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Kiss Away the Rain [Jaejoong]

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Kiss Away the Rain [Jaejoong]

Post by _niXIAH on 6/13/2009, 11:31 pm

Title: Kiss Away the Rain
Author: _niXIAH

AJ was hired by her uncle who has a company at Korea. She took the chance and went immediately there. She worked hard to make her uncle, her father and her mother proud of her. But the longer she stays in Korea, the uglier her life turns in to everyday. She experiences unfortunate events which cause her to feel weaker every minute that passes by. In an unexpected happening, she met Jaejoong, a rich and handsome guy who used to be happy but turns out to be a sad guy because of painful events. He stayed with AJ for three days which caused something to happen between them due to the sadness and anger they feel that time. Later on, AJ got pregnant and brought Jaejoong’s child which she named Jaerin [J as the same first letter of her father]. For a short while, she kept this from Jaejoong but he eventually found out and started to live with them...

Main Characters:
Park AJ
Kim Jaejoong

Extended Casts:
Kim Junsu
Choi Nissa
Lee Mariko
Lee So Eun
Song Yuban

Just read the story if you want to know more Very Happy


Enjoy!Very Happy

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Chapter 1- My First Day at Korea

Post by _niXIAH on 6/13/2009, 11:33 pm

AJ’s P.O.V.||
I was looking outside as the car rode off to the airport. A few minutes later and I’ll be on a plane ready to take off going to Korea. My uncle hired me as his personal secretary. He’s working at a great company at Korea. Actually, it was his company, a company which produces good and not just good, but outstanding models.

It has been three months since I graduated from college and this is my first job. It’s a dream come true to me to go to Korea. But where I wanted to go since I was a child is to Japan. My mom works there… she’s a Filipino. And my father, he was a half Filipino and half Korean. He went here to the Philippines to marry my mom. Oops, that’s another story…

Now back to me, I was seated in front, looking at every way we passed. Five minutes more and we’ll be at the airport.

“AJ, you’re quiet? Are you planning on turning back to house?” my father asked me. He was really not into the idea of me going to Korea. But this is my opportunity and I won’t let it go just because I don’t want to be away from my two sisters and my father.

“Dad, I don’t have any thought of turning back.” I answered turning my head to look at him.

“I’m just trying if you will change your mind. You know, it’s hard to live alone… away from your family. Take your mother as an example.” He sighed and answered

“I know… but this is better than sitting lazy at a couch while watching television. I have to work… since I’ve graduated. And this is an offer, who am I to say no?” I replied as I turn my head to look outside again.

He sighed and focused his self on the road.

After five minutes, we arrived at the airport. I went down after he had parked the car. He opened the trunk and took my two bags. One was a backpack and the other one is a medium sized wheeled bag. I hung my backpack on my back and looked at my father as I stood on the departure way. I gave him a smile but my eyes are still sad about the idea of leaving them… and leaving Philippines.

“This is it, you’re leaving. Any second thought of turning back?” he asked with a little laughter and a little sadness.

“Don’t push me to.” I answered and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back and kept rubbing my back. “I wish I can say goodbye to them for the last time… but they didn’t go with us.” I added, pointing out my two little sisters who are left at our house. They don’t want to see me leaving so they just stayed home.

“Anyway, just call me if you are there already, okay?” he asked pushing me a little far from him.
“Yes, father.” I answered and then held my bag.
“Take care, AJ.” He said.
“Take care too, father. Don’t drink too much!” I said and started walking.
“Bye!” he said as he waves to me.

I walked while looking at him and waving. After a few wave, I looked in front and entered the immigration area. I checked in my luggages and showed my passport. I went straight to the airplane.


“To all passengers, please buckle your seats and the plane will take off in three minutes.” The stewardess announced

I sighed and thought **This will be the last time I’ll see Philippines…** After a few moments, I heard the engines started and felt the airplane’s motion as the pilot started driving it. Slowly, in my view, I started to see the airplane pass by every tree. After a few seconds, it started to fly… from this point, I could slowly see the trees down there. The airplane flies aligned with the birds, but a bit far. I looked at the clouds which are almost touching the window beside me. I rested my chin on my palm as I rested my elbow on the side of the chair. I sighed, as I slowly closed my eyes.


I slowly opened my eyes as I felt the airplane slowly touches the ground. It arrived Korea.

“Passengers, please get ready to go down. Pleas wait inside the airport building as we check out your luggages.” The stewardess announced.

I started fixing my self. I took off the belt and waited for the stewardess’ signal for us to stand up. I looked outside and saw trees which only Korea haves.

“Everybody, you may now stand up and fall in line according to your seat number.” The stewardess announced.

I stood up, I sit at the first division and nearly stood last on the line. I guess the airplane was divided into two parts. I waited patiently as the first passengers went down. After a minute, it was my turn. I slowly went down the short stairs. I stood straight as soon as my feet landed the ground. I gazed up and saw the clouds. Wow, Korea’s sky is so clear today…

I went in the building and waited for my luggage. After a few minutes, a man arrived and gave it to me. It was an attendant on the airport.

“Kamsa hamnida.” I said as I took my luggage. The man bowed and went away. Whew, it was my first time to talk to a Korean. Smiles!

I went out and found my self standing in front of the airport. Taxis are outside waiting for passengers who doesn’t have their fetchers. I called one and the first taxi in line immediately rode towards and stopped in front of me. The driver went down, took my luggages and put it on the trunk of his taxi. I sat at the back of the driver. He entered and looked at me. Maybe, he’s thinking that I’m not a Korean. Well, I have a little look of a Korean because my father was a Korean, but I got almost 90 percent of my looks from my mom.

“O-dee?” he asked.

I tried to speak in a Korean accent, but it was still hard for me. “Im Han Apartment.” I answered. He nodded and started the engines. I look outside as the car rode off. I can see tall buildings and people walking everywhere. **Wow, I’m really in Korea now.** I thought

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Chapter 2- Apartment

Post by _niXIAH on 6/15/2009, 8:07 am

AJ’s P.O.V.||
The taxi stopped in front of a tall and reddish colored building. The driver turned off the engines and went out to take my luggage from the trunk. I went down and stood up as I gazed at the tall building. The driver placed the bag beside me and smiled.

“Im Han Apartment.” He said.
“Kamsa hamnida.” I said and paid him.

He took the money, bowed and went in to the car. He started the engines and went off. I turned around and looked at the building. I gazed it from bottom to top. As my sight reached the rooftop, I looked at the bottom again. There was a café at the first floor. I started counting the windows. There were five windows in one column and there were seven windows in a row, which makes it thirty five windows, thirty five rooms to be exact. I started walking as I pulled my bag beside me. I slowly entered the café. I looked from left to right… but no one was there, except for an old man drinking coffee in front of an order table.

I slowly closed the door. I was going to speak when a girl popped out in front of me.

“Annyong!” she greeted with a big smile. I was surprised. She was pretty, she has a delicate smile but it shows happiness too. Her hair was curly and she has a near white complexion. She’s wearing a black shirt and a pink skirt. Her cheeks are reddish and her eyes are touching.

“A-annyong.” I answered as my mind came back to me again.
“I’m So Eun! Lee So Eun and you are…” she introduced.
“I’m Park AJ.” I answered.
“Oh, you have a Korean surname… but you don’t look much like a Korean to me.” She said.
“Uh, yeah, I’m half Filipino- half Korean.” I answered.
“I see.” She said.
“Hey, So Eun, you’re tiring the guest from standing.” The old man said, without looking at us, still drinking his coffee.
“I’m not!” she pouted.
“Hey, so, are you gonna rent here?” So Eun asked.
“Uhm, yeah, if there is still a vacant room.” I answered.
“Okay, I’ll call Mariko first.” She said and left.

I sat down on a chair and waited for her to be back. As I was seated down, I wandered my eyes around the café. It was a splendid place to work and concentrate. Soothing sounds and nice scenery as for the green walls decorated with food, coffee and drink pictures. Suddenly, my eye-wandering was stopped when a girl, who was looking grumpy, came to me and behind her was So Eun, the girl I met earlier.

“She told me you’ll gonna be renting here.” The woman started.
“Uhm, yeah.” I answered, a bit scared. [o.0]
“Okay, come follow me.” She told me.

I stood up and walked behind her, beside So Eun. We went upstairs… I think four floors from the café. We turned right and reached the third to the last room. We stopped in front of a green colored door. She took out some keys from her pocket and inserted it on the door knob. It opened and we went in.

“This will be your room, if you want. The price is low but the things here are good enough.” The woman said as I wander around.
**Not bad.** I thought. “Okay.” I said.

So Eun handed me the price list. **I can afford it for the mean time. Besides, I’ll be having my job a few days from now on so, I’ll take this one.** I thought as I look at the paper. I smiled to So Eun.

“Well then, I’ll be going down. By the way, my name’s Mariko. And if you need something, just call me or So Eun.” She said and went out.

“Whew, she’s never really good at entertaining guests.” So Eun said.
“Who is she to you?” I asked.
“Oh, she’s my older cousin. One year older than me. She’s a witch.” So Eun said, sticking out her tongue.

I laughed.

“Okay, just like what she said earlier, if you need something, do not hesitate to ask me, okay? I’ll be going now. Have fun!” So Eun said and went out.
“Thanks!” I said.

She went out and closed the door. I walked from the kitchen to the bathroom. And then I went to the sofa to a room. I entered and it was beautiful. Big enough for me… comfortable and has a good location. I wandered my eyes around and saw another door. Maybe, it’s leading to another room too. I opened the door and saw a room smaller then the first one I saw. I entered and noticed something. It was designed for a boy. But it’s good too.

**I think I’ll just save this one if I have a visitor.** I thought as I close the door.

I opened the windows and tied the curtains with a ribbon. After a few minutes, I went fixing my clothes to the cabinet. And then, I started fixing the table and some of my memories there. As in, a picture frame of my dad and my two sisters. And of course, a solo frame of my mother. I placed it on top of a table beside my bed. I looked at it, deeply… I admired her for how she has worked hard just to give us what we have now. And I miss her so much. I really wish I can see her someday… either at Japan or here at Korea.

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Chapter 3- Sudobucks Coffee Shop

Post by _niXIAH on 6/16/2009, 5:33 am

So Eun’s POV:||
I walked upstairs to wake up AJ. It was the first day of her stay here at Im Han Apartment and to be exact, her first day here at Korea. As I was saying, I walk upstairs. I stopped in front of her room’s door.

“AJ.” I called as I knocked continually. “Are you awake now?” I asked.
“Yeah, wait a minute.” She answered.
“Okay.” I said.

We planned to walk around near Im Han Apartment. Since it’s her first day here, I’ll show her around and treat her what ever she likes for lunch. A few seconds went by and the door opened.

“Good morning.” She greeted.
“Good morning! I’m sorry to wake you up so early.” I greeted back.
“It’s okay. Come in, I still need to take a bath.” She said and left the door open.

I entered. I wandered my eyes around the room. Wow, she did a good job at cleaning the room. Plus, it seems like this was not the room I know before she rented it. It totally looks different. I went to the sofa and sat down on a couch. I waited for her to enter the bathroom. There she is, she went out of her room, bringing a towel, hoody and jeans with her.

“I’m sorry.” She said.
“No, it’s okay!” I answered with a big smile.
“Can you wait for a moment, I’ll take a bath as fast as I can.” She said.
“Just take your time.” I said with a smile again.
“Okay.” She said as she entered the bathroom.

AS soon as she was inside, I wandered around. I went to the veranda and looked outside. It has been a while since I went in this room. Well, the last time I went in this room was when a friend of mine still owns this. Her name is Nissa, Choi Nissa. She once lived here, but her father took her away from here. Well, their family is rich… and all I can say is her father really wants her to have everything a girl would want to have. I wonder where she is now…

Suddenly, AJ went out from the bathroom. I went into the sofa and was surprised to see her. She was already dressed in hoody and jeans. Beads of water were still dripping from her long hair.

“You’ve… you’ve taken your bath so fast.” I said in amazement.
“Just this time, I hate making someone wait for me.” She answered.
“I see.” I said.

She then went to her room but she left her door open, maybe I can enter. I went in and saw her in front of a mirror, combing her hair. She then took a ribbon and pony tailed her hair.

“There.” She whispered to herself. She then stood up and took a small bag from the cabinet. She placed her phone and comb inside the bag. She looked at me and smiled.

“Where are we going?” she asked me.
“Hmmm, just around here… at the park, maybe.” I answered. It made me think, oh yeah, where are going to go?

AJ’s POV:||
We were seated at a picnic table on the park. Kids were playing everywhere and couples are actually dating. It was the first time I got to go in such place. The surroundings are so calm, we could hear birds chirping and the air is so fresh. We then entered Sudobucks Coffee Shop.

“So, AJ, where are you going to work?” she asked me.
“Uhm, at a company owned by my uncle.” I answered.
“I see. What’s the name?” she asked back.
“Sunshi Modeling Agency.” I answered.
“Oh, so it’s a modeling agency.” She hissed.
“Yeah.” I said.
“What’s your job there?” So Eun asked.

**Wow, she really asks too many questions.** I thought. Even though I’m a little irritated now, I have to answer her.
“I’ll be working as his personal secretary.” I answered.
“Oh, I see.” So Eun said.
“Any questions yet?” I asked. **Yeah! I got to ask a question this time!** I thought.
“Uhm, nothing… I don’t have any questions now. Let me think first.” She answered.
“Oh no! I thought she’s done with it.” I said.
“What?” she asked.
“Oh, no. Nothing. Hehehe.” I answered nervously.
“Uhm, AJ?” she called.
“Yeah?” I answered back.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” She asked me.
**Jeez, what made her ask that?** I thought. “Uhm, yeah… he’s in the Philippines.” I answered.
“Really? How does he look like?!” So Eun asked excitedly.
“Hm… he’s not that handsome… and he’s… I have a picture of him!” I answered.

I then took out a picture of him from my wallet. I gave it to So Eun and he was amazed of his face. (o.0)

HERE’S THE PICTURE: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/4955/copyofryeowook.jpg

“Wow, he’s… so handsome.” she said. [A/N: he’s really handsome!xD]
“Really?” I asked her.
“Yeah, why is he in this pose?” she asked, still looking at the picture.
**Her eyes are glued at his face?! Yuck!** I thought. “Well, that’s a concert. You see, he’s somehow popular in the Philippines.” I answered.
“Wow… your boyfriend’s popular…” she mumbled. “What’s his name?” she asked, finally giving back the picture.
“Romeo.” I answered, putting the picture back to my wallet.
“Jeez, like Romeo and Juliet. Will I meet him?” So Eun asked.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Uhm, nothing. He’s handsome… you’re pretty. Wow.” So Eun answered.
“Oh really.” I said.
“Oh well, I’m going to order now, what flavor?” she asked me.
“Anything!” I answered.
“Okay, I’ll buy Mocha.” she said and stood up going to the counter to order.

I was left alone on the table. A few seconds went by and two men entered the coffee shop. I was not looking at their faces but their scents are filling up the air inside the coffee shop. They sat down two tables in front of me. They were talking to each other. Just when So Eun came, the man with reddish hair, his eyes and smile are so melting. He went to the counter and ordered three coffees?! But there only two of them…

“Here.” So Eun said and handed the Mocha Frappe.
“Thanks.” I said and took it.

