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Is this what they call "Love"? [Big Bang and OCs] *Completed*

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Is this what they call "Love"? [Big Bang and OCs] *Completed*

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:28 am

Winglin= http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/iluv_matsujun_1


All she remembered was running until she couldn’t run anymore. She was the only one that escaped the landlord’s evil minions. And what the hell, she was the only one that never paid her rent.
“Damn, I need a place to stay in. There’s no way I could go back to that landlord. I’ve got no money for the rent!” she thought to herself.

Manisha was just another girl that had run away from her problems. She had run away from her home country, leaving everything and everyone behind and come to Korea, because... well, because nobody knew her in this country.

Now to look for a place to stay...

Kang Daesung: Chavone Martin (Elder sister: Yoo Bin)
Always called the innocent! I like to fantasize about my future, what I will be doing or where life could take me. Even though I have a angelic face I know the right time to deceive people though my dancing! People always misjudge her for what they think they see. I can be very random but my thoughts are deep and analytical. When the time comes I speak my mind and don’t care if it hurts. The truth does that. I don’t like when people lie to others to keep them happy. I’m the type of person that needs to tell people the whole truth so they can face reality with out being hurt later on! Despite the cute face I have my own style. I love to have a good time. Love to tell jokes and laugh at them regardless if they were funny. Laugh at the smallest to nonexistent things. To everyone I’m shy and off on my own. But when they get to know me I am really crazy. I can run into a glass door be in pain, and laugh bust out laughing…then feel embarrassed and run off into a corner to continue to laugh. I am a totally different person when I’m dancing. The music takes over and I do what it says whether be sexy, Spunky, and Charismatic. I take care of others around me. I help others more than I help my self. Even though I’m a bit random I have my serious side. I like to help others. I’m loving, Caring, Charming, people say I look innocent. But I’m a total nut(not in the bad way). I think of others before I think of myself. I’m considerate of their feelings and try not to say things that may already hurt the situation

Kwon Jiyong: Yura Ninomiya (Elder brother: Yuya Ninomiya)
Yura is a curious, friendly girl. She is very protective of her friends, but does not have an overpowering personality so she tends to get overlooked. She is 'quietly competent', but with her friends where she feels comfortable she will talk a lot. She is afraid of supernatural stuff (ghosts, zombies, vamps etc), but loves ghost stories - strange, ne? She likes to make jewelry, and is quite talented. She loves music and art, but hates museums (BOOOOOORING). She has long dark brown hair and pale skin, and her eyes are melted chocolate brown. Athletic body type. She is reliable and many people like to talk to her because she is such a good listener. She likes flowers, and idolizes her older brother.

Dong Young Bae: Chung Min Ji
Min Ji is an Asian-American that was born in the U.S. but managed to learn Korean, Japanese, English and is fluent enough and comfortable enough to talk to people through those languages. She has a shy and quiet personality that tries not to stand out from the crowd and tries not to be the center of attention. She cares a lot for her friends and would often be bubbly and a bit clumsy when she's with them. At times, her emotional side of her would build up within her but she would always hide that behind a smile so that she doesn't worry any of her friends about it. But she's always willing to help out her friends in way she can. Whenever a fight would occur, she would be the person that would step in and try to stop the fight. Min Ji would rather talk about the problem and the situation at hand, rather than resolving through violence.

Lee Seung Hyun: Haley (Step brother: Kim Jaejoong)
She's your average girl who longs for love and excitement. She's tough, though she cries easily. You don't want to mess with her because if you get to her bad side you will cry out for your mommy in a single hit. She loves kids but unfortunately she only have an older sister who nags every time. Protective over her friends and family. A good listener but when it comes to advising she's really not good at it. Even though she's a boyish type she has a feminine side too she likes shopping, not into make up but loves pink cute stuffs. She seems like a happy go lucky girl but somehow she has low self esteem. She thinks that other girls are prettier than her and she compares herself a lot and envy them too.

Choi Seung Hyun: Manisha
She’s loyal, friendly, and gets angry very easily. Very manipulative, can get what she wants. Seems very cold and distant at first, but once you get to know her, she turns out to be a chatterbox. Talks about random things (e.g.: “I watched Death Note yesterday. I want foood. Ryuuk likes apples in Death Note, so apples will do. Dude, New York is the Big Apple, right? I wonder how many people it’ll take to eat New York!”), very messy, very clumsy. Is a mixture of contradictions. Messy yet clean. Prim yet casual. Gah, you get the point, right? Big Flirt. She knows what and when to say.

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Chapter 1

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:30 am

~~~Last time... ~~~
All she remembered was running until she couldn’t run anymore. She was the only one that escaped the landlord’s evil minions. And what the hell, she was the only one that never paid her rent.
“Damn, I need a place to stay in. There’s no way I could go back to that landlord. I’ve got no money for the rent!” she thought to herself.
Manisha was just another girl that had run away from her problems. She had run away from her home country, leaving everything and everyone behind and come to Korea, because... well, because nobody knew her in this country.
Now to look for a place to stay...
As Manisha walked down the lane, with her *huge* backpack (containing this and that), she saw a line of girls standing in front of this huge gate which had a sign that said: SEOUL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

She went up to one of the girls and asked her, “Why is everyone here?”
“You new here? SIS starts admission today, and two lucky people get full scholarship!”
“Free Boarding?”
“Yeah, sure, that too”, answered the girl nonchalantly.
“Wow. I think I’ll get in. At least I can try”
“What’s your name?”
“Where are you from?”
“Oh. Anyway, I’m Chung Min Ji. You can call me Nikki.”
“Nice to meet you, Nikki.”

Soon enough, it was Chung Min Ji’s turn.

~~~[Nikki’s POV]~~~
“Sit down”, said an old lady.
‘Probably the principal’, I thought.
“Are you applying for the scholarship?”
“If you answer my questions, you will get the scholarship”
“Why are you here?”
“To get into your school”
“Next question, what is KAT-TUN’s new single called?”
“Last question, what is ‘ohm’?”
“SI unit of resistance.”

(10 minutes later)
“How was the interview, Nikki?”
“THANKS! Hey… Manisha, it’s your turn.”

~~~[Manisha’s POV]~~~
“Have a seat”, said an old lady.
“Are you applying for the scholarship?”
“Yes. And the free boarding too.”
“If you answer my questions, you will get the scholarship”
“Why are you here?”
“I ran away from home, then I needed a place to stay, but I come from India, I know no one here, I thought of taking up prostitution to get money and a place to live, but the brothel owner shooed me away, I NEED A PLACE TO LOVE. GIVE ME THE FREE BOARDING!!!” I went on and on, until she asked me to shut it.
“Next question, what is KAT-TUN’s new single called?”
“Last question, what are the surgical methods to avoid pregnancy?”
“I repeat, what are the surgical methods to avoid pregnancy?”
“Tubectomy and vasectomy?”
“You’re in!”
“Free Boarding?”
“Yeah, that too.”

~~~[No one’s POV]~~~
Manisha and Nikki were walking around the campus when suddenly, they heard some noise.
The girl punched him and he doubled up in pain. His friends went and pushed her against the wall. Suddenly, out of nowhere came a random guy with a HUGE smile on his face.
“What happened?” he asked.
“This girl, Mi Cha, is Yoo Bin’s sister. She abdkhGJKFGADsludqeGUGgqgLSUwgwgLFgsgHFDUHIRedfhuegqagshgsfljashjhhjSGCKHgfhVGKHFhfhSGHFahgJBJJbljghjlsghljs”
Manisha and Nikki couldn’t hear him; the guy spoke really fast. But the smiling guy seemed to understand, because he went up to the girl called Mi Cha and spoke to her with a humongous smile on his face. She blushed, nodded and walked away, only to see them staring at her.
“Um… we’re new here”, said Nikki.
“Oh. How old are you?”
“You’re in my class! Cool! What’s your name?”
“I’m Nikki”
“Chavone Martin or Mi Cha”
They shook hands.
“You’ve got a crush on him?” was Manisha’s introductory sentence.
“Is it that obvious?”
Manisha nodded.
“Anyway, I’m Manisha.”
“Nice to meet you. What class will you be in?”
“Same as yours and Nikki’s”
“You’re 17?”
“No, 16. But because I told the principal that Tubectomy and Vasectomy are two surgical methods to prevent pregnancy, she let me go in a higher class.”
“I think we should go check out the dorms”, said Nikki.
“SURE!” yelled Manisha and they all walked off.

~~~[Yura’s POV]~~~
“Yuyaaaa… I can walk to my own class, you know”
Yuya is my elder brother. An *overprotective* one, I’d like to add. I don’t mind him walking to my class, except that when he does, all my friends flock around him and ignore me. It makes me feel unwanted.
“It’s your first day of school, Yura, and I’ve cut my date to drop you off and make sure that everything’s going to be alright.”
I sighed.
Anyway, starting today, some new people will get admission here. I silently murmured a prayer asking for hot guys this time, or better yet a hot guy that isn’t scared of dating me because of my overprotective brother.

I walked into class and saw my best friend Mi Cha talking to two new girls. Mi Cha is Jamaican and she’s got some awesome glasses. I wish I had a pair of glasses. Anyway, the first girl, who was later introduced as Nikki, is pretty good looking and has pretty hair. The other girl, who was introduced as Manisha, is skinny. I kid you not. She looks like a freaking skeleton. Creepy.

Anyway, I saw Manisha point to Dae Sung, and then point to Mi Cha. To my absolute surprise, Mi Cha blushed and covered her face. Then I saw Manisha look over and then murmur something, to which both Mi Cha and Nikki whipped their heads to the place where Dae Sung, Young Bae and Seung Hyun were standing.
I went up to them, after the introductions, I asked Manisha what had happened. Manisha said, “Oh, Mi Cha obviously has a crush on the dude that keeps smiling all the time, and I think that Seung Hyun is pretty hot, you know? And of course, I noticed that Nikki likes staring at that other dude with the hot body.” Nikki blushed.
“Young Bae?”
“Yeah, him.”
“How do you know he’s got a hot body?” I asked.
“The material of his top is pretty thin, it’s kinda obvious.”
Nikki stared at Manisha like she was insane.
“Yura, there are two new guys in our class, and I think you’d be interested in one of them” said Mi Cha with a sly smile. Uh-oh. Something’s going to happen. Whenever she smiles like that, SOMETHING definitely happens.
I looked over at where she pointed. Now with the other three guys, there were two guys. There was this guy that caught my eye. He was… clumsy, but in a good way. And he was smiling. His smile was really cute. There was just something about him that was rather...attractive.
“Yura, I think you're attracted to him~” said Mi Cha.
“Shut up” I said and turned away, so that they wouldn’t notice how red my face had become.
“I’ll go find out his name”, said Manisha, as she stood up.
“You will?” I asked her, with something close to devotion in my eyes.
“If you stop giving me that look, sure”, she replied.
I looked away. She laughed and made her way over to the guys. I saw her shake hands with all of them.

