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The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

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The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 7/22/2009, 12:36 pm


“Hey!!! Get up already Seung Ri!! We're gonna be late!!”, Gd yelled up the stairs.

“I'm going, I'm going hyung!!!”, Seung Ri shouted back.

“Jeez, this kid...”, Gd murmured to himself as he quickly packed both of their lunches.

“Ok, I'm ready”, Seung Ri said, coming down in baggy, over-sized clothes.

“Ahh...”, Gd let out a long sigh. “How many times do I have to tell you not to wear my clothes??”

“Ah, come on bro...PLEASE...”, Seung Ri begged.

“Araso..”, Gd nodded. He motioned to Seung Ri's lunch. “Put your shoes on, I gotta check on mom.”

Seung Ri began looking for his sneakers as Gd headed off to the living room. He stared down at the floor. Yup, there was his mom, like any other day...passed out in the middle of the living room. Gd carefully took the beer bottle out of her hand making sure not to wake her and placed a blanket over her. “You're going off to school now”, he whispered to her before he could stop himself. He shook his head. He had to stop telling his mom this – it had been years since she had actually been awake to listen.

“Let's go”, he called to Seung Ri as he entered the kitchen.

“Okay!!”, Seung Ri said, jumping up from his chair. He took one step, stumbled and fell over. GD shook his head. He walked over to his brother and helped him up. He took a look down at his shoes.

“Seung Ri, you have them backwards again”, he explained.

“Ohhhhh..”, Seung Ri said. “I'm so stupid..I'm sorry bro.”

“It's cool”, GD responded, getting down on his knees. He fixed his brothers shoes and then they headed out the door.

“Did you check my homework last night?”, Seung Ri asked as they walked.

“Yeah...nice job. You only got a few words mixed up.”, Gd responded.

“Yes!!”, he said, punching the air. “I don't want to be held back a third year....Hey!! Top hyung!!”

“Huh?? Oh, hey, Seung Ri”, Top responded, quickly putting away a piece of paper he had been reading. GD saw it and made a mental note to ask about it later. “Oh..and how many times do I have to tell you NOT to call me by my street name?”

“Aww...come on...Top is way better then your real name..just like bro's. How come I can't have a street name?”, he asked.

“ have to go to school.”, Gd said, turning his brother toward the school entrance.

Seung Ri slumped his shoulders and waved good-bye to his hyungs as he headed off.

“Is he doing better?”, Top asked as soon as Seung Ri was out of hearing range.

“Yeah...but you know..the dyslexia is still keeping him back. If he didn't have that, he'd be a pretty smart kid.”, Gd answered.

Top nodded. “So....what were you reading anyway?”, Gd asked as they headed off to the nearby high school.

“Oh nothing....just crap that comes in the mail.”, Top answered.

Gd nodded. “So..are we staying all day in school today?”, he asked.

“What are you..a nerd? Hell no!!! That last class is soooo boring. I could pass even if I slept through every class.”, he answered.

“Dude, you do sleep through every class”, Gd responded.

“Hey, I'm passing aren't I?”, he shot back.

“Yeah...with a D-”, Gd said matter-of-factly.

“Man, shut-up, not like you're a perfect student.”

“Well, he's close enough...A and B student is close enough...”, came a voice from behind them. They turned around.

“Hey, Taeyang!! What's up bro?”, Gd asked.

“Nothing much...I got a messenger this morning. Seems like we've been challenged.”

“Oh who?”, Top asked.

“64”, Taeyang replied.

“Oooohhhh”, Gd and Top said together.

“How much is it if we win?”, Gd asked.

“5,000......dollars bro, we're talking dollars..not won.”, Taeyang replied smiling.

“Shit!!”, Top swore aloud. “That's tons of money!!”

“Yeah genius, but there's only three of us. 64 has five members, we have to be evenly matched.”, Gd replied.

“Go get Seung Ri”, Top said shrugging.

“What?! Come on, he has to go to school.”, Gd said.

“Aww..come on Gd. He'll only miss like..the last two classes and besides he's the best shot we got. He's an awesome dancer.”, Taeyang said.

Gd shook his head. “Even if we got him, we're still missing one”, he said.

“How about me?”, came a high-pitched voice. All three looked up.

“Man...what the---what are you doing here?”, Taeyang asked. “This isn't even your school, get out!!”

Top started laughing and Gd just stared. Yup, there he was. The rich kid that just wouldn't leave their crew alone. He said last time that he would get on their crew no matter what it took. Gd though it over quickly and decided that they needed him. They had no one else.

“Guys..I think we should give this Daesung kid a chance.”, Gd said.

“What are you, loco??”, Taeyang asked. “Man, there isn't one rich boy out there that can dance. Get outta here man.”, he said to Daesung. “Go back to that preppy school you do back to your money and your mommy and daddy.”

“Yeah...guess I will, since you don't have any”, Daesung said smugly.

Taeyang balled his hand into a fist. “Son of a bitch!!”, he shouted, swinging at Daesung. Gd grabbed onto him and held him back. Daesung held onto his eye....that is going to turn black pretty soon, Gd thought. Daesung turned and got away, but Gd kept his hold on Taeyang.

“C'mon let him go.”, Top told Gd. He nodded and released him.

“Shit Gd, you should have let me at him!!”

“He just said that cause' he was hurt man. You insulted him when you talked about his dancing skills.”, Gd answered.

“Man, whatever. I don't want that guy on our crew. He doesn't know what life is. He doesn't know what it's like to lose your parents. If that guy gets in, I'm out bro”, Taeyang said, before heading off to his class. Gd stared after him.

“C'mon we're gonna be late”, Top said, and they headed off to class.

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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 7/24/2009, 11:32 am


“Hey, so what did you decide?”, Taeyang asked Gd as he meet up with him and Top in the schoolyard.

“I don't know man....Seung Ri isn't a great student to start with..”, Gd said as they headed toward the school entrance.

“Looks like he already decided.”, Top said, motioning with his head at the school entrance. Seung Ri was standing there, leaning against one of the pillars.

“Hey!! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in school!!”, Gd shouted at his brother.

Seung Ri turned around and flashed him a brilliant smile. “C'mon Bro, I have a B in both of my last two classes and besides..I heard you guys really need me..I mean, 5,000 dollars??!!”

“Who told you?”, Gd asked, turning to Taeyang and Top. Top put his hands up and shrugged.

“It wasn't me.”, he said.

“Me either”, Taeyang added.

“It some rich kid. He came up to me and told me you guys really needed it.”, Seung Ri said.

“Wait?? Daesung??”, Gd and Taeyang said at the same time, astounded.

“Oh yeah...that was his name.”, Seung Ri said.

“Oh well...”, Taeyang said. “So hey Gd, what do you say?”

Gd shook his head. “Well, since you're already out of class and all..”

“Yeah!!!!”, Taeyang and Seung Ri said together, high-fiveing each other.

Seung Ri suddenly stopped and stared. “Hey, how come that security guard isn't coming after you guys?”, he asked.

“Oh him...”, Gd said trailing off. Top chuckled to himself.

“That's Jason....he used to be a security guard at the middle school. He tried to stop me from skipping one time when I went there and I beat him up real good”, Top said, still smiling as if remembering a pleasant memory.

Seung Ri grinned. “Was that the time Jun Hee Noona had to help you so you wouldn't get expelled?”

Gd and Taeyang burst out laughing as Top's smile turned into a frown. “Jeez, kid, you can't help me feel awesome even for a second can you? Shit...I can't believe you remember that. Yeah, yeah...your sis had to help me out”, he said.

“Yeah..cause she was the star student and her brother's best friend was the criminal of the school.”, Gd said laughing.

“Shut-up Gd”, Top said, starting to walk toward the street.

“What? You're not gonna say that it isn't true huh?? She had to promise the principal that she would take care of you and that I would help you get your grades up.”, Gd added, laughing.

