, he mumbled “I love you” to the happy picture of Yoon Hye.

JaeJoong droved his car back to the town and stop in front of a fancy flower shop. He step inside it and grinned when he saw his ‘little baby’.


“Thank you for accompanying me….” Sang Hee said to her best friend, Shim Changmin. He smiled and said, “Of course…. I love going to that florist too you know… by the way, how about your driver?”

Sang Hee sighed. “Again with that question…. Doesn’t I already told you bout that? I said Soon Yi and I don’t want any driver to pick us up. Aish….. What an ahjusshi you are…” Sang Hee giggled while ruffling Changmin’s hair.

“I guessed I forgot about that.. Then what about Soon Yi? You know she don’t know how to ride bus alone….?” Changmin now opens the door to let Sang Hee enter first.

“I know.. That’s why I ask Yunho to bring her back.. Coz you know, Yunho is not the flower typed person…. If I asked him to accompany me, then he will say, ‘these flowers didn’t have any difference, just quickly pick it up!’ but with you, you can recommend to me the meaning for each one of the flower in this florist.”


“Hey little brat!!!” Yunho jogged to Soon Yi when he saw her waiting for her unnie at the school gate.

“What do you want? I’m too tired to play with you…” Soon Yi starts to walk away from Yunho because she never been comfortable with Yunho, to her, Yunho is a bipolar! Suddenly, Yunho pushed her from behind. “Yah yah… what are you doing… keumane….. stop!!!”

“Sang Hee asked me to send you home. As a good best friend, I’m doing my job now! But I didn’t bring my car today so, we need to walk to the bus stop.” Yunho starts dragging her.
“She what???? Why??? Where did she go????” Soon Yi tried to release herself from Yunho but failed. Yunho is much stronger than her!

“She has something to do with Changmin….”

“Aish great! She left with a sweet, gentle, caring and handsome person while she leave me with long chin Jung that I hate!” Soon Yi muttered.

“It’s your fault… not me…now walk properly…” Yunho dragged her.

“Its hurts you know… be gentle a little bit for once in your life!” Soon Yi complained.

“Aww… Too bad I DON’T CARE!!!!” Yunho stop and pout in front of Soon Yi. Then Soon Yi took the chance to pinch Yunho cheek and flicked his chin.

“You look so ugly than you are when you did that you know….” With that, Soon Yi ran away from him while laughing.

“Yahh!!!! Aish!!!! This little brat!!!!” Yunho composed his steps and chased her.


(This chappie too long, part 2 is coming after this hehehe^^)

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Chapter 2: Makes Him Smile.... (Part 2)

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 2:39 am

Changmin smiled blissfully and turned to his left side. “Aik… JaeJoong hyung?”

JaeJoong turned when he heard someone called his name. He smiled when he saw Changmin. “Changmin ahh… what are you doing here?”

“Owh me….? I’m just…. Owh.. Forgot to introduce you both… ” Changmin pulled Sang Hee to him and introduce them.

“Sang Hee… meet JaeJoong…. A friend of mine and best friend of Junsu and Yoochun.” Changmin said, Sang Hee and JaeJoong bowed towards each other. Sang Hee looked at him and remembered that he’s the one who she bumped earlier. JaeJoong too seemed to recognize her.

“It’s you….” Both of them said at the same time.

“You guys know each other?” Changmin rubbed his neck. Sang Hee pulled Changmin’s ear until it reached near her mouth then whisper, “He’s the one who I bumped earlier.” Then she let go of his ear. “Owh….”

“I’m sorry about the incident earlier JaeJoong sshi… my sister hits me at the back and I didn’t look where I’m going… so, sorry..” Sang Hee threw her apologetic face to him and JaeJoong simply nodded.

“Okay then…. Sorry hyung, I got to treat this pretty lady here… catch up with you later.” JaeJoong raised his right hand while Changmin pushed Sang Hee to the other section of the florist. JaeJoong turned and keep playing with his ‘little baby’.

“Yahh…. You already grow up huh? Too bad your mummy couldn’t see you grow healthily.” JaeJoong smiled happily when he saw the ceramic eggs reveal organic soil and ready to sprout seed for his ‘little baby’ mint. Yup.. Yoon Hye and he like mint. So, Yoon Hye planned to plant mint.


“Owh no... Sorry Sang Hee.. I got to leave now…. my mom just sent me a message. Got to go now…” Changmin leaned forward to hug his best friend as it was their way to bid farewell to each other. Sang Hee wrapped her arms around Changmin neck and giggled. Coincidently, JaeJoong was looking at their direction and since he is at Changmin’s back, the view from his direction makes people who saw the scene will be thinking they were kissing. JaeJoong glared towards the couple and walked out from the florist.

Changmin went out after Sang Hee bought a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers. She walked out from the store and sighed happily. Just when she step one step forward, she felt her shoes stepping on something, she looked down. She realized that she was stepping on a picture, and then she widens her eyes.


She picked it up and revealed JaeJoong with another girl beside her. “He looked so happy in this picture…. And who is this girl? She looks familiar… must be his girl friend… waah… so pretty….” Sang Hee keeps admiring the picture when she finally realizes she should return back the picture the guy inside the picture. She looked left and right until she spots JaeJoong just turned around the corner.
She stepped back into the florist and asked the sales assistant to keep the flower until someone picked it up. Sang Hee walked out back and chased JaeJoong. She managed to follow him, but Sang Hee didn’t know that JaeJoong already notices her following him since she walked out from the florist.
Feeling irritated with it, JaeJoong stops when they both reached to the traffic lights. The lights went red. JaeJoong counts to three and turned.


Too shocked, Sang Hee fell on the road side, she then hand JaeJoong his picture with a shivering hand…
JaeJoong took it harshly then feeling guilty after he saw his picture. Sang Hee slowly stands up and managed to said, “You drop this” with a trembling voice. She started walking across the road without noticing the traffic light went green. She was already in the middle of the road when JaeJoong spotted a speeding car, ready to crash Sang Hee. Sang Hee looked at the car which is going towards her direction in horror, she tried to run but her legs feels like they being nailed to the road. She couldn’t move anywhere.

“Yoon Hye!!!!” Without a second to waste, JaeJoong run towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist then both of them fall back on the road side. Luckily they didn’t get hurt anywhere.

JaeJoong didn’t realize he yelled out Yoon Hye’s name when it should be Sang Hee. “Yahh… are you trying to kill yourself….? What if the car crushed you? How will I answer it to your parents, your friends????” JaeJoong yelled furiously. Sang Hee keeps quiet, JaeJoong realizes he already gone overboard so he immediately stop talking. Letting Sang Hee calms down first.

After 7 minutes of sitting on the road side, Sang Hee’s cell phone suddenly rang, breaking the silence between them. Sang Hee looked at the caller’s ID, it was Yunho.

“Yobo….Yoboseyo?” Sang Hee greets with trembling voice.

“Sang Hee? Why is your voice like that? Anyway... I just want to inform you that I already sent Soon Yi home. Safely….” Yunho chuckled.

“Araso… Thanks Yunho ah..” Sang Hee with that hung up the phone. She then stands up. “Thanks for saving me…. I got to go now…” Sang Hee said in low voice, afraid she will make JaeJoong flares up again. With that, she walked away. Leaving JaeJoong sitting there alone. But little did she know when she was turning around, her hair band felled right in front of JaeJoong. He picks it up and wrapped it in his fist.


The next day, JaeJoong searched for Sang Hee but failed. Until one moment when he walks in front of the basketball court, he saw Sang Hee happily throwing some balls with Changmin while a guy keeps holding the ball very high preventing the small petite girl reaching it. (Yunho and Soon Yi). With a tight fist, he walked away from there.
He went to the library after that, searching some books that he need for his project. After a few minutes, Sang Hee and her gang also step into the library. JaeJoong saw her but decided to ignore them. Suddenly, Soon Yi spotted JaeJoong and informed the others. Sang Hee was scared but still, she turned and stared JaeJoong calm face. He totally looks different here. Once again, JaeJoong has the feeling that someone is watching him. He looked up from the book only to meet with Sang Hee beautiful black eyes. Not wanting to create any awkward moments, she formed a smile to him. Unfortunately, JaeJoong ignored her, leaving Sang Hee in embarrassing moment.

“Changmin oppa… can you teach me how to solve this question?” Soon Yi leaned forward to Changmin while Sang Hee stands up from the table they occupied and went to search for books at the bookracks.

Before Changmin could say anything, Yunho already interrupts. “Stupid little brat.. Even that she couldn’t answer…” She glared at Yunho who is smirking now. He was standing behind Soon Yi.

“Bwoh?? Are you calling me stupid?” Soon Yi stands up from her seat.

“I said little brat, not Soon Yi…owh.. I forgot… you are a little brat…” Yunho now is grinning to himself, realizing Soon Yi is admitting that she is a ‘little brat’.

“Come on you guys… this is library….. Come here Soon Yi.. I will teach you.” Changmin gestured her to sit back down.

“Thanks Changmin oppa… you’re so sweet…” Soon Yi said before she step down on Yunho foot with so much force. Yunho winced in pain.

“Argh!!!!!” Yunho frowned while massaging his foot.
Soon Yi stuck out her tongue and continue to listen what Changmin is explaining.

Sang Hee now is squatting down beside one of the many bookracks inside the library, searching for her material when suddenly a fist appeared in front of her. The person opens up his fist and revealed Sang Hee’s hair band. She smiled and carefully pick it up from the person’s hand. She looked up at the person and her eyes met JaeJoong’s.

“Yesterday it falls right in front of me after you left…. ”
“Thanks…” once again, both of them felled into the silence. Trying to break the silence, Sang Hee stands up and faced him. “Why you didn’t reply my smile just now? I thought you will smile back.”

“Do I need to?” JaeJoong answered bluntly.

Sang Hee stops from searching the books and looked in disbelieve towards JaeJoong.

“Bwoh..? Of course you need to reply… I mean... we were friend don’t we? Ugh… what a stupid person!” Sang Hee mumbled the last part. With that, Sang Hee walks away.
JaeJoong smiled. For the first time after Yoon Hye passed away. He never smiled when he was around girls since his lover passed away, but Sang Hee makes it all easy for him. Suddenly, a thought on Yoon Hye creeps into his mind, making the beautiful smile that already forming, disappeared.


Sang Hee is laying on her bed and thinking about JaeJoong.

“Do I need to?” She imitates the way JaeJoong speaks earlier.

“Argh…. I never met anyone like him in my life!!!!”

Soon Yi slowly closed Sang Hee room’s door and rubbed her arms in horror.

“Talking by herself… eehh… she’s crazy!”

A/N: Hi!!! *waves* pheww.. Finally I finished up the second chapter… I hope there will be comments as support my Aud unnie… gives her a little support will ya.. Comments and critism more than welcomed.

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Chapter 3: The First Gift... (Part 1)

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 2:41 am

Audrey is here reporting for duty! Sorry for the very very very late update!!! *gets shot* Things have been going pretty hectic around here lately *bows*. I’m really sorry for making you all waiting! Here, an update for you all.^^


Jaejoong and Yoochun were walking at the empty school hallway. Both were heading home a little late that day because of discussing some things at the school library.

Suddenly Jaejoong stopped at his track.

“What’s wrong?” Yoochun asked.

Jaejoong was looking into his book case, flipping through the books, then he turned to Yoochun “One of my books is missing, I must’ve left it at my table…” Jaejoong’s voice trailed off.

“Oh... do you want to go and take it? I can wait” Yoochun said to his friend.