~~~[Seung Hyun's POV]~~~
I was telling that new kid Seung Ri about the time I finished fifteen bottles of some soft drink in less than two minutes, when some chick came over. She was thin, with dark hair.
“Hi, I’m Manisha. Since we’re in the same class, I thought I’d introduce myself to get to know you guys better”, she said.
“Why not introduce yourself to other guys, then?” asked Seung Ri
“Seriously? I don’t talk to animals.”
I had to agree with her. All the guys were engrossed in some porn magazine, leaping over each other to get a look at the magazine. Aish. Immature jerks.
“Young Bae” Followed by a handshake.
“Dae Sung” A look of wonder from her. Handshake.
“Seung Ri” A smile. Handshake.
“Ji Yong”
“Ji Yong?”
Ji Yong nodded. She smiled and shook his hand.
“And I am…”
“Seung Hyun” she said in a bored voice.
“How’d you know?”
“Says so on your shoes”
“Hyung, you write your name on your shoes?” asked Ji Yong.
“Everyone does”, explained Dae Sung, with a bright smile that almost blinded me, “so your shoes don’t get mixed up with others’ when you’re in the dorm”
“Anyway, come over, I’ll introduce you to my friends,” said Manisha, and she pulled me by my hand and dragged me over, while the others followed.

~~~[Yura’s POV]~~~
I can’t believe Manisha brought these guys here! How did she do it?
When I asked Manisha later, all she said was, “It’s a rather interesting trick that I shall tell you about one day.”
Anyway, introductions took place and Ji Yong shook my hand. God, I am going to die. Will he be able to face Yuya’s wrath?
I shook my head, and noticed that Ji Yong looked at me worriedly. YES! I caught his attention!
Anyway, Mi Cha was completely drooling over Dae Sung, Nikki was making small talk with Young Bae, and Seung Ri was flirting with the youngest girl in our class, Haley. However, Manisha was talking to Seung Hyun with this expression that seemed to say, “I’m bored. Why am I even talking to you?” while Seung Hyun was trying to make her laugh.
Noticing that Ji Yong was looking at me, I started to talk to him.

~~~[Haley’s POV]~~~
After I got introduced to the two new girls, I asked the one called Manisha why she was being all bored when she was talking to Seung Hyun. We knew that she was interested in him, so why act all nonchalant?
"All of you noticed?"
We nodded.
“Aré… All I had to do was arouse his curiosity. While trying to amuse and entertain me, he told me a lot about himself. I now know that his birthday is on November 4 and that he sleeps with a panda plushie.”
All of us gaped. Seung Hyun was the kind of person who would NEVER admit that he slept with a panda plushie, but he did. To her.
“I think he’s interested in you” I said.
“I certainly hope so. Anyway, you’re interested in Seung Ri, right? You kept flipping your hair while talking to him.”
“Kinda” I said, while gently kicking my left foot with the right one.
“Yura must’ve enjoyed her little chat with Ji Yong and dude, Nikki, Young Bae is OBVIOUSLY interested in you” joked Mi Cha.
“And Dae Sung must’ve loved the way you were drooling over him” said Nikki
“Drooling? Me?”
“But you have to admit, his smile is kinda scary…” I started.

~~~[No one’s POV]~~~
While the girls were discussing Mi Cha’s property i.e, Dae Sung’s bright smile, five guys came up to them.
“Yo! Wanna have lunch with us?” said Ji Yong.
“Sure” said Yura, a little too quickly.
Ji Yong smiled and casually draped an arm around her while walking to the cafeteria. Dae Sung slipped his hand into Mi Cha’s and started talking animatedly about… Doraemon. Haley and Seung Ri walked close together, their shoulders touching; while Young Bae maintained a civil distance (is that even a phrase?) from Nikki, deciding that talking to her civilly would be way better than clinging on to her. Seung Hyun and Manisha were far apart by two arm lengths, but were still talking.

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Chapter 2

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:31 am

~~~[No one’s POV]~~~
On reaching the cafeteria, the guys immediately went to get food, whilst the girls went to look for decent seats.
Suddenly, the entire cafeteria was quiet.

~~~[Haley’s POV]~~~
Suddenly, the entire cafeteria was quiet. I turned around to see my stepbrother, Kim Jaejoong approach this one pretty girl called Yoo Bin. Jae Oppa had a HUGE crush on Yoo Bin and I guess he was finally going to confess to her.

[Yoo Bin’s POV]
The entire cafeteria was silent. Suddenly, my classmate and long-time crush, Kim Jaejoong came up to me.
“Yoo Bin ah, will you be my girlfriend?”
There were a lot of ooh’s and aah’s.
Blushing like crazy, I nodded. And… we kissed.
The entire cafeteria was silent again.

~~~[Mi Cha’s POV]~~~
My elder sister, Yoo Bin, turned around and glared at me before saying, “Kissing my boyfriend, Mi Cha” and going back to… kissing her ‘boyfriend’.
Suddenly, Haley stared at me, and went, “Yoo Bin’s your sister?”
I nodded.
“Jaejoong is my brother”
“So that means… my sister is dating my friend’s brother?”
Nikki, Manisha and Yura nodded.
“Is that supposed to mean anything?”
“I don’t think so.” said Dae Sung as he sat next to me and put the plate in front of me.
“Wait” said Haley, “Why are there only five plates of food? We’re ten people, y’know?”
“Uh… they’re out of plates. So, we’ll have to share”, said Seung Ri, rubbing the back of his head.
I was delighted to be sharing food with my ‘DaeDae’
Yura looked shyly and Ji Yong, and when she caught him staring at her, she looked away, blushing slightly.
Nikki grabbed a fork and dug into the food with enthusiasm.
Haley shrugged and started eating.
Manisha thoughtfully looked at the food, and mumbled, “I’m a vegetarian.”
Seung Hyun smiled. “I know… I got only the salad, fruits and the dessert for ya. The rest of the food is for ME!”
“Some comfort that is”, she said biting into an apple. “How many people do you think it’ll take to eat The Big Apple?” she asked him.
“I got you the biggest apple here”
“Idiot, she’s talking about New York City,” I hissed.
“Why would anyone want to eat New York City?” he asked her.
She blinked, shrugged and went back to her food.

Haley was about to eat some more rice, when suddenly, Seung Ri grabbed her spoon.
“Can I… feed it to you?”
Haley went wide-eyed, then nodded.
I started laughing at her face.

~~~[Yura’s POV]~~~
“Seung Ri looks so cute feeding Haley!”
Ji Yong looked over at them, shrugged and went back to his food. I stared at him, and then went back to watching Seung Ri feed Haley.
Ji Yong poked my shoulder.
“Want me to feed you?” he asked looking everywhere but at me.
I tilted his chin and whispered, “Yes.”
Luckily, he didn't see my face reddening while I said that.

~~~[Nikki’s POV]~~~
While Seung Ri and Ji Yong were feeding Haley and Yura, Young Bae cleared his throat.
Everyone looked at him.
“As all of you know, the nine of us share a dorm”
“Nine?” asked Ji Yong
“Yura lives with her family” I mumbled.
“Uh… anyway, we’re having a party at the dorm tonight, so Yura, stay over tonight, ne?”
Yura shook her head. “Can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Overprotective brother of hers” said Mi Cha.
“I hate overprotective people,” said Manisha, glaring at her apple.
“Come on, Yura. Please?” said Ji Yong, with his [you guessed it right!] kicked puppy expression.
“I can’t”
“NOH! Yura DAWLANG u ave to cum! Eh pahtee es nawt a pahtee vithawt u! Eye wel mawk u cum vith uhz!” [Translation: NO! Yura DARLING you have to come! A party is not a party without you! I will make you come with us!]
“Wow, Manisha, either you are PMSing or you’re in love with Death Note”, said Mi Cha.
“Death Note? How is that related to Death Note?” asked Seung Hyun,
“She spoke like Misa, you freak”
“Actually, it’s both. I had my period last week” said Manisha.
“Oh. That explains your behaviour, Meneshe dawlang!” said Seung Hyun.
“SHADDUP, YOU @?&*^^$#$%?$#% FREAK!”
“She really is PMSing”, said Seung Ri, hiding behind Haley.
“If you want, I’ll talk to your *overprotective* brother” I said to Yura.
I nodded.