“Man...shut-up Gd!!! Y'know why that happened?? Cause' my stupid dad was high. He's been hooked on drugs since forever, he didn't give a damn about what happened to me. That's why you and Jun Hee had to take care of it.” Top responded.

“Oh yeah huh.....still...”, Gd trailed off, caught in fits of laughter.

“Man...SHUT-UP GD!!”, Top said.

“Oh..he's getting mad now, he's losing his patience with you Gd.”, Seung Ri said, a little worried.

“Not that he had much patience to begin with.”, Gd laughing some more. Top shook his head.

“I'll get you later.”, he murmured.

“Hey..I have a question Gd..what happened to your sis?? She doesn't live with you anymore does she?”, Taeyang asked.

Seung Ri and Gd immediately stopped laughing. Top came to a complete stop. Taeyang stared.

“I'm sorry....probably something I shouldn't have asked.”, he murmured.

“'s about time you now. You've been our friend for the last two years.”, Gd said.
“ know how my mom's an alcoholic?” Taeyang nodded. “Well, one day Jun Hee collapsed. We didn't know what to do, so we went to our neighbor to help us. She took Jun Hee to the hospital....turned out that she hadn't eaten in weeks....she gave all the food in the house to Seung Ri and me...”, Gd said.

He looked up at Taeyang. “The lady filed a case against our mom and decided that she wanted custody of us kids cause' you know my mom didn't take care of us. My mom promised to stop drinking for at least a year to the court and with that she was able to keep me and Seung Ri, but she lost Jun Hee. We were able to see her for a while, but the lady that had custody of her moved out to the country. Now we can only see her every once in a while.”, he finished.

“Ohhhh..”, Taeyang said, nodding his head. “But..your mom's still an alcoholic.”

“Yeah..I told you it was at least a year. At soon as that clock his 12 midnight, she had a bottle in her hand again.”, Gd answered.

“Well, enough talking.”, Top said. “We have arrived..the kings are in the house....”

“More like out in the middle of a parking lot”, Gd whispered.

“This is the last time I'm gonna say it—Shut-Up Gd!”, Top said before heading off to the middle or the parking lot where the competition was about to begin.


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 7/26/2009, 3:06 pm


“All right, all right”, said the announcer. “You guys know the rules...there aren't any!! So let's get to what we all came here for, dancing!!”

The entire crowd cheered.

“64, you start.”, the announcer said, nodding to the group of guys on his left side. They nodded and the music began. They started their routine full of tricks and high-speed moves.

“Oh..hell no.....”, Gd said shaking his head.

“Fuck!!! That's our routine!!”, Taeyang said, astounded.

“How do they know our entire routine?”, Top said, amazed himself.

“They're fans...they've been watching you for a long time.”, came Daesung's voice. They all turned around to look at him.

“They're a rich crew huh? They come from your neighborhood.”, Taeyang asked him with a voice like steel. Daesung nodded reluctantly.

“And they expect to earn our respect by stealing our routines?”, Seung Ri asked.

“They still don't know the rules of the street, those rich idiots.”, Taeyang muttered.

“Looks like we'll have to freestyle....shit...we need a routine....we're gonna lose this money.”, Top said.

“If we freestyle we NEED that fifth member. There's absolutely no way we'll win with just four.”, Gd said as he watched one of the 64 members do a split.

“I'll do it.”, Daesung offered for the second time. Taeyang chuckled.

“You're ok with going against your own kind?”, he asked.

“In the street, you don't have a's all about surviving each day.”, Daesung responded with a serious face. All of them stared at him.

“Shit, where did you learn that line?”, Top asked. Daesung shrugged. Then, they all burst out laughing. Daesung stared at them, confused.

“That's sooo cliché rich kid”, Taeyang said between fits of laughter. “Fine..ok...Gd?”, he asked.

Gd nodded. “C'mon kid...we'll give you your first taste of what the street is really like.” he said.

A wide smile spread across Daesung's face. “Ok”, Gd said. “I'll start off, Seung Ri, I want you to follow after me. Then, come in....”

“I want to do the new combo we've been working on.”, Top said. Gd nodded.

“Hey, you know how to tut?”, Gd asked Daesung. He nodded. “Awesome, I want you to do some tutting after our combo 'kay?”

“Yeah.”, he answered.

“I'll do a flare after that”, Taeyang offered.

“Then Daesung and I can do some isolations”, Seung Ri added.

“Then Top and I will finish it off”, Gd said. They nodded, and the routine was decided.

“Let's do this for Taeyang”, Seung Ri said suddenly.

“Huh?? Why for me??”, Taeyang asked.

“I found out your grandma's sick huh? You need the money to pay for her medications”, he answered.

“How did you find out?”, Taeyang asked.

Seung Ri laughed. “I have my contacts.”

“Yeah...your hyung”, Gd said. “I stopped by your house yesterday and saw your grandma was sick. I wasn't going to say anything about it but..”, he added, glaring at Seung Ri. His brother hid behind Daesung.

“'s ok, but yeah, I'll use my share for that.”, Taeyang said nodding.

“You can take my share too.”, Top said as 64 finished their stolen routine.

“What?”, Taeyang said.

“I don't need it, besides, my dad will probably take it to waste himself.”, Top said, shrugging. Taeyang smiled.

“Thanks man”, he said, tears beginning to form at the corners of his eyes.

“Man, shut-up..are you crying?? What are you a sissy?? Geez....”, Top said looking away.

“He tries to act tough, but he's wiping away his tears right now”, Gd said to Taeyang in what was supposed to be a whisper.

“Man...SHUT-UP GD!!! I just got Sumthin' in my eye...”, Top said, still looking away. They all laughed and Top gave them a deathly stare.

“Alright, Big Bang, your up!!”, the announcer said. The five boys headed to the middle of the parking lot.

“Man...we have such a cool name.”, Top said, smiling to himself.

“Yeah, huh? Especially when you take into consideration that the only thing you learned in science last year was the Big Bang Theory.”, Gd snickered.

“SHUT-UP GD!!!!”, Top said for the last time as the music finally started.


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 7/26/2009, 3:06 pm


Taeyang stared up at the sky on his way home. He still couldn't believe they had lost. If only those stupid rich kids hadn't stolen their routines. At that moment, he would be walking home with two grand in his pocket.

He reached his house and opened the door. “I'm home”, he called out.

“Taeyang..Taeyang..”, came a feeble voice at the end of the hallway.

“Grandma?”, he called. He quickly made his way to the room at the end of the hallway. He stood and stared. His grandma was in bed with a doctor standing over her. His grandpa sat in a chair near the door.

“What happened?”, Taeyang asked, making his way in.

“Your grandma collapsed again.”, his grandpa replied, shaking his head.

“'s not that big of a deal...I'm healthy”, his grandma said.

“Actually..this not true. You need surgery or you may not be able to walk again. Those knees of yours are very bad and it's not helping you in your current condition.”, the doctor said.

“Aww..”, Taeyang's grandma said stubbornly.

The doctor shook his head and got up. He stepped outside of the room, motioning for Taeyang to follow him.

“Listen...I know your still a high school student, but you need to be the head of your household in this case. Your grandma absolutely needs that operation if she ever wants to move by herself again. She's too stubborn and her husband can't convince it's up to you.”, the doctor said.

Taeyang nodded. “How much is this operation doc?”, he asked.

“Probably 5-6,000”, the doctor responded.

“Won?”, Taeyang asked.

The doctor shook his head. “Dollars son....the surgeon is American...he charges used the number for dollars since he doesn't know how to convert it to won”

Taeyang nodded. “I'll get you that money, doc. I swear I will”, he said. The doctor nodded.

“We'll start getting everything for her operation ready. She can only wait about a week more, unfortunately.” the doctor responded. Taeyang nodded once more and accompanied the doctor to the door. Once he was gone, he sat on the couch with his face in his hands.

“ am I gonna get that money.”, he muttered to himself.

