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Why Did I Fall In Love With You (COMPLETE)

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Re: Why Did I Fall In Love With You (COMPLETE)

Post by Sachie on 7/31/2009, 7:33 am

I love this chapter...
poor Jeanine lost her father...,but she still has Key Very Happy
yeah, Taemin is so cute.
keep updating~

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Chapter 12 - Moving to a new house.

Post by ninechan on 7/31/2009, 4:59 pm

Note: Thanks for reading my story everyone =3. I Have made something for you guys: , I hope you like it. And I've a picture how Jeanine should be like in the story, So thank you Key_lover =3:

Chapter 12 - Moving to a new house.

It was getting cold outside, It was snowing.. Jeanine was looking through her father stuff and did his stuff in boxes. While she was cleaning out his room, she found a letter that her father write for her.

Dear Jeanine.
You're father is so sorry, when you read this I'm dead. You're daddy has make many mistakes, things that I cannot tell you, don't feel bad and talk to that cute boy..Key and forgive him, a accident is in a small corner.
You're dad will watch you from heaven.

~ Dad.

"Noona, what are you reading ?." Taemin asked, when he came to the door.
"A letter from my dad." Jeanine said while she sweep her tears away. "He must really like Key, because he says that I have to forgive him."
"Noona, do you still love Key ?." Taemin asked. "If you do, don't make it so hard for yourself, and say that you love him."
"Thank you.." Jeanine said with a smile.
"No problem.." Taemin said. "Shall we go to our new home ?."
"Yeah, Onew must be happy." Jeanine said with a smile. "The new house is closer to Myung's house."

SHINee and Jeanine went to their new house, and Myung was waiting for them. Onew saw her and he got out of the car and gave her a kiss. Soon the other girlfriends came to. Jeanine went to the garden, everything was white because of the snow. It looked almost like a fairytale.

"You will catch a cold." Key said while he put a blanket on her.
"You will catch one to." Jeanine said and put the half of the blanket on Key.
"Before the accident.." Key said uncertain. "You said that we would talk."
"I know.." Jeanine said while she rest her head at Key's shoulder. "Just talk then."
"Chung-ae is my ex-girlfriend." Key said. "I wanted to ask her what she was doing here."
"She loves you.." Jeanine said. "She told me that.."
"What did Chung-ae say to you ?." Key asked curious.
"That I should leave you alone." Jeanine said. "But..i can't.."

" still love me ?." Key asked with a smirk.
"I still love you.." Jeanine said with a blush on her face. "Do you still love me ?."
"Do you really have to ask that." Key said while he came closer.
"Don't kiss me.." Jeanine said with a smile. "The others are watching." Key looked at the house and saw that everyone was watching them.

"Let's go inside.." Key said while he stood up, and he help Jeanine with standing up. "I wonder if you dad would like me."
"He does like you." Jeanine said. "In a letter that i found, he said that i should forgive you."
"I'm happy that you did." Key said and gave Jeanine a kiss on her forehead.
"Me to..I don't want to lose you again." Jeanine said and hold Key's hand when they walked in.
Sorry again short chapter but still I hope you like it: I hope that it explains that Jeanine's dad has done some dark jobs, maybe it will be revealed in the next chapter.
Nine-Chan is looking for some pictures of Sang-Hee, Myung and Hee-Young, so look for nine-chan on google or asianfanatics =3.


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Chapter 13 - A shot of passion

Post by ninechan on 8/1/2009, 5:36 pm

Chapter 13 - A shot of passion.

Chung-ae was watching Jeanine and Key at school, they were still together. Chung-ae was jealous, she couldn't take it any more. She will get what she wants or else...

"So..what are you doing tonight ?." Key asked to Jeanine when she got her books.
"Making my homework." Jeanine said with a smile.
"Ah..okay.." Key said with a sad face.
"I'm joking, im going with you to the music bank." Jeanine said. "To watch your performance."
"You're joking to much." Key said with a smile.
"Well girls can be funny to." Jeanine said.
"Oi! Romeo let Juliette go." Myung said with a smile. "We have P.E class."
"Ah, i forgot..i have that to." Key said and went to the changing-room.

"So you guys are again Romeo and Juliette." Myung said with a smirk while she was change her clothes.
"Yeah, we're back together." Jeanine said with a smile. "But i don't know for how long."
"Why are you saying that ?." Myung asked.
"I still have a rival.." Jeanine said while put her running shoes on.
"Ah..Chung-ae." Myung said. "I hate her."
"You're not the only one." Jeanine said. "I don't trust her."
"Forget her, tonight we're having fun." Myung said with a smile. "Just ignore her for the last two hours."

After those two hour SHINee and Jeanine and Myung got home. Myung was sleeping in Jeanine's room because tonight it was getting late.

"So, when are you giving your present to Key ?." Myung asked.
"I'm going to his room now." Jeanine said with a smile.
"Don't stay to long.." Myung said with a smirk. "Or i will get weird ideas."
"You're a pervert." Jeanine laughed and left Myung behind, and knocked at Key's door and went inside. But Jeanine closed her eyes when she saw that Key was half naked.