Yura whipped out her cellphone, pressed speed dial and handed it over to me.

*Ring Ring*
“Um… I’m Nikki, Yura’s friend from school”
“Can Yura stay over at the school with us today? I… we have a project to finish…so…”
“A project?”
“First day of school and you already have a project?”
“Ah… yes.”
“What subject?”
Ji Yong grabbed the phone and started to talk to Yuya in a girly voice.
“Oppa… I’m Ji Hae, Yura’s other friend. Please let her stay over!”
“What did you call me?”
“If you call me Oppa again, I’ll let her stay!”
The passersby gave Ji Yong a weird look as he danced to his cries of OPPA!
“Okay. She can stay”

After Ji Yong told us about his conversation, Yura explained, “I never call Yuya ‘oppa’. I always call him by his name. I guess he was glad that someone was calling him oppa!” she chuckled.
“Yah! This means all ten of us can parteh babeh!” said Manisha.
“Um… yeah, sure” I said.

Soon enough, the day came to an end, and all of us went to the dorms to, as Manisha put is, ‘parteh’.

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Chapter 3

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:32 am

~~~[Haley’s POV]~~~
All of us entered the huge, spacious dorm. It had ten beds, ten cupboards (filled with our belongings) and five bathrooms. There was a television in a corner of the room. In the middle of this was a huge empty space, which Mi Cha liked to call our ‘dance floor’.
“So, let’s get the party started!” I said.
“Yeah~ where’s the food?” asked Manisha.
“Uh… heh heh… sorry…” mumbled Young Bae
“WHADDAYA MEAN SORRY???” yelled Manisha.
“Um… I made the plan on the spot”
“What the heck???”
“Hey… guys, let’s try to do whatever we can and enjoy this so called ‘party’” said Ji Yong, while he shot Young Bae a ‘look’.
Young Bae sighed.

~~~[Manisha’s POV]~~~
Disgusted, I went and switched on my laptop.
I needed to chill, and what’s a better way to chill than listen to your favorite song?

~~~[No one’s POV]~~~
As soon as ‘I can wait forever’ started to play on Manisha’s laptop, Mi Cha got up.
“Dae Sung, dance with me”
Mi Cha pouted. Dae Sung laughed and got up.
Mi Cha floored him with her moves.

*** You look so beautiful today
When you're sitting there it's hard for me to look away ***

Dae Sung sighed. He could totally relate with the lyrics, except Mi Cha wasn’t sitting; she was dancing.

~~~[Ji Yong’s POV]~~~

*** So I try to find the words that i could say
I know distance doesn't matter but you feel so far away
And I cant lie ***

I really wanted to find words good enough to tell her what I felt. Even though we’d met less than 24 hours ago, there was something that pulled me towards her. ‘Actions speak louder than words’, I thought. So, I gently held her hand as we watched Mi Cha and Dae Sung dance. To my surprise, she turned towards me; our eyes met, she smiled at me and gently squeezed my hand.

~~~[Nikki’s POV]~~~

*** Every time I leave my heart turns gray
And I want to come back home to see your face tonight
Cause I just cant take it ***

I saw Young Bae stare at me from the corner of my eye. I shifted uncomfortably under the attention he gave me, and then turned to face him. He smiled, took a strand of my hair and tucked it behind my ear. We sat there gazing at each other.

~~~[Seung Ri’s POV]~~~

*** Another day without you with me
Is like a blade that cuts right through me
But I can wait
I can wait forever ***

I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was so… gorgeous. So, when she asked me if I wanted to dance, I couldn’t help but agree, even though I didn’t want to. Don’t get me wrong, I dance pretty well, but… what if she hated how I danced? All my inhibitions were instantly shattered the second she placed my hands on her waist, and put her hands on my shoulders. We swayed along with the music, and with a contented sigh, she placed her head on my chest. I smiled, and wrapped my arms around her waist as we continued to sway.

~~~[Seung Hyun’s POV]~~~
As Manisha was watched the other two couples dance, a smile crept on her face. She stood up and walked out to the balcony.
She was looking at the moon, when suddenly I cupped her face with one of my hands. She closed her eyes and leaned into the touch. I smiled and draped my other arm around her shoulders.

*** When you call my heart stops beating
When you're gone it wont stop bleeding
But I can wait
I can wait forever ***

~~~[No one’s POV]~~~
It was around 10:00 PM that Haley found her secret stash of food under her bed. Quickly, the guys put in some random DVD. They all settled down, with blankets and watched the movie, while munching on the yummy food.

~~~[Dae Sung’s POV]~~~
Luckily, today was a Sunday; a day off for us. I woke up and saw Mi Cha sleeping on my lap. I smiled and stroked her forehead. She gave a satisfied sigh, which made my smile larger.
I saw Haley sleeping with her head on Seung Ri’s shoulder, who had his arm around her. He woke up, yawned and ruffled her hair. She cracked one eye open and he whispered, “Wake up, sleepy head.”
Young Bae and Nikki fell asleep side-by-side, holding hands, and Nikki's head was resting on Young Bae's shoulder. I wonder what they were up to last night. o_O.

~~~[Yura’s POV]~~~
I woke up and realized that I has been sleeping on the floor. Ji Yong was right next to me, and judging from how his arms were wrapped around me, we must’ve had been up to something. I remembered how he had held my hand and blushed. He woke up and smiled at me, “Morning, babe.”

Seung Hyun was sprawled on the floor too, and Manisha was sleeping with her head on his chest. It was as if she went to sleep trying to listen to his heartbeat or something. Soon enough, she woke up, and decided to wake him up. She tried to wake him up by saying, “Wake up, Seung Hyun!” but he didn’t budge. In the end, Young Bae went and yelled like crazy, before he (Seung Hyun) woke up and glared at Young Bae, but then his gaze fell on Manisha, and he instantly smiled. “Manisha, you know, you look pretty with bed hair”. Manisha felt her messy hair, yawned and went back to sleep.

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Chapter 4 [Haley/SeungRi]

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:33 am

It had been five months since the ‘parteh’ and the ten had become the best of friends. They also knew very well that they liked each other too, but each one of them was scared to make a move.
It was a Sunday and the girls were in the dorm; they guys had decided to go out on a walk.
“Manisha, move over you lazy pig”, said Haley as she pushed Manisha out of her way and rested on the bed.
“Hmmm… Seung Ri doesn’t like girls that address their friends as *lazy pig*s. Surely you knew that” said Mi Cha, laughing.
“Sorry, but your expression was priceless. You looked scared!”
“No, I wasn’t–” she began hotly, only to be cut off by Seung Ri’s loud cry of “WE’RE BACK!!!”
Mi Cha smirked. Haley looked away, blushing.
Yura and Nikki laughed, watching the other two.
“What’s so funny?” asked Seung Hyun.
Manisha shook her head.
“Tell me!”
“Tell me? Okay.” and she started dancing to Wonder Girls’ Tell Me.
Seung Hyun gave her a ‘look’ and turned away and repeated his question, this time addressing Haley.
Haley shook her head.
“I’ll tell you what happened” began Mi Cha, slyly looking at Haley.
Haley looked mortified and whispered, “Please, unnie. No!”
Mi Cha smiled, nodded and said, “We were thinking to go together for dinner”
“We always have dinner together, Mi Cha” Dae Sung pointed out.
Yura caught on and said, “This time all of us will have dinner together… separately”
~~~[Haley’s POV]~~~
Turns out they wanted us to go on ‘dates’, except they called it “Separate dinner together”
I looked at myself. I was wearing black jeans with a pink long-sleeved t-shirt. Cute and comfortable. My make-up consisted of only the essentials – lip-gloss and mascara. I slipped on my black heels and went down to see Seung Ri waiting for me. He wore a dark red t-shirt with dark blue jeans and a pair of red Converse. He looked hot, as usual.
“Where are the others?” I asked
“Getting ready”, he replied with a long suffering sigh, “I can’t believe Dae Sung decided to wear something except for his Doraemon junk.”
“He really likes Mi Cha, huh?”
Seung Ri nodded. “Let’s go” he said, and held my hand as we walked out. I think I’ll die a happy woman.
“Are you okay? You look red.”
“Ah… yeah, I’m okay. Just… just… That’s just my make-up!”
He stared at me, nodded and walked on, and I swear I heard him mutter, “Looks cute while blushing.”

~~~[Seung Ri]~~~
“She looks cute while blushing” I muttered to myself.
Dang, I must thank Yura and Mi Cha noonas for the whole “This time all of us will have dinner together… separately” plan. Finally, I get to spend time alone with her!

We went to this diner place called WORLD-BEST FOOD. I’ll admit, that was a very lame name, but the food was superb!
“What’ll you have, sir?” asked a waiter once we got seats.
“Um…I’ll have a Kimbap. Haley?”
“Uh… One Dakdoritang for me, please.”
“Anything to drink?” the waiter asked.
“Thank you, your order will take ten minutes.” The waiter bowed and walked off.
Haley stared at him.
“Something happened?”
“He… bowed,” she said in a strained voice.
“Nothing” she shook her head.
I nodded.
I was thinking of how to start the conversation, when suddenly, I saw Young Bae Hyung with Nikki. He turned, saw me, winked and walked off with Nikki.

During the walk, Young Bae hyung nudged me.
“When will you ask out Haley?”
“Whenever I’m ready. Anyway, when will you ask out Nikki?”
“You heard me, maknae. Tonight.”