“Taeyang..come here!! I'm fine really..don't worry”, his grandma called from the half-closed door. Taeyang grabbed the phone and stood thinking. He needed to make money fast. In that case, there was only one person that could help him.

“Yoboseyo?”, came the voice through the speaker.

“Hello, Kangin-Sshi, this is Taeyang.”, he responded.

“Oh yeah..what's up?”, he asked.

“Listen...I need money..a lot of it, and fast. You can help me right?”, he asked.

“Ohhh...well, I don't know Taeyang...that's a tricky business.”, Kangin said.

“C'mon bro..I REALLY need it”, he said.

“Ok...I'll let you take the job I had for tonight. Make sure you bring people with you ok? You can;t do this alone of you want to be safe.”, Kangin said.

“Ok” Taeyang responded.

“Meet me at my house at 12 AM tonight, araso?”, he said.

“Okay, see you then.”, Taeyang said, and with that he hung up.

He thought throughout the rest of the afternoon, but he couldn't think of anyone that could help him. He didn't want to involve his friends in this. There was no way he was going to do that. He decided that he would have to go at it himself. So, at 12, he sneaked out of his house and headed to Kangin's home.

Taeyang let himself in and Kangin stood right there waiting for him. “Where are your helpers?”, he asked.

“Waiting outside”, Taeyang lied.

“”, Kangin said, thrusting a suitcase into Taeyang's hands. “You have to deliver this money to this address. You better make sure it's right too, ok?”

“Got it”, Taeyang responded, heading out.

Taeyang made his way through the dark streets. He checked the address in his hand. He noticed how his hands were shaking. He took a deep breath. “Calm down”, he told himself, “just one more block left.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps from behind him. He turned around, but in the dark, he couldn't see anything. “Who's there?”, he called out.

“Hey..looks like we have a worthwhile present here”, came a voice.

“Hey, kid why don't you give us what's in the suitcase?”, came another voice.

Shit, Taeyang thought, Kangin had been right..he needed friends with him..sort of like bodyguards. He couldn't lose the was 10,000..if he lost it he would have to pay it back or else they would kill him and he knew it. But, there was no use. There were probably ten or so of them. Taeyang didn't have a chance.

As they walked away with the suitcase, Taeyang couldn't stop the tears coming. He had lost the only opportunity he had to help his grandma and now, he had 10,000 more he had to pay back. He lay on the street, hoping the bleeding would stop soon....


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 7/28/2009, 1:36 pm


Top banged the screen door shut as he arrived at his house.

“Hey sonny”, came his dad's super happy voice.

“Yo”, Top said, without even looking at him.

“Where were you?”, he asked.

“School.”, Top responded.

“Oh..yeah...look at me son..”, his dad said, leaning toward him. Top looked up. He saw the familiar bloodshot eyes.

“I already know what you look like when you're high, no need to make me see it again.”, Top said.

“Aw....why do you always have to be like that. I feed you right? You have a house right? Even though you're not even my son...”, his dad trailed off.

“Yeah, I know I'm not your real son, but who cares?? Not like you give a damn about me”, Top responded. His dad sighed. Without another word, he turned around and went up the stairs to his room.

Top stretched out on his bed. Oh, well...they had lost, not that it hadn't happened just didn't happen often. He reached inside his pocket and took out the letter he had been reading in the morning. Carefully, he smoothed out the wrinkles. It was a letter from Jun Hee. He looked it over again and stared at the part that had gotten him the most excited, “I'll go and visit everyone very soon. I need too and then we need to tell Gd and Seung Ri what has been happening between us.”

Top sighed as he pressed the letter against his chest. He was half scared and half excited to tell Jun Hee's brothers that she was going out with him. It was not like it had been easy to get her to say yes. In fact, it had been only a month ago when she had finally agreed.

Top knew one thing for sure though....Gd would be pissed if he knew that Top visited Jun Hee by himself. They spent hours together. He knew he had a limited amount of time to be with her, so he always tried his best to make her happy. For three years, he had been hoping she would say yes, and she finally had. Top sighed. He had fallen for Jun Hee and now, he had to be the one to tell Seung Ri and Gd what he felt for their sister. He couldn't leave her alone. He turned over on his bed. He wondered how “soon” she would arrive.

“Taeyang?”, came Daesung's voice from outside his grandma's home. “Taeyang?”, he called again.

“Shit!!”, Daesung thought to himself. “Do I have the wrong house.?”He checked his watch. It was 1 AM in the morning. Where was Taeyang? He knew that Taeyang needed money for his grandma, and since they had lost earlier Daesung knew he had to do something. No matter how mean Taeyang was to him, Daesung felt like he was part of the crew now and he wanted to help. He had asked his noona, Jae Eun if he could take money out of the family account. When she had heard what it was for, she had agreed.

Daesung clutched tightly the suitcase in his hand—he had 5,000, hopefully that would be enough.

“Taeyang”, he said once again, but he didn't hear an answer.

Daesung turned around to leave when he heard the sound of heavy footsteps.

“Gd!!”, he said, as Gd came up to him, completely out of breath.

“What are you doing here?”, Daesung asked.

“That's my line rich kid”, Gd said.

“I..I found a way to help Taeyang”, Daesung said, holding up his suitcase. Gd's eyes widened.

“Is that for his grandma?”, he asked. Daesung nodded, a little embarrassed.

Gd sighed. “Well, that gets him out of that one, but....he has another problem. Kangin called me and told me that Taeyang took a job for him.”

“What!!??”, Daesung shouted.

“'s 1 AM... don't go shouting in the middle of the street.”, Gd said, exhausted.

“Sorry..”, Daesung said. Gd took the suitcase from Daesung's hands and threw it up at the house. It flew expertly through the window of Taeyang's room.

“Looks like you've done that before.”, Daesung muttered.

“Duh..”, Gd replied. “C'mon, we gotta find Taeyang. He hasn't shown up yet and Kangin's not happy about that. We gotta make sure he's alright.”

“Ok”, Daesung nodded.

They took off running. They stopped at a beat down house. In his hurry, Gd threw the rock in his hand a little harder than he had intended to and it broke the window he had aimed it at. He heard a shot yelp.

“Top!!”, he called out.

“Fuck Gd!!!! What the hell where you thinking!! Shit!!! You broke my China doll!!”, came his voice.

“Not to mention you're window..”, Gd said.

“Shut-up!!”, came Top's voice. “Whaddya want?? I was sleeping!!”

“Yeah..I think I know that...Taeyang's in trouble, c'mon bro..we need to find him.”

In less than a minute, Top was out the door. He nodded at Daesung and then pointed a finger accusingly at Gd. “Better watch your smart mouth kid.” Gd rolled his eyes and they set off once again.

“Hey!! Here he is!!”, Daesung cried out as he found Taeyang.

“No shit, and half-dead too”, Top said.

“Shut-up Top, c'mon Daeung, help me pick him up.”, Gd said.

At 2 AM in the morning, the hospital had a young man that had been stabbed and had a broken arm in their emergency wing....


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 7/28/2009, 1:37 pm


Gd poked Top in the ribs. “What??”, he said, half-asleep with drool coming out of his mouth. Not exactly prince material is he? Gd thought to himself.

“C'mon”, he said, shaking Top. “It's 8 AM bro, we gotta start heading to school.”

“Fuck school”, Top said, slapping Gd's hands away. “You're friend's in the hospital and all you can think about is school?? What are you, a freakin' nerd?”, he added, yawning.

“You're one to ACTUALLY got some sleep...what's all this talk about a friend in the hospital?” Gd countered.

“Shut-up...fine..we'll go”, Top said, getting up with a lot of effort.

“Hurry-up, I still gotta go and wake up Seung Ri”, Gd said, pulling Top behind him.

“Hey..where's Daesung?”, Top said, looking around.

“He's comforting Taeyang's grandparents idiot, what else?”, Gd said.