“Okay, I’ll be right back. You can wait for me at the school’s main door” Jaejoong was about to turn his body and return to their class and then he heard Yoochun’s voice calling him “Here let me hold your things for you Jae, it’ll be easier for you to look for your book”

Jaejoong handed Yoochun his book case and then he continued to walk to their classroom.

Yoochun then started walking towards the school’s main door. He was about to turn into a corner then without any warning someone hits onto him and both of them falls onto the floor.


“Ahh!! I’m late I’m late! Unnie is going to be worried at me!” Soon Yi shouted to herself.

Soon Yi was being held at the teacher’s staff room ever since the school had ended for today because her teacher had asked her for some help.

“Stupid teacher! What is the point of making me hears about his newborn ducklings?! I’m not the mother of those ducklings!” When Soon Yi’s teacher was done with his work, he immediately starts talking about his newborn ducklings with Soon Yi, making Soon Yi had to wait for him and hears him talking about it. “He should go and find ‘ugly duck butt’!! I bet they’ll talk nonstop the whole day about it!”

Soon Yi quickened her pace as she was getting near the school’s main door. When she was turning into a corner, she suddenly hits her body onto someone.

“Ouch!!” the two figures shouted at the same time and then fells together onto the ground


Books were flying everywhere as the two figures sat on the floor.

Soon Yi and Yoochun were there, both were rubbing their heads n butts. The fall was quite hard.

“Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch….” Soon Yi said to herself. Suddenly she realized there was a person in front of her “Sorry!” then she looked up and saw the person was Yoochun “Yoochun oppa... emm.. I was.. I was in a hurry and didn’t look where I was running…” Soon Yi bowed to Yoochun.

Yoochun just stared at her ‘This is the girl from last time, what is she doing here so late at the school?’ Yoochun thought to himself. “Its okay” Yoochun replied to her and starts to collect Jaejoong’s books that had thrown out from his book case because it had fallen from his hand when Soon Yi collided onto him.

Soon Yi looked around, books were everywhere “Here, let me help you oppa” she started helping Yoochun.

She picked up all the books and sorted them together. Yoochun turned his back against her and picked the books on the other side.

“What’s that?” Soon Yi’s eyes settled on an object lying not far from her. She picked it up bringing it until it reached her eye level.

Yoochun looked at her and he widens his eyes “Yah! Don’t touch that thing! Give it back to me right now!” he stands up and walked towards Soon Yi.

Soon Yi looked at Yoochun and then she diverted her attention back to the object on her right hand now. It was a keychain with a sphere shaped crystal ball hanging on it. A white mint flower was embedded in the core of the sphere. Soon Yi examined the crystal ball that has the same size as a ping pong ball with awe “Waa…so cute and pretty..” she whispered, totally forgotten that she needs to hurry and meet with her sister.

Yoochun quickly walked towards Soon Yi as soon as he saw Soon Yi started to play with the keychain by swinging it around her index finger “Yah...Yah! Stop it! Give it to me now!” Yoochun shouted at her

“No! It’s very cute~” Soon Yi squealed “Can you give it to me?” Soon Yi held it tightly onto her palm and eyed Yoochun.

“Yah…! It’s Jaejoong’s not mine! Now return it to me before Jaejoong comes back and see us!” Yoochun raised his right hand, trying to grab it from Soon Yi.”

“No!” Soon Yi raised her hand higher onto the air.

Yoochun hold right Soon Yi’s arm with his left hand, while his right hand struggled to grab the keychain from Soon Yi’s hand.

Suddenly the crystal ball slipped from Soon Yi’s grip, falling down onto the floor between Soon Yi’s and Yoochun’s struggling body.




“Now…where did I put that book…” Jaejoong looked around his table. He lowered his head and look inside his table drawer “Ahh…there you are” He took his book and started to walk outside.

Jaejoong thought to himself ‘Yoochun must be waiting for me at the school’s main door already’ and he quickened his steps.

Not long after that he heard some noises in front of him, just after the corner. It sounded like two people were arguing over something.

“Yah...Yah! Stop it! Give it to me now!” a guy shouted.

‘That voice…Yoochun?’ Jaejoong thought for a while.

“No! It’s very cute! Can you give it to me?” this time a girl’s voice answered.

“Yah…! It’s Jaejoong’s not mine! Now return it to me before Jaejoong comes back and see this!”


Very sure that the voice belonged to Yoochun after he heard his name being mentioned, Jaejoong walked to the corner. The moment he turned, he saw Soon Yi and Yoochun struggling with each others hand. Then he saw something fall from Soon Yi’s hand. He eyed it carefully. When he realized what the thing was, his blood boiled.


Yoochun and Soon Yi stopped stuggling and turned their heads to where the voice came from. Their eyes met Jaejoong’s.

Jaejoong took large steps and rushed to the fallen keychain. He took it from the floor and held it in his palm. A large crack was visible on the crystal ball after the fall.

“Jaejoong look, it was…” Yoochun tried to explain to Jaejoong. Without stopping to hear what Yoochun had to say, Jaejoong walked to Yoochun and he yanked his book case from Yoochun’s hand then leave both Yoochun and Soon Yi there. He walked into the car park, entered his car and drove away out from the school area in haste.

Soon Yi looked at Yoochun, trying to say some words to him “Umm…Yoochun oppa.. I’m sorry…” she hung her head low. Tears started forming on her eyes. This is the first time she saw someone really mad in front of her other than her sister.

Yoochun just stared at her and he sighed heavily “Look what have you done now. At first you bumped onto your sister making her fall to Jaejoong, now you broke Jaejoong’s things.” He looked at Soon Yi who is near to her tears now “Now now Soon Yi… don’t cry in front of me. I know its not your fault only that it broke, I should have been more careful and gentle when taking it away from you” Yoochun said trying to make her feel better. “You should go home now, its getting late, your family will be worried over you”

Soon Yi lowered her head even more and murmured “Okay.. Goodbye Yoochun oppa.” She turned from Yoochun and walked away.

Yoochun sighed. He took his cell phone and called his driver “Don’t pick me up today, I’m going somewhere else first. I’ll call you when I want to return home.”

“Alright Young Master, please be careful” a voice answered from the other line.

Yoochun hanged up and started walking.


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Chapter 3: The First Gift... (Part 2)

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Yunho, Changmin, and Sang Hee all sat in a small square table inside of a café, their little hanging out place which they’ll go once for a while after school. Each of them have a cup of drink in front of them.

“Yah…where is that little brat?” Yunho said in an annoyed tone and scratched his head.

Sang Hee looked at Yunho and sighed “Aigoo… I should have waited for her before and walked with her together to this place…”

“Why don’t you try calling her cell phone? Maybe she got into trouble again at school? She never come this late before” Changmin answered and looked at his watch.

“Bwoh?! Call her?! Didn’t you heard what she said to us this morning?!” Yunho shouted at Changmin’s face


“Mei mei, unnie will wait for you after school okay then we’ll walk together to the café”

“No unnie, no need to wait for me! I can go there by myself. Unnie just go there first with Changmin oppa and….” Soon Yi eyed Yunho “…long chin Jung there!” she smirked.

“Yah! You little brat!” Yunho screamed at her.

She ignored Yunho and keeps on talking to Sang Hee “I’m a big girl already. Just wait for me there at the café and don’t worry about me. I’ll be there before you know it.” She smiled at them.

“Okay mei mei… Call unnie if anything happens” Sang Hee said.

“Araso..araso..unnie..aish…stop treating me like a little girl for a while will you.” Soon Yi sighed heavily.

“Okay you guys, lunch time almost over now.” Changmin interrupted them. “We better return to our classes now”


“Calling herself a big girl and promised to be here on time. In the end she’s the one who makes us waiting for her. What a pain” Yunho complained.

“Aigoo..Yunho hyung, you’re too hard on her. Maybe something really happened” Changmin answered.

Sang Hee frowned ‘What if something really happened to her’ she thought in her head. She quickly took her cell phone from her bag and started to dial for Soon Yi’s number. When she was about to punch the dial button, the café’s door opened slowly and a small girl entered.

“Mei mei!” Sang Hee shouted, shocked and at the same time relieved to see her sister arrived safely.

Soon Yi looked at her sister direction, she hung her head really low and started walking towards their table. When she arrived there, she sat at the empty seat beside her sister.

Sang Hee looked at Soon Yi, she was worried over her behavior “What’s wrong mei mei?”

“Why were you late today?” Changmin asked her.

Soon Yi kept quiet and she stared at the table. Changmin and Sang Hee looked at each other. Soon Yi was never this quiet in front of them before.

Getting worried a little, Yunho tried asking Soon Yi “Little brat, what’s wrong with you? Did you eat something wrong today till you lost your voice?” Yunho teased her. Not getting any response, Yunho asked in a more serious tone “What happened before you come here?”

Soon Yi was being bombarded with questions from Sang Hee, Changmin, and Yunho. She doesn’t know how to answer them, she is very afraid to tell them what had happened between her, Yoochun, and Jaejoong today. So, she just answered “Mr. Choi talked to me about his ducklings, that’s why I was late. Sorry to keep you all waiting…” then she went back staring at the table. Sang Hee, Changmin, and Yunho stared at her for a while and then they looked at each other. Unable to ask anything anymore, they sat there and have a little chit chat with each other while Soon Yi just keeps quiet all the time.


“Yoon Hye ahh…I’m really sorry..” Jaejoong looked at his lover’s grave and then back to the broken crystal in his palm. Tears slowly forming in Jaejoong’s eyes.

After the incident earlier at the school, Jaejoong drove slowly to his girlfriend grave. Feeling that he really needed to see his girlfriend after what had happened.

“It is the first gift that you gave me…but look what had happened to it.” Droplets of his tears felled to the broken crystal.

Jaejoong wiped his tears and he stands up slowly, he palmed the crystal tightly “I’ll be going home now Yoon Hye ah… Please forgive me.. I’ll still value it even though it had broken…” Jaejoong walked back to his car and he drove home.


Yoochun now is standing in front of a huge mansion. He walked up to the, not to mention, huge door in front of him and he rang he door bell.

A maid opened the door “Oh, Young Master Yoochun, can I help you?” she asked.

“Is Junsu home?”

“Little Master Junsu is at his room now. I’ll inform little master that Young Master Yoochun is here. Please wait at the living room” The maid answered and opened the door wider for Yoochun to step in.

Yoochun chuckled when the maid mentioned ‘Little Master Junsu’ it makes Junsu sound like a little boy still in his childhood world. “Thanks. I’ll go up there and meet him by myself”

Yoochun walked up the stairs and started heading to Junsu’s room. When he was getting near to Junsu’s room he heard loud and high pitched squealing voice from inside the room.

“Ahh!!! No!!!”

Yoochun smiled and opened the door, he walked into the room and closed the door behind him. Junsu sat on one of his big fluffy pillows on the floor and was facing his back against him. He walked to Junsu who stared to the television in front of him that wrote “GAME OVER” in red and bloody words, a game controller in his hands.

“Stupid game!!! Why did I keep losing whenever I reached that level?!” Junsu shouted at the screen, not realizing that Yoochun was behind him already.

“It’s because your fingers were too short and slow!” Yoochun laughed behind him.

“Ahh!!!” Junsu shouted, shocked when he heard Yoochun’s voice suddenly popped out of nowhere. He turned to his back and saw Yoochun standing behind him. “Yah! Knock my door first when you want to enter will you?! And whose fingers you called short and slow huh?!”

“Aish, there’s no need for me to knock them anyway, like you’ll hear! Not even a sound can fight with your dolphin squeak!” Yoochun shouted back at him, still laughing. He took a seat beside Junsu and his laugh slowly died.