I weakly smiled at Haley. She smiled at me. Gosh, she’s so cute. Do you think she’ll slap me if I kiss her right now? I shook my head, trying to shake off those thoughts.
I turned to her, gave one of my million dollar smiles and began talking about some random Korean movie we saw last night.


~~~[No one’s POV]~~~
After dinner, Seung Ri and Haley were walking home. Suddenly, he grabbed her hand. She looked at their hands and at him, but he was looking elsewhere. She smiled and teasingly said, “You can let go of my hand now.”
“Don’t want to” he said and continued looking everywhere but at her.
She smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder. ‘He smells SO good’, she thought to herself, as he wrapped his free arm around her.
Suddenly he stopped, turned and looked her in the eye.
“Haley, if I said that I liked you, what would you say?”
Haley smiled, kissed his cheek and said, “I’d say I’m glad you do, because I like you too!”
Seung Ri smiled, and kissed her forehead.
“Be my girl?”
Haley nodded. Seung Ri smiled.
“So, Haley, did it hurt? You know… when you fell from heaven?”
Haley stared at him. The sentence finally registered and she said, “Yes, it did.”
“Want me to kiss your boo-boo for you?”
She laughed. “Boo-boo? Haha, sure.”
Seung Ri smiled and cupped her face.

~~~[Haley’s POV]~~~
He smiled and cupped my face. I saw him lean in and felt my heartbeat rate increase.
And then

My first ever kiss! Oh my God. It was so… good. I felt like I was in heaven. Man, he’s SUCH a good kisser. When we (finally) pulled back, I could feel my face heating up. He kissed my forehead and whispered, “I feel like the luckiest man on Earth.”
I blushed and playfully smacked his arm. He laughed and put his arm around me for the rest of the walk back to the dorm.


~~~[Nobody's POV]~~~
On reaching the dorm, Haley went out to the balcony and quickly dialed a number.

“Jae oppa?”
“How come you called me tonight?”
“I...uh...I wanted to tell you something”
“Oppa, I’m dating someone.”
“WHAT?” he yelled
“He’s a nice guy, oppa. I-”
“What’s his name?”
“Seung Ri”
“Your friend?”
“Do you like him?”
“Of course I do, oppa, or else I wouldn’t have agreed to date him!”
“Yeah. Is he around?”
“Give him the phone”
“Oppa…” Haley started to whine.
“Give. Him. The. Phone.”
“Is that Seung Ri?”

Haley watched Seung Ri talk to her brother. She was worried. ‘What if oppa doesn’t like him?’
The she saw Seung Ri laugh and the knot in her chest began to ease. He turned to her and said, “Your brother wants to talk to you.”

“Yeoboseyo oppa?”
“I like the guy.”
“Thank goodness, I was scared that you’d hate him.”
“Nah, he’s a cool kid. He’ll take good care of you. Ah, here’s Yoo Bin. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”
“Okay. Goodnight oppa”
"Did you guys kiss?"
"Tell me!"
She heard a sigh on the other end.
”Good night sweetie”

She turned around and saw Seung Ri chuckling.
"He asked you if we kissed, didn't he?"
She nodded.
"Was it your first?" he asked.
She blushed and nodded again.
"Mine too."
"Haley, I'm not lying"
"You're lying. It couldn't have been your first kiss.."
"Why not?"
"Tell me!"
"Okay! Tell me, tell me, t-t-t-t-t Tell me!"
"Aish! You know what I mean..."
"Fine. Because... youresuchagoodkisseritsimpossiblethatthisonewasyourfirstokay"
"Slowly, please?"
"You're such a good kisser it's impossible that this one was your first,okay?"
"Okay. But, honestly, this was my first" he said, and wrapped his arms around her before kissing her again.

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Chapter 5 [Yura/GD]

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:34 am

~~~[Ji Yong’s POV]~~~
“It’s called a ‘date’”, I wanted to say, but I kept my mouth shut. With a pretend long-suffering sigh, I trudged up to my room, and looked through my clothes. I pulled out a white shirt and left the first two buttons open, pulled on a pair of blue jeans, slipped on my blue Converse and walked down.
Suddenly, I ran up to my room again, put on some cologne and messily combed my hair. Everyone tells me I look cute when my hair is messy, and I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended.
Anyway, I went down the stairs and saw Seung Ri and Haley leave *gasp* hand-in-hand. Maknae is making the first move! I should be a man and make the first move too. I saw Yura come down the stairs. She was wearing a black skirt with a strapless red top and red heels. She wore a pair of black earrings and a black bracelet. She looked so gorgeous, I found myself smiling at the sight of her.
“Are you laughing at me?” she asked.
I shook my head.
“You look pretty, Yura” I said and grabbed her hand, “Let’s go.”
Her eyes widened, then she smiled and walked along.

Soon, we reached a place called AHJUMMAH’S BEST FOOD.
We went in and had a great dinner. That ahjummah lady cooks well.
Anyway, since we’d finished early, we decided to take a walk around the park. We sat on a bench in the park and I looked at her. She was humming to herself. I smiled, and said to her, “Be back in a minute.” She nodded and went back to humming her song.

I went to a nearby florist and bought a rose. When I came back, she was walking around the park. I went and stood in front of her.
“Yura, I’ve something to tell you…”
“Ever since I’ve seen you, I’ve really liked you. I want you to be mine,” at this point, I went down on my knees and pulled out the rose, “Will you be my girlfriend?”
She blushed and nodded. I got on my feet and we hugged.
“But… we’ll have to convince my brother” she said.
“No worries… it’ll be a piece of chika-chika cheesecake” [Manisha: I know that that’s TOP’s line, but I couldn’t resist. Lol]
“I doubt that.”
“Let’s go”
“Your house, ba~ka”
“That’s a Japanese word.”
He sighed, “I know! Let’s go!”


~~~[Yuya’s POV]~~~
The doorbell rang.
I woke up and shuffled to the door, and opened it to see

“WHAT THE HECK?” I yelled.
“Yuya, please. Listen to me” she said.
I narrowed my eyes and looked at the guy suspiciously.

...seriously, what is my head thinking? [Manisha: AND WHAT IS MY HEAD THINKING?]

Anyway, the guy came forward, “Hello. My name is Kwon Jiyong. I will be straightforward and tell you this: I like your sister and would like to date her. All we need is your permission… hyung”
My eyes filled with tears. [Manisha: LOL. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I love Yuya's over emotional character]Yura never calls me Oppa. My cousin brothers never call me hyung. Not only is this guy cute, I mean, a cucumber, but… he called me ‘Hyung’.

Yura saw my will weaken and she came forward, “Onii-chan, onegai” [Manisha: (Elder brother), please]
I stared at her. “If you let me date him, I’ll call you Onii-chan or Oppa or whatever you like” and she bowed. No, seriously, she BOWED. My jaw dropped.
I stared at them both. They make a cucumber, I mean cute couple.

I nodded. Yura jumped and hugged the guy.
“BUT… One, Yura will call me Oppa; Two, Cucumber, I mean Kwon Jiyong–”
“–call me Jiyong” he interrupted.
I glared at him and continued, “–Jiyong will call me Hyung AND three… NO KISSING”
“WHAT?” yelled Yura.
However Jiyong nodded “Okay.”
“Really?” Yura and I asked at the same time.
“Yes,” he said, “Thanks a lot, Hyung.”

And they walked out of the door.
I went back to sleep and had dreams about Cucumber-face and Yura yelling “OPPA!” and “HYUNG!”
Now, THAT's what I call 'Sweet Dreams'


~~~[Yura’s POV]~~~
“WHAT THE HECK?” I yelled, “No kissing?”
He turned and smiled at me.
I glared at him.
He smirked, “So this means you want to kiss me, eh?”
I looked away, making sure he wouldn’t notice how red my face had become.
He pulled me towards him and said, “What hyung doesn’t know won’t hurt him” and with that, he kissed me.
Really, I must be the luckiest girl on Earth. I have a HOT boyfriend, who managed to impress Yuya...er...Oppa, and has the best smile despite his crooked teeth [Manisha: LOL, no offense to anyone that got offended], AND not to forget, is a good kisser.

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Chapter 6 [Nikki/YoungBae]

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:35 am

~~~[Nikki’s POV]~~~
Really, what was Yura thinking about? While all of us were changing, Mi Cha and Yura were giggling about ‘Operation Let’s Have Dinner Together Separately’. I rolled my eyes, and quickly changed into a pair of destroyed jeans and a gray t-shirt with the print of a Sun on it. [Manisha: Lol, get it? I heard Taeyang=Sun]
I put on a pair of black Pumas. I tied my hair in a ponytail and ran down the stairs and bumped into Young Bae. I clutched my head, “Mianhae”.
“Ah, it’s not your fault. I’m sorry” he said and smiled.
He wore a plain black t-shirt with blue jeans and a pair of Nikes.
“Are you checking me out, Nikki?”
“NO! I mean, are you ready to go?”
“Haha, yeah.”


