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You Got Married: KangTeuk (One Shot)

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You Got Married: KangTeuk (One Shot)

Post by kimheechul on 6/12/2009, 3:11 pm


"I'm home!" Kang-in exclaimed as he opened the door of their dorm. He hurriedly went to their shared room wanting to see his lover, EeTeuk.

When he opened he door, he saw his lover sitting on the bed~ spacng out. He walked closer to him and sat beside him but EeTeuk didn't move a bit.

"Hey angel, I'm here." he said wanting to get his boyfriend's attention. Unfortunaely, he didn't get any. He just got ignored a SuJu's leader continued to space out like he was thinking some deep thoughts. So he called hi again but to his dismay, he still got no response. Kang-in didn't have any choice, he kissed the older boy's lips~ he knew that it would work. And it really did.

"Oh Kang-in, you're here." he said coldly.

"Kang-in? You never called me that since we got together. Why call me that now?" the bigger guy asked looking so confused.

"Kang-in ah, let's break up."

"WHAT?!" this shocked the younger boy. He didn't expect to hear these words from his angel. "What happened baby? Did I do something wrong? If I did, I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean it. Whatever that is. Just don't say that again, okay?" he was no panicking and cryig. He didn't want to be in this kind of situation. If this was a nightmare, he wanted to wake up from it. Kang-in didn't know what to do, he doesn't wat to get separated from his angel, his life.

"No baby" EeTeuk started, "You didn't do anything wrong. Its just that, this isn't right."

"What's not right?! Everything's perfect baby. You, me, everything."

"You don't understand. You're married now Kang-in, and I don't want to have relationship with a married man. It's not right."

"Me? Married? Are you kidding me baby?! You know that my marriage with noona is fake. Its not real Teukkie, its not. And besides, I don't want to have a real wedding if its not you I'm having as a wife."

"Fake? Kang-in, everything seems so real. And its still a marriage. And please don't act like you don't like her. Who wouldn't like a pretty and kind girl like Yoon-ji sshi? Those guys are stupid to not like her."

"Then call me stupid. I don't like her!"

"Kang-in, don't be like that. She seems to like you a lot and I know that you like her too. You don't have to hide it, I understand. That's why I came to your housewarming party even if I know that it'll just hurt me. When we visited your house, I can see that you are extremely happy with her. You never left her side, you're a good husband Kang-in. When we had the pepero game, you looked so excited. I was actually the one who suggested that game cuz I know that youlike those kinds of things. And when you got the chance to play with her, you looked ecstatic. I was smiling fo you cuz I know that you'll be happier with her than with me. Whatever makes you appy, I'm fine with it. By the way, the couple jacket looks good on you guys. I picked it out specially for you."

EeTeuk stood up and tried to walke away when he felt that his tears were gonna fall down any minute. But Kang-in was faster than him, he immediately grabbed the older boy's wrist and pulled him into an embrace.

He was still crying, he didn't think that EeTeuk would acually say those things to him.

"Baby, please don't say that. I don't like noona as much as I like you~ no, I love you. And was only doing it for the show. Believe me Teukkie, please? Please trust me my angel."

Kang-in hugged him tighter but the older man managed to push him away that caused the younger one to fall on the floor. EeTeuk took this chance and ran away.

Kang-in ran after him but he was faster.

- - - -

It has been 5 hours since EeTeuk ran out of the dorm. Everyone was so worried about him, specially Kang-in.

"Sungie..where's..hyung?" RyeoWook sobbed in Yesung's chest.

"I don't know baby. But I'm sure he'll be back. Don't worry, okay?" Yesung tried to comfort the younger boy.


SungMin wailed wile hugging his precious pink bunny. KyuHyun rushed to his side and hugged him. "Hyunnie, have you found Teukkie hyung?"

"Not yet Minnie. But we're trying our best to look or him. Stop crying okay? You don't want to have wrinkles, right?"


"Hyung! Hyung! Hyung! Hyung!" EunHyuk and Dong-hae were running around like idiots. As if they can find him by running around like that.

"YA! Stop running around like moeys, will you?" Ki-bum who was the most calm of them all, said. "I'm going outside to look for him. Wanna come?"

"Okay!" the couple agreed in unison. And so, the three went outside.


"Hey Hannie, got any news?" HeeChul asked one of his lovers.

"None. I talked to manager hyung and he said that he hasn't seen him since yestrday.

"Aish! Where could that guy be? Oh my gaah~! I'm so stressed. Hannie, can you give me a kiss?"

"Of course baby. I'm more than willing to." he walked towards HeeChul and gave passionate kiss. Their tongues battled for dominance and surprisigly, HeeChul won. He explored HanGeng's warm cavern. They're in the middle of their daily make-out session when..

"Ya! Don't you think three is better than two?" Si-won stated as he entered the room.


"Hey Kang-in, will you stop walkig around? I'm getting dizzy here." Shin Dong said while grabbing some chips in the kitchen counter."

"YA! Will you shut up and just eat!? I'm trying to think here."

"Geez. No need to be s harsh." the chubby boy started babbling while munching his favorite snacks, "But you know Kang-in," he continued, "I think he might be at Yoon-ji noona's place."

Kang-in stopped walking around and looked at the younger boy. "What did you say?! Why would he go there?"

"Well, you mentiond that he broke up with you cuz he thinks you're happier with Yoon-ji noona that with him. So I thik that there's a possibility that he.." before Shin Dong could finish what he was saying, Kang-in dashedut of the kitchen and went to the said noona's house.

