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There's No Such Thing as KangTeuk: HeeTeuk

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There's No Such Thing as KangTeuk: HeeTeuk

Post by kimheechul on 6/12/2009, 3:14 pm



The crowd cheered. Posters and banners of KangTeuk were everywhere. It was KangTeuk day.

The two didn't know about it until a fan called SuKiRa and told them about it. They don't want to disappoint their fans so for the sake of fan service, they celebrated it during their promotion of Sorry, Sorry.

As their promotion ended, Kang-in and EeTeuk were grinning like crazy. They walked back in their dressing room hand in hand.

- - - -

(In their dorm)

HC: Aish! They're killing me!

HeeChul hollered as he sat down the couch.

HG: Who's killing you?

HanGyung asked as he sat beside him.

HC: Who else?

HG: Oww.. KangTeuk? I feel for you Chullie. They're killing me too!

HC: SiBum? Why don't you just tell Wonnie everything?

HG: Nah! He won't believe me anyways. He'll just say that I'm doing it for fan service. Why did they even make us HanSiChul?!

HC: Yeah. Stupid fan service! Because of it, I can't be with my Teukkie all the time! I'm stuck with you and Si-won! Aish!

SW: Did I just hear my name?

Si-won just came out from Ki-bum and his shared room.

HC: *smile* I'll leave you now. I know you have something important to talk about.

HeeChul stood up and left a smiling HanGyung and a confused Si-won.

- - - -

(In HanChul's room)

HeeChul was listening to his pink iPod. It was in full blast so he didn't hear someone coming in.

Someone's hands made its way to HeeChul's waist. HeeChul jumped from the sudden action, he turned around to see who that is and to his surprise-- it was LeeTeuk.

LT: *still hugging HeeChul* I missed you Chullie.

HeeChul didn't react nor respond but deep inside, he really missed his Teukkie. LeeTeuk noticed his lover's sudden coldness. He smiled and hugged him tighter.

LT: GaeChul ah..

HC: Don't call me GaeChul! Go back to Kang-in! I'm tired of your KangTeuk moments.

LT: *smile* Me too. And I want some HeeTeuk moments now.

HeeChul smiled a bit but he didn't want LeeTeuk to see it so he lowered his head He's still pissed.

LT: Come on Chullie. Don't be mad.

HC: How can I not be mad?! You're too close, way TOO close to Kang-in! And its clear that I'm an anti-fan of KangTeuk. Not to mention, the no.1 anti-fan.

For some weird reason, LeeTeuk started crying.

LT: *sob* You're so unfair! *sob*

HeeChul started panic, he just teased him and he didn't expect him to cry.

HC: TeukTeuk.. stop crying please?

He faced LeeTeuk and hugged him. LeeTeuk pulled way from the hug and sat in the bed, still crying.

HC: Why are you crying Teukkie?

LT: *sob* You said you don't like fan service and yet you're the one who's into it! You always flirt with Si-wonnie and HanGyung! And you even kissed SungMinnie and JungMo sshi!

LeeTeuk was furious. He knows that HeeChul doesn't want him and Kang-in to be paired up but he couldn't do anything about it so in return, he just let HeeChul pair up with anyone he likes and do anything he wants for the sake of fan service.

LeeTeuk has a point.

- - - -

Meanwhile.. (In the living room)

SW: What's wrong with Chullie?

HG: Oh that. *giggle* Nothing.

SW: Why are you giggling?

HanGyung shook his head. The Chinese boy who was giggling and chuckling a while ago turned on a serious face. He was staring at Si-won.

SW: *feeling awkward* Is.. there something on my face?

HG: Nothing. Choi Si-won.

SW: Uhh.. yes Han Geng?

HG: I have to tell you something but promise me you won't freak out or anything.

SW: O-kay?

HanGyung mustered all of his courage and blurted out.

HG: I love you.

SW: I know. *smile*

And without warning, Si-won crashed his lips on the older boy. Even if he didn't respond. He's very happy to know that Si-won feels the same way. Not long after, HanGyung returned the kiss.

SW: I love you too.

HG: But how? Who.. why..

Si-won silenced him with another kiss.

- - - -

(Back in HanChul's room)

After a few minutes of awkward silence, HeeChul decided to break it.

HC: GaeTeuk ah.. I'm sorry.

He got no response.

HC: Teukkie, I said I'm sorry.

Still no response. He couldn't take it anymore so he knelt down and held LeeTeuk's hand which startled the older boy.

HC: Park Jung-soo

He started. LeeTeuk knew that HeeChul was now serious since he used his real name.

He lowered his head but HeeChul used his left hand to lift LeeTeuk's chin up so he could look in his eyes.

HC: Look Jung-soo-- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry if I was too blind to not see that you're hurt. Don't mind that fan service anymore okay? If its just possible for me to choose you as my 'partner' then I'd do it. But it seems that the fans liked your closeness with Young-woon. You two actually look good together--


HC: Finally! I know honey. Too bad, the fans can't enjoy some real HeeTeuk moments.

LeeTeuk's infamous laugh escaped from his mouth. HeeChul cupped the older boy's face and gave him a warm, loving and passionae kiss.



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