The man earlier went back with three coffees, a Chocó cream chip coffee, a Caramel Macchiato and a Chocó Frappe.

“Here, take this Caramel Macchiato.” he said to his friend who has his back facing us.

I was looking at the both of them. I don’t know why they got my attention so much… but there’s something with the other guy… it looks like I know him… but no… it’s impossible.

Suddenly, his phone rang. He answered it.

“Hello?” he answered. Wow, his voice is so good in the ear. It sounds like a voice of a singer. If I’m not mistaken and if my eyes clearly saw it, he’s wearing blue contacts. And his face looks like a girl’s face. He’s handsome and at the same time, he’s pretty.

“AJ, are you okay? Your eyes are glued at them since they came in here.” So Eun called.
“Huh? Uh, yeah, I’m okay.” I answered and I forgot to listen to his voice after that.

The last thing I noticed was when he’s done talking over the phone. I took a glance at him and they stood up. They passed us but they did not look at us. I followed his every single step with my eyes. And it seems like I don’t want to loose him on my eyes. Just then, I think he noticed me looking at him, our eyes met… he has piercing eyes, due to his blue contacts.

But his eyes are sad… I can’t explain how much but it’s full of sadness. I wonder why? He then changed the direction of his eyes. And I was like, oops, how long have I been staring at him? I blushed instantly and I looked at So Eun.

“Hey, are you okay?” she asked me.

Just then, I looked back and they were already outside. He went in the car. His friend was the one driving. That time, I was thinking why I didn’t ask for his name. But then, why should I ask his name?

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Chapter 4- New

Post by _niXIAH on 6/18/2009, 8:23 am

The following day, AJ woke up, the sun’s rays are passing through the pink curtains and it hits her eyes. She stretched her arms and yawned freely. She wandered her eyes around her room. She stood up from her bed. It was six in the morning, time for work. She went to the bathroom to take her bath and brush her teeth.

After doing so, she went to the kitchen to eat breakfast and drink milk. She sat down on a chair and started remembering her father and two sisters.

**Everything’s different.** she thought. For a moment, she paused and wandered her eyes around the room. It’s clear, everything’s different from the moment she stepped Korea. Back when she was home, all she would do is sleep, eat and watch tv. She could just relax. But now, she can’t do what she’s been doing back there… she needs to work and she needs to send money to her father.

After eating, she went to the bathroom to change into her uniform. After ten minutes or so, she went out and sat in front of the mirror and applied light make up. She tied her hair and stood up. She picked her jacket and her bag. She looked around to check if everything was in order. She went out the room and locked it. She walked downstairs and found So Eun drinking coffee that morning.

“So Eun, I’ll go now.” AJ said.
“Hey, good morning. Be careful on your way and good luck!” So Eun answered.
“Thanks. Be careful too.” AJ answered and went out the café.

She called for a taxi by the next apartment. It went in front of her. She sat at the back of the driver.

“Sunshi Modeling Agency.” AJ told the driver.
“Okay.” the driver answered. Then, he went driving.

She looked at every scene… for it was all new again. Each building they passed by, each places… it was all different, a lot different from where she came from. After twenty minutes, the taxi stopped in front of a building. In front, there was big letters which says ‘Sunshi Modeling Agency’.

AJ paid as she opened the door. It was exact so she did not wait for anything. She went down. She closed the door and taxi rode off. She looked at the building, it was high… and it was huge! She walked slowly as her heart beats heavier and heavier.

As she stepped on the first step, the guard opened the door.

“Do you have any appointment?” the guard asked.
“Uhm, I’m here for Mr. Park Kan Jin.” she answered.
“Any appointments made?” the guard asked again.
“Uhm, none but he knows I’ll come.” she answered.
“You can’t go there if you don’t have any appointment with him.” the guard said.
“But.” she groaned.
“It’s okay, let her come.” someone said.
“Sir Junsu.” the guard said and bowed.

Junsu smiled.

**Jun…su?** AJ thought.
“You said you’re here for Mr. Park. Come with me.” he said.
“Okay.” she answered and went walking behind him.
**This guy, I’m sure he’s the man I saw at the coffee shop.** she thought.

The two of them entered the elevator. Junsu stood near the buttons while AJ was behind him. Both his hands were on his pockets as he waits for the elevator to reach the seventh floor. To kill the silence, he decided to talk.

“You said you need Mr. Park?” he asked.
“Uhm, yeah.” AJ answered.
“For what?” he asked.
“He hired me as his personal secretary.” she answered.
“I see. By the way, my name’s Junsu. Kim Junsu and you are?” he asked.
“I’m Park AJ.” she answered.
“Park? Does it mean, you’re Mr. Park’s relative?” he asked, looking at her.
“Yeah, he’s my uncle to be exact.” AJ answered.
“I see. So, that’s why he hired you.” Junsu said.
“Yeah.” she said.

The door opened and Junsu went out first. AJ followed him. They walked through the long hallway. AJ looked at every door which leads to the company’s official’s room. Each door differs in color and there are names posted in it. Under each names, their positions were stated. She read them one by one until she finally saw her uncle’s name.

“He’s inside, come in.” Junsu said.
“O-okay.” she muttered.
“I’ll be going to my office now. See ya again.” Junsu said and continued walking.
“Okay.” AJ answered and then she knocked.
“Who’s that?” a man answered from behind the door.
“I’m Park AJ.” she answered.
“Come in.” the man said.

AJ opened the door slowly and took a peek.

“Come in.” a man said.

AJ had now stepped fully inside the room. It was cold and a little dark. She spotted a man sitting on a large couch, facing the windows which was covered with white curtains. She went near the table.

“Uhm, Uncle, this is me, AJ.” she started.
“First of all, don’t call me uncle. We’re at work so you’ll have to call me Boss.” he contradicted.
“Oh, okay.” AJ answered.
“And don’t answer me with those words. There are proper words to answer me.” he said.
**Proper words?** she thought. “Uhm, yes, boss.” she answered.
“Good. Your room is over there. [Points at a room at the right side] You can use it.” he said.
“Okay.” she said. “Oops, I mean, yes boss.” she said and went to her room.

She entered the room. It was small, but it was also big enough for her. There were everything in there, from papers, to ball pens and there is also a computer, with printer and scanner. She sat on the chair and scanned the table.

“Wow, it looks like I’m not a secretary here…” she said.

LOL. you can comment guys!Very Happy love to hear from you who are reading:D

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Chapter 5- The Other Story

Post by _niXIAH on 6/22/2009, 5:54 am

Jaejoong’s P.O.V.||
I was still on bed, past seven in the morning. I was looking at my phone, waiting for her call. Lately, she has been busy, but I don’t know what thing causes her to be so busy. I received less calls from her, I also receive less messages from her. And our monthsary’s two weeks from now. I wonder what’s keeping her busy. I opened my inbox and looked stiffly at her name. MinYoung… I kept whispering her name, I have been in love with her for four months and we met at a river near Junsu’s workplace. And that place has a great role in my life. I love her so much and I think that explains why I can’t get mad at her… I want to kiss her lips, but she would just say no, or she would move a little far from me. I wonder why…

I stood up. I tied the curtains and looked at below. People kept walking left to right. Cars were running everywhere. It’s time for work and I thought, maybe I’m just the person who doesn’t know what the real importance of work is. I’m lazy, I admit it. That’s why I don’t want to have a work. Even though my best friend keeps telling me that I should work now.

I went to the kitchen to get food and drink. I’m just a normal person; I would sit down on the couch, turn on the T.V. and eat anything while watching. I can’t promise someone that I would change, and I won’t promise someone that I would work. I’m rich enough… in fact, mom and dad are still working and my sisters have their own lives but they still give some stuffs to me. I received cash from being a fashion wear model.

I kept on changing the channel, same news everyday. If it was not about my dad’s company, it will be about Mr. Park’s modeling agency. I hate that guy; he’s always into something that would bring my dad’s company down. Yet, he’s really good at producing nice models.

AJ’s P.O.V.||
I am walking my way to my uncle’s room, correction, Mr. Park’s room. I’ve been working here for a week and I love it! I enjoy working here so much. Friendly people, they smile at me the first minute I step at the company’s floors. Cool technologies, I think they have the latest of the latests! And Junsu, he’s one of the so-called big bosses here but he actually is so friendly to me that I think we’re just like of the same position here. Wait, it’s impossible. I can’t be a boss, at least for a company like this.

As I was saying, I am walking my way to Mr. Park’s room. I turned left when I bumped into someone.

“Ouch, ouch.” she moaned as she rubs her butt.
“Ouch.” the same thing goes to me.

After three to four seconds, I came back to my mind. I noticed a girl was in front me, still massaging her back. I stood up and cleaned my uniform. I helped her first before I picked my things.

“Ouch, ouch.” she mumbled.
“I’m sorry, I was too careless.” I said, helping her shoo away the dirt on her skirt.

She was pretty, has long, curled hair and red cheeks. Her light make up makes her face soothing and she was wearing a blue skirt and pink long sleeves.

“I’m so sorry.” I said again.
“It’s okay.” she answered. “I wasn’t hurt that much.” she smiled.
“Whew.” I muttered and laughed a little.
“Oh, your things, let me help you pick them up.” she said as she bent down and started picking.
“No, no, it’s okay. Let me do it alone.” I said, probably picking faster than her so she would not pick everything from the floor.
“Here.” she said as she handed down the things to me.
“Thanks.” I said and smiled.
“You’re new here… first time I saw your face.” she said.
“Uhm, I’ve started working here a week ago. I’m AJ, Park AJ.” I answered.
“Hi there, AJ, I’m Choi Nissa.” she introduced herself happily.

I smiled at her.

“So, your surname, the same with Uncle Kan Jin.” she said.
“Uhm, yeah, he’s my uncle.” I answered.
“I see.” she said. “Oh, I’ll leave now, I still have to go to my father’s company. Bye! And nice meeting you, AJ!” she happily said.
“Okay. Nice meeting you too. Take care!” I said back.

She was just about to walk when a male voice from behind called her name. She turned around and there was Junsu outside his office.

“Junsu! Why? Did I leave something there?” she asked.
“Yeah! I’ll go there and bring it to you, wait!” he answered and went in.

**This two, they are like shouting?** I thought.

Their voices are loud. And it was clearly written on the forbidden list. Wow, Junsu, a boss here, is actually disobeying some of the rules? And who’s this girl to him?

Junsu came running towards her, bringing a bouquet of flowers.

“Is this mine?” Nissa asked.
“Yeah, you left it. Hahaha!” Junsu answered.
“But I don’t remember bringing these things.” she said.
“Just bring it home! Are you sure you’re not going to let me bring you there?” Junsu asked worriedly.
“Yeah, I’m sure. I can do it alone.” she answered.
“Okay, be careful. I love you!” he said and gave her a kiss on her lips.

I was stiffened by what I saw!

**Did… did he just kissed her lips?** I thought.

Jaejoong’s P.O.V.||
I was watching a drama when my phone rang. I was glad to see MinYoung’s name. I answered it immediately.

“MinYoung, I was waiting for you call!” I answered.
“Jaejoong, I’m sorry I just called today. Ouch.” she said.
“Why, what happened?” I asked worriedly.
“Ouch!” MinYoung shouted.
“MinYoung, are you okay?” I asked worriedly.
“Ohh,, yeah, yeah, I’m okay. Uhh…” MinYoung answered.
“MinYoung!” a guy’s voice called.
“MinYoung, who’s with you?” I asked curiously.

THIRD person P.O.V.||
No one answered; she placed her palm on the phone to prevent Jaejoong from hearing what’s happening.

“MinYoung?” Jaejoong called.
“Shh, stop first; I’m talking to my boyfriend!” MinYoung said and then went down from the bed.
“Be back soon, MinYoung!” the guy called. [I won’t tell who that guy is for now.xD]

MinYoung went outside her room, wearing only a piece towel wrapping her upper body reaching half of her lap.

“Jaejoong.” she then answered.
“MinYoung, what happened? Why did you answer just now?” Jaejoong kept asking, being worried of what was actually happening to her. Or more, what this girl is doing.
“It’s nothing. My cousin’s here and he’s probably hungry from being worn out from work.
“I see…” Jaejoong said, a little not satisfied with what she answered.
“So, how’s my baby lately?” Jaejoong sweetly asked.
“I’m okay. How about you?” she asked coldly. Not showing a little sweetness.
“I’m okay too. Can we meet tonight?” Jaejoong asked.
“I’m sorry, Jaejoong, I’m a little busy now. And I don’t think I can go out for the next two weeks.” MinYoung answered.
“You mean, we can’t even have a date next, next Thursday?” Jaejoong asked.
“Next, next Thursday?” MinYoung curiously asked.
“Yeah, did you forget, it’s our fifth monthsary on the second Thursday.” Jaejoong answered.
“Oh yeah, sorry Jaejoong, my mind’s been occupied with lots if work lately. Sorry to forget about it.” MinYoung said.
“It’s okay, MinYoung, I understand.” Jaejoong sweetly answered.
“Okay, I’ll just call you again if I’m free and I’ll tell you if I can make it next, next Thursday. Bye.” MinYoung said.

She was going to hang up when Jaejoong called her name.

“What?” she asked, turning the phone near her right ear again.
“I love you.” Jaejoong said.
“I love you too.” MinYoung answered and immediately hung up.
“MinYoung…” Jaejoong grunted, looking at his phone.

“Jeez, I feel sorry for you, Jaejoong. But I just can’t go on with a guy who is scared enough to lose his modeling career. You won’t even fight just to kiss my precious lips. What kind of a guy are you?” MinYoung said while entering the room. “How’s my baby?” MinYoung asked going on top of the guy, passionately kissing his lips as the guy takes off the towel wrapping her body.

Junsu’s P.O.V.||
I was inside AJ’s office room that moment. I was chatting with her.

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend.” I answered, looking at her while she fixes the papers.
“I see, I was surprised when you kissed her lips. Hahah! Silly me.” AJ said, tapping her forehead.
“That’s natural for someone who still doesn’t know anything about someone.” I said.
“AJ!” Mr. Park called.
“Oops, looks like uncle is in a bad mood today.” AJ said as she stood up.
“Hahaha, he’s always in a bad mood.” I said as I stood up too.

I went out from the room first followed by AJ.

“I’m going back to my office now. Thanks, Mr. Park.” I said and bowed down.
“Good. You can now leave us, I have something to tell her.” Mr. Park said straightly.
“Okay.” I answered and gave a smile at AJ.

She smiled back and then I went out.

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Chapter 6- Jaejoong SNOBBISH.xD

Post by _niXIAH on 6/23/2009, 7:54 am

AJ’s P.O.V.||
There were times that I would think what did I do to make him say those words to me? I mean, it’s just been a week since I started working there then he would say I’m not doing my best? He even said I’m not suited to be his secretary, that I’m not well-mannered. How can he tell something like that when he actually didn’t see how father did to make me what I am now? He knows nothing about me; he really knows nothing about me.

I kept on eating as my I think of how he was able to say those words. I was so mad, I was really angry. But all I can do is sit down and express my anger by just eating continuously.

It was Sunday morning, my free day. The sun was rising and its light was hitting the floor’s room. My clothes were hung at the veranda. The curtains are smoothly swaying as the air gently breezes inside my room. It was cold, for next month, it was Christmas already. Yeah, it was the twenty-fifth of November. One more month and it was the first Christmas I would celebrate without dad and my two sisters. I miss them so much. Just then, a thought entered my mind. What if I send something to them? Moreover, what if, I call them today? But then, dad would keep on asking about the company, about my work. What should I answer? I can’t just lie to him and tell him that everything’s okay?