Junsu sensed something wrong with Yoochun, he turned off the television and faced Yoochun “What happened? Why do you look very gloomy today?”.

Yoochun stuttered to search for the right words to say “Junsu ah… I.. I… made Jaejoong mad today…”

“You what?!” Junsu screamed on top of his lungs. Yoochun jumped a little, shocked by Junsu sudden outburst. “Oh… sorry... I didn’t meant that” Junsu softened his voice.

“What happened?” Junsu asked, concerned at Yoochun.

Yoochun took a deep breath and started telling Junsu what had happened to him at school today…

~After few minutes~

“Ohh…so that little brat was there too!” Junsu said after hearing the full story from Yoochun. “She always bring troubles to the people around her huh?! Yahh…what a brat!!” Junsu said in an angry tone, remembering the girl who was petite but full of energy.

“Hey…I told you it was not her fault only…I was responsible too. I should’ve been more gentle with her when I was taking that thing from her.” Yoochun replied slowly “We know that thing means a lot to Jae, and now I think he’s really mad at me”

“Yahh… don’t blame yourself.” Junsu tried to comfort his friend.

“Ahh…What should I do now?” Yoochun hung his head low and placed his head on his knees.

“Cheer up will you!” Junsu think for a while by putting a finger on his chin, suddenly his eyes shone brightly. He squealed at Yoochun with his high pitched voice “Hey! How about we do this!” he pulled Yoochun’s ears near to his mouth and whispered something to Yoochun.

Yoochun widened his eyes “Bwoh?! Are you sure we need to do that?!” he looked at Junsu, shocked expression plastered at his face.

“Aish! Just shut up and follow my ideas once in a while will you!” Junsu stand up and dragged Yoochun to his feet “Don’t tell me your big forehead is there for nothing! Lets get our plan started now!” Junsu is now laughing in his head, thinking what they’ll do later.


Sorry for the boring chapter…*gets kicked*
But hey, guess what YooSu is up too?? Hehehehehehe
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Chapter 4: Camping? (Part 1)

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Another late update!! Sorry!! *bows* Audrey here reporting for duty again hehehehehe



Jaejoong arrived at his house later that evening, after his visit to his lover’s grave. He got out from his car and walked inside his house “Welcome home Young Master” Mr. Han, the old man from before bowed to him. Even though already around his sixties, Mr. Han still looked stunning in his dark suit. His dark brown eyes give the feeling of warmth whenever he looked into other people’s eyes. Mr. Han had been working for the Kim family for a long time. He feels that Jaejoong is like his own grandson already because he had been beside the boy ever since Jaejoong was little.

“I’ll be inside my room, call me when dinner is ready” Jaejoong said as he starts walking to his room.

Jaejoong entered his room and he walked to his study desk. He put his book case on his desk and he looked at a picture inside the picture frame on his table, a picture of him with Yoon Hye inside it. Both of them were smiling happily. The picture was taken at their first date together. It was also the time when Yoon Hye gave him the crystal keychain.

Jaejoong took out the broken crystal from his pocket and stared at it for a while…


“Jaejoong oppa!” a cheerful girl’s voice shouted.

Jaejoong turned to the direction the voice came from. He smiled as he saw his ‘date’ running towards him.

She stopped in front of him then she puts her hand on her knees, panting for some air. The girl glanced up and she looked at Jaejoong’s eyes “Mianhe oppa!! I’m late!!” Her round and lovely black eyes looked at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong chuckled “Isn’t it the guys who is usually late on their first date?”

“But oppa..! I already said I’m sorry….” she pouted at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong patted the girl’s head and smiled “Okay..okay..Yoon Hye, stop pouting will you. I know you’re sorry. Now, where do you want to go first?” he asked her.

The girl’s eyes shone brightly “The cinema! I want to go and see the new movie sooooo bad! Come on and hurry up oppa!” she started to drag Jaejoong.

Jaejoong just smiled at her and let himself being pulled by her ‘This is going to be a long day’ Jaejoong thought in his head.

After having fun the whole day…

“Jaejoong oppa! Today is the greatest day in my life! Thank you!” she turned her head to her right and smiled widely at Jaejoong who is beside her.

Jaejoong and Yoon Hye were walking home together, holding hands. It is almost dusk when they both were done that day, the sun was setting, making an orange gleam at the horizon. Jaejoong squeezed her hand lightly “Its sure is a great day. I have a lot of fun today too. Thank you Yoon Hye ahh..”

Yoon Hye let go of Jaejoong’a hand and she jumped in front of Jaejoong, putting both of her heand to her back, as if hiding something.

“Jaejoong oppa! This is a very special day for me, I want to give you something!” she held out both of her hands in front of Jaejoong, cupping something in between them. Then she opened her hands slowly, revealing a crystal clear ball keychain with a white mint flower in the middle of it “Please take it oppa.. My first gift for you” she smiled.

Jaejoong glanced at her for a while and then he took the crystal at her palm slowly. The crystal ball shone in the yellowish sunset ray.

“Thank you Yoon Hye ah.. I’ll treasure it forever” Jaejoong said and he leaned forward and kissed Yoon Hye on the forehead, Yoon Hye closed her eyes, she wanted to remember this moment forever. Jaejoong slowly pulled back “And that is my first gift for you…” Jaejoong said softly and smiled warmly at her.


Jaejoong slowly put the broken keychain beside his picture with Yoon Hye. He walked to his bathroom and took his bath. Not long after that he walked out from the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel, feeling fresh and clean after his bath. He went to his computer and switched it on ‘Maybe I should check on my emails, I haven’t checked on them for a while now’ he thought in his head. Then his cell phone suddenly rang. He picked his cell phone up and looked at the caller’s ID, it was Yoochun.

“Yoboseyo? What is it Yoochun ah?” Jaejoong asked in a softer tone, thinking he was a bit too angry at Yoochun, he wanted to say sorry to him. Thinking about his girlfriend can make him lost his control sometimes, even in front of his best friends.

“Yoboseyo~!! Jaejoong ah!!” a cheerful voice replied Jaejoong.

“J..Junsu?” Jaejoong was shocked by the voice that greeted him.

“Yah! Duck butt! No need to be too loud! Jae is not deaf!” Jaejoong heard Yoochun shouted at Junsu from the end of the line.

“Shut up you big forehead!!” Junsu yelled back at him, their argument was clearly heard from the other side of the phone.

Junsu talked back to Jaejoong at the phone “Jaejoong ah, are you in front of your computer now?” Junsu asked excitedly.

“Yes, I am checking my emails now, why?” Jaejoong asked, feeling curious of his friends question because they never asked him these kind of questions before.

“Great! Just in time! Can you turn on your webcam please? We want to show you something!” Junsu squealed in happiness.

“Yahh…do we need to do this?” Jaejoong heard Yoochun mumbled beside Junsu.

“Aish! Chill out will you! No one will see this except us three! Relax!” Junsu shouted back at Yoochun.

Jaejoong clicked the webcam symbol at his computer screen, he turned it on and connect his computer with Junsu’s. Junsu and Yoochun both popped in front of the screen.

“1 2 3 4!!!!” Junsu shouted.

“La la la la~” They started singing.

Watch this

(A/N: Imagine Yunho is Junsu *evade bricks from the readers* kyaa!!! I know nobody can switch places with our Yunnie there, but we tried our best to write this scene *puppy eyes* enjoy the short moment of it^^ and be happy!! *runs*)

~After the song had ended~

Junsu and Yoochun stables their breathing after the ‘crazy and hyper’ dance.

“Jaejoong ah, are you okay? Yoochun had told me what happened today…” Junsu asked, concerned with Jaejoong.

“Yeah, I’m fine you guys. Thanks.” Jaejoong answered and smiled at them both.

“Can you forgive me Jae?” Yoochun stuttered.

“No” Jaejoong answered, his face turned serious.

Then Junsu and Yoochun expression turned sour. Jaejoong can’t hold back his laugh anymore and he laughed at them two “Hahahaha of course I forgive you Yoochun ah. Stop frowning! Your big forehead wrinkled a lot when you frown” Jaejoong laughed at them. The two of them burst out laughing too.

“Thanks Jae…” Yoochun said, relieved.

“No worries Yoochun, we are best friends don’t we.” Jaejoong shot Yoochun his smile.

Looking at the sweet little reunion in front of him, Junsu chirped cheerfully “Hey guys! Wanna go out and have some drink? It has been a long time since we went out together

“Great! Duck butt is going to treat us today!” Yoochun said happily and do the happy dance.

“Bwoh?! I already helped you today, and you asked me to treat us?! What kind of gentleman are you?!” Junsu shouted at Yoochun. Then the two of them started to argue with each other again.

“But it’s your idea!”

“I didn’t said that I was treating!”

Jaejoong just smiled at his friends and then he said “Fine..fine you two, stop fighting already. I’ll treat us, okay?”

Junsu and Yoochun stared back at Jaejoong with shock “No no no! We’ll pay for it!” they said in unison.

“Hahahaha no, don’t worry about it okay. You guys had spent many time doing this, both of you must be tired. Come on, lets get going now. See you both at our usual place.” Jaejoong turned off his computer, he took his wallet from his drawer and walked out from his room. On his way to the main door, he met up with Mr. Han “Where are you going Young Master?” Mr. Han asked politely to Jaejoong.

“Oh…I’m sorry about dinner Han ahjusshi… I’ll be going out for a while. No need to wait for me if I’m late okay” Jaejoong grabbed his car key.

“Okay, please be careful Young Master” Mr. Han bowed to Jaejoong. Jaejoong went to his car and he drove to their meeting place.


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Chapter 4: Camping? (Part 2)

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Sang Hee, Changmin, and Yunho stared at Soon Yi in silence. The whole time they three had been talking, Soon Yi never opens her mouth.

“Mei mei…why are you behaving like this? Something is bothering you right? Tell unnie what it is please…” Sang Hee pleaded to his little sister.

Changmin and Yunho stared at the scene in front of them. “Come on Soon Yi, just tell us about it” Changmin asked her this time, unable to bear seeing Soon Yi like this.

At last, Soon Yi opened her mouth…”Umm…actually…” Soon Yi looked at them three as they looked at her, waiting for her answer…

~After few minutes~

“Bwohhhh?!” Sang Hee, Changmin, and Yunho shouted at her, their jaws dropped.

“You..Yoochun sshi…and then Jaejoong sshi…” Sang Hee pointed at Soon Yi as she stuttered, trying to put the stories in her head.

“Aishh…little brat…what kind of trouble did you get yourself into this time??” Yunho rolled his eyes.

“Soon Yi ahh…you…this time…again?” Changmin said, scratching his head.

Soon Yi hanged her head really low, she played with her fingers below the table as she stared at them, afraid to look up at the faces in front of her.

After few seconds of silence, they heard some squeaky voice greeted them “Hey there you all!!”


Junsu and Yoochun stepped out from Junsu’s car, they walked towards the café in front of them, their usual meeting place. They always hang out together at this place ever since they first found it. The atmosphere in this café is very pleasant, a very comfortable place to do some gathering.

“Hurry up Junsu! Who knows maybe Jae is waiting for us already!” Yoochun who was near the café’s door, yelled at Junsu who was looking around, eyes running everywhere.

“Pabo! I’m looking for Jae’s car! If his car is here that means he is here already!” Junsu shouted back.

“Owh…I see” Yoochun looked around too “It looks like Jae is not here yet” he continued.

“Lets go in first and find a table for us” Junsu said. They both stepped into the shop.

