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Site Update: PLEASE READ

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Site Update: PLEASE READ Empty Site Update: PLEASE READ

Post by shawty_12 on 7/21/2013, 7:48 pm

As one of your moderators on this forum, I would like to first apologize for our lack of activity for the past few years. Just like everybody else, we got swept up in reality and what everyone calls "life". Therefore, we have not done a very good job of keeping the forum organized, fun and safe for our members. For that, I am truly sorry and can only ask for forgiveness at this point.

The title of this content is titled "Site Update," but I am sad to inform you guys that the site will NOT be undergoing any update or changes for the time being. I do not have permission to access the site, only the forum's contents. Therefore, I can only regulate the topics and comments in the forum. As to whatever is written in the chat box and the site's appearances, I absolutely have no control over them. I am also very apologetic to inform everyone that I no longer have the other administrators and moderators' contact information. I am hoping that one- or a few of them- will happened upon this forum like I did again and contact me so that we can work toward updating this forum. In the meantime, Fanfictional will continue to run as it is on its own.

Now, with that being said, I will also like to advise that all members use Fanficitonal wisely. Plagiarisms is strictly prohibited. After last time's incident, I figured how to move around in the forum, which means I will NOT tolerate plagiarism of any kind this time around. I advise that all Fanfictional members post smartly. I checked the Fanfiction board and it seemed the board's content has not been set to 'members only,' which means guests can read and comment on all stories. Again, this is out of my control. If any members do not feel safe posting stories that can be access by everyone, then I suggest not even posting in the first place. All members have been warn. However, if any member do not mind that fact and truly want to share his or her fanfiction, then please feel free to do so.

Last but not least, please remember that all members are still expected to respect one another in this forum. If there is any questions or problems, feel free to PM me. I will respond and act accordingly to what I can do under the circumstances. Thank you for taking the time to read this notice.

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