“Damn it! What on earth happened and he told me that?!” I shouted, letting go of a slam which hit the wall. “Ouch!” I was freaking hurt by that punch. Tears started to form in my eyes. I was trying to stop them, trying my hard to find out how he managed to tell me those words.

Junsu went out from the office and AJ went behind her uncle who was facing the window. Hands both closed behind him.

“It’s been a week since you started working here.” Mr. Park said.
“But I’m simply dismayed by your performances.” he continued, not letting AJ finish her words.
“Why?” AJ asked smoothly.
“I should be the one asking you that. I offered you a job here. Isn’t this enough for you? I mean, isn’t this a good one for you? How can you ask for more?” he spitted those words over AJ.
“What do you mean?” AJ confusingly asked. She just couldn’t understand everything.
“One more week, if you don’t change, you’re out.” he said.
“Uncle!” AJ called.
“I guess your father hasn’t done a good job on watching you as you grow up.
“How could~~”
“Mom is just right. He should have not gone to that stupid country.” he said.
“WHAT?!” AJ asked.
“I think I’ve done a wrong choice. You’re not suited to be my secretary. You’re not doing your best but still, you’re asking for more. What kind of lessons did Albert teach you?!” he asked, looking at her.
“Could you explain everything?!” AJ asked.
“I won’t explain anything to you. Go figure them on your own. Now, back to work.” he commanded.

AJ scurried to her room. She banged the door closed and sat down on her chair, not knowing and still, thinking of what her uncle told her.

“What does he about asking for more?” she murmured.

AJ’s P.O.V.||
I went into my room, threw my body into the bed and “OUCH!” my reflexes must have reacted because I suddenly stood up again, my head hit the headboard. “Why am I so unlucky these past few days?” I murmured, trying to ease the pain of my head by rubbing it softly. I stood up and went to the veranda to breathe in some fresh air.

“Jeez.” I said as I looked outside. “These people, they never got tired of walking.” I added as I looked at the people walking down there. Just then, someone knocked on the door. So I went there and opened it. It was So Eun.

“AJ, mind coming with me today?!” she greeted.
“Why, where are you going?” I lazily asked.
“Mariko told me to buy these things at the market, can you come with me? It is boring to go there alone.” So Eun answered.
“Oh, okay. I’ll change my clothes first, come in.” I told her.

She entered the room and closed the door. I went to my room to wear my hoodies and jeans. I wore my rubber shoes and pony tailed my hair. I went out from my room and saw her sitting at the couch.

“Let’s go.” I told her.
“Okay!” she answered as she stood up.

We went out from the room. I locked the door and followed her. We went downstairs and the same scenario welcomed me, Yuban, drinking coffee.

“OH! Good morning, AJ!” Yuban greeted happily.
“Good morning, Mr. Yuban.” I greeted back.
“Ahahaha! I told you to call me Yuban, I’m not yet old!” he said.
“I’m sorry! I forgot what you told me!” I answered.
“It’s okay. Just don’t commit the same mistake again.” he laughed.
“Okay.” I answered and went out from the café with So Eun.

So Eun called for a taxi. We went in and she told the grocery shop. She opened her wallet and I accidentally saw a picture of her with a girl… she really looks familiar. it seems like I’ve seen her before. Curiosity ran through my veins so I decided to ask her if I could see her wallet.

“Okay.” she said as she handed down her wallet to me.

I slowly opened it and saw like millions of pictures. Jeez, she’s like a vain! Just then, I saw the picture I saw before. I was right! I know this girl…

“Nissa.” I murmured.
“You know her?” So Eun excitedly asked.
“Yeah, I met her yesterday at the company.” I answered.
“Really? HOW?!!!” So Eun asked excitedly.
“Uhm, I was walking when I bumped into her… plus, she was Junsu’s girlfriend.” I answered.
“Junsu? Who is he?” So Eun asked.
“Oh, do you remember those boys we saw at the coffee shop?” I asked.
“Yeah!” So Eun answered.
“The one of them was Junsu. He’s one of Sunshi’s big bosses.” I answered.
“Really?! WOW! I wish I could see Nissa again.” So Eun’s voice became sad.
“Why, what’s between the two of you?” I asked her.
“She’s my bestfriend. We studied at the same school and we lived at the same place.” So Eun answered.
“Lived?” I asked.
“Yeah, at Im Han Apartment, she stayed there… but then, her father took her.” So Eun answered.
“I see. Why?” I asked again.
“I don’t know, maybe because it’s simply not the right place for a rich girl to live in.” So Eun answered.
“A rich girl?” I was like o.0?
“Don’t you know? Nissa’s the daughter of Korea’s one of the top ten richest business holder.” she answered.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah… she wanted to have a perfect life… a smile and perfect life… she wanted to live freely and away from expensive stuffs. But her father wanted more for her, of course because she’s an only child… and maybe because they want her to inherit the company in the future.” So Eun explained.
“Wow… I talked to her not knowing that she’s a goddess?” I asked.
“LOL. You’re over reacting! She’s not a goddess!” So Eun laughed.

**This girl… I’m really amazed by how she can smile after being sad. I wish I could be like her…** I thought.


THIRD person P.O.V.||
“No! Mariko told me to get this brand.” So Eun stated.
“Okay, fine. I’m just telling you this was a better product.” AJ insisted.

They went walking; So Eun went to the milk section to get powdered milk when AJ bumped into someone.

“Ouch.” she groaned, massaging her forehead.
“Oops, I’m sorry… AJ?!” the man answered.
“Junsu!” AJ shouted in surprise. “I didn’t think you would be buying here.” she added.
“Haha! Well, I’m with Nissa today, she said she’ll buy ingredients for the pudding.” Junsu answered.
“Pudding?” AJ asked.
“Yeah, it’s our twenty-third monthsary today.” Junsu answered happily.
“Twenty-third monthsary? You mean, one more month and you’ll be having your second anniversary?!” AJ asked.
“Happy to say YES!” Junsu answered.
“Junsu, I got it--- oh hey, AJ!” Nissa greeted.
“Hey! Congratulations!” AJ greeted.
“Thanks!” Nissa answered. “So, are you with someone today?” Nissa asked.
“Uhm, yeah! I’m with someone you knew for a long time ago.” AJ answered when So Eun went back.

So Eun was surprised to see Nissa. She was stoned and her mouth was left open. Her eyes started to get teary as she looks at Nissa.

“So… Eun…” Nissa murmured.
“NISSA!” “SO EUN!” they both shouted as they hugged each other.
“Aww, I’m ver glad to see my baby smile like that.” Junsu told AJ.
“Yeah, she’s so beautiful whenever she smiles.” AJ agreed. [AJ! LOLZ. Just wishing to be.xD]

After buying everything on their list and paying for it, they went into a restaurant and ate. It was Junsu’s treat.

“Nissa, I never thought I would see you again. I thought you were at another country now.” So Eun said as she ate her food.
“I never went to any country.” Nissa said.
“Here, try this.” Junsu said as he placed the brownies at Nissa’s plate.
“I just thought that… but I’m glad that it was not true!” So Eun said.
“Hey, Junsu, sorry to be eating with you when it was actually your monthsary.” AJ said.
“It’s okay! As long as I can see her smile. It’s all fine with me.” Junsu answered.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong was walking, looking for Junsu and Nissa. He was turning his head from left to right, wishing to see him already. When he looked at the restaurant, he saw Nissa for she was seated near the window. But then, he was surprised to see two other girls with them.

**Who are they?** Jaejoong thought.

He went to the restaurant. Junsu saw him when he entered so Junsu stood up to welcome him.

“Hyung, where here.” he said, bringing Jaejoong to their table.
“Hi Jaejoong!” Nissa greeted.
“Hello!” he greeted back.
“Hyung, I want you to meet AJ and her friend So Eun. So Eun, she was Nissa’s like childhood friend.” Junsu said.
“Hi!” So Eun greeted.
“Hi.” AJ greeted shyly.
“Yeah. So, I’ll go somewhere to buy MinYoung something, I’ll just meet with you two later.” Jaejoong said.
“Okay.” Junsu answered. “Bye!” Junsu said and Jaejoong left.
“Wow, he’s kinda snobbish.” So Eun whispered to you.
“Shhh.” AJ said as she looked at Jaejoong.

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Chapter 7- Romeo

Post by _niXIAH on 6/27/2009, 9:01 pm

Romeo’s P.O.V.||
I arrived Korea the day after AJ arrived here. I didn’t tell her anything yet because I know, she would shout on me again asking me why I followed her. I know she doesn’t want me to follow her, but I love Korean girls. I can’t deny being a player, in fact, I’m proud of it. There is just one thing that I do not know, why is AJ still holding on to me? But to tell the truth, I love her… because she’s the only one who showed trust to me… but I think, it’s slowly being taken away… being far from me…

I was walking near a food store that twelve in the afternoon, when I saw her eating with someone, a girl with long hair. Curiosity ran through me so I decided to finally show up in front of her. No matter what she shouts on me. I need to see that girl!

I entered the store and went straight at her back, looking at the girl she was eating with. I then stepped closer and covered her eyes with my hands. The girl in front of her was surprised to see me do that, she was beautiful. I think she’s not a pure Korean…

“Hey! Is this Junsu?!” AJ asked.
**Junsu?!** I questioned myself.
“Uhm, who are you?” the girl she was with asked me.

I smiled.

“AJ, you’ve been away from me for about a month then you have someone else already?” I sarcastically asked. Maybe she already figured out who I was.
“Romeo?!” she asked, too much surprise.
“Who else?” I asked back.
“ROMEO!” she shouted and hugged me.
“So… she knows him.” the girl moaned.
“Hey, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend here?” I asked.
“Oh yeah, Nissa, meet my boyfriend, Romeo. Romeo, meet my friend, Nissa.” AJ said.
“Hi there!” I greeted going to her side, taking her hand.
“Uhm, hi!” she greeted back.
“Hey, don’t hold her hand, someone might get angry.” AJ said pulling my hand away from her.
“Who, you?” I asked sarcastically.
“Nope, I’m used to you being around girls. It was someone else.” she answered, looking from the men’s cr.
“Who?” I asked, curiously. I was so unlucky! This beautiful girl, is she taken already? NO!!!

Suddenly, a man came out from the comfort room.

“There he is.” AJ said. “Junsu.” she called.
“Hey, did I take too long?” he asked.
“Nope, just exact.” Nissa answered.

The guy sat beside her. This guy, he… he ignored me?!

“Junsu, look at him.” Nissa said, pointing at me.
“Who? Oh, hi! I didn’t notice you. Sorry!” Junsu stood up, scratching his head, bowing before Romeo.
“Hmp!” I groaned.
“Junsu, stop bowing, you might break your spinal chord.” Nissa said.
“Ahahaha! I’m really sorry for not noticing you.” Junsu said.
“That’s your fault; you’ve been looking at Nissa since you went out from then cr.” AJ teased.
“Well, you already know I can’t take my eyes away from her the moment I laid it to her.” Junsu giggled.
“I see, you were happy even without me. I’ll go now.” I interrupted. I walked with my hands crossed on my chest.
“Hey, Romeo, don’t be such a loser, come eat with us.” AJ said, pulling me back to their table.

AJ’s P.O.V.||
I was shocked when Romeo came out from behind. I didn’t think he would go to Korea… but suddenly, I thought, why did he really come here? For what reason? Is it just because of me? Well, if it is really because of me, I would be so happy! But if it is just for the Korean girls he has been dreaming to live with, he’ll see how Park AJ gets mad.

We ate. Junsu beside Nissa and Romeo beside me.

“So… he’s your boyfriend?” Romeo asked Nissa.
**Hmmm, I’m starting to see he’s reason of going here…** I thought.

Nissa looked at Junsu and answered “Yeah.”
“I see…” Romeo said, a little bit disappointed.
“Why?” Nissa asked, seeing that Romeo is a bit disappointed.
“Well, I just think that he doesn’t fit into being your boyfriend. And… his hair… who on earth would have a red colored hair?” Romeo answered.
“Uhm, excuse me, are you talking about my hair?” Junsu interrupted, giving Romeo a little glare.
“Who else’s hair?!” Romeo answered.
“What do you care about my hair?” Junsu asked as he stood up and banged his hands into the table.

Everybody looked at them.

“Why, is it bad to give impressions or opinions?” Romeo sarcastically answered.
“Romeo, stop it.” I told him.
“Well mister, for me, it seems like you’re into something.” Junsu said.
“Junsu…” Nissa said, holding Junsu’s hand.

Junsu gave Nissa his I’m sorry look. Nissa smiled at him.

“AJ, we’ll be going now. Thanks for inviting us to have lunch with you. And, nice meeting you, Romeo.” Nissa said.
“What’s nice at meeting him?” Junsu groaned as he gave way for Nissa.
“No problem, Nissa, Junsu. Til’ next time!” I answered, waving at them as they went out the restaurant.

Romeo was looking at them as they went in Junsu’s car. He sighed and continued eating.

“Why on earth did you do that?” I asked him.
“What?” Romeo asked back.
“Why did you criticize his hair?” I asked again.
“Why, is it bad to tell comments? I just said what I wanted to say.” Romeo reasoned out.
“You should have done it in a good manner.” I said.
“I did it bravely and I didn’t mean to hurt him. What is he, a gay who reacted just because of a small thing?” he asked.
“Romeo, what happened to you?” I asked him.
“What do you mean?” he asked back.
“You changed the moment I saw you today.” I answered as I stood up.
“Huh! ME?! I think you’re the one who changed. You fight for that guy, not for me! Don’t tell me you like him even though your friend is her girlfriend.” Romeo stated.

Anger ran into me. I tried to stop myself but it was too late, my right hand landed into his left cheek already. People saw that incident. Tears started to roll from my eyes as I held the hand which hurt his cheek.

His head tilted because of the force brought by that slap. His stare was stoned outside. And maybe, he was thinking of why I did that. His head slowly tilted and my teary eyes met his piercing eyes.

He let go of a smile, with different emotions. I don’t know which but it showed anger, curiosity and evilness that time.

“I… I’m sorry.” I said.
“Sorry?” he asked.
“Romeo…” I murmured.

He stood up; people were still looking at us. He went nearer to me, I can feel his chest touching mine, both his hands were inside his pocket and his breath, it continuously hit my forehead. I was blankly staring at his neck, for it was the part of his body that I could only see that time. I slowly looked at my trembling knees as tears dropped one by one.

“You even slapped me because of that guy. Are you really my girlfriend? Why are you protecting that brat against me? What is he to you?” he continuously asked.

“Romeo, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to slap you…” I cried.
“Shut up.” he said and walked, hitting my right shoulder.

He walked with his hands on his pocket. He didn’t look back. He walked out from the restaurant calmly and formally. My tears started to fall like water from a faucet. I can’t stop it. My knees started to feel weak and it caused me to fall on the ground. I can feel their stares, I can hear them whispering.

Embarrassed by the havoc caused by that event, I tried to stand up. I took my bag and left the restaurant with too much embarrassment.