"What's wrong ?." Key asked when he saw his girlfriend coming in.
"Nothing..." Jeanine said while she still had her eyes closed.
"Why are you closing your eyes." Key said while came a little closer.
"B..because you're...half naked.." Jeanine said and still had her eyes closed.
"But..what did you want from me ?." Key asked and he was hugging Jeanine.
"Why are you hugging me, you're still half naked." Jeanine said while she tried to move away, but Key was to strong.
"I'm to strong for you." Key said with a smirk. "But tell me, what are you doing here."
"I give you something." Jeanine said but Key wanted to kiss her, but Jeanine pushed him a way. But Key was still holding her and the they felt on the ground.

"So what did you want to give me ?." Key asked with a smirk because he was lying on top of her. "Maybe..a ring of love ?."
"How did you know that!." Jeanine said suprised. "And get off me!, you pervert!."
"Well i bought the same for you." Key said while he got off her.
"Here's yours." Jeanine said and put the ring on Key's finger. And Key put the same ring that he bought for Jeanine on her finger.
"So we're really a" Key said with a smile. [Note: wondering what kind of ring they talk about? here it is:]
"Yeah, have to get ready." Jeanine said with a smile. "We have to go." And Key put a shirt on and his shoes and got downstairs. They arrived at the music bank and SHINee changed their clothes for the performance. Jeanine and Myung were also backstage and Jeanine saw a girl that she knew, and that girl was watching her to.

"Yoona ?." Jeanine asked to the girl.
"Jeanine, it's really you." Yoona said.
"OMG, you know Yoona from Girls' Generation ?!." Myung said shocked.
"Yeah, we lived next to each other." Jeanine said with a smile. "Until her parents moved."
"Then i came a part of Girls Generation." Yoona said.
"I' jealous.." Myung said.

"So you already found Yoona." Key asked while he put his arms on waist.
"We lived next to each other.." Jeanine said with a smile.
" you're his girlfriend." Yoona said. "He really talks alot."
"I know, he hugs to much and he want to kiss to much." Jeanine said with a smile.
"We call them Romeo and Juliette." Myung laughed.
"I can understand that." Yoona said. Yoona heard her name and waved to the other girls that she was coming. "Well I have to go now, I need to sing." After alot op performance of many artist it was finally the time for SHINee to perform. They gave a great performance just like always. The concert was over and everyone was leaving. Everyone was in the except for Jeanine and Key, when Jeanine got in the car she heard a shot of a gun. She turnerd around and she saw that Key was shot in his stomach.

"Key!!." Jeanine screamed when she saw that Key collapsed. "Call a ambulance!." and Myung called the emergency alarm.
"Don't...worried..i'm fine.." Key said between his pain.
"You're not!." Jeanine said while she put her vest on the wound.
Key got shot I have a idea who's behind it do you have the same idea as me?.


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Chapter 14 - The end

Post by ninechan on 8/2/2009, 10:48 am

Note: The end is coming but for who?

Chapter 14 - The end

Everyone was in the hospital waiting for the doctor. Everyone very upset what just had happen. But then Jeanine saw Chung-ae and got really mad.

"What are you doing here !." Jeanine said angry.
"What do you think." Chung-ae said with a mean voice.
"You shot Key!, so go away!." Jeanine said and wanted to hit Chung-ae but Taemin was holding her around her waist.
"NOONA!, she is not worth it." Taemin said and hold Jeanine with all his power.
"Go away Chung-ae." Myung said with a angry voice.
"Or else.." Chung-ae said but then a policeman came into the hospital and but a handcuffs on Chung-ae's hand.

"Miss Chung-ae, you're under arrest of attempt of murder." the policeman said. "Everything you said that can be used against you."
"But I didn't do a think!." Chung-ae yelled.
"We have a witness." The policeman said and took Chung-ae away.

"Key is alright." Kim Youngmin said happy when he came to the doors. "The bullet didn't hit his organs."
"YES, Thank god!." Taemin said happy and did a happy dance.
"We can breath again.." Onew said with a smile and looked to Jeanine who's face was pale. "Are you okay ?."
"I'" Jeanine said but didn't say anything else because faint. Thanks to Onew she didn't hit the ground.

After a half hour Jeanine recoverd from her fainting, she was lying in a hospital bed.

"You were so happy that you faint." a voice said next to her. When see looked she saw Key's smirking face.
"Key...Key!." Jeanine said happy and gave him a big hug.
"Oi! i'm still wounded." He said painful.
"I'm sorry!. I didn't mean to hurt you." Jeanine said and let Key go.
"I was acting.." Key said with a smirk.
"You jerk!." Jeanine said mad. "I thought that I really hurt you."
"Sorry..but i'm fine." Key said with a smile. "Let's go home."
"You can go home ?." Jeanine asked with a worried face.
"Yeah, the doctor say that I can go home if I rest enough." Key said with a smile. "So you need to take care me."
"I will." Jeanine said and walked out of the door with Key.
The end is coming.


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Chapter 15 - Letter to the sky ~You raise me up~ (Special)

Post by ninechan on 8/2/2009, 12:17 pm

Note: The song for this last and very special chapter is: Lena Park - Inori ~You raise me up~: - the anime opening of Romeo x Juliet.