Junsu and Yoochun looked around for an empty table, then Junsu widens his eyes as he spotted a group of familiar people at one corner of the shop.

“Hey there you all!!” He shouted as he saw Sang Hee, Soon Yi, Changmin, and Yunho.

Yoochun looked at the direction Junsu shouted to and he also widens his eyes.

The four of them looked at Junsu and Yoochun, Changmin raised his hand and waved at them “Hey there Junsu hyung!” he greeted “Come here and sit with us!” Changmin stand up with Yunho as they combined another table into the one they were sitting now, making two tables combined into one, and have 8 seats.

“Thanks!” Junsu and Yoochun said as they took their seat. Soon Yi sat at the end of the table, followed by Sang Hee and then Yoochun. While on the other side of the table, Yunho sat in front of Soon Yi, followed by Changmin, and lastly Junsu.

Soon Yi kept her head low, not dare to say any words, she was afraid of them.

“What were you guys doing here?” Junsu asked them.

Changmin answered him “Owh…we were just hanging out. Since school ended early today, we thought that it is nice to hang out together once in a while.” Changmin ended his sentence.

“What about you guys?” this time Yunho asked them.

“Same with you all” Yoochun smiled. “Now we were waiting for Jae to arrive” he looked at his watch “He should here in any minutes now”

The four of them widens their eyes when they hear the mention of ‘Jae’ from Yoochun. They eyed Soon Yi. Junsu and Yoochun looked at each other, the other four reactions sure were odd. Then Junsu saw Soon Yi.

“What a surprise! The little brat is here too!” he squealed.

“Yahh...Junsu, stop it already, Jae already forgets about it” Yoochun said.

Soon Yi kept quiet. Sang Hee said to Yoochun and Junsu “Umm... I want to say sorry on behalf of my sister, please forgive her…” Sang Hee bowed to them.

“It’s okay, Jae already forgive her. Don’t worry about it anymore okay” Yoochun assured her.

All of them breathe out in relief after Yoochun said that, except Soon Yi. She still feeling worried over what had happened.

“You hear that little brat? Cheer up will you! Be yourself!” Yunho tried to make the atmosphere lighter. Soon Yi’s lips finally creeps into a smile “I heard that long chin Jung!” then she giggled, feeling relieved after hearing Yoochun’s statement.

“Ah! Jae is here!” Junsu squealed happily “Jae!! Over here!!” he waved at Jaejoong.

“Yahh… No need to be so loud Junsu ah” Jaejoong said as he took the empty seat beside Junsu.

“Jae, when we were looking for a table, we met up with them here” Junsu started “So we thought it would be nice to hang out together”

“Is it okay with you?” Yoochun asked, feeling worried if Jaejoong wasn’t comfortable with the sudden change of plan.

Jaejoong looked at them and answered “Sure. Why not?” he smiled.

Soon Yi was shocked by Jaejoong’s attitude, the ‘angry Jaejoong’ this afternoon had vanished. She gathered up her strength “Umm… Jaejoong seonpae, I’m sorry for what had happened today” she apologized to Jaejoong. Jaejoong stayed silent for a while, Soon Yi was very nervous ‘He’s still angry with me’ Soon Yi blamed herself.

Jaejoong looked at Soon Yi face and knows she was afraid of him, to make her calm, Jaejoong said “No worries... Its okay, I forgive you already” Jaejoong assured her “You can call me oppa, no need to be formal with me” Jaejoong spoke. Soon Yi jumped a little, she was startled with Jaejoong’s reply “Thank… thank you Jaejoong oppa” she said finally. The others smiled, finally the problem solved.

All of them chit chatted for a while. Then they stopped at one topic, holidays. They talked and talked about how a perfect holiday would be.

“Ahh I wish the school holiday starts soon! I can’t wait to play my new games!” Junsu squeaked.

“Yah! Duck butt!! Enough with your games! You need some fresh air! The air in your room suffocates anyone that enters them!” Yoochun screamed at him.

Soon Yi joined “So that’s where duck butt got his name, you’re sitting too long in front of the screen till your butt become like that!!” she laughed.

“Bwoh?! Yah!! Little brat!!! Respect your elders!!!” Junsu shouted back at her.

Everyone laughed at the scene in front of them. Then Changmin suddenly said “Hey guys! I just remembered! Tomorrow is Saturday right??”

“Yeah, why?” Sang Hee answered him. Everyone looked at Changmin.

Changmin smiled at them “Since it is weekend, how about we all go somewhere? Camping??” he eyed them excitedly.

“Where will we be going?” Yunho asked.

Junsu and Soon Yi squealed in happiness together “Woohoo!!! Lets us go to the waterfall!!! Yay!!!! Camping!!!” then they looked at each other “Yah!! Stop following what I’m saying!!” they both said together, again.

The rest of them chuckled. “Okay, the waterfall it is then” Yoochun nodded in agreement “Going with us Jae?” he eyed Jaejoong.

“Sure, I got no plans for this weekend too” Jaejoong looked at Yoochun.

“It is settled then! Let us gather at the florist shop at the end of this block tomorrow” Changmin concluded the whole plan.


I'm hearing to 2U rap in 'Heartquake' when I'm doin the last part hehehehehe sorry if my mind was absorbed into the song already when I'm writing that part!

2U rap is sooooo smexy!!!!

Comments please! Thank you! ^-^

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Chapter 5: "Baby Minty"..... (Part 1)

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 3:00 am

"Baby Minty".....
6.00 am sharp

“Yahh.. Where’s that long chin Jung? He supposed to be arriving for about half an hour ago…” Soon Yi said while looking at her Swatch watch for 7th times.

“Hehe…mei mei… are you worrying about him?” Changmin teased. Soon Yi glares at him and Sang Hee laughed.

“I don’t have single neurones to worry about him; I just want him to be polite to our guest. We’re the one who ask them to join and he’s the one who late. What a stupid manner!” Hearing that, Sang Hee and Changmin nodded. Agreed with what Soon Yi said just now. Sang Hee stared at Soon Yi, hearing she said stupid manner, makes her remember the first time she met with JaeJoong.

“Haizz.. What are you doing Sang Hee? Why you suddenly thinking about him. He already has a girlfriend.” Sang Hee shook her head furiously and receives a stare from Changmin.

“Doesn’t that Yunho?” Changmin blurted out when he saw Yunho is in JaeJoong’s white BMW car.

“Yeah.. What does he do with them?” Sang Hee frowned. However, Soon Yi just crossing her arms in front of her chest. Not liking the idea of Yunho being late.

Yunho, JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu step down from their car, and after locking it, they walked to the place where Soon Yi, Sang Hee and Changmin stand.

“Sorry I’m late….” Yunho said to everyone, well it’s like he is apologizing to Soon Yi because he knew she was mad at him for being late. Soon Yi didn’t waste her time to have a glance to Yunho, she just looking straight to Junsu.

“Why is she looking at me like that? I didn’t do anything….” Junsu thought.

“I met Yunho when I’m on the way here. His car broke down and I gave him a lift.” JaeJoong said. Then his gaze landed on Sang Hee. She bowed and JaeJoong bowed too.

“Owh… Soon Yi was mad at you. Soon Yi…he has his own reason lahh…” Changmin uses his arms to make Soon Yi have a look at Yunho.

“Whatever… let’s go.. I don’t want we arrive there late.” Soon Yi walked to her car and took out her small sling bag from the car trunk. She also took out Sang Hee bag. Just when she put down the bag, her stomach suddenly screamed in pain. Everyone there not realizing her condition because they were so busy talking to each other. Soon Yi gathered up her strength and pour out everything inside her sling bag, searching for a small white bottle. Unfortunately, when all the things scattered, the small bottle rolled to Junsu leg. Soon Yi, who doesn’t know about it, keep searching while winced in pain, hand hold on to her stomach.

Junsu picked up the bottle and scanned it. “Shin Soon Yi.” Junsu searched for the person that he just mentioned just now and saw a small petite girl is kneeling on the floor. He quickly went there and showed her the bottle. “Gastric….”

“Is this yours?” Junsu asked with his squeaky voice. Soon Yi forced herself to have a look at Junsu. Just when she wants to nod, Sang Hee came with a bottle of water in her hand. Soon Yi grabs the bottle and poured out a couple of pills. She then swallowed it along with a mouthful of water.

“Thanks..” Soon Yi said after her gasping for air. Sang Hee caressed Soon Yi hair while Junsu is standing there watching Soon Yi panted for air.

Meanwhile, Yunho is glancing towards them three now, with his eyebrows knitted together.

“Let’s go!!!” Changmin yelled, making all the attention shift to him now. They pick up their things and put it inside JaeJoong and Changmin’s car since they agree to go with 2 cars only. Junsu, Changmin, Soon Yi and Sang Hee are in Changmin’s car while the rest is in JaeJoong’s car.

“JaeJoong… Why Junsu suddenly wants to go with them? Doesn’t he will argue with Soon Yi?” Yoochun who sit at the passenger seat ask JaeJoong. Yunho, who sit at behind only listening to them. Yoochun is right, it should be Yunho who is in Changmin’s car right now.. Not Junsu..

“I don’t know.. But Junsu did tell me that he wants to take care of something.” JaeJoong simply answered, not leaving his sight on the road.

“Yunho…. Did you know why?” Yoochun turned back. Yunho didn’t say anything, just shook his head. JaeJoong looked to the rear view mirror and saw Yunho is frowning.

Junsu now is sitting behind Changmin can’t stop looking at Soon Yi. Sang Hee sits in front. “Seems like it has been so long already since we have our last holiday right?” Sang Hee said. Changmin form a sweet smile and slowly nodded. Suddenly….

“Yeah!!!!!! Last time we went to the theme park, that stupid long chin Jung not feeling well, that’s why we need to go back!” a sudden out burst by Soon Yi makes everyone in the car jumped a bit.

“Yahh… don’t you ever does that again…. I almost lost the balance of this car you know!!!!” Changmin yelled. Sang Hee and Junsu laughed.

“hahahaha… sorry Changmin oppa…” Soon Yi said and hugs her frog pillow that she brought.

“She is okay now…. god.. This girl really has a strong spirit.” Junsu thought while smirking.

“*cough cough* yahh.. Duck butt…are you talking bad about me?” Soon Yi glares to Junsu.

“Yahh.. What does that means?” Junsu said. “How did she find out???” Junsu thought

“I know it I know it…!!!’ Soon Yi starts to hit Junsu with her pillow. Junsu tried to block but can’t go anywhere. At the back, in JaeJoong’s car, Yoochun squinted his eyes after he saw something moving really fast in Changmin’s car, after he knows what it is, he laughed.

“JaeJoong… Look… Junsu is beaten by Soon Yi.” Yoochun pointed to the car in front of him.

JaeJoong once again look at the rear view mirror and saw Yunho grinning. He too, saw Soon Yi whacked Junsu head with the pillow, formed a smile too. Sometimes, he feels weird, why the simple action from these 2 sisters always makes him smile without his own conscious? He shook his head wanting the thought to disappear from his mind that he set, only can think about Yoon Hye all the times.

After 2 hours of driving, JaeJoong saw Changmin’s car went to the left side, which means, he will stop at the gas station. JaeJoong too, follow him and park his car beside Changmin’s. He step out from his car and stretch himself.

“Aahh… my butt…” He mumbled. He looked inside his car and saw Yunho and Yoochun sleeping soundly. Then he switched his gaze inside Changmin’s car. There’s Junsu, sleeping soundly with Soon Yi puts her head on Junsu shoulder. Wait… Soon Yi sleeping with her heads on Junsu shoulder? JaeJoong chuckled. Junsu never failed to make him laugh.