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Chapter 8- Second Time

Post by _niXIAH on 7/2/2009, 7:29 am

AJ’s P.O.V.||
A week has passed and I can feel something is about to happen. I was seated at my chair, tapping the pencil into the table, thinking deeply. First, uncle told me those words and second, Romeo. He’s not calling me or sending message to me. He didn’t show up in front of me this past week. Is he mad at me? Yeah, maybe because I slapped him due to what he did to Junsu. But is that enough? He started it. If he didn’t say anything about Junsu, I would not do that… he’s just so… so irritating.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” I answered.

It opened and it was Nissa.

“Hi, AJ.” she greeted.
“Hi.” I answered under my breath.
“You look sad today.” she said as she sat down.
I smiled at her “I’m not sad. I’m just irritated with these paperworks.” I lied. “I just can’t understand this.” I added.
“I see… uhmm, did you see Junsu?” she asked.
“Junsu? Hmm, maybe they’re in the meeting room.” I answered.
“Oh, I see. Thanks!” she said.
“It’s nothing.” I said back.
“Uhm, are you busy?” she asked.
“Not for the moment.” I answered.
“Can I stay here and talk to you?” she asked.
“Okay.” I answered. “What about?” I asked.
“Uhm, I don’t know. I just feel like talking. That’s all.” she smiled.
“I see…” I uttered.
“You can ask something.” she suggested.
**She said she feels like talking but then, she’s asking me to ask her questions. Reminds me of So Eun…** I thought.
“AJ?” she called.
“Oh, yeah! Uhm, can I ask something about you and Junsu?” I asked.
“Okay!” she answered.
“When did you meet him?” I asked.
“Uhm, well, Junsu and Jaejoong were my classmates since grade one. I always go with them even though Jaejoong would shoo me away.” she answered.
“Jaejoong… the guy last day?” I asked.
“Yeah! He’s Junsu’s close friend.” she answered.
“I see… can you tell something about him?” I asked.

“Hmm, he’s good, he cooks delicious food, he lives with Junsu in an apartment, he works as a model for some fashion wear and his father’s cars… he’s sweet, he’s rich and people often describe him as a handsome and pretty man!” she stated.

“Pretty?” I asked.
“Yeah, because he’s got some girly features in him, but many girls chase after him.” she answered.
“I see.”
“He just had four girlfriends, I think? And his current girlfriend is MinYoung, the daughter of Atlas’ CEO Mr. Yun Bun Hye.” she said.
“I see…” I murmured.
“Why, are you attracted to him?” Nissa asked.
“Huh? No! Just like what you’ve said, he already has a girlfriend.” I reasoned out.
“That means, you’re attracted to him!” Nissa said.
“I’m not!” I insisted.

Jaejoong’s P.O.V.||
I was walking at the grounds of Sunshi Modeling Agency.

“Excuse me. Where is Junsu?” I asked to the girl who was walking.
“He… he’s at a meeting.” she answered, looking at my eyes.
“Where’s his office?” I asked. If he hasn’t changed his office, I would not have a hard time looking for his office.
“You go straight and turn left. Then, you’ll see a door which is gray in color. That’s his office.” the girl stated, still looking at me.
“Thanks.” I said and immediately walked.

Jeez, her stares make me uncomfortable.

I did as what she said. I found a door which is gray in color. I knocked two times but no one answered so I decided to enter. I saw no one seated at the couch. Instead, I saw the next room. I can see shadows of two people. It was shown by the thick white colored glasses. I tried to picture those two figures, but nothing was entering my mind so I decided to go in.

I heard Nissa’s voice so I thought it was Junsu who she was with. I knocked and their conversation stopped. I slowly opened the door and peeked in.

“Jaejoong?” Nissa asked.
“Hey.” I answered as I closed the door. I saw the girl she and Junsu were with last week.
“What are you doing here?” Nissa asked me.
“I thought this was Junsu’s office.” I answered.
“Oh, no. This was Mr. Park’s office and this room is AJ’s.” she explained.
“I see.” he answered.

She was quiet as she looks at me.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” I asked Nissa.
“He’s on a meeting this minute…” she answered.
“I see.” I said.
“Why don’t you have a seat? Is it okay, AJ?” Nissa asked her.
“Huh? Uh, yeah, sure.” she answered.
“Thanks.” I said and sat down in front of Nissa.

She was talking to that girl, I can’t look at her, at a certain point, I don’t know why… am I a little shy? Or I just don’t like looking at her? I felt a little awkward that moment and decided to leave the room. I stood up.

“Jae, where are you going?” Nissa asked.
“I’m going outside. Or maybe, I’ll go at Junsu’s office. Where is it?” I asked her back.

Nissa looked at AJ as a sign for her to answer.

“Uhm, you go straight to the right and the first gray door you’ll see is Junsu’s office.” AJ said.
“Ok. Thanks.” I said and went out.

THIRD person P.O.V.||
AJ and Nissa were left inside the room. They watched Jaejoong’s shadow as it went out from the office.

“Is he… snobbish?” AJ asked Nissa.
“Somehow… to people who are new to him… but he’s friendly!” Nissa answered.
“I see…” AJ murmured.


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Chapter 9- Start

Post by _niXIAH on 7/2/2009, 7:30 am

---------------JUST TAKE NOTE OF THE TIME.Very Happy-----------------

[6 AM]

AJ's P.O.V.||
I went up from bed... the sun was shining straight into my room. I went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I took bread and butter. I drank milk as I sat down the chair. Things were flashing back on my mind. I remember my uncle... my room... Romeo... and Jaejoong. A minute passed and then someone knocked on the door. I stood up lazily... I felt like dragging my body towards the door. I opened it and Romeo was there... Romeo...

"Hey." he greeted.
"R-Romeo, what are you doing here?" I asked, a little bit surprised.
"Is it bad to visit my girlfriend?" he asked back.
"N-no... come in." I told him.

He went in and sat down next to the chair I was sitting down earlier. I took one bread and a glass of milk and gave it to him.

"Thanks." he said.

I sat down and looked at him as he drinks the milk. My eyes are soon to burst with tears as I thought of what I have done to him that time.

"W-why are you here?" I asked him.
"Just want to see you." he answered.
"Really?" I asked again.
"Don't you believe me?" he asked back.
"I do believe you... but you look like unbelievable sometimes." I answered.
"That was what I don't like about you." he groaned.
"What?" I asked.
"You don't trust me at all. I know you hate me." he said.
"Romeo, are we going to fight again?" I asked him.
"You started it." he said.
"I didn't start it! YOU started it. If you did not say something about Junsu's hair, this would not happen!" I demanded.
"What the hell! That topic again?!" he banged his hand at the table.

The glass of milk went down the floor, it was broken into pieces and the milk spilled all over the floor.

"Calm down." I cried.
"How would I calm down?! I thought you love me?!" he shouted.
"I really love you, Romeo. It was you who is wrong!" I answered, calmly.
"WHY ME?! Did I hurt him?! Did I punch his face?" he asked.
"You didn't do anything. You SAID something." I answered.
"Damn it. This is getting worst. I'm done here. Why don't we just everything?" he asked.
"What do you mean?" I asked back.
"Let's break up. So you won't have any guts to me. Bye." he said and went to the door.
"FINE! I'm also pissed with you having girls around you!" I shouted as he went out.

I sat down as tears flowed down my cheeks. I love him so much... but... why am I always the wrong one?

At last, this was our fifth monthsary... I called her and she answered it.

"Jae." she answered.
"MinYoung, are you free today?" I asked.
"Sorry babe, I'm not free this morning... Can we just go out tonight?" she asked back.
"Oh, okay. Babe, what are you doing?" I asked her.
"Uhmm... I'm just doing my paperworks... ohh...” she mumbled.
"Oh, I see..." I answered, not satisfied with her answer.
"Okay, I'm busy... I'll just call you later. Bye." she said and hung up.
"MinYoung..." I mumbled, looking at my phone.


[5 PM]

AJ's P.O.V.||
I was seated at a chair waiting for the printer to be done in printing the papers. I looked at them as the printer brings out those papers. I wish I’m free… and as stable as the printer is. Not getting tired of anything someone will ask it to do…

“AJ, Mr. Park needs you in office right now.” someone said.
“Okay.” I answered.

I stood up and went to the office without looking at the printer. I thought someone would just fix them as soon as it ends up being printed.

As I knocked on the door, my heart beat so heavy. It’s as if my heart can feel something is going to happen. Good or bad? I don’t know… I just know something’s going to happen.

“Mr. Park, you called me.” I said as I bowed down behind him.
“What’s happening to the sales and production?” he asked, looking outside.
“Uhm, it’s slowly going down…” I answered.
“Why?” he asked.
“We’re running out of professional models?” I answered, unsure of it.
“And what happens when a modeling agency runs out of professional models?” he asked.
“Clients are slowly changing their modeling agency… I mean, they start to look for other agencies with professional models.” I answered.
“What else?” he asked.
“The income… goes down?” I answered, still unsure.
“What happens when a company’s incomes go down?” he asked.
“T-the money for the salary… is slowly decreasing…” I answered.

By that time, something entered my mind. I’m not guessing… but I’m not saying either… is he going to…

“Due to the fact that the company’s income goes down… we need to what?” he asked.
“To lower the salary?” I asked back.
“Reduce the number of employees.” he finally spoke out.
“Do you mean….”
“You got it already?” he asked.
“Are you telling me, you’re firing me?!” I asked.
“Exactly.” he answered.
“WHY?! You hired me! Then… you’ll fire me? In just three weeks?!” I asked, confused of the situation I am in right now.
“Exactly. I was not contented with your performances. And like I said, I need trained and professional secretaries, not just a useless girl from a different country.” he said.
“But uncle!”
“Go out now, you’re fired.” he said.
“Tsk.” I groaned. I walked towards my office as my hands are clenched in anger. I bit my lip as I walk. I dared not to look back for I know; I can do something outrageous once I see his face. How stupid he is to fire someone like me… his own bloodline.

I went out from his office with my bag behind me. I walked, head hanging low. My tears kept pouring; my vision was blurred by those tears. I walked continuously without looking in front of me. I bumped into someone. It was Junsu.

“AJ, why are you crying?” he asked.
“N-nothing.” I answered and ran.

It was our monthsary today. I called her. She was at home… but she told me she’s not free this morning and afternoon. So she said we’ll just meet this evening. Our plan was we’ll go somewhere out for the whole day… but she changed her mind.

“MinYoung, can I go there?” I asked her at the phone.
“Jae, I told you I’ll just go there.” she said.
“Why, are you still busy?” I asked her.
“Yeah, ohhh.” she answered.
“MinYoung, answer me honestly, what are you doing?” I asked her.
“Huh? Of course, I’m doing my presentation for tomorrow.” she answered. “I need to go now, Jae.” she said and hung up.
“MinYoung…” I said.

I decided to go there. I went to my car and started the engine. I drove my way to her house. I parked in front and because I’m her boyfriend, I have the keys’ copy for their door house. As I was going to insert the key, I held the door knob and the door suddenly opened. I was surprised. I slowly and quietly entered the house; I looked everywhere and saw no one, from the sofa to the kitchen… As I walked through the kitchen, I heard footsteps upstairs, and as I know, MinYoung’s room was above the kitchen. I went to the stairway and went up slowly. I reached MinYoung’s room door. I wanted to knock but I heard her voice, and someone’s voice. I slowly opened it and was stunned of what I saw.

“So, this was what you’re doing the whole time?” I asked, as I revealed my self behind the door. I controlled my temper… as I looked at them.

Their movements stopped as they saw me standing there. She was on top of another guy, fully naked and ‘he’ was still inside her. I can’t look at them for I know anytime, I’ll burst from anger.

“Jaejoong.” she murmured.
“Your boyfriend?” he asked.
“HOW DARE YOU!” I shouted.

She went down and walked naked towards me. The man she was with kept silent as he lied there looking at us.

“Jae, if you want, you can share a night with me…” she whispered seductively over my left ear, touching my right cheek, kissing my neck.

“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” I shouted and pushed her. She fell on the ground. I tried not to hurt her… but my anger will push me to.
“MinYoung!” the guy shouted and ran behind her.
“I’m okay, Romeo.” she said.
“Tsk. No good whores.” I said.
“Why?! Is it because I’m having sex with someone else?!” she asked ass he stood up. She held my collar.
“I should’ve known this from the start. You’re a bitch.” I cursed.

“WHY?! Did you even try to kiss my lips?! You’re not even worthy enough to be my boyfriend! You just thought of your career! You don’t love me! You love your career more than me!” she shouted.

I slapped her face. Tears were flowing down from my eyes. “You don’t know everything. You don’t know how much I cared and worried for you. You don’t know how much I loved you.” I said. “We’re done, MinYoung, I’m ending everything between us.” I said and left.

I went back to the unit, I took out two bottles of beer from the refrigerator. I sat down on the couch inside the dark room. I drank and drank until my mind was half dominated by drunkenness. A few minutes and I sensed someone entered. The lights opened and there was Junsu, walking towards me.

“Jaejoong, why are you drinking?” he asked me.
“Nothing! Don’t ever say anything!” I answered, a bit drunk already.
“Jae, do you have problem?” he asked me.
“Me? I won’t have any problem! Not at all!” I answered. Then, I noticed his hair. “Hey, Junsu, what happened to your hair?” I asked back.
“Oh, this one…” he said.

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Chapter 10- Start [Part 2]

Post by _niXIAH on 7/13/2009, 8:07 am


AJ’S P.O.V.||
I was drinking coffee that night at a coffee shop near the office. I don’t know what to do. That was the only thing I can hold on to earn money… to feed my tummy, to send them money… what will I do? What will father say if he founds out about his?

As I drink the coffee, lightning struck the dark sky. After a few seconds of the light’s existence, rain started to pour. So hard, it seems like penetrating the grounds. It was like, the angels are crying... just like me… or maybe, just like other people…

I walked out from the shop, as rain pours on me, I walked, crying… wanting to stop what I was feeling that night, I can’t smile; I can’t think positive this time…

“Oh, this one…” Junsu said.
“Come on! I thought you like that red colored hair? Why did you suddenly dyed it into black?” I asked.
He sighed first and then answered. “Well, someone said it doesn’t suit me.”
“Oh really? Wow, that guy sure knows what’s good and what’s not good.” I joked and laughed.
“Jae, come on, I’ll bring you to your room now.” he said as he wrapped my arms around his shoulders to carry me.
“No! I won’t sleep. Leave me alone.” I said, pulling back my arms.
“Jae! What happened? Did you and MinYoung argue again?” he asked.
“SHUT UP! Don’t you ever say that bitch’s name!” I said and sat down. I drank another beer.
“Oh… I’m sorry.” Junsu said as he covered his mouth.
“Damn it, I’ll go for a walk.” I said as I stood up.
“Are you nuts?! It’s raining!” Junsu said, trying to stop me.

I walked in a zigzag line towards the door. I drank as I opened it. I walked out as Junsu watched me; I closed it and walked through the hallway. I reached outside and the rain poured hard at me. I can feel coldness… as it goes through my spine. I walked as I drink my beer.


AJ’S P.O.V.||
I was seated down on a bench, still under the rain. I sighed as I look at the cars passing by. There were people under the shades, waiting for the rain to stop… there was someone inside the phone boot and there were others inside food shops or anything. While I, I was seated there… thinking of what happened earlier… what a big mess. What a big damn mess.