“Ahhhhh.....hey...did you call me an idiot?? Watch your mouth kid!!”, Top said as they left the hospital.

It took them only about 10 minutes or so to reach Gd's house. “Seung Ri!!”, he called up the stairs. There was no answer.

“C'mon Gd, let him sleep in”, Top said stretching. “You're already late anyway.” GDdshook his head.

“Seung Ri!!”, he called again.

“Ah..calm down you always shout this loud in the morning?”, came a mellow voice from the living room. Gd stared in the direction the voice had come from.

“Who's there?”, he asked.

“Who else”, came the voice as the figure of a young woman came into view. She looked up and smiled at Gd. “I sent Seung Ri to school already, don't worry about him. See? I even made him breakfast.”, she said, pointing at an empty plate on the table.

“Do you want some?”, she asked, moving toward the cabinets.

“Noona...”, Gd breathed, hardly believing what he saw. She smiled. Top stared and gulped. Man, how could he be both happy and horrified to see her? Something told him that he should go back to the hospital, just in case Gd attempted to kill him.

“Sit down”, she said motioning to the seats. “Top is right dongsaeng...there's no point in hurrying, you're already late.”

Gd sat and Top reluctantly followed. “When did you stop calling Top dongsaeng?”, Gd said. Top gulped, he could hear his heart skipping beats and one word repeated itself in his head..shit, shit, shit!!!

“When I decided that being a few months younger than me didn't make him much of a dongsaeng.”, she answered.

She came around the counter and placed a stack of pancakes in front of each of them. “Eat up!!”, she said, sitting in the empty seat between Gd and Top.

Gd stared at his plate. “Nonna...what are you doing here?”, he asked.

“Hmmm?? I came to visit you of course!!”, she said. She grabbed both Gd's and Top's left hands. “Its been a while since I've been here. Oh..and Gd..don't worry about mom, I already put a blanket over her”, she said. She let go of their hands to pinch Gd's cheeks. “Oh..when did my dongsaeng get so handsome?”, she said.

“Oww...ow...ow...noona!! Stop it!!”, Gd said. She let go, laughing. Gd grabbed his cheeks which were now red.

“ look like a tomato”, Top said, cracking up.

“Shut-up!!”, Gd said.

Jun Hee laughed and then pinched Top's cheeks as well. “Ow...ow....ow....stop it..Jun Hee!!”, he shouted.

“Now you look like a tomato...and a fucking ugly one too”, Gd said.

“What?? Respect your elders kid”, Top said, reaching over to where Gd sat. GDdgrabbed his cheeks so that Top wouldn't squeeze the life out of them and was surprised when Top took his pancakes instead.

“You ain't gonna eat these right?”, Top said, already wolfing them down. Gd stared. When had Top eaten his own pancakes?

About .5 seconds later, Top stretched. “Aww..that was good!! Jun Hee, you sure know how to cook!!”

Gd stared in disbelief. “ just ate 20 pancakes in like two fucking minutes”, Gd said.

“ You weren't gonna eat them. You know we don't waste.”, Top said. Jun Hee smiled and got up.

“C'mon..I'll take you guys to school and you can explain to me why you arrive at 8 AM”, she said.

Top and Gd looked sheepishly down at the floor. They followed Jun Hee out the door and shuffled their feet as they walked. Jun Hee was patient and waited for their explanation. By the time they had reached the school, Jun Hee knew everything that had happened to them. She sighed.

“I don't understand why you guys go through the trouble of earning money in the streets.”, Jun Hee said, pulling a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“What do you suggest then?”, Gd asked.

“Oh..I don't know....get a job”, she said.

“Oh yeah.....I forgot those existed”, Top said shrugging. Jun Hee rolled her eyes.

“Ok..get to class!!”, she said. “And I want you to stay all day too, Seung Ri told me about your expeditions araso??”, she said, smacking Gd across the head.

“Ah..Noona!!”, he said, but he consented. Halfway through the schoolyard Gd cursed, “I'll get Seung Ri for snitching”, he told Top.

“Hmm..oh..yeah..whatever...”, Top said, totally disinterested. Gd much for a best friend.

Top walked out of the school around noon and left Gd to deal with the classes they had left. Gd stared as he left. Of course Top could leave since he didn't have a big sister telling him to stay. Gd looked down..he was so happy Jun Hee was here. He would have to find something to give her as a welcome home present.

Meanwhile, Top stopped on his way home to buy his own gifts for Jun Hee. Once home, he took the remnants of the China doll Gd had broken the last night and tried his best to piece it together. The doll was the first present he had ever received from Jun Hee...sure they had been only five, but Top still treasured it. He sighed and dressed himself. Then he set off for Gd's house.

He entered through the back door. “Jun Hee?”, he called. There was no response. He entered the kitchen and found a body sprawled on the floor. “Jun Hee!!”, he cried.


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 7/30/2009, 1:15 pm


“Are you feeling better?”, Top said, bringing in some tea.

Jun Hee nodded. “It was just a spell”, she said. Top stared at her.

“Jun Hee every time it's just a know damn well that it isn't.” She cast her eyes on the ground, unable to look up at him. He leaned in toward her, but she stopped him.

“Don't..”, she whispered. Top stared at her with hurt eyes. “Gd....Seung Ri..”, she said, shaking her head. Top swept his hair back from his face.

“Do you still see me as your dongseng?”, he asked. “You know...I'm not a child anymore.”

“Yes..I know that, but I can't help thinking that I'm being an idiot for falling for you.”, she said.

He sighed. “I know I was an idiot in middle school alright? I'm sorry..but..”, his words trailed off as he leaned into her again. This time he was able to kiss her gently.

She started to cry, but she held onto him. Top circled one arm around her waist and with his other arm, he pressed her face to his chest. “It must hurt..”, Top said, unable to stop his voice from breaking.

“I'm sorry...I'm sorry you had to love me”, she whispered in his ear.

“Well...guess what? I'm not.”, Top answered. “I don't care how much pain it much Gd will hate me..I don't care...”

She sighed and pulled away. He wiped the few remaining tears from her face. “Here”, he said, pouring some tea in a cup for her. “I followed all the instructions, it must be pretty good..”, Top said, taking a sip of his own tea. Suddenly..he spit it out. Jun Hee stared at him.

“Man, that tastes like shit!!”, he grabbed her cup out of her hands. “No, forget that, don't drink it”, he said, still gagging. Jun Hee began to laugh. Top's face grew red with embarrassment.

“Thank you..”, she said, looking at him. Top grew even more red -- he hated being in the spotlight. She kissed him and then got up. She held out her hand for him. “Weren't you going to take me somewhere?”, she asked a twinkle in her eye. He looked up and smiled.

“Uh...yeah..”, he said looking around “Shit, where do you put these things?”, he said, pointing to the tea cups. Jun Hee opened her mouth to answer, but the next thing she heard was the sound of breaking glass. “Trash right?”, Top said, looking up...totally oblivious of the fact that he had broken a $100 dollar tea set. Jun Hee began laughing some more. She grabbed his hand.

“I have to teach you a lot of things before I leave”, she said.

“That's if I let you go..”, Top whispered.


Gd walked out of the school building slowly. Man...was school boring..

“Dongsaeng!!”, came a voice he knew only too well. He looked up to see Jun Hee waving at him with Top right next to her.

“Hey, what's up?”, he asked, walking up to them.

“Hey...let's go get Seung Ri together like old times ok?”, Jun Hee said smiling brightly.

“Actually..I wanted Gd to go with me. We have to go check out something..”, Top said slowly. Jun Hee frowned.

“I hope it's nothing like what happened to your friend.”, she said uneasily.

“No...that's not it”, Top answered. He walked toward Gd and stopped by Jun Hee. He smiled at her. “Believe's nothing like that.”, he said. Jun Hee nodded. “C'mon..”, T.O.P. told Gd.

They walked silently next to each other taking the direction toward Top's house.