Chapter 15 - Letter to the sky ~You raise me up~ (Special)

Dear dad.

It's one year since you died,
Many things happen that time, and i still miss you every day.
I'm living now with Kim youngmin and with Onew,Jonghyun,Key,Minho and Taemin.
Key and I are still together and we will always be together.
So don't worry im a good girl, and I love you dad.


"Hey..what are you doing ?." Key asked when he came through the door.
"Making a boat out of paper." Jeanine said with a smile.
"Are you ready to go to the lake ?." Key asked while he gave her a hug.
"Yeah..i'm ready let's go." Jeanine said. "I heard that Taemin has a suprise for you guys."
"What is it?." Key asked curious.
"I'm not saying anything." Jeanine said with a smirk and got her bag and went downstairs.

At the lake.

"We're finally here." Myung said happy.
"Finally, let's go swimming." Onew said.
"Ah..that was a long trip." Hee-young said while she stretch out.
"To long, i got sleepy." Sang-hee said sleepy.
"Hey Guys, I have a suprise." Taemin said with a smile when a car arrived. Everyone looked up tot he car and then Yoona came out.

"What is she doing here." Jonghyun said suprised.
"She is my girlfriend." Taemin said with shiny eyes.
"Since when!." Key asked and couldn't believe that the youngest had a girlfriend to.
"Well noona put us to a blind-date." Taemin said. "And after two months I asked her to be my girlfriend."
"And I said yes." Yoona said with a smile.
"I'm happy for you guys." Onew said. "Even the youngest has a girlfriend now."
"Were is noona ?." Taemin asked.
"She's at the lake with a paper boat." Key said with a smile.

"I hope you're still watching me dad." Jeanine thought when she put the paper boat on the water.
"Oi!! Noona!, were going to eat!." Taemin yelled.
"Coming!." Jeanine yelled back. "I guess that we all have a happy end."
I guess that this is really the end, sorry guys but every story has a end =3. I will upload a interview with me =3, that a friend and I made.


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A interview with Nine-Chan

Post by ninechan on 8/2/2009, 1:06 pm

Note: Hi it's Nine-chan for the last time, here is interview with me.. the writer. The questions are made by a friend and me. So i hope you will like it ^^.( I opened i site:

Question: So what is your name ?.
Nine-Chan: My name is Jeanine, my nickname is Nine-Chan.

Question: You have the same name as the character in your story, Why is that ?.
Nine-Chan: Well I had to write a story because I lost a bet with a friend, and she told me if i lost i needed to use my own name in the story. So I lost the bet and then Jeanine Park came alive.

Question: Lol, how did you get the name of you're story ?.
Nine-Chan: I knew that it had to be a SHINee story and i was looking to a picture of Key and then my Itunes played the song: Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou [Why Did I Fall In Love With You] and then I though to myself: Why did i fall in love with you..and then I had the name of the story.

Question: Why did you choose Key to be Jeanine's lover ?.
Nine-Chan: Because that was a part of the bet.

Question: How did you end up liking Key?.
Nine-Chan: First I thought that he was gay, but he had something that made you wanna watch him everytime. And then I read a story on Winglin about Key and ____(you reader) and then I really like him.

Question: On you're site you have a picture of Hyuna as Chung-ae, why is that?
Nine-Chan: When I first saw her, I really thought that she could be Key's ex-girlfriend. No offense, I do like her.

Question: In the story you're friends with Yoona, could she be your friend in real-life to ?.
Nine-Chan: I don't know, but I think that it's possible, because we have the same age: im born on may 26th, 1990 and she is on May 30th, 1990 so were both 19 years old =3.

Question: I think that you're fans of the story really want to know one thing, Are you like Jeanine Park?.
Nine-Chan: Maybe a little, I can be very stubborn and i don't really like kissing and hugging all the time, Only hugging with Taemin (a) because he is very cute.

Question: Hugging Taemin lol, well next question: Are you going to write a new story?.
Nine-Chan: Yes, I will.

Question: What kind of story will it be ?.
Nine-Chan: It will be the same, but also a little difference and this time it's going to be with Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Question: Who do you like the most from Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Nine-Chan: Uhh..good question: I like Changmin i guess..

Question: Why do you like him ?.
Nine-Chan: God, Well he is cute, and good looking and very very cute.

Question: Cute is the anwser, well this was the end of the interview do you want to thank some people ?.
Nine-Chan: I want to thank Key_lover for helping me alot and Sachie on fanfictional. And all of the people who are reading my story.


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Re: Why Did I Fall In Love With You (COMPLETE)

Post by Sachie on 8/2/2009, 1:23 pm

I'm so sorry for my late reply Nine-chan...I was so busy
love all the new's going to end soon and I'm going to miss your stories T_T
I've read your interview and I'm gonna join your website...
I find that Hyuna and Chung-ae are really was a good choice.
Changmin is my fav DBSK member too...can't wait for the next chapter and your new story Very Happy

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Re: Why Did I Fall In Love With You (COMPLETE)

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