“JaeJoong hyung… We still have half an hour to go…. ” Changmin clicks on his phone which has GPS system in it. JaeJoong creased his eyebrows and walked to him.
“Yeah… I think we have early breakfast here first, and we fill up our gas tank, I’m afraid the place will not have a gas station.” Changmin nodded. “There’s a restaurant. I go and ask them whether they still open, and in the meantime, can you wake up the others?”

“Okay…” JaeJoong smiled and ducked to have a look in Changmin’s car. He then spot an angelic face is sleeping soundly at the passenger seat. JaeJoong stretch his hand to wake her first, but suddenly a flashed of Yoon Hye image popped out in his mind. He quickly pulled back his hand and walked to his car.

“Yoochun… Yoohchun aahh… ” He slightly shook Yoochun body but he won’t wake up. However, its Yunho who wake up. “Oh… Yunho ahh.. You wake already?” Yunho nodded while yawning and rubbed both of his eyes. “Good… can you help me wakes up the people in Changmin’s car?” without uttering any words, Yunho step out from the car, stretching his arms and walk to his best friend car. Just when he arrive, he eyes is locked to the couple that sleeping soundly and sweetly at the back. Ignore his weird feelings, he went to Sang Hee.

“Sang Hee…. Sang Hee ahh… wake up….” Yunho said. Sang Hee slowly opens her eyes and smiled when she saw Yunho. “Yunho ahh….”

“Wake up…JaeJoong wait you at his car.” Sang Hee quickly sit up straight and step out from the car. Now, he has to wake up the sweet couple at behind. Yunho sighed and walked to Soon Yi side.

“Little brat…yahh…wake up….” Yunho shook Soon Yi arms. Soon Yi frowned and yelled. “Just five more minutes unnie….” Yunho didn’t stop at there, he slowly pulled Soon Yi strand of hair. She feels annoyed and starts to hit randomly using her pillow. Unfortunately, it’s not Yunho who been hit. It’s the person beside her, Kim Junsu.

“Yahh!!!” Junsu yelled using hiss squeaky voice. Luckily that voice makes Soon Yi wakes up. Both of them rubbed their eyes and looked around.

“Where are we?” both asked at the same time.

“In heaven… stupid little brat, don’t you see the gas stand over there?” Yunho knocked on her head. “Yahh!!!! Its hurts you know…” she rubbed her head hardly. Junsu didn’t like the way Yunho do to her just now, of course, he had known Soon Yi for years, but knocked too hard will make the girl head hurts.

“Yunho ahh… it’s hurt her you know….” Junsu, without himself knows about it, stretch his hand and rubbed on her head. Soon Yi shocked but, still let him do that because its gives her a warm feeling. Yunho scoffed and walked away.

“Are you okay?” Junsu asked. Soon Yi looked at him and pout. He then laughed and step outside the car. “Let’s go!!!” Soon Yi smiled.

“Yahh.. Yoochun ahh!!!!” JaeJoong now is furiously yelled Yoochun’s name! He already wakes him for countless time, but still, he won’t budge. Right on time, Junsu popped beside JaeJoong.

“He’s not waking up?” JaeJoong shook his head. “Wake him up before he will ask for food!” Junsu nodded.

“Yoochun….” Junsu at first wakes him up using his soft voice. Suddenly….

“YAHH!!! BIG FOREHEAD!!! WAKE UP NOW!!! YAHH!!! PARK YOOCHUN!!!!” Junsu smiled satisfy when Yoochun suddenly sit up straight.
“Come on.. They are waiting for us!” Junsu whacked Yoochun head and walked to where JaeJoong sits with others.

After they eat and the drivers fill up their gas tank, Yunho quickly went inside Changmin’s car and locked the door. Junsu saw it and think, he should switched back his place with Yunho, because he knows, it was his fault too for letting Yunho ride JaeJoong’s car while he should be with his 2 best friend. Soon Yi saw Yunho and walked to Changmin’s car. She opens the door, only to be greeted by Yunho. “Yahh… Little brat.. Come on… quickly hopped in!” Yunho patted the seat beside him but Soon Yi glares at him and took out her frog pillow.

“Unnie… I will be in JaeJoong’s oppa car.” Then she closed the car door. Sang Hee and Changmin couldn’t say a thing and just like that, Soon Yi is in JaeJoong’s car.
For the rest of the journey, Junsu and Soon Yi keep bickering. Saying the person who sings the song is that, the person is doing that and all stuffs. JaeJoong and Yoochun could only endure the noise. While in Changmin car, only Sang Hee and Changmin who couldn’t stop talking. Yunho? All by himself, in his own world……

Greenery filled the place as trees surround the area. The forest filled the sounds of bird chirping, living in harmony with each other. Soft wind blowing making the trees leaves ruffles with each other. The water flowing through the stream was crystal clear, and fishes who dance happily under the water can be seen.

“Wahh… it’s so beautiful at here!!!” The two sisters exclaimed when they step out from the car together. Sang Hee hugs Soon Yi who laughing after Junsu told her some stupid jokes. Yup…. Her relationship with Junsu is getting better. But, the things that still haven’t change is, Junsu still calls her, ‘Little brat’ and she will call him, ‘duck butt’ or ‘dolphin’.

“Enough with the compliment, now, get your things out from the trunk!” Changmin said. Both Shin daughters make a salute gestures and walked to Changmin.

“Wait!!!! We didn’t bring any food!!!” Soon Yi and Changmin exclaimed together. Everyone looked at the couple and their jaws dropped. But then Sang Hee saw JaeJoong smirk. He then walks to his car and open up the car trunk, revealing a lot of food. Soon Yi and Changmin who has been a loyal fan to food, keep dreaming while drooling.

“Aish… little brat.. Wipe your drools!!! And you too Changmin.” Junsu said. After that, they all set up their tents. While the excited Soon Yi, Junsu and Yunho are getting ready for swimming, Yunho challenge Soon Yi to swim to the deepest place at the waterfall. Being a girl who doesn’t afraid of Yunho, she gladly accepts it and both of them jumped into the cold water. Junsu doesn’t tag along because Yoochun ask him to help setting up the tent.

When they already reach the place, Yunho told her to swim back to the river bank. Soon Yi tries to swim, but her legs won’t move. Yunho already stands on the river bank and yelled excitedly. Meaning he already won the challenge. However, when he turns to Soon Yi, he saw her hands waving at him. He laughed, not thinking the worse part. Fortunately, Junsu saw Soon Yi and took off his shirt he then jumped in the water and swim to her. Just when Soon Yi faint for swallow a lot of water, Junsu grabs her and he swims to the river bank.

“OMG… Mei mei…” Sang Hee and Changmin said together. “I think her having a cramp on her leg.” Junsu said. Yunho who thought she is tricking everyone, uses his leg to shook her. “Yahh.. Little brat…” Junsu blocked his feet and glares. He then pumps Soon Yi chest as Soon Yi didn’t open her eyes. He keeps pump, pump and pump but no response. Yunho starts to feels guilty and scared.

“Junsu.. No choice.. You need to perform the CPR…” Yoochun uttered. Junsu looks over Sang Hee and she nodded. Junsu took a deep breath and lower his face, ready to perform the CPR. Just 1 cm more and he will touch Soon Yi lips, she suddenly coughed and he quickly backed up.

“Mei Mei!!!!” Sang Hee yelled and pulled Soon Yi over her body then hugs her. “Are you okay??” Soon Yi didn’t say a word; she keeps on coughed on water. Junsu caressed her wet hair, “You’re okay now…” Sang Hee mouthed Junsu ‘Thank you” and Junsu replied by nodding. Yunho tried to say something, but like a rock has clogged up his throat, he didn’t say a word. He suddenly feels so useless and helpless.

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Chapter 5: "Baby Minty"..... (Part 2)

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 3:02 am


“Don’t do this to me… please… we already promise that we will continue this relationship… please….” Yunho now is crying while kneeling to his soon to be ex-girlfriend.

“Yunho… just face it… when we spend the time together recently, I don’t have the feeling to treat you as my boy friend anymore the only feeling that can I only treat you is, as my brother… older brother.” Tiffany crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Tiffany…. Please… ”

“Just don’t bother me again Yunho…. We’re officially over now…” with that, Tiffany walked away, leaving a useless and helpless Yunho there, who couldn’t do anything to make his girlfriend stop from walking away and save their relationship.


“Useless and helpless of me….” Yunho slowly mumbled and walked inside his tent.

As they were preparing the BBQ’s ingredients and utensils, Soon Yi gained her strength back. So, they divide them into 3 groups. First groups which is Sang Hee and JaeJoong was in charge in preparing the food, while, Soon Yi and Junsu in charge in making the fire, and the rest, are in charge on working on the grill.

Sang Hee is cutting the vegetables for the salad and humming to a song while JaeJoong is cutting the meat equally. Sang Hee doesn’t want them to be any more awkward so she clears her throat and said, “JaeJoong… ”

JaeJoong turned his head swiftly and creased his eyebrows. “Do you like to cook?”
He tried to smile, but nothing is forming on his lips. So, he just nodded. “Why you like to cook? Its rare to find a guy likes to cook.” Sang Hee smiled makes his remember the reason why he likes to cook.


“Oppa…. Don’t put it in that!!!” Yoon Hye yelled while pulled back JaeJoong hand from putting the black pepper into the pot.

“Haish… Yoon Hye…. I can’t cook but you still forcing me to do it!” he exclaimed when its already 6676817464783 times Yoon Hye pulled, flicked and pinch his hand to prevent him for throwing random stuffs into their meal.

“Oppa… you need to learn how to cook.. Who will cook to you later when I back at my home?” JaeJoong smiled and hugged Yoon Hye from behind.
“If that the case why don’t we get married? Like that, you can always cook for me and I can always eat your food.” Yoon Hye blushed but still, she pinched JaeJoong’s hand and he winced in pain.

“Get the eggs now!!!!”


“Just someone told me to learn how to cook…. How about you?”

“Me? Well… my mom dies when I’m 10, since then, I try to learn how to cook from my maid because Soon Yi has a really big appetite. Also, my dad likes to eat the food that I cook.” Sang Hee smiled. “Well… basically, it’s for feeding the big crocodile there!” She points Soon Yi with the knife and that simple gesture makes JaeJoong smiled.

“Why is she always makes me remind of Yoon Hye?” JaeJoong said in his thought while observing the happy Sang Hee.

Since Soon Yi awake, she didn’t utter a word to Yunho until they back from the waterfall place and since then, Soon Yi stops hanging out with Sang Hee, Changmin and Yunho. She will only meet Sang Hee at home. Not at school as she is avoiding Yunho.

Its been 3 days since Soon Yi stops hanging out, and 3 days Yunho cant get enough sleep, all the things he does will end up in disaster. He always wants to say he is sorry but Soon Yi keep avoiding him. Until one day, when Yunho carrying a lot of book which block his view, he bumps to Soon Yi who is studying her Chemistry text book right now, making all the books spilled everywhere.

“Ouch!!! Yahh!!!” Soon Yi took off her glasses and rubbed her nose while Yunho quickly kneeling and gathered up his book. “I’m sorry…” Yunho said without realizing who the person he bumped to is.

“Next time, don’t try to act to pity by carrying a lot of books.” Soon Yi too, didn’t know who the person in front of her is now. Soon Yi wants to yelled some more, when suddenly their eyes met. She quickly picks up her Chemistry text book and ready to stands up when suddenly she heard a soft whisper from the guy.

“I’m sorry…..”