~~~[Young Bae’s POV]~~~
She was totally checking me out. But unnoticed to her, I was too. I loved the way her hair bounced as she walked around, it made me want to run my hands through it.
As we were walking, I saw Seung Ri and Haley. I winked at Seung Ri and walked off.
We finally reached a takoyaki stand.
“Is it okay just to have takoyakis for dinner?” she asked me.
“Do you want to have something else?”
“Um… No, I think”
“Then we’re cool, right?”
As we sat there munching takoyakis, I started he conversation by talking about Seung Ri and Haley.
But throughout the entire conversation, all I could think about was the conversation I had with Seung Ri during the walk.
During the walk, I nudged Seung Ri.
“When will you ask out Haley?”
“Whenever I’m ready. Anyway, when will you ask out Nikki?”
“You heard me, maknae. Tonight.”
I had to do it today. It was now or never. More like tonight or never.


~~~[Nikki’s POV]~~~
So, Young Bae tried to amuse me by talking about Haley and her guy. After finishing the takoyakis, I was like, “Damn, I’m full”
“Let’s go home.”
I nodded and we started to walk.
We walked until we stood right outside the dorm.
“Nikki… I want to say something to you”
“Ever since I’ve seen you, I’ve been in love with you. Will you be my girl?” [Manisha: Background music- Big Bang’s Ma Girl (the chorus where they all go, “Ma girl, Ma girl, Ma girrrrl”)]
I blushed, smiled a humongous smile and hugged him nearly choking him).
He hugged me back.
“You know, every time I see you, my heart starts pounding,” I said.
He smirked, “Can we make out now?” [Manisha: Yeah, I stole this part from Juno. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!]
I stared at him.
“I’m only kidding” he laughed and started to walk towards the door, but when I said, “Yes, we can”, he kinda staggered and looked at me.
I nodded and he ran to me and we… well, we made out.

God was definitely on my side today.

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Chapter 7 [MiCha/Daesung]

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:36 am


~~~[Dae Sung’s POV]~~~
I quickly ran up the stairs and dialed a number.
“Aish. Don’t call me that.”
“Why’d you call?”
“Are you free tonight?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“It’s about Mi Cha”
“That chick you’ve got a crush on?”
“Yeah. I need to find out if she’s got feelings for me…”
“I’ve a plan. I’ll need your help.”
(About five minutes later)
“Ok, Daeraemon, I’m game. But make sure you don’t wear anything related to Doraemon, okay?”
“Okay. Bye.”
I quickly went back to my room.
“Seung Ri, can I borrow your black t-shirt?”
“Hyung, why don’t you show off that Doraemon t-shirt you bought last week.”
“Just give me your black shirt!”
“Sheesh. Take it. It’s in the cupboard.”

~~~[Mi Cha’s POV]~~~
Yura and I messed about for about five minutes. Then, Yura decided to get ready, and pushed me off the bed and told me to get ready too. I pouted and sauntered over to my wardrobe.
Ten minutes later, I was ready. Before I left, I took a look into the mirror.
“Grey skinny jeans, red graphic tee, red VANS. I’m okay.”
I ran down the stairs, humming, “ready to flow, ready to go
ready for the spotlight, ready for the show” and stopped abruptly when I saw DaeDae.
“So… where are we going?” I asked.
“Confusion. It’s a pub…”
About twenty minutes later, we stood outside a pub called ‘Confusion’.
We walked in. The dance floor was packed and I could feel myself responding to the beat.
“DaeSung, let’s dance”
I pouted, “Please?”
He sighed, and then nodded.

I pulled him to the dance floor and soon enough our hips were grinding together and his hand was wrapped around my waist. That was until a girl came up to him and went, “Wanna dance?”
He looked at me. Not wanting to appear like I wanted him all to myself, I nodded.
Some random dude came up to me and said, “Baby, I’ve been watching you from afar. Dance with me?” I nodded and started to dance.
Involuntarily, my eyes kept drifting over to DaeSung and that girl. His hand was on her waist and her hands were on his shoulders.
Meanwhile, Mr. Dance-with-me-baby started talking to me. I hate it when people do that. When you’re dancing, you dance. You don’t talk and mumble stuff like, “Let’s meet up sometime and go for coffee, yeah?” or “My name is Song Kyung Min” or “Can I touch you?” I pushed him off, and went over to DaeSung.
“Let’s go.”
I told him about that pervert.

~~~[Dae Sung’s POV]~~~
My blood started to boil. I was about to go, when Mi Cha and Shak held me and said, “Don’t” at the same time. Mi Cha glared at Shak, who smirked back.
“That’s it. You, he’s ALL mine” I heard Mi Cha say.
“Says who?”
“Says me”
“Like I care” and Shak pulled me to another corner. We saw Mi Cha pushing her way through the crowd to get to us.
“I think that’s enough proof. She likes you.” Shak whispered and smiled. I smiled back, and nodded.
“I’m going home.”
“Should I drop you off?”
“Nah. The pervert who was dancing with Mi Cha is my accomplice and boyfriend, Kyung Min. I’ll be leaving with him.”
“I see.”
“So, I’ll be going, ‘kay?”
I nodded.
“Thanks for today, Shak.”
“Any day for you, Daeraemon”
I kissed her cheek and said bye.
When I turned, I saw Mi Cha with tears in her eyes. She looked down and walked away.

I ran after her.
“MI CH—”
“—It’s okay. I understand. You like her.”
“I don’t.”
“You kissed her.”
“On her cheek. She’s just a FRIEND”
“A friend. Wait. What?”
I looked away sheepishly. Then, I looked at her and told her about the plan. About how I wanted to know if she liked me too and how Shak agreed to help me.
“Are you mad?” I asked her.
She looked at me, “Honestly, I’m surprised that I’m not mad at you. Maybe, it’s because I really like you too.”
I grinned and kissed her and she kissed me back.
When we broke apart, I looked at her and whispered, “The only one I love is you, baby” before kissing her again.

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Chapter 8 [Manisha/Seunghyun]

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:37 am

~~~[Manisha's POV]~~~
I was too lazy to go out, and plus, I had no clothes. Everything was gone for wash. So I truged up to Seung Hyun and said, "Hey. Let's not go out. Let's order something in."
He nodded. "Pizza?"

Soon enough, everyone left. Seung Hyun bought the pizza, and we sat on the floor and started to munch on the pizza. Seung Hyun said something and I laughed, not realizing that I dropped the pizza on myself.
"Dude, there's cheese all over you" he said.
I looked down and sighed.
"I've got nothing to wear. Everything's in the laundry"
"Serves you right."
"How is it my fault that I have no table manners?"
He stared at me.
"Fine, it's MY fault."
He laughed, "Come, I'l give you my t-shirt"
And so he did. It was a black t-shirt with TEMPO written on it in white.
"Seung Hyun, I need something else too. I can't wear these jeans, they're got cheese on them."
"My shorts won't fit you... Is it okay if I give you my boxers?"
"Okay... but, can I choose which one?"
He looked at me weird, and then nodded. I jumped gleefully and looked through his boxers. OMO! He had sooo many cool boxers! There was one with an Inu Yasha on it; another one with Spongebob Squarepants and one with L and Light (from Death Note) kissing...?
"DUDE! Are you into Yaoi?" [Manisha: Yaoi= gay-ish pairing. I'm a LxLight Yaoi fangirl XD]
"No. My sister gave me those" he said looking at his foot.
"I'm wearing these! I love L and Light!" I yelled and ran away to change.

~~~[Seung Hyun's POV]~~~
She came out and she looked pretty hot. She sat next to me and didn't notice how I was drooling, so when I said, "YOU! Go out with me!" she jumped and looked shocked.
"Go out with me." Nope, it wasn't a statement, I was commanding her to go out with me.
"Seung Hyun, that is NO way to ask a girl out..."
"You want me to win you over?"
She nodded.
'This is easy', I thought, 'a pick-up line should do the trick'.

I moved in front of her, and threw an arrogant look at her. I was about to give her a good line
"Bond. James Bond."
"Lost. Get Lost." she said, smirking.

"Which word starting with the letter 'T' would describe you?"
"After looking at your face, traumatized."
That really hurt.

"I know how to please a woman"
"Then please leave me alone."
"I know you want me"
"Yes, I want you to shut up."
No way will I shut up. I'm on Mission Win Manisha, and I will NOT lose.

"I want to give myself to you"
"I don't accept cheap gifts."
"Your clothes are nice. They'd look great on my bedroom floor."
"That's funny, seeing how I'm wearing your clothes."
Shit, I completely forgot about that.

"Go on, don't be shy, Manisha, ask me out!"
"Okay... get out!"

~~~[Manisha's POV]~~~
I love his super lame pick-up lines. I love how his face falls whenever I come up with an awesome comeback. I love him!

"Manisha, where have you been all my life?"
"Where I'll be the rest of your life — in your wildest dreams."
He didn't look like he was going to give up. Oh, well, atleast I'll be entertained until everyone comes back.
"Do you learn karate? 'Cuz your body is kickin'"
"If you don't shut up soon, my legs will start kickin'"
"Would you touch me so I can tell my friends I've been touched by an angel?"
"Crackers with that cheese?" I asked sarcastically.
"I give up."
"Already? You didn't look like you'd give up."
To my absolute surprise, he sighed and looked at me, "No more pick up lines. I want to date you. Will you go out with me?"
I nodded. He hugged me, "I love you"
With an "I love you too, sexy~" , I jumped on him.
And at that precise moment, Nikki and Young Bae walked in holding hands.
"Are you two—" started Nikki
"—going out?" I completed.
Both of smiled and nodded our heads.

Soon enough, the rest of them came in too and guess what, we're all paired up now! If we were famous and all, there'd be fanfiction about us doing the rounds on the internet now.

All the girls went out to the balcony.

~~~[Yura's POV]~~~
Everyone described how they were asked out. All of us were blushing and KYAAAAing, until my man came in and went, "Yuu? Come with me?"
I blushed, nodded and went out.
A "Saranghaeyo, Yuu~" later, we were kissing.

~~~[Nikki's POV]~~~
Right after Yura left, Young Bae poked his head in, "Nikki, come out!"
I smiled at Mi Cha and walked out.
He put his hands on my waist, "Love you lots" and started to kiss me.