I looked from left to right. As I turned my sight to the left side, I saw someone walking, he was drinking. As the person came closer, I recognized him. It was Jaejoong. I stood up to greet him, but he was drunk.

“Jaejoong.” I said.
“Stay away.” he said and walked. But then, he fell to the ground. I immediately caught him in my arms. I touched his forehead and he was burning with fever.
“Jae! Are you okay?” I panicked. I carried him with his left hand around my shoulders. I walked as I pulled him beside me.


I entered the apartment and Mariko, So Eun and Yuban looked at me as I carried him. I didn’t bother to look at them, I focused everything at Jaejoong.

“AJ, need help?” So Eun asked.
“No, I can do this.” I answered, determined to do it alone.
“Who might he be?” Mariko whispered to Yuban.

I entered my unit and immediately laid him to my bed, I immediately changed his clothes, and I wiped his body with a towel and replaced his clothes with my t-shirt and pants. Originally my father’s pants, I don’t know why it’s with me. I covered him with the blanket and went hurriedly to the kitchen to get a medicine and hot water. In any time, he might gain his consciousness.

I sat down at the kitchen and I can see him sleeping there… I was looking at him, when suddenly, he moved. I know he would be awaken in a minute… he slowly sat down on the bed and rubbed his eyes. It seems like to him, he just had a nap. He went down from bed and went to the kitchen for he saw the light. He was surprised to see me sitting there, looking at him.

“Where am I?” he asked me., still standing there.
“You’re at my unit. Why don’t you drink this chocolate first?” I asked back.

He sat down and drank the chocolate.

“You were drunk earlier and you have fever, are you feeling better now?” I asked.
“Yeah, a lot better than earlier.” he answered.
“Can I ask, what happened?” I asked him.

He sighed and paused for a moment, looking at the cup of chocolate.

“Well, I broke up with my girlfriend today, and it’s our monthsary.” he answered.
“Oh, I see… I’m sorry to ask.” I said.
“It’s okay.” he said. “Can I sit beside you?” he asked. “I’m a little cold.”
“Okay.” I answered.

He stood up and sat down beside me, the chair I was sitting at. He would drink chocolate and then will be quiet.

“You were crying that time, right?” he asked.
“Me? Yeah…” I answered.
“Well, my uncle fired me… my boyfriend broke up with me, and I’m going nuts.” I answered, adding a joke at the end of my statement.
“Wow, you can still say jokes.” he said.
“Yeah, that’s my nature.” I answered.
“Aren’t you feeling a bit played?” he asked.
“Played? What do you mean played?” I asked back.
“Fate… it keeps playing pranks around people. I loved her with all my heart, but then, she’ll do this to me…” he answered.
“Wanna know what happened?” he asked me.
“Glad if you’ll share it with me.” I answered.
“Well, as I said earlier, it was our monthsary, and so, I wanted to go out the whole day with her… but she said she was busy… with her presentations and paper works. I went to her house, and when I opened the door, I saw her making out with some other guy.” Jaejoong stated.

“Really? That was nasty.” I said.
“He’s Romeo.”

Bolts of lightning seemed like to crack inside me as I heard that name… yeah, Romeo. Why should I be surprised? After all, he’s a player… he’s a total pervert. I didn’t notice that tears were flowing down on my cheeks as I think of him… I loved him… and then, I didn’t know he was already doing something nasty with other girl? How could he do this to me?!

“AJ, are you okay?” Jaejoong asked me, as he touched my cheek.
“Huh? Uhm, yeah, I’m okay.” I answered, trying to escape his stares.
“You’re sad.” he said.
“You too.” I added.

That moment stopped as he suddenly hugged me. The rain had stopped pouring, and the lightning which temporarily roamed the sky earlier were all gone. I can hear his cry… I can hear his heart beat, and I can feel his breath.

“Please, let me forget everything.” he said as he hugged me tighter.
“J-Jaejoong, what do you mean?” I asked him.

He looked at me and he suddenly kissed my lips. The first one… my first kiss. I tried to push him, but he would insist his self. He hugged me as he kissed me… After a moment, he let go. I was looking below, not wanting to see his eyes. He took my hand and pulled me to the room. He pushed me to the bed as he took off his shirt.

“Jae, what are you doing?” I asked, looking at the floor, as tears were flowing.

He did not answer. Instead, he knelt on the bed, in front of me and kissed me again. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pushed me gently to the bed as he kissed me passionately. I wanted to stop him, but the other half of my body would refuse to. I felt safe… I felt warmth… is this true love? Or, is it just because of sadness?

He started crawling on top of me, as he kissed my neck down to my stomach and reached my under. I can feel his tongue… I can feel his breath; he went up again and kissed my lips. I wanted to stop him… but I don’t want this moment to end… for everything that happened this day, would only be erased by this moment, by this single moment.



I slowly opened my eyes and saw my self hugging her. We were naked, could this mean… something happened?! Oh no… I was drunk that night… I slowly stood up, not wanting to wake her up. Suddenly, my phone rang. I immediately went to answer it.

“Junsu.” I answered, whispering. I went to the kitchen.
“Jae! Where are you?! Why did you not go home yesterday night?!” Junsu asked.
“Uhm, it’s a long story… I’ll be staying here for a while.” I answered.
“Mehn! You’re such a pain in the neck! Where the hell is you?” he asked again.
“I’m… I’m at a hotel now… sorry, Junsu… I’ll just go back maybe next day.” I said.
“No. I’ll not be here tomorrow and the next tomorrow. Nissa and I planned to go on a vacation.” he said.
“VACATION? In this time of year?!” I asked.
“Yeah… is it bad for a couple?!” Junsu asked.
“Fine, fine. Do whatever you want.” I answered under my breath.
“Okay. I’ll just call you when we’ll be coming back again. Take care, Jae!” he said and hung up.

I sat down at the chair. Half naked, looking at the clock as I played with my phone.

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Chapter 11- My Embarrassment

Post by _niXIAH on 7/13/2009, 8:09 am

Mainly from AJ'S P.O.V.||
I sat as I stretched my arms up. I felt cold... behind the fact that it was really a hot weather... I wondered why... when suddenly, I found the answer. I looked at my lap... I... I'm naked?! FULLY NAKED!!

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed on top of my lungs.

When suddenly, Jaejoong popped out from the kitchen.

"What happened?!" he asked, looking at me.

My mouth opened wide. I immediately hid behind the covers as he turned around.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" I asked, I mean shouted.
"Duh, you brought me here last night." he answered.
"B-b-b-brought?! What do you mean?!" I asked again.
"Oh my God. Do you always have amnesia in the morning?!" he answered as he tapped his forehead and turned around.
"DON'T YOU EVER DARE LOOK HERE!" I shouted as I threw a pillow at him.
"I don't have any intentions of seeing your body!" he shouted and went back to the kitchen.
"DAAAAAAAMN IT!!!!!!!" I shouted in anger and embarrassment.

I stood up, covering my body with the entire bed cover. I hurriedly went to the bathroom to wear clothes. As I wear my shirt... I was thinking, why the heck am I naked? Did he sleep with me... beside me... naked?! And then... I remembered something.

"Oh my God" I whispered as I covered my mouth.

I hurriedly went out from the bathroom and stood behind Jaejoong who was eating his third pair of sandwich.

"Hey, alcoholic pervert, tell me, did you rape me?" I shouted, pointing at him.
"Huh! Raped? Come on, you did not stop me." he answered, not looking at me.
"Did something happen?!" I asked again, to make sure.

He stood up and looked at me.

"Damn it! I said it already! Are you listening at---"

I slapped him... his head moved to the right, his fists are clenched and his anger was already raising... that slap... the same with Romeo... I was burning with anger... the first minute I woke up. Tears went flowing from my eyes as I bit my lip. Regretting what might have happen... or what I have heard from him.

"What did you do that for?!" he shouted back.

I was crying... already. Not just because of what he answered... but because of that slap.

"Tell me... did something really happen?" I asked in a bitter voice.
"I'm sorry." he muttered. “I really didn’t want that to happen too.”

I started to cry harder... I punched him on his chest as I cry... he didn't stop me... he never stopped me from doing it...

"Okay, fine... hit me as hard as you can... as many as you want. But I don't want to see you crying anymore later okay?" he said sweetly as he receives my punches.


I was seated at a couch, TV opened, but my face... my face was buried between my knees. As tears fall down from my eyes to the couch... I couldn't think of anything but that scene... the scene which happened last night... surely it was my first time... to feel such kind of pain... with lust at the same time... I was stricken... aware of the surroundings which seem to play pranks around me. Why me? Why happen to me? Why Jaejoong? Why now... now that... I'm really full of problems. And how I wish I was home... how I wish I never accepted that moron's offer... how I wish I never brought Jaejoong here... I'm so stupid very stupid… stupid, damn, idiot. Three words which really suits me.

As I cry… Jaejoong watched me… from the kitchen, not eating… but just seating… distant from me… waiting for my anger to be gone… completely gone. He was flawlessly looking at me, taking a glance at his wristwatch for a while and back at looking at me again. I could feel his stares… and it seems like I could hear his thoughts too.

I wanted to move… but the nature would stop me. I don’t want him to come closer to me… but I want to hug him. Wait, what’s this? Why am I saying such words? I wanted to know the answer… but I’m also afraid I might hear those words… love… the most stupid thing I’ve ever knew… I wish… as I remembered someone… as I remember his stares… as I seem to hear his voice at my mind… I wish, I never knew how to love… I wish I never know how to love Romeo… for he thought me how love hurts people… how love sucks… how love make someone suffer.

Finally, I was able to escape this gloomy feeling. I moved an inch and I know Jaejoong saw it. As I stood up, he stood up and immediately went beside me.

“What do you want?” I asked, looking below, trying to ignore his stare.
“Talk to me.” he answered directly.
“I’m already talking to you.” I answered.
“Face me.” He commanded.
“We can talk without me looking at you.” I said.

It seems like were battling with words. And anger… the first armor we only have… with sorrow as our guardians.

He held my wrist, tightly like he doesn’t want me to distance from him. He looked piercingly at me… as I just did the same thing, ignore his stares… staring blankly at the bathroom’s door.

“AJ.” He seriously called.
“Say everything you want to say.” I answered, but not to his call.
“Can you show a little of your maturity in this matter?!” he asked, standing in front of me, still looking at me with his piercing eyes.

I know it, he’s really serious now… but, I can’t do it… I can’t be strong enough to face him. Why in this kind of matter?! Why?! I felt like I’m already having a hard time breathing… and my tears, they just want to fall again. No! Not again, I just ended up crying… and then, they’ll fall again? My eyes are swollen now… and I don’t want him to see it.

“I… I don’t know what to say… seriously.” I said bitterly.
“Huh?” he asked.
“You heard it. And I’m serious with that… matured enough to say those words. Are you happy now? Now that I did what you want me to do?” I asked back.
“AJ, what’s the matter?! It’s just something last night! Then you’ll be acting weird already?!” he shouted, shaking me as his hands both gripped at my shoulders.

I was looking at him already, with my large swollen eyes… and my trembling lips… as tears started to flow again. Not again!

“Something?! Just something?! Jae… it could be ‘just something’ for you… but it would be totally different for me!” I cried.
“Look, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” he detached his hands from my shoulders already, looking below, with his fists closed tightly.

I can feel regret from both of us. I know… he didn’t want that to happen either… but, it already happened. And we can’t turn back the time to take it away.

“Sorry is not enough.” I answered bravely, as I fought with those tears.
“What do you want me to do?” he asked, looking at me.
“Stay away… I don’t want to hear anything from you anymore.” I answered, as brave as I can…

Even though I know I want him beside me… now that I feel closer to him. Was it a feeling brought by that happening? Or… do I just… love someone again?

“I can’t.” he said. “I just can’t… I just can’t leave you.” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“I… I feel different.” He answered and went immediately to the kitchen.

Different? From what?

So guys, who ever are reading, I want to hear something from you.^^
Dropping a comment won't take that long, right?
Hihi^^ Just thoughts from you would do.^^


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Chapter 12- Third and Last Day

Post by _niXIAH on 7/13/2009, 8:10 am

Mainly from Jaejoong’s P.O.V.||
I slept at the couch in the sofa… while she slept on her room. Door was really locked, to prevent me from entering.

**I… I feel different.** I thought as I sat down. Yeah, I really feel different with her… with AJ.

I stood up and went to the bathroom to rinse my mouth and wash my face. I looked at my reflection, am I being reckless now? How was I able to do it to her?

I wiped my face as I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, for me and for her. Any minute by now and she’ll be awake. And I’ll be glad if I will be able to talk to her in a good mood now…

A minute passed, as I was cooking soup, I heard the door slowly opened. I can hear her footsteps as she comes closer to the kitchen. Maybe, she smelled the scent of the food I was cooking and it made her curious. Atlast, she appeared at the door, looking at me as she scratches her head, with tangled hair.

“Are you… feeling better now?” at first, I was hesitant to ask her this question… but I know that even how hard I try to resist it, it will just go out from my mouth.
“Yeah.” She answered as she sat down.

Man, maybe she’s always like this back to where she lives. She’ll wake up and just wait for the food. What? What was I saying?

I walked towards the table and placed the cup of chocolate in front of her.

“Here, drink this first. The soup’s not yet ready.” I said.
“Thanks.” She answered as she drank the chocolate. “I’ll be going out.” She said.
“Where?” I asked.
“I’ll be looking for a job. You take care of my apartment.” She answered.
“I see… okay, if you want me to, I’ll do it.” I answered.

There… she got ready… she wore her shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. She carried her hand bag and went to the door.

“I’ll be going now.” She said and went out, without even waiting for me to say goodbye and be careful.

She walked down the stairs and the three, Mariko, So Eun and Yuban are looking at her.

“AJ, where are you going?” So Eun would always be the first one to ask something.
“I’ll be looking for a job.” She answered.
“Ohh, speaking of money, AJ, I and So Eun decided to let you stay here without paying… but remember, as soon as you got a job already, you’ll pay.” Mariko reminded.
“Thanks for everything. I’ll go now.” She said, seems like she did not even hear what they said.


I was left upstairs, doing my so called job today. I want to clean her apartment and I want her to be proud of me even just for once… I don’t know exactly what I’m feeling right now… but I’m sure, it’s something I should be proud of… just for her. I swept the floor, washed the clothes and hung them; I washed the bathroom and cleaned everything I could see inside her room. When I’m done, it was already lunch time. I was thinking, is she going back for lunch? Or she’ll be eating outside. Hm, maybe she’ll be eating outside… so I just went to the kitchen and was surprised.

“N-not much of it?!” I asked as I saw the things inside the fridge.

There were two eggs, a pack of bacon, four slices of bread, two tomatoes, a potato and a small cabbage. How was she able to survive with this number of food?! I mean, it’s too few for her… or maybe, she skips dinner… or lunch… or breakfast. So then, I went to the sofa and looked at my wallet. My credit card was there and there are 10 dollars. What is the dollars doing here?! Hmp, maybe Junsu! He exchanged it again, that brat.

I decided to go to the market to buy food for her. Well, not just for her to have something to eat… but for a payment… I know, I have to give her something after letting me stay with her, even if it’s just for a while. I hurriedly changed into my shirt and jeans and wore my shoes. I looked at my hair and it’s somehow perfect for me. I went out the room and locked it for the keys were left to me.

I hurriedly took my steps in going down and I found the three of them looking at me.