“What's up?”, Gd asked. Top had been unusually quiet. Top looked up at the sky.

“Ever wondered where the end of the sky is?”, Top asked. Gd stared at him.

“What?? Man, what the fuck are you talking about?”, he asked, a confused look on his face.

“Gd....sometimes I feel like I've been walking this path over and over again and I never find a way out.”

“I think I know what you mean...street life feels like that a lot.”, Gd said.

“Yeah...but you have a family bro....I don't..”, Top said.

“We're your family.”, Gd answered, stopping and looking at Top

Top looked at him. “My family is all dead...I have no one Gd.....why am I here?”

“Because you need to make sure that I'll finish school.”, Gd said half-jokingly, trying to lift the dark atmosphere.

“ know that people die everyday right?”, Top said, solemnly.

“Don't start going emo on me now...”, Gd said, worried.

“Gd..I'm just telling you to keep that in mind. I mean....with what happened to Taeyang..... we could have lost him you know? And you're guys are all the family I have...I need you guys to take care of yourself alright?”, Top said, tears starting to stream down his face.

Gd looked up at the sun setting, leaving a pink glow in the sky. He looked as Top shook with grief. He sighed deeply and bit back his own tears.

“I don't plan on dying anytime soon..”, Gd said. Gd patted Top on the back, waiting until Top let all his grief out. When Top was finally able to stop, it was pretty dark.

“C' can spend the night at my house.”, Gd said.

Top nodded, trying to erase the traces of tears from his face. “I'm sorry..”, he said.

“Naw..don't worry about it”, Gd said, already walking toward his house.

“No..not about that..I'm sorry.....for keeping this from you....”, Top whispered, grabbing his chest.”I'm sorry.........”. But Gd was too far along and didn't hear his friend's apology....


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 8/3/2009, 11:50 am


“How you doing bro?”, Daesung asked, sitting at the foot of Taeyang's bed.

“ you're trying to talk slang?”, Taeyang asked. “I thank you for what you did bro, but....I need to teach you a lot about the streets.” He punched Daesung playfully and then winced.

“You shouldn't be doing broke three ribs hyung...I mean bro”, Daesung said. Taeyang laughed.

“Slang is supposed to come naturally bro...but don't'll learn with time.”, he said.

Deasung smiled back gratefully. Then there was a knock on the door. Before Daesung could even move to open it though, it slammed open and Kangin rushed in.

“Hey...what's up?”, Taeyang asked.

“What's up?? What's up??”, Kangin said, a crazy look in his eye. “ lost 10 grand last night, you realize that right?”

“C'mon man, relax, he's just getting better.”, Daesung said.

“Shut-up rich kid”, Kangin said. “I got a message for you kid....fuck....they want those 10 grand in three weeks at the most. I was able to plead your case...if not they would have only given you 48 hours. Better get that money bro.....”

“Or what?”, Daesung asked.

“Shut-up Daesung”, Taeyang said, his head in his hands.

“They'll kill him, idiot!! You don't know anything about the streets, dancing shoes..”, Kangin said. He sighed deeply. “I'm sorry Taeyang...”

“ was my fault anyway”, he answered. “I'll get that money hyung...I will.” Kangin nodded.

“You don't know me from now on.”, Kangin said turning around. Then he stopped abruptly at the doorway. “You got a family have to live for them. I've seen to many of my friends dead.....I don't want to see another one.” Then he left without a sound or a glance back.

Top arrived home late at night. He had been at Gd's house, but had decided to go home instead of spending the night. He stared at his dead who had the bloodshot eyes again.

“Hey sonny..”, his dad said.

“Fuck, can't you spend one day without getting high?”, Top asked.

“No..”, his dad answered laughing. Top shook his head. “I heard Gemini is back in the neighborhood.” his dad said.

Shit, T.O.P. thought, how did he find out? “ name's not Gemini anymore”, he said, in a casual tone.

“Oh yeah....she too good for the streets now?”, Top's father said, laughing. “Just like her mom...her mom thought she was to good too and ended up with that stupid man that beat her like a rag doll.”

Top clenched his teeth, but decided to ignore his father. He started to go up the stairs.

“You know, she might end up being as stupid as her mom.”

Top ran up the rest of the stairs and slammed his door shut. He lay on his bed trying to ignore the senseless babble that had come out of his step-father's mouth.
Gd hung up the phone slowly. Three weeks, he thought. Only three weeks. He sighed and leaned against the wall. He needed to find a solution for Taeyang..he just didn't want to leave him alone. Daesung could only do so much, besides, Daesung had already paid of the operation.

“Something wrong?”, came Jun Hee's voice. He looked up to see his sister standing there with a worried look on her face.

“Three weeks....he has three weeks noona.”, Gd said. Jun Hee nodded.

“I thought it would be less. You have a lot of time, compared to others.”, she responded. Gd nodded. Three weeks was a lot and at the same was so little.

Jun Hee placed her hands on Gd's shoulders. “'ll be fine. Believe me..we'll find a way out.”, she said.

Gd nodded. “Get some sleep.”, she told him. He nodded again and headed up to his room.

Jun Hee waited until late in the night. Carefully, she locked the doors of the house and left. She walked in the streets clothes that had still hung in her room, despite her being away for five years. She rounded the corner and immediately heard a low whistle.

“Is that who I think it is?”, came a low voice. She looked up to see a guy walking over to her, with an over-exaggerated swagger.

“Hey, Gemini..when did you return back around here? You gonna beat someone else for making fun of Victory?”, he asked, smiling showing brown teeth.

“Shut-up DJ....and don't call him Victory his name is Seung Ri.”, she said.

He whistled again. “Hot-headed are you?”, he asked.

She looked him in the eye. “You know where I can get 10 grand...quickly?”, she asked.

“Woah..woah Gemini. Never knew you were like that. You were never into all the illegal stuff we do. Why do you think we haven't recruited Gd and Top and their little crew?”, DJ said, surprised.

“My brother needs it.”, she said.

“Oh well..guess that's a different story.”, he said, stopping to think. He looked her up and down. “Ever thought of joining the red-light district?”, he asked. She punched him.

“Alright, jeez. want a sort-of clean job?”, he asked. She nodded. “Fine, get into a dance battle.”

“You know that I can't dance.”, she said.

“Then tell your brother's crew to do it. Big Bang is legendary.”, he answered.

“What's the catch?”, she asked.

“Well.....we can get the 10 grand...but.....if they lose....they have to pay the other crew 10 grand.”, DJ said. Jun Hee sighed.

“Sorry Gemini..the streets have gotten worse and worse...that's the only way to do it.”, he said. She nodded.

“Set it up..I'll tell them. Oh....and let's make it so that neither crew knows their opponent.”, she said.

“Trying to give your bro an advantage?”, DJ said. She just smiled.

“That's why you're have two two twins. Your a proper lady once you out of this hell...but as soon as you're on the sure know how to survive.” He bowed to her. “My respects.”

She bit her lip. “Thank you DJ...I'll always thank you for taking care of.” He nodded.

“I'm your uncle aren't I?”, he laughed. “See ya”, he said, turning around and leaving. Jun Hee turned around and headed back home herself. She had just found the solution.

Top stamped down the stairs loudly. He wanted to make sure his father knew he was awake so that he could be left alone. He grabbed a banana on his way out and walked toward Gd's house.

“Yo”, he said coming in.

“Hey!!”, Seung Ri said from where he was sitting, eating his breakfast.

“Hey, Top”, Gd said, a solemn look on his face.

“What's up?”, Top asked. Gd walked over to him and explained the situation to him.

“So we have to battle?”, Top asked, an excited look coming over his face.

“C'mon bro..I don't know if we can win.....what if we're up against 64 again?? And then we only have 4 members...there's no way that Taeyang will be able to dance.” Gd said.

“Quit looking at everything so negatively hyung....I'm sure we can win!”, Seung Ri said. He had an enthusiastic look on his face. Gd sighed, obviously giving up.