“Its okay Changmin.. I want to buy some sunflower to Soon Yi. I bet she must be happy.” Sang Hee now is talking on her phone and on her way to the florist where she had been with Changmin last time.

“Talking about Soon Yi…. I really miss her… she stop hanging out with me after we’re back from the camping.”

“I think she just need more time and more courage to face with Yunho. After all, she scared of Yunho. So, maybe that’s why. Got to go…already arrived at the florist. Bye.” With that both of them hung up.

The bell chimes in when Sang Hee open the door. Her eyes then suddenly focus on the small mint that plant in egg shells. “Waah… so cute….” She exclaimed while clapping her hands. She makes her step until she can get hold the egg.

“Hello there minty… how are you?” Sang Hee talked to the plant. “Well… you must be in good condition because I can see you grow healthily… waahh.. Your parents must be so proud of you…” She smiled happily. There’s something that makes she feels so happy when she talked with the mint.

“I never knew you have a special talent….”

Sang Hee turned around when she heard the deep and husky voice.

“JaeJoong?” Sang Hee backed up. “What are you doing here?”

“I want to see my baby.” His simple answered makes her feels weird. “Your baby? Are you married?”

JaeJoong suddenly laughed when he heard her reply, while Sang Hee is amazed by his looks when he laughed. He never laughed in front of her before. JaeJoong saw she is starring at him right now and stop from laughing.

“You just were talking with my baby just now.” Sang Hee widen her eyes and looked at the baby minty there. “This minty is yours?”

He nodded. “But I called it ‘baby’…. And now I think I have to added ‘minty’” He picked the plant up. “Make it, baby minty…..” he caressed the plant.

“Owh no no no.. You don’t have too… it’s just the name that suddenly come out from my mouth.” Sang Hee waved her hand frantically in the air. She doesn’t want JaeJoong to misunderstand her.

JaeJoong swiftly smiled. “nahh… I kind of like the ‘minty’ name… its cute…Like you….” JaeJoong mumbled the last part slowly.


“Nothing…. So, what are you doing here?” JaeJoong asked.

So, JaeJoong has slowly opened up his dark world to let the sunny Sang Hee shines his world. But, the real things is, JaeJoong treat her nicely because every little thing that Sang Hee does is remind him to Yoon Hye, the first girl that catches his heart. However, Sang Hee didn’t know. She thought JaeJoong finally treated her as a friend.

“I think…… I think… I have a crush on him!”


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Chapter 6: SURPRISE!!! (Part 1)

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 3:04 am

Hello there readers!!! *waves madly* Audrey is here again reporting for duty! Going to NS really limited my activity here in winglin *cries*. But now I’m back already! Hehehe Very nice to see you all again!! *huggles* Here’s an update! I hope it is long enough to pay back what we had left behind! Happy reading!


School started like always. Like a daily routine, students walking into the school ground, chatting playfully with each other.

Sang Hee and her sister arrived at school not long after that and they started walking to their classes. After walking with Sang Hee for a while Soon Yi goes different ways with her sister and went to her own class. Sang Hee met Changmin on her way and they walked together. Suddenly…

“Sang Hee~~~” Hee turns when she suddenly heard a squeaky voice called her name in a cute way.

“Junsu hyung?” Changmin looked at him and Junsu smiled at them.

“Good morning” Sang Hee bowed a little.

“Morning~” Junsu replied in his cheerful tone. Then he continued “I want to ask you something” he looked at Sang Hee


“Did little brat is arguing with Yunho?”

Sang Hee took glance at Changmin and then looked at Junsu questionably “No… why did you ask?”

“Because it seems that little brat is a little quieter nowadays, and I rarely see her with you guys during recess anymore”


“That incident still left a scar right?”

Sang Hee and Changmin were shocked after hearing Junsu said that “How did you know that Junsu hyung?” Changmin widened his eyes, can’t believe that Junsu already can make these kind of conclusion after only knowing Yunho and Soon Yi for a while.

“Oh~! So I guessed it right then??” suddenly he chirped happily.

Sang Hee and Changmin stared at Junsu, dumbfounded by his actions.

Junsu scratches his head “I kinda missed little brat bickering you know, there is nobody to pick with nowadays”

Sang Hee giggled at Junsu’s reason “You have any ideas so that you can pick on her again then?”

“That girl is not easy to please when she got like that, you can say…like a little child” Changmin joined in.

“How to please a little brat huh….” Junsu taps his index finger on his chin, making a cute face and thinks for a while “Little brats were like children…children always love fun thingy...” then he snap his fingers together “Let us make a surprise party!!” he squealed excitedly and not to mention… loudly, making people around them jumped on their knees.

Sang Hee and Changmin gets freaked out too and Changmin jumped to Junsu and closed Junsu’s mouth with his palm mouth and whispers to Junsu “Yah… Junsu hyung! Slow down! She might hear us!” while eyeing the people around them.

“Ooppss..sorry hehehehe” Junsu chuckled lightly. “So how do you guys think about it?”

“Not a bad idea!” Changmin and Sang Hee said together.

“Perfect! Now let start making the preparations shall we?”

“Wait a minute…” Sang Hee suddenly stops Junsu “where will this party be held?” she was thinking of a suitable place.

Junsu replied Sang Hee after he thinks about it for a while “How about we go to my summer house? Its summer right now anyway, it is going to be the perfect place! The house is very close to the beach too, we can do many activities there!”

“Okay great!” Sang Hee smiled in satisfaction.

“To get the plan worked, we must not let Yunho and little brat know about this okay” Junsu tell Sang Hee and Changmin “and now the mission for you two is to bring them to the house without them knowing what is waiting for them, get it?”

Sang Hee and Changmin nodded in unison.

“We’ll make the party the day after tomorrow since tomorrow is Saturday and we don’t have school. And we were very lucky because this Monday is holiday so we can stay a night there. Min you know where my house is right? Bring Sang Hee there tomorrow okay, we’ll go together to the summer house and decorate it. I’ll handle the rest, good luck!!” Junsu said happily and turned around to run back to his class.

Sang Hee and Changmin look at Junsu’s running form

“Junsu is really a nice guy right Changmin” Sang Hee smiled.

“Not to mention caring too” Changmin replied. He looked at his watch “Oh look at the time, we better enter our class now or we’ll be late. With that Sang Hee and Changmin walked to their class.


Yoochun and JaeJoong were already seated in their seat when they saw Junsu skipped happily into the class. He sat in his seat between Yoochun and JaeJoong while smiling widely.

“What’s with the happy face Su?” Yoochun asked him. JaeJoong just look at his friends.

Ignoring Yoochun Junsu turns to look at JaeJoong and said “Can you cook for me Jae??” giving JaeJoong his puppy eyes.

JaeJoong was startled by the sudden request and asked “W..why?”

Junsu cutely said “Pi mi!”

Getting lost at Junsu excited mode Yoochun asked more “What’s happening??”

Again Junsu ignored Yoochun and this time he looked at Yoochun “And you big forehead follow me to the store today, we got something to do!” Junsu said with his squeaky voice.

Confused and wanting to ask more from Junsu, but the moment he tried to open his mouth again the teacher comes into the class already, silencing the students.

~After the school ends. At the store~

Junsu entered the store with Yoochun walking beside him. He already told the full plan to JaeJoong and Yoochun and the both of them understand what is happening.

Yoochun just walked beside Junsu, seeing him picking things from the racks, tossing them into the trolley. When the trolley almost finally becoming a moving colorful mountain then Junsu walked to the counter and started paying for it. Yoochun eyed the things he picked dangerously “What are you doing with all these stuffs?? We are only planning on making a surprise party, not a wedding!!”

“A surprise party is supposed to be big! Every party does! We can make wedding parties into surprise parties if we give people the different perspective!” Junsu chimed to Yoochun. Unable to cope with Junsu when he started talking about his duck-logic, Yoochun just kept quiet and sigh heavily. The woman at the counter chuckled at them “That would be 80,000 won sir” Junsu flashed his gold credit card and give it to her to make the payment. When they were finished, they walked out from the store.

Yoochun helped Junsu to put the things into Junsu’s car and they drove back home. Junsu dropped Yoochun at his house and he returned home.

~Tomorrow comes. 8am~

-The Shin Residence-

“Mei mei, unnie is go out to a place with Changmin today. Stay at home okay. Don’t forget to tell unnie if you’re going anywhere.”

“Araso unnie… Buy me some food okay~” Soon Yi chirped to Sang Hee.

“ with that crocodile appetite in you” Sang Hee joked to her sister and chuckled.

“I’m not a crocodile!” Soon Yi protested, pouting. Sang Hee laughed even more then she hears a car honking outside of their house. “That must be Changmin, okay mei mei, take care!” she kissed her sister cheeks and went outside.

“Bye bye unnie! Have fun with Changmin oppa!” Soon Yi shouts from their door, waving her sister.

Then she look around the house “Ahh…its gonna be a boring day without unnie..” she entered the house slowly.

-JaeJoong Residence-

JaeJoong woke up early and he prepared the things that need to be bought to the summer house for the party tomorrow. He opened the fridge of their kitchen and started taking out the foods he bought yesterday. Mr. Han took a peek into the kitchen smiled looking at JaeJoong, it had been so long since JaeJoong started touching his cooking utensils again.

JaeJoong collected all the things together and he started carrying them to his car.

“Do you need some help Young Master?” Mr. Han asked JaeJoong.

“Ah, Han ahjusshi…could you help me open the trunk of the car please?”

Mr. Han walked with JaeJoong to his car and opened the car’s trunk lid for him.

“Thank you” Jaejoong puts the thing inside his car, making sure the things won’t roll when he drive later, he closed the lid. He turned to Mr. Han “I’ll be returning late today anjusshi. Take care of the house”

Mr. Han bowed to JaeJoong “Have a safe trip Young Master”

JaeJoong entered his car and drove to Junsu’s house, remembering that they gather with the other first before going to Junsu’s summer house.

-Junsu’s Residence-

While other people still sitting peacefully doing their daily morning routine, it was the opposite in Junsu’s house.

“YAH!!! WHERE IS THE STUFFS THAT I BROUHT YESTERDAY?!” Junsu’s squeaky voice rang throughout the house as his silhouette was seen running around the house. The maids were all shocked by Junsu sudden uproar. Then one of the maids came to Junsu

“Litt..little Master..” the maid stuttered “did you even brought what you bought yesterday into the house?”

“Eh?” Junsu suddenly stopped in his track. His anger cooled down immediately.

“Maybe the things aren’t even in the house Little Master.” The maid told him again.

Junsu thinks about it for a while…then he remembers himself yesterday. After he went home from shopping with Yoochun, he dragged himself to his room and fast asleep on his comfy bed. “Err..oh yeah…the things is still inside of the car... You stupid Junsu!!” he said to himself and laughed. Not long after that he hears a car pulling in front of his house and two more cars followed. He looked outside and jumped excitedly “They’re here!”

Junsu ran outside and greeted them. “Hey guys!” he waved to them.

The others came out from their cars and went to Junsu.

“All the people needed already arrive right?” Junsu scanned them.

“Yeah hyung, all of us are already here.” Changmin replied.

Sang Hee looked around and saw JaeJoong, ‘I didn’t know he is coming too…’ then she whacked her own head ‘Of course he will be coming, he is Junsu friend! Pabo!’

JaeJoong notices Sang Hee whacked her head and he chuckled lightly.

“Where are the things for the house?” Yoochun asked Junsu.

Junsu laughed in his head after remembering back what happen just few minutes ago “They’re in the car already”


“Ready everyone?” Junsu asked them. They all nodded in response.