“Hey, you’re AJ’s companion right? Where are you going?” Yuban asked.
“Uhm, I’ll go buying foods.” I answered.
“Oh, okay.” The guy said.
“I’ll go now.” I said and walked again.

Those two girls, So Eun and Mariko… they just eyed me as I went out and walked to call for a taxi. After a few seconds, a taxi stopped in front of me. After fifteen minutes, we reached the market. I paid as I went down. I hurriedly went in the market and took a cart. I picked foods as I strolled down the market.

I took fruits, vegetables and drinks for her. I also took chips as a present for Junsu. After picking everything I need, I lined up at the cashier. When it’s my turn already, the cashier was looking at me as she enters the barcode. The bagger behind her looks really ashamed of the acts she was doing.

“Aiiish.” He said as he tapped his forehead.
“Uhm, miss, would you mind looking at the monitor and not at me?” I asked.
“Oh, sorry, sir.” She said with a giggle. She then looked at the monitor and entered each barcode.

As the girl finished entering the barcodes, the bagger gave me the two plastics.

“Please be back, sir.” The girl said with a ludicrous smile.
“Here are your things, sir.” The bagger said as he me the plastic bags.
“Thanks.” I said as I hurriedly went out from there.

I went to the waiting shed in front of the market and waited for a taxi. As one taxi stopped in front of me, I went in and seated were the two plastic bags beside me. After twenty minutes, we reached the apartment. I went down after paying and immediately went into the room. It was three thirty already.

As I lay the foods inside the refrigerator, the bell rang. I went to open it and it was AJ, looking tired and dismayed. She entered the room without saying anything. She walked like she’s very lazy. I watched her as she entered her room. She closed the door and I heard nothing else from it.

“Hmm… I guess it’s worthless this day…” I murmured as I went to the kitchen again.

It was passed five already when she went out from her room. She went to the bathroom and there… I never heard anything again. I waited at the sofa. I sat on the couch and waited for her to be done in taking the bath. I watched the TV.

[Reporter1] this afternoon, we’re here at Sunshi Modeling Agency, bringing you the latest news of the company’s new models.
[Reporter2] As we all know, Mr. Park Kan Jin has five new models. Two of these were Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon.
[Kim Joon] Hello! *waves at the camera*

I sighed as I saw the news. He always has something under his sleeves. He really wants to surpass father’s company. As I closed the TV, AJ went out from the bathroom. I stood up and went in front of her.

“You look sad.” I said, as I held the door knob of her room door.

She just looked below.

“Hey,” I called as I touched her cheeks.
“Don’t touch me!” she said, slapping my hand away from her.
“S-sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I said.
“Tsk. He really is a moron.” She murmured.
“Who?” I asked.
“Aish! I don’t want to say his name!” she shouted and went walking.
“Wait,” I called, as I grabbed her hand.

She stopped walking and faced me.

“I’ll be leaving this evening. If my friend is not yet back from his vacation, I might stay into another apartment…” I said.
“I don’t care. I’m happy if you’re lost from my sight by now.” She answered.
“Hey, what’s the matter with you? I did not do anything bad.” I said.
“Yeah, but you took something from me.” She said and turned around.
“Look, it’s not just my fault.” I said.
“I know.” She said and walked. “That’s why I’m mad at myself also.” she added.
“And don’t mind calling me for dinner, I’ll skip it.” She said and went in.
“But… I prepared something for you.” those words… she wasn’t able to hear what I said. What I did for her.

Nigh came, it was seven thirty by that time and all I’m waiting for was Junsu’s call and her, coming out from the room. A minute passed and my handphone rang. I answered it.

[Jae] Hello?
[Junsu] Jae, I’m here already. Where are you now?
[Jae] Still here. Don’t worry; I’ll be there in an hour.
[Junsu] An hour!? Why?! I think from there only take thirty minutes!
[Jae] How did you know?
[Junsu] I saw you at the market earlier. Where are you staying, by the way?
[Jae] It’s a secret. I’ll go now; I have something to take care of before I leave this place.

And immediately, I hung up.

I knocked at AJ’s door. She wasn’t answering. I bend down and took a peek from the bottom of the door. There was light and I can see her feet. She was seated at the window, with her feet reaching the ground. Maybe she’s breathing in some fresh air. Moments after seeing her feet, I heard a cry… she’s crying. And I can feel sadness from it.

“AJ?” I called, as I knocked repeatedly.
“What!?” she answered with an irritated voice.
“Please, let me in. I need to tell you something.” I answered.
“Don’t wanna.” She answered and opened the door.
“Oh, hey. I thought…” she pulled me in.
“What is it?” she asked, as she stood in front of me with her arms crossed on her chest.

I sighed before I answered. I looked at her as she looks at the floor.

“I’ll take your number. From time to time, I’ll call you if I’m free.” I said.
“What the heck?” she asked.
“Come on, at least, I care for you.” I said.

She looked at me, with eyes which seem to be full of surprise and curiosity. Oops, what did I just say?!

“What did you say?” she asked.

“Uhm, I mean… I can contact you... I can talk to you… you’re Junsu’s friend… and Nissa’s friend also… and you let me stay here for three days, at least, I know you’re my friend now.” I answered next to each other. I really don’t know what to say after those words came out from my mouth. I was like something’s on my throat.

“What’s with the sudden care?” she asked sarcastically, as tears formed on her eyes.

“What do you mean?” I asked back.
“Come on, I know you’re just doing it because something happened between us.”
“So, you have accepted it already?”
“Now what?”
“Give me your number.” I said.
“No way.”
“Come on!” I insisted.
“Fine.” She said with an irritated voice. She took out her phone from her pocket and gave it to me. “Just look at it over the phonebook, I don’t know my number.” She said.
“Ahahah! You don’t know your number?!” I asked.
“Maybe you don’t want to get it now.” She said as she pulls away her phone from my hand.
“No, no! I want it.” I said as I grabbed it from her again.

I looked for her number and saved it into my phonebook. I gave back her phone to her.

“Here, thanks.” I said.

She took the phone and hurriedly pushed me out from her room. She slammed door onto my face but I know she was still behind it.

“Ok, I guess you really want me to leave now. Anyways, I prepared your dinner, if you feel hungry, just look at the table, it’s there. Thanks for everything… I’ll just check you out from time to time.” I said slowly, waiting for her to go out and stop me. And then on second thought, why would she stop me?!

I slowly walked going to the door. I held the knob, and before turning it, I looked back, back to her door. It was closed, and the light was off. I guess this is it, this is good bye. I slowly opened the door and stepped out. I closed it and walked. As I went downstairs, eyes are watching me. I walked with my head bowed down.

“Where are you going in this kind of hour?” the man asked.
“I’m going back to my apartment. If something happens, please let me know.” I said and gave them my number.

I started to walk again but the youngest of the three called me.

“Why are you leaving her?” she asked.

I stopped.

I smiled and answered “It’s just not yet the time to be with her.” And walked.

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Chapter 13- Alone

Post by _niXIAH on 7/13/2009, 8:12 am

THIRD person P.O.V.||
AJ was seated at the edge of the bed, looking at the floor. She was in tears. She was sad and she can’t stop them from flowing. She was thinking of everything that happened to her since the day she arrived at Korea; her uncle, her officemates, So Eun, Mariko, Yu Ban, Junsu, Nissa, Romeo and Jaejoong. That scene kept on repeating at her mind. The kisses they shared that night. The feelings they let go that moment.

“What should I do now? What if I get pregnant? What will I do?” she said as she cried. “Ahh! Damn you, AJ! You’re so stupid!” she added.

Someone knocked on the door. AJ went up and opened it. It was So Eun.

“So Eun.” She said with a weak voice.
“AJ? Why are you crying?” So Eun asked.
“Me? It’s nothing… don’t worry.” She answered as So Eun entered.
“Tell me, is it about that guy?” So Eun asked.
“Who?” AJ asked back.
“Jaejoong…” So Eun answered.
“No, it’s not about him.” AJ answered.
“I don’t believe you. Tell me, what happened between the two of you?” she asked.
“What… happened?” AJ murmured.
“AJ!” So Eun called.
“Something happened between us! Are you happy now!?” AJ shouted.

So Eun was surprised by the way AJ acted. It was the first time that AJ shouted on her. So Eun bowed her head and glued her eyes at the floor. She can’t believe of what she heard from AJ. AJ cried harder as she held So Eun’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry, So Eun. I didn’t mean to shout at you.” and so she cried.
“Its okay, AJ. I understand you.” So Eun whispered as she hugged AJ.
“I… I don’t know what to do. I really don’t know what to do.” AJ cried as she hugged So Eun tight.
“I’ll help you, AJ. We’ll help you about that, promise.” So Eun said as she comforted her.
“No, don’t tell Mariko and Yu ban about this. Please.” AJ said.
“Why?” So Eun asked.
“I don’t want anybody to know this. Only between you and me, promise me, So Eun.” AJ answered.
“Okay, I promise.” So Eun said.
“Thanks.” She said and cried again.
“Do you love him?” So Eun asked.
“I don’t know…” AJ answered.
“Why don’t you try to find out about it?” So Eun asked.
“I can’t. I’m afraid.” AJ answered.
“Afraid of what? If something happened between the two of you, there’s a possibility that he likes you. More over, he might feel love for you.” So Eun said.
“I’m really afraid.” AJ cried.
“AJ… there’s no use in being afraid.” So Eun said.
“I know. But I really don’t know what to do… I don’t want to face him.” AJ said.
“Are you embarrassed?” So Eun asked.

“So much! Imagine, something happened between us, but we’re not that close!” AJ answered.
“It doesn’t matter. What matters is you both love each other.” So Eun said.

“So Eun, we’ve known each other for just a few weeks. Do you think there would be something I’ll feel for him or there’s something he feels for me?” AJ asked.

Suddenly, her handphone rang. She stood up and picked it. She looked at the screen and it was Jaejoong calling. She sighed, at first, she thought of not answering it. But then, she answered it immediately. So Eun went behind her.

“Jaejoong…” she answered weakly.
“AJ, what’s with the weak voice? Are you not feeling good?” he asked worriedly.
“I’m okay, thanks.” She answered.
“Okay… so, how are you?” Jaejoong asked.
“Come on, two days just passed.” AJ answered.
“Yah! Come on, I’m worried!” Jaejoong said.
“I’m fine.” AJ said.

So Eun was smiling at AJ’s back.

“So, do you have a job now?” Jaejoong asked.
“Nope, I don’t have any job…” AJ answered.
“I see… you want me to ask Junsu about jobs? He knows many of them.” Jaejoong asked.
“It’s okay. I can look for myself.” AJ answered.
“Hey, you’re acting cold towards me. What’s the matter?” Jaejoong asked.
“Tell me, are you really worried about me?” AJ asked.
“OF course, I am.” Jaejoong answered.
“Well… that one, hmm, I really don’t know. But I felt like being attached to you since then…” Jaejoong answered.
“Is that so…” AJ whispered.
“AJ, I have to go now. I’ll call on you again next time. Bye and take care!” Jaejoong said.
“Okay. Bye.” AJ said and hung up the phone.

So Eun sat beside AJ and held her hand. AJ looked at her and So Eun smiled.

SO there... i updated four chapters tonight..
why? because i've been gone for a while.xD
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Chapter 14- Why

Post by _niXIAH on 7/16/2009, 4:22 am

AJ stood up from bed and walked lazily. It was another day, to search for a new job. She can’t continue being jobless. She needs to work, she needs money. She yawned and stretched her arms as she went to the kitchen. She took two breads and placed it in the toaster. She took out a bottle of milk and heated it. She then sat at the chair and stared at the table. She coughed twice and became silent again. She sighed winked her eyes thrice.

“Is it me being lazy or is it just really boring?” she uttered.

As she closed her eyes, pictures of Jaejoong flashed before her. She would remember him cooking food and sweeping the floor. She would remember him greeting her or smiling at her. She would remember him holding her and talking to her. She would imagine his voice… and she would imagine his hug.

“Aissh!” she said as she messed her hair and thumped her forehead over the table. “Am I missing him?” she asked. “Aissh!” she said as she messed her hair again. “I hate it!” she said and stood up. She transferred the milk to her glass and took the toasted breads and placed it into a clean dish. She placed the glass of milk and the plate of breads over the table. She then took the cheese spread out from the cabinet and sat down. She opened the cheese spread and spread it over the bread. She then placed over the first bread the second bread. She then ate lazily.

He was seated on a couch circling his hand phone on his right hand. He would look at the door, like he was waiting for someone to enter. He would sigh and look at the sky, still playing with his hand phone. He stood up, kept his hand phone on his pocket and took his iPod from the drawer. He placed both earphones on his ears and turned the iPod on. He then sat back at the couch and played with the iPod already. He took his hand phone from his pocket and scanned over the numbers from his phone book. He opened AJ’s number and he would think twice if he’d call her. He closed his eyes and then opened it, still looking at AJ’s number, then, at AJ’s name.

**What if I call her? Would she answer it?** he thought. “Aish!” he said as he messed his hair.

Junsu went in and saw him being uncertain.

“Jae, what’s the matter?” he asked as he sat at the edge of the bed, facing Jaejoong, drinking a can of coffee.
“Junsu, tell me, should I call her?” Jaejoong asked back.
“Call who?” Junsu asked.
**Oops, he still doesn’t know anything about us.** Jaejoong thought.
“Jae?” Junsu called.
“Oh, no one, no one, don’t mind me.” Jaejoong said and stood up.
“Jae! I know you’re hiding something.” Junsu said as he chased after Jaejoong.
“I’m not hiding anything from you!” Jaejoong shouted.
“Yes you are! Come on, tell me now!” Junsu shouted back as he ran behind him.
“Hey! How many times would I tell you two to stop running?” Nissa shouted.
“Oops.” Jaejoong and Junsu said.
“It’s early in the morning then you two would be chasing each other already? Do it outside!” she suggested.
“Sorry.” They said and walked quietly.
“It’s Jae’s fault!” Junsu said.
“Yah! Clean your rooms now!” Nissa ordered.
“Yes, ma’m.” the two answered and went to their rooms.

Nissa smiled and continued sweeping the floor.

AJ went out from the bathroom and went straight to her room. She sat in front of the mirror and combed her hair. She applied only powder for she was not used to in applying make up. She stood up and wore her t-shirt and jeans. She wore her rubber shoes and took her shoulder bag. She took her phone, notebook, and a ball pen and kept it there. She checked everything and when she knew it was all in place, she went out her room and locked it. She then looked at the sofa and everything’s fine so she went out her room apartment and locked it. She placed the keys on her pocket and walked downstairs.

The same scene goes again, Yu Ban, drinking coffee while So Eun and Mariko are talking to him. So Eun saw AJ went down and greeted her. And so does Yu Ban followed by Mariko.

“Good morning, AJ!” So Eun, Mariko and Yu Ban greeted.
“Good morning.” AJ greeted back.
“Where are you going?” So Eun asked.
“Gonna look for a job.” AJ answered.
“I see…” So Eun said.
“Hey, why don’t you drink coffee first?” Mariko asked.
“Nope, thanks. I drank milk already.” AJ answered.
“Okay.” Mariko said.
“Are you leaving now?” Yu Ban asked.
“Yeah, I’ll be back later in the evening. Bye!” she said and went out.
“AJ…” So Eun uttered.
“She’s really working hard.” Mariko said.
“Hayyy… a guy who would become her husband is really lucky.” Yu Ban said.