“When is it?”, Top, asked as he rummaged through the refrigerator for food.

“Next week”, Gd responded.

“Yeah...ok....we have enough time to make a new routine if we need it. By the way...where's Jun Hee?”, he asked.

“I dunno...something about a new tea set..”, Gd said, trailing off. Top grew red with embarrassment. So I wasn't supposed to throw that away? He thought to himself. Oh well, he thought, munching on an apple. Payback to GD for the China doll..she's probably using his money anyway...


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by WonderBinnie on 8/3/2009, 1:02 pm

Hey^^ So cute story you have.
I totally love Seung Ri <3
He is my fave in this fiction.
He melts my heart.
I wonder what happens next?

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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 8/5/2009, 12:36 pm

WonderBinnie wrote:Hey^^ So cute story you have.
I totally love Seung Ri <3
He is my fave in this fiction.
He melts my heart.
I wonder what happens next?

Thank you ^^ Seung Ri's like a lttle kid in the story huh?? I'll update right now, thanks so much for the nice comment, I really appreciate it!!


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 8/5/2009, 12:39 pm


Gd stared down at the papers in his hands. Damn, he thought. This can't be right. He scratched his head and that was when the pain hit him again. He sighed, trying to let the wave of pain pass. He realized that the hospital report was right...why else do they go to college 10 years? He thought.

He got up from his bed and walked over to his closet. He folded the papers in his hand until they made a little square. The he got down on his knees and hid the papers under a loose floorboard. Classic, he thought. Then he heard the sound of steps coming up the stairs. He quickly closed the doors of his closet and jumped on his bed just as the door opened.

He looked up at Top “You done apologizing?”, he asked.

“Yeah..she said breaking the tea set was no big deal.”, he said, shrugging.

“What!!?? No big deal?? Fuck, she took 30 dollars from me!!”, Gd said, astounded.

“Hey..she's your noona..she can do that.”, Top said chuckling. He walked over to Gd's bedside table.
“You still have these?”, he asked, pointing to the Chinese exercise balls that Jun Hee had brought Gd for his 13th birthday.

“”, Gd said. “They help me exercise my hands.”

“Yeah....I reckon you just like the tinkling sound they make. Makes it seem like fairies are all around you huh?”, Top said, raising his eyebrows.

“Shut-up!! I said that when I was 13..I'm 18 now bro”, Gd said, snatching the box away from him. Top laughed.

“C'mon, we gotta start practicing, we only have a week.”, Top said.

“Ok”, Gd responded. He got up and walked to his closet to find something more comfortable. On his second step though, his ankle suddenly twisted and he fell down. There was a sound of breaking glass.

“Bro, you ok?”, Top said, obviously trying to contain laughter.

“Yeah..I'm fine”, Gd said, red in the face. “Fuck!!”, he said, looking around him.

“Oh dropped your present..”, Top said, looking at the scattered pieces of the Chinese exercise balls. “Wait here....I'll go get a broom.”

“Since when do you know how to sweep?”, Gd asked.

“Shut-up bro!!”, Top said, slamming the door behind him.

For the next three consecutive days, the four boys worked hard on a new original routine. They worked long hard hours intent only on saving their friend's skin.

“I'm sorry guys”, Taeyang said on the fourth day after watching them practice once again.

“Man, shut-up already, you sound like a broken record.”, Top said, clearly annoyed.

“Aw.....he sees us as his heroes”, Seung Ri said, smiling.

“Shut-up Seung Ri seriously...the stuff you say are so random., Gd said. Jun Hee laughed.

“I think that hit it right on.”, she said, looking at Taeyang's red face.

“Well...we're not heroes..only Daesung.”, Gd said. At that, they all turned to stare at Daesung.

“It wasn't even me who gave the was my noona.”, Daesung said, turning red again.

“You all look like tomatoes”, Top said, cracking up.

“Shut-up!!!”, came the shout of everyone except Jun Hee. She smiled and headed back inside the house.

Jun Hee entered the bathroom. She scrubbed her face and stared at herself in the mirror. She grabbed at her hair to put it up, but when she pulled away, she saw hairs on her hand. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. I have to get used to it, she thought. She quickly tried to wash the hairs off her hands. She made sure there were no traces of her hair before leaving the bathroom.

She walked into the kitchen and saw her brothers and their friends all practicing. She sighed deeply as she stared at Top, her eyes lingering on his face. I'm so sorry, she thought. I'm sorry that you love me and that you have to keep my secret from your best friend. She looked down at her hands and realized that she was shaking. She tried to calm herself.

“Time to cook dinner” she whispered to herself. She tried to steady herself to make sure that no one could tell how she felt. For some reason though, Top was never fooled. I can't let them know of my cancerous tumor, she thought. They can't'll be too painful.

She heard good-bye's and looked out the window. “Aren't you staying for dinner?”, Jun Hee asked.

“Naw...we gotta go...thanks anyway”, Daesung and Taeyang responded. She waved good-bye.

“You need something noona, we're heading to the store.”, Seung Ri asked. She nodded and wrote them a quick list and they took off. Then she busied herself with the preparation of her family's food.

“Wow.....little Jun Hee sure has grown”, came a voice from behind her. She turned around.

“Dad...”, she whispered.

“No...remember?? I'm not your dad..just Seung Ri's and Gd's”, he said. He walked toward her. “I came looking for your mom..but I've found something better.”

Jun Hee stared at her step-father and noticed the lust in his eye. No..., she thought.

He then threw herself at her. She tried to wrestle out of his grip. He threw her her against the wall. She felt the concussion overtaking her and making her sight fuzzy. In a last attempt, she fumbled for the vase on the kitchen table and hit him over the head. Once, twice...she hit him. She sank after word staring at the corpse and the blood on her hands. She began to cry. ….


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by WonderBinnie on 8/6/2009, 4:15 am

“Aw.....he sees us as his heroes”, Seung Ri said, smiling.
“Shut-up Seung Ri seriously...the stuff you say are so random., Gd said.

Haha XD That's so true. Seung Ri always says things that are random.
But hey...That's why we love him cat

OH! And poor Jun Hee...I hope that she is okay

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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 8/9/2009, 5:30 pm

WonderBinnie wrote:“Aw.....he sees us as his heroes”, Seung Ri said, smiling.
“Shut-up Seung Ri seriously...the stuff you say are so random., Gd said.

Haha XD That's so true. Seung Ri always says things that are random.
But hey...That's why we love him cat

OH! And poor Jun Hee...I hope that she is okay

Ah yes, random Seung Ri ^^ Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you're enjoying the story Very Happy


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 8/9/2009, 5:32 pm


“Jun Hee!!! Jun Hee!!”, came Top's voice. Jun Hee looked up, to see Top there. “What happened?”, he asked, staring at the corpse and at her. How long has it been? She thought....only a few minutes..

Top dropped the bag of groceries at his feet and knelt down beside her. “Are you okay?”, he asked.
She shook her head. “Did he try to hurt you?”, he asked. She could only cry. He pulled her toward him and held her in his arms as he cleaned the blood off her hands with a rag.

“It's ok now”, he said, caressing her hair. He leaned toward her to kiss her. At that moment, the door burst open and Gd and Seung Ri rushed in. They both stared at the scene before them. Top pulled away from Jun Hee.

“Wh—what!!??”, Gd said, confusion written all over his face.

“I-I'm...bro..I'm dating your sister”, Top said, finally.

Gd just stared at them both. “How could you do this to me?”, he asked, a pained look on his face.

“Gd..I...I”, Jun Hee stammered. Gd just shook his head.

“Bro, your worrying about his when your father is dead on your kitchen floor?”, Top said.

“That guy was never a dad to me”, Gd said. “Besides, we're from the streets remember? We see death everyday..but betrayal is something you don't.”

“It's not betrayal..”, Top began.