~~~[Mi Cha's POV]~~~
After Nikki left, I was sure DaeDae was going to come and say, "Mi Cha, let's go!", and I wasn't wrong.
I walked out and followed him outside the dorm.
"Mi Cha, you must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy."
"Dae Sung, I am Jamaican."
"Oh. Do you want to know why I brought you here?"
"Ye—" I got cut off by the feel off his soft lips on mine. Can I just say... he's delicious? [Manisha: Randomly, while typing this, Fergalicious started to play in my head]

~~~[Haley's POV]~~~
"Unnie, why are you wearing Seung Hyun's boxers?"
"I've no clothes. Plus, these are super-comfy!" [Manisha: Yeah, a friend of mine told me that boxers are EXTREMELY comfortable. And Haley, I'm your unnie in the fic too!]
"Oh... Nikki said that you jumped on him and called him 'sexy~'"
She gave me a please-dont'-embarass-me look.
I grinned evilly.
"So, do you think he's THAAAAT sexy and all?" I nudged unnie.
"Yah! Haley, your boyfriend's outside! He's waiting for you! Go!" she shoved me towards Seung Ri. I almost tripped, but he caught me.
He pulled me inside, and I saw Seung Hyun go to the balcony.
"Hyung, where are you going?" Seung Ri asked Seung Hyun.
"Pabo, let him go," I said, and after he left, I turned to my boyfriend, "Let them have their 'moments'"
"Haley... what's a 'moment'?"
I sighed.
"It's like, you know, when you're just with your significant other and you're just having—"
"—does that mean we're having a 'moment' now?" he asked me.
"Yes, we are" I said, before kissing him senseless.

~~~[Manisha's POV]~~~
Seung Hyun sat next to me.
"So... where were we?" he asked, with a naughty glint in his eye.
"Inside the dorm" I replied with a straight face.
He pulled me onto his lap, "I love you"
"I love you too, sexy~"
He laughed and leaned towards me, to give me my first (and a very memorable) kiss.

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Chapter 9

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:38 am

~~~[Mi Cha’s POV]~~~
It was almost a year after that fateful night. We’d just started a new academic year, and all of us had separate rooms, not that huge dorm.
To celebrate both changes, all of us went out drinking. Jiyong oppa had reserved the VIP lounge for us.
The waiter came in with the drinks.
“I’m underage” Manisha said when she was offered a shot.
“So am I, but who cares?” said Haley as she gulped down the seventh shot.
“Watch it, Haley. That stuff is strong” Yura reprimanded as she gulped down her twelfth shot. Some role model she is.
Nikki and Young Bae didn’t want to get drunk, so they decided to go back to the dorm and watch a movie.
I looked at the vodka in my hand. Without thinking twice, I gulped it down, “AAAAH! IT BURNS!”
===Half an hour later===
~~~[Nobody’s POV]~~~
Everybody was drunk, even Manisha, who, after Seung Hyun’s insistence, gulped down fourteen shots as if it was nothing.

Seung Ri took Haley to her room and started to kiss her.
He started with her lips, went down to her jaw and finally her neck.
“I want to… make love… to you” he mumbled, before dozing off.
The sentence registered to Haley’s mind and she sat up, shocked.
She couldn’t sleep properly for the rest of the night.

Yura moaned as she felt Jiyong’s hot tongue on her.
“You’re drunk, Yongie…”
“I’m not drunnnnk,” slurred Jiyong, “Yuu~ Chuu!” and he kissed her.
She kissed him back and said, “Let’s sleep”
“Okay. Start taking your clothes off, then”
“Eh? No. NO! I meant, let’s go to sleep. You sleep on the right side, and I’ll sleep on the left. No touching!” she said, only to hear Jiyong lightly snoring. Sighing, she went to sleep.

Dae Sung and Mi Cha weren’t really drunk. They knew how to hold it in.
“Baby, I want to make you mine tonight—”
Mi Cha wasn’t shocked. They’d discussed this whole ‘making love’ thing, and had decided to take the step when it felt right.
“— But you do know that I won’t do anything unless you want it, right?”
Mi Cha nodded before huskily whispering, “Then make me yours.”

Nikki and Young Bae watched Koizora. When Hiro died, Nikki started to bawl, and Young Bae kept mumbling stuff like, “Don’t cry… It’s okay… Everyone dies someday” or “Why are you crying when I’m next to you?” or “Want some popcorn?”
Nikki stared at him and shook her head, before turning back to the screen.
After the movie ended, she stood up and yawned, “I’m going to bed, Young Bae” and noticed that Young Bae was half- asleep. On her bed. Sighing, she laid down next to him.
"Mmm… Night, Young Bae," Nikki yawned, snuggling her face into his throat.
“Night, sweetheart” mumbled Young Bae in reply, slinging an arm over Nikki’s waist.

Manisha was dead drunk and was slurring, “Seung Hyun ah… I want to sleep”
“You’ll have to change, first. You can’t sleep in your jeans and that nylon top”
“ I WANT TO SLEEP! I WON’T… change”
“You HAVE to change. It’s for your own good.”
“Fine. I’ll change your clothes, then.” As he was about to pull off Manisha’s top, she screamed, “AAAAAH! YOU RAPIST!” She ran into the washroom and came out wearing a long-sleeved top and PJs that reached her toes. Then she put on a monkey cap, gloves and socks.
“What is wrong with you?”
“I won’t get raped. I’m wearing two pairs of shorts under this” she said before adding, “You can’t RAPE ME!” with that, Manisha pushed Seung Hyun off the bed and pulled him onto the couch. Then, she went back to the bed and immediately fell asleep.

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Chapter 10

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:39 am

~~~[Nobody's POV]~~~
When Mi Cha walked in the next morning, Haley couldn’t help but blurt, “You’re glowing”
“You had SEX!” screamed Manisha.
“How did you know?”
“I couldn’t sleep all night because my room is right next to yours. I HAD FOURTEEN SHOTS AND I COULDN’T SLEEP! MY HEAD HURTS LIKE FCUK.”
Curiously, Yura piped up, “How was it, Mi Cha?”
“Don’t make this awkward for her!” Nikki said.
“But we just want to know!”

At that precise moment, Dae Sung and the guys ambled in and joined the girls for breakfast.
“So, Dae Sung oppa… how was last night?” asked Yura, slyly.
“Hot… I mean, I mean, I forgot to turn the air conditioner on—”
“—Now that I notice, you’re glowing too, oppa”
“I’m going. Can’t afford to be late to class, right?” With that, Dae Sung grabbed Mi Cha’s hand and dragged her away.
Three seconds later, everyone burst out laughing.

===Later that night===
“Seung Ri, do you remember what you said last night?” Haley asked nervously.
“Honestly, yes. We don’t have to hurry, though” he hastily added.
“Well, baby, I think we’re—”
“—It’s okay if you think we’re too fast—”
“—Shut up. I think we’re ready.”
“We are?”
“But… I’m scared. I haven’t done this before.”
“Neither have I, so we’re even.”
“No… What if you don’t think my body is good?”
“That, I promise, is impossible. Just so you know, I don’t care if you think all other girls are prettier than you, I think you’re the prettiest.”
“Really” said Seung Ri, kissing Haley’s forehead, and moving downwards, leaving angry, red marks all over her body.
“In that case, I’m ready. Are you ready?” moaned Haley.
“I’ll show you ready” mumbled Seung Ri before pouncing on her.


“Young Bae!”
“Sleeping here again?”
“Come in” Young Bae stepped aside, letting Nikki come in.
“We need to talk, Young Bae”
“We do?”
“Yeah. It’s just that… everyone’s having sex, but… I think it’s... kinda awkward… I-I-I’m not ready for sex.”
Young Bae sighed.
“Are you disappointed?” asked Nikki, her voice breaking.
“No. I’m just happy that you said it to me, rather than forcing yourself to give me pleasure. At any rate, I’m okay with it, because I’m not ready for sex either.”
“Yeah. Let’s go to bed?”
Nikki nodded happily.
He slung an arm over her, and she cuddled to him, before they fell asleep smiling.


“Nani?” (What?)
“*Sigh* Love you too.”
“Hontou ni?” (Really?) [Manisha: Jiyong’s getting affected by Yura’s Japanese obsession]
“Prove it.”
Jiyong suggestively smirked at her. Yura’s eyes widened.
“So, Yuu… do you love me enough to let me make love to you?”
“Do you want to know?”
“Well, I do love you…”
“…So you’ll have sex with me?”
“Aish. Please say ‘make love”, not ‘sex’”
“Why not?”
“It sounds… raw”
“O-Okay, but Yuu, I was kidding. We could have sex, but at a later stage. I don’t think you’re ready for it.”
“It’s a shame that you think that way, because… I bought a new set of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret last week, and I wore it today for the first time. I would’ve shown it to you, but—”
“—But?” Jiyong breathed.
“But you seem to think I’m not ready, so…”
“Hey! I’m ready, you’re ready, and WE’RE ALL READY! LET’S DO IT!” said Jiyong with a high level of energy.
Yura laughed.
“You’re forgetting something!”
“Aren’t you a tease, Yuu?”
Yura shrugged.
“Please? Come on, I’ve been waiting for this since the day I met you.”
“For sex?”
“Please say ‘make love”, not ‘sex’. Sex sounds… raw,” said Jiyong, smirking.
“Are you ready to see my sex skills?” asked Jiyong, leering at her.
“Bring it on!”
Jiyong pushed her onto the bed, and started fumbling with her clothes. Yura took his shirt off.
Jiyong then seriously asked, “Are you sure you want this? If I start now, I won’t stop.”
Yura smiled, “I’m okay with it because it’s you”
“I’ll be gentle” said Jiyong, caressing her face.


“Manisha, I’m sorry about what happened last night”
“What happened last night?”
“You don’t remember?”
“All I remember is feeling cold, so I completely covered myself. Why were you on the sofa, though?”
“Uh... b-b-because I thought you’d want the whole bed to y-y-yourself.”
“Pabo, I wouldn’t mind sleeping with—I mean, sleeping next to you.”
Seung Hyun smirked.
“Sleeping with me?”
“YAH! I said sleeping next to you!”
“What you meant, however was—”
“—Shut up!”
“Admit it. You love my hot body.”
Manisha scoffed.
“Hot body? A gorilla has a hotter body”
Seung Hyun gasped. “That does it, I’m going to punish you,” he said, clambering over Manisha and pinning her down to the bed.
Manisha laughed.
“I really meant it.”
“You did?”
“Well, I haven’t seen your body” she said, leering.
Seung Hyun took off his top. Manisha stared.
“Damn, Seung Hyun, I wasn’t wrong.”
“That gorillas are better?” his voice cracked.
“No. My assumption was right. You do have a four pack” [Manisha: I’m making this up. I’d like it if my guy had a four pack.]
“Oh. So you’ve been assuming stuff about me all this while.”
“Yeah, I have.”
“The punishment! You insulted me! I’m going to punish you!” Seung Hyun growled and once again, pinned her down to the bed and started to tickle her.


Mi Cha and Dae Sung walked to their room, holding hands.
“DaeDae—” started Mi Cha, but was cut off from a loud moan from Seung Ri’s room.
Dae Sung smirked, “I won’t spare Seung Ri tomorrow. He wouldn’t stop teasing me, the asshole.”
They walked a little more, before another cry of “YONGIE!” reached their ears.
“Yura asked me how sex was… I guess she just got her answer,” grinned Mi Cha.
They walked a little more
“Young Bae and Nikki aren’t having sex.” Dae Sung stated.
“Manisha and Seung Hyun are having sex, though” Mi Cha said, hearing cries of “Seunghyunnie!” and “MANISHA!”
Mi Cha and Dae Sung grinned to each other, before Dae Sung asked her, “Want to join the I’m-super-horny-and-can’t-wait-to-have-sex Club?”

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Chapter 11

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:40 am