AJ walked as she looked at every door, wanting to see a sign like ‘wanted ---’ but there would nothing on sight. She started to lose hope as hours passed by. It was already lunch time; she stopped by in a small restaurant and ate there. Minutes later and Jaejoong, Junsu and Nissa entered.

“Uh, Junsu, it’s AJ!” Nissa told Junsu. “AJ!” she called and went towards AJ.
“Nissa.” AJ greeted back.
“Are you alone?” Nissa asked.
“Yeah. How about---“ she saw Jaejoong coming. “I guess you’re not alone.” AJ said.
“Yeah, I’m with Junsu and Jaejoong, hey, can we sit with you?” Nissa asked.
“The table’s just for two.” AJ answered.
“Oh, okay, Jaejoong, you sit with AJ.” Nissa said.
“Let’s go Nissa, let’s sit somewhere away from them.” Junsu said and pulled Nissa.
“Bye~” Nissa waved at them.

When Junsu and Nissa were seated already, Jaejoong went in front of AJ.

“May I?” he asked, pointing at the empty chair.
“Okay.” AJ answered, without looking at him.
“Thanks.” Jae said and sat down. He then looked outside.
“Nissa, look, they’re shy towards each other.” Junsu whispered as they both peeked.
“Is there something between them?” Nissa asked.
“I don’t know, but I’m sure it was AJ who’s bothering Jae’s mind.” Junsu answered.
“Bothering… Jae’s mind?” Nissa asked.
“Yeah, you know, earlier, Jae asked me if he should call that someone… I don’t know who but I have a feeling that it is AJ.” Junsu said.
“Really?” Nissa asked.

Back to AJ and Jaejoong,
“Aren’t you going to order anything?” AJ asked.
“Me? Uhm, no… I’m still full.” Jaejoong answered.
“Okay.” AJ said.
“Uhm, AJ.” Jaejoong called.
“In case you have… any---“

AJ’s hand phone rang. She took it from her pocket and looked at the screen. It was a call from her father.

“Excuse me.” She said as she stood up and answered the phone. She went to the comfort room.
“Aish!” Jaejoong said as he tapped hi forehead. “Slowpoke.” He added.

“Dad?” AJ answered as she went in the comfort room.
“AJ…” the voice said from the other end of the line.
“Dad! How were you able to call?” AJ asked.
“It’s none of your business. How are you doing there?” he asked.
“Aww! I’m missing you all there, dad. How about you? How’s my little sisters?” AJ asked.
“They’re fine… they’re missing you too. How’s work?” he asked back.
“Work? Uhm….”
“It’s good… it’s perfectly good.” AJ lied.
“That’s good to hear. Are you eating well there?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’m chubby now. Haha!” AJ joked.
“I see… friends?” he asked.
“Uhm, my friends from the apartment… and my friends from the company.” She answered.
“Good.” He said.
“Dad, I should go now, I’m still doing something. I’ll call you later okay? Bye!” she said and hung up. She looked at herself from the mirror. She touched her lips and whispered his name. “Jae… why can’t I… look at him straightly?” she thought.

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Chapter 15- Faint

Post by _niXIAH on 7/16/2009, 4:23 am

A week later…

“Hello.” AJ answered.
“Are you free today?” the voice from the other line asked.
“Why?” AJ asked back.
“I just want to meet with you… about an important matter.” The voice answered.
“About what?” AJ asked.
“Just meet with me.” The voice insisted.
“Are you going to trick me again, Jae?” she asked.
“Of course not.” He answered.
“Then what? Why are you hesitating to tell me?” she asked.
“Because if I’ll tell you now, you might don’t show up.” He answered.
“Really?” she asked.
“Please~~ it’s important, for real.” He insisted.
“Okay, fine.” She answered under her breath. “Where?”
“Same place, lunch time.” he answered.
“LUNCH TIME? My God, Jae, it’s already eleven and I haven’t took my bath yet!” she said.
“It’s okay, I’ll wait for you. As long as you’ll show up.” He said.
“Ugh. Really?” you asked.
“Of course, I won’t trick you or anything.” He said sweetly.
“Okay, fine.” She answered. “I’ll take a bath now.”
“Okay, good bye and take care! See ya.” He said and they both hang up.
“What’s the news?” Nissa asked.
“It’s okay, she’ll show.” Jaejoong answered.
“Oh thank God, I can’t stand watching her in that state…” Nissa said.
“Are you sure your father will agree about this?” Jaejoong asked.
“What do you mean?” Junsu asked.
“Well, I’m not saying she’s not that good, but… let’s just take Mr. Choi’s professionalism. He’s a perfectionist, right? He’s more perfectionist than that Mr. Park… and as far as I know; he fired AJ… so… are you sure about this?” Jaejoong asked.
“Come on. Mr. Choi’s different with Mr. Park.” Junsu said.
“Yeah, we can try… nothing will be lost.” Nissa added.
“Oh yeah, does your father know about this, Nissa?” Junsu asked.
“Not yet.” She answered.
“How are you going to get her in?” Jaejoong asked.
“I know almost all of CK Building’s directions.” She proudly said.
“Okay.” Junsu said and kissed her right cheek.
“What’s that for?” Nissa asked.
“For my proudest girlfriend.” He answered.

Jaejoong smiled as he watched them being sweet to each other. He turned around and looked outside, to the sky and thought of her… he thought of AJ.


Jaejoong sat at an unoccupied table for two. He took out his phone and looked at AJ’s number. He wants to call, but he’s too shy to do it. She might get mad again, and she might shout at him again. He flipped his phone closed again and looked outside, waiting for any signs of her.

“Oh my God, I’m late!” she said as she rushed downstairs.
“AJ, where are you going?” So Eun asked.
“Somewhere, I’ll eat lunch outside, okay!” she answered as she went out the apartment hurriedly.
“She’s always on the rush.” Yu Ban said.
“Yeah…” Mariko said.

AJ hurriedly went inside the waiting taxi.


“Where is she?” Jaejoong murmured as he kept moving on his seat.
“Jaejoong!” AJ called as she hurriedly went towards him.
“I did not think it’ll take you this long.” Jaejoong said as he stood up.
“I’m sorry.” She said as she gasps for air.
“It’s okay, sit down.” Jaejoong said as he pulled out one chair for AJ.
“Thanks.” She said as she sat down.

Jaejoong sat at his chair and looked at AJ.

“So… what do you want to eat?” Jaejoong asked.
“Anything.” She answered.
“Okay. Waiter.” He called.
“Yes, sir?”
“Can you please give us two servings of your specialty?” Jaejoong answered.
“Our specialty for this week is Shin Ra-Myun.”
“Oh, do you want Shin Ra-Myun?” Jaejoong asked.
“I said anything.” She answered.
“Okay, fine. Please give us two servings of Shin Ra-Myun.” Jaejoong said.
“Drinks, sir?”
“Hmm…” Jaejoong looked at AJ.
“Shake would do.” She said.
“S-shake?” Jaejoong asked.
“Shake!” AJ acted like drinking a shake.
“Sorry, ma’m, but we do not serve shakes here.” The waiter said.
“You can give us water or wine.” Jaejoong said.
“I don’t drink wine.” AJ said.
“Then please give us water then.” Jaejoong told the waiter.
“Please wait a moment, sir. I’ll take your order.” He said and left.

They waited for the waiter.

“So, why did you call me?” AJ asked.
“Let’s just talk about it later, k? Let’s eat for now.” Jaejoong answered as the waiter brought their orders.

After eating, Jaejoong called the waiter for the bills.

“Here’s the bill, sir.” He said.

Jaejoong paid and stood up.

“Let’s go.” He said, pulling AJ out from the restaurant.
“Hey, Jaejoong, where are we going?” she asked.
“Somewhere.” He answered.

Then, they reached a meadow, with kids playing everywhere and flowers and trees scattered.

“Jaejoong, the entrance fee there is expensive. I can’t afford it.” AJ said, trying to stop him from puling her.
“Who said you’ll pay?” Jaejoong asked.
“What do you mean?” she asked back.

They entered the park without the guards stopping them.
“Hey! Would you please explain?” AJ asked.
“I paid earlier.” He said. “Come on, let’s not wait time.” Jaejoong said and pulled her again.

They reached a quiet place. Jaejoong sat at the grass, facing the river. AJ sat beside Jaejoong and looked at the river too.

“So, what’s the matter?” she asked.
“Hmm…” Jaejoong murmured as he rested his head above AJ’s shoulders.
“Jae!” she called, pulling away a little from him.
“Why? What’s wrong with that?” he asked, following her.
“Don’t you ever touch me!” she ordered, as she stood up and went far.
“Pshh.” Jaejoong said. He stood up and followed AJ.
“Don’t move an inch closer!” AJ ordered.
“Come on, I just want to sleep in your shoulder.” Jaejoong said sweetly as he grabbed AJ’s arms.
“Jae!” she shouted.
“Please?” he pleaded, hugging AJ.
“Come on.” AJ said, as she pushed him.
“AJ, just for now, please?” Jaejoong asked.

AJ looked at him and he showed his puppy eyes with a ‘please?’

“FINE! But just for now!” she reminded.
“Thanks!” he shouted and sat down, he looked at AJ and offered her a seat.

AJ sighed and sat down. Jaejoong bent closer and rested his head over AJ’s left shoulder. He closed his eyes and felt the breeze, smelled AJ’s scent. AJ looked at him and saw his eyes closed. She smiled, at least, for now she smiled because of him. They became closer… but she was not happy yet.

“Jae, what’s the matter?” she asked.
“Oh, I nearly forgot… Nissa wants to enter you to her father’s company, you know JK Motors?” Jaejoong answered.
“You mean the richest motor company here?” AJ asked back.
“Yeah.” Jaejoong answered.
“She wants me to work there?” AJ asked.
“Yeah.” Jaejoong answered.
“I… I can’t work there! That’s too… that company’s too… I mean, I’m not qualified, I even don’t have a percent of getting accepted there.” AJ said.
“Come on, Nissa can do anything… plus, it’s her father’s company, her company, their company. So… she has somehow… the power to rule also.” Jaejoong said.
“I can’t… I don’t want to disappoint anybody.” AJ said, as she turned sad.
“You won’t be disappointing anybody; you’ll be making them proud of you.” Jaejoong said as he looked at her.
“But, Jaejoong… I can’t… plus, it’s too high there… I mean, I won’t be able to reach the standards there… not even a percent of it.” AJ said.
“Do you think Nissa will ask you if you don’t have the chance?” Jaejoong asked.
“No more buts, come on, I know you don’t want Nissa to---”

AJ fell on the ground and Jaejoong panicked.

“AJ! AJ, are you okay?” Jaejoong asked as he carried AJ in bridal style. He ran as fast as he can. He called for a taxi and told the driver to bring them to a nearby hospital.

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Chapter 16- Hide

Post by _niXIAH on 7/31/2009, 6:03 am

AJ was lying down at the hospital bed when the nurse went in.

“Good morning, how are you feeling now?” she asked.
“I’m fine… what happened?” AJ asked back.
“You fainted… don’t you remember?” the nurse answered.

AJ reminisced the time when she was still at the meadow with Jaejoong. “Oh yeah… I fainted.” She muttered. “Uhm, excuse me, where’s the guy I’m with?” she asked.
“He’s outside, he said he’ll buy drinks…” the nurse answered.
“I see… uhmm, miss, if he happens to ask something, please don’t tell him anything about my condition, okay?” AJ pleased.
“Why… are you thinking that you might have fainted out because you’re pregnant?” the nurse asked.
“Uhm… I’m just thinking…” AJ answered shyly.
“Don’t worry, you’re not pregnant… you just fainted because of the weather… or at least, that’s the reason… the doctor is still checking it.” The nurse said.
“But please, don’t tell him anything.” AJ said.
“Sure, sure… I’ll go out now, I still have to do something.” The nurse said.
“Okay, thanks!” AJ said and the nurse went out.

AJ sighed and looked outside. **What if… I’m really pregnant?** she thought. **No, no, it’s too early! And that was just the first time…** she thought again. “Aish!” she muttered. “I think I’m going nuts!” she said.

“Why?” Jaejoong asked, as he went in, holding a can of cold coffee.
“J-Jaejoong!” AJ said in surprise.
“Hey, seems like you’ve seen a ghost. Want a drink?” he asked as he sat down at the chair beside her bed.
“N-nothing… hehehe… no thanks.” She said, a little calmer.
“So… why did you faint?” he asked as he opened the can.
“I… I don’t know. There were no results said yet.” AJ answered.
“I see…” he said, a little dismayed.
“Why? What are you thinking the results might be?” AJ asked.
“N-nothing. Why? What should I think?” Jaejoong answered.
“Whooo… you’re lying.” AJ teased.
“That’s true!” Jaejoong defended.
“Fine.” AJ said and touched her forehead suddenly.
“Why?” Jaejoong asked as he stood up and held AJ’s shoulder.
“It’s nothing… I’m okay, I felt just a little dizzy.” She answered.
“I think you should rest now, don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.” Jaejoong said.
“Yeah, hospital bills…” Jaejoong answered.
“I see… okay, thanks.” AJ said and closed her eyes.
“Wow, that’s good.” Jaejoong laughed.
“Why? I’m thankful that you’re there.” AJ said.
“I know… sleep now.” he ordered.
“Thanks!” she said and closed her eyes.

**AJ… how I wish… you’re bringing my baby…** he thought. **I know I’m a little fast… and I’m a little… aish. I just wish it! I love you.** he thought as he looked at AJ’s lips… wanting to kiss her. Jaejoong sighed and looked at the ground, to prevent something to happen… to prevent his self from kissing her.

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Chapter 17- Mom

Post by _niXIAH on 7/31/2009, 6:04 am

AJ was seated at the edge of her bed as she looked at her hand phone. Another week has passed and there was still tension running through her veins all the time. Should she tell her about all that has happened these past days? Is she ready enough to accept whatever lies in store for her? She was thinking of these things as she looked at his number. Could it be already love that she’s feeling for him? Or maybe, something that drives her into his care? But what is it? She doesn’t know the exact answer but she knows it was something she’s afraid to find out, it was something she doesn’t want to feel again, the feeling she has been hating for so long.

A few seconds passed and her phone vibrated. “ANSWER THE PHONE!’ the ring tone said. She was surprised for it was sudden. As she looked at the screen, it was the name that has been ringing in her head. Jaejoong… Kim Jaejoong… she wanted to ignore that call, but her fingers unconsciously pressed the answer button, and her right hand put the hand phone close to her ear.

“Jaejoong.” She slowly answered.
“AJ, how are you?” he asked.
“I… I’m fine. What’s with the sudden call?” she asked back.
“That’s good… so, are you free tonight? A week has passed since we last saw each other.” He asked.
“Tonight?” she repeated.
“A-huh.” He answered.
“Jae… I don’t know. I have to go now, sorry!” she said and immediately hung up.

“AJ!” Jaejoong called. But there was only the dial tone at the other end of the line. He looked at his phone as it showed AJ’s name. “Is she… distancing from me?” he muttered as he flipped close his phone.