“SHUT-UP!!”, Gd shouted. “How can you go out with my sister man?? She asked you out in middle school and you broke her heart. Fuck, you don't know what it's like to see your sister crying over your best friend!! You're a fucking bastard!!”

“I was an idiot ok!!”, Top yelled back. “I couldn't take care of her...but I can now.”

“Shut-up...just..shut-up”, Gd said, shaking his head. Then he got up and ran out the door.

“GD!!”, Top shouted.

“Hyung!!”, came Seung Ri's shout.

Jun Hee stared after her brother. How had it all happened?? Everything had fallen apart so fast. She stared down at the corpse on the floor.

“Shit!!”, Top said. “The cops will be coming soon, the neighbors probably heard all the commotion.” He looked around and grabbed Jun Hee's hand. “C'mon”, he said.

“What??”, she asked.

“We have to run”, he answered.

“No”, came a voice from the doorway. “You have to hide.” All three eyes looked up to see DJ in the doorway. “Hurry up!!”, he said, as the distinct sound of sirens could he heard. He shoved Seung Ri up the stairs and forced Jun Hee and Top after them.

“Hide in here”, he said, opening the door to Gd's closet.

“DJ”, Jun Hee said.

“Naw..I'm your uncle, remember?”, he said. Then he closed the door and ran down the stairs. He covered himself with the victim's blood and sat there waiting for the police to arrive. I'm sorry Jun Hee, he thought. This is all I can do for you. Your sister...fell apart and I never took proper care of you children. This is all I can do for you now.....

Gd ran as fast as he could, never once stopping. His legs screamed to him in pain asking him to stop, but he ignored their pleas. He ran, not even knowing where he was going since the tears made his vision blurry. Then he crumpled to the ground suddenly.

His breath came in short gasps and he held onto his chest tightly. Please...he thought, please heart, resist this, Give me one more day. I know I have less than a week, but for me at least one more day.........

It was late into the night before Jun Hee, Top and Seung Ri dared to move. They decided that they needed to get out. As Jun Hee was getting up though, she caught her foot on a loose floorboard. Top broke her fall.

“Are you okay?”, he asked.

“Yeah..”, she said, looking down at the floorboard. She noticed that there was a compartment. He reached in a felt a small piece of paper. She took it out and unfolded the papers. She read threw them quickly and once again, she let the tears flow down her face.

“What is it noona?”, Seung Ri asked.

“We have to find!!”, she said, hurrying for the door.

“What is it Jun Hee?”, Top asked, following after her.

“He has heart failure problems”, she answered.

Top felt like he had been struck on the face.

“Which way did he go Seung Ri?”, Jun Hee asked.

“Left!!”, Seung Ri said, looking at his hands.

“Sure, ask the dyslexic kid!”, Top said.

Jun Hee shook her head and then ran off into the darkness. Top looked at Seung Ri and then together,they ran after her....


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 8/13/2009, 1:32 pm


“Gd”, came a voice he knew well. Gd looked up and stared at three figures standing over him.

“Are you okay, hyung”, Seung Ri asked in a worried voice.

Gd slowly got up, shooting daggers at Top “What happened?”, he asked Seung Ri.

“I don't know..we found you here...are you ok?”, Seung Ri asked again. Gd nodded, trying to reasure his dongsaeng.

“Bro..”, Top began.

“Don't call me bro”, Gd said, cutting him off.

“Fine long are you gonna sulk?”, Top asked. Gd gave him a deathly stare.

“Get the fuck out of here, I don't want to hear or see you”, Gd said, turning away from him.

“ have to come back with us. “, he said.

“And why in hell should I do that?”, he asked.

“ forget...there's still one person who needs you.”, Top said.

“Who? Seung Ri is right here and Jun Hee has you”, Gd said, giving his sister a cold look as well.

“No...Taeyang..”, Top said. That seemed to make Gd understand. He kept his cold indifference, but began making his way back to their neighborhood.

They had only two more days to practice. They began to work hard, but still, hardly any words passed between Gd and TopThey mostly kept out of each others way. Seung Ri had told Daesung and Taeyang of the situation and they had decided to stay out of it, since they had no idea how to fix such a situation. Jun Hee kept to herself, constantly looking at Gd's health report. Top sensed there was something more wrong, but she didn't say anything. He has only about three days left, she thought. At the most..three days..
Finally, the day of the dance battle arrived. The Big Bang crew was more than ready and they headed out to the meeting place. DJ had left someone else in charge of the battle and Big Bang was ready for anything that came to them. Jun Hee stood off to the side, ready to support the only family she had.

It was not long before Big Bang found out who their opponents were.

“64”, Seung Ri breathed, as he saw them.

“They don't look to happy to see us”, Taeyang said, smiling.

“Good...that gives me more confidence”, Gd said. All of them nodded in agreement and then the battle began.

Big Bang put their hearts out in the dance. Even in the streets, they never fell short of amazing and that day was no different. Everything was to save the life of their friend and they going to fight as hard as they could.

They all stood, breathing hard as they waited for the final decision of the judges. 64 had also given a good performance, but they had been lacking a bit. Time seemed to stop as the judge walked into the middle of the street and raised his hand for silence.

“The winner..”, he said. Everything was dead silent. Then he brought his hand down, pointing at the crew on his right side. “BIG BANG!!!”

Taeyang could feel the tears clouding his eyes as he accepted the suitcase for the entire group. Then he heard a shout.

“Cheaters!!”, came the voice of the 64 leader.

“You stole our routine...we were going to do that!!”, another one shouted.

“What!!??”, Top said. “Fucking bastards! You are the ones who steal routines!!!”

“Ref...they cheated...they cheated!!”, came chants from 64 and all their fans. The judge raised his hand.

“You should have called it before the decision. Too bad”, the judge said. They burst out in yells of anger. Then, suddenly the members came surging toward Big Bang with bats in hands.

All of them were more than ready to fight. “Get out of here Jun Hee!!, Top shouted.

“No way!!”, she shouted back, trying to make her way to them to help them.

“Listen to him noona!!”, Gd shouted. Jun Hee stopped abruptly. Those were the first words that Gd had spoken to her in the last three days.

“Go!!”, he shouted again, as he kicked a guy in the shin. That was when she noticed his labored breathing and how he grabbed onto his chest.

“Top!!”, she shouted. “Gd..something is wrong with him!!”

Top turned to look at Gd already falling to the ground in a daze. His heart, Top thought immediately.

He ran to his friend. “Watch out!!”, he heard Seung Ri shout. That was when he felt the bullet drive into his side.

“Top!!!”, he heard Jun Hee scream. He lost consciousness shortly after.


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 8/16/2009, 3:43 pm


Ambulances could be heard everywhere. The sirens resounded in Daesung's ears as if trying to remind him constantly of the conditions of his friends. He looked up at his noona.

“Thank you..for saving us..”, he said.

She shook her head. “I know it's what you love Daesung, but you have to be more careful. If I hadn't arrived with my bodyguards what would have happened? ” Daesung just shook his head. She looked at the bruises on his body. She then looked over at Taeyang who had a black eye and who had re-broken two ribs.

“Do you know how your friends are yet?”, she asked.

Daesung shook his head. “They're taking the bullet out of Top's body right now and Gd is in intensive care. His heart is failing him”, Daesung said, tears pricking at his eyes.

“Isn't there a donor?”, she asked.

Daesung shook his head again. “Gd has a rare blood type. It's almost impossible.”

Seung Ri stood in a corner quietly crying. He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at Taeyang.

“Don't worry...they're strong. They'll be fine”, Taeyang said, smiling weakly.

Seung Ri nodded and buried his face in his hands.

Jun Hee looked through the window in the intensive care unit. They were barely keeping her brother alive. Top would be fine..she knew that at least. The bullet hadn't gone in deep. She sighed and then headed in the direction of the doctor.

“Can I help you miss?”, the doctor asked. Jun Hee nodded. She gave the doctor three letters.

“Can you deliver these within 24 hours?”, she asked.