“Lets go~~!!”

With that all of them hopped back into their cars and started following Junsu to the summer house.

After an hour drive they finally arrive at the house. Sang Hee widened his eyes as she saw the house “Is this really the house Junsu??” Sang Hee asked unbelievingly as she looked at the house. It was a two storey house, painted white. Sang Hee scanned around the area. The house was located near the beach, like Junsu said earlier. Palm trees surround the place, giving shade to everything below it. Warm breeze of summer flew past them, creating a cozy temperature to the surrounding. Waves from the ocean hug the shore, making lovely rhythm.

“Yeah~” Junsu smiled, admiring the house himself.

“Whoa….such a huge house you have hyung…” Changmin said, speechless.

Yoochun looked at those two in front of him “How long are you two going to stand there? We better get moving now or else we won’t finish it on time.

“Oopps..okay.” Sang Hee and Changmin smiled embarrassingly.

All of them start to take the things from their car into the house. Sang Hee helped JaeJoong with the foods while Changmin helped Junsu and Yoochun unloading the ‘colorful mountain’ that Junsu bought earlier.

Inside of the house was very beautiful. All the furniture looked elegant in their own way, having the European feel with them. The house has many rooms, people would be lost if they don’t know their way around here. The walls were decorated with skillfully painted paintings while the floor is happily covered by creamy marble tiles that reflected everything that walked over it like a flawless mirror.

“Hyung..are you sure this is just a summer house??” Changmin asked, can’t believe what his eyes is showing him right now.

“No need to be shocked that much Min ah, you haven’t seen his REAL house interior yet, and I think you will be thinking you’re in a billionaire house already” Yoochun said. Who wouldn’t get stunned after seeing all the luxuries in front of them? Of course all of them were rich people, let’s just say Junsu is little a bit...special?

“Now~~ afraid that you guys might get lost in here, let me show you all the only room we will use in this house okay” Junsu chirped happily. Then he began showing them the rooms.

Sang Hee helped JaeJoong in the kitchen with the food, cleaning and cutting them. Meanwhile the rest were in the another room, decorating it with Junsu’s ‘colorful mountain’.

The time is already showing 6.00pm when they finished decorating the room. Junsu, Yoochun, and Changmin smiled happily as they looked at their masterpiece “Perfect!” the three of them said in unison. The room was decorated nicely, with colorful balloons being tied on the walls, ceilings and furniture. Some flowers on the corners and colorful small bulbs hanging around the walls, giving off happy atmospheres.

Sang Hee and JaeJoong just finished cleaning up the foods in the kitchen placing them into the fridge, so that tomorrow their work would only take the food out from the fridge, let it cool for a while and start cooking. Then they heard Junsu’s voice

“Lets go back home everyone~!” Junsu dance happily into the main hall with Changmin and Yoochun behind him. Sang Hee and JaeJoong walked out from the kitchen. “Tomorrow is gonna be the happiest day in Yunho and little brat life’s!” Junsu exclaimed in his dolphin squeak.

All of them got out from the house and waves each other goodbye. They entered their cars and then go separate ways.


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Chapter 6: SURPRISE!!! (Part 2)

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 3:04 am

“Oh no!” Sang Hee shouted suddenly.

Changmin almost losing control of the car looked at Sang Hee that is sitting beside him on the passenger seat and asked “Why?”

“I forgot to buy Yi some food!”

Changmin burst out laughing “Food?? Yahh..Hee ah, she’ll eat more delicious tomorrow, there’s no need to worry. Just tell her that you forgot and you promise to bring her to a place tomorrow”

“I guess you’re right...” Sang Hee sighed heavily. “How are you going to tell Yunho about this Min?” she looked at Changmin.

“Don’t worry, I got ideas already” he smirked.

Sang Hee just look at Changmin with questioning eyes and then Changmin said “We’re here” She looked outside the window and realized they already reached home. “See you tomorrow Min” Sang Hee hugged Changmin and went out from the car. She waved goodbye and entered the house.

“Unnie~~~!!!” Soon Yi run up to her as soon as she put her feet into the house.

“I’m back mei mei…”

“Why are you late? Where did you go to today unnie?”

“Just got something to do that’s all” Sang Hee smiled.

Soon Yi sniffed her sister and said “Eww…unnie, you smelled of onions n fishes! Did you go to a restaurant and work a whole day with Changmin oppa?” she pinched her nose together, as if avoiding the smell.

“Oh really?” Sang Hee didn’t realize as she was too busy concentrating on preparing the foods with JaeJoong today.

“Ahhh~ ignore that~~ did you bring home some food unnie?” Soon Yi asked her sister with her infamous puppy eyes.

Sang Hee shot her an apologetic look “Sorry…unnie didn’t enter any shops today as the place unnie went to doesn’t have any”

“But unnie already promised me!” Soon Yi pouts her lips and taps her feet on the floor repeatedly like what children does when they were unhappy with something.

“Unnie will bring you to a place to eat tomorrow okay? And you can eat as much as you want there”

Soon Yi eyes sparkled with happiness “Really?? Yay~!!” she clapped her hands together and started cheering. Sang Hee just smiled looking at her sister ‘I hope you’ll be happy tomorrow mei mei’ she thought in her head.

~Tomorrow, day of the party~

Junsu awake from his slumber after his alarm clock beeping off for the 10th time. He groaned and look at the clock hanging at the left side of his room rubbing his eyes “It’s ten already?!” he jumped of the bed and search for his cell phone, there are 15 missed call, 2 from JaeJoong, and 13 from Yoochun. There was 1 message from Yoochun, Junsu opened and read it


Junsu gulped in nervousness as he realizes many people were searching for him already. He quickly went to take his bath. After he finishes, he put on his best clothes and drove his car to the summer house.


Sang Hee was awaken by the loud banging at her bedroom door.

“Unnie~~!! Wake up! You promised to bring me to eat lots of food today!” Soon Yi chirped happily from the other side of the door.

Sang Hee looked at her clock end see it was almost nine already ‘How can I wake up late? Must be tired from yesterday’ she told herself. “Okay, you just wait for unnie downstair mei mei, unnie will be down in few minutes. Dress properly okay!” she shouted to Soon Yi.

“Araso unnie!!” Soon Yi replied from the other side of the door and run to her room as her footsteps were fading.

After few minutes, Sang Hee and Soon Yi already in the car, heading to the ‘special place’ that Sang Hee promised to bring her sister to. Sang Hee told their driver to drop them to a place not far from the summer house.

“Unnie.. Where is this place? We never went here before right?” Soon Yi asked her sister as her eyes were running wildly around the area as soon as they stepped out from the car.

Sang Hee just chuckled “You never went to this place that’s why unnie bought you here. Unnie did say it’s a special place right?” she smiled and started walking. Soon Yi just followed her sister from behind and she locked her hands with Sang Hee’s arm, afraid that she will be left behind by her sister in this unknown area for her.

After walking for a while both of them finally reached Junsu’s summer house. Soon Yi was surprised to see the huge house in front of her, thinking at was the place where they were going to eat she said “Unnie…are you bringing me to a date?? Why did you bring me to an expensive restaurant??”

Without answering Soon Yi question Sang Hee opened the house door and Soon Yi following closely behind her, still shocked. Upon entering the house, Soon Yi said again “Unnie!! You brought me to rob somebody’s house?!” with her eyes looking at the expensive furniture around her.

“Yah!!! Stop thinking ridiculously!!! You and Yunho were just the same, always thinking nonsense things!” Sang Hee whacked her sister head.

Soon Yi then shuts her mouth after hearing Sang Hee saying that and then laughed at herself, realizing all that Sang Hee said was true. Without delaying much more time, Sang Hee quickly got their plans on action, afraid that Soon Yi would start asking more question why they were in this house. She makes a worried face and looked at Soon Yi “Omo! Unnie left unnie’s purse at home!!!” as she rummaged her bag.

“Bwoh?! How can unnie forget it?”

“Unnie must have left it in the drawer… wait over for few minutes okay, unnie will call our driver to deliver it to unnie at the place he dropped us this just now” with that said, Sang Hee goes out from the house, leaving Soon Yi alone.


Changmin woke up early in the morning in order to make his plan goes well. He was already awake around 7am and started making plans to make Yunho go to the summer house. After finished taking his bath, Changmin flipped his cell phone open and called Yunho’s number.



“Ah Yunho, are you free today?

“Kinda… Why?”

“Well, Sang Hee asked us to hang out together at the usual place, she’ll be bringing Soon Yi together.”

Yunho thought about it for a while before he responded “Sure”

Both of them hang up and started going to their destination. However Changmin has something under his sleeve that he hasn’t told Yunho yet.

Around 8am, at their meeting place.

“Yah…where are they?” Yunho waited in his car and looked around to see whether Sang Hee and Changmin had arrived or not. Suddenly his cell phone rang, it’s Changmin.

“Min ah, where are you guys?”

“We got trouble Yunho!” Changmin tensed his voice at the phone.

“Trouble?! What happen??”

“On their way here, Sang Hee said that she and Soon Yi go separate ways for a while. When Sang Hee tried calling Soon Yi back, she doesn’t answer the phone!”

“BWOH?! What does that mean?? Don’t tell me that little brat is kidnapped??” Yunho almost jumped out from his seat.

“Right now I’m meeting Sang Hee at the beach” Changmin tried to hold his laughter as Yunho really believed every bit of the fake stories he created.

“The beach?? Why was she at the beach all of the sudden? Yah! Changmin! Tell me the location now!” Yunho said quickly, panic rushing through his vein and his mind unable to comprehend what is going on anymore after hearing his best friend and her little sister is in trouble.

After Changmin told Yunho the location, he started his car engine as the engine roared up and he drove hastily to the place mentioned.


In the summer house, at another part of the house, two silhouettes were busy in the kitchen.

“Yah Yoochun! That is pepper! What are thinking of putting it into the drinks?”

“Aik, I thought it is sugar.” Yoochun was halfway dropping the substance into the full jug of orange juice.

“Aish… it’s better if you’re gone from this kitchen” JaeJoong sighed at his friend, he appreciated Yoochun’s help but what is he doing now isn’t helping at all.

Not long after preparing the food, they hear a loud dolphin squeak filled the house

“AHHH!!! IM LATE!!!”

Then they hear running footsteps into the kitchen and Junsu’s popped out from the corner “Mianhe!” he panted, for running his way into the house.

“What are you doing this morning?! Where is your alarm??” Yoochun asked.

“Err…it is beeping already but I didn’t hear it” Junsu scratched his head in embarrassment.

Yoochun just rolled his eyes while JaeJoong is busy preparing the food and ignored them.

Then they hear another loud shriek coming from the house

“Unnie!! You brought me to rob somebody’s house?!”

From that voice they already knew who the person was. After that they saw Sang Hee entered the kitchen from the back door.

“The little brat is loud as always huh?” Junsu said. Sang Hee smiled “I hope she’ll get better after what we planned for her today.

Sang Hee helped JaeJoong in preparations of the food while Yoochun and Junsu just fooling around the kitchen, unable to help with anything and few moments later they heard the back door from where Sang Hee come earlier make a soft click. Changmin come into the kitchen.

“How was it?” Sang Hee asked Changmin as all the eyes in the kitchen took a glance at Changmin. Changmin do a thumb up sign and he grinned widely.


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Chapter 6: SURPRISE!!! (Part 3)

Post by AudLee on 6/13/2009, 3:07 am

Yunho car stopped in front of Junsu’s summer house and he looked around the area ‘What is this place?’ he asked himself in his head ‘Did Changmin gave me the right address?’ Without much thinking as he puts the two sister safety first, he stormed into the house. He kicked the front door roughly, making the beautiful door with beautiful patterns cried under his force

“SOON YI! ARE YOU IN THERE?!” his eyes scanned the room madly.