She sighed as she placed her hand phone at the table. “Aish, what’s wrong, AJ? Why did you suddenly act like that towards him?” she muttered as she messed her hair. She stood up and started to walk lazily. She was going to enter the bathroom when her phone rang and vibrated again. ‘ANSWER THE PHONE!’ the ring tone said. She looked back and thought it might be Jaejoong calling again. She sighed as she went closer to the table. She picked the phone and flipped open. She was surprised when she saw her mom’s name. She immediately answered it.

“Mom!” she answered excitedly, as she sat down the bed.
“Yup, that’s right! Moshi, moshi!” she answered.
“Mom, what made you call?” she asked happily.
“Come on, don’t you miss me?” she asked back.
“I miss you, a lot!” AJ answered.

“I miss you too, AJ. So how’s my daughter doing there? How’s work? How’s living in Korea?” she continuously asked.

“I… I’m fine, mom, totally fine. Work’s… great and it’s so happy to live here. How about you? How’s working in Japan?” AJ replied.

“Well, I’m a little bored here… that’s good to hear from you that you’re enjoying your stay there! So… how’s Romeo?” she asked.

“R-Romeo?” she muttered.

It has been a month since she last heard anything from Romeo, since she last saw him. And maybe, he’s having fun… having fun with his girls around him. That’s what he always do… that’s what would always make him happy.

“AJ?” her mom called.
“Oh, yeah, sorry, mom.” AJ replied.
“Something wrong?” her mom asked.
“N-nothing! None…” she said.
“Come on… tell me.” Her mom insisted.

She turned quiet for a while. She doesn’t know if she has the courage to tell her mom everything. Yet, she knows that she’s the her mom is the only one who would listen and understand her… understand and forgive what she has done.

“Mom… I’m sorry.” She said as her eyes started to become teary.
“AJ, are you crying?” her mom asked worriedly.

“Mom, I’m sorry… I lied to you. I’m not okay. I’m really full of problems and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I can still manage to get out from these problems.” She cried.

“AJ, dear, stop crying… tell me everything. Mom’s here to listen.” She comforted.
“Uncle… he…”
“He what?” her mom asked.
“He… fired me.” AJ slowly answered.

“WHAT!? Aish, that moron! I knew it, he was toying both you and your father from the start! I should have stopped him from allowing you to go there!” her mom said, angrily.


“Come on, you can come here if you want. I’ll take care of everything. And I know a perfect job for you here at Japan.” Her mom replied.

“But mom…”
“Something wrong, dear? Don’t you want to live with me?” she asked.
“I want to, mom. And I’m happy to accept your offer. But there’s something else I want to say…” AJ answered.
“What is it?” her mom asked, as her voice started to sound nervous. She must’ve sensed something.
“Will you get mad?” AJ asked back.
“Of course not… or… it depends.” Her mom answered.
“Mom, I’m really sorry.” She whispered.
“Come on! You’re still not saying anything yet, you’re filling me with those sorry.” She smirked.
“Mom… what if…”
“What if?”
“What if I got pregnant?” AJ asked, the words which were trapped in her throat for not so long ago… she was able to release them already.
“Pregnant? Why are you asking?” her mom asked back.
“What if I got pregnant?” AJ asked again.
“Of course, I’ll feel bad… but it happened already. We can’t take it back, right?” her mom replied. “Why?” She asked.
“Mom… s-something happened…” AJ answered.
“Like… what?” her mom asked, her voice changed into a not-so-good one.

AJ started to cry as she wipes her tears with her palm.

“AJ!” her mom shouted.

“Something happened between me and Jae! I didn’t want that to happen! But I wasn’t able to do anything to stop it! It was all Romeo’s fault! It was his entire fault!” AJ cried.

“Who’s that Jae? And what did Romeo do?” her mom asked.
“Jae… Kim Jaejoong, he’s a friend of mine… and Romeo…”
“What did Romeo do, AJ? Answer me.” She ordered.
“He cheated on me! He was having sex with other girl!” AJ cried harder.

Her mom became quiet. She felt like not believing to everything she heard… to all she heard from AJ. Her happy eyes soon became teary… and in a moment, those tears started to fall from her eyes. It was his entire fault, AJ’s uncle’s fault. AJ’s dad’s fault. If she never allowed her to accept that offer, all of these would not happen.

“Mom…” AJ called.
“Do you love him?” her mom asked.
“I don’t know.” AJ answered.
“Is he ready to take the responsibility?” her mom asked.
“I don’t know! I really don’t know! All I know was he cared a lot about me!” AJ answered.
“So… what’s your plan?” her mom asked, seriously.
“I’ll stay away.” AJ answered.
“Away!? Why, you said he cares a lot about you! Why would you stay away?” her mom asked.
“I don’t want to be a problem.” AJ answered.
“But you just said he cares for you! If he really cares about you, you’ll never be a problem to him.” Her mom said.
“Mom…” AJ said.
“Don’t change the topic, AJ.” Her mom answered.
“Mom, I made up my mind. If ever I get pregnant, as soon as I gave birth, I’ll fly straight to Japan, with the child…” AJ said.
“If that’s what would make you happy, I’ll support you with it.” Her mom cheered.
“Thanks, mom.” AJ said, a little happy.
“Gambatte, AJ!” Her mom cheered.
“Aww!” AJ murmured with a smiled.
“So… you better take care, my dear. I have to go now…” her mom said.
“Thanks for calling, mom. You made the start of my day good… I love you mom!” AJ said.
“I love you too, AJ. Take care!” she said and hung up.

AJ flipped close her phone and placed it on top of her pillow. She sighed as she looked at the phone.

“I hope I was right to make that decision… I hope I was really right.” She whispered. She then sighed. “I guess I have to tell Nissa about the job thingy…” she said and called Nissa.

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Chapter 18- Wasn't Surprised

Post by _niXIAH on 7/31/2009, 6:05 am

AJ’s P.O.V:||
As I stood up from bed, I felt that the world was circling around me. I started to walk but I felt like I was not walking in a straight path. And then, I felt like vomiting, as I covered my mouth with my right palm. I immediately went to the comfort room and I vomited at the toilet bowl. I was breathing rapidly, as I flush the toilet. Am I… pregnant?

I stood up and went in front of the mirror. I gargled and then looked at my reflection; I looked deep into my eyes, as I remembered what happened between us. Is this the fate I want my child to have? Jaejoong… he really cares about me… I know that… but I don’t want to be a burden always… to my dad, to my mom and to him… I want to work for myself… and for this child… and I don’t want anyone to help me… even you, Jaejoong.

I went to my room and took one of the four pregnancy test kits from the drawer. I followed the instructions written there… when I read the result… I was not surprised… but it fell from my hand, I got weaker every second, as I look at the result… it was positive, I am really bringing Jaejoong’s child. I started to cry… I knew it would happen, but why am I crying?

As I stood up, leaning at the walls for support, my knees are trembling, with lips bitten, tears are coming from my eyes, yet, they would not fall…

Why did this happen? Why am I asking this… it was my stupidity… my weakness… why would I be sorry though it was my stupidity that is the reason for this thing? I’m so dumb… I sat down at the bed, covered my face with my palms and started crying as hard as I can.

A few seconds passed and someone rang the bell. As I stood up, I felt not opening the door, I do not know but… I got a feeling it was someone who I do not want to see… Jaejoong… I sat down again, and that person rang the bell for the second time. I have no courage to open the door, yet, I wanted to see who it was… and so, I stood up and walked weakly towards the door.

As I opened it, So Eun appeared in front of me.

“Hello!” She greeted.
“So Eun…” I uttered.
“AJ, are you crying? Why?” she asked, as she walked towards me and held my shoulders.
“So Eun… I’m… I’m pregnant…” I cried into her shoulders.
“AJ… h-how many times did you try it?” she asked me, as she closed the door.
“Once…” I answered.
“Try it again, maybe it was an error…” she suggested.
“It’s useless, I know I’ll be pregnant.” I said.
“AJ, how sure are you? What if it’s an error? Some tests results into errors.” She asked.
“I do not know…” I cried.
“AJ…” she uttered as she massaged my back.

We sat down at the chairs in the kitchen. She took two glasses of water, one for me and one for her.

“Here, drink this… for refreshment…” she said, placing the glass of water in front of me.
“Thanks…” I answered as I picked it up and drank.
“So… what’s your plan now?” she asked.
“I’m confused…” I answered.
“Confused?” she asked.
“I don’t know what to do…” I cried again.
“Don’t you have plans to tell him?” she asked.
“I don’t want to…” I answered.
“Why? Did he say he won’t accept the child?” So Eun asked.
“I just don’t want to tell him…” I answered.
“Come on, what are you planning to do? Feed that child alone?” she asked.
“Yeah… I’ll go to Japan and I’ll work there… we’ll live there together… without Jaejoong knowing it…” AJ answered.
“Are you sure?” So Eun asked.
“Yeah… after all, this kid…” I said as I touched my tummy. “This kid… was a fruit of nothing… even love…” I continued.
“But you love him now… right? And he loves you also.” So Eun said.
“I know… but…”
“How about the child? Who’ll be the child’s father?” So Eun asked.
“I don’t know… all I know was I‘ll do whatever it takes… for Jaejoong not to know anything about this…” I answered. “Please, help me So Eun.” I pleaded.
"AJ..." she uttered.
"Please, So Eun, help me hide this from Jaejoong... or better to say, hide me from Jaejoong." I pleaded.
"What if... he goes here? What if he insists in going inside your room?" So Eun asked.
"Do anything... do everything to stop him..." I answered.
"AJ, why are you doing this to him?" she asked.

'ANSWER THE PHONE' my phone rang. I looked at So Eun and stood up.

"I'll answer it first." I said as I went to my room. As I looked at the screen, it was a call from Jaejoong. I sighed, and flipped my phone open. "Jae..." I answered.
"AJ..." he answered, after a sigh.
"Are you teasing me?" I asked with a serious tone.
"Hey, are you mad? Looks like someone here got up from the wrong side of the bed..." he joked.
"Why did you call?" I asked.
"AJ, are you in a bad mood?" he asked.
"Why did you call?" I asked again.
"Okay, fine.." he answered under his breath. "I miss you." he added.
"Huh!" I said as I rolled my eyes. "I have no time for flowery words." I said.
"I'm serious." he said, seriously.
"Come on." I said.
"I said I'm serious. I mean it when I said it. Why won't you belive me?" he asked.
"Because you sound like a liar." I answered.
"Huh... I know it... you won't even believe me when I say I love you." he said.

I became silent... after hearing what he said. I stared blankly at the sky, unconsciously. Come on, am I surprised to hear it... or... am I happy to hear it from him?

"Shut up." I said and hung up.

I heard him call me as I hung the phone. I threw my phone into the bed. Why on earth did I do that? I mean, I did not know I do that... I told him to shut up. Good, now, he'll never stop bothering me. I started to walk again, to go back to the kitchen, when the phone rang again.

"Come on." I sighed and went to my bed. "Hello." I answered.
"AJ, why did you hung up?" he asked.
"Because you're such a liar!" I shouted.
"Come on... I know you liked it..." he said in a flirtatious voice.
"Liked what?" I asked.
"When you heard me say I love you..." he answered.
"Oh God, Kim Jaejoong... are you hungry? Why would I like to hear something like that? It was a lie... and I hate hearing lies." I said.
"Even though I prove it now?" he asked.
"Prove what?" I asked back.
"That I love you..." he answered.

"AJ, Jaejoong's here." So Eun said, as she entered my room. Behind her was Jaejoong, holding a bouquet of red roses.

My phone fell to the ground, as I looked at him. He was smiling, still holding his phone into his ear.

"Hi!" he greeted, stopping beside So Eun...
"Ehem, before you start... I'll go out first." she said and went out.

Jaejoong looked at her as she went out. So Eun smiled at me and went out immediately. He looked back at me.

"So... I am here... proving things in front of you." he started, as he walked towards me.
"J-Jaejoong..." I uttered.

He slowly drew his face towards me... is he going to kiss me?

"Jae..." Ii called.
"Come on... I won't kiss you." he whispered into my ears.
"Here's the flowers." he said, handing me the flowers. "There are one hundred of them..." he proudly said.
"And so? Where do you think would I put these?" I asked.
"Anywhere... as long as you can see it... and remember me." he smirked.
"Babo, Jaejoong." I slightly smacked his head.
"Hey, that was the first time you smacked my head." he said.
"I know."
"Do it again." he ordered.
"Again?" I asked.
"Just do it..."
"Okay..." I said. "But let me put these on top of my---"

The flowers fell down to the floor, as he pulled me towards him... kissing my lips. My eyes are widely open, as he kissed me... and it slowly closed...


There, I posted three chapters tonight:)
HIhi^^ Hooe my readers enjoyed.Very Happy

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Chapter 19- Sorry

Post by _niXIAH on 8/4/2009, 6:17 am

Jaejoong's P.O.V.Neutral|
"You're slowly pushing me towards you..." she said as we walked at the park.
"Does that mean you love me too?" I asked, cutely.
"Do you think that's my meaning?" she asked sarcastically.
"That's why I'm asking." I answered.
"I don't know... all I know was I want to stay away from you now." she answered.
"What do you mean?" I asked, confused of what she said.
"Jae... I don't know what to do... the moment you came into my life... things became worst..." she answered.
"Ouch." I said.
"I didn't mean to say you're a bad luck... but..."
"But?" I asked.
"But... you're a dream I want to forget..." she answered.

I stopped from walking, as I watched her. She stopped and turned around to look at me.

"Jae... I'm sorry." she said with teary eyes.

I bowed down as I gulped... why is she... saying these things in front of me? I clenched my fists, and I know any moment by now... my tears would start falling.

"I don't mean to say these things in front of you... but its better this way, right? I don't want to make things more complicated..." she continued.
"AJ... do you love me?" I asked.
"I do not know..." she answered.
"Yes or no." I said.
". . . Yes"
"Then why do you want me to stay away?" I shouted.
"I'm sorry, Jaejoong... even I am confused…” she answered.
“AJ, don’t do this to me… I love you!” I shouted.

People were looking at us, as we argue of this thing.

"I'm sorry... please... do as I say..." she uttered. "Leave me... alone." she ordered and went away.

I watched her walk... she were already few feet away from me... as the rain started to pour. I cried... I want to shout her name, I want to tell her come back... but I was afraid... I am afraid of hearing the same things she said earlier... I love her... but why is she leaving me? I tried not to think that she's the same as those girls... I walked as I bit my lip... why are you leaving me... AJ, why?

AJ's P.O.V.Neutral|
I sat down at the bed, as I cried... as I thought of the things I told him earlier.

"AJ... do you love me?" I asked.
"I do not know..." she answered.
"Yes or no." I said.
". . . Yes"
"Then why do you want me to stay away?" I shouted.
"I'm sorry, Jaejoong... even I am confused…” she answered.
“AJ, don’t do this to me… I love you!” I shouted.

"Jaejoong... I'm sorry..." I said as I buried my face into the pillows. "I want to kill myself... I want to kill myself for hurting you..." I added.

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Re: Kiss Away the Rain [Jaejoong]

Post by junsusshilove on 8/4/2009, 6:22 am

Poor Jaejoong...Sad
hihi^^ sorry commented just now.Smile
keep up the good work! and saw this at winglin^^

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Re: Kiss Away the Rain [Jaejoong]

Post by guiwang_4ever on 2/22/2010, 5:24 pm

poor jaejoong.
but WOW! jaejoong started to like her fast!
update soon!


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Re: Kiss Away the Rain [Jaejoong]

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