~~~[Haley’s POV]~~~
Seung Ri and I walked in together, only to find the other eight talking about… sex.
I blushed and covered my face. Seung Ri smirked and replied, “It was very… hot”
I looked up at him and smiled. He grinned and we went and had breakfast.
During class, I asked Yura and Nikki unnies if they had sex too.
“I did, but Nikki didn’t,” said Yura unnie.
“Oh. Manisha unnie?”
“Yeah, Seunghyunnie was tickling me, and the next thing I know, we’re having sex!”
“Umm… Seunghyunnie?”
“Seung Hyun, Seunghyunnie… same thing” she replied and went back to her book, writing notes about… condoms.
Aish. She’s ALWAYS writing notes about tubectomy, vasectomy, condoms, copper T and stuff like that! How does ‘Seunghyunnie’ bear her?
“Let’s go drinking,” said Dae Sung oppa.
The rest of them started to cheer, and say, “YES! Let’s go!”
I sighed and went to change, knowing very well that I had no other option.
I wore an orange dress, which ended above my knees, with stockings and black boots [Something like this: http://i31.tinypic.com/jux3e0.jpg] and left my hair down.
Seung Ri wore black jeans with a white shirt.

I came out and saw Yura unnie wait with Jiyong oppa. Unnie wore a grey t-shirt with black jeans [Her t-shirt: http://diary.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/06/24/whirligig.jpg], and grey heels.
Jiyong oppa wore black jeans with a grey long-sleeved t-shirt. They were colour-coordinated.

Dae Sung oppa wore a Doraemon t-shirt with blue jeans and his Doraemon sneakers, while Mi Cha unnie wore grey skinny jeans along with her blue Vans and a blue graphic tee.

Nikki unnie wore a white Billabong t-shirt and black jeans, while Young Bae oppa wore blue jeans and a maroon-ish shirt.

Manisha unnie wore black skinny jeans with a black-and-white dress over it [The dress: https://2img.net/h/i137.photobucket.com/albums/q225/pixyz_album/fashion.jpg]. Seung Hyun oppa wore black jeans with a green t-shirt.

We got into the club, and into the VIP room. Like last time, all of us were drunk, but Manisha unnie and Seung Hyun oppa were dead drunk.
“PLEEZ TAKE MEEE BACK HOME INTO BLAZE LOST IN MAZE SUMVAAN KOL MAI NAME” sang Manisha unnie. [Manisha: In case you were wondering, it’s a part of the chorus of KAT-TUN’s latest single RESCUE]
“I’LL TAKE YOU HOME!” screamed Seung Hyun oppa and staggering, both made their way back to the dorms.
Soon enough, all of us went back to the dorms.
And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but ALL of us had a LOT of fun that night *wink*

~~~[Manisha’s POV]~~~
I woke up holding my head. My mouth felt like it had been stuffed with cotton. I looked around and saw that I as draped in sheets, and Seunghyunnie’s t-shirt was on the floor. All the kissing and moaning came back. I must’ve had too much of vodka. I clutched my head and groaned. At that precise moment, Seunghyunnie came out of the bathroom, “Waddup?” I glared at him.
“My head hurts,” I sat up, “and my lower body hurts too.”
“I’m sorry,” he said.
“You rammed in very hard. It really hurts. I can’t walk.”
“You’re lucky today’s our day off, then. Stay in bed. I’ll make you breakfast.”
He went out of the room.
Yura came in after some time.
“Why don’t you get up and get out? It’s a beautiful day!”
“Stupid Seunghyunnie’s fault. I can’t walk” I whispered the last part.
Yura burst out laughing, but stopped and asked, “You people were dead drunk, you know. Did you use protection?”
“Dude, protection is the last thing on your mind when you’re having drunken sex, ya kno—”
“—You are so screwed. What if you’re pregnant?”
“I can’t be.”
“Why not?”
Yura sighed and went out of the room.
Seunghyunnie came in with toast and OJ. While eating breakfast, Yura’s words kept swirling in my head, “What if you’re pregnant?”

I’m pregnant. Yura was right. We were idiots to not use protection. To add insult to injury, Haley pointed out that I was the one who always kept talking about contraceptives. Seunghyunnie doesn’t know as yet. I plan to tell him about this today. I’m so nervous!
Nikki looked at me disapprovingly, “This is why you people shouldn’t have sex”
“Give her a break, Nikki—” interrupted Mi Cha.
“—Shut up all of you” Haley said.
That shut everyone up. The guys came in, “Why’re you all so silent?”
Haley nudged Seung Ri and took him out of the room.
Nikki shook her head, and Young Bae and her went out of the room.
Slowly, Mi Cha, Dae Sung, Yura and Jiyong filed out.
I looked at Seung Hyun.
“I have something to tell you…”
I was pretty sure that Seung Hyun could make out from my expression that I didn’t have good news.

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Chapter 12

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:40 am

~~~[Manisha’s POV]~~~
I looked at Seung Hyun.
“I have something to tell you…”
I was pretty sure that Seung Hyun could make out from my expression that I didn’t have good news.
“It’s just that—”
“—Are you pregnant?” he interrupted me, jokingly.
I stared at him and nodded. Finally, realization struck him and he doubled up, “No… It can’t. How?” he asked.
“We didn’t use protection that night. We got drunk and…”
“What do we do?”
“I need time to think, Manisha,” he kissed my forehead.
With that, he left the room.

“Methinks you should keep the baby,” sang Yura
“Yura, don’t kid around, this is not a time for jokes. Think of her future. Manisha, get an abortion” said Jiyong
“Yongie, there’s a little… thing inside her which is alive”
“Alive, my ass. It can be aborted too”
“Oppa… Yura… forget it. Seunghyunnie can decide what is to happen to it” I added quietly.
“Ne, unnie, if you can keep the baby, have you thought of a name?” asked Haley.
I nodded.
“What is it?” asked Seung Ri.
“If it’s a boy, I thought the name Junhyuk should be cool. And, if it’s a girl, he can decide.”

That night, Haley and Yura slept over in my room. We were playing cards, and talking about abortion and stuff like that until they fell asleep.
I, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep.
I needed to know what his opinion was.

And at that moment, my phone rang. I checked the caller ID, “Seunghyunnie ♥️
“Have you- Have you thought of something?”
“I have—”
“I was thinking… what should we name our baby?”
===============================================================Chapter 12

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Chapter 13

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:41 am

~~~[Mi Cha’s POV]~~~
We decided to have a dinner party to celebrate Manisha’s six months of pregnancy. Jaejoong, Yoo Bin unnie and Yuya came over too.
“So, Manisha, do you have any cravings?” asked Yoo Bin.
“Well, ever since I’ve become pregnant, I want to—”
“—Have sex all night. She’s become a sex fiend” completed Seung Hyun.
“Okay. Way too much information” said Jaejoong.
Manisha glared at Seung Hyun. “You should learn to shut up— AH!”
“What happened?” screamed Seung Hyun.
Everyone rolled his or her eyes.
“Dinner coming through!” yelled Yura coming with food.
“YAY!” screamed Manisha, “Itadakimasu!”
“Oh, I should also mention, Yoo Bin noona, Manisha craves everything edible too”
“If you got pregnant, Yura, I’d—” Yuya started.
“—Kill me, I know, now shut up and tuck in” said Yura in a bored voice before attacking her onigiri.
Out of nowhere, Manisha told Jiyong, "Oppa, if I were ever to be reborn, I'd like to be born as your daughter!" Jiyong stared at her and finally nodded.
“Yura, we need to talk,” said Jiyong.
Yura stared at him. I bet she was thinking, 'Why isn't he calling me Yuu?'
“What about?” said Yura, through her stuffed mouth.
“Later” said Jiyong and went back to his Kimbap.
Somehow, I have a weird feeling about this.
After dinner, Manisha sent Seung Hyun to get her some Belgian dark chocolate ice cream, and the poor guy rushed to get it. Throughout the night, I saw Manisha keep looking over at Yura and Jiyong, who were talking heatedly. Probably another petty lover’s quarrel.
Everyone slept over. When I woke up, I saw Yura crying, and Manisha comforting her, “It’ll be okay, Yura. You can’t help it. Sometimes, life doesn’t give you what you want”
“Wait. What happened?”
“J-J-Jiyong and I b-b-b-broke UP!” sobbed Yura.
Everyone was awake by now. Yuya got up, “I’ll kill that son of a—”
“—Oppa. No. It’s not his fault.”
“He’s moving to California, and… it just won’t work. So don’t worry, Oppa, we’ll be fine.”
“AH! The baby… it’s kicking!” yelled Manisha.
“H-h-Hontou ni?”
Manisha nodded her head. “Touch it, Yura”
Yura touched it “Hah! It really kicks!”
“Seunghyunnie! See, Junhyuk is kicking!”
“We don’t know if it’s a boy, you refused to get the ultrasound because you wanted a surprise, so DON’T call it Junhyuk”
“Pssh… he’s kicking! Come here!”
Soon, everyone was all over Junhyuk.
“Awww… he’s going to be a real kicker” Yeah, that came from Dae Sung. I swear, our kid will crack the lamest jokes EVER!
“Manisha, you’ve got to go to the doctor today, no ifs no buts,” said Seung Hyun.
“How about a kick in the nuts?” Manisha counter-questioned.
That shut him up. What a sissy, I tell you.

~~~[Manisha’s POV]~~~
Seunghyunnie and I were heading back to the dorm from the stupid doctor’s, when I spotted a bakery shop, “Stop!”
Astonished, he asked the taxi driver to stop, “What now?”
I grinned, “I want to eat blueberry cheesecake.” He stared at me, “Really? You don’t have cravings very often, you know.”
I nodded, “Junhyuk wants some too!” and I pointed to my son a.k.a my big fat stomach.
“Okay, let’s go.” We got out of the taxi.
While he paid, I happily ran into the bakery. I looked at the various cakes and pointed to a yummy blueberry cheesecake, “I want six pieces of these”
“Are you sure, ma’am?” a worker asked me. I nodded and pointed to my stomach, “He likes it a lot.”
The worker smiled and put them on a plate and handed it to me, “Enjoy, ma’am! I hope he likes it too!”
“What good will six pieces do to you?” Seunghyunnie asked me sarcastically.
”Oi! Your son’s asking for it! I got one slice for myself, and the rest five for him!”
Seunghyunnie shook his head, and patted my stomach, “Tell me if you want more, okay?” The baby kicked. “He says it’s enough,” smiled Seunghyunnie and paid for the cake. We sat at a table, and I blissfully munched on the cake. “Seunghyunnie, do you want some?”
”No. Let the baby eat as much as it wants too.”
I smiled contentedly and continued to dig in.

~~~[Nikki’s POV]~~~
Today was the day Manisha was to deliver Junhyuk. She was very confident it was a boy. I overheard her say this to Seung Hyun, “I’m sure it’s a boy, cuz I can feel his pee-pee. It’s as big as his Dad’s”. It was disgusting, yes.
Yura, Jaejoong, Yoo Bin unnie and Yuya were at home, decorating Manisha’s room to welcome the baby.
Haley and Seung Hyun were to accompany Manisha into the labor room. DaeDae, Seung Ri, Mi Cha, Taeyang and I were pacing around, making sure that if Manisha had any sudden cravings, we’d be ready to go get her stuff.
But, wow. She was pretty calm before labor, but the minute she got in…

~~~[Haley’s POV]~~~
I went into the labor room along with Manisha unnie and Seung Hyun oppa. Manisha unnie started yelling, “YOU BLOODY FOOL, SEUNG HYUN, HOW DARE YOU IMPREGNATE ME!” all the time that she was pushing. She even pulled on Oppa’s hair, and Oppa’s facial expression was priceless. Finally, after what felt like eternity, a cry was heard.
“It’s a boy” said the nurse and Manisha unnie passed out, but not before mumbling a, “Junhyuk…”
The baby looks like a mixture of his parents. He’s got his mother’s face and his father’s nose. He looks really cute.

When she came to, she saw Seung Hyun oppa on his knees.
“Will you marry me when you turn eighteen?”
Manisha unnie started to cry. I guess pregnancy messes up your hormones. She nodded and hugged him.
This is what I call a ‘Happy Ending’!

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Chapter 14 [The End/Epilogue-ish]

Post by iluvmatsujun on 9/5/2009, 3:42 am

~~~[Haley’s POV]~~~
When she came to, Manisha unnie saw Seung Hyun oppa on his knees.
“Will you marry me when you turn eighteen?”
Manisha unnie started to cry. I guess pregnancy messes up your hormones. She nodded and hugged him.
This is what I call a ‘Happy Ending’!
Three days later, Manisha unnie was discharged. As we walked out the hospital exit, she handed Junhyuk to Seung Hyun oppa saying, “I told you it’s a boy”. She kept talking until she was in the middle of the road.
I looked to her right, and my eyes widened.
“MANISHA UNNIE! LOOK OUT!” I yelled, but it was too late.
A speeding car ran into her, and missed the rest of us by just two inches. We rushed to her.
Seung Hyun oppa ran into the hospital.
She looked at me and smiled. Blood was oozing out of her head, “Where’s my Seunghyunnie?”
At that moment, Seung Hyun oppa came to her, “Manisha, let’s go in, you’ll be okay—”
“—Seunghyunnie, I haven’t got much time left. I’ve lost too much of blood,” she whispered.
She was right. There was blood all over the place. “Take care of Junhyuk. Make sure he eats well.” She looked around at all of us, “I hope you all… have a great future. Seunghyunnie, I love yo—” she stopped.
A tear fell from her eye.
Blood drained out of her face.
Seung Ri closed her eyes.
I hid my face in Seung Ri’s jacket.
Yura stared at Manisha unnie’s face, shocked.
Mi Cha and Dae Sung’s jaws wouldn’t close.
Nikki unnie started crying, and Tae Yang oppa gently hugged her.
Seung Hyun oppa’s knees gave away, and he doubled up crying, and cradling Junhyuk at the same time.

Seung Hyun oppa was staring at a piece of paper in his hand, and his tears fell freely.
“Oppa, if you don’t mind, what is it that you’re reading?” I asked Him
He handed me the paper, and said, “I found this in her diary”
The paper had a picture of Oppa and unnie together making the peace sign. Manisha unnie’s stomach was sticking out, so she must’ve been pregnant at that time.
Under it was written,
‘I love the feel of his chest pressed against my bare back after we’ve made love.
I love how he says Saranghae before we make love.
I love how he’s gentle with me even when there’s an inferno of passion raging within him.
I love that perfect jaw; those high cheekbones; those soft, kissable lips; his scent; his touch. Everything about him is etched in my memory.
Together, we’ll make Junhyuk a wonderful man. I’m lucky to have someone like Seung Hyun by my side.
I love you, Seunghyunnie’
Before I knew it, I was staring at that paper and crying

It has been ten years since Manisha unnie died. Today, all of us are at the same hospital Junhyuk was born in. Seung Hyun oppa was telling Junhyuk, “Go play with your friends,” before coming to us and asking us if we wanted coffee.
Seung Hyun oppa is a single father. He is doing a fine job, bringing Junhyuk up all by himself. After Manisha unnie died, he refused to marry anyone else.
Mi Cha unnie and Dae Sung oppa got married. They have twins— Taemin and Onew.
Nikki unnie and Young Bae oppa have a daughter named Seung Eun.
As for Seung Ri and I, we’ve got a son— Minho— and a daughter called Sun Mi.
Yura unnie is in the labor room. She got married to a Japanese boy she’s been dating for the past five years, Sho Sakurai. They’ve got a son called Ninomiya and she’s got another boy to deliver today. They’ve decided on the name Ohno for the new baby.
Jaejoong oppa and Yoo Bin got married, and they have a son called Junsu.
Yuya got married too, and he has four sons— Changmin, Yoochun, Heechul and Hiro.
We’re living happily and all’s well.

---In California---
~~~[No one’s POV]~~~
Jiyong looked at the letter he had been sent ten years ago.

Dear Yongie (if I can still call you that),
It is with great regret that I have to inform you that Manisha is no more. She got involved in a hit-and-run accident.
We’re all coping with the loss.
Well, that was all I had to say.
I hope you’re doing well.


P.S: It’s a boy. He’s called Junhyuk.

Jiyong’s wife looked up at him through her sweaty bangs, “What should we name our daughter?”
Jiyong thought hard.

Out of nowhere, Manisha told him, "Oppa, if I were ever to be reborn, I'd like to be born as your daughter!" He stared at her and finally nodded.

He looked down at the pink bundle in his arms, and then at his wife, “I think we should call her… Manisha”


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