The doctor nodded hesitantly, taking the letters. Jun Hee then walked away and found the doctor's office. She lay a note on the doctor's desk and prepared to do what she needed to.

“Gd??”, came Seung Ri's voice.

Gd tried to focus his sight. Then he saw Seung Ri standing over him.

“Seung Ri, what's up?? What are you doing??”, he asked.

“Looking at you”, came Top's voice. Gd saw him sitting at the foot of his bed.

“How you feeling bro?”, he asked. Gd saw that one side of Top's body was bandaged.

“Good..”, he said.

“Alright then!! We're ALL good then. I had my debt repaid and you're alive and well!!', he heard Taeyang say from the doorway. Gd stared at all his friends crowded around him.

Then the door opened and the doctor came in. “Hello Ji Yong..I see that you're feeling better. The heart transplant was a huge success. You will live for many more years”, she said, smiling. It was with a sad expression though, that she placed a letter in his hand. “This is for you.”, she said. Then she got up and left.

Gd stared at the letter in his hand. He recognized the writing. He opened it slowly. Everyone else in the room turned their heads away. Gd could see tears falling down Seung Ri and Top's faces. Daesung and Taeyang had pained looks on their faces. Gd stared at them confusedly and then focused on the letter.

He opened it slowly and read it throughly. His hands began to shake violently and tears began to stream down his face. His hands crumpled the paper in his hands and his breathing came out in short gasps. Seung Ri threw his arms around his brother, his own face traced with endless tears. Top stood next to him and quietly cried.

“ARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”, Gd shouted at the top of his lungs. He laid back against his pillow and laid his head on his knees. He touched his chest, focusing on the sound of the beats of the heart in his chest....

Dear Ji Yong,

I'm sure that by now, you have had the operation that has saved your life. I'm sorry Jiyong, I knew about your heart disease, but I cannot blame you for not telling me, since I kept a secret from you as well. Four years ago I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in my brain. I couldn't fight it.....I'm sorry. When I knew that you had a heart disease I only saw one way out. I had two more weeks to live at the most, while you only had three days...I couldn't bear that dongsaeng. My brain was useless, but my heart wasn't. I hope that you will take this chance I have given you and live a long, full life. Get out of those streets Jiyong...take Seung Ri, Seung Hyun., Daesung, and Taeyang with you. I want you to be someone in this world. The heart I have given you is strong and hopefully large enough to carry all your kindness. Good-bye dongsaeng, don't forget that I love you no matter what.

Jun Hee


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by khoany on 8/18/2009, 3:26 pm

I usually completely avoid fanfiction with cancer and death because i think it's cliche and overly-dramatic


i loved this one
the characters personalities shone, and it made me laugh and sympathize in all the right places. even though i had a feeling as to what would happen, it was written in a refreshing way. the pacing was good, straight to the point, and and of course Big Bang was in it, so ...yeah.

i especially loved the "The heart I have given you is strong and hopefully large enough to carry all your kindness." quote from the letter.
oops...this is sounding more like a review than a compliment
i'm not sure if it's over, but nice job


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Guest on 8/19/2009, 1:33 pm

khoany wrote:I usually completely avoid fanfiction with cancer and death because i think it's cliche and overly-dramatic


i loved this one
the characters personalities shone, and it made me laugh and sympathize in all the right places. even though i had a feeling as to what would happen, it was written in a refreshing way. the pacing was good, straight to the point, and and of course Big Bang was in it, so ...yeah.

i especially loved the "The heart I have given you is strong and hopefully large enough to carry all your kindness." quote from the letter.
oops...this is sounding more like a review than a compliment
i'm not sure if it's over, but nice job

Thank you!! Very Happy I really appreciate such a kind comment and I'm glad that you liked it. Embarassed I don't like adding unnecessary things in my fic and that's why I get straight to the point. ^^ I also love that quote myself, it popped into my head and I thought it sounded good, I'm so glad you like it ^^. This fic is basically over, I'm just working on an afterword and that should be the end of it. Thanks for reading though!!! I love you


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

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5 years later
Seoul, South Korea

“You guys are doing great!! Your recent CD sales are off the charts!!!”, the manager told Big Bang who were seated around him.

“I'm sorry sir, we'll get bigger charts next time”, Top said. Gd smacked him in the head.

“You never stop being an idiot do you?”, he asked. Top shrugged and looked away.

“Thank you sir”, Gd said, bowing to their manager.

“Of course. Please make sure you guys are ready, in two days we head out for your concert in Japan.”, the manager said. They all nodded and said good-bye to their manager.

“So, what do you guys want to do?”, Taeyang said as soon as they were out on the street.

“Let's go drinking!!! Oh yeah!!”, Top said. “I'll call up Jaejoong”, he added, whipping out his cell phone. Gd took it out of his hands and closed it before the call was connected.

“No, you're we have a Big Bang day”, Gd said.

“Alright!!”, Daesung said. “So what are we gonna do?”, he asked.

“How about Daesung hyung gives us all the number of Lee Hyori and various other pretty actresses and singers”, Seung Ri said, patting Daesung's shoulders.

Daesung narrowed his eyes. “I would give it to you if it weren't for the fact that you mix the numbers up all the time!!”, he said.

“No I don't!!”, Seung Ri said, defending himself.

“Okay, give me my number. “, Daesung said.

“Yeah...piece of See!!”

Daesung shook his head. “Bro, its 734-5134!!”

“Man..its my dyslexia!!”, Seung Ri said. Everyone started laughing.

“ the time we moved out of our neighborhood five years ago and he got the house number mixed up”, Gd said.

“Oh yeah..he was like...'Everyone!! We're here!! 654 Gold street!!' and then..”, Taeyang said, breaking out in giggles.

“Then Gd's all like..'bro, it's 456'!!!”, Daesung added.

“Oh, this is the best part. Then Seung Ri's all like, 'Oh, my bad. Okay everyone, it's 564!!' and Gd's like, '456!!!' and then..Seung Ri's like..'let's get there before the house moves again!!”, Top said, tears coming out of his eyes.

Seung Ri didn't look at all amused. He crossed his arms and started walking the opposite way.

“Aww...c'mon Seung Ri!!”, they all shouted.

They ran after him, jumping an him and getting ready to go out and battle someone. Although they were on their rise to stardom, they still had the street blood in them and couldn't help going toward their calling every once in a while.

Gd danced his heart out that night. Every beat was like a whisper telling him constantly to survive. He had gotten far and he wasn't about to give up. His heart was strong and he was going to become somebody his sister would have been proud of.

Top watched his best friend. He knew that they both shared the same sadness. No matter how many times they laughed together, they always had Jun Hee in their thoughts. Top had loved her like no other and so far he hadn't been able to find someone that would match up to her. He was living in the present now though and that was all that mattered. He stared at all his friends. They had definitely been able to create a new path just for themselves.....

Later on that day, as Gd stood in front of his sister's grave site, he carefully cleaned the Chinese medicine balls and the China Doll that had been two of the best gifts she had given them.

Top. arranged a variety of colorful flowers and smiled. He looked at Gd.

“At one time, that China Doll was the best present she had given me....but now I have something she gave me even more precious – her love..”, Top said.

“And for me....her heart”, Gd said.

The wind stirred the flowers that Top had arranged and took some petals with it. Nevertheless, it left the most important thing behind...the heart of the flower. Top and Gd watched the petals float away.

“C'mon, we gotta go calm Seung Ri...he always starts bawling whenever he comes here”, Gd said.

“I think that's cause' he always gets the wrong grave site number”, Top pointed out. Gd chuckled and together they headed in Seung Ri's direction. Clear skies were all that could be seen and not a trace of rain stained the sky.


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

Post by Kyn on 8/22/2009, 5:04 pm

thanks for posting your story, i'll move it to the finished fanfic section

-Forum Mod Kyn


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Re: The End of Rain (Big Bang) (Completed)

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