"What happened Shin Dong hyung?" SungMin worriedly asked when he saw Kang-in run out of the hou like a mad man.

"Oh that. I think he already knows where Teukkie hyung is."

"Oh chinjja? Woah! That's nice. I'll tell the others. Hyunnie.."


"Why don't you call Ki-bummie or EunHae and tell him the good news."

"Okay baby." he pecked SungMin's pink lps which earned a disgusted look from Shin Dong.


'Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry'


"Yoboseyo. Ki-bum hyung."

"Oh KyuHyun ah. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Eum.. I think you should go back now. Kang-in hyung already found Teukkie hyung."

"Really? That's good. Okay. We'll beack in a few minutes."

"Okay hyung. See you!"


Kang-in stopped at the doorstep of Yoon-ji's house.

He knocked furiously until it was opened by the noona.

"Where's Jung-soo?! Teukkie? Baby! Teukkie! Teukkie my angel, I'm here! I'm sorry. Please talk to me baby. TEUKKIE!" Kang-in was hysterical.

"Kang-in ah, calm down! And don't shout please. You're waking him up."

"What do you mean noona?"

"What do I mean? Pabo! ISn't it obvious that he's sleeping?! When he came here, he started crying in front of me. He's even begging me to marry you in real life. What happened? I didn't ask him anything yet. I just let him sleep cuz I know that he's stressed and all. Tell me Kang-in ah, what happened? Noona's here to listen." the king Yoon-ji told him.

He let out a sigh before telling everything. He told her about what happened when he got home until when EeTeuk ran away. Yoon-ji didn;t interrupt the younger boy, she just let him burst out his hidden feelings.

"Kang-in ah, I know that he didn't mean any single word that he said. Trust me. Don't worry, I'll talk to him when he wakes up. But for now, you should go back home and rest first. I'll take care of him tonight. Okay?"

"But I want to stay beside him. I want him to see me when he wakes up."

"No buts. I'll call you when everything's okay. Araseo?"

"Yes noona. Thanks."

"No need to thank me. That's just to repay your kindness everytime we're doing the show. Take a rest. You don't want your angel to see you looking like that right?" she chuckled.

Yoon-ji is probably the nicest noona Kang-in has ever met. That's why he's doing everything to make her comfortable everytime they shoot.

- - - -

At home, everyone's waiting for him in the living room.

11 pairs of eyes greeted him. And a lot of questions were being thrown at him, he's too tired to answer any of them.

He immediately went to their room without even greeting the people who waited for him. His action made everyone confused.

"What's wrong with him?" HeeChul annoyingly asked.

"Let him rest first. I bet he's tired." Si-won put his arms around the older boy's neck and kissed it.

"Yeah Chullie. Wonnie's right." HanGeng agreed as he pecked HeeChul's lips.

"GET A ROOM!" EunHae shouted. The threesome rolled their eyes and hurriedly went to their room to take care of some 'business'.

- - - -

The next day..

"Hyung! Open the door!" EunHae kept on banging Kang-in's door.

No answer.

"Aish Hyung! Come on, stop sulking like the Grandpa you are!"

"WHAT!!!" Kangin shouted from inside his room while light chuckles were heard outside

"You heard them grandpa..."

Kang-in didn't know how, but he could feel this guy smirking from outside. He rushed to the door ready to beat the crap out of the guy but...


Kang-in and EeTeuk bumped right on the head.

"W-what the HELL!"


"Who do you think, dumbass!"

"Teukkie! I miss you! I love you! I love you so much! don't leave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" He lunged on EeTeuk again showering him with kisses~ specifically everywhere on EeTeuk's face

"AH! STOP! Kang-in! Get off! Eeewww! Your saliva's all over my face! YOUNG-WOON!"

The two kept rolling and "fluffing" on the floor not noticing the rather evil grins surrounding the couple.

HeeChul: Ya...Hankyung, get the camera.

HanGeng: Don't worry Chullie...

HanGeng shows HeeChul the set of pictures he took

HeeChul: You even recorded a like me ^^

EunHyuk: And I thought I was bad in sex, Kang-in hyung's totally out!

Dong-hae: That's okay, cuz I get to teach you... *smirk*

EunHyuk:: Ya!

Ki-bum: Oie! Oie! Get a room, you guys disgust me, get up!

EeTeuk: I would, if this Grandpa would just get off me!

Kang-in: Grandpa eh? Hn. Let's just see who you're calling grandpa...

Kang-in stood up and carried EeTeuk to his bedroom and locked the door.

RyeoWook: Uh-oh...Teuk hyung's gonna get it, isn't he? *chuckle*

Yesung: Yea...and I got a feeling, you're going to get it too...

Yesung smirked and pulled RyeoWook to their shared bedroom.

Kibum: Gahd! Men and their needs!


(inside KangTeuk's room)


"Don't talk."

"But why-"


Kang-in pinned EeTeuk down on the bed, and tied his hands on the bedpost and secured a blindfold around his eyes.

"I can't see! Young-woon! get these off me RIGHT NOW!"

"No, you can't get"

Kang-in removed all of Leeteuk's clothes except his boxers and started kissing him insanely. EeTeuk couldn't help but moan from the sensation~ he missed Kang-in, he thought he lost him. But this proves otherwise.


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Re: You Got Married: KangTeuk (One Shot)

Post by Kyn on 6/20/2009, 9:36 am

It seems like this story is completed so I'm moving it to the compledted stories section, but if I was wrong please let me know and I'lll move it back.

-Fanfictional Team


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