“AHHHH!” a small figure jumped from the sofa.

“Yah!! Where is Soon Yi!?” Yunho asked the person as his eyes still trying to adjust the face of the person in front of him.

Instead of answering Yunho question the person standing in front of him was shouting something else “I’m…I’m sorry sir! I’m not trying to steal anything from your house!” the person closed her eyes and clasped both hands in front of her face, begging forgiveness from the one who breaks into the house just now.

“Soon Yi…is that you??”

Soon Yi recognize the voice right away and opened her eyes, shocked seeing the person in front of her “Long chin Jung? What are you doing here?”

Yunho’s eyebrows twitched when he heard the name ‘Long chin Jung’ coming from Soon Yi’s mouth but he ignored the feeling “Well aren’t I’m the one who should be asking you that?”


“Changmin said Sang Hee and you ran into trouble because you were separated from Hee when you both were going to a place. When Hee tried to search for you, you’re missing”

“Bwoh?! Who told you that? Unnie is the one who bought me to this house and then leave me here!”


The two of them stared at each other for a moment. Eyes widen with shock after hearing each other explanation.

After few seconds of silence, they heard a sneezing sound coming from the other side of the huge closed door in the middle of the big living room they were in.


Other side of the door

“Yah duck butt you idiot! What if they heard you!” Yoochun whacked Junsu’s head.

Junsu rubbed his nose and pouted “Sorry…can’t help it~” he whined.

“Get on to the plan now” JaeJoong signaled Junsu.

Junsu’s summer house does not stand proud in the middle of the long lasting beach only for being an eye candy to the eyes, he even installed some mechanism into the house…well, game freak have unique taste don’t you agree?

Junsu brought out a remote from a closed drawer in the kitchen punched some buttons. JaeJoong and Yoochun were already used to Junsu’s weird hobby so they just look at Junsu normally while Sang Hee and Changmin stared at Junsu intensely, wondering what is Junsu doing.

JaeJoong noticed the curiosity in both of them and said “Junsu just did something with the interior of the house, nothing much” receiving himself some nod of understanding from those two.

Junsu put down the device and he speak in his dolphin voice “Its coming, come on! Get ready in front of the door!” he jumped around excitedly.


Yunho and Soon Yi side

“Did you hear that?” Soon Yi eyed the door.

Yunho started walking towards the door when the curtains around the room suddenly shuts themselves automatically in a robotic way, making the room became slightly dark.

Soon Yi jumped a little and hurriedly run to Yunho and hold his left arm. Yunho can feel the little girl trembling a little beside him.

“Want me to open it?” Yunho said to her. Soon Yi just managed to nod her head.

They walked towards the door, Yunho put his right palm on the door holder and twist it open…


Yunho and Soon Yi widen their eyes, shocked and speechless. Their feet were glued to the floor. A bright and colorful room greeted their eyes. They eyed the people in front of them carefully.

“Unnie!!” Soon Yi exclaimed when she saw Sang Hee was in the crowd.

Yunho saw Changmin and asked “What was this supposed to mean?”

“Junsu planned all of this” Sang Hee explained to them.

“Junsu?” Yunho look at Junsu.

“Ugly duck butt?” Soon Yi said without realizing all this while that she still held Yunho’s arm.

“Awwww~ look Sang Hee, our plan of making little brat better with Yunho went very very well! They even hold hands now!” Junsu pointed to Soon Yi’s and Yunho connected hands.

Soon Yi quickly released his hand from Yunho and hide her face from embarrassment. Yunho protested “Yah! Who told you guys to shut the curtains close all of the sudden!”

All of them laughed together. Sang Hee come to Soon Yi and patted her head “We make this all for you mei mei. We hope you will be feeling much better after this”

“Who planned all of this?” Yunho questioned Changmin.

“Me~” Junsu came up to Yunho and Changmin. “Little brat and you seem to be gloomy nowadays so I think up a plan to make both of you smile again” Junsu shot Yunho his cheeky smile.

“Enough with the question everyone, why don’t we have some fun?” Yoochun breaks in.

With that they all went to Junsu’s karaoke room. Inside of the room filled with variety of discs. Junsu started picking songs and sang them while dancing. Sang Hee and Soon Yi cheered for him. Yunho getting challenged by Soon Yi as she said Junsu dance is better than him, challenged himself with Junsu, making a little dance battle going on in the house. Yunho and Soon Yi relationship gradually increase little by little as they can communicate a little bit easier now.

After singing the whole evening, all of them decided to take small break. Again, Yoochun blurted out “Hey how about we play the truth or dare game?" Everyone agreed. Yoochun went to the kitchen and came out with an empty bottle.

All of them sat in circle in the big living room. “Okay~ I’ll be the one in charge to spin the bottle! Chun will take over me if the bottle points to me okay!” Junsu squealed. “No! Let me ask you later Junsu oppa!” Soon Yi quickly raised her hand. Everyone nodded and then Junsu spins the bottle.

It stops at Changmin!

“Changmin~ Truth or dare?”


“Brave one huh? I dare you too…hug Sang Hee and kiss her cheeks!”

“You called that a dare hyung??” Sang Hee just chuckled at the dare Junsu gave Changmin as he lean closer to Sang Hee then hugged and brushed his lips on her cheeks. To both of them, this act was common already because they kept doing it since they were small. However Jaejoong stiffened a little looking at the scene in front of him. Junsu spins the bottle again…

It stops at Yoochun!

“Big forehead!! Truth or dare?”

“Yah!!” Yoochun retorted but then he said “Dare!”

“Okay! I dare you to wear that funny spectacle from our previous mini performance and showed it us here!”

Yoochun’s eyes almost popped out from his socket when Junsu said that “BWOOOOH?! Why? No..not here!”

“Yoochun oppa is such a coward!” Soon Yi joked and laugh.

“I’m not!” then he mumbled silently “You sooooo gonna pay it back after this you duck butt!” Then he picked one of the spectacle toys where Junsu bought along and started performing the song while singing very awkwardly. The whole circle filled with laughter, holding their stomach as Yoochun danced and showed funny faces to them. After Yoochun was finished, he sits back in his place and shots out death glares to Junsu.

The bottle spins again and this time it pointed to…Sang Hee!

“Sang Hee! Truth or dare?”

“Err…truth” Sang Hee breathes out.

“Hehehehehe okay! Is it true that you hug your pink teddy bear until you sleep every night?”

Sang Hee’s face flushed pink when she heard that “Wha…how did you know that Junsu?” as Sang Hee asked Junsu back, Soon Yi hides her face when she saw her “Mei mei!!” JaeJoong smiled when he saw Sang Hee’s face turned pink ‘She can be pretty cute when she blushed’ JaeJoong thought in his head.

“True or not?” Junsu chirped again.


“Yay~~!!” Soon Yi and Junsu clapped their hand.

The bottle continues to do its job faithfully, spinning in the centre of the circle. This time it stops at JaeJoong!

“Jae! Truth or dare?”

“Truth” JaeJoong answered bluntly.

“Okay~ How come your cooking is very good? Is it true you put something special in it to make it taste like that? What is it?”

“Love” JaeJoong answered without hesitating anything. Sang Hee’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing the word from JaeJoong.

“Ahh~ the power of love~!” Junsu joked around and smiled. He spins the bottle again and this time it pointed at Yunho!

“Yunho! Truth or dare?”


“Yesss!” Junsu smiled gleefully as if one if his target already comes into him “I dare you to say sorry to Soon Yi. More clearly this time”

Yunho locked his eyes at Junsu for a while before he diverts it to Soon Yi. He inhales some air into his lungs and looked at Soon Yi directly at the eyes, and then he said “Soon Yi, I’m sorry... Can you forgive me?” this time he clearly states that to Soon Yi instead of the whisper he used before.

“It’s okay…” Soon Yi replied slowly as she lowered her head.

“… please say that you really forgive me. Thinking that you is still mad at me is making me feel very uneasy” Yunho said sincerely to Soon Yi, wanting to deliver Soon Yi the message that he really needed forgiveness from her.

Sang Hee and the others looked at Soon Yi. Silently, Sang Hee gestured to her sister that it is okay.

“I…I forgive you Yunho oppa” Soon Yi murmured slowly.

“Pardon?” Yunho eyes blinked after he heard the reply.

“I said I forgive you long chin Jung!!!” this time Soon Yi declares it loudly with the nickname that he gave Yunho.

Everybody stayed still for a moment before Yunho opened his mouth “No need to be loud little brat!” a smile crept to his lips. Sang Hee smiled at her sister and best friend, finally both of them are doing well again. The heavy atmospheres before this turned to a more light and happy one for the entire person in the circle.

The game continues.

Junsu continued spinning the bottle and this time it stops at Soon Yi!

“Little brat it’s your turn!! Truth or dare?”

“Stop calling me that you ugly duck butt!! Dare!!!” Soon Yi yelled at Junsu.

“Okay! I dare you to show me your cutest smile!” Junsu pointed his index finger to Soon Yi, mischievous grin crept to his lips.

“BWOH!!!??? Yahh!! Duck butt!! Why that!?” Soon Yi protested, her face getting redder and redder by seconds.

Junsu bursted out laughing “Why? Can’t take the challenge little brat?” Junsu provoking Soon Yi.

Can’t bear to see the duck boasting in front of her she gritted her teeth together and tried her hardest, balling both of her palms in front of her face and placed them just below her bottom lips and smiled, and then she winked at Junsu.

“PWAHAHAHAHAHA!” Junsu started laughing uncontrollably on the floor and holds his stomach.

Soon Yi lowered her head a bit to hide her blushing face. Then she snapped back at Junsu “Yah duck butt! Spin the bottle now!”

Junsu spins the bottle, as if the bottle has sense of knowing people, it pointed straight to Junsu, the only one that hasn’t falls prey to the ‘deathly’ truth or dare game.

“Yay!!!” Soon Yi cheered “Now duck butt! Truth or dare?”

Junsu smiled proudly and punched his chest lightly “Dare!” showing that he is ready to face the challenge. But the thing is…he doesn’t know what is waiting for him…poor ducky.

“I dare you to walk like a duck around the room for three laps! Not to forget quacking and doing the posture like a real duck!!”

Soon Yi words were like a huge thunder suddenly attacking him in the middle of sunny day, stopping his heart beat for one second before he exploded “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!”

“Dare to do it or not?” Soon Yi smirked at him.

Can’t lose his self dignity after promising that he’ll do it, he goes into the duck position, bent his hands at his sides for the ‘fin’ and started squatting forward while saying “Qu..quac…quack” sound and fanned his ‘fin’ as he circled them.

“PWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” this time the laughter seem to increase instead of one person laughing her head out. Both Soon Yi and Yoochun were lying on the floor now, laughing hysterically, hands on their stomach as their eyes went teary because of laughing so hard. The others giggled and chuckled at the scene displayed in front of them.

When Junsu finally finished doing his laps, he sat on his place, face really red from embarrassment.

“Serve you right for making me doing that embarrassing pose earlier you ugly duck butt!!” Soon Yi stuck her tongue at Junsu.

Junsu retorted “Wait and see you little brat! I’ll get you for this!!”

Then Changmin interrupted the by saying “Yahh…aren’t you guys getting hungry yet? I’m starving!” as his stomach growls loudly.” Everyone nodded and went to the party room while Sang Hee and JaeJoong went to the kitchen to bring